What do you think?

I said at the end of my last entry here that I would offer my answers to the above questions in the weeks ahead, so I’m going to get about starting that now.

The first of my 21 questions were these:

What is the nature of God? If there is a God, what is Its True Nature? Is It a “personality” existing somewhere in another dimension, with desires, needs, intentions, preferences, dislikes, judgments, responses, joys, sorrows, and proclivities identical or similar to those of human beings?

My own understanding is that the aspect of life in the universe that many people call “God” is not a “person” in the classic sense; not a Human Being Writ Large. Rather, It is simply (and gloriously) the Essential Essence that permeates everything, the Prime Source of unlimited intelligence and the Prime Force of unlimited creation.

God is at once both The Creator and The Created, a Pure Energy that impacts upon Itself. It is First Cause. It is Every Effect. It is the seat of all wisdom, the wellspring of all desire, the fountainhead of all power, and the origin of all reality.

It is, in a single word, Love.

Its wisdom is activated, Its desire is fulfilled, Its power is evinced, and Its reality is fully, grandly, and gloriously made manifest through the experience and the expression of Love.

Does this Essential Essence we call “God” have a personality?

Yes, I believe It does.

God’s greatness and God’s magnificence is God’s formlessness. This does not mean, however, that God is not a “personality” to whom we may pray and with whom we may interact. It means, in fact, exactly the opposite.

It is God’s essential formlessness that allows God to assume any shape and any form in any moment that it serves the ends of Love for God to assume.

Thus, God can take on the energy of a father’s figure, a mother’s comfort, a friend’s loyalty, a confessor’s compassion, a peacemaker’s courage, a survivor’s strength, a teacher’s patience, a compatriot’s camaraderie, a lover’s intimacy, and a beloved’s constancy.

So we see that the fact that God is not, at Its basis, a bigger-than-life human being does not mean that we no longer have anyone to pray to, or to intercede with, or to form a personal relationship with. Quite to the contrary. God can be all things to all people, and if we want a personal God we can pray to, a parent-like God we can ask advice of, or a powerful God we can intercede with, God can and will fill all of those roles for us.

God is all things to all people because God is all things in all people.

God is life itself, which is the expression of Love in physical form. Every expression of life is an expression of Love. It may not appear that way through the eyes of limited perception, but it is surely, profoundly, and eternally true.

So I am saying here that the aspect of life that many people call God is energy, undifferentiated. And I am saying that it can differentiate in any form that serves the ends of love. Or, to put this another way, in any form that expresses Itself as Itself in its True Nature.

I think we are looking straight at a model of this kind of energetic phenomenon in today’s medical science…in what are called stem cells. We are told that stem cells are undifferentiated cells of a multicellular organism that are capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type, and from which certain other kinds of cell arise by differentiation.

The undifferentiated stem cells of the human body can differentiate (that is, take the form of) brain cells, heart cells, lung cells, or cells of any part of the human body.

I think of God, metaphorically, as the Stem Cell of the Universe. If something as magnificent as a stem cell can exist within the human body, what kind of manifestation of energy can exist in the cosmos?

I think that energy is an element of life that impacts upon other energy. And I have come to understand through my mental visits with Divinity (the source of wisdom and clarity, unconditional love and absolute understanding that exists within all of us) that God is a process. Divinity is an interaction — intelligent, creative, and useable by those who understand Its properties, Its purpose, and Its promise.

I could, of course, be wrong about all of this. I am hoping and trusting that my views as shared here will not be used as a platform for the launching of verbal tirades or insults, word-level assaults or assassinations of character, hurtful sarcasm or personal attacks on anyone else’s views or beliefs, religion or ethnicity, philosophy or understanding.

I have this idea that we are all adults here, and can have our discussions about these topics in a respectful and courteous, civil and well-mannered way.

Our differences do not have to produce division, and our contrasts need not generate conflicts. Let us enjoy these explorations together, to see where they take us, and to give us all a chance to demonstrate — whatever our other differences may be — that we all agree on one thing: it is both possible and preferable to disagree agreeably.

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  • Patrick Gannon

    “It is simply (and gloriously) the Essential Essence that permeates everything, the Prime Source of unlimited intelligence and the Prime Force of unlimited creation.”

    Hmm. He didn’t call it (God) “unlimited intelligence,” but rather the “source” of intelligence (and lack thereof as well). So, if physicists are correct, then God is a quantum wave? The source of everything in our universe? At a minimum, the evidence would propose, using this definition, that God is a quantum wave. I have trouble using “love” as a synonym for a quantum wave, when we know love is an electro-chemical response of the brain. I also struggle to see a quantum wave, a superposition of all possibilities, as having a personality, but maybe it does – because when you measure it – it stops playing hide and seek. The “formlessness” aspect of the discussion is in line with the concept of quantum fields.

    We can certainly extend the stem cell analogy to the natural world, if we look at quantum waves as being the source of all that comes into existence. Neale says god is a process, as is life. This is very interesting. I can see analogies being presented here that are in keeping with the natural world, and from which Neale has lightened up a little, on the woo aspects. I clearly prefer the more exact language of science to the allegorical and loose language of theology, but there is a trend here (perhaps), that I am liking…. The mental visits with divinity (i.e ruminating and pondering), is a bit too “woo” for me, but this could be an analogy for “thought,” from which, “Divinity is an interaction — intelligent, creative, and useable by those who understand Its properties, Its purpose, and Its promise,” logically follows. If we use the term “Divinity” in place of “thought” (no caps required), then the sentence makes sense. However if Neale is saying our brains are god-like, God’s in big trouble!

    • Craig

      Your view may be right a quantum wave… Wayne Dyer referred to it as the I am principle while the ancient Tao spoke about the connection with the created world the harmony of being.
      I doubt if you are against protecting and preserving the world you live in. That is being human and nothing to do with woo or spiritually. Actually everything to do wit both as then you take joint responsibility for what ever reason including your conscience or better knowledge.
      If this extension in you manifests then surely your life finds a purpose for the natural world and not only you and me surviving…
      A word becomes a deed that forms a habit which is a way of living… The complete transformation just nurture the thought long enough.

  • Jethro

    Neale and I agree with each other with different descriptions and terminology. If I am to agree that a God exists by the name God, Neale’ description, or Neale if your reading, God is the everything. I don’t agree that God would need to manifest in anything, as any thing is God manifest in the first place. God is the existence of the thing and is always manifest in all things. If all things are separated by atoms, atoms are God, if broken down into electrons, neutrons, and protons, God is that, If discussing the Higgs boson (grinning at Pat), Then the Higgs boson is God. All things exist as a chain reaction of a chain reaction of a chain reaction and life is formed by that. All that exists, exists by this process, whether in separation or in gathering, which is the nature of creation. To Create. It was explained to me that God was the Alpha & Omega, the beginning and the end, etc.. To what depth is that believed by those who taught it to me? Do they believe God to be so small as just an entity watching it happen? To my understanding, God is what’s happening.

    • Craig

      How about we call God that which we focus on…
      YHVH. Focus + decision + action = outcome.
      That is for me to understand, but in the broader context it is what Patrick implies the wave. I would just call it the golden thread keeping it all together… If together is the right way to think of it…

      • Jethro

        I have no problem with anyone doing what works for them. Explain a little more for a better understanding. I believe there is a higher understanding to be had, If everyone seen God as I have described, then respect and caring for all things would be the result. What lover of God would damage God if they were to realize that everything was God. What tree would be cut without the greatest purpose, or animal die, or the atmosphere filled with poisonous gasses. Focus on caring for all life + deciding to produce the best possible purpose for everything + actions to preserve all that is God = a less damaging outcome. Setting an example starts a wave.

      • Craig

        Cool change in the blog layout…
        We seem to be very close to having the same view concerning YHVH/God.
        Keep well.

        • Jethro

          I like the new layout!! We quite possibly have a close view on God, but YHVH represents a specific God so that would exclude me. Though I’m not against you having your own definition of God.

          • Craig

            Thank you. The Christian God seems even more restricted than the Hebraic one. The only reason why I refer to the Hebraic God is because it tells me God means nothing if I do not do my fair share if that makes some sense.

        • Jethro

          Craig: The Christian God seems even more restricted than the Hebraic one. The only reason why I refer to the Hebraic God is because it tells me God means nothing if I do not do my fair share if that makes some sense.

          Jethro: The reply icon missing below… You do not need a specific God to tell you anything. What you need to know is known within you already. A written law will only ever be as good as the person that agrees with it. Your deeds reflect from you and back to you, you are the God you wish to please. That is, every time you believe God must be pleased with your actions, it is you who decides… not God. You won’t get a Hebraic Gods opinion, unless you have decided the written words of the past are the opinions for you today. How you judge/feel about yourself is the only outcome.

          • Spiritual Annie


            I think the new format limits the number of layers of “nested” comments, which is why the “reply” button was missing. Inside WordPress, one can choose the number of levels where comments will be nested. When Disqus was removed, it may be that this site defaulted to the number of layers set up in WordPress, rather than Disqus. I think the default level is five, though it can be changed (I always use a really high number).

            All of this site may have defaulted, as far as comments and layout are concerned, to what’s contained in WordPress when Disqus was removed. (I’ve made a post about a problem Disqus encountered, which might explain the change.) Neale (or his website manager) may never have changed these defaults because they used Disqus from the start, or because they were set up so long ago that they’ve even forgotten how all that works.

            Love and Blessings Always,

  • “I think of God, metaphorically, as the Stem Cell of the Universe. If
    something as magnificent as a stem cell can exist within the human body,
    what kind of manifestation of energy can exist in the cosmos?”

    Here is where our terms for Divinity expand and grow by taking a nod toward technical progress and thus God is seen as the most recent technological breakthrough. Like Stem Cells. Religion may not progress but spirituality and metaphysics can.

    In book 3 I think we were introduced to life as a CD with all possible scenarios included. The metaphor of the computer chess game being also used. Then we advanced to a DVD God/Life/Divinity can be seen more like that. Also, Life as a holographic projection of God etc. Recorded music went from CD to near invisible not material digital.

    As CwG points out, God/Life/Divinity is also neutral. God takes no sides, no favorites, doesn’t judge (humans do). Thus, God, like electricity can be used for good or ill.

    It’s very hard for us to see all the violence and dysfunction and horror pain and suffering in the world. We have it in such great abundance! Yet, that too is a judgment we make about what is good or less good. Yet, most all of us would welcome the end of violence, pain, suffering, poverty and illness.

    My understanding is, that all societies, sentient beings, ET’s from other worlds and galaxies far away from us also go through the same evolutionary cycle from primitive to advanced states of being. We go into this existence (pre birth) willing and joyously. We love all the beautiful and horrible contrasts that earth currently provides. Well, until we don’t. That is perhaps the key.

    So for me, we (as I often say), eventually outgrow the violence, pain, suffering, illness, poverty.

    We start first with individuals who make this choice and move to smaller groups that come together with the same or similar choices. Than larger groups still, until the collective decides or is simply pulled by the strongest dominant energy. As of now, we have a huge variety and mixed energies that contrast, collide in a seemingly rather unrully mix.

    Eventually, small peaceful very wise loving collectives will start,– and eventually I hope. will be the stronger influence simply because people love their choices more and the old collective has a new model to consider. Not the current sad mix we have now.

    Yet that is changing, and we have much to look forward to as a positive future as well as deep caution about the choices we currently make. It’s a bit of a paradoxical divine pickle we are in. My vision is, we will pull through. The collective education and understanding law of Attraction being a key component. That is dominant energy rules. If the dominant energy is negative it rules, if good it rules. If like now it’s a huge mix, that is what rules.

    I imagine, like collective comic book super hero’s, we have set up, collectively a dangerously troubled perilously time in our world. Only to correct it, and thus show our true divine glory to not only heal it, but surpass our wildness dreams. It’s the hero’ journey on a vast collective scale.

    We have so much violence on TV, movies, media, entertainment. It’s much easier to create that than it’s opposite, transcendence. I can’t watch most of this stuff. But yet look at PBS and documentaries etc. And When Star Trek The Next Generation came out. We had a vision of the future where we overcame our violent ways and no longer had to survive but we could thrive having our human needs met and could self actualize and explore our potential.

    We are a drop in the ocean and also are the ocean in a drop. The whole of the holograph is still present no matter how small you cut down.

    As Robin Williams said: “Reality, what a concept!”

    • Craig

      Unfortunately the outgrowing only seems to start after 50. But then I do not know as I became a grumpy old man. My son said no problem I just aged like milk. Become sour…

      • Well Craig, I can’t say I agree with that, but I do hear what you are saying. Sorry for being a grumpy old man. I do not fit such stereo types. But be as it may, I envision our outgrowing of our dysfunction and violence.

        • Craig

          Thank you for the response.

    • Patrick Gannon

      The problem with your little collectives, in my view, is that they leverage what evolution has leveraged for our entire existence – the tribal connection – us versus them. We unconsciously and consistently divide ourselves into different tribes. We even do it on the fly. We might look at a person of another race, and see ourselves as one race, and them as another – two different tribes, and in the next moment see that they are actually in our tribe because they are wearing a hat for the same team we cheer for. We go from these tribal connections, on the fly, because that’s how our brains evolved.

      I don’t think the little like-minded collective thing is going to work. It didn’t work for the hippies in the 60’s; why would it work now?

      We need to look for ways to make ourselves all part of the same tribe. Astronauts say this happens in a matter of hours when you are in space. On the first couple passes you look out the window and see your country, then you see your continent, but in no time at all, the only thing you see is a single, vulnerable world in a cosmos of empty space. Many astronauts come back changed by this experience.

      Education is the best unifier, in my view. We need to teach people how our natural world works, so that we can see ourselves as a) part of the human genome and b) part of the earth. That’s all there is, and when we know that, I think it can unify us.

      Why education? Because it is true for everyone. Beliefs necessarily create us versus them groups. True knowledge, based on facts that everyone can agree on, and will agree on, if properly educated, can be shared by all of us.

      • I agree with you on education.

        I’m familiar with the astronauts mystic experiences and love that they have that experience of no boundaries as they look upon our beautiful planet that we are currently destroying. Heck, The Institute of Noetic Sciences research institute was created by a former astronaut Edgar Mitchell. To encourage and conduct research on noetic theory and human potentials. That was a direct result of his mystical experiences in space.

        Connection is the key. We are connected now in many ways but look at what is different and polarizing and allow that to be the main focus and attraction. We basically all want the same thing, just how to get it, get there is where we have trouble.

        As for the hippie collectives, many went back into the mainstream and those that did not I think are part of a collective that’s more well known as the “Cultural Creatives”.

        I’ve experienced short temporary collectives going to Neale’s retreats.

        As for educating about the natural world, yes great idea and to educate a reverence for nature as it is what gives us life and everything we have is from nature. Well, except our larger non local selves that exists beyond the perimeters of science. You may call it woo, but we’ve settled that you don’t believe in metaphysics and we do here on the site. No reason to tread that ground again.

        I noticed this morning that the font and look of the post and replies (at least on my end) is different and the avatars/photos etc are not currently showing up. I’m not sure we can edit at this point either.

      • Spiritual Annie

        Education based on… what? Science alone cannot prepare us for the lives we’re meant to live. Math can help, but lately it’s in the service of science.

        The problem is that what we teach is both inaccurate and useless. Literature portrays little pieces of what some perceive as reality. But it’s only their reality, and was written when they were in a certain mindset. As authors of some of the classics have passed over, we cannot ask them what it was they meant while they were writing. Entertaining, but not necessarily a skill one needs in life. Basic reading and writing, and then instilling a curiosity in children to want to learn–for me, that’s a better answer.

        Would you leave out things like philosophy, psychology, and sociology? Each has lessons we can learn about the failures and successes of the past in sharing this planet. Would you encourage creativity, even if that creativity didn’t conform with your idea of it? Coloring books suck. All they do is teach conformity–staying within the lines and using the correct colors for things. A blank piece of paper would serve much better to instill a sense of one’s own creativity. Rip all the names off of the crayons and let them have at it!

        History is partiuclarly troublesome when it comes to education. Whose history will be taught? The American history that says we won our freedom from the British, or the American history where we stole the land from the British, not to mention the Native Americans, and bought a good deal of the rest. Will the civil war be included? Which “side” will be represented, and will it be represented accurately? Will the descendents of slave owners who have been steeped in the history of the south, in all it’s “Gone With the Wind” glory? Will the north’s abolitionist movement be portrayed accurately? Most importantly, will the history of the slaves and their ancestor’s viewpoints also be included?

        History is generally written by the winner, or written by the losers who place the blame outside themselves. Germany had Hitler to blame for all the atrocities of WWII, only it’s the citizens of Germany who not only allowed, but promoted, Hitler’s ideals. Go back a little further and it’s easy to see that the Wermacht Agreement of WWI was killing the German economy. That wasn’t Hitler’s doing, but was written by the winners.

        (And who will teach? The low paid, unappreciated babysitters we now have in our system, or people who are excted at exciting our children?)

        If the only things that are taught in school are “facts” (which in actuality are often opinions), I would worrry more about the future of humanity.

        • Patrick Gannon

          Annie, I assume that straw man comment was directed to me. Where did I ever say that education should only be about science?

          I didn’t say that only science should be taught, but that our understanding of the natural world should be based on science, and not woo. Clearly there are other subjects besides science we should be well-rounded in, however we should take note that our nation is critically illiterate when it comes to science, and it’s costing us our competitiveness.

          With the advent of computers in every pocket, facts are no longer as important as the processes, and critical thinking skills that allow us to be confident in what we can accept as true. Learning to think this way requires skepticism and a reliance on scientific evidence. When we share this sort of education, we have far more points of agreement.

          To move forward in unity, we need to admit that faith has no status in bringing us truth: “Faith is an irrational leap over the need for evidence. Faith has no intellectual merit. It is not a virtue. It has no method. It solves no problems. It is not worthy of thinking people. (John Loftus, Free Inquiry, Oct/Nov 2017).

          • Spiritual Annie

            I never said you did, Patrick. Read it again. I mentioned science, math, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, creativity, and history. I also mention teachers, and what are considered “facts.” You have singled out science in your reply, ignoring every other subject I raised.

            Deflect much?

      • Craig

        Double vote for education on a global scale one standard for all and let’s leave the cultural diversity to were it belongs close knit clans.
        Any suggestions on helping the young ones with their raging natural hormone’s…

        • Spiritual Annie


          Once they’ve reached the age of “raging hormones” that they don’t understand, it may be too late.

          I’m not a parent, but I’ve been an aunt to my various nieces and nephews since I was 13 (and, thus, the go-to babysitter) and a stepmom. I believe it’s a matter that needs to be dealt with from the very start. How many parents slap their child’s hand away from their diapers while all the child is doing is exploring their own body? How many parents can’t even say the words “penis” or “vagina” in front of their children, much less discuss their purpose and pleasure? I know that when I had my first menstrual period, I thought I was ill and bleeding to death. Fortunately (or, actually, unfortunately), this wasn’t a new thing the school nurse had to explain.

          Our bodies are Divine. Each and every part of it. That includes our sexual organs. When we’re playing with our young children, pointing out what eyes and ears and hands and toes are, we should also be pointing out the other parts of our bodies, including our sexual organs. When a child sticks its hand down its diaper, either because they’re exploring or because it just feels good, parents should explain what it is they’re exploring and feeling, not start the long road of shame that’s now associated with sexuality. If it’s a penis, call it a penis. If it’s a vagina, call it a vagina. (Who the heck came up with “hoo-hoo” to begin with? Ridiculous.) If they ask questions, answer them at the level of their understanding. Let them know it’s a part of their body that performs a function–several, in fact.

          As they grow a bit older and start playing “doctor” in their explorations, once again a parent could explain rather than shame. Yes, your body is different from that of the opposite gender. The reason for that is so that children can be born. Again, discussing their bodies and the purposes of its parts should be at their level of understanding.

          No boy should have to approach his father and try to talk to him about having had an erection, or even a “wet dream” where the boy ejaculated, as their first conversation that includes sex. No girl should have to approach their mother in a panic because they’re bleeding and think something is wrong as their first conversation that includes sex. Yes, we need to teach about responsible sex. Yes, we need to teach about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. (In my opinion, we also need to teach about different sexual orientations and genders beyond male and female, but I’d settle for any meaningful conversation about sex.) But long before those raging hormones hit, we need to explain to our children that they are going to experience raging hormones. If we have those conversations with our children all along, the raging hormones won’t come as a surprise, and they may not even feel so unmanageable.

          Sorry to be so long-winded, but this is a pet peeve of mine. Many societies shame sex, when it’s one of the most pleasurable, even Spiritual, experiences one can have. I believe more of us would see it that way (and experience it that way) if sex were talked about openly and early on with our children.

          Love and Blessings Always,

          • Craig

            I am with you on this topic… And raised both genders to well in their 20 s and they openly discuss the issues as understanding children.

          • Kristen

            In NZ we have Harold, a fake giraffe thing with a bus that goes around all schools so all kids see Harold from age 5 annually. The programme starts with ‘keeping ourselves safe’ about there is no need for any adult to go near your ‘privates’ unless you need a parent to wipe your bum, at YOUR request, and everything in your undies is private plus basic hygiene, and to think of two adults you think you can trust with everything that may not be a parent. They also learn that if someone tells you to keep a secret then you only keep it if its about something that will make someone happy like a present, and if anyone ever threatens to hurt you or someone else, then they arent a nice person and you must tell perhaps a friends mother, what to do if lost in a shopping centre (go to a nice looking older lady in the closest shop), then all the puberty talks, right through to sexuality and gender differences, putting on condoms, stds’s, wet dreams, everything. Its great, us parents dont have to do a thing or have the awkward talks, Harold and his nurses do it all. Sanitary items are given to all girls at about age 11 I think, plus boys somehow end up with condoms and a razor! It is hilarious though when you accidently stumble on a kids paper work from it all!

    • Spiritual Annie


      I see things much the same way you do–people who are changing their lives influencing those around them, or if not physically around, then connected on the Internet. I already see this happening, both in our physical world and on the Internet.One such collective celebrated its first anniversary over the weekend, and already has thousands of members. Their thoughts, words and actions are already reaching out and changing minds.

      I missed the hippie movement, but am a flower child at heart. I think the hippies were on the right track with a return to nature, small cooperatives and collectives, and fighting what was called “the establishment,” which simply meant those things with which they did not agree, such as the Vietnam War. I thnk they failed, however, because for many of them the draw was the free use of drugs. I’ve not been on an acid trip myself, but from the descriptions I’ve heard, it would be difficult to organize anything, much less one’s thoughts.

      Instead, we now have groupings either by necessity (small groups pulling together in order to share food, clothing, etc. in order to survive) and by choice (small groups of like-minded individuals who believe positive change is not only possible, but what they choose to create. Making a conscious choice will, I believe, hold these groups together more coherently.

      I like the stem cell analogy only because it’s another way of looking at what some call God (by any name). People can picture a stem cell. It’s much harder to picture some nebulous, airy definition of God who is separate yet controlling all things. Instead, Divinity is the building block of all things, is all things, and has the potential to be anything. That’s my kind of Divinity!

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • Thanks Annie, check into the “Cultural Creatives” as a larger collective that the hippies, spiritual and creative people are drawn too.

        • Spiritual Annie

          Will do! 🙂

    • Patrick Gannon

      Slightly off-subject, but I know you are interested in this subject… a new article and video about lucid dreams showed up, that I thought you might be interested in. It’s even possible that being able to lucid dream can make you smarter. (I hope that means, appreciating evidence!).

      Google ‘Big Think Can You Learn How to Control Your Dreams?’ Watch Michio Kaku’s video at the end of the article. He gets to lucid dreaming last, so watch it all Kaku provides a brief neurological overview of dreaming that is pretty interesting.

  • Neale Donald Walsch

    From Site ADMIN: A post from Kisten has been auto-deleted because it contained a link. All posts containing links are auto-deleted, as the purpose of this site is not to drive people to other locations on the Internet.

    • Kristen

      Sure, my brief post was just telling of a free online brief course on Kabbalah, all these Laws you talk of, through Professor Michael Laitman. Its non religious and compatible with CwG. What CwG calls God energy, we call The Source. I think everyone in here would like the chance to learn more about the Laws you mention here, and Professor Laitman works with the UN as one of the few truly working to change the world as well as being a scientist. There was no ‘link’ as such, just the site typed with no dots.
      The post did say to delete it if you chose.

    • Craig

      Neale, now I know you are still reading the posts.
      Just a question to become a global community would a free global referencing not make it easier for others to understand what they are dealing with.
      Keeping a community isolated and only sharing what is on the table leaves no space to get the missing vitamins needed. We offer links or alternative views based on individual researches which helps us become or understand things better. Why not permit this as good is good even though it is eaten from another table. We won’t get fat… But will be stimulated to contribute more.
      Then again I know that links slow down the operating of a site and when they are no longer accessible they tend to even freeze the site. This are excellent reasons for not permitting links.
      Would you then permit us referencing names and websites without the link possibilities. After all it is knowledge and attitude that changes will skills manifest…

      • Kristen

        Good comment Craig. Normally I wouldnt do it, but Neale and others are often now talking of Universal Laws, which are the common ground in all religions and ‘spiritual’ teachings, this is what Kabbalah is…Laws. Ive heard Neale used to have some association with Deepak Chopra, who studied Laws for many years, CwG is catching up to what many have been doing for years…steering toward common facts to change things, rather than individual spiritual paths and personal relationships with God. Its the way of the future….as you said, there is a banquet of compatible food for all, why not share!

        • Spiritual Annie

          Kirsten, I agree–life is a smorgasborg, so why shouldn’t Spirituality (or whatever term one wants to use) also be? However, having been a blogger, it’s pretty standard to not allow links that lead someone away from one’s own site. I know that when I start following links, I have a tendency to “go down a rabbit hole” and follow wherever it leads me. That means I’m not contributing to the site I was originally participating in, where the link was posted.

          There are ways around it. I know that I’ve posted “links” as something like facebook[dot]com and they’ve gone through. I’ve also mentioned people by names, or used specific terminology, so that people can perform a search to find the information for themselves. Many suggest “searching for” or “Googling” a speicfic phrase. It’s that it’s an actual link that stops the comment from being posted, not necessarily that the moderator/owner of the site wants to censor information. In WordPress, one can choose to block links, and I believe the default is to block them (although it might be that there’s a default number of links–I can’t remember how it’s set up precisely).

          At any rate, the logic behind it is that one doesn’t generally want to lead a reader away from one’s site, but rather keep them participating at their own site.

          • Kristen

            Hi Annie,
            Its Neales site, I respect his choices. I didnt type the website as a link, but people can google it.
            Soooo worried about Raphael, wildfires are in his town with evacuations in place. Shouldnt laugh, just a tiny smile, but his evacuation centre is the Morman church. He’ll love that!

      • Kristen

        And I dont like my shade of green, can we swap greens? Or is that a photo of you?

  • Patrick Gannon

    It seems the platform has changed, and responses, at least at this point, are not being permitted in prior articles. There were posts directed to me that I would have liked to respond to, but apparently I can’t do that now.

    Please post again, anything you would like my response to.

    • Kristen

      I’d like to know something regarding your last post in the other thread…its really bugging me, nothing else matters (great song btw)..
      Id like to know hpw we all got so old that you asked why we were so chatty all weekend, didnt we have chores in the weekends? Im having a crisis….what happened to social lives in the weekends, are we really that old that weekends are for assumed chores? Must get out more, note to self, before I need a zimmer frame and face lift.

      • Spiritual Annie


        There’s an odd thing that happens when one becomes disabled. Time completely changes. Weekends? What are those but yet another day, when Monday through Friday don’t entail a normal work schedule? Bedtimes, so that we can get up and… do what? At first, it’s very disconcerting. I started working at age 11 or 12 at the neighborhood corner store, and I stopped (after usually also at least volunteering, if not holding a second job) at age 35. That’s over 20 years of reporting in to do a job–that thing that we’re “supposed” to do all our lives. That’s how we most often define our contribution to society. It’s how we pay the bills. We greet new people with, “And what do you do?” rather than “So, what are your interests?”

        The days of the week became meaningless, other than to note when others were available. The hours of the day were the same. Oh, I’m typing in the dark? Is it nighttime? I can’t run to the store and do my grocery shopping? Darn.

        Eventually, though, my body decided that my best bedtime (fall asleep most quickly, stay asleep the longest) is 9:00pm. I used to never go to bed before midnight. I usually wake to put the coffee on at about 3:00a, after laying there trying to convince myself I’m tired enough to go back to sleep for about half an hour. Poor Biscuit, who got used to going out for his first walk when Christie woke, has had to get used to going after it gets light out–about four hours after I wake. He now dislikes it when I say, “It’s dark outside,” because he knows it means he has to wait. He just puts his head down and walks away.

        What also happened was that more “flow” came into my life.. If I’m writing and I’m in flow, I don’t have to stop at a certain time. If I’m having fun with Biscuit, same thing. Chores fit in as my body is able. They surely don’t happen when I’m stiff first thing in the morning, but soon after, for as long as my body holds out. I know if chores aren’t done by noon, they’re probably not going to get done. It’s turned into a combination of discipline and pacing myself so that I don’t overdo (unless I have no choice). After about noon, I’m doing things that don’t tax my body–I’m online, or I’m watching a movie, or I’m reading the news online, or I’ve gone down some rabbit hole, following an idea from site to site.

        I guess that’s why your comment hit me so funny. Not only do we age and become more “responsible” and less “social,” but sometimes life changes our entire perception of time.

        Love and Blessings Always,

        • Kristen

          Hi Annie,
          Hope you didn’t get another injury when you fell over laughing.
          I work Tue til Sat, Sunday and Monday are my weekends. I have no where enough hours in my day or life, but I’m on my feet all day and too vain to allow myself to slouch, get varicose veins, get bunions that are in the family, have finger nails too short or let my body age before it has to (I’ll pretend I didn’t accidently catch a glimpse of the boobs and bum in the mirror once), so tend to take it easy in the evenings, only the bare essentials of chores for a half hour, the bulk is done when I’m home alone on a Monday. Every night I tackle dinner, then an hour online or TV like now (7 til 8pm), half hour chores then choose something to do. Last night I was sewing, I love upcycling things into cool clothes, so a dress and a shirt were cut apart then rehashed last night and will do that again soon, I have a mountain of sewing to do and too many ideas!. Then shower and bed at 11pmish then I write or read in bed sometimes until 2am. I fall asleep within ten seconds then press snooze four times in the mornings to be up at 8.15 for work. My natural sleep pattern would be 3am until midday I think, I love being up at night when the world is asleep.
          If I had a disability or something preventing me from working I’d spend my days making a huge Victorian dollhouse, the dream, and I have so much for it already, just not the time. Nor the fine motor skills or patience with myself, so it’ll probably be one of those projects that I’ll be amazing at…..in my own imagination!

      • Patrick Gannon

        Maybe it’s because I live in the country, but there is always something to do on the weekend. This weekend, I dug up the potatoes and carrots, tilled under other crops that were finished, planted clover and rye grass to keep the garden from washing away, fixed a broken switch on the camper, and you know how projects like that go. You end up only having three of the four connectors you need on your work bench, so one chore turns into another, and while you’re at it, the truck needs to be washed, and oh, if you wash the truck, you have to do the girlfriend’s car (but I didn’t this time, hehehe)… What else? I have to take my own trash to the transfer station, and sort all the recyclables and put them in their bins. My girlfriend says I’m the energizer bunny, I only have to start doing one thing, and the rest of the day will quickly get filled in.

        Generally, if you see me posting a lot here on a weekend, the weather is bad, or I’m sick.

        • Kristen

          I did lots in the garden as well. I looked out the bathroom window and realised the big water bowl needs fresh water then forgot to do it ten times, dod composting in the form of throwing vege scraps out a window into the garden, thought about digging up the potatoes but never got past that, looked at the water blaster several times, wondered when the lawnmowing man is due, thought I should check drains are clear a few times, looked for the yard broom that was nowhere to be found, looked at the tins of stain for the decks, thought about picking up a big pile of weeds from when I replanted herbs two weeks ago…..thinking about all those chores felt productive at least…..BUT I did wash my car, for the first time in about three months.
          We have recycling from our gate, so don’t have to think about that, we just put all plastics, glass and metals in a big wheelie bin and they do it, plus all paper, then we are allowed a small bin of rubbish that takes roughly one black sack, that’s it.
          Oh, I actually managed one errand, I went to the hardware store and got my paint for my shop mixed…so I can look at the can for a few months! I’m not very efficient with all the ‘boy’ chores!

  • Spiritual Annie

    I don’t like this new comment format. It doesn’t necessarily align the replies with the post to which I’m repling. Or, at least it doesn’t look that way.

    • Kristen

      I agree Annie, I dont like it either. Nowhere as easy to read. And when you go to post a reply to a comment received by email it doesnt go straight to that, you have to scroll down hundreds to find it.
      Not user friendly at all in my view but I guess Neale has ditched disqus.
      Wonder if newbies, desperately needed in here, will give input now they have to give emails etc rather than via disqus.
      Take care,

      • Kristen

        Mmmmm, and doesnt allow edits plus just noticed when I posted that reply to Annie, it then jumped back up to Neales writings, tough if it gets to hundreds and you’re scrolling up and down constantly. No cool.

        • Spiritual Annie

          I miss being able to edit, and to upvote posts, too. I think the only reason my profile pic is showing is because I have an old WordPress blog (and am working on a new one), so I have a WordPress bio. I’m seeing everybody else has colorful squared patterns, but apparently you don’t get to pick which one. I’m not sure if the email thing will stop anyone, as a Disqus account also requires one.

          At any rate, I much prefer the older format, even though it could take time to load.

          Love and Blessings Always,

      • Spiritual Annie

        New information on the new format. As a habt, I keep a lot (too many) tabs open on my browser. One of them was Disqus notifications. A banner at the top of the page reads, “Security Alert: User Info Breach,” with a button to read more about it. It says, in part:

        “Yesterday, on October 5th, we were alerted to a security breach that impacted a database from 2012. While we are still investigating the incident, we believe that it is best to share what we know now. We know that a snapshot of our user database from 2012, including information dating back to 2007, was exposed. The snapshot includes email addresses, Disqus user names, sign-up dates, and last login dates in plain text for 17.5MM users. Additionally, passwords (hashed using SHA1 with a salt; not in plain text) for about one-third of users are included.”

        They’ve laid out the actions that they’ve taken to date, including informing all users who were affected. As passwords are shown as hashtags (they’ve since upgraded), they would have to be decrypted before anyone could access another’s account. However, they noted that names, email addresses, and bios are in plain text, so that information is available to those accounts that were hacked. Since they upgraded security in 2012, the hackers couldn’t get any information after 2012. They went on to say that they perceive the impact to potential users as:

        “Right now there isn’t any evidence of unauthorized logins occurring in relation to this. No plain text passwords were exposed, but it is possible for this data to be decrypted (even if unlikely). As a security precaution, we have reset the passwords for all affected users. We recommend that all users change passwords on other services if they are shared.

        “Email addresses are in plain text here, so it’s possible that affected users may receive spam or unwanted emails.

        “At this time, we do not believe that this data is widely distributed or readily available. We can also confirm that the most recent data that was exposed is from July, 2012.”

        Maybe that helps explain the change in format…

        Love and Blessings Always,

        • Kristen

          Great thanks Annie.
          Im not getting an email alert when someone replies, this could all turn to custard.

          • Jethro

            I think that’s the idea lol. To change what has been. It may have been to eliminate the previous problems. All of this is like getting a new cell phone, it will get re-learned and we will carry on. Some of the complaints…. I mean concerns… may be addressed over time. It’s funny, I just read a post that said faith does nobody any good, yet I want to say I have faith that we will move through this change successfully and everything will work out. In this world of instant gratification we have forgotten how to give something time… for this, I have time. Having a little information would be nice, a little instruction. When Neale speaks on his own site here, it’s usually to have a debate rather than a conversation yet it’s purpose is a conversation. Maybe we could all benefit from the describing of our thoughts rather than the need for having our thoughts adopted. A passing on of thoughts without the conviction. The conversation will continue, I guarantee it

    • Jethro

      It will all smoothen out with time.

  • Jethro

    Love: Its wisdom is activated, Its desire is fulfilled, Its power is evinced, and Its reality is fully, grandly, and gloriously made manifest through the experience and the expression of Love.

    God as love does not distinguish life form from life form. All life is loved by what I describe as God. Everything is allowed to evolve as evolution sees fit. Disease, illness, death, all parts of life and it’s evolution are evolution. We seem to think that no God who loves would ever allow a bad thing to happen, but the definition of bad may be incorrect by who is calling it bad. Just because humans have the gift of self importance, it does not make them more important than any other life. No life on earth is more important than the other and life, love, nor god/nature will make one life more important than the other, love makes all life equal. All life has a right to live and a right to die by whatever means life and death may occur… Death is a changing of form and not a death at all. All things have eternal life by that rule… Just sharing a thought.

    • Craig

      Jethro this is well described and summarized.

      • Jethro

        Thank you Craig.

    • Spiritual Annie


      “Just sharing a thought.” And what wonderful thoughts they are, in plain words that anyone can understand. The same goes for your earlier post, but I’m probably going to be replying less if we keep this comment form. I have to enlarge everything in order to be able to read or type. And I’m tired of scrolling to find the comment to which I want to reply.

      I have often thought of God as the underlying building block of all that exists. Not only do things that we can see as alive are of God, though. So are those things which we refer to as “not living.” A mountain has the right to be a mountain, not transformed with explosives into a monument to ourselves. They’ve finally learned in CA that they have to let some fires burn because without the heat, the cones from the Redwoods don’t open and so the seeds never come out and germinate. Nature has a right to be what it is, as God. Consider it the evolution of the planet, maybe, only it’s we who are forcing changes on Nature that aren’t in accord with her natural cycles.

      Sometimes, when I’m in a philosophical mood, I ponder on the fact that atoms have more “space” than they do actual matter, including our atoms. That means that we’re actually more “spacious” than we are solid. Or that the rock I’m looking at actually has movement in it, because all the particles that make up an atom are moving within it. We just can’t see it with our naked eye. Motion and space seem to be constants in our known world. What’s in that “space”? More God, in a different form.

      New Age people got into the habit of greeting and saying goodbye to people using the term “Namaste.” It was explained to me that this means “I see you and support you from the place within that recognizes all is Divine.” That’s not the dictionary term (and I won’t be looking it up because I already lot a post trying to do that), but I like it. Can you imagine a world where, upon meeting anyone, we see them as they truly are, and support their right to be that? That we look at them not with our eyes, but with the eyes of Divinity, which knows no judgment? I can. It’s hard sometimes to see us getting from where we are to there, but I can see it. Daily. People may not use that word, but the level of one-on-one acceptance of people as they are seems like it’s on an increase. Are we different? Absolutely! We are each a unique creation with unique stories and unique lives. But we are all part of “the family of man.” (There goes that hippie again!)

      Love and Blessings Always,

      • Jethro

        Annie, I very much believe ALL things are living. At an atomic level everything is moving and everything has a life span… Even a rock. I’m not just stuck on the organic as being living things.

        Seeing anyone or anything and not trying to figure out how it can serve you is an expression of love. Somethings existence is an expression of love and it’s existence has served you by simply being there to be recognized.

  • Spiritual Annie

    Neale’s column has had me pondering, in a philosophical mood. He has, once again, put words to some of the ideas I’ve had for a long time now. Using the metaphor of a stem cell is so spot on for me. And it gives one something to envision, rather than some airy, nebulous idea of Divinity.

    For myself, everything in existence is Divine. I will be the first to admit that I don’t always treat everything as Divine (especially myself), but I treat more people and things as Divine than I used to. It’s a maturation process, I believe, or an unlearning of the things we’ve learned that aren’t useful to us anymore. Where a child may only be able to relate to a God who looks like they do, adults have the ability to envision Divinity differently. We can still relate to Divinity as a personification in any form, or we can choose a different way of seeing Divinity. We can see it as the irreducible building block of all creation that is wise and loving and desires only to evolve, as we do. How does it evolve? Through the experiences of everything it creates.

    I used to imagine my own story of the “Big Bang.” I imagined that in the emptiness of nothing having yet been created, there was still Divinity in all that emptiness. I imagined what it would be like to be the everything that was nothing, and I can’t imagine being more bored. No one to interact with, nothing to stir up sensations or emotions, just Divinity.

    Being intelligent (as I see it), I imagined that Divinity began to imagine that there were other “things” besides itself. With nothing as a palette and everything possible to create, Divinity began to wonder what it would be like, to be those other things it imagined. And as it imagined, it began to feel for those things it imagined. It became attached to certain ones of them, reimagining them all the time. Eventually, its feelings grew and grew, and so Divinity “exploded” into a gazillion tiny parts, which through time became atoms and molecules and all complex things.

    It’s not a denial of our natural world or of science, but rather a different perspective on it. It’s not a denial of quantum mechanics or cosmology or the next greatest thing discovered through science. It’s that science is uncovering Divinity, using different words. It’s saying in “E=mc2” that “E” and “m” and “c” are all Divinity in differing forms. Break them all down to their irreducibly tiniest building block, and they’re all Divinity.

    Do I know how it all works, how Divinity evolves through us, carrying consciousness and intelligence and our experiences in it? How it came up with the intricate process of the evolution of all living things? Why it decided that our universe should continue to expand, at an ever increasing rate? Why it created the specific elements that come together to create specific things, some of which we consider “alive” and “sentient” while others we do not? Nope. But I’ve come to believe that it does. Divinity has an entirely different perspective than we do. I can guess as to why we came into being and envision my own version of the “Big Bang,” but it’s still a guess, even though my understanding of Divinity comes from the core of my being.

    Just my ponderings, from when I was young and from today.

    Love and Blessings Always,

  • Patrick Gannon

    I just read Neale’s post again, and I must again marvel that with little manipulation, it can fit right into a scientific paradigm. There is no talk of souls or afterlives or manipulating matter, reading minds, or the other typical woo nonsense. With just a little bit of work, this article can be an analogy for the quantum wave, of quantum fields, of which our universe is comprised. Energy affecting – other energy – those can be quantum fields interacting.

    Probably wishful thinking on my part, but is this a small step away from the woo?

    • I’m not sure it is, but it’s a way of explaining it in terms that make sense to you.

  • Kristen

    When you touch base in here can you please let us know if you’re ok, I see your town is now under attack by wildfires.
    Thoughts are with you, as Im sure everyones are.

    • Craig

      Thank you for sharing the concerns my thoughts are with yours to those affected.

      • Jethro

        Wishing the best for you Raphael…

        • Kristen

          He’s reported in below.

      • Kristen

        He’s reported in below and ok for now. This new site sux that he couldnt do a post up the top to let us all know like Annie was able to. Grrr.

  • Leon

    I enjoy conversations like this because you get different views on this topic we are discussing, it is truly a blessing to have a platform such as this. I truly know that whatever one may think God is or isn’t is correct because everyone, everything, word,deed, action comes from the one thing just in individual form.

  • Patrick Gannon

    I want to do a deeper analysis of Neale’s words, as they are paradigm shifting, if my interpretation is correct (which I doubt!). But let’s play… Neale said:

    ” My own understanding is that the aspect of life in the universe that many people call “God” is not a “person” in the classic sense; not a Human Being Writ Large. Rather, It is simply (and gloriously) the Essential Essence that permeates everything, the Prime Source of unlimited intelligence and the Prime Force of unlimited creation.”

    What Neale refers to as “God” is the….

    Essential: “absolutely necessary; extremely important”
    Essence: “the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character”

    …that permeates everything.

    This could easily be interpreted as quantum fields, of which we know twelve, and the universe as a whole has been described as a “quantum wave,” a collection of fields, so there’s room, thus far, to make his god fit with reality, as an analogy. Indeed these quantum fields do permeate everything. What’s really interesting is that there’s really no such thing as particles, only vibrations in fields, but it’s much easier to describe what we observe using the “language” of particles.

    Moving on.. “….the Prime Source of…

    Unlimited: not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.
    Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

    This gets a bit more difficult, because acquiring and applying knowledge is something biological beings do, so it would appear that intelligence is restricted or limited to sentient beings, right? To the extent that it refers to biological beings such as ourselves, then technically speaking, it’s correct since intelligence arises out of brains which arise out of particles which arise out of quantum fields, but the term “intelligent” is no more applicable to a quantum field than calling it happy or sorrowful. It just is; just like the tracks of electromagnetic fields we’ve all seen magnets produce with metal filings, only these quantum fields “permeate” the known universe. The quantum fields are the source of the ability for biological beings to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, in a general sense.

    As I mentioned earlier, he isn’t specifically saying that God “is” the unlimited intelligence, rather the source of it… so there’s wiggle room, if we assume God is a field or collection of fields we refer to as the quantum wave of the universe.

    “…and the Prime Force of unlimited creation.” Hmm, most cosmologists today would dispute that unlimited creation part. If our observations are correct, the universe is going to expand, freeze and disintegrate trillions of years from now… Unless the universe pulls off a “phase transition” and perhaps returns to a state it may have been in before this state, then you might have a situation where the universe has no beginning, it simply changes states, forever and ever, amen… In which case there is no Creator, simply a fluctuating quantum wave.

    Moving on…

    “God is at once both The Creator and The Created, a Pure Energy that impacts upon Itself. It is First Cause. It is Every Effect. It is the seat of all wisdom, the wellspring of all desire, the fountainhead of all power, and the origin of all reality.”

    Again this can work. If the universe is a quantum wave, then it is the creator and created and it is a pure energy that can be said to work on itself. A quantum wave is a superposition of all possibilities. Any possibility that exists, is contained within the quantum wave, and if we skip the anthropomorphic descriptions referring to wisdom, desire, and power – all of which emerge out of us as biological beings, then we could loosely say that this description is applicable. Certainly our reality is the product of this quantum wave and the corresponding quantum fields of which it is comprised.

    “It is in a single word, Love.” That’s where the analogy seems to break down, because if the universe is a quantum wave, it certainly gives biological beings the possibility for love – but love is a physical attribute of electrochemical processes in the brain, which as mentioned above, emerge from the layers below it. It would be something of a stretch to call a quantum wave or some assembly of quantum fields, “love.” Those assemblies create us, and we are capable of manifesting the feeling of love in our brains.

    So is Neale abandoning woo and migrating to a state of reality; a state where “God” is defined as the “laws of nature”? Probably not – but it was fun to make the analogy.

    • Craig

      This could be possible… Source of all, start of all, principle for finalising all…
      Observation 1
      If knowledge is biological of nature and not relevant to the source why is it important that the evolved from the source would develop it if everything is limited to specific life periods if we can call it that.
      Observation 2
      12 fields, 12 tribes, 12 apostles quite a coincidence…

      Again the question why. We know how but why?
      Good guess on trillions of years from now, we can just just predict the weather over a two weeks period. What justification is used for the prediction on end of time?
      You have put forward a well thought out explanation which I did not even consider as a response. But with it you may have opened more counter views. Let’s trust other views will also be shared.

      • Kristen

        Neale seems to be pushing toward Kabbalah, we define The Source as the source of all.
        Interesting change from my point of view.
        Yip, the 12 thing??
        Kabbalah teaches 12 different ‘types’ of the perfect human, 12 groups of Laws imposed on Earth, 12 models for plants, and 12 of a lot. Each of the 12 tribes supposably represented different ‘humans’ hence getting the two different blessings each.

    • Jethro

      @Patrick Gannon “Intelligence: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” In the terms of nature or the things taught to me in church about God because God is all knowing. There is no knowledge needed to acquire if all is known and nature would have no desire to know more than it knows if we could apply the word knowing to it. Nature and/or God knows all they need to know. Wouldn’t they?
      ““It is in a single word, Love.” That’s where the analogy seems to break down” The use of the word love is used rather loosely here I believe. That is, not in a human context, or maybe in it’s truest form. Nature/God has no desire to change nature/God, everything is acceptable just as it is. Why change what is already perceived as perfect? How could we define love any better than to say that something is perfect just the way it is?

      Does that understanding help any? Of course I’m not Neale, In his words would sound a little better I’m sure.

  • Raphael

    However we choose to define “God”, I think it is high time that a majority of humans start understanding that we are living in direct opposition to the natural order, that is to say to life itself. This alone can only be defined as madness. We have developed a mad civilization, unsustainable and destructive, disregarding the natural balance that is crucial to maintain life.

    The latest hurricanes, wildfires, floods, are only the very beginning of the price humanity is about to pay for its war against nature and its blatant disrespect towards the earth and all life…when methane is released in much greater quantities from the arctic sea floors for example, global warming will increase exponentially, along with greater storms, more wildfires and droughts, flooding, and dying plankton and dying oceans, not to mention rising sea levels.

    Where I live, I am currently surrounded by fires, one of which is happening 30 minutes away. We sleep with our clothes on, ready to run by car or on foot, depending on circumstances. With high winds, a house can be engulfed in flames within minutes.

    Life in the 21st century promises to get ever more exciting, no need to watch disaster movies, we will actually get to experience the thrills in real life (or death).

    • Kristen

      Hey…….you’re alive, I was almost thinking you’d left us to join Mewabe in the sky.
      Thoughts are with you, Ive been watching the wildfires…scary shite, and shite myself (really!), when I heard your town/city/whatever it is, on the news. I watched one of the fires spread 500 metres within 7 seconds…practice running!
      Boy when theyre all finally out and over, the pollution will be horrific, a long long recovery, if any.
      Thoughts are with you, there are messages above for you.

      • Raphael

        I had no internet connection for a few days (fried fiber optics) so I was essentially out of commission.

        Thank you Kristen…it’s crazy but very telling that for a few consecutive weeks two or three of us on this blog have been threatened by natural disasters. And we are not many here!

        I am going to actually start practicing (a few drills) getting out of the house at any time of the day or night in under a minute (seconds hopefully), with duffle bags already packed and ready and some clothes on. Can’t leave those bags in the car because I might have to escape on foot. But 2 or 3 drills will be enough…the main thing is to stay calm and know what to do and do it fast, in case of fire or earthquake.

        The air is very bad around here now, but the winds from the ocean will hopefully clean things fast. However some of the fires are still spreading, and more towns are being evacuated. There is no evacuation recommendation or order where I am yet. So far, over 20 people have died and over 500 are missing…that’s horrible…Third year in a row, people were still trying to recover from having lost everything the past 2 years!

        It is not going to get better, so we all have to be prepared…to survive and help others.
        I am relying on my psychic connections, and I know that the fire will not reach my neighborhood, at least not this time. But it won’t hurt to be ready…

        • Kristen

          Hi ya,
          Yip its nuts. I just read the air pollution so far is already the equivalent of 35 million cars on the road for a year, that alone could tip the vital balance, and that theres already more burnt off in less than a week than the last two years already, I guess water will be the next proble .
          Looks like it will be a long term thing, theyre just everywhere, scary as crap just watching it.

          Yip definately be a good boy scout and be prepared, run means run, dont just depend on psychic connections, things can change drastically in 5 minutes, its all heartbreaking. Things arent on reincarnation paths anymore, those above cant depend on the those anymore, I ‘feel’ thats all the unknown now, that no one knows paths anymore with climate change and the future. Could be wrong, but I dont think so. My indication is that we have to look for signs was our own intuitive instincts, its all we really have now. Like instinctively clearing drains before unexpected heavy rains. If you’ve had any ‘be prepared’ unnoticed instincts, listen to those as well. My ‘feeling’ is that America is heading to ‘hell’, long term for California now, unrelenting crap after crap, which sucks, just defined as hell since its so crappy.
          Take care, and thoughts are with you and everyone.

          • Jethro

            @ Kristen, I’m going to flip your comment around for my personal satisfaction. This is not directed at you though, just writing a thought provoked by your statement.

            35 million cars running is as equally damaging to the atmosphere as a major forest fire. I wish we had a timeline for that auto pollution. Fires happen naturally. Cars do not. Fires help nature, cars do not. People get caught in the rain, they will get caught in the fires. The will of man is not in charge regardless of how hard we try.

        • Spiritual Annie

          Oh, I’m so happy to see you posting, and to hear you’re safe—at least for now. Please do be ready and careful. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

          Love and Blessings Always,

        • Jethro

          @ Raphael. Thankful your ok, extra thankful you haven’t had to lose your home.

          All the signs for redirection are there, I have not seen a dead end sign yet. We still have time to turn it around. China is moving forward with better energy management. Maybe others will follow. There is always hope regardless. Until of course, we are staring at the dead end sign.


  • Asha Rose

    In Tommorows world I see our schooling systems readjusting their focus and incorporating holistic learning environments and experiences for all Tommorows children. Spending more time outdoors in nature, Tommorows children will be guided into self sufficiency with real life skills such as maintaining community gardens, collecting chickens eggs, milking cows, and learning to function as a eco friendly sustainable community. Tommorows teachers will encourage our children to connect with their inner minds through fantasy and imagination, creative thoughts and ideas, and the chance to remember their true origins. Tommorows children will feel secure in connecting with their inner beings through their connection with nature and life, and given the opportunity to lay on the grass in stillness, watching the clouds pass by. Tommorows children will be taught valuable life skills, which will enable them to enter society as well prepared adults. Tommorows children will explore and learn about using herbs, natural remedies, aromatherapy and naturopathy. They will be taught to share in Mother Earths resources when needed as opposed to man made pharmaceuticals, which will impact Tommorows children’s health positively. Tommorows children will become experts in living natural lives, and equal experts in ensuring Mother Earth is continuously replenished, through actions such as composting, recycling, reusing, and caring for all things living. Our children will have the choice as to their own ideas on our origins, and will have the option to join classes in science, spirituality, or supernatural topics. They will not be forced into following a certain belief path, and this in turn will allow each individual child to open up to the truth they feel from within. Although they will be taught that the words “God” and “Life” are exchangeable. Tommorows children will love books and exploring the world around them, including other countries cultures, traditions and potential sufferings. Tommorows children will unfortunately need to be alert and informed on global current affairs, including being subject to witnessing the starvation and violence our world endures. For if they are blinded, how will Tommorows children begin humanities transformation? They will learn all about the government, laws, and politics, but not for the purpose of understanding how to follow the rules and the people, instead for the purpose of making their own individual minds up on if they believe that they are the right rules and people to follow. Tommorows teachers will also place a high importance on encouraging our children to explore their values and morals, and how to most effectively and compassionately engage in social relationships. Although I believe our little ones will not need much guidance with this subject, as our children’s inner beings will use empathy, compassion, problem solving, effective listening, kindness and love to interact as their first, true nature anyway. Tommorows children will be taught the importance of symbolic meanings in dreams and the important messages our dreams hold for us, they will learn about how energy in motion; emotions, arise and how all emotions felt are acceptable when processed in the right ways. Tommorows children will be encouraged to be their unique selves, specialise their learning to suit their passions, talents and happiness. Our children will be motivated to accept challenges, to think deeply, to love the concept of asking questions, and to use their mind, bodies, and souls to create their own beautiful beginnings to life. Tommorows children are infact, Todays children.