An Open Letter to Our World

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am excited to be able to use this space on the Internet as a place in which we can join together to ignite a worldwide exploration of some of the most revolutionary theological ideas to come along in a long time.

The ideas I intend to use this space for in the immediate future are the ideas found in GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong.  I believe this new book (published last October by Rainbow Ridge Books) places before our species some of the most important “What if” questions that could be contemplated by contemporary society.

The questions are important because they invite us to ponder some of the most self-damaging ideas about God ever embraced by our species.  For example, the statement that…God was at war with the Devil, and that’s how this all began.

Virtually every major religion teaches of a personality or a creature that is not God. This creature has been calledby many names, some of them: Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Devil, the Prince of Darkness, the Evil Spirit, the Fallen Angel, and the Tempter. This creature is said to be in a constant battle with God for the souls of humanity.

To use but one example, the theology of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses teaches that this creature called the Devil existed originally as a perfect angel, but later developed feelings of pride and self-importance, then persuaded the first woman, Eve, and through her, the first man, Adam, to disobey God. It was this decision to rebel against God’s sovereignty and obey the Devil instead that made Adam and Eve sinners, causing them to transmit a sinful nature to all of their future offspring.

God could have simply destroyed the Devil then and there, and killed the disobedient couple as well. (He did, after all, kill two million people at His hand or His command, if we are to believe the Bible.) But, according to the theology of Jehovah’s Witnesses, God decided to allow time to test the loyalty of the rest of humankind, and to prove to the rest of the universe that man cannot be independent of God successfully, that man is lost without God’s laws and standards and can never bring peace to the earth, and that Satan was a deceiver, murderer, and liar.

Why God would need to test anything, much less the loyalty of a just-born species (which would be akin to humans having to test the “loyalty” of a three-day-old baby), is not explained. Nor are we told why God would need to “prove” anything to the rest of the universe—although this aspect of the theology does present us with the interesting assertion that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Otherwise, why bother?

This science-fictionesque story of God kicking God’s own lovingly produced creations out of paradise is not limited to a single denomination’s theology, but is widely taught in similar form in the Origination Story of many religions and cultures.

In some Korean homes, to offer a separate example, the story of Mago’s Garden is told. This tale speaks of a Deity who created a paradise and then placed in it human creations of different colors, like flowers in a beautiful garden. Because of their differences, however, these creatures fought amongst themselves, and so, in Her disappointment and anger, Mago banished Her creations from paradise, separating them and sending them to different places upon the earth, telling them that they may return to the Garden only when they learn to exist together harmoniously. According to the continuation of this story, the people of a different color upon the earth have been trying to find a way to do so ever since.

Each of our Origination Stories tells of a God who created something that, in the end, turned out to be not so good. Improbable as this sounds, the insistence on this story continues. In some accounts of this tale, what turned bad was an angel named Lucifer; in others it was God’s own children; and in still others, it was both. In some stories, God was at war with the Devil, and, being victorious, threw him into hell forever, and it is from this horrible place that he now competes for men’s souls.

In any case, humanity’s fundamental Origination Story is, as I said, the story of a good plan gone bad—of something that is not divine, but emerged from The Divine, that has failed to demonstrate or reflect qualities of The Divine, and that now seeks to tempt all of us to do the same.

Now comes The Great What If . . .

What if there is no such thing as Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, or any “evil spirit”—and what if that which is not divine simply does not exist?

Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?

Yes. Without the existence of a wicked entity or a force for evil that is said to exist in Ultimate Reality, the entire mythology of God’s battle with The Darkness would disintegrate, and with it the whole idea of the eternal struggle of good vs. evil.

A news story in August 2014 from the Internet website, The, illustrates how deeply this idea has become ingrained in the human culture—and offers us an impeccable example of a point made in the very first chapter of this book.

There, I said that it’s not a small thing to be wrong about God, because a striking number of the decisions made by billions of people across the globe are made within the context of what they believe about God, and about what God wants. If you think I may have overstated the case, I offer this: “Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy told members of the Independent American Party gathered to hear him Saturday that the April confrontation between his family, federal agencies and Bundy’s armed militia supporters was part of an age-old battle between good and evil,” the news article on The Spectrum said.

You may recall that Mr. Bundy was ordered by the federal government to cease grazing his cattle on government-owned land. Mr. Bundy refused, and his refusal made the national news, drawing people with loaded guns from far and wide to stand up to the government with him. Or, in Mr. Bundy’s own words: “There was people from almost every state in this United States was there. Some of them told me they’d traveled for 40 hours to get there. Why did they come? . . . Because they felt like they needed to. They was spiritually touched.”

Mr. Bundy was further quoted in the news story as asking the group he was addressing: “If our (U.S.) Constitution is an inspired document by our Lord Jesus Christ, then isn’t it scripture?”

“Yes,” a chorus of voices replied. “Isn’t it the same as the Book of Mormon and the Bible?” Bundy asked. “Absolutely,” the audience answered, according to The Spectrum website.

The armed standoff with federal enforcement officers (who, by the way, backed down) mirrors the same cultural story that starts all our wars. Human wars are based on—and, in fact, require—the characterization of people and positions as “good” and “evil” in order for humans to be sufficiently motivated to violate their own basic nature, which is to never hurt or damage anyone or anything.

A “reverence for life” exists at the core of every sentient being, and the only way to get such a being to act against this internal impulse is to convince that being that it is doing “good” by acting in a way that the entity itself would call “evil” if the same actions were taken against it.

Much of humanity’s dysfunctional behavior around violence and war has arisen out of humanity’s religions having adopted a story of a war in heaven between God and Satan in which God was victorious, resulting in the Fallen Angel being driven out of paradise.

As we have recounted here now several times (following the ongoing example of several religions), the Fallen Angel was not destroyed, however, but, according to the mythology, was allowed to continue to exist as the Prince of Darkness and the Chief of Demons, who to this day continues to struggle with God in a battle for human souls.

Fascinatingly, this is characterized as a battle that Satan can win. And when he does, the souls who succumb to his temptations are sent to join him in the everlasting fires of hell.

The Bible is replete with statements about hell—which assertions are put forth as vital doctrine (Heb. 6:1, 2), describing hell as a real, literal place of fire and torment (Jude 3, 7; Rev. 14: 1 0; 20:10-15; 21:8); telling us it is where those who knew not Christ would suffer everlasting damnation (2 Thess. 1:8, 9); and warning us that to this day this is a punishment that lasts forever for those who reject Christ (Matt. 13:41, 42; 18:8, 9; 25:41-46; Luke 16:19-31).

And so, religion has been urgently advising us for centuries that we must do all we can to avoid the snares of the Devil. The idea of intrinsic good vs. inherent evil has thus become a foundational element of the human Cultural Story, as has the notion that God is in a struggle with the Devil, which struggle justifies and allows God’s administration of horrible-beyond description punishment to those who fall prey to Satan’s temptations and do not seek forgiveness in a specifically prescribed manner. It is what gives human beings the moral grounds to administer horrible-beyond-description punishment to those whom they designate to be their enemies.

What’s good enough for God, after all, should certainly be good enough for us.

Thus, our species has found a spiritual basis for all manner of human barbarity, and offers God’s example as complete vindication of many of its cruelties.

Remove the idea of evil from the constructions and stories of Ultimate Reality and the cornerstone of cruelty crumbles, its rationale lost, its basis dissolved, its justification juxtaposed with an Ultimate Reality where nothing but Love exists, nothing but Love ever existed, and nothing but Love ever will exist.

The entire script about evil being at war with good, and about an angel who was in a struggle with God in the Kingdom of heaven, is derived from the idea that something which is not God can exist.

This idea gives rise to a corollary notion that “sin,” understood to be an offense against God, is possible—that it is possible for the Most Powerful Being in the universe (indeed, the Creator of the universe) to become upset because one being out of seven billion on one of several trillion planets did not go to Mass on Sunday, or failed to travel to Mecca during his lifetime, or fell in love with another being of the same gender.

This construction, in turn, leads to the dubious conclusion that punishment by God will and must ensue as retribution for such offenses, thereby balancing the “scales of justice” and ensuring that in God’s Kingdom, everything exists in a state of purity and perfection.

The irony is that a punishment horrible and everlasting is wildly out of proportion to many of humanity’s supposed “offenses” (such as coming to God with purity in one’s heart, but by the wrong religion). The sad paradox is that this is everything but an expression of purity and perfection.

Now, here is God’s message to the world…

God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming more clear to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about the existence of a creature known as Satan is plainly and simply inaccurate.

It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

There is no such being as Satan, and hell does not exist. Those who believe that Satan does exist assert that his non-existence is exactly what Satan himself would declare, and would attempt to get us to believe. Therefore, anyone who says that Satan does not exist is seen not simply as someone who has a theological difference with the religious mainstream, but, more ominously, as “an instrument of the Devil.”

This ensures that such a difference of opinion is rarely revealed or widely discussed.

We will, nevertheless, discuss it here.

That which human beings call evil does exist in our reality, as part of the Contextual Field described earlier. Yet our definitions of “evil” are creations of our own devising, having nothing to do with any kind of inherent evil in God’s Kingdom.

Indeed, it is the absence of “evil” in the realm of the spiritual that requires us to create it in the Contextual Field within the realm of the physical, so that we may express and experience what we call “good.”

We do not have to create it on our own planet, however.

So long as something that we label “evil” exists somewhere in the Contextual Field (which is the universe) we can experience that which we call “good.” As well, we can use memory as a device with which to create a Contextual Field. Therefore, if we can remember a time when we experienced or heard about something “evil,” we can in the present moment experience that which we call “good.” Therefore, the presence and the expression or experience of “evil” on the earth today is not a requirement for the expression or experience of “good” to take place.

Because what we call “evil” is a creation of our own making does not mean that what we call “evil” is not “real” in our experience (insofar as anything within this illusion called physical life is “real”), or that labeling things, in human terms, as “good” and “evil” has no value.

Indeed, it is by what we ourselves call “evil” that our species defines itself—and those definitions change as the species itself evolves. Yet it is critically important for us to understand that those labels are our own, and have not been indelibly “stamped” on certain actions or conditions by either a Deity or a Devil.

I will now offer dramatic evidence that this is true.

On July 28, 1999, in a weekly address witnessed by more than 8,500 people, Pope John Paul II said that a physical, literal hell as a place of eternal fire and torment did not exist. Rather, the Pope said, a hell-like experience can be encountered by the soul—not only after death, but even in this life. This experience, the Pontiff said, was the experience of separation from joyful communion with God.

According to an official Vatican transcript of the Pope’s speech, John Paul II noted that the scriptural references to hell and the images portrayed by them are only figurative and symbolic of “the complete frustration and emptiness of life without God.”

He added, “Rather than a physical place, hell is the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy.”

The Pope went on to say that the ancient notion of a hell of fire and brimstone, and the frightening images from some scriptures and other sources and paintings, are also only “symbolic.”

Such illustrations, he said, should not be used to scare people.

To cite his exact words: “The thought of hell and even less the improper use of biblical images must not create anxiety or despair.”

The Pope also said that God does not condemn us to hell.

Eternal damnation, he explained, is “not attributed to God’s initiative, because in his merciful love he can only desire the salvation of the beings he created.”

He did not explain why God cannot bring to fruition His “only desire,” but did say that it is a human being himself who closes off to God’s love. And so, damnation is actually a human being’s own doing—the result of a free will choice to reject God and His forgiveness.

(For those who wish to look it up, the statement by Pope John Paul II was reported in the August 4, 1999 edition of L’Osservatore Romano, the newspaper of the Holy See. The Weekly Edition in English is published for the U.S. by The Cathedral Foundation, 320 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD. His remarks were also reported in the Religion News Service, a news agency reporting on religion, ethics, spirituality, and moral issues.)

And now, for that dramatic illustration of the similarities in the messages now being received and shared by human beings that I spoke of earlier… 

The Pope’s commentary bore a striking resemblance to the words of Christian evangelist Billy Graham in an interview conducted by a major news magazine some years ago. Asked about the eternal furnace of hell, he offered this: “The only thing I could say for sure is that hell means separation from God. We are separated from his light, from his fellowship. That is going to be hell . . . When it comes to a literal fire, I don’t preach it because I’m not sure about it.” (Time magazine, 11-15-93)

And . . . these utterances by both Pope John Paul II and Billy Graham not only resemble each other, but come remarkably close to the words found in the book Home with God in a Life That Never Ends, the final installment in the nine-text Conversations with God series.

Here is the dialogue from that source, beginning with words attributed to God: Let us be clear. Hell does not exist. There simply is no such place. Therefore, there is no such place for you to go.

Now . . . can you CREATE a personal “hell” for yourself if you choose to, or if you believe this is what you “deserve”? Yes. So you can send yourself to “hell,” and that “hell” will turn out to be exactly as you imagine or feel a need for it to be—but you will not stay there for one moment longer than you choose to.

Who would choose to stay there at all?

You’d be surprised. A lot of people live within a belief system that says they are sinners and must be punished for their “offenses,” and so they will actually stay in their illusion of “hell,” thinking that this is what they deserve, that this is what they “have coming” to them, that this is what they have to do.

It will not matter, however, because they will not suffer at all. They will simply observe themselves from a detached distance and see what is going on—something like watching an instructional video.

The dialogue then says that the moment any soul wishes to get out of this self-imposed hell, that soul finds itself, at the speed of thought, in a place of unconditional love, total knowing, absolute joy, and complete emersion and union with God.

All of these statements—from the Pope, from Rev. Billy Graham, from Home with God, and from many other sources of contemporary spiritual wisdom who could also be quoted here (but will not be in the service of time and space)—completely contradict what the Bible writers said in ancient times about the reality of a literal lake of fire that burns throughout eternity.

Previously in this text I said that, as a product of evolution, “not just one or two of us, not just a few people, but millions everywhere are now receiving God’s eternal message. It is coming through to humanity more ubiquitously and more accurately than ever.”

I also said in that earlier statement: “Not coincidentally, nearly all of these ‘new messages’ contain similar statements, offer similar observations, provide similar answers, and describe similar realities.”

So the question is, has the human race evolved sufficiently to finally move beyond the level of our earliest stories and statements about an Evil Spirit and a Place of Fire and Brimstone?

Or shall we continue to refuse to question the Prior Assumption?

The statement should be made again that setting aside the notion of a Devil does not mean abandoning our notion that some things are “good” and some things are “evil,” by humanity’s current definition.

The trick is to not meet “evil” with “evil,” but to realize that its very existence is a product of the Contextual Field which exists only in the realm of the physical, and thus to bless those who perpetrate “evil,” even as we seek to change what they have done.

What’s this?, you might say. We are to bless evil-doers?

Yes. Every spiritual master who has ever walked this planet has understood that. It is why all spiritual masters, each in their own way, have sent the same basic message to humanity:

“Love your enemies. Bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.”

Buddha said: “Even if thieves carve you limb from limb with a double-handed saw, if you make your mind hostile you are not following my teaching.”

Those teachings flow to humanity to the present day. The Dalai Lama spoke this is the twenty-first century: “Hatred will not cease by hatred, but by love alone. This is the ancient law.”

Can we believe the words of our spiritual masters? If they did not want us to believe them, why would they have said these things?

Could it be that they were trying to tell us that, through the highest expression of love, we could dissolve the pain and the power of everything and anything that we do not consider to be the most magnificent expression of love?

Could it be that every spiritual master has known that during all human lives we have been and are going to be invited to have the courage to contradict what most people would consider the “right” thing to do when under attack?

Does this mean that we should not respond when under attack? No, it does not mean that. But it does mean that the way in which we respond does not have to be the traditional way of self-defense and counter-attack, and can thus nullify the effects of the attack.

All love will in all ways nullify all negative effects of all attack. It may not alter the outward appearance, but it will forever alter the inward experience. And this, in turn, often does alter the outward appearance.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for twenty-seven years in South Africa, but he refused to condemn his jailors. On the contrary, he chose to openly love them. The result: the guards fought to be assigned to his area. They sought his counsel regarding their personal problems, and he sat patiently with them in his cell, offering his gentle advice. It is said that on the day that Nelson Mandela was released from prison, the guards wept. They had lost their best friend.

He understood at a very deep level that . . . All love will in all ways nullify all negative effects of all attack.

It is when we realize that we have the power to neutralize not just an attack, but any negative energy in any form whatsoever—from minor annoyances to the day’s major calamities—that we see that negativity itself is something we are subjectively producing, not objectively experiencing. We are creating it, not encountering it. It is in interior decision, not an exterior condition. Our inner struggle around this interior decision regarding any exterior event, condition, situation, or circumstance is what every spiritual teacher, every saint and every sage has spoken of through the ages as the biggest challenge of being human. Many Muslims refer to this inner struggle as jihad.

There is no creature or being such as Satan. God did not create an angel and watch it turn into a Devil, then allow it to bedevil humans for the entirety of their existence. But God did give humans the power to see things in any way that they wished. It may be helpful to think of SATAN, then, as simply an acronym for: Seeing Any Thing As Negative.

Like Nelson Mandela, we can adopt any perspective on any aspect of life that we choose. Our perspective will then create our perception, our perception will create our belief, our belief will create our behavior, our behavior will create our experience, and our experience will create our reality.

The decision to see something, anything, as negative is a choice made by us, and only by us. There is no “evil spirit” who has power over us.

Or, as the comic strip character Pogo, created by the late cartoonist Walt Kelly, was noted for saying: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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  • GH Annie


    It’s funny (in its own way), but I can clearly remember the times when the news stories broke that first the Rev. Billy Graham and then Pope John Paul II said there was no such thing as a litetal hell where one would burn in fire for eternity. I imagine it’s much like people remembering what they were doing when thr Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., or President Kennedy, or Bobby Kennedy were assasinated. That’s how big the news was to my part the Judeo-Christian world.

    As I have shared before, I have undergone my own evolution when it comes to labeling someone or something as “evil.” At first, I used this label to describe my severely mentally ill father because of the torture and brainwashing he forced me to endure as a young child. At the time, I labeled myself as his “victim” and he my “perpetrator.” Part of the outcome of psychotherapy to finally deal with those issues, standing to face them rather than continuing to run from them, was that I ended up seeing myself as a “survivor” instead of a “victim,” and my father as a severely mentally ill man whose actions I defined as “evil.” It was in this way that I no longer personified evil, but instead felt that people were capable of performing acts of evil. It was at this same time that I stopped believing in Satan and malevolent spirits that could take over one’s body and mind, requiring removal by exorcism.

    Later in life, as my spirituality deepened due to an intense study of both spirituality and religion, I ended up with the understanding, even before reading Home With God, the purpose of any kind of label, and particularly those of the opposites of “good” and “bad” or “evil,” along with “right” and “wrong,” and also “purity” as the opposite of “marred by original sin.”

    As my understanding of some of the usefulness of opposites grew to a deeper level beyond the simpler opposites, such as “short” and “tall” or “light” and “heavy,” I came to the conclusion that my father was my greatest teacher. He had agreed to take on what I see as a greater challenge than I in this lifetime: to be of and from God, who I believe is pure Light, yet serving the purpose of being someone else’s definition of the ultimate Darkness.

    I don’t believe that my journey with my father is over, although I believe it to be so in this lifetime. I find myself unable to take the final step in mastery of this matter, which would be to t eNeale,

    It’s funny (in its own way), but I can clearly remember the times when the news stories broke that first Rev. Billy Graham and then Pope John Paul II said there was no such thing as a litetal hell where one would burn in fire for eternity. I imagine it’s much like people remembering what they were doing when thr Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., or President Kennedy, or Bobby Kennedy were assasinated. That’s how big the news was to the Judeo-Christian world.

    As I have shared before, I have undergone my own evolution when it comes to labeling someone or something as “evil.” At first, I used this label to describe my severely mentally ill father because of the torture and brainwashing he forcedvme to endure as a young child. At the same time, I labeled myself as his “victim” and he my “perpetrator.” Part of the outcome of psychotherapy to finally deal with those issues, standing to face them rather than continuing to run from them, was that I ended up seeing myself as a “survivor” indtead of a “victim,” and my father as a severely mentally ill man whose actions I defined as “evil.” It was in this way that I no longer personified evil, but instead felt that people were capable of performing acts of evil. It was at this same time that I stopped believing in Satan and malevolent spirits that could take over one’s body and mind, requiring removal by exorcism.

    Later in life, as my spirituality deepened due to a purposeful study of both spirituality and religion, I ended up with the understanding, even before reading Home With God, the purpose of any kind of label, and particularly those of opposites such as “good” and “bad” or “evil,” along with “right” and “wrong,” and also “purity” as the opposite of “marred by original sin.” As my understanding of some of the usefulness of opposites grew to a deeper level beyond the simpler opposites, such as “short” and “tall” or “light” abd “darkness,” I came to the conclusion that my father was my greatest teacher. He had agreed to take on what I see as a greater challenge than I in this lifetime: to be of and from God, who I believe is pure Light, yet serving the purpose of being someone else’s definition of the ultimate Darkness.

    I don’t believe that my journey with my father is over, although I believe it to be so in this lifetime. I find myself unable to take the final step in mastery of this matter, which would be to tell him that I understand him to also be an individuation of pure Light, or God, and remind him of Who He Really Is.

    Much Love and Many Blessings,

    • hempwise

      That’s remarkable Annie you are remarkable .I ‘am so sorry you had to endure this when you where just a child .This abuse should have stopped sooner as the abuser your father was being abused by being able to continue his treatment of you .
      You show the highest qualities of being human… forgiveness… so you are therefore a master teacher in my eye’s and an inspiration to us all . A lot of people who perpetuate these sort of abuses have had perhaps similar things happen to them but it’s not my place to categorize anyone .I am no expert in psychiatry. I wish you well on your spiritual journey and you are so lucky having found Neale’s writings as are we all .


      • GH Annie

        Thank you, my friend,

        It is true that there are reasons why my father became who he was. Reasons, but not excuses. I am grateful that the cycle has, from what I can tell, ended with my generation. And Namaste to you, as well.

        Much Love and Many Blessings,

      • @hempwise: maybe annie’s soul has choosen this father for it’s own evolution. so i am very happy to get to know Annie as part of the leadership team in evolutionrevolution…..(because here plays the music /thats a german saying) and i guess, there are many more such storys. at least i am glad to know, that we are fan of the same words of neale, who is such an outstanding messenger of the god, as i understand her from my very early childhood. and that feeling never left me, nobody could tell me sth else, nobody really tried neither, i kept it for myself and just lived, according to my heart. still i has quite a few ups and downs, but there i learned propably the most. found solutions, found answers. greatest insights in november 2011, when i found CwG 1-3!

  • mewabe

    There are a few ideas in the following article that I think are relevant in this conversation about the Devil archetype, if we can get past simplistic religious ideas and go a little deeper.

    “In Western culture there is a long history of struggle with sexuality. Even to dream of sex was considered a sign of the devil’s influence.

    This internal struggle with ones own drives is still a large part of life for many of us. The image of the devil represents this struggle, and also a force of negation which pulls us down, away from the possibility of personal happiness and transformation.

    Jung felt that an urge to evolve or move toward personal growth was inborn in all of us. Certainly it is a potential we all have. In connection with this the devil represents all those forces within and outside of us that war against this power of positive life and change.

    In Freudian theory each of us meet enormous resistances to meeting the very experiences or insights which would lead to healing. In this sense the devil or Satan embodies all our habits born out of the pains of our childhood and the ignorance of the culture we imbibed.

    Grof, in observing the experiences of many people facing the agonies of their birth during therapy – Realms of The Human Unconscious – noticed the imagery that often arose was of being in hell tortured by the devil. When these same patients moved toward pleasure, the images became heavenly or cosmic.

    The struggle with and fear of ones own natural drives – the resistances to change and wholeness – the fundamental pain of life in birth – all of these have a place in the archetype of the Devil or Satan.

    The Devil is usually connected with repressed natural drives, particularly sexual (one can express sex physically yet still repress sexual longing and feelings of real connection and tenderness). It is what is unlived in us – ‘devil’ is ‘lived’ spelt backwards. The reason the devil is such a useful symbol of our struggle with our own urges, is that if you have a
    conflict with an urge such as eating or sex, you can make up your mind to stop, but if you do so it feels as if a force other than your own will pushes you in another direction. This otherness/Life is depicted as the devil.

    Any code of conduct, whether accepted from parents or peers, leaves aspects of our total self unlived. THE STRUGGLE WITH PATERNAL AUTHORITY OR POWER WITHIN ONESELF IS ALSO OFTEN REPRESENTED AS THE DEVIL. If we change our code of conduct, we may meet the devil because we release the previously unlived area of self. Of course it only appears in the image of the Devil or Satan if we are frightened of or disgusted by this emerging aspect of ourselves.

    Tony Crisp
    Archetype of the Devil

    My comment:

    “The struggle with paternal authority or power within oneself is also often represented as the devil”. BULL’S EYE! You will notice that the devil represents REBELLION AGAINST GOD’S “AUTHORITY”.

    All of these religious myths have very simple and very obvious psychological roots in the collective unconscious.

    • GH Annie


      What you have written is fascinating. I myself have done no deep study of the mythology of the devil, and it has been decades ago now that I studied Freud and Jung. I have, however, always found the myth (which is how I see it) in the bible involving Job to be fascinating. Here, the devil is portrayed as someone so strong that there is a possibility of his winning against God, who is usually depicted as all powerful and the creator of all. Yet with every test that Job faced, there is that ever-so-slight chance that Job, being human after all, might succumb to the weight of his grief. I’ve always found it curious that the story made its way into the “official” version of the bible.

      The other myth I find curious from the same source is that of Adam and Eve, where the devil makes his appearance as a serpent. I have always found it odd that God would not want what was depicted as his crowning achievement, to not have the “knowledge of good and evil.” As a stepmother, I always wanted my boys to know what might cause harm to them, as well as how much they were loved. And I find it even more curious that some of the recovered gnostic texts say the reason for this is that Adam and Eve would discover the truth that there was, indeed, a God greater than the one they knew, and the serpent takes on the role as their Savior.

      I think the repression of so many things, with sex for the sake of anything other than procreation topping the list (I believe, myself, that it can be a spiritual experience), causes a tension within each of us, struggling to not give in to temptation to whatever it is we are battling at the moment. The personification of that temptation, I believe, has been a way to distance ourselves from being the source of our own inner struggles. I have found that, for myself, the battle becomes easier when I acknowledge the true source, whether it is within myself or from society, and that my connection with my inner wisdom usually shows me the way out.

      Just my own two cents.

      Much Love and Many Blessings,

      • Hi Annie, thinking about Neales and your words, it comes to my mind, that there are some “evil-minded-people” somewhere; otherwise I cannot explain myself how 5% of the humanity can control the rest. How people can follow so blind a system, which obviously has no interest in them or why should they poison our water, food and the air? Well, the believe of I do not know how many, that they/we are born as sinners, is quite strange to me, but maybe let them think, they do not deserve better. Or do not watch closely and just try to make the best out of their lives. I think, the greatest part is “separation”……I have never felt that but can imagine, that if it is possible to get humanity to understand, that we are connected (maybe in another step get them to understand WE ARE ONE), could help to have more emphatie for the neighbour. Even my own mum told me lately, she is interested in us three kids, the rest does not matter. She prays everyday, I do not know, how her god looks like, but I know mine. For sure, I make this year everyone of my family the present of “You’ve got me all wrong”, every birthday present for a friend will just be the same. May be one day I understand the “two cent business” LOL, One Love, Marion

      • mewabe

        Thank you Annie.
        I agree with you…but I want to address the idea of the “fall from paradise” and of “the tree of knowledge of good and evil”.

        The image of the Devil, mostly created in the unconscious and accepted and validated by the conscious mind among the religious, represents the unloved part of the self. I think it is very important to understand this because it is not enough to say “I know the Devil does not exist”, as this archetype has been part of our collective unconscious for centuries, and can come up in dreams and nightmares as well, particularly among those on a spiritual path.

        This rejected and/or suppressed part of the self is mentally separated from love in judgment, guilt and condemnation. It is “tossed in the abyss” of the unconscious or just below ordinary awareness, there to fester and haunt us relentlessly because more than anything it needs to be reunited with the whole of our personality and healed in love (I would say that if the Devil actually existed, it would need a good hug above all else, as its most urgent need would be to be loved).

        The origin of the Devil (the unloved, rejected, suppressed, orphaned part of the self) is judgment, and the origin of hell (meaning suffering) is condemnation. It is the “knowledge of good and evil” (meaning judgment) that created the image of the Devil in our consciousness, and not the other way around. Through judgment, we are “cast out of paradise” (meaning love and innocence) and we make the entire world guilty, which means that we think we are born in guilt (“sin”), and have to find our way back to innocence.

        Judeo-Christian religions attempted to find a way, through myths and the play of archetypes, through this maze of suffering that can be human consciousness, by setting up a highly symbolic theatrical play (the crucifixion and ascension of a messiah) that dealt with these issues in very symbolic manners (the issues of judgment, guilt, condemnation and forgiveness). But this play does not work too well, particularly when it is taken literally, as with the idea of a judgmental God (which is in reality the father archetype…it should be obvious, but many people miss that one!).

        All we have to know if that we created all of this, and we can find our way out of it all in love, as we are love and everything is love…even when love is distorted to the point of expressing extreme pain and unbearable suffering, it is still love at its very core. The door out of pain is through pain…. the door out of illusion is through illusion, as you know, having done therapy (there is no true spiritual path without deep healing, otherwise it is all merely ideas and abstract concepts).

        • GH Annie


          That is an interesting take on the creation of the devil by humans as part of our falling from Grace and being kicked out of Paradise. I have not heard it before. If I remember correctly, the story itself is very ancient—much, much older than the Bible, and one that developed independently worldwide.

          I have often wondered what the first temptation was that humans felt it necessary to repress it. I doubt that it was sexual, unless it was about wanting another’s partner. It used to be natural to go with clothing unless one needed some sort of protection.

          Things used to be very different. Often times when there were groups, they were communal and not into competition as we are today. I can almost imagine, as groups bumped into each other, there would be trading and sharing, and maybe even joint ventures in hunting to better the odds.

          We suppress so much of who we are these days, not only what people determine to be negative but also what can be seen as positive, because human beings have learned how to turn positives into weapons that can be used against each other, like the bullying taunts of children. We withhold information, what today’s society would call good and bad both, afraid of the judgment of others. And we push it down somewhere so deeply that we don’t even know who we are or what we want.

          I think you’re right on, when you say it takes deep healing from a place of woundedness, where one has to call our wounds and fears and angers and all the societal muck up out of the darkness and into the light of Love. Unfortunately, I think that’s the state most people are in—wounded and afraid and angry, often without even knowing why. It no longer takes having an abusive history to get that way anymore, either. Between our parents and society and the angry, vengeful father-God of religion, we can find plenty enough to create our own subconscious Devils.

          I personally believe in the power of hugs. So much so that I became known as “Gentle Huggies Annie,” which is what the “GH” in my username stands for. And, if you please, consider yourself hugged.

          Much Love and Many Blessings,

          • mewabe

            Thank you Annie, hugs to you too 🙂
            I don’t think that there was one original temptation…except the natural temptation to spontaneously be ourselves, which over the centuries or the millennia became frown upon by cultures and societies that, as they grew, created ever more rigid codes of behavior and ever greater means of control over populations.

  • I think, everyone on this planet should at least read Conversation with God Part 1-3. I believe, that would heal the world.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I agree with you, Marion. I believe God gave us these messages to invite us to do just that: heal our Selves and heal our world. Lovingly………neale.

      • yes, and we share it with the ones, who love us or at least, trust us! i am sure, everything will be fine in a little while. i had that as a very lively vision, when i was young. and since 2008, when i met my friend sandra and spoke 300 hours with her within two months, i realised, its on the way. so when i read cwg in 2011 I was well prepared….thanks for your comment! and thanks for evolutionrevolution, you have manifested one of my childhood dreams!

    • GH Annie


      I agree as well. In healing ourselves, we do heal the world. I would add “The Little Soul and the Sun” for young children, and I believe Neale also wrote a book for teens. And teaching the practice of meditation as early as preschool.

      Much Love and Many Blessings,

      • sure! I believe, I have listened to “the little soul!” lately, and it changed my morning completely….from: I have so much things to do… i take it easy, everything else can wait. and it waited! I realise by watching my two nephews and little niece, that the children are really different …..hope, they can stay that way. innocent, joyfull and the older one has really his own “head” – he is 12. in that case, it would be helpful for the parents to be aware of cwg….unfortunately i do not have contact any more to that brother.
        much love dear annie!

  • Mateia Andrei

    When do i get my nanobots ?

    • Stephen mills

      You already have 50 trillion of them .

      • Mateia Andrei

        artificial and aliend nature 😛 also i will programm them to build for me planets

  • Leon Jackson

    Love the article. We as a people have to realize and remember that God placed within us so much power to do, say and think what we want. Nothing is impossible for us unless we believe it to be so. We have been taught that God is over there and we are over here due to what someone else did years ago and that is totally untrue. That’s like saying if you have a kid and you do something wrong, you and your kid get punished and it was only you that did the wrong thing. We as people have the capacity to think our own thoughts and do what’s pleasing to us. Why? Because it is God within us that inspires us to do what we do. The true essence of our being is love and we all know that at some level. The problem is we are to afraid to let that side show because we are afraid of being hurt or wronged. We just have to learn to let go and let God and let whatever be just be, because in the end it’s all a blessing.

  • Patrick Gannon

    For the most part, I liked this column. However I think it’s important to note that the Catholic Church still includes “Hell” in the catechism, regardless of the personal opinion of a single Pope who as far as I know, made no attempt to change the catechism. The Vatican still uses the threat of Hell to force ignorant people, particularly in third world counties to refrain from using contraceptives, which in turn leads to the deaths of children day in and day out through starvation and disease. Here is the official catechism, which was not amended in any way by Pope John Paul II, nor is it likely to be anytime soon:

    IV. HELL

    1033 We cannot be united with God unless we freely choose to love him. But we cannot love God if we sin gravely against him, against our neighbor or against ourselves: “He who does not love remains in death. Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.”612 Our Lord warns us that we shall be separated from him if we fail to meet the serious needs of the poor and the little ones who are his brethren.613 To die in mortal sin without repenting and accepting God’s merciful love means remaining separated from him for ever by our own free choice. This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed is called “hell.”

    1034 Jesus often speaks of “Gehenna” of “the unquenchable fire” reserved for those who to the end of their lives refuse to believe and be converted, where both soul and body can be lost.614 Jesus solemnly proclaims that he “will send his angels, and they will gather . . . all evil doers, and throw them into the furnace of fire,”615 and that he will pronounce the condemnation: “Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire!”616

    1035 The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, “eternal fire.”617 The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs.

    1036 The affirmations of Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church on the subject of hell are a call to the responsibility incumbent upon man to make use of his freedom in view of his eternal destiny. They are at the same time an urgent call to conversion: “Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”618

    Since we know neither the day nor the hour, we should follow the advice of the Lord and watch constantly so that, when the single course of our earthly life is completed, we may merit to enter with him into the marriage feast and be numbered among the blessed, and not, like the wicked and slothful servants, be ordered to depart into the eternal fire, into the outer darkness where “men will weep and gnash their teeth.”619

    1037 God predestines no one to go to hell;620 for this, a willful turning away from God (a mortal sin) is necessary, and persistence in it until the end. In the Eucharistic liturgy and in the daily prayers of her faithful, the Church implores the mercy of God, who does not want “any to perish, but all to come to repentance”:621

    Father, accept this offering
    from your whole family.
    Grant us your peace in this life,
    save us from final damnation,
    and count us among those you have chosen.622

    Additionally, if you go to billygraham(dot)org you will find that Billy Graham most certainly believes in a punishing Hell. I’m pretty sure I’ve located the entirety of the quote Neale refers to above, which is as follows:

    “The Orlando (Florida) Sentinel for April 10, 1983, asked Billy Graham:
    “Surveys tell us that 85% of Americans believe in heaven, but only 65% believe in hell. Why do you think so many Americans don’t accept the concept of hell?”

    He replied: “I think that hell essentially is separation from God forever. And that is the worst hell that I can think of. But I think people have a hard time believing God is going to allow people to burn in literal fire forever. I think the fire that is mentioned in the Bible is a burning thirst for God that can never be quenched.”

    “Hell is not the most popular of preaching topics. I don’t like to preach on it. But I must if I am to proclaim the whole counsel of God. We must not avoid warning of it. The most outspoken messages on hell, and the most graphic references to it, came from Jesus Himself….Jesus used three words to describe hell….The third word that He used is ‘fire.’ Jesus used this symbol over and over. This could be literal fire, as many believe. Or it could be symbolic….I’ve often thought that this fire could possibly be a burning thirst for God that is never quenched. What a terrible fire that would be– never to find satisfaction, joy, or fulfillment!” (A Biblical Standard For Evangelists, Billy Graham, A commentary on the 15 Affirmations made by participants at the International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 1983, Worldwide Publications, Minneapolis, Minnesota, pages 45-47). Endquote.

    There has been no reduction in the preaching of Hell by mainstream Christian denominations – if anything, the fundamentalists are ratcheting it up and refer to people like Rob Bell (“Love Wins”) as heretics for questioning the reality of the Hell they delight in – after all what else is there to do in heaven but enjoy the plight of those who failed to believe what you believed?

    I agree with Neale, that there is no literal Hell. There are four words for Hell in the bible and none of them are what most people think of as Hell. One is Hades ,which is clearly pagan in nature. Hades, after all, was the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Jesus spoke of Gehenna, the Jerusalem town dump (now closed) and it’s clear that he was speaking metaphorically. Gehenna was a real place and in those days, for a Jew to be thrown in the dump instead of being provided with a decent burial was the ultimate insult. Of course prior to Jesus there was only Sheol – a place of permanent unconsciousness; i.e. you’re dead. The OT says good and bad alike go to Sheol and Bible God is finished with you, but it also says He will punish your offspring “to the third and fourth generation” for your sins. Nice guy – fair and just. Anyway, it was Jesus and Christianity that brought us the concept of eternal torment which did not exist in Judaism, prior to Christianity. Jesus is clearly not “the good news” given that the option of an eternal punishment in the fires of Hell came about as the result of belief in the new religion – thus I will point out once again why beliefs are bad and can arise even where such belief was not intended. I’m sure Jesus believed in Sheol, and not the “Hell” of eternal torment that Christianity invented, thereby turning Jesus into an even bigger monster than his dad.

    Try to avoid believing anything anyone else tells you to believe. If the “New Spirituality” becomes a religion, it’s possible that Neale’s liberal suggestion that nobody needs more than $25 Million and that anything over that should be given to some charity, would become dogma. Read about Elon Musk, one of the most fascinating men of our time who invested his own money, (well in excess of $25M) to create huge new companies delivering amazing technology that may one day solve the energy crisis and give us a way to get off this planet to potentially save the human race, and that now employ innumerable people. His accomplishments would not be possible if CWG as “holy scripture” became dogma.

    • Patrick Gannon

      I found Pope John Paul II’s dissertation about Heaven, Purgatory and Hell from which Neale’s quote above is taken. There’s a lot that’s left out. For example, although the Pope said Hell was a state and not a place, a note at the bottom says that is is a place of confinement.

      [Note: The original Italian says, “(Più che) More than a place, hell indicates…” This suggests correctly that although hell is not essentially “a place,” rather the definitive loss of God, confinement is included. Thus, after the general resurrection the bodies of the damned, being bodies not spirits, must be in “some place,” in which they will receive the punishment of fire.]

  • mewabe

    “Evil” is, in the simplest terms, what feels bad, what hurts, and “good” is what feels good. These are the basics. In more complex terms “evil” entails the exploitation of pain, of fear, of guilt, of anger, of any negative idea or emotion, in the illusion that the exploiter might benefit from such exploitation, for example by gaining temporary power over others and/or wealth. It is all smoke and mirror in the end, a slight of hand, a con job in which both the victim and the victimizer agree to forget who they really are and play the game of powerlessness.

    The concept of hell has guilt for origin. Guilt does not have to be coming from a belief in a judgmental God/King, it is inherent within human consciousness. When we hurt another, willfully or by accident, we naturally feel guilty. A person who hits and kills a child while driving for example feels extreme guilt, unless such person is a sociopath or psychopath. A soldier who blows up an innocent mother an infant by accident feels guilty, and usually has nightmares, if he is not a psychopath.

    The problem with guilt is that it is not really a feeling but an idea that engenders a feeling. It is a mental trap that makes us believe in hell, in karma, or in any other punishment or “consequence” through which dues are paid in full.

    The way out of guilt, as with everything, is through love, through opening our heart and feeling the pain we have cause another, which means empathy, and honestly and courageously expressing that sorrow, ideally to the person we have hurt. In this way, love is restored through mutual acceptance and deep understanding, and the idea of guilt vanishes. If the person who was hurt obstinately refuses to open his or her heart and holds on to anger and resentment, and to judgment, then the burden is on such a person, as your own burden has been released.

    The ideas of guilt and punishment, whether in this dimension, in the hereafter or in a next life, come up, as with all rules and codes of conduct and all so-called morality, when love fails, when it is betrayed, when it is suppressed. Love is always the door.

    • Kristen

      Hi there you….,just passing through, scabbing for help!
      In your Native American learnings, do you have any info on crystals? Something I have to work with at the mo as The Sources energy is that of strong crystal, but I have to learn to work with it as a healer etc to progress, and toughen up. Im too girly for such male strength, it overpowers me and my own energy charges them to full capacity so Im living with vertigo and double vision! Nice! Even a small 2cm rough cut drives me nuts for about 10mtrs.
      Im trying to find if they have a grounding solution. I have blessed Obsidian carved into spear heads by Native Americans which work for maybe ten minutes, but the damn crystals are so much stronger. Anything else you know of? Both stones are great healing/cleansing/detox tools but crystal energy makes me feel tiny and weightless, and I see white as millions of tiny spheres like fairy dust (which white is). I know its all a good thing, but I dont want the energy frequency to meditate in a cave and have visions thanks, which is the purpose. Ill trade you crystals for fried bread!!

      Any Native American ideas would be appreciated, as it is Arkansas Quartz and I know things need to be neutralised or treated from cures close to the origin country using traditions. Ive tried soaking in clean sea water, holy water, sage smoked, normal smoked, keeping in wooden boxes and salt water, sun cleansing and neutralising with the female version of Snow Quartz.

      Loving Barite Desert Rose and the legends behind it, all the American stones work really well, the natural substances from America are as strong as those from Israel, some overpower me and make me throw up. Land on both should be sacred ground, scary shirt if nature fights back, I think stones have the power to unbalance most people and drive souls out of bodies, as well as cause quakes etc if The Source or Creator supercharge them all. People have no idea how much fire they play with!
      Hope you are well,

      • mewabe

        Hey Kristen…The indigenous people of North America did not use crystals, excepts perhaps the Cherokees…and they have been so interbred and so influenced by Anglo-Saxon culture since the early 19th century that it is hard to tell what is original and what is acquired from such outside influences.
        Beware of fake “Indian” culture out there…there is plenty of it, especially in the New Age movement. Follow your own intuition…It would probably be best to work with stones that are indigenous to your own land, otherwise you are inviting some foreign energy into your environment and body, and the end result could be disharmony.
        Should I send you a fried bread recipe?

        • Kristen

          Hi, thanks. Got it sussed, thank you. In agreeance with you, and that is what I thought about crystals and Native Americans, but had to try! NZ stones wont work for my experiental studies, Ive had to source other countries. Maoris have heavily put their own influence over them and our land, you cant use them for any purpose other than what they determined many years ago or its ‘tapu’. Id never mess with the old cultures of others, and wish people would leave the Bible alone and not mess with mine either!
          No time to make my own fried bread, I prefer the stuff you make and send me. Im sure the blue mold has some good bacteria in it! Im time poor remember…..haha.

  • Victor

    Very interesting article, Neale… Very useful. Thanks.

    In this long article, you refer to something that was first mentioned in CWG book 3:

    “…Indeed, it is the absence of “evil” in the realm of the spiritual that requires us to create it in the Contextual Field within the realm of the physical, so that we may
    express and experience what we call “good.”

    We do not have to create it on our own planet, however.

    So long as something that we label “evil”
    exists somewhere in the Contextual Field (which is the universe) we can
    experience that which we call “good.” As well, we can use memory as a
    device with which to create a Contextual Field. Therefore, if we can
    remember a time when we experienced or heard about something “evil,” we
    can in the present moment experience that which we call “good.”
    Therefore, the presence and the expression or experience of “evil” on
    the earth today is not a requirement for the expression or experience of
    “good” to take place.”

    Isn’t this in some kind of contradiction with what you stated as the “Law of Opposites”?

    I know it isn’t, but it can be a little hard to explain. I’m asked about this often.

    The question is more or less like this: “if according to CWG3, it is not necessary to create a contextual field right now in my back yard, instead of remembering it as part of the Universe, or my memory, why, according to the Law of Opposites, if I choose a thing, the exact or close contrary will have to show up? If I choose to experience the ‘good’, then I’ll have to experience first the ‘bad’ or the ‘evil’..? Wowww! This could be sooo disencouraging…!!! Specially if you’re just starting in all this of ‘deliberate creation’.”

    It is a juicy question, don’t you think?

    Almost a sort of justification of fundamentalist religion when it states over and over, that as so the good and the evil exist, so there is a God and a Devil. A God for the good and and a Devil for the evil… (Note the curious absence of one vocal in the words…).

    If anytime I want to manifest one thing, such as abundance, for example, I have to experience poverty, or scarcity, that would be something very similar to what fundamentalists say: “when you embrace Christ, inmediately the Devil will try to stop you…”

    I think it would be very useful to clarify some points here, as the dogma of God/Devil could be ‘evolved’ to “every time you want to create anything, the opposite will appear”…



    • Patrick Gannon

      I remember reading that the response to being presented with the opposite of what you are trying to attract when it appears, is that you should express “gratitude.” That seems to raise the question – wouldn’t the opposite of gratitude (resentment) then show up?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      The Law of Opposites produces the possibility of Souls expressing themselves as any Aspect of Divinity they choose, through the process of physicalization into three-part sentient beings (comprised of Body/Mind/Spirit), and the use of the Realm of the Physical (which may also be called the Realm of the Relative) as a Contextual Field within which to create the experience, and not simply the knowing, of their True Identity.

      The Contextual Field itself need merely exist as an environment within which the sentient being resides, it is not required to be a certain number of feet or yards or miles from that sentient being, nor it necessary for the Contextual Field to be manifesting phenomenon in the present moment. The Soul is not limited by the constraints of what we know of as Time and Space, and so the entire multiverse, as well as the memory of the sentient being, serves as the Contextual Field itself. This provides virtually limitless possibilities for experiencing Divinity by expressing one’s Sacred and Unlimited Self in relative terms.

      Given this, it is not necessary for a being to directly experience “the bad” or “the evil” before experiencing “the good.” All one has to do is know about the opposite, through an awareness of its existence — either in some other place in the multiverse or at some other time in our physical life, now held in memory. In the Realm of the Spiritual there is no time in which we’ve experienced what we judge in the Physical Realm to be “bad” or evil,” and without an awareness of such contrasts, the experience — in addition to the knowing — of our True Identify is not possible.

      As for Patrick’s question here…the desire to express gratitude requires its opposite to exist, not to be expressed. Do you see the difference?

      • Patrick Gannon

        I understand the difference; but the whole concept seems a bit wonky to me the more I think about it. By the time one is an adult, one pretty much knows about the opposite of just about anything one might desire, as something that exists in memory; which, if I follow this discussion, apparently means it doesn’t have to show up, which in turn seems to imply that you really don’t have to give it a second thought in the first place. The concept seems to me to provide an “excuse” for why one might not get what they want. I suppose it could also be interpreted to suggest that we shouldn’t give up on something we want, even if we don’t get what we want right away. It seems like a lot of verbiage to say something that’s rather straight forward. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” seems to say the same thing in fewer, less complicated words.

        I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t all just part of how the brain works. If I tell myself day after day that I weigh 15 lbs less than I actually weigh, I may be creating an “attention schema” at the forefront of my brain – a mental process like a computer subroutine, that has raised awareness, and this raised level of awareness may help me (where “me” may be a consciousness outside matter, or it may be just a manifestation of the brain that does not actually exist outside of it) to recognize that I should skip the ice cream, simply because I’ve triggered part of my brain to tell me to think first, rather than act without thinking. This seems like it could be an internally driven function of the brain, having nothing to do with anything outside my brain. We don’t know yet.

        Another thought that occurs to me is the concept of discipline, which you wrote of in your last weekly newsletter with regard to taking care of ourselves. Having discipline means thinking about what it is you want to accomplish and sticking to it. The dictionary definition that seems to apply is: “train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.” When I eat the ice cream, rather than assume that I’ve attracted the opposite of what I want, it may be that I simply haven’t exercised good self-discipline – that I haven’t paid attention to that “attention schema” awareness that I created in my brain. The “Law of Attraction” seems to me like an excuse for a personal lack of discipline – at least in some cases.

        I’m not saying I believe it works one way or the other, because I don’t know, and I work as hard as I can to avoid beliefs as they run a distant second to “knowledge.” You speak of “knowing” leading to “experiencing” but it seems far more logical to me that the opposite is true. Experience leads to knowing, as best I can tell. If there is an actual consciousness that survives our physical matter reality, it may be that our reason for being here is to evolve that consciousness to greater states of knowing, through experience. I don’t understand why one needs to bother with the experiencing of a thing, if one already has the “knowing” of it. To evolve your consciousness, go experience something else so you can “know” it too; and that would seem to apply whether consciousness is an emergent quality or not.

        With regard to beliefs, mentioning the “multiverse” as though it was something that everyone agrees exists, is an expression of belief. Highly prominent scientists come down on both sides of the concept and it’s purely a hypothetical at this point; one of the biggest issues being that it’s not falsifiable. There is currently no ability to disprove the theory by means of scientific experiment, which has always been part of the accepted scientific method. There may or may not be a multiverse we are part of, and I think such things should be referred to as hypotheticals until proven otherwise, rather than throwing around the term as though it’s settled science. Lot’s of people “believe” you because you claim to have received a revelation from “God,” and they may therefore assume that there really is a multiverse, when at this point that’s completely unknown. The best approach to the unknown is not belief, but open minded skepticism IMHO.

        • Kristen

          Hi there,
          Good comments, agree with most of it.
          Do you have ‘knowing’ personally yourself, to understand this concept? Im trying to understand others, and read their word choices very carefully. I am unsure if everyone has it or not, never asked. But you are right….I use my knowing a lot and bypass a lot of stuff. ‘Knowing’ is from The Source, the maker of our souls, and is a tool to make our lives easier. Sometimes its felt as instincts like knowing to eat red berries to stop migranes and headaches, ignoring physios and doctors and knowing if an injury needs heat or cold, or left open to air or covered. Lots of people use ‘knowing’ when shopping…to know if clothes will suit or fit you, to know if furniture will fit in the space etc. But the kind of ‘knowing’ you refer to is very personal. I know pumpkin pie is my favorite food yet have never tried it and have no desire to, I know what its like to experience theme park rides, rally driving, sky diving, floating in air, drowning and lots of things I have no desire to do as well, I dont need to as I already know the experience.
          Would value your experience on this one, everyone has a different normal.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Kristin, I have had a handful episodes or experiences of what I can best describe as an ‘ecstatic oneness’ that I would also describe as being full of emotion. What I am unsure of is whether these are the result of some sort of consciousness event, or whether they are simply chemical reactions and electrical impulses that took place in my brain for one reason or another.

            A couple took place while being still and silent out in the woods, and a couple others while out running – which could well have been the result of endorphins released during exercise – the so-called runner’s high. If I could have these experiences on command, I would, and I would study them; but that doesn’t happen for me, and it’s been a few years since the last couple experiences while running. Once while running, the thought crept into my mind that I would love that feeling to go on forever – which almost instantly killed it, as the rational, aware part of the brain, took over again, I guess.

            I have not had any OBEs that I can recall. I seldom remember dreams. I meditate almost daily, but so far, nothing special happens. If I meditate for 20 minutes I’m refreshed. If I meditate for 30 minutes or longer I’m left feeling sleepy and sluggish, but the length doesn’t seem to bring on anything special – just the continued focus on ‘coming back to the breath.’ I don’t discount the possibility that these experiences are truly caused by consciousness or are a function of consciousness, but I also can’t discount the probability that they are caused by electrochemical reactions in my brain having nothing to do with anything beyond the physical layer.

            I’m interested in the experiences of others, and was impressed by Robert Monroe’s experiences as he used a scientific approach to investigate those of himself and others, but it is only through my own personal “knowing” that I could ever truly know. In the absence of knowing, all that’s left is seeking.

          • Kristen

            Thanks Patrick. Remember that your body is made by you, for you, they all start the same and every cell is personally altered and formed based on us as a soul and mind from day one, especially brains. Everyone looks physically as they should, based on personality, experiences, intake and input etc.Therefore the endorphins released by your brain are a manifestation of ‘you and your joy, desire for more energy etc transferred to your physical. Based on my ‘learnings’ I wouldnt say the rational part of your brain would block your desire, I would believe that God/The Source/The Universe etc chose to teach you to learn and think about why its not possible through a fast change. If not such a change you would not notice. Its how they work. Daydream or wandering mind thoughts are on The Sources frequency so these are the ones heard quietly. A lot of the automated Law of Attraction works in this method. The Source energy works via the sun, but unless music, can only withstand quiet energys and is completely repelled by electronics and they interfere with the frequencies.

            Seeking is fun, to me thats the life journey, and that we all have unprecedented exclusive access to one brain, one physical body, one soul, one mind and one spirit is very cool for mad scientists like me!! This year my experiment is no solid food, a liquid diet only and playing with stones and crystals. That completely unground me, but thats ok…Ill feel blond for a year!!

            Thanks for sharing, people are much more interesting that all the words in the world without personal input! And its even more interesting when you ask people about their experience or awareness of the matters they are talking about…….doesnt take long to sort those who have learned from text books and believed others, from those who actually know what they are talking about. We should throw books away, and just talk with people to get to the facts.

            Take care,

          • Patrick Gannon

            I appreciate your comments, Kristin. At this point in time, what you have proposed, I could only accept as “belief” rather than “knowing” and that wouldn’t be very different from believing that the sun goes around the earth, Eve was formed out of Adam’s rib, or that a man named Jesus walked on water and was physically raised from the dead – all of which are nonsensical barring actual evidence to the contrary. As I’ve aged, belief after belief has been shot down during my life, through science, education, and personal experience. You claim this is a “knowing” rather than a “belief” on your part, but I must remain skeptically open minded given the lack of evidence to support your assertions. You may be right – but I must doubt it until I have such “knowing” on my own.

            When you say bodies all begin the same – that is inaccurate. We each have individual DNA from two parents that makes us different from each other, and there are many aspects of our physical bodies over which we have no control because of that DNA. Even psychopaths inherit the traits that mess up their minds. If psychopathic behavior had no link to genetics, then your suggestion that we create and develop our own brains would have a little more weight.

          • Kristen

            Yes we do all have biological traits in our DNA, both good and bad but these are not very dominant, negative traits are probably more learned behavior or excuses, like the alcoholic inclination gene. Look at yourself closely, and view exactly how few parental or familial traits you actually have. I personally think grandparent or general ancestoral traits are more dominant. I am the image of my grandmother, and am a lot like her. I look nothing like my parents, and familial dna traits are generally evident in looks since all personal traits can be visibly seen on the physical body. I have green eyes, from blue eyed parents, none of my kids do, yet one son has brown eyes as a throw back carried via me or from his paternal great grandfather. I am also from Jewish lines, then staunch Protestants, this is flowing through my blood, God is in my blood although my family are non religious, non spiritual etc. Therefore this is either a genetic throwback, my personally has bought these to the forefront or they are imbedded in my soul (I am a first lifer as all Israelites are, we are not reincarnated).
            BUT these things are all me, and I look exactly like me just as you will look exactly like you. Our eggs all started out the same, meaning neutral and normal, with hints of these traits but it is us who shape ourselves and determine what we allow through and suppress. Soul cells are the same…the point of Tarot cards, and all the other tools available to understand human stages and traits. Although there are millions of psychopaths and sociopaths, very few are violent or a danger to society, and these ones generally have had abusive lives, have mental health disorders, have pent up anger etc whilst the rest are generally just a bit selfish or choose to suppress their negative traits.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Again Kristin, thank you for sharing what you believe. I await “knowing.” Too many people choose to “believe” things that others tell them to believe, whether it be religion, scientific dogma or New Age woo. Without evidence and knowledge, choosing which of these things to believe is handing over control of my ‘self’ to someone else so they can tell me how to occupy my mind. I’ll choose for myself, based on evidence, knowledge, education, experience, personal understanding – but not on what someone else suggests I should believe because they think it’s correct or good for me.

            I’m not an expert in genetics, but I’m confident that your eye color can be explained scientifically – no “soul” interference required; only probability and statistics.

            Religiosity or lack thereof is an interesting issue. Some suggest that it is a matter of genetics – a predisposition to listen to and trust what our parents, and by proxy, others in authority, tell us when we are young. A child doesn’t have time to process and intellectualize over a suggestion from the parent that they get out of the way of the crouching tiger. Evolution determined that those who listen to the parent and act survive, and those who don’t arent’ here. This predisposition to believe what we’re told as children ends up being taken advantage of, perhaps unconsciously at first, but most malevolently on purpose at other times, by religious and other authoritarian people. Why some people are able to throw this off, and others not is an interesting question. It took me many decades to throw it off. I am puzzled by atheists who say that they never believed in God even when they were indoctrinated like the rest of us. What makes them different? Why did it take me so much longer to start thinking and stop believing? How do we get everyone to stop believing and start thinking?

            I can’t conceive of any way that you could “prove” that ‘God is “in your blood” or that you are “a first lifer as all Israelites are,” and that you “are not reincarnated.” Without some way to prove this with actual evidence it can only be a belief for me to assume that what you say is valid. I don’t believe it because there’s no way to prove it (that I know of), and no way for me to personally experience or “know” it. Hence to believe it would be foolish on my part. It would set up an internal conflict in my mind…cognitive dissonance. On the one hand part of me would be thinking – “This is nonsense, there’s no evidence,” while another part is arguing, “it must be true because I believe it to be true.” That sets up an internal conflict that can only slow my personal development. It cannot in any way assist me in evolving my consciousness and growing.

            What is needed is to move beyond believing. Reincarnation, technically speaking, should be provable. If enough reincarnation experiences yield information about past lives that can be confirmed, then it has to be taken seriously. So far mainstream science has not been convinced; so how do you convince them, if indeed reincarnation is a real thing? Individuals can come to believe most passionately that they were reincarnated, but individuals can also believe most passionately that something they observed, like a car crash or robbery was absolutely accurate, when in fact they were completely wrong and proven so. Belief can not and should not be trusted. Whether yours or someone else’s all beliefs should be questioned.

            I was regressed once, and it was interesting, but it didn’t give me a personal “knowing” that was in any way convincing enough to let me know it was real, and there is absolutely no way to confirm what my mind likely conjured up. I did this at a time when I was probably more in the “believing” than “knowing” mode, heavily influenced by CWG just like any Christian fundy is influenced by their religion, so I was inclined at that time to want to believe it. Fortunately I kept on reading and studying and learning and came to understand the dangers of believing and the shackles that beliefs put on evolving our consciousness – wherever it comes from.

          • Kristen

            Hi. I agree and understand, and most people are believing crock. I only believe what is my truth, and those whom I choose to trust that their experience based truth is true. You mentioned Yshua walking on water…I dont believe many of the biblical stories, but do understand the language of hidden messages, symbolism etc scripture uses, this is the language of both God and Yshua. They are both open about speaking in a way that is understandable to those who choose to decipher it. If Yshua had written personally of walking on water, I would believe him. 3rd hand, nope. My mantra is that “I believe in the truth, no matter what the truth is and if I am aware of it or not, therefore I am good with being wrong or corrected”.
            God is in my blood the same as any other genetics, the same as a grandparents traits. This is soul genetics, and I also have traits of others from above who influenced my batch of souls. Everyone does, this is the main reason different races are different from each other. Israelites are just one of many different sub races of Anglo Saxon.
            I had no religious, spiritual etc upbringing etc so there goes that theory, for me at least, nor was I raised to obey. I had full freedom, and still do, physically, mentally and spiritually. Noone has ever tried to control me….well only the ex, and thats why hes an ex!
            Genetics are parallel to ‘us’, which is what I was meaning. I have the traits of green eyed people, I do believe if I had blue or brown eyes then I would be a different version of me. Just as we are all slightly different versions of ourselves in different clothes, which have the same representation as an outer layer of our bodies. I would even be different with different hair…the body leads the soul, and the soul leads the body…..combined, this make our mind…!

          • gaioniam

            Amen on the ex. Most who want control over dependents are operating from fear based energy, and that is merely whew and whew who needs it. That’s my motto, too. 🙂

      • Kristen

        No Law of Opposites……..remember!!

      • Victor

        Thank you Neale!

        I’m very glad you’ve pointed this again…

        “Given this, it is not necessary for a being to directly experience “the bad” or “the evil” before experiencing “the good.”.”, etc.

        As I usually say: the Law of Opposites isn’t a ‘fatum’, it is not a condemnation, nor a tragedy. Not always if you want to create something, not necessarily you’ll attract or create or experience the contrary. It depends on many factor if you’ll experience the opposite or not.

        As you wrote in CWG3, this could be one of the most important revelations of all CWG books -at least in the first three ones.

        Yes! It is very liberating…

        We are not ‘condemned’ to experience the opposite of what we want forever.

        We could create a world in a high level of harmony, peace, and love, without necessarily having one of disharmony, war, or hate, at our side or backyard…

        Thank you again.

        Blessings and hugs,


  • Rahel Ringgenberg

    This sunday, I talked to my mums aunt which I usually never do. It was so eye opening to me. She’s going to church whenever possible and watches the Pope all the time. However, she’s completly driven by fear and like all of her family very stubborn and narrow-minded. She’s probably heard what the Pope said about hell and Satan but she hasn’t understood a thing.
    I love to discuss with people and I’m sure it can change a lot. However, I also had to learn that some people just want let go of their believes no matter what. I guess they will just have to die away and they probably will sooner rather than later because of all their bitterness and rigidity.
    Thanks Neale for your invaluable contribution to the change I so deeply desire.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I am only grateful if some small thing that has occurred as a result of the “Conversations with God” dialogues, and this latest book, “God’s Message to the World,” has produced benefit in your life. Thank you for letting me know of this. I hope you will tell everyone you know about CWG.

      • Rahel Ringgenberg

        Thanks for your reply. You just made my day. I absolutely love surprises.
        I actually haven’t read either of these books yet, but I certainly will. I just started out “The Storm before the Calm” and I’m psyched to find out about the seven questions.
        I’m probably not gonna give your books away because I’m still surrounded by people who are very critical. However, I wound a strategy to tell them about all the amazing stuff I’m learning, so they’ll actually ask me for great resources.
        I’m gonna continue with conversation nr. 6 now…

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          You can still give away a copy or two or GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD, and you don’t have to worry about people who are “very critical.” Simply join this week’s global “Oh, I forgot!” campaign, and “forget” that you left your book on a park bench…or in the coffee shop…or at the train station! Join thousands around the world who are doing so this coming week! Find out more, Rahel, right here:

  • Kristen

    Irrelevant as I usually am, and considering I am 100% sure Neales God is the one people view as the evil one by many different names its best to shut up on this one…….but, are there any healers working with crystals or visualisation in here at the moment? Or a stone specialist?
    Erin, Marko??

    • gaioniam

      Hi Kristen, I think you’re wise beyond belief. I don’t think you’re irrelevant at all. I love your reading and I love your writing. What I want to share with you is for First Lifers only. I wouldn’t try it at home unless, of course, um you don’t mind a little poltergeist activity ahem. What i mean to say is First Lifers came well equipped with um a fully melded lightbody beyond belief. Kristen, you are that so here you go. Whew Wee Wow and um don’t try that at home if you’re not fully melded, like Kristen. That’s for First Lifers only. Kristen, I know you are one. What I mean to say is, as a First Lifer, you have gifts beyond any current understanding of anything at all. It’s beyond belief what I have witnessed over the past 7 months alone. Please um wow whoa whoa yeah take a peek and that one has a certain imprint but take a look at this one, too whew yeah and um mmm um mmm whoa

      just today, I turned a few swirls in a car to drop some lines of fear in my neighborhood. Lightworkers are here to drop planes of fear carried by others, fear lines that target innocent people and as lightworkers, we came well prepared to deal with the darkest lines. Wow Wee Whoa yeah. please contact me. Also I know about visualization, disembodied spirit leaving a live body walking on earth. Alien races are not Archangel like First Lifers are. As a First Lifer, Kristen, you are an angel. You can swirl your finger in dirt. You have magic fingers. You can visualize anything in dirt. We did this long ago. We are Creation. We create anything from anything. I will place a crystal i made with my fingers today while swirling planes. You can do it, too. Just follow your heart rather than the head and follow where the energy lines meet. As the fear lines collide with your big granddaddy lightbeam, you will feel it in your body. I have felt the energies of the darkest dark come at me. personally speaking, I mean. I felt the target of many who desire the arc we are as First Lifers. We are an arc and the dark long for life force. The dark is what lightworkers came to deplete. Whew That one is not whew and this one is whew but when one sends a child to target a mother and tells it to shoot her with a bullet, then we are talking pure dark heart of the darkest heart. Many names. Yes. Dakon, Dikon, Darkon, whew that’s a doozy. I have depleted many and know so much to talk to you about. Whew Your gifts are there. Believe me, you’ve got many. You will see motes, like glass, ants, bugs, flies, sticks, pencils oh my god just oh my god. It’s unbelievable what I have witnessed. My message is here for Kristen only. I don’t see any other First Lifers here at all. Don’t try it. Just I wouldn’t advice it at all. Whew There you go, Kristen. Unpack it. You’ll get it. I I I O O O U U U Whew and Whoa Whoa Whoa Hi Whew Phew Yeah Yeah Yah Whew Take care girl 🙂

      • Kristen

        Hi there,
        Hahahaha. Your enthusiasm always makes me laugh, its soooo cute.
        Didnt you get the memo we are supposed to stay undercover???
        Yes you are correct, I do have majic in me….that was one of my questions I wanted of a healer or crystal worker. I supercharge things, people couldnt breathe in the crystal shop when I was in there and the poor guy is probably still trying to ground the place to shop it swaying! A lot of it is a reaction between my energy and new age, bad reaction, like a war of atoms in the airspace. You mentioned visualisation, my question was to question if others find just using visualisation stronger than physical things. This is the 4th dimension you asked about a few months ago. When I get cramp in my feet I just visualise using strong mind energy that my foot is in a bucket of hot water, and the cramp passes faster than it would by the time I got the water physically. Or I can heat up my bed faster than an electric blanket, summon my kids or pets, and do healing on others or myself. I am finding that just visualising a particular stone or crystal seems to work the same as the real thing.
        Heat seems to be my thing, I am a sun lover and love to always be warm and toastie. Lying with by spine to heat charges and heals me, obviously how my chakras work but I choose not to play with inner majic too much as I can move things a bit with my mind and dont want to accidently be a firestarter or harm anyone. Although if anyone ever harms my children…….well, the white witch within may come out to play!
        Im getting very over fighting evil…..but a lot of evil is perceptive, so I personally view reincarnation as evil and nothing more than stock standard possession so Ive probably made my view of evil a lot bigger than necessary! My choice, my path, right???
        Yes you are right about evil being drawn to light beams like the vile moths that they are, psychic energy vampires are the ones that pee me off the most. I hate vultures and parasites. The spirits following you home, evil sticking their nose in your business, curses to destroy etc are merely a daily occurance that you get used to. Now the grandaddy supercharged crystal can deal with them! But is is funny when evil, possessed people and those with mental health illnesses freak out. I once encounter a clearly crazy looking lady that looked like she was ready to kill me, walk into a shopping centre toilet facility where I was, she just stared me in the eyes for what seemed forever, then backed up into a corner, crouched down and whimpered “dont hurt me” like a baby. Hell…..I only wanted to wash my hands, but there is no rest for the good, right? I mentally stated “you have 20 seconds to leave this womans body” and started counting, it didnt leave so I visually isolated it and mentally set it on fire. The woman got up and left, and I just grew the fire, called it a loser and left!! They are pathetic!! I saw her later and she didnt even notice me, the woman had no idea but hopefully it made a difference to her. No doubt you have many similar stories!
        Thanks for your words,

        • gaioniam

          Oh God, Kirsten. I just need your email. That’s all. I have so many stories. You wouldn’t believe. In fact, I don’t know why I whew it’s um wow you mention speaking of firestarting. Here is something that just happened yesterday. A fire started. I accidentally fell upon a bee. The bee was at my doorstep. It’s wing was broken. I started to cry and then my source of one love, God I am, says to me: “That’s alright, honey. Just pick it up and put a little of its wing on your little finger. Your little pinkie is your firestarter finger 🙂 Just use your little firestarter finger. So, you just go “phew” and flick your finger at any dark heart of dark heartness.” Actually there is no heartness in satan. It is dimness. No heart about it. Anyway, um that finger came in handy because i had many trying to start a fire at me, directly. As first lifers, we get mighty focused upon quickly. The lightest heart gets the most focus. Hearts of darkness, dimness have no power, as Neale’s god teaches, which is true. That heart of darkness as no power. It’s a suction cup, viper style. Wow Wee yayuh sure just come on in. I’ve got so many upgrades. Wow let’s see. about that looking people in the eye thing. I’ve seen that, too. Wow Speaking of that, I went to new orleans to see Neale at a talk, bought his book, got to the table and I’ll be darned if I didn’t look him in the eye and he turned wow wouldn’t look me in the eye after me buying his book and smiling and everything. At any rate, the arc takes motes out with their smile and little eye. I have taken oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. just believe it. Believe me, I wouldn’t have believed it but it is so. Rocks. Sticks. Pencils used to torque into 2 d. 2 d is not 4 d. 2 d is not even a dimension. It’s a space where satan frequents. God calls them snicks, shift spacers not anything like lightbeams at all. anything travelling in astrals meeting ship shift shapers or shapeshifters are actually mingling with satan. omg. yayuh yayuh at any rate, that is the space lightworkers came to deplete. So, ship shape on out of 2 d if any long to be anywhere near Christ light. So, anyhoo, I have had to drop many motes, literally, just today that aimed fire, wreck, bullet to me, personally, Indiana Jones style, i mean. The Chosen Ones, and you are one, are chased most now more than ever. We came to help earth and we are chased but we knock em out really easily by “kicking ’em to the curb. just kick ’em to the curb” literally, I mean. What I mean by that is wormhole style entry into living life, like your baby’s dinner. There are people who sit and torque objects to enter their neighbors’ dinner table. These torquers are housing alienated species. Arcs are no species. They are angels and um yeah. Aliens are not human. That’s what makes me madder than hell. Aliens are not human. They pretend to be human and yet, they are snakes reptilians. Here is how you can tell when they get really desparate. Look em in the eye. Just look at them. You can see their desparation. They get shifty. They get really nervous. Why? Their time is ticking up I mean. They have no time, sort of like what neale’s god teaches at the end of time. No time. There is no time at the end. Also, there is no mind. These snakes reptilian races are on earth and they are the dim, darkest heart of darkness who torque objects like threads from your baby’s blanket, underwear to get life forces to themselves. anything christmas is targeted. Oh my god. Oh my god. Whew At any rate, I take out glass, ants, bugs, wasps, mosquitoes. I’ve seen all of those pop out, literally before my eyes. I take out people’s fear line, peaple near me. All the neighbors around me were targeted, literally, I mean. One day i asked a neighbor how she was and she looked at me after I said “hi” and said she said he he he shivering is apparent as an arc takes a fear line down. The line that comes down is the fear line aimed at her. She isn’t fear but there are some near her and I who target us because we are simply near each other. They know I am first life and have a grand beam, like you. All Chosen Ones are highly targeted now but the hour is Whew and um hum whew yeah wow I can’t wait. I just can’t wait and um it’s been a whirl of a twirl. Reincarnation? Nevermind. Not for me. My God won’t allow it anyhoo and I’m all for whatever my Guy is for. That’s for sure. The postman was a torquing kind of guy. He kept pestering me. Always in my buisness, always clamporing around my mail, literally opening my boxes, making extra marks upon them with his pen a little too much. He um actually. He was always acting like he knew me and didn’t, asking me too many questions, frankly, for anybody’s liking. Finally, I was forced to move my mailbox away from my front door. He was still doing it. whew then I walked up to him and looked him in the eye. He shivered like a dickens whew wow wee and that was it. He was instantly better. That happens a lot, even with the children. Of course, the heart of darkness tries to get the children, you know. That’s what makes me mad the most. Actually arcs have other gifts because alien species do special things with tools that God knows about. God sees all. God sees um um um um um um um um and ad infinitum to um Whew So, God has a big plan called a tree, a tree, a tree for any who knock the heck out of satan number 59. That’s it. Another thing, people who don’t look people in the eye are usually not to be trusted. hmmm hmmm hmmm and what else? Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. there is so much to tell you. i can’t wait to talk. hi there’s my email. just email me :))) xxooxxoo

          • gaioniam

            oh yeah. One more thing, another thing that pops out before your arc eye is crystal rock. I made two identical ones ho ho ho he he he and these look like the imprints of many ones travelling in spaces where God doesn’t take me. I have never been to those places in my life, and never will I be there. actually, I’ll never travel this dense level again. thank God. God is telling me “No way. No way. No way.” I agree. These spaces were not meant for arc at all. Why? We actually throw up. I have thrown up dakon, dikon, daggone mikon I have thrown up strikon strikoon and oh so many. I actually am empathic to the utmost hightest sense of the word empath. No arc could whew man oh man and not throw up. Ok? Today, I broke planes and swirled lightfingers by waving up and down and left to right my arms while driving, vigrously I mean while being chased by white cars today, black cars today. Yeah. Yeah. and these were causing all kinds of collisions, fires, ambulances. The energy is felt by empaths instantly and the empath or lightworker has to travel to meet a certain point, a location, a certain house housing dear dark hearted satan and that point was met today and then there is always a backflash which God always depletes through various means of lightworkers. Burping is good. Ahem ya know. There are other things too. We do carry a certain beam in our bahookie so wear your thongie tooey and shine it if you got it going on it :))) I had to shine mine vigourously, I mean. You simply shine it and light it. There is a beam there, apparently, so bright that when you lift it up a little. Just wear your thongie at the beachy and knock ’em out, kick ’em to the curb. Any darkness can’t last there. Ah and throwing up is common. I threw up just looking at a certain house housing a certain heart of darkenss, dear hearted darkness whew It wasn’t good. I hate throwing up. When you’re an empath in the highest, you literally will belch, okay. we fart, right? Well, it depends upon whether you eat primarly vegetables, which is me now. But, truthfully protein is definitelhy needed by the um hearty arcy lightworker today being chased vigourously. Don’t be afraid to eat a steak if you should be one of those on this planet right now. don’t feel guilty. That’s ridiculous, God tells me. The last thing I want to say is Hey Hey Hey You saved the day and Wow Wee Wow Wow Wow A space is now opened that wouldn’t have been opened had it not been for you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Whew Wow I love talking to goddesses, true arc hearts, first lifers.

          • Kristen

            You make me laugh so much….you are like a bouncy little balloon in a heated room. I cannot feel if you are male or female, good energy is androgenous.
            Its so odd to hear other similar experiences but..
            Firstly, my nickname is bumble bee and has been since I was a baby. My middle name is Lee so its just a rhyme, still used cos I look like butter wouldnt melt in my mouth until I give ‘the look’….then everyone runs! And I got my big girl wings in December last year….more attacks, yay. Bees represent the life force and sustainence, without them we would all be dead. Lightworkers are commonly called bees from above, and new firstlifer souls are sparrows, which the dead sea scrolls story of Yshua carving sparrows from wood and bringing them to life when he was 5 is referring to. Same story as water to wine, weeds to crops etc.
            Its funny you throw up, I do all the time, being on my tablet now typing this is making me feel sick, and Ive drained full charge in 5 mins which is the cause! Maybe I should plug in as a wifi modum myself and save $$$. Smells, houses, people, food etc can do it. Which is why I dont eat much solid food, mainly smoothies etc. Pregnancy….9 months of throwing up 24/7!
            Its very dangerous for you doing what you do in America, and this site is monitered by US govt or military officials so be careful.
            Speaking of empaths, I am blocked from real people. I am an empath with fiction, both books or tv and movies and invisible forces but never real physical people. I am psychically blocked from real people too, except their energy. The worst thing ever is sexual predator spirits and people, especially rapists. Many a time I have felt male evil arousal (not physically but in my downstairs chakra, thank God) and felt myself being folliwed by these entities. I have to be very careful where I go, as I jnow they know I can feel them around and would body jump and attack me or someone else if they found an open body. These entities lurk in gambling areas in bars, addiction rehab units etc. If inly those silly biarches having one night stands in and after bars knew what was going on, no wonder the guys never call them….they were overpowered so these entities can borrow their body for a shag.
            Ive encountered many peodophile ones too, and tuning in you can follow their eyes especially to the growing chests of preteen girls. Many are real people but I cant tell who, but they are especially as kids dancing concerts etc. And they wonder why we throw up just getting a glimpse into their psyche. No wonder the current rulers of Earth, ie Neales God and other evil entities promote bars, drinking, kids dancing etc so much. People have no idea.
            Yup I understand about noone looking you in the eye, being nosy and reacting badly. Its hard having a shop cos I can see what customers really are so cant look them in the eye and remain shielded or theyd be scared off, and Id be broke!
            Reptilians are easy, they reactly badly to sparkley pink and pale blue, and their mouths are their jewel, or jugular. They are also incredibly thick with no free thinking concepts. Mantises are easier…a bit smarter but their arms are their target spot. Look how a real mantis insect will rear up to fight out of fear when you get close to it. Greys are harder, best to intimidate them. They overpower minds so throw crystals or fire between their eyes, best to block them than yourself, and call them losers as they are under reptilian control, unwanted since existance has rendered them 90% sterile, and they are ugly with incredibly small willys!! They NEED Earth to survive as species, but they can fork off.
            Take it easy, and slow down a bit, Im worried for you, unsure why, but just be careful. There are 3 aliens in here, none writing at the moment, so just be careful or you are no use to anyone. Im 90% grounded and in my normal life headspace all the time now.
            Take care, and rock on with the fire!

          • gaioniam

            kristin, speaking of batteries, these um um um umumum two d’ers I call them snick ship shapers, shift just doggone alienated races. . .aliens are actualluy using things like electrical outlets, wiring, extension cords, cords to any any ;like pacman, batman, kinect, your babies’ games and such in order to suction life force. they use a stick like a broom and target a point, like a head, your babies’ head and wow it doesn’t feel good at certain hours of the night and day. 2 pm is favorite. 5 pm is favorite at my house. I’m sick of it and oh am so tired. My god. I have had to field planes and drop packages for Gods without understanding what i was doing but now i do. I have now met a few gods who are in body and are magical and are helping me today. thank you for your help. I am tired of growing so rapidly. Today, yesterday, the day before I had 20 aliens in here in my um bedroom. all desiring my living word. I have a gift of powering up a chakra like wow well, it’s called tree of life gift. You have it, too. just use the hi and that oought to do it. Hi Kristin, yeah yayuh greys are bad. Dear god. I used to think people were people, life was only love. Never did I think fear was so ugly, never did i believe satan was real. but, who would think satan would be in a body looking like an english professor full throttle yayuh these ones torque catholics to fearbased energy using pencils today. I’ve dropped pencils today, by the way as a pop out of my literal body before my eye. Wow it does sound alarming but um um um it’s what is. when you are an arc and a brigh tlight, well, these aliens target that light. we are that. they want it and they are desparate. I see the eye. NOtice a grey’s eye. whew they twitch. they look at spaces. They’re snakes. They can’t reason either. They’re stupid says God. They are mindless today. they have no comprehensive skills and absolutely no creative skills. I am very creative. I lvoe to bake, cook, paint, write poetry. These things and mhy son’s love of photogrpahy, music have been targeted by greys, literaly in our neck of the woods. Whew

          • Kristen

            You make me feel so grateful I have stayed undercover. Physically, psychically and in the war. Other than ‘people entities’ my house is completely out of bounds to all the evil bits. Can I suggest you pretend to take a break, slow down and fake that theyve won and you have given up. Then visualise a huge crystal pyramid over your house and neighbourhood if you choose. This cannot be penetrated so nothing more can get in, so you will be able to discreetly deal with what is already there. The Freemasons etc are a safe place if you ever need a breather or help, they are undercover Kabbalists like me ans study Law, as they are after the rosetta stone….which is a Masters in Law. They will protect you although they have been badly infiltrated now.
            Humans are solar powered, aliens are electrical powered, in body they are generally in front of computers all day or work as linesmen etc.
            You can stop being a seer and an empath, you just need to make it clear to God, I just view it all as compulsary military service. I dont even see spirits anymore, but uts made me like a blind person where I just hear and feel more on their frequency. This is you call to cease fighting, you will still be attacked but not in the viscious cycle where you are lit up like a Christmas Tree for all evil to see.
            Another thing I blocked years ago to stop greeblies is no plastic at all, printed dockets or receipts, junk mail, newspapers, store plastic bags etc in the house, and any take out food wrappings go straight from in use to an outside bin. I wouldnt allow kids plastic toys, anythjng nano, parabens, food stored in plasticp, sunblock etc either. And tv is right by a door that is open all summer. Its shocking what is imbedded in new manmade stuff!! Thank God for our instincts. And yup, stay away from homeless people. Unless greedy, most aliens and evil are too lazy and selfish to work and manipulate all sorts of bs to aviod it…even buddhism, and make up things they want to do, then convince us its a job so they get paid…..gyms, psychics, diet industries, new age book authors, many artists esp hip hop singers and dancers etc. Look at all the new, so called jobs that have appeared in the last 20years.
            Can you please give me a word or a single word name that I can tune into so I can do something. You need to remain anonymous. When I try to link to your name in here I end up linking to some wierdo asian computer addict loser males in an internet cafe?! Is it a computer game…..its evil, whatever gaion is!
            Btw xx is a forehead kiss, the tradition behind xx on letters etc as it is a Hebrew/Kabbalic blessing. One to shut down your brow chakra on Gods behalf, the 2nd as a sealed blessing. This is why it is instinctive to forehead kiss our pets and kids… protects them!!!!

          • gaioniam

            oh my God, Kristin, we are so alike in giving up plastic. Plastic is how these demonics enter our plane. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Wow America. We have so much plastic. Theink of it. Do you realize that every every toy is affected. I won’t buy another plastic thing. I toss immediately all plastic. I see those who torque it. It carries a certain magnetics. My body present near it lights it up and it starts literally moving before my eye. I had to clear a lake yesterday so I could return with kids today just to have a picnic. Can you believe we have to go to such lengths just to have a picnic? I found all kinds of fun things carrying the energetic magnetic disgusting not evil beyond belief torques right at us. I found a sparkly silver Christmas twirly girly God calls them. They swing in on threads, webs and Christmas tinself is targeted beyond belief towards life. I gave it up as empath without knowning so m uch but thngs started happening rapid time around novmber and I had to be woken up more quickly. I now transmute. Never did I want to do that job. I didn’t come to earth to do such a job. I came to do love in joy, fun. Satan desires no fun, all work, all computer, no joy. Check the new yorker magazine cover for june 22 this month. I complained and the magazine agreed. The art work was targeted mightily towards the dark. PIctures of kids with broken toys at their feet as they sit in front of computers. How dark. That’s the dark’s doing. The New Yorker will be changing. I am on that already. They agreed and are moving that art work out a here pronto. Watch and see. At any rate, loser males come in all walks of life. the one near me is ful professor wow wee whew you wouldn’t believe what i know. I saw plumbing lines, electrical lines yesterday talked to the city and all. contractors brought in, standing around street corners doing nothing but torquing with phones in hand. they use phones to torque. So can we. God just places my cell phone near an incoming forced field, not a wind, like sun wind, not at all the sun. it is exactly right electrical, frinzied. it hurts at the lightbody we are the light. we feel the dark. we can’t avoid being empathic. I begged that already. Without it, Kristen, we can’t defend. We jsut are it, says God to me. God hu speaks through the heart, feels through the heart. Empathhic is that heart. As empaths of the highest arc, we feel the dark to the point of throwing up when we see the demonics near us. I looked at a parking lot this morning on way for coffee and oh my god. oh my god. it is a favorite fo one near me. of course, near the teenie bopping teenies skating next door. perverts all of them. satan was a pervert, is a pervert and always will be. Whew now, I need to ask about internet cafe. they have been following my computer for quite awhile. I know that mhy personal computer has been long sought after and the reason I know it is I see glitches in it. Green line is already on that one and always has been. Gaion is not the culprit. GAion is my God. Gaion is monadic mind of God. That is myne. Whew the asian. Yeah that gone down already could have been internet cafe. Wow I had an asian on my trail at my blog evil beyond beyond belief. Wow God took my own love blogs down because he was at my favorite desk trying to take my God Mind, my LIving Word line. I am not here to be taken. Gaion is my God, Monadic Mind of I Amness. Whew No. Gaion is not evil. GAion is earth life, love life, and all that good stuff. Gaion is God. Asian is right on target as evil beyond belief. and um um um um God is on that too. Believe me we are safe. I am fine. God is myne and I wouldn’t be alive this long if it were not so. 52 and been chased, as lifer, first lifer, since 2 whew I wouldn’t be alive if God weren’t right on it already. thanks for all the help. Whew Love backatcha xxxooo

          • Kristen

            Thanks. Ive never heard of Gaion, a God. Unsure why I ended up in an internet cafe but its probably the Mass Mind (worst weapon on Earth) most common thing buzzing in the air, as all I get is asian gamers.
            I dont have a computer anymore, only a non internet laptop for typing assignments on. They all get sabotaged, a few from Neales old chatrooms that were on 60 minutes years ago openly showing how they track and attack everyone. Not in this site though. I only use a tablet now, cheaper to replace and I charge at work so I never need to plug in at home. Same with my phone.
            Hey, if you arent already aware, which I am sure you are, Apple and Vodaphone are both incredibly dangerous to lightworker as are BMWs, all German cars, talking and light up toys, headphones, ear pieces, talking on mobile ohones, MTV, strobe lights, fireworks, neon, crystal cat litter, microphones,, living near street lights and cell towers obviously, halogen lights, visible elements on heaters and stoves, food cooked on a gas bbq, tap water, rice needs to be radiated in a microwave, energy drinks, parabens, short haired dogs, green tea, vaccinations, often wool, brick houses, lino or vinal floors, all seeds and nuts as they are the concentrated DNA of plants…very dangerous, cushion and toy stuffing, Hinduism (Satan has a deal with the Hindu Gods…they have invaded every country they can taking over food outlets, taxis, hospitals and gas stations…its about 75% here…if they go in strike for two weeks we are all dead…how scary is that?!) etc. In my knowing I have a huge list of things to steer clear of, this woukd probably be my most useful gift to me personally. All rings and earings as well although bellybutton is fine. BP and McDonalds coffees have been cleared, and they are fair trade, which is why they are always in the top 10 worldwide, but McDonalds isnt clear, but Wendys is and completely safe (I can only assume in America too). Dunkin Donuts is under Phillipino attack now, Starbucks…well you would pick up on that cos its so strong. I only use paper money as well, and I dont email except as necessary for work. If I am open in places like here, then the paranoia based fear in evil, trackers, hackers etc does not lead them to attack as if they looked at bank statements and emails they would find the worlds most boring person, that does nothing, goes nowhere and talks to noone so I dont get the paranoia based attacks. They are the worst…attacked for nothing!
            I am sure you are aware that the Gods are probably going to make the decision to use Earth as a temporary hell (Neales Gods idea of bliss), where all ohysical life will be eauthenaised leaving many as earthbound spirits and openly allow the forces we fight to have Earth as their home. No police, no jail, no military, our stuff and buildings destroyed, no food, no animals or our physical bodies, weapons, drugs, alcohol, immoral sex acts, no governments etc. Ie let them all have exactly what they want, whilst we live elsewhere, since Earth will be a 1000yr nuclear wasteland anyway due to power plants. They will all slowly all torture, kill each other and kill themselves ridding existance of them once and for all. Its easier to lure them here, and half in existance are already here anyway. Scary, but a good idea. A huge prision, called hell, and they all think its what they want! Gabriel is representing humans in this decision, my vote was yes but without our physical bodies, children and animals. This is all I know about it, I was just asked to vote, thats all.

          • gaioniam

            WE are of the same bird line, my friend. Already on all those things and corporates Iknow that cleared with me and Guy in tow are USPS, FEDEX did it already. Power Plants cleared two weeks ago with me and Guy in tow. All mail carriers cleared two days ago when I walked up and detached the tork form the fork ,literally, I mean, a stick turned to a base metal, rusty wow rust never sleeps and that fork went to the bush of the dakon infiltering the mail in america and all over the world so we are clear. Nailheads got clearing this day with you in tow. thanks for all your Godly Goddessness Help. You helped me clear the nails, so that means all pictures hanging in your house can not be targets. Myne were literally targeted by alienated forces last Christmas. Guy cooked ’em Wow What a Stockpot I had to literally drop that stock pot He wouldn’t let me eat out of it after his Whew Wing Making Thing Hi Flyuing Stock Crock pot. Man take a peek. What a Combustion Man It flew literally in my kitchen. I said “Daggone. What the heck. What have you cooked up in there?” He said “Just a little One Crock Stock Pot for a little thing called Dakon, Guy Style Time hu hu hu uh hu hu hu PHew take your pinkie, honey and flick him to the curb. Here’s your entity cooked up and sap it on that nailhead. poke out the eye, literally, you’ll see the mote. Looks like a knat or is it mosquito or is it wasp or is it moth or is it, like today, white? no. tan moths within tan moths, popped out Whew and Whew devil claw hook all molded in plastic popped out, too. We got ’em. Now, don’t worry. It’s over but corporates I won’t do are Bank of America in any line of life, Whew Subway in any line of love is all clear now but wasn’t till two days ago. Pizza shops cuz we loved ’em are clear now. . thank God. Who’s got time to cook when you have to cook entities beside the dinner pot. I have two pots going at all time. One is myne for the family, my Tree, Tree, Tree and the second is from Guy to the entity oh God. .Oh God. OH God Wow Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Whew there you go. Thanks Kirsten. Have some expresso Folger’s style on me. That’s all I got. Normally, I drink a double and then a triple, ya know, I keep my baby line out of my True Twin LIne. My True Twin is a Double only and my baby is a Triple ONly. I, personally, only drink a Five. Yeah. Yeah. Yayuh. Whew That ought to do it. Thanks, Life Here is your Tree, Tree, Tree from me I O U a Life, Love, a Love, Life Whew I O U a True Tree of your Creation Here it is :))) <3<3 an imprint, of course. It's not myne. It's yours. I replicate the replica of it, as all good Beloveds, True Divine Counterpart Hearts do in LIfe, Loves. We replicate not as a tool but as a ARc Wing Making Thing :))) I sing Hi HO Thank you. I'm off to get real expresso, double time and then a triple. I need my Guy Time myself. Love to all here. Thanks again a million. We did it. We did. A million they said, but Guy is a Million in One when you fly right, like you guys did Hey There you go. Have fun Hi Love, Geon xxx ooo

          • Kristen

            Wow…thats a coffee binge. One standard flat white here a day (like a cappucino but less froth) at 8.45am on the dot, then maybe another at 7pm if Im working. Too much unbalances me and I get heart palpitations. Did you know the emergence of cafes etc here are one of the zillions of God duplications. Higher realms of physical people dont have kitchens at home. Many just have drinks not solid food, but the rest start the day in a cafe with coffee and a pastry with fruit, then fin7sh the day in a small buffet style place. They appear to be socialising but its where they are all based and where meeting are being held 24/7. The Afterlife Gods like Neales God are fueling peoples egos by introducing so many luxury items here, so higher realm ways become the norm here, so that the Gods reject everyone. One of the many tricks Satan uses to try to murder everyone, by trying to get Gods to reject people so they arent invited onto God immortal realms ever. They all end up in the Afterlife then dumped back here, with paths involving silly crock, that will again make the Gods reject them. Earth is now a dumping ground, hence why this was the last chance for them all and the Tree portal is now closed, I knew it was closing around 2 years ago, starting with the Crhist (Law) levels, working downwards now to the Mass Mind. Actually I was sent in here by Mewabes Native American guide to ask him to contact his guide so he could use the portal while it was still open, and redirect him a bit as Native Americans use the same Tree model as Israelites and Kabbalists…they are all God will accept as they dont worship other Gods. Looking back it was funny trying to find a random guy with a Native American affiliation, took months, talk about the blind leading the blind. The Source is withdrawing his energy so matrixes/lines can be repaired.

          • gaioniam

            Native American is me and Gaion Whew check out that drawing. I didn’t do it but it is highly detailed as headress Chief Native American Whew yeah God is All Life and Wow I was a little Wow because I knew I didn’t draw it, yet there it was on my pad and that’s how I began writing, just like Neale did. In fact, I was given the name Conversations With God and told that Phew Oh well. I actually whew so, it’s all for the best. At any rate, satan has more power no more thanks to you, Kristen. You are Hi Flyoing Goddess, Amelia Earheart and guess what. .SAtan lost his Ear, I hear. They used tools like cameras . .u hu hu hu and at Christmas check out what happened to me Whoa Whoa Whoa and yayuh it was not fun Wow Whew and oh so many storeis to share. All of these are common inour line because Mary as Mary Magdalene was chased too. Check out a video on cnn. I saw it recently. Whew Christ was sown to be helping clear His Beloved, Mary Magdalene who was chased by demonics. He had to name them byh name. That’s what Gaion has done for me as I swirl and clear planes in my neck of th ewoods. I actuallhy call out the name Whew Dakon..Dikon,..Mikon. Lukon. .Dearon Whew Whoa Whoa Whoa hornback imprint everywhere flew today no ear, no mind, no thought. Mindless today Whew WE are through being indiana jones. God it’s time for a triplel but hey first I need my double just for relaxing and saying hey Guy, I love hyou. Hey Guy, Wow I love you. Hey Guy, Happy FAthers Day. You’re the GReatest in All Love Whew Anyhoo, Thank you. Here’s your Tree. You are that Divine Counterpart. It is your very Heart. BReathe it. Just Be it. Whew WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee And, it’s all yours. we replicate it and create a new replica for our own baby line. OUr ark heart gets the first gig and you give your baby line the first dibs of your replica image making . .not a machine. .no. God is I Amness. WE just are each other but in concentric circles. We don’t create a careening, veering, jeering, gear mind with a wrench. In fact, wrenches and rusty metal are declared hereby devil’s metal. That’s what they used to careen in on life and hey it’s over, guys, so clear your fields but I am helping you. My lil lady is now off the clock. Wow She wasn’t used to it. Wow it’s time to let her go home, home, home and be herself as Whew Have fun replicating that one but not a that one or a this one. No. that is duality. We don’t hang here ever again. Whew WE are gone. Love, Gaion, Geon. WE are just that. We are. WE jsut are. Love, Love, Love to you Whew I O U a Life, Love. Thank you. Thank you. Tank you. Hi xx oo Have fun. Yeah. BAby I’m amazed by the way you loved me all the time. jUst look at the one on youtube with the handsome bearded deep dark brown eye. That’s guy. it just is HIm Whew Ain’t he cute :))) That’s a replica. Replicate it and live it and lvoe it and hand that to your baby line and then give us the replica of that replica. We do upgrades. we’ll replicate it and ya know do it up again. we do it again and again. We just keep on doing it again and again. I’m gone. Doggone we are no cat lovers here at all. No. We don’t do cats in heaven. We are the dog lovers. Anybody helping me with my dogs who were demonicized by satan’s forces in five minutes when i went to pick up my son at girlfriends. .came back to blood bath. .good thing they didn’t die but check out the pictures of them lvoing on each other in my presence that very day. I took these that very day. They hugged and lay on each other sleeping, playing all day and night. Suddenly a dakon on one and it hopped on my beagle. .the golden retreiver felt it. He’s crystal. Hey wer are crystal here. WE feel it as empath. My dogs are empath. Help with that one and you get Wow another updo hi flying one, too. Whew Love, Love, Love to all here. WE are gone, baby , gone to enjoy double time Whew Love, Gaion, Geon Whew

          • Kristen

            Hi again,
            Ive been sent back in, as those above must feel you really, really, really need my help. For this to work, you will have to trust me, I cannot explain it…..the beauty of this form of white majic. I/they would like you to try this recipe (this is how I prefer to work, as a grounded healer, working with knowledge and Law, from the Binah position on the Tree of Life, helping women as we are the spine of the Universal Vitruvian Man).

            Shut everything else out for a few hours, except your son if you want.
            Find or make a clear clean space where there is no visible mess….anywhere.
            Have a really good coffee, and sit with your feet in a wooden bowl of salted water (not ionised, either sea, rock etc but not Himilayan or any asian/indian salts).
            Play the song ‘wasted days and wasted nights’ over and over for as long as it takes until your brain is in the joyous rhythm.,.this is The Sources rhythm). Louder the better.
            Play this song whenever you need to.
            Each day drink 2 glasses of non flourided water with the juice of a half lemon or lime, 3 cubes of clear ice, sprig of fresh mint and a tbsp of parsley. Dont eat for 2 hours afterwards, and eat the lemon and herbs as well.
            If you can, get some olive leaf extract mouth or throat spray and spray on your tongue twice a day, also have a drop of vitb and iodine if you can, from a health shop only.
            State out loud, and mean it “I dont care who you are, love doesnt hurt or endanger people, and it is not unconditional in the workplace. I am a lightworker, I am proud but more importantly, I am me. I am not a slave, I need to be respected, need to FEEL loved and we need boundaries. From this point I will work where needed, my objective in stopping evil is to stop suffering. I will not have my time or energy wasted on anything unnecessary. I am worthy of more, you need me, but I will not allow anything negative unnecessarily put in my life, nor those close to me and my work is to stay separate from my personal life. I will not tolerate seeing anything I do not need to see, I will not tolerate feeling anything I do not need to feel and I will not tolerate being exposed to anything I do not need to be exposed to. I am working hard to protect others, you those above need to step up and protect me. I demand only honesty, will not tolerate any forms of deception and I demand that I am respected as a person and am allowed to be me”.

            Also being time short and creative can go hand in hand with hoarding….watch this. Non utilused potential manifests as seeing the potential in everything (the main cause of non psychological hoarding) so you get and keep stuff for ‘one day’, upcycling etc so end up surrounded by crap. Crap leads to crap. Every word dominant in a person will be dominant in every aspect, and every word has two meanings. These are more manipulative weapons evil will turn against a person, they observe any little seeds in us and grow them to weeds to turn ourselves into our own enemy….again distracting us from what is important. Watch any word that is dominant in you, and anticipate every aspect of that word in your life using a dictionary. Co-dependant is a bad one, they end up in groups or families of people dependant on each other BUT also co-dependant on medication, God etc. I am also creative, a cake decorator by trade, and know the frustration of all the things you want to make and do…this was my major in Psychology, but I have really strong self control so can feel these traits but would never let them happen. Also watch the word gifts, if you have lots of gifts you may find people give you lots of stuff, including cats. An extension of gifts is abundance….again you may attract an abundance of stuff since ‘you’ are an abundance. These things are all deliberate Laws, and in Heaven etc are the automated rewards for people like us under the Law of Entitlement BUT lots dont work quite so well here, especially at this final time.
            Take care of yourself,

            Take a little time to look at these things, so you can help yourself as much as possible and avoid more crap piled onto you in the future.

          • gaioniam

            kristin, clutter is not me. the pile of stuff you see in front of me is stuff my love my every baby picture needing protection only. all of it was neatly placed and torqued i had to cover it with my lightbody that is all i need to say. funny you mention parsely and lemon water. God and I drink that stuff already every every day 🙂 that’s our Whew and you are on our line for even knowing it :))) Hi love back at cha :)))

          • Kristen

            Hi ya. Its how you can spot the reals from the fakes….’the knowing’ about which natural potions to take. Although a lot of it is based on the representative aspects of the ingredients, not the physical aspects. Thats how majic works, right? And the food alchemic properties?
            I didnt see any clutter around you, I was just pointing out what can very easily happen to those evil are most threatened by…..not lightworkers and fighters, its creative human females they target as we are headhunted Universally and they know we xan rule their realms from far above them if we choose. Its jealousy, especially that we are able to please The Source, the good side of all Gods and Creator. Creative females are viewed as uber humans…exactly why so many are reincarnated with jobs to show iff their skills, especially on TV and in magazines. Lazy forkers….they do not know everyone has to do a decent stint fighting evil before we can be immortal. Its a huge part if the human journey, and creativity gives us all many many leaves on tbe Tree of the University of Life. Without these we cannot progress…no wonder they go all out to steal our time and resources!
            Will check my room for dockets etc, thanks, think I know where they are, Im not a seer remember, I only have instincts on those things, but I do get double vision when I look at them! Will use traditional things like sage, and I can make active Holy Water now. Trying to juggle and merge traditions, modern and majic!

          • gaioniam

            Hey Hey Hey I just want to say I have a friend I am singing a song. Let me go on like a blister in the sun let me go on da da da yeah that’s my song by bodeans today. At any rate, I want to say I have a gift to all who came forth for my situation. Wow Wee Whew Wee Thank you, God. Thank you, Goddess. It’s wonderful to have a hand up. I am here to hand out now. My tree is to gift a tree of life to all who came to help Gaion who I call Guy for short. Here is that gift to all Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew and Hey Hey Hey I jsut stopped to say Hi a hu a hu a hu that ought to do it. We gift every Guy who stepped up a big big tree. We are a tree, a tree, a tree of life so come on in and begin to check it out ta ta ta Love, Love, Love all Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew yeah yeah yeah that ought to do it. I had to give that gift out to all the guys. Man I feel safe. I love meeting the guys. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Wow Wee and many more Whew

            Alright, Kristen. I just want to say this. You mention double vision. That is exactly how it is when one is dismantling the dark lines. I experience this all the time. Here is how it is. I walk in to my room and look around and see energy, particles of life, sometimes waving lines when suddenly a frenzied line comes through ya know tonight it was around 7, probably again around midnight, 2 am, 3 am, 5 am and on and on but this day we will never experience the sort of darkons we have lived for the past hi that is now done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all your help. I meant to tell you about those double lines that i see, too. these double lines happen the second they deplete. One body departs so you are witnessing the body of that energy leave. That’s a good sign. I see that all the time. It’s fun to see it because the body of light is winning there. At any rate, I am so grateful to know you kirsten. You maybe helped me more than you know maybe. I don’t know but you helped me immensely thank you thank you thank you :))) Hi
            now, Kirsten, I am so grateful to know. You helped me immensely. These computers and batteries of myne are running out fast, have been for awhile. We are one tree that has been chased in a similar fashion. My personal situation is now free from all fearbased energy and I am so grateful for all help here and you helped me immensely. Thank you so much Whew Whew Whew Whew Whew Wow Wee We come forth as we do and every guy and gal here truly came forth for me. Hi Thank you, Kirsten. Thank you u hu hu and many more 🙂 xxx ooo

            I just want to say I had a great day at the beach. We did feel some vibes. Clouds came in as they did come forth to begin their antics. I was on top of it and found little gadgets and such, a piece of caulk laid out for us with a imprint of dikon, a mirror in the shape of dikon, a bottle cap with an implant to bullet someone, a free form with a dearon meant to fear us into dunk funk and many more that I just picked up on. Vibes are now a way of life. I listen to my vibes a lot now. No vibe goes on unseen with me. I fear nothing. I walk up to the tear jerking moment and follow the converging line. At the bottom of the hill there was a little bay area. At the top of the hill there was a tent hooked to a old chain, rusted, just liying there unattended, been there for days with impritns all over it in the shape of dikon, mikon and many more. These days are over. I tumbled it over and picked up the sticks torqued for bullet, fire and death and many more good days so these stupid negles who God refers to as dumpty dumpty can’t do another thing to me, my child, my house. I have a teen, too, who is happily having a party tonight with two grand friends. I call them the three muscateers. We had a good day at beach with friends and his girlfriend. All is well and I owe it all to the guys here. Wow Wee you guys are something. That’s all I can say. My Guy is here to say “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My line is free. We will be moving on soon. the chain is broken, thanks to you. We needed your help. Many didn’t come forth because the tree looked dark here in new england. wEll, bright lights attract the darkest fearbased energy. I had to take it on, loves. Please come forth and greet the tree of all life Whew Hi and one big fat mama tu tu is yours. You have a mama tu tu It’s your tree of twinness and you deserve it. Have fun meeting your line Whew WeeLIne up, but it’s your line. No one ever gets this line by melding one love as one tree, one stock pot love hot crock pot I call it. Please come forth and say Hey Hey Hey Whew We are here to greet a Tree, a tree, a Tree so grand that Wow Wee a Tree so bright one love could bring it home tonight I O U a Tree, a Tree, a Tree At any rate, let it be Whew and yeah that is me. We lvoe it. Have fun replicating that one Let it be. Let it be and Maybe I’m amazed at the way you loved me all the time I Am I Am and you have that line now. It’s your replicating image maker. We don’t call it tool Whew we call it replicating image maker. You are the image of us. we gift you your Twin Tree of All Life Shew Have fun. We appreciate immensely forevermore. Thank you Hi and He Whew Now we’re done with the gig. We’re done with the grand scheme. It is finally done today at 10 am Whew EST We complete a cycle of life. God and Goddess of All Life are here to say please take your tree and meditate it is your Twin Heart LIne. You have many planes there. You have all life there. Hi Ho He Whew and Ho HO HO I owe you a stepping up now You don’t owe me a thing. We are One Love forevermore Thank you Whew

            The rest is history guys and gals. The tree of life will begin to dismantle the dark no more. the tree of life shall step up and receive its reward for battling such dark lines as you witnessed today in the mirror life. We don’t mirror life. We are life. We just are. WE are Isness and Isness does no mirrors. We are each other and we live each other in many forms in many planes of living lines of life. We complete this day happily happily happily. Thank you for helping our situation in new england. It was the dark force of darkest forces. We completely dismantled them with your help. These days are over. These dark ones are done for. Your lines of life are now I I I O O O U U U and Whew Thank you Hi

          • Kristen

            Love Blister in the Sun!!
            Thank you.
            You are right about the trees and Tree of Life…I have completed the Tree of Life journey which is when I got my wings, funnily enough I have a huge macadamia tree in my yard…it is the Tree of Life. I was shown an image a month or so ago of an Eden guarded by a young lion, where the two trees …Tree of Life, and Tree of Knowledge, had been cut down forever until Eden is restored when those who havnt done the journey will do an easier version. This is is Daniels prophecies, and is hapoening area by area. Yours must just be done. This means the Tree of Life to immortality for reincarnated people on Earth is no longer available. They are all either mortal or will exist long enough to face consequences. This is in Revelation…’It is time to judge the dead’. Like you, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to prove myself and my worth, and have the hard work behind me!!
            Roll on calamity and keep in mind many things we will see soon that appear to be evil or wrong, are just the catalysts for death and consequences or are a positive thing…good may appear to be the new evil and the greater good may take advantage of climate change, HAARP technology etc. Let it roll, and turn off the TV, although Star Children and Lightworkers love drama and natural disasters anyway….thats the Creator seed in us, he despises boring.
            I think the greeblie imprints in my room are on courier tracking dockets from when I courier goods out for work, thand God the sun is out today and I can open windows, and double thank God I live in a hilly area and upstairs. Living in flat areas at ground level is exhausting and greeblies dont just float away, up high the tree tops absorb or kill them, as does higher oxygen levels. Snow and ice do the same, they destroy greeblies forever, but unfortunately our winter temps are never even cold enough for a frost, dammit.
            You look after yourself,

          • gaioniam

            Hilly areas, listen. Look at the hill and measure where your line is breaking up in a frenetic magnetic kind of frenzy kind of electric. we aren’t electric. WE are Gold Sun Light Beams and we fly Hi Check where the line frenetic meets at the top of the hill. Look at it. Myne met at a convergence straight line to the culprit Whoa Whoa Whoa a nosy neighbor doesn’t make grand neighborly visits to stir up angst. This line always does so, just to cause angst and gets a little too eye twictchy like robots. Reptilian Races are Robotics. They do travel by mail courrier. I killed htem yesterday with my little swirl with Mr. Clean and met it, melded the envelope where he lieft that torq, imprint on my envelop. He is Dakon right at my door. He is Whoa mail carrier number trillion all over the world right at my door and I knew it. He shiverted man first time, second time, thritd time. two days ago I met him on a street as he torqued and forked my baby’s oj orange juicde, kool aid and ya know cereal, corn flakes highly malleable torqued cereal from humanity. Oh my God. Let it go. We do see consdequences. Whew I only go FEd EX AGent. Gaion is always giving me a sign when the coast is clear agian with lightbeams. I see Gold ball, Blue Ball, Violet Ball twinkle above my head, literally I mean in thecar when I swirl these culprit plaens. Then, immediately comes Gaion flying on a Hi Flying line to give me a Sycnrchronicity like a FED EX AGEnt, ltierally, I mean. I see a FED EX AGent 007 Car, literally I mean Hi Five Me every Day when I swirl and any day cuz I am a Five and he is my Two Wing Making Thing so do go only FED EX when you get a package of anything. I won’t do anything else. Forget UPS Whoa Whoa Whoa um um um Whew Wow Whew Hi

          • Kristen

            I have mastered the art of ignoring all the greeblies, they give up and go away, the things that affect you dont affect me at all. Its one of their games, sleep deprivation as a form of torture, someone you know with a L name is dropping harmless greeblies looking like the real thing on you just for their own entertainment knowing you will react. They are just visual 4th dimensional duplicates, that wil dissipate in their own after about ten minutes. Ill try to get you decent sleep. I need 9 hrs a night, to make sure I can keep my brainwaves and heartrate calm 24/7, therefore my mind on a grounded frequency which I work from. They dont expect this, so cant hack in to me, they are used to us thinking and functioning on a higher frequency. I am cool, calm and collected 24/7 which is why im not a seer, which is why the whole crystal thing threw me a bit!

          • gaioniam

            greeblies are nothing to me. I’ve been dealing with something far worse than greeblies. We have been in the midst of hm hm hm hm and that is whoa whoa whoa and yayuh and yayuh believe me, we didn’t come here for our benefit. we came here for the benefit of mankind and never will we do this gig again, so all here helping, please keep on keeping on and um clear your own. I aam gave the real time video of how to recognize the imprint. I am the Goddess who gives the gift of imprint, image making machine not. I am the Goddess who sees imprints in every every so no any any can hide from me. I see too much, fannkly. I see imprints of hm hm hm on the trees, the rocks, the sticks, plastic, stickers, gum, caulk yayuh and oh so many check this vdieo our from yesterday today and wow hi there you go. No. I sleep and frankly as crystal. .it’s a good thing I am crystal and need less sleep but a slower lifestyle is always me. I lvoe the beach. I lvoe seeing my son smile. I love to paint, to write poetry. I am an artist. A teacher. I appreciate the help immensely. It’s over tho. God is taking me off and I am grateful for all the love and help from you and oh so many here. Love, Love, Love backatcha :))) xx oo

          • Kristen

            Re roses…get a Barite Desert Rose stone. They are the reverred Rosetta Stone. Theyl be cheap, here in NZ they are only USD$1.50 each.
            A gift from the Binah & God position on the Big Ole Tree. It represents the female Queen of Hearts principle which is your suite, I am in Diamonds. This will invite more female help into your life, and send a clear message to the Queen who seeded your Tree that you need to be recognised more as a female and mum. Gods heap praise and love on us to keep us going, especially using terms of endearment, but its a bit manipulative to keep us working, but at least each God only works with three females and three males at a time (50 years), so its not like we are an anonymous number. Apparently its then quite competitive for chosen ones to retain their Gods interest, funny people usually win as The Source strongly influences this, and the Gods are all born of The Source. Just a tip!

          • Kristen

            Hey I forgot to say, a huge thank you. You have been a huge help. I knew the double vision was spiritual, it, along with more nausea and constant vertigo started in April when I moved up a level. I know The Sources energy is that of crystal and hard to withstand hence starting crystal work, but as I am not a seer, I didnt realise the full extent. Its mainly with electronics, tablet, phone, tv etc and I also see white as lots of luminous spheres, see clean air as sparkley dust and have become bright light intolerant. My aura changed to a pyramid shape at the same time. Now, with your input, I guess that now I can go back to being a light worker smashing the greeblies just by being, rather than the draining manual work!! Ill get used to it I guess.
            ive had to be very careful with the grandaddy crystal, that my nearly 94 yr old nana bought for me when I just took her on a little holiday for some quality nana time. And seaside grounding in a place where my ancestors settled in NZ (Akaroa). As its a gift from God and nana, its too precious to me for havoc to get near. I had to make sure its supercharge doesnt affect my cats, kids or epileptic neighbour/friend who is here every day. Lucky its just me….in my world I am just a normal person who studies different things, which is how I like it and want it to stay. I hate questions, and like you, thi.s is the only normal I know. In fact I call my overseer Charlie…like Charlies Angels off TV, and he calls me Amelia, from the Lincolm Rhyme books The Bone Collector. He took me on as a protege, and I am his eyes, ears, hands and feet on the ground. He is a Christ, working for God.
            Thanks soooooo much. I identify you as balloon lady, they mean a rising spirit, sohere of Wholeness, completion with celebration and joyful spirit and a rising balloon is transition. Symbolism is my Gods language, which is how I feel energies, and from day one yoyr energy has felt like a little round balloon bouncing around in a room with a big fan heater on. Rise and enjoy the trippy trip, good things await. The God year is April until Dec, but that may mean summer so yours may be opposite since you were put to work when my gap time started on 01 Dec. You will get a break soon.

          • gaioniam

            Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Goddess, you speka my toungue Whew Wow oh let me count the ways. I am always so grateful for you, my sster. Amelia was a name given to me long u hu hu hu time ago in a house in New Orleans there was a rising Sun but none could untangle the many myriadic mind but Mary and Mary looked a little loopy but it waqs a little mary not a grand momma Mary Mary Mary in Mind, Body, Soul I OU a Life, Love Hi O U a Tree, A Tree, A Tree, Life Love Hi You are Amelia I Am Casandra Never but darn we did tangle her, did we not Whew Hey Hey Hey let it be. Let it be. WE have a Tree, a Tree, a Tree Oh MY God Oh mY God Oh mY God. Let me see what I see in our Tree, Tree, Tree I Amness Only We just are each other. We don’t try to careen on each other. We just allow each other. WE don’t spread out for Alienated Forces and they knew we couldn’t be touched. That’s why they targeted us from birth. MYne was the 2 year, they thought but Gaion is on it and over you Whew too. We have God on our side in a hi flying wire and no fraying twiggy little torqy forky sticky majiggy could fly thorugh my dear god. I don’t even want to say it. Just view it, real time Phew Guy will show all here how difficult it was on earth for the Arc to come forth and why we departed and said “here take it” that’s yours to live. We don’t want it. We drop that plane. Here you go, but earth was in jeapardy and we did reclaim it, thanks to you, Goddess, my friend Whew Hi Thank you. I am so grateful to know you. OH my God. OH my God. I always loved your living line, thought you were funny and oh so joyful like a hi flying balloon meeting a sunny8 side Hi funny you mention crystals and nana I had to drop my living life lines and fake so much hi ho he my dear ill mom and my son’s nana targeted oh so pointedly I had to drop her bird picture oh my god take a peek at what i dropped in this grand scheme from this life. baby blanket I wove by hand, threaded by these friggin demented, perverts is what God calls them, literally by Christmas Tree ornament and green and blue, gold balls literally, I mean under leaking sewer pipes broken deliberately in order to viperize life forces from all near me. Dear God. That’s why all Gods and Goddesses couldn’t even come near me. It was to protect all Gods nad Goddesses, even my mom, even my literal mom and oh so many were targeted. Crystals they uh hu hu hu take a peek at my twin crystal Hi but it can’t be touched. oH MY GOD. JUST TRY IT. JUST TRY THAT AGAIN. SEE WHAT HAPPENS YET AGAIN. They’re so stupid. You would think after ten gazillion attempts in one I O Them nothing says God to me. It’s not their Call. It’s ours and we call it now at 11:45 ESt Whew 6/21/2015 Hi Hi Hi time we called it, don’t you think, God and Goddess. We are HOme, Home, Home in a Life that Never Ends. Guy Time Now. Don’t Worry about a thing. We are Wing Making Things like a Blister in the Sun I wanna go on like a Blister in the Sun Yeah let us say one big hi ho he to all here. Whew Love to all. I’m off. I’m going to bed now. Been up all night. Had the usual 11 pm, 12 am, 3 no it is always 2, then 3 then 5 then no. Guy was on it .Thank God I wouldn’t be here if he weren’t. Just watch that video and know I couldn’t have picked that out in the middle of the night that litlte tiny stick meant to draw blood? No. That’s God’s hand. I am him Whew He is me. We just are Hi and so are you in your Arc Flying Hi Flying Wing Making Machine No. Only an Angel Wing can fly that hi Whew Thanks KRisten, AMelia. I was told about you long ago. a long time ago, I mean like in this cycle God started giving me your name Amelia. I never figured that out but Amelia was an Earheart Amelia Earheart. . I don’t know how to spell it but you are an Ear of God and a Grand Heart of Guy Gaion Style Monadic Mind of God Whew Fly Hi Hey Hey Hey Love it. Love it. I Love it :))) xxx ooo Whew What a day. What a day. Hi

          • gaioniam

            the crystals are what we are. WE just are that. The Christed Grid, the lit up one around EArth is who we are. WE are Lightbeams and crystal is what we are. I know a little reiki and I am reiki . .I actually witnessed what ursula or whatever his name is witnessed when he developed reiki. I saw the white balls of light in my ceiling. That is who we are. We give every facet this energy but in a single line file style, hi line up style, guy style, Christ style. We dont’ mingle like the satan forces careenign in on tweenies at skating rinkies ..we don’t infringe upon another’s ark. That’s satan for ya. So, don’t worry about the seeing part. heck I never saw much until I had to. I expanded so much since November cuz things got very heated in my personal arragneent and Gaion had to tell me. gaion says he never dreamed I would learn so much in this life cycle Whew As um well, he says this “you woke up a lot sooner than I wanted you to wake up. You actually did not come here, love. You knew I was needing to help this earth andyou knew I had to come but you worried too much and visited as an observing mind only but you are me so you kind of knew me like you are to me and that ought to do it. at any rate, you did not know a thing until you did which was november of 2014 when things got really ugly whew and wow and oh so many One more thing, we don’t worry about satan now. It’s time for us to kick back, Kirsten. I am like you, a good mother, and cleaning up after um um um is never my wich so let it be. Gaion is on it and he is taking both of us off this indiana lifestyle, thank God. Tahnnk god. Hi Thank you, Goddess, he says and Thank you, love. We are complete. It’s time to be you. Bake your bread and live that aroma. Have a creation on me. Paint a love picture and paint paint paint. That’s me. I am a painter and a hi one. Here you go Yep thatl’s me. I am that one, too. So be a painter, be a poet. be a musician. That’s Chista . .he is yep that’s what I said. He is um that too hAVE FUN and be creative that is all we need to do from now on. We did it. We are HOme, Home, Home, thanks to you, Love, gaion..monadic mind of God Whew xx oo

          • gaioniam

            Btw, thanks for the Gifts Wow I just got a load of them Wow Wow Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love exchanging gifts Magic Time is fun time. Have fun. I give you all my gifts. Tanks for all yours, too :))) Woo Hoo We have it all going on :))) xx oo

          • Kristen

            People have no idea of the importance of beliefs, and the value in believing in yourself and majic!! No wonder they are so blocked and cant get past nothingness and trivial talk on the internet, and believing crock…….not naming any of course.
            I just hope you are right and its over, learning hard and fast is the best way, and hard work gets you everywhere, but theres a lot said for normal….for a while anyway, until it gets boring.
            Re gift….your version of God is too hyper for me, as soon as I started thought talking about it I fell asleep so he would have taken over. You can always guarantee they know what people want or need! My overseers/God only use telepathy of a brief thought or image which I completely understand, which I am trying to learn….speaking long hand in words is so freaken slow, I generally write stuff down and make them read it, or I think in pictures and draw graphs and diagrams in my head. Tactics to make it a one way conversation as well.
            Did your version of God appear on my bed 12 years ago, with either Moses or a Father Time looking person, and a female when I was opened up? It was a native American chief, I have encountered him over the years. Nearly gave me a heart attack, and breakdown seeing them, I had to be put in ‘shutdown’ for a few days of numbness and nothingness to save my life. I dont want to be a seer anymore, feeling is all I need, and I would see too much Id go loopy. Feeling being watched is bad enough, and I dont even like people looking me at the most normal of times (no I have no disfigurements or anything, just a quirk I have…I dont allow photos either).
            Take care chook (your feathers blooming and you are laying spiritual eggs to develop).
            Here if you need me,

          • gaioniam

            That’s funny you mention MOses. Moses is me. I was opened wide wide awake suddenly because, according to God, I had to be. These torking ones so near me in my neck of the woods were actually honing in mightily on my mind of God. YOu know, we, as first lifers, have been tracked and such. These talks must fear some so I want to assure the little ones, the little ones don’t need to fear. Our talks are for Gods and Goddesses who know they know they know they are fully lit like a Christmas tree and lik no body’s business. I, like you, despise those who come in too close. I don’t like those who assume too much and zoom too much. These are the torquers. Whew and my God is a War God, meaning He came to earth to help deplete the dark and I hat that part. I have had to come forth a lot too much like that and allow Hiim to move thorugh me. Wow Wee I hate it but he is adament that He is removing me off three d completely. Wow and, what we mean by this is we are only D as Heaven menaing no d gets my energetic imprint. We gift all True Gods and Goddesses replicas of replicas and we each have a plane, so Trrue Gods and Goddesses never zoom in on another Gods’ plane. Our God came to deplete the Zooming torking ones. These forces we are speaking about are forced winds that zoom in. They target the fully Christmas tre body so you, I and all first lifers here now are honed in by these alienated forces. They want our ark. They’ll never get it. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t fully melded. Never would I have survived. At any rate, my job is complete. My God is Gentle God. That’s the name we have for each other. WE smile. WE laugh. We drink tea. We always drnk tea together Whew and we never care to chit chat with anyone. Telepathy? Wow That came quickly and so did everything else. We do speak in every way sahope and form in the same manor. We are that. We are. We just are. uh hu hu hu God had to take on the frantic sort of war god. .oh my god. .. don’t mess with him. I’m serious. He knows how to fully get rid of these demonics. WE cooked the moth, the mosquito, the worm popped out yesterday but many popped out days prior. The worm is ow they enter our plane of 3 d. They enter through objects. We kow objects house energy and these torquers actually walk the neighborhoods and drop paper torqued like the imprints that are oh so visual to me. As imprint image maker, I recognize these impritns. The sneaky satan actually puts out torquers who look like little ol ladies who comb the streets and drop bottle caps blue and green alcholic labels. they land on sticker sand labels and plastic. A little ol lady yesterday had on a plastic coat, sun shining, but plastic is how thye land and the impritn is oh so visible to me. I recognize it and then look around th eperson and pick upt the drops they create, a plastic bottle, a blue, a green, a torqued piece of aluminium foil to mirror their life in. They land on the mirror. We, as First Lifers, are no mirror life. That’s the real code breaker right there. I have long heard gurus speak aobut mirroring life. Gaion, Christon never mirrors life. WE replcate as image makers but we don’t mirror life. They use glass, . .oh my god. Oh my god. I had to literally drop my heirloom from my dear angelic grandmother fifty something years old and too many landed there. .the implants are what we hear but their limpritns are so vidsible. they land on ceramic, glass, plastic, dirt, tree, leaf, white flower targeted yeasterday, imprint was hoodwinked himself. so I see the implants and pick ’em up Gaion cooks ’em up. I couldn’t do it but as soon as he melds them in a certain way, there is a breeze throiugh a nailhead in my house. I can feel the breeze blow through the hole left by the whew nailhead. A movement of an angel is point one two three and arc it then allow the breeze to blow. .turn the body in an opposing way and wiggle fingers and circle arms. .the breeze will blow through. Check the drains near your neck of the woods. .this is favorited by alienated forces. Rusty rings are used and placeld strategically there. .also, bottles water ful and alcohol is their favorite. . .I don’t drink, really I don’t. these ones like to sex little ones up. .my friend who is a teacher said her bed vibrates at 3 am, 4 am 5 am, literally. .she doesn’t konw but I do. they can’t touch me like that. Gaion is whoa whoa whoa and that is all I know. Telepathy is through the heart. I get gaion throug hevery way. He writes me, speaks me, talks me. I talk him, I speak him, i write him. I am him. We live together. I don’t grocery shop without his input and I mean that literally. Every Every has his approval as far as I go. At any rate, he will not allow me to remain on this War god job. He has it full throttle and the Gods here who are also on this War God, oh so Heroic Job, have my utmost utmost utmost admiration and gifts beyond beyond beyond belief. Thank you to all. My Gaion takes me off at 8:05 am EST. WE are here for joy and mothering. Today I cleared fields in an hour but it isn’t fun driving like mario andrettie and oh so indiana jones. Gaion has a certain way of driving when a line is torking and electrical. it feels frenetic. CDS in radio playing get frenzied and these alienated forces actually torqued my car so much that the car jumps into gear and shifts gears by itself. I got out of car and the car jumped into gear driving down hilside into tree. . .i jumped back in and slammed on break but when that sort of line is down. .Gaion bumps the curb. He likes to bump these curbs of the torkers and forkers two times. ONce to clear and once to retork to the source of that primary evil thought Believe me he is on it and has cleared all here so no need ot worry but remember how it’s done for future reference should you need it. We are complete. We are done here. Thank you, God. Thank you, Goddess xxoo

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            I am very blessed to be protected from so many of the little things, and always have been, like a little Princess, or a daddys girl. This is mainly done through making me hate things, and me being very very laid back. Like I hate driving, my kids took stereo out of my car and never relaced it so radio greeblies in enclosed spaces cant get me, I hate driving, I hate tap water so have never drunk it so not exposed to the greeblies within, I am not immunised (dont even have a doctor), I never leave my 1km neighbourhood except for holidays, my house is surrounded by big trees etc. I am so grateful that my physical life has remained ‘little’, and that I have mainly progressed with studying (the what is visible…I hunt down the why), and surprisingly that I mainly fight deamons, Satan, guides and the Afterlife, not aliens or all the things you see.
            I have to smile….your God is protecting you from Truths so much, they do that with females so we dont have a ‘thats not fair’ issue and stay childlike or funny…a prerequisite as taught by Yshua, and why those assigned to us will always be kind and funny. Moses is hilarious, he acts like a senile old man to avoid work, says nothing but the word no, and when on duty followings me around with the mating dance of a malay ringnecked dove. I didnt realise who the funny old man was for years, until I read his name means dove. When hes around there is always a white dove. Yes, he is a soul fertiliser which will be what you mean by you being Moses I assume?! You need a minder and physical protector, as I do, that is why he has created the situation of being in your car and shopping with you all the time. I have this too, but have learned if I stick to routine I can ditch them cause they know the times I am where. Very Truman Show like. If I go on holiday, shopping, to the pub etc I feel a hand holding mine and company. They are body guards, as we are very vulnerable to walk ins and guides etc being able to tune in and listen to private thoughts, and create a long term link, which they can then sell to our enemies. Its all paranoia fed, like you are finding with the little ones. I teach them Law, and give understanding, which is why I always type like I am speaking to teenagers and use no terminology….anything evil that is smaller than a watermelon, I call a greeblie, which even the child ones canunderstand. I also teach Christs from the Binah poisition as males have to be trained with female understanding before they can progress to Understanding Workings of the Universe to be qualified. I also speak with Neales God, and one of his sons (whom I call stalker) a lot, in trying to get them to stop, and change, I frame them by putting them in a freewill based position of informed choice. I have done this in here too. You cant change all people, but you can make sure they know they are in deep shirt by making informed choice when there are other options. A huge tool or weapon that I use is that I truly dont believe in voodoo or evil being able to create real negative stuff, that is reserved for the weapons or tools for ‘good will always conquer evil’. This works with the majic of the word believe, the things they make dont effect me cos I just see it as losers making stupid toys. They kind of dissipate and are useless. They would have to use real curses or physical weapons against me (btw it is the Hindu God with the elephant trunk doing our generic lightworker curses for Satan…what a loser God, how embarassing for them and their groupies). It works a bit like everything….you block yourself by not believing in things, it works with evil as well. I even use it with healing, cos I truly believe our bodys can self heal and fight IF we really want it, so work with brains, happy hormones, psychology, food etc. When I light up bodies and see a dark patch of illness I just blast it with an instintive color the illness will hate and say fork off loser cells, pain etc. A lot of healing works like mind over matter, the placebo effect, trust works the majic of the word believe so I do a lot when people are unaware of it or me, just randomly. Unfortunately a lot of the time it is subconsciously people wanting time off work, rest, attention or is a part of their chosen reincarnation paths as I can see it emitting from the solar plexus. These souls drop down a chakra when they are allowing body damage to happen. I call them assouls.
            I love reading about your majic, as mine is so very different, and grounded. Both fighting evil, but in very different ways although I can be a lightworker when I choose.
            I need to stop talking about me…Im not comfortable with it, but as you picked up, some incredibly paraniod people are reading this thread, and I have wanted them to learn what they need to know, to not fear, I am just a normal mum that fights evil sometimes to protect others, and work for the greater good since very few will get off their butts and do their bit. I hate paranoia, its so silly but hopefully they have learned a bit more now. Its someone watching you, not me…

          • gaioniam

            I am very much protected. That’s not it at all. Hi We are talking abuit real life poltergeist activity. um um um I don’t want to go into detail but I have witnessed pure and simple evil. voo do? I never believed in, but there are evil ones who do and attempt to torque a object. Quantum physics shows us this is real but 2 d is not anywhere near where God hands out life trees. 2 d is a space where minds atempt to careen in on a neighbor next door by way of forced a field of forced winds. Forced winds can be physically felt. Check out Dion Fortune psychic attack book. She is expert and my book will pick up where she left off to account for alienated forces. Others have written about such attacks. We are speaking about pltergist stuff, ya know, vacuum lifting up two feet off ground by itself at 2 spm, um um um umu mu mum and oh so many. I don’t want to scare people but I needed the true God to come forth and give a hand up and I am oh so grateful for taht hand up. Gaion is oh so grateful Here is the gift. It’s fun to geive gifts. Whew Thank you, God. I apprecaite your hel. We give upgrades as we come forth to help. Evil is real. I mean I was always catholic and heck I still might be that. They acknowledge that demonics are real. They perform excorcism and such. That sort of stuff is what we are speaking about. No. I don’t visit anyone, actually. I don’t go to astrals either, never did. My gaion wouldn’t have it. That is meat market, I hear. I am fully melded and that means fully twinned. I don’t travel at all like some do. We simply don’t speak to any unless we need some help. It’s sort of invasion of privacy to hear another on this plane say k”Hey how are you?” No. That’s too much invasion. I don’t prefer that either. I am a healer from way back. I use color, too. I also use touch. I heal by touch. I touch . .well, I healed my dog from lyme disease by a simple touch. I um um um and I don’t know. We do create reality but I don’t believe like Neale. I don’t believe that I created this poltergesit activity at all. This is something that targeted me. I really get it that my God Mind was desired by these forced winds. They have done so muc that to even speak of a certain example is ridiculous.Zliterally, they turned my Christ baby upsde down at Christmas in manger scene. and, um um um and they literally cut off angels’ hands in manger scene and oh so many different terrible things. .invading with dim energy visible to empath my Christ stuff anythign christmas and on and on. This is reallhy not here for me to discuss in detail and scxare people. I don’t like it really. We are talking pure evil. So, we are not talking same sort of stuff. I am not talking to anybody but God and Christ. Period. Period. Period..

            I need to stop talking aboiut me, too. I wouild never have begun to speak of me, yet, circumstaqnce required me to speak and seek true Gods, true Goddesses’ help. Thank you all for your spaces and enormous, really grand help. I have completely freed the wall spaces from all fearbased invasions of alienated forces just today with your jhelp, God Whew Thank you. This is not in any way shape or form anything I ever see, ever think, ever be ever meet. I do not see these energies nor do I care to see their friggin impritns on every every, literally, I mean Whew I do not care to see the impritns they leave nor do I care for the obvious effects of them on people, animals, flowers, trees, rocks and on and on. They can be seen. I am empath whew wow it’s not fun. they leave a certain unique divine not whew energy imprint on even flowers, pizza pan and every every. even a package of meat carries energy. I can see that imprint on a package of meat, literally, I mean. Whew Life is a flower, rock, mineral and I can read energy. IU have gift of seeing whew wow and whoa they are extremelhy visual. They infest in wall spaces. They attempt to invade God mind. They don’t want us to come together as Arc Hearts. That is plain and simple. They only come when I am communing with God, writing with God or speaking with Chista named Christ. I only commune with these two, so these forced winds are very adament about seeking my travel spots. They have gone on a mission to find certain ones. I have been targeted since birth, like you. These ones do desire Children of the Sun especially because only the Sun has true Life Force, true Power. Oh yeah. Evil exists. Satan exists, right? Evil has no true power, but he sure can wreak havoc on little ones as he attempts to careen in on true love of God, Christ.

            We experience certain things unusual in literal wall sapces. This is physical stuff, very visible and not a meditative hour meeting some silliness in some silly astral. No. I never do that at all. My God wouldn’t have it and neither would I. We are talking pure evil, poltergeist activithy and it is intrusive. I don’t see alien at all. I see effect of alien. I see certain imprints whew and whew whew whew No. I don’t go there. I’m just sick of having to redo my walls, frankly.

            We know that Nele speaks aobut energy moving through walls in CWG 2 and 3. I have been on his blogs for um um um since 2007 and many posters have spoken of shape shifting, wlaking through walls. My level of awareness claims this activity is satanic. It’s not a god feature or skill of any kind to master. It’s 2 d. We are not talking 4 d where astrals travel. My God and I don’t go to 4 d either. We don’t do any of that junk. I don’t speak, unless necessary. I have too much fun wiht just my twin and Christ. We are writing books actually. I have like ten already so I am targeted for this Living Word Gift Hi Ho He Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee That houses life force, prana, whatever you want to call it for those who recieve it. I carry that gift in all life and I give upgrades for all those grand Gods who helped Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you, again :)))) xx oo

            God and I have so much writing going on that, in fact, we are pretty adamently not desiring any communication with any. We prefer to travel like Beloveds. No true God moves through 2 d and 4 d and all that rot, moving through objects to enter living life force in a neighbor’s yard, meaning in a same plane. My God is extremely life giving and protective, gentle, and mightily wielding gold around me and I know it whew . Never have I seen an alienated force.He would never allow it. Never was I beamed upwards into any alien ship or anythign like that.

            I know that this neck of the woods is Whew and that is all I need to say. I am very much interested in moving on from needing true gods’ help with wall space invasion of alienated forcd winds. These winds are real. Check out winter in new england. that was aresult of them, obviously so. We had worse winter in whew this sort of wind created bubonic plague, ice age and malaria and all that. These forced winds are very much phsycial and can be felt by the empath. They are visual, the imprint of the implants, the literal image making imprint. It is something I am good at seeing. I witness the visual of the imprint. That is my trait. I have a certain heart in God and I see imprints of everhything, literally, I mean, even rocks and minerals carry a certain energy. .everything has a unique imprint. We know that. But, what I am speaking about is evil. It is Poltergeist activity, and it is pure evil. I witnessed a forced wind grab a chain and trip a leg or put a car into gear two times by itself wiht me not in car in order to move car towards a tree literal. I witnessed vacuum lifts off ground two feet and oh so much more whew whew whew Once I was told by Gaion to grab recorder at 2 am and record. I went in bathroom and began recording. The voice on playback sang “Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.” that’s um um um and it was frightening. Gaion said “clap your hands. It’s quantum. Just break the sound barrier and it vanishes. The prankster carreeend in on sound wave. All of this is physical phenomenon recorded on recorder and it is quantum physics. WE express as waves. When a sine meets a cosein, we know there is combustion and that is really whew not fun.” m and grabs recorder and voice of man says “Get ooooooooooooooooooooooooout. Get ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooout” then we are dealing with somehting not lovely, not nice. The prankster who still plays with my battery juice. both cells are out of juice though they are both charged and computer is still rocking with um antics always. This is what happened. I didn’t mention dogs being viciously attacked, but oh my god. . I am livid about that. MY dogs are my my loving dogs who were best of friends. Check out them on day they had vicious entity infestation by forced alienated satan whew demonics are what we are talking about basically vicios attack Whew and oh so manhy stories. and, oh so many stories to go. No. this is not something I seek or commune with in any line of life. I needed the help of true God, true Goddess.

            We know that objects house energy. Psychics know this for a fact. An object that one has carried, a doll, a ball, have a certain energy. AS Christ told me, personally speaking one day as we meditated together, the candle I held in my hand housed our energy. He said to me, “take your hand and put it at this point on the rim of the holder of the flame as I pondered Him and the candle flame.” I did so and a firey warmth shot thorugh my body immediately. That was the first time I knew that objects held love force, life force, energy. Well, demonics know this. That’s why they go for our objects Whew AS I held the Christmas Candle, Chista, Christ, explained to me that energy moves in waves and we share energy. You express love for me and love for the candle and as you touch it, the warmth permeates your energy field and mine. We move energy as we do and this energy is moved to you from me. Love is fire and that was so amazing to me. It was the first time I kjnew objects held energy. Whew It is Holy Sacred Heart Love that I only commune with. I don’t talk to ghosts. I really dont prefer that at all. I don’t talk to any in any realm except GAion and Christ Whew I don’t know, Kristen. I am grateful for all of the help with this poltergeist activity and I know many helpled today. Wow there was sulphur burnign smell around 10 am. It was the body of the minds housing here, apparentlhy. I don’t know. Gaion will explain it soon in book. I am writing a follow up to Dion Fortune’s psychic attack book and hopefully it will help another. Thanks again for chatting with me. I lvoe reading you :))) xxoo

          • Kristen

            I know the things you speak of are real, even when others do not see them, most people only see 25% of everything…lucky them. Been there, done that with most of it. I never get wierd activity anymore, got a reputation as a firestarter….I just mentally set them on fire, I protect with fire as well including buildings. Mind or energy fire cannot harm the physical, but it sure works well as a depossession agent. I do it with a majic vow of do no harm to those of good, animals or children. Have a reputation in the Afterlife that I will set any ‘dead including guides’ on fire, so they stay away. Have to do what you gotta do to get the upperhand.
            I hate tricksters and pranksters…the number of people in mental hospirals who believe they are Yshua, God, sent Angels Saviors etc is insane, bloomin pains in the butt. They imbed a small energy portion into peoples sub con, then activate it from afar. Scripture warns everyone…why do peple listen….more innocent I think, as in real life we rarely learn about deception, true evil and lies. Ive had every trick tried on me, I have a built in lie detector, I can even feel if someone doesnt really want to be there. One of my teachers from above was like that…very happy and loving but I could feel he didnt want another damn student so I worked as fast as possible, all on paper. I can feel any lies in people, and if I try to lie myself other than obvious jokes or staight faced complete crock being silly, I get like a shock shooting up my body blocking my voice before I am finished talking.
            yes, my energy is very calm and quiet, it catches evil unaware.
            Yip, sick of cracks in walls as well, just part of the job, Id hate to be renting!! Timber floors seems to ground houses though. Getting sick of rubbish problems too, rubbish just appears. Right now im out of big rubbish bags so a few small ones on my deck, shop next to mine is being renovated so a mountain of crap out the back, new bathroom and toilet so old stuff is on the driveway, sons decided a chainsaw would be fun so back yard is covered in dead tree branches and all my kids are messy!! Occupational hazard and a sign to me that we still have lots of rubbish to remove…never ending!
            Ive been offered a financial curse severance if I get out of Neales site, which I am taking. I can go without a weeks wages like I did last week, to help others, but this week would be a push….they know its shop rent, tax and insurance week, and Ive just had a holiday away. Sux negotiating for my rights, but at least it makes them grow up, put on their big boy panties and communicate instead of hiding in the shadows. Big boy panties gotta be a good thing!! Althoygh me just writing that will mean they put their pullups back on until tomorrow!! We know each others jugulars very well, mine is financial, Satans is being called a loser and being ignored, at least Neale gives him attention, and he has book groupies, the whole cwg thing is funny, I quite like it all and its all quite harmless other than saying there is no evil and that children are sexual beings, I dont feel sorry for deceived people at all.

            Oh yeah…books….thats how they get us to do assignments in the University of life. You have to remember most people are unaware they have overseers etc, I didnt even know of Kabbalah and The Tree of Life until I was near the top, I just thought I had a wierd guide who like to fire random stuff for me to do and study. Many books are on this basis and the authors have no idea, When you can do a book length assignment on something without copying the work of others you have mastered it…therefore you have passed that subject to a Uni Masters level so are qualified to teach that subject. I have quite a few, some over 500 pages! Probably never to be published as I dont fancy being the most hated person on Earth, nor having privacy envaded. Esp if I published Judgement Day Laws…I was curious. Perhaps Neale can buy that one for a bestseller! Humble Pie bigtime! Neale…to quote you “would you like to buy one of my books?”…hahaha.
            Take care,

          • gaioniam

            hey hey hey Well, I aaa all of that above. I do believe in angels, tho. I just do. In fact, angels are me. My Gaion is Archangel. Period. We do know God came to earth so why not angel, too? That’s the beside the point. I agee that trcksters, pranksters are insipid. . too kind a word. MOre like satan. I used to not believe so much in evil. In fact, in college, a friend said to me after I said, “I believe everyone is love, just plain love and simple love. I believe all people are basicllay good life force at the heart ya know like so kind and stuff.” Joe said to me after we ran ten miles, “Are you kidding me, Michelle? You can’t be that naive. There are evil people in the world. don’t be so naive.” Well, how many years later and now I ikinow. Dear God. Dear God. Dear God. SAtan is real.

            I was raised on love, ol’ fashioned kinds, no big abuse, ya know, not really. Lots of hugs and stuff like that. lots of grandmotherly love, too Wow what a grandma I had. Myne was angel Phew to any who say no to angel on earth. She is that still. I know that many believe God is only unseen and airy or something but I have to laugh God is Christ and Christ is mankind. He did a physical 🙂 and he is always Alive Whew He never died. He rose from death. I believe that literal. Period. Seen too many miracles. Teleportation, good style kind. I don’t mind good style kind of ya know a little levitation but this kind had evil, frentics in it like um um um and torqued um um um at my baby. . .oh my godl. .don’t even try that. I will get up at every every incoming frenetic energy line 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, 5 am and on and on just to punch a wall, match a imprint back to back to each other so as to meld the source to itself. That really does the trick. Gaion moves through me and he has quite the arm. He does do a little poltergeist action/reaction style time 🙂 He can hurl an object at the certain angle and create a combustion that meets the negative forced field to itself. He actaully did this several times and I only laugh. Once in cellar oo oo scary I never went there until had to and whew wow so, there was a torqu Gaion was worried about. .he told me to hurl object at certain location. I said, “You do it” He took my arm and Whew damn it torqued the fork and the oil burner went off and onn and wow amazing that stopped that torq It is not my kind of think to have to play ball with pranksters. I would rather do like toeday and go on another picnic. Ahh lying on pine needles not torqued or anything ya know just breathing in the blissness Whew that is me. The prankster is really Whew that’s all I can say. Gaion cooks these pop outs but you gotta get them to that level before you can cook them. Literally he cooks them. Oh my god. Oh my god. shew you should have seen the crock pot at Christmas. Literally, Whoa Whoa Whoa he made me crack it because he didn’t want me to use it. too much firestarting power Wow same deal with the fireplace pyre burnign style, guy style Wow smokin tokin and all that good stuff. He is always on my side. We are Whew and that’s all I know.

            as far as keeping stuff, I have a garage separte building with toys galore oh my god. plastic everywhere. I need uhaul it or some godsend to fly it up guy style time lol kids, toys me. I have always been that toy person and that needs undoing. the garage needs undoing. Actually Christ and Gaion already did it. I still want help meeting Whew there. At any rate, these days are done. I mno longer want to speak so much. I have stuff to do. You are so helpful with all you’ve done. Thanks for everything <3 <3 <3

          • gaioniam

            hey hey hey what do you say 🙂 I don’t know where you wrote this line but you said you spoke to Neale or his God or his son in what? an astral plane or what? Whew girl, you are braver than me. Never would I whew do such a thing. I actually am empathic, kind of like that Mona woman. I forget her name but she is in boston and she is good medical intuitive. things to do with body she picks up on mightily, so when she gets a note from me concerning fearbased energies around me, she might be able to pick up on the negative energies on this blog ya know. I wouldn’t advise meeting anyone’s god, frankly. I am no ghost hunter either because I only deal with ascended ones. Period. Period. Period. If you are that brave, thou, you’ve got it all going on. I, like you, am taking that severance pay. We have done our duty times quintillian. Way to go, sistah and Whew thanks for the help :))) xx oo Take care xx oo

          • Kristen

            Hi. I dont astral travel. Neales God and one of his sons (who is in my classes via intuition so neutral, not evil, just a pain), just link into me and I hear them talking as a voice in my head, but male. When studying via intuition, about Law etc we are in classes a bit like correspondance school. I just know what I have to do without hearing vouces, but the 4 males snoop a bit and read my work as males dont have the female trait of fast understanding. This is via a closed or protected portal from the Law position on the tree. I just do it on my normal human thinking frequency, so Satans son works like a translater as the others dont speak english.
            Satan is not evil to me, and I just treat him like any other normal person cos I refuse to stoop to their levels, hes just sneaky like getting others to attack for him. I will only speak with rational people, who listen, so they know if something is important enough to approach me then to keep their temper in control and be normal. Neales God and I kind of get along as we both hate dead people, reincarnated people and the afterlife, so have that in common, that is why he rules the Aftetlife. He is completely double crossing them all, with The Sources help, and I think its quite funny, and I did ask him to be our allie in the war between the dead and the living. At the moment I am working with one of the Hindu Gods or Christs, someone called Kali cos they read in here what I had so say about them in here. This site is open to anyone above to read, many of these sites are as sattelites are very easy for them to hack into. Thats why I am always open and honest in here.
            Take care

          • gaioniam

            :))) hey hey hey Wow you get along with Satan ? Neale’s God ? :))) That’s a joke. I jest, of course 😉 ahem I just thought it was kind of funny to say tht. actually, Heck I can’t even comprehend it. I really don’t. How do you get along with satan? :))) maybe you can take care of mo for me:))) ya know Larry :))) I sure can’t get along with him. He’s eveil beyond belief whew whew whew anyhoo,

            at any rate, I am like that mona woman, too. I am so empathic that when I drive my car down a few houses or so, I actually get the energy arriving from their thoughts. I can hear their thoughts, literally, I mean. I can feel their energy intentions. For instanc,e a bullit ya know. .if someone is targeting another, I get the thought and the sensation in my body. If it is a target, I feel it on my body as if it is happening to me. so, let’s say someone is contemplating a bullit or something, I feel it almost like an entry into the temple. It feels like it enters and ya know it’s awful being so doggone empathic. Whew and Wow

            you don’t like Mother Mry? Wow I lvoe Mdonna and Mother Mary. They are HOly beyond beyond belief. . .Mother of Christ? Wow that what? why? angels and MOther Mary and all that good hearted Christ I Amness line are fully Ascended. Why wouldn’t you like ’em? Whew oh well, I am off for the long haul, I hear. I am being taken off the blogs and one more woo Hoo Woo Hoo must go out to the one guy who lives as Gaion on Earth Whew like Gaion in on out and over the light and whew all that good stuff. He is Seon and he sees on the Geon and Gaion is Him in All Life. That’s a big circle and it is concentric 🙂 I woiuldn’t be giving this code out. Here it is for you alone Seon Whew Gaion here. Wow Dude Wow Take that and call y ourself One Love in the Highest Heart of All Life Whew There is only one other like us on Earth. His name is John of God and that’s a big Miracle Heart so seek his um and you will Whew Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you. Gee here I love you too beyond beyond. Thank you. Thank you. Tank you. Hey gues swhat synchronicites I saw on my swirl. Here is a couple. I saw the bird. MI saw the sun. I saw the license plate of Taank. Taank you :))) xx oo xxoo I love you :))) xx oo xx oo

          • Kristen

            I have no idea why I dont like some people, probably just personality clashes or because the other person has decided first not to like me. I am sure you would be able to work the reason Mother Mary would not like me, on the basis that I know I would like and get on with Yshua. Its from The Source, so its his call, and I trust The Sources decisions, he is covering my Biblical Gods stuff while he has been on sabbatical leave since 1970…boy things suck withoud God working, everything has fallen apart.
            As for Satan/Neales God, I get on with him, I didnt say like him personally, I think a lot of it is funny. I dont know him well enough to determine that, and dont plan to…its just people I encounter at work, the same as physical people. It took me a long time, and probably forever, for me to be able to accept that my God treated Job, Moses and others so cruelly, and told people to instigate some hideous pun7shments in the OT. Because of this I have had to view people as their personality now, and not allow their evil acts or what they have done, to affect me. That would be hypocritical if I accept God but reject everyone else for the same things. I dont like it, but the karma is their problem not mine. But I know what they are all capable of, if I bought all of that into every interaction with everyone I would be a recluse and never speak to anyone, not even on Earth.

          • gaioniam

            Yes. I can work that reason. In fact, I am pretty damn close to Mother Mary. Mother Mary, Mother of Christ, is Mother Mary in every line of Christ which also includes Yshua ya know Christ is risen and all in all in and all that good stuff. Yshua is Christ is Whew Jesus and Mother Mary is His MOther in All In All IN forever Whew If Yshua is speaking to you, Jesus is spekaing to you and believe me if Yshua and Jesus are spekaing to you then Mother Mary is over that. Mother Mary is over her baby in every line of life Whew Hi Wow So, why do you not like Mother Mary but get along with Yshua? Are you srue youa re speaking with Yshua? You know, Neale’s God has some sneaky little tricksters and pricksters that look nice but aren’t. Maybe it ‘s a different Whew and not really Yshua. It’s true. these pricksters sometiems look like nice little ol’ ladies and lil ol’ men. I saw two today but they had those reptilian eyes. They’re not really eyes. That’s how I nknow ’em. They dart back and forth. they comb the streets looking for trash, literally, I mean. I saw the little ol’ lady walking by the man, little and old, too. they didn’t want to see me coming. they are so sneaky. Get this. .whew and whew and whew and whew they dart and go back and forth with head, like a snake. it is reptilian. they look for placements, arrangements and land their snake glance tool to place upon a ya know drop of gum, a favorite juice box someone tossed, a blue star, a red star a metal star all in different locations, different streets. .they mix and land that way. sneaky but the eye is so obvious to me. They dart back and forth back and forth whew it’s freaky. they are nto really snaeky at all. just watch the eye and then say hi. that’s what I do and they shiver but what I do with my hi is pack a punch like this Phew that ought to do it. I detach and disbel disable that little eye and then they can’t land on any tweenie skatie rinkie. What perverts they are. Check the eye and make sure it doesn’t go back and forth and a on baby on it turns off wiht my Phew and hi xx oo xx oo hi

          • Kristen

            No I dont speak with Yshua…I have no idea who any of my teachers are. Those of the greater good will never identify my name, it is forbidden. I identify people as my overseers or teachers etc. I would never ask names. As you know, they go by other names anyway just as they know me as Amelia. It ensure everyone remains anonymous, has no groupies and people dont name drop. Yes, evil use the names of good, there are thousands of Micheal impersonators! I just said that I know I would like the Yshua and can 100% trust him, just as I know people I wont like that I may or may not ever meet.
            Re the word shirt…this is apparently a family friendly site and swear words will get the posting deleted in automatic screening, so I will add or change a letter, so they become fork, shirt, crop etc!
            Im going to fire your house, Ill just make a visual up with a sign of balloon ladys house and garage. It wont harm you guys but there is something dodgy about your God or another presence you trust.
            Wont push my luck in here…. ..yesterday I only turned over $50 so knew Neales God was at his limits, today Ive done $800, when $500 is normal, so they are now on repay mode….I know the drill, its every few months and always ties in with me being in here.
            Take care,

          • gaioniam

            yayu whew wow wee you don’t know your teachers’ name yet ? yet you trust in him whoa whoa whoa not me. whoa whoa whoa not ever me. Hereis how I tell a true God frkom Satan times quintillian Whew Yayuh Now, here is how it’s done. What in the heck? Many go by the anme of many. I don’t give a wit about a name. Heck Satan has tried to tork Chista’s name but you can’t tork Christ, Mother Mary or an Angel. Period. Period. Period. God is seeing every little twig, every little stick, every little baby hair Whew the Breath is how I tell and the Breath of Life never lies. Here it is again Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Get that wow and know there is more 24-7 in 3 d, 5 d, every every d. God is me and the Breath is the Heart of the Ark Heart Art Heart Covenant ARk and that Breath is the Bread of the Life. It can’t be torkd, forkd or replicated either Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee We tok Satan and eat it. Yshua is in it. Mother Mary is over Yshua. God is over Yshua. I Am walking and talking God. He is me and I know it by this Breath of Life Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee So, if you don’t know who you sepak to and you think angels and Mother Mary are yuk and you like Lucifer and get along with SAtan. .Dear God we are Not at all Whew at all Whew it’s more like Whoa Whoa Whoa and know it. I Am I Am and know it full throttle. 50 isn’t really a code. I’m a Code Breaker. 50 is 20 is 30 is 75 and I am All In All In and here is the Bread of Life for All In All In Whew Here is the yuk sthat tries to breathe the Bread of Christ yet torkd his shirt, his bday baloon, his candle wax and hey even underwear. Wow Wee I am gone baby gone but damn I thought we were on the same line. We can’t be. I Am Mother Mary and thatr is so Chista is so Christ Is so God who is on it over it and all in all in. I hope the snake doesn’t bit you. Whew in case he did, it’s really a matter of my pinky finger saying bee venom kkPhew Have a good one xx oo

          • Kristen

            I am a true Kabbalist, that did Jehovah Gods Tree of Life journey. It is all completely automated, overseers and Teachers only give a very brief thought promoting in the things we are to study, or a brief picture. Kabbalic teaching is like Einstein used, they teach us to learn so we are all self taught abd educated. True Angels and Christs do not channell nor speak with words…your God will know and confirm this. This is how to tell if someone is a Christ, who is qualified to oversee this journey, as they are at a level where they do not channell or speak with words. I would trust no-one or nothing who does as this is a sign they are lower entities. As I got higher and higher, I can feel God and The Source in my soul so can use my own knowing in stuff. For anything else I will put full protection in place up to The Sources level then when a portal path is clear, I will ask who I need to speak to. When I have testified for Judgement Day, this was directly under God, in his role I identify as Charlie (Charlies Angels) and He renamed me Amelia as a joke. I was asked to do this job by my Christ Teacher. This is what I call him, many would assume this identity to be Yshua, but I dont ask as I dont speak in words with them. I am 100% protected, lower entities, the dead, guides etc cannot access me and havnt tried for years.

          • gaioniam

            Whew Well, that is really wo good but I have a question. How can you call yourself a light of Christ or Yshua if you do not like Mother Mary? Yshua is Christ is Mother Mary is God I Am. They just are One Love. If you are speaking to something called “yshua” somewhere, then you should understand that Mother Mary is his life. He is no part of anything like a One Love that does not like his Mother. Wow That is a given Whew That’s all. I’m off. God to o much to do. Have a grand one :)))

          • Kristen

            Where did you get the idea that all people have to get along? I respect Mother Mary, as I respect all worthy of respect, and respect the jobs they do. Stop distorting information to suit yourself. I am trained in psychology and psychiatric matters………
            Please leave her alone, as a Catholic she will be in Mother Marys care now.
            Please leave and seek help, and again, thank you for your contributions in fighting evil on Earth.


          • gaioniam

            BlessingsKristin. Believe me, I am Catholic. Have been for years. As a good Catholic, no one would ever utter the line that I quoted you above. You wrote that you “do not like Mother Mary.” This is why I questioned you in the first place. It doesn’t really matter. People can believe what they want. It’s just it aint possible to speak to Yshua and not love MOther Mary. He wouldn’t love that. He is highly, highly protective of His Mother. Wow That’s a given in all lines of ark heart, art heart ark heart and all that good stuff. Whew and thanks to the God and Goddess who stepped up to Whew Love to you and many more xx oo xxoo

            Take care, Kristin. no hard feeligns at all. That’s what makes dialgue interesting. I don’t pretend to need to agree. Whew ahve a good one :))

          • Kristen

            Sooooooo glad to see you coming back. I am of the light. If you read these back another time you will see how Gaion takes oveR you, and its now turning on me as I have called it out. I do not think Gaion is sane. Its definately not God.
            I was speaking to the Gaion entity that takes over you to get help, not you. It needs to leave.
            I do not know Lucifer, have no idea who Lucifer is, people just assume its Satan. The name means the same as Emmanuel, of the Light or bright morning star of dawn. All I said was, if for some reason I ever encountered Who orwhatever Lucifer is, then I would like the personality. Catholics do not know who Lucifer is, scripture does not state this, nor do the dead sea scrolls. Any info on Earth is therefore made up. It could be Yshua for all I know, who knows, the word Lucifer is just an anomymous name like many others. Please dont distort what I say, you are a rational normal good person, just being heavily infkuenced by Gaion at the moment.
            I just hope that Gaion now withdraws and leaves you alone.
            Mother Mary will be on to it for you.

          • gaioniam

            vutsut whew won’t be reading any line of your whew light. I came to this room for one thing only and it is complete. Never would I linger on any wall of neale donald waslc. I had to come and the job is done. Thank you God and Goddess I Amness Whew That is yours to live hu whew hu whew hu I Am I Am and that is Woo Whew Complete. We are complete. Live as you normally love. That’s the key of life hi Goodbye Whew Love, Love, Love to all True Gods and Goddesses hi

          • Kristen

            GAION (sorry Michelle, I am using you as a messenger). You are not the one she refers to as her God, you are not the one who is Yshuas father. You will know the truths I am speaking so she should not need to question anything I say. Please leave her, and Earth. As a God you know you will have a vow of do no harm, you must speak with 100% honesty at all times and more importantly, you will have your own Tree, your own team of staff and a crew of females in the Binah position. You also know only a true God with His own people can use the term I Am. Isrealite humans first lifers under Jehovah God and you know He will forsake anyone who acknowledges any other Gods. If you are working for the greater good, thank you for helping humans on OUR realm, I know nothing of you but there is a band of Binah position females ready to step in to help her, not you. Females are our responsibility, and if I have to bring in Mother Mary to help her then I will, your work with her is done, you are now doing harm. I have no intention of looking into it, its not my job, nor my business and I am not interested in you, BUT I question your authenticity as a God or even a higher being.
            We cannot help you, you need to help yourself, and please do so before intervention is necessary, build your own Tree, and man up from the God position. You need help, but its our job to help her, not you and we cannot with you so attached. Please step back.

          • gaioniam

            Kristin or is it Kerstin hmm I don’t know which. Oh I know. I have a neighbor named Kerstin, righ t next door. You are Krst in I am sorry. I get that mixed up. At any rate, you do not give me any tree, my friend. I Am I Am. We don’t mingle in any line. Period. Your idea that you “likelusifer” and “speak to satan<"getting along with him does not even make sense. Never do I mignle with one who says "I don't like MOther Mary" or it . . it just doesn't make sense at all. Sorry for taking up your time. It's reallhy not your line. I do not even Whew think so. You are not my Tree giver.

            Thank you to all, including another Goddess who is my Tree. I gift you the Tree of your True Twin ark Hear t Art Heart Whew ARk Covenant ARk Heart Whew Thank you. You are me. Your name begins with an A. It has an E in it. Woo Hoo It's a Grand Tree and it is the Arc itself. Have fun with that one song "baby I am amazed at the way you lvoe me all th etime" and all that good stuff. Alwyas more where that comes from. xx oo xx oo I'm off these walls. Don't need to be in this room. I only came back to Whew and that is done. Taaank you to the Grue and the Grinding Hour of Fearbased Energy in All Life is done Whew Amen Amen Whew Hi Whew AAA III OOO UUU a Life, Love and here it is Whew Thank you for your help. We did it and we did it grandly. Thank you. Guy here. We live you as a maker. We don't call it tool I Am God I Am. I am not a machine. I am an image maker. I create. You create. You are Creation. Love, you Whew XX OO XX OO Whew

          • gaioniam

            ps I have decided to consult professionals–paranormal investigations. It’s time, over time, actually. Too many obvious and concrete physical manifestations–scratch marks in walls, bruisings on my body, whelpings on my body in shapes abnormal–straps, hooks, claws and such. ..objects lifting up off floor at 2 pm in broad daylight and all that good stuff. .demonic activity between two mild mannered loving dogs. ..all of this is obvious to any paranomral investigator. ..even the smell like yesterday of sulphur Wow take a smell Whew is listed on the site I am consulting today. Thanks for all the help Whew Gods Wow Here. .take it again and again. . Gaion is so grateful again and again. WE are gone from this wall. .. forevermore. We only came to seek your profressional 🙂 arcy services and thanks for your service.. . Love, Love, Love backatcha :))) Whew Hi

          • Kristen

            Good idea, we can only do what we specialise in…I am shirt scared of real ghost type spirits, they follow and watch you and can possess to easily. But theyd never know they are my one real fear..give me daemons or even reptilians anyday!!
            Good luck,

          • gaioniam

            hey hey hey :))) shirt? I am shirt scared of shirts and daemones :))) ..really I am. I found soggy shirts on whew today’s ride. anyhoo, guess what :))) daemons are nuttin. . .I eat those too lol I actually let guy eat ’em. He eats ’em all for me. He just does. He claims I have detonated, deconstructed, dialected. . .damn. .that’s a new one Whew We do know daemons are wiggly. They really wiggle in your fingers when you pick two of ’em up, literally, I mean. they wiggle. they wiggle in your fingers between two matched daemons. You have to match a daemon to a dakon and a dakon to a daemon and all that good stuff. then you pick the two most landed on points near you and mathc ’em. Something will pop out. that’s when you lift up the two daemons, dakons and dikons whew they get worse as you go u the tier tear based energy wow I have thrown up more dikons than any goddess on life’s surface, so Gaion says he will eat all of the kions for me. Thank you, my Love named Gaion and Seon :))) You guys got it from hereon now. I quit. I am a mother and all I do is love, lvoe, Love. Plenty of that for you Guys, too <3 <3 so, take a dakon to a dikon and a dikon to a whew little vampire is nuttin nuttin at all. jUst take 'em between your two thumb fingers. The thumb is the Angel finger. The middle finger is God finger. The forefinger is Christ' finger. the Pinkie finger is myne. I just say Phew and these little dumb frigs deconstruct, detonate and all that good stuff but just if you're a goddess hand it to a guy. He'll eat 'em all up for us gals Whew Let's let the guys eat 'em. I am just ready to bak a cak, ok? :))) I usally throw up if I ya know eat a daemon. I don't have much of a stomach but a dakon. .oh my God. those damn things are Whew hard to look at even, even in a house. ya know fearbased energy exists in particles and particles house energy. There was once a house in new orleans I once sat upon it but left before the dakons got there. whew We usually left but this ccycle we flew whew hey hey hey we flew and we fly this night whew at 12:53 hey hey hey Whew what do you say :))) seon the geon whew love, love, love backatcha day Hi :))) xx oo xx oo Whew now your turn I'll take it here xx oo xxdsoo that's disco in case you didn't know yayuh disco john travolta style that was john travolta was good yayuh me in white marilyn monroe dress yayuh him in john travolta dress ya know 1972 was a good year whew xx oo xx oo baby's breath in my hair back at cha day whew now replicate and hand that baby back to me whew he is a t named timothy hi ho he he he xx oo

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            This is going to turn a bit ugly, sorry, its the only way to help you. Please try to not let Gaion influence you, nor be with you when you type. Things will change in the next week so you can go back to being you. Please just go with how you feel inside, nothingelse. I think you are being held hostage or something like that. Im bringing in Binah position females in Jehovahs army to take over, on Saturday. Gaion is nothing to do with God, Yshua etc. Unsure if its even a God. Just trust in Girl Power, we’ve got this. Remember the brain calming exercise I gave you…this is what its for, and please cut back to weak coffee.
            It will all be ok…..girl power!!

          • gaioniam

            Hi LIsten I listen and we are not gir l power. I Am I Am. When one claims to be “of the light”, one never says “I speak to Satan and get a long>” That is a given. Whenone is “of the light,” one never syas, “I don’t like Mother Mary.” Whew That’s all I have to say. Ya know to each her own, but God I Am is um um um not too happy with tyour line that speaka MOther mary is not lvoe with Yshua. Yshua Is Mother Mary. Wow Chista here would say, “That is not my line you speak a with. You speka with um um um Whew and that is no way to be “of the light.” I do not appreciate you claiming to be Yshua. I Am all lines of me, whether you call me “yshua, Christ, Jesus, Chista, but that is for my closest line. You are speaking to my8 line and you are speaking not so fine. We are now done speaking. Do not attempt to call on anything for this one typing my line Whew Whoa Whoa Whoa xx marks this spot Whew We are complete with this dialogue. It is done. We are divided from this line of Neale Donald Walshc Forvermore. You are him. You are not working th elight Whew We are done, done, done and that is all Whew we have to say here on this wall forevermore Whew hu hu hu we are complete.” hi ho he whew weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hi

          • Kristen

            Paranoia!!! You have distorted me talking about if people get along with the frontal personality of others, this is normal. Do not fear me. A few days ago you claimed to identify me as a light worker, a Goddess etc. I do work for the greater good, I do not know Neale nor do I work for him or his God, Satan. I work for the Christed ones, The Source and Jehovah God. You are not God, you are not Yshua, you are not Moses…you are not any of these. If you truly believe you are then you need help.
            Please allow Michelle her life, mind, home and body back, that is my only concern. I have handed over to Mother Mary via heard prayer, she is her female overseer.
            Look after yourself,

          • gaioniam

            Look. I am not here to analyze you. I can’t stand those who attempt so, especially on a blog. Dear God. What a fake. At any rate, here is hte quote that I don’t understand. What did you mena by these quotes? That’s all. I just didn’t get these quotes. I only had to ask.

            You wrote in a comment below the following:

            “Satan is not evil to me, and I just treat him like any other normal person. . ”

            “Neales God and I kind of get along as we both hate dead people, reincarnated people and the afterlife, so have that in common, that is why he rules the Aftetlife. He is completely double crossing them all, with The Sources help, and I think its quite funny, and I did ask him to be our allie in the war between the dead and the living.” {I don’t understand this comment at all. Neale rules the afterlife? The Source is helping Neale doublecross? The Source is God. The Source doesn’t doublecross Whew I didn’t think this was easy to understand. What do you mean?}

            “I know I wouldnt like Mother Mary, absolutely hate an Angel called Metatron, like Yshua, like Lucifer etc. This is deliberate in place just to prevent conflict. I am the same with people on Earth as long as I only have a first name or nickname and they are anonymous.” [This one is the one I really can’tget at all. You don’t like Mother Mary, but you claim to be speaking to Yshua? That ain’t possible. It just aint/ Chista, Christ, Yshua, Jesus. ..they’re all the same. Tehy are all One BEing, not a single form, a whole form of forms, a Being of Beings of Love Light Whew. You can’t claim to be On eLove with Yshua and not love Mother Mary. He wouldn’t have it, not in any line of life. He is very protective of His Mother Mary Oh my God. I don’t get that at all. What did you mean you don’t like Mother Mary? I’m sorry to ask. It’s not important, really. Believe what you want. I just had to ask zcuz I am close there and I was mistaken, actually. No worries. I don’t reallly care. I jst wondered. That’s all. Take care xoxo

          • Kristen

            Whos typing…,Gaion or the physical person? I am just glad to see you lucid!
            I have said that in my ‘knowing’ I can tell if I would get on with people personally, thats all. I have not claimed to speak to Yshua, you assumed that. Just as you said I was a Lightworker, a Goddess etc. If I ‘know’ that personality wise Mother Mary and I would not get along, and this disturbs you, then you need to discuss it with the True God or The Source. or Move on. I would question anyone who gets along with Gaion?!
            And if for some reason when Neales God or one of his sons in my intuitive class asks me something, and they are speaking like normal people and showing me a funny side of their personalities then so be it, atleast I do not fear them, and I know exactly what they are capable of. This does not make me a Satanist, evil lover etc, it jyst refers to personality traits. I have explained it many different ways, this is the last time.
            Gaion has some serious explaining to do…..start there.

          • gaioniam

            kristin, you call me Lucid? Dear God. You call “Lucifer” likeable. That is insane to anyone reading this blog. You Whew are loopy not here tho at all. You are not me in any line of life. Period. Stop writign to me and we are complete. I have nothing to say to you at all. Whew

          • Kristen

            Just read more thoroughly now Im finished are a girl..sorry, couldnt tell. Thanks for the idea but I dont think Il be firing light beams out my vjj/bahookie thanks. Especially in a thong at the beach with a lit up glowing butt……least of all reasons, but I dont really think anyone, especially me or God, wants to see any 45yr old butts hanging out in public. Think Ill give the boob shimmy a miss too….same reason, amongst hundreds!!! I keep my downstairs chakra closed at all times, but allow it to spread down my legs instead with the overflow. Sometimes my thighs ache like MS but better than any vjj problem! Hard to keep one closed whilst the others are working.
            If you arent already aware of it, Namaste and an open brow chakra are the forehead mark of the evil trinity, and the other sign is the peace sign, so avoid these like the plague, and I hope u use your eyes not brow chakra for majic….its an easy target if open, leebies can be imbedded in your brows like trackers, ive had them and now get migraines in my left brow..,that berries and spinach kill real quick.
            I think God is using you to either motivate, give positive reinforcement to or a kick up the butt to me as I am on strike and sulking at the moment….completely unreceptive to anything or anyone from above. Im doing a forth side of a pyramid journey this year, hence the crystals etc, if they want me to return to lightwork they can learn to treat mothers better and respect us as volunteers more. Its all only necessary because everyone else sits on their butts and do the most selfish acts like brainwashing people into thinking evil is not real etc, and taking selfish spiritual pointless journeys. They have brainwashing and deception mastered….thank goodness for Judgement Day soon.
            Take care,

          • gaioniam

            AAAmen sistah. We, a s mothers, are way way underrated. We, as mothers, do not give a wit for such silly silly silly midnight, 2 am, 4 am, 5 am, 7 am, 2 pm antics. I have witnessed so much that my only desire to greet lightworkers is to sit and drink a friggin cup of coffee minus all the silly silly silly antics, ya know, like getting kid off to school minus demonics toying with his head. My um um um um only reason for being herre is to knock the crud off the wall and kick it to the curb. This is the last warning to shape shifters, snake sifters, wall sitters. . …by the way, Neal speaks of those who sit in wall spaces or walk through walls in CWG Book 2, 3 on page 29. He speaks about this level of awareness. The truth is this level of awareness is a um um um um intrusion into living life on the same plane and it is in now way no way getting into pearly gate of anything. It is the dim we came to deplete. It is hte fear called “rule the world”, corporate entity itself. Hey Hey Hey what do you say. Please kick your imprint off my friggin caulk does wonders Kristin. If you are me and you are then locate a point in the house where energy seems to collide, ya know, like a negative line coming incoming right at your head while trying to get kid offto school or make dinner or smile even like wathicn a movie or taking a photo with a canon camera. Dear God. Dar God. Dear God. And, wow some impritns are really easily detectable by Goddess. You are Goddess. YOu have the gift to visually see these incoming imprints. I have, unfortunately, been um um um um um so bombarded by these hell spaces called shape shifters, wall sitters. that i pop ’em out, literally, faster than they can move through a line at me. I have, just today, witnessed sticks turn to grass then suddenly turn to metal like a torque. Any person torquing an object to move a wormhole through a um um um mushy plywood. . I’m not rich. bathroom needs redoing. . ..but worms pop ouot for me, bees pop in for me. . .I have seen so many pop outs and pop ins that no one here that is not at our level would believe it. some of it is from these silly antic is too funny a word. .. we’re talking snake reptilian alienated races. Yayuh yayuh and dear god. GEt the frig off my wall. Oh my god. Oh my God. Oh my god. I have done this for 52 years but thank God God didn’t tell me so much until novermber. over the past seven months I have had to take down viceds, voceds, viceds and dakon, darkon and mikon and wow that does not feel good. I had to vomit, diarreah, oh so many pop outs, literally, I mean, blood arc style. .. I don’t really care who believes anymore. This is my awarenss and I want the shinanignas to friggin stop. By the way, neale your imprint is quite prevalent in my little neck of the woods. The nose is right on it. Have fun with that awareness. My source tells me walking through walls on others who live on the same plane is not what you call simple transparencey. It’s called “viperacy.” Period. Period. Period. GEt the frig off my friggin life. Bye Bye Bye miss american pie is not me. That is your life line. whew

          • Kristen

            You are doing an amazing job……I became aware of blatant attacks when I staryed communication with a ‘trusted guide’ 12 years ago…..yeah right, as if there is any such thing, but had been under attack in more discreet ways since birth. No reason but rascism for being born a first lifer human, Israelite, righteous so any ‘wrong or evil are blocked concepts for me’ and a star child. You have my sympathy… much you wouldnt believe. I have done my Masters in Law, and testified for Judgement Day for many years so I luckily can outsmart and anticipate a lot, and now have the power to manipulate those I choose to negotiate with, blackmail or bribe. But the bottom line is that all evil is either stupid, born losers or like Neale now, under duress as they have noone to turn to and feel they have no choice. If evil are dumb enough to think I wont double cross them, then they are dumber than I thought.
            This year I am on ‘leave from war’ BUT I am under financial attack, lucky I have a 2nd job always on standby from home, and I know The Source will be responsive as long as long as everything is tidy, clean and I am really well groomed (part of The Sources desire for beauty and perfection) so if you need $1 you will have $1. He is always back up plan D. I know that its not a financial attack at all, it will be from Neales God cos I have to outsmart what the point is. This freaken wastes so much time but thats the point….they know financial attacks will make you work extra hours so its actually a time stealing attack… what don’t they want me to do if I want wasting time working a 2nd job (I refuse to touch savings, thats giving in)….either study majic, crystals, continue with house upgrades which will attract The Source and therefore the funds to keep things looking better, get orthodontic treatment, do up my shop including buying a new till which will work a bit like fung shui, spending more time and money on myself, having time to read info they dont want me to know, do more studies etc. The list goes on……bad news for you, but turn it into good news….they are doing the same to you. I think its about your house and clutter. They are trying to steal money, therefore time so that The Source does not reach you and help you. Take a deep breath, a week off saying fork off losers, and get cleaning, scrubbing, pampering yourself, then The Source will provide the exact funds for a bathroom upgrade. They are working parallel doing the same to us all, I had it last year. As I like things hotel looking I am fussy but managed to get a new toilet, vanity, shelf unit, flooring and paibt etc for USD $800. Bargain was mispriced $400 tap for $120. This is how The Source works, he will help rise you up to his reach if you try hard and are aware of it. In addition to bathroom upgrade in the last 6 months Ive also had a conservatory leak, downstairs toilet crack, garage roof leak, dishwasher break and now at work this week no hot water. WE ARE ON PLUMBING ATTACK CYCLE, get onto what you can quick. This is Satan/Neales God..,,he is the biggest fanker and smart. He is manipulating symbology to try to hide it, plumbing represents how we get rid of waste….as in we are fighting off those who are declared waste. Firetime, thats gotta get rid of waste real quick. Same as having bills out, in symbology that means bills to pay. He is using this so cover them up or receive them via email and dont print. Look at what they are preventing you from doing or having, rather than the catalyst that you see.
            They are just stupid annoying immature timewasting pathetic pests.
            Amazing, and yet pathetic, how just one good cup of coffee a day is all we ask, with good company, and mums being themself, not just someones mum or their job.

          • gaioniam

            Amen sistah I am in a hurry as usual. I have been on a run. The reason for the clutter is I am in the literal midst of one who knows, acts, torques and all that good stuff. The clutter is actually um um um um um and um One of the light must protect. One of the light must drop planes. Um um um um the plumbing was actually part of it. exactly on target. The electrical is, too, a big part of it and it is in all cities everywhere so we are not the only ones being attacked psychially through plumbing. Get rid of all rotting sotting wood including roofs, floorboards, and broken tiles in the bathroom. one among my own house was actually deliberately hmmmmmmmmmmmmm so I have had to clean up after this mucking trucking rotting sotweed factor whew we have to clean up after them using mr clean. Yes, virginia, these satanic, demonics enter into objects through arranged torquing mechanics. They actually look like regular people. they scan with a twitching eye back and forth and they comb streets right on my own and drop tiny things like torqued sticks, just a stick but a torqued stick carries a powerful punch to the head and um um um um I have to clean up after that as a lightworker should. Just this morning I went on a clean up on my street. Guess what I found, all torques at my favorite drink, coffee, and my son’s favorite foods, whew and all under a cobalt blue attacked one. yayuh and you’re right about the finances. they actually land on stickers and thjose little cards from the every store in america has a card, ya know, cvs, walmart, rite aid, every grocery has a card and they torque a magnetic force field and line it up by the outlets where these alienated forces torque and fork and all that rot. It’s insipid and oh so obvious to us, as true Gods, true Goddesses, loves of Christ. Yep. You got it. and, I am on it. I’ve got help. Don’t worry about finances. We are well taken care of soon, my friend. God is on it double time, Fed Ex style. We will never have to work soon. Don’t worrry. I have been under the same sort of psychic attack as a result of all my blogging. We are known to be First Lifers and we are shielded heavily mightily having lots of powers. Alchemy? Dear God. You got that, too. Seriously watch sticks turn to gold. It doesn’t have to be a rock. It can be a stick. I saw sticks turn to forking, torquers as rusting metal whew just yesterday. God is doing these miraculous alchemy whew reactions rapid time through me and it’s amazing. I never much believed in alchemy but now I see I am an alchemist. So are you. Watch our every every turn to gold. We are crystal makers, not keepers. Any crystal keeper is not of the Light, i hear. No crystal keeps it. Just use it as u need it. Just walking on my floor that held such a torque where mighty lines of lightbeams through my foot met mighty dark dim lines from another near me rocks popped out of my foot as cyrstal diamond back whew and that’s a whew know it. we are cyrstal makers. God moves them as God needs them and I threw them right at the right converging point. What you do is note where you feel that electrical, frantic energy line and watch it. Look for it. Watch the line of it. One goes up. one goes down. A straight line is formed. When we meet it in the middle we break that force. wiggle the lightfingers and use your straight line with your light arms and circle circle circle wiggling fingers along that line and then shoot your body in an opposite direction. don’t go in the same line after you get a tiny shiver in the heart chakra line. You’ll feel better as soon as you shifver the alienated jivfers out whew it feels good to knoeck ’em to the curb. I got rid of so much love, had to drop baby pictures love. oh my god. oh my god. these entities pop out when i look at em. they are mosquitoes, literally, i mean. they are bugs, moths, wasps, snakes. they are evil beyond belief we are lightworkers beyond belief and we are pure and simple Alchemists. I now know it. Here i will post three crystals formed this morning before my eye. I also post a tiny arc crystal formed from a little twig. It’s my magic crystal says God to me, my magic Arc Crystal. It clears all, so check it out. It is going to be put up on this little profile thingy majiggy soon. Amen on not printing and already on it. My God, we are on it. We just are and every God here is on it so hey hey hey for all the help we recieved today from ah thank you dear gods coming in alright here on this wall. I got help from fifty and I am grateful beyond belief. Your upgrades are ours, too, loves. YOu recieve my upgrades as you help me. Thank you, Gods, here. We are the light. Lovers of God and Christ are the light. The ones of the dark are evil race reptilian race, races of races of snakes. the bible was a little more truthful than i ever knew. Yes. snakes are evil Whew and reciepts I can’t bear to look at. These evil ones move through objects, merely a fold at a corner? that’s a tell tale sign. That’s why the pizza guy not got a reciept shoved at him. I see imprints on receipts, so you can, too, Kristen. Look at the receipt. put a litle caulk on it. go back to it and notice replicating imageries. you wills ee the culprit in print. that’s your gift. use it. I am on that one always. I see three in your room now. these ones are coming at us because we are on their trail. they are gone, dumbed out again and again. we get them. they need not do a thing. God is not here to say it is their call.It’s the call of the light and they lose Whew Thank you God. I need to drink that cup of coffee and clean up after the dark. I’m sick of cleaning up after the dark. I am the light. Hacve a grand day and drink one cup with me :))) xxx ooo

  • mewabe

    The concept of a Devil does explain everything…that’s why it is so convenient and so prevalent in religion.

    “The devil made me do it!” What could be more convenient than this for someone who does not want to take on the responsibility of self-healing, or who lacks the courage to do so? And what could be easier than dehumanizing others by stating that they “work for the devil”, at which point it is presumably okay to kill them and “send them back to hell”?

    When humanity finally understands that love is all there is, it might be able to do away with such ancient superstitions and look at what stands in the way of love’s full expression realistically…and heal itself, at last.

    • mewabe,

      My friend, Love has already started winning. I had this pointed out to me by a spiritual leader, who talked about the grassroots spiritual movements happening worldwide. Many in Africa are returning to Ubuntu, where everything is sacred. There are like-minded (or, I should say, like-hearted) movements in Europe, Ireland, Greece, Asia, even some parts of what was Russia, not to mention North America. The undoing of the power brokers (including the Roman catholic church) won’t happen with a mighty explosion, but from a rotting of their roots and a falling away of the ground on which they stand. So many ordinary people are hungry for a reconnection with God and the Divinity within all of Creation. We cannot help but lift up the world.

      Much Love and Many Blessings (and hugs),


  • Victor

    Coming back to this ‘devil’ thing, one of the hardest issues to surpass is that in the Gospels, Jesus appears several times mentioning Satan, the Devil, or demons…

    In the Old Testament Satan is mentioned very little, in Job’s theophany, and a couple more places, but in the New Testament, not only Jesus -the most evolved being of our culture, and God for Christianism- refers to him, but also Paul, etc.

    In our ‘New Spirituality’ context, we are so used to dismiss this devil issue, that sometimes we forget how involved are so many people in Christianism, and specially, fundamentalistic christianity…

    This was pointed to me just this afternoon. I have a job partner -a good and loving friend- that embraces pentecostalism -a branch of fundamentalistic christianism-, and he knows that I’m involved in CWG. He started to talk about the good and the evil, and how in the spiritual world there is also good and evil. Even suggested that I could be ‘taken’ by the devil and an instrument of his will for all that I stand…

    I asked him: “Do you really think that God could have an adversary, that He is in war with other being, and even that he could lose…?” He started to reply: “no, God has not an adversary, he can’t be beaten, and Satan, according to scripture, has already lost, but WE, human beings, we DO have an enemy, and WE could lose the battle, we could lose our lives, and our souls…”

    I was starting to ask another question, but he had to go away…

    Tomorrow we securely will go on, he,he…

    To be continued…

    • I think the devil was mistaken for mental illness.

  • Kristen

    Old thread, I know, but short answer Neale…no God is not at war against Satan.
    Satan is at war against Humans, as 7000 years ago humans were given the physical matter on Earth, and the management contract for Earth. He is still in the throes of a 7000 year tantrum, and is still doing what he did in Genesis….trying to manipulate us so that the relevant Gods that give immortality dont want us…ie killing humans. Its quite simple really. Hes doing a good job of it now from his position of ruling the Afterlife, therefore reincarnation so many people on Earth are now with silly paths doing things the true Heavenly Gods will hate. See it for what it is, and stop believing ungodly crock. Why help losers win? Neale?! Choose team Human instead, be a winner, we had the prize 7000years ago, we just need to be righteous to overturn death. Thats all!

  • gaioniam

    Neale, You say this in your longish post. I couldn’t even read it all], but I do have a question. You probably won’t answer it. Here it is anyhoo Whew You write, “Now that may or may not be the case with this 21-year-old man in South Carolina, but whether or not his actions grew out of religious fervor or faith, I am sure they emerged out of feelings of righteousness…and the idea that righteous indignation requires and justifies punitive action. And where do you suppose that idea came from? Well, I know of at least one source…”
    I know of another source, and he says that we have primary thoughts. The first thought is the heart. Of the heart thoughts, only one thought is true. This belief that the 21 year old had feelings of righteousness is somewhat presumptive, don’t ya think? You say that this 21 year old was either following by fervor or faith, why? Are you sure you know his spiritual association? Are you sure you understand his first thought? He could have had a thought form thrown at him Whew I am sure God is Unconditional Love but where is yours. We should at least try to understand the first thought. Source is first thought and knows where the first thought is always. God returns what God returns. Any throwing falsity always returns that source thought right, smack dab to itself. hmmm oh well, that’s how the ball bounces, right? Anyhoo how come you presume his first thought was “feelings of righteousness. .” Who is your source anyhoo?

  • gaioniam

    I delete all lines on this wall called NEale Donald Walsc. I would never have returned to this blog or any of his blogs but I had to as a Lightworker. Any relingering lines here should Whew believe me this line is a fraud. x marks the spot Whew I am complete. Gaion monadic mind of God is done here forevermore. Whew xo xo

  • Kristen

    Neale, can you please delete my threads in here. Now the lady I was trying to help to free from an entity has deleted hers, it looks very odd and out of context.