A voice in the wilderness

In the newest Conversations with God dialogue we are offered a list of sixteen differences in the behaviors of an awakened species when compared to the behaviors of humans living in an unawakened state.

In the days ahead I’m going to review that list here, and provide an opportunity for deep discussion of them. Here, then, are Items #5-8:

  1. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concepts that humans refer to as “justice” and “punishment.”

  2. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “insufficiency”

  3. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “ownership.”

  4. An awakened species shares everything with everyone all the time. Humans in an unawakened state often do not, only sharing with others in limited circumstances.

Looking at these four observations, do you agree? What changes do you think would take place in the daily experience of humanity if we adopted the four behaviors of an awakened species that are listed here?

Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species has placed before us a road map, providing us a look at how we may get from where we are as a species to where we want to be: a place that is free from violence and strife, from suffering caused by others, from the experience of lack and insufficiency.

I believe it is possible for the human collective to get there, to create these outcomes. What do you think? Is this all a pipe dream? And regarding the four behaviors on the list above, do you see them as applicable and functional in any way in the daily experience and expression of the sentient beings on our planet?

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  • “An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization
    that correlates with the concepts that humans refer to as “justice” and

    But a un awaken species does. Or there would probably be more murder & chaos wouldn’t you think?

    I’d like to think that the consequences of life would be all that is needed to show that there are repercussions for what we do, both good & bad as we define it. But people do get away with murder, rape etc. as far as I can tell.

    I would agree that prisons should be therapy, healing & rehabilitation centers not fricking privatized profit centers for as* hole corporations. Pardon my French, but it’s my second language. 🙂

    Yet it’s not that cut & dried with justice here & the shades of gray & the complexity involved is unmistakable as far as I can tell.

    Re reading book 4 I’m still not sure how to resolve this thing on justice, but I’ll keep reading closely on this subject, but as of now, no resolution.

    I wonder:

    How much can we really influence the world? At this point, I would say we can’t tell, there is no quantifiable way to measure it that I know of.

    Yet, that should not stop us from thinking, feeling, & expressing the highest most beautiful thoughts & actions we are capable of. Even if we fall short of our ideals, as we often appear to do, don’t let that stop us form moving forward in our practice & tweaking of the life we desire to see & be.

    For me personally having a imbibing inner peace is my first goal. From there do I live, & make my choices & actions from that state of being. If we all had inner peace would we really need the above concepts? Would we implement them naturally as we evolve? Or do we take them & use them to further our peace?

    • Spiritual_Annie


      I think that all of these behaviors would happen naturally if we weren’t facing the existential crisis we’re currently in. Since that is where we currently are, however, we can use these behaviors as goals to achieve, promoting them in our own thoughts, words and deeds, including publicly.

      I think the law of cause and effect isn’t obvious to an unawake person, group or species. Our lives can be so chaotic, distracted by the latest tweet or missile test, that we can lose sight of the effects of our thoughts, words and deeds. We don’t necessarily see the consequences because the next big thing comes along before we can understand them. It’s taking a great deal of focus to just follow through from one action to it’s resulting consequences, especially when the action is to not react but to respond. That takes time, though I feel a quickening of it the more certain I become of who I choose to be.

      Am I the only one feeling such a quickening in the ability to respond, rather than react? Are the current crises helping anyone besides me define who they choose to be, especially when compared to an awakened species?

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • I too of course work & play to respond & not react. Or more precisely, consciously respond instead of unconsciously react.

        I don’t generally watch much news. I do watch the local news at night (and record it so I can fast forward much of what I don’t need to see or hear) & occasionally NBC with Lester Holt. I get some things off the mainstream press from the internet. Associated Press I think is good. Democracy now is good. I like Ralf Nader. I get more alternative news on Facebook which also has fake news as well. A more fearful person/group will do that out of their fear, a less fearful, aware educated objective person or group will not.

        I am concerned about North Korea & our current infantile pResident. But as always, my thoughts & feelings around this are what really create or dis create, or influence for better or less better around said subject, so that’s what I pay most attention too.

        I visualize what I prefer to see & experience and let inspired action arise from that.

        • Spiritual_Annie

          I understand not giving energy to a fearful thought, such as with North Korea. I feel a responsibility, though, to focus positive (conscious, loving) energy on it because there’s so much negative (unconscious, fearful) energy already out there.

          I don’t allow myself to overdo it or I become fearful, but in the time I spend on the news, I usually read articles or watch bits of it on YouTube when I get a tweet. I comment often as a voice of calm in the political finger-pointing, and I’m not sure anyone reads my comments seriously, but I have my say and let it go.

          We all do what we do because of who we feel called to be, so our approaches will be as unique as we are.

          Love and Blessings Always,

  • Raphael

    Regarding #5:

    “Laws are rules made by people who rule by means of organized violence, for non-compliance with which the non-compliant is subjected to blows, to loss of liberty, or even to being murdered.”
    Leo Tolstoy

    And when the state claims to represent “God’s will” or “morality” or “justice” or the “correct” ideology (“correct” as in Marxism), its thuggery knows no limit.

    The thing is, an awakened specie understands individual sovereignty, which goes hand in hand with individual responsibility. It therefore no longer looks to be led like sheep to the slaughterhouse by charming psychopaths and smooth talking political whores, but rather leads itself in harmony and cooperation.

    The “awakened” individual (read: intelligent individual) understands that the welfare of the group benefits the individual, that a healthy society engenders happy people, and vice versa. Therefore, rather than “looking out for number one” within a Darwinist jungle as most people are forced to do today within totally inhuman and extremely unintelligent and primitive social and economic systems, he or she looks at what benefits all, at reciprocity and at how his or her actions can generate beneficial ripple effects.

    • Spiritual_Annie

      Ghost of mewabe, my friend,

      I very much appreciate your forthrightness! It seems to be necessary, these days, to speak truths as boldly and as often as one can.

      Personally, I believe in thriving rather than merely existing or surviving. And your thoughts aren’t far off from Neale’s book. Most of the 16 behaviors of Highly Evolved Beings are centered on cooperation for the good of all, and in alignment with Native beliefs.

      It’s good to see you back, even as a ghost!

      Love and Blessings Always,
      ~Annie ❤💜💙💚💛

      • Raphael

        Thank you Annie…I will try to haunt this space often and as boldly as I can 🙂

        • Spiritual_Annie

          ROFL… I hear “weird creaking sounds” every time I move! I tried to be quiet when a homeless friend was asleep in the living room the other day. He didn’t hear me on the creaky steps, he didn’t hear Biscuit’s tags jingling. No, what woke him was the popping of my knee when I stood up. 😅

          Love and Blessings Always,

  • Spiritual_Annie

    I think that #5, not needing the ideas of “justice” and “punishment,” would indeed be unnecessary if the entire species were awake. We would clearly see the law of cause and effect, and not choose any thought, word or action that would harm another. Since we would choose not to willingly cause harm to another, no “punishment” would be required as we would act cooperatively rather than selfishly. It appears that we are a long way off on this one, but I think that the current system of “justice” and “punishment” no longer represent those very words. If one chooses to read alt media, one understands the connection between heroine trafficking during the Vietnam War, which trafficking was paid for and even conducted by our own CIA, created criminals to be locked away as a means of controlling a part of the population the government feared: the hippies and flower children. As for our current opioid epidemic, the same is true. Our troops are guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan rather than destroying them. That allows more opioids to enter the U.S., again with some claiming our own CIA involvement, in order to produce more criminals. When prisons stop being used to control portions of the population that might cause a revolt, or when they stop making money for either the government or private corporations, we’ll stop imprisoning so many people.

    #6 is all about hoarding, and part of our species believing that it’s not only appropriate, but somehow “earned,” even at the expense of other’s lives. Those who have always been wealthy live in a “bubble” where their reality doesn’t include acknowledgement of the kind of specific data Neale regularly posts about dying children, or lack of water, sanitation and electricity. They are either unaware, pass on the responsibility for fixing such probblems to others, or just don’t give a d*mn. If we were awake to our interdependence on each other and on Nature, we wouldn’t desire to hoard, but rather would feel it inappropriate. Cooperation and sharing would come naturally with that connection. How to make it happen? Currently, we can try on a personal level in our own spheres of influence, but the info also needs to make it to the media more often. Eyes need to be open in order for the heart and Soul to react.

    #7 would sound so “un-American” to so many. After all, it’s the “American Dream” to own your own home, buy your own furnishings, provide your own food–the ultimate trophy. What people aren’t awake to is that their “ownership” is of a piece of a planet that belongs to us “and all our relatives” (as some Native Americans put it). For them to “own” their piece of the American Dream comes at a cost, but most don’t look that deeply. What does it cost the environment to produce a smart TV and a smart refrigerator and smart lighting? (I don’t have the answer, but know electronics in general use hazardous materials that then turn into hazardous waste.) And who “owned” the land before them, and before that, and all the way back to the beginning? All of us, and none of us. i again like the Native American perspective that we are stewards of the Earth, not owners of it.

    #8 feels like a repeat on hoarding once again. How, though, do we get others to see that sharing is in the best interest of all? That’s the real question. While it’s actually natural to me now to share what I have because of what I went through with homelessness, not everyone has that kind of perspective.

    Again, I don’t think that any of it is a “pipe dream.” Each of us can attempt to live up to these suggestions in our own personal sphere of influence, including the public sphere if that’s possible for us. My concern is the amount of time it may take without some immediate and apparent earth-threatening development to bring us together as humanity (such as an approaching asteroid) as most people don’t see that our current actions are, indeed, earth-threatening.

    Love and Blessings Always,

    • We have 3 good starts to a conversation on topic. None of the Pat Gannon side show remarks (yet!) that so many others are making as a result of Pat triggering them. But I like Pat, he’s seeking the truth like all of us, just using a different route.

      • Spiritual_Annie

        I enjoy Patrick’s addition to a subject, so long as he’s not repeating the same thing he tends to focus on: cognitive dissonance due to beliefs, suggesting that those of us who have subjective experiences have a condition, and writing off the similarities of the growing number of such experiences.

        All of life, in my opinion, is subjective. It’s why we’re unique individuations of Divinity. We see our reality subjectively as a unique feedback to the whole of Divinity. We think and act uniquely, which I see as a blessing.

        I go back to the example I often use:

        Imagine a red chair in your mind. You know what a red chair means to you. But, what a red chair means to you is uniquely your definition. While you may be picturing an overstuffed dark burgundy red leather chair, I may be picturing a brick red microfiber recliner. Neither is wrong and both are right (if it must be put in those terms).

        If Patrick reached a point where he could acknowledge that our unique subjective experience is at least as important as objective evidence, we’d argue much less.

        I’m enjoying reading the unique responses, and the return of the ghost of mewabe. 😀

        Love and Blessings Always,

        • Kristen

          Big red chair off The Voice. Listening for perfection. And looking, constantly. I love humans reaching that point, in anything they choose to do, constantly raising the bar for the general population. Whether its music, movies, food, art, architecture, books, fashion or even conversation.
          The New Age movement often forgets, or wants to dismiss, those aspects of human nature. Like every sub group who want to lead the population and wants others to be like them, they forget aspects of human nature. I for one, think my idea of hell is living a sharing, communal, no make up, no fashions, nature based way of life environment. I much prefer seeing people excel in ALL aspects of human nature. When these sides are neglected, a society bridge is formed, a perceptive bridge, where judgements start, and some of those left behind or neglecting that side of humans often end up hating those in society that express themselves, trying to drag them down, or criticising. Often jealousy based. The extremes being the depressed hoarder and the socialite fashionista. Both human, both extreme in their choices, but the socialite fashionista is the one leading society more, with much more influence. Royals, and now celebrities, have always raised the bar for the human race. Superficial, or just self pride? Theres a fine line.
          We dont need to dismiss parts of human nature to be whole, or a ‘good’ person, and a part of human nature is to shine.
          Take care,

          • Spiritual_Annie

            I’ve had moments in my life that have felt perfect, and they were, at least for a moment. Gazing at a newborn in my arms, who’s finally asleep after much rocking because of an ear infection. I felt like I was supposed to be there at that moment for that purpose—to bring what love, joy and peace I could into his troubled life.

            My 16 year old cat, who’d been slowing down and couldn’t jump down from the bed anymore. I slept on the floor with her for three nights, cuddling and stroking her and whispering in her ear. When I woke after the third night, she was gone, curled up next to me.

            Being called into my boss’s boss’s office, closing the door and sitting, waiting for the reason I was there. He said I was the only person who he felt had the integrity to help with a special project—a sudden takeover of the Court parking garage because of corruption. I was to tackle the computer system for proof that could be used in court, and not tell anyone except him of my progress. After years of being me (and getting in trouble for it), a payoff for being me.

            Christie’s passing, even. Had I not been open and honest, she would never have trusted me. From messaging in a group to emails to texts to calls by phone multiple times daily for years. Being supportive when she was changing and growing, despite her family’s pushback to stay the same. Moving here, meeting her, being homeless with her when even then she continued to grow. The excitement of finding a home, and her excitement in filling and decorating it. Her passing over, but only after she had healed old wounds and found herself. Priceless and perfect.

            Yes, there are moments of perfection, when everything comes together and I know why I am where I am, and my Soul sings.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            Thanks for ‘getting it’, we need that recognition, and as you pointed out, within ourselves as well as in public. So many teachings can take away those moments, and that drive to nurture that aspect of us, a vital part of humanity….drive to succeed at aspects other than inner learnings.
            Sorry if I inadvertantly worded it a bit wrong, or at you! Hope you didnt interpret it that way.
            Take care,

          • Spiritual_Annie

            Nah, I didn’t take it personally. And I did get it. Those moments when we do shine need to be acknowledged, at least by ourselves. They help shape and define us, encouraging us to continue on. If they’re too often ignored, those gifts we’re using may go stagnant. It’s not about pride so much for me as it’s an acknowledgement of who I am.

            One little sincere compliment goes a lot farther than repeated pointing out of what we’re doing wrong.

            I spent most of one night, up with the baby who had yet another ear infection (his mother was an idiot and kept dunking his head to rinse out his hair!), with the both of us in the bathtub in tepid water to bring down his fever. Every dose of antibiotic and Tylenol came right back up, but the bath had at least kept his fever from going higher. Eventually he calmed enough to keep down the medicine and his fever broke. I got about an hour’s nap before work. But, that morning, delivered to my office, were two dozen long-stemmed red roses. The card simply said, “For loving my children.” That did more for me than if he’d simply thanked me, which he’d already done.

            Christie took a lot of flack from a support group we were in because she was having legal problems from getting a DWI. Apparently I’m the only one who asked why she was drinking so hard. She told me she was raped, and even though it was so brutal that he left her for dead, the guy had lots of connections, so she wasn’t pressing charges. I couldn’t tell the rest of the group. She told me about the rape in pieces, from Biscuit’s ribs being broken after the guy kicked him across the room when Biscuit took a chunk of his arm, to the knife and gun he threatened her with, to its lasting for hours with him smoking crack in between attacks, to details I won’t mention. I sometimes write prose, and I was so moved by what she’d been through that I wrote a piece called “Red.” The first three stanzas were about pain and blood and rage. The final stanza was about loving her through it. The first day I arrived in Florida, she pulled out her wallet to show me she’d not only kept it, but it was well-worn from being re-read so many times.

            Moments like those are what sustain me.

            Love and Blessings Always,

          • Kristen

            Exactly..I call those moments photographs, I think in pictures, so see moments captured as a photograph, a perfect on where I can read everything on the peoples faces. Now I have a song for it, Ed Sheerans Photograph. Songs are my version of stories, I like a song against things, saves words!
            I think music and photographs can explain things tjat would take a book to define otherwise.
            One thing though….I know seizures can happen, but a temperature is one of the bodies weapons in a huge war. When the bacteria or virus is winning the war, a body will raise the temperature up to create an environnment too high for the virus or bacteria to thrive, then crash it down fast to cool the body and screw with the enemy, so it can’t multiply. In most cases, a temperature or fever is our friend. Its our body doing it, not the infection. When the fever breaks theres a clear winner, generally our bodies. Same as pus..we’re like oysters where our body uses white blood cells, the soldiers, to surround the foreign body or bacteria to stop it getting in your blood stream!
            I cant think about Christie or Biscuit, I visualise as I read, sorry.
            But Im so glad you got experience with a baby and little ones wben you didnt have biological children….there is nothing quite like a baby under 3 months old, and no words at all to explain it. Or songs!
            Take care,

        • Patrick Gannon

          I don’t understand Annie’s point here. She confirms with her example that subjective experiences can’t be trusted. Our minds are all different and they generate different things that can’t be relied on with a high degree of confidence. How do we agree on things, when what’s in your mind “is uniquely your definition”? That doesn’t make it real – to anyone but the subject.

          Things we can rely on as real, compelling evidence are objective. Something that “is uniquely your definition” does not in any way mean that it is the real definition. We’re making a lot of progress in the study of how the brain works, and I’m sorry, but all the evidence we uncover, all the experiments, all the data, keep confirming that these subjective experiences like OBEs and NDEs are explained as manifestations of our minds; and in fact, we know enough about them to stimulate them manually. An inability or lack of willingness to contemplate and accept that possibility is unhelpful when one is trying to get at the truth, in my view.

  • Stephen mills

    For me number seven is the big Kahuna . Is this not humans reason de etra to buy and own stuff and hold onto it as if it belongs only to you or your family .

    Land ,houses,cars there seems to be no limit on what one can buy and call it ones own .Especially things that increase in value like houses and real estate. I live in Scotland one of the most feudal countries on Earth where two thirds of all the land belongs to not that many people take the UK 93% of us live on 7% of the land . The country is a wash with land owned and controlled by the richest few dukes and duchesses and elite of the establishment bequeathed to them down the generations. The Duke of West Minster owns most of the prime estate in London one of the richest people in the UK .Not sure how that’s going to change very quickly but if you implemented a land value tax it could help level the playing field.But the elite want their hereditary system to continue and refuse to change this !! Young people could begin to afford decent affordable housing as the price of the land reduced and green spaces would open up to encourage people to move to the countryside for a more environmental and ecological way of living .The cities are becoming unhealthy due to pollution and population density.

    Big subject ownership but the model has to be one of cooperation and access to the stuff in life that leads to ; as they say the good life.
    I guess that leads us directly to number *8 sharing what abundance we have and knowing there’s more of that to go around. The native Indigenous Americans were taught to share their most precious possessions when young so to not remain attached to them .

    People who have lots seem to want more and more and tighten their grip on not sharing or hoard what they have in secret . Transparency would help open up the debate about ownership and who owns what and what they are doing to acquire more ….if that’s what you assume the purpose of life is . One must come to the conclusion humanity believes in lack and not enough to go around culminating in a meritocracy programmed by a cultural story that re-enforces this message at every turn.
    Freedom from an oppressed system allowing people to live life more fully and experiencing another way to be human as opposed to living in desperation ,worry and dependence.

  • Jethro

    Every person on earth is awakened then unawake and then awaken again. Some are drowsy or half awake. To be human today is to never be entirely anything for long periods of time. There are too many diversities. Rules, laws and emotions, among other things, keeps us from maintaining perfection if even by our own judgement.

    I nearly tricked myself into trying to solve world problems again as I thought about this weeks article. The important thing to remember is, we are not here to solve world problems, or to change the world. We are here to solve personal problems and change ourselves. In doing so, we may find that the only thing that needed change is how we think about all of this. The only change we can force is the change in ourselves, when we become satisfied with that, we must be that, for others to see, and hope they find in us the attributes they wish to see in themselves. So if you wish to see kindness and sharing, show someone how kind you are and willing to share. People will not be instantly prepared to extend that to everyone, but in a short amount of time it will be extended back to you.

    • Spiritual_Annie


      I think maybe I’m reading something wrong. At first you say that, “to be human today is to never be entirely anything for long periods of time,” based on our quickly changing world, which you say we cannot change. But it sounds like you contradict yourself when you later say (about changing ourselves) that, “when we become satisfied with that, we must be that.” And it’s our individual changes that ultimately change the world.

      To be human today, for me, is to decide that there are certain things I am that I will not change, regardless of the circumstances. For example, I choose to be unconditionally loving and compassionate. That means I love you, I love Sam, I love Neale, I love Patrick—I even love Trump. I don’t treat each of you the same because you’re all unique expressions of Divinity, but I intend to be someone who stays unconditionally loving and compassionate the rest of my life. (Yes, one can be detached and unconditionally loving at the same time!)

      Some things we find within ourselves are simply too important to compromise. Those are the things I choose to always be, to the best of my ability.

      Or am I reading something weirdly? (It’s been known to happen.)

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • Jethro

        Two different perspectives maybe. We cannot maintain perfection in the first part. The second, we can move through life with a better idea of life feeling satisfied more than maybe a previous perception. To the best of our ability is the best we can ever achieve. I really think life is full of contradictions, and both perceptions are truth.

        • Spiritual_Annie

          I don’t aim for perfection anymore. My mother was a perfectionist because of my father’s demands, and she didn’t know how to let go of it after he left. I remember the specific order in which to dismantle and wash the chandelier over the dining table. Or wax the hardwood floors. Or if dusting comes before or after vacuuming (a multi-generational discussion that happened so often I think we all knew it by heart). One of my brothers almost ended up not getting married because of how towels “should” be folded. True story. Mama ruled with guilt—”I’ve worked hard all day long, and then I come home to this?” Followed by a heavy sigh as she rolled her eyes and slowly shook her head.

          It rubbed off on me, too, though I shed much of it when there was suddenly a newborn and an eight year old in my life. Then I learned about “organized chaos.” What looked like chaos to others wasn’t, to me. I could find anything anybody needed and was always just a bit early for wherever I needed to be and even kept the schedules of the boys’ mom and her boyfriend who worked different rotating shifts. But that was all about do-ing, not be-ing.

          My body has taught me a lot about who I am be-ing. I had to stop working at 38 years old. Actually, I had to stop pretty much everything, at first. I wrote a piece back when things were taking so long without my having an income (two years!) that talked about choosing life again and again yet feeling like one of society’s discards—then how I moved from feeling unable to contribute, to being able to contribute differently, to calling myself “differently abled” rather than “disabled.”

          Perceptions change over time. They have to, because we do. I like to think more about life offering us an opportunity to change our perspective to one where there’s no longer a contradiction. For myself, it usually involves my getting a bigger one.

          Love and Blessings Always,

          • “differently abled” Actually that is a Seinfeld reference, probably unintentional on your part in that respect, but they used that phrase, when an embarrassed employer was trying to explain Georges handicap.

            Perfectly imperfect. Everything is perfect, including your idea to change it.

          • Spiritual_Annie

            Definitely unintentional. Not a fan. But I’ll have to remember that, so thanks for the heads up!

      • Patrick Gannon

        “Yes, one can be detached and unconditionally loving at the same time!”

        How so?

        1. separate or disconnected, in particular:
        synonyms: unfastened, disconnected, disengaged, parted, separated, separate, uncoupled, removed, loosed, loosened, untied, unhitched, undone, unhooked, unbuttoned, unzipped, free, severed, cut off, hacked off, torn off, broken off
        “a detached collar”
        2. aloof and objective.
        “he is a detached observer of his own actions”
        synonyms: dispassionate, disinterested, indifferent, objective, uninvolved, aloof, outside, remote, distant, impersonal, open-minded, neutral, unbiased, unprejudiced, impartial, non-partisan, with no axe to grind, fair, fair-minded, just, equitable, even-handed, unselfish
        “she remained a detached observer of these events”

  • Bishop Hollywood

    It’s possible for us a species to awaken but it all begins with an individual wanting to wake up. Some of us have gotten accustomed to bring as I call, programmed into what to say, do and how to live. They are comfortable with that. Hey, we all were at one time or another in our lifetime. But there comes a time when you begin to realize that the way we’re living just isn’t cutting it. Something has to change. That something isn’t just a thing but instead a body. Somebody has to change and that somebody is us. We walk down the streets of this great and beautiful country and we don’t even say good morning or hello to each other anymore without some type of agenda being involved. We have become more closer to machines than with each other as a species. How many people you see everyday walking or either riding on the bus or train with headphones on or playing or their phones or tablets. People would rather go on dating sites now than to try to meet someone in person. I think it’s because wr have allowed fear and isolationism to become a norm and it shouldn’t be. We all at some level or another need to let the fear and isolationism go and instead replace them with faith and love for each other. We all may have been hurt at one time or another whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally in this walk of life but don’t let that hurt stop you from opening up to the beautiful possibilities of meeting and befriending other brothers and sisters. Life is so beautiful and should be cherished. We may not always agree with each other on beliefs or ideologies but let always respect each other while loving each other. Let us learn to share with each other cause when you share with your brother or sister it’s reminding you who you really are, and that’s Divinity in the flesh. We were all made different for a purpose and I believe that the purpose was for when we come together we would compliment each other so that we can become better than we before. May you all continue to be blessed and prosperous in all that you do.

  • Patrick Gannon

    As I mentioned previously, we start off here by noting that (most) humans are fallen, or “less than” these hypothetical awakened species, for which, of course, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever. We are holding ourselves up for comparison to an imaginary species, in much the same way that Christians or other religions hold us up as inferior to their gods or other angelic critters. We are created imperfect, and expected to live up to the standards of the imaginary gods that created us. It seems that we have to start with the idea that we are broken, in order to provide (sell) a solution to fix the brokenness.

    How is it possible for an intelligent, evolving species to do away with justice and punishment? We aren’t angels, as we are reminded – so without these concepts of justice and punishment, how do we prevent anarchy and a return to our more animalistic nature? The book of Genesis is many things – but one of those things, is a story of the development of justice and law. Without these things, we’d still be primitive humanoids living in a kill or be killed world. We need to take into effect what we are learning from science, and begin to understand that the idea of “free will” is not so clear as we once thought. Much of what we do is programmed by our genetics and experiences, which have wired our brains to act in certain ways; and hard work is required to rewire them. Certainly our concept of “punishment” should be revisited and exchanged for “rehabilitation” wherever possible – but a system of justice is mandatory if we are to avoid descending back into our animalistic past. I think it’s very dangerous to criticize the concept of justice. This is one of the things that illustrates that we are an awakened species – at least by comparison with the others here – and we actually exist!

    We can pretend that “insufficiency” doesn’t exist, but that’s ridiculous. We live on a planet with over 7 billion people, and most experts suggest that the earth can support about 3 billion of them on a long term basis. If that’s not insufficiency, I don’t know what is. Insufficiency is how we evolved. Those who were stronger, healthier, smarter, more clever, more ambitious, more curious, more explorative – they survived as they dealt with insufficiency, and in the process they made the human race stronger. That benefit may be declining, now that we’ve eliminated many of the things that formerly separated weak from strong and smart from unintelligent. In the old days, smarter people had more kids, and more of them survived. Today the exact opposite is happening. On the other hand, we’ve created tools like the internet that allow a lot of brains to work together, so perhaps not being as smart individually won’t be as big a problem for our species – hard to say. Insufficiency led us to develop medical cures, and farming techniques and distribution systems, and sanitation, and so on. If we lived in a garden paradise, with no insufficiency, with nothing to overcome, nothing to strive for, nothing to compete for, then it’s likely we would no longer be human – our evolutionary path would take a dramatic turn, as we evolve into fat, mindless slugs. In some ways, this lack of insufficiency sounds like the boring, zombie, Christian heaven. If these imaginary advanced beings have no insufficiency, then they have nothing to live for, nothing to strive for, and no further evolution of their species is possible. Who wants to be like that?

    I have a friend who grew up in the former Soviet Union. He tells me about the workers sitting in the shade by the side of the field, not working because they were going to be paid the same thing whether they worked or not – and there was nothing they could buy, so there was no motivation to work harder, even if working harder resulted in more pay. It was the utopian model of everyone sharing. From each according to ability, to each according to need – except that this model failed miserably, for anyone who happens to recall world history. Every species must have a way to compete and weed out the culls if it is to continue to evolve. Striving to attain property benefits us all. One of the most stupid commandments is the one that says, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods. That would result in the end of our economy and everyone would starve.

    That we share at all, means we have evolved altruism and care for others. Neale starts off reminding us that we are less than this imaginary awakened species, which does not seem like the right approach to motivate people to be more sharing. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what the charity companies do. They send you stupid little gifts like nickels, dimes, pens, stamps, notepads, in order to give you a little dopamine hit, and make you feel good – then they ask you for money. Neale starts off reminding us that by comparison with an imaginary species – we are losers. We don’t measure up. I don’t think that’s going to work well – it hasn’t worked well for other religions that use the same approach. (Hmm. I take that back. That approach has worked well for the religions themselves, but not necessarily for those whom it is supposed to benefit!) And we can’t share everything all the time, if we are to be responsible. Is it responsible for a father to give away all the food to his neighbors while his own children starve? In so doing, his genetic trait of altruism will not be passed along. There must be limitations. There must be some degree of selfishness, and sometimes selfishness is best for the whole community.

    Take the example of penguins. When the winds are blowing very hard and very cold, the penguins bunch up into a large pack, roughly in a circle. Those closest to the wind, move around to the back of the crowd in their own self interest, to get out of the wind. As penguins selfishly move out of the wind, they are gradually pushed into the middle where it is warmest. Eventually, they come back out on the windward side and repeat the process. In so doing, in exercising individual selfishness, these penguins keep themselves and the whole flock warm, and all of them benefit. They are not altruistically sharing their body heat – they are acting in pure selfishness, but the entire species benefits, as a result. So too for humans, as acting in our own interests has lifted the entire species.

    Yes, this is all a pipe dream. We are an evolved species – though our evolutionary track has taken a turn not faced by other species, which should concern us. We are the awakened species. We alone have the ability to see these problems that face us and confront them head on, for our greater good. In order to be successful at this, I think we need to stop telling ourselves what losers we are, and stop comparing ourselves with imaginary gods, angels, HEBs – whatever we choose to call them. This article reminds us of all the things we are “not” but it offers no solutions, so now we just feel inferior to an imaginary species. Is that helpful?

    • Pat I did not read your whole text here, just the first paragraph or so. I will just mention that in CwG we are not fallen & imperfect. We are in fact, born into Original blessing. Perfection is not static, it too, like us is changing & evolving. The desire to improve is also part of perfection. We are perfectly imperfect. Everything is perfect including our desire to change it.

      Your concepts mentioned on this are rooted in more Christian fundamentalism, not CwG.

      As I understand it, all societies, beings in the universe go through evolution. From primitive to more enlightened like the HEB’s. We are of course currently on the lower primitive aspect of our evolution & many feel we are in transition to waking uP more.

      Like the butterfly, once we break out of our cocoon of our primitive violent ways we will even be more free. (even now we have so much freedom we have the freedom to live in bondage.) The butterfly once free of the cocoon is free to fly as it evolves, it does not endlessly struggle all it’s life. We are now as I see it, breaking out of the cocoon.

      In Book 4 Neale mentions interesting that the HEB’s while inspiring us & helping us, most ideas actually come from us. In fact if they came down in a space ship to give us all their wisdom, we would not have the strength to evolve on our own. If you help a butterfly out of it’s cocoon, it will either be crippled or die shortly there after. It needs the strength of breaking out of the cocoon to strengthen it’s muscles to fly. I know, I’ve ask the experts.

      In book 1 it says we love it all the good the bad the ugly the glorious
      of this physical life on earth. We delight so much we come back & do
      it over again in a different way.

      Since you made some of the above comments before in other blogs, I thought I’d chime in a bit. It’s okay if you don’t believe this, no one is asking you to. But just trying to correct some of your misconceptions on CwG.

      • Patrick Gannon

        In Christianity we are told that our souls come from God who is all-perfect – just like CwG. No real difference. Nevertheless, based on the myth, we are fallen. Neale’s article begins by comparing us with an imagined superior, “awakened” species (substitute the word “being” and it’s a god), just as Christianity has us imagine superior beings ranging from angels to gods. I see little difference. He does not stress a fallen state or use those words, but the implication is clear to me, that we humans are inferior so some imagined species – whether he meant it that way or not. Remember, he’s a former Catholic – you never really wipe out all those brain circuits. He believes/believed Moses was a real person, and in the miracles of Jesus, who probably never existed, and certainly didn’t break any laws of physics. He’s fallible, and since he claims to speak with God, his outrageous and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – and he has none. No matter how much you believe it, you can’t change that fact, and rational people – the kind of people who are going to solve our problems – have a right to ask for that evidence and discount or discard the claims if none is forthcoming.

        No, “of course” we are not currently on the lower primitive aspect of our evolution – unless and until you show me a species that is more advanced or “awakened” – whatever that means. This is pure supposition, and denigrates all the progress we’ve made.

        Marko, you talk about breaking out of our primitive violent ways, but we are evolved beings, and it’s in our DNA, and is represented by how our brains work; and there’s no getting around that. We can (and should) certainly work to overcome our more primitive urges when they are detrimental – like violence, (where justice and punishment come in), but it will be perhaps millions of years before those traits are completely bred out of us – and what will we be then, but blobs of some sort? What we seek is balance – not elimination of traits that allowed us to survive and be here to debate this in the first place.

        I suspect that if a butterfly had a a consciousness that we could communicate, it might disagree with you, given that it begins its life on the menu, and must struggle all day long to find enough to eat so that it can mate before it dies, and pass on its genes. It probably felt pretty safe inside the cocoon!

        It’s interesting to me that Neale, and others such as yourself, can talk about beings for which absolutely no compelling evidence exists, and expect rational people to believe you. Show me a HEB. Show me a being that is more evolved than myself. You can no more show me that, than you can show me a Big Foot, right? So what’s the difference between them? They are both imaginary, mental constructs. Agreed, that butterflies don’t need assistance getting out of their cocoons – evolution took care of that, and it’s difficult to improve on evolution.

        I don’t think I have misconceptions of CwG. I think I have found holes in it. The more closely I look at it, the more I see “Christianity Lite.” It’s still based on faith – pretending to know things we don’t know. It’s all dressed up, but the story seems to be more or less the same when you really drill down into it. The message of HEBs is that we’re imperfect and need help. I say, screw the help! If we can’t pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, then we deserve to be treated as other organisms that fail to evolve – we need to go extinct in order to preserve the world for another species to make a run at it.

        • That’s your perception Pat. It serves you & so I have no qualms.
          Your limited by the fact that you require evidence for everything. And that serves you too.

          Christianity lite? Give me a break, it’s heavy draft beer for those that can take it.

          You are definitely correct that Neale does believe in Jesus, Moses, etc. & yes brain circuits of the church may still have their residue. But in a broader picture, it helps bring those with such a belief into acceptance of better serving ideas than fallen sinners.

          Almost all metaphysical teachings use Christianity, other wise they’d never have an audience in which to listen to their ideas. Christian Science, Science of Mind, A course in Miracles, CwG all use it. But CwG is not Christian, it is in harmony with a number of concepts, but just as many are not.

          Myself, if you told me Jesus or Moses did not exist as real people I’d not be heartbroken over it. Even if untrue the possibilities of their stories inspire us to move out of our limitations & that’s good in my book.

          I live in a world of evidence & non evidence. I have both feet in both worlds, that’s what serves me.

          There is most likely other beings in the universe that are more advanced & some maybe even less so. Just because we don’t have proof yet, does not mean they don’t exist. Some say we have proof just hidden from us by the government. Maybe, maybe not. So it’s easy for me and others to believe in ET’s even without evidence. The evidence & probability are there even as Carl Sagan noted.

          It’s my feeling that you will never be satisfied with any answers that I, Neale or others give here. So I often stay out of your engagements with others.

          It has surprised me greatly & saddened me a bit to see people get so offended & take things personally regarding your posts.

          But I really don’t think anything said here now or in the future is going to change your mind one iota.

          • Patrick Gannon

            “But I really don’t think anything said here now or in the future is going to change your mind one iota.”

            Sure there is. I had to change my mind in order to come to CwG in the first place, and change it again in order to leave it. What would change my mind is pretty simple – compelling, objective evidence. Show me a HEB. Show me a member of an awakened species. Show me a unicorn and a fairy, while you are at it, given that they have the same amount of evidence! If you don’t think anything said in the future is going to change my mind, then you are saying that you don’t think you will ever have any evidence for what you believe. You are probably right.

            “Just because we don’t have proof, does not mean they don’t exist.” Marko, this is such a weak argument. Fundagelicals use it all the time. “Just because there’s no evidence for the Exodus, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.” Just because there’s no evidence for a global flood, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Just because there’s no evidence for a six day creation, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Just because there’s no evidence for dead people coming out of their graves, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Garbage – if it had happened, there would have been some evidence. Just because there’s no proof that the center of the moon is filled with green cheese, does not mean that the center of the moon is not filled with green cheese. Would you accept that argument? That’s the kind of argument you’re using. How rational would I be if I accepted that?

            I do appreciate that we can disagree without all the personal garbage!

          • Fascinating, “Just because we don’t have proof, does not mean they don’t exist.” Marko, this is such a weak argument. Fundagelicals use it all the time”

            And yet you didn’t mention my Carl Sagan noting the possibility of ET’s even though no evidence exists on it.

            You may think it’s weak argument, take it up with Carl.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Carl didn’t make that kind of argument to the best of my knowledge. He knew “Fermi’s Paradox” and pointed out how many galaxies there are, how many stars in each galaxy, how many of them have planets, and how many are in the habitable zone, and yes, this increases the probabilities, but I doubt he said something like, “just because we haven’t found them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.” That would be a very unscientific argument; one Sagan would be unlikely to make, I think.

            I agree that it’s likely that there are other forms of life, and it’s possible, if not probable that some are more advanced than ourselves – but for now, we have no compelling, objective evidence that any of them exist, so why do we hold ourselves up to be compared with them, and assume that we are inferior? How is that helpful? For all we know, we are the most advanced life form in the universe.

            Also the distances are so vast, that getting here would take an extremely advanced technology, to whom we would probably look like ants, and treated with as much care. I’m not arguing about whether there is any other life in the universe. It’s a moot point, because they aren’t here until evidence is provided that says otherwise, so it strikes me as foolish to hold ourselves up to these imagined species, and short sighted to suggest that they will bail us out of the mess we’ve made for ourselves. The longer we sit around waiting for them to step up the the plate and fix our mess, the worse the mess gets.

          • “I agree that it’s likely that there are other forms of life, and it’s
            possible, if not probable that some are more advanced than ourselves – but for now, we have no compelling, objective evidence that any of them exist, so why do we hold ourselves up to be compared with them, and assume that we are inferior? How is that helpful? For all we know, we are the most advanced life form in the universe.”

            Okay Pat, so you can at least agree that you can believe in something as possible with out direct evidence like ET’s right?

            As for the idea of us being inferior, I think it’s helpful to be critical of our downfalls & celebrate our advancements in many fields.

            I think many of us can recognize the tremendous strides of achievement we’ve made, the glorious creativity seen in books, music, art, inventions etc. as well as the horrible dark side, we have both.

            It’s my understanding that HEB’s have simply outgrown their dark side & live in peace & harmony. Now if you believe in at least the possibilities of ET’s existing, some superior in advancements, others less so, then you can understand the possibly here of people believing in HEB’s. By the way, book 4 acknowledges that beings with superior technology can still be violent and not being advanced spiritually. We are much like that.

            At one point there was no evidence that man could fly, yet even without firm evidence, we did eventually learn to fly, albeit mechanically. So it is with psychic & other advancements.

          • Patrick Gannon

            “It’s my understanding that HEB’s ha ve simply outgrown their dark side & live in peace & harmony. ”

            How could you possibly have that understanding. Talking about possibilities and probabilities is one thing – but you’re talking about something for which there is no evidence – as Neale does – as though it actually existed, just as religionists talk about their various gods as though they actually existed. I don’t see how it can be good for our mental health to essentially lie to ourselves. Say you have that belief, that hope, if you must, but to say you have an understanding – NO. You don’t. How could you without evidence?

          • Understanding in this sense is probabilities & possibilities. While not yet proven, this does not necessarily negate it’s existence.

            You said you can believe in the possibilities of ET’s with no evidence. So why can’t inspiration pick up truths that exist, but not yet evidenced?

          • Patrick Gannon

            I can consider the possibility that ETs exist, based on the mathematical probabilities for such. Acting as though they actually exist and holding myself up to comparison with them, while they are still imaginary, does not strike me as a rational act, unless it is spelled out in advance that it’s a hypothetical mind game – but that is not what is being provided here. We’re being asked to believe, yet again, in something for which no evidence is provided – just like every other religion. Remember “Heaven’s Gate,” Marshall Applewhite? That’s what can come of believing in imaginary, invisible UFOs that live in the sky. Why is Neale any more credible than Applewhite was?

            “So why can’t inspiration pick up truths that exist, but not yet evidenced?”

            How can we know that these “truths” exist until after they are evidenced? We’re just kidding ourselves, otherwise. Scientists predicted back in the 70’s, I think it was, that there was a particle that gave all things mass. They had all sorts of theoretical evidence that this particle (actually it’s the field that matters), existed, but it was not a “truth” until the Higgs Boson was discovered in 2012. The conjecture could have been wrong, even though it was based on all sorts of mathematical calculations, and predicted atomic behaviors that were finally confirmed by experiment and observation. Now, it’s true. That is the path to truth. Where along that path is the discovery of HEBs? At this point, they are far, far less of a conjecture than the Higgs field.

            I’m not entirely against the idea of superheroes as a means of inspiration. As a child, I was certainly inspired by the superheroes of my day, like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc., wanting to be good and fighting evil, etc. but I knew they were imaginary. On the other hand, I knew I had to be inferior, “less than” by comparison with these imaginary superheroes – and as I look back and reflect, I don’t think that was a good thing for me, any more than knowing I was fallen, broken, sinful, and far, far less than Yahweh-Jesus (when in fact, if these gods existed and are as they are represented – then I would be morally superior).

            The problem here is that we’re talking about superheroes (HEBs or awakened species), as though they actually existed. If I had believed that Superman actually existed, I don’t think that would have been good for me, or anyone else, just as it was not good for me to have Yahweh-Jesus as a superhero – particularly considering what an evil concept this god is.

            Since this “inspiration” is based on hypothetical beings that can only be imagined at this point, it is not “evidenced,” and is therefore not based on truth, but only conjecture, and shouldn’t truth count for something? These superheroes are based on hope and faith (pretending to know things we don’t know), just like the legacy gods that Neale has disparaged so many times. How can we advance if we’re not honest with ourselves? Until “evidenced” how can this be anything more than adults playing make-believe with new superheroes? Can that really be good for us? Just as religion distracts us from facing our problems here and now, so too with the new superheroes…

            If it’s a hypothetical mind game – then say so. Lose the woo. Face reality, and the reality is that there is no compelling, objective evidence for these new superheroes, nor any of the old ones, so why don’t we figure out how to fix ourselves, because it’s pretty unlikely that these superheroes exist, and we could destroy ourselves while we wait for them to be “evidenced.”