An Open Letter to Our World:

I am excited to be able to use this space on the Internet as a place in which we can join together to ignite a worldwide exploration of some of the most revolutionary theological ideas to come along in a long time.

The ideas I intend to use this space for in the immediate future are the ideas found in GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong.  I believe this new book (published just four months ago by Rainbow Ridge Books) places before our species some of the most important “What if” questions that could be contemplated by contemporary society.

The questions are important because they invite us to ponder some of the most self-damaging ideas about God ever embraced by our species.  For example…one teaching about The Divine—perhaps the one most often reflected in the doctrine of many religions—describes God as a superhuman male being, with human characteristics and proclivities (anger, love, being judgmental, etc.), but with wisdom, power, and abilities far beyond human capacity, or even human understanding.

In some ancient spiritual traditions pre-dating organized religions, The Divine was portrayed as a feminine goddess. And while this portrayal has been brought forward and is held as true even today in certain spiritual movements, the rendition of a male Deity outlined in the paragraph above has been by far the most prevalent.

Now comes The Great What If . . .

What if God is neither male nor female—and not even a human-like Super Being at all?

Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?

Yes. First, it would pull the underpinning from a story prevalent across the globe—which is the story of male supremacy.

It is no coincidence that most major religions are still run by men. It is no coincidence that the world’s largest religion and one of the world’s fasted growing religions, still did not allow women in their priesthood as of 2014. It is no coincidence that—minor deviations in this regard notwithstanding—men still pretty much rule the corporate and financial world. It is no coincidence that to this day men continue to dominate the global political scene.

It is no coincidence that even in medicine, science, and academia men continue to vastly outnumber women in places of highest influence, impact, and authority. And it is no coincidence that even where women rise to the level of men in some of society’s institutions, they are even now paid less than their male counterparts far too often, although doing the same work.

If we thought that God was not a male, our whole idea of power, might, and glory would be more widely considered to be feminine, as well as masculine, traits. Our depictions of God would not be exclusively of a man with flowing white hair and a flowing white beard in a flowing white robe. Imagine an illustrated Bible with a picture of a female Goddess in it. What would that tell our children?

And what if we thought that God was not even a person? What if we relinquished the idea of God as a male or a female? What if we accepted as truth the idea that God is not a larger version of human beings at all; not a “person” in any sense of the word? Would that change things in our global expression of spirituality, in our day-to-day experience of religion?

It surely would. It would alter the Father/Child interactions of most of the human beings who believe in God. It would profoundly affect our understanding of our true relationship with divinity.

It would shift our whole notion of how to get what we want from God (if, indeed, we would then think that such a thing was even possible), and it would alter our whole idea of what, if anything, God wants or needs, demands or commands, requires or requests. And that would change, in one fell swoop, so much human behavior that our species might have a difficult time recognizing itself.

We would become, in short, a different species in terms of not only our deportment, but our objectives and goals, our measures of “success,” our ways of “praying” and interacting with God, and our ideas about where and how we fit into the overall scheme of things.

The search would then begin all over again among the largest number of people (as opposed to the tiny minority who have already begun this process) to redefine God and overhaul our entire approach to interactions with divinity.

Perhaps it is because this kind of massive overhaul of such a critical part of our human experience feels so overwhelming that most of us avoid this new search altogether and remain “stuck” in the same old place forever regarding our understanding of Deity.

Whatever the reason, it is questionable if we are doing ourselves any good hanging out with ideas about God that are thousands of years old.


God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming more clear to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God being a superhuman male is plainly and simply inaccurate.

It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

God is obviously (or perhaps not so obviously, to some) not a Big Guy in the Sky who sits on a throne and oversees humanity’s countless daily doings, approving some and disapproving others; who hears countless prayers, granting some and denying others; who judges countless souls at their death, rewarding some and punishing others.

God is neither a male nor a female with the appearance, the qualities and the proclivities of humans, yet with supernatural characteristics, powers and abilities. Such an idea of God is simplistic in the extreme.

What, then, is God? Some say this is impossible to know. That is not true. God can be known, and God can be experienced. God communicates directly with us, as the founders of our religions have shown, and we can communicate directly with God—as every religion that believes in the power of prayer declares.

God can be known, and God can be experienced.

Here, then, is what God has communicated, and continues to communicate, to humanity about divinity: God is an Essential Essence that permeates everything, the Prime Source of unlimited intelligence and the Prime Force of unlimited creation.

God is at once both The Creator and The Created, a Pure Energy that impacts upon Itself. It is First Cause. It is Every Effect. It is the seat of all wisdom, the wellspring of all desire, the fountainhead of all power, and the origin of all reality.

It is, in a single word, Love.

Its wisdom is activated, Its desire is fulfilled, Its power is evinced, and Its reality is fully, grandly, and gloriously made manifest through the experience and the expression of Love.

Does this Essential Essence we call “God” have a personality?


God’s greatness and God’s magnificence is God’s formlessness. This does not mean, however, that God is not a “personality” to whom we may pray and with whom we may interact. It means, in fact, exactly the opposite.

It is God’s essential formlessness that allows God to assume any shape and any form in any moment that it serves the ends of Love for God to assume.

Thus, God can take on the energy of a father’s figure, a mother’s comfort, a friend’s loyalty, a confessor’s compassion, a peacemaker’s courage, a survivor’s strength, a teacher’s patience, a compatriot’s camaraderie, a lover’s intimacy, and a beloved’s constancy.

So we see that the fact that God is not, at Its basis, a bigger-than-life human being does not mean that we no longer have anyone to pray to, or to intercede with, or to form a personal relationship with. Quite to the contrary. God can be all things to all people, and if we want a personal God we can pray to, a parent-like God we can ask advice of, or a powerful God we can intercede with, God can and will fill all of those roles for us.

God is all things to all people because God is all things in all people.

I believe God is life itself.

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  • mewabe

    I couldn’t agree more. I would add that the Divine is neither “good” nor “bad” in the usual sense, within the context of limited human judgment of good and evil. It is all things, and because it is all things, it is GOOD, but within a much greater context.

  • Andres

    Hello Neale. I just wanted to thank you with all my heart, for all the countless moments that reading the CWG material has been a beacon of hope, a breath of fresh air, through some sleepless night or many a dire strait. For the absolute and unconditional love of the God you have envisioned and shared with all of humanity, paving the way for us to find him/her inside ourselves. So here goes the grandest expression of an overstatement ever: God bless you!!!!!

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Thank you, Andres. Thank you very much. That was a very kind and nice note for me to read first thing this morning upon opening this program. I appreciate those very kind words, and I am only happy if something I may have had a part in doing, through the grace of God, has touched your life in a positive way. Warmly, Neale.

      • Andres

        Your response arrived at a pivotal moment in my present circumstance, as if straight from God’s hand. I guess I needed yet more confirmation of his infinite love. You have the most sincere and rabidly grateful fan down in Colombia, South America. All my love and appreciation to the man who’s books changed my life.

  • Erin

    How Amazing-ly Perfect Is This!?! Neale, I Am sooo doing the Happy Dance…The words were perfect, the thought is sooo spot on! Out & into Now with full Force Understanding.
    Ya rocked it big-time, Kiddo! <3 (Sharing, btw)

  • I’m alway curious to understand (not necessarily experience) the dark side of God, that is so prominent in our ugly war torn butchering people world & allowing unthinkable to occur & continue.

    Is this simply God as distortion? But if God is in all things, it’s in what we would term or interpret as bad, evil etc. that this too is a part of God. If so, is it simply being a primitive mindset that sets us apart from a more divinely HEB possible world?

    Is it because we actually “Love it all” as CwG book one states? Because for many our weary & tired of the daily horrors that comprise our world as normal goings on. So how do we reconcile God as both in the good & bad when clearly it seems we want/desire none of the bad or much much less & not so profoundly harmful not just to individual but to the planet as a whole?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      The problem, Marko, is our immaturity as a species. We are a very — actually, an extremely — young species. If the entire age of our planet Earth were placed on one calendar year (as a means of offering a scale to help our understanding), then dinosaurs would not even have arrived until Dec. 10. They would have been rendered extinct on Dec. 25. Humanoids would not have appeared until Dec. 31. And all of human recorded history would have taken place in the last 60 seconds of the year.

      That gives us an idea of how immature we are just in relationship to the Earth. Forget about the Universe! Given this, we can begin to understand how it has come to pass that we have distorted the Pure Love that is God in the ways that we have.

      Every act is an act of love. If we did not love something, we would not hate anything, we would not want anything so bad that we’ll do anything to get it, and we would not hoard anything so guardedly that we would kill to keep it. Of course, we call all killing “self defense.” And in some cases it really is. But, in fact, in our world ALL attack is called self defense. That is the way we justify it. We are either defending our country or “defending the faith” or “defending our way of life” or defending something — and so we justify killing each other.

      We even allow governments to kill people as a means of teaching people that killing people is bad. We call this the death penalty — and we fail to see the contradiction between what we are trying to achieve and our own actions in trying to achieve it. We think they are entirely consistent with one another.


      Remarkably immature. Remarkably barbaric.

      But it is our love for one thing that makes us do another. And it is our immaturity that sponsors so many of our distortions in the expression of our love, twisting our expressions to include behaviors that would be fairly described as anything BUT “loving.”

      Only a primitive species would do this. Only an extraordinarily primitive species would use killing to end killing, violence to end violence, anger to end anger. It was Einstein who said that you cannot solve any problem using the same energy which created it. But we have chosen not to listen to him. Apparently we think he just did not understand. It was Jesus who said, “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. And when a man slaps you on the right cheek, turn and offer him your left. Raise not your fist to heaven and curse the darkness not, but be a light unto the darkness.” But we have chosen not to listen to him. Apparently we think he just did not understand.

      ALL of the world’s spiritual masters and intellectual giants have said the same thing. But we have chosen not to listen to them. And so, onward we go, like guppies, devouring our own young.

      Yet there is hope. We are growing up. And this is The Time of Our Advancement. For more on this, see

      And thanks for posting your comments are, Marko. You raise questions the whole world has been seeking to answer to millennia.

      • And thank you Neale for such a wonderful & terrific answer!
        Love & blessings.

  • GH Annie

    First, Marko, I must say I believe you serve a splendid service here with your part of the conversation. You bring up thoughts and feelings and ideas that are alien to me (and maybe many others) who have not lived in ravaged, war-torn countries where bodies lay in the streets and children are given the means and motive to kill another. It’s so alien to me that I have no answers for you that pertain to your personal experience with Darkness.

    I can, however, share with you my own experiences with Darkness, and how my own spiritual evolution has changed how I view that Darkness. I grew up the first seven of my years living with a father who was clearly, to my Catholic-trained mind, the epitome of Evil
    I will not speak of what he did to my mother or my six siblings as that was their own experience of him.

    On the very day I was born, my father denied paternity of me, not because he felt my mother was unfaithful but because I had birth defects. My legs were deformed to the point I first had to wear a series of casts and then braces until I was about five years old. I also had a lazy eye that was turned inward towards my nose, and (I’m told) a strawberry birthmark in the center of my forehead, though pictures of me at just one week old show no such thing.

    Not only did my father deny paternity, but he decided my defects were signs of the evil within me. He referred to the birthmark as “the mark of Cain,” and determined it was a sign to him to save me from the evil I had within me. He used this as justification for isolation, starvation, beatings, physical torture, sexual torture, brainwashing… I had to learn how to eat things that weren’t meant for human consumption without vomiting it back up. I had to learn not to cry out when he dislocated a joint. For years, I cried from only one eye–whichever one he could not see.

    For decades of my life, I considered my father to be evil himself. In my early to mid 30’s, I was finally ready to face my childhood and Life provided a therapist I felt comfortable working with. For two years, I saw her at least weekly, and at least for one hour. Often it was more than one hour and sometimes it was day after day. In therapy, I discovered the lies my father told me about myself, that I had believed my entire life until then. I learned they were not my truth. I also came to understand and believe that my father wasn’t evil. His actions were.

    Where was I left, then? With no idea about who I was or why I was alive. I had to rebuild myself from the ground up. I had to look and listen and learn and question and throw things out and take things in. By doing so, I came to see myself as a spiritual being living in a physical body and realm in order to experience physical life. What a gift that was! I still worked and lived normally, making mistakes and misjudgments, loving and laughing and caring and crying. But there was a depth to each event I experienced that had not been there before.

    Then along came this curious little book titled, “Conversations with God – – Book 1.” Then my Spirituality began to soar as I devoured Neale’s books. They spoke to me. They put in print what I already knew and believed about so many different things. I scribbled in the margins and highlighted lines of text. And then I read them again, and again, and again. On the front flap of each were the dates I began each one, each time. I used a different colored highlighter each time, and a different colored pen.

    Do you know one of the most profound conclusions I came to, Marko? My father wasn’t evil. And, what he did to me, while extreme, wasn’t evil, either. My father was, in fact, my greatest gift. If it were not for him, if it were not for his mental illnesses, if it were not for the pain I endured I could not be the deeply spiritual, loving, questioning person that I am today. It was the quest he set me on that got me here, today. If I hadn’t had the hardships I did, I’d have had no reason for the journey into myself.

    All I can say to you, Marko, is that what appears to be Darkness, or evil, or bad, or unthinkably wrong may not actually be so. It may be the appearance of what you believe, until you believe otherwise.

    Shared with much Love and Joy and Blessings, and {{{ gentle huggies }}} for your hurts,

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      My dear friend…I can not remember ever being more inspired by anything I have heard than I have been by your story. And I am so humbly grateful to God for allowing me to play a small role in your having come to Life Understandings that have uplifted you to a place of Awareness that few of us attain. I will always be grateful to you for having shared this with us, because it ignites in me a desire to move further and further on my own path, even as I come to the later years of my life. Thank you for this gift, in return to the gift that CWG brought you! Lovingly…..neale.

      • GH Annie

        Dearest Neale… I had to take a break before I could reply to your comment. While I’ve never had you on a pedestal, I do have a great deal of respect for the courage it took to first share your experience, and much gratitude for the fact that you did so. My immediate reaction was simply, “WOW!” I had inspired one of those who had inspired me. But now, as I think upon it, I believe that’s precisely the way Life can work. We each have stories about what we have endured or overcome because growth… or evolution… is part of Life. If more of us would share Who We Used to Be and the journey to get to Who We Are Now, there would be a huge explosion of inspiration going on. I’m grateful that I was able to inspire you to continue to move forward, because the journey never ends. Until it does. Love, Blessings and {{{ gentle huggies }}} ~Annie

    • Erin

      Talk about a Walk in Beauty, Annie. <3
      The last paragraph, "…what appears to be Darkness…may not actually be so. It may be the appearance of what you believe, until you believe otherwise."…is a gift to cherish…Huggies in Thanks for You. <3

    • Annie, your life healing is indeed a profound, wonderful & remarkable story. It is a great testament & I hope you write a book, or at minimum, a magazine article about this.

      I asked this question, as it’s a hugely profound question that people long for some explanation. While I’ve had some dark things happen in my life, nothing compared to yours, but I do live a wonderful positive life a majority of the time, think & feel positively a vast majority of the time.

      Thank you for your story!

  • GH Annie

    Neale, it’s past my bedtime. I had much to say, but it will have to wait. Love and Blessings ~Annie

  • GH Annie

    Well, I’ve gotten some sleep. Now on to your column. 😉

    I used to tell people, even when I was little, that I saw God in nature. As I got old enough for people to argue with me about it, they would correct me, saying what I meant was that I saw a reflection of God in nature, or maybe that I felt I saw proof of God in nature. Regardless of what they told me, I stuck to my guns and insisted that I saw God in nature. I would even explain that I believed God *was* nature, because what God had created, God was part of. It was as if God left a part of himself in everything he created. I got into a lot of trouble in Sunday School when I shared those beliefs. I think I was trying, in my own way, to refute my father’s belief that I was evil.

    Later, when I learned in science about the Big Bang theory, I immediately applied it to my idea of God. I figured that if, in the beginning, all there was, was God, then he must have been both mightily bored and lonely. So, he daydreamed about creatures with which he could commune. The more he daydreamed, the more attached he became to the creatures he dreamed of. I figured that as the only energy that can be given away but we aren’t left with less of when we do is Love, God so Loved the creatures in his dreams that Love reached a critical mass and exploded, thus making real the creatures of his dreams. Therefore, everything in creation was of God. It was my own Big Bang theory of creation.

    Over the years filled with adult concerns and the healing I needed to do about what my father had done to me, my Big Bang theory of God got lost in my memory. It came back to me, though, when I first read in one of your books about The Little Soul and The Sun. For me, it was a reconnection to a simple understanding of what I believe God to be.

    Scientists now tell us that at least 99% of the things we perceive as solid are empty space because atoms are 99% empty space. And yet, even those things which we perceive to be lifeless and still have movement inside of them because there is movement in the atoms of which they consist. Who are we to say that the space we perceive as empty isn’t filled with an energy or light that we’re incapable of detecting? And who are we to say that the energy or light in that space isn’t what animates the movement in all atoms? And, if it is, then who are we to say that the energy or light in that space that animates all things isn’t God?

    God doesn’t need, at least for me, to have human characteristics or qualities.

    Love and Blessings ~Annie

    • mewabe

      The Divine is in all things, and all things are in the Divine…
      I relate to what you say about nature. The natural creation, when yet unspoiled by man, reflects most accurately, simply, directly and powerfully this immanent Divine presence.

      There is a massive power or energy in nature that is not found in man’s artificial (and rather toxic) world. It is an awesome spiritual power, and it can be tapped in, absorbed, gently, directly, through your body, your very cells. Try it, spend time in nature 🙂

    • Patrick Gannon

      “Scientists now tell us that at least 99% of the things we perceive as solid are empty space because atoms are 99% empty space. And yet, even those things which we perceive to be lifeless and still have movement inside of them because there is movement in the atoms of which they consist. Who are we to say that the space we perceive as empty isn’t filled with an energy or light that we’re incapable of detecting? And who are we to say that the energy or light in that space isn’t what animates the movement in all atoms? And, if it is, then who are we to say that the energy or light in that space that animates all things isn’t God?

      Great points. We can choose to use that word “God” to describe whatever it is that might animate (or perhaps more accurately ‘manifest’) matter; but science will likely have another term for it – one that won’t be as divisive as the word “God.” There are a growing number of scientists who think that which we refer to as “consciousness” is the ‘substance’ or energy or light that manifests matter and creates what might be a virtual reality game we’re all participating in.

      I guess that until we know, we’ll continue to assign the word “God” to explain the unknown, but that will mean that we will continue to feud about what “God” is.

      • GH Annie

        Patrick, you are right. “Manifest” may indeed be a better word because on the tiniest of levels, matter disappears and reappears in ways science can’t yet explain. I’ve heard scientists say that we live in a multi-dimensional space that’s a field of probabilities, and that nothing is made “manifest” until we decide it is so.

        Science is at a place where direct experience through experimentation is no longer the rule. Mathematics is. Mathematically, scientists are moving farther and farther away from our simple understandings.

        In the search for “the string theory” and “the theory of everything” that will explain why things on a large scale follow different rules, which they’re beginning to call “habits,” than the habits of things on a quantum scale, because at the quantum level some habits fall apart.

        In their mathematical quest, they’ve come up with everything from our own physical really having as many as nine dimensions, theories of alternate realities, and multiverses instead of a single universe.

        Whichever of these theories, or others, turns out to be true (or as close as we can understand the truth), I don’t believe the term “God” needs to remain something we “feud” about. I believe we can choose to mature and evolve enough to agree to disagree about who or what God is in a respectful manner.


        • Patrick Gannon

          Annie, it sounds like you’ve read Max Tegmark’s “Our Mathematical Universe.” Some interesting ideas. For a little different take, try Robert Lanza’s “Biocentrism.” Then, for balance, contrast with Michio Kaku’s materialistic “The Future of the Mind.” To really go in deep, read Thomas Campbell’s trilogy “My Big TOE” (theory of everything). So many possibilities, but we’ll figure it out eventually.

          I would like to see us evolve enough to agree to disagree about who or what God is in a respectful manner, but I think we have a long way to go to get there, and in the meantime, it seems to be a very divisive word. I would propose that we focus on the science and figure it out. Do large-scale consciousness experiments using the internet, for example.

          I agree with your comment, “Science is at a place where direct experience through experimentation is no longer the rule.” However that doesn’t mean that subjective experimentation is without value. We don’t objectively test the effects of a pathogen on a civilian population; we do a multitude of subjective tests and draw conclusions based on that. I think we can do the same with wide-spread, multi-faceted experiments on consciousness and we should be able to draw workable conclusions from that about whether consciousness is emergent, or whether it manifests our PMR (physical matter reality). I can’t help but think that speaking of that which is yet unknown in scientific terms rather than using baggage-laden, divisive words like “god” will yield greater fruit; but I understand that’s an uphill battle.

          Little game for you – every time you hear someone say the word “god,” see if the sentence makes sense if you replace that word with either “consciousness” or “the unknown.”

          • GH Annie

            Patrick, I have read a great many books, in science, mathematics, the scriptures of all the major religions (except I haven’t read enough on Hinduism yet), recovered gospels and other writings, self-help… When I worked, a good portion of my salary went to books, and I had quite a library. When I first became disabled, I was still mobile and had a car, and so was often at the local library, requesting books be transferred from the main library. When my car finally gave out after 20+ years, I couldn’t afford a replacement. I then started reading online.

            I can’t tell you who all I have read, or what I’ve picked up from the History, Science, and Discovery Channels. I had three moves over which time I lost my library, not because I wanted but because of the actions of others. So, if the kind of conversation you would like to have is to be able to excerpt or summarize ideas from authors, I’m not your girl.

            If, however, you want to discuss in general the direction we are heading in the areas of science, math, psychology, sociology, religion, or spirituality, I’m in. Big time. Ideas excite me. I believe we’re on the verge of science discovering a great many things, now that the accelerator/atom smasher at CERN has been updated and reopened. Including the “God” particle.

            There are, IMHO, a number of fields of inquiry that need to acknowledge their connections with each other. Is the search for consciousness a scientific one alone? I don’t think so. I think it’s also part of psychology and spirituality. Psychology has studied consciousness for hundreds of years. Spirituality has been doing so for thousands of years, through trance states and observing the effects of belief through prayer.

            I don’t believe any one field of investigation should own the search. I think unity is the keyword of the times we live in. Each field, whether it be scientific, psychological or spiritual are, however, so entrenched in their terminology that it’s an uphill battle no matter which we choose. I know just as many people who could reverse your suggestion to me, who would have problems replacing the term “God” with “consciousness” as I do people who would have problems the other way around. (And I’m not generally a user of the term “God” myself, except that it gets used in these discussions. I prefer simply “The All,” meaning that which creates/makes manifest, animates, makes conscious all of existence, and contains all of existence. The “whatever-it-is” that pre-dates existence and is its First Cause.)

            The searches of each field, I believe, are for precisely the same thing: our connectedness with all of our own levels of consciousness, with each other, with nature, with the universe, and with our own power to create, which some refer to as Divinity.


          • Patrick Gannon

            Great response, Annie. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
            If I could afford to do so, I think I’d read books all day long – or listen – I’m a fan of audible books since I can listen while running or doing other mindless chores. They don’t fill up a bookshelf and there’s a little something missing when you can’t turn the pages, but it lets me “read” a lot more than I could otherwise. I started “running” (well at my age it’s more like jogging) some years ago, but never really liked it. I remember a friend telling me he would take up running the day he passed a runner with a smile on his/her face! Anyway, I started listening to audible books, and now that’s my excuse to go running. I read that the time you run is added to your life – nothing extra, just the time you run; so I figured I might as well fill that time with something useful.

            I will agree with you that there are several disciplines involved in the study of consciousness. It seems to me that under the umbrella of science, rather than religion, we make far more progress in anything we do. Because spirituality has been associated with religion (although one might argue that the two are often actually diametrically opposed!), I think that has contributed to the uneasy and contentious relationship with science.

            Science is all about exploration and discovery and to some extent, one-up-man-ship. I always laugh at fundies who believe evolution is a “scientific conspiracy,” clearly not understanding how competitive the field is and how quickly scientists would jump to take over the field if it were proven that evolution (or any other theory) could be proven wrong. There’s a Nobel Prize waiting for whoever disproves any of the theories of gravity, germ theory, evolution, relativity, etc.

            With regard to consciousness, I think that having looked at every possible angle, there are now more scientists looking with an open mind at the more spiritual aspects of consciousness, and it will be interesting to see where that gets us. The problem is making sure that this “spirituality” doesn’t get associated with religion in such a way as to push science away. Breaking down the components or attributes of consciousness seems to make sense. Meditation can be separated from that spooky religion-god-stuff and studied independently. Some branches of the US military now teach “mindfulness” to some of their top combat troops so that they can keep their wits about them in the midst of chaos and confusion. Learning mindfulness is an invaluable skill that allows you to kick out all the people who use your brain rent-free, for example.

            With regard to the term “God,” it seems to me that it defeats goal of that keyword, “unity” that you mentioned. It has so much baggage. For a long time, I held to the idea that I could use the term “God” to refer to consciousness, all that IS, etc. but that was heretical to religionists, and still religious to atheists and agnostics – it just created more angst among the debaters on both sides. I like the word “Life” and am giving that a shot. In my experience, “god” is something to be overcome if “life” is to evolve in a positive manner.

            Thanks for the chat!


  • Christopher Toft

    “Does this Essential Essence we call “God” have a personality?

    Yes.Thus, God can take on the energy of a
    father’s figure, a mother’s comfort, a friend’s loyalty, a confessor’s
    compassion, a peacemaker’s courage, a survivor’s strength, a teacher’s
    patience, a compatriot’s camaraderie, a lover’s intimacy, and a
    beloved’s constancy.”

    I do not understand this and I want to. I am beginning to see that it’s about being and living from love, but how can god be personal if god is not a specific person? I grew up with a sort of fundamentalist/church of England idea of god as father figure and i can now see that god is not a being who wants something from me. Maybe it’s that it’s hard for me to conceive of a being who honours my person hood and has no wish to control me with “his” agenda. It’s hard for me to get my head around something not being a “being”, being personal but not wanting to control me. It’s all very well when that “being” is a kind therapist, but then I do not deify my therapist! I get that everything is interconnected or “one” as Neale puts it but it seems to me that to speak of a personal being is to speak of a person. I’m confused!

    • Christopher Toft

      I think i have it! I think god is personal because everything is personal. I’ve been feeling extremely stressed, fearing that once we move away from our cultural/religious/familial story of who we are, there is nothing underneath. I have been feeling, literally insane with terror. Then I noticed going within and ignoring the terror, the stillness and I noticed that, as Eckhart Tolle puts it my stillness speaks. It emanates creativity, pure creative “originality”. All the fear I’ve been feeling is about before, it is already there, already created and all too often repeated! This stillness feels different. It’s “realtime” beingness, make it up as you go along freeform jazz. This has happened to me before in some of my “breakthrough moments in therapy, but never so strongly as now.

      I’ve had this idea in my mind from years now about going into business, living a deeper truth about business and I’ve always felt clueless. I have no business background, no training, no experience, no sense of what I would sell and no real sense of anything concrete. It’s always felt a bit “pie in the sky”.

      I suspect this is because I have been approaching the idea with my mind, all the stuff I have already experienced, all the knowledge and concepts I already have. I wonder what will happen if i ignore all my prior assumptions and just quietly listen to this creative, wonderfully vibrant and alive stillness? I think Neale is right, God does have a personality. He/She is something of a magician/creator all rolled into one!

      • Kristen

        Hi Mr Christopher Toft.
        How is the Buddhism working out?
        Re business…..go for it. After years of studying, including how we are drawn to certain jobs because they can be in our blood going back two or more generations, or because the automated Law of Attraction via The Source observed our desires as a kid and tries to make those things happen for us, what we are drawn to via symbolism therefore what The Source and Universe feels will suit us, I started pondering. In a quandry about not being a doctor which Ive wanted for 20 years (but left school at 15), about wasting my brain, about getting old, about work boredom, about the slavely of damn bills, of having a paying job but no career as such, of studied a lot but never finishing a degree etc and my God thought was ‘who cares, its just a job, you all go to work to get paid so after bills are paid you can use leftover funds and time to have a living life….fulltime jobs are a stupid concept, but just how it is….for now’. Great point, that id completely missed by being caught up in the manmade ‘career’ concept. Go for it, whatever you want to do. I spontaneously bought all the stock from two closing down preloved clothes shops and set up an online shop. Clothes are my passion, and passion is a blessing. Less than a year later my capital is repaid, sold stock replaced, a couple of grand in the bank and the little profits of nzd$1000 a month for a home spare time hobby is great. I had to get my head into the ‘gold coin’ concept….for every gold coin $$ I invest or buy something with, then even if I only double my money then in any business a 100% profit in a week is amazing. Thinking small is much easier, just think double your investment $ by $, or to get an hourly rate. I think the best business tip ever is to remember ‘its just a job’ and to remember why you are working… God taught me…..for wages. Not to fund utility companies, not to pay landlords, not because you like paying tax, not to create jobs for others, but because you want leftover income for YOU. Keep overheads low.
        As I did a year or two ago, I still see a picture of a 2nd hand shop with a teapot associated with you???????
        Whatever it is…..stop thinking, start working. The Source and Universe will follow your lead and provide you with tools like synchronicity. Have faith. Succesful people in business are self taught and just wing it.
        Ps, this isnt about me, I was using my example to push you to just go for it.

        • Christopher Toft

          Hi Kristen
          , I think I will need to take my time with this whole career thing. Thanks for the enthusiasm and encouragement though!

  • mewabe

    Marko has asked an interesting question. This question was addressed to Neale, and Neale answered.
    The question as I see it is:
    “But if God is in all things, it’s in what we would term or interpret as bad, evil etc. that this too is a part of God.”

    The following answer is from a more simple and direct Native American perspective:

    The Creator gave us clean air to breathe. We, human beings, have fouled the air with industrial fumes, with engine exhausts, with emanations from countless toxic products such as plastics, formaldehyde-laden materials, etc. God did not do this, we did.

    The Creator gave us clean water to drink. We, humans, have fouled the water with chlorine and fluoride, traces of pesticides, herbicides and industrial wastes, and even now traces of medications. God did not do this, we did.

    The Creator gave us clean and healthy food to eat. We, human, have chosen to produce chemical-laden, denatured food that is devoid of nutrition, and that in many cases robs us of energy. God did not do this, we did.

    The Creator gave us the means to live harmoniously with each others and with all life. But we chose chaos and strife, and to live in opposition to everything: the natural world, each other, even our own bodies’ needs. God did not do this, we did.

    The Native American perspective tells us that harmony is very easy to achieve, as the Divine gifts are within us and all around us.

    But first let’s look at how we achieved chaos. Human beings have the unique ability, unique among all living creatures, to think as if the mind was separate from the soul, from the heart and from the body, as well as from all life (nature, other human beings, the Divine). It has this unique ability to think itself completely alienated from everything, and to act according to this fearful state of separation, seeking, because of this unnecessary state of fear, to conquer, subdue and control life in all of its aspects as if it was an enemy.

    The Native American worldview tell us that the ideal way of being is in unity: the unity or complete integration of heart, mind, body and spirit or soul. This makes sense, as the soul, if it was heard by humanity, would never do what we currently do and have done to each other for centuries, and have done to the earth and to all life.

    The mind is not meant to govern, the soul is. The mind is only a tool, not the master. European civilization placed the mind as the master. When the soul takes it rightful place at the center of our being, we are naturally in harmony with all life and the Divine. We are then in alignment with the earth, nature, the cosmos, and all living things, including each other when we truly follow this path (That’s where Native Americans failed…they did not follow this path all the way, which would have lead them to live peacefully with each other).

    To be in harmony is symbolized by the Native American design of the cross within a circle: the four direction mean, among other things, heart, mind, body and spirit. Where they meet is the Divine center. The circle is the infinite universe, held together in balance.

    • GH Annie

      Me wake, that is so beautiful in its truth that it makes my Soul sing. Thank you for that gift. ~Annie

      • mewabe

        You are very welcome Annie, thank you…follow your soul and you cannot be mislead 🙂

  • Mel

    I think that what people struggle with is the connectedness of God to us. We are so primed by our cultures to regard God as being better than us that we struggle to conceive the idea that we are God expressing itself as a fragment of the universe. I love the idea that it’s like an infinite jigsaw puzzle with each of us (and all parts of the universe) a vital piece, without which the whole is incomplete. We may not know all that God knows as part of our humanity, but that doesn’t lessen our value.
    As to the nature of God itself, we will find it difficult to alter centuries of conditioning, after all our instinct is to elevate God to the highest status in our societies. Currently our cultures dictate the preferences accorded to individuals depending on their gender, colour, sexual orientation etc and even in the west’s seemingly more enlightened culture there are discriminations which we have to contend with every minute of every hour of every day. How do we move forward the equalising of our societies when we are not white, heterosexual males? We have a lot of minds to change even in the young – I teach 9 year olds and I asked them the other day what they thought God was. Over half of the children spoke of God as a ‘he’. This is in a largely secular society!
    I agree that conversations (words) are the way to change people’s perspectives.
    The ideas we are beginning to share challenge our own perceptions, let alone those with whom we intend to share. What we need from each other is support whilst we are working together for these highest purposes as it is very easy to feel alone. As someone who feels inexperienced at connecting to God, my soul (- it’s haphazard to say the least!) the conversations I would like to have are with those who are further on than me. I am a student – at a very basic level indeed.

    • GH Annie

      Mel, I can’t help but reply because you have brought up something I see as very important. You refer to yourself as a student when it comes to your connecting with God, or your Soul. You mention that you believe there are others who are further along on that path than you, who you believe you can learn from. While this might be true, I have found that I learn more and at a deeper level when I am, in your terms, reaching back to help someone farther back on the path to help them get to the place where I am. Also, please keep in mind that those who are further along the path can and do slip backwards at times, so your greatest teacher may be behind you. Love, Blessings and {{{ gentle huggies }}} ~Annie

      • Mel

        Thank you Annie, I feel very new at this, although some stuff I have known and understood for a long time. Knowing that there are others thinking about the same journey is very comforting because most people around me seem to be unaware, or fixed in their own views of God, especially those we love the most. One of the joys of a space like this is the ability to interact with others who are like-minded, for want of a better phrase. Thank you for caring, your comments have made me wonder whether perhaps I need to communicate with others more. Bless you, Mel

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    God, Creator is Love, it is humanity that created the thought of separation from our Source. Humanity is such an ego that we have separated Ourselves from everything, Ourselves included, and this is our pain, our struggle with existence. Creator is the sun, the stars, all the way to the smallest particle we have been able to identify, and the laws that control the existence of all existence, also apply to humans. We fight against this knowledge because it takes away our illusion of importance, specialness, etc. and puts us on the same level as everything in existence, and this scares the heck out of us. Good and evil are human constructs, again our ego mind creating an illusion based upon our limited understanding of Creator. Life is a gift, not a privilege of the special people, and as long as we hold onto the thought of separation from nature, Source Energy, Creator, God, we humans will continue to attempt to destroy each other as well as all existence in our feeble attempt to prove we are “special”. Humility is allowing ourselves to become part of the whole of existence. Unconditional Love, is allowing Ourselves to become part of the whole without the need of judgments of good or evil, but accepting existence as it comes, the flow of Creator Energy as it presents itself in the moment. Each of us finds our own path to this acceptance or not, it is our journey, and how it ends is our choice, but we can never get away from this Source Energy all things exist within. My Energy floats within Source Energy, and I can choose how I wish to view this reality. I am Love, Unconditional Love, flowing forth within this physical plane sharing my existence with ALL existence, without the need to direct or control others existence. I am with Source Energy, and there is no reason for me to struggle to get anywhere, change any one or nature, just be the best form of Love I am allow myself to imagine. Each day I learn, grow, and experience new way to Love, and as I do I am able to imagine a Love that benefits ALL. This is a great conversation, and is bringing about many new thoughts and experiences. Namaste’

    • Bless you Butch – Things like you’ve shared here are what I always hope to find propagated in this ohso special Conversation. THANKS!

  • John Jung

    Neale, I really do think that the world would be a more peaceful place if more theists would accept your description of God.
    You wrote ” It is, in a single word, Love.”
    But when God explained to me, the best way to understand her/him, I heard that one single word different.
    I heard “It is, in a single word, REASONING”.
    It was further explained something like this: Reasoning is what humans are born with. It takes years to develop, but once it does, it is what makes humans different than other animals. It is mistakenly called soul or spirit, and it is this misunderstanding that has be holding back the evolution of humans.

    • Dear John – It is such an incredibly gorgeous Easter Sunny-day here in Burlington, VT, that I came to this Conversation to, hopefully, find others who were finding it so fine – but woe – first thing up was your ohso sad post that verily shouts “I don’t get IT!.” Listen, Please: “God is Love is Light and so are We.” It’s so bloody Simple, and you’ve gone and corrupted it with so much intellectualizing that you end up entirely missing the Message and being an insult to your famous namesake Carl.

      • Patrick Gannon

        Wow Roger – what a ray of sunshine you are – right out of Easter to criticizing another for his interpretation of “god” that apparently does not align with your own, and therefore cannot possibly be correct. That’s your point, right?

        Here again we have the difficulty with words. The word “God” has so much baggage that everyone interprets it in his or her own way and many, even those who consider themselves to be spiritual have little patience or toleration for the interpretations of others.

        Does John describing God as “reasoning” make your idea of God smaller in some way? I know that adherents of the Abrahamic God aren’t real big on that whole “reasoning” thing, but the the “god” that Neale described, would have “reasoning” as a useful attribute, in my view.

        If Neale can claim that God told him “God is love” then certainly John can claim that God told him “God is reasoning.” Love is great – but so is reasoning. Using reason, one can perhaps better arrive at an understanding of love.

        This was a more uplifting and unifying post from Neale than we’ve had in some time, but we continue to see illustrated for us the problem with using the word “god” as it results immediately in criticism of another’s ideas on that word.

        • Hi Patrick – Thank you so much for actively ‘engaging’ in the development of this (struggling-to-be) wonderful Conversation. I must first-off confess that, in a violation of my practice/respect for Patience, I was much too blunt and brief with John’s ignorance. You see – if John had in fact read and comprehended CwG, he would know that it is with our Feelings we commune with our Souls, and only (?) thru our Souls may we then experience our greatest connection to God. And you, Patrick, in what you revealed as your own ignorance, have yet to perceive just how astoundingly Simple God Is. Best of Luck to you on your Path. Love, Rog

          • Patrick Gannon

            Whoa! Such arrogance and condescension! Who are you to determine the one and only proper interpretation of CWG or anything else for that matter? You’ve really got that message of the soul down, what with the personal attacks, calling people names. How childish and trite. I certainly don’t want to go down your Path.

          • Patrick Gannon

            This is a perfect example of my concern about the role of CWG in creating a new religion. Here we have an Apostle Paul (i.e. Apostle Roger) who proclaims superiority to all other followers and disciples, as did Paul. He proclaims to have his revelation directly from “God,” as did Paul from Jesus. He rejects the “dogma” of the original disciple Neale, in favor of his own superior dogma – as did Paul in rejecting the Jerusalem Church leaders, and who appears hell-bent on developing orthodoxy for a New Age Religion with its New Age God – all defined as he the Apostle Roger determines. Like the Apostle Paul, he calls those who may or may not (he doesn’t bother to ask) share his interpretations, “ignorant.” Further he is proclaiming that the kid gloves have to come off and we have to become forceful about evangelizing the new religion as he defines it, because the end times are imminent – exactly what Paul did. And of course there will be other “Apostle Pauls” who will define it in different ways, just as there was when we went through all of this with Jesus’ teachings 2000 years ago.

            I see a real danger in CWG becoming a new religion that is just as easily corrupted as the original teachings of Jesus, when that was turned into a new religion by the self-serving Apostle Paul – who possibly had out-of-body experiences and didn’t know what the heck was going on and turned himself into a demigod as a way of dealing with it – otherwise he might have been considered insane. But that’s another thread…

          • mewabe

            Roger, I would advise you that it is not patience that you lacked, but that you appear, unless I am interpreting your words incorrectly, to have read the CwG material as if it was a new kind of dogma that needs to be correctly understood and correctly applied to the letter, or else one might be perceived to be “ignorant”.

            Before we speak about “God” and aspire to know what “It” is, shouldn’t we begin with the basics, by knowing ourselves first, and understanding what makes us tick and why?

          • Hello mewabe – my intelligent already friend – thank you very much for your effort to get the negatively-charged dialog I was having with Patrick back on a positive track, even tho’ in doing so you made some assumptions/mistakes that will be educational here – such as thinking I regard CwG as a new ‘dogma’ – hell NO, nothing could be further from My Truth, as so gladly received by way of Neale from God, praise-be both of Them.
            Again, about my seeming lack of patience – My being engaged with the Evolution Revolution empowers, energizes and Obligates me to assist Neale in every way possible to Expedite the spiritual blossoming of his followers/readers/co-worker-revolutionaries; BECAUSE there simply is no longer time to ‘pussy-foot’ around or ‘be nice’ about what-all MUST be done to counteract the forces of Evil whom, because they fear the Divine Power our movement represents in opposition to their New World Order agenda – are, at this very moment, marshalling all the negative energies they command in order to beat the Powers-of-Good.
            As for my ‘sin’ of calling Patrick ignorant – well, to me the only thing that rates as really ignorant is Not Asking questions, especially and such as the ones which threaten the ego of the asker by revealing their ignorance. And so the way I read P was that in his reading of CwG he utterly failed to Ask Himself if he was being sincerely Open to what was being convey ohso gently (maybe too gently, in my book) in terms of how the books were Primarily Aimed at assisting Us in discovering our True Selves – our inner, higher Beings who have no trouble communing with God.
            So it’s like this, see: My Being a good guru/guide for those on the spiritual path – helping them re/discover their own Path, not my own, means I must, first, show them that there is a supremely logical ‘Sequence’/order to the steps on any well plotted path. And so I have posted on my living-room wall a message I printed up, in very large font that says, simply: “First, know thyself – and all else will fall in place.”
            HOWEVER: Before I allow my students to embrace this message I First give them my very own (ego-be-damned) ‘Far Superior and Much Abbreviated Course in Mindfulness’ that, having come to me by means of the very Great Grace of God Himself – is a divinely excellent tool for causing the student to re/discover/learn/imagine/invent a New inner-entity/identity for themselves which will take-up the responsibility and authority necessary for one’s True-Self to become actualized in a way which will, very quickly, allow them to begin systematically clearing all the accumulated crap from the ohso cluttered closets/confused personalities of their previous lesser-selves.
            And Mewabe my dear new friend – The Only Fault I find in CwG is that it fails to adequately describe the astounding ecstasy and pure, unadulterated Joy those who’ve found “IT” experience in their freshly born-anew and truer Senses of ultimate Liberation from all the ridiculous fears and worries they’d so unwittingly locked their very Souls away from.
            Years ago, probably before your time, there was a Christian craze for being ‘Born Again.’ But I’m here to tell you, having had my own experience of being born-again – which was a very fleeting thing – compared to that, Neale’s deal and CwG are a far superior means of attaining/sustaining a much deeper yet greater sense of just Who we are when we can truly and Openly Feel our Being in the Presence of God.
            Whoosh and jeezo criminey – I had no idea I’d be rendering such an involved response, but wish to thank you again for advancing this Conversation and prompting me to Share some of what I’ve gained from reading CwG.
            In closing, for now, let me leave you with one last yet vital lesson about our ohso complex human lives – it’s this: We are genetically hard-wired to be judgmental, discriminatory and prejudice – these ‘perfectly Natural traits’ developed as our ancestors best fought for their survival by being very good at ‘discerning’ friend from foe, danger from safety, good from evil, etc., etc. The only problem with our being so deeply wired/programmed is that in our modern world there has come to be a movement for Political Correctness that seeks to somehow DEFY our inborn nature and reprogram our culture to accept and accommodate Differences which may conflict with our innate senses of propriety, well-being, comfort and safety.
            Well hell, folks – that cultural correctness correction is so very in-correct that it just ain’t gonna happen, never, not with a thousand years more of futile demonstrating for it. So, instead, we can only, and must, as responsible, adult individuals, exercise personal restraint of this insidious sub-programming in order to help create the new world we are working toward here and now with these words representing the physical manifestation of God’s Love, Compassion and Kindness.
            Truth itself can be the most blunt and brutal instrument we may ever encounter. Well – too bad and far too late for old-fashioned Kindness – The ‘stuff’s’ in The Fan and life’s likely to get real Rude for those who either don’t know or won’t protect themselves with the only talisman that will work in the coming-soon conflagration – yes, only our deep, most sincere, heartfelt and hard-core Possession of the knowledge that God is LOVE will protect us and lead most directly to our evolution in this, our very own personal and collective Revolt/Revolution against all and anything obstructing our Spiritual Development = reunion with God, in us, in eachother. Amen

          • Patrick Gannon

            “As for my ‘sin’ of calling Patrick ignorant – well, to me the only thing that rates as really ignorant is Not Asking questions, especially and such as the ones which threaten the ego of the asker by revealing their ignorance. And so the way I read P was that in his reading of CwG he utterly failed to Ask Himself if he was being sincerely Open to what was being convey ohso gently (maybe too gently, in my book) in terms of how the books were Primarily Aimed at assisting Us in discovering our True Selves – our inner, higher Beings who have no trouble communing with God”

            “The only thing that rates as really ignorant is Not Asking questions.” Read that line one more time, and then tell me, Roger, did you ask me any questions before presuming to understand my interpretation of CWG? Did it threaten your ego to perhaps learn that I’ve read the book and listened to the CDs dozens of times?

            And tell me, have you found your true self, your inner higher being who resorts to name calling and personal attacks and makes assumptions based strictly on inferences and presumptions? Is that your highest vision of yourself? As I said before, your Path is not one I wish to follow. Your Path appears to have little to do with love and much to do with fear and ego. Enjoy the trip.

          • Dear Patrick – It has taken me a while to decide to respond to you again because, to be bluntly honest, I ‘felt’ so depressed by your ignorance and negativity that I ‘judged’ you unworthy of any more of my words/time. But I got over that and now ‘feel’ like continuing our Game, and that’s just what it is with you, tho’ I’m sure you think so highly of your Rationality and Intellectual capacities that your enormous ego won’t let you accept the reality of Who you really are.
            Patrick, my dear ohso confused child – previously I was ‘playing you’ and ‘using-you’ only for the benefit of others reading our exchanges. It’s like this, see: I early on recognized you as a born, dedicated ‘Arguer’ – nothing more, nothing better – so Stupid you couldn’t comprehend that your ohso precious Mind was the very thing Blocking you from Truly Opening yourself to Willingly Receive the full fruits and Wisdom of CwG – no matter how many times you so blindly read it.
            In my practice as a guru/guide for True Seekers (and please don’t flatter yourself by imagining you are anywhere near ready to qualify as such), I help people re/discover their very own, personal, previously repressed Original Path – NOT Mine. Mine was fraught with so many traumatic, gruesome hardships and spiritually valuable challenges so far beyond your pathetic imaginings that you’ll need to reincarnate a thousand times just to begin Knowing what a True Path Is.
            And, as I am and will always be, On The Path – my ohso educational/enlightening challenges continue – like right now, in struggling to NOT think/feel I’ve ‘wasted’ my Time with you. And so, my dear Patty-boy/toy, I close by offering you this:
            In accord with Neale’s cosmic Q? – “Is it possible everything we thought we knew about God is Wrong?” – I now must ask you to deeply consider this: “Is it even remotely possible that you have absolutely ‘No Clue’ about just how monumentally STUPID you are?” Really!
            Like I wrote recently – with the world as it is, presently, there’s just No More Time for Fools like you. Indeed, your ignorance alone ‘marks’ you as among the negative entities/energies who are trying to obstruct The Good Works of we God-lovers. So get the f out of our Way, please. Still with Love, Rog

          • Patrick Gannon

            Roger, I looked at your profile and I honor your service in Vietnam. Unfortunately it appears that you left your civility behind.

            I love cantankerous old farts and am not far from being one myself, so I will overlook your lack of manners and forum etiquette and bid you adieu.

          • mewabe

            In the final analysis, we all have to be practical and decide what works and what does not. Nothing is really a matter of “good” or “bad” behavior, or of “political correctness”, we don’t have to act as if we were holly men and women or angels, we can swear and cuss and ruffle feathers, but then we have to see what works and how, and what does not.

            Yes, what we consider to be the truth, which is often a mirror reflection of our own consciousness, is most always unwelcome because it is hard to hear for either party. But to call an obese person a fat slob or a thin person a bag of bones would be unnecessary and unproductive, wouldn’t it?

            I have read only a few pages of one book of the CwG material. I have my own life long connection with the Divine and in my experience anyone who stands between me and the Divine (spiritual teacher, guru, priest, minister, rabbi, messiah, etc) is as a shadow standing between me and the sun.

            Because you quote and use the CwG material, I would, if I were you, ask Neale about your approach to spreading his stuff…just a matter of respect and courtesy, as he might or might not approve of your approach, again, given what works best, although I am sure he would accord you the freedom to do as you wish, after giving you his own advice.

    • Gina

      Hi, John. Welcome. Your conversation with God led you to some very interesting and intriguing stuff. That’s one of many definitions of God that’s more or less irrefutable, I guess. According to my interpretation, CwG would have that the soul is this “knowing,” the part of us that is part of God that has direct access to the knowledge of everything, of which we often go through levels to access. Awareness has levels, and reason, intuition and emotion are levels within levels, ways of accessing knowledge. I’m intrigued by what you mean by, one may have confused reasoning with the soul. Care to elaborate on it? Keep on your conversation and keep going within for answers. Don’t let criticism or judgement from others ever stop you.

      • John Jung

        Gina, I am still working on an adequate way to describe this. Here is a quote from Wikipedia when I looked up soul: “Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle understood the psyche (ψυχή) to be crowned with the logical faculty, the exercise of which was the most divine of human actions.” I see logical faculty as the same as the ability to reason, which is the most Devine thing humans can do. Through reasoning it is possible to figure out that all is not love, there is positive and negative, and positive serves us better in the long run.

      • John Jung

        Gina, I have giving this a little more thought, and I think I have a better answer. Just as you said, “CwG would have that the soul is this “knowing,” the part of us that is part of God that has direct access to the knowledge of everything, of which we often go through levels to access.” If the soul is the way we access knowledge, then the soul must be reasoning, because reasoning is our only access to knowledge. According to WIKI “Knowledge acquisition involves complex cognitive processes: perception, communication, and reasoning”. Also, I disagree with the “direct access”. The more accurate idea, here, is “levels to access”. These levels are the “cognitive processes from Wiki.

    • John Jung

      Neale, I have been thinking over my disagreement about the single word for God being Love. I can accept that under two conditions: The first is that God = Unconditional Love, usually known as Compassion. The second is that you don’t rule out Satan as you have in other writings. Satan = Fear. Unconditional love and fear are two opposites, as in Yin Yang, one defines the other. Next, I offer Reasoning as a point on a compass, just as important as Unconditional Love. The opposite of Reasoning is Belief. if Love is North, than Fear is South, Reasoning is West and Belief is East. Each direction is meaningless without its opposite, each can be helpful, but using both can be most helpful.

  • Dearest Friends on The Path – Please help me spread by sharing with All and Any these simple words that ‘came-to-me’ recently: “Embrace, Emit and Evoke – World Wellness.”

  • Patrick Gannon

    There is much to like in this far more uplifting and unifying post than we’ve seen from Neale in a while. God has has been described here as a “pure energy” and as “life itself” – both descriptions being far superior to a deity type of god, in my opinion. In Neale’s books I did not get the idea so much of God as a deity, but in his newsletters and posts over some time now, the idea of a deity, a being with wants, needs and desires seemed, (in my mind at least) to be replacing the god of energy and process that I understood CWG to speak of.

    With regard to feedback for this post, I struggle to assign a “personality” to “energy” or even “life,” but acknowledge that many people prefer to create a personality for this as yet unknown force/energy/process in order to relate to it at some level. I don’t think it has a personality.

    According to the American Psychological Association, “Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. The study of personality focuses on two broad areas: One is understanding individual differences in particular personality characteristics, such as sociability or irritability. The other is understanding how the various parts of a person come together as a whole.”

    I have trouble making this description fit what we might consider to be an “energy” or “process.”

    A viable possibility exists and is supported by some scientists that consciousness is the unknown component. The basic idea is that there are two essential components – (1) consciousness is the basic unit of information – it’s all there is; and (2) evolution is the basic process that drives it to reduce entropy (i.e. produce useful energy for production), and evolve into higher states of being. If there’s a personality, those espousing this idea tend to see it as disinterested; as an aware process, a lab technician so to speak with gazillions of petri dishes of which we are just one, that simply tries everything to see what works the best and offers the best options for positive evolution for the whole. This awareness, if consciousness works this way, may flush us down the proverbial toilet without a second thought if we fail to contribute to the whole of consciousness.

    I think we humans are still too big on self-aggrandizing, thinking that there is a personality that cares about us; when it’s more likely that we’re just a process playing itself out, and we’ll succeed or fail, and it won’t matter either way, because even our failure will advance the evolution of the whole by learning what doesn’t work; and being part part of the whole, our individuations of consciousness would simply be recycled or moved to a new petri dish with a different set of constraints to see what comes of that experiment.

    But that’s all fun stuff to think about over a glass of bourbon – nothing to be “believed” until science gives us much more to work with.

  • Mel

    It is really good to see everyone engaging with the ideas presented about the nature of God. I wonder if we are over thinking a little. If we become as little children then surely we ‘see’ God in more simplistic ways, as a feeling, a companion – something always with us, always supporting us, protecting us and loving us totally and unconditionally and, actually, a part of us. God’s personality must be unlike anything we can intellectually conceive because we only ‘see’ a tiny aspect of the whole in our present existence. Together we can acquire a fuller picture, but we will never be able to ascertain the true personality of God as humans. Indeed we struggle to understand each other’s natures and this results in misunderstanding about intentions and interpretations and so much other stuff. There is no right or wrong, there is only God and love and they are the same thing. This is my interpretation, but I will not presume to state it as fact because I don’t know.

  • Stephen mills

    Seems to me that god is creatable ,we get the life we believe in so the power of god is always on and always there .It’s our idea about god/ life that matters .

    The more we use our imagination and see magic everywhere and have reverence for our place in the cosmos the more the universe will open up and a new picture of what we call god will emerge ,the energy will change as we change our minds about it illuminating once dark avenues .

    Science is on the verge of a serious breakthrough with the understanding of dark energy and matter these breakthroughs in the quantum world open us up to new understandings and questions about life and how it all fits together ….another piece of the jigsaw puzzle !

    Just a thought, perhaps pure hokum ….

    • Mel

      Stephen, I agree completely and each of us has our unique perspective on what god/life is. This can enrich the collective perspective if we can let go of ideas which we hold to so tenaciously and protectively and which may no longer serve us. Opening the mind to these concepts without judgement is so difficult for all of us to do.
      Thank you,

  • Gina

    Knowing about God that can be a person could be helpful for an individual who is having difficulty coping. Thinking God as a person is more of a Western and Western influenced culture. For example, we don’t have exclamation expressions having to do with deity. Difficulty with a secular society is when the individual or society reach total desperation they have no clue how to proceed and so often resort to extremities such as suicide. Positive aspects are less division over religious matters and less radicals and terrorist organizations that religious extremism breeds.

  • mewabe

    The idea of the Divine as a super being or as a caring daddy is comforting to some vulnerable people…but then the danger is that some priestly class appears and start telling people what this super daddy expects of them in exchange for his love and protection…kind of like organized crime protection…you give your money away to the church and do as you are told, or else Satan will break your knees.
    It’s an old control pattern.

    • hempwise

      Sounds very much like the Conservative Political Party. Offering the line as a caring all knowing father and the only ones with the right credentials to control society and use fear of the unknown to subjugate the rabble .A small minority of rich white males superior in education and wealth have a right and the privilege to define how society should govern itself, and in this way serve its own self interest.

      That’s why so many of us dislike conservative politics which i feel are based on religious principles .

      • mewabe

        Yes, and this is probably mild compared to the fear tactics used by US politicians/whores (whores of the military/banking/industrial State)…and the sad thing is that the American public buys into the fear, or rather hysteria (about Iran, Isis, Obama confiscating guns, etc) completely.

        Religion taught that obedience was the highest “virtue” for centuries. The outcome of this brainwashing is that today people think questioning authority is the most daring and revolutionary step you can take, when it is actually not only a vital requirement but the first baby step to any kind of change!

  • Chloelilly_won’t_be_silenced

    God is everything. The wind blowing, the grass, the butterfly, the swingset with the child in it. God is us. All of us. Everywhere you can look that is God. Everywhere that you cannot look that is God. There is nothing that is not God. And nothing is God. And that fact is what is hard for people to believe. God is in absolutely everything.