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EDITOR’S NOTE: I am excited to be able to use this space on the Internet as a place in which we can join together to ignite a worldwide exploration of some of the most revolutionary theological ideas to come along in a long time.

The ideas I intend to use this space for in the immediate future are the ideas found in GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong.  I believe this book (published by Rainbow Ridge Books) places before our species some of the most important “What if” questions that could be contemplated by contemporary society.

The questions are important because they invite us to ponder some of the most self-damaging ideas about God ever embraced by our species.  For example, the statement that…God is on our side.

One of the most common ideas about God is that God is on our side. God is in our corner. God grants us favors because we are in God’s favor.

We have told ourselves that when we go to war, God is on our side. When we kill thousands of people in acts of terrorism, God is on our side. When we struggle to make our religion the dominant religion across the face of the earth, God is on our side. When we create a new country, God is on our side. When we attempt to tear apart an old country, God is on our side. When we launch a social, political, or economic revolution, God is on our side.

And especially when we seek to defend ourselves, God is on our side—which is why all attack is called a defense. Have you ever noticed that? Nobody ever says they are attacking anybody. All attacks are called defensive, and are thusly justified.

God is on our side in positive matters, too. We’ve told ourselves that we were successful in an election campaign because God is on our side. We landed that huge contract because God is on our side. We got to the wedding on time, even though there was a huge traffic jam, because God is on our side.

Wait, it gets even more trivial than that. We kicked the winning goal in the World Cup because God is on our side. We hit the home run in the bottom of the ninth because God is on our side.

(We round first and head to second pointing a victorious index finger to the sky to let everyone know that God is responsible for the feat. We drop to one knee and make the Sign of the Cross after catching a touchdown pass to make it clear that we praise and thank God for our success.)

God cares who wins the game. That’s the message, loud and clear. God cares.

God cares whether the pass in the end zone is complete or incomplete. God cares whether you hit a home run or strike out. God cares whether you get the most votes or do not. God is on your side, not the other side. If God were on the other side, they would win. If God were on everyone’s side, it would be a draw. Every game would end a tie. Every effort would be a stalemate.

Fortunately, it isn’t that way. God wants your side to win the war. God wants your idea to make thousands of dollars. God wants your parking space to be there waiting for you.

Yes, the message is clear. And each of us can say it without seeing any contradiction. God is on our side.

Now comes The Great What If . . .

What if God is not on anybody’s “side”? What if God does not care who “wins,” who “loses,” who’s “right,” who’s “wrong.” who “succeeds,” who “fails,” or who does or does not do anything at all?

Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?

Yes, obviously it would. Right now, billions of people are sure that God is on their side—and there could be no more dangerous thought than that.

This idea has given rise to more actions that have caused more misery for more people than almost any other single notion. The spiritual arrogance of the idea is ignored by most, who seem to want to sidestep the obvious conclusion that if God is on their side, then God, in fact, must not be on the other side. This sets God up as a Deity who chooses winners and losers, declares ideas worthy or unworthy, labels decisions fair or unfair, pronounces countries good or evil, designates religions right or wrong, calls people saved or condemned, and holds all manner of preferences and priorities, proclivities and predilections, penchants and partialities.

And, of course, if God is on our side, then God’s preferences and priorities, proclivities and predilections, penchants and partialities all agree with ours.

God has been telling us from the very beginning, and it is becoming more clear to us every day, that humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story about God being on our side is plainly and simply inaccurate.

It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

It is important to understand that God was not made in the image and likeness of man. It is the other way around. Man is made in the image and likeness of God.

It would be wonderful if this could be placed on billboards around the world:

God was not made in the image and likeness of Man. It is the other way around.

This means that human beings are divine, each having all the qualities of divinity within them. What it does not mean is that God has human qualities. So God does not like the Los Angeles Dodgers better than the Atlanta Braves. And God doesn’t want your country to win the World Cup more than God wants another country to win it.

God is not hoping that your nation is victorious in the war rather than the nation you are fighting. And God does not support the world’s revolutionaries more than God supports the world’s governments. And God does not align with the values of the Republican Party more than God aligns with the values of the Democratic Party.

It’s time for human beings to let go of their need to believe in a God of preferences. First, we had to let go of our God of the brand name, now we add to that list our God of preferences.

Derailing some really fundamental ideas embraced by many people, it is time to accept the fact that God does not hold the thought that women should never be priests or members of the clergy, that gays should never be allowed to be married, or that non-Christians should never be allowed into heaven.

Difficult as it may be for some people to imagine, God does not, we repeat here for emphasis, prefer Baptists over Hindus, Catholics over Jews, Muslims over Mormons, or any religion over any other religion. God does not even prefer those who believe in God over those who do not believe in God.

These are not God’s ideas. These are the ideas of human beings who think that these are God’s ideas.

We said it before and we’ll say it again: God is not a male human being writ large. God is the Supreme Intelligence and the Primal Energy underlying the universe . . . an intelligence and an energy without specific identity.

Is it really conceivable that God has a favorite color or a favorite number, a favorite team or a favorite player, a favorite nation or a favorite religion, a favorite gender or a favorite race?

Does it feel realistic that God holds particular political views, or economic views, or social views, or spiritual views? And if so, which ones?

Wait. We don’t have to ask that. The people who hold particular views will tell you which ones. Theirs, of course.

Well . . . while this disrupts the whole story line of people and political parties and nations and religions wanting to insist that they are the lone upholders of moral values and the last bastions of spiritual rectitude on the earth, it is important that humanity come to clarity on the true nature of divinity and the factual aspects of Ultimate Reality.

None of the above means that life is against us. God is not on our side in the sense that God favors you over someone else, but life is always prepared to give us what we most fervently and feelingly believe we are going to receive.

Life proceeds out of your intentions for it. We have been told, “As you believe, so will it be done unto you,” and that is true. Belief is a strong and very powerful energy. It is a magnet. It attracts to us what we firmly expect it to. Yet this is not because “God is on our side”; this is because God has given us, as described earlier, a mechanism with which to manipulate and affect the raw energy that is All of Life.

Life affects life through the process of life itself. The Essential Essence is an energy that has an impact upon Itself.

One who learns how to use this energy in a positive fashion through thought, word, and action has stepped onto the road to mastery in living.

Yet never “pray” or use the power of thought, word, and action to bring you something to the detriment of another. Always remember, there is only One of Us.

If, therefore, you seek something for yourself to the detriment of another, you “win” with the right hand and “lose” with the left. Even if you seem to have “won” in one instance, the experience of how you “lost” will visit you in the next.

When in any sort of situation where your desires are juxtaposed with another’s, say a prayer, or hold the thought, that the outcome that is produced will be the one that is best for all concerned.

This is true spiritual mastery, for it requires and demands nothing, but holds every outcome and experience as perfect. In this awareness is found both freedom and peace.

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  • Neale,

    While there are many, many important points in this column, the one that stands out for me is: “We said it before and we’ll say it again: God is not a male human being writ large. God is the Supreme Intelligence and the Primal Energy underlying the universe . . . an intelligence and an energy without specific identity.” (emphasis added)

    This is such a freeing statement! To be able to accept that what we have called by the many names of God (that have separated us, as well) is an energy and intelligence means that It is there for our use. All we need do is evolve beyond our ancient and primitive ideas and learn how to work together with It and each other. We could, then, truly have “Heaven on Earth.”

    Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

    • Oops. Not sure why I ended up posting twice. Showing my humanness, I guess.


    • DANiEL JACKson

      Wonderfully stated Annie, I am in agreement with what you stated. Now you know why you posted this message twice. Ir was so (apparently) I may be able to respond to one of them (laughter). We, truly, don’t understand that what may ‘seem’ like an accident is actually a process of intelligence.
      Love and Blessing to you and all there IS.

  • Neale,

    While there are many, many important points in this column, what really speaks to me is:

    “We said it before and we’ll say it again: God is not a male human being writ large. God is the Supreme Intelligence and the Primal Energy underlying the universe . . . an intelligence and an energy without specific identity.” (emphasis added)

    Without personification of that which some call by the many names of God, all barriers are removed: between groups of people and other groups who have disagreed about what “God” is, between nations, between people and “God”… In fact between the human species and all of Creation, because the Intelligence and Energy ties together all things.

    Being an Intelligence and Energy also makes “God” a tool that we can use to change our circumstances, once we learn and understand the mechanism. In cooperation, we could then wipe out from existence the deprivation, starvation, and diseases that are killing so many of the human species.

    We could choose peace, prosperity and unity in a way we’ve chosen not to create thus far.

    Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

    • mewabe

      “We said it before and we’ll say it again: God is not a male human being writ large. God is the Supreme Intelligence and the Primal Energy underlying the universe . . . an intelligence and an energy without specific identity.”

      I actually had a vision of this when I was 18 years old (a vision during which I lost all sense of time)…a ball of light that was pure energy and intelligence, and that contained everything unto itself, manifest and unmanifest, actualized or pure potential, and past present and future all at once….absolutely everything. The sphere represented oneness, so I knew it was a symbolic image, but I understood the meaning.

      So I know this to be true, although totally unprovable as our friend Patrick would remind us…

      • mewabe,

        What an incredible experience! You have had many, my friend, that help others understand the human potential, and I appreciate your sharing them.

        … and I wonder where “our friend” Patrick is…?

        Love, Blessings and Gratitude,

        • mewabe

          Thank you Annie!
          Love, blessings and gratitude to you too 🙂

      • Patrick Gannon

        I would suggest that you “believe” it to be true, as “knowing” requires evidence. You’ve admitted that your experiences could be delusion. That means to me that you only believe them. I’ve had similar ‘visions’ but I’m pretty sure that my brain produced them as the result of various emotional and physical stimulus.

        I’m not in any way disparaging meditation and spiritual experiences that might arise as a result – but none of it proves god or an afterlife.

        • mewabe

          Patrick, I don’t want to get into a debate, but have you ever loved anyone? Did you know or did you believe that you loved that person, as there is no proof of love actually existing, apart from a few chemical changes in the brain and body, which also occur in “mystical” experiences?

          If you only believed, rather than knew, that you loved, do you then think that love could be a delusion, the by-product of a few chemical changes in the body and nothing more? If you think it could be a delusion, do you believe it is worth experiencing? If you think life itself is a delusion, the outcome of a meaningless, dumb, accidental and aimless arrangement of subatomic particles and nothing more, and that the future of humanity is to become food for bacteria, do you think it is worth experiencing?

          Would you deny love, art, poetry, music their worth because their creation cannot be duplicated in the laboratory under controlled conditions, and consequently their existence cannot be proven beyond individual and subjective perception?

          Would you tell an artist that she does not “know” she is creating art, she only believes so? And would it really make a difference in the end? Is only what can be proven worth anything?

          • Patrick Gannon

            Excellent questions, Mewabe. I greatly respect that you’re willing to talk about the issue, rather than just throw darts at me.

            Frankly, yes, I think love is a matter, at least in part, of chemical reactions. We know, for example, that our scent can have a great deal of impact on the empathy, attraction or lack thereof that people have for each other.

            In the not too distant past, I have been in what I thought was very deep love with someone, but we ended up being very incompatible. I never understood the feeling of attraction since we were so different, but it was a very real feeling. In time I came to the conclusion that compatibility is more important than chemical reactions. I was happily married for 3 decades to a woman I was very compatible with, but we never had that heart-pounding love. I sought that out after we both amicably went our separate ways, and it turned out in the end that compatibility was far more important. I recall one of Neale’s discussions about love, when he pointed out that “I trade you very much” is perhaps a better phrase than “I love you very much.” That was insightful and useful advice. In my case, the heart pounding love was no substitute for reasonable compatibility.

            Are love, life, etc. worth experiencing even if they are illusions? I think that question is up to the individual. We seem to have a sense of self and a sense of conscious awareness, but biologically it appears to be an illusion – so is living an illusion something worth experiencing? I guess I would answer that by saying that if living this life helps make the world a better place for those that come after me, then yes it’s worthwhile.

            I think in the end, what we may be all about is our genes. It may be that all we are is carriers, a mechanized container for our genetic material; and through evolution, our genes, by way of random mutations, discovered that the process of creating a sense of conscious awareness, gave us the ability to evolve further and in new directions.

            Does it make a difference in the end whether we “believe” things? That is the question I am asking. If, in the end, it turns out that believing something that contradicts what we know (and what we know is that we don’t know if there’s any god or afterlife), creates internal conflict in our brains; then yes, I would say it makes a difference. Is cognitive dissonance a mental illness? I think it is. Is it difficult to admit ignorance – you bet. Are we scared of dying? That seems like an obvious by-product of our self awareness, regardless of whether it’s real or an illusion. Having human self awareness has disadvantages as well as advantages. If our self awareness is an illusion, then the question becomes – is it worthwhile for any other primate or animal on this planet that does not have our sense of awareness, to live? I don’t think I can answer that.

            Is only what can be proven worth anything? I wouldn’t put it like that. I would say that what makes life worth living is trying to discover and learn and prove new things. By believing, we put a trap in front of that progress, because we tell ourselves we already know. By seeking to prove new things, I include the search for psi effects, God and the afterlife. I would love to see more experiments in this area. Mainstream science is running experiments and discovering that our consciousness does in fact appear to be an illusion. I don’t see a lot of experiments being run by New Agers, to show otherwise. I just see the theft of scientific terms like ‘quantum physics’ to bolster beliefs. I want to see experiments. I want to see 100,000 people on the internet make a clock run backwards by manifesting that reality as the New Agers propose. I think that since the Christian “prayer” experiments have been such a colossal failure, there is a reluctance to risk embarrassment as they did.
            I propose that we not believe that these things exist, since we know we don’t know this; and work instead to try and find the answers, rather than lie to ourselves and say we already know; and I propose that our failure to do this – our insistence on lying to ourselves – messes us all up.

  • Some questions:
    So does a God with no preferences a neutral God? Can a neutral God be considered an un caring God? If God has no preferences, what then does God have?

    You state that “What it does not mean is that God has human qualities.”
    How can God be the all of it & not have or experience human-ness? How can God be beyond human qualities?

    • mewabe

      My own understanding and experience is that the Divine does not have anything, it is everything, and it is also beyond everything we can presently understand.
      As it is everything, it can appear as anything according to our wishes, needs or beliefs and expectations, but its actual essence is One, which is why it is also beyond everything, as everything that is manifest or that has form in our universe is two or polarized. The Divine essence cannot be polarized, only its expressions through the manifest universe.

      Caring is a human and animal quality that arises out of individuation and polarization (the self and the other)…the Divine, from what I understand, being One, cannot care in this sense…because it is One, and consequently cannot really split itself between subject and object…but it can experience it through us.

      This is difficult to understand for the human mind, that is accustomed to think in terms of polarity, and time and space. For example, it is difficult to imagine that within the Divine, the past, present and future are simultaneous. It is also difficult to understand infinity and eternity. But all these thing are more easily understood when we concentrate on what Native American call the center…for example the center of eternity is the present…the center of infinity is the place where you stand. From the center, everything radiates in all directions. That’s also the meaning of a medicine wheel, of a mandala and of the circular stained glass windows of old cathedrals.

      This infinite and intelligent Divine energy sustains all things and all beings at every moment…and can also be absorbed as one absorbs a nutrient, and used to create anything we wish, because it is also the primordial stuff of life.

      In order to absorb this energy, we must become as a vessel…totally open to the unknown, without expectations or preconceptions, which are all rooted in our own limited experiences. It is best absorbed in nature, which is an unadulterated space, and a powerful source of spiritual energy, if we take the time to pay attention, in the here and now.

      • You are correct I am asking Neale, but I do very much appreciate your commenting & thank you for doing so. 🙂

        • mewabe

          Thank you Marko 🙂

      • DANiEL JACKson

        How wonderful your statements are. I am in complete agreement with which you stated. Thank you for your, much valuable, words of wisdom and love. Isn’t a wonderful ‘life’ after all? When ‘we’ have such (wonderful) understandings that can be presented to ‘us’ in (such) a simple construct that ‘we’ actually may ‘understand’ what is being ‘said’.

        Thank you so very much for your comments.

        However, it is in my opinion, that God (for lack of a better name) may be much more than a non-judgemental Deity. I have had the privilege and pleasure of conversing with that Deity for over 30 years (now) and have found that ‘God’ has a wonderful ‘personality’ with a great sense of humor. To construct God as a “I take no sides and I do not get involved in such things” (which in essence is absolutely truth) but not as accurate as it may seem. God is a multifaceted, sometimes very complex, yet, very simple to comprehend (if ‘we’ allow God to become simply ‘simple’ to us). God is the essence of ‘all’ and being this essence understands that ‘we’ (as physical beings) requires (very much ‘needed’) compliments and support. God has a multi-personality, that is, God may become as ‘we’ create God to ‘be’, our best friend, our Father/Mother, our God, our confidante, our most ardent lover. There is, absolutely, no limits to God’s abilities to ‘express’ itself to ‘us’ in anyway imaginable. To produce a God that may be unlimited, yet oblivious to ‘our’ pleas and requests only places that God in a position of a symbol (of such) and not placing God as a ‘down-to-earth’, loving, supportive, joking, carings, high fiving, sports loving, movie junkie and whatever ‘we’ may deem a true ‘friend’ may be.

        In essence, God may be all that has been stated here (I have no disagreement with any of this), in a single reality, yet is also an intricate part of ‘our’ foundation that ‘we’ can ‘count’ on God to be there at all times for just to have a conversation with. It is a wonderful experience to be able to just ‘chat’ with God and tell some jokes (or two).

        I’m sorry, I’m being interrupted, so I will continue this at another time. I should have been better prepared and began in the ‘wee’ hours when I can reply at my lesur.

        Love to one and all, and thank you all for allowing me to express myself ‘here’.

        • mewabe

          Thank you Daniel…
          The nature of words is to define and consequently to limit, in this case attempting to ensnare the infinite and the eternal, the Divine presence.
          This is also the nature of most thoughts. In the presence of the eternal and the infinite, all we can do is approximate, in symbolic terms, what we are contemplating. We can dance around the absolute verbally, but we can never enter it but in profound and receptive silence. This is when deep insights come to us, but the deeper they are the more difficult it is to translate them into words. Looking for any precise definition of the Divine is akin to attempting to hold water in a clenched fist…it does not work very well.
          Poetry would more accurately reflect such a reality, because it evokes rather than defines.

          This is why I have always resonated with the philosophy of Taoism (not the religion, only the philosophy):

          “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.
          The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
          The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.
          The named is the mother of ten thousand things…”

          Tao Te Ching
          Lao Tsu
          Translation by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English

          However I totally understand and agree with Neale’s effort to help people discard old, rigid and erroneous (my opinion) religious dogma.

          • DANiEL JACKson

            Mewabe, Neale, thank you for you most wonderful response.

            I am, and always have been, in agreement with such understandings. My intentions was not to imply that God (of all names) would take a side or cause one person to become ‘more’ richly rewarded than another, This is not how God works.

            The closest way to express God’s love would be as our closet star expresses it’s energy (to us). Our Sun, which emanates a radiant light to each and everyone of ‘us’ without consideration of ‘who we’ may be or present ourselves. The Sun can only radiates ‘it’s’ energy at ‘it’s’ fullest at ‘all’ times without consideration of the amount of ‘fuel’ it is ‘burning up’, for the Sun’s purpose is to express it’s self without limiting it’s resources to provide for ‘all’ that is, an energy that expresses that “this is what I am, and I do not limit my resources for any reason”. Simply stated, the Sun can only ‘give’ all that it is to any and everyone, no matter who or what that person may be, have been or will ever be. There is, no restrictions to what that Sun gives to each and everyone of us (this includes all things that are ‘blessed’ by those wonderful ‘rays of light energy’). There in not one person, no matter what they are or have been that the Sun didn’t ‘bless’ with it’s full spectrum of light without taking in any type of consideration what that ‘person’ or ‘thing’ may be.

            I see God’s Love in similarity. God cannot prevent ‘it’s’ Love to be bestowed on each and everyone one of us without any consideration of what or how ‘we’ may be presenting ourselves.

            Unconditional Love, simply means that. No one is exempt of this love’s radiant energy (light). Yet, God’s Love is not limited to the ‘fuel’ (worship) that is contained in God’s Love energy, it is absolutely unlimited in it’s emanations, hence, it (this love energy) does not require ‘fuel’ (rules) for ‘it’ to be expressed overtly.

            However, my point being, that this ‘Love Energy’ also has an enormous Intelligence which, even though, it radiates without exceptions, may supply an individual with ‘more’ light and understanding if that ‘one’ has entered a more expanded conception that God’s Love may be ‘given’ without end if ‘we’ may use it to benefit others without consideration of ‘our own needs’. We, will always be ‘blessed’ for giving unto others as ‘we’ would have them give unto us’.

            This conception came to me recently and I have not had a chance to provide ‘it’ a more creative expression.

            Thank you all, once again, for allowing me to come here to express myself, no matter how it may be perceived or received.

      • Aleksandra


        It’s always great pleasure reading your posts. I really appreciate your understanding, your clear-mindedness and the ability to put down in simple words or even create pictures of the knowledge we have within.
        Thank You so much. 🙂


        • mewabe

          Thank you Aleksandra 🙂

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      If there is a way that I could respond to this question more accurately and with greater clarity and articulation than Mewabe has done here, I don’t know what it is. He has done an extraordinary job of reducing an explanation of The Divine to under 400 words in five paragraphs. In my view those words should be read over and over again in every classroom, in every church, temple, synagogue and house of worship, in every hall of academic philosophical study, in every seminary and school of theology. I may ask him for permission to put it in my next book.

      But let me try, in my stumbling way, to put things in my own words.

      The full statement above to which you refer, Marko, is: “God was not made in the image and likeness of Man. It is the other way around. This means that human beings are divine, each having all the qualities of divinity within them. What it does not mean is that God has human qualities.”

      In other words, the reverse is not true.

      No one would describe an 1,000-volt electric charge as having the qualities of a light bulb, though both can emit light. No one would describe an ocean as having the qualities of a drop of its water, though both are wet. The ocean being the SOURCE of the water drop does not mean that its qualities are the same. The content of the water drop is the same as the content of the ocean, yet the difference in its size creates an obvious, observable, and stunning difference in the qualities of the two.

      Do not confuse “qualities” and “content.” Divinity IS the “content” of humanity, but this does not mean that God has human qualities. Does God have the same content as humans? Yes, of course. And much more. How could it be otherwise, since human content emerges from God, given that God and humans (and God and everything) are One? Yet — to re-state the point — “qualities” and “content” are not the same thing. The words are not interchangeable. “Quality” and “Content” are not synonymous.

      The “qualities” of two conversations on the same subject can be remarkably different, even though the “content” is the same. Just talk to Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill about Planned Parenthood. Just talk to Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama about the Russian air strikes over Syria. Just talk to Mr. Trump and Mr. Rubio about Mexicans in America.

      But I have stated it in simplistic terms, as is my wont. The sophisticated and wonderfully articulate answer is given here by Mewabe. I consider it brilliant.

      • mewabe

        Thank you Neale, you are very kind and such praises are truly humbling and embarrassing, but I was really just rambling 🙂

      • Thank you Neale, I have taken both answers from you & Mewabe & put them in my October notes file for further review & contemplation. This idea of God being in the human & not human is one question that is important for me to understand.

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          Think of it this way: The Ocean is in the drop, but is not the drop. The drop is the Ocean in droplet form. The Ocean is the droplet in Ocean form. It would be inaccurate to say that the Ocean has the qualities of the droplet. Its qualities are far greater, and thus altogether different. In this sense, God does not have human qualities. Anger, violence, righteousness, and judgment are not qualities of God. Because these things live in humans does not mean they live in God, any more than a drop of impure water is sustained in its impurity when placed into a 10,000-gallon tank of pure water. Both are liquid, yet both are not the same.

          • Thank you Neale that does help me! Smiles. -Marko

    • DANiEL JACKson

      May I interject something here. God is NOT neutral, my friend. Only God can be a neutral ‘by-stander’ in the absolute. Yet, God ‘is’ involved with our lives, goals and quests. To believe that God is oblivious to ‘our’ requests, needs and desires places that Entity ‘above’ up all, yet, God is just as ‘down-to-earth’ as anyone else may be. I cannot accept a God that seems oblivious to ‘our’ deepest desires. It is, simply, not a Godly thing to do. I, personally, have corresponded with that Deity for many, many years and during that time I was apprehensive (to say the least) in the beginning of ‘our’ conversations, I treaded cautiously so that I would not cause any objectional replies from that Deity. In time, I have come to ‘know’ (understand) that God, above all things, ‘is’ a wonderful, loving and caring God. Very gentle and understanding, yet always tells the truth, no matter if you desire to ‘hear’ it or not. God is not complacent and doesn’t allow ‘us’ to get ‘our’ way, just because ‘we’ asked for it. It must apply to the ‘principle’ of God, God does not go against ‘it’s’ own principle for any or ‘us’.

      Just to interject something here, of course this is ‘my personal opinion’ and I cannot qualify this understanding, it what I understand (and know to be true)

      Marko, you have every conceivable right to question everything, and please do so, this is the process of ‘understanding’. Question everyone, everything and if it ‘feels’ correct, then it may just be so, but if it doesn’t ‘feel’ proper (correct) than it is usually is an incorrect statement. To ‘feel’, generally what we call a ‘gut feeling’ is usually the Divine Essence responding to that statement by that ‘feeling’.

      Thank you, one and all, for allowing me express myself here.
      Love to all

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        Hello, Daniel. I sure hope that nothing I have ever said or written suggests that God is not involved in our lives, goals, and quests. I am sitting here thinking that the entire CWG Cosmology says exactly the opposite. The point being made above, I think, is that God is not on our “side,” — as in, we win/they lose. God is a neutral force, a non-aligned energy, in the sense that God does not favor one person, one team, one group, one political party, one religion, one nation over another. The pure energy and the Essential Essence that is God is available equally to everyone. That is what is meant by the article above. How we use the energy that is often called the Life Force, or, if you will, Life Itself, is up to us. The world as we know it today is the current outcome and the demonstrated result of how we are collectively using the Life Force.

        When we say things like “God is not complacent and doesn’t allow ‘us’ to get ‘our’ way, just because ‘we’ asked for it. It must apply to the ‘principle’ of God,” we immediately raise the question: What is this “principle of God” that “must” be applied?

        Is it our religions, of course, which claim to answer this question. Some claim to be the ONLY answer to it. That is, you either accept THEIR answer or you go to hell.

        Conversations with God likewise provides a possible answer to this question. What IS this “principle of God” to which our requests must be applied if we are to get “our way”? The startling answer which CWG offers is that the Kingdom of God and the Realm of the Spiritual is not a meritocracy, where the “good guys” get their way and the “bad guys” don’t. Or where, to be non-sexist, the people wearing the White Hats always win and the people in the Black Hats always lose.

        The “principle” is: As you believe, so will it be done unto you. This is true individually as a single entity and collectively as a species. Our world, and the lives of individuals in it, reflects this.

        What is critical is the balance point between individual beliefs and the collective cultural story of a species. Life’s Pure Energy is an amazing, remarkable Effect that Affects the Effect Itself. That is, the collective energy of the whole can affect the individual energy of its parts. Likewise, the individual energy of its parts can affect the collective energy of the whole. It is a matter of which energy is strongest when the two energies are not identical, or in harmony.

        Thus is Crowd Mentality formed, and thus is Individual Leadership born.

        When this aspect of metaphysics is understood, our primitive species of sentient beings on this Earth will take a major leap forward. The struggle as a species evolves is to rise above the primitive collective cultural story emerging from the limited understanding of group consciousness to the expanded understanding of Divine Awareness, then to share that Awareness with the group. In this way the group itself slowly evolves.

        This is what every Master has done. This is what each of us is invited to do. Life Itself invites us. God Itself calls to us. Let those who have ears to hear, listen.

        • DANiEL JACKson

          Neale, wonderfully stated. I have absolutely no disagreement with your statement, in fact, I would agree wholeheartedly with ‘it’. Thank you for reply, it is well received (and accepted).

          I did not intend to presume that God was in anyway favoring any single or groups of individuals.
          (Individual is an interesting word if one sees what it may imply In-the-Visible, an individual is the physical expression of the spirit or that which is “in-the-visible” [as apposed to the invisible, that essence of spirit which ‘we’ cannot see])

          I merely wanted to imply that, even though God does not take sides (as you stated) God ‘does’ engage in ‘our’ requests, this may help ‘us’ to understand that God is involved in ‘our’ lives. It is a very fine line between the twix, my friend, I believe that ‘some of us’ , after reading such words about God’s sideless attitude, just may misconstrued and allow those who ‘look’ to God (for whatever reason) to presume that there is no such involvement (in our personal lives). I only desired to implicate that God is Omnipresent and always ‘there’ for us.

          However, I am of no organized religious group and being so, I have no preorganized ideas about God’s processes. I only understand that God ‘is’ and since God ‘is’ we ‘are’ and since ‘we’ are, all ‘is’ in accord with the Divine processes. It is said that ‘we’ the children of God created this world (as it is), ‘we’ are the creators and God is the ‘essence’ of these creations.

          I believe that in our most magnificent attitude as the spirit of God ‘we’ have created both beauty and ugliness (here).

          The collective conscience that is the ‘mass’ opinion of what ‘we’ deem to be ‘truth’ is the ‘force’ that produces most everything ‘we’ experience. The most devious is the belief ‘we’ truly ‘grow old and eventually die’. To truly understand God, this process, of growing old and dying, would seem to be ‘not’ as God would have created the Human Body.

          Anyway, I am rambling on, so I will close for now and once again, I say, most sincerely, thank you for taking the ‘time’ to reply to my statements. I know you are a very busy fellow and appreciate such inputs.

          Love to one and all.

    • Awareness

      God is experiencing “human-ness” through each of us. For when you look at the eyes of another you are looking into the eyes of God 🙂 But remember, there is only ONE Spirit experiencing itself from different points of view and each of us IS IT 🙂

      The human form which each of us currently is experiencing is a “limited” expression of God (our true SELF). This human form is not Eternal as God (our true SELF) is. As I understand it, we will know ourselves as God (our true SELF) when we “exit” this temporary human form (Although there are masters who can do this at will). I recall a time when I was just about to wake up from sleep and suddenly and briefly I had an understanding and said in thought “I AM VAST”. It was a brief moment 🙂

      Lets use an example, “Giving” is a human quality. You can know yourself as “Giving” but you only experience yourself as that when there is another to give to. So if for example you were the only one on an island and you had a million dollars, you cannot experience giving some of it away since there is no other to give to 🙂 You can use this example in relation to God, God is experiencing being “Giving” through us. I understand this best from the ONEness (no separation) perspective 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Thanks for adding to the conversation,
        it is a fascinating topic to discuss & dissect more.

  • James

    Interesting thoughts. Although not new to me. Yet one tends to put things deep into the memory vault. I was never a very spiritual or religious person, however I was sent off to church on most Sundays. Most of the time I dismissed what I heard and never gave it a second thought. Yet reading this article I suddenly recalled a sermon that had heard many, many years ago. It was on the topic of prayer. Not only on how to pray but what pray really meant. The minister used many of the examples that were used in the article. I recall thinking with an atheistic smirk on my lips: ” What kind of a jerk would really believe that God cared who scored the winning goal!” That was the thought that a carried around with me often used to reinforce my atheistic mind set. However what popped out of the old memory bank was not that thought but the rest of the message, which you have so clearly expressed: “Yet never “pray” or use the power of thought, word, and action to bring you something to the detriment of another. Always remember, there is only One of Us.”
    I thank you for the memory jolt.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      You are very welcome, James. Thank YOU for this word of appreciation — and for recognizing the truth and the power of the message. I hope you will find and read the entire book from which it is drawn (GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong) and tell everyone you know about it. You can read five sample chapters here:

  • Geraldine

    Thank you so much NDW! Loving the various sources to re-remind me of my divinity and oneness of ALL that is. Yesterday after listening to your interview on the web for the 2nd time with my partner who jumped out of a church window as a child, I felt SO blessed to hear you once again. I pulled out CWG in hardback from the nineties and remembered how much I savored it back then. Although I have given 98% of my books away, yours was one that I cherished. Thank you again for being such a bright light of clarity and understanding at a time humanity needs it. We are blessed.

    • Awareness

      We are BLESSED indeed 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Awareness

    God is experiencing ALL “sides” through each of us 🙂 For all are using the energy of God (our true SELF) to exist in this human form and experience it. Nothing can happen without God (our true SELF) “permitting” it 🙂

    “Every event is an Act of God.

    Do you imagine that an event could take place if I did not want it to? Do you think that you could so much as lift your little finger if I chose for you not to? You can do nothing if I am against it.” – “Conversations with God” book 2 by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Awareness

      Regarding “Wave X”, the following additional message from Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

      “That this Awareness does have a small opening message, this in regard to that event that occurred around the time of Super Moon, the Harvest Blood Moon, that coordinated with the eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse, and took in the Equinox energies. That this Wave, that which many are calling Wave X, was amplified during this period, did reach a peak, but that the energies are still flowing. A plateau has been reached if you will, and many have been elevated to this new plateau, and that it is now important simply to become aware of the new rarified air to be taken in at this higher plateau, the energies of this new level of experience.

      That the energy of the month will be to balance yourself, to find your own stability in this new energy. That for many, it will not be noticed at all except more chaos in the world and in their lives. But for those who have anticipated this event, have followed it, have flowed with it, that they are now at that level, this new plateau level where integration is necessary.

      The energies are not ramping up any further, in fact, in some ways the Wave will recede, but over the next several weeks, it is still this new level. That when the energies recede, it is more akin to the ocean. That when a wave rolls in the ocean draws back before the next wave rolls in again. There will be other waves above the peak level that this Wave X presented. This is part of the ongoing process of Divine Consciousness, Divine Source Consciousness and Spirit bringing humanity to new levels, and it is also unfortunately, if one wishes to look at it negatively, that those in power are also trying to use the energy to create the opposite, but they are not effective for they cannot come to those higher frequencies that the many who are focused on this, who have been open to this, who have worked with this, are at.

      It is as if they see what has happened and they are taking snipe shots from below trying to disturb the effect of this Wave and its continuing effect. But these snipe shots are largely ineffective. They will do it by trying to refocus humanity’s attention on false flag events over the next several weeks, and particularly strong events that are meant to truly discombobulate the human psyche and the collective mindset and energies of humanity. But this combobulation can be sidestepped, overcome, allowed to simply be a distraction for many, but not necessarily for the individual who is at this new level. To be aware of what is occurring around you in this world is one thing, to give into it, to be dragged down into the negative energies that are disruptive and chaotic, is another matter altogether.

      The importance of this time is that you equate the energies that you are in with a heightened state of consciousness and awareness. That it will begin to consolidate for you more and more in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Equally, it might fracture more and more, if one disregards the energies and allows oneself rather to be drawn down into the negative energies that are being displayed on the planet by those in charge who are in their desperation and are trying to do anything they can to disrupt the ongoing process of Divine Source Consciousness, making Itself felt in human consciousness, in the assistance of Mother Earth as she progresses forward.

      Remember, it is always a choice of whether you, the individual, will choose to go with the flow and allow it to integrate, finding the balance that is needed to allow this integration to occur, or to spin like a top in a sideways or downwards manner into the negative energies of confusion, distraction and deception.

      That this Awareness says at this time: allow yourself that sense of being not affected by the negative. Allow yourself the time to relax and to balance and to integrate, and to know that the Wave that hit has carried you to a heightened plateau of consciousness, and that the ocean of consciousness that is Divine Source Consciousness is continuing to flow, the ebb and flow of the cycles continuing.

      That you have this time at this time, to integrate it and to find the internal balance and to find the internal peace with the situation of your life and with the situation on the planet, knowing that as those who are desperate now throw many, many rocks at you and try to disrupt the advancement of Divine Source as It truly brings human consciousness to a higher level, that it is doomed to failure.

      That it is seen that that which is their intent cannot be achieved amongst those who view a different future, hold a different future and a different timeline to that which is being presented. They may proceed into those planet B scenarios this Awareness has so often talked about, and if they do that it would be their right to have these experiences, but it is not so that you, the individual, need to be dragged down with them.

      This occurs only when one either chooses to be so because they enjoy such negative energies, or because in ignorance they do not understand and therefore do not attempt to wedge themselves out, draw themselves out of such negativity.

      This is of course very encouraged on the planet and you will see many who are in such energies. But you, as an enlightened being, first for yourself, can prevent yourself from dropping into these energies by the choice you make of staying in the higher energies, and second of all, as the world spins crazily, that you become a bedrock, not only for yourself, but for others who are also seeking, and that you may become a beacon to them because of the light you hold and the energy levels you are at.

      That this is an important time to realize that this energy is there, you are in it, it is being integrated, you are finding the new balance and the new way of it.” by Cosmic Awareness (interpreted by Will Berlinghof) 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Patrick Gannon

        Bwaahaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa Bull$hit. I understand that CERN blew Wave X out of the sky! No? They missed? Hmm. I’ll be seeing my physicist friend tomorrow. I’ll ask him what went wrong. ROTFLMAO.

        And you know your fake “doctor” Simon Atkins predictions failed to materialize, right? His “intentions” did not “manifest” the “reality” of a 9.0 quake in Iran or a 6.9 quake in California. I sure hope you don’t send money to these quacks…. on the other hand, if you’re foolish enough to do so, have at it, but your money will do more good feeding the poor. Remember extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and these Wave X buffoons have zip. For evidence they provided a link to an article about cosmic radio waves that had no supporting value at all for a Wave X thingie to arrive here at the end of September. If there is such a thing as “sin” it’s the crime of using pseudo-science to obfuscate ignorance and/or stupidity. However I suppose it’s a lucrative business. I saw something that said Mr. Berlinghof (AKA Mr. Cosmic Awareness), charges $300/hour for a session. Nice work if you can con foolish people and get away with it.

        • Awareness

          LOL, you said 15 days ago that you will go back to ignoring me. So what happened? Could not stick to your word? I notice that you always ignore my repeated quotes about believing. Which is not to believe anything but always to question and discover for yourself what is YOUR “truth”. For example you ignore the following from Cosmic Awareness (interpreted by Will Berlinghof):

          “This Awareness suggests entities to question everything, even this Awareness, not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth. Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

          Strange but you always ignore this. Or is it that you do not understand what it means?? But then again you have ignored your word from 15 days ago to ignore my posts, and I quote you below:

          “Patrick Gannon” wrote (15 days ago): “I shall go back to ignoring you”

          Remember “Patrick Gannon”, you do not have to read my posts and I will say again you do not have to believe them, infact as I have repeatedly suggested you should find your own “truth”. And ofcourse find something that makes you happy 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            I responded to the post you cut/pasted, Mr. Awareness, which is as usual, not something you generated; so I don’t really see that as communicating with you, I’m ridiculing Mr. Cosmic Awareness, Will Berlinghoff. Yes, I did follow up with a reminder that your earlier cut/paste posts regarding the fake “Dr.” Atkins were discredited. Admittedly you did not make the “earthquack” predictions – you primarily cut/paste other people’s works and offer little of your own to the discussion. The website where they had those ridiculous predictions, closed and deleted all comments after I posted there, reminding the gullible that Atkins’ predictions had failed to materialize. It seems some New Age charlatans are just as gutless as religionists who delete and block me in other forums for asking questions and providing information.

            As with Annie, I’m not going to get into a protracted discussion with you, since you primarily cut/paste the opinions or delusions of others here, and seem to have little that is personal and unique of your own to offer. Like Annie, you seem more interested in throwing darts at me than in discussing the issues at hand; but I will respond to posts that are on-topic.

            Why don’t you direct your message to Neale? He is the one working hard to get others to change their legacy beliefs to his New Age beliefs. You seem to agree with me that we should question beliefs, but you don’t send this message to the person who is trying to influence others to believe what he does. I’m not asking anyone to believe anything. I’m glad that you remind us we should question beliefs, and I will repeat that as often as possible, as I agree with Neale that repetition is the name of the game. Frankly, I think Neale just pays lip service to the idea that we should question his beliefs, as his obvious agenda is to spread his New Spirituality religion far and wide, just like any other religion. I’m curious about how he expects the New Spirituality to carry on after he leaves.

            I fully agree that we should question everything, and I’ll take this opportunity to say again that we know that we don’t know if there’s a god or an afterlife. Is it harmful to our mental state to lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that we do know (believe) something that we know we don’t know? Why wouldn’t this set up conflict in our brains? If it does set up conflict in our brains, how is it manifested individually and as societies?

            Neale ignores the extremely high probability that there is no God to begin with. Remind everyone that we should question him when he tells us what he thinks we should believe.

          • Awareness

            Why not just contact Will Berlinghof via his email address instead? Here it is again 🙂

            Get your “facts” straight “Patrick Gannon” I did not cut and paste any predictions from Dr Simon Atkins. I challenge you now to produce the posts containing the predictions from Dr. Simon Atkins which you claim I “cut/paste”, especially the one you say pertaining to “earthquakes”?? I never posted any predictions regarding “earthquakes”. I only posted the Cosmic Awareness message regarding “Wave X”. I ONLY mentioned Dr. Simon Atkin’s name (in reply to you) and never posted his predictions. Again get your “facts” straight “Patrick Gannon” 🙂

            “Patrick Gannon” wrote: “The website where they had those ridiculous predictions, closed and deleted all comments after I posted there”

            Which website is that?? Are you referring to rainbow-phoenix(dot)com where the Cosmic Awareness messages are coming from? I just checked now and the website is still up and running 🙂

            Are you playing a “deception” game here “Patrick Gannon” ?? This is not a judgement just asking 🙂 You see, anything you say to me I will verify for myself because as I have already told you before I simply do not believe you 🙂

            “Patrick Gannon” wrote: “Why don’t you direct your message to Neale? He is the one working hard to get others to change their legacy beliefs to his New Age beliefs.”

            Because Neale Donald Walsch’s books say the following:

            Do not believe a single thing I say. Listen to what I say, then believe what your heart tells you is true. For it is in your heart where your wisdom lies, and in your heart where your truth dwells” – “Home with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

            “Yet I’ll tell you this, to help you out of your dilemma: BELIEVE NOTHING I SAY. Simply live it. Experience it. Then live whatever other paradigm you want to construct. Afterward, LOOK TO YOUR EXPERIENCE to find your truth.

            One day, if you have a great deal of courage, you will experience a world where making love is considered better than making war. On that day will you rejoice.” – “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

            So there is no need to direct my message to Neale Donald Walsch regarding not believing, since the GOD in his books says not to believe a thing it says 🙂 You seem to ignore very obvious things “Patrick Gannon” 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            Why not contact Will Berlingof? Because he is not posting here – you are, Mr. Awareness.

            If you read my text carefully you will see that I referred to our earlier discussion about Atkins. I don’t say that you cut/pasted the earthquake predictions; read it carefully. I told you about his predictions for earthquakes,and let you know that his predictions failed so that you would understand that the man has no credibility. You may recall that we were going back and forth on his doctorate from an unaccredited diploma mill that went out of business. It was while researching Atkins that I came across “HERE IT COMES! The Frequency Shift Into September 2015 – Dr Simon Atkins’ Predictions” on a site called in5d. I simply pointed out that he made those bizarre predictions and they did not come true. I’m suggesting that you reevaluate how much credibility the man should get, if you plan to cut/paste anything from him in the future. I didn’t accuse you of cut/pasting those specific predictions. Sorry if you were confused. What I accused you of is an unwillingness to contribute in your own words.

            You quoted Neale on belief again, as though that matters. If Neale would add “in my opinion,” “in my view,” “the possibility exists,” “I believe,” “I think,” “it may be that” or similar language to his posts, that would remove my objections – but he writes like a Baptist minister preaching a sermon, with no doubt about the veracity of his words. If he really and truly wants us to not believe a single thing he says, then he should say that more frequently as part of his columns that are clearly trying to tell us what to believe.

            Mr. Awareness, I bid you adieu. You were right. I was probably foolish to waste time responding to you, but there are others who might have followed our discussion about Atkins and I wanted to make sure it was clear that his predictions and therefore his credibility are a big fat FAIL. I will probably continue to ridicule ridiculous posts. Saying nothing, is like acknowledging that there’s some validity to nonsensical ideas like aliens in other universes sending Wave X beams at us in order to usher in a new world order and that CERN is trying to prevent this by shooting a beam at them. Sometimes the utterly ridiculous must be treated with ridicule. That garbage has nothing to do with Neales’ columns.

            Update… in checking the website mentioned above, it appears that my comment and the others are back up. Last time I looked it said comments were closed and they were all deleted. I wonder why they put it back right after I accused them here, of being gutless….

        • Awareness

          I felt the following quote from “Heavenletter #5435 Published on: October 11, 2015” is relevant to this discussion 🙂

          “What Cannot Be Dreamed of in the Human Heart? ”

          “Here is an idea I would like you to remove from your heart and mind and from the world at large. I beseech you to remove this false impression. You must. For the success of the world, you must.

          Here is the idea I ask you to get out of your belief system. It is the idea that there is anything that exists that is too good to be true. There is nothing too good to be true.

          When you embrace the concept that all good can be true, you lift a caul off the world, and you lift the vibration of the world.

          Anything is possible. Anything. What miracles will you allow into the world? What miracles will you invite? What miracles will you reach for?

          What are you thinking when you are convinced and seek to convince others that the world is filled with volumes of what you consider too good to be true?

          Because you have not yet seen what you think may be too good to be true – because you have not yet witnessed ongoing miracles before your very eyes in the name of Truth – because the world at large has not yet accepted the presence of miracles in daily life – it seems that you and the world deny the very evidence that miracles exist. Beloveds, how can what does not, in fact, exist be refuted!

          I will tell you that many greatnesses have occurred, and they occur again and again. They will be seen to occur more often when the consciousness of the world does not block the very idea of them.

          It is not new that the lame can walk. What in the created world is not a miracle? A tree? A flower? A human being? What gall makes you believe that miracles are not possible and, even, easily possible?

          There are those who believe that I do not exist, and many people have the idea that they know more than I do. I cannot believe that belief in absence of miracles is heralded as though abstaining from miracles is wise and to be applauded.

          What you believe in is what you believe in. What you don’t believe in may be what you and the world have convinced yourselves to not believe in. You have ultimately convinced yourself. The way it is, whatever you believe in or don’t believe in, you believe, and you would like it if the rest of the world would believe the sensible way you do. It would seem that there is a certain comfort in numbers.

          Thoughts can change. Thoughts will change. That you are drawn to opening the drawer of your beliefs will turn the world upside down, or, shall I say once again, right-side up?

          Better to believe in what is helpful. But, look, you don’t really have to believe in something for it to be true. Just admit the possibility exists. I don’t want you to say you believe when you don’t. You just don’t have to build a case for not believing.

          What can be dreamed of in the hearts of men can come true. What can be dreamed of in the hearts of men can become everyday occurrences and not just once in a lifetime.

          Open your mind, and open your thoughts to all possibilities.

          What do you refuse to believe that the world will be freed from illness? Why would you state that illness will always be man’s fate and why would you hold on to raggedy illness? It can seem that you invent new ideas that will make illness an idea of the past. Ideas are just ideas, yet ideas are significant and make their mark.

          If nothing on Earth is permanent, if even life on Earth is not permanent, certainly doesn’t have to be permanent illness.

          The word No is a blocker in the world. Do not fortify blockages.

          The lamb and the lion are already lying down together.

          And yet you scoff. Scoff at your old limiting beliefs instead. Open up the gateways of the world and let new ideas in. Give them a chance. Let Me in.” 🙂

          Anything pleasant and joyful is possible 🙂

          Life is “Give and Take”, Life is an exchange of energy 🙂 You breathe in the oxygen that the Trees produce and in return you exhale the CO2 that the plants use for photosynthesis 🙂 Are you one day going to tell the Trees “Hey Trees, you require too much C02 from me so I am going to withhold it” 🙂 I bet you, you won’t be able to do that if you wish to exist in your present physical form 🙂

          Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light —-> Sugar + Oxygen

          “Humans and animals do the exact opposite of photosynthesis. They breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. This means that we give plants more carbon dioxide, and they give us more oxygen. Without plants we wouldn’t be able to survive, but there is enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that plants would still exist without us!” – from photosynthesisforkids(dot)com 🙂

          Thank the plants, Life and God (Cosmic Awareness) “Patrick Gannon” 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            Can you reduce that to a couple sentences in your own words? I’m not sure how it’s relevant.

          • Awareness

            The first portion from “Heaven Letters” I will leave to your own Awareness and Consciousness to “sort out” and “integrate” 🙂

            The second portion regarding photosynthesis was a response to your “$300/hour for a session” comment (I understand you disagree and you are free to do so) 🙂

            Nothing wrong with asking for money in “fair exchange” for a service. I repeat part of my previous response below:

            Life is “Give and Take”, Life is an exchange of energy 🙂 You breathe in the oxygen that the Trees produce and in return you exhale the CO2 that the plants use for photosynthesis 🙂 Are you one day going to tell the Trees “Hey Trees, you require too much C02 from me so I am going to withhold it” 🙂 I bet you, you won’t be able to do that if you wish to exist in your present physical form 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            So you can’t put it in your own words. OK. I figured as much. I won’t waste any more time reading it again.

            Life is give and take. Yes indeed, but I like to get fair value for what I give. I give my time and attention; but all I get is unsupported beliefs and nonsense in return.

          • Awareness

            And you can’t figure the words out for yourself??
            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            I can’t figure out the relevance. You said it was relevant to the discussion, but never mind, I’ve lost interest.

  • Patrick Gannon

    “What if God is not on anybody’s “side”? What if God does not care who “wins,” who “loses,” who’s “right,” who’s “wrong.” who “succeeds,” who “fails,” or who does or does not do anything at all?”

    Joining the party late here, but I note once again, as throughout this entire series, that the answers to the “what if” questions are practically identical, if the answer to the question is: “What if God does not care who wins, who loses, who’s right, who’s wrong, etc. because there is no God?” If there is no God, then of course God will not care who wins the football game, because there is no God. We don’t know whether there’s a God or afterlife, and from my perspective, these “what if” questions are slowly but surely paring Legacy God down to nothing; which is surely a step in the right direction.

    However, Neale always brings us back to belief, because religions can’t exist without belief. He says: “Life proceeds out of your intentions for it. We have been told, “As you believe, so will it be done unto you,” and that is true. Belief is a strong and very powerful energy. It is a magnet. It attracts to us what we firmly expect it to. Yet this is not because “God is on our side”; this is because God has given us, as described earlier, a mechanism with which to manipulate and affect the raw energy that is All of Life.”

    I assume that paragraph refers to the “Law of Attraction,” which is not a “law,” is full of holes, and is not in any way something that is proven. It’s no more proven than the existence of Legacy God or CwG God. When Neale says “and that is true” it is only his opinion, and in my view, he should be honest with his readers and say that. From my research it seems that that there is no more direct evidence for this idea that we can manifest reality through intentions, than presidential candidate Ben Carson’s idiotic assertion that the universe was created in six days. The LOA, if that’s what he refers to, is not proven true, and in the prior column I listed a number of objections to the LOA, which nobody attempted to counter. The idea that life proceeds out of your intentions for it, is a claim – not a truth. The idea that we have some mechanism with which to manipulate the raw energy of all of life, is another claim with no evidence to back it up. I’m not saying this is not possible; but it is disingenuous to say that it’s true when there’s little or no real evidence to support it.

    I think most of the points Neale and others make here that question the legacy view of God are absolutely correct, but rather than looking at the logical conclusion which should be drawn – that there is almost certainly no God – this option is not allowed the light of day, for how can one have a religion without gods? Thus we’re asked to discard one set of beliefs only to lapse right into another belief, without ever pausing to acknowledge the very real probability that there is no god or afterlife. We all know that there is no empirical evidence for god/afterlife, and I suggest once again that lying to ourselves and telling ourselves we believe something we know that we don’t know, creates a mental conflict that cannot be healthy for us. Neale says our wrong beliefs are harmful. I think we should stop and examine whether it is belief itself that is harmful.

    • “We all know that there is no empirical evidence for god/afterlife, and I suggest once again that lying to ourselves and telling ourselves we believe something we know that we don’t know, creates a mental conflict that cannot be healthy for us.”

      It has been said: God can neither be proved nor disproved.

      There is no empirical evidence so far for the afterlife. However, I believe a new form of technology can be created that works & plays using our minds & awareness as part of how well that technology works & plays. It would be the integration of technology & mind/spirit/psychic ability.

      There is no current technology that can measure intuition or psychic experiences that I know of reliably. Yet when my deceased cat comes and pays me a visit as happened some years back while doing some art, that to me, is real & reliable, though not provable in the empirical sense. Life is more than empiricism.

      The LOA works on many levels and certainly works often negatively & unconsciously by simple default & misunderstanding. Yet it can be used positively unconsciously as well as consciously.

      • Patrick Gannon

        Thanks for sharing your opinions and beliefs, Marko. I agree with you that technology is going to improve and we are going to learn more about consciousness and awareness. In time, I think we will know conclusively whether consciousness emerges from our brains and whether the sense of self, free will, and self awareness is merely an illusion. Thus far, the evidence seems to point that way. I look forward to to further investigation by researchers and I hope they will evaluate and research psi effects with as much diligence and effort as they do exploring the brain.

        If it turns out that consciousness emerges from the brain and dissipates when the brain dies, then the question of whether there is a god is moot.

        While I maintain that it is “possible” however unlikely, that your cat came back to visit you, I think the far more probable explanation is delusion. You almost certainly imagined it, no matter how real it seemed. The brain is capable of doing that. I recall reading about a subject who was absolutely certain, beyond any doubt that there was a squirrel in his head. Nothing researchers could do or say could dissuade him from this belief. They even took X-rays to prove it to him, but he persisted in the belief. It was perfectly real to him. He understood intellectually that this could not be the case, but it was still completely real to him.. There was no squirrel of course. We know conclusively, that the brain can make us certain of things that are just an illusion. Occam’s razor suggests that the simplest explanation is the most likely; and the simplest explanation is that you imagined it.

        I would re-word your last paragraph as follows: “It is possible that the LOA works on many levels, and it may work negatively and unconsciously by simple default and misunderstanding. None of this is proven. It may be that it can be used positively unconsciously as well as unconsciously, but this is still undetermined.” Otherwise, you should add the words, “in my opinion,” because you have stated something absolutely that is completely unproven. This is one of my complaints about Neale. Presenting opinions as facts is disingenuous. In his case, he’s using God as his authority, which makes it even worse, in my view.

        • Patrick Gannon

          Hi Marko. Funny, but I just now read an article in IFL Science (and I always take them with a big grain of salt and check their resources if I’m truly interested in something), that discusses the question of why we hallucinate The evidence from experiments researchers from the universities of Cardiff and Cambridge performed and reported on the Proceedings from the National Academy of Science, seemed to indicate that for some people there is a propensity for the brain to use stored information, rather than the ongoing incoming sensory stream, to create hallucinations.

          “Vision is a constructive process – in other words, our brain makes up the world that we ‘see’,” first author Christoph Teufel from Cardiff University said in a statement. “It fills in the blanks, ignoring the things that don’t quite fit, and presents to us an image of the world that has been edited and made to fit with what we expect.”

          While the study is focused on psychotic individuals, it seems logical that far more “normal” people who experience visions are having the same experience. It’s a logical explanation. Emotions, stress, joy, what have you, pulls up memories and inserts them into the flow of sensory input from your other primary senses. This explains why people report smelling and tasting things as well as seeing them. It strikes me as a far more likely explanation than the embodiment of your cat coming out of some non physical matter reality to pay you a visit. I don’t deny the possibility, but I think the probability is that your brain produced it. If science proves that this is the case, will that be a problem for you?

          • Well I guess I would say that we have senses beyond that we call psychic. My cat did not physically appear but a strong feeling of her presence was very evident. You can call it what ever you want, for me it shows there’s more going on in this world than our 5 senses.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I understand it’s difficult to accept that something like that could have a natural explanation, but you have memories of your cat stored in your brain or somewhere. In any event, your consciousness or brain can call up the scent, the feeling, the warmth, the sounds, that were recorded into your memory in the past, and apparently your brain can feed that to your awareness as part of, or in place of the stream of stimulus coming through from your other senses in real time. Actually nothing is real time. Everything happens in the past, since sensory input travels at the speed of light and by the time you process it, what you are sensing has already gone by. Inserting or splicing a stream of memory into the stream of sensory input seems like a logical explanation for the phenomenon. One day we will know.

            Again, I ask – what if science proves beyond reasonable doubt that this is the explanation for your experience? What will that mean to your belief system?

        • Thanks for your comments.

    • “I assume that paragraph refers to the ‘Law of Attraction,’ which is not a ‘law,’ is full of holes, and is not in any way something that is proven.”

      I would say that you assume wrong. Neale’s “Happier Than God” outlines a five step process, and the Law of Attraction is only the first step. I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with the entire process before making assumptions.

      And, repeating myself here, our actions in Vietnam were called a “war” when it was a “police action,” and the fight against drugs is also called a “war” when it is not. Americans often use words inappropriately. Additionally, there is much experiental proof, which I already know you discount but others do not.


  • Aleksandra

    Dearest Neale,

    I’d like to thank You for your work, for your words of wisdom for helping me and so many people change life, change attitude, expand, clear and understand heart, mind and soul knowledge and experience. I’m so grateful to You and always will be.
    Thank You soooooo much. 🙂

    Love, Blessing and Gratitude,

    • Awareness

      The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Awareness

    The following Q&A with Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) regarding “PUTIN & SYRIA” obtained from rainbow-phoenix(dot)com blog 🙂

    This is my question. I was thinking about the bombing of Syrian targets by the Russians and the U.S. suggesting it was more than the Syrian targets. Is there any truth to this, or does he, meaning President Putin, does he have an agenda that is relevant to the present situation? Your thoughts please.

    “That this Awareness would point out that these are two ideological opposites clashing, the ideological sentiment of the democratic world or the alleged democratic world that is the Western world that is led by the United States and backed up by the United Kingdoms versus that which is alleged to be a non-democratic country, a Communist country, although it is not Communist any longer as it was once defined.

    But there is a propaganda war going on, and that those in the Western democratic nations are being hit daily by the propaganda that Putin and Russia are the evil empire, are the ones that are opposed to democratic freedom. That this is being played out in the situation
    in the Middle East, in particular in Syria at this time.

    Thus it must be that the Western nations, especially America and Great Britain, maintain that argument that Putin and Russia are not bombing only ISIS or Islamic State targets, but are indeed bombing the targets that have to do with those that are called moderate rebels.

    The interesting fact that must be observed here, to have discernment about this issue of being able to see the philosophic and ideological war that is also going on at this time over Russia’s participation in the Middle East, in the affairs of Syria, is that this has much to do with the worldwide situation that is also taking place and how there are those Powers That Be that are still seeking to create a situation worldwide where instability is created and then the plans of the powers-that-be, those that this Awareness would actually now call the powers-that-were, can be implemented and carried out.

    That the Middle East and Syria are very much part of their greater plans to create worldwide instability, that will enable them to more easily carry out their plans.

    That Russia is also aware of this and Putin being the leader of Russia, the figure head, is diametrically opposed to the plans of those who have their hidden agendas. He is definitely aware to the point that he has over the last several years, stood up against these ones. First in his own country by destroying the oligarchies, by destroying those who were figureheads for the Western powers, the powers-that-were, who were trying to take over Russia. Indeed, it could be said they had great control already in Russia. Then the incident in the Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine, that which was the traditional territories of Russia, the East Crimean regions, the Crimean regions and Eastern Ukraine regions, coming back to the Russians. At least the Crimea did so, and the civil war that is occurring in Eastern Ukraine is about this as well. A traditional people returning back to their own peoples, the people of Russia.

    But there has been much interference, much propaganda that has painted the Russians as ones who are the enemy. Taking this forward now to the situation in Syria, the irony and paradox here is that the NATO ones through such spokespeople as John Kerry are saying that the only real solution is to bring peace to this region, then these ones are doing the exact opposite. That there is sufficient evidence to prove that America has been funding and training ISIS, the Islamic State, these Jhidadists. That they have been supporting them by leaving equipment, military equipment there and that they have also, through their bombing, been attacking not only ISOL targets but other targets where civilians have been killed. The latest is of course the bombing of the hospital in that region, in the Iraq region.

    That these actions do belay the truth of the situation, expose the truth of the situation, that while they speak of bringing peace to the region, instead their actions and the support of the very ones that they have labeled as the dreaded enemy are of a nature that not only supports them, but promotes them.

    Now you have the situation of Putin coming in to the situation of Syria, coming in to support the legitimate president Bashar al-Assad. That most believe that this one is a despot, a dictator, an evil tyrant. Why is this so? It is so because the propaganda has painted him to be this, and there has been little questioning of this, that there has been little questioning of the support the moderate rebels have received to oppose this one because it is not in the agenda of the powers-that-were to have it otherwise. Their agenda, which is about creating instability in that region, requires that Bashar al-Assad be the enemy, be the tyrant that must be deposed. That this ties in with the fantasy of how evil dictators are overthrown by righteous ones, by those who are desiring freedom and democracy, all of the old ploys being pulled and carried out here of opposition of an evil dictator so that the people can be freed.

    But the people were relatively free in the first place. Their standard of living quite high, they had security, they had homes, they had institutes that supported them, they were happy in their country until this plan was launched to disaffect that stability, to disconnect it. This was not only a plan for Syria but for the whole region, Libya being the first that came under the new agenda creating instability in that region. That what is now the case with Libya now that Gaddafi has been removed and executed is a country in strife and turmoil, total upheaval. That it is not exactly what was promised by the aligned countries that participated in the overthrow, even though indirectly it could be argued of Gaddafi and his regime.

    That the bigger plan went then to Syria, to overthrow Bashar al-Assad to create a similar situation in Syria, leaving it also affected as Libya. But Bashar al-Assad refused to abdicate and went against those ones and their plans, so much so that the efforts of the United States and its allies had to eventually come to a point where they were intervening themselves, bombing Syria, a nation that was not and is not at war with the NATO countries, the Western backed countries, and yet these ones are creating the instability in this region under the guise and banner of they are the cavalry come in to help the poor Syrians and Iraqis, but is this so?

    Then you have this new piece that has been added, this piece of Russia entering, Putin supporting Assad and making a difference. Ironically, in a way of bringing a stability back to the government, more has been achieved in a relatively short time than has been achieved in over a year of bombing of Syria by the NATO backed nations.

    That this would create, if Bashar al-Assad’s forces were able to quell the rebels and the rebellion, a stable situation in Syria where those who are homeless would again be able to build and rebuild their homes and their lives. Those who have fled would perhaps even return if such stability could be brought back to Syria and those who were and are the real enemies be dealt with and driven out. This is what Russia is offering, but this is the anthesis of that which America and England and the NATO backed countries wished to achieve, for theirs is a long term agenda and it was very crucial and is very crucial to them to create this instability, disharmony in that region, not only Syria, but Iraq, Iran and other Middle East countries, even Egypt. That this is being thwarted by the Russians’ participation in this conflict and their
    attempts to bolster up and secure Assad and his legitimate government.

    That it is a huge propaganda war and that you have the choice of choosing either to believe those who are stating that they are there to help the rebels and sweep an illegitimate ruler out of power, or to believe the other side, that the illegitimate ruler Bashar al-Assad is the legitimate ruler and that the actions of supporting him and assisting him are those actions that will bring stability back to this region. But the most important thing this Awareness would emphasize: do not be fooled by the propaganda, do not simply be reduced to a binary dualistic choice of one or the other. Hold that this region will be restored, hold that peace will come to it. Do not be deceived by either sides’ claims, but know that this is a point of contention that is very relevant in the world and to see through the propaganda, the lies, the deceptions, perhaps on both sides, is the only way to see this situation clearly and to understand that one must rise above it, and that the first place to do so is within one’s own context, within one’s own interpretation of reality and to see things, not from a binary dualistic level, a choice of them or us, right or wrong, but from a higher level where this is a situation of transition at the greatest and deepest levels.

    That this is another matter that this Awareness will speak to perhaps on another occasion, but for now It is complete in the answering of this question.

    Thank you Awareness. May I ask “what is the bottom line purpose that the U.S. and Great Britain and NATO desire? Is it to confiscate the oil, or what is going on here? Why is Syria so desirable?”

    First Syria is not desirable at this time as the prize, it is not about the oil, that this would only be a bonus to those nations who control such nations as Syria or other oil-producing countries, such as Libya. But it is not the reason why it is a bonus point, as already spoken.

    The real reason is to create worldwide instability but specifically to create instability in Europe. This being achieved by the masses of the people, the refugees that are flooding Europe at this time. That this will create tension in those countries that receive a large amount of refugees. That this will cause a conflict between the inhabitants of the countries these refugees are being taken into as well as the refugees themselves against those who have taken them in. That this will help the situation down the road, where the plan is to declare marshal law around the world, country by country, and that this is the real agenda behind the disruption of the Middle East, the unbalancing of the balance that was previously there and also the same in Europe, to topple the balance that has been so for the last 60-70 years since the end of the second world war.” 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Patrick Gannon

      What on earth does this have to do with Neale’s column about whether or not God chooses sides? It sounds like Cosmic Awareness has chosen sides – and it’s not America.

      I did some more research on Berlinghof, who claims to be Mr. Cosmic Awareness, and see that “Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself through Edgar Cayce, Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars and so forth.” Mr. Berlinghof, succeeding Paul Shockley, who previously held the position of Mr. Cosmic Awareness, is equating himself with Jesus? And this anti-US rant about Syria is the very best and most inspirational thing that Jesus has to offer us? Pitiful.

      You should look up Assad’s record on human rights, the use of weapons of mass destruction such as poison chlorine gas, on his own people. From Wikipedia: “Human Rights groups, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, have detailed how the Assads regime’s secret police routinely tortured, imprisoned, and killed political opponents, and those who speak out against the regime. In addition some 600 Lebanese political prisoners are thought to be held in regime prisons since the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, with some held for as long as over 30 years. Since 2006 it expanded the use of travel bans against dissidents. In that regard, Syria is the worst offender among Arab states. And, “It was reported that 200,000 political prisoners were in jail in Syria for opposing the Assad regime.” There’s more of course. He’s a bad actor, not a saint; otherwise his own people wouldn’t be trying to throw him out, but Cosmic Awareness is on his side, so what you’re posting here appears to be in direct contradiction to Neale’s beliefs about God not taking sides. I’m glad I’m not the only one questioning Neale!

      This post is hateful, anti-American rhetoric, and while I have issues with US policy, what on earth does this have to do with Neale’s column asking whose side (or none) that God is on? And why on earth would the US want to create instability in Europe? In what way does that benefit us? If Mr. Cosmic Awareness hates America so much, why doesn’t he move to Russia. Tell him not to let the door hit him in the butt on the way out. (And no, I’m not going to tell him that – he didn’t post here – you did).

      I wonder how long Mr. Cosmic Awareness would last in Syria. Claiming to be the voice of Mohammed could dramatically shorten his life expectancy. And if Cosmic Awareness is indeed the voice of Krishna, Jesus, Mohamed, etc. then these are the legacy beliefs that Neale is protesting. Are you suggesting that Neale should refrain from protesting the beliefs brought to us by these prior voices? Neale claims to have communicated with God, so is that the same entity Shockley, Berlinghof and now Michelle, communicated with? I guess now that Michelle has taken over, it’s Ms Cosmic Awareness – or is she a fraud? Since the mantle went from Shockley to Berlinghof to Michelle – why are you still following Berlinghof? He was deposed. On the Cosmic Awareness dot org site it says, “Will left when we could not call him “The Voice of Awareness”, and it was clear to me that it was necessary and appropriate to let him go his own way.” Sounds like he got his panties in a wad and they dumped him. Hopefully Michelle is not so anti-American.

      I don’t see these anti-American sentiments in most of Neale’s writings. He’s a liberal socialist, but he’s not anti-American as Berlinghof appears to be. I find it interesting that Berlinghof was kicked off the Cosmic Awareness website and had to open a new site, after he was apparently deposed. What happened? Did he, like Atkins, make nonsensical predictions that failed to materialize, or was it just his ego?

      • Awareness

        Hey, you are still reading my posts. It seems you can’t help yourself 🙂 I offered you the choice of ignoring (and not having to believe) them and still you are “drawn” to them 🙂

        I am glad that you are reading more and more about Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

        Understand though that neither I nor Cosmic Awareness is against anyone. Cosmic Awareness loves ALL 🙂 Everyone is Loved without exception 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

        • Patrick Gannon

          Someone has to point out the lunacy, but you obviously didn’t read my response, or chose not to respond to it, which is to be expected. It’s my perception that you have few thoughts of your own that you are able to verbalize in your own words.

          Your Cosmic Awareness dude is choosing sides. Neale proposes that God, i.e. Cosmic Awareness does not choose sides. From my viewpoint, your prior post directly contradicted Neale with a perfect example of an ungodly choice. I questioned whether there is any god at all, but you challenge Neale and his god by presenting your own god, by introducing Mr. Cosmic Awareness and his claim that his god is a superset of Neale’s god. Does anyone know where I left my hip boots? It’s getting deep in here.

          Further, the prior post is in complete opposition to this post about energies of ecstasy pouring in on us. I know we’re talking about Cosmic Awareness posts written by two different humans, but it’s supposed to be the same entity, right? The prior post was very depressing and full of disdain for America. There was nothing energetic about it except for disdain and contempt. The Cosmic Awareness appears to me to be psychotic if the two posts come from the same entity.

          “the universe appears and disappears every four-quadrillionth of a second” Seriously? That’s a pretty outrageous statement. Got any evidence for that? Extraordinary claims deserve extraordinary evidence. Here’s my claim: I manifest flying fairies in my closet and feed them grains of rice and they convert the rice to quarters which they poop out of their butts and place under the pillows of kids who have lost a tooth. Trust me; I wouldn’t lie. Send me $300 and a fingernail clipping and I’ll give you a reading and tell you how gullible you are.

          Believers always talk about how their God transcends space and time, but in describing a universe that appears and disappears every four-quadrillionth of a second, you’ve identified a clock – a source for “real” time. That means these gods do not transcend space and time, because time is real and not just a useful concept. Whether time is real or not is yet to be determined. I’ll wait for science to figure it out. I don’t trust your psychotic Cosmic Awareness with all its multiple personalities. I wonder if Berlinghof and Michelle buy into this clock thing. All the searches associate it with Shockley and he’s gone, so he can’t prove it. How convenient.

          Do you have an agenda here; perhaps to use Neale’s forum as a way to gather other gullible people to help keep Mr. Berlinghof from having to find a real job? Why don’t you quote Michelle instead of Berlinghof since they kicked him out?

          Basically you’ve added a competing god to Neale’s god. So now we have the legacy Abrahamic gods, legacy eastern gods, the New Spirituality New Age god, and the Cosmic Awareness god with multiple personalities, all contending for the same market of gullible people; and if you stop and look at the evidence or lack thereof, it turns out that the most probable outcome for all of these gods is that there is no god at all.

          • Awareness

            Nope Cosmic Awareness has not chosen any side, did you read the message in full? Did you come across something you did not want to hear and decided to ignore the rest of the message? I will quote the part of the message where Cosmic Awareness advises that we not take sides:

            But the most important thing this Awareness would emphasize: do not be fooled by the propaganda, do not simply be reduced to a binary dualistic choice of one or the other. Hold that this region will be restored, hold that peace will come to it. Do not be deceived by EITHER SIDES’ claims, but know that this is a point of contention that is very relevant in the world and to see through the propaganda, the lies, the deceptions, perhaps on BOTH SIDES, is the only way to see this situation clearly and to understand that one must rise above it, and that the first place to do so is within one’s own context, within one’s own interpretation of reality and to see things, not from a binary dualistic level, a choice of them or us, right or wrong, but from a HIGHER LEVEL where this is a situation of transition at the greatest and deepest levels.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

            See? Do you get it? This is very clear and obvious. Also I did not see any “hate” from Cosmic Awareness 🙂 Cosmic Awareness can see everything occurring past, present and future all at once (you don’t have to believe this ofcourse) 🙂

            Regarding the “4 quadrillionths of a second” speed, it is not a final speed. Read more below from Cosmic Awareness:

            “This Awareness has indicated that the entire universe appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second.

            This Awareness indicates that it is just a way of saying that, all the universe is vibration or frequency in scales made up of infinite octaves of frequencies. Sound is frequency, and radio waves are frequency, and above sound and radio waves is heat, and that heat is also frequency for the microwave oven and the infra red make heat with frequencies above the speed of sound and radio. It has been established that infrared is the 48th octave of frequencies, and that the seven colors of light make up the 49th octave with ultra violet holding claim to the 50th octave of frequencies.

            Above the speed and vibration of light are the x-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays or waves, and in the higher octaves are the ultra-high octaves of frequencies that vibrate as consciousness itself. These reach to the 144th, 288th octaves and beyond. Those higher frequencies of the higher ultra-octaves vibrate as frequencies throughout the entire universe which means that the entire universe is vibrating at that speed. The universe, therefore appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second, vibrating between these positive and negative oscillations of the Cosmic Consciousness and its frequencies.

            Divine Consciousness creates the manifested or conscious reality, and the unmanifested or unconscious reality. The adept spiritual master understanding this, can manifest from one appearance of the universe to another simply by holding an image in mind through enough appearances and disappearances of the universe, to cause the image to shift from the unconscious or unmanifested reality into the conscious or manifested reality.

            Thus, entities who understand these things can make the realities they need to improve their lives if they can hold the proper images long enough, without distraction or conflicts with other opposing images.

            The number 4 quadrillionths of a second is not a final speed, but just one level of frequency that is vibrating fast enough to allow the universe to appear and disappear in all of its physical aspects. There are higher frequencies that affect those aspects of the creation that vibrate at even higher frequencies than this. Within the many frequencies and octaves inhabiting the creation, are time-lines and life streams and echos, and reflections or mirrors.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

            I am not adding any competing Gods here. There is only ONE Divine Spirit and it does not need to compete with itself 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            The post for the most part was dedicated to criticizing US policy and applauding Russia and Assad. Berlinghof clearly doesn’t like US policy and he claims to be representing some spirit God, that he and Shockley claim is the god of gods. I doubt that Neale embraces their god. It is a new god for the purpose of this forum discussion. Prior to the introduction of Mr. Cosmic Awareness, we had the legacy gods from the Abrahamic and eastern religions, and Neale’s New Spirituality God, and you introduced another god. You may claim that they are all one and the same, but all you’ve done is create another god to argue about. Too many gods.

            I also think these guys are good at putting in cop outs – leaving themselves an “out” for when the situation changes. Let’s say Russia and Assad create a disaster – Mr. Cosmic Awareness has left himself a way to wiggle out if it turns out that the US is not the bad guy.

            You quoted: “Those higher frequencies of the higher ultra-octaves vibrate as frequencies throughout the entire universe which means that the entire universe is vibrating at that speed. The universe, therefore appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second, vibrating between these positive and negative oscillations of the Cosmic Consciousness and its frequencies.”

            I need to see a scientific basis for this. Drawing the conclusion that the universe appears and disappears at some vibrational rate is a scientific claim – where’s his evidence?

  • Francisco Morfi

    Neale, I get the message and the intention for which it was written. I just have to say that the word care has a strong emotionally charged significance for most of us, if not all, who are from or have been raised in the US or are English speaking. It’s about caring, having feelings towards someone, considering someone to be important, special; I could add more, but I think the point is taken. I think that if instead it was said that it doesn’t matter to God if you win or lose, are right or wrong, prefer one thing over another… that it might not have such a shocking impact on people when they read it. Not mattering is more like God doesn’t favor one thing over another, doesn’t prefer one thing to happen rather than another, doesn’t need something to be any specific way. It simply means God does not lean more towards one direction or another, towards me and not you.
    God cares for us, but it doesn’t matter to Her one thing or another because She knows all things are unfolding perfectly well as they are occurring and no particular outcome over another is necessary. God does not think along our terms, from our limited perspective, because He sees the bigger picture: everything is TAKEN CARE OF. Isn’t that wonderful. I believe it’s worth repeating: EVERYTHING IS TAKEN CARE OF by GOD.