An Open Letter to Our World:

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am excited to be able to use this space on the Internet as a place in which we can join together to ignite a worldwide exploration of some of the most revolutionary theological ideas to come along in a long time.

The ideas I intend to use this space for in the immediate future are the ideas found in GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong.  I believe this new book (published just four months ago by Rainbow Ridge Books) places before our species some of the most important “What if” questions that could be contemplated by contemporary society.

The questions are important because they invite us to ponder some of the most self-damaging ideas about God ever embraced by our species—as well as some of the most helpful and uplifting ideas we can conjure in response to those damaging ones.

For example, what if what Mewabe posted here recently (“The problem is not so much whether or not one believes in a creator God, but whether a person LOVES, APPRECIATES, RESPECTS and HONORS life.”) is the key to it all?

I was especially intrigued by the entry that followed Mewabe’s post, from Hempwise. I think this person captured our circumstance in the world today perfectly.

In case you missed it in the previous discussion here, Hempwise said:

“Yes, seeing life as Prime importance, value and being responsible for it all is the obvious solution.

“Just this morning I was listening to the radio (and) a Syrian lady spoke about her three sons. Her youngest was 13 and (she described) why she had to send him to fight for Isis. She said she had no choice in the matter. It was all about Honor.

“So entrenched in her cultural story she was (that) her own thoughts were…of her religion and their beliefs. Even sending her children to war to join their cousins and (meet) probable death was of higher importance than honoring life and sustaining that. This is so very sad.

“The Middle East is on a collision with self-annihilation if the young are continually oppressed by their religious schools, and indoctrinated by the interpretation of old books.

“Religion and governments have to move aside when it comes education. (They are filled with) control freaks seeking to limit wisdom and critical thinking in favor of righteousness and robot mentality.

“The task is mammoth: to change cultural understandings that never get challenged.

“The culture from which we emerge is causing the demise of the culture.”

I agree with virtually every word that Hempwise wrote there. I have been saying for years, after being told in very direct terms in the Conversations with God dialogue, that what humanity would benefit the most from right now is the writing of a New Cultural Story. Our species would be enormously helped by writing, and them telling ourselves and our children, a new story about God, about Life, about Who We Are and Why We Are Here, about our true relationship to each other, about the purpose of Life Itself, about how life functions, about the fact that beliefs create behaviors, and about how life is experienced by the Highly Evolved Beings of the Universe.

The challenge is that we cannot, as a species, come to an agreement on what that New Story is. So we keep telling our Old Story over and over and over again — even though it is the Old Story that is killing us.

The question is: Where do we begin as we seek to craft our New Story? I think one place to start might be to at least give credence to the claim that our Old Story is simply not accurate. That is the point, that is the thrust, of GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve God Me All Wrong.

I do hope you will all read it, not because I wish you to convert you to my idea, but because I wish to propose it as a starting point for a vital new discussion about all of Humanity’s Cultural Story, and where we might all begin in co-authoring a new version of it.

We have to start somewhere. And so here, in the weeks ahead, I will continue to present for review and discussion the points made in this most recent text based on the messages in Conversations with God.

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