An urgent question:

And so, again.

Paris again. Terrorists again. A world in turmoil again.

When I heard the news about the events in Paris on Nov. 13 I felt exactly the way I felt on Sept. 11, 2001. Sad. Determined. Re-committed. I knew that people all over the world who have read Conversations with God would ask: How does this fit into the ideas in your books, Mr. Walsch? How does this fit into see the perfection, and there are no victims and no villains in the world, and there is no such thing as Right and Wrong, and all the other messages of CWG?

Those are fair questions. Very fair questions. I ask them myself when things such as this occur. And they are occurring now with more frequency than ever before, around the world. So I have updated a small booklet that I wrote a while ago addressing these questions, and I have added to that document a word-for-word copy of the statement I issued the day after the 9-11 attacks on the United States.

It is my desire that as many people as possible have an opportunity to read this material, so I will be excerpting it in a series of passages in this space over the days ahead. Those who do not wish to wait to finish the document as each new installment is posted here may access the document in full, downloading it HERE at no cost.

Below is the first installment:

A WORLD IN TURMOIL: How we can respond – Chapter One

IT HAS BEEN A VERY LONG TIME since the world has been in the kind of turmoil that humanity is facing today at nearly every turn.

The document you are reading is being updated in the days following the horrific and highly coordinated multiple terrorist attacks on the city of Paris, France on November 13, 2015 in which scores of people were randomly killed in restaurants, at the city’s largest concert hall, and elsewhere.

This deeply saddening incident was just the latest in a string of events reflecting major geopolitical upheaval occurring simultaneously across the globe, coincident with deep social unrest, growing financial instability, and even near-epidemic threats to human health—all of this throwing the Earth’s inhabitants into a state of rapid sequential shocks and unremitting worry.

Even as the world’s governments and its non-governmental non-profit helping organizations scramble to collect their resources and respond to these occurrences, people everywhere are beginning to ask: “Is this the beginning of the end? Is this the start of the termination of life as we know it on this planet?”

As many people know, it has been predicted for a very long time that precisely during this period in humanity’s habitation of the Earth, simultaneous calamitous events would occur, both political and environmental, that would engulf the planet.

So…is this where we are?

Yes. I believe the answer is yes.

Is there nothing we can do but gird ourselves for ongoing and ever-increasing disaster?

I believe the answer is no.

I believe that what is happening right now is part of a Larger Process. It is a process by which humanity is being invited to re-define itself. Indeed, to recreate itself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever our species held about Who We Are.

I believe that futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard has said is right. What we are seeing on the earth is a birthing of our species into the cosmic community of sentient beings.

Metaphorically speaking, humanity has been in its gestation period for hundreds of thousands of years. That may seem like an unfathomably period of time, but measured against the age of the Universe it is less than the blink of an eye.

A lot of people like to think of humans as highly evolved. In fact, humanity has just emerged from the womb of the cosmos. In their book New World New Mind, Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich placed this in perspective in one mind-boggling paragraph:

Suppose Earth’s history was charted on a single year’s calendar, with midnight January 1 representing the origin of the Earth and midnight December 31 the present. Then each day of Earth’s “year” would represent 12 million years of actual history. On that scale, the first form of life, a simple bacterium, would arise sometime in February. More complex life-forms, however, come much later; the first fishes appear around November 20. The dinosaurs arrive around December 10 and disappear on Christmas Day. The first of our ancestors recognizable as human would not show up until the afternoon of December 31. Homo sapiens—our species—would emerge at around 11:45 pm…and all that has happened in recorded history would occur in the final minute of the year.

Knowing that we are among the infant species of the Universe renders our behaviors perhaps more understandable. It certainly renders our future more hopeful.

As in every birthing, there is the potential of both danger and joy in the process. Yet we can dissolve the danger, eliminating it from our experience, by simply understanding what’s going on here.

In our movement towards maturing we can create the best of times, not the worst of times. It may not look that way now, I know. Indeed, it may seem to some, on many levels, to be almost hopeless. Yet there is a way you can join in creating the best of times, advancing your own personal spiritual evolution and assisting in the same forward movement for all those you love, for all others whose lives you touch, and, by extension, for the whole human family.

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