An urgent question:

People the world over are upset, nervous, on edge, wondering: will there ever be safety on the globe again?

Mali declared a 10-day State of Emergency and three days of national mourning after gunmen rushed into a Malian hotel shouting “Allahu akbar” while spraying bullets on people gathered at the hotel restaurant for breakfast. The terrorists then roamed the rest of the hotel, shooting at others. Nineteen innocent people were killed.

Brussells — the entire city — is on lockdown as I write this. Police and soldiers, all heavily armed, now walk the streets, and all soccer games have been canceled. The Belgian government raised the capital’s terrorism alert level to its highest status, declaring “serious and immediate threat.”

Over 40 people lost their lives to a terrorist attack in Beirut, Lebanon days before 130 were killed by terrorists in Paris.

This litany could go on. Is this the New Normal? Shall humans never know peace and tranquility again, anywhere on the planet? Is there is be no refuge whatsoever?

As I wrote a week ago, I feel today exactly the way I felt on Sept. 11, 2001. Sad. Determined. Re-committed. I knew that people all over the world who have read Conversations with God would ask: How does this fit into the ideas in your books, Mr. Walsch? How does this fit into the CWG invitation to see the perfection, or its statement that there are no victims and no villains in the world, or its assertion that there is no such thing as Right and Wrong — to say nothing of all the other messages of these texts?

Those are fair questions. Very fair questions. I ask them myself when things such as this occur. And they are occurring now with more frequency than ever before, around the world. So I have updated a small booklet that I wrote a while ago addressing these questions, and I have added to that document a word-for-word copy of the statement I issued the day after the 9-11 attacks on the United States.

It is my desire that as many people as possible have an opportunity to read this material, so I will be excerpting it in a series of passages in this space over the days ahead. Those who do not wish to wait to finish the document as each new installment is posted here may access the document in full, downloading it here at no cost.

Here is the second installment:

A WORLD IN TURMOIL: How we can respond – Chapter Two

What I would like to offer here are five tools with which you will be able to both clearly understand and effectively deal with what is going on all around you on our planet today.

These tools are:

  1. Re-identification
  2. The Basic Principles of Life
  3. The Law of Opposites
  4. Changing Emotion
  5. Gratitude as an Attitude

With these tools I am hoping that you will be able to:

* Assume a new, fuller, and more accurate personal identity—and thus, a deeper awareness of your role in the creation of things.

* Understand “why bad things happen,” and know better exactly how to carry them in consciousness even as you deal with them “on the ground.”

* Produce a new context within which to hold the events of our day and design the events of our tomorrow.

* Shift away from fear forever.

* Discover and use with enormous effectiveness The Greatest Tool Ever Devised for dealing with “unwanted events.”

Tool #1: Re-identification
We’ll begin by coming to a deeper understanding of who and what we really are, and the role that you and I play in the occurrences of our lives.

The first step in moving to this awareness is an understanding that…

Events on the earth are not created by Unseen Forces.

We are not here subject to the whims of the gods, or, as William Shakespeare put it, suffering “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

Even in the case of geophysical events, we are not entirely at the mercy of the elements. It may seem as though we are, but we are not.

Take global warming, for instance. It is real, it is occurring, and it is something that we are at some level creating.

Take earthquakes, for instance. They are real, they are occurring, and they are something that we are at some level creating.

Take hurricanes and tornadoes and typhoons and tidal waves and tsunamis. They are all occurring, and they are all something that we are at some level creating.

Or, for that matter, take the incredible and rapid spread of bacterial diseases sweeping across the earth, to the point where medical scientists are now seriously worried about the possibility of certain bacteria becoming so immune to antibiotics that there is no way to stop the diseases they carry from spreading—creating a world ripe for cataclysmic spread of illness and death the likes of which we haven’t seen since before the creation of antibiotic drugs. This nightmare is now developing on the earth, and it is something that we are at some level creating.

The key words there, of course, are the words “at some level.” Are we creating these events consciously, intentionally? Of course not. No one sits around deciding to produce an earthquake that will kill thousands of people and impact millions.

Could we be creating these events unconsciously? Absolutely. Through our unconscious (that is to say, our unthinking or short-sighted) behaviors.

Acknowledging our role in
the scheme of things
It is important to understand that human beings are more than passive observers of the rollout of life.

For instance, how many underground nuclear weapons tests can we conduct before the massive explosions we induce dislodge the interconnecting plates that form the substructure of the planet’s undergirdment?

How many unclean particulates can we emit into the upper atmosphere before we block out enough of the rays of the sun to create significant warming of the planet, such that the rising temperatures of its massive waters produce geothermal conditions generating wind variations violent enough to call them hurricanes and tornadoes?

And listen to this, from the April 2011 issue of Scientific American:

“For more than 50 years microbiologists have warned against using antibiotics to fatten up farm animals. The practice, they argue, threatens human health by turning farms into breeding grounds of drug-resistant bacteria.

“Farmers responded that restricting antibiotics in livestock would devastate the industry and significantly raise costs to consumers.”

Who do you suppose won this debate?

“Although even the proper use of antibiotics can inadvertently lead to the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, the habit of using a low or subtherapeutic dose is a formula for disaster,” the magazine article goes on.

“The treatment provides just enough antibiotic to kill some but not all bacteria. The germs that survive are typically those that happen to bear genetic mutations for resisting the antibiotic. They then reproduce and exchange genes with other microbial resisters.

“Because bacteria are found literally everywhere, resistant strains produced in animals eventually find their way into people as well. You could not design a better system for guaranteeing the spread of antibiotic resistance.”

Hospitals around the world are now reporting the sudden appearance of severe, and in many cases fatal, illness caused by bacteria that no drug now on the market can stop or kill.

Now I am fully aware that there are those people who roundly reject the notion that human activity has anything whatsoever to do with any of this, but I am here to declare (along with the overwhelming majority of the world’s scientists, geophysicists, and medical researchers) that geophysical, environmental, and human activities are intertwined, and that we live in an interconnected world where one thing leads to another, and in which humanity is no more immune from causality than any other element of life itself.

To put this simply, we are at least part of the problem.

That is good news. Because if we are part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution.

If we are not part of the problem, then we have naught but to endure it. Yet if we are part of the problem, and can admit that we are, then we are not utterly at the mercy of Unseen Forces.

With regard to human affairs, this is also true—and perhaps more obviously so. Concerning the geopolitical upheavals of humanity, we are completely at cause in the matter—even though here, too, many people would like to relinquish responsibility, saying that while our global political turmoil is not caused by Nature, it is the result of human nature—which, some people claim, is equally uncontrollable.

Looking at the truth
Is this true? Are human beings “just the way they are,” with certain proclivities so “built in” that there is nothing they can do about their more violent, competitive, or survival-oriented nature?

That is something we are now about to decide. As a group, I mean. As a collective called Humanity, in the days and weeks, months and years, decades and century ahead.

We are about to decide who and how we are as a species—and to announce our decision through our thoughts, words, and actions. It is these choices that will be our declarations to the Universe; it is our demonstrations that will be our manifesto.

One thing is becoming clear: we can no longer move forward, advancing our own evolutionary process as a species, by demonstrating the behaviors of the past several centuries and all the previous millennia.

Something has got to change.

Yet if we hold that what has got to change is unchangeable—that the basic nature of our species is simply what it is, and there is no altering that—then we are surely doomed.

The doomsday predictors will be proven to be absolutely accurate and correct. There is nothing for us to do but to cut and run, hoard and hide, surviving as best we can while the world falls apart around us.

Yet for what? For the simple purpose of surviving? As a snake recoils in preparation for attack…simply to survive? As a lion roars and angrily claws the air…simply to survive? As living creatures of every kind gird their loins and bare their teeth and anxiously glance this way and that…simply to survive?

Is this the only course of action left? Is this our only path?

It is if we insist that what must be changed is unchangeable. It is if we believe that no behavioral shift is possible; that we are on a runaway stagecoach, with no driver and the horses’ reins flapping in the air, hopelessly and heartbreakingly unreachable.

Another option
On the other hand, if we renounce the Doctrine of Impossibility, if we reject the notion of our impotence, if we abandon the thought that we have no control over our collective behavior because of our nature, a New Future opens to us; a New Tomorrow beckons. It can be the Future of Our Preference, the Tomorrow of Our Chosen Creation.

This is the Future that it was intended for us to experience. This is the Tomorrow that we were all along designed to produce. But the first step in the manifestation of this Grander Eventuality is the embracing of a grander truth about Who We Are and Why We Are Here upon the earth.

We must decide if Life is something that is happening to us, or something that is happening through us.

Yes, even with regard to geophysical conditions and events on our planet, we must decide if we have a collaborative role to play in how those occur and affect us, or are simply helpless bystanders.

The Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011 is a remarkable example. Even if we accept that we as a species had no role whatsoever in this calamity (a position that I, personally, am not prepared to take), there is not a one of us who can deny that humanity definitely had a role in the nuclear disaster—the leaking of the nuclear power plant—that followed within hours. This is what I mean when I talk about how the planet’s geophysical conditions occur and affect us.

So that is the decision and the choice that is directly in front of us. The question is not, “Oh, my gosh, what are we going to do?”, but rather, “Oh, my goodness, when are we going to see that we are doing much of this to ourselves—and who are we going to be in response to it?”

In the face of our present condition, in the moment of these current events, in the time of our circumstance, who are we going to be?

This decision must be preceded by another choice, a far greater choice, a much deeper one. Who are we to begin with? What is our true identity?

Once we decide this, the question becomes: Shall we step into the full expression of that Here and Now?

It is, in the end and after all, exactly as William Shakespeare posed it:

“To be or not to be, that is the question.”

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  • Kristen

    Or what if we are slowing coming around to the idea that we are in an end of times, that all of these things are clearly in prophecies, judgement day by the real God, not some random chanelling entity, and consequences are now upon us. Remembering Judgement Day starts with the Biblical Gods full rule, as the God of Law, and is primarily about destroying those who destroy the Earth(carbon footprints, climate change, globalisation, property development, pollution etc)…much of would be Western Wealth as it its foundations are selfishness, greed and destruction. The other main judgement is for judging ‘the dead’ for their deeds…reincarnated souls. Neale, your own early books indicate this was your reincarnation path, to commit such blasphme against God. A huge part of these consequences is festering sores, which typically would be viral, bacterial or fungal. Have the past 10 years been building up to this, with a deliberate lowering of immune systems through overuse of antibiotics, sugar addictions, sunblock to prevent absorbtion of vit D. Who knows who God and the Universe enlist to help them with catalysts, the bad guys could actualy be the good guys, there is a lot worse out there than death. Many people would say living is worse than death.
    At the moment ringworm, a fungal head thing like cradle cap, hands foot n mouth and school sores are doing the rounds, as is strep throat, in what was my small area before immigration took over. What has a worse carbon footprint than immigration…not much! And scripture warned us against it, and the world having one language (English) amongst many things…like to not believe false Gods!!
    I dont believe in flukes, and the word coincidence means it has influence from above. Far too many coincidences over the past few years for me to ignore.
    Who knows…,but my ringside seats are booked.
    We need to also remember that the name of 666 is Solomon, which means peace. Definately a word to steer clear of, at all costs, unless you want to have a one way ticket to Satan/Evils fan club…not a pretty eternity.
    Food for thought….
    PS..its Ok, now Im a pro at making foil hats, Im sure I can manage one for “The End Is Nigh” evangelism. Orders taken at the CwG offices.

    • Stephen mills

      This is a conversation nobody seems to want to have Neale .I have heard or read nobody making the kinds of viewpoints made here .

      Nobody is taking any responsibility for the long term future we are but children singularly unable to get along and transform ourselves and look in the mirror .Responsibility is for grown ups .So life will keep providing us with opportunities for growth ,until we get that we are all doing this to ourselves .

      I read in Communion With God that denial is used for the illusion to continue .Acceptance is for those that choose responsibility….I have probably got that quote slightly wrong to its exact wording but you know what I mean !

      Sorry Kristen this is not a reply to you .


      • shenika

        Stephen, do you believe that victims of war created it themselves? Do you believe victims of anything created it all themselves? That’s a sort of slap in the victims’ faces, don’t you think? Tell that to a victim of child abuse or to a victim lying on a blanket watching a boston marathon laing while daddhy tries to cross the line, and lying in wait for what? daddy to cross the finish line? No. That was not the babhy’s or conscious creation. Not on hyour life. Period. Period. Period. What a malarky. What a plun ge into deepest darkest fear based realithy. Wbhew

        • Stephen mills

          We are all responsible for what goes on in the world from the manufacturing of weapons and cancer causing chemicals to using fossil fuels to power our planet .Even creating a world where the young people are full of anger and hopelessness and do terrible things to get your attention .They are not born that way ,that’s a cop- out .

          There are consequences to all of this .Just as there are consequences to smoking or drinking alcohol every day .

          This is not a reality based on fear but love where the understanding of the collective is the same as the self and anything that’s going to hurt or undermine the collective hurts or damages the self. The circle is complete we are the circle that’s why the events in our world are cyclical and will continue to be so until we make different choices .

          Pax to you .

          • Kristen

            If people really want to start change, its much easier to start by pulling yourself out of the loop, a bit like bootcamp. Quite a few years ago I started with “there will be no more than 3 alcohol drinks had on my property by anyone, cut down rlectricity use altho we are completely hydro, I will allow myself only one tank of gas a month, where possible I will buy from surplus/clearance shops or preloved, I will aim for zero waste at work, we will only usebio degradable bags in my shop, no credit cards or debt, aim for zero medications for the family, only be in a plane 10hrs a year, buy quality OR quantity not both, buy no new books and only one magazine a month, ditch a computer and only use a tablet, no talking on mobile phones and wifi off when its not being used, free range products only, will not profit from any form of suffering in the supply chain, buy local only etc”. Its actually quite easy when you get into it, obviously there are tough parenting rules too but even now my youngest is 17, its still when hes home, Im home, and wotever crappy car, shark etc boring shows they want on TV, I have to sit through and pretend to be interested. Happy at home the kids wont roam, Ill be leaving home before any of mine I think. Who wouldnt be prepared to sacrifice for the rest of the world, and the kids they bought in to it?
            People are just too lazy and selfish to try to change their ways, but its very peaceful knowing you have done your bit and have at least put in the parenting time effort.
            Take care,

          • shenika

            That all sounds grand, Stephen. In fact, I agree with it. I agree to the fact that what one does for one other, one does for the self. I agree to the extnt that one must follow the golden rule of doing unto others as one does for the self. But, what I refer to is the fact that some unseen energy is not of love. It is of fear. There is a dim light. Not all love is bright light. Some spin negatively and create a negative spin for others. This does have repercussions in actions and reactions and news events even like Isis in Paris. That was a negative spinning creation by a dim energy prevelent in the world. It wasn’t a premeditated thing, I suppose, but a forced wind thing where negative spinning energies manifested in a certain plane, causing some to act out a tear jerking moment. These impact all life there. Thjis forced wind is extremely powerful. It creates treverance for the world. Thus, not all negative news events are created by oneself. We can’t assume a baby lying on a blanket watching her dad finish the crossline is creating the bomb that killed her dad, can we?

          • shenika

            Hi Pax,
            I think I missed your post. The truth is we are concentric circles only. Any travelers who careen in on a different concentric circle miss out on all life. They lose their true beloved. All Life is what I travel in only as a true twin beloved. Those travelers who attempt to careen in on my certain concentric circle lose the boat completelyy. First Life is me. Period. Period. Period. We First Lifers do not travel to any any nor do we zoom time at all. We honor the circle. ecause it is truly over if we don’t whew Any way, some careening ones do mess up life. Poltergeist are real. I didn’t bring that crap to me. This thing is oh so active. It literally jumps in my kitchen while I cook breakfast. It hops in my bathroom while I well what do we do in the bathroom so this thing is insipid. I can’t tell you how little I cause d that horror show. It likes my crown chakra and Gaion is livid Whew so I don’t know what you mean about all deserve what they get. That’s just not true. What about a baby being abused or a raper raping a girl. that’ s not truly caused by the victim. There are victims in life. That’s whhy arc came to earth. Arc came because it had to else God would have done it from heaven, wouldn’t he? He is a She. I know that, Neale. I know melded True Beloved life. I am that I am. That’s all folks. Merr y Christmas :)))

        • Kristen

          This is a really tricky one. Everything about reincarnation, from Buddhism to CwG, and everything inbetween indicates that every reincarnated soul chooses its own life, death and arranges for all these things to be put in place.
          Therefore reincarnation is the cause of all these things. I dont support it, and as an Israelite I an a first lifer, so not reincarnated, but cannot dispute it. Everyone has the right to state to The Universe, their God or relevant diety “I AM NOT FOLLOWING THE REINCARNATION PATH DETERMINED FOR ME, NOR WILL I ALLOW ANY NEGATIVE THINGS PLANNED TO HAPPEN TO MY CHILDREN AND THOSE IN MY LEGAL CARE, I WOULD LIKE MY OWN PATH OF NORMALITY DETERMINED PLEASE”.
          This is a huge part of why Judgement Day starts with ‘Its time to judge the dead for their deeds’…because they are arranging all this suffering for whatever stupid reason.
          Take care,
          PS there is some invisible greeblie force trying to influence you, its in here a lot and they are common in new age sites as they want to join the party, I call them greeblie viruses. Try to clear your head, stay grounded, ditch coffee etc, its a very fast vibration energy and always uses words like Wbhew, has lots of typos etc and I can feel it. Be careful and try to slow everything down and it will move on. We have witnessed in here, a crazy one completely taking over a school teacher. Seriously.

          • shenika

            Kristin, I am that school teacher you refer to. I recall the dialogue readily. You mentioned that you are friends with Satan and could not get along with Mother Mary. I questioned that statement. I don’t think I am taken over by a greeblie. That statement sounds a little creazy to me, don’t you think. At any rate, my comment still stands. There is a force in this room and it has been in this room for awhile. I was on Neale’s Messenger Circle for a bit and there are some viper energies circulating there. My source, God, actually yelled quite loudly at Neale on facebook back in 2009 because of this viper energy coming at my personal living space. I am a medium, and I visually can validate poltergeist behavior in my home. It’s a lot more frequent these days, and it’s a lot of time we are talking about to counteract this negative energy. I have learned a lot about counteracting negative energies, but, geesh, I reallhy prefer a simple life. I like to paint, do art, bake cookies and the like. I like to hang out, go to movies and go for hikes, but when a poltergeist is hopping around trying for my crown chakra every night, it hurts. It really hurtss. I can’t explain the feeling except to say that it feels like an animal hopping on one’s crown. I am fully ascended, so this is an affront, an all out attack by alienated forces, my source says. I don’t really long to go into details but we are in the midst of aliens and they are not friendly to godly people.At any rate, thank you for the dialogue.


          • Kristen

            To the person I replied to who has erased their posts. Yes, I suspected you were the teacher, but wasnt going to say that. The one you befriend is the villian, that goes by Giaon or whatever. I too have a lot of experience in it, never to myself thank goodness, I had read of it all before I progressed so was orewarned but Ive had more than my share of attacks. By shite scared losers!
            No, I am not friends with Satan, I said I find him funny as a person and would possibly like his personality, but trust me, we are sworn enemies…its war, and good will win. Eventually.
            You sound soooo much better, sorry I provoked the greeblie that was waking you all night etc, I had to get it to show itself and get it to turn on me, and find your weapon within…Mary, to know how to try to help. Unfortunately it meant it communicated by taking over you, Ive gotta do what Ive gotta do to fight them.
            Please be careful and try to slow everything down, its the main key. You will win, they are losers. Ill work with you from afar. If you feel like a warm beanie on your head, thats me, or cupcakes are my sign.
            Feel free to contribute in here, I wont reply to you or reveal you, and Im just passing through anyway, although no fluke in the timing, as I was very worried about you, especially when driving, so thanks for the update.
            With love from the powers of good…Girl Power, remember.

          • shenika


            My posts were deleted bu accident, I guess. The truth is I didn’t mean to begin a new whew debate with you. Your statement here that you find satan funny as a person is . . .well. . a bit crazy. I don’t get that. As a medium, I am witnessing far more than you perhaps know. I am a empath in the highest mind of God I Am. Your idea that satan could be funny doesn’t jive with my highest awareness. At any rate, arc came to deplete this funny satan, and arc will win. That is true. That is definitely true. My awareness is that satan is decrepit, evil beyond anyone on earth’s imagining. Satan is a dim energy not a little devil with a red cape. satan comes as an unseen but to me as a dim line of forced wind and it is definitely visible to a medium, a priest and such. Poltergeist is what I said I am witnessing. I? I am not possessed. Why do you presume to know me as a possessed one when you state you find satan funny as a friend? wow at any rate, I do not find anhything funny about red tooth and clasw marks on me, scratch marks, whelps, sulpher in my living room where I paint, type and create. the dim energy is nothing more htan the viper Christ referred to in the bible. It is a viper. It suctions life force. My chakra line is what it likes most. My life force is hi hi hi whew that oughto do it ofr me here. My reason for coming here is not to strike up a conversation but to end this silly never this decrepit behavior that has been in neale’s room since 2009. ON the messenger circle, I was whwe and that was when it began. Next, facebook. wow that was also a fear based energy known to manhy Gods and Goddesses as “T”. T is what this energy goes by and it is the stanic force on earth. Decrepit is more like it. Not funnyas a person. Please disregard my conversation. I don’t mean to strike up a funny notion but priests, mediums don’t find satan funny at all. These images, energies are perhaps what you picked up on, but they are not mine. They are a set of energies that attempt to win over godhead. I am I am and I don’t give a rip what you try to say here about me. You don’t know me, or do you? I don’t know you but I don’t care to take on anhything from anhy one who finds satan funny as a person. Good day.

          • Kristen

            My comments were misinterpreted completely, but thats ok, I was talking about personalities, nothing else. I never said you were possessed, just that an entity uses you for its own purpose. As you were raised Catholic, unfortunately the lesson to learn against mediumship is a really hard one. You know God forbids it, I learned the hard way too. It is virtually impossible to break away from completely.
            The forces around you are not of Satan, they are evil greeblies with no energy force of their own that just took advantage of you having an open porthole…happens to mediums a lot as they frequently impersonate trusted guides and angels etc, so can effectively control the porthole, based on your trust. Satan is the one who channels to Neale, and is not involved in this kind of demonic behaviour at all. He misleads, lies to people, has lead peopke on Anti God paths via reincarnation so God ounishes people, engages in blasphme etc, but does not behave like a physical daemon. I know the Catholic church puts all these things against Satan, but is not true at all. And no, I am not defending him at all, but he is a smart manipulating intellect, not an animal. The represention of this in Revelation uses symbology, a dragon means one who must be slayed in order to regain power. And that we shall do.
            The main one was originally a force of good, working with fire, but has been driven loopy by evil forces, which is their favourite game so it is now severely mentally ill, and has no concept it is behaving in an evil manner, it actually does believe it is God, Yshua, Moses and everyone else. Help is available to it, via a high frequency bright aqua light. Please dont put up blue Christmas lights.
            I will help you, not them, I managed to get your house isolated with a pyramid, they have become resistant to most things now as they are all so used to sage, white light, Yshua energy, being ordered to leave etc.
            I am on your side and do wish you well, we will get them. I just have to work out how.

          • shenika

            I posted once and the other was deleted. Oh well. So much for freedom of speech here. At any rate, you are not welcome to zoom time to my house, Kristen. I don’t permit that. God does not like that. In fact, in Neale’s books, he talks about the “good psychic” and the “evil one.” He says the good psychic honors one’s space. He mentions the evil one as one who tries to zoom to another in the same plane. That is not of the highest arc level of awareness. At the arc level, we permit freedom, space. It isn’t done to simply zoom time to someone not desiring it at all. Please stop. I don’t welcome it. I don’t honor the analysis of my situation here. The situation is not here for you to witness. You do not know me. You do not know the circumstances whew the deal is that the poltergeist activity is here but counteracted by God’s movements through my hand. I heal by touch. The poltergeist hates my touch and gets mad and madder because I simply touch it and it flies. Flies, bees, wasps, whew and so much I could mention but won’t appear when I touch out of the blue. Blue lights? I am that I am. Cobalt blue. So, advising me not to use blue lights and sage? I am the oldest sage. We do both for Christmas this year. Hallelujah is a glorry kind of day and Hallelujah is a fine wine. That’s me. I am fine wine Hi Ho He Whew Have fun xxoo

          • Kristen

            The Christ realm have asked for my help, I work for them. When you pray for help, you cannot determine who they enlist to help. I had tried to pass you on to Mary in July. Feel free to tell God and Yshua you are refusing my help.
            I know nothing about you other than what you have typed in here. Apologies, since you are a medium I assumed you knew how good intuition/psychic works, which bypasses the afterlife. Whenever we read anything we are visualising things like a movie. That imaginary image then becomes what we work with. The visualisation I have of your house will be nothing like the real thing. Its how it all works, like reading a book and imagining the pictures. This is why we will engage in conversation, about anything, so that people freely give us information to enable visualisation and to find out info about the greeblies so we know what we are dealing with. My image of you personally is a bouncy red balloon, as I told you, and your home as a bungalow with a verandah out the frint and garage off to the right hand side. For all I know you may live in an apartment, I dont want to know. I see the Gaion entity as a temporary mirror, I have no idea why, but I trust how it all works. I am respecting your privacy 100%, I would get the sack if I wasnt but cannot tune into physical people or anything on earth anyway, it is forbidden. If you had a photo in here it would distort everything like a barrier.
            Your written speech is again being influenced, I must trigger it. Again, the one you trust is the cause of most of it.
            Take care,

          • shenika

            Kristen, again I do not desire your input on any visuals, okay? You do not know me at all. You do not know my source at all. HYou cannot presume that you are speaking to Yshua when you said last time we conversed that you do not get along with Mother Mary. You also said you befriended satan in some realm. I don’t get that. Besides, do you think Yshua gets along with anything or anyone who doesn’t get along with his holy mother? That’s all, folks. That’s just all. Have fun with that line. As far as it goes, zooming to one who said heck no to that idea is not of an arc level. Do recall I said stop it. I mean stop it. I don’t like you zooming to me at all. Period. Period. Period. Goodbye. I see you, okay? I don’t like it. Zoom is not of an arc. Period. Period Period. Wnhew

          • Kristen

            Wow. I have never been to another realm, I am a first lifer, and have never indicated I had. I have not and would not befriend Satan, I dont speak with Yshua nor have claimed to (My teachers are in the Christ realm), I would not know whom gets on with whom so cannot express an opinion on that. I stated I can ‘feel’ intuitively I would not get along with Mary…thats all it was.
            All I have done was as requested by my Christ teacher, to put a protective isolating pyramid in place using personal visualisations that never left my office, and as stated, I havnt zoomed in on you, nor can I. I will ask them to remove it tonight, and hope its your personal opinion, not Gaions nor any other entities not wanting it there. Of course they wont want people to help you, but its your call.
            Be in peace, and no need to worry about anything untoward or negative from me, I work for the greater good, under God and the Christed ones, who are doing nothing but trying to help you as you were a light worker. Again, all I did was put a shield in place which makes it easier for them. I do it with buildings for them all the time, so nothing negative can get in, and they can deal with whats already in there. A bit like ghost busters, and you stated you had poltergeist activity and physical attacks, that is what they deal with sometimes when things are out of hand.
            Do take care, and I hope you have a great Christmas.

          • shenika

            Hi Kristen,

            I do not wish you to send a pyramid of sorts at all. Thank you anyhoo. A bit of forewarning for any here who zoom time to my walls. I do see imprints as I am the imprint maker but that’s a long story. Any way, here is the new deal literal guess what this poltergeist does well. . .it actually takes money literal. Two days ago I had a five hundred in hand and wihtin a second it went down to 147 and when I counted in another second it went to 185. It went back up thanks to the 20 but wow here is the latest from monadic mind of god I am called Gaion who is not that greeblie you mention but the whole monad whew at any rate, Gaion says any sending of any any to her walls will be promptly visited on their walls by this lively active poltergeist oh so fond of green money rapidtime whew so please send no pyramid and no any any to my walls because you might lose your bank account literal. It loves atm machines and does mess with magnetics. I watch it. Yesterday went to gas station, and a lovely alien working tried to mess with my apple cord. soon as I got out of parking lot the entire plastic bag it held melted in my hand all fell. It just did. Alchemy is me literal. I saw sticks turn in my hand to rust, heavy metal to avoid future transition of my head. Some near me send negative thoughts. .why? I am a one of a kind goddess. That’s why. You can’t visit me. Period. Period. Period. When you do, you get false lines to you but that’s done over now. Now the deal is this says gaion monadic mind of God I am “any coming near her will promptly be visited by their own poltergeist.” It’s not fun. Believe me it’s not fun. I advise all here to hang on to money and not zoom time to me for any said reason. Help? I don’t need it. I zoom with Gaion always and we get along in a lovehoy dovehoy manner. Have fun at Christmas. Whew xxoo

          • Kristen

            Gaion (not Shenika/Michelle/the woman),
            Thank you for acknowledging you are the one causing the poltergeist activity and havoc, a point I have been trying to make to the woman. The powers of good do not do those kinds of acts, nor do they threaten those who try to help, nor am I threatened by you for I am much stronger than any evil, especially money gobblers. Good luck with that one. “Any coming near her will promptly be visited by their own poltergeist”…wow, very odd thing for a self proclaimed God or Goddess to state.
            Again…you are asked to please leave the woman alone, it is her body, her life, her mind, her energy, her house and home, and her freewill, not yours and these things are her basic rights as a true person of Earth. Obviously I provoke and bring out the worst in you, so I will sign this conversation off completely, for her sake. It is in much higher hands than me. You probably know the rules….so note you have now been asked to leave three times. Help is available to you via a bright aqua light that is from above, its at your very rapid overactive vibration.
            I assume the protective pyramid walls have been removed, you have reacted to them exactly as I expected you to.
            Take care,
            Shenika….apologies for this. Im out of here.

          • shenika

            Hi I am not threatning you. You keep sending your energy here. I am forewarning only. What one gets is what one puts out. You are coming to my house as you said though I repeated ly said to STOP IT. I do not like that. Why are you forcing your energy on my home? I see you. Stop coming to me. I don’t go to you. We are both highly aware of energy. Do realize that what one sends is returning to itself. That’s the Natural Law. What one pujts out comes back to itself. It’s the way. Surely you know that. One near me attempted to send a robbery to me. Well, she got a robbery soon after. One near me attempted fire to me. Well, KI saw a fire truck in front of her house. Not my fault. That’s her own energy returning to herself. That’s the law. That’s the natural way. I don’t send any8 any to anhyone. I live a simple life. Do not misuqote. I NEVER said I caused this poltergeist. I said the opposite. Can you read? I am done, kirstin. You don’t know me. I feel your energy and I do not welcome it. Period. Period. Period. That’s all. I am done. Please keep your eenergy to yourself. Whew

          • Kristen

            Stop threatening me, and its not smart to publish the problems you cause in a public forum, then delete them so noone sees them. So now in addition to stealing my money you want to burn my house down??? Again, good luck with your invisible toys. I am not sending you energy at all, what ever you are feeling is not me. I have told you is someone else probably trying to help Michelle or your paranoia. I have chosen not to as I refuse to invade HER privacy, and have no idea where she lives anyway. And you seem to take over her, and endanger her when people get near her, including when I speak with her. When you are a fire bug, it is silly of them to try to use fire forces against you, think Im that stupid?
            But in saying that…good on them for trying to help her free from you. She asked for my help in July, and I expect has asked for the help of many. I have told you I have passed her on to those who CAN help, and Im glad for her that their energy is getting through, or from those on Earth trying. I hope they know you can feel it. If you think its from me, your radar isnt working very well!!!
            Get help Gaion. You are a negative entity that needs to leave Earth and your beliefs otherwise are complete delusions, which is why you need help.
            Take care, and leave her alone.

          • shenika

            Hey Kirsten or is it Kristen? I don’t know which. I do know you need to keep your energy to yourself. Do not send to my house a pyramid of your creation. You stated on this blog that you do not get along with Mother Mary. You stated on this blog that you found satan “funny as a person.” You do not meet Gaion in any realm. You are not here in my lines at all. Do know you do not know me. Apparently you seem to know my house. You do not. I don’t have a veranda at all. I do not need your probing mind trying to find my home. I am a medium. I do not welcome your mind near me. Stop it. I asked you politely and you do not honor my privacy as you stated above. You announced my name. Well, so be it. I have been on neale’s walls for a long time, too, and gaion says you are attempting to locate me for whew Please stop it. I don’t welcome yuor energy at all. Goodbye. Please stop. If you are of God, then yuo will stop sending your creations to me. You do not know me. YOu never will. Good bye.

          • Kristen

            None of the above is true, and I have said I do not know your house, several times, I dont even know your country. I could guess an Asian country. Trust me I have no links to you at all, and I am not attempting to locate you, nor could I. I do not have majic powers. Your entity Giaon is lying to you, it has specifically typed in here that financial poltergeists will attack anyone who tries to help you. It is very possessive of you, and dangerous, which is why it plays these games. I do hope it is not making you paranoid.
            Sorry about name use, you have used your own name in here, that is how I know it when relaying conversations friends have had with you.
            Trust me I mean you no harm, and you asked me for help in July. I passed you on to those above. The protective pyramid would have been removed by now, that was just using generic Christ energy from above using an image in my mind. It was an energy pocket provided to me like a little cloud. I would never use my own energy, I guard my privacy as much as you, and dont even allow people in my aura or home.
            Please do take care,

      • mewabe

        This topic was brought up in depth in some of Jane Roberts’ material…such as “The Individual And The Nature Of Mass Events”, and “The Nature Of Personal Reality”. Check these out…

        • Stephen mills

          Thanks Mewabe I will check these out .Anything to help get us out of the mire such as Neales Document is worth the time and effort .The uk just announced another 12 billion extra for military expenditure after the Paris attacks ..As we here in Scotlland have a 17 % increase in food bank usage on last year alone !

          Money for war, poverty for the people ,this is unacceptable we should be on the streets but who cares ?

          • mewabe

            There might be a global revolution…but the way governments stop people’s solidarity movements is through war…there is nothing like a bloody global conflict to end international solidarity movements between populations, when they are made to hack each other to pieces on the battlefield.
            That’s what happened with WW1 and WW2.
            Divide and stay in power and control….it always works.

        • Kristen

          Sad case in here. I think your work withthe newly departed must be so much easier.

          • mewabe

            I only work with those who ask for my help…then it’s easy because they are open to being helped….sometimes they are very insistent, when I cannot get to them right away. I haven’t done it in a while, so busy working…getting the house renovated, etc.
            I am slacking off on my psychic/intuitive work 🙂

          • Kristen

            Hahahaha house renovations…its so funny how these paths work.. Just a tip..get now what you may vaguely need next year, it is beauty and perfection that will be roadblocks. Especially financially. Look at the word perfection in every aspect, good and bad. I found it easier when the powers above worked with me to ensure imperfections in everything, and still do. The cat hair in your painting, a mismatched door handle, when you drop a tool and it chips the flooring. See it as a blessing. A horrible type of perfection will kick in…which I call the 10c rule. If you need 10c youll have 10c, but any more than that and theyll find some bill, car repairs etc to eat it. Stash cash now, hide it from them and dont tell your Guides. Emergency stash!!
            Renovations are a part of a grounding year, you are meant to slack off psychic/intuitive word, its more physical skills learning and distraction, and getting things to how they should be, than anything else.
            I get the hard greeblies, the ones bugging the living cos theyre hard to get from above when the protective shields around Earth are so damaged etc. Especially the mentally ill, easier in a way as they can be dealt with by force, no freewill required. As in people who NEED help, and entities who dont want it, but helping the living is my priority.
            Take care and have fun…if you need tools we have them all, apparently we even need an air compressor. Dunno what it is, but theres one in the garage., probably skmething to do with a redneck pick up truck. God knows, I just live here and pay the bills!! And a skill saw, drop saw, jigsaw…you name it saw. Can ship stuff overnight for a stint!
            Take care and good luck,

          • mewabe

            Thank you for the advice Kristen…
            I am basically cleaning up the after effects of having been on a wrong path (marriage to the wrong person who is now an ex, who was highly psychic and sensitive but very imbalanced), or perhaps not entirely wrong but a very difficult and profound learning lesson.
            I am moving extremely fast, as always, in doing the cleaning…fixing the property (I hire people, I don’t do it myself, been there done that and it’s not worth it), getting back on my feet really quickly financially and professionally. I am there…Soon I will be able to once again follow my true path, which is nature, freedom and creativity, painting writing etc.
            I am very well guided and protected, and I (usually) follow my guidance, which is in perfect sync with who I am. There are no conflicts, that’s amazing. It all flows…except when I am off track, not in harmony with who I am, and I always know it right away.

            I have seen that when following my inner and outer guidance, I can have a magical, enchanted life. A Native American friend of mine who was intuitive told me I had the Midas touch…others told me I was “lucky”. It’s all about being in touch with positive forces (the Source and other good influences)

            I love helping others (living mostly, occasionally some who are departed and in distress ) because I have been given so much…I want to help others connect with that which appears to be a “lucky star” but is simply this powerful inner and outer guidance (their own).

            Now I need a few gallons of paint, I am getting the house and studio repainted. Send by UPS…I expect it by tomorrow! Keep the red neck truck…there are already too many on the road around here.

          • Kristen

            Well arent we a bright twinkley little sparkle today. How sweet!! Hope you havnt been into the Redneck or Jesus juice….maybe its the paint fumes. Shall I send you some lustre fairy dust from my shop so you can look pretty too??!!!
            Glad youre getting back on track, I completely understand how it is. A little curve in tbe road can throw you a major curveball. Exes….aaaagggghhhh! I do hope you didnt breed! I like the Antarctic method….shift to Antartica and freeze to death a-hole! Wishful thinking! Next time I must remember to put nice on the list of requirements!! Couldnt do psychic tho, Ive seen too much! And I need people 100% sane and grounded!!! Again, seen too much. Ex that did my head in, ex from high school….erm, nothing more to say there, ex overweight person…I freaked and ran when I found that out. I think anything with the letters ‘ex’ in it is probably a huuugggeee sign! Boring is good….I think!
            I dont have the Midas touch…Im under God remember, its the hard path 24/7 but 10x the rewards! On a cruisy phase now tho, work turnover has suddenly doubled recently. But gifts of gold are still greatly appreciated, Im a competitive saver. Yup I know what you mean when the right overseer is assigned, I thrive best when just under tough grumpy God as it pushes me past boundries both mentally and physically,and there are so many riddles, things to work out etc (my daily God dose instead of soduku), but have others at times including The Source which is very very lighthearted. Although to have got so far, as a first lifer must means somethings working right, when Ive eaten from the Tree of Life to immortality in my 40s…maybe hard work is my Midas. When you arent reincarnated its different, no guides, no pre determined path etc, I just wing it and push myself to catch up as most people are at least 500yrs old. You would find it very odd, as I have to take control and start something, then those above kind of have to follow my lead, they arent permitted to lead or guide me..thats cheating. And theyve had to get to know me…your guides etc will already know you from time with them and past lives.

            Will get the paint sent off tonight, on my private jet, lots of test pots as well in case you want murals! Including some sparkley ones for the studio.
            The redneck truck has just been sprayed green! Lucky!!
            Helping people….erm, my help is clearly not wanted in here with a case I was assigned to. First time ever I will determine you cant save everyone and give up. Its a takeover..the worst!
            Anyway enjoy your homehandy man stint. Ive still got to stain my decks soon….cos I dont pay people, nothing to do with both my sons being building apprentices at all! Free labour, or child slavery, eithers good, or whats the point in having sons????

            Take care, and twinkle twinkle, as they say in Mewabeville.

          • mewabe

            I might have been born old, but I am much younger now…(Paraphrasing Bob Dylan).

            I was smart enough not to have children with the wrong person…one of the worst thing that could ever happen. I learned this from my parents ha ha…
            Alcoholic ex huh? Same here…first marriage. She died from alcoholism, a year after the divorce. I literally held her together for 7 years and saved her life 4 times. 4 times is the Indian way. After that I couldn’t do it anymore, she wanted to die, and she did. Very difficult and very sad.

            I imagine that people who reincarnate do it for multitudes of reasons. Most do not learn their lessons, flunk the test and have to take it again. But there may be other choices, such as wanting to help others on the ground so to speak. Or to develop and express something that was not expressed previously. or any other mix of reasons…I do not see reincarnation as a failure necessarily.

            But…I have no intention of coming back in this world. I love the natural world, but the so-called human world is a touch too screwed up for my own taste. I feel very bad for humanity, but I believe that it will go where it wants to go, and not much can be done to change that.

            About the Midas touch, my friend did not mean that it was about money, but about the ability to turn almost anything into something good.

            Yes I know my guides, I have seen some of my past lives. I know “where” I am going, I have seen it in a spontaneous vision. I understood the goodness of it. I do not have as many guides as I had before…more like companions. I seem to be able to follow my own inner guidance, and I like it better this way. But I have protection.

            Send a pound of fairy dust, who wouldn’t want to look pretty? Thanks for all the paint, I will spray paint the entire neighborhood, including the wild turkeys.

            There are some interesting people on this forum…I am not sure that I can claim to understanding some of them. And I don’t even want to try. I will soon exit this place, it’s getting ridiculous, it seems that we are about half a dozen people participating in this forum and repeating the same things over and over. I have been here a long time, and it’s way past time to move on…

            I could sell you some prime property some Mewabeville, beach front property, a very good investment, won’t you trust me?

          • Kristen

            Property….yup, Ill send you my visa details, and you can just put it on that, via your Pakistan bank a/c I assume. Im sure Mewabeville needs a touch of the Truman Show.

            I can understand most people in here, and I find it all really sad. Read the latest comment to me from the nice lady I was asked to help, by putting up a protective pyramid shield. I hate take overs so much, people have no idea, and Stockholm syndrome is the saddest thing ever, especially so when the captor isnt physical. Its actually very common when mediums try to quit and break free.

            Sorry about your first wife, no wonder you hate addictions, as I do. What a hard decision for you to make..when is enough enough. I can physically feel a pit in my chest. You sure have had a tough learning curve with experience, I walk away from people very quickly if they are toxic. I ‘felt’ a lecture last night about the Midas touch…yes apparently I do have it…Alchemy, and was born lucky. Good genetics, facial bones people pay a fortune for, legs to my armpits, good health, good eggs, creative, a brain and righteous. (Their thought words not mine). Apparently!! Thanks Teacher/Guide but…erm…ok! Im just me!! I assume they knew Id misinterpreted what you meant. Next youll be turning water to wine, and walking on water!!

            Remember in late 2012 when I was sent in here by a Native American guide that was in my Law classes at ‘intuition school’ or the University of Life. All I had info wise was find the Native American and tell him to get back in track and contact me. Took a month to try to find who the heck it was…but anyway, remember I assumed you were meant to get back on track with studies. And you said no! Now it makes more sense, he meant to get your life back on track, whether you were still married then or in the post divorce sludge. See, Id make a shocking medium…I assumed. God know how many lives Id screw up if people actually listened to me. Lucky no-one does!!

            The ’10c rule’ is one of those test phases everyone is meant to go through, sorts the men from the boys, a lot of homelessness is based on this. Its merely in place out of equality since a huge majority of people now and in the past have had these phases through no fault of their own. God uses it as huge tests. Many reincarnated people cheat it by just upping limits on credit cards, being asset rich, and doing things like prebooking holidays knowing the Law will ensure minimum payments and commitments are met if they do not fall into self pity, addictions or become bitter and twisted. Their way is still a fail…cheaters. People dont notice these phases. Its meant to bring out stubborness, self determination, a sense of self worth and to fight for yourself, will to live and hope, tolerance, fighting spirit etc. I was on to it pretty quickly, I bought all the stock from a closed preloved clothes shop and sold all the clothes online to generate an extra $1000 a month. A 2nd job from home was my obvious choice..I wasnt putting up with that blatant crock, and wasnt about to stop taking in strays etc. I passed thank goodness so it was only a year, for some it lasts 5 years or more if there is still hope they can pass. Life is backwards like that…the bad things are the things that are the jewels if we can pass and deal with it correctly. Maybe youve already done it, divorce is often a catalyst for it.

            Dont forget fairy dust on the turkeys, its foodsafe so will be fine. You can start a livng art exhibition, in your studio….I hear turkey crap is really good for lungs when inhaled, or smoked in a pipe.

            Anyway must fly (or more run, jump and fall flat on my face but thats ok too, a good plan B) this stint in here was just a passing through. Works getting loopy. And this conversation must be peeing Neale off, hes a very patient man with me!! And yup, I think the conversations these sites want have really done their day, Earth moved into a phase of people talking together about eachother, not about ‘stuff’, about 5 years ago. I really felt the shift so comply with it. Even TV switched to peoole doing their jobs, reality TV etc. The whole world did, I think this is a shift Neale keeps talking about but kind of missed it happening. Its all about people knowing and helping people now, new age stuff is sooooo y2k. Its all 1:1 now, mainly through conversations and understanding people and animals, so we can move forward by taking peoples hands, one person at a time. Not through education or books anymore, that phase didnt work.

            Take care Sparkle,

  • shenika

    Global warming? We did commit a few atrocities. That is so. However, we don’t always commit atrocities simply because we “create them” ourselves. Sometimes dimness moves in a little too much, a little too close to life, and this causes terrible and agregious actions and reactions. We don’t always commit atrocities because we are desiring to create a false reality. We are here to help create a new earth but there are definite and dimly lit and dark dim energies zooming and careening on love, fear based energies that create atrocious behavior in life in unseen ways, neale. Surely you realize CWG discusses unseen energy that zooms outward in to space and time and there are those psychics who are able to witness future, past, present and thought forms of those who careen in on life in a zoom particle way. Zooming and careening is not holy. It is not done. You discuss this in CWG 3 where you mention zooming towards thought forms that impact life in a different space, even in the same plane, the same society. That is really not an arc way of being. Arc never careens in on life. Arc simply lives what it is what it is is only love as a Beloved True Twin moving in and out of life in a certain manor, your own manor. Some commit action after action upon innocent victim after innocent victim in an altered state of consciousness and create dimlit energy filtering into earth. This dimlit energy is viewed even in plants that are impacted, fruit that wilts after one buys it fresh that day, flower petals just bought, roses dimly torn. Freedom doesn’t careen on life. Freedom allows life. Whew It is what is. Dim lines are not the bright lights, and a duck always is a duck though it sometimes pretended to be like something else. A duck is a bird, and a bird is always a bird. Whew We are open to changing for the better, and we are on earth to lift the new life to all love. We are hoping the dim lit energy devides but arc does not really give a rip what dimlit decides to divide. We do the dividing. That’s arc holy talk. No dimlit energy is dividing a thing. Actually dim energy is not the deciding factor. It is God I Am who decides who divides the dimness from mlight. Dark and Light are divided as it is in Genesis, and it will be done forevermore to evermore in the next week. Whew We don’t need to speak on every fearful line moving such dimness in such moving light. It is quite visible to god and goddess as in claw, hook, nailhead, sulphur smell and all that good stuff. Whew. Simply live life and be you, but remainder is divided as remainder here forevermore whew.

  • mewabe

    Humanity being responsible for its conscious and unconscious, individual and creative creations…what a revolutionary concept, one that those who actually understand spirituality have always known very well, but that the majority rejects, because it is so much easier to be irresponsible and at the mercy of “dark and unseen forces”, or victimized by “evil people”!

    Unfortunately, with irresponsibility comes a lack of freedom, and this is something much of humanity might not understand clearly but senses at another level, because much of humanity fears freedom. making endless rules (religious and otherwise) to keep itself irresponsible and unfree.

    “You are free to be responsible.”
    Russell Means, Lakota Ogallala

    Some day, humanity will grow up. I am going to take a nap, please wake me up when it does 🙂

  • Patrick Gannon

    Offering up a contrarian view for the sake of discussion…

    “With these tools I am hoping that you will be able to:
    …* Shift away from fear forever.” (NDW)

    Hmm. Following this, we were fed a continuous litany of fear… earthquakes, tsunamis, diseases, typhoons, radiation, etc. This all sounds very biblical to me. In the old days we were told that Bible God was responsible for these things, but now it seems to be suggested that WE are responsible for them… and if we are God, then God is still indirectly responsible…. Thus it seems, we should still be afraid of God; i.e. each other. It all seems rather circular.

    Just as they were in biblical times, most of these are natural geophysical events on a cooling planet that happens to be 4.5 billion years old. All but the radiation events were happening when God was a mythical figure, and they’re still happening now, even after God has been elevated(?) to being us.

    We could look back in history 50 years or further, and clearly see that billions are no longer being killed in war, the standard of living for billions has improved, education has improved, health care has improved, in many countries personal liberties have improved…. Why do we never stop to look at what we have actually accomplished?

    Why are “religious” people still trying to use natural events to scare us? Perhaps because it works; because we’re powerless in the face of fear, as it reminds of us of our eventual demise, and our understanding that we don’t have any idea whatsoever of what, if anything, is going to happen when we die; and we don’t like not knowing, thus it’s easy, as it always has been, to use fear to control us.

    “The first step in moving to this awareness is an understanding that…Events on the earth are not created by Unseen Forces.” (NDW)

    Actually, most of the geophysical events occurring on earth are in fact, “created by unseen forces,” such as gravitation, friction, heating, cooling, pressure, solar radiation, etc. These are unseen, yet totally natural, fully explainable, “unseen forces.”

    “Even if we accept that we as a species had no role whatsoever in this calamity (a position that I, personally, am not prepared to take)” (NDW)

    Neale, if you really believe that human consciousness (I assume this is what you are proposing) is able to set off tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.; then I challenge you to prove this by arranging an experiment on the internet with thousands of people, monitored by responsible scientists, in which a grand mass of people attempt to stop a clock, or affect a random number generator in an incontrovertible manner. If people can make tsunamis happen, then they ought to be able to stop a clock. It’s time to put up or shut up when it comes to these group consciousness claims. I would love to see it work, but I’m not holding my breath.

    This is not to deny that mankind has done a poor job of harmonizing with nature, but it seems to me that the technique of using fear is no different here than it is in any Southern Baptist Church or political advertisement. If Bible God wasn’t responsible for geophysical events in biblical times, and they still happened, then how did a population vastly smaller than ours influence those events, as it seems Neale is suggesting? Having increased the global population from a half billion to over seven billion, one would think the collective power of all this consciousness, being 14 times stronger, could have split the earth in two by now! In fact, there is no particular increase in such events, and as the earth cools, I’ve read that they have been and will continue to reduce in frequency in the millions of years ahead.

    Neale raises significant issues; I’m simply questioning the use of fear to basically show us, if we follow the trail to the end, that our core problem is fear. When someone starts trying to scare me, I know I’d better hold on to my wallet and my liberty. We are the first species on this planet to develop a consciousness that allows us to look into the future and plan for it. Most other species on our planet do not seem to have this longer term ability however, and as a result, most other species don’t seem to know about their impending death, and thus appear not to be afraid of it as we are. This, I think, is our problem. We know that we don’t know what’s going to happen, yet we let other people tell us things, and when we believe things that conflict with what we know – it’s probably bad for us, and may well be the core problem of all that is being discussed here.

    • Hyori

      All of your post are truly enjoyable to read. I guess we should never let others be the ultimate authority.

      • Patrick Gannon

        Thank you, Hyori. I doubt everyone here agrees with you! LOL

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          Well, I do. I do for SURE. That is one of the most important messages in the CWG dialogues.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Yet, Neale, you speak as God’s “messenger,” surely understanding what authority the word “God” gives you in the minds of others… I think you’re being just a bit disingenuous.

            When I read the CwG books, I believed them and made the assumption that you were speaking with a greater authority. If I didn’t think you had this authority; if I’d thought at the time as I do now, that you were talking to yourself, it’s unlikely I’d have finished the series, or even the first book.

            Although I had recently come to the conclusion that Bible God was myth, I was still ready to embrace New Age God because otherwise I had this uncomfortable hole of ignorance my brain tried to fill up. Eventually as I learned how the brain works, and seeing that there’s no more evidence for your god than anyone else’s, I was ready to face and admit my ignorance and abandon the stupefying drug of belief and deal with my lack of knowledge.

            I recall dropping financial support for a satirical atheist whose works I supported because he dissed the New Age movement, a couple years back. I complained to him that these folks didn’t hate gays and weren’t telling women what to do with their bodies, and that they were all about oneness and love, and so what if it was a nice business model. Then you dissed atheists and agnostics who also have no problem with human rights and who mostly want to treat people well because it is the right thing to do, and not because they feared punishment or sought reward, as is the case for many believers. That made me think about why you felt challenged by these folks, and I realized what you were really selling – hope based on belief. Atheists and agnostics are suspicious of unfounded beliefs and that makes them your competition. That brought me to where I now question the product you sell, as it may be that changing beliefs is not the answer, and perhaps admitting that we have them to cover up our lack of knowledge, is a better answer. I can’t help but wonder if “truth” is really the most important thing for us to face – even if that truth is acceptance of our ignorance – and to face our fear of death, since the down-side of our level of consciousness is knowing we will die.

            I’m sorry to call your life’s work into question, but I really don’t see it as being all that different from a Southern Baptist, Inman, Rabbi, monk or any other religionist telling people what they should believe – and I remind you again, that you do it with the authority of God whispering into your ear. If we should “never let others be the ultimate authority,” why then do you present yourself as though you are – or that you have a direct line to such authority?

    • Georges Dupont

      I fully agree with you Patrick ! Why we look only at the dark side of the modern age ? Nobody is denying that there are a lot of problems nowadays but science and technology brought also a lot of wonderful things. For example internet is one the most important revolution in history. Imagine a tool which can bring to a lot of people information never available before. Is that not amazing ?

      Also if you look a little bit to history, there has always been people who told us that end the is near ! I don’t see what’s new. Before it was priests who told us that if we were not following all their order, god’s anger will strike us. Now we have people in environment who told us more or less the same, with different words. I don’t pretend to be very old, but just to give an example, when i was in my twenties, we were told in the media that forest was dying in our country and that soon it would be disappear. As i was hiking in nature, i know that it was not true. A few years after, nobody was talking anymore about this. Many years later i read once in a magazine a little article about this problem. They were saying that the ‘scientific’ studies at that time were over pessimist as the problem where in fact mostly near some factories and it was not global. Of course they didn’t make big titles with this.

      Nowadays it’s the same with global warming. For me it’s more about power and money (think about people like Al gore who became very rich with this, and lives in palaces despite he is telling us that we must change our lifestyle), than nature’s protection. As usual it’s manipulation of people with fear.

      Now, i don’t say there are no problems and that we should not protect nature, as i love nature, but it’s useless to always spread doom and gloom.

      That said, i believe that global consciousness can have global effect. It’s funny that you were talking about scientific experiences with people who would affect a random number generator, as it exists and it’s called The Global Consciousness Project. Of course you will find skeptics who says that this project is rubbish, but i am confident that sometimes consciousness can influence the physical world in mysterious ways.

      • Patrick Gannon

        Thank you for your comments, Georges. I was once very convinced that group and/or personal consciousness had such abilities, but I’m losing my confidence in that. The more we learn about the brain, the less likely it appears that consciousness comes from anywhere else. By now, the evidence should have been firmed up if it was a real phenomenon. The results seen thus far can all be explained as coincidence, testing methodology, noise, finding correlation, rather than causation, etc.

        The New Age business model supports $230 Billion in annual revenue according to Specialty Retail. One aspect of the business model involves having these folks endorse each other’s products for mutual benefit. If there are this many people buying New Age stuff, then there are huge mailing lists that can be leveraged to set up a grand, large-scale, internet based experiment, with perhaps hundreds of thousands of people participating. I expect that the contacts are in place among New Age leaders to work together and leverage these mailing lists in order to put a large scale experiment in place if they were inclined to do so.

        I suggest these folks get together with critical, mainstream scientists to devise an experiment in group consciousness at a level never performed before. I suggest that they distribute a meditation video that all the volunteers watch at a preset time, in which they are directed to meditate and then focus on performing some feat that leads to direct, objective evidence. None of this ‘lost in the noise’ or “anomaly” or coincidence objections that most of these experimental results are challenged on.

        If large masses of people intentionally working together cannot perform an observable, objective task using group consciousness, then I think we can determine (a) that it simply doesn’t exist (most likely), or (b) that it is so weak as to be useless and might as well not exist.

        This sort of experiment is unlikely to take place because I don’t think the people who preach group consciousness really have the courage of their convictions. The Templeton Organization tried something similar with group prayer, and utterly failed. I don’t think anyone is in a hurry to perform an experiment that could have a negative impact on a $230 Billion market if it fails.

        If you’re willing to challenge your beliefs, read Michael Graziano’s “Consciousness and the Social Brain” for the most compelling and current theory of consciousness, in my view. I simply don’t know and think it’s better not to believe something for which there’s no compelling evidence. I don’t “believe” consciousness can influence the physical world. I “think” it’s possible, but unlikely. I think we’ll “know” for sure some day.

  • stefano

    Patrick, I think the most important message that Neale has
    brought through CGW is to find their own truth within each of us. The tendency of the human race has always
    been to take as true the stories already said and already told and even in
    science, those who were able to question the past, facing their fears of being
    different from society, they have brought new knowledge to mankind (Kepler,
    Einstein, Galilei, Newton etc.). Never before has a phenomenon that is both
    true and false, from the intellectual point of view. I’m not talking about
    disasters, but of everyday situations of our lives. Never before has people
    wondering if their point of view is still valid, or is necessary to investigate
    more thoroughly the situation. I think this “uncertainty” speaks
    volumes about the moment and the situation that we are collectively
    experiencing. I never heard my previous generations of this confusion about
    what is right or wrong, about how you have to bring up a child, whether it is
    right to scold him, whether it is right to give him the phone, whether it is
    right to follow the others. Of course, the human race progresses and this
    allows the human mind to make progresses that asks more questions and certainly
    many questions existed even in the past. But one thing seems to be quite clear:
    today there is definitely a general tendency to not know how to deal with
    situations. So I think a wise thing is to follow your own truth letting others
    make their own choices. You can not decide for the whole of humanity, noone can
    do this, is possible only to follow oneself
    till the end giving the example
    to the others, for them to understand that listening to oneself is perhaps the
    only way possible.

    I think that as long as the suffering and tragedies do not
    personally touch our lives then we can continue to do what we did before,
    heedless of nothing, just thinking to enjoy these 70 to 90 years at best. But
    when tragedies affect your life and you can not give peace to this, then you’re
    forced to get out of your usual way of seeing things. I ask myself: we have to
    wait for terrorism or other massacres come in our house before you do something
    concrete? Or it is clear that the destiny of a people is the fate of all?

    • Patrick Gannon

      Hi Stefano. I agree with much of what you have said, but would like to investigate further, this assertion:

      “You can not decide for the whole of humanity, noone can do this, is possible only to follow oneself till the end giving the example to the others, for them to understand that listening to oneself is perhaps the only way possible.” (stefano)

      I’m not sure that “listening” to oneself is always the best idea. I would say instead that “questioning” ourselves is a better idea. I think what we’re really talking about is morals and ethical behavior. I think most people on this site agree that morals aren’t something that were handed down to us by an old dude with a white beard (and that includes Neale! [grin]). Until recently most people, including scientists, have agreed that morality and ethics are the purview of philosophy and religion – not science. That idea may be changing. As you mentioned above, by questioning everything, the scientific process has led us on an exciting journey. Perhaps it is time to encroach upon the magisterium of philosophy and religion and see what science might have to say about morality.

      Sam Harris proposes in his book, “The Moral Landscape” that there may be objective, in other words, scientific, ways to determine which of two decisions or actions, may be the more moral or ethical. Relying on the individual, however, may not be the best solution, unless the aggregate of all those individuals is also considered. Jeffrey Dahmer may consider it perfectly moral to kill young boys and eat them, so most of us wouldn’t want him to provide our moral guidelines, and don’t want him to exercise his own personal morality. His grandest vision of himself, probably shouldn’t be used as a guideline for himself, or the rest of us. The welfare of the entire society should also be taken into consideration, wouldn’t you agree?

      How do we do this? How do we determine what is best for the general welfare? Harris suggests that a starting point is to create two peaks on the moral landscape. On the one side we have the worst conditions we can imagine – starvation, disease, daily beatings.. and on the other hand we have a secure, healthy, happy life with good food, clothing and shelter. Using these extremes, one might propose that the measure of morality depends on whether an event or decision moves towards one or the other extreme.

      We know that we evolved altruism, as have other animal species, even though it seems counterintuitive. We hear the term “survival of the fittest,” and some might presume this to mean complete self interest is all important and that evolution therefore would make us not care for each other – one of the pet arguments of creationists; but it turns out that our genes had a better chance of propagating by evolving support for altruism. Using imaging technology, we’re learning what activates altruism and how it is generated by the brain. More and more, we’re learning that there are not specific areas of the brain dedicated to certain responsibilities, like altruism, but instead it may be a real-time representation of coordinated activity between many parts of the brain via electrical signals, that results in a particular state of being. This state leading to thought or action, appears to be fashioned entirely by the brain – without the assistance of consciousness, which itself seems to be an active process created by the brain as a way of informing itself of its state of being.

      When we talk about relying on the individual, it looks like we’re really talking about relying on our brains. The “we” or “I” part of us – our consciousness, appears to be something that emerges from the brain, and used by the brain, in a sort of loop, to keep itself informed of all that is contending for attention, and deciding what to focus that attention on. Consciousness and free will appear to be illusions – functions of the brain. This idea, if proven true, may have a profound effect on our morality, and most importantly our system of justice, so this is a good reason to bring objective scientific research into the study of morality.

      Our system today is based on retributive punishment. It assumes that we have free will and are fully responsible for our actions because it assumes our consciousness and free will are real. However if our brains are calling the shots, then people can’t really be fully responsible for their actions. Our brains are the result of our genetics and (perhaps) every synapse that has ever been fired since we were born. There’s a saying – once synapses fire, the brain is wired. Our brains are the result of genetics and all that has occurred within them, as well as all that is occurring in real time.

      If someone kills another person and then is found to have a tumor in the part of the brain that affects this type of behavior, we remove ‘free will’ from the equation and treat them in a different way. We say they were not responsible for their actions. What if the brains of psychopaths, for example, are just as damaged, as a result of genetics and past “wiring,” and that they really do not have the free will to take action that they can be said to be responsible for, any more than the guy with the tumor? This brings into question whether it’s truly moral to “punish” people for what their brains are essentially wired to do as a result of genetics and past experience. It may turn out that punishment is still required, necessary or helpful – if it has real value at preventing recurrence of the undesirable activity; and certainly it may be necessary to keep some people separate from the rest of us for the good of the general welfare, but our focus would have to turn to rehabilitation, rather than retribution, and the use of said punishment would be justified only if it helps the individual.

      Even the New Age “religion” assumes we have free will and as a result of what we choose, we will return here again and again as a result of those free will decisions. Some avoid use of the term “karma” because it’s retributive, but saying we make the decision to experience life here again and again till we evolve into higher beings, still requires that we are making free will decisions – but what if we’re not truly making free will decisions, and this is proven? We know already from experiments that the brain can make decisions before the conscious self is aware of having made the decision. In these cases, what free will did the consciousness have? It was informed after the fact.

      Most people believe that if it were determined that our consciousness is not real, then we would become worse people; but I don’t think that is necessarily true. Learning that people may not be as fully responsible for what they do as, we have assumed, may lead us to have more compassion for others who do not act for the benefit of the general welfare, and may determine whether we decide to attempt to treat, rather than punish them.

      • stefano

        Hi Patrick!
        I find your thinking very interesting and offers many points for further details. With what you wrote, I think it is becoming increasingly clear how our society is set to change. Certainly I think it’s impossible to create a new society from scratch, avoiding to mix together science, philosophy, morality, spirituality, human rights etc. Until now, these areas of our lives were separate and there is no doubt that man has always avoided to implement the only teaching that all spiritual Masters have taught us the beginning of time: that we are All-One and that what I do to you, I do it to myself. So much so that it is always kept separate code of civil society from religious or spiritual teachings. How is it possible for example to believe in the Jesus teachings and to love our neighbor as then in civil society to a wrong we only reacts with punishment and repression? Is it possible to continue to fool us that way? What is the relationship between the human being and the sense of civic duty? Even science is proving that the electromagnetic field produced by the human being influence the world around him. Even science is showing how the matter is in fact linked by an invisible element and so that the separation is an illusion. Science has proven that if I take one hair from my head and take it 400km far away from me, he (the hair) reacts with my own emotions in the same time as me! These are affirmations made by the american scientist Gregg Braden that reports the outcome of scientific experiments carried out and documented. Surely not everyone will agree and my goal is not to convince anyone. But what you say is exactly what Dalai Lama says: that is to develop compassion for the human being, is it a coincidence? To cultivate human relationhips based on empathy and good feelings. The Dalai Lama says “I have no enemies: I have only people that I don’t know very well.” I think it is a message of great depth and great humanity.

        • Patrick Gannon

          Stefano, I would encourage you to question some of the new age stuff you’re reading, and (I know this is difficult) to intentionally seek out sources to debunk those beliefs. Having then evaluated both sides, you will be in a better position to evaluate whether beliefs are justified. I personally think it’s quite a stretch to refer to Braden as a “scientist.” I’ve not yet found anything online to indicate that he has any scientific credentials, and much solid evidence online to debunk data he uses to support his “theories.”

          You mention that “science” is proving that the electromagnetic field is influenced by humans, but I can find no evidence to support this. Neither could Braden, so in 2008 he referenced a 1986 study in a “Nature” one of the most preeminent science journals in the world, as supporting his view. It turns out that the “article” was simply a letter to the editor from someone else with a theory that had not been peer reviewed, and apparently remains obscure. This kind of dishonest scholarship is not very spiritual, in my view. In any event, the theory seems rather thin given that the Earth’s field is 10,000,000 times stronger than the human heart’s, as measured from the surface of the body; thus it’s pretty clear that the influence must be negligible – though it must be said that some animals such as bull sharks may be able to sense it at close quarters.

          He did something similar regarding a “spike” in GEO satellite data that he said illustrated humanity’s group consciousness somehow resulted in the 9/11 event in NYC. He provided a graph with GEO data that appeared to show that the signal peaked right at the time of the event. However, when you roll the data back and look at it in context you see that there was nothing at all unique about that particular signal and that there are many much stronger spikes that go without any corresponding socio-political event (or anything else) here on earth. It seems to me that using misleading data to sell books presents some ethical issues.

          I would need to see the experiment that says a hair from your head reacts to your emotions from a distance. That’s an incredible claim that would be well known if it could be replicated. I haven’t found any such experiment yet. You said that science is “showing how the matter is in fact linked by an invisible element and so that the separation is an illusion.” Can you provide any peer reviewed evidence for that? I stay on top of scientific developments, and this is news to me. I’m guessing that you refer to ‘entanglement’ which does not mean what Deepak Chopra and other ‘jump on the quantum bandwagon’ woo-meisters want it to mean.

          I suspect that most mainstream American scientists, if they knew who he was, would see Gregg Baden as a joke – a user of pseudoscience, a purveyor of nonsense. He has a theory about how emotions can affect DNA, but his data has been thoroughly debunked, illustrating only that he is speaking freely on subjects about which he knows little or nothing – or he is lying. The rebuttal I saw on the web did not rebut the theory – it’s possible that our emotions could affect our DNA – but the data Baden presents in support illustrates a lack of understanding about the structure of DNA, according to people who really understand it.

          I know it “feels good” to think that we’re all linked together through some sort of ‘consciousness’ thingie; but so far everything we’re learning about consciousness seems to indicate that it’s a function of the brain. I don’t buy into the idea that we should believe things just because they make us feel good. I think we should seek the truth and deal with it.

          • stefano

            Hello Patrick. I appreciate your research and your scientific view of life. I hope this will lead you to your goal and the realization of your dreams. I’m not like that, although I am an engineer. I believe that science will always struggle to demonstrate rationally something that is, in my opinion, much more complicated and far above the understanding of the rational mind. I believe that the mystery of God and life are unfathomable by the rational mind, but this is only my opinion. And as far as I am grateful to science for all that produced in favor of the human being and his welfare, I am of the opinion that the mystery is part of life and that makes it something magical and magnificent. I will not continue to argue what I think or what you’ve demonstrated. I respect your views and I hope they can help you to create a good and happy life for you and for those who are close to you. However, Braden is not the only “scientist” that has particular visions. You can take the Italian physics professor Vittorio Marchi as another example. Finally I think that I will follow your advice to evaluate both points of view because it seems to me a good advice. For my part, I would encourage you not to use only the brain, but to begin to feel with your heart. He does not want to be a stopgap, but a vision from a different prospective in order to have, as you say, both points of views.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Thanks for the discussion, Stefano. A couple notes:

            “I believe that science will always struggle to demonstrate rationally something that is, in my opinion, much more complicated and far above the understanding of the rational mind.” (Stefano)

            It’s possible. There are some questions we may never answer, but we’ve sure answered a lot of them, and because questions may be difficult, this doesn’t mean we should not try. Solving or attempting to solve mysteries is also part of life that makes it something magical and magnificent! Contemplate the excitement and euphoria of the scientist who makes an earth-shattering discovery, or looks into a telescope light years back in time, or stands on his feet cheering as the rover lands on a faraway planet safely, or the new medicine completely removes the disease, and on and on. I’ll bet those feelings are described as “magical and magnificent.” Science is not devoid of emotion – though the process itself must be. The scientific method of examining data and drawing conclusions has been far more successful than the faith-based method of believing conclusions and then trying to prove them with pseudoscience. Read Michael Graziano’s “Consciousness and the Social Brain” and then weigh that against New Age woo about group consciousness and decide for yourself. If group consciousness was a real thing that could actually manifest matter, we’d probably know that by now.

            What big questions remain? We don’t understand the origins of our universe, but one day we might. We don’t yet know how life began, but we probably will, and we’re making great strides in understanding consciousness. Those are the big three questions we still turn to gods to answer since we haven’t figured them out yet.

            “However, Braden is not the only “scientist” that has particular visions.” (Stefano)

            Yes, I know, and this is a problem, because many of these people are charlatans separating fools from their money. We have a Mr. Awareness dude who posts here who cut/pastes columns from other people who claim to have scientific credentials such as the fake doctor Simon Adams with his Wave X theories and failed predictions. We’ve got Deepak Chopra pretending he understands quantum mechanics. There is an entire industry of New Age folks selling woo to people who won’t take a little time to research the claims or personal credibility of these jokers.

            Vittorio Marchi? All I can find about him, besides a few basics, is in Italian. He sounds like a serious scientist who embraces the ONEness idea of consciousness, but I can’t find any discussions about his work. As long as he’s using the scientific method to explore consciousness, and as long as he is ethical in how he uses data, (unlike Braden), then I say more power to him.

            “Finally I think that I will follow your advice to evaluate both points of view because it seems to me a good advice.” (Stefano)

            Excellent. If I want to debate an issue, the best thing I can do is to be aware of my opponent’s arguments, so it makes sense to study things one doesn’t necessarily believe in. It turns out that in many cases, this exercise ends up modifying one’s views.

            “For my part, I would encourage you not to use only the brain, but to begin to feel with your heart.” (Stefano)

            What makes you think that a person who uses his or her head is therefore incapable of feeling with their heart (so to speak – feelings appear to emerge from the brain)? What makes you think I’m an unfeeling person? Are your feelings hurt because I illustrated that there is plenty of ammo to debunk Braden? You’ve hit on a good point though. Believers have their feelings hurt when their beliefs are challenged. Why is this? Why don’t they simply embrace the truth with gratitude? Why do we get upset when our beliefs are debunked? I think it’s because we’ve made those beliefs part of who we are, and it’s like taking a piece out of ourselves when our beliefs are shown to be invalid; but what’s the healthy thing to do? I think it’s to embrace the truth, and make that a part of your evolving person, especially when the truth is that we just don’t know.

          • stefano

            Hi Patrick thank so much for the conversation! Really! 🙂 

            I tell you just a couple of things: first of all, I’m very fine with myself! Why should i feel hurt by you?? No, Patrick, I worked hard on my person, and I’m still working on myself, so you cannot hurt me with beliefs! I think that each of us is here, in our planet, to do their own best to achieve their own vision. Why should I impose my vision to another person? No, I respect, or try to do this, any point of views, including those ones that don’t want to find anything because for them it’s all ok like that.
            The second one: when I said that thing about feeling with heart I didn’t want to offend anyone so It’s not to intend that you are not able to feel. I think you perfectly understand what I mean so it’s no need to further explainations.
            And the last one: humilty. Humilty of not to think we have all the answers about everything. Because if we had, we would not have the disease, we would not have famines, we would be able to live without killing us, we could actually build a better world and also to think of life in other planets. But given that we now have this, and it’s a wonderful planet, it would be nice to be able to overcome the limits of our personality and live peacefully instead of thinking of going into a new galaxy.

          • Patrick Gannon

            What greater humility is there, than to confess that one does not know? None of us knows what happens when we die; whether there will be any god or afterlife is completely hidden from us, otherwise we would have no need to believe we have answers to these questions, nor any reason to listen to people like Neale who claims to have answers to these questions, but who, as a human being is every bit as ignorant as the rest of us. Is it more humble to claim that one’s beliefs are correct, or is it more humble to admit that one does not know the answers?

            None of us know the answers, hence I think it would be beneficial for all of us to show some humility and accept this lack of knowledge and see where it takes us. Humility is accepting the truth of our ignorance, or so it seems to me.

            “But given that we now have this, and it’s a wonderful planet, it would be nice to be able to overcome the limits of our personality and live peacefully instead of thinking of going into a new galaxy.” (Stefano)

            Well, the reasons to think about going to a new galaxy have to do with the survival and continuation of the human race. This “wonderful planet” has experienced five mass extinctions and is said to be in the midst of another one that we are creating. It has also experienced lesser extinction events, approximately every 26 million years, and we are long overdue. Even if we clean up our own mess, it is only a matter of time before we are hit by an asteroid, suffer a CME from the sun that wipes out civilization, a massive supervolcano, and so forth. We know with a high degree of reliability that sooner or later the stuff is going to hit the fan and life on earth will be over, or will start anew, and without us, unless we take the appropriate precautions. If the human race is still restricted to this planet when the next event happens, it means the end of our species. It seems prudent to plan for the future and begin to take steps to get our species off this planet so there are a number of “lifeboats” that can reestablish the human race when it becomes extinct here on earth. Of course if we don’t care about our descendants or the ultimate survival of the human race, then we not be concerned.