An interesting question:

What if there is no “heaven”? What if there is no “hell”? What if there is no “God”? What if there is no “life” in the “hereafter”? What if there is no “hereafter” at all — no Life After Death, no one and nothing on The Other Side, no “other side” of any kind, and nothing after life on Earth but darkness, emptiness — and not even an awareness of that?

Is it the promise of “something more” after we’re “done” here on Earth that keeps many of us going? And if we think there is nothing “more,” does that affect our choices, actions, and decisions while we’re “alive”? For that matter, what does being “alive” really mean? Does it mean that we are actively functioning in the physical world? Or does it mean we are actively functioning, period — in the physical world or in another?

Are these even important questions? Does any of it matter?

I think it does. I think that what a person believes about All Of Life — what it’s about, why it exists, how it works, what (if anything) it leads to — matters enormously. Or it certainly can matter, depending upon what those beliefs are.

I could be wrong about this, of course. But I think that the decision about what we believe regarding the Meaning, the Purpose, the Function, and the Result of Life On Earth could, and does, have a powerful impact on how (and for that matter, why) we move through our days and nights.

And I think this is true even if — and perhaps especially if — we have no particular beliefs about any of that at all.

Along with countless others through the ages, I am intrigued by this. Not so much about what I believe (or think I should believe, or feel I want to believe, or hope I can believe), but by what others believe. I am curious about where I fall on the spectrum of things.

So if it feels interesting for you to do so, please share with me your beliefs about all of this — or whether you have any beliefs at all — in the Comment section below. I’m anxious to hear from you on this.


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