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What is the nature of God? If there is a God, what is Its True Nature? Is It a “personality” existing somewhere in another dimension, with desires, needs, intentions, preferences, dislikes, judgments, responses, joys, sorrows, and proclivities identical or similar to those of human beings?

If there is not a God, what is or was the First Source of Life as it is observed in the universe? How did all that we see in the cosmos begin? Is there a system of physical laws that can be used to produce intentioned, consistent, and predictable results in the process that we call human life? Is there anything to be said for what some have labeled the “power of positive thinking?”

Do our thoughts have anything to do with creating or producing our reality? Is there such a thing as collective consciousness? Is there such a thing as “consciousness” at all — collective or individual?

What is the point of human life? Does it have a point? Is it simply, and nothing more than, an expression of a biological entity that begins in utero and ends at death?

Is there life (that is, individual existence, consciousness and awareness of self) after death — and, for that matter, before birth? Is there such a thing as the “soul,” defined as a metaphysical individuality? If so, what is its function or purpose? If not, are humans simply two-part beings, comprised of Body and Mind and nothing more? Within that context, if we hold this to be true, what is the best, the most fruitful, the most fulfilling, the most joyful way to live our lives? Is there any reason to behave in a certain way, other than to avoid the punishments or consequences of civil law or the disapprobation of our friends, relatives, and peers?

What does it take to make life work? Is it possible that there is something we do not fully understand about God, about life, and about ourselves, the understanding of which would change everything? If so, what do you think it might be?

There are 21 questions here. I call them My 21 Inquiries. They are the kinds of questions that have called to me for answers all my life. I imagine that some of these questions are inquiries you have placed before your own mind as well, at one time or another. Perhaps you’ve answered them to your satisfaction. If so, you’re a fortunate person — no matter how you have answered them. Yet it feels to me that we must always remain with the questions as part of our journey. One never knows when one’s answers may change. And that change may change you.

I’m going to offer my current answers to My 21 Inquiries here in the weeks ahead. If you are a regular visitor here, you no doubt already know what my answers will be. I will nevertheless offer them, for ongoing discussion.

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