The missing element?

I have been serializing here an updated version of a small booklet that I wrote a while ago addressing questions being asked by people all over the world in the aftermath of events in Beirut, Paris, Mali, and elsewhere across the globe, and I have added to that document a word-for-word copy of the statement I issued the day after the 9-11 attacks on the United States.

I feel during this period exactly the way I felt on Sept. 11, 2001. Sad. Determined. Re-committed. I knew then that people all over the world who have read Conversations with God would ask: How does this fit into the ideas in your books, Mr. Walsch? How does this fit into the CWG invitation to see the perfection, or its statement that there are no victims and no villains in the world, or its assertion that there is no such thing as Right and Wrong — to say nothing of all the other messages of these texts?

Those are fair questions. Very fair questions. I ask them myself when things such as this occur. And they are occurring now with more frequency than ever before, around the world. So I have updated a small booklet that I wrote a while ago addressing these questions, and I have added to that document a word-for-word copy of the statement I issued the day after the 9-11 attacks on the United States.

It is my desire that as many people as possible have an opportunity to read this material, so I will be excerpting it in a series of passages in this space over the days ahead. Those who do not wish to wait to finish the document as each new installment is posted here may access the document in full, downloading it here at no cost.

Here is the third installment:

A WORLD IN TURMOIL: How we can respond – Chapter Three

This then, is the first step in understanding the turmoil in our world. It is being created by humanity for humanity. Why? As I will explain in more detail later, we are creating a Contextual Field within which we may experience what we came to the earth to experience.

I know, I know, this may sound “way out” to you if you have not previously read the Conversations with God material. But for now, I invite you to consider, if only as an hypothesis, this idea: Human beings are more causal than we might imagine in the events of our world.

This cannot be understood or easily embraced if one is thinking in the short term. The human race did not collectively decide one morning to create simultaneous calamities “for its own good.” That is not how the system works.

How the system works is that all of life—including human life—creates together over an extended time span to jointly produce the right and perfect circumstance in every single moment allowing evolution to proceed to the next level.

Let me give you an example of long-time-span causal actions.

A man lights a cigarette and inhales it deeply—in 1968. It is the 20th cigarette he has had that day, among the hundreds of packs he has smoked that year, during the 14 years he has indulged his smoking habit. Not a problem, He is perfectly healthy.

In 2011 he is diagnosed with emphysema. In 2012 he dies from this illness.

Was he at cause in the matter of his illness? Or did it “just happen” to him? Did he determine the manner of his own death, or was it just “fate”?

Okay, that one was easy to see. Let’s try another.

Human beings treat Earth and her environment in a particular way. They subject the planet to underground nuclear tests, widespread atmospheric contamination, pollution of its waters, etc., as already related. No problem, people say. Stop being an alarmist, people say. Everything is perfectly fine.

Fifty years later, everything is not fine.

Did we have anything to do with this? Because we did not cause it two days ago, or two years ago, does that mean that humanity has had no part—not any part whatsoever—in causing it at all?

Is humanity, at any level, at cause in the matter, or are we all at the effect of a life over which we have no control?

Which is it?

Is it possible—we must insist on continuing to ask—that we are at least partly responsible for producing outcomes, consciously or unconsciously?

I am here to suggest that the answer is yes, and that we are working together at all levels to collaboratively produce circumstances in which humanity might have the opportunity to evolve.

Present choices, future implications
We are involved in a process here. It is a process far more profound and far more complex—with present-moment choices and decisions having far more long-range implications—than most of us assume or seem to understand. When we do understand, we will alter our short-term behaviors urgently and immediately, I promise you.

The process through which we are moving is call Evolution, and the biggest mistake we humans make is imagining that we have nothing to do with it; that ours is to simply stand by and watch it occur, with little or no control over how it is occurring.

Yet just the opposite is true. We have total control over how we are evolving, and what we are evolving into, as a species.

Highly Evolved Beings (referred to in Book Three of the Conversations with God series as “HEBs”) understand this. The Highly Evolved Species in our Universe are clear that they became highly evolved when they took control over the way in which they evolved.

The human species is just now maturing to the point where we see this clearly as well. The events of our current days and times are forcing us to move to this clarity as a matter of survival. We cannot continue as we have been, this we know.

We cannot continue to live with anxiety about gathering in large groups anywhere for fear of being massacred by terrorists. We cannot continue to watch 653 of our children die every hour of starvation because we haven’t found a way or the will to share all of the world’s abundance with all of the world’s inhabitants. We cannot continue to ecologically despoil our planet through a hundred different choices every day and go on pretending that what we are doing to the environment is not in any way related to what the environment is doing to us, forcing us to watch it transmogrify from a place that was once a paradise to a place that is increasingly unwelcoming—and that may, sooner than we think, actually become uninhabitable.

No, we cannot continue on in this way. We’re becoming clear about that. Yet how to stop the train? That has become the question.

And here is the answer.

We must change the conversation
Each day, each moment, we are being invited by the process of Evolution to raise the level of humanity’s discourse, to elevate our concerns far above and beyond what we want or imagine ourselves to need in any given moment in order to be “happy,” and to respond to life’s far more important—indeed critical—questions.

There are only four questions in life, really. Everything else is our response to them. Sadly, we have been responding to them without even being aware that Life is asking them.

The Four Fundamental Questions of Life are:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I?
  3. Why am I where I am?
  4. What am I doing about that?

The time has come now when each of us must look very closely at these questions, and answer them, if we are to find a roadmap out of the confusion that today’s events place before us regarding what is going on now in our world—to say nothing about how we might best respond.

In a bit I will offer my own answers to these questions, but let me make it clear that there are no “right” answers, only the answers that each of us give. Still, each of us must give some answer—and this we are not now doing consciously, although many of us are doing it unconsciously.

That, of course, is the problem.

We must now, each of us, consciously decide some things. Some basic, some very basic, things. And after we do so individually, we must invite our species to do so collectively. And here is the Great Formula for producing our collective transformation: Only in doing so individually can we and will we create the power and the momentum to instigate, ignite, inspire and incite a global movement to do so collectively, producing what history will call an Evolution Revolution.

Life is either a mish-mash of random happenings—a roll of the cosmic dice, if you please—or it is a sophisticated sequencing of events arising out of a Cause and Effect relationship, and having Function and Purpose that relates directly to the very reason for anything existing in the physical universe.

Likewise, we are either a mish-mash of random biological happenings, or we, too, are a far more sophisticated creature, resulting from an evolving and quite deliberate sequencing of events having Cause and Effect, Function and Purpose.

If you choose the mish-mash theory, there is really not much more purpose in your continuing your reading here. What I have to share will have little relation to your thought system, and little application to your day-to-day life.

If, on the other hand, you choose the Sophisticated Sequencing Theory, we have much to discuss. Stay with me here. You’re going to be glad you picked this up.

Our invitation
The narrative here, the philosophical basis of this booklet, is, as I am sure you must know, centered in the messages of Conversations with God, an extraordinary series of nine books covering 3,000 pages published over a dozen years beginning in 1995.

Those books boldly announce themselves to be a direct dialogue between Humanity and Divinity. Later in the document you are now reading you will be provided with a summary of all nine of those texts. For now, simply know that everything you find in this discoure is firmly grounded in the CWG cosmology.

It is Conversations with God that invited us to notice more clearly that “every act is an act of self definition.”

If this is true (and it is), then it is true of acts that we undertake consciously, as well as those in which we engage semi-consciously, or unconsciously.

(Like underground nuclear tests or upper atmosphere toxic overload, or the clear cutting of millions of trees—which would normally assist the oxygenation of our planet—in order to make way for open grazing land for the raising of cows for us to eat…the eating of which is doing nothing to improve our health, and is said by some nutritionists to be damaging it…and the methane gas from which is doing nothing to improve our atmosphere, and is said by some scientists to be damaging it.)

With every act being an act of self-definition, the invitation extended to the human race is to define itself consciously, rather than by default, to experience itself deliberately rather than accidentally, and, on an individual level, for each of us to show ourselves to be Who We Are as a result of powerful intention rather than dismaying inattention.

Once we firmly establish, in our own minds, our full and true identity, then we can explore and examine how to make life work within that context.

That is why Re-Identification is the first important and powerful tool in moving humanity to a place where it can respond with something other than utter impotence to the events of these days and times—both the “man-made” events, as well as what we have chosen to call “acts of God.”

Your identity choices
You have a couple of choices when it comes to establishing and embracing, with deliberateness and intention, your personal identity.

Choice #1: You can conceive of yourself as a Chemical Creature, a “Logical Biological Incident.” That is, the logical outcome of a biological process engaged in by two older biological processes called your mother and your father.

As a Chemical Creature you have no more connection to the Larger Processes of Life than any other chemical or biological life form. Like all the others, you are impacted BY life, but can have very little impact ON life.

You certainly can’t create events, except in the most remote, indirect sense. You can create more life (all chemical creatures carry the biological capacity to recreate more of themselves), but you cannot create what life does, or how it “shows up” in any given moment.

Further, as a Chemical Creature you have very limited ability to create an intentioned reaction to the events and conditions of life over which you have no control. Some of you might even say that you have no such ability at all. You are creatures of habit and instinct, largely, with only those resources that your biology brings you.

You have more resources than a turtle, because your biology has gifted you with more.

You have more resources than a butterfly, because your biology has gifted you with more.

You have more resources than an ape or a dolphin (but not all that many more), because your biology has gifted you with more.

Yet that is all you have in terms of resources. You are dealing with life day-by-day pretty much as it comes, with perhaps a tiny bit of what seems like “control” based on advance planning, etc., but at any minute anything could go wrong—and often does.

Choice #2: You can conceive of yourself as a Spiritual Being inhabiting a biological mass—what you call a “body.” You have powers and abilities far beyond those of a simple Chemical Creature; powers that transcend basic physicality and its laws.

These powers and abilities give you Cause-and-Effect control over certain aspects of the exterior elements of your individual and collective life, and complete control over the interior elements—which means that you have total ability to create your own reality, because your reality has nothing to do with producing the exterior elements of your life and everything to with how you experience the elements that have been produced.

As a Spiritual Being you are made up of three distinct parts: Body, Mind, and Soul. Each of these parts or aspects of you has a purpose and a function, and when they are engaged co-jointly in a collaborative effort, they can exert tremendous influence over the course of exterior events in your life—and they create completely your experience of every event.

Also, as a Spiritual Being, you are here (on the earth, that is) for a spiritual reason. This is a highly focused purpose and has little or nothing to do with your occupation or career, your family and friends, your income or possessions or achievements or place in society, or any of the exterior conditions or circumstances of your life.

Your purpose has to do with your interior life—yet how well you do in achieving your purpose may very often have an effect on your exterior life. For the interior life of each individual cumulatively produces the exterior life of the collective. That is, those people around you, and those people who are around those people who are around you.

Making your decision
Who are you, then? It is time to make your decision. Now is the Moment of Your Choice.

As you consider this, remember always: you are who you say you are, and your experience is what you say it is.

Your choosing is thus at hand. Who do you choose to be? How do you choose to live? As a Chemical Creature or as a Spiritual Being?

You may choose either, and live as either. No one will judge you for your choice, and no one will praise you. It is simply a matter of personal preference. But of this I can assure you: your life will be a demonstration of the choice you have made.

Now let me relate all that I have just said to the turmoil in our world.

The process called Life has produced, as it always does, the right and perfect circumstance allowing you to recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about who you are. This is true for every human being on the earth. The tumultuous events in our world today are the impetus. They are the motivators. They are the wake-up call to a sleeping species.

For it is clear that we need to be shaken from our slumber, and will not awaken through the quiet arrival of the morning alone.

What is coming
The dawn of a new day for all of humanity is just now peaking over the ridge of a distant horizon, and we are roused by the turn of events of our still-lived-in darkness reality to arise quickly, that we may ready ourselves for the brightness of the sun.

Throughout human history we have come to this precipice; across the span of time have we approached this border; and once again our choice is clear: Enlightenment and Paradise or Anarchy and Chaos.

Our options lay before us in sharp contrast: We can move creatively and joyously into the possibility of a brighter tomorrow, or we can huddle fearfully as we wallow in the expectation of inescapable misery.

We can press forward into the splendor of A Future More Wondrous, or we can fall backward into the wretchedness of A Past More Depraved.

We can elevate to our highest hopes or gravitate to our lowest expectations.

What we think and do and say in the days ahead will add to the rapid collection of energy that is producing our destiny.

This I tell you because it is true.

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  • shenika

    hmmm a man smokes for twenty years and gets emphysema. Well, that’s one way to look at it. A man lives forever and a drag off of ol’ death isn’t really that frightening. I used to fear death, but not now. I never fear death. God is on my side and I am in his pocket. Whew that’s how I look at ciggarettes these days. In fact, at 53, I just started smoking Marlboro no less, even 100s. I don’t mind smoking. It’s kind of relaxing. Nothing like a cup of coffee and a cigarette in the morning. I won’t smoke forever. I know that, but these days are speeding up a t the speed of light, so what the heck? I don’t mind smoking a little. At any rate, Neale, what a long post. YUou used to write shorter posts. I could get through those a lot easier, but whew I’ll read it. . .hold on. . .let’s see. . what can I spond to? whew okay. I’m back. . .what is uyor point anyhoo? You want to say what about Paris? 9/11? hmmm interesting. I think the dimness is the cause. The dimness is a statanic force on earth. I think the dimness is visible to mediums and I think illness, even emphysema, is really part of dimness, too. When one is of the light, one can even take a million hits of acid. Recall . . what was his name? you know. .that guru. . .Maharashi or something like that. We used to talk about him on hyour blog. .the messenger’s circle. . .where I first met you in 2007. what a long time ago. I don’t know how you came to be so longwinded. these days your posts are so . .i don’t know. .not readable. .sort of longish for my tastes. Let’s see. What can we spond to here today? hmmm Paris. 9/11. dim light on hold forever now. Whew that’s what we need. The dim light to go out forever. Dim light is visible to mediums in every facet of life. Trees, rose petals, candles burning can even absorb dim light. None of those work on me. I am an imprint maker. I see imprints in all life. Whew so, how did we get to this point? We should stop sending dim ness to life. Whew All of whew and all of my shews are code but I break code here now. What I mean to say is please stop coming to my every every Neale. You are visual you know. . I mean I see you. Stop please. Thank you, Neale, for listening. It’s the least we could do after all that Love and Peace I sent to your blogs, okay? Thank yuou for keeping your energy to you and not careening in on my circle. I don’t know you actually. I never did. I do now. I don’t want you renergy anywhere near me. One Love is not One thing. One love is honor, respect of others, other concentric circles. Do me a favor and keep your whew to you only. I wish you the best, Neale. Only the best for you Whew

    • Stephen mills

      The dimness is self created to use your chosen frase ! If you have read CWG book 3 it says we do not have to create negative events in our own backyard to have a positive society .The Universe is a contextual field .This Satan thing is a negative thought .Does it serve us does to hold this thought ? What about claiming authentic power ?Do we advance as a species and let evolution be our guiding principle letting whatever comes come .
      Or do we get in there and decide evolution is a process we are consciously directing and can control !!

      Are we here just to let it all happen standing by helplessly while the events pile up and overwhelm us or do we spend some time reading and questioning another way to live life that actually might work if we give it a chance .This to me makes sense as opposed to believing nonsense such as a Devil character who robs us of our true selves .

      If you had a being come here from a more highly evolved planet perhaps who where a million years ahead of us in their culture .Possible and probable because of the age of the Universe and the number of galaxies (Stars that are surrounded by planets that can support evolved life forms) what would they make of humans and there current beliefs ?

      Are they giving humanity a helping hand up or pinning them down to a prison like existence
      With no escape .The blind can’t lead the blind forever !

      • shenika

        You say satan is a negative thought. On that we agree. However, who created satan? God? No. No. No. God does not create negative thought. Dear God. Dear God. God is only positive movement. Thougt of satan is ahem not anyone’s desired creation. Thought of satan isn’t thought at all, really. Thought of satan is more about moving a torqued field of energy to earth. E nergy is not so much talked about on earth, or is it? not many think of satan as energy but oh so real that negative spin is. satan isn’t really the enrgy of truth, love, peace. Satan is a forced magnetic field, a field of energy force that is very visible to lightworker whew and oh so quantum. It acts strangely. It acts in ways science has still to catch up to. Thankfullhy, science is on the way to explain ing this energhy of dimness. It is quantum energy. This is the cause of black plague, the dust bowl, the ice age, the torched fairy fields, the forests where freeze and burn occurred. God created the freeze and burn to help the fields clear. The freeze and burn is God’s creation, It was necessary. It is now over, and the only thing left to do is to realize satan is oh so real. Rosemary’s Baby is the kind of dimness we are discussing here. Rosemary’s Baby is about a dim energy that no man dared to comprehend, but oh so real to the world still. Do know Rosemary’s Baby is a movie that a hu created to explain the dimness to whew as all life turned and turned oh so dim seeing a hu on earth. Do know Rosemary’s Baby is not God’s Creation as a Paradise moment on EArth. Rosemary’s Bbaby is the necessitation of one whew and he is pretty ahem let’s just say he is pretty pissed. Let’s just put it that way. He came to war against satan. There is a war going on. God will win. It’s just God came to lift the new earth ohb so easily, and easy it wasn’t at all. It didn’t happen that way. It just didn’t. HIs own arc was attacked at the dawn of the birth of one Rosemary. Dear God. Dear God. First Life won’t be here ever this way again. That’s all folks. Whew take care. pu I’m through here. I never wanted to walk this way again. It was necewssity. Im tired of all the dimness coming my oh so every oh so every way whew and whew and whew and wheww and so manhy wmore just keep all this to yourself, okay? good bye.

        • Hyori

          >God is only positive movement

          Without darkness there is only light. Without light there is only darkness. So without a negative there is no positive. Although i would say there is okay to choose a amount of each which you desire to experience the polarities of the universe one without the other is unsustainable.
          Of course i don’t know what god is! if one exists at all so everything going on this forum is only belief/speculation. People that “know” have no need for belief.

          • shenika

            Listen, I do know you don’t know me, but do know Gaion here. .we do see all. You won’t see her, but you do know that you attempted to see her. No. HYou won’t see her. HYou do realize that her english is passing code to some Goddesses here. They do know the post is not confusing. These jumbled letters are giving codes. We break code, though, here right here, right now. Do realize that polarities are not anhytnhing of heaven. Polarity is the Up and Down of Life, the Right and Left of Life, the hmmm psychotics of life. .you know, the manics of life. We do not do polarity in Paradise. We go One Way, the Hi Way as Heaven anywhere, but Earth. .this heaven? we won’t do it and we don’t linger at any whew time zone after this cycle. Please don’t attempt to view me through nmy silly letters or any other way, shape or form. We don’t do any any polarity. We only do heaven, and that’s all, folks. Whew Have a good day.

          • Hyori


          • netsirk

            Hi Hyori,
            You may like to read my brief posts to Shenika at the top. I know it all reads a bit crazy, people are trying to help her, when she allows it and can get information through. Although she will not allow my help personally, as the entity attached to her dominates often, and hates me with a vengence…which is a good thing.
            Take care,

          • Hyori

            You say she is being possesed. How can you be certain ? Those are huge words. What’s your proof?

          • netsirk

            No, no, no I am absolutely not saying that at all, and meant no implication. By the term attached, I meant one who gets very close to, and possessive as a person/personality, just like a physical person can, where they dont really want others in your life.. Sometimes mediums end up in difficult situations where they get too close to trusted ones, and allowing automatic writing and things like that can get a bit troublesome as you are allowing someone access to your physical body. Its quite common with mediums and the like. I read your conversations questioning language, so wanted to clarify that she/he/they are using odd language deliberately. And comments will generally always be deleted, again, that is quite common as well. A bit like if you typed something when drunk or under any external influence, anyone would want those comments removed when they read them back later.
            Take care,

          • Hyori

            So she claims to be a medium?

          • netsirk

            Yup she is a medium, and Catholic. Im not, I am a Kabbalist…I just help people in these situations, or try to, and Im trained in this, and was trained as medium/healer etc too, but said no thanks, Ill stick with God. A lot of us work in these sites, where people come for help, doing what we can, starting with listening to every word people say to assess the situarion, and what entities etc we are dealing with, in her case, poltergeist activity is what she wants help with, which differs from what she needs help with. Guides direct people into these new age sites, without their ‘client’ knowing, knowing we are here to help. We deal with internet trolls, daemons too…Mewabe does it as well altho he probably hasnt noticed, and counsells the newly dead. All righteous people, and those who reach a certain spiritual level are called into service for the greater, but we all like and study people so want to help. None of us know eachother and its all unofficial, but it works 90% of the time. The ‘entity’, her ‘friend’..Giaon claims to be God, Moses, Archangel Michael, her husband to you this week I think from recollection. He uses the name Virginia referring to ‘one of mother Mary’…we learn the lingo over time. You have been hearing mainly from him, not her, but she is very hyped up in a million coffees a day anyway. He calls us workers Goddesses, which us not true, well not for me anyway. Im just a normal working mum, who does what I am asked to do if I can. Well Im more than that, but thats enough info as anything I have acheived is through sheer hard work in a Universe of equal opportunity,

            You can help with this one, thats why she spoke with you before Giaon dominated. You will have to follow your instincts and work out how!!!!! Then Giaon might call you a Goddess too!! Haha. Maybe this is your calling into service, since you already know that those who have evolved into knowing have no need for beliefs. Welcome to the club of everything and nothing….you are on your own with your training and work. Go for it.

            Take care, K

          • Hyori

            Kabbalist? What is that more precisesly ? Does it have something to do with the Sephiroth tree?
            Speaking about righteous people has me baffled! There regions in the USA where sleeping in a public space is illegal! I wish i was kidding. Who defines what is right or wrong!
            “those who have evolved into knowing have no need for beliefs”
            I guess my original paragraph was lacking complete explanation. Before we discovered math and tought how we can use shadows for distances or travel and explore the world people tought that the world was flat. We now no longer need to believe that since we have orbital satellites that can send us high resolution pics of our planet.
            Our knowledge gap is still larger so we still believe in things that we do not know the answer too ,not knowing if what we believe is what is so. After all we dont even know if our reality is real! You could be dreaming and thinking that this world is real having forgot that you are dreaming.

          • netsirk

            What is scientifically or otherwise, ‘real’ isnt really relevant, because every person and animals experiences, life and circicumstances are their personal reality. Even hallucinations are those individuals reality, something they have to live with. I dont find its ok to even discuss whether this plane is reality or not, as I am not prepared so say to the homeless people you speak of, or sexually abused kids etc that its ok, its not real just an illusion like a dream. The entire concept is disrespectful, no matter what the teuth is. But for the record, Earth is real and physical, the Afterlife is not.
            Righteousness is choosing right over wrong, consciously or automatically. Most people know right from wrong, no matter what Neale says. You have pointed out that a law stating homeless people sleeping in public spaces is a Law that is wrong. Many laws are. We all always have the choice to waste time talking about it, or be pro active and do something about it.
            Interesting info in the latest Journal of Experimental Psychology which pretty much sums up a lot….America, Neales teachings etc. They have finally determined that when you lie to people enough they will doubt themselves and the truth, and eventually believe you as we have no natural awareness of the concept of being lied to. This used to be called good ole brainwashing.
            Kabbalah is easy to google, biblically its Jacobs Ladder, or the automated path we are all on. Most people are stuck at the bottom in the mass mind of humanity, Ive finished it.
            Must go, I wont be in here again as work is too busy and I hate this disqus name, which is my name backwards, but it make me sound like some cyber creep.
            Take care,

          • Hyori

            You first say: “‘real’ isnt really relevant, because every person and animals experiences, life and circumstances are their personal reality”

            Then you go saying:
            “Righteousness is choosing right over wrong, consciously or automatically. Most people know right from wrong, no matter what Neale says.”

            Make up your mind.

          • hilife

            Are you seriously calling me a client of yours? I told you to leave me alone. Dear Kristen, or is it Kirsten? I don’t care which. You do not know me lady. You never did. You have repeatedly been told by me to leave me alone. You have followed me on Neale’s blogs pretending to be a helper? I don’t need your help. I don’t regard you as a happy medium at all. You are actually creating poltergeist here. Please leave me alone. I am a medium. I do not welcome your help. I do not like your energy. Forcing yourself on me is not really of hte light. Anyone forcing their energy on me greets their own energy. It’s the law. Like to like. Source back to source. Period. Period. Period. Today’s torque is your average white onion peel. and maple leaf. Just a little one. Yeah. Okay? Stop following me around. Who are you to call yourself a bringer of the light? What part of English Language do you not get? As one who said on this blog that you “friend satan” and can’t get along with Mother Mary, dear god. .who would call you a lightworker at all. I doubt seriously you are meeting my Source–Gaion. Do leave me out of you and your whatever it is you do. oh my God. Client? I am no client of you. I never asked a stranger to my home. You are actually creating poltergeist here sending hyour thoughtforms here. Box of club crackers popped out of cabinet last night. Also, mirror in bathroomn melted when I merely opened it last night. Poltergesit know my touch. It is oh so alchemy. I create alchemists. The cabinet is quite heavy and fell out of wall Wall walkers do meet skywalker here. Whew . I am a medium, happy medium that is. I know how to reach my source, and he is pretty adament that you need to stop sending your energy to my neck of the woods.. I don’t ever pretend to need a t hing. By forcing yourself and pretending to be lightworker, you are quite a catch. Dear God. Listen, mediums who work of the light never ever force their energy on anyone requesting it to halt. Halt. Halt. Halt your stuff on me. Whjo are you lady? I don’t even know you except that you pretend to be working for th elight. Whew

          • netsirk

            Wow. I am not following you at all, I only reply when I get a disqus alert of a reply.I was backing you up to Hyori, confirming your language is deliberate. In July you even asked for my email wanting help. Remember I told you it would turn nasty, which it did, and redirected you to Mother Mary as I could not help. And please stop saying I am friends with Satan, you know that is not true.
            But for the millionth time, all I have ever done was visualised a protective slow frequency pyramid as requested by the Christ realm, that I then told them you wanted removed the next day. This was in my own mind in my office, that they would have then put over your house. Thats all. I have not and cannot link up to you, nor anyone.I have never and would never force my energy on anyone. Giaon has warned or threatened me that anyone who tries to help you will receive money eating poltergeists of their own. I have not had anything of the sort…surely Giaons own word should convince you.
            Im sorry I cannot make you believe this, and you are choosing to believe others. Whatever you can feel or sense is definately not me, I am working 12 hours days now until Christmas eve so barely have time to even unload the dishwasher and hang washing out, and fall into bed half asleep. But I would never reject Christmas Season blessings, as busy as it gets.
            I do feel for you with all the unwanted activity going on, it is something I hope I would never have to face, but it is nothing to do with me. I am not a medium, I was trained as one but said no thanks, knowing God forbids it. You are the one who has also called me a light worker, and a Goddess. I have never said these things. Only that I am an Israelite, first lifer and Kabbalist who has completed the Tree of Life, and I now work for the Christ realm, under the true Biblical God when asked to, generally by being where I need to be and when as a part of synchronicity, or with therapy and psychology including entities and internet trolls, stray teens staying at my house, giving non driving people lifts, buying people what they need like food parcels etc. Never linking to anyone and engaging in what I would define as evil voodoo. Yes, I can visualise well, but thats about it as far as my mind energy goes.
            I cannot help, I am not trying, but I do hope someone can as your situation is very unfair, and cruel. What I find really sad, it that the one you trust, Giaon, is telling to blatant lies about me, lying to your face, and you trust and believe him. God would never lie to anyone.
            Take care, and have a great Christmas.

          • hilife

            Your visualizations are the problem here. Kristen or kirsten, many here read those posts concnerning your statement that said, “I get along with satan as a person” and you said you found him funny “as a person.” Quite frankly, I don’t like meeting satan on any level of awareness. I wasn’t aware satan was even real until last um um um Novermber 20 or so of 2014. At that time, the antics began to manifet in wall spaces like popout claw marks on doorsteps. This sort of stuff had never been so visible to me. Gaion here. Look kristen, we see your visualizations. The energy becomes a popout for us. We have literally marks on plaster that resemble the imprint of the one sending energy. We see oh so many from old blogging days. We do not love having to rechaulk, resand, repaste, repaint because of one’s visualiaztions sent ou rway. Of your concern is no mind of me. I did never ask for your email, and if I did it was waay waay before I heard you say, “I don’t think I could get along with Mother Mary. . .intuitiveluy that is.” These are quotes and maybe you reworded it but those are the gists of your statements. Sorry about it, but I don’t like responding to your posts at all. Your mediium abilities are not considered to be of the utmost to me. In fact, I find you rather pushy here. Pushy is the problem here. Get off my line. Stop visualizing any any towards my home. Your visuals are actually felt by me. I am an empath of highest. I feel your energy. My son does, too. We feel energy, tho we are not visually viewed by you. You said I have a veranda. No. Never did you see me. You get an energy that misguides you when you try to view me. You are not seeing me or my house. You just think you are. No one is capable of viewing me. You were right to state that. In fact, that has been waay waay waay overdone as attempt on my home life. Gaion here. Many from Neale’s walls, since 2007, have attempted to view here home. Many were redirected to a different room altogether. Her home is off the charts. That’s code fro not allowed. Period. Period. Period. Many enjoy astral walkers. We never did it it. We never invited. We only wanted to sspread love of Christ and God I Am. For all that love and peace, I was gifted with many who ran to my walls, even on facebook, with word like the following. .”oh please, let me meet you at this meditative hour. .please. .please. .please.” I would ask “why?” and then meditate with some from India and they would go a chanting and come back to my message board on facebook and be completely livid because they could not view me. I wondered whhy so many were so livid that they could not see my teal ball. Why do so m any get so livid that they can’t view my teal ball? Because I am I am and that is all folks. Do stop attempting to visualize me. You are not here. You only thought you were. That’s all. I no longer respond to you at all. xxoo Whew

          • netsirk

            I feel sorry for you that you cannot believe nor understand it is not me, even when you yourself confirm that I would not be able to access you. And I cannot understand why anyone would want a link to anyone else, to view your teal ball (whatever that is) etc. I dont actually think they would. I certainly would not want any form of link to you, of all people, nor want to give you any means to get a link to me. Its all voodoo and evil.
            And very sad for the woman, that her life is so disturbed because of your presence her life and home, I would never permit entities access to me, nor in my home. My energy is very slow, calm and quiet ayway, you would not feel it.
            The pyramid was removed the day after it was put up, and not used by anyone it is merely your paranoia making you believe it is. I would suggest you look into why you are paranoid about it, and as to why your happenings seem to increase with your anger.
            Again, I said I would find Satan funny as a person (his personality), he is the one who channels to Neale, I have never said I know him and never will. We are sworn enemies from the Days of Eden, its war. Stop lying about me….Im out of patience with you and your lies.
            Take care.

          • hilife

            Please stop pretending you know me. First, you don’t know me. Paranoia? Who are you to think you know me? You don’t know me, okay? Please stop thinking such crud. ..daggone. .who the heck are you, anyhoo? I only read a couple of your posts and said hmmm now, I don’t know why you presume to know where I live to give me what? a pyramid? what is that anyhoo? You surely don’t think you are from egypt, do you? Thanks, but no thanks. ho ho ho and Mary Christmas to u, xxoo

          • hilife

            Thank you, Hyori. This person named Kirsten or Kristin. .I don’t know which has repeatedly been asked politley by me to stop sending her eneryg to me but she keeps coming. I can explain poltergeist. I didn’t create poltergeist. I have to dismantle the energy coming at me under guise of “helping me.” I don’t need hlpe. I talk to my Source in oh so every eway. My source can explain poltergesit for any interested party here:

            Gaion here. A poltergeist is an energy thoughtform. It moves towards an energy of light. Poltergeist are vipers, just like bible spoke about. A viper has a certain imprint. Goddess and God I Am can read these well. They look like literal spiders or whatever it is coming through. They can take shape as flies, literal. They pop through for alchemist. I am that i am. I have seen manuy popouts because I had to. My personal every every oh my god has been torqued by bloggers who like ahem my crown energy.. Any coming towards me is soon beckoned away, but any politely beckoning away receive alclhemy updrades in this hi. thank you for your help here. This person is creating poltergeist in my. .yeah. . no less. I do not welcome it at all. I don’t need help. I am happy, happy medium and I am skywalker that guru speaks about in kriya yoga, so we need no help from any such energyfield. We don’t play there at all. We are one who creates replicas of replicas and some get oh so angry at me becokoning them away from our field. whew Thanks again 🙂 🙂

          • Hyori

            Did’nt understood a word.
            Boy and i tought i was having comunnication problems.

          • hilife

            That’s quite alright, Hyori. I don’t have a energy that is easily communicated. Alchemy is not easily understood. It’s quantum energy we speak of here. Most lightworkers meet a crown chakra and ascend. Alchemists are already Ascended Ones. That’s me. If we don’t communicate, then so be it. Thjanks for posting. See ya.

          • netsirk

            Again, please stop telling lies about me, I am doing absolutely nothing of the sort.

        • Stephen mills

          Religion created satan to create fear in the masses and for control .Its not real period .

          • shenika

            No. So not true. So not true. In fact, God created Religion in order to disband Satan. Satan is energy and mentioned in the bible. satan is real. I used to believe like you. Dear God. Dear God. Never did I know satan was real until last year. However, in the past year, I have realized so many things, so many things that Gaion didn’t tell me because it would have killed me, literally, I mean. satan has been on my tail for a very very very long time. I am a First Lifer. I was chased when in crib. My baby doctor committed suicide, and now I know why. I just do. Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeee Rosemary is me. That is what is. The truth is the bible is oh so accurate for Goddess here. A Goddess is Mary. Period. Any Goddess here is Mary of her own Arc. WE create Arcs as Goddess in my Arc. I give true twin arc hearts as trees only, but these are their own trees. I don’t give my tree away at all. That’s the tree way not. I only give a replica of a replica of my true twin tree. We each have a holy family if we are true Gods and True Goddesses. We go Only One Way as True Arc Heart of all True Arc Hearts. Hi Way. Christ WAy. One Way only, just like the bible said. What does that statement mean? It means we do not mish mash. We do not mingle like a mashed potatio and call all one circle, one love thing. We don’t exist like that. We couldn’t. It’s not doable. We discovered this during this cycle. No arc here can survive this mish mash wave motion butting up against lowest wave downtroddend do know me. I O U nothing Whew We don’t hop in a hot stock pot. Guy. . .that’s Guyon or Gaion. . it doesn’t matter what you call me. . . .I am Michael. .Archangel, that is. .. ya know. . I am All Life. .anyhoo, I came to earth to well, let’s just say to kick some butte, or derrier or bum, if you from new england. . actually, i hate new england, especially Massachusetts. . too many stokeys for my blood, however, I am here and oh so whew shew whew shew whew shew and oh so many visuals. . gaion I am, and I will fill in the details oh oh oh whew and oh do know satan is real hi that’s all folks. It’s not my arc that we came to save, but heck. .we leave for my arc. .. and whew lets say any Goddess here who lives her arc is Mary. but mary of her own arc, not my Mary. My Mary is only myne. Your mary is only yours. . . anything claiming to be a First Lifer is Goddess here and anything claiming to be true Goddess has to get along with Mary, or she has no arc. That’s just what is.. .Mother Mary is Goddess of All Life. . .Gaion here. .that’s me. I speak through her. She speaks through me. .. we switch off, but we are One ARc Heart and we came fully melded in All Life. That’s why we don’t mish or mash. She doesn’t astral travel like so many fallen ones. Let’s just say she always thought she needed a broomstick and I never gave her one.. .In fact, she doesn’t want one at all now. She just wants time to heal and to write our love letters with God. You see, we came on Neale’s blog as a urgin not. .we came on Neale’s blog back in 2007 as a filtered order that her heart said no to. I didn’t break through her airwave. Neale, you were breaking through her airwave, dear. You came through and spoke the name of you and the name of your book line, conversations with God, and you said to her, “write these books and call them conversations with god.” she never knew whhy that message was given to her and hyour name, but I do. You careened in on her books, but your messages are not filter. we filter the filter and hyour filter is oh so cloudy. Hitler? Heaven? No. That can’t work. As arc heart here, we know better. A h i wave like heaven simply cannot exist as Onement, Peace. It does not work. Period. Period. Period. Too manhy cosines and sines that don’t mingle well. Oh dear God. Oh dear God. Your airwave was so levertating that it moved in onher as she sat on the floor trhying to help another. Well, hyou followed her to new england, Neale and careened in on her books. That’s what is. At any rate, she never came to y our blog. I did. I always did. We work together. We are One love. In fact, One Love is One Thing as a Holy ARc Heart, but anything thinking it can careen in on my circle whoa lwhoa wlhoa you better think Dear God. Dear God. Dear God. you’ve been at it since she was a baby. . don’t think. Just do know she’s still alive. Wow What a statement. 53 and still alive. Dear God. Look at today. Just check it out Whew Shew and Whew Let me know when you think it’s time to stop teaching people satan isn’t real and love is fear and on the same temperature scale and hitler went to heaven. What about all those wall walkers you spoke about, Neale? We know that it seems bizzarre to some here, and yet .. .you knew about it, and spoke about it. I didn’t. I used to think wall walking, ship shaping, shift shapers or what have you was something to remove from the planet, not “enlightenment.” I know better. We don’t wormhole into another neighbor across the waters or across the street. Wow Wee We don’t wormhole except to our own Arc
            Covenant Arc Heart Art Heart. Yep. that’s satan for you. Satan tries to careen in on even me, and mhy arc, and I’m God. Satan is a quantum energy. I am, too. I am a ghost toastie, too. A ghost toastie.. What is a ghost toastie? Well, certain ones here call ghosts “ghost toasties.” I am a ghost toastie, too, for my wife and mhy Son. We come as one Arc and we leave ASAP. Any mooners and carooners trying to meet me or my wife or my son will meet their own ghost toastie for eternity. that is a zombie. Is a zombie forever? Yes. It is a disembodied spirit, a spirit that has no soul. That is a “viper.” I spoke about vipers in the bible. What is a viper. It is a ten headed snake. What is a snake? It is a distanced snake. It is distanced from life playing fields. It actually moves into other bodies. .disembodied spirit bodies. .spirit of darkness visible is what I am talking about. Spirit bodies of disembodiment is nothing more than zombie, and these disembodied spirits do wormhole into the same plane, which means these disembodied spirits who careen in on circles careen in on arc herat and decide to move on a tendril, a thread, a needle, a hair, a babhy’s toenail. Dear God. Dear God. Do know I came for me and I leave for me. Anhytijng careenin g i on mhy walls will divide into their own I O U nothing. That’s all folks Check it out on google or youtube. Neale’s blogs talked about shipshaping back in 2007. I remember people saying shipshaping was cool. I know you have heard of remote viewers. Well, that’s the ssame thing. any remote viewing is shipshaping and moving towards something on the same plane i o u nothing is how Gaion words it. No remote viewing on my turf whew weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We get cleared here by me only. I am her keeper and no other keeps, not here, not there, not anywhere. She is not like anhy other as a visual. . no veranda here at all. .. no walking through my walls actually. What happens in this spooked house is ahem so many come to this little cottage. .700 square foot little cottage to view the lightbeam and they hop out, literally, at her touch. .things pop when poltergeist are here. Today we had more than ever 30 poltergeist before 7 am. She had to swirl planes to keep them from her baby. Could you please get off my lane, people? This is Gaion here. You will not view her. She is myne only. Get off her lane. Period. Period. Period. This is hte end of time as you know it. Do know me, life. You won’t see me here again. mPhew

      • shenika

        Hey Stephen, Listen. Do know devil like red capped thingy isn’t real. However, satanic ritual is very much on earth. Check out the woman going by name of teal on youtube. she knows all about sqatanic ritual. She was actually very much abused by satanists. Also, check out Harvard schohol. . ya know. .the biggy, the Ivy Leaguy. .Yes, Virginia. There are very deep seedy negative pockets of ivy leaguy. Do look up Harvard and do google it with the keyword search “satanic ritual.” As a matter of fact, I was in school a while. I have four degrees and oh so many liked my crown then, and yes. .One became a mechanical engineer. He liked my sense, my mathematical gifts, but guess what. .he also revealed to me. . .he actually went to satanic ritual. .witnessed a actual death, a baby sacrifice. .yeah. He’s in california living a hi life and damn. .we are young and oh so naive but wow maybe I need to call the police on him now. Then? I just fled from him. He used to follow me at the library, the cafe, the art building late at night. They love my painting ability and oh so manhy want that one, I hear. Dear God. Do you know satanic people are the most insiped dimness darkly visible to Goddess in real time camera life? Yes. I do see imprints, mhy dear. Do know you are not welcome on my son’s walls. Do you get that, Stephen? I see you time travel doesn’t really go innoticed by Gaion. Wall walkers, ship shapers, shiftshaping. that’s it , dear. Neale speaks about it but never is it our line. No. No. No. Thjose are not lines at all, honey. Those are dim ness we came to deplete. Get out of my house, Stephen. Get out of my tree. You are speaking to Gaion here. Let me show you the door. Phew Pu and Fu Fu Fu Hi

  • Hyori

    Who am I?
    I’d imagine myself to be a biological entity although for the sake of discussion let presune im a spirit having a biological experience
    Where am I?
    In corner of the universe called The Milky Way on a planet called Earth
    Why am I where I am?
    Id have to say by random chance but if i had a awareness before this! Id imagine for some sort of agenda my soul has! Whatever that agenda might be i have no intention of following it since i have other desires.
    What am I doing about that?
    Some of my plans have already been accomplished so there ain’t much left to do. Even if they have been failures they were just a outcome of something i choose. I also have no idea how to persue the remainder of my plans.

    • Patrick Gannon

      “Some of my plans have already been accomplished so there ain’t much left to do.” Love it! I feel the same way.

      Neale’s first question should perhaps be: What is “I”? How do you define the self?

      There are a couple theories… “I” could be the body. “I” could be spirit or consciousness. “I” could be an illusion.

      I think Neale was referring to the “I” that he would perhaps define as consciousness or spirit. How is your spiritual being? Is it happy, sad, frustrated, apathetic, etc.? It’s a good question to ask oneself, regardless.

      Many religionists probably think of “I” as the whole body, insofar as they expect a bodily resurrection when Jesus does his thing.

      Scientific evidence for these two definitions is lacking. We have no objective evidence for bodily resurrections, and to the best of my knowledge no empirical, objective, repeatable evidence for a “consciousness” or spirit that survives the brain. All the objective evidence that we do have – and it’s not overwhelming yet – is that consciousness is a product of the brain.

      The current theory suggests that awareness is an “attention schema” developed by the brain like software, that provides a continuously updated, working outline that functions in a continuous loop with the brain, reacting to requests for attention, including delivering its own requests for attention that may develop as part of whatever the consciousness caused to happen. Repeatable experiments indicate that the brain makes decisions and then informs the self after the fact. We’ve known for some time that losing certain parts of the brain can cause the “self” to be lost.

      Hyori, you began by saying ” for the sake of discussion lets presume im a spirit having a biological experience.” That’s actually not that hard to imagine. For a more difficult task, try to work out in your mind, how that little voice in your head can be an illusion, and that you really have no free will. It all feels so real – but is it? We don’t know yet. I think what we humans might actually be, is mechanical carriers developed by our genes to promote their propagation and survival. Will this consciousness tool that has been biologically evolved ruin or save us? Will it turn out to be an evolutionary dead end? Stay tuned.

      • Hyori

        We can produce drugs that can influence our brain the way we choose to. So i’d say that we have control over our destiny. Id call that free will.

        • Patrick Gannon

          Hmm. Who is “we”? If the materialists are right, then “we” refers to brains – which of course are required to design and produce drugs, among other things. It could be that my brain is talking to your brain through the illusory “consciousness” of both of us. Consciousness gives us a richer, deeper, more specific way for our brains to communicate than we would have otherwise, but it could just be a mechanism used by the brain, and isn’t actually real.

          For a very interesting viewpoint on free will, read Sam Harris’ book “Free Will.” It’s a very short book you can read in an hour. I found it difficult to refute, so would appreciate any commentary about why Harris might be wrong. Shows such as “Brain Games” on TV illustrate a lack of free will as well.

          I don’t think it really changes anything. The brain has evolved this mechanism, and knowing that it’s just an illusion doesn’t change the fact that the brain still makes decisions and choices – it’s just that the persona of “self” does not appear to be a real thing.

          That our brains have leveraged illusory consciousness to create drugs that might “fix” or rewire the brain to overcome certain limitations is a benefit of having consciousness. In fact, when you say that these drugs influence our brains, that is correct, although one of the ways that influence can be manifested is in our conscious experience of the drug’s influence on the brain. The brain must be informing the consciousness of some experiential sensation in the brain as a result of the drugs causing different synapses to fire. One day we may be able to modify the illusory “self” of an individual by using drugs or other techniques to rewire the brain and creating a different consciousness.

          As best I can tell, it all goes back to the brain – you can’t have free will without it; at least not in this physical matter reality, that’s for sure.

          • Hyori

            From my understanding the brain is a sytem that process past data, current data and predicts future outcomes. I see free will as our ability of our brain to plan ahead and select a particular choice. I imagine myself to be a free system within my restraints.

          • Patrick Gannon

            But we have no control over the thoughts that appear in our heads. They just appear. We might ponder a choice between two options, but what is it exactly that makes the decision? We cannot put a finger on it – the decision is simply made and the ‘self’ is informed of it. Experiments show that the brain makes decisions before the conscious self is aware of having made the decision; given that, where is the free will?

            We all “imagine” ourselves to be free systems, operating with free will; but if the brain is making decisions and informing us of them after the fact, where is this free will coming from? You don’t pick your parents or your genes or the neural physiology that’s going to be responsible for every next thought that shows up for you; nor do you have control over most of the life experiences that brought you to the present moment – yet you – your brain – is a product of all that.

            Once again, I recommend Sam Harris’ short book “Free Will.” You can also Google “YouTube Sam Harris on Free Will” and that should bring up a presentation of the hypothesis. It’s a fascinating subject. One thing it does, is make one more sympathetic and less desiring of vengeance for miscreants, because we are the product of a lot of things we have no control over – particularly our genetic and neurological makeup.

          • Hyori

            We are our brain. The way you wording it is as if we would be separated from our brain. We aren’t. Free will is a function. To choose based on particular data set. Thats how we came to the ability of analyzing our thoughs while we are thinking. Also the way i responded should have been clear. We are a free system thats limited to our restraints. The same way a engineer is limited to the periodic table when building something so are we in our thinking process.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Hmm. “We are our brain.” In some sense I understand and agree with this probability, but in another sense, I think the “we” part may be an illusion. It’s not so much that “we” are separate from our brains, as it is that “we” only exists as processes in the brain. “We” (our brains) may be agreeing with each other but having difficulty with the language!

            It’s a complex subject, and contrary to the way we were raised to think of our consciousness. We have been raised to think that “we” – our conscious awareness, controls the brain, but evidence is growing that the opposite is true.

            What do we mean by “we”? One trending theory now is that “we” or “I” is an “attention schema” that keeps track of what is being attended to, by the brain. The brain is constantly bombarded with neurons clamoring for attention from external and internal stimulus, and a working outline is developed to deal with and manage attention, and to provide real time feedback, which itself is attention. I’ve heard it said that the only thing we can say for sure about awareness, is that at least sometimes, we can report having it. This implies that it’s a process (attention schema), that manages what the brain is attending to, but also provides feedback to the brain such that it can report via auditory or other verbal areas in the brain that it has an experience of awareness. What it boils down to, as I understand the theory, is that awareness is information.

            The scientist who came up with the attention schema theory says that now that we understand the concept; it’s really just software, and before too long it should be possible to code an ‘attention schema’ which may make a computer “self-aware.” That will be an interesting announcement when it comes.

            On the other hand, New Agers may come up with an experiment in which group consciousness is used to significantly alter a random number generator or some other physical object in a direct and empirical fashion, making it clear that consciousness is something besides the brain.

            But I’m betting on the scientists.

          • Hyori

            We – the entire process of our brain.
            Awareness a subfuntion of the brain that represents its ability to self recognize.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I’d say that puts it pretty succinctly.

          • Hyori

            Im curious anout your perspective on Neale. Let say that Neale would be correct on his description of the universe and you would know this to be true without a doubt. Would your life change in any significant way ?

          • Patrick Gannon

            Yes. If I thought that consciousness really could manifest* matter or reality, then I would put my efforts behind organizing people to accomplish a unified goal, starting with simple things and working up as we gain confidence.

            I did believe Neale and acted on those beliefs for a couple years at least. I still use some of his ideas. Neale talks about ONEness, but he tears competing religious views, or atheists and agnostics to shreds when it suits his purpose. He has some good lines to use when debating legacy religionists. (Then he goes and says hypocritical nonsense like “ours is not a better way, ours is just another way.” Yeah, well if yours is just another way, why do you tear up the competition?).

            I have suggested many times in this forum that Neale get together with his New Age buddies and organize a large scale internet based experiment monitored by real scientists, to prove group consciousness exists and can manifest matter as they claim. A meditation video distributed to thousands of people to be played at a particular time, putting people into a meditative state and getting them to focus on a particular thing like making a clock run backwards, or affecting a random number generator in a way that is undeniable, should illustrate one way or the other whether consciousness exists as something other than an illusion created by the brain.

            However just as the Templeton foundation failed miserably with their attempt to prove prayer works – which should be more or less the same thing as group consciousness, I suspect that the New Age guys are very comfortable leaving it open to doubt. It would be a big risk for them to stop ‘talking the talk’ and try to ‘walk the walk,’ given the Templeton results and lack of objective data on the subject, so I doubt what I suggest will be attempted anytime soon.

            I am, or was, angry with myself for buying into Neale’s New Age God. I was a frightened Christian for most of my life, till I read the bible and discovered it was a book of mythology filled with large buckets of steaming crap. My brain must have needed to fill the hole in my brain when I abandoned the old beliefs, and I let Neale’s books (among others) fill that space up again. That, I can see in retrospect, was a mistake, but it did give me an understanding of New Age movements or religions.

            The new beliefs were much nicer, but fortunately I kept on reading, and in time I discovered what I had done to myself. I had just replaced one set of beliefs designed to cover up the fact that I, like everyone else, have no empirical, objective evidence for gods or afterlives and simply do not know, with another set of beliefs that had just as much evidence – NONE. I exchanged one lie to myself with another lie to myself, and it took a while to realize that even though it was a nicer lie, it was still a lie. I was not facing the truth – the truth we all know inside our brains – that we do not know. I guess I’m still upset at allowing myself to be hoodwinked and thus try to help others see that they too are lying to themselves with help from Neale and other religionists – for the New Age Spirituality Neale is pushing is a religion despite his protests that it is not. It fits the definition of a religion.

            It can’t be good for us to do this to our brains. The more people believe unsupportable ideas, the more violent they seem to be in my observations of the world. Correlation or causation, I can’t say, but my theory is that beliefs in which we lie to ourselves are making us crazy as individuals and societies. Extremist religionists kill infidels and some New Age people fail to protect their kids by vaccinating them. The failure of the HPV vaccine to be widely distributed is a product of beliefs – and it will result in thousands and thousands of cases of cervical cancer – thanks to those whose minds are messed up by belief.

            If they prove that consciousness is along the lines of what Neale believes (if he really believes, and this isn’t just a business model – I have my doubts), then I will have no alternative but to shift my stance – but that would be true if Jesus showed up with his flaming sword, and I’m not losing sleep over that happening any time soon either! I think it would be really cool if we could prove psi effects are real, and consciousness can actually survive death and work in tandem to “manifest reality” and all that other New Age stuff, but evidence continues to grow that this is all a pipe dream.

            *I mentioned at the beginning, the idea of consciousness manifesting reality, which is the basis of the “Law of Attraction.” I am learning that “we” are a function of our genetics and the brains we were born with, but “we” are also a function of all the synapses the brain has ever fired. The saying goes – when synapses fire, the brain is wired. I think this explains the Law of Attraction. If I repeat to myself all day long, day after day, a goal I have, I am firing synapses and wiring my brain so that it appears in my awareness at the ‘attention schema’ level frequently, and thus is more likely to have me follow through.

            Right wing nutjobs are filling the airwaves and social media with horrible thoughts that weak minded people hear over and over again, firing synapses, and wiring their brains to become little Donald Trumps. I think Fox News and other media outlets are wiring our brains in ways that are not at all good for us. We are attracting fear as a result. I wrote in opposition to the Law of Attraction here a few months ago, and nobody bothered to challenge my points, most of which still stand. However that was when the LoA was based on the idea of a nebulous consciousness thingie. Base it on firing synapses, and suddenly it starts to make sense.

          • Hyori

            Why would God want you too patrol your thoughts ?
            The whole thoughts control your life is bullshit for me.
            If this is real God has build a horrible system.

          • gaion

            What a malarkey. You say “we have no control over the thoughts that appear in our heads. they just appear.” Wow You are far from even Neale’s dialogues. Do you even read what he writes/ That’s about the biggest piece of falsity I have ever read in my entire life. Are you kidding me? We have control over our own thoughts as Mankind. What are you a robot? hi Only a robot has no control over its incoming data. Wow I’m glad I don’t believe that. That’s all I have to say.

          • Patrick Gannon

            There is a short book called “Free Will” by Sam Harris. Read it and then come back and tell me if you change your mind.

            We do not have control over our thoughts. They randomly pop into our heads. You’ll see that this is true if you monitor your thoughts. You have very little control over what thoughts pop into your head unless you intentionally focus – and that only lasts a short time before some other thought pops into the head. Why is it so difficult to meditate? Why do we have to focus on a particular thing like breathing or a particular harmonic? We do this to prevent random thoughts from jumping into our mind, so we can put the brain in a resting or restorative state.

            Yes, I have read what Neale writes. I simply now disagree with much of it, having realized that Neale has no more support or evidence for his beliefs about gods and afterlife than any Baptist minister, Catholic priest, Hindu monk or fundagelical nutcase. A global conversation does not imply that everyone should agree. Think of me as the “loyal opposition” if it will make you feel better.

          • gaion

            Hi Neale might have trouble meditating but I don’t. I go for two hours and longer, if given time to do so. Yayuy meditation is oh so wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that’s quantum and oh so powerful. Here’s another Wow Wee yayuh that was um yeah lion gate opening, and wow wee did you get that? Wow let’s do discuss meditation, patrick. Do you meditate? I can speak on that for eternity. How much have you tried to control the thoughts that pop into your head? I have no trouble with that. It’s not about “mind over matter” as neale taught. It is really about “Matter over Mind.” I am I am is really what that last sentence means. When one is I am I am, then one speaks, thinks, lives, IS God I Am. Well, I know. YOu will say it is aq woo woo new agign thing and I am oh so holy roller, but I’m not. Believe me, I never took the bible so literally, but, after my rapidtime expansion last year. .oh my god. .oh my god. .all of those . .well, let’s just say there are a lot of terms in the bible that are not merely metaphorical. Things like “motes,” popouts (for you who follow God blogs. .we know what popouts are, don’t we?). .at any rate, popouts are real. .like um . um. .um. .ta ta ta and yayuh. .that’s actually Hebrew. .Now, I know this is woo woo and you can say what you like, but it is all true. Motes literally pop out of eye of Goddess and True God, so God and Goddess reading this blog, look for popouts. They look like Ar, literally, I mean. Ar. That popped out of literal leaf. Woo Woo ay ay ay Pop Eye The Sailor Man. My favorite. .wow wee yayuh do know it is oh so wonderfully wierd. Let’s see. .what else is literal from the bible. . the Mind of God that says, “You and my Father are One. You can do more than I.” Wow If you don’t believe those words, you won’t experience it. Sorry about it. It’s your mind, not mine. I don’t have trouble meditatingf or believing in what I actually see, think, feel, AM. It’s that last one that really meets the rubber in the road. Yayuh That’s all, folks. I’m decorting with real trees today. Happy Ho Ho and oh yeah. That Ho Ho is really HAHAHA oh so trite. Been done on every Facebook wall, so have fun not believing in woo woo. It is known to be quantum. Light is quantum energy, silly. Look that up, and get back with me. Whew What a day. What a day. Hi O a Merry ol’ Soul yayuh Whew

          • Patrick Gannon

            I have a lot of difficulty deciphering your words given your unusual writing style. Yes, I meditate, but only about 30 minutes per day, given my schedule.

            I object to your use of the word “quantum” because it has nothing to do with meditation. It has to do with the very small. Using a scientific term doesn’t make consciousness real, for example.

            Quantum: a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

            Yes, this describes light. No, it has nothing to do with words.

          • gaion

            What is this “Free Will” book by Sam Harris? Why do you keep bringin this one up to all here? Free Will? Hey Free Will, please yayuh yayuh He is a God, isn’t he. He is. He just is. Let me google him. hmmm okay. I’m back. That was quick. Um Here is the blurb Sometimes a book? you don’t got to read it just cuz it’s available. Never do I read or buy or oh my god. Here is what amazon wrote on this so called book by Sam Harris:

            “A BELIEF IN FREE WILL touches nearly everything that human beings value. It is difficult to think about law, politics, religion, public policy, intimate relationships, morality—as well as feelings of remorse or personal achievement—without first imagining that every person is the true source of his or her thoughts and actions. And yet the facts tell us that free will is an illusion.”

            Okay, that last line is a deal breaker for me. Do know that most people reading this blog believe in Will as in Humankind, Mankind, All Life Kind onm Earth as it is in Heaven, Paradise Style. Yayuh Yayuh and Wowza did you seriously ponder who you are talking to, Patrick? I commune in a life that never ends in a home everlasting Whew with God, and Free Will is real, literally, I mean. What a great name, don’t ya think. It just is. Period. Period. Period. Yet, here is a book called “Free Will” and, yet, it teaches what?! What a malarkey to suggest that people are so stupid to believe that rot that says “free will is an illusion.” Okay. Won’t be buy9ng that book ever ever ever in any aspect of All Love as All Life, so here you go. A bit of news on your most quoted book that believes not a whit of True Life, not a wit of God Mind, but actually believes Free Will is an Illusion? Oh my god. Oh my god. No. No. No. Free Will is real, and at least two authors came out so fast with a debunk to that line of books you quote just google it on amazon. Two authors sharing their truth that Sam Harris does not have it all going on. Thanks for playijg the game of life as Free Will to do Life well. Will is well, and you, my whew friend, shohuld do well by life and stop spreading such oh mhy god trie te lies about God on Earth. That’s all I am saying ever to you, Patrick. Whew

          • Patrick Gannon

            Well for goodness sake, you wouldn’t want to stress your intellectual abilities, so please don’t go out of your way to learn anything that you don’t already believe. How can you grow and evolve if you don’t question yourself? How can you know if your own ideas have validity if you only read things that agree with what you already believe? How responsible and courageous is that? You’re scared someone might say something that causes you to genuinely question your own beliefs, for fear that you might be wrong. I understand the fear, but try to buck up and grow a pair. It’s not the end of the world when you find out that some of your beliefs may need to be adjusted based on new information. It’s how you grow and evolve.

          • gaion

            Interesting, Patrick. I am not sure about that book. I do know that consciousness is greater than physical brain, We have a physical self, but we have something over it. There are many documented cases. . .one in particular is a doctor, I believe, who actually was a brain doctor who had a coma or something and became somewhat enlightened. Her brain was discovered by her greater Self to be much more than the physical brain. She wrote a documentary on it. Her brain knew it was much grander than mere synapses firing. In fact, there are many cases like this. I don’t understand all the talk about individuals using drugs. That would call into quesiton the data, wouldn’t it? I mean if someone is using drugs, then wouldn’t it be likely that the data would be skewed?

          • Patrick Gannon

            Gaion, if you’re going to mention such things, you ought to at least do a little research and get the sex of the researcher right. I’m guessing that you are talking about the book “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Near-Death Experience and Journey into the Afterlife” by Eben Alexander, MD. I’ve read the book. His account of some of the medical issues, have been pretty thoroughly debunked. His doctors say that he was “conscious but delirious” when wakened from the coma. Alexander claims bacterial meningitis put him in a coma, but the doctors did.

            Alexander said, “In the final moments before leaving the emergency room, and after two straight hours of guttural animal wails and groaning, I became quiet. Then, out of nowhere, I shouted three words. They were crystal clear, and heard by all the doctors and nurses present, as well as by Holley, who stood a few paces away, just on the other side of the curtain.

            “God, help me!”

            Everyone rushed over to the stretcher. By the time they got to me, I was completely unresponsive.

            Potter, Alexander’s doctor, has no recollection of this incident, or of that shouted plea. What she does remember is that she had intubated Alexander more than an hour prior to his departure from the emergency room, snaking a plastic tube down his throat, through his vocal cords, and into his trachea. Could she imagine her intubated patient being able to speak at all, let alone in a crystal-clear way?

            “No,” she says.

            The only “evidence” Alexander has is evidence of hallucination.

          • gaion

            Well, that’s interesting. I don’t really recall the name, to be honest. I know that Neale believes in it. I don’t know why you don’t believe in an afterlife. I’m not sure why any who don’t believe in God, an afterlife, a meeting with God at a crisis moment, such as near death, would follow Neale’s blog. He definitely believes in near death. He actually counselled those grieving ones for awhile. His good friend wrote a book on it. Brian Weiss is a specialist and he is a good friend, I think. He specializes in NDE and past life regression and all of that. Neale worked with the people who spoke to greiving ones all the time. We do realize that neale knows a lot about NDE’s. He actually counselled people on this topic often. Why do you not believe in a spiritual afterlife? It’s not my business, really, but I am curious. You seem to argue with everyone here, and you also seem to not believe in God, afterlife, or anything. . . at least, that is what you claim. You claim to be able to Not “hold” beliefs. That’s just weird, to me. That is the real deal question. You are on a book line here that actually strongly supportedly delivered grieving ones hopeful messages about afterlife. neale wrote a book called “Home in God in a life that never ends” or something like that. What do you believe? More to the point, why do you follow this blog, anyhoo. We tend to follow blogs that are in line with our beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be a regular on neale’s blogs, and, yet, I finally read a few a little closer, and never do I believe Hitler went to heaven. I don’t believe fear and love have the same deal in heaven, so my real reason for blogging is really to keep these old timers off my little 700 sq foot ya know. .anyhoo, why do you follow this blog, if I may be so bold to ask?

          • Patrick Gannon

            I have a variety of reasons for following the blog. Once I was a true believer, back when Neale first started the forum. As my ideas develop thanks to continuous reading and research, I test them out, and this is a good place to test out ideas. One of the best ways to see if an idea holds water is to put it out there to those who are unlikely to agree with it. If there are flaws in my reasoning, then those flaws should be revealed, and I can then adapt or discard my idea. I have done this many times, and sometimes an argument will get me to change my ideas. In general, however, I find that the more people are opposed to my ideas, the less evidence they have to argue against it, and that tells me I’m probably on the right track.

            Following blogs that reinforce what we already believe is cheating ourselves. If you want to grow and expand as a person, you have to challenge yourself and particularly your beliefs. What better place to do so than in a forum of people like this?

            Another reason I participate in all honesty is that I am a little angry with myself for allowing myself to replace one set of beliefs (Christianity) with another set of beliefs (CwG/New Age God), when I should have known better. This helped me see what beliefs do to our brains. It took a while, but I realized I had just exchanged beliefs, and the simple fact of the matter is that not me, not you, nor anyone else has answers to these questions of god and afterlife, so to believe and accept as true something my brain knows that it doesn’t know, does not seem like a wise choice to me. I am willing to be convinced otherwise, but have not seen any good arguments as to why I might be wrong about this.

            I try to respond to anything anyone posts for me. I may miss one from time to time, but I feel like if someone takes the time to debate with me, they are helping me, and I should follow up to show that I take them seriously. Those that make me think; make me stop and research something – those are the best. Of course there are some people who have very little to offer and mostly attack me, rather than my ideas; and at some point, I get off that train.

  • Blake


    I am the archetypes of Jesus,Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, and Abraham people becoming unconditional.

    Becoming Unconditional comes from a text of a lost bible verse in a conversation between Moses and the Burning Bush. Moses asked, “Who are you, what is the name that you want me to call you?”

    The Burning Bush replies, “I am that that I am Becoming!”

    Love is becoming unconditional, I am striving to be unconditional. Life is endless and my only pursuit is to become unconditional.

    The greatest evil to to believe there is no evil. This statement comes from a small, insignificant mind that chooses not to be unconditional. Most people in the world are small minded, I am not making them wrong this is where they are on their journey. My journey is knowing that there is no evil.

    What is happening in the world today has been happening on the Earth for billions of years in every society that has existed; Beings living in selfish fear rather than Becoming Unconditional or being Selfish with Love or Selfull!

    Those who’s journey it is to cause the enlightenment of a few so they can cause change in their limited existence is all it takes for the world to be transformed.

    Jesus spoke about the One God, this is not true! Jesus was speaking about the one and only LOVE that exists in us all that is to be on a journey of discovery by becoming unconditional. Everything is made of the same stuff and everything is different and separate from one another each on its own journey. We cannot and will not ever be one until we are all unconditional. In this frail human form it is impossible to be unconditional I can however strive to become unconditional and therefore one with the all.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I agree with you emphatically and completely. There is no such thing as evil. The decision to CALL certain things “evil” in our human experience does serve us, however, because it creates the Contextual Field within which what we call “good” can be expressed and experienced. In truth, all of this is just “words,” having no meaning in the Ultimate Reality of an Unconditionally Loving God. As CWG says: “Words are the least reliable form of communication.” In fact, nothing has any meaning save the meaning we give it, in our human way, as part of our human expression and experience.

      The way of the master is to know all this, and therefore to “judge not, and neither condemn.” Yet, I would repeat: to use the labeling of something as “evil” serves the human agenda, as it allows us to determine and become, express and experience, that which we label as the opposite of evil. Therefore, to label nothing as evil leaves us no benchmark by which to label anything as “good.”

      (This is how it is in God’s Kingdom, of course. There are no polarities. There is ONLY what humans would call “love” — and therefore only what humans would call “good.” Yet the human mind cannot conceive of such a reality. How can that which we call “evil” be called “good” in God’s Kingdom? On the answer to this question rests the whole of humanity’s theologies.

      It is too bad that the world “evil” has gained its present human connotations, when all it is, really, is what we have labeled “negative” as balanced against what we have caledl “positive” on the magnet (or attractor) that we call Life. (To use a metaphor.)

      Shakespeare said it perfectly: “Nothing is evil lest thinking make it so.” Perhaps we really should, in our communications, use the terms “positive” and “negative” — or that which attracts and that which repels — rather than “good” and “evil.” It certainly would feel less judgmental.

      • shenika

        whew wow okay. hmmm really? You both say “there is no evil.” I can’t disagree more. How come God came to earth if evil does not exist? That is a question, isn’t it? That is one Shakespeare didn’t ponder, or did he? I think evil is rampant Whew and oh so many more. Do you belive that satan is not present when dimness infilters into the mind of murderer, shooter, mass murderer, killer and pervert, child absuer, how about general slugger, ya know, the kind that just beats his wife on holidays? What do you think of that, Neale? Is that something the woman dreamt, or was it something dim that filtered into the mind of the psychopath? Psychopaths are the likes of Hitler, Mussolini and oh so many who desire to “take over the world.” Yes. Even professors and the like are a part of satanic rituals. Check out Harvard and google “satanic ritual.” You’ll see that this sordid web woven by a sordid thread is oh so present on earth. God came, but onlyu to win against satan. Yes, Virginia. I am aware of every hair, every nail, every thread. I O U nothing is how Gaion words the dawn of the new earth. Do know evil is viewed in every way shape and form by Gaion and he is oh so wu tired of people saying “there is no evil on earth.” how about we list todays’ news. Here we go. “Three Dead in Colorado Shooting.” And, how about this one. “chicago manager claims video of teen’s death released edited.” “Russian strikes kill 18, wound dozens,” “Brussels on lockdown amid terror thread of paris style attack,” and so on.not to mention all the city wide bruisers and losers in the daily newspapers. What do you mean? There is evil. That is apparent when we hear of a school shooting, ya know, like mass shooting and so on. All of that which infests in the minds of many on earth 3 d is the result of dim energy, negative spin, not of God. God, Neale. You say you talked to him. There is not a single word threough nme that indicated God is negative. Oh my God. Oh my God. I call Him a Gentle God. In fact, that is my word for Him. Gentle God. That is not evil in any way shaper or form. But here in 3d or owrse 2 d’ers, ya know, those shipshapers, time travellers schooting boogie across the nation or yard. These are those shipshapes that never make it to the big ship Whew What do you mean “no evil”? In fact, what do you mean about “Nothing is evil lest thinking make it so”? Let’s quote Shakespeare a little better than that, shall we? What did he refer to when he said those words? I don’t think there was so much of dim light when he splashed across the stage at avon, do you? I mean what would he think of life on earth in 2015? Hi Ho He No. He whew wouldn’t think much of revising a polay or two, I think. Have fun with duality. That line is not real. Fear? Love? Those can not even coincide at an Arc Covenant level. It’s not doable. It just isn’t. No arc could sustain life at that hi low swing motion thing called love and fear are here to exist at heaven. Yes, Virginia. there is a santa claus, but try scrooge in the house of Christ and see how many icons get carved down. Whoa Whoa Whoa that’s for 2 d’ers, those who like careening in using screwdriver, common tool, gear. .ya know. . leaf, rose petal, cereal cheerio to whormhole using noodle, pasta oh so many. Oh my God. No. Evil is real. Whew

      • shenika

        No. No. No. wow hmmm
        really? You both say “there is no
        evil.” I can’t disagree more. How come God came to earth if evil does not
        exist? That is a question, isn’t
        it? That is one Shakespeare didn’t
        ponder, or did he? I think evil is
        rampant. Evil is rampant. we know it. Whew and oh so many more. Do you belive that satan is not present. dimness infilters into the mind of murderer,
        shooter, mass murderer, killer and pervert, child absuer, how about general
        slugger, ya know, the kind that just beats his wife on holidays and oh so manhy? Here.
        Take a peek. Oh dear. How about a psycho who doesn’t even know you,
        but who desires the Arc Covenant just to get a book published? Hmmm that happens. Indiana Jonesm a real book gifted for some
        living like a sun but not a sun but keeping a sunny side egg on the run. What do you think of that, Neale? Is that something the woman dreamt, or was it
        something dim filtering into the mind of the psychopath? Psychopaths are the likes of Hitler,
        Mussolini and oh so many desiring to “take over the world” with a
        rhyme, a schenme but never grand, is it? Yes.
        Even professors, lawyers, taxes and all of that. Professors and the like part of a two never but of satanic ritual. Check out Harvard. Check out google “satanic
        ritual.” You’ll see this sordid web
        woven by a sordid thread is oh so present on earth but ready to deplete. God
        came, but onlyu to win, only utwo never win against a line of satan. Yes,
        Virginia. I am aware of every hair, every nail, every thread, every toer
        nail. I O U nothing says Gaion here. Your words were filtered, Neale. What the dawn of the new earth will have in
        store for satan is the realization that you are filtered but a filter over a
        filter. Do you know evil is viewed in
        every way shape and form by Gaion. He is
        oh so whew and oh so tired of people saying “there is no evil on
        earth.” how about listing todays’
        news. Here we go. “Three Dead in Colorado a Shooting,” “chicago
        manager claims the video of teen’s death
        released edited.” “Russian
        strikes kill 18, but wound dozens,”
        “Brussels on lockdown amid terror thread of paris style attack,” and
        on and on, not to mention all the city wide bruisers, losers in daily
        newspapers across nation after nation, news of poverty, violence and on and on. What do you mean? There is no evil. There certainly is evil,
        evilhat is apparent when we hear of a school shooting, ya know, like mass style
        shooting. All of that which infests in
        the minds of many on earth 3 d is the result of dim energy, 2d style, the negative
        spinning energy arc came to deplete, the eneryg not of God. God, Neale.
        You say you talked to God. There is not a single word threough notme
        that indicated Iam. I am is not
        negative. Oh my God. Oh my God. I call God a Gentle God. In fact, that is my
        word for Him. Gentle God. That is not evil .
        That is not evilin any way shaper or form. But here in 3d or owrse 2 d’ers, ya know,
        those shipshapers, time travellers shooting boogie across the nation or yard.
        These are those shipshapes that never make it to the big ship Whew What do you
        mean “no evil”? In fact, what
        do you mean about “Nothing is evil lest thinking make it so”? Let’s quote Shakespeare a little better than
        that, shall we? What did he refer to? What did he refer to when he said those
        words? I don’t think there was so much
        of dim light when he splashed across the stage at avon, do you? I mean what would he think of life on earth
        in 2015? Hi Ho He No. He whew shew phew shew and uowme not a thing
        honey. No. Neale. You wouldn’t think much of revising a polay
        or two, I think. Have fun with that line
        called duality. Love. Fear. That
        line is not real. Fear? Love? On the same scale? Those can not even
        coincide at an Arc Covenant level. It’s
        not doable. It just isn’t diable. No arc
        could sustain life at that hi low swing motion thing called love and fear are
        here to exist at heaven. Yes, Virginia.
        there is a santa claus, but try scrooge in the house of Christ and see how many
        icons get carved down. Whoa Whoa Whoa that’s for 2 d’ers, those who like
        careening in using screwdriver, common tool, gear. .ya know. . leaf, rose
        petal, cereal cheerio to whormhole using noodle, pasta oh so many. Oh my God.
        No. Evil is real. Whew

      • I believe in evil. The cruelest acts are not natural human acts. They are of the devil. I agree though that there is no physical spirit world of where we may go to after death called “hell”. I do believe in hell on earth though and many people go through it. In Gods world there is only love and heaven. However we humans are in the physical world where I believe evil exists.

  • mewabe

    “But for now, I invite you to consider, if only as an hypothesis, this idea: Human beings are more causal than we might imagine in the events of our world.”

    It is indeed tragic that such an obvious idea as humanity’s collective responsibility in creating the world we are currently experiencing must still be approached, in the 21st century, very carefully and gently so as not to scare or offend those who still live in denial of such reality.

    Nevertheless most of humanity does understand a certain version of causality…the version that states “It’s the other guy’s fault, don’t look at me, I am not doing anything wrong!”

    It is always the other who is at fault, it has been since times immemorial.

    We should remember Carl Jung’s teaching, that negative unconscious thoughts, feelings and tendencies that are not examined and remain suppressed are automatically projected unto the outside world in the form of seemingly exterior events that affect the individual and the collective, so that they can be faced, acknowledged, healed and resolved.

    This is what all of humanity is, as it has always done, currently creating…a global horror show that originates directly from its unconscious nightmarish thoughts, its unconscious fears, hates and rage, it torturing guilt and projections of deserved suffering and destruction.

    To the unconscious individual, everything seems so be coming from “out there”. Some even say it comes from a “devil”, or from God’s wrath for having trespassed.

    The conscious individual understands that everything comes from within, as life comes from within a seed, the seed being consciousness.

    To the conscious individual, the world is a mirror, and all she sees as negative is understood to either reflect a part of her inner turmoil or to come from a part of herself that she has judged, repudiated and condemned. She therefore heals herself before pointing a finger at the world, and then, after having understood her own pain, she sees the festering inner wounds and the judgments that cause humanity to suffer, and acts with empathy and compassion.

    An unconscious person cannot have empathy or compassion, unless taught. One has to be fully conscious to see that the world is not outside of us, it is within us.

  • shenika

    Hi Life,

    We are here to make an important announcement today. Satanic Culture is insipid. It is mucn more insipid than mankind knew. No one can comprehend Quantum Physics except God I Am. No God and Goddess could comprehend the deepest, most decrepit heart of darkness except God I Am. Let me fill you in on the heart of life that came forth for me today. Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeee Do go forth and check out the visuals. Check out those lines aqnd see how they fell. No one but me could do that work, silly. Please think again, life. MIxed lines are what we see here. True Heart of Life has only the most lines to handle, life. Why? Golden Heart of Love is most chased of all, indiana jones style. Do know me. Phew and you do see this soon on a regualr news channel. Love to all who come forth for me. Phew to all who linger here Whew and that oughtta do it. Wu

    • shenika

      Oh by the way, for those thinking I am stupid to your antics here on this blog. Note, I have seen a few conversations since 2005, actually, 2 years before I came to actually go to Neale’s blog. I never wanted to go to Neale’s blog. I didn’t go until 2007, dears. Let me fill you in on insipid behavior by Satanic Culture. These origami artists like to shipshape or shiftshape (please google or youtube it. .you will find much on it. Neale, you talk about it in your books. Some here mentioned how to focus the mind on receipts in one conversation on messenger cirlce. i was there and didn’t get it at all. Whew I never really read those books all the way or understand much of them. Remote viewing is another label for careening in through 2d to enter objective reality. We are discussing quantum physics, dears. That is not easily understood. Whew No. Wormholes are real, we know. Satan knew how to get in it. Just read newspapers for confirmation on demonics in present culture all over earth in 2015. We live in all time, however, and we are Arc here. All Life is here on this call, so no phone will be put down, Michael. So many chased her on big teaching job, gifted to her, by a well knmown university olnline of course, but that university is actually in trouble with accreditation, I hear. All will be discussed as part of plot to bring down I O U nothing Neale. Thjis is satanic at its hith. I do mean hith. It’s no hi life to fold origami receipts, is it?. Whew that’s hi. Careening in on another home across the street, across the nation, Morse Code like, is what we are talking about, Neale. Garbage collectors, too, in on this gig, just taken down by my eye today Guess what they like to careen in on today, guys? Pop outs are oh so visual to Goddess here. . .blue glass. .tiny, tiny, teeny tiny pop outs that pop out like the bluest eye. vint, reddish, collected from laundry in cellar, just like Rosemary’s Baby movie. Just watch it. We’ll explain it later. All will be discussed fulll throttle. Whew Allso, llittle boy’s baby blanket. fuzzy, so fuzz balls, too, are pop outs today collected from laundry. These sound oh so weird, but for Goddess and God I am, these are quantum visuals with real imprints left on the popouts. I am God I Am. I am in charge of popouts, stupids. Did you think I did not see you fly to her as a baby? Whew Mankind has a lot to wake up to today. . wormhole, shipshape style. That’s 2 d, Neale. oh so visual to God. He is omniscient, ya know. He countes every hair, every thread, every baby tooth, saved carefully by momma here. Do know me, Neale. Your mind is now nomind whew. That’s not heaven, now is it? phew

      • netsirk

        Its Kristen, I had ‘dark net’ hackers trying to link up. Called Giaon.
        The Hu tiger is Gabriel. He is quiet and will not communicate but needs much slower energy to get through. You know…like a pyramid.
        I am listening.

        • hilife

          You’re right about that. The Hu tiger is the Gabriel as in Archangel Michael. And, he is quiet when he needs to be. Whew

      • netsirk

        I understand most dialects, signs, Universal and majic languages, and know to look up any oddities or typos (heck, I can even read every item of clothing….I trained like the Mentalist show on TV), so you are making yourself heard even when we dont acknowledge it……watch this name you are now using. Yes Shenika means God is gracious, but backwards Giaon is winning…its Japanese flower with hs…HIS! Again, the ole possessiveness and control and directing you towards his Asian heritage.
        I am listening to every word, when posts are up long enough for me to see them, although you do not want my help.
        Take care,

  • shenika


    Here is pure and simple dialect. Keep the flies off my walls, dear. Wall walkers, shipshapers and the like do pop out for Goddess here. I burn them when they fly near me. I know precisely what piont to point to create to oh so poltergeisty leave me alone. Period. Period. Period. For those who pretend to not know this can happen, just ponder the reality of quantum physics. A mind and a space travel with intent and once we get 100 flies literal on a cellar floor we begin to encounter fearbased energy in the trillions and that’s not good for any one trying to make breakfast. Do remember, Neale, I see you. Wow Wow Wow Phew

  • Patrick Gannon

    Reading this column, I am disturbed the use of some of the words. I’m sensitive to New Age folks attempting to redefine scientific terms for their own purposes, and would like to discuss that tactic in Neale’s column.

    “The process through which we are moving is call (sic) Evolution, and the biggest mistake we humans make is imagining that we have nothing to do with it; that ours is to simply stand by and watch it occur, with little or no control over how it is occurring.
    Yet just the opposite is true. We have total control over how we are evolving, and what we are evolving into, as a species.” (NDW)

    Not true. Not biologically. We have minimal control over our genome, which is what evolution is about. That’s changing as we learn how to modify our genome, but to say we have “total control” over how we are evolving, without being specific about what one means by that, is simply incorrect. Evolution is not a roll of the dice or random chance – these are terms typically used by creationists who don’t understand the process. Evolution is about the natural selection of various characteristics resulting from random mutations, and we don’t pick and choose when sub-atomic particles or other substances create mutations in our DNA. We can influence the chance of undesirable mutations by smoking, for example, but to say we have total control is a claim without foundation or viable evidence.

    I assume that Neale is not suggesting that we have total control over our biological evolution, he’s just “borrowing” the word “evolution” (which he capitalizes for no apparent reason) in a quasi-scientific way, I assume, to lend weight to his argument, much as other New Age gurus borrow terms like “quantum mechanics” to support their frequently unrelated ideas. This confuses the public about what these terms really mean.

    I think Neale should be very clear about what he means by “evolution” since his statement does not apply to biological evolution which is the foremost use of the word:

    evolution –

    1. the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

    2. the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

    Presumably it is the second meaning to which he refers, perhaps meaning mankind as a species is becoming more complex, or that there really is no such thing as mankind, and it is clumps of “consciousness” that are going from less to more complex states – a theory advanced by Thomas Campbell. In either case, since he’s focused on the word “evolution,” I think he should be more clear about what he means by that word.

    My concern grows as I read on, and find another convoluted description of evolution, referring to it as a mish-mash of random happenings. No, that is not how the process of evolution works. It is actually a sophisticated sequencing of events arising out of causes (random mutations) and effects (natural selection), and the function and purpose is procreation and survival, i.e. existing in the physical universe. I don’t understand why it’s necessary to butcher the meaning of biological human evolution to discuss the more general subject of societal evolution which is a very young theory with far less research dedicated to it. How do cultures and societies evolve? It’s a very different question from biological evolution which is accepted, well understood and documented. He gives us a false choice. He defines the “mish-mash” theory which is false, and the “sophisticated sequencing” theory that is probably closer to what evolution really is.

    Going back a couple paragraphs we’re given “The Four Fundamental Questions of Life” which should say, “The Four Fundamental Questions of Human Life” because they are questions specific to humans and not to life in general. Trees don’t ask themselves, “who am I.” Life is that which separates us from inorganic matter. Just because the bible changes the word good to mean something else when it refers to God, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to arbitrarily change the meaning of well known words, such as life – though I confess that I would be more favorably inclined to a Conversations with Life book than I am to that loaded word “God” that is guaranteed to continue to divide us.

    Next comes the predictable sales pitch for the CwG books, but before too long we get another false choice. We’re told that the “chemical creature” which I assume attempts to describe atheists and agnostics who understand the biological basis for our being and who accept that there may not be a spiritual “being” are incapable of having any significant positive effect on society. It asserts that these folks think they are purely a matter of biology, and that’s not true. It’s an unfair and incorrect description. You don’t see atheistic chemical creatures out there protesting gay marriage or protesting sanctuary for Syrian refugees. That’s what believers do. Whether we think consciousness manifests the brain or is generated by it as an illusion, nevertheless consciousness is a tool that we can all utilize for the general welfare. I’m paraphrasing, but I think the basic assertion here is, if one does not accept Neale’s god, i.e. accept a supernatural consciousness of some sort, then he is an ineffectual chemical creature. I totally reject this characterization and assertion; and maintain that it’s a divisive, separatist and unspiritual assertion.

    He goes on to speak of the “spiritual being” (why not a chemical “being” and a spiritual “creature”?) in glowing terms in which he maintains that we have all these phenomenal powers that remain unproven, and for which objective evidence remains elusive. There is far more scientific support for the “chemical creature” than there is for the “spiritual being,” yet rather than suggesting an open mind, he treats the chemical (i.e. rational) creature in a demeaning fashion, all the while telling us that we need to change what we believe to what he believes so we can all get along with each other.

    He summarizes by reminding us that unless we adopt his spiritual path, we are headed for doom and gloom, but history does not support this viewpoint. Despite all the miseries and difficulties of our current planet, we have come a long way. More people are sheltered, clothed, fed, healthier, and lead productive lives than ever before in history, and most of that progress started after we began to question beliefs. He’s stealing the word “enlightenment” as well, because the period of enlightenment was when scholars truly began to question the orthodoxy – and at that time, there was only one major belief system – the Roman Catholic Church; and would anyone want to go back to those days? It was the “chemical creatures” who finally lifted us out of the dark ages – they were the enlightenment.

    I’m not proposing that Neale has nothing to offer; on the contrary, I think he has a lot of good ideas. What I object to is his use of the same tactics that fundamentalists, literalists, creationists, use to put forward their beliefs. When you can’t come up with scientific proof, stealing scientific terminology and redefining it is a cheat that belittles the belief. AnswersInGenesis for example is trying to redefine “science” by referring to “observational” and “historical” science so they can cling to a 6000 year old earth that has no scientific support. Deepak Chopra, at least till he embarrassed himself, came up with his own version of quantum mechanics that had no connection with what it really is – now I understand he’s switched to biology. When you can’t prove your beliefs with real science, the best thing you can do, I guess is try to discredit science, but it’s a cheap shot and New Agers should be called on it, just like fundies.

    • Hyori

      Regarding to what Neale refers to our complete control over evolution. Our genome responds to our enviroment. There is no evidence that suggests otherwise in this particular subject so if we change our enviroment with pollution we might create a change in our genes that might not be or our highest good. If we create a peaceful enviroment our genes might have a diffrent evolution. One more thing to add we have now created gene editing tools that makes our “control complete” using poweful computer tools to recognize patterns and solve enigmas in every life form DNA biology is at a new frontier.

      • Patrick Gannon

        If our environment changes through our own influence or through things beyond our influence, the human species will continue to evolve, and those that develop traits that allow them to thrive will persist over those that do not. Of course we could make ourselves extinct, but evolution will still determine what comes next. It would seem that we evolved brains capable of recognizing when we aren’t doing ourselves any good – but those brains still have a lot of Bronze Age and older programming, that evolution has not yet overwritten. We are still a very young species in the grand scheme of things.

        I agree that humans are unique in having the ability to influence our evolution, such as through gene splicing – but that is not some nebulous ‘consciousness manifesting reality’ woo thing like Neale and other New Agers propose – this is real stuff from the most important thing to advance us as a species – the scientific process.

        • hilife

          . hu

        • hilife

          So, your first sentences say that there is some change happening in which some will survive and some will not and you assume you know how this will happen. At best, you presume to know a lot about science. What are your credentials, Patrick? Are you a scientist or anything like that? What do you do? You seem to presume that you can tell everyone all there is to know about quantum physics, evolution, science. . I’m just curious what you do for a living? Are you an academic or what, a scientist or what?

      • hilife

        How do we use “computer tools to recognize patterns and solve enigmas in every life form”? That sounds whoa whoa whoa wow wee can you explain that further in greater detail? What tool are we speaking about exactly?

        • Hyori

          DNA Pattern Analysis in International Research Journal of Computer Science (IRJCS).
          You can google this things nowadays.
          Computers can spot simliarities in DNA and DNA is just a way nature stores data.
          From the nature journal “DNA data storage breaks records”.

  • mewabe

    It seems that we have entered the twilight zone here lately, no fault of Neale who is quite rational and who I think makes sense even when I slightly disagree on nuances, perhaps making too much sense for the world to actually understand, but that’s what happens wherever spirituality is discussed. It’s a bit frightening. Is it a sign of the times, is humanity increasingly loosing it? (Yes).

    Some apparently still confuse spirituality with metaphysical mambo-jumbo. I thought this only happened in Southern California. Yes, this comment is coming from someone who is psychic and has been blessed with the gifts of a number of spontaneous dreams and visions, but they all seemed rather rational to me, more or less, and were not based on such fairy tales beliefs and fantasies as I have read in some of the comment below. I don’t want to offend, but…seriously?

    One thing transpires in these comments that still unites most humans: competition. The metaphysical/new age crowd still competes as to who has reached the highest level of consciousness, who has the brightest aura, who has had the most captivating past lives, who has reached complete mastery, who is her own shinning star in her own universe, who is led by the most ascended master in this life or in the spirit world, in other words who has risen above all others, who is the winner. The metaphysical ladder is climbed as assiduously as the corporate ladder, it seems. Nothing new here, it is the same old game with different cards, just another pissing contest, and it does become tiresome.

    This is why I run as far away from self-proclaimed spiritual individuals as I run away from the religious. Really, if given a choice between talking to a metaphysical/new age type individual and a red neck, I would pick the red neck, because chances are that he would be real.

    It has been my experience that those who truly have deep spiritual qualities do not even mention spirituality, and when they do they certainly never use such qualities to proclaim superiority over others. We should leave such vain and ridiculous pursuits to the deluded members of dangerous cults such as the Islamic State.

    Hint: there cannot be any kind of enlightenment, let alone spiritual understanding, as long as there remains a desperate competitive drive to rise above others, which is rooted in a feeling of scarcity, of inner lack. Know Thyself…

    Sayonara and have a great holiday, over and out.

    • stefano

      I agree with you.
      Lao Tzu, 2600 years ago, said: who knows doesn’t speak, who speaks doesn’t know.

      • mewabe

        Thanks Stefano…

    • Hyori

      You claim to be a psychic? Mind if i test you ? Since i have been a child i have had this feelings that have acted has a unreliable “beacon”. Tell me mewabe where is the precise location of that which i seek.

      • mewabe

        Sorry Hyori but I am not into testing. As a matter of fact I do not do any psychic “work” except for myself when my intuition fails and for people who are close to me in extreme cases (illness, etc). Otherwise I prefer using intuition and common sense.

        • hilife

          Intuition is psychic, Mewabe. What a line to give Hyori. Who do you think you’re foolin, kid?

    • Kirsten

      Full agreeance there, Guru Mewabe.
      Far too many crazy pills being consumed, swallowed down with a good dose of ego syrup, with deluded ice. Im good with plain ole educated human! Heck, I cant claim to be Mary, Yshua, Moses, Buddha nor even God, I think I missed the boat somewhere. And the drugs, altho remember we are stoners!
      Im outa here, Ive given up!
      You take care and have a great Christmas (worlds most fattening cake is on the way…Jamacian gold rum, vanilla bean and kosher salt…a customers recipe, but sooooo divine, beats the 5 million fruit cakes I have to decorate hands down. Or hands up, heck, even feet up too I think..all at once).

      • mewabe

        I will enjoy the cake and the extra pounds, I have lost weight working long days and nights lately! Would you like a 3ft plastic Christmas tree from China? (I know, it’s so generous of me!)
        Oh I wasn’t supposed to say Christmas. I have heard that it is offensive in the US. How PC is Kiwiland? How about Bobmas? A Bobmas tree? To celebrate the birth of Bob the street cat?
        I have been here way too long, time to move on…It’s getting too weird, I feel like I am back in LA, the home of the new age never never land that was apparently started there by Shirley MacLaine ages ago.
        Forget the cake and just send the rum!
        Take care Kristen! Have a great Bobmas!
        Guru Mewabodisatva

        • Kirsten

          Did you know name Bob means boy of Rob or something lame. One of my teachers calls me Bob, its our generic name for unidentified people! Not a practising psychic huh, Mr Clear Water (or similar, I forgot wot your guide calls you)!! Well Im Barry Bob actually cos Barry means boy of Harry. Apparently I grew a penis and didnt notice!!!

          My theory is that mediumship, chanelling, depending on psychic skill and the entire new age movement is a big con specifically designed to drive people loopy. Cant be a fluke. Seriously. Look at whats its done to you….you dont drink and a couple of years in here now has you asking for rum! Its all soooo ten years ago, its kind of torture.

          Yup, Im half dead too, working 12 hour days until the 23rd, I look like I still have my Halloween hair and make up on. Really should wash my hair one of these days.

          I do Christmukkah, and Ill allow you to keep your generous tree offer thank you, but you are too kind, and so very sweet for a boy!! My tree is up, presents wrapped, and under it. Ive gone all out this year. Went outside and grabbed a 2′ twiggy tree branch, shoved it in a pot, sprayed it silver with glitter and shoved on 1 bauble that I found in the cat toy basket. Plonked in the middle of the dining room table. Now theres the spirit…a whole ten minutes effort!

          We can say what we want here, no one gives a shirt and we just laugh at precious douchebags. We are even allowed to swear on tv and radio, the full version of Fairytale of New York is always on tbe radio, our pubs are very english/irish. I love it. Dare you to play it really loud and shout the chorus when youve had a rum or 5. Youll get arrested in America. Kiwiland..been snooping have we?!

          Rums on the way, on my privare jet as per usual. Heck, its Christmukkah, Ill even throw in a foil hat with a Christmas bow.

          Take care Guru Chief MewabodiSANTA,

          • mewabe

            The new age…same old dogma in a new attractive packaging.

            For example the old religious dogma (in Protestant America) said that material success was a sign of God’s favor, and failure was the outcome of sin. The new age states that financial failure essentially comes from spiritual ignorance. Very much the same thing…if you loose your job and your house, it’s your fault you ignorant incompetent nincompoop, it is certainly not the fault of the thieves and liars who control the nation (big banks, multi-national corporations and the politicians they buy and own).

            The establishment loves this, it serves it perfectly! Why are such new age ideas are so widely promoted? It’s another way to keep people mentally confused and subdued, and politically impotent.

            Pass the rum…I am looking for a decent coconut tree in a tropical island under which I can sleep most days while the world goes to hell. Selfish? No just aware that humanity is more confused and is crazier than ever. The world is having a high fever, and we just have to wait until it passes. Chicken soup won’t help. 10 000 years might.

            So Bob, you are a boy without the plumbing? Wait, I heard some women can grow all kinds of things after menopause (beards, etc).

            Political correctness…or how to force people to change their language without actually changing their minds or their hearts. Yeah, that should appeal to superficial thinkers worldwide.
            Let’s force undesirable traits (bigotry, racism) underground where they will fester, along with a good dose of resentment…what a great idea!

            Then give these PC controlled people guns (preferably semi-automatic assault rifles, everyone needs at least one of these, especially schizophrenics), an unlimited supply of ammunition, alcohol and psychotropic medications, and step back (way back).

            Swearing on the radio and tv? Don’t you realize how damaging that is to children? Almost as damaging as showing a female nipple. Now there is trauma! Thank God we have endless supplies of gruesome, bloody video games for them to play with, to keep them safe and straight and ready for the military in later years.

            I better go or I am going to channel George Carlin! That definitively wouldn’t be proper here.

            Take care Barry Bob!

          • Kirsten

            Thanks for the menopause reminder, something to look forward to, altho I have decided that middle age spread is another excuse and a myth.
            Ive found my coconut tree. The way Auckland (my city, yes I do own it) is we have lots of little islands off our big little island. Google Kawau Island, Ive decided when my youngest sprog is 20 Im moving out instead of them, and hiding on Kawau Island with no car, no phone, no internet, and people can visit me once a year at Christmukkah for two weeks, then leave taking any kids with them. Sounds fair,
            Of course I want to live in the Mansion House, Ill con my way in to a live in housekeeper position organising Weddings etc.
            I think its a great plan, especially when all the crazies and addicts turn feral soon.
            If you havnt seen the movie The Purge, take a look. Really good concept except I think the writers got it very wrong on who will survive.
            Take care Mewabe Bob (your bits might fall off with male menopause), or you can just bob around in deep water, or be a human bobsled in your next episode of mudslides…heck, any Bobs gotta be a good thing,
            PS I think its Clear Lake or River you are identified by not water. Just go by Bob, sounds very native American!

          • mewabe

            Clear Lake huh? You either have good Spirit connections or you are working for the CIA, or are a great investigator. I can see Clear Lake out of my window! (yes, it’s a natural lake in Northern California. I live 10 minutes away from it…of course it has 7000lbs of mercury at the bottom from the 19th century gold rush, a nice reminder of civilization’s never ending madness).

            Anyway I like water. It’s one of my role model, along with wind and lightening 🙂

            Clearwater was an actual Native American shot in the head through the wall of a church by US government forces during the Wounded Knee takeover in 1973…yes, ancient history.

            No car, no phone, no internet, no tv or radio…in other words paradise! I dream of simplifying my life as well. Already got rid of tv and radio 10 years ago. That was a huge relief. I grew up without tv by the way, one of the lucky few! My parents were against it. Instead I drew and read books, and played outside…can you imagine? That would be child abuse today. Indoctrination can never start too early.

            I will Bob along now, gotta get back to work. Can you feel the enthusiasm?
            Take care Kristbob,

          • Kirsten

            Hahaha, not an investigator, I dont snoop on people, but yup I work for the CIA. Im so far undercover, even I dont know who I work for tho, or what Im meant to do, all I know is they dont pay me, but since I dont know who they are, I cant invoice them. Or plan A, just common old pyschic intuition, I see images or words when I look at names. And years ago I saw Clear Lake or Clear Water as words. I forgot about it til the Bob thing, I assumed it was your Native American name.It probably is…oh hang on, the foil antennae are twitching I have a call, Ill get my crystal ball out, put on a purple velvet dress and light some candles….maybe its a sign for you to stay put and not shift Bob.

            9pm, just in from work after 13hrs, must trot, or canter or something that involves moving. You get back to work painting pretty pictures to sell in Walmart, or have you conformed and taken a real job? Says she who plays with fondant for a job! Maybe Ill want a grown up job when I hit menopause, with my beard and goodness what else I will grow.
            Take care Bobbejaan (look it up),

        • Kirsten

          Hahahaha. My teacher is lurking, I just got corrected, or more they confessed to taking the piss mocking me. Apparently they call me Bob from years ago when I dod those brain tests, on why male and female brains differ. 3 different tests determined I am either a boy or a lesbian. Erm, nope to both! But the name Bob refers to a line off Black Adder of Bob, a boy without a penis or something. Never seen it.
          Im traumatised!

    • hilife

      Hi Mewabe,

      Funny. Funny. Funny. I thought you were one of those um um ya know spiritutal types. You always mention travelling like zooming to one needing healing. That is sort of presuming you are weldome, isn’t it? Zoom time to another who you. .what? how do you know when one needs healing? ARen’t you actually seemingly new agey/metaphysically? The truth is no one is competing. Where do you read that line? Some here desire to get a little green eyed. That is oh so apparent. Why not allow others to blossom as they do and stop with this line of ea ea ea. It’s oh so egoic, don’t you think?

  • Valentin Guevski

    Neale, your Conversations with God series is second to none when it comes to explaining the concept of unconditional love and “the positive” side of duality, but, in my view, falls short of explaining the concept of “evil”. With all my respect to your work, I think there are certain aspects of your channeling that seem “distorted” as follows:

    1. The God/Deity you are channeling is the God of this Universe, who is by no means perfect, but rather an evolving being (evolving towards love).The aspect of the Deity you are communicating with is predominantly the Spirit (The Masculine), and to a much lesser extent the Mother (the Feminine), which makes your material spirit-polarized and to a certain extent insensitive to the full spectrum of feelings and emotions, and the pain and torture felt by the Feminine aspect of the Deity in particular.

    2. The opposite to “love” is not “fear”, but “hatred” – the energy that negates love, beauty and life and wants to destroy and kill those. Statements like “nothing is evil lest thinking make it so” and “negative energy serves as a contextual field” are very spirit-polarized statements that deny the existence of that energy, try to promote the idea that this energy has some “useful” qualities and therefore should co-exist with love in this Universe, and totally neglect the fact that this energy is bringing enormous pain to the Feminine aspect of the Deity and prevents the union between the two aspects of the Deity. The true understanding, in my view, is that evil exists, it does not naturally belong
    to, and its place is not in, this Universe, and the death and destruction it brings has no useful purpose whatsoever. I must admit that long after I started following your work in the early 2000’s, the “contextual field” purpose seemed to me quite reasonable and legitimate (especially when you clarified that it must not necessarily be in you backyard but somewhere else in the Universe),but over time I have increasingly questioned the validity of this statement and now regard it as a deception, a trick used by the unloving parts of the Spirit (see below).

    3. The Spirit aspect of the Deity you are channeling is still fragmented and some parts of it are not guided by love and do not want to achieve a union with the Feminine aspect. People have invented names for those parts – Lucifer and Satan, not recognizing them as parts of the God. but rather some force/energy outside of the God. In your books you are denying their existence, and the more they are denied the more power they get. This is something of extreme importance, and I would like to appeal to your discernment and intuition when receiving the answers to your questions from the Spirit and communicating those to the general public.

    • hilife

      I could not agree more in the statement that evil exists. It is oh so important to recognize that satan is real. We can name it by another name. It is still evil in the most decrepit form possible. nNI never believed in satan. I began following neale’s blogs and books in the 2000’s, too. Never did I really know evil was oh so near me, until I started witnessing. Dear God. Dear God. Evil is not a red capped, horned devil per se. he is not wearing halloweeny costume poer se. It is dim energy visible to a medium in every leaf even. It really is quantum energy, in my view. It is a forced magnetic torque field that moves in a negative spin. We know that God is love and love is only positively spinning. Every atom of every form has a certain spin. This negative torque field moves through objective reality, the material world, 3 d, by lifting whew oh so many negative spins towards the earth field we call physical reality. The magnetic is palpable to a medium. It relaly messes with the conscious level of humankind. I believe that evil is very rampoant and oh so willing to take down pure unconditional love. I think Divine Masculine or what I call FAther God, actually is a union between both a Mother Goddess and a Father God. I believe these two aspects are exactly what is needed to lift the Christ Grid to EArth so more can express heaven rather than the shwe we experience as we read news accounts and such. There is evil, and both are needed to express true paradise. That’s my view. Thanks for sharing this most important view here. hi ho he what a statement

    • Patrick Gannon

      All this talk of gods for whom not a shred of objective, empirical evidence exists.

      • Hyori

        People have the need to believe that them and their loved ones survive physical death so they dont want evidences that prove the opposite idea.

        • Patrick Gannon

          I know. The question is how to get people to question beliefs that have become a large part of how people identify their very selves.

          I could be wrong, but I think the human brain “knows” that it does not have any evidence of gods & an afterlife. We all know there is no evidence – but then we lie to ourselves and say we “believe” in this, that or the other god. I can’t help but wonder what that does to our brain. It now has to keep track of “truth” – our ignorance. The brain does not know if there is any god or afterlife, but now it also has to keep track of the lie – the belief, the thing we tell ourselves is true, but which contradicts that which we know is true. How can that be healthy for the brain and the consciousness that arises from it?

          • gaion

            Self is much bigger than your physical brain. We have a big brain over a little brain, and that’s in neale’s books even. We have a soul over the soul. That’s in neale’s books, so do you truly believe a physical brain “knows” more than an over God Mind or brain over brain, soul over soul? That’s really what it boils down to. You either have belief in something grander than your little body or not. We probably will just not agree on anything here at all. And, by the way, consciousness is the Mind of God or Oversoul. It is MInd and Space that houses all bodies except the fear mind or dimness visible. A physical brain is nothing to god except a tool, but tools can be replaced in a blink of an eye. God just replaces it. That’s all. We don’t need much when we are aligned with spiritual essence. Essence is what God is in the highest.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Thank you Gaion, but I don’t suppose you have a scintilla of evidence to support all that, do you? Someone told you all these things about souls, and God Mind and Oversouls, without offering you any evidence, right?

            If you do some serious research you’ll discover that science is providing more and more evidence that the consciousness is a product of the brain. There are experiments that illustrate that the brain makes decisions before the conscious self is aware of having made the decisions. The brain can be manually stimulated to produce out of body experiences – and none of these ever result in people seeing items placed up high out of normal sight. We’re learning that hallucinations and visions are the result of the memory being multiplexed or mixed into the real-time sensory input we have from our other senses.

            What if Neale and all the other religionists are wrong? What if this is all there is? What if we have no expectation of a life beyond the one we have now? Would we live our lives differently if we knew this to be true? Would we be worse because we know there’s no penalty (Neale also teaches that there are no penalties in his afterlife)? Would we act better and live life more fully because we’d know we don’t get a do-over?

            What if there is no god, no afterlife, no consciousness that survives the brain? How does such a possibility make you feel?

          • gaion

            Hi Patrick,

            No. No. NO. No. I actually had a similar experience to Neale. myne happened in 2000. His? I don’t know. It was actually near that time frame. hmmm I was given the message to go to Neale Donald Walsch on internet. At that time, I never longed to be on internet and refused. 2007 came and message in bottle said “Go to Neale’s wall. It’s time.” So, I went. Wow Love and Peace for a long time brought me nothing but nothing oh my god. oh my god. No guru for me. No. I have evidence, but it is myne only. You seem to presume a lot about others’ experiences. We only experience that which we know to be true. If you don’t witness magic happening, then it’s really not you. We get what we need when we need it. That’s divine timing for ya. Adios Amigos Whew

        • hilife

          Do you have evidence that we don’t survive death? I’m not sure what you are saying here? It doesn’t really fit with the argument being proposed here at all. What do you mean to say about loved ones not surviving death? MOst Christians believe that there is life after death. So, do you follow Neale’s blogs because you are believing he spoke to God who believes in life everlasting in a home that never ends? If so, how does this logically fit? I don’t get your post at all here.

          • Hyori

            I dont believe Neale beliefs per say but i do believe in understanding of others and love. What i meant in my previous lost is that people aren’t intrested in finding out that their belief is misalined with reality. I imagine most people want to survive death.
            Bringing them proof that this would be inacurate would trigger their ignorance or desire to seek flaws in the contradictary beliefs.

          • hilife

            When you say “misaligned with reality,” what do you mean? Reality is actually dependinet upon the observer. Reality is a big thing, so real life is up for debate, actually, isn’t it? Are you aware that the idea that a train travels through a space and meets a person travelling faster than the speed of light? All of that is quantum. If you do not allow for quantum to exist, then you shouldn’t really talk to me at all. We don’t agree on the fundamental basics. Isee quantumly. I think quantumly. I am quantum energy and am aware of others as whew quantum. Not all quantum is of the light. Some is actaully not so bright. This energy moves inward to others as an urge, a false throught form. Do you acknowledge thought forms exist? If not, we don’t need to converse any more, do we?

          • Hyori

            From my knowledge thinking that x is y wont change x status to y.

          • hilife

            Interesting. x and y as in chromosome 🙂 x can’t change into y unless by surgery, i guess, but x is really y when they come already hi hi hi life. At any rate, what do you mean by “thinking x is y wont change x status to y”? status? what do you mean by status? status means “the relative social, professional, or other standing of someone or something”. Why all the talk about standing, competition. Who is so jealous of one person’s status that they try to locate them in all life? green eyed snake? wow what a thing to quote. whew the truth is thinking is not how one acquires a thing. That’s matter not. That’s mind . .not really. . it’s actually mumbo jumbo attempting to careen in on true life. .matter over mind is how arc covenants act in life. We matter it with our heart. Mind over matter is not really the true mind we speak about. It is a conscious mind, an egoic line, an attempt to think one’ sself to another rung up a corporate ladder. yeah. weirdness. Plain weirdness indeed.

          • Hyori

            When i say misaligned im referring to the face that you cannot boil water with your though no matter how long you try to think that.

          • gaion

            Magic happens when we least think, in my view. We witness as we are. If one is whew aligned with the highest, then one witnesses wow and whoa oh so much i cannot even count. If one is not witnessing, then so be it. It only means one is not it. Have a good night.

      • hilife

        Empirical evidence is not all there is. Empirical evidence is merely acquired by those who create experiement in a laboratory to collect data they can observe using five senses merely. We don’t pretend to ignore Quantum Physics here, do we? Quantum Energy is real, and it only requires an observer looking at it, in order to change it.

        • Patrick Gannon

          You, like Deepak Chopra and NDW, have an incorrect understanding of quantum mechanics. It is the act of measuring that causes the wave function to collapse. Do you know what that means? Google “deepak-chopra-mangles-quantum-mechanics-again” to perhaps get a better idea of the real science. Here’s part of it:

          “Chopra is referring to the wave-particle duality of matter, quantum entanglement, and the uncertainty principle – but he gets them profoundly wrong. First he makes the common mistake of interpreting the collapse of the wave function as being dependent on an observer, which is false. QM states that light, electrons, and all fundamental particles exist not as discrete point particles, but spread out as a wave. We can only describe the probability that they will be in a specific place at any moment, and that probability is the wave function. Particles, when free from interactions with other matter, actually behave like waves (see the double slit experiments).

          But when a particle (whether of photon of light or an electron) interacts with other stuff they are no longer spread out but collapse down to a point particle. This is the wave-particle duality of matter. The collapse to a particle, however, is not dependent on any observer – just interaction with other stuff. No observer is necessary. When a photon from the sun strikes the earth and its energy is absorbed by a leaf on a tree in the middle of the jungle, it collapses to a particle. The same is true when it strikes a dead rocky asteroid out in space. Consciousness, and even life, is not necessary.”

          • hilife

            I didn’t read Chopra closely at all actually. I don’t read many gurus at all any longer. Believe me, I am my own guru. Thank God I got over that one pronto. You do realize that photons are light and light behaves as a wave and as a particle and does so simultaneously. You do realize that life is light, or do you? I don’t think you can predict what happens at all if you don’t know that much, but when All Life comes through and all life acts on a single point in time and space as light and divides dim or dark energy from light, then we get life as home in a love that never ends, a home in God in a life that always gives love to life and life to love.

            All Life is God. God does divide light from dark, thank God. God is all life and oh so many as All Life, not just a little leaf in a jungle in the middle of the night, shall come forth and act as a wave and oh so many particles in motion to divide dim from light. Let’s just say life is oh so ready, oh so ready to act, and to act as both wave and particle simultaneous whew combustion and quantum acting as both a point and a wave as they move through time and space simultaneous bringing life to light and light to love. Observer is necessary to alter the course of a particle as you know from those double slit experiments, right? That is what that said, remember? When an observer observes the particle in motion, the course of the particle changed. That itself shows that the observer affects life. I guess it depends on the observer. The observer matters. That’s true. It depends on the observer as to what one is able to witness. Witnessing is powerful but only when one is of life, light, love. Depending upon what and who we are talking about, some aren’t aware enough to witness and others are. Those who look at strange phenomenon witness change before the very eye itself, physical I mean, literal eye itself. The eye is quicker than a blink if it is a grand eye indeed. It will take many to alter the course of life itself with such dimness around this 3 d earth. Life courses in and out of all planes, all dimensions of all life as we witness here. We impact in and out of all life as we little things witness. Yayuh Yayuh That’s quantum for ya 🙂

  • hilife

    Here here is one final line from one hot mama whew it’s final, final, final. Hi that’s it. forevermore to evermore whew Life, we are finally complete. we are done, done, done, and nothing more is needed. Just use one pink boogey on ’em and that oughtta do it. hi hi hi ho ho ho and a Mary Christmas to you ho ho o o o and all that ryne and roses for you 🙂 🙂

  • mewabe

    A lot of ideas and beliefs are being discussed here. Evil exists…evil does not exist, etc.

    But there is one thing blatantly missing.

    A couple of days ago I saw a video showing a member of the Islamic State (you must have heard of them, those people who play soccer with the severed heads of their victims and who think that being an apostate is a crime punishable by death). He was doing the usual ranting and raging in front of the gang of followers, saying how they would bring death and destruction to America and Europe.

    At some point he actually said that he would make our children orphan as we have made theirs orphans. And at that precise moment he broke down for a few seconds. He hid his face and cried for a few seconds. Can you believe it? A member of Daesh crying? Then he composed himself and raged even more, trying to salvage what was left of his manhood and yelling for victory over America, brandishing his M16.

    And there was a demonstration of what is missing EVERYWHERE in the world, including here. Simple and direct opportunities for healing, for the individual and the world, are disregarded and trashed every day. Instead, we take refuge in our heads and get obsessed with and hypnotized by ideas, beliefs, concepts that have NOTHING to do with who we are inside, and that act to further suppress our true feelings and nature.

    This guy, this member of the Islamic State, opened the door, for one minute, on his inner truth, which was PAIN, SORROW, an inner WOUND. But because the world understands nothing about pain and how to heal the heart, he closed the door on himself and on any possibility of healing very quickly, as does 99% of humanity every day. He chose rage and hatred instead, which are a lot safer to express than actual pain, because expressing pain makes you look sensitive and vulnerable, and we can’t have that, particularly in patriarchal cultures.

    When the heart opens, there is THE opportunity to change the world FROM THE INSIDE OUT, one person at a time. Every tears that falls is as another step towards sanity. Every tears that is suppressed, every painful feeling that is denied is as another step towards insanity. This, by the way, is why women are usually more sane than men, as they allow themselves to feel and express their emotions to a greater extent.

    When humanity finally understands this, we might see real change. Ideas won’t get us there, they are merely distractions from the real issue, which is: are we, or are we not, able to love? Can we admit that we are not, and do something to REGAIN this childlike innate ability?

    Or are we just going to keep throwing ideas, beliefs, concepts and bullets and bombs at each other?

    Love is, as it has always been, the issue. Real love, not a concept of love such as religious individuals, among others, mistakenly define. Love is a FEELING, neither a concept nor a belief. You either have it or you don’t. If you don’t, chances are your actions will be destructive and hurtful.

    • Stephen mills

      You need to reprint this brother and send it to every Newspaper ,Radio and Television Station .It is showing Pure Humanity to Humanity you can do nothing more !

      We are all crying ,our hearts broken by the madness of it all .To be a healer we have to ask the questions “what hurts you so much that you feel you have to hurt me to heal it”

      As has been said many times .Nobody does anything wrong given there model of the world.They feel they have a valid understanding of why they are acting that way .
      We now can understand why it is valid and as Neale says be ready to say The Nine Words That Could Heal the World .

      “I can understand how you could feel that way ”

      Blessings to you .

      • mewabe

        Thank you Stephen!

    • Patrick Gannon

      Let’s say you have stated the problem correctly. How then do we increase love? What is preventing love from being exercised in the first place?

      I agree that love is a feeling – probably one brought on by the delivery of various chemicals and electrical impulses by the brain in response to certain stimuli. How do we get those brains to dump this chemical and turn things around, by acting with more of the patience, empathy and care which is brought on by the delivery of those chemicals and electrical impulses? What’s holding it up?

      I go back to my basic premise. People are nuts because they have put their brains into a conflict. Their brains know beyond any doubt that they have no knowledge of gods or afterlives, but I suggest that these people who don’t express love, have introduced a conflict into their brains by saying they believe this, that or the other thing. I suggest that this sets up the internal conflict that makes people operate in the way you describe, Mewabe. I suggest that the problem is beliefs.

      • Hyori

        The truth is that if you will tell a stranger that you love him/her without any reason and you would feel true love their most likely respond would be that the person confessing their love is crazy. Ive seen culture’s where this respons dosen’t exist but for most this is the prime directive.

      • hilife

        a chemical reaction is oh so viewed by all life. Do you know about biology, too? It seems you and Mewabe presume to be psychologists, biologists, evolutionaryists or what have you. What are your credentials anyhoo. .both of you I speak to here. Mewabe, I used to believe you were oh so spiritiual. From your posts, you seem to be a bit egoic. . always mentioning “the competition.” Why do you care when one who meets to heal another about . .what do you mean by competition, anyhoo? No true healer really gives a rip when another receives an upgrade, do they? You seem to care about competition a lot. Why? What is this talk about dumping the chemical, Patrick? Do you mean anyone should dump a chemical that created love in the brain? I didn’t get that. Could you go into detail a bit more, please?

    • Hyori

      Im curious about beliefs. In my country flowers are given in even numbers only to the dead. If someone give even numbers to a person in my country its considered a major offense and that person most likely will never speak to you again. Im curious are in your countries similar beliefs. I guess that if humans could meet half way peace would be inevitable.

      • hilife

        This seems like an ol’ wives tale. Do you seriously believe that giving flowers in odd numbers is . .what? evil or bad luck? I don’t understand this at all. What do you mean? It’s confusing. It doesn’t really fit here, does it?

        • Hyori

          I know somebody who has given odd numbers of flowers and labeled crazy for that blunder. I really love him and it pisses me off that such a thing has happened.

          • hilife

            Even numbers for the dead? crazy? How odd? What a belief. Ah well, I just bought three roses today. I guess I’m good on that account 🙂

      • mewabe

        Most beliefs are irrational, having no connection to reality. There is however much truth to the saying that “your beliefs create your reality”, or at least if they do not create them they contribute to shaping our experiences.

  • hilife

    A lot of people are claiming evil exists on earth, a lot of people are understanding that Life is more than what we see in physicality, right Neale? I mean you claim to have had a voice in your ear speak to you literal, I mean, and those here believe in only materialism? That, I don’t understand. I would think that more here who follow your blog would believe in more than mere empiricism, don’ you think. Empiricism is merely observation through the five senses. That’s the general concept among academics. We, here, know that there is oh what is the phrase you are fond of repeating. . oh so more, Horatio, than what the world has dreamt. That is true. We agree. There is so mucvh more to life than what the world has dreamt. Yet, evil is quantum, too. That’s what the world doesn’t get. It’s up for debate. Do we believe for a second that the events in the news stations that are oh so horrific–the bombings, the shootings, and all of that rot–is someone going bonkers for nothing? It’s really quantum that we speak about when we speak about evil, devil, not red capped, of course, but devil nonetheless. Devil to me is a cute word, and there is nothing cute about dim energy acting on consciousness of mankind, consciousness that has been infiltered by pure evil. It does happen. We have seen it every time we see a psychotic go ballistic and shoot up a mall or a bomber threaten innocents. All of those incidents are created by a satanic dim energy that acts quantumly. Some here spoke about it. Some here know how this dim energy infilters into physicality because they wrote about it. They match it. They match points, object to object, name to name, they thought, but that intent is known to God, and it never really reaches a true arc. Let it be known that quantuym en energy is also the light, and the light is lifting all mankind to know light begins to meet a state of awareness called life in a home of love everlasting, life from life, true god from true god and all that good stuff spoken of in the bible. Psychics Neale speaks about. Some here believe only physical life? How weird. How weird that a man claiming to have God speak through his ear and write through his hand and write it up in many books taking many dollars with it at every bookstore in the land cannot create more on this blog stating God is love and evil is fear and never do the two mix. Why is it so many deny God exists, deny quantum energy is real and empiricism is all there is. Aren’t these ones finally following something they aren’t? Why? Weird. Plain Weird. That’s all folks. pu pu pu

    • Patrick Gannon

      Using words like “quantum” improperly makes you look foolish to those who have more understanding of the concept.

      A psychotic, is not infected with evil, or quantum effects – they have a dysfunctional brain.

      There is as much evidence for the devil as there is for a deity – NONE. That consciousness is a function of the brain continues to gain real evidence.

      • hilife

        Excuse me, Patrick. Do you have a math degree? I do. I know a little physics. Quantum is consciousness, okay? Quantum is not empirical, okay? We do know from Physics experiments that merely observing a particle will alter the course of a particle. That’s quantum for ya. Do know that I am not stupid or silly, okay?

        • Hyori

          “Let go go and let god heal”
          This reminds me of a George Carlin joke. A ill patient says to George: God loves me and God will heal me. To whom George replies: If God loves you how come he made you sick in the first place?

        • Hyori

          There is no proof in what you are saying about quantum stuff. I might as well say that God is a spaghetti meatball monster and we would have the same amount of proof. ZERO

          • gaion

            What quantum stuff are you referring to, Hyori? I left because I am tired of blogging. What were you referring to?

          • Hyori

            This discussion has no purpouse. You will keep believing in your thoughts and I in mine.So there is no further reason to go on.

          • gaion

            If you didn’t want to have a discussion about “quantum stuff” then why comment at all to me. Just don’t talk. How about that?

          • Hyori

            Cause scientists have said again and again that quantum theory isnt complete. Snake oils have used quantum hogwash to sell their books and products without any proof to their claims.

          • gaion

            Which quantum theorem are you referring to, Hyori? Are you sure you’re truly desiring a conversation, or is this snake oil, too? Which is it?

          • Hyori

            I believe Patrick has given you a far more better answer than what i could come up with.

          • gaion

            i don’t even know what you are talking about. If you think Patrick gave a better answer, then why are you responding here now? It does not make sense, does it? I really don’t wish to dialogue with you at all. In fact, that’s why I left. If you don’t have anything to say, then don’t say it. If you want to talk true dialogue, speak it, else don’t respond to me.

          • Hyori

            I responded because i believed it was the right thing to do. Whatever !

          • gaion

            You did respond, but with what information? Nothing new for the conversation. I don’t enjoy nothingness. I rather like I amness. Whew Whatever is fine, too

      • gaion

        Patrick, what credentials do you have to ascertain my awareness of um anything? Do you have a science degree at all? As far as evidence goes, the real medal is in the movement from here to there. If you witness a movement from here to there, you actually do not need evidence such as mankind has dreamt. If you are I am, then you witness movement in a blink of an eye. That sort of movement is quantum, and that is just what is. Quantum energy is a part of the new physics. Emperical evidence, that which is ascertained by witnessing through the five senses, commonly known to commoners, is oh so trite. We have grown since then. What do you know about quantum energy? anything? And, if so, what is your credential? Do you have a science degree at all? Just asking.

        • Patrick Gannon

          I suspect, Gaion, due to reading a number of books and articles on the subject, that I know more about what quantum mechanics is, than you. I could be wrong, but your use of the term does not mesh with the science as I understand it. I’ve read Tyson, Michio Kaku, Lee Smolin, Lawrence Krause, Max Tegmark, Robert Lanza, Leonard Susskind, and others. I think it would be fair to call myself an amateur scientist. The books and articles I have read about quantum mechanics were written by scientists, rather than New Agers. .

          Let’s start with “quantum energy.” This is not a scientific term. This term is found in New Age sites. The only scientific use of the term I found was in relation to a teleportation theory, for which there is no experimental evidence thus far. There are sites that try to convince you to buy Tesla machines that generate so-called “quantum energy,” but this is all nonsense, otherwise Nobel prizes would have been awarded, and someone would be getting rich selling these things.

          What exactly do you mean by the “new physics?” What does that mean to you? I know what it refers to when used by scientists, but what does that term mean to you? It’s a term that applies to the attempt to bring the standard model into unity with gravity, quantum mechanics, dark matter and dark energy, relativity, and so on. It’s a real thing that has nothing to do with New Age quantum woo.

          No empirical evidence is not trite. It is the foundation for most of our real knowledge, without which you would not be posting on the internet.

          • gaion

            um. . oh dear. . .we do meet again, dear Patrick. I am a little tired. I’m tired of explaining God to you. I am tired of explaining my belief about woo woo. Actually, you are on a woo woo blog, ya know. Why? That’s just me. I just wonder, ya know.. .why you even follow this blog. You seem .adversity.. .um. .actually, just downright against it all. I am speaking here of explaining physics. Alright, PHysics. First, physics is oh so fascinating to me. I actually use a lot of intuition in physics. Actually, my college Physics professor did, too. He took me to his office after i aced the big final when all the. . well, um. .they are all doctors and engineers now, and he said to me, “Please major in this. Please go into Physics. I don’t know but you are a natural at this subject. You were the only one to make an A. Even the dean of the department made a C on it. No lie. You seem to have so much intuition about it.” So you can say what you want about me and physics. .I don’t care, but the term quantum energy is real. I’m not bragging, but I know a little. Physics is not merely viewed through eye, physical, brain, physical. . .and all that. In fact, we are not merely physical beings. On that point alone, we don’t share much in common, patrick. Quantum Energy is real. Here is the book definition from mhy own physics book on my own shelf. Whew There are some constants like um that go with some quantum discussions. Now, it looks like a funny word, and, yet, it is real. There are manhy here who actually get that download. Hmmm Here are some more from those here who think they are sly. .HaHaHa that is oh so been done, and, yes, Virginia, that is quantum download to some. Many on Neale’s blog do get that quantum energy download. So, when we see Hahaha we don’t always get the same message, do we? We sometimes get one thing, and sometimes we get another. It depends on the viewer. That’s quantum physics for ya. So, let me get my book and I will deliver the quote. Here ya go: Bang bang maxwell silver dollar. . you remember that song? Ok. Here’s another. Planck and that constant. . .well, light has been around a lot longer than 19th century when Planck and Maxwell were discussed in theory. . Physics is evolving, ya know? Those woo woo New Agers you keep ridiculing are real doctors, uya know? Some of them actually are doctors. If you aren’t woo woo and you aren’t new ager, what are you on this blog for?

          • Patrick Gannon

            You failed to explain what quantum energy was. You brought up a new term, “quantum download,” which is actually a software package. Nothing you said here convinces me that you understand physics to any great degree, and particularly quantum physics.