The question of the year

So here we go again. Here we are once more, at the Starting Gate on a New Year. Here we stand even as we have stood before at the dawn of another Life Cycle. And these days, these times, will go by as fast as the last year has flown. Before we know it, it will be January two-thousand-seventeen. A whole year will have passed — again.

So what can we do in this blink-of-an-eye that we call a year? What can we be in this blink-of-an-eye we call a life? That is the question that Life Itself places before us. And we don’t have that much time left in which to answer it. It is as my wonderful life companion and wife, American poet Em Claire, wrote in her work entitled Precious Occurrence.

I am a precious occurrence,

and I don’t have long.

We are a precious occurrence.

And as long as we think we have,

we don’t have long.

Too much time is being spent


from face to face

asking, “What is my name?”

If you don’t yet know it,

or if you’ve forgotten,

then become still, go within

and answer it.

You are a Precious Occurrence:

Tell Us your name.

(From the volume Home Remembers Me
Copyright © 2013 by Em Claire)

I have learned across the span of my 72 twelve-month cycles on this planet that every year can seem like a tiny moment — and every tiny moment can seem like a year. How I experience Time depends on what I am doing with it.

I can pack more meaning, more of what is truly important in life, in five minutes or five hours of intentioned, focused activity than I can in five days or five weeks of lollygagging around. All of us have had this experience. All of us know exactly what I am talking about.

The trick, then, to making 2016 meaningful will be to make it purposefulAnd the trick to making it purposeful will be to decide on your purpose for every moment ahead of time.

As I said — and I can guarantee this — 2016 will go by so fast, you won’t even know what happened. Not, that is, unless you decide right now, ahead of time, what you want to have happen. Aand why.

That is the value of New Year’s resolutions. They help us to become aware of why we want these next 12 months to be visited upon us, of how we want these next 52 weeks to be used, of wherewe want these next 330+ days to take us, of what we want these next 8,000+ hours to produce, of whether we want these next 480,000+ minutes to add anything of lasting value and spiritual importance to our lives and to the lives of others.

We have something on the order of 28 million seconds that will be gifted to us by life in these upcoming minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. Which of these seconds will be spend on things that don’t matter, and thus squandered, and which will be devoted to the Agenda of the Soul, and thus most valuably and wondrously and Divinely used will be up to you — and is being decided by you even now; even in the moment that you are reading this.

What will you spend your time on in 2016? And why?

I want to offer one of the most important books I have even read on this subject. It is titled The Only Thing That Matters. Its begins with this:

Dear Companion on the Journey: It is wonderful that you have come here.

There is something you wish to know and something you wish to do, and Life understands this. That is why you are reading this.

Here is what you wish to know…

98% of the world’s people
are spending 98% of their time
on things that don’t matter.

You have been part of that 98%. Now you are no longer. From this day forward you choose to spend your time on The Only Thing That Matters. The question is, what is that?

Here is what you wish to do…

Find your answer to that question.

This requires a deep exploration of the Self. You are in the right place for such an important and remarkable undertaking. Trust that. If you weren’t in the right place to find your answer, you would not be here. Do not think you have come to this book by chance.

Do not think that.

Think this: My Soul knows exactly what it is doing. 

Also, think this: My Soul already knows what really matters.

So it is not a question of “finding” that answer, it is a question of remembering. It is not a process of discovery, it is a process of recovery. This data does not have to be researched, it merely has to be retrieved.


And the book goes on from there. I commend it to your reading. Especially and particularly at this moment when the New Year is beginning, I invite you to explore this book’s contents. They can change your life.  If you have an interest, you may find it here.

In the meantime, as you step off into another 12-month Cycle of Life, may God’s blessings be experienced by you and flow through you all the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds ahead. May Time be simply a measure of how much Divinity has been expressed in this Universe through the Individuation known as You.

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  • Francisco Morfi

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I like the way you broke down the year in seconds; it kind of invites you to look at the year closer as it magnifies its span in manageable sections of time. So let’s live them intentionally and purposefully for each other.

  • A true friend

    I wish everyone the best.

    • Awareness

      Best wishes to you A true friend 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Patrick Gannon

    “I want to offer one of the most important books I have even (sic) read on this subject. It is titled The Only Thing That Matters.”

    Hunh? Neale, you wrote that book. You need to do a little better job of proofreading. I assume you meant to say it is one of the most important books you have ‘ever written.’

    Whether there actually is a soul or not, is the real issue. I trust science will help us understand consciousness enough to determine this one way or the other, at some point in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile it’s all just playing pretend.

  • Ralph March

    The Only Thing that matters.
    I would imagine that Neale intended to say “ever read”. One of the main points of the CWG books is that Neale Walsch believes and millions of his readers believe that that series of books stem from a continuing conversation with that which we call God or All That Is. Therefore he is only the author of one side of the conversation and even that is debatable.
    I am sure that Neale would be one of the first to say that if he can do it, anyone can do it.


    • Patrick Gannon

      Who would say that about his own book? I wonder if someone is ghost-writing his columns, and it was a slip by the ghost-writer.

  • Awareness

    Just before going to sleep yesterday, I felt inspired to open the book “The Vortex” by Esther and Jerry Hicks and saw the following:

    “The message that you want to convey to the others with whom you are co-creating is this I will never hold you responsible for the way I feel. I have the power to focus myself into alignment with my source, and therefore I have the power to keep myself feeling good. If that is your true intention, then you have discovered the path, the only path, to true freedom and true happiness. But if your happiness is dependent upon the intentions or beliefs or behaviours of any others, you are trapped, for you cannot control any of that.” – Abraham (SOURCE ENERGY!) channelled by Esther Hicks 🙂

    After I finished reading it and strongly felt it’s meaning, I decided to close it and as I was about to put it away I saw on the back cover of another book the message “Let it be” 🙂 The connection was perfect and clear to me 🙂 The second book with the message “Let it be” on it’s back cover was by Susie Pearl and titled “Instructions for Happiness and Success” 🙂

    I enjoyed the synchronicity and perfection and decided to share this here 🙂

    The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • mewabe

      Yes, in other words, your first or main connection or relationship must be with the Source, or the universe or cosmos, or All That Is, or Life, you cannot ask another to be your God or your Devil, no matter how much you wish they were.

      But when we can no longer blame another nor blame a God or a Devil for unpleasant experiences, it is then that we grow up and learn the creative power of self-responsibility. Responsibility is the hardest lesson for most of humanity to learn, as it is for children.

      • Awareness

        Thank you mewabe 🙂 Responsibility is recommended 🙂 My suggestion is that ALL of humanity let go of ALL Religions and return to the HEART, the Source within 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

        • mewabe

          That would be good 🙂

  • Ralph March

    “I will never hold you responsible for the way I feel. I have the power to focus myself into alignment with my source, and therefore I have the power to keep myself feeling good.”

    I am not sure if I sometimes hold someone else responsible for the way I feel but as, most of the time, I feel content and thankful, it may not matter much.

    However, I do find it difficult not to feel responsible for the way my wife feels, quite often.

    Maybe some of us grew up believing that part of the male role is to make their wife happy.

    What I do know, with great certainty is the value of the Law of Gratitude or as I call it, an attitude of gratitude.

    There have been many times I have got through a difficult situation by thanking that which I call God for the situation and beyond all reason, the situation turned round.

    • Awareness

      Does your partner hold you responsible for her happiness? Below is some more information from the book “The Vortex” regarding the situation you mention:

      “If you see it as your job to keep your partner happy, and so you work hard and behave in ways that please your mate, you are actually setting your mate up for ultimate unhappiness because you are training that person to look to you and your behaviour in order to feel good rather than seeking personal alignment with Source. And no matter how good you are at pleasing, and no matter how hard you try, you do not make a good substitute for your partner’s alignment with Source.” – Abraham (SOURCE ENERGY!) channelled by Esther Hicks 🙂

      An attitude of Gratitude is recommended 🙂 From my understanding, the feeling of Gratitude removes resistance and allows you to SEE the solution 🙂

      The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Ralph March

    *I asked God, years ago during the earlier years of my conversation, What can we do to heal our world? And God replied…

    “Give glory to your God by giving glory to each other. See God in everyone, and help everyone see God in themselves. End your divisions and your rivalries, your competitions and your battles, your wars and all your killing forever. End it. Put an end to it. All civilized societies finally do.*

    This is a quote from the last few pages of The Storm before the Calm.

    Many people tell me that the world does not need healing. Everything is as it should be.

    I think this may be right in the sense that maybe we come into this world to put right our own mistakes. If we had made no mistakes we would not be able to put them right..

    I sense that we are here to learn how to trust that which I think of as God, more. To be continually allowing God to take over more and more of our lives. If we could see the world as it will be if it becomes the perfection that many of us hope for, we would have less cause to continually trust in God.

    Without unhappiness, we would have little need to seek happiness.

    However, I do not think that the world needs to be the living hell that it is for most people for us to have an opportunity to want to trust in God but I see no chance of an idyllic world coming about unless we do trust in God to help us bring it about..

  • mewabe

    “A kind f waking trance I have frequently had, quite up from boyhood, when I have been all alone. This has generally come upon me thro’ repeating my own name two or three times to myself silently, till all at once, as if it were out of the intensity of the consciousness of individuality, the individuality itself seemed to dissolve and fade away into boundless being, and this is not a confused state, but the clearest of the clearest, the surest of the surest, the weirdest of the weirdest, utterly beyond words, where death was almost a laughable impossibility, the loss of personality (if so it were) seeming no extinction but the only true life.”
    Alfred Lord Tennyson
    A Memoir by His Son.

    Comment on the above paragraph:
    “This is the sense of the fundamental tenet of Hinduism, Tat tam asi-you are THAT (i.e., “that subtle Being of which this whole universe is composed).”
    Alan Watts
    Does it Matter?

  • mewabe

    The light came through the window
    Straight from the sun above
    And so inside my little room
    There plunged the rays of love

    In streams of light I clearly saw
    The dust you seldom see,
    Out of which the nameless makes
    A name for one like me

    I’ll try to say a little more
    Love went on and on
    Until it reached an open door
    Then love itself
    Love itself was gone

    All busy in the sunlight
    The flecks did float and dance
    And I was tumbled up with them
    In formless circumstance

    I’ll try to say a little more
    Love went on and on
    Until it reached an open door
    Then love itself
    Love itself was gone

    Then I came back from where I’d been
    My room, it looked the same
    But there was nothing left between
    The nameless and the name

    All busy in the sunlight
    The flecks did float and dance
    And I was tumbled up with them
    In formless circumstance

    I’ll try to say a little more
    Love went on and on
    Until it reached an open door
    Then love itself
    Love itself was gone

    Love itself
    Love itself was gone

    Leonard Cohen

  • mewabe

    Lay under a tree in the grass in the summertime, looking up at the light dancing though the leaves above, and have this thought: that you are a human expression of the earth itself…you are the earth having a human experience. All of the sudden, you might feel and realize that you BELONG here and now! If you hold this thought and replace the earth with the entire cosmos, the universe, you will feel and have the insight that you belong everywhere at once and exist throughout time. You are all that is. You will then know that this is the real Self, and that your true name is paramatman or brahman, the Self of all selves in Hinduism. When you feel this for extended periods of time throughout your entire being, from head to toe and within your every cell, you will be transformed from the inside out, and you will remember your name.

    But you will have to be willing to let go of your mask or personae first, you will have to be willing to die in a way, to let the illusions of the separate ego die, in order to be reborn as who you really are…and that means loosing control, one of the most difficult thing human have to learn, particularly in western cultures.