An Open Letter to Our World

Will Charleston wake us up? When a 21-year-old who has hardly begun to shave more than twice a month says (as reported by multiple media sources) that he wanted to start a race war, and was willing to kill nine people in order to do it, is it time for us to look at ourselves—again–and ask some piercing questions—again?

Has the human race lost control of itself? Is this just another aberration, or have there now been enough “aberrations” to make us ask: Are we really this primitive, this barbaric as a species? What is the problem here? What is causing all of this?

It’s our beliefs.

In my observation, in my opinion, it’s our beliefs.

Every single thing we do is based on a belief that we embrace. All of our actions have their foundation in thoughts we hold about the outcome those actions will produce—and those thoughts are deeply rooted in the beliefs that sponsored them. A young man with a distorted mind just proved that to us.


But the distorted mind of one more perpetrator does not allow us to continue refusing to look at what is at least one source of our societal problem. Minds become distorted by ideas and beliefs that distort them. So what humanity holds, and shares, as its most sacred and important beliefs had better be accurate, had better make sense, or they will contribute to, if not outright sponsor, behaviors that none of us can make sense of—except those who perpetrate them.

What I have been saying for 20 years in thirty books and hundreds of lectures is that it is humanity’s beliefs about God that have produced humanity’s dysfunctional experience of itself. Hundreds of us…no, actually, thousands of us…wait, let’s say it like it is: millions of us…use our beliefs about God as justification for what we are doing.

Now that may or may not be the case with this 21-year-old man in South Carolina, but whether or not his actions grew out of religious fervor or faith, I am sure they emerged out of feelings of righteousness…and the idea that righteous indignation requires and justifies punitive action. And where do you suppose that idea came from? Well, I know of at least one source…

And so, I repeat: the ideas about God held in the common culture are used as justifications for what many humans are doing. I can tell you that political and paramilitary movements around the world are using those ideas right now—and proudly declaring that they are doing so. Individuals are using those ideas every day—and proudly announcing that they have bettered their chances of ending up in paradise because of it.

Even those who have no beliefs about God are widely impacted and deeply affected by those who do. It is a fact that many of the civil laws of our societies are based on restrictions and instructions found in Canon Law or Sharia Law. The result: people who may have no belief in God or Allah at all are affected by the mandates of those who do, who claim that their man-made rules and regulations have proceeded from a Divine Source and therefore carry the Highest Moral Authority.

The time has come for us to admit that huge swaths of humanity believe in a God of righteousness, judgment, condemnation, and punishment—allowing us to be righteous, judgmental, condemning and punishing with each other. After all, we reason, what’s good enough for God ought to be good enough for us.

The Bible narrative—to cite just one example—actually tells us that as a matter of recorded history over two million people have been killed at the hand or the command of God. And we are advised by many religions that God’s love can turn to wrath—and does if we displease The Almighty.

Do we think this has nothing to do with how we, ourselves, behave? Do we imagine there is no connection whatsoever between these thought systems, these beliefs, and the actions, choices, and decisions of individuals and groups across the globe?

Yes, we do. Many of us do—even as we declare with impunity that when we commit atrocities in the name of a Higher Power or a Greater Good, they are absolutely moral and correct, but that when the same things are done to us, those actions are immoral and evil, and those who perpetrate them are subject to God’s judgment and retribution (to say nothing of our own).

And, amazingly, we fail to see the contradiction.

We use anger to end anger, violence to end violence, killing to end killing, and fail to see the contradiction. We sanction the killing of people by our own government as a means of our government showing people that killing people is bad. And we fail to see the contradiction. “An eye for an eye,” we say, “and a tooth for a tooth.” And we claim that this is the word and the law of our loving God. And we fail to see the contradiction.

It is clear to me that what is required to change our lives and change the world is to change our beliefs. First, our beliefs about God—about whether such a Divine Entity even exists, and if so, what It wants and requires. Second, our beliefs about ourselves—about who we are and why we are here. Third, our beliefs about others—about our relationship to them, and to the Earth. Finally, our beliefs about life itself—about its reason, purpose, and function.

Yet what could cause or create a shift — or even a willingness to look at and evaluate, with the possibility of shifting — our most sacred and basic beliefs? What could cause us to simply take stock, to ask ourselves, frankly and honestly: Are these ideas that we hold about God and about ourselves working?

Can humanity even be honest with itself? Does our species have the capability to see the truth and to say what’s so? Or are we so blinded by what we need to be true, by what we have been told is true, by what our parents and their parents before them have sworn is true, that we cannot even consider the possibility that something may not be totally accurate here?

Is it possible, just possible, that there is something we don’t fully understand about God, about Life, about Who We Are and Why We Are Here—the understanding of which would change everything?

Let these be our questions for the day.

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  • Victor

    I think that the link between thougts about God -or gods- and social behaviour has to be more widely explored, for people just can ‘get it’.

    So we can understand more fully how though some behaviour apparently is not connected with religion, or any belief about God, in the end, yes, it IS connected.

    Statements such as:

    “the idea that righteous indignation requires and justifies punitive
    action. And where do you suppose that idea came
    from? Well, I know of at least one source…”

    “Even those who have no beliefs about God are widely impacted and deeply affected by those who do.”,

    I think would have to be widely, deeply explored.

    I think here, in this link, is the key to understand the importance of changing beliefs about God.

    I’m working hard in exploring and trying to make ‘visible’ this link… I’ll make a lecture about this very soon.

    Any help will be useful…


  • Kristen

    You omitted to state the guy said he was sick of other races taking over what he felt was his races stuff. Interesting stance on his psychology and personal political based motivations, at least he spoke up. Although I am in no way like him, I can relate to his view, if not how he made his point! Very thought provoking, and soul searching event.

    • mewabe

      Kristen, hey, sorry but I am not sure I understand here, so I have to ask you. Isn’t the Indo European the one that, if you look at history, has overtaken the entire world, or at least attempted to do so, and who has taken many people’s lands and resources whenever it was possible, through force and/or deceit?
      And now the Indo European is “sick of other races taking over his race’s stuff”? I am not even sure what this means…what does this mean? What are African Americans taking from America exactly, except many bullets from a rogue, murderous, corrupt and unaccountable police force, or a place in jail for many non-violent crimes?

      • Kristen

        Hi. Yes I know your point of people in the past, I am sure noone is like that now. I should have pointed out that by race, I am not meaning anything to do with skin colour. I am referring to things like this Satanic website where it is dedicated to dissing the God of our ancestors and many now, and the stories of my ancestors in the Bible, mass immigration into areas where our relatives settled and tramplung over our traditions and culture like they count for nothing. I live in what was a suburb, now part of a big city due to urban sprawl where the population has doubled in 20 years due to immigration. The average three bedroom house is around $700k with a city average income of $60k. Go figure…solely due to immigration and Chinese investors driving prices up. But its not j6st the Chinese…its the entire ‘we are one concept’…our culture is getting completely lost and disrespected, from the education system, jobs and business, daily life etc.Everything is changing, and things are being done in a way that is not ‘the Kiwi way’. Many of us now feel the same as Native Americans do, it feels akin to how they would react if people started wearing their traditional clothes, trashed their personal belief system and their Gods/deitys etc, and their language was being taught and spoken worldwide (English is the language of people in England and their offspring), solely for the reason of greed to enable people to trade and make $$$ worldwide. Above all, its our language becoming the worldwide language that bugs me.
        It was a very thought provoking event IF you can take the entire white/black issue out of the situation, and listen to his political point of how he feels.Its the American racial perception that sees it as a black & white issue. Its annoying he chose a church to make his point, bringing religion into it, but what if he was Native American doing the same to caucasions to make his political point…….then people would listen to his point rather than seeing it as another white guy killing African Americans. In NZ skin colour never comes into any issues….its not 1972 anymore. My siblings are Fijian with afros, I dont even notice they have darker skin than me, Americans are so far behind in this aspect.
        Its purely his political opinion, regardless of the races of anyone, or the venue.
        Its all so sad, and stupid, hopefuly his point will open up communication where people may start looking at their own culture, regardless of race, and cease the we are one crock and start seeing and respecting differences so we can all get along without offending the cultures of others. It is all history repeating itself in reverse.
        Guess Im not getting fried bread??

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          Kristen, my friend….the “we are one crock” does not eliminate the possibility of seeing and respecting differences. We Are All One does mean we are all the same.

          • Kristen

            Hi Neale….my friend.
            Glad you think its crock too. Haha.
            Yes we are all 90% the same, but as groups or sub races of the human race we have different cultures, different history, different areas we live in, different languages etc. This works…combining everything together into one set of rules for everyone does not.Look at what happens, everyone misses out on being permitted to be themselves, lose freedom of speech and have their own culture trampled on in the homes of their ancestors and relatives. I feel ‘when in Rome’ should apply in all countries, the West are not very good at upholding this, and we are all living in chaos. Hindu and Buddhist statues are very offensive to me, and God forbids them…surely the people and God of this country should be able to say NO to them, just as Middle Easterns would. Many races indicate they don’t like ‘white man’, like Mewabe does, yet they speak our language, choose to live amongst us, live our lifestyle, dress in our western clothing, read our books, choose our religion….why is this? Someone has told me it is because they want the best of both worlds…..well, in the process of doing so they are not realising that many of these things are a part of our history and culture and it can be offensive to us, just as us going to their countries and assuming we could copy anything and do what we want would be offensive to their cultures and religion.

            You completely disrespect religion, promote anti Law and dedicate your life to be your Gods messenger in Earth, constantly implying it is the Biblical God you communicate with and channell. If I was in America I certainly would not put up with that blatant disrespect, and blasphme. Perhaps a clarification on this, and respecting that many people, their cultures and lives are based on their choice to be under the Biblical God, just as yours is to follow your own God, Hindus follow their own etc.

            Hope you are well….

          • mewabe

            I understand your desire to respect all cultures, people and religions, ways of life, etc. This would go a long way toward establishing world peace and harmony.
            Unfortunately many or most people associate differences with conflicts, and peace with uniformity. Uniformity can only exist under coercion, as the creativity of the universe naturally prevents it. That’s why most human cultures are coercive.
            I will leave it at that for now, although I have a lot more to say…but it has been said before.
            I am not “disliking” any “race”…only certain cultural aspects of the “dominant” west…mostly the dominance. Who likes or who needs being dominated?

          • Kristen

            Thanks, I know it originally came across the opposite BUT that was the intent. CwG teaches there are two sides to every story, but still only teaches and often preaches one. Controversy is conversation, agreeance without differing views to ponder over is brainwashing, dominance and a desire to control the views of others.
            Neale often does this by ommitting information, and neglecting his own CwG teachings in this matter.
            Yes the west has been dominant, as was Christianity in the past, but I now feel we have no voice…when we speak up we are branded racist, trying to dominate etc. I dont see that at all, I just see us living our lives how our culture chooses to, with others choosing to join us and use their freewill to wear our clothes and live like us.
            The past is in the past, yes it has shaped the present, but the bad guys of the past are now dead! Yes the US dollar, the US govt, the Commonwealth, the Royals of England, western governments etc are all Freemason businesses, the old boys and often white supremist clubs, but so what?. Our Prime Minister has a Jewish mother and I assume is a Mason but who can begrudge successful people for setting up worlds that we all benefit from NOW.
            Uniformity=confict, differences=peace. And we are all different=acceptance and respect, we are all one=control and dominance.
            Take care,

          • mewabe

            As Neale said, “we are all one” does not and should not mean that we are all the same. Yes many people think that it means we are all the same, but they are very misled, and dangerously so.

            We are all one means we are all connected…interconnected and interdependent, as is all life, in nature and beyond nature, from DNA particles to thought forms to planets and galaxies, to the very Source of all life.

            “We” are all one indeed does not and should not just mean humans. It means everything, all life. And this oneness evidently exists in a state of near infinite diversity.

            That’s how it could best be understood. That’s how Native Americans understand it, as in “All my relations”, meaning “we are related to everything, to all life”.

            Natural life implies diversity and multiplicity…an exuberant and magnificent display of it! We should celebrate such creativity all around us and within the human race, not suppress it! And the fact that it is all so beautifully and intricately interconnected and interdependent should give us an opportunity to experience profound awe and appreciation.

            Those who want to force the world into uniformity are simply insecure…they have been called failed idealists. They attempt to impose their views and culture or religion or politics on others because that is the only way they have of validating their lifestyles and worldview. You do not see Native American knock on people’s door, all dressed up in white shirts and black ties and pants, saying that the Great Mystery demands that people come to the Sun Dance for their own salvation. You do not see Buddhists impose the middle way on others. You do not see yogis force asanas on the multitude under the threat of beheading.

            The wisest the person and deepest the understanding, the less the desire to dominate others. Only ignorant fools and fearful cowards dominate.

            The moldy fried bread is already on its way…:)

          • gaioniam

            Amen, Amen, Kristen. We are Unique. That does not imply that we are the Same at all, now does it. Uniqueness is what we came forth as at Birth, at Dawn, at the Beginning of Life Whew AAA IOO U a Life, Love Whew You got it all going on Hi Whew Hi That ought a do it 🙂 X marks the Spot Whew and we did it, love. We did do a thingamajiggy a fruity tooty shooty on outta here, thanks to you :))) Whew Let it be. Let it be. Motes pop out of my mouth today. Any entities flying my way literally pop out. I had moths wihtin moths popping out of the kitchen, as usual Whew I cook ’em, literally, I mean. Guy named Gaion showed me how to do it. We stock ’em and crock ’em in one steamin hot crock pot, Guy Style Whew I wouldn’t go near it, but entities? Heck. They shouldn’t be in my kitchen. I pop ’em out as a mote from my toe, from my mouth and stick ’em right in the one hot stock pot, crock pot, Guy Style Whew Just eat ’em and swirl it in Mr. Clean. That is Guy on the cover of the bottle of Mr. Clean. He appeared to me during the fiasco over Woo Woo baby no mo just take a peek Whew and um thank you to all Gods and Goddesses on the video, real time style at my house last night. I appreciate all your help. We got it. Motes came out, moths wihtin moths, mushy tan imprint nose job needed despartely on that imprint whew take a peek at all of ’em whew um never flew hi in its life and that’s why you are arc winging winging making things who came forth for me last night again and again Hi you are Guilded, Shielded, Heavily Mightily Wielding Guy Time on Heaven’s Door. HItler? Heaven? Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Hitler never mixed a particle, an atom, a mote with Heaven. Do you think God is stupid negel? Dear God. HItler got levelled Whew to Neverland last night, thanks to all of you here. Here is your gift from me. I’m Gaion. I’m Geon. I’m Life On Love Sweet Love and Love Sweet Love never flew too close to the ground. Love Sweet Love never carreeened in on Unique LIfe Facets. It allows. Never does it force like a torque trying to come through to a mattress, styrofoam, plastic, just to grab at it. . .viper style. Yeah. Neale. Jesus did speak about vipers. I kind of like that ol’ Bible now. Moths. Pestilence stricken multitude. Whew really do pop out of a true God, a true Goddess. You got the gifts. You’re a high flying line. Thank you Whew Unpack it. It takes awhile, but it’s done, Guy Style Time is all on the high Guy named God I Am who assures all here that you are clear from hell spaces filtering God and Goddess on Earth forevermore. Nevermore is now line it up and cross it off X marks the stop watch now here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Here is Gaion to say Here is your gift form God to all guys. YOu are myne. Take it and replicate that tool? No. NO. NO. We don’t torque as wingmaking things. We arc. Just toss it as you do. Look at what she did last night, video style and watch her allow me to move through her hand. she steps out of that picture. She hands it over right here, right now. I toss it in the wind Hu Hu Hu to you to replicate for your HOly Family, Christ Baby, One Love has Many JHOuses, I said. Each HOuse flying in my Hi Flying Manor and Many Christed LInes of High Flying Manors but only One Way, One Manner get the Holy Christ Family in their HOuses.. .Trees. Take it all. It is yours for helping me Whew Love, God I Am Hi

          • Kristen

            I can understand you, even if anyone else reading will have no idea, and not understand what strong male energy does to female brains, temporary. Out of all of that I am most pleased to read ‘I like that ole bible’……what you read with your eyes is only 1/10th of it. There is so much coded information, clues on fighting evil, the dna info….so much. God has spent so much time working discreetly undercover as a boring grumpy religious God to protect us, it will be great when He can finally spread His wings. I am directly under Jehovah God, but huge alliances are being formed now.
            If you still need help, tell your God I give consent for my upstairs Lawyer to allow you use of some things I have patented, especially inheritance matters if eligible. I dont let people copy me…Ive worked too hard coming up with new ideas since the old ones either dont work or are labour intensive. A really strong weapon that takes the strength of all righteous people is to break a rung off Jacobs Ladder for a baton, it also means you cannot step back down, but its impossible for followers to step up in your footsteps, or access your imprints etc, they work the same as voodoo witches using your hair for curses…they use your spiritual or 4th dimension footsteps. Jacobs Ladder is a simplified version of the Big Ole Tree, so it will work with the Tree work you are already doing.
            Take care chook, Im having a coffee right now…so cheers.

          • gaioniam

            Wow thanks, kristen that’s interesting. AS we speak, a torquer has my personal ladder in his room backed up against a door to a 1920 house. This door never opens ever but has nicks in ijt. the ladder is strategicallhy placed against it. why? torquers like to torque life force. Once I opened it, I found my baby’s first christmas book and a blue, a teal, a gold ball. that’s satan for ya. yayuh that’s satan for ya. so, jacob’s ladder helps. Whew 4 th dimension I don’t go to. never did. I don’t do 2 d, never would, never could, never will. I came to earht fully melded in all life lines, as did you, if you don’t know it. AS first lifer, you came fullly equipped to handle this dense plane. Oh my God. We wouldn’t have survived. Okay? Just remember that. You said yourself you were chased at 2. so was I. God saw it all and has been holding us all along. No need for us to linger here. I will take my words down soon. Some might fear them. The ones who don’t know they are love, light with light body fully capbale of sparking might get fearfull. We maybe outhgt to take our lines down soon. I don’t want to scare people. Alienated forces are depleted now thanks to you and so many here. Wow Upgrades given by my Gaion. Have fun. He’s generous. Every every hair has been counted. My hair has been torqued to every every whew and guy counts ’em. Believe me he is pissed. that’s going in honey. She doesn’t think I should use that word but um um um um um umj that’s the least word I use for satan number gazillion million hi don’t worry we are done. Get off this blog. I am that, too. I will look into kaballism. I love learning new things. right now it’s guy time for me and I do mean twin guy time. Thanks for all of it. Love, Love, Love, Amelia number 3 Hi

          • Yes, we all come from the same place but that does not mean we are the same. But we can still respect each other’s differences. As to why we still allow these atrocities in the human experience…I have no idea. Perhaps I need to read more of your books.

          • gaioniam

            Seon, you got it all going on. WE are not hte same and that is the beauty of life, isn’t it? We separated at zero hour of birth mult-facet style, each carrying a unique Divine Imprint, Goddess, God Style, Guy Style Whew. God created facets. Facets all have uniqueness, beautyness, Divine Counterpartness. Every leaf is a facet and every leaf has uniqueness. Every twig has a twig and every twig is a . . No. No. No. No high flying guy creates a tree from a little fig stick meant to torque life as a um um um All Life exhibits life as Divine Counterparts and 2×2 we go. That is the 3 Way. It is the Only Way to HIgh Flying Bird Wire LIning Up, Guy Style, Gaion Style Whew, Neale, Life lives as lit chooses. Beingness is not really a machine or a torque or a rusty metal at all. Life is Gold and Gold is II Amness, Pure Beingness, Pure Love, and Love is Who We Are as Arc Whew Angel. Angels never fly too low where torquing forking base metals thead in a tangled webness moving through walls. Whew What did you mean by the comment in CWG Books 2, 3 on page 29 about there are those who move through walls? No High Flying Guy moves through a wall at all. We Arcs move through the Heart and it is Guilded, Shielded, Heaveily Mightily Moving Whew in a High Flying Why Why Why wouldn’t a Narrow Way be unique? Every facet has a Manor, a House of Many but it is Only its own House replicating and deliviering Divine Replicas to other HJouses living a HIgh Flying Bird like a Sparrow, like a Wing Making thing. Yayuh Whew I’m a Wing Making Thing Hi We Fly HIgh and that ought a do it :)))

          • Yep that’s what I have concluded after reading his books. Our bodies are just like space suits, so hating someone because they have the wrong colored skin is just as crazy as an astronaut hating someone because they have a different colored space suit.

          • Kristen

            Btw the writer behind Gaioniam is actually a normal lady, just in the midst of crazy lightworker work with her God very influential at the moment, Her Gods energy is like a huge laughing Buddha…stoned, but very interesting and she is doing amazing work.

          • gaioniam

            Hi Hi Hi Seon Wow What a Guy you are to Gaion. Gaion is um a grand God and we are HIm. We just are. You have helped me immensely and here is an upgrade from Gaion, monadic mind of God I Am Whew Hi that’s from me. I am a Goddess who has a certain heart in God I Am. I deliver the imprint of Twin Trees to each Divine Counterpart working for the light here on Earth. You rose a grand rose for Him today and He desires to Whew There you Go. Have Fun Going On Up, Up, Up and all that good stuff. Well, it is true. We are One, yet we fly right in our varied multi-colored space suits. Whew Actually, Guy isn’t an Alien. He calls them Alienated Forces, From he double toothpicks, actually, to be quite frank. He does not care to be referred to as alien at all He is Arc and I do mean Michael as Archangel Whew Hi that ought to do it. Angels do really know how to fly and well, let’s just be honest. Christ is God. Christ was on EArth. God, as Arc. . well, why not? You are MIchael, too. 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Actually a drop of wine, grape juice is fine . . that’s all we drink. .welch’s is good. mmmm no. . we don’t need it. .we are like a balloon. actually balloons were out today on the fielding trip. .Whew look at the video. .lots of impritns that turn up as chaulk in um alchemy hi guy style. I’m sure you are witnessing some miracles, Seon. It’s fun but oh so Indiana Jones. Thank you for your Service in a Hi Flying Line called ARc Covenant Ark Heart Art Heart art. .heck Guy. .that title is so long that just know that Whitman is in it and hmmm we’re not gay but we do claim his poetry. You couild um write like Whitman. .just try it. Our heart is fun and it’s full of Creation, Life Force and that is why my son, Will, who is a composer by birth like um um not but oh so Whew and Whoa and um um so, know that he is myne Whew Thank you Service Hi Love, Gaion, Monadic Mind of God I Am Whew

          • gaioniam

            Neale we are not the same. That is the problem with this cosmology Whew One Love swirls in a certain manor and in a certain manner, Christ-Like Style. Christ-Like Style is a Way of Being, a Way, a Narrow Way where one meets a certain House Whew in New Orleans Never. . .that’s a Neverland but in a certain House we meet only as Twin Heart Beloved Lines called Christ, the Grid, the Diamond Crystal Light Grid. No. Not on any Grid is a One Stock Crock Pot. Guy cooks those kind. Wow Wee take a peek Whew it’s true. Heat ’em up and eat ’em. Literally, I mean. . we eat entities by heating them in one stock crock pot and turn up the heat ha ha ha Whew it’s fun to be a goddess on a high flying wire and any lightworker can tell you that we exist as unique Divine Counterpart Hearts, Unique Divine Imprints. That’s not being your line “we are all the same.” All fly in a high flying wire when all fly like a bird on a Whew Let it be. Let it be. We are complete. Thanks to the Gods in here Hi

        • Kristen,

          We have (IMHO) spent far too much time focusing on our differences. That’s what I believe has caused a good deal of disrespect and economical prejudice in American society. I think we first need to focus on our commonalities, and our responsibilities to and for each other, in order to learn to respect each other. Only then will we be able to appreciate our differences, the wisdom in each culture’s heritage, the beauty of the people and their arts…

          Much Love and Many Blessings,

  • gaioniam

    I agree with Kristen. The problem with psychology is not many are aware that thought forms arrive from other races. We are not talking about races on earth, mankind or any kind of humanitarian races. WE are talking about alienated races shooting daggers and bullets, thought forms that do not arrive from a young boy’s mind at all. Demonics are real. Thoughts do not arrive from a sensitive boy, a quiet boy, and, yet, it’s perceived by onlookers who have no clue about lightworkers, but a true arc lightworker can transmute any dark race Whew Yep. Kristen’s got it going on alright. I agree.

  • mewabe

    Resorting to violence appears to be a human trait that has to go back to our very origins, and to very primitive fears and misunderstandings.

    Religious dogma is very commonly used to validate and justify violence and persecution, as are some political ideologies and other dubious concepts such as nationalism (what is a nation but a glorified gang, complete with its own colors and fly-by bombings?), but I am not certain that it could be accurately stated that religious dogma originates human violence and brutality…again, a non hateful, non brutal, sensitive and compassionate individual or crowd would not turn homicidal simply because of a belief.

    Haven’t we created (or conceived of) a murderous and vengeful God IN OUR OWN IMAGE, and subsequently used that concept to justify our murderous tendencies?

    There is something almost universally wrong with humanity…something that is not connected in most individuals. Could it be that the heart, mind, body and spirit (to put it simply) are not connected, not integrated and united, and are not in sync with the universe (or cosmos, or Divine)? Is that what is missing, an innate ability to FEEL connected to ALL life, to feel that one is a part of all life and all life is part of him or her?

    If humanity actually FELT this way (I am not talking about a concept of oneness, but about a spontaneous, deep, innate experience of oneness), how could anyone hurt another, or anything at all for that matter?

    • mewabe,

      You make some excellent points, my friend. But I do have one problem. You say, “a healthy individual or group would not embrace an unhealthy belief.” On that point, I would have to disagree.

      Unfortunately, politicians and others in positions of authority have proven that couching an unhealthy belief in terms that appear to be healthy is enough for most people to believe.

      Here in the United States, our President Bush completely convinced many of the citizens that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (the only proof for which was a prisoner’s statement under torture by our CIA, who later recanted), and that there was direct evidence that Sadam Hussein was in league with Osama bin Laden (which evidence he never produced).

      Yet, if you ask the everyday person on the street, they will tell you these are what they believe to be the reasons for our preemptive war against Iraq. While I’m not certain we live in the healthiest of societies, I wouldn’t go so far as to call most Americans unhealthy of mind. They have become too lazy to think things through and form their own beliefs when an authority figure, or even a news broadcast or newspaper, presents them with something untrue that is presented as true.

      I think many are the same when it comes to cultural and religious beliefs. Their elders and family and friends and teachers pass along their ancestral and societal beliefs as if they are fact,
      and they are accepted as part of their own beliefsystem without question. Unless and until they face a personal crisis, they don’t necessarily ever question their beliefs. We have become intellectually lazy.

      Much Love and Many Blessings,

      • mewabe

        Thanks Annie…
        On the specific example that you chose, I do have some comments 🙂

        I do think that “the average person on the street” is not mentally or psychologically healthy…not by a long shot.

        I do not think the problem is just a lack of critical thinking or mental laziness, or a lack of education…a healthy society, a healthy individual would have recoiled in horror at the idea of “shock and awe”…the words themselves are extremely repugnant when we understand their meaning.

        Millions of people around the world demonstrated against the war, as unreported by the corporate media (which is nothing more than a bullhorn for the military-corporate-banking complex). So yes, there are millions of relatively healthy people in the world…but the mainstream is very unhealthy.

        A healthy society, a healthy individual wouldn’t accept war so easily…not for defense unless absolutely necessary, not for revenge, and certainly not as “preemption”, as in plain English it means a war of aggression, which is a crime according to international law (as expressed in the Nuremberg trials).

        I will go further and say that a healthy individual would not even accept the concept of authority…and would not accord “authority figures” the power to influence minds and hearts in any way. I know this sounds revolutionary…but it is not. It is only revolutionary because of this radical belief humanity adopted long ago that the average individual should live under someone or something in a position of mental and/or physical servitude. How could this submissiveness ever be healthy in any way?

        • mewabe,

          Points well taken. I must admit that I was one of those quiet protesters who stood on the steps of our local federal courthouse in silent prayer wearing a black armband with an upside down flag (a distress call) on it the day we were told that we had begun a war with Iraq. And continued to protest for as long as the movement lasted.

          I never believed the reasons for the war. In fact, had Bush acted in a truly Christian manner (as he claims to be), he would have forgiven those who flew the planes into the towers and those who had motivated them to do so. That would have produced true “shock and awe.” (The only one to suggest it, actor Richard Gere who is a practicing Buddhist, was booed off the stage.)

          Unfortunately, I believe Bush is one of those looking to make the Christian Armageddon real, certain he will be one of the ones swept up before the final battle begins. That is where much of the Christian support for Israel comes from, even after archaeological studies have shown that there was no great civilization in Israel or Judea at the time of Saul and David, who was probably no more than a leader over several local tribes. (That, and I think Bush was incensed beyond reason when he found that Sadam Hussein had a mosaic made in the likeness of Bush’s father placed at the entrance to one of his palaces where people stepped and spat upon it daily.)

          If what you are saying is that most of humanity has forgotten what it is to be fully human when you refer to being psychologically unhealthy, then I would agree. Most of the “civilized” world is so. I believe some of the rulers were originally those who could pull a collection of tribes or villages together to defend themselves against attack. In doing so, they gained peoples’ trust, and some abused it.

          And, no, I have not missed most organized religion’s patriarchal stance, at the loss of what the Goddess was known for: wisdom, healing, and unconditional love. My ancestry is German, and when Christianity arrived, much of my matralineage was burned at the stake for witchery for their ability to heal with nature and love.

          Still, we are raised (even here, in the “land of the free”) to accept without question what we are taught in school, as if it were truth. Yet our history books say nothing of the near annihilation of an entire race, not to mention many animal and botanical species or ruination of the land and water, when we “settled” America. Nor do they mention the land claims found back as far as the Saint Claires and the Templars, much less the British.

          We are brainwashed to neither think nor question, first by our parents, then by our schools where we merely regurgitate dates and “facts.” Even our colleges and universities allow only so much latitude, controlling what is studied by controlling the funding.

          In that way, I would agree that we are less than we can and would naturally be if we were fully human. But I believe there is a grassroots groundswell that is soon coming that will take most authorities by surprise. The number of people meditating, meeting in small groups, taking care of their own communities with small farms and cooperatives is growing. The tide is turning. We are rediscovering our inborn abilities to care for ourselves, and will then no longer rely on the institutions that now do so. Including the institutionalized churches.

          Much Love and Many Blessings,

          • mewabe

            Thanks Annie, I totally agree…
            Yes, this is what I meant about an unhealthy population.

            A patriarchal, ultra competitive, unfeeling and cutthroat social environment encourages the most ruthless, cutthroat, unfeeling, perhaps borderline psychopathic individuals and businesses to rise to the top and to positions of influence and leadership, and all too often to positions of authority, power and control, and defeats or dismisses more sensitive people and approaches as
            irrelevant or an impediment to what is called progress, which marches on like a bulldozer through a poppy field.

            That’s how women’s more sensitive and compassionate viewpoints, generally speaking, are pushed aside within social Darwinism; that’s how more compassionate men are called bleeding hearts or wimps.

            The system itself is unhealthy because out of balance, creating unbalanced, sick individuals and living conditions, which cannot be changed from the inside, but from the outside. This is why a woman who rises to a position of leadership within such a cutthroat system has not choice but to serve the system, while being admired for her “toughness”. If she were to take a strong stand against war or against widespread environmental destruction for example, she would be booed out of whatever office she holds, booed out of the patriarchy while asserting opposing values.

            You might enjoy the following articles, and I would encourage everyone, including Neale, to read them. You have to google them:

            Masculinity Is Killing Men: The Roots of Men and Trauma.
            We begin the damaging process of turning boys into men long before boyhood ends.
            By Kali Holloway

            Another great article:

            How Sports, Military, Police and the Security Industry, Mixed with Trauma, Creates Modern Dangerous Macho Men.
            American society doubles down on early socialization to create hyper masculinity.
            By Don Hazen

            You will find them on Alternet, a progressive blog.

            Many hugs 🙂

          • mewabe,

            The irony of a macho military or enforcement agency man being in a subservient position to his many “superiors” has not been lost on me, my friend. Unfortunately, I believe it is partially the resentment of the feeling of powerlessnesss this creates, especially when white officers feel that all blacks should be subservient to all whites, that has led to the recent rash of white police officers shooting unarmed black men in our country. I live about five minutes from Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown was shot and killed, and tear gas used on the media representatives who were complying with orders as to where they could congregate, but voicing their displeasure.

            One of the advantages of being a woman in a male power structure (and I worked in such governmental systems most of my working life, doing “men’s work”) is our ability to suggest rather than having to take a hard stand; to influence rather than debate; to even make it seem that our ideas are something our bosses came up with. Using our innate softness was, I found, much more effective than trying to harden myself, thus becoming something I simply wasn’t.

            Just because our powers aren’t in-your-face machismo doesn’t mean women have no power. It’s just more covert than overt.

            I will look up your suggested articles after I’m finished processing the information in a recent 148 page Papal letter addressing the ecological crisis.

            Much Love and Many Blessings,

          • mewabe

            Yes, I agree again 🙂

            I think a lot of people long for the time when the world returns to balance, and as Jimi Hendrix said, the power of love overcomes the love of power, which means balance between female and male energies within each one of us and between the sexes.

            Yes, women have a lot of power, probably more than men…or it is a different kind of power, much more effective actually, as you said. This could be why so many men fear them and try to keep them down.

            I hope you enjoy the articles, they are very insightful.

          • mewabe,

            My friend, what do you suggest is the cause of the pain and suffering? What is it that makes them suffer? What makes someone insane, psychologically ill, and/or irrational?

            If someone starts with a healthy mind, a brain chemistry that is balanced, and the ability to reason, what then is the root of all these things that somehow go awry?

            I believe you know my answer. 😉

            Much Love and Many Blessings (and hugs),

          • mewabe

            My assertion is that a huge majority of humanity doesn’t start up with a healthy mind, except perhaps when newly born, and even then the birth trauma has been proven, in some cases, to alter brain development and chemistry.

            For those who do experience birth trauma, the psychological make up is quite often damaged, to varying degrees, by unfulfilled childhood needs or outright pain caused by bad, insensitive parenting.

            Yes, that means most of humanity is messed up, and consequently very vulnerable to embracing irrational beliefs when these unfulfilled childhood needs or/and that pain remain unconscious, unhealed, which is again in the majority of cases.

            I know, it is not good news 🙂

  • Awareness

    Can you comment on where Earth is 357 years in the future?

    From your present timeframe?


    We perceive that it will have made a number of adjustments in terms of the social structure, the governmental structure, your financial structure, your medical structure and your educational structure. Your cultures wll be integrated in a way in which everyone is nurturing everyone. There will still be differences between regions, especially geographical regions, in terms of preferences artistically, musically and in terms of dietary interests. There will still be cultural uniqueness.

    Overall, there will be a unified humanity, and there will be forms of abundance to include all. There will be abundant forms that will be enjoyable by all. You will no longer have your ideas of lack. Your ideas of poverty will no longer exist. Your ideas of crime will no longer exist. Your institution of prisons will no longer exist.


    Your system of litigation and law, as you see it now with the legal cases and law suits in court rooms, will no longer exist either. You will have more forms of technology than we have in our world. There will be the ability for your society to interact and to travel off your planet, even outside of your solar system. You will be guides and teachers to people on other planets, just a few at that timing.

    You will have a greater sense of understanding that you are the creators. You are the source of All That Is in your experience in every moment. You will not be living in a world that believes there is something outside of you that is responsible for your fate or your destiny. You will realize that you are the ones responsible for all that you are experiencing and that everything is connected to all things and is of great joy. All things can be experienced joyfully.

    The ideas of conflict will cease to exist at that timeline on your planet, as we perceive your energies today. For you can change and go different directions and even go about paths that bring about a state in which there is no life left on your planet 357 years from now. But as we see and perceive your energies today, you will not destroy, you will not create extinction of your race. You will, as we said earlier, create a place filled with abundance of joyful experiences in which everyone is in tune with who they are, self governing, and appreciative of their unified world and also appreciative of their unique cultural differences at the same time.” – Arvantis in the book “Feline Humans” by Shaun Swanson and Jefferson Viscardi 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Erin

    Was given a little Food for Thought the other day…Funding Freedom. It was used as a perception adjustment to the toiling, complaining, & all around displeasure of having to do a job, as well as a spark to adjusting the basic ideals of Consumerism. The small version being that if we re-looked at what we are doing…Where & What we spend our precious time & effort on & for…If we See the great commonality…We are Funding our Freedoms to Be the Explorers, the Experiencers, the Expressers, that We Are.

    This sent my Soul Sounds soaring because, once again, “Freedom is the grandest gift of Love, and Love always (& all ways) seeks to give the grandest gift” jumped onto the table. You, Neale, gave me that one, many years ago…I have lived every day since with that at the forefront of my feet touching floor each morning. Today, I now have a Love-lier attitude about the means of achieving the ability to give this gift, both to others & myself. And, to mention, that the ‘what goes around, comes around’ of such has continuously been no less than Amazing…with strong, expanding resources!

    Just sayin’…I totally Trust & entirely believe in Freedom, and there is no finer ‘test’ of one’s beliefs & Trust than when Dear Death knocks upon one’s Home door. Whether of a body or a relationship, I have witnessed Faiths fall to shreds of such circumstances…Grief opens all the contradictions. Obviously, Trust in one’s beliefs is a cornerstone few truly possess.

    Anyway, whether relevent or not, the Funding Freedom perspective was interesting & useable…hope you enjoyed the share. Love to All…Always & All ways. <3

  • Jacqui Mitchell White

    I think that this 21 year old wanted to create a race war, he was most likely acting on the beliefs that had been conditioned in him since he was a child beliefs of hate for anyone who is different, that whites are superior to black people. He was given a gun by his parent’s for his 21st birthday, the real crime here is parents endangering society by giving their child a gun as a gift and probably not judging whether he was responsible enough to own a weapon. How can we create world peace when the problem is gun control in America? In Australia our PM John Howard took a tough stance on weapons after the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, it’s time for America to get tough on guns. You give your youth guns as toys that is the problem. We glamorize violence in movies and desensitize kids so that they think they are in some xbox game or Hunger games movie. It’s no excuse for what he did but how do we expect for him to respect and empathize with other humans when society hasn’t shown him how to?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Just for the sake of accuracy, he was not given a gun by his parents. If news media reports are accurate, he was given money for his 21st birthday, and he went out on his own and bought a gun with it. Your point is still taken, however. I agree that we glamorize violence in our human culture, and I agree wholeheartedly that we must, in America, place reasonable controls on who, how, when, and where people may obtain firearms. Your final sentence above is the very point my longer article seeks to make, and I am glad to see we are in agreement. Thank you for your contribution here.

  • mewabe

    I understand how Neale uses world events to drive his point home, and I also know that religious dogma is widely used to justify persecution or murder.

    But I think that Neale and I will have to agree to disagree on the following: this guy, Storm Roof (yes, Storm was his middle name, obviously a rather perverse choice from a parent or family member) couldn’t have committed such an act on beliefs alone, had he been sane, psychologically and emotionally healthy.

    Such violent, hateful acts are committed by suffering individuals, very often by abused individuals, people who cannot get to their own deep pain and resolve it. They are driven by it, driven to externalized their suffering and inflict pain on others, or to symbolically act out their misdirected anger or rage.

    Pain is at the root of all human tragedies, not beliefs. This is so important and so misunderstood that it should be repeated like a mantra until it actually sinks in…Irrational beliefs are adopted by irrational people, but do not make rational people irrational. Hateful beliefs cannot make a loving individual hateful. Racist beliefs cannot make a tolerant individual racist.

    As a matter of fact, a healthy, loving, sensitive, tolerant and sensible person would reject all absurd, racist, hateful beliefs from the onset, even at 6 years old.

    And here is another unknown fact: there is much emotional pain and psychological suffering in the world, and apparently very little awareness of it from anyone or avenues of healing, on the contrary pain and suffering are met with more repressive tactics by our highly neurotic societies and cultures, from mental straight jackets (psychotropic medications) to everyday suppression, to punishment.

    Cannot anyone see the underlying pain that drives all violent acts? Is the world so profoundly sick that all have become blind, deaf and numb to such pain and suffering?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I am going to respond to my friend above here, in a dialogue format. This will require reading through, once again, what Mewabe has posted, but I truth you all have the patience to do that.

      MEWABE HAS SAID: I think that Neale and I will have to agree to disagree on the following: this guy, Storm Roof (yes, Storm was his middle name, obviously a rather perverse choice from a parent or family member) couldn’t have committed such an act on beliefs alone, had he been sane, psychologically and emotionally healthy.

      NEALE REPLIES: I did not mean to suggest in the article above that I think that Dlyann Roof did what he did based “on beliefs alone.” I intended to point out that beliefs created the baseline, the groundwork, the foundation upon which his actions could rest safely in his mind. Is this young man “sane, psychologically and emotionally healthy”? No. Obviously not. But I am submitting that his
      beliefs — and the beliefs of many in the common culture — allow him to
      think that he is.

      MEWABE SAID: Such violent, hateful acts are committed by suffering individuals, very often by abused individuals, people who cannot get to their own deep emotional pain and resolve it. They are driven by it, driven to externalize their suffering and inflict pain on others, or to symbolically act out their misdirected anger, rage or fears.

      NEALE REPLIES: I agree. I could not agree more. Yet we need to be talking here about Cause, not simply Effect. The suffering of individuals such as Mr. Roof is caused by something. I am clear that his beliefs, and the beliefs of those around him and of those to whom he paid attention, are part of that Cause. And not a small part.

      MEWABE SAID: Emotional pain (or occasionally trauma) is at the root of all human tragedies, not beliefs.

      NEALE REPLIES: The statement does not drive to First Cause. What causes the emotional paid to begin with? Let that be our question for the day. I am clear that what be BELIEVE about life, about ourselves, about others, and, in many cases, about God and What God Wants, is a huge Causal Factor in the emotional pain and trauma that is at the root of all human tragedies.

      I am clear that what humans believe is at the root of the root, if you please. Thus, if we were to change the basic beliefs of humanity — about Who We Are, Why We Are Here, What God Wants, and How Life Works — our children would grow up in a culture much different from the one in which Dylann Roof was immersed. And this, i am clear, would dramatically reduce the number of mentally deranged persons on our planet —for mental derangement arises, in part at least, from the Mind’s unsuccessful struggle to square our inner feelings with the outer behaviors we observe in our culture — behaviors created by cultural beliefs.

      MEWABE SAID: This is so important and so misunderstood that it should be repeated like a mantra until it actually sinks in. Irrational beliefs are adopted by irrational people, but do not make rational people irrational.

      NEALE REPLIES: I could not disagree more. History has shown us over and over again — and is doing so right now in the political campaigns now once again upshifting in preparation for the 2016 elections in the U.S. —that ordinarily rational people can indeed become irrational. To draw a separate illustration, Mewabe’s hypothesis would suggest that half the people of Germany in 1944 were mentally unstable and irrational, and that this is what made them susceptible to Hitler’s irrational rants. Not true. Perfectly rational people are capable of adopting and expressing, on a moment’s notice, totally irrational behavior more often than we may want to acknowledge or admit. It depends on what they — and others who influence them — believe. Ever go to a soccer match? If totally and normally rational people believe that the referee has made a bad call, or that the other guy’s team is cheating, watch out. Watch such a belief make rational people irrational in seconds.

      MEWABE SAID: Hateful beliefs cannot make a loving individual hateful. Racist beliefs cannot make a tolerant individual racist.

      NEALE REPLIES: Wishful thinking, I’m afraid. Actually, they can. And religion, among other human constructions, has proven it. People who swear that they love God above all else, and are loving individuals, nevertheless have been known to act in hurtful, hateful ways — often in the NAME of love. it depends on what they believe that Love IS…and what Love DOES.

      If they believe in a God who is said to be LOVING, yet punishes people with torture unending for loving GOD in the wrong way (i.e., through the wrong religion), they can easily fall into and justify hateful behavior themselves, in the NAME of Love.

      This is precisely what Mr. Roof did. He made it clear in his own statements that his love of his race and of his country is what motivated him to kill black people. Thus, Mewabe’s assertion that “hateful beliefs cannot make a loving individual hateful” is disproven right before our eyes.

      MEWABE SAID: As a matter of fact, a healthy, loving, sensitive, tolerant and sensible person would reject all dogmatic, absurd, racist, sexist, hateful beliefs from the onset, even at 6 years old.

      NEALE REPLIES: Yes, a “healthy” loving and tolerant person would. Yes. But my
      assertion is that our beliefs — the collective beliefs of humanity, and of
      our many cultures — render many members of our species and cultures Unhealthy. That is the whole point of my assertion. That is the whole point of
      Conversations with God. We have not yet “healed” humanity. We believe in a
      violent, angry God who acts with violence in the expression of Love, and that
      belief allows us to justify our own behaviors in imitation of God’s

      Looking at this from a spiritual perspective reveals a Through-Line one cannot miss.

      MEWABE SAID: Here is another unknown fact, sadly: there is much emotional pain and psychological suffering in the world, and apparently very little awareness of it from anyone or avenues of healing, on the contrary pain and suffering are met with more suppressive tactics by our highly neurotic societies and cultures, from mental straight jackets (dangerous psychotropic medications) to everyday suppression, to judgment and punishment.

      NEALE REPLIES: I couldn’t agree more. And there is no more restricting mental straight jacket than what others — our culture, our society, our religion, our political parties, our governments — would have us believe.

      I especially agree with the part of Mewabe’s observation dealing with “avenues of healing.” Our species DOES have “very little awareness” of the emotional pain and psychological suffering in the world, AND of “avenues of healing.”

      Changing humanity’s basic beliefs — about ourselves and who we are, about life and how it works, about God and what God wants, and about many things that we, to this day, dare not talk about in our schools and churches and temples and political forums — could be our most powerful avenue of healing.

      What it is going to take to bring these subjects up, and to bring the truth to light, is an evolution revolution; a change in the fundamental thinking of humanity about its identity and its experience.

      MEWABE SAID: Cannot anyone see the underlying pain that drives all violent acts, all hurtful behaviors? Is the world so profoundly sick that almost all have become blind, deaf and numb to such widespread pain and suffering?

      The answer is yes, because most are numb to their own emotional pain. HOW COULD THEY, THEN, SEE AND FEEL ANOTHER’S PAIN? And THIS is THE ongoing tragedy of a world that cannot feel fully (a numb world, a world seriously lacking in compassion, empathy and sensitivity), because it cannot heal itself, because it doesn’t even know that it is sick or why.

      NEALE REPLIES: YES! I agree AGAIN! And most of ALL with Mewabe’s final word above. Read it once more. It pinpoints the entire problem. Our world CANNOT heal itself because it does not even know WHY is it ill. Yes, I agree. We don’t even know that what is sickening us is our BELIEFS.

      The fact is that our beliefs about God, about Life, about Who We Are, about Others and who they are in relationship to us, are sickening.

      That is what is infecting us, that is what has been killing us, and changing that is what will heal us. Conversations with God tells us that this is the root Cause of the emotional and psychological pain and suffering in the world. CWG could, of course, be wrong about this. Yet I love its foundational question:

      Is it possible that there is something we do not fully understand about God and Life, the understanding of which could change everything?

      • mewabe and Neale,

        I believe that, as infants, we are born with an innate ability to pick up on the energies of those around us. This ability, however, is taught out of us by everyone from our parents and families, to our religious institutions, to our schools, to the societies in which we live. I have a picture of my father holding me at just seven days old that, in my mind, proves this point to me. Although I was later exposed to his abusing my family members, and then his own abuse of me, at seven days old it had not yet started. And yet, in his arms, my eyes are wide with terror and my arms cross my body as if in self-protection. My mother told me I was so unsettled in his arms she could barely get a picture taken.

        This healthy, innocent, psychologically stable infant had no reason to believe in anything other than that from where my Soul came and of which it (and all things Divine) are made: Light, Love, and Joy. I also came with a purpose for incarnation into the physical realm, which I have come to understand is to continue to express that Divinity regardless of my experiences.

        As that infant, I had no reason to believe anything else until I was taught otherwise. The world’s messages overwhelm our young minds at the same time that they discourage our ability to sense the energies around and within us. This changes the root of our psychological makeup and our personalities: our beliefs.

        Can we change our beliefs, once rooted in us? Absolutely. But it takes motivation, which many of us never experience, and then courage, which not all of us have, and the belief that we can, without which any attempt will fail.

        If we believe we can, we can accomplish nearly anything. Without beliefs, our attempts to change anything will always fail. This proves to me that beliefs are the root, not the effect.

        Much Love and Many Blessings,

      • mewabe

        Thank you for the dialogue Neale, I will give it some thoughts and reply a little later (I have deadlines to attend to at the moment), not to debate or to attempt to “prove” that one of us is “correct” and the other”mistaken”, but to exchange and clarify ideas, and hopefully go deeper into the exploration of such ideas, while respecting that we might ultimately differ in our understanding of what is the ultimate cause, the root cause.

        • I think that as science, religion, psychology, medicine make the connection that consciousness is energy & is greatly affected by creativity we will, by that self knowledge, forge to the new enlightened renaissance frontier.

          The simple formula in life is the law of attraction, using the physical illusions in life in our favor, rather than being used by them.

          It’s both simple & sublime & visualizing the world we desire & letting that inspire our next action step, is where my individual personal creation reality blends & influences the collective in what ever degree it does.

          “I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good I can do.”

          • mewabe

            I used visualization when I was a young child…I don’t know where I got the idea at the time, as I do not remember anyone talking or writing about it in those days, but it worked. Yet I know it is not the “ultimate” or “only” solution…nothing is, we must use a variety of tools, and develop a more complete understanding of the delicate intricacies of the human psyche and of its complex and multi-layered relationships with the universe.

            In short, this is my point: nothing is simple, precisely because all reality, all life, is interconnected and interdependent.

          • We’ve had this discussion before. So nothing new. I would add:

            I use many tools & visualizations is simply one of the more powerful ones, especially when connected to feelings.

            Self talk is another BIGGIE, so are gratitude & appreciation, so is seeking peace within, taking life less seriously.

            There is a lot to simplicity & I move toward that over complexity that sometimes tries to hide simple truths by being needlessly complex when simplicity will do.

            Another great tool is learning to respond rather than react. Simple but challenging.

        • Patrick Gannon

          The point I would make in response to this – yes, I read the whole thing – is that empathy appears to be directly related to specific areas of the brain (right supramarginal gyrus). Just how much environmental factors vs physical factors influence empathy is an area of intensive study. We may have less control over our feelings of empathy or lack thereof due to the construction of our brains, though researchers have found that compassion can be trained.

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          I LOVE this statement, and I have to say I agree with it:

          MEWABE WRITES: “That a person invokes ‘love; to commit murder does not in any way imply that he can actually FEEL love. Love in this instance is more than likely just another abstract concept, like loyalty, morality, patriotism, etc. A person who FEELS love fully would not knowingly hurt another, except perhaps in an extreme, desperate and real self defense situation, and with much regrets.”

          For me the question becomes, what could or would cause a person to actually FEEL love? Is this something that happens to certain select people from childhood, because of the love THEY felt as they grew up? That is, is the ability to FEEL love environmentally ignited? Is it natural to the newborn’s experience, and then driven out of us? How and why does it arise as a genuine experience in those lucky few for whom it does?

          I think what I have been trying to say…and I’ll let it go at that….is that I feel it is what a person BELIEVES that causes the ability to retain our inborn loving nature to arise; what a person BELIEVES about themselves, about what they call “God,” if you will (if they even have a thought about such a Being), about Life and the process of Life, about Life’s purpose and function, and about other people and who they are in relationship TO other people.

          I feel that these beliefs — whether gathered in childhood or “picked up along the way” or abruptly changed as a result of a “lightning bolt experience” — are what cause the presence or lack of pain….as well as the ability or Inability to FEEL love, and not just hold it as an abstraction.

          That’s, in essence, what I am, and have been, saying. CWG made it very clear to me that as we believe, so will it be done unto us. That is, what we hold to be true will become true in our experience. I am saying that “belief” is more than a set of thoughts and ideas. It is that, for sure, but that set of thoughts and ideas produces an energy — and that energy is creative, generating physical and metaphysical effects in both our interior and exterior reality.

          This is more than: “I think, therefore I am.” This is: “I think, and WHAT I think generates energy that produces physical, mental, and emotional responses that create exterior effects and manifestations in the world around me throughout my life.”

          Therefore, WHAT “I think” is not unimportant…and often PRECEDES the pain and suffering (or the LOVE) I feel….in fact, at some level causing it.

          Okay, I am clear that I could be wrong about all of this. But let me add my personal “testimony”, at least, so that those who believe that empirical evidence is the only valid tool with which to reach any conclusion about anything might be at least slightly mollified: my entire life changed when I changed my most sacred and fundamental beliefs about the stuff I listed in Paragraph 4 above. And these new beliefs and understandings, which I experience to have been gifted to me by God, have touched the lives of several million people around the world as well, in a way which has changed THEIR lives for the better also, judging from their “testimony.”

          So there you have it. Both they and I could be utterly, completely, and absolutely bamboozled, confused, and “drugged” by all of this. None of it can be proven by “science,” that’s for sure, and none of our conclusions have been reached by a fact-based “process.” So by some measures that would certainly seem to invalidate them and eliminate them from serious consideration, for sure.

          And…I truly, truly have no need to be “right” about any of this. But, like you, Mewabe, I am sharing these notes so that anyone who wonders what my thoughts are on this subject may at least be clear….not on what is “so,” but at least on what is “so” for me.


          • mewabe

            “For me the question becomes, what could or would cause a person to actually FEEL love?” Yes, It has also been my question…as far as I can remember….why are so many people seemingly unable to feel love, empathy, compassion, etc?

            I am posting the following which I had already posted as a response to Annie, which might be relevant:

            My assertion is that a huge majority of humanity doesn’t start up
            with a healthy mind, except perhaps when newly born, and even then the birth trauma has been proven, in some cases, to alter brain development and chemistry.

            For those who do not experience birth trauma, the psychological make up is quite often damaged, to varying degrees, by unfulfilled childhood needs or outright pain caused by bad, insensitive parenting. Such pain quite often accumulates through the growing up years until it becomes unbearable and is suppressed (causing a general numbing of overall feelings) or acted out in variously destructive ways.

            Yes, that means most of humanity is messed up or wounded, and consequently very vulnerable to embracing irrational beliefs when these unfulfilled childhood needs or/and that pain remain
            unconscious, unhealed, which is again in the majority of cases.

            I think that what I would say Neale, in conclusion, is that all feelings should be explored…including the ones that are uncomfortable or “negative”. All too often people seek to feel good at all cost, including at the cost of the suppression of their actual feelings or emotions. Many pursue “happiness” as if it was an escaped felon, frantically running away from themselves in the process. And a majority of people act the very opposite of how they feel.

            The spiritual path as I see it is about Self knowledge, and to achieve this we must not be afraid of exploring all aspects of the self, and I mean all including the “negative” or fearful aspects, until we fear none, either within ourselves or in others, because we have finally understood that all originally comes from love and returns to love.

            It has been an interesting dialogue Neale, thank you. The human psyche is very plastic and malleable, and there are many different ways to affect a change of mind and heart. But either way, there is no spirituality without profound healing, and no profound healing without spirituality.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Great discussion.

            I really appreciate the final note that your post, Neale, is “not on what is “so,” but at least on what is “so” for me.” That helps to put the discussion in a different light – not quite so religious in delivery; more personal, philosophical and conversational. It’s a discussion with a man, and not a prophet (messenger).

            I agree with you that what one believes about the self is a huge part of how one perceives the self. The self seems to be a combination of all one’s experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and perceptions. In order to know the self, I think we have to examine each of those factors and question them. “What have I learned from experience, what other experiences should I have or want to have? What is my knowledge level? Can I even question my beliefs or anyone else’s based on what little I know? How can I use what I do know? What are my beliefs?”

            Though I try as hard as I can to avoid beliefs because I think they create traps to self evolution, as a human, I know I hold some, but I think it is important to my personal development that I try to identify beliefs I hold and question them seriously. Sometimes when I look deeply enough at what I believe, I find things I don’t like. It would be easier to hide those things from myself, but is it the right thing for my personal development? How we perceive the rest of the world and our relationships, I think, is based on a combination of these and other factors.

            My concern is that it seems like there is little emphasis on the part of New Age or New Spirituality to ask whether beliefs are inherently a good or bad thing. The emphasis, (as has been the case for religions throughout history) is on replacing the old beliefs with new beliefs. Whether that should be done in the first place is seldom discussed. It’s just assumed that belief is a good thing – you just need the right ones. I think that premise is overdue for questioning.

            You see, my whole life also changed when I questioned my most fundamental and sacred beliefs. At first, I did as you did, and I changed them – to what “you” told me to believe in the CWG series. However, having been freed from my prior shackles, I came to understand over some period of time, that I had only “changed” my beliefs and that whoever I am or may be, was still covered up by things I believed but didn’t “know” to be true. I certainly knew that the question of consciousness was not understood; and I had not come to “know” about consciousness or god or the soul or whatever, at a personal experiential level through any psi effects that I could rely on as trusted evidence. So why should I believe something I don’t know to be true? Why not just be honest with myself and admit my ignorance? That is what is “so” for me. My ignorance and willingness to admit it to myself.

            How can I discover who I really am if I believe I already know? I had to ask myself what sense does it make to adopt something that came from another human (just like my prior beliefs – from men who also claimed revelation from the divine), that couldn’t be proven? It was a wonderful feeling, but I came to understand that it was the same feeling that fundamentalists who just love the bejesus out of Jesus seem to have – and let’s face it, it can be similar to drug-induced feelings – and I knew with a very high degree of certainty following a lot of research and study, that their beliefs were based on mythology and had little or no basis in reality. If I thought it was unhealthy for them, and even abusive to indoctrinate their children with their beliefs and thereby handicap the child with a ball and chain of ignorance, how could I think it was healthy for me – even if I enjoyed that same warm glow of comfort in my beliefs? No. I had to face my personal music, and admit, that I was fooling myself in believing something that, at the end of the day, had no more solid evidence than a six day creation, 6000 year old earth, a global flood or an Exodus of 2 million Hebrews.

            I think we need to question whether or not beliefs are a fundamentally a good thing – unless as Mewabe pointed out, one is just trying to help people to hide from themselves by exchanging old beliefs with new ones. If beliefs keep you from truly knowing yourself, how can they really be good? When do we need beliefs?

            One only needs belief when one has ignorance. If you know something, you don’t need to believe it. So when is a little belief good? When is a little ignorance good? Maybe there is a time. Maybe beliefs can be a “morphine” for the “soul” or consciousness, permitting a break from reality, but if you get too reliant on the morphine, you don’t go anywhere and remain stuck in your personal evolution. Is that a good thing? I don’t know; but I think it should be considered. I got unstuck, and it’s not as comfortable, but it feels a lot more honest and real to me.

          • mewabe

            I think you made your point very well…

            My path has always been to question everything…absolutely everything, because for me truth has always been more important than comfort. I congratulate you on your courage to be willing to face discomfort in order to grow further in your understanding of life.

            But I also know that we have to let people be who they are and where they are…I have had many conversations here, and they have been interesting, but unless someone already comes from the same place or a similar place as you, ideas do not come accross very well, they are highly filtered by a different perception, and communication is painful because, generally speaking, blocked by preconceptions and beliefs.

            And so we must “let it be”, and wish all a great journey…we will all find our way, and each will be unique in the end. And when we see people hanging upside down because they belief that it is a correct way to be, then we must let them be, unless they specifically ask for help in getting right side up 🙂

      • Patrick Gannon

        I agree as well that “beliefs” are the crux of the problem. So what solution is offered? More beliefs of course. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

        Perhaps it’s time to do away with beliefs, to seek knowledge and knowing. Mental illness, it seems, is largely the product of our genes. Yes, environmental factors matter too, but if the odds are stacked against you in the distribution of dysfunctional genetic material, beliefs can only make the problem worse, and seldom better. What’s needed is knowledge. What’s needed is to identify those genes and figure out how to remove or counter them.

        Perhaps beliefs such as fear of punishment in an afterlife, keep some dysfunctional people from behaving in an anti-social manner, but the New Spirituality does away with that fear of punishment in the afterlife, leaving the dysfunctional person with nothing to fear from the consequences of their behavior. I hate the idea of religions trying to motivate behavior through fear, but if the belief says that there is no punishment for your actions, that may be even worse for those who are predisposed to dysfunctional behavior due to genetics.

        I understand the motives in wanting to replace legacy religious beliefs with newer, better and kinder beliefs, but as long as they are still beliefs they won’t be permanent. Judaism was probably an improvement over some forms of paganism, Christianity an improvement over Judaism and at least early Islam (when they preached peace instead of militancy) was likely an improvement over imperial Christianity; and so too the “New Spirituality” religion may start off as an improvement over all of those Abrahamic beliefs that it is rooted in; but it’s still a belief, a faith, a religion. It’s not based on knowledge and knowing. It’s taking the word of one human being and assuming that he knows better than the rest of us what we should believe because of claimed revelations. The thing is, all the religions before it were also a product of claimed revelation, and look at how they turned out.

        No, I cannot buy into the logic of replacing that which has created the problem in the first place, with more of the same. Beliefs are like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer – it feels so good when you stop.

        In any event, we know far too little about what motivated this young man to be using this situation for political gains. We’ve got the race baiters jumping in, the Confederates jumping in, Fox News and their attack on Christianity jumping in, and now the New Spirituality is jumping in and nobody knows enough about this individual to be making any kinds of assertions such as those discussed here or anywhere else. I find it rather disturbing that a disastrous situation is being leveraged to push beliefs for all sorts of competing organizations – but that’s what beliefs do. Beliefs let us jump to conclusions. Facts do not. Leveraging disaster for organizational or personal benefit is what beliefs are all about. The last thing we need is more beliefs. What we need are facts and knowledge.

        • mewabe

          But the thought that beliefs are the crux of the problem is itself a belief, or an assumption.

          On the other hand, the idea that psychological/emotional trauma creates a fertile ground for irrational beliefs has been proven through research, as well as the fact that certain beliefs act as a defense or opiate against psychological/emotional pain, actually releasing “feel good” chemicals in the brain. We are talking about science here, not beliefs.

          A discussion about widespread emotional/psychological pain is totally appropriate in this situation, when we understand that most human tragedies are rooted in such unconscious, unhealed pain.

          • Patrick Gannon

            No, the thought that beliefs are the crux of the problem, is not a belief – at least not on my part. I arrived at that conclusion logically, and I can be swayed from it by reason, logic and evidence. If I believed it, nothing you said could convince me otherwise.

            I agree with you that psychological/emotional trauma creates a fertile ground for irrational beliefs. I think that makes a lot of sense. I focused on genetic inclinations in my response, but I gave passing mention to environmental factors. Upon reflection, I would agree with your suggestion that psychological/emotional trauma likely foster irrational beliefs. I wonder whether some people are more susceptible than others as a result of their genetic makeup, however. I’m not disagreeing with your assertion that many human tragedies are rooted in such things – though I would balk at the use of the word “most” until I had evidence to that effect.

            Neale defined the problem as being based in beliefs, and then proposed a solution based in beliefs. That makes no sense to me. To me that argument is something like: the house is on fire because someone threw gasoline on it, so let’s throw kerosene on it, since it’s not quite as flammable. How about if we do some research and discover that it’s better to throw water (knowledge, truth, facts) on it?

          • mewabe

            I feel like the 3 of us (Neale, you and I) are performing a dance here, going round and round.

            I agree with you about the desirability of knowledge versus beliefs. All true spiritual quests are, to me, about knowledge, while religion, which is inferior to actual spirituality, is about beliefs. In the final analysis, even science is spiritual, in the sense that, when sincere, a scientist seeks truth and knowledge, and such pursuits are spiritual by nature, that is to say that they expand our consciousness, understanding and human expressions.

            I also agree with Neale that beliefs do influence behaviors, and that it is time to discard false, limiting, ancient destructive beliefs.

            But my assertion, based on experience and knowledge, is that the unconscious, buried pain that comes from unfulfilled emotional chlidhood needs and /or trauma (for example birth is very frequently traumatic and this trauma has been demonstrated through research to actually influence the formation of the brain in a negative way…this is just one example) do provide the neurotic, unreal psychological environment for the creation or adoption of unreal, neurotic beliefs systems, such as that of a punishing Sky Father.

            My other assertion also based on experience and observation is that most people are indeed driven by unconscious, buried pain from childhood, and have no idea they are, or how deeply it affects them in negative ways.

            This is why those ideas are frequently not welcome in the mainstream, as they threaten people’s defenses systems. In this case ideas, beliefs and concepts also serve as a defense against feeling such buried pain.

            WE live in a cultural e

          • Patrick Gannon

            That was very well said, Mewabe. I would really have to get into quibbling over little things to find anything to disagree with. I think we come to the same general conclusions over slightly different paths.

            I don’t take your generalization about New Age to be a “cheap shot.” That is what I’m concerned about. To your credit, you are clearly a more empathetic person than I am, concerned about individuals, while I’m more focused on the practical world of organizations and movements that knowingly or perhaps even unknowingly take advantage of people when the “fear arises, and most frantically look for another set of beliefs to hang on to and use as a defense against feeling their own pain and misery.” I am sure that some of the New Age belief peddlers have the same good intentions that the Jesus peddlers had when they started back in the CE 50s, but no matter how good the intentions, the outcome has not been all that might be desired!

            It was a wonderful, feel-good belief when I had it, but it wasn’t real. I was still hiding. Life is much less comfortable without beliefs; but at least it’s living honestly or trying to. Maybe hiding is better, but it’s hard to get anywhere like that. How many people recognize that they are hiding unless someone points it out so they can at least think about it? Are new beliefs really the solution to old problems? It’s a valid question to ask and talk about.

            I’m not really sure how important all this is, given that the truth we really need to face is that of our own demise as a species. I see little chance of avoiding extinction. I think the only chance our species has is to face unfortunate facts – and pretty darn quick. More and more experts are saying we’ve already passed some tipping points, or are right at the crest. Combining population growth and finite resources, the exponential path to destruction seems unavoidable. Is it better to “hide” behind old beliefs that tell us when destruction comes, that Jesus or Allah or Yahweh will appear and set everything right, or maybe new beliefs that tell us we have nothing to be concerned about because we’re eternal anyway, so turn on Kum Bay Ya and pretend you aren’t suffering when the end comes (now that was a cheap shot!), or is it better to face the facts that our species is in for a very rough ride if it is to survive? Currently our consensus is that hiding is best.

            I understand the idea of “We are all ONE” as one possible way we can solve the problem by coming together as one. It’s a great idea, but is it true? A fraction of the population believing it, isn’t going to do the trick, in my opinion. Eventually a handful of powerful individuals will attempt to solve the problem for us, but not necessarily in our personal favor, even though it will likely be too late by then anyway. “We are all ONE” as some ethereal force cannot be proven today, and beliefs aren’t going to prove it, so it may or may not be true. As a society, we know that we don’t know, and we sure as heck don’t feel or act like ONE. New beliefs aren’t going to change that any time soon, in my opinion. Anyone who might be anticipating a sideways move to new beliefs, should in honesty look carefully at at prior belief systems and study their track record to see that any new belief should be treated with the utmost skepticism, no matter how nicely it’s dressed up.

            On the other hand, if the scientific process could prove consciousness or something else connects us at a level higher than the physical connectivity we already have at the molecular level – we’re all cosmic star dust – then maybe, just maybe, that real evidence would do the trick, particularly if we could learn to harness it. I think we’re fast running out of time though. I see our end time options as: a) this physical matter reality is all there is, and when we’re gone, we’re gone and we won’t know it any more than we knew anything for billions of years before we were born. b) Some sort of consciousness succeeds this physical reality and it will be whatever it will be regardless of what we might believe about it now – so why bother believing anything?

            In the meantime our society will have reached its expiration date. If we “knew” one way or the other, would it even make a difference? Would we put more into life knowing this is all there is? Would we try to protect our planet for our offspring? Would we care, knowing that when it’s over, it’s over? I don’t know.

            On the other hand, would we cooperate and come together if we knew we were connected at some higher level? I hate to say that I can see the human species learning how to use group consciousness as a tool, and then using that tool as a weapon, group against group, so maybe when I propose that these New Age guys should set up online experiments to test this stuff, it could be just as scary if it worked, as it would be depressing for many if (when) it doesn’t.

            Ecclesiastes 8:15, ‘Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry’, and Isaiah 22:13, ‘Let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die.’

        • Patrick,

          There are some points that you continue to avoid in most of your comments on this site.

          I have yet to hear Neale say he assumes he knows better than the rest of us what we should believe. In his first book, he says (paraphrasing) that he offers us ideas that came from a source other than his conscious mind, and gives us the choice to believe in the ideas or not, and whether they came from God or not. You refer to him as a “prophet,” but I have yet to hear him describe himself as such. If he is, then we all are.

          Neale is, on a regular basis, asking questions rather than making statements. He does so often here, on this site. He also says throughout the CWG series of books that we have the ability to experience and know for ourselves what is or isn’t true. Just because you have not been able to do so does not make that statement untrue for all. It only makes it untrue for you (probably at least in part because you believe it won’t work).

          What you especially continue to avoid addressing is that science is itself a set of beliefs. How many times has science “proven” a theory (belief), only to later have that “proof” overturned?

          Science itself has “proven” that any results of experiments are merely a set of what can only be considered “subjective facts” because the observer of an experiment influences the outcome. Therefore, the “proof” from an experiment is no more reliable than a belief based on a set of “subjective experiences” of a believer.

          You also regularly tie what Neale says to “the Abraham in religions” or “the Abraham in God.” Yet he regularly cites sources from other paths of knowledge and states they are all paths to the same knowledge.

          You simply refuse to see that your faith in science is no more, and no less, than faith in a set of spiritual beliefs. Yet even your refusal to see it as such doesn’t “make it so” for everyone else, but only for yourself.

          Many, Many Blessings,

          • Patrick Gannon

            Annie, the only point I will respond to is your assertion that science is a set of beliefs. That is complete and utter nonsense. Science is the “intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

            Scientists (i.e. people) may hold beliefs, but science itself is a process.

          • Semantics. The result of science is a set of beliefs based on the result of subjective observation and “subjective proofs” that have been influenced by the experimentor. One can no more “know” something based on such subjective results than by any other arrival at conclusions.


          • Patrick Gannon

            Science itself is a process. That’s what we were talking about, Annie. You’re changing the subject. I responded specifically to your statement that “science is itself a set of beliefs.” I say again: No, it is not. It is a process.

            Now you want to change the topic to the “result of science” which is an entirely different subject, and you insist that this is a set of beliefs. Fine, that’s not what I was discussing. At some level, I “think” all such results may indeed be (well founded) beliefs, and I think it best to keep an open mind, understanding that everything we believe may not be as it seems.

            That I’m typing messages to people around the world at this moment, testifies to the great results and successes of the process of science, while the total lack of evidence to support any “gods” testifies to poor results, and the lack of success for beliefs. So in living my day to day life, it’s clear that I’ll get further by using the process of science to seek truth, than to shut down that process and use belief to get nowhere.

          • Again, semantics. I was clarifying my previous answer to you. “We” were talking about beliefs from the start of the comments. You may have been talking about “science as a process” (a very neat slight-of-hand to circumvent addressing your belief in science, and that it’s results are beliefs, BTW), thereby changing the subject.


  • NealeDonaldWalsch

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  • Kristen

    Neale, moderators etc…..if you followed a different, quite scary thread to those who are not used to it….is the person, now gone, ok to your knowledge??? Very very very worried, and it was obvious why but I cannot help now.

  • mewabe

    Neale, I don’t mean to be a pest (I know I am), but you asked in a previous comment:

    “…is the ability to FEEL love environmentally ignited? Is it natural to the newborn’s experience, and then driven out of us?”
    Then you added:
    “I think what I have been trying to say…and I’ll let it go at that….is that I feel it is what a person BELIEVES that causes the ability to retain our inborn loving nature to arise…”
    “I feel that these beliefs — whether gathered in childhood or “picked up along the way” or abruptly changed as a result of a “lightning bolt experience” — are what cause the presence or lack of pain….as well as the ability or Inability to FEEL love, and not just hold it as an abstraction.”

    And my answer to you has been, yes and no. Yes in part, but it is not this simple and this black and white. Here is why, it is very well explained in this article, please google it:

    Doctor: Childhood Trauma Can Destroy Your Health Decades Later — and America’s Ignoring It.
    How trauma haunts us for the rest of our lives.
    By Dr. Nadine Burke Harris
    June 25, 2015

    You will notice in the article if anyone actually reads it that separation/divorce are cited as one of the sources of childhood emotional trauma…how many marriages end up in divorce today? Oh yes, 40 to 50%. That alone would make 40 to 50% of children potentially damaged emotionally and psychologically, not to mention the other sources of trauma, which are much more prevalent that most people think or understand or are even willing to look at.

  • Chloelilly_won’t_be_silenced

    With everything that has been happening recently with ISIS, gun massacres, racial tensions, gay marriage, illegals, I was wondering what is your take Neale on our country trying to take away free thought? In the world today it seems to me like we are being forced to think a certain way or be chastised. What is your opinion on this matter?