An Open Letter to Our World

What is the truly spiritual response to the terrible event in South Carolina? Is it forgiveness, as so bravely extended to the young killer by the family members of those he murdered?

Yes, that is a wonderfully spiritually elevated first step, and the whole of humanity is inspired by those grieving family members in Charleston. Yet there is another step, a step beyond forgiveness, that I believe God offers to everyone of us—and invites each of us to embrace in our own lives as we move toward spiritual mastery.

That second step is understanding. And ultimately, it replaces the first. Ultimately it renders forgiveness unnecessary.

I have observed, in my own life and in the lives of many others, that this is one of the most challenging and difficult messages of the so-called New Spirituality as articulated in books such as Conversations with God. It is challenging because, on its surface, it seems to violate everything we have been taught about the most sublime, exalted way to behave—and about the way that God behaves.

What if it turned out that God does not forgives us for anything, and never will? Might this be the missing link? Might this be the data about God and Life that we have never allowed ourselves to consider?

I have been asking for years: Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?

I believe the answer is yes, and that the following is what we do not fully understand: God does not and will not offer forgiveness to anyone for anything, because forgiveness is unnecessary. It is replaced in the process of Divine Balance with a more searingly powerful energy: Understanding.

First, Divinity understands Who and What It Is, and so It is aware that God cannot possibly be hurt or damaged, injured or diminished in any way. This means that Divinity would not be disappointed or frustrated or annoyed or angry or vengeful for any reason. It simply has no reason. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord” is, I believe, the biggest spiritual untruth of all time.

Second, God understands that humans do not understand who and what they are. Thus, they imagine that they can be hurt and damaged, injured and diminished (and from a purely human perspective, this experience is very real). It is out of this misunderstanding of who they really are that all thoughts, words, and actions seemingly requiring forgiveness flow.

Humans do things they would never do if they understood their True Identity and embraced it fully. Understanding this, God has no need to forgive humans for what they do (even if God could somehow be “hurt”), any more than we have a need to “forgive” a two-year-old child for saying or doing something that some might call “bad.” Forgiveness is not part of the equation in our response. We simply understand how an 18-month or 24-month old child could do such a thing.

The idea that you need to forgive an adult is clearly based on the fact that you feel they should know better than to have done what they have done to offend, damage, or hurt you. Yet the Soul knows that nobody does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world. The Soul knows that everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment.

Just as we understand the child whose simple immaturity and confusion led to his actions, so, too, do we see, when we come from the place of the Deep Understanding of the Soul, that the exact same thing is true of the adults who act in ways that persons of greater awareness of their True Identity would never act.

The more we find out about the young man who perpetrated the mass church killing, the more we see how this applies. Ah, we say. Now we understand. We begin, as well, to understand the mass consciousness and the limited awareness of many aspects of the internet culture in which he found himself submerged, and the sources from which he gathered his data about life. As we learn more about this particular case, the mind catches up with what the Soul already knows.

Understanding thus replaces forgiveness in the mind of those who have expanded their consciousness to include this level of awareness. The invitation before humanity, then—if we truly wish to change and finally transform the human experience—is to change our model of the world. And how can we do this? By telling a new story, the true story, of who we really are, of why we are here on the Earth, of who and what this thing we call Divinity really is, and of what God wants.

Perhaps the most profound spiritual outcome of the mass killing at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston will be that it will lead the whole of humanity to this heightened awareness.

The families of those who died there have shown us our magnificence with breathtaking clarity. Let us allow their first step to take us to the next step: a compassionate understanding of how any human being (much less masses of human beings) could do the kinds of things we see being done every day in our world, and a deeper awareness of the truth of who we are in relationship to each other and to God, such that we begin living that truth at last, in every moment of our individual lives, erasing finally these horrific events from our collective experience.

There could be no more fitting tribute to the blessed souls who gave up their present physical life to bring each of us the opportunity to open to this awareness.

In the meantime we see, with gentle comprehension, that understanding replaces forgiveness in the mind of the master. We see, as well, that only understanding of our past and our present can change our future. Condemnation has never done it, and it never will.

This is not something that is lost on God.

Divinity, therefore, patiently and lovingly awaits our growth, even as we do with our children.

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  • Patrick Gannon

    I don’t see anyone else kicking things off, so here we go:

    NDW: “I have been asking for years: Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?”

    I’ve been thinking about this “question.” It took me a while to realize what bothered me. It presupposes God, and it puts God on an equal footing with “life” which does not need to be presupposed because we are here discussing it (unless we’re in a virtual reality – which may be possible). I am motivated to drop the baggage and ask the question in a different way: “Is it possible that there is something we don’t understand about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?”

    I leave open the possibility that there is something about life that could lead us to discover “God” assuming any two people could agree on what “God” is; but I feel that the question itself is misleading in presupposing God. In any event, it doesn’t change the problem. Since God is unproven, debating whether a different “belief” about what “God” is or is not, will change everything….. well, I don’t see how it can.

    The God baggage mandates that there will be disagreement and contention with other legacy religions. It’s unavoidable and leads to the very issue it proclaims to solve – conflict. Further and more importantly, it still avoids truth based on knowledge (and I don’t disregard personal “knowing,” though being so subjective, this kind of “knowing” is of little value to society as a whole as evidence or “knowledge” we should base our lives on). The one thing that would make a difference is to actually “know” through evidence that there is “God” in the first place. Arguing over what one believes about that which is unproven, is a fine academic exercise, but it seems more and more evident to me, that beliefs themselves, are a roadblock to personal evolution and development of consciousness. Can any belief, new or old ever remove the ignorance that belief itself is designed to hide away? Remember – once you know something, you no longer need to believe it. Belief and ignorance go hand in hand. Indeed professing belief is no different than professing ignorance – but people boldly and proudly profess their ignorance, and it works as long as everyone else is ignorant too.

    The topic is “understanding” (as opposed to forgiveness), and it has a wonderful ring to it, and it’s still all about, what religion has always been all about – telling others what to believe about divinity and what God wants. Neale says, “By telling a new story, the true story, of who we really are, of why we are here on the Earth, of who and what this thing we call Divinity really is, and of what God wants.” Well, prove it’s a “true story.” That’s a grand assertion, but when you come right down to it, it’s just an unproven personal belief, with just as much chance of being wrong or right, as the fundie who believes God wants vengeance.

    All the messengers who came before, said that they had true stories, but now we’re told that they are all wrong and we need to believe the all new, real true story. Pardon my skepticism, but we’ve had a few thousand years of new beliefs. Is that really the best path? Should we keep hiding from truth – the honest truth – that we just don’t know? Is it so hard to say out loud? “I just don’t know.” So, what about “understanding?” What about understanding that there may be no God, no afterlife, no greater consciousness; simply a return to the basic elements of which we are comprised – “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” We just don’t know. Yet.

    What if we take a little break from new beliefs and have a chat about what we really do know and what we really don’t. What would be the ramifications for society if we meekly admitted our ignorance to ourselves? Would a little humility serve us? Now, we boldly proclaim our ignorance – our beliefs; what if, instead, we professed our ignorance and meekly admitted that we don’t know? Where would that conversation go?

    • bheb0722

      Pat: I have complained about the thousands of “opinions” for years and so agree that humility is a viable starting place. Intellectual enlightenment is a lot of energy spent on speculation. However the circumstances came to be within my life, I EXPERIENCED other realms, and beyond, much like NDW has. Then there is a different base from which to speak. That different base is totally united, always has been, always will be, no opinions. We are all expressing and experiencing via filtered consciousness that is creating our individual journey of choices in realms of progressional duality, all with infinity at our core. One piece of awesome reality is that nothing and no one gets eternally lost or damaged as the core of everything returns to infinite unmanifest. Blessings Bill

      • Patrick Gannon

        Bill, thank you for your comment. I don’t know that NDW has “experienced” other “realms” and I don’t recall him specifically saying so in the books I’ve read, but I could be mistaken. It seems to me that he gets his “home with god” stuff from other writers such as Robert Monroe writing about OBEs, Dr. Michael Newton writing about past lives, etc. He talks in terms of what “God” told him, more than in terms of personal experience. All I remember are his comments about the pencil in his hand seeming to write by itself. I have that happen with my keyboard from time to time, but I don’t attribute it to “God.”

        I have not consciously experienced different realms, so to speak, but I have had experiences some might label as ‘spiritual’ or ‘enlightening’ or similar. I have friends who have had similar experiences but interpreted them differently – seeing their experiences as evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus. I’m not convinced that it isn’t simply electrochemical reactions in my brain brought on by various stimuli.

        It would be a lie, a cheat to myself to accept that what you or anyone else says about these other realms is valid without having experienced it myself. To believe based on someone else’s experience is to abandon control of my ‘self’ to someone else to tell me what to believe. That strikes me as a belief trap – something that halts or delays the evolution and development of my consciousness because I let someone else tell me what to believe. From a personal standpoint, without the personal experience, to believe what another tells me to believe would be to willingly accept ignorance, instead of seeking to eliminate ignorance. Further, we know that we can manually stimulate the brain in the right way in order to produce OBEs, so evidence mounts that the phenomenon is a function of the brain.

        You may be correct. Even if I had other ‘realm’ experiences, the best thing I could do would be to question my own experiences to be sure that I wasn’t delusional and to try as best I could to obtain either objective evidence or large amounts of subjective evidence to support the idea.

        Let’s not overlook the economics… Specialty Retail Report, says, “New Age consumers spend nearly $230 billion a year on New Age products.” That doesn’t include all the CDs and seminars and online programs, and books. I even found a website dedicated to teaching you how to market your ‘new age’ spirituality. Like other religions, at the end of the day, it seems to me that it’s really all about the money.

        • bheb0722

          Pat: I have to chuckle because I so relate to your views. That could have very well been my response 30 years ago. Please keep open to personal progression and thanks for your honest response. The brain does have a part in experiential progression as the chemistry gradually changes to allow for (not create) higher consciousness to reveal. A guide as to whether an experience is brain induced or brain allowed is in, what I call, the fear to peace meter. Brain induced quite often reveals an inconsistent experience (fear or confusion) to inner peace whereas infinity (which is not a force out there somewhere but the very core of you) is sharing progressional experiences. The higher the experience, the more the inner peace, stability, confidence, etc. Meditation actually takes on a whole new meaning as one quiets the domination of the mind and opens up to unexplainable awesomeness. Namaste Bill

          • Patrick Gannon

            I try to meditate daily. It relaxes me and clears my mind, but thus far no “unexplainable awesomeness.” I have experienced that “unexplainable awesomeness” a couple times, but not while intentionally meditating.

            I think it’s quite possible that there is more to consciousness than we know, and more than this PMR (physical matter reality) we “live” in. I think it’s great to discuss such possibilities, and to share experiences, and to investigate what little research there is. What I object to is being told that I should “believe” in it; that I should change my old beliefs and replace them with new beliefs. That the admonition to change beliefs comes in the form of “revelation” from “God” – which as it so happens is where the old beliefs came from – is all the more reason to exercise skepticism and wait for the scientific process to slowly but surely continue to replace ignorance with knowledge. In the meantime I’ll continue to meditate. I’m interested in objective or lots of subjective evidence. Other “realms” I understand intellectually from reading about the (supposed) experiences of others; but I’d like to travel around in this realm and gather evidence that I’m really doing so to prove it to myself.

          • bheb0722

            Pat: I was blessed to stumble upon a person who was able to escort me out of body into local realms and also introduce me to entities in spirit realms. I seriously doubt if you will satisfactorily prove anything regarding other realms by gathering evidence in this realm. Bill

          • Patrick Gannon

            Unless and until I have evidence to prove that OBE is possible in this realm, I could never trust whatever else I might experience as anything other than delusion. If, in this locality, I could go visit people, take note of what they are wearing, doing, saying, and then confirm it later – that would be subjective evidence I could begin to trust.

            Electrodes can be used to stimulate out of body experiences – and this provides pretty strong evidence that it is the brain creating the experience or perception of experience.

  • Neale,

    There has always been something I’ve felt inappropriate about “forgiving” my father for what he did to me when I was very young, even when I was told that not to do so meant I would never fully heal. The best I was ever able to do was to “forgive the debt” I felt he owed me. Even then, though, this was done more for the sake of the therapist than my own well-being because I had already decided he wouldn’t be part of my future.

    My first brush with the idea of forgiveness towards my father came up against the brick wall of his nondenial denial. Being raised catholic, I was raised to believe one first had to ask for absolution prior to being forgiven. By all psychological standards, when I confronted my father he should have been angry at being wrongly accused of so many heinous crimes, and should have shouted denial from the rooftops. He did neither. He said that, other than discipline that would be considered abusive by later standards, he didn’t “recall” any of the other multiple abuses. “Recall” is a very different word from “remember,” and my father is very careful with the words he chooses.

    Then he decided that no experience that cannot be verified (such as his choosing not to “recall” an incident strictly between he and I) cannot be considered true. The icing on the cake is when he said I must have somehow come across the information on incest, abuse, and torture “vicariously,” even though I’ve always had memories all the way back to age two.

    While I have continued in my choice for him to not be included in my future, his words gave me some insights into a scary mind. He picks and chooses what he believes, and if he doesn’t want to believe something, he simply calls it “unverifiable.” Every spiritual experience I’ve had in my life, every feeling of love, every expression of gratitude that’s made me part of Who I Choose to Be, he can also feel, but later his mind can simply deny.

    I can’t quite get past all the pity for him to a place of true compassion. To have a mind one can choose to shift on a whim is unfathomable to me. It would be as bad as one set in concrete, where nothing ever changes. I can, and, do, change my beliefs when information and knowledge expand, but with reason—whether an internal experience or an outer expansion.

    I guess I’m saying I know him as well as anyone can another (or, who he used to be), but the understanding doesn’t feel it leads much of anywhere, either.

    Love and Blessings,

    • bheb0722

      Annie: Please remember that forgiveness or higher understanding is not for the offender, so they do NOT have to respond in any way, shape or form. It is for the one that has been harmed in whatever manner. With the action of forgiveness or higher understanding, the harmed one is choosing light rather than perpetuating the darkness type of expression. I wish to clarify here that higher understanding is not accomplished via the mind. Experiential transformation by exposure to the infinite within leads to the type of understanding that transcends the confusing commotion of the physical or spiritual duality realms. Intellectual enlightenment is a knock-off of Experiential enlightenment with Infinite Unmanifest. Blessings Bill

      • Bill,

        Thank you. You have helped me place the entire issue back into context for me.

        Oftentimes, I feel such profound compassion for people that I almost want to immediately go to that place rather than a place of pity. (For me, compassion is an action word, where pity is a feeling word.) As I have often been slammed for my “knowings,” or inner experiential proofs, ever since I was young, I don’t always remember their importance or value.

        I have believed for some time my father chose the more difficult path in this incarnation, having to completely blot out Who He Really Is, as an eternal Soul in the process of experiencing in order to evolve. That came to me as a message in which I firmly believe. Much gratitude for the reminder.

        Love and Blessings,

        • bheb0722

          Annie: Glad to help. There are those who express on the dark side of the duality equation to provide the contrast. Often they know full well, while having the assistance of the Spirit realm, that their negative contrast provides opportunities for pure light. The pure essence of Infinite Unmanifest is absolute unity (no hint of duality) whereas every-thing (absolutely everything) is an expression of Infinite Unmanifest in a duality setting. Thus all parts are necessary from “full on” negative to “full on” positive. As we accept through all the layers of “self” that we are, at the core, one with every shade of duality, then a higher understanding supersedes forgiveness or mere tolerance. Bill

  • Erin

    Blessed Understanding…A fabulous complilation; an ultimate culmination. A state of thinking that can bring Peace to one’s surrounds, whether of body or environment.
    Continuous events, unlimited resource of participants, same sole/Soul messeges…We are Not yet Freedom, & We are not yet Collectively Being what We say We wish to See.
    Sweet Patience? Ughgrrrrr…It’s in there, just tough to find sometimes.:)

  • mewabe

    What does the word forgiveness mean?

    If by forgiveness we mean that we no longer harbor resentment, anger, hatred towards another, and that we no longer judge and condemn that person, or wish him or her harm and a “pay back”, then how could such things be achieved without deep understanding? Deep understanding, which awakens spontaneous compassion, is automatic forgiveness, and forgiveness without understanding is simply a pretense, a show, a fiction, a hollow act that has no basis in reality. It is something people say and attempt to do because they think they have to according to religious nonsense, such as pretending to act loving or compassionate towards others when they actually feel neither love nor care.

    What is there to understand?

    Emotional pain, confusion, fear, a highly distorted perception of reality, psychological suffering, guilt, shame, distorted needs, these and more form the root of what people primitively call “evil”. There is no evil, only suffering. The suffering mind spreads suffering around like peanut butter on a toast, because that is all it knows.

    But to understand these things, to have actual empathy for the sufferer and not merely a pretense of understanding, even though this sufferer might be an abuser, a victimizer, a
    person must first understand herself, and I do not mean from a mental perspective alone, not from awareness alone, but knowing her own heart and the depth of her soul, which mean being fully conscious, with no unconscious baggage or hidden thoughts or feelings.

    The person who has empathy for herself, who feel the whole depth of her own pain and humanity, automatically feels another person’s pain and humanity, even though that pain
    might be deeply hidden behind a hideous mask of abusive, hurtful and hateful behavior.

    The fact that an abuser cannot admit to having hurt another is part of what needs to be understood: a deeply suffering individual cannot always face his or her own demons, because his or her guilt is extreme and adding to the already unbearable suffering.

    True compassion, like real forgiveness, cannot come without profound understanding, and to understand and know another one must fully understand and know and have compassion for herself.

    • mewabe,

      There is much you have given me to think about. Thank you, my friend.

      Love and Blessings,

      • mewabe

        Thank you Annie 🙂

    • Erin

      mewabe…I would like your thoughts, if you don’t mind, on What would Love Do…How would Understanding See when confronted with a person who moves without feeling other than their sense of rush or accomplishment that is only felt thru harm? Considering that in that meeting moment with such a person, more than likely, only one of you is going to walk away.
      Reason is not an available option with this kind…They have none to connect with. Wouldn’t an instance of this type inherantly cause one to ‘judge’ the circumstance; the person; one’s own Life?

      Yes, this is an extreme, but what I See arising could be well-defined as becomings to extremes…yet I cannot seem to shake the contraries.
      I have Love-ingly embraced the thought “I send you nothing but Angels”, but what I seem to be witnessing are extremely righteous-minded wingers, Hell-bent on harm thinking they are creating their Heavens…Why, in your opinion, would other Angels not simply send them Home? Would giving them their true Freedom, not be the grandest gift of Love?

      Please ring my Soul Sounds, Dear One…Thank you, in advance. <3

      • mewabe

        Hi Erin,
        Thank you for asking…I think that when a person is in the process of harming another and no appeasement or retreat is possible, then the person who is being harmed has every right to defend herself or himself…as you would defend yourself against a North Dakota blizzard or a mad grizzly bear. You might even feel anger or fear temporarily, but the trick would be not to fall into the traps of hatred or of a desire for revenge, and that would only be possible through understanding.

        Those who make a life of fearing, hating and hurting others are lost, not to “God”, but to themselves, they are not in touch with their own suffering and project their inner “demons” on others and on the outer world. That’s why they are so self-righteous, and that’s what make them psychologically and spiritually sick. How could anyone hate a sick individual? Yes, they are potentially dangerous. Confrontation should be avoided with the sick, and self-defense is a last resort when all else fails. But there is no reason to experience guilt when fighting for your life…deep regret, yes, but not guilt.

        Likewise, should we hate those who are desecrating and destroying the earth? We should stand for the earth to effectively protect her against those multitudes whose ignorance, arrogance, foolishness or lack of care causes them to harm her, but without hatred, without a mind to inflict pain through unprovoked violence.

        We can only stand for life, including our own, by affirming life, not by using punishment or death as viable tools of persuasion. Killing, unless used as a very last resort in self-defense, is not a solution, for those who are sent “home” are thus sent in their current state of ignorance and confusion, and fear and hatred. Sooner or later, here or in the spirit world, these things will need healing and resolution, they do not magically vanish when one is in the spirit world, contrary to what is currently taught by some metaphysical schools of thought. And healing can be much slower in the spirit world, as the extreme contrasts (polarity and resistance) that exist in the physical, and that are actually tools of speedy learning when used appropriately, do not exist in the spirit to such an extent, but only at a very subtle level. This is why so many repeat the same mistakes through many incarnations, because they have neither learnt nor healed (they have free will, no one and nothing can force them to do so).

        How does the sun bring light to the world every dawn? Not by fighting the darkness, but by its mere presence which causes the darkness to

        Inner peace comes with understanding. Love does not fight hatred…it simply emerges, and restores sanity. The light doesn’t fight the darkness, it appears, and the dark recedes. Knowledge does not fight ignorance, it enlightens, and ignorance vanishes. Health doesn’t fight illness, it affirms itself, and illness is no more.

        The ultimate question then is: does humanity actually know love, and trust in love? Or is it still experiencing many difficulties because it does not yet understand love?

        Take care Erin 🙂

        • Erin

          Heart-full thanks for the ting-a-ling. <3

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  • Awareness

    “If the contract was, for example, to come into an experience of forgiveness and then to have experiences in that lifetime where there was transgression against an individual, great wrongs done to the individual, and that individual was sent to learn to rise above it and to come to a state of forgiveness – if one returns and was not successful in this, another life may be pursued to continue along that line. Therefore this could be a soul contract to understand the principle of forgiveness and many lives might be had in pursuit of this one theme.

    There are indeed an infinite amount of themes that one can engage in as the soul seeking to have those experiences in physicality and each and every one of them could be considered a contract with the Divine to learn, to grow, to expand in awareness and consciousness through many lifetime experiences. Basically each and every individual who is on the planet at this time has a contract that it has chosen to experience and fulfill and when one learns and understands this and discovers their life’s contract and purpose, it adds focus in one’s life, determination, and dedication even, of fulfilling the contract so that one can advance and grow, both on an individual level as well as the soul level.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

    Forgiveness is not necessary in the Kingdom of God. God cannot be offended or damaged in any way. There is only one question of importance in the entire universe, and it has nothing to do with your guilt or innocence. It has to do with your identity. Do you know who you really are?” – “Home with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

    • bheb0722

      Awareness: The questions of importance in the entire universe are a part of the progressional duality exchange and thus subject to conjecture and opinion. Within the absolute core of everything (Infinite Unmanifest) there is no question at all. Only expressions and experience within a contrasting time and space framework.
      The Kingdom of God is an expression of God and thus a part of finite duality where forgiveness will always be a part of the balance. Infinite Unmanifest (God) is pure unity where forgiveness does not exist and understanding is instantaneous and absolute as all is oneness. Bill

  • Blake

    To forgive is to stop asking why and stop being right.

  • Blake

    Their are two important day in my life the first is being born the second is knowing why I was born.

  • Blake

    CWG reminds me over and over that life with all it’s pain,suffering, anguish, death, destruction, rape, torture, is a game. I love playing the game. I love it more than anything. I keep returning for more and more and the most important message I can convey is their is no right or wrong, good or bad, reward or punishment just endless joy playing the game.

    I know for a fact that these 9 people are willing participants in the game and there are no victims and perpetrators just beings BEING for the enjoyment of BEING.

    I stopped believing in God a while ago. I have stopped being a victim and have become a creator a Game Master. Today I raged against Hilary Clinton for her white supremacist words against the Palestinians. Today I lost complete control of myself and exploded at my wife moving boxes into my storage space for no reason at all.

    I hate with the best haters, and I lie like the best con men and cheat at cards to win and break vows, and brake chins. When I settle down I go within. I meditate. I live responsibly, unconditionally, in the here and now imperfectly.

    I am a Billionaire and blessed with all the gold that exists. I have learned how to receive and give blessings. I love everyone I touch. Killers and Saints. I know why I am alive and I know what my purpose is.

    Most importantly, I know what I am.

    Play the game. Be the Game. Be passionate about every move you take. Life is endless. Take all the time you want.


    • bheb0722

      Blake: If you definitely know what you are – please tell me, in a few words, what are you? Thank you Bill

      • Blake

        I am a Wordsmith using my writing and talking from within to touch an others spirit with unconditional love.

        • Blake

          I am the message!

  • Blake

    Oh! And Neal, lighten up there are no winners and losers just have fun. An old friend told me you are the incarnation of Jesus. Nice to see you back for another shot at playing the game.

  • mewabe

    (Off topic):

    What is nature?
    Nature is life.

    What is civilization?
    Civilization is an idea.

    What is the problem?
    The problem is that civilization is an idea that opposes nature, that is to say life.

    If you do not understand this, or doubt it, take a look at the tar sand industrial nightmare in Alberta, at mountain tops removal coal mining in Virginia, at any large scale industrial site that transforms nature, or life, into a “national sacrifice area”, and reduces indigenous people to a “national sacrifice people”. This is the actual price of civilization.

    Why are most people lost today, and acting as if they did not remember who they were and where they were? Is it because they have lost contact with God?

    God is life. Life is nature. When you do not know and do not feel that you are part of the earth, you are bound to wonder what you are doing here. You fear a natural world you do not understand in spiritual terms and towards which you feel little or no affinity. When you are religious, you can’t wait to go “home”, which you conceive to be an otherworldly heaven.

    You then fail to see, understand and feel that heaven is all around you and within you. You fail to understand that you are breathing God and walking on God, that is to say you
    fail to experience the immanent divine presence that is manifest in all of creation.

    This is why you are lost and afraid, and why your global civilization, which is a very bad idea opposing nature, is bent on achieving ever more destructive control and power over all life, because of such fundamental fear.

    Go sit under a tree. Go to the mountains and sit on a rock. Listen, with your soul, to God’s language, which is vaster and deeper than any word could ever capture, and which alone can restore your true identity. God speak through her creation, at every moment and everywhere in the natural world. The creation is her language. Listen.

    This is the Native American way.

    • My personal understanding is, that all civilizations that are enlightened & advanced beyond our own in creating a world of peace, harmony, abundances, compassion, love, freedom & fun all start out the same.

      That is, they too, all societies, beings across the Universe go through the evolution process. And they too, once like us were babies, primitive in their ways of being & doing what was less than beneficial or positive, but eventually out grow it.

      We are a very non advanced society in many ways. I like to say we are in transition breaking out of the all consuming caterpillar stage to emerging into the transformed butterfly.

      Another way I look at is the merging of the Yin & Yang. The famous Yin & Yang symbol illustrates opposites with the idea that even within the most light there is still a little bit of darkness, and within the most darkness, a little bit of light.

      For me, current physical life, as we know it, is too focused on the darkness, & negative drama with only a wee bit of light. This illustrates much, though certainly not all, of our world at this time.

      That may be a bit of an exaggeration … we have a lot of light & goodness in our world, but certainly we can all agree: there is way too much darkness, pain, and suffering, which we’d like to see eliminated, or greatly reduced! I think you get my point.

      The half with mostly light & a little bit of of darkness, represents where we are headed, and transitioning or transforming towards.

      • mewabe

        Thank you for your comments Marko…

        For me, actual civilization is not about materialistic technologies but about consciousness.

        As long as technologies are created and used to attempt to dominate, control, master and exploit a natural environment that is perceived to be primitive, hostile and below us, and made to serve us, an environment that is believed to have no spiritual life or value, these technologies, no matter how green, will eventually destroy nature and all life.

        A real civilization would encourage people to understand, feel and know that they are nature, they are life, that they are part of the earth, that there are no separations between us and the natural earth, that the earth and all that exists has a spiritual dimension, and that there is consequently no need for fear-based dominance and brutal control over nature, no need to overcome nature, but that there is only an invitation to gently and harmoniously cooperate with and humbly learn from nature.

        It seems to me that humanity is not actually evolving but currently devolving spiritually…because less connected to the natural world than it was 50 years ago, 500 years ago, or 10 000 years ago. Without an understanding of our kinship and spiritual unity with nature, we will continue to devolve, and we will not survive, as we look at the natural world and only see resources, jobs and profit to be made at the cost of life itself.

        I know humanity is extremely impressed with itself, but I am not at all impressed with our current civilization’s achievements. I am on the other hand very saddened by humanity’s brutal and mindless desecration of the natural world on a scale that threatens life itself. Unlike most of my contemporaries, I actually love the earth, as I see and feel the original artist, the Creator’s hand, in the natural creation, and the careless destruction of such a beautiful masterpiece deeply saddens me.

        Where is the love for the earth, apart from within the hearts of the Indigenous people who cry for her, and who have never been heard, who will never be heard?

        • “Where is the love for the earth, apart from within the hearts of the Indigenous people who cry for her, and who have never been heard, who will never be heard?”

          I think more people than ever care about the environment & yes more awareness is needed. The war seems to be around corporate america & politicians not doing the will or desires of the people who want a clean & sustainable environment.

          I do think environmental & spiritual progress is advancing, you just don’t here about it & thus it seems not to exists much, but the growth is there & continuing. It’s a battle of corporations exploiting the earth with unprecedented power.

          “I know humanity is extremely impressed with itself,” well yes & no, I think there is a lot of criticism about society & technology as well as celebration.

          Our spirituality & awareness will save us,– & if we destroy ourselves before hand, we won’t be the first to do so & we may have done so once before.

          But if we indeed create & co create our reality, I rather work & play toward and in a whirlpool of optimism without airbrushing over our serious problems. We can do both.

          It’s not up to one group or individual/s but all of us. Co-creation.

          What happens in the future no one really knows with any absolute certainty, but giving our best loving energies will move us closer to our grander desires.

          Advanced societies do revere nature & animals as sacred beings. We are far from advanced in this sense, but we are moving and transitioning there. The media has not caught up to reporting the spiritual & environmental progress being made, that’s seen more in social media, because it’s the peoples media.

          So powerful is social media that it now influences mainstream media to a certain degree & certainly politics.

          My motto, live in a whirlpool of optimism without airbrushing over problems. But instead, embrace them, embrace uncertainty. Live in the solution not the problem. Thank you for your comments as always, they are insightful, poignant & relevant.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Marko…

  • mewabe

    (Off topic again…should we be more concerned about people shooting people or about most of humanity rapidly destroying the entire planet?):

    The Judeo-Christian belief that the earth is a way station on the road to heaven leads to a lack of love, respect and concern for the natural environment, and to passively accepting or actively participating in its ultimate destruction.

    Unfortunately science is also very instrumental in destroying the planet, as it sees no spiritual value in the earth, only physical stuff to be exploited and discarded at an ever-greater speed with the help of ever more efficient and insensitive technologies.

    Materialistic science is actually the rebellious child of dominion Judeo-Christian theology. They both share the same poisonous outlook, which is that the environment is here merely to serve humanity.

    Only Indigenous people appear to have the right perspective, as they alone seem to understand that they have a spiritual relationship with the natural world. Unfortunately they are treated by our global toxic civilization, from China to North America, as is nature itself: made to move aside or disappear in the name of a massively destructive “progress”, which is a nice word for brutal rape.

    Nothing will save humanity because it is too addicted to its toxic ideas, such as the idea that nature is as an enemy to be conquered, subdued and enslaved. Without a love for the earth that would be rooted in a spiritual relationship with the natural world, the concerns humanity has for its own survival will not be enough to motivate it to change course, because it will remain spiritually disconnected from life. and will consequently keep on acting as if it was blind and deaf.

    • Erin

      Oh, Beloved, I, too, fall to the pain & anguish about…sometimes Sun cannot warm me from under covers, Cat nor Dog can console the tears, Garden cannot seem to call loud enough enticements, and Bird-song, though ever sweet, cannot stir the Sounds within to lift the heaviness of it all. What a way to spend a gorgeous summer day! But the body & mind are numb & hurt-full at the same time.
      I was in such state only days ago, only to ponder how many get into this position & stay there…slowly dying inside & out. Although I gave myself the moment, that thought got the embers to re-ignite, to shake off the stillness/idleness, absorb the purrs & pawings, & put the coffee on…and then I heard the rain.
      The rain reminded me fully of the Grandmothers’ call to focus on Waters…and my, are not the Waters in the midst of boosted Change in these very moments?!? Upsetting Sciences & predictabilities, uprooting much, old & new, & reminding Us how very small, young, & dependent upon this Nature that we are.
      “May drops of rain hit human heads & give them a precious thought…a reconnective feeling.”…my prayer for the day toward the focus of Wholeness.
      Lots of things will move this way, dear friend…Chaotic seeming to most, horrendously heavy feeling & dense to some, scary & uprooting to almost all, yet interesting & exciting to the few.
      I See Earthen reminds…like an Alpha to her herd…”Disrespect pushes you apart from the safety & touch of that which sustains you!” Blessings to those who gain Understanding thru the Pushes, yes?
      Love to All-kinds, & big Bear hug for you, mewabe. <3

      • mewabe

        Hugs to you too Erin, thank you 🙂

    • hempwise

      There are not enough responsible Human Beings in positions of leadership or even at the coercive level to change course yet but the numbers are rising .The Pope even had go at this with his last script .I ‘am not a fan of religion but you have to give him some kudos for raising the issues .It is a long read but has some worthy points !
      As we mature and start listening and observing the natural world we will change .How much time do we have ? Not long so much damage has been done but not to the point of despair its time for repair not despair !!!

      Mewabe you could have a go at writing to those in positions of power highlighting your worries and concerns .Raise the issues raise the consciousness.You write well and articulate better than the rest of us put together a talent in the rough .Do not underestimate the power of your words they stir me with humility and have an enlightening quality not many posses .

      Humanity is like one giant organism at the mo it’s working as separate individual cells not understanding there connectivity and interdependence . To get where we have to go a leap or jump will have to take place ?

      • mewabe

        Thank you hempwise…I am putting a book together and then I will throw it to the 4 winds, and see if anyone catches it 🙂