The question of the century:

The world has never been in more turmoil than it is today. Individual lives have never felt more tenuous. The Human Journey has never seemed more senseless.

What is the point of all this?, human beings are asking themselves. Why bother living if it’s just about encountering saddening and upsetting, unraveling and upheaving experiences at every turn?

Are we really nothing more than a species of sentient beings run amok, blowing up H-bombs under the ground to prove our invincibility, ending people’s lives by injection to demonstrate our righteousness, allowing hundreds of the world’s children to die of starvation every hour as we defend a global economy that benefits one-tenth of the planet’s population?

Have we so lost our collective mind as to think that the way to stop gun violence is for everybody in the world to carry a gun?

Have we so lost our collective will as to find no way to stop war to this very day, creating refugee crises rendering millions homeless?

Have we so lowered our collective standards as to find it actually preferable for divisiveness, rudeness, insults and tasteless verbal bullying to become the hallmark of political leadership?

Is this what we have come to? Gun-toting, fist-pumping, verbal-bashing, jaw-jutting, loud-mouthed intimidators and strong-armed tyrants daring anyone to stand up for what is gentle, peaceful, and loving?

Apprehension and fear, uncertainty and frustration have never been more keenly or deeply felt by more people in more of the moments of their lives than they are on this day. At this writing these emotions are driving the election cycle in the United States, they are driving the violence seen the world over, and they are driving a hole though the collective heart of humanity.

Is there nothing to be done? Are our individual, personal lives to be nothing but a series of the best responses we can muster to the worst-case scenarios we encounter?

I want to suggest that it doesn’t have to be this way. I want to suggest that there is a path out of this box canyon into which we seem to have collectively trudged — or been herded.

The answer is to collectively express, to the degree that it is humanly possible, our True Identity. Life is inviting us to announce and declare, express and experience, become and fulfill the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we’ve held about Who We Are.

We are told in Conversations with God that we are, each of us, Individuations of The Divine. If this is true, our current days and times are providing us with an opportunity to demonstrate Divinity.

It will not be easy. It is not even easy in our own kitchen, in our own living room, in our own bedroom, much less in the wider arena that we call our own world. Yet we are assured that it is possible. Others have done it. And many others have moved toward it. And even the attempt to offer this demonstration — even getting one quarter of the way there…one sixth of the way there…one tenth of the way there…one one-hundreth of the way there — could change the world.

Should we accept this invitation, from this day forward the question “But what can anyone do?” can be rendered null and void. There wold then be only one question remaining. “Will we do it?”

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  • Francisco Morfi

    Every day I try to be part of that response, but I get sidetracked often times. I keep on trucking; I feel the urge, I have the drive and I move on. Blessings. Join in.

  • mewabe

    There is really no other choice, if you are conscious.

    However, according to psychics, to ancient myths, to science (DNA bottleneck and other signs of past global disasters) and even to remote viewers, we have been there before, on the brink of mass extinction and destruction.

    It seems that very advanced civilizations, some even more advanced than ours, were destroyed in the past, by the same abuses and foolishness as we witness today.

    Are we learning anything from these cycles of creation and destruction? Are we, in the long run, moving forward or backward? That is the question…

    Most (either spiritual or more scientifically inclined) would wish to think that we are evolving. I am not so sure. I think we are experimenting, as is all of nature. Some experiments set us back…way back.

    • Stephen mills

      Mewabe Thom Hartmann has a great short film on the possible consequences of release of the Earths stored methane called Last Hours it talks about the Permian Extinction !
      In his book The Last Hours of Ancient sunlight he explains many ways that we can stop the ruination of the planet .As mentioned in Neales CWG Book 3.
      To me it also feels that a sort of quickening is happening ,with the planets news being broadcasted 24/7 now on so many channels right to your mobile phone .
      We have extreme’s of every sort extreme wealth to extreme poverty getting more extreme every day I suspect .It has to come to some kind of conclusion with education and raising of consciousness and an admittance of who we are ? Spiritual beings having a human experience part of the divine .What would Divinity do now ?


      • mewabe

        We might all eventually wake up, but how? It looks like all of humanity might understand the oneness of all life when we are all suffering in the exact same manner from the same global environmental, economic, political and military crisis.

        It is then that we we might all awaken to the fact that everything and everyone is interrelated and interdependent, in the darkest hour, and that the idea of separation, which led to such global destruction as we cannot yet imagine, is actually an illusion.

        And it is sad, when we could have more gently gotten to the same understanding by acknowledging the beauty, balance and harmony of the natural creation, honoring, loving and protecting all life in the process.

        It could be said that humanity has undertaken a journey to the end of the night, to reach the dawn. It is a paradox, arriving at unity and oneness through manifesting extreme separation and dualism, but it seems to be the collective choice.

        I haven’t seen Thom Hartmann’s video or read his book, but I will check them out. However things have changed since then, and some scientists think that we have reached the point of no return with global warming, with now accelerating closed loops.

        The earth needs our love, as does all life. Everything is related.

        • Stephen mills

          It would be interesting to find out how other species in the galaxy and else where got past the point we now face without annihilating themselves .There has to be some kind off threshold or crossing point that creates a catalyst for a jump in planatery thinking .
          Perhaps critical mass is not so far away .

          • mewabe

            It is probably possible to contact such beings psychically. But this would be on an individual basis, as I do not think most of humanity would be ready to hear such messages. I will try it some day.

            Another way to look at this is that this path of awakening through paradox might actually be a short cut to evolution. Perhaps we should not judge it. It is not pleasant but it might be quicker for all of humanity, in order to evolve and awaken collectively, than the way of balance and harmony, which might have been slower and more individualistic.

            This is my understanding, from a vision I was given about the future of the world.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I’m not sure any “visions” are needed to see that an earth that can sustain 2 – 3 billion people but which is contending with 7 billion, has an all but certain outcome pending. It’s not much of a stretch to prophesize the future. It’s like predicting in biblical times that countries in the Middle East will be invaded. Duh. When one sits in the crossroads, some things are rather predictable!

            Neale is wrong. The world is not in in “more turmoil” than it has ever been in before. Just go back to World War II and the deaths of 60 million people or more. Go back to the black death when 1/3 of Europe died. Deaths from war and disease are at all time lows – particularly if looked at as a percentage of the population. With 24 x 7 bombardment by negative media, politicians and religionists – New Age or otherwise – it’s little wonder that we fail to recognize just how much we have accomplished. There’s an old saying – once synapses fire, the brain is wired. We’re being wired to be doomsdayers.

            Neale’s answer is to write words in capital letters, “True Identity,” “Individuations of the Divine,” “Divinity,” and “Who We Are,” I suppose to endow these words with self-defined, special meanings above and beyond what the base words mean, in order to save mankind. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic). I think it’s interesting that Neale lays out the plot in lower case letters, (woe is us, doomsday cometh), and then provides the non-solution in capital letters, as though writing Who We Are in caps, is some kind of solution. We’re told to express our “True Identity” (in caps), but our true identity is fear, and he’s contributing to it just like everyone else; by focusing on the negative, failing to recognize the accomplishments, telling us we have to believe what he believes to have any hope. I don’t buy it anymore. I’m learning to recognize when I’m being manipulated.

            I would like to think that there’s a way for our species to come to a more gradual readjustment, as this is likely required to ensure our survival, but I’m pretty doubtful of that happening. In part it may be that our inability to do so is the result of all our beliefs, held in conflict with ignorance that we dare not admit, that has made us unable to face reality. In any event, some of our greatest achievements have followed our greatest catastrophes. so while the future may be bleak for us as individuals, our genome may persist and evolve even further following a strong dose of chlorine in the gene pool.

          • mewabe

            “I’m not sure any “visions” are needed to see that an earth that can
            sustain 2 – 3 billion people but which is contending with 7 billion, has an all but certain outcome pending.”

            “We’re being wired to be doomsdayers.” (I presume you meant to write doomsayers).

            Am I the only one to see a blatant contradiction here?

            Patrick, if Neale’s words repel and annoy you, why spend so much time reading them and being preoccupied by them? All in all, mainstream religion has a lot more influence over the world than the new age or Neale’s writings. Have you for example attempted to contact ISIS and offer them some of your thoughts on the negative impact of beliefs? Or politically conservative Americans who think that the separation of church and state is a mistake, and want their religion to dictate government policy, a Christian version of Sharia law?

          • Patrick Gannon

            Hi Mewabe, I don’t follow you when you speak of a contradiction. I don’t see it. Actually I did mean doomsdayers. A doomsdayer is someone who prophesies doom. A doomsayer is a person who predicts impending misfortune or disaster. Not a huge difference.

            Yeah, I challenge people all over the place, when I have the time, including contributing in our local paper, where I often comment on some of the issues you mentioned. I’m on a couple Catholic blogs and recently returned to some fundies I left for a while – that’s fun! There are some smart Catholics. It’s more work debating them than most religionists – but that’s good, I learn stuff and that’s plenty of good reason to keep up my activity. They are civilized for the most part, unlike fundies who can sometimes be pretty vile creatures.

            I left a Muslim site after someone threatened to kill me. The guy’s Facebook page indicated that he might live in New England or had visited there, and while I didn’t really expect anything to come of it, I kept myself armed for a while. It was impossible to have a rational discussion there, so I gave it up; but wouldn’t mind finding another forum that includes Muslims with an average or better IQ and a tad less violence in their nature. That just wasn’t the case on that particular blog. Some forums attract the dumbest people this earth ever produced.

            Neale’s capitalizing of words don’t “annoy” me, it amuses me and to some extent, concerns me. I am beginning to see how he manipulates the language, and therefore the reader. I’m simply pointing it out. It’s odd enough that it deserves to be called to attention. When he capitalizes certain words, he’s playing games with those words, and with his reader’s minds. I’m pretty sure of it. I’m reading him carefully because much of the time, like everyone else I’m guessing, my eyes tend to glaze over with his repetitious columns that say the same thing in a thousand different ways. I think it must be an indoctrination technique – I’m still trying to figure it out. I’ve searched all over the web for an explanation as to why he and (I’ve been told) some other New Age writers do this, but I haven’t come up with a good explanation or description of the process. It’s done intentionally, I’m sure of that – so the question is why? What is he trying to accomplish by this? It’s a fair question to ask about, or at least comment on, and if I’m right, then I’m doing people a favor by suggesting they pay attention to what he may be trying to do to their minds with his wordsmithing techniques.

            Think about this… Words that are capitalized are words like: God, Jesus, Bible, Prophet, Moses, Revelation, Exodus, etc. “True Identity” are not words one would normally capitalize, so it seems like he’s trying to give these words some additional weight, some additional meaning beyond what they really mean, for his own purposes. I think he may be trying to make his writing look like scripture to some extent, to give his verbiage more credibility than it deserves or actually contains.

            By the way, it’s easy to skip my posts too, if one doesn’t want to read the little I have to offer. What I’ve learned is that there are people who sit on the sidelines in these debate forums, and they want someone to say what they are thinking but fear to say themselves. I’m happy to oblige. I’m at that cantankerous point in life where I’m going to be me and screw anyone who doesn’t like it. Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!

          • GN

            A quick note on your thoughts on Neale’s writings: at this point in his very successful writing career he doesn’t have to be “out there” in an open forum like this, but he chooses to — to promote the interchange of ideas that hopefully in turn promote a more rational and peaceful world. He does use upper case on occasion for emphasis, but he is not “telling us we have to believe what he believes to have any hope”. He just offers what he has come to believe as “food for thought”, based on some of the most thoughtful material on God most of us have ever encountered outside of the New Testament, and then opens this forum up to a discussion of the ideas.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I could be wrong, but personally, I think he’s “out there” to sell books and programs. I understand that there is much of value in his writings – after all, he took bits and pieces from all the various faith groups, and a lot of CwG is very “eastern” in its nature. He took the best pieces he could find from the religions he studied, and then he assembled a New Age God (NAG) to encompass many of the other faiths. Doing it in this way makes it easier for a believer to transition from one faith to another that has a lot of familiarity to it. It’s why the Romans kept so much that was pagan in Christianity – it made it easier to transition to the new religion. CwG is Christianity Lite in many respects, and I appreciated that when I transitioned away from Christianity and substituted one set of beliefs for another.

            The problem of course is that he has no more evidence for NAG than any of the other religions have for their gods – and when pushed, he acknowledges this, then promptly moves back to speaking authoritatively and in absolute terms with the voice of NAG sitting on his shoulder and whispering in his ear, and telling the rest of us what we need to believe to make all the world’s ills go away. It’s not going to work like that, and he knows it, but in the meantime he’s made a good living, I assume, selling books and programs to people looking for others to tell them what to believe when they are tired of the beliefs they already have. The real answer, in my viewpoint, is to accept that we do not know if there are gods or afterlives, and work to avoid beliefs, since these contradict what we know. What we know is that we don’t know. That’s it. That internal mental conflict can’t be good for us.

            Anyone who claims to speak from revelation as Neale does, has ten times the burden of proof.

          • mewabe

            Fundamentalists, to use religious terms, fear their Devil more than they love their God. That’s why I call them all Devil worshipers, because obsessive fear is another form of worship.

            So when you question their beliefs, they see you as being either an instrument of or confused by their Devil, and they do all they can to plug their ears, for their own survival.

            That’s the thing about religious narrow mindedness: it is seen by these fundamentalists as a virtue, because these religious people actually believe (I am not making this up) that an open mind is open to influence by their Devil.

            So rather than questioning their beliefs in God, you might want to start by debating them on their belief in a Devil…and witness the panic!

  • I think what we are looking for is critical mass. In the mean time
    if life is truly a personal & collective creation machine. We should be creating, visioning & imagining the best world we can & let that energy move us into the next action/s steps.

  • Christine Glenn

    Yes, we will do it. We will not bow down to fear or intimidation. Together we can. Together we will. Together we are United in Our Shared Divinity. With each holy breath we can breathe in love and breathe out gratitude for this miracle called Life on Earth. We each take responsibilty for the quality of our experience and by so doing we realize our own growth is our work. It is holy work and together as ONE we are birthing the Heart and Mind of God.

  • Val

    What we can do is be kind and loving with ourselves and all that we meet. We can rise above fear in our relationship with ourselves and others and we can notice what stops us from doing that. It is a start. Also, yes bad news is beamed to us day and night but that does not mean that great acts of kindness are not also happening simultaneously. There has always been darkness, death, greed and destruction it may seem like it is getting worse but millions more people are living better lives than in the past Yes I believe we are at a choicepoint and like a boil bursting it gets worse before it gets better. Lets focus on that and let that belief govern our actions viewing the world through eyes of fear can only grow the fear lets look for the love that is our inherent nature, understand what fear can do forgive ourselves for it and move beyond this polarity paradigm It is in fact what we are already doing if only we could remember that

    Thank you for reading and as Mother Teresa once said peace begins with a smile 🙂

  • Stephen mills

    News just in .
    It seems that 65 of the worlds wealthiest individuals have amassed as much wealth as half of humanity 3.5 Billion people .As reported in the Guardian (UK).
    Nice going world looking good for the future ?
    Sorry for the sarcasm but last year was it not 84 individuals !

  • Pamela

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, it was a massive petition that has caused the ban of a certain obscenely rich and obscenely bigoted, hate mongering, fear mongering presidential candidate, who the press are frightened of challenging, from entering the U.K.