An Open Letter to Our World

A new video posted on the Facebook page of Conversation with God author Neale Donald Walsch is threatening to go viral on the Internet, having reached nearly 90,000 views in just a few days.

The video is just over six minutes long, and its script is a reading of the first chapter from the audio book of Walsch’s newest work.

Carrying the title GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong, the book offers an exploration of 17 statements about God that are held to be true by billions of people across the planet.

None of the statements are true, the author asserts, and the video highlights the challenges now being faced by humanity as a result.  The program ends with the asking of a series of inquiries that Walsch says are the most important questions facing our species in the first quarter of the century.

The video has been shared by over 3,000 people, with the number rising rapidly every hour, according to Facebook analytics.

The video may be viewed here.

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  • Erin

    🙂 shared. <3

  • Patrick Gannon

    “GlobCon Reporting Services”?


  • hempwise

    Wonderful video showing Humanity to itself and most importantly why we are where we are and what we may do to help ourselves escape from the mire, as no one is truly well off while others are dying .


  • Judy Devlin

    Why do I have to buy a book to receive the answer? I swear it was in one of your Conversations with God books where ‘god’ said that if someone purposely withholds information that could help humanity for a price he is profiting unfairly. Yes you have a right to make a living, but….

    • Patrick Gannon

      CWG Book 2, Chapter 20 might be the source of the passage you are thinking about Judy; though I suppose that the “context” could be debated. I didn’t do an exhaustive search…

      “God” is speaking: “The first choice will produce the second, for when you see and understand that you are One with Everyone, you can not tell an untruth or withhold important data or be anything but totally visible with all others because you will be clear that it is in your own best interests to do so.”

      As for “best interests,” according to Specialty Retail Report, the New Age business is about $230 Billion (not million) per year. Another site, LOHAS says $209 billion and growing fast. Like legacy religion – new age religion is big business, and like legacy religion, it relies on “belief” to succeed and prosper. Belief means ignorance, because if we know something we don’t need to believe it. So human ignorance has been, and continues to be used to create a $200 Billion market for the New Age Religion(s). Of course New Age is still dwarfed by the legacy religions, but the song remains the same: leveraging human ignorance for economic gain, and eventually for political gains as well.

      Is capitalism that leverages ignorance a “highest vision” sort of thing? CWG Book 2 would seemingly say “no” given its socialist viewpoint promoting the ‘huddled masses;’ and I think CWG Book 1 would argue that the old religions should not have leveraged human ignorance as they did and still do. What, exactly has changed though? It’s still all about taking advantage of our ignorance. We still don’t know if there’s a god, be it the brute of the Abrahamic religions or its feminized transformation into CWG’s god, or Shiva, or Mumbo Jumbo of the Jungle. We’re still ignorant, and believing is still a way of hiding that ignorance from ourselves. Belief is sort of like a postoperative morphine drip to numb the little voice that admits “Wait a minute, I know that I don’t know.” Any ‘feeling’ that tells me I do know must be suspect as a protective delusion covering up the internal conflict. People who absolutely “know” what they observed in an accident or crime, are wrong at very high rates. I think this kind of “knowing” must always be suspect until supported with real evidence to be of any value in overcoming real ignorance.

      A related question: Is it OK to take advantage of ignorant people unwilling to face or admit their ignorance? Sometimes it seems like they deserve it, doesn’t it? On the other hand, in our society beset with the consequences of internal mental conflict brought about by believing things we know that we don’t know, we’re all affected.

      There is absolutely no objective evidence for deities of any sort. We do not know if there is a God. There may be, there may not be. Our consciousness may continue after our brain dies, or it may not. We are still ignorant of the explanation for consciousness, but we’re learning more all the time. Can we make real progress individually and as a society, without first admitting our ignorance to ourselves? If we can do so, from there we can discuss whether to continue with the belief morphine drip, or consider whether to swallow our fears, and face our ignorance head on.

      I propose that the discussion should not be about changing beliefs; it should be about questioning belief itself. Before deciding which belief we should have – shouldn’t we talk about whether we need any beliefs at all, and whether we might be better off without them? We might, after due contemplation, decide that a belief coma is preferable, but shouldn’t we have that discussion?

      • Judy Devlin

        I’m thinking more about ‘good intentions’. Many of the great inventions were created out of curiosity, need, good intentions etc., all to make life a little better and most have but then the belief in capitalism as the way to progress society has gotten out of hand by greed, power, ego and as Neale shows in this video billions of people still go without the basics. Religions kind of jumped on that money band wagon too, in my opinion, and also only really benefit a few. Ignorance is a factor and probably why so many are so easily led and exploited. So if that is all wrong and Neale says there’s another way, why doesn’t he spill the beans instead of create a great PR hook for his own beans and tell the world now, today…
        I am very skeptical about all religions, politics, corporations, Big Pharma, etc., etc., and mostly because of the money/greed crap.
        I look inward now for my answers etc., as over six decades, I have learned to trust myself before another. And that trust is free and real freedom:)

        • Erin

          This is a good questioning, Judy, but most are not aware that their biggie Life wonders are Freely available…enter Neale & Company to inspire such awareness.

          If you were as the average Joe money-wise, & had the talent to make healing jewelry, how ‘freely’ could you give it to those in need? There’s alot of sick peeps about these days. To accomodate them, you’d have to set aside your regular job, time with Family, but still pay for the roof overhead & Family needs, the stones & materials to continue your wares, marketing (letting folks know what you offer) & postage to get that healing out there…these are traded with money at the moment…it’s just a means of barter, so that the producer & needer are both fulfilled. See?

          In Neale’s case, he also presents means to those who cannot barter with cashola…check about the CwG sites & affiliates & you will notice “Pay as you can” in many offerings, as well, is the info he offers available ‘free’ on fb, this site, & others. These offerings still cost, but are provided by those who have greater monetary resources than most, & who heartfully believe that they are worthy investments to do so.

          You will find that human psychology is an interesting thing…and to get Us to move in altered directions is not simply a “Hey! Let’s go This way, I know where Eden is!” We’re a tough bunch under our fleshy exterior!

          Even in the sustainable communities re-rising, as presented above, there is still need for money resources to provide what cannot otherwise be in the moments toward becoming Self-sustaining…Land is purchased by trade with it, permits & contracts, outside communications, etc., are paid by it.
          Anyway…hope I provided a bit of thought food to your ponderings, Judy…It was my ‘good intention’. 🙂 <3

          • Patrick Gannon

            “Healing jewelry?”

            There is no scientific evidence I am able to find anywhere that confirms the healing powers of static magnets or crystals or any other kind of jewelry, beyond the placebo effect. It’s a scam, and telling people these inanimate objects will heal cancer and similar diseases is reprehensible, and sellers should probably be prosecuted as practicing medicine without a license.

            On the other hand, it’s OK to part fools from their money, I suppose; and those that die because the jewelry did not work as advertised are contributing to the culling of evolutionary dead ends and are indirectly doing the rest of our species a favor by removing themselves from the gene pool. However taking advantage of fear and ignorance by selling “God” is a step too far in my opinion, because, I think, the internal mental conflict it sets up affects all of us in a negative way. We act out the internal conflicts that disrupt our consciousness and assault our intelligence as a result of believing things that we know inside we cannot support with any evidence at all. We hide our ignorance behind the morphine drip of belief, and that affects how we live our day to day lives and how we react with each other. There’s a built in stress machine that we wake to every day knowing deep inside that we believe things that we know we don’t know and it agitates us and contributes to the societal ills that I observe everywhere I look.

            When it comes right down to it, there’s no more evidence that Neale’s “god” exists than there is that magnets and crystals really cure diseases. Both enrich a few by leveraging the ignorance and fear of the masses.

            When one person believes nonsense we call them delusional. When masses of people believe nonsense we call it religion.

          • Erin

            Dear Patrick…The ‘jewelry’ was just an example of saleable wares & barter thru the dollar, and no, you won’t find ‘scientific’ evidence on such…drug sales are doing quite well enough,and age-old Herbalists & their weedy cures are present prosecuting targets, because they hold the larger anti-market to those sales.

            Funny, but the difficulty in taking down tried & true forms is that the research to prove them ‘reprehensible’ is proving otherwise. What to do to save face? Control the wares…turn them into consumer demands via ‘scientific support’, control the supply by un-free-ing them thru laws, & make them dangerous in process. This creates a winner’s circle for Modern Medicine…Inglorious genius, and also shows fine example of human psychology in marketing. Judy’s getting quite the biz lesson, thanks for the input, Patrick!

            Agree…there is no scientific evidence on God, either, tho the concept has been a mis-usable ‘guidance idea’ that has created a winner’s circle for many, including Believers. I like that Neale & others are opting to alter the concept in more purposeful direction…inspiring humans to think for themselves. God is a common understanding that a vast majority of humans find comfort in & association with, as well as basis for their own moral governance. What better way to move an fear-ridden, abused mass than to reshape it’s cornerstones & incite a make-over project without Fear & using non-abusive materials? If greater comfort & sustainability is found in such, the rest of the build will be smoother & more flexible. To pull-the-rug entirely would leave a wake of Home-lessness that no business could coup from.

            btw…Science is big biz, & presently culminating a commonality with religion to boost support…aka The God-Particle Theory. Marketing genius, indeed! 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            Thank you for your response, Erin. You said: “Funny, but the difficulty in taking down tried & true forms is that the research to prove them ‘reprehensible’ is proving otherwise.” I assume you agree that this is not the case for crystal and magnet jewelry. You chose the example of healing jewelry. I might agree with you regarding some other substances such as cannabis.

            I did not mean to imply that any and all ‘alternative’ methods were reprehensible. Any that yield observable, reproducible positive results should be studied further and in some way ‘certified’ as being safe and effective if such is the case. I was referring to the practice of selling items that the seller – or at least the manufacturer, knows there is no practical use for. To tell someone that a magnet will cure their cancer when there is no evidence whatsoever to support that is indeed reprehensible in my opinion. We can debate whether there should be limits on parting fools with their money, even if it results in their death, given that there may be a net benefit to removing such people from the gene pool for the betterment of our species as a whole. Nevertheless, taking advantage of people’s ignorance and weakness by selling baseless products isn’t “highest vision” stuff, is it?

            More to the point, I do not agree that Neale is asking people to think for themselves. He is asking them to change their beliefs to what he believes, based on the idea that he is a “messenger” from a God for whom there is no evidence. If he really wanted people to think for themselves, I feel that he would not tell people that they must “change their beliefs.” Instead he would tell them to question the very concept of belief itself. That is how you think for yourself. Neale has said clearly that he wants people to exchange their old beliefs with his new beliefs. I’m the first to admit they are nicer beliefs, but ignorance is still ignorance when you believe something with no evidence.

            Inside our minds, any of us who are sane and honest with ourselves know that we don’t know, but so many people continue to numb themselves with beliefs in order to hide from themselves the unpleasant knowledge that we simply do not know. Telling ourselves we do know apparently sets up internal conflict in our consciousness (cognitive dissonance) and maybe this is why we are so messed up as a species.

            Whether it is better to confront ignorance head on, or to make an interim ‘stepping stone’ approach from horrid to nicer beliefs, is open to debate. The end game, I think, should be to get people to stop hiding their ignorance from themselves and admit their lack of knowledge.

            “God” unfortunately is a basis for some people’s moral governance, and as a consequence there are many in our society full of hatred, bigotry and hostility to the other which is exactly how “God” is described in his “holy scriptures.” Neale’s God is nicer, but She’s almost certainly just as imaginary as the Abrahamic gods. We don’t know. We shouldn’t lie to ourselves and pretend that we do.

            I think there is a miniscule chance that “God” actually channeled through Neale, but let’s face it – it’s almost completely certain that he was talking to himself. I have dialogue in my head that is similar at times to what is written in CwG, but I know I’m talking to myself. The human brain has the ability to create multiple personalities. I don’t recall reading whether Neale ever visited a psychiatrist when he was having his “conversations” with himself, but I would have done so if I believed I was really talking with “God.” Had Neale handled his book like “The Shack” by William Young, and presented it as a novel, rather than as some sort of scripture; that would be different, but he certainly doesn’t think of his book as a novel.

            I’m not sure I buy into the idea that scientists are culminating a commonality with religion to boost support. The scientific community, particularly in the US is being disparaged for sharing facts about subjects like evolution in direct contradiction to the disproven beliefs of religion. Science is under attack in the US. I’m not even sure if any of the Republican candidates for President accept evolution over creationism; maybe one or two, but most of them do not – or they are too cowardly to say what they believe on the record. That’s a frightening commentary on the state of science in the US. We will not maintain our leadership in science if we allow kids to grow up thinking creationism and intelligent design are on a par with evolution as theories.

          • Erin

            I cannot recall any instance when Neale expressed himself as a channeller or messenger of God, tho there are many times he has asked readers NOT to believe a single word he says, but to ‘feel’ what is True for them…just sayin’.
            U.S. Sciences have been over-ruled by their Military & those who believe themselves to know that ‘humans do not know what’s good for them’…Zero transparency, & the techs released are ages old. Yeah, this idi-ot-ology is working sooo well.(Not!) The ‘God Particle’ was supposed to bond thinking & provide common ground with which to continue human moves, tho, I see it is being swayed into further collidings. 🙂
            heehee…A kid’s point of view of all the contrivances set before them? “Why so serious?…Let’s play a game!” 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            Erin, you said:

            “I cannot recall any instance when Neale expressed himself as a channeller or messenger of God.”

            From CwG Book 1:

            God: “Many Masters have been sent to the Earth to demonstrate Eternal Truth. Others, such as John the Baptist, have been sent as messengers, telling of the Truth in glowing terms, speaking of God with unmistakable clarity.

            These special messengers have been gifted with extraordinary insight, and the very special power to see and receive Eternal Truth, plus the ability to communicate complex concepts in ways that can and will be understood by the masses.

            You are such a messenger.

            NDW: I am?”

            In his book, Neale is equating himself with John the Baptist. That’s a pretty bold claim.


            God: “And so I have chosen you to be My messenger. You, and many others. For now, during these times immediately ahead, the world will need many trumpets to sound the clarion call. The world will need many voices to speak the words of truth and healing for which millions long. The world will need many hearts joined together in the work of the soul, and prepared to do the work of God.

            Can you honestly claim that you are not aware of this?

            NDW: No.

            Can you honestly deny that this is why you came?

            NDW: No.”

            Clearly, Neale considers himself to be a messenger from God, or did when he wrote the book.

            There is more, but that’s from Book 1. I didn’t search further, but I’d be surprised if there aren’t more references to Neale’s appointment by God as a messenger to the human race. Now keep in mind that people like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Hobart Freeman, David Berg and others, have made similar claims about being messengers of God. When one person has delusions, we send them to a shrink, but when lots of people have delusions we call it religion.

            Neale has said on this very forum that we need to “change our beliefs” and that some people do not have the “appropriate” or “correct” beliefs about God. As God’s “messenger” we are supposed to take his word for this, but I have become unconvinced, particularly as a result of Neale and others quoting CwG as though it were holy scripture for the “New Spirituality” religion. The last thing we need is more religions, but religion is a profitable business, so I expect that it will be around as long as people are willing to give up their hard earned money so “messengers” of God can tell them what to believe, since they’re too lazy or fearful to decide for themselves what they know and what they don’t know and face it honestly.

            I don’t share your opinion about science. The amount of competition among scientists to disprove and one-up each other ensures that the process continues to work as it is intended. If anyone is indicating that “humans do not know what’s good for them,” it’s Neale and other religionists who all want us to believe what they tell us to believe. As I’m sure you know, the “god particle” has nothing to do with God. That was an unfortunate name for the Higgs Bosun.

          • Kristen

            Hi Patrick,
            Ive been studying and working with stones this year, and wow! This sceptic has been proven wrong, big time. But I am already a trained healer and know the word believe is huge with any natural majic….nothing will work if people dont have an open mind, are in a receptive headspace and are prepared to be wrong. In this aspect, when working with clients, then yes, it is similar to the placebo effect…if the client has a closed mind and is refusing to believe you MAY be able to help, then you cant help them. This is the core fundamental behind the placebo effect, faith healing, stones (excl crystals as they are so strong), homeopathic therapys etc……the Law of Attraction, God, The Universe and nature will not help those who are consciously unreceptive to them, its a bit like a trade of mutual acknowledgement and respect. Its sad when people block so many services available to us. But in saying that, I still believe heat is the best healer, as do many Chinese methods as heat works with your life force or Chi, there is nothing more healing than heating your spinal fluid, be it hot stones, a hot spa jet a nap with your spine close to a heater or fire, ekectric blanket, vicks vaporub etc!! Most bodies thrive best in 25-30deg celcuis, Earth is really to cold now for humans to thrive and be healthy.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Kristin, I’m glad you agree that what patients are experiencing is the placebo effect. Double blind, scientific experiments in which “crystals” were replaced with cheap alternatives made of other substances like plastic confirmed that the real crystals had no healing effects. There was only the placebo effect and it made no difference if the crystal was real or fake.

            The healing that takes place for most homeopathic remedies appears to be the result of the placebo effect. This is a very interesting effect and one that science is still trying to understand. The fact that the brain can be made to believe that something with no healing powers – such as a sugar pill or a crystal – will heal the body, and that it “may” actually do so, would seem to indicate that the brain has power to control the electrochemical reactions of the body in order to heal itself. However some experiments suggest that any “improvements” in one’s condition are strictly in the mind and nothing is really healed that wouldn’t heal on its own anyway. Understanding how this works will be beneficial to health providers when it’s fully understood. Some suggest that what makes these things work is the idea that a fellow human is caring, consoling, empathizing with the patient and making them feel better psychologically.

            Sorry, but I don’t buy the “law of attraction” conjecture. It doesn’t pan out in real life. The fact that thousands of people thought the Titanic was unsinkable did not prevent it from running into an iceberg and going down. It is demeaning to people who have experienced trauma such as rape victims as it implies that they brought it upon themselves by having negative thoughts. That’s crap and defies common sense. If we want to cure cancer we should stop research and just think about it instead? No; I don’t buy that. I think focusing on certain things, like getting one’s weight down, raises the issue within our consciousness and we alter our behavior as a result. If I’m actively thinking about how I want to lose weight, I’m more likely to skip the bag of potato chips than if I’m not thinking about it at all.

          • Kristen

            I think you misinterpreted some of what I said…but yes, our bodies are completely healing IF we believe in them, or a helping tool. If we dont believe, then I guess the medical profession will continue to make fortunes. A lot of meds are placebo effect based anyway. The majical powers of the word believe are huge, but those tools wont work for those who dont believe in it. Just the way it is…you dont want to believe in things I, and Erin in this case, do so the powers above and on Earth will not provide you with personal evidence. Its a two way street, and I find it quite sad for you,
            I absolutely do not believe in the Law of Attraction in the context of your last paragraph, and agree with you. There are thousands of aspects to it, but thinking people can attract bad things into their lives is a load of crock, and as you said, very insulting and damaging. Hell, if that was the case then parents would be causing their kids to get drunk take drugs, crash cars, get sexually abused etc constantly, as our worries about these things woukd manifest. Just one of the many cons new agers use to sell books etc. The more words something takes to explain, the bigger the con, cos they need to confuse brains into submission…ie brainwashing.
            Take care,

          • Patrick Gannon

            ” A lot of meds are placebo effect based anyway.”

            That might be true where you are; I don’t think it’s true in the US. If a doctor gives someone a placebo and they remain sick, you can bet on a malpractice lawsuit. Doctors are leery of prescribing placebos for that reason.

            I struggle a little with the idea of belief when it apparently helps placebos to work for some people. However, what it insinuates to me, is that perhaps people really aren’t sick to begin with, but they believe that they are, so giving them a placebo means believing they aren’t sick any longer, and thus changes their status. If that’s a valid conjecture then of course there’s still the matter of belief that perhaps got them sick in the first place. It is a conundrum that we can apparently do that to ourselves. I don’t know enough about the placebo effect to comment in any great detail. It’s certainly worthy of additional study by science in order to understand it better. If beliefs can make us sick (which seems likely based on personal experience with a relative), then it would follow that the best thing one can do is to avoid beliefs in the first place, and then you should have no need to change them when the beliefs end up producing undesirable results.

            Kristen, a personal note. I am a little “put off” by phrases such as, “I find it quite sad for you,” or “I’ll pray for you” as a religionist would say. It really comes across as arrogant and condescending to many of us, but you may not realize that any more than religionists do. There is absolutely no reason for you to feel sad for me. I have a pretty decent life with few regrets except those in which I gave away my intellect and let others tell me what to believe.

          • Kristen

            Sorry, no offense intended, I would go loopy with frustration not having truths proven to me so I can believe in things, but I also know that we must be receptive ourselves first. I should not have expressed how I feel, since I cut someone off years ago (a newly found half sibling), when she sent me ‘Jesus saves’ etc brochures in a Christmas card, so I would agree with you on that one!
            An easy example of medication working as a placebos is when you give kids Pamol (panadol, paracetamol..unsure what it is in the US), and they say the pain is better within a few minutes….the meds take at least 20mins to work!! Most meds are made to target specific types of organs, rather than just the one they are for, hence side effects. Prostate meds will also affect sinuses or nasal glands, natural medications other than targetted ones like food vitamins, acupuncture and acupressure, all work the same, therefore many prescriptions are not actually for the specific problem. Type 2 diabetes meds are given for polycystic ovaries, and to transgender people pre reassignment ops. Medicine fascinates me…my conclusion is food, harmless things that work as a placebo and happiness are the best cures. Healers should know to delve into the real cause of the problem, as most are manifestations of something, and should all start with happiness for ten minutes, and other little tricks to help the body self heal. When I ‘prescribe’ people who like coffee, to detox for a month then to buy a good one every morning as a treat, and sit and enjoy it alone quietly without saying why, other than trust me, coffee is good for you and medication you need, is this the placebo effect if they think the coffee itself is healing? What I am actually doing is trying to take something they enjoy and withhold it a while so it means a lot more, to still their brain with joy anticipation, stimulate a positive brain frequency combining alone time, quiet and caffiene, and getting the brain to produce happy hormones by deliberately encouraging something that gives that individual happiness, knowing happy hormones will heal for around 3 hours as the brain computer translates joy and happiness as a huge will to live, so will get healing….the opposite of how the brain causes depression when it detects we have no will to live. Is coffee a placebo, am I being a quack doctor, or does the person have faith in me so may heal themselves? In saying that, I did go to the doctor once, and needed 4 antibiotic pills…I think pneumonia, sinus, ear, throat infections and costrocondritis warranted the hard stuff ONLY cos I felt like a loser having two days off work so needed to speed the process up once I could move!! Damn man flu!
            Take care, and apologies again,

      • mewabe

        We should indeed question everything, including the belief in the necessity to have beliefs, at all times. Let’s call it Permanent Revolution, a revolution of the mind.

        I don’t have any beliefs, or I try not to have any, but I have a feeling….a feeling that the only happy way to live life is to choose to live in harmony with nature and in cooperation with other sentient beings, such as humans and animals.

        Our global culture, what we strangely call civilization, has chosen the exact opposite: to conquer, brutally subdue and mercilessly exploit nature as if it were an enemy and a slave, and to compete with other life forms, including other humans, as if we were in a state of permanent war. And we are, and it perfectly reflects our cultural choices.

        I do not know what is Neale’s version of an ideal society. But my version centers on harmony and cooperation. The best version of this at this stage and considering the limits caused by the intensely oppressive nature of most of the world’s governments, social institutions and bureaucracies, is the Intentional Community, a cooperative village that allows individuals to live a more harmonious, free, off grid and cooperative lifestyle, in an environmentally sustainable manner, and with very little or no money.

        Fortunately, this growing, international social movement is still under the radar and not noticed by the mainstream culture and media or by government, or else paramilitary swat teams would be sent to place some carrots or potatoes grown without a permit under arrest, or to stop the terrorist act of collecting rain water.

    • Awareness

      The following audio books by Neale Donald Walsch are all available for free on youtube (search on youtube) 🙂

      1. “Neale Donald Walsch -Communion with god”
      2. “Neale Donald Walsch -The New Revelations: A Conversation with God”
      3. “Tomorrows God by Neale Donald Walsch”
      4. “Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch”

      These wonderful books contain great wisdom. Thank you Neale Donald Walsch 🙂 You can ofcourse still receive the answer. Infact the answer is within you. Simply care about how you feel in your HEART 🙂 Your HEART feeling is GOD (Yourself) “speaking” to you non-stop (24/7) 🙂

      “To Know if Source, Infinite Intelligence, Inner Being, God agrees or disagrees with the thought, word, or action you are involved in––you have only to notice if it feels good or bad.” – “The Vortex” by Esther and Jerry Hicks 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    About “life on earth”… most of humanity is not actually conscious of living in an earthly environment. Instead, it lives in the human world, which is very separate from the earth, and mostly at odds with it.

    Some reflections about the human world:

    Within societies that emphasize conformity, uniformity and compliance over creativity and freedom, the term “radical” and “extreme” are often used to condemn or dismiss
    non-conformist viewpoints.

    So let’s define “radicalism” in a couple of everyday examples.

    It is believed that burning a flag or desecrating any other symbol of national identity is an outrageous, radical act. Desecrating the land upon which the flag stands, such as with the tar sand industrial disaster, with clear cutting, with mountaintops removal coal mining, with nuclear tests and military superfund sites, none of these and other large scale destructive enterprises are believed to be radical. Since when do symbols, such as flags, matter more than the land upon which they stand? Since we decided to deny reality and live in fiction, in and by itself a radical choice.

    It is believed that in a representative democracy, for a politician such as Bernie Sanders to actually take a stand in the interest of the people and against the interests of the elite when such elite keeps on disempowering and disenfranchising the people, such a political choice is radical and extreme. But the elite opposing everything that would free and empower populations is not perceived to be radical or extreme. Since when has actual representative democracy become radical? Since corporations have become people and people have become things or “coupons” as Russell Means put it.

    It is believed that attempting to save millions of animals from the daily torture of industrial farming, of sadistic and unnecessary lab experiments, of many other forms of
    abuses is a form of radical, extreme activism. But it is not considered radical to assert the absurd ideas that animals are here to serve humanity or that they willingly and happily give their lives for us; it is not considered radical to, in the name of profit, crowd thousands of animals in tiny spaces after mutilating them in diverse manners and while collecting their wastes in concentrated cesspools that are unregulated and greatly pollute the air, the land and the water; it is not considered radical to turn sentient beings into industrial products and kill and cut them up in industrial assembly lines. Since when has caring for animals become a radical choice? Since we made the radical decision that only a few chosen animals, such as cats and dogs, were worth caring for, and that the rest were just meat on legs.

    It is now believed that asserting one’s freedom in any area is most likely a proof of radicalism, possibly of some form of mental illness, while conforming is a sign of being
    “well adjusted”. Since when has adapting well to an imbalanced, unfree, extremely controlled and neurotic world become the norm and a sign of mental health, and suffering from or rejecting such a world become a sign of mental illness? Since crazy has been defined as normal by society, and the human world has been almost completely turned upside down and inside out by an increasingly more neurotic and radical leadership in all domains, from religions to politics.

    When an ordinary person is called an extremist, it is more often than not because such a person takes a stand to end an extreme and intolerable situation. A radical likewise is very often a person who denounces a radical situation, and a troublemaker is often a person who makes the choice to attempt to correct a troubling situation, when these absurd situations are the norm and not only accepted but condoned by society and

    Societies and cultures are waging a war of words called conditioning. They condition populations to accept the unacceptable, to perceive fiction to be reality, and to embrace an upside-down version of life. Words must therefore be used as powerful weapons to turn reality right side up and demolish mass conditioning and programming to the best of one’s ability.

    • Kristen

      Just logging in to see if you and your furry friends are safe and ok, saw the wild fires on the news, headline story in lil ole NZ! Followed by a black bear breaking into a zoo. News priorities over our boring politics, daily American shootings and our daily car crash! Thoughts are with you and your buddies if you are close by.

      • mewabe

        Buon Giorno, come stai? I just ended filming a family of 6 racoons feeding in my back yard.Before that, 8 skunks…14 deers, dozens of turkeys. This is like a sanctuary for wildlife…
        Wild fires? Yes, we have only seen the beginning…trees are dying from stress and insects moving north because of climate change…
        Mass shootings? Don’t you know it’s an American hobby? Kind of like police brutality…it keeps the masses entertained and in a state of permanent fear, which is their favorite emotion.

        • Kristen

          Good to hear you and your friends are alive and well. Northern California is probably the size of our entire country, but wildfires freak me out, especially when they make the news. Weve sent rural crews to America and Canada so it must be quite bad. As per usual we cant get rid of the damn rain, at least 4 hours of it a day with yuck Antartic winds all winter. Serious first world problems! Climate change is horrible, our winters are complete now and last 6 months but at least drought hasnt hit most of the country, mainly just the dairy farming areas….go figure?! If you wanted to take the piss, did you know we have 4x more sheep than people…and thats not the sheeple either!
          You Dr Doolittle!! Cute. What do they eat….as in do you put food out for them, or have you been using all the water to crow crops so they can feed naturally?
          Yup……Americans sure are an odd bunch, but we wont go there. I suspect there may be a few in this website, funnily enough!
          Glad you are ok, take care.

          • mewabe

            Yes, I will go there ha ha…I would like to know how many people who read this website have guns tucked under their pillows…just out of curiosity….a copy of Conversation With God in one hand, and a gun in the other hand? I think guns are so much a part of American culture that many people feel naked without one, like their pants have fallen off.

            And doesn’t the sight of “open and carry” people with assault weapons hanging over their fat belly warm everyone’s heart? It feels so great to feel like your are on a battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan! Who wouldn’t want this? I can’t imagine…

            Are you following the Trump circus show? If not you are missing something. The American political scene has just taken a giant dive…it was not pretty before, but now it is basically indescribable. Fortunately, there is Bernie Sanders! The only rational politician who is called an extremist because he opposes the extremist policies that have become mainstream in America!

            And the show must go on…take care, stay dry, and I will try to get wet (another rain dance coming up)!

          • Kristen

            I asked Neale once if he had a gun, or his security team was armed….no reply surprisingly enough!
            Ive never seen a gun, not even armed police, ooops, a duck shooting rifle in a triple locked room off a basement garage, but thats it.
            I think some of our police have them locked in their boots, but guns are for hunters, farmers (although we have no predatory animals), and drug dealers. That pretty much sums up America I guess. I figure its all just a bad case of small penis syndrome in America…a bit like a loud car stereo was in the 80s. Perhaps penis envy for the girls! Feud would have a field day with it, for sure. My very useful solution is to split America into designation states. 1 for anyone who wants a gun for fun, lock them in, supply ammo and leave them all to it. 1 for those who choose addictions, again supply them and leave them to it. 1 for the very wealthy…theyl starve to death cos have no concept of growing food etc. 1 for sexual predators…well, I wont go there. 1 for those who refuse to work or contribute to society or animal welfare etc…theyll starve too. 1 for the military nutters, with weapons and ammo….you get the gist…annihilation of the population as they all get what they want, and it kills them!! Natural Selection through freewill choice segregation. Have you seen the movie The Purge..scary shirt!
            I cringed when Trump announced it all, they guy has always bamboozled me…I mean how on earth can he get beautiful wifes?? Has me perplexed, but the race card will always attract groupies, therefore votes. Politics is just a game the rich boys play. I expected Neale to seek a political career, guess hes not a Freemason after all!
            Looking forward to the animal feeding, and rain dance Italian clips on youtube! Perhaps at the same time! No facial shots please!
            Take care,

          • mewabe

            Ma nishma?

            “Annihilation of the population as they all get what they want”…that’s very clever, and a quick lesson in learning the direct consequences of one’s choices and actions. But we will all get there…civilization is a killer, and it will do its job, which is to ultimately overcome all life on earth. The input (seeing nature as an enemy to be overcome) will be totally consistent with the output (killing nature), or to put it another way the seed (the belief in a hostile nature) will produce the expected flower (a dead nature). No need for prophecy here, just perfect logic, and only massive conditioning and denial cause this to be unseen or ignored.

            About politics and rich boys, I do like Bernie Sanders…I thinks he represents the best of what can come from the Jewish humanitarian tradition. This guys has a heart, and it is actually beating. Wow! And he is not rich by the way…unfortunately, if elected, he will be opposed in all he might attempt to do by the conservative pit bills and the corporate hyenas.

            America is a reincarnation of the Roman Empire. It is a strange place indeed…Did you know that ordinary Roman citizens left the empire to live with the “savage” German tribes, because they could not longer deal with Roman political corruption, high taxes and lack of freedom? Sounds familiar? History does repeat itself, unfortunately there are not too many “savage” tribes left, and actual freedom is a very rare commodity anywhere in the world today!

            Giga-waabamin menawaa!

          • Kristen

            Sorry….I only speak English, so Ill just say greetings are farewell greetings to you too! Close enough. Actually Ill go back through my family around 500 years and say Bonjour!
            Glad you like my idea for solving Americas differences. I thought it was a great idea too. Freewill is friend or foe, no inbetween.
            Fourth down in my books mountain is Anglia Judaica (History of Jew in England), a reprint of an old 1738 book of Jewish history from 1066-1738. I dont know if it will make me laugh or cry, we were Jewish until around 1700 in England and France…its so odd to read family history. Should get read this year. Maybe Bernie Sanders will like it. Since you actually like someone, Ill take a look : ). And I will tell the Catholics Ive witnessed a miracle so they can arrange my Sainthood!
            We are all just fighting for freedom…..unfortunately we all have different ideas of what that means to us, except the biggie….necessities of life easily available and freedom from bills!! Surely we can all start there!
            Yes, Ive read that after a 2nd reincarnation it is all a complete waste of time, people dont want to change, if it was that easy then everyone would just undergoe what they have to in the afterlife. It must be horrible being power hungry…hell, responsibility for those in my own household is more than enough thanks, without other capable adukts wanting anything from me, or working as a slave to them…even if from a wealthy ivory tower. Could think of nothing worse. Perhaps my politital power policy could be ‘are you so stupid as an adult you cannot do this for yourself?’ And force everyone into self sufficiency so they leave me alone..while holudaying on their taxes. Oh wait, thats just normal politics, but without pretending to care or do anything.
            Must trot, its late and Im crosseyed! Sorry bout typos.
            Take care,

          • mewabe

            Hey Ma nishma is basically “what’s up” or “what’s new” in Hebrew…no speak Hebrew?
            I do think that I have Jewish blood actually, among other things…I am mixed. The Jewish blood would come from Northern Spain, Sepharic, you know the ones who went into hiding and pretended to convert to Catholicism. That would explain some affinities with Jewish ways.

            What’s that I hear, you want people to take responsibility for themselves and their actions? That’s outrageous…how dare you think this way! I am very disappointed (are you taking the piss yet?)

            Congratulations on your Sainthood…wear it well! But I do like a lot of people…it’s just that most of them happen to be either Jewish or Native American. I don’t do it on purpose…it just is that way.
            Take care

          • Kristen

            No, I dont speak any Hebrew. But will learn, thats my turning 50 and kids have left home mission in a few years. When its grown up time! I cant stick with anything serious at this point, mind wanders, I get bored and brain takes a nap! Remember Ive been a working single parent for 13 years…not much brain capacity left.
            Yes you do have Jewish bloodlines, its Israelite blood actually, remember I was sent in here to round you up, or find the guy with a Native American guide and lifestyle more to the point. Thats why I call you up when you diss the Biblical God.
            One of my sons and I look Hebrew, its a bit odd, but thats mongrel blood for ya!
            I like the same two groups of people, and quite a few muslims too. The females are quite funny, and the guys are really funny with us tough kiwi chicks…they take the piss quite a bit. If I ever exhaulted anyone, which I never would other than God, it would be Cat Stevens/Yusef. I cant ‘crack him’ intuitively, but somehow he is one of the most important people in this planet, I wonder who he is the reincarnation of.
            11.15pm…must go go bed, and get my book read. Jeffrey Deaver Lincoln Rhyme series, I love them, I throw myself into fictional characters. And with lead poisoning, my memory is shot so I can read the same books over and over! Like the movie 50 First Dates, but not quite as bad…. well not that I can remember anyway! Haha.

  • I think it’s time for you to get on public television. Deepak Chopra was on earlier this year with his book “The Future of God” and so if he can get away with using God in his books on PBS, so can you. Especially your new book & “What God Wants”.

    These should really captivate & stimulate a new & larger audience.

    • Awareness

      Neale Donald Walsch was on CNN’s “Larry King Live” in the past. Check the youtube video titled “Neale Donald Walsch on Larry King Live – April 7, 2000” 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • I saw it awhile back & posted on Facebook a great interview with great questions & answers.

  • James D. Suba

    Wow! That was an incredible 6 minute video. It puts some amazing facts into perspective. It’s time for me to get busy again. Thanks Neale!