Is agreement about God ‘boring’?

Is there something sad about the following posted comment by a recent visitor here, or is it just me…?

My last entry in this space had to do with Who and What God Is…and following what I wrote, this observation was offered by a reader…

Comment by Buzz on November 1, 2012 at 11:49 am…
Subject matter like this is boring because everyone is in complete agreement.

So what I “get” from this is that unless I write something about which there is “disagreement,” what I am writing is “boring.” And the irony is that when I write something about which there is “disagreement” (such as my political stories in recent days), I get lambasted here and on Facebook (many fb followers read articles here and post their reactions there) for not sticking with my “mission” as a “spiritual teacher” and for “taking sides” on political or social issues.

What this comes down to is, “Heads you lose, tails you lose.” Of course, it is not really, in my mind, a game of “win or lose,” and I don’t hold it that way. I simply share what I feel within my authentic experience, and the “chips fall” where they may. But I do find it ironic nonetheless that whether I write things with which people are in agreement, or things with which people disagreement, I’m somehow “not doing it right.”

We’re an interesting species, are we not…?

And I personally find it a bit sad that because something I have written falls into the category of things with which people agree, it is labeled as “boring.” Which leads me to a question…

Is agreement boring?

Could this be the reason that human beings sometimes seem to actively seek disagreement and conflict? Yet isn’t “reaching agreement” supposedly the goal on important matters. Will it be “boring” if the Congress reaches agreement with President Obama on how to avoid the “fiscal cliff” that is now, with the election finally past us, the “talk of the town” on all the news shows and talk shows and in all the newspapers and news magazines this week?

I must say, I was just a bit surprised to see agreement about Who and What God Is described by an intelligent person as “boring.” How, if this is the way people think, are we ever to get excited about God, about Life, about The New Spirituality, and about a new way of being human? Only if we disagree about it? And how do we share with others that which is called “boring” and make it exciting, inspiring, and igniting?

Is Buzz’ reaction typical of the majority of humanity? What do you think? Does our species need to observe, if not produce, disagreement in order to retain interest in commentary, observations, and messages that we all might benefit from being shared?

What are your thoughts about that…?

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