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Since I began serializing here an updated version of a small booklet that I wrote a while ago addressing questions being asked by people all over the world, the mass killing in San Bernardino took place. And now we have, in the U.S., a presidential candidate calling for all Muslims to be barred from entering the United States until, to quote his statement, “our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” I have added to my booklet a word-for-word copy of the statement I issued the day after the 9-11 attacks on the United States.

I feel that now, more than ever, this booklet would be very helpful to read and to share with others. It is my desire that as many people as possible have an opportunity to read this material, so I will continue to excerpt it in this space until the entire document has been published here.

Those who do not wish to wait to finish the document as each new installment is posted here may access the document in full, downloading it here at no cost.

Here is the next installment:

A WORLD IN TURMOIL: How we can respond – Chapter Four

I am going to assume now that you have made the choice to live your life as a Spiritual Being having a body, rather than a Bodily Being having no spirit. I am going to guess that you have picked up this first tool and used it to maximum effectiveness. I base this assumption on the fact that you have continued reading.

We can now pick and use the second tool, the Basic Principles of Life, allowing ourselves to understand the mechanics of the events of our times—the turmoil in the world today, as well as the events to follow in the months and years ahead.

We can now speak about the Process and its Product. The Process of life, I mean, and the Product of your life and mine.

As a spiritual being I have come to understand that there is, indeed, a process taking place on this planet which I inhabit. And it is not a random process, but an organized one, a methodical one, a logical, coherent, consistent, and efficient one.

Life on earth is not simply a series of unrelated, disconnected occurrences. It is a quite deliberate sequencing of events, having a Cause and Effect relationship, and characterized by Function and Purpose.

This is true of the events of 2011, and of all that has ever occurred, is occurring now, or ever will occur.

All of physical life follows a basic formula.

It is what Conversations with God calls The Basic Principles of Life: Functionality, Adaptability, Sustainability. All of Life exhibits these principles. All of life demonstrates them.

All of life, without exception.

Indeed, the ubiquitous nature of these principles is what renders Life Itself eternal. Life goes on and on, without end—as does everything in life—precisely because life is functional, adaptable, and sustainable.

Explaining the principles
Everything in Life is functional. That is, it works. It does something, and it does it efficiently. Life is continually doing something. It is energy in constant motion.

Everywhere you look—everywhere—you will see motion. The biggest elements of life and the tiniest particles are all in motion. Nothing stands still. Nothing.

Were something to stand still, life would end. Yet Life cannot end. It is incapable of doing this. For the doing of this would be the doing of nothing. It would be the absence of doing. And such an absence cannot and does not exist.

Think about this. Try it out for yourself. Try out the theory. Go ahead. Try to “do nothing.” You cannot. Even the doing of nothing is the doing of something. You can be perfectly still, and still, that is what you are doing. Nothing does nothing. Always remember that. It is a key and fundamental and foundational principle of Life…

Nothing Does Nothing

Are you clear? Is this understandable? I hope it is, because if you understand this, you understand the events occurring all around us, and those that will occur in our future, and what all of this means.

Life does what it does in reaction to what it just did. It is the Mother of all Chain Reactions.

What I am saying here is that Life has a built-in mechanism that keeps itself going.

Now…let me tell you how that mechanism operates.

Should the movement of life…or, more correctly, the ability of life to be moving…ever be threatened in any way, for any reason whatsoever, Life will immediately adapt. It will move in a different way. It will move in a different direction, or at a different speed, or with a different vibration, in order to maintain its equilibrium.

As a result of this adaptation Life renders itself sustainable. When Life “senses” that it is no longer sustainable functioning in a particular way, Life will stop functioning in that way and adapt its functioning to the condition that its previous functioning has created.

Think of a top. It keeps spinning, it maintains its balance, through the mechanism of its own motion. When it runs out of spin, it topples over.

Life is a top that never runs out of spin.

It is an energy that supplies energy to itself. It does this through the process of adaptation.

When Life begins to feel its own topple it changes its energy, alters its vibration, revamps its pattern of distribution, puts in some kind of adaptation that guarantees the continuity of Life Itself.

Death is a dramatic example of just such an adaptation.

Did you catch that? I just said a mouthful there. I said that death is an adaptation that guarantees the continuation of life.

Life guarantees its continuance by changing its form.

I need to repeat that. You need to really get it.

Life guarantees its continuance by changing its form

Now you understand the events in our world and why they have occurred. Now you understand the turmoil on this planet and what that is about. Now you understand future events that will occur, as well as the cycles in your own life, and what they have produced, and will continue to produce. Now you understand The Process and The Product.

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  • Francisco Morfi

    I don’t have a problem believing what you just posted. I just get it; it makes sense to me. I’m sure everybody won’t agree , but that’s precisely the way it works. The process moves precisely within such dynamics. I find it interesting, to coin a phrase. People will start commenting: some in agreement and some not. It doesn’t change what is.
    What would I like to see happen? An actual turn of events in such a way that would turn heads. I mean like people thinking: what just happened? How is that possible? In a good way. A coming to terms on the part of nations on issues that at one point appeared irreconcilable. A joint effort to stand against any nation, people, group or individuals that use any sort of violent means to impose themselves or their views on others. A rebirth of humanity as one. I pray for this everyday. Sometimes it seems so far away, but I’m keeping the faith. Deep within my heart and soul I know it will come to be.

  • hilife

    Tops spin in a certain direction, and people spin, too. That is not empiricism, however. It is quantum. We who know we have light within have a certain spin, and that spin never runs out or topples, so when true God meets true fear, what then happnes to the top, dear Neale? Does it topple, or does it change form? Form? What do we mean by form, in your view, Neale? That is the question that some on this blog deny. Some seem to think a form is merely physical, a mere physical brain, for instance, a mere physical leg, a mere physical hand, a right hand, to be exact, and, yet there is a quauntum right hand of God and oh so real that that hand cannot topple, in my view. So, Horatio, there is indeed so much more to see than merely what is materialism, physical. No. Virginia. No Edumund Burke here. That is all for the materialists only. I have viewed quantum literal whew it is magic. God is magic. You did say that, Neale. Do you still believe it? The only thing I don’t get is this thing you say about God being a process, a machine, a function. I never really understood that, really. I think God is love and love is light and light is oh so I Amness Whew and not already Home? Of course, it’s home in life in life already in a land of only heaven everlasting, a home that never hears of unsustainable energy that topples. Whew I’m outta this mix. I don’t get that line Maybe someone can explain it. Sustainable energy as fear topples and tries to change form? How can a fear line toppled even pretend to change form? What form can lift itself to change? Change is what is already here now, but at Home all has already expressed true love. At home there is no change. It’s total life everlasting, already onement, so what gives one the energy to create any change to any form that is toppled as a fearful spin? What is a form? A form is variable. A duck isn’t always a duck, or is it? Some forms look like ducks but aren’t. That I know for certain. At any rate, a form is a soul and an oversoul is over all souls. neale, didn’t you write about this? So many deny that God is real on this blog, but here you wrote it in CWG. God is an oversoul over all souls. All souls don’t go to heaven, do they? I mean . .dear God. .lightworkers what it feels like to witness oh so many dim lines fragmented oh so many ways so a form over the light literal is really a form of Gods oversoul who can overthrow that i o it nothing. Any any souless thing should be tossed aside. what do we mean by a top that toppled being able to lift itself to change its form, a form that can lift to a form already toppled? I don’t get it. What do we mean by God is a process, even, or a machine, even? God is only Golden Heart to me, and that is not a machine at all. It is oh so real as lpure total blissy ove only, never that fear junk. whew Anyhoo, wow I don’t get that machine stuff at all when I breathe arcy blue stuff of heaven’s pure misty blue bliss stuff. Yayuh that’s God to me 😉

  • Patrick Gannon

    “I am going to assume now that you have made the choice to live your life as a Spiritual Being having a body, rather than a Bodily Being having no spirit.” (NDW)

    First you have to prove that the “spirit” exists. Growing evidence does not point in this direction. One can choose to live their life with spirituality, regardless of whether they believe in gods or spirits or afterlifes. Religionists frequently try to define spirituality as something only they can experience. That’s simply untrue. Atheists and agnostics can be just as spiritual and have the same spiritual experiences as any believer. I guess the deeper question is whether one (meaning “I” the self-aware consciousness) chooses, or whether the brain chooses and keeps itself informed by way of an illusory consciousness. If in fact we are “chemical creatures” as derisively referred to in the last chapter, then we have no choice, and that may be the reality whether we like it or not.

    Neale then goes on in some detail, essentially describing the process of evolution, but applying it to this nebulous, spiritual, consciousness-thing called life, that may or may not exist. Evolution in the natural world does exist and drives everything in it. Whether consciousness, once organized, evolves and continues after the death of the brain, is at the core of any discussion having to do with this belief. If consciousness does not survive the brain, none of the post has any real meaning. It could only be allegorical.

    The idea that “Nothing Does Nothing” is open to debate. At least one physicist has proposed a way in which something (the universe) came out of nothing. Actually, we men all know that there’s no such thing as “nothing.” When you ask her what’s wrong and she says “nothing,” you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s “something!” (grin)

    Is life eternal? The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics wouldn’t lend support to that. If the universe continues to expand, eventually everything will stop moving for all practical intents and purposes. Evolution and continued life only work in an open system. We continue to evolve here because our our system gets constant energy from the sun. The universe as a whole appears to be closed (but I have no idea). If it is, eventually it will die.

    “When Life begins to feel its own topple it changes its energy, alters its vibration, revamps its pattern of distribution, puts in some kind of adaptation that guarantees the continuity of Life Itself.” (NDW).

    That’s pretty specific. Upon what is this description based? What is life’s energy? What is its current vibration? How will it change its pattern of distribution? What is its current pattern of distribution? How are these things observed and measured? How exactly does “life” adapt to guarantee the continuity of itself? Define what is meant by “life” because it sounds like a synonym for consciousness. This section isn’t a very accurate description of how natural evolution works, but natural evolution is testable, observable, proven, and we understand the process very well and more so as time goes on. What can one say about how this process works for “life” that can be objectively understood and is not just something out of imagination and wishful thinking?

    Comparing something real – our natural world – with something hoped for – a spiritual world – does not make the spiritual world more real; it really makes it less real because we see that there is no evidence for it. Robert Lanza’s “biocentrism” supports Neale’s viewpoint, more or less. He stands in contrast to Graziano’s “attention schema” theory. I used to lean towards Lanza, but I find Graziano’s position more compelling, though far less satisfying, because it has actual evidence and Lanza’s theory does not. Graziano’s theory is falsifiable, and Lanza’s may not be. If it’s not falsifiable (can’t be proven wrong by contrary evidence), then it’s not a useful theory.

    I’m very happy that science is working on these things, and the fact that they are tells us something very important – it tells us that we don’t know. If we knew, there wouldn’t be any need for research on either side, would there? Neale wants us to believe that he does know. He speaks in absolutes and with the ever present authority of God whispering in his ear. Neale, however doesn’t know anymore than anyone else does, and admits it when pressed. The real question, I think, is whether it is healthy to believe something when you know you don’t know. How can lying to ourselves be good for us? Oh my yes, we want to believe in his god; but should we, since we know there’s no more evidence for New Age God than there is for Abrahamic God or Zeus or Poseidon or Hades gods. Deep down, I think the brains of believers know they are being lied to and it creates unnecessary conflict in the brain which is exhibited in our daily lives. The deeper the belief, the greater the conflict, the worse the consequences – I can see correlation everywhere I look. Is there a connection?

    We’re thinking about electing Donald Trump to be President of the USA – a country of believers. Need I say more?

    The thing is; we’re likely to know the answer to this question, or understand it a whole lot better than we do now, in the foreseeable future. Be patient, or participate by organizing objective experiments in group consciousness. It’s time for New Age God to walk the walk.

    • Hyori

      Maybe more importantly than figuring things out we should focus on stopping killing ourselves with our beliefes. Religious beliefs created things such as 9/11. Economic belief that focus on ecological degredation such as deforestation and co2 pollution. Prehaps one day we will have evidence that there is or there isn’t a God but lets hope we can get there without killing ourselves.

  • Francisco Morfi

    Patrick you keep feeding off of Neale’s info to spin off of it and make your derogatory remarks about his position on spirituality and views on evolution among other topics; but you know what: he believes in what he’s posting and so do a lot of us. I don’t see the point of you constantly trying to criticize and belittle him based on your own beliefs. Yes Patrick your own beliefs. When you defend something regarding science or “evidence based” information you do so assuming what is being published, that I suppose you read, to be true. You don’t have any evidence personally; you just helieve what you read. The day you can actually prove everything on your own without anybody else’s findings than you can stand up for it as “proof”. But even then it will only hold true for you and others will have to believe what you sustain or have come to conclude is true because you say it is so. In reality we are all “belief based” whether we want to accept it or not. You can only ‘know” your truth. All the rest is a leap in faith: you either believe it, or not.

    • Patrick Gannon

      Francisco, Neale can be pretty derogatory himself to competing religions and to non-believers who prefer logic and reason over unfounded belief. He’s a big boy. I think he can stand up to my criticisms, at least as long as people keep buying his books and programs!

      It doesn’t appear that you have anything to offer to counter my arguments against Neale, or my hypothesis about a potential link between belief and mental health. Your motivation it seems, is to attack me for raising difficult questions and pointing out things you may not want to hear. Few believers like to have their ideas challenged. People like me who work to avoid holding beliefs, love to be challenged, for it means we have to keep reading, researching, learning, expanding, developing, evolving; rather than sitting in place with beliefs for which there is no evidence – but suit yourself.

      “When you defend something regarding science or “evidence based” information you do so assuming what is being published, that I suppose you read, to be true.” (Francisco Morfi)

      Actually, that’s untrue – otherwise I would have stopped reading long ago and assumed that I already had all the answers – as do others who stop researching because they believe they know all there is to know. Did you not notice in my post that I mentioned studying Lanza’s Biocentrism theory, and then later studied Graziano’s “attention schema” theory? Why would I bother to read another book with a different viewpoint if I believed what I read in the first book? I do follow the evidence and will make no apology for that. If the idea has evidence to back it up, then it deserves greater consideration than an idea that has no data to back it up, or worse, has evidence to refute it. I don’t think I have ever asserted that I have the answer. I call for more research on both sides, repeatedly. Unlike Neale, I am pretty careful to avoid talking in absolutes. I say over and over again that I don’t know. To some extent, what you say is true. If I am reading a science book about the layout of the solar system, I know there is sufficient evidence collected over centuries that I can rely on in order to “believe” what is written about the solar system, in this example. However if new evidence arises that indicates the original idea was wrong – then I have no choice but to take that new evidence into account.

      I strive to never ask anyone to believe anything, simply because I say it is true. I would present whatever evidence I have, and in many previous posts have done so in this forum.

      You are right, that I keep bringing the discussion around to the question of whether beliefs might be bad for our mental health. Neale is selling a feel-good hope for an afterlife – for money. He has a whole business around it. I’m not selling anything. I don’t have a book or program to sell you. I’m asking if believing things, when we know we don’t really know them, is healthy. Nobody really wants to discuss that, I suppose because it would mean admitting that I might be right, and then they would have to challenge their own beliefs; which is probably one of the most difficult things a human can do.

      Challenge me on something pertaining to the issues at hand, rather than criticizing my character. That says more about you than it says about me.

      • gaion

        These two sentences just sort of stopped my reading. Could you just explain this further:

        “People like me who work to avoid holding beliefs, love to be challenged, for it means we have to keep reading, researching, learning, expanding, developing, evolving; rather than sitting in place with beliefs for which there is no evidence – but suit yourself.”

        “”When you defend something regarding science or “evidence based” information you do so assuming what is being published, that I suppose you read, to be true.” (Francisco Morfi)” ”

        In the first sentence, you seriously believe you don’t have a belief? You seriously work at not holding beliefs? This isn’t possible unless you’re a robot. Then, it mignt be doable but humankind cannot but hold beliefs. We are that who creates from belief itself, from idea, from creator idea. Just today I thought of a new invention. Think of this. A spot where one can plug in a laptop and sit in a car and drive while drinking. .okay. .I love coffee. . .it’s true, but I am a writer and I love to type and write and here I am typing and writing in my car while I blog. This idea would be a great invention for this modern generation, but if you don’t believe that the modern generation could use a new invention, you couldn’t create a new invention, now could you? Are you seriously telling me you don’t think at all, create at all, invent or even hold a belief? That is not doable by mankind. We create from belief itself.

        The second sentence, too, is oh so illogical. Do you mean to say that just because something is published that it is true? I’m not sure what you mean, but there is a lot of junk published out there. That’s for sure. Wehw

        • Hyori

          “I don’t know” has been created for situations where you don’t have a belief.

          • gaion

            Well, there is a difference between “I don’t know” and physical evidence, proof, things we see, feel, taste, smell, touch, witness in this physical plane, so “I don’t know” is good for those who are not it, not able to witness. In my experience, one has to have a leap of faith, a grain of a mustard seed, at least, to witness. If one is adamantly agnostic not. . .I am talking downright oh my god oh my god sort of evil, then one is certainly not going to be able to witness. Witness magic is a gift, and one can only get that sort of gift when one has love in the mind, in the body, in the soul. Whew that’s all. I’m outta here. see ya.

        • Francisco Morfi

          Gaion, I don’t think you understood my sentence, what I was referring to was people believing in what they read, assuming it to be true, without actually having done the research thenmselves. If they accept something along these lines as true, they are doing so based on their belief of what is being asserted, not on their own findings. Therefore it is belief based for them, and not evidenced based. In science beliefs also exist, they are called assumptions. The idea is to prove them correct, but until they can, call it what you may, it was born out of a thought or what some label as a belief in some cases. There’s no escaping beliefs. Some people need physical proof and others accept them as truths from a spiritual viewpoint. If you don’t believe in spirituality than it’s all a lot of nonsense. To each his own.

          • gaion

            Sorry, Francisco. I thought that was Patrick’s quote. The deal is I agree. Science is evolving and that is what is my point. We cannot simply take published articles as the gospel. We have to change, evolve and go with what is a new understanding. In my first quote, Patrick said that beliefs are not anything that he “holds.” AS you say, “There’s no escaping beliefs.” That is my point. I thought it ridiculous, too. Have a good night 🙂

          • Francisco Morfi

            Hi Gaion. Thanks for responding and clarifying. I understand Patrick’s obstinacy when you can’t break out of a nutshell and become cognitively rigid. To those who defend science as the only foundation for everything, it’s hard for them to expand their minds to embrace other possibilities because they become enclosed in their brains. The mind doesn’t sxist for them because it’s intangible. “What you gonna do,” such is life. And I thank God for that. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Diversity iss good. Blessings your way. For Patrick too.

          • gaion

            Thank you, Francisco. I tell you what. I have had the best day today, depsite having to rise up at five every day. .actually, much earlier some days are better than others for swirling unseen lightbody, don’t ya know 🙂 Anhyhoo, here is the deal. When a duck looks like a duck, but acts like a flagging pole line whew and that happens in my neck. Dear God. Christmas is only eight or so days away, but get this Whew Dear God. Pumpkin on the same step as a Christmas Wreath? It’s just not done. Nowhere. I don’t care if we are in Peru, New Zealand or Callamazoo, or how about Timbucktoo. .that was mhy mom’s favorite saying, “where are you taking me? to timbuktoo?” Never did I want to do a timbuktoo in any life, but damn. Guess what? My true, true love was named Tim, literal, I mean. Tim. We were husband and wife, but damn. who would have known the entity of all hell space would call itself what? Tim. After my true heart of well, a good heart is a good heart and Tim, my Tim, is oh so lovely. Still in contact and oh so shew shew and oh so uh oh my god. His daddy did pass this past year and oh so knowing and oh did I mention I travel to him. He is me in all life. He really kind of was my father, ya know. He just loved me, said so right before he died. “Well, there is Michelle here every day again,” and he smiled. I’ll never forget it. He also said something about donald trump being a abuser of women. He is a Guy for sure, and we will put a cap on that. Whew Thanks and Blessings your Way, Love Whew Love to you and all Holy Heart in on it here on this rocking and do rock to that McCartney stuff wowza damn better get a cap on that Wowza Mouth Carving is how I worded it on facebook, neale’s facebook one year. Truly I woke up and there he is/was. .ya know dreams are real when they’re real in all life. I truly wasn’t meditating, but the bliss was misty oh so misty indeed and I was literraly opening my mouth and closing like a bird whew when I awoke and the bliss felt like carved bliss, so thick this misty air was indeed. It is here for replication of all God and all Goddess Hi oughtta do it. Thank you, Francisco whew love ya 🙂 X’s and O’s to all life on this oh so holy day whew

          • Patrick Gannon

            Bite me. What a condescending post! I have been where you are, Francisco. I was a full-on Conversations with God evangelical. I belonged to a group Neale started called “Conversations Movement” long ago, when a bunch of us were discussing ways to spread the CwG word through social contacts, the media, writing letters, etc. All that was scrapped in favor of a New Age business model with programs and seminars and so on, with the focus on making money out of this new age religion. A bunch of us were going to work for free on our own time. We were blown off like so much froth from the top of a beer. Nevertheless I kept reading his books and exploring others such as Tom Campbell and Robert Lanza who use a more scientific approach to research all this new age stuff.

            Don’t tell me I have a closed mind, when I have read dozens of books on almost every aspect of spirituality and western religion. It was in expanding my mind and embracing other possibilities, that I came to the conclusion that holding beliefs were a way of lying to myself. Until you have my knowledge base, and have put as much effort into learning as I have, you have no business saying I am “cognitively rigid.”

            Maybe if you read something that wasn’t all New Age woo, you might expand your mind and relax your “cognitively rigid” mind. Start with Michael Graziano’s “Consciousness and the Social Brain.” Until you know both sides, you know nothing.

          • Francisco Morfi

            Ouch! I think someone is starting to grow some teeth. Take it easy Patrick. All this is getting you jittery, irritable and extremely defensive. If I’m not mistaken you were the first one to mention the rigidity in a previous post. As the saying goes: “if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out”. What goes around comes around.
            Keep reading by all means, but don’t all of a sudden play the victim role here. If you decided to step out and follow the path you’re on now doesn’t give you the right to play mr. savy and dish out your criticisms and expect others to just stand around and take it passively. The use of words is an instrument we can all use to express points of views. You consider it rigidity not to walk away from beliefs as you mentioned and say that people are afraid to take a different route. What’s the difference here? You play the game with equal rules or you don’t play. You don’t believe in God but want to play god. Well, you’re not doing a good job at that. So my suggestion to you is take a deep breath and regroup. You need to chill dude. Again, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.
            It’s too bad you jumped out of the belief paradigm because you felt you were being taken. My beliefs are grounded in my personal convictions and not reliant on that of others. I share many of Neale’s beliefs and am in disagreement with others. I take the “good” and discard the “bad”, whatever is meaningful and consonant with my soul’s song. Apparently you weren’t very grounded in your beliefs firmly enough to hold your own ground and decided to take refuge in science. So be it. I look both at science (evidence based) and spirituality (belief based). I actually believe that one day they will walk hand in hand. We’re the ones opposing them.

          • Patrick Gannon

            As mentioned elsewhere. I have spoken about specific issues, and not about personalities, aside from occasional and carefully considered comments about things Neale has said or done. You made a personal attack. Don’t talk to me about your spirituality. Stick to the issue. Even if you were correct that I am obstinate, rigid, etc. that has nothing to do with whether my idea is correct. Try to avoid attacking people when you don’t have a good argument with which to respond to the issue.

            This is what fundies do, and I don’t stand for it. Stick to the issue or admit you have nothing to offer, and don’t act hypocritically, telling me how spiritual you are, and then attacking people with uninformed assertions.

            I have not said anything about you personally until you attacked me – so don’t pretend to take the high road here.

            Let’s get back to the issue. Do you think the fact that you believe things that contradict what your brain knows (and what it knows is that it has no evidence for any gods/afterlife), causes you to act in this unspiritual manner?

          • Francisco Morfi

            I need to add some comments to my previous post to you Patrick. You have gone so far as to mention tat people who hold beliefs could be delusional and brought up the whole mental health mumbo jumbo. But yet you get all victimized because of the cognitive rigidity comment. Talk about contradictory and dissonant and ambivalent. If you don’t like it, refrain. Otherwise, roll, but also tumble.
            Blessings. I hold no grudge with you, just differences and at least I’m okay with that.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I don’t follow your logic. I don’t see myself as a victim – I responded directly and forcefully to your uninformed assertions. Victims seldom do that, and I almost always do that. If you’re going to say something about me, make it true. For example, it would be true to say that I, (exactly like Neale) use far too many words, when fewer, if carefully chosen, would do.

            I have been speaking about the potential damage we do to ourselves by telling our brains something that contradicts other information the brain holds. You were not responding to, or commenting on my hypothesis or ideas, but instead making a personal attack which was not supported by evidence. I merely corrected you, and pointed out your lack of “spiritual” behavior.

            You said: “I understand Patrick’s obstinacy when you can’t break out of a nutshell and become cognitively rigid.” Yet you have no information at all regarding how obstinate or cognitively rigid I might or might not be. You said nothing about your opinion of my ideas, but asserted that I was obstinate and unchanging, when you could go back for a couple years in the archives for this forum and learn otherwise. Is that in keeping with your highest vision of yourself? To make judgments about people, rather than address the issues they raise? That’s easier, I grant you – but not very spiritual. Something I’ve learned in this forum is that New Age “spiritual” people can be just as hypocritical as fundamentalists. Beliefs do not seem to make either group any more spiritual than anyone else – including atheists and agnostics.

            Yeah, I’m going to defend myself. I’m in sales; like Neale is. My reputation is important to me.

            I hold no grudge either – I just speak plainly and sometimes that puts people off. I get that. However what I’m really interested in, is knowing why people think my ideas are wrong, so I can revise or discard them as new and updated information calls for.

        • Patrick Gannon

          The second sentence wasn’t written by me. I was responding to that sentence. I agree, that because I read something doesn’t make it true – including CwG. I do not assume what I read to be true – in fact I try to assume the opposite in order to fully test it.

          As for the first part of your response, this is an issue with our language. It is a sticky problem because the word “believe” really applies to a range of ideas. All of us “believe” the sun will rise tomorrow based on past experience, observation, knowledge, etc. We use the same word “believe” to refer to our thoughts regarding UFO’s, Bigfoot, ghosts, gods, goblins, fairies and unicorns. The word “believe” therefore is not specific enough. I prefer to use the word “think” and to assign a probability to it. I think with a high degree of probability based on past experience, evidence, etc. that the sun will rise tomorrow. I think that the likelihood that fairies or Neale’s god exists are significantly less likely. I do not rule them out; but I don’t think they are very likely. When we use the word “believe,” unless we specifically assign a degree of uncertainty to it, I think we are saying that we accept something to be true, even if it might not be.

          I wouldn’t use the word “believe” in the sense that you did with regard to an invention. I would not “believe” in my invention, I would “think” with some degree of certainty that it might hold this or that value, and I would test that hypothesis to see if it was deserved. If I believed that the invention would work or have value, I might be less likely to take the necessary steps to confirm or deny my belief. People don’t like to have their beliefs questioned, but might be more open to having what they “think” questioned.

          Thus I try not to believe; I try instead to think, and to assign probabilities to what I think. To some degree it’s a matter of semantics. I hope that answers your question.

          • gaion

            Thank you, Patrick. Thinking is what to you? Just asking. To me, thinking is not where true knowledge lies. Thinking is dependent upon oh so many things, like culture, for instance. Just because the world was thought flat and all science in on that idea does not make it true, now did it? See? Genius is the. . .well, let’s just say the Greeks. .they are the genius ones. . like pythagoras and the gang. .they knew the earth was round, like the Sun, and yeah it does rise up again. Whoa Whoa Whoa and all that whew is oh so wow wee let it be. Let it be. Now, where were we? Oh yayuh. .thinking. Thinking is not how we make any discovery. We must go to infinity and beyond, like Buzz LIghtyear. What a guy. Yayuh. Yayuh. Um Um That oughtta do it.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Thinking is directing one’s mind toward someone or something; using one’s mind actively to form connected ideas.

            Believing is to accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of or to hold (something) as an opinion. It can also mean to think or suppose, so context matters.

            “Just because the world was thought flat and all science in on that idea does not make it true, now did it?” (Gaion)

            Back when the earth was thought to be flat, religion determined what was and was not science. It wasn’t until those beliefs were challenged by enlightened scientists that we learned otherwise. Yes there were some other cultures who were able to bypass beliefs and get to the truth of the matter by using the scientific method. In either event, the advances were made by challenging beliefs and replacing them with evidence.

          • Francisco Morfi

            I agree that it’s a matter of semantics. If you want to use the word thought instead of belief, so be it. I think that a belief is a thought; it’s just held on to,as you say, more tenaciously. And thoughts can become beliefs when they are turned into “strongholds” I might say; something you hold on to firmly as something that’s true to you, though not proven empirically.
            I’d like to add that you don’t need empirical evidence for something to be true. If you prove something empirically, it wasn’t the empirical evidence that made it true, it was just your coming to know it as so. But it was true before you discovered it or came into knowing. Truth need not be proven for its own sake, but for yours or ours. It is what it is and the rest is just a journey that is forever unfolding.
            “It is that it is” / “I am that I am”

          • Patrick Gannon

            I said I prefer the word “think” not “thought.” It seems to me that we “believe” things are true, when we know we don’t know if they are or not, and we “think” things are true when we have sufficient evidence for a higher probability.

            I don’t think you need empirical evidence to act as though something was true – but it isn’t true till you’ve proved it unequivocally. It just has a high probability of being right. We act as though the theory of relativity was true; but it could still yet be proven false or need to be revised.

          • Francisco Morfi

            I don’t think you responded accurately to what I posted to this response of yours. I said truth does not depend on proof to be true, nor backing up an assumption by empirical data is what makes it real or true. You simply come to know it as so by whatever method you used; which in the case of science is research and investigation that leads to findings. What you discover you accept as a truth, but you don’t make it up, it already exists. You simply into the knowing of it. I’m not sure you’re following me here or maybe you are just in disagreement.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I don’t think I’m following you. Something I discover is not necessarily true. I might view a car accident or bank robbery and observe certain things which seem to be true, but which are later shown to be incorrect by viewing the security cameras. Our brains fool us all the time; so in order for a thing to be true – it can’t just be something I discover, it’s got to be proven to various degrees of probability.

            How many of us have “discovered” a face at the window on a dark, rainy night? Our brains create an image that rises in our awareness (see Graziano’s attention schema theory), and we think we see a scary face, but closer inspection tells us the truth is a clump of leaves.

            There’s a show called “Brain Games” you ought to keep an eye out for. They play a lot of games that people can participate in at home while they watch, and you would be amazed to know how unreliable what you think you have “discovered” can be.

      • Francisco Morfi

        But that is precisrly what Neale is doing. He is challenging people’s beliefs and is inviting them to consider other possibilities, yes Patrick, within the belief system world. I understand that people who want only to rely on “proof” based info are afraid to hold beliefs within the religious or spiritual realms. Maybe they’re afraid they could “lose their minds” or start to experience memtal health problems, which you continue to tie to peole who have beliefs. It’s a shame we can’t simply learn to respect differing viewpoints and look at it from the perspective of infinite possibilities. Maybe you’re right and Neale’s wrong or vice versa. Or maybe both of you are right or both wrong.. I know that Neale desires a better world for all of us. That’s what I believe. I don’t know what your purpose is, but I’m hoping it’s well intentioned. I don’t think that trying to destroy someone’s credibility is the answer unless the reason is that what the other person is doing is causing damage to others.
        I actually get quite excited about new scientific discoveries and technological development. I find it awesome. But I also have beliefs and that doesn’t mean I have any mental health issues. It’s probably difficult for you to understand if you simply live within this absolute necessity to have everything proven empirically in order to accept other possibilities. I actually feel sympathetic towards you. I prefer to move within a larger context and I apologize if that makes you feel uncomfortable. And yes please, continue to post your thoughts. I will continue to read your posts. I will take into consideration all I find that you have written as I do with Neale. When I don’t agree with something I will discard it, when on the contrary I’m in agreemrnt or it makes sense to me I will hold on to it and be grateful. Blessings

        • Patrick Gannon

          Francisco, I’ve mentioned this in earlier columns, but the “mental health” issue I hypothesize (and I don’t know if anyone else has ever proposed this idea), is sort of like a low-grade fever that won’t go away. As beliefs get stronger and have nothing to back them up – and often have evidence to the contrary, a condition called cognitive dissonance has been recognized. I’m suggesting a low grade cognitive dissonance type of symptom.

          “In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas or values, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.” Wikipedia

          I’m not saying people are mentally unstable because they believe things – obviously that’s untrue. However I think it is possible that conflicting information (that which we know vs that which we tell ourselves we believe) clouds our consciousness or thinking or brain processes in a small way. The sum of many people with this ‘low grade fever’ drags down our society. This is my proposal. I’m interested in why this may or may not make sense. I can actually make a couple arguments against my own hypothesis, but I’m waiting to see if anyone else can.

          “Afraid to hold beliefs”? Not at all. I would say I’m not afraid enough to need to hold beliefs – as I once was. Holding beliefs is much easier, and more comforting. It’s more difficult to seek truth and retain a skeptical, open mind.

          I think that all of us should be interested in what is actually true. If you say I am “destroying” Neale’s credibility, then I would think you feel that way because you feel or agree that I have refuted some of the material he has presented. How else could it be that I have “destroyed” his credibility? I do call his credibility into question (actually in more ways than I have ever mentioned in this forum), but remember – he picked this fight. He goes on denigrating others in his carefully chosen words about “chemical creatures,” disenfranchising and belittling those who don’t buy into the belief system he is selling.

          Some months back, he gave us a whole litany of “What if God” was this or that, which attacked legacy religions and gods, (I enjoyed some of that – but every one of his columns could be answered in the same way by saying – “What if there was no God in the first place?”), and he has also denigrated atheists and agnostics (without using those words), because they put more faith in logic, reason, evidence, knowledge and the scientific process, than they do in New Age woo about quantum mechanics and nebulous “life” forces, consciousness manifesting reality, etc., for which there is no objective evidence that I’m aware of. For a guy who speaks of ONEness, he spends a lot of time tearing down the beliefs or lack of beliefs of others, but couches it in well-considered language that obscures just how critical he is being of everyone who doesn’t agree with him. Of course you want to be a “spiritual being” when compared with a “chemical creature.” His words are carefully chosen; and they are not kind if you look at them closely.

          My motivation is to get people to question the value of beliefs – any beliefs. If my proposal is correct – if believing things that your brain knows you don’t know is unhealthy, then surely I am providing a service by suggesting that we should consider this possibility. If it turns out that my proposal is wrong – I have hurt nothing, by suggesting that people question what they are told – particularly by people who claim to speak with the authority of God. In other times and places, Neale might be in a mental institution or burned at the stake – as might I! I don’t think you should worry too much about Neale’s credibility being destroyed. When he chose to tell the world that God spoke with him, his credibility was instantly subject to question, and remains thus. Such is the nature of the god business.

          “When I don’t agree with something I will discard it….”

          Is that really the best approach? When I don’t agree with something, I research it to see if I might be wrong. I don’t start out by assuming I am right; in fact the older I get, the more I realize that I’m probably wrong about many things, including lingering beliefs that we all have.

          • gaion

            “Holding beliefs is much easier, and more comforting. It’s more difficult to seek truth and retain a skeptical, open mind.”


            Sorry to convene or is it intervene in conver um sation. . .I just want to ask this. Why do you believe that “belief” has to be untrue? That is not real. Belief is true also. Not all ideas, beliefs spring forth from falisty, do they? Wow Wee I don’t get your logic at all. Sorry. Adios Amigos

          • Patrick Gannon

            I think I’ve explained myself pretty well in several other posts. First, I never said that belief has to be untrue. I said that we tend to believe things because we don’t know them. If we know them, then there’s really no need to believe them – we just know or think with a high degree of probability that they are true.

            What we know is that there is no objective, empirical evidence for gods or an afterlife. None whatsoever. We all know this; that’s why “faith” is required. If we had evidence, there would be no need for faith. So, what we know is that we don’t know. When we tell our brains that we believe in this or that god – or really any other belief for which we have no foundation, then I think this sets up a conflict in our brains. What we know is that we are ignorant of the facts, and yet we tell our brains that we believe something the brain knows it doesn’t have any evidence for. How can this be healthy?

          • gaion

            Oh, yeah. .one more thing. You write the following, too.

            “particularly by people who claim to speak with the authority of God. In other times and places, Neale might be in a mental institution or burned at the stake – as might I! I don’t think you should worry too much about Neale’s credibility being destroyed. When he chose to tell the world that God spoke with him, his credibility was instantly subject to question, and remains thus.”

            um I just want to ask again. Who is the “mental one”? The one who speaks that he spoke to God, or the one who lingers on that blog, despite that he “does never believe in even belief, much less God”? That is the question, Virginia. Whew Dag you sure linger here despite that you think Neale should be “burned at a stake” or placed in “mental institution”? My God. All Christians believe Jesus who said, “This you can do much better than I, or something like that” and “My FAther and I are One.’ That means somethijng. That means we are created in the Image of FAther God I Am. Sorry about it. God didn’t stop talking to man. If you don’t have that conversation, sorry about it. You just aren’t it. Whew

          • Patrick Gannon

            Did I say I think Neale should be burned at the stake or placed in a mental institution? No, I did not. That’s a very misleading and unspiritual assertion.

            I stated what I think most would agree with. If Neale had claimed to have been visited by God in the 13th century, he would have been burned at the stake. If he had said it 100 years ago, he likely would have been put into a mental asylum. That he is able to publish books claiming a personal relationship with God and not be treated thusly is a credit to the enlightenment of those who challenged beliefs, and not to those who hold beliefs. Thanks to those who challenged established beliefs, Neale has the freedom to write things that would have once been very risky to write. Giordino Bruno was burned to death by the authorities in 1600 for asserting that the stars in the sky were other suns and that they might have planets around them. The Church has yet to apologize. Imagine if Neale had told people in 1600 that God sat on his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

            I like the concept of the global conversation. If I am “mental” for participating here, then so be it. I can’t follow your line of thought regarding Christian beliefs. Jesus has no particular credibility. He was another in a line of failed messiahs. He predicted the end of the world within a generation – he was wrong.

          • Francisco Morfi

            Patrick, you touch on some of my comments and avoid others. You still haven’t commented on your beliefs. There is no way you can deny that you have beliefs. Anything you say or defend as true that has not been proven falls into this category whether you want to admit it or not. And when I mentioned discarding something it is based either on “factual” info that I have come to “assume to be true”, because it’s info from investigations that I believe to be true ( I repeat Patrick, that any so caĺled evidence based research that I accept as true if I myself did not do the research is accepted in belief) or if it is something that I hold a strong and firm belief on: as is my belief in the existence of God. Can I prove that to you? Not empirically in the sense that I can’t show him/her/it to you the way you may need to have it proven, but I have ways of personal proof that I’m sure you don’t agree with. I don’t need you to.
            Regarding destroying Neale’s credibility, I didn’t say you did I said you were TRYING TO. I’m in disagreement with you when you say Neale has been derogatory in his expressions, I continue to see it as a challenging of beliefs though I am adamant and firm in my position as I know so is he that violence and imposition is not the answer to our worlds current situation. His invitation, which I share, is to start a world-wide evolution revolution via conversations until we come to terms as a species in favor of all of Humanity. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well, that’s how mental health experts deal with mental health problems. Is that the answer? (?????). I think it is; but then again: who am I to say. It’s what I believe. There’s that word again Patrick. Can’t escape it. It’s going to haunt you all your life.
            By the way, I do enjoy your comments and appreciate what you’re doing. A lot of it makes sense.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I’m not sure how I can word this, Francisco, but I’ll try again. I surely have beliefs, but as I said, I work hard to avoid having them. When I discover a belief I hold, it usually ends up not being something I’m proud or happy about. I try to think in terms of probabilities rather than to believe. Sometimes I use the word “believe” because it’s customary. “I believe the sun will rise tomorrow.” Actually I don’t “believe” that. I think with a 99.many 9’s % probability that the sun will come up, but I try not to believe it. It may not. There could be some sort of cosmic calamity that wipes it out overnight. I think that’s pretty unlikely so I don’t lose sleep over it; but I don’t really “believe” the sun will rise; I think it will and I have good reason to think that.

            For this very reason, I “think” what I read from others has varying levels of probability that can be assigned to it. I think that if I read a scientific article from an established scientist who backs up his research with math equations that are over my head, that I can still rely on those numbers with a high degree of probability because they have been peer reviewed and studied by other people smarter than me. However I must leave open the possibility that the data or conclusions could be wrong.

            Perhaps I should have worded my comments about Neale’s credibility a little more carefully. It seemed to me that you were suggesting that I had already damaged his credibility. I will challenge him when he talks about things like quantum mechanics, consciousness, evolution, etc. if it seems to me that he is misleading his readers. For example, New Agers like to say things like quantum mechanics proves we are all “connected.” That’s not accurate.

            I am very open to his invitation to start a world-wide evolution by leveraging the power of the internet to let people communicate and share information in the most amazing thing to happen in human history. That’s why I’m here. I was here when he launched the site, and back then I was a true believer; but I discovered I was fooling myself and just replacing one unsupportable belief for another.

            I think Neale presents many interesting ideas; I just wish he could have kept “god” out of it all. It was kind of a gamble, I guess. Introducing one’s self as a messenger of God has landed many in asylums, but Neale managed to get away with a book career. He’s good with words; often using many of them to say very little (grin).

            I too am against violence and imposition. Neale, unlike many other religions is not imposing; he is selling. He’s on the bottom of the pile of religions, and there’s a problem he may or may not be aware of. The more welcoming, liberal and less conservative a religion is, the less likely it is to compete with the authoritarian, punishing conservative types. History has shown us this.

            I’m not sure I get your point about mental health issues.

  • mewabe

    If humanity is to change, before it destroys itself completely, perhaps we should begin with the basics. Neale asks these questions. But should we look at gender roles as well, not in terms of sexuality but in the way they cause us to act and organize ourselves
    socially, and interact with all life?

    It has long been believed that the principle roles of men are to protect and provide. That was a practical choice when we were living off wholly mammoths and had to fend off saber tigers, although women provided as well, gathering wild fruits, roots and important medicinal herbs and plants.

    What must we protect ourselves from today…mosquitoes and fleas? What can men do today that women cannot do just as well or better? Aren’t there more small businesses started and run by women today than by men, as an example?

    The problem is that men, having had to develop, through thousands of years, qualities of aggression and dominance, as well as a certain amount of brutal force and the insensitivity that were necessary to overcome and control what was believed to be a brute, dangerous and hostile natural environment, seem to have lost touch with an important part of their humanity.

    It is no mystery that for generations men were taught that showing certain emotions and feelings, such as crying, was not masculine, was shameful, and akin to being a little girl, a woman, or an old woman, all of these labels being perceived to be insults and
    often expressed as insults.

    What becomes of a man who is not allowed to feel anything but ambition, courage and strength and is prevented from expressing all of his feelings? Look around, especially within contemporary patriarchal cultures…such a man, who is denying the human part of his humanity, soon becomes hard and unfeeling. He has no compassion for the so-called weak or unfortunate precisely because he is not allowed to have compassion for himself. He then has only one emotion left that he can express without losing his masculine image: anger.

    Anger, rage, violence, and to some degree cruelty are thought to be masculine and somewhat understandable, and in some cases honorable. This is why we think war if honorable and glorious, no matter how bloody. In war, men can finally and legally express, without many restrictions, what they have been bred for through the centuries: violence, brutality, dominance.

    Compassion, sensitivity, vulnerability, open heartedness, gentleness, empathy are thought to be feminine qualities and weaknesses in man, and shameful for a man to display, as it makes him less aggressive, less driven to dominate and control everything that moves or stands still, and therefore an easy target for those knuckle draggers who still think that the game is to overcome and subjugate all that lives.

    Read the following important and enlightening article:

    “Masculinity Is Killing Men: The Roots of Men and Trauma.
    We begin the damaging process of turning boys into men long before boyhood ends.”
    By Kali Holloway / AlterNet
    June 06 2015

    • Kirsten

      There is no irony at all regarding “Men of God”. On the Tree of Life we are all on, everyone must pass through the feminine principles Binah position before they can progress to the masculine “God” position. No matter what their deity or God is. This includes all priests, rabbis, Christs and religious teachers. The practical papers undertaken in this position are understanding based. In Buddhism this is the Ying Yang where each gender must have some of the humanising traits of the opposite gender. Angels and Christs all have androgenous brains where they can think both male and female at will, or neither like The Source.
      As you have stated, yes men did need to be very masculine in the days of far past, but for the past few thousands of years it is a man made occurance, heavily promoted by those men so threatened by females. Scripture tends to ignore females, or skim over them deliberately, to protect females from these very men, its more about what God doesnt say, than what he does say. He gave great family advice telling men to be good husbands, for people to stop bossing children around so much, that males should have male teachers, and always supported females working from day one. All of my Kabbalic teachers above have been male, and they are a lot more emotional than I, I can frequently feel their tears and strong emotions in myself when they tune in, and they will often get upset on my behalf when I am being brave and tough. These are highest Angels and Christs, no-one suppressed and without compassion for others and self can progress.
      Whether it is the truth or not, the story of Adam and Eve tells us a lot about how we were made. They obviously lived on what would now be defined as a self sufficient life style block. I am sure that once the kids were age three they would have been outside with Adam, not inside watching Eve do boring sewing and her ‘mum/wife’ chores all day, whilst caring for babies as well (yup her job, she has the boobs!). It is only that our world is so distorted and expensive that it is ingrained that the role of dads/husbands iis to go to work and earn the $$$. I personally think that men would be the main caregivers of kids from age 3 upwards, where mums role is to feed, bathe and tlc them…kids have always much preferred being outside and spending time with dads, and granddads for that matter too. This is where I feel we have gone so wrong….men have lost their natural parenting inclinations (in a world where school has become free childcare), and have been able to become narcissists through a lack of parenting/quality time with kids at home, and being permitted to be crappy husbands. Mums need to step back, or return to work and give dads a few years off work, at home with the kids. Males are made so much more inclined toward parenting kids than females, you are so much more patient, can observe without taking over, teach kids to take their time and do things properly, only eat and drink when you feel hunger or thirst, dont let clocks rule your lives, talk with kids rather than at kids, are happy to watch kids sports without going insane like we do, swim and play more etc. The potential of men, to become real men, is still there…but we need huge changes. How tragic that most men are still in a state of potential, whilst females in general have progressed to a point where we can do it all including much of the dad role too!!
      Take care,

      • mewabe

        I totally agree with all you wrote! There is so much truth there, from beginning to end…these are important topics that most people are afraid to discuss, even here I think.
        Spiritual growth does require the balancing of male/female energies and qualities, and I have noticed that those who reach some sort of enlightenment often end up looking almost androgynous. How could we become whole spiritually without being complete?

        Stop bossing children! You have my vote!!!

        Fathers are indeed missing in modern child rearing, and all of humanity suffers because of it. When they finally do take interest in child rearing, when a child is around 10, they mostly take interest in their sons, and don’t seem to know what to do with a daughter, as if a girl was from another planet and they had absolutely nothing in common. I think women suffer from this as well.
        Grandparents, aunts and uncles are also mostly missing today, who all participated full time in child rearing within “primitive” traditional cultures, so that if the young parents were too busy, too immature or too impatient, the child had at least one other adult to seek comfort from and to lean on.

        Now to get back to what’s really important, where is my rum saturated fruit cake?

        • Kirsten

          Your postie must have eaten it, and drunk the extra bottle too. He/she/it is probably in the bottom of your lake right about now! My work alcohol is 60% proof!
          I am very lucky to have had a normal upbringing, no abuse, no father dramas and was always a daddys girl since a toddler. Rugby, speedway, his work, road trips doing 24hr drives in one go, cleaning the cars, having a beer across the road…..,you name it I was the tomboy and tag along BUT he was a crappy husband, always out and my siblings think our childhood was boring and that dad was strict or never home..I never saw that at all. I guess its a two way street for any relationships to work. He always signs off texts with love you doll, xx. Cute. My dad probably has more faults than good points, but not with me. For me as a kid, he was the right father for me. For me as an adult, he is the perfect father for me…I fly him up to visit once a year, the perfect frequency to see any family! Perfect.
          And your therapist would have taken you to ‘why do you choose dysfunctional females, with father issues?’, right? If not, to quote you Mr Mewabe, “therapy starts now, $200 an hour”. Haha. Nothing to do with ones own childhood and needing company to heal scars with together, whilst being able to relax into a carer role to double up as a heroes journey by trying to help those who NEED help, for extra man cards, to replace lost or stolen ones?? Essay in one sentence. Just a generic thing to say, in case anyone thinks I know you, or anything about your childhood, which I dont. Maybe you should get a concobine or harem, and try to save 12 at once to save time. Then you will get to normal, non needy, equality based relationships before you are 87!!

          Yes you are right, people are afraid to discuss these things, but I think its because they dont want to be wrong. Look at someone in here! How can anybody want to be right with correct information, the truth and honest observations, if they refuse to ever be wrong. You have to accept being wrong, if you want to be right. Right?

          BUT more importantly than all the worlds and your dysfunctional females problems, there is a bigger problem now……….you agreed with me, and I have agreed with you. Wtf? Are you ok? I suspect you ate the cake and drunk the rum, have been in a coma, and forgot! My excuse is you were right for once! Hahahahaha.

          • mewabe

            I was right, and now I am left again…wondering how that could be…mutually agreeing…how boring. Let’s have a food fight instead!

            Childhood…yeah. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to have to go through it again. It wasn’t all hell, but there were some tough years. My sister didn’t quite make it. I did because I rebelled. Yes, sometimes relationships are about mutual healing. And sometimes, only one person heals and the other stays stuck.

            I did have a white knight thing going…a lot of men do, it’s also part of the culture…men being called to save the widow and the orphan.

            I am all better now doctor, I don’t need them pills anymore.

            I am glad you have a good dad…it seems to be rare in the US, for women. I heard nothing but horror stories. Different cultures or is it just me? I do tend to cause women to talk…

            I will check out the bottom of the lake, may be there is some rum left in the bottle. As the saying goes, desperate circumstances call for temporary insanity.

            Take care

          • Kirsten

            Thanks for sharing, especially what you erased. I knew something like that must have planted a seed. 🙁 ♡. I will leave it at that, rather than write more but you can write my missing paragraph for me, and shed a tear or 5. My teachers always do that with me…telling me to write what I would say to someone, or write what they would say to me..all a part of understanding different people and seeing a different perspective. You chose a really tough journey of learning the hard way, so you never have to be reincarnated again, and focussed on females the tough way so you could get through the Binah position on the Tree, which has always been your block. Remember I work from that position for Higher Guides and Christs, but will only do it by being me, and talking WITH people, not as a ‘preacher’. Remember understanding is the focus. You will want to punch me in the face, but all these random subjects have been giving you a bit of a leg up…as a normal female, and assessing you, but I am really just chatting and listening to intuition. Im too scared to give you your assignments, but you are now between the Binah pisition and the position under the Source…androgenous, male and female principles together, joy, humour, cool beauty, perfection, criticism, children, animals etc…all in a positive light. The focus on dysfunctional or problems can distract people but it really works to a certain point, before understanding normal kicks in. since we are doing nice since its Christmukka, you have done really well, from the New Age guru who doesnt talk personally to people online!! : ). Ok, nice is over, you might get ill!
            You dont need to confirm my psychological assessment….I know my stuff, we dont do nice remember, we say pee off and mind your own business. But Ive spent years studying males, just as you have with females…I actually think they make great pets when trained properly! Might try one, one of these days! I sure the SPCA has pet men, flead, wormed, neutered, disease screened and already tested that they are suitable to be around a family. Why dont we have these facilities for people, good idea for dating agencys! But when men can step up and help/protect females (generally as fathers/husbands/partners), then females are able to step up with protecting kids and animals. Sounds primitive but its not, its how body size structures work, when society works properly we are all steppung up, helping those smaller than us, with even little kids helping small animals. Its a circle of life, as in turn all those smaller than the adult male will rally around him, protecting and helping him to be a better man.

            I think anyone genuienely interested in people will get people to talk, but the white coat and clipboard will work well. A cool big dog will work better with females though, or a silent tear as you gaze at nothingness. We learn so much more talking with people than any books can teach us.

            Food fight…yup, up for that. Everyday at the mo, Im making around 100 mini Christmas cupcakes and 20 dozen mince fruit tarts, plus my usual stuff, Im well stocked! Ill get my pilot to do a flyover and bomb you with treaties!! All looking very pretty and girly for ya. Washed down with that divine Jamaican golden rum. Actually my drink this week is feijoa juice (a nz fruit), so Ill throw some of that in too!

            Take care Bobski (you can be Jewish for Christmukkah, your income will double).

          • gaion

            Hi Kirsten,

            Just curious about your post. You write here elsewhere that you don’t have any kind of psychic power, but you do use those HaHaHaHa notations that other bloggers who shed code upon lightworking rooms know all about. also, what do you mean, anyhoo, “your teachers”? This is not average mum talk. Who are your “teachers” anyhoo? Are you sure you aren’t somewhat new agey woo woo afterall?

          • Kirsten

            Against my better judgement I will answer your questions.
            I have said I am not a medium, and do not have any majic powers. I do not communicate with the dead. Years ago guides opened mediumship up but I said no thanks and was shut down, after a year of hell getting rid of unwanted guides. I am as psychic as a normal piscies person is. I have always maintained I am a Kabbalist, that has done the Tree of Life journey. At a certain level Teachers kick in…when the student is ready, a teacher will appear (even Buddhism teaches this Law), and you are able to access Law via intuition, as you have to study Universal Law etc. All very normal and these are things accessible to everyone, and are well published in Tree of Life information in all religions as all are on the same path. I have also told you I am not a lightworker, but yes, I do work for the Christ realm when asked to, for the greater good, which I am not discussing but no voodoo or majic involved. .My teachers only use telepathic communication, always a question for me to ponder, which is what Kabbalic teaching is all about, like Einstein taught as well and they are all from the Christ realm. I have had 5 that I know of including Moses and Gabriel.
            Yes I have trained my mind to visualise really well, but thats also progressive since I was born a visualiser. From age of 6 when I read anything I also see pictures or a movie in my head. Whether visualisation can manifest or not I do not know, but I do know when I can sense evil around and blast it with visualised invisible fire it disappears. I am not a seer, but I sense pockets of evil as a darkness. You use fire as well. I refuse to white light as I am sure it draws the attention of evil so hinders more than helps.
            I type hahaha when I am smiling, as I am too old to use lol. No parent should speak like their kids, but yes, as I have told you, I do know the language you speak of, but I also refuse to allow others to take away language I choose to use.
            Nope I am not new agey, but thank you for your concern, it drives people loopy and they get sidetracked. The closest thing to what I am would be Judaism. Other than in here, I am 100% a normal friendly grounded working mum. With a happy grounded life, with a fair income, nice home, good kids and I am well loved and liked within my community where I live and work. All very boring and normal in this screwed up world but my focus is on the physical.
            I suspect you are picking an argument, thats fine, but I absolutely hate lying, so please refrain from telling lies about me or stating things I havnt said, which is why I have given you more information than you asked for!
            Take care,

          • gaion

            no problem. I was just curious. You mentioned tears to Mewabe. That is a literal popout. Truly it is, and it is no voodoo. It is magic in a good way. Things pop out, like the bible said. Motes are literally popouts. I go by Catholicism, but Judaism. .hey. .I know a priest who is a judaic preist. .I don’t have time to spell right. .anyway, I’m 53.. I don’t know how old you are. I am more of a um you seem more like a young whipper snapper, anyhoo. Thanks for sharing. Just wondering. Teardrops are something, aren’t they? But, 5? That seems a bit too few or too many. . I don’t know which. 5 tear drops is a long time to be cryin. .did you ever sing or hear that song? It goes like this. .too many teardrops to carry on, or something like that. Anyhoo, take care xx whew oo and ho ho ho Merry Xmas and all that good stuff whew I’m off or not. who knows? I could be back. Us ol’ timers get around, don’t we? I still think you’re younger than me. I might be wrong, but you seem up to snuff ya know up on rum and what? I am glad I don’t drink. Not into it. Never was. That’s for mo, ya know. He likes to drink. Mo yayuy he is a drinker whew and whoa whoa whoa what a binger at that. At any rate, I’m no mo. I’m just a mum, llike you. Off to bake cookies. Yummy xxoo

          • Kirsten

            I am 45, kids are 23, 21 and 17.
            No I dont really drink at all, maybe two drinks a month, Mewabe doesnt drink at all, its just we mock each other and talk crock most of the time. Its what Y’shua meant by ‘be like little children”, its just us being silly as a troll in here said we must be smoking weed, so we just roll with it. The booze we refer to is my stuff I use at work.
            Teardrops are a sign that a soul is beyond its limitations literally an overflow, and a signal to The Source that someone is beyond their pain, suffering etc limits so karma needs to take place, or that a person has experienced pride, joy, beauty, perfection etc beyond what the original expectations of human potential was.
            I cannot stand binge drinking, or alcoholism, people need to grow up and accept responsibility for themselves.
            Enjoy your cookies, as you know, I am a cake decorator at work, so up to my eyeballs in baking and icing, especially this time of year.
            You have a great Christmas too

          • gaion

            45. . well, you are me. We are about the same, I guess. Let’s see, how many years is that difference? eight. That’s still a biggie. Anyhoo, a troll. What the heck is that? I guess we could be called trolls. Here I am reading you. You read me. We all read each other. We both read Mewabe. Mewabe, now that guy is a native american like me. Cherokee is me. I am Cherokee people. What was that song? Cher Yayuh heck my Source is Native American. First thing he did through me was draw a headdress, literal, I mean. It was fancy, and I was just a newbie to energy transfer mechanism as in Wow freaky. I thought it was a ghost, but Gaion calls himself HOly Ghost. Yayuh II was Wow Wee He literally drew the pictures for me. There it was on paper. .a headress. .all dressed in feather. I didn’t do it. It wasn’t channel. It was spontaneous writing and drawing. Channeling is really not me. I just picked up a pen and wow it flew. We go all the way home so merrily and he seems so free that he lives well he wants me off the blogs again no more on blogs anyhoo so often I say I am done and then I come back. I guess it’s tootalu for now 😉

          • Kirsten

            Mewabe is not Native American, its his life style of choice. But thats his story to tell not mine.
            A troll is people ‘trolling’ the internet being pains putting inflammatory messages up in sites such as this one, without a helpful reason, purely to pee people off or to argue. Patrick in here may be a troll, I cannot quite tell, but they are always completely irrational and argumentative, and downright rude.. I think its a mental problem, where they seek negative attention and to argue with people since the physical people in their life tell them in no uncertain terms to shut up or they have driven real people out of their lives so are just bored and lonely.They often sabotage other peoples blogs and websites with comments to put the hosts readers off. I hate them, they are like the bugs you speak of.
            Yup Id agree, off the blogs, but leave your posts up.
            Merry Christmukkah,

          • gaion

            Yes. I am Jewish, too. Was going to do Hanukkah, but it’s enough to try to do Christmas. Three trees not. I’ve got seven going and dag I am the only one in Holiday form here in my neck of the woods. Got too many crabby apples. Angels have heads numerous it seems. At any rate, thank god I started smoking. I didn’t mean to sound holy roller or anything. It’s not me who is such a thing. I just don’t like rum. I do love red wine. I might go to confession just to get sacrament 🙂 That’s enough for me, really. I just like a little taste. That’s all. Sacrament is just fine for that. Also, it’s weird here where I live. So many want to smoke my cigarettes, literal. Some guy not walked up to my car, windows rolled up. I didn’t even look like I was in a talky mood. He just walked up and ran to my cigarrette. Give me one. I said, what? My windows were rolled, ya know. I didn’t know this guy. He looked frantic, too. I was a little scared, and said, “no. No. No.” He walks off and came back, “Here. You want a cigarette?” He loves my Marboro, but those things get storking and torquing all cuz I blogged about em. Dear God, I had to go from marboro in a box, my favorite, to L&M, and then came camel. Whew that’s my great granny. She sure um and yayuh wow wee what a gal. Got a divorce at about age 74. Didn’t give a rip. The guy not was a weirdo, to say the least. Finally, she said “he took my social security. What a crook,” and that was that. Guess what he did for a living? Biology teacher. Yayuh my family has been at thjis gig for a while and she is hot to trot. That was her favorite saying. Yayuh What a gal. She smokes uh camel no filters, but now they made camel crushes. I love that. I get to crush the filter yayuh yayuh yayuh that dumb guy let’s just say we both hate aliens. You and I know they are the worse among us, literal, I mean. They’re everywhere and people don’t even know it. It’s Nasa that announced within twenty years they would be able to announce life on other planets, so we aren’t so far from that announcemnet, I don’t think. Anyhoo, I’m off to cook. Have a great day 🙂

          • Kirsten

            In NZ most people smoke Pall Mall Menthol, we dont do smokers breath and are kind of snobs. I avoid wierd people like the plaque, Ive had more than my quote. A few years ago I saw a huge young girl muttering away, clearly with mental health issues, very unpredictable looking. During shopping I went into the bathroom and she was there, I fully expected to be beaten up. But she cowered in a corner quivering and said please dont hurt me. Wow, but Im sure it was a case of possession and the evil entity reacted badly to my good energy. Very freaky.
            I knew there must be a purpose for confession…the booze. Bet they buy the cheap stuff though, dammit.
            Take care,

          • gaion

            They do react to our energy, Kirsten. You don’t even want to hear my long story. It’s so long, but everything you wrote is accurate. They are insipid. It’s a movie in Hollywood, really. These species are insipid that I speak about. Alienated species are among us in every facet of life. They work in regular locations, the local hamburger joints, ya know, golden and all of that. They work in academia, university, public and private, too. They work at the local pharmacy stores, gas stations. Contractors are the worse. It’s not as bad in every location, of course. In this one, whoa whoa whoa It is overpopulated. You can think what you want any negators here, but it is oh so true that NASA science is on video on cnn for stating we are within 10, 20 years of announcing life elsewhere is real. I’m not here to convince. I never believed in this. That is what is. Then again, I never believed in evil, but damn. It is real. whoa whoa whoa Here we go. Electronics. Oh my god. U can upload this image here. Whew yayuh and that was guess what time in the morning. 2 am, of course. Their favorite times at my house 3, 5 2 always. Lights were zooming through window, curtain, telecable. .It’s not the system. It’s the cable. They love torquing on cable. Cables are sticky. They like sticky. They deliberately place sticky near little items, cheeap booze bottles that pop, look like little bullets, really, are the favorite. They love to place this near cobalt blue, of course, and emerald green. They’re so easy peezie to spot because they walk around with backpack, carrying items to torque out. Torquing is quantum. It is magnetic. They are a species that has a torquing suction force on their bums. They wiggle bums, literally, I mean. Rotating eyes are also viewed, literally, i mean. They do circle around when they get desperate around us because we take their ciphon down. They cannot suction anything near me and damn they get so mad that they come and well upload this scene Fu and this one Fu and this one Fu it is indiana jones, I said. At any rate, they will come up to me, no matter where I am and get so livid. I’m like “who are you?” I have had stranger. .these people are young, they are old and everything in between. .fat, skinny, it doesn’t matter. they look like average joe, literally, I mean. You wouldn’t know. Look at it. Alien here on earth. Some here know it, and some don’t but those who know, just ponder this fact. These ones had enough tools to fool doctors, in order to live on earth. Back to the story, it’s long. The tools I see are. .just name it. Anything mankind wants whew every every of mine. couldn’t tell you how painful it has been to have to give up so much love force in order to keep near me safe and sound. Objects most torqued, my angels. Right hand, to be exact. My icons. Dear God. Just upload this Whew Wee that oughtta do it, at any rate, they are most insipid. They want God Children, Children of the Sun, whatever you go, whether you’re kaballah or not, it doesn’ t matter when you are working for light, Christ Realm, whatever you call it. They want our energy off the planet. They don’t want us to win. Period. So, adios amigos. dear god. Just look at that. This stoop follows my car. Why? We get torques on them. He chases me in early morning. Visuals on numerous occassions. Law of Probability does not allow that the same black car is always near you, literally, I mean. He followed me one day. Okay. Five am. There is outside my friggin house, just sitting in car, waiting for me to drive off with son to school. Scary, but true story. Every single day this happens near me. He is a stalker, I guess. Weirdness visible oh so many times. Look at this visual Whew At any rate, that was scary. Damn. He turned on fake blue lights that immitated police cruiser lights. Yayuh 2 am run for my favorite ya know cappy cappychinno however you spell it. damn. Just call me Keats. He couldn’t spell either. At any rate, chased me down and all I did to make him mad was what Source told me to do, which was turn around. I merely turned the car around a torquing bend. They like bends. They like um and um and um and so when I turned the car around a bend and drove the torque back up his butt, he was livid. Started aggressively driving right up me, chasing me all the way up whew and then he turned on blue police lights. Guy said “don’t you dare stop.” I said, “oh my god. Is this the real police?” Guy said, “Hell no. don’t stop. Don’t stop.” so, we drove right to safety where I ordered my double shot of expresso um could use a little lemon, 2 drops, to be exact, and then I was safe. but dag that was scary. Stupid fu and then he still follows me. This person is wanting my torque to stop. I meet many in the city who help me. Yesterday, a torque happened on brand new, spanking new car. I had to replace the other because of all magnetics from this oh so insipid speicies, literally just look at visuals whew. at any rate, here I am in brand spanking blue and then they all start careening in, literally, in blue to match a point, a color and they can’t do it. they still try and still get livid, so I can’t believe I am writing what I am writing. It is so that this species has been among us but they are desperate. They get mad at our lightbeam. It does take down their torques when we use our bodies of light like an arc. Just arc that body. It’s our best friend. I use lightfingers and zap the crap out of them. They get not so peaceful when we are full and sprayed like you. They actually get the opposite. They get livid. they get dangerous. They get angry. They get violent. They can’t survive without those torques Whew What is a torque? Alright, a torque is a dim string, like string theory. It is a dimness from hell space is how I word it. You’ll feel it when you are near it. Oh god Take this visual. I throw up, literally, I mean, when I see this house whew and this one whew and this one whew yes. we have abilities and this job is no fun. Dag I am asking to go Home pronto. At any rate, this is getting too long. I don’t want to take over the post, but there’s a list here phew it’s long belive me items I won’t use in any life are 1) ta ta ta 2) phew 3) don’t want to list them. Too scary to some. I just say to them after I walk up to ’em “what time is it?” The energy dies immediately, and they get livid, and they forget sooner or later. They go up and down, right and left. They are the this thats but we don’t need duality. At any rate, just make up a tool to use that you find handy. whew. Dowsing is real. Rods are used by them. Check this scene uh yayuh my blue cobalt broomstick broken torqued in same location night after night and then I moved it and then whoa whoa whoa after that, my green swifter mom, which I love, broken and moved in a certain point whoa whoa whoa ta ta ta it’s insipid.

          • gaion

            I forgot to mention this. It’s big. They always check cell phones as soon as I bring down torque. It’s what is. Law of probablity is not that great that every time I pass one and circle them a little that they will drop head and check that cell phone. Why? They go through whew and that oughtta do it. Yayuh transmission, ya know. radio yayuh they built one on my literal um yeah and this is supposedly nicest area why? guess what the title of that radio station is? 325 something like that anyhoo. I’m gone for the day. got a lot of stuff to do. adios amigos :)))

          • Kirsten

            Can you please not erase your posts completely, it makes us look like idiots when we are replying to you. But I do respect and appreciate that it does make Michelle look better without your stuff against her ‘hands’.
            I didnt read your post in full as I have low tablet battery charge, and just got to work at 7am, with no charger.
            But yes I understand what you are talking about, I chose to focus in the physical so learned to read people manually. I can read it on their clothing (always ugly uniforms), laziness in mimimum wage jobs, faces, eyes, walk etc. They are in schools and work as hospital orderleys and in mental health a lot, and many work as psychologists…people pay them to listen to stories of their suffering, which is basically porn for them.
            When I was 36 a Teacher above took me on as a protege with Law, as I was already studying it anyway, along with physiology and psychology. This is how I got to complete my tree and do all my Christ Consciousness papers and exams so fast. I became my own immune system…everything physical about our bodies also has a parallel duality with our minds and auric bodies. I learned the hard fast way to built up an immunity resistance mentally and treat all evil and negative the same as any other virus. As soon as I encounter it, I work like an immune system and work out how to kick its butt, so the next time I know what to do. I am a T cell. This has also strengthened my physical immune system, as everything will manifest. I treat physical people the same…once bitten, twice shy. You name it, Ive encountered it, Ive even been physically possessed, hell from 2003 until 2005 but it was all a part of training.
            The things that bother you would never bother me, they know Id kick the first ones butt and know how to deal with them all after that so wouldnt bother with that self destructive behaviour. I also have 24/7 security guards, varioys Angels etc on a roster, I even call my workplace one stalker as I am usually aware of him, but I dont form friendships with them or talk much. Based on what has happened to you Michelle, Im sure you can understand why I need this, there have been quite a few attempts on my life, and having done my Christ papers enrages them more.
            When studying and I had to translate all teachings into Law, from Kabbalic hidden teachings like kids Fairytales, to Yshua and Buddhas teachings. Every word was looked up, but I could not decipher Yshua stating in the end of times “woe to oregnant women and those nursing babies”. My logic was they are the lucky ones and can feed their babies, those using formula cant. After weeks and weeks, I saw the word immunity floating in the air. It was an OMG moment, and still is. He was speaking of these aliens, and that they will use human breast milk for the immunity we have, in order to be able to reside here. I think this is happening now, and this is why the Universe is enabling scientists here to deliberately release viruses and new bacterium. Not many species can be here, and viruses and bacteria are things in place to ensure aliens cannot be here in their own physical bodies.HIV was made for this reason, sometimes the perceived enemy is actually our best friend.
            Take care, and for your sake, I am glad you can now believe I am of good, and of God,
            Yes I am a Child Of God.

          • gaion

            Wow it is so. This thing called appear on clothing. They appear on every every. Just name it. socks are the favorite, especially the kids’, gloves, myne are always a target, especially the right one, fuzzy red ball, corn as in one kernal of popcorn, two cm stick, red plastic eye popout all for me while doing laundry in a cellar, looking like rosemary’s baby movie. .just look at it.. .lots of clues htere .leaf, every yard leaf, rice grain, mother’s milk. .yes, oh so targeted to keep holy mother and baby definitely one species goal as fear. Why? to keep the holy arc from reaching high tide. High tide is near, Ihear, so I am being guided off soon. I will be deleting more but don’t think it’s you whew it’s really a deal breaking moment at time’s end for me to blog anywhere, I hear. I am that who has books in tow here. I just need to finally move on. Thanks for the chat. See you soon Whew xxoo

          • Patrick Gannon

            “In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.”

            By that definition, I’m not a troll. I almost always quote something from the original column. I’m not looking for emotional responses, but prefer measured, logical, well thought out responses to any issues I might raise. I don’t disrupt normal on-topic discussion, and while I may enjoy posting here, I am serious about the issues I bring up or comment on.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Kirsten…
            I have shed many tears in my life…like so many drops of rain. I have felt depths of despair and lasting bliss and joy at different periods. I am not afraid to feel it all…I am kind of past that crying period now, although the gates are always open. Going into depths of feeling is like everything else, the sky is the limit! I do like to feel deeply. But feelings alone can also mislead a person…it’s all about balance (heart, mind, body and spirit) as you so well know.

            Emotions are like the waves on the ocean…feelings are its depth. I have met many “emotional” people who had no real, connected or lasting feelings. People confuse the two.

            I always had a “knowing” this was my last time in this realm…Many things about life have felt like rerun to me (been there done that). But I know I have something to achieve or heal about myself, one last thing…I have been prepared for it. And you are right on the money about Binah from what my limited understanding of it tells me so far. You do know your stuff (yes, flattery will get me somewhere…I do expect a truckload of Christmas treats sooner than later!)

            I do not know much about the Kaballah but it definitively looks real and true and very interesting, and profound. I like deep and real…that’s why I do not like the new age, it’s all fluff and pretend. I have a lot of respect for the Kabbalah. And I do have some affinity with Jewish culture, I am not sure where it originates exactly. I even look Jewish to Hasidic Jews (they speak to me in Yiddish, thinking I will understand), but then I also look Native American to some Native Americans, Palestinian to Palestinians, Spanish to Spanish people, Greek to Greeks. Persian to Persians, etc. I just don’t look English, Norwegian or Chinese.

            You changed your comment…I caught it, too late! I liked what you said before as well. I understand what you mean about preaching. I like to express ideas but at the same time I know it’s not where it’s at. To some degree it is fake. It is not the “real” me. I am just a rummy without a bottle…still waiting damn it.

            As far as dating, people should meet in the worst possible circumstances, like running out of gas in the desert. Then they would immediately know each other true character, it would save a lot of future headaches. Tantrum throwing spoiled brats would have to mature or remain single (yes I have known some, can you tell?)

            Yes you would not believe it by knowing me from this site but I like to listen to people…talking about myself is a waste of time for me, I already know the stuff. And I naturally empathize when people open their heart, I can actually feel what they feel, or close.

            Thanks for your other feedback on the other thread…gotta stop that, too nice! No high 5 allowed unless it’s a kick in the butt!

            Don’t work too hard on these treats for me, you can just drop the ingredients, flour etc, food fights are not meant to be pretty. I will go into the neighbor’s compost pile and send that you way, don’t leave the house without an umbrella!

            Take care Bobstein,
            Shlomo Ben Bob (yes, I am a peaceful son of a Bob, except in a food fight).

          • gaion

            Well, I guess i can say damn. I have been filtered here, ya know, but you said it, so here goes. Damn. I thought you were Native American. Didn’t we talk about me looking up a tree and you were into Native American music? Man, I must be losing it. It has been awhile here over these years since I really posted to ya. I do love your posts uh mewabe. I will cap that and raise that anny from the vamp from savannee we do know a good food fight. Here is a popout for god today to ponder. blueberry. My boy’s favorite. fir leaf yayuh so tiny. Here’s another. always an oat grain, and coconut ya know. it’s the season of maccaroon. did I spell that right? anyhoo, what’s up for cooking today, Kirsten. We do meet and greet. Here ya go, girl. Bake that bread. That’s all holy ghostie style. I am making honey ats today just for ya know prosperity in life. I hi five you and raise the anny for that vamp from savanney. .I don’t even know why I am writing this but here is gaion and he is oh so jewish, yiddish and oh so palestinian. hey I do every nationality hu that does life, love up good. Thank you, Mewabe. Whew what a day. what a day for all love Yayuh Yayuh to you both. Have a good one, and uh do drink water, and holyize it. Just call it that. You are that holy. You just are. Yayuh is uh Jewish and whew Patrick, i don’t give a rip if you think this is not God. We don’t care what you call this gibberish. It is Living oh so Living like Holy Water, Catholic style. I’m catholic, but hey I’m everything. Just eat everything and call it Holy whew

          • Kirsten

            Bula (Fiji has those palm trees we long for, although watch for falling coconuts).
            Thanks for being open and honest, instead of a hard nosed guru. Appreciated, that you have gone against ‘your way’ and are talking ‘my way’.
            I deleted a part of my post after I knew you would have had a reply alert. Not the place, and I expected a punch…you are a boy after all!
            You are absolutely right about meeting people, Im sure 90% of people are fake. There is a group of Laws called the Traps Laws, that includes the Law of True Want…if you really want something you will also want to do the entire process yourself…this means in an honest world there would be no architects, wedding planners, landscape gardeners, interior designers etc. People are just wanting to show off their money, yet guise it as having taste, when they actually have to pay people to do it for them. Look at how many people even pay others to tell them what to wear, read books they arent interested in to get smarter etc. It drives me nuts. I end up talking about myself too much in here, but I dont have bi polar or any other personality disorder (although I am sure you will disagree), so when writing I will still only converse WITH people in the same way I would face to face. I learn more about psychology (manmade and reactive) and psyche-ology (deliberate behaviours ingrained in our souls) from just chatting with people and watching their body language and expressions closely, than years of studies have taught me.
            Every different race has their own Trees and Gods or Dietys, but for some reason Native Americans and Israelites (most Jewish people), are on the same Trees. The two groups are very similar at the core, look at how many Israelis are natropaths etc. There are a lot in my area, we are very multi cultural round here. Israelis that is, not Native Americans…far too many catholic Filipinos tho, those accents do my head in.
            As long as you look like you, I can forgive you for your very unfortunate looks, and Walmart clothes, as lobg as you give me offerings, and seek redemption. Kiwis dont have a clear look since we are mongrels, but I look very French, goes back 4 generations, and I probably dress European too. In fact today Im wearing a cop copine top and floor length pilgrim skirt with cute calico boots, very French but TMI. But my Israeli roots come through a lot too, mongrel yup, but at least im not inbred. Well, always a possibility, that would explain a lot. Lets roll with that.
            And you are from where? Iceland?
            Thanks for the nice…yup, its out the realm of our normal, so give yourself a kick up the butt from me, might need some new yoga moves and steel capped boots to make it worth the effort!
            Will await my compost shower, a new adventure, and Ill send my drone with ingredients for ya. Might even round you up some bin or fridge juice (work it out), and some freezer surprise. You only know what freezer surprise is when it hits your taste buds! Food terrorism…a new fad. Its war..BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!
            Take care Rumski,

  • mewabe

    Religion is not so much about beliefs as it is about longing. If we want to understand our religious beliefs, and perhaps let go of the ones that are truly damaging, we will have to look more closely at our longings, understand their origins, and whether or not they can be humanly fulfilled or resolved in the here and now.

  • Stephen mills

    Just read that Isis have issued the killing of Disabled and Down Syndrome Babies .Have we had enough yet .This was an order from one of their Religious Heirarchy !

    Any solutions anybody ? Short term ?



    • gaion

      Hi Stephen,
      Wow That is awful. I think disability is so horrific. ..Down Syndrome babies, too. .wow You know, I think we need to realize babies, including Down Syndrome, are really love, total Love and Peace. That’s all they are. They are just Love and Peace. They exist in total Onement, just like Life. They are All Life. I have never met a Down Syndrome human who didn’t make me smile. They all excude Total Love. Thank you for caring, especially about the Short Term. I mean, what about the Long Term? Maybe All Life can come forth and help with both.

      Love and Peace,

  • David

    Just having listened to Reverend Temple Hayes in an audio on Unity Radio, it just came up for January 2015, I thought to myself, well this will be good, we are just getting ready to enter a new year, this being December 2015, let me listen to what was going on at the beginning of the year. Ultimately this conversation led me to this website. Mr. Walsch’s discussions and even this posting is profound and quite unique. It is a furtherance of where I am now, questions I have often pondered about myself, how if there is a loving god, does this loving god allow this to happen, and from my past, I heard “god gives us free will”. Well, that really never made sense to me no more then asking God for forgiveness because I have found that in every situation in life, no matter how victimized or wronged we have been, we have to simply forgive ourselves, in every situation, we cannot forgive the victimizer as most times the victimizer is unavailable to forgive or not in the same dimension as we might be. This parallels these conversations of what is going on in our world today, most of us, unless it impacts us directly, look in horror as we see various events going on. I question it, why, why is this happening. I have understood because I do not understand this concept of having no value for human life, as we see with these radicalized groups of people causing such monstrosities. However, it would seem that Mr. Walsch puts a very interesting perspective on these events and clearly makes logical rational sense and so it is quite freeing to think of it on these terms. I have realized that I am glad there is death because if it is ending a severe suffering there is a way out. That I realized, thinking one time of a story on television, I believe the Oprah show where a woman was lying there dying after a horrific crime and she didn’t die, but I thought to myself, thank god there is death if the pain and suffering is just too horrific to bear. I have often thought why the holocaust, why 911, and now why San Bernardina and all the events in Paris. And I think how is this ever going to be stopped, how? We certainly do not have control over isolated people in cells not knowing when the next strike will be. I think the governments can control some of it, but surely not all of it, so where will it end. I have thought this is the way the world is supposed to be, going in this direction, so that somehow, someway, people will rise together, particularly understanding that no one religion is right, and that it is forcing us all to grasp for more intense meaning and understanding. It really does make sense, why now, why all the bloodshed, are we really going to destroy ourselves. I don’t think so, I really don’t think so, it will lead us to more humanity, not saying I hope these tragedies continue but it does seem to be some sort of message that in order for us to join together, this is is what is occurring in our world. For everyone that needs to be jolted will be jolted and realize finally we are all unique expressions of this thing we call God. Thank you for listening.

    • Francisco Morfi

      Thank you for posting your thoughts David.

    • Patrick Gannon

      Maybe try breaking that up into paragraphs next time….?

  • gaion


    We have some bloggers here who seem to believe, though they say they don’t “hold any beliefs,” that you are lonney toony for claiming to have had a conversation with God. Whew I don’t know why they would deem to think it sane to follow insanity, do you? Maybe you could ask Source, God, why such crazy followers follow who they deem “insane”. I think God never stops talking to man, don’t you? Here is what my Source says: “Hi Neale, It’s me, God. Remember all those conversations we had. Wow We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Sure is nice to speak here like this. Remnember how we said “we would speak as one when we became who we really are.” Well, we are here, though some don’t seem to get that idea. Whew When will we learn that God is All Life? All Life is spinning like a poistively spinning um what? elecltron? Well, I am a light, like I said in the bible. I am a photon. I am a jump time, like I told you in all those conversations. Phton is um jumping ya know like poltergeist e. Well, why? It’s quantum. I know how to send poltergeist e like as in All Life, but not e. No. that’s not HEB. .that’s um alienated species, Neale. Tell these bloggers what you said about HEB’s and um aliens. These ones don’t know LIfe is much more than their little teeny tinny tim bodies. .wow wee Can we enlighten them, please? Thank you Whew

    • Patrick Gannon

      Gaion, I assume you are speaking about me. I never used the term “lonney toony” (sic), but I’ll cut to the chase and say that I think Neale was delusional; that he was talking to himself.

      I am not a “follower” of Neale Contributing here does not require that one adhere to any particular belief system so far as I know. Your suggestion, which again I assume is directed to me, suggests that Neale should enlighten me. I’ve read some of the books Neale read before he wrote his books. I know where some of his ideas come from. I do not need to be enlightened, but perhaps you do?

  • gaion

    huh I was reading CWG Book 1. I think it was my favorite over these years of love and peace. I recall you saying “thought and feelings are not the same.” ahem now, to me, thought creates feeling, or does it? I don’t remember, but here is a kicker. On the same page, you wrote that God wrote this sentence: “Words may help you to understand something. Experience allows you to know. Yet there are some things you cannot experience, so I have given you other tools of knowing, and these are called feelings, And, so, too, thoughts.” That’s odd. I thought as an image creator we could experience everything. At any rate, also, I thought feelings are the prime dirctor, so Gaion here knows all prime directos and all primary thoughts. Doesn’t thought create feeling? Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? The chicken is the egg is my view and always was. Here is something else curiously curiouser than the above.. Is that a word 🙂 curiouser I mean. I do love Shakespeare. He is Gaion in all life. He creates word, and Living it is. That’s the Holy Bible. It is a Living Book, but hey, who would have known how Living Word is indeed. At any rate, here it is. another question from the most troublesome student of yours, I am sure, ever in life. .I do love a good question, don’t you? ..yayuh yayuh whoa whoa whoa yayuh Here we go. Did you know that the story of Tom. . .no. .no. no. Tom? Not tom. Not with Mary. No. Never could do that line with Tom. Every thomas I know is uh oh so doubting. No lie. “Doubting Thomas.” Now, where did that ol’ wives tale line come from, I wonder. Let me google that. Let me put that in the OED. Oh Wow there it is. It comes from Latin. Tomas Greek. It means. .well, the apostle was the doubting one. Thomas. That is where the name comes from in the OED. So, the Word houses energy of Truth in the highest. Who did that to my family line at that? I know a few. Let’s see. There is a house in new orleans. I know him well. Whew Another dear God oh mh God oh mhy god. That is oh so oveh roveh and, anyhoo, there is also the issue of well here is a quote from OED:

    c1620 T. Robinson Mary Magdalene (1899) ii. lxxix. 1519 O, that I might, with waueringe Thomas, dippe The finger of my faith within his side.

    Ok, so Robinson. Mary Magdalene. 1899 and 1519. .”oh that I might with warring Thomas, dip the finger of my faith within his side. Well that’s the translation, but at any rate, I am sure there is a good thomas somewhere, but um here is a kicker for sure. Wouldn’t you have thought God would have thought enough of Joe to link him to Mary instead of doubting Thomas? I mean they did do it not, but Joe and Mary did. I mean that is the bible, holy style. Even though it was immaculate conception, um they did marry in life physical. Holy Ghost is Unseen and well, some here don’t believe in subtle body but HOly Ghost. . yayuh that is oh so quantum and oh so energy. Patrick, honey, please don’t be offended but do not attempt to respond to this post if you do not know about subtle body. Most here reading Neale’s blogs do know lightbody ta ta ta they just do. So,. I don’t know but that Holy Trinity thing is oh so holy, holy, holy indeed. You know, quantum moves as Unseen Energy. Subtle Body over Subtletie yayuh So ahem Joe meets Mary and Mary is Joe and they come together and wowza it is unity made in heaven as Beloved on EArth as it is in heaven and all that yowza stuff in your books like . . .but Toe? or Tomary? I forget which, but tow that Tom off of mary and you’re back to regular Christian time, bible style thumping not. I am not a bible thumper. Kabbalistic? yayuh we do it. Yayuh Buddha. We are All Life where Holy Trinity is truly HOly Spirit as in Tree of Life yayuh the bible style where life moves and grooves in and out of all life is a real deal and it is Tree, Tree, Tree style Mary Style, Tree of Life, ya know. It is quantum. Word? You said on that same page that “word is the least” positive or something or is it powerful of tools? Yowza That’s a word, and I would put a cap on that. Yowza is um oh so holy. I should put a cap on that . .heck. .here you go. Holy, Holy, Holy Heart of Christ is born on Christmas Eve. Now, do put Joe up there a little better. Take that tom off neale whew Alright Neale, we’ll give you a cap, too, just take tom off forevermore now here as anythijng that can do Mary whew. We have a grand scheme going, dear, and whew wow what a day what a day