Is agreement about God ‘boring’?

Is there something sad about the following posted comment by a recent visitor here, or is it just me…?

My last entry in this space had to do with Who and What God Is…and following what I wrote, this observation was offered by a reader…

Comment by Buzz on November 1, 2012 at 11:49 am…
Subject matter like this is boring because everyone is in complete agreement.

So what I “get” from this is that unless I write something about which there is “disagreement,” what I am writing is “boring.” And the irony is that when I write something about which there is “disagreement” (such as my political stories in recent days), I get lambasted here and on Facebook (many fb followers read articles here and post their reactions there) for not sticking with my “mission” as a “spiritual teacher” and for “taking sides” on political or social issues.

What this comes down to is, “Heads you lose, tails you lose.” Of course, it is not really, in my mind, a game of “win or lose,” and I don’t hold it that way. I simply share what I feel within my authentic experience, and the “chips fall” where they may. But I do find it ironic nonetheless that whether I write things with which people are in agreement, or things with which people disagreement, I’m somehow “not doing it right.”

We’re an interesting species, are we not…?

And I personally find it a bit sad that because something I have written falls into the category of things with which people agree, it is labeled as “boring.” Which leads me to a question…

Is agreement boring?

Could this be the reason that human beings sometimes seem to actively seek disagreement and conflict? Yet isn’t “reaching agreement” supposedly the goal on important matters. Will it be “boring” if the Congress reaches agreement with President Obama on how to avoid the “fiscal cliff” that is now, with the election finally past us, the “talk of the town” on all the news shows and talk shows and in all the newspapers and news magazines this week?

I must say, I was just a bit surprised to see agreement about Who and What God Is described by an intelligent person as “boring.” How, if this is the way people think, are we ever to get excited about God, about Life, about The New Spirituality, and about a new way of being human? Only if we disagree about it? And how do we share with others that which is called “boring” and make it exciting, inspiring, and igniting?

Is Buzz’ reaction typical of the majority of humanity? What do you think? Does our species need to observe, if not produce, disagreement in order to retain interest in commentary, observations, and messages that we all might benefit from being shared?

What are your thoughts about that…?

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  • Marko

    Well, I think it’s B.S. to think agreement is boring. I think it comes from the fear that if things were really great and we all felt that inner peace, joy, prosperity, great health & relationships with others & life itself, we would lack excitement that only conflict & negativity provide.

    Buzz might be referring to what comedians call a “slow news day” and believe me I’m okay with that. We are way too creative to let such an idea slow or curtail our excitement, humor & boundless creative play.

    This is not a well thought out logic in my mind but to each his or her own.

    Life can hum along quite nicely without out conflict & negative drama & still include excitement.

    Ah, ever here of the arts? You know music, art, dance all the fun stuff. That doesn’t require negatives to be enjoyed. Even in business people enjoy the challenge, but it doesn’t have to have negative conflict to be enjoyed. We I guess lower primitive lifeforms desire it more. 🙂

    In fact, I think peace is exciting. Now there is a peace that is quiet, calming, restful, conflict free & a breath of fresh air to have for however long we choose it. That’s the peace we associate the word with most. I’m here to say, it’s wonderful to experience peace and excitement together! It’s really a matter of how much the volume is turned up.

    I think that if life was perfect without conflict it would be boring has a certain amount of superficial merit. I say superficial, because when we get to a point of society being at peace & prosperity that’s when the real excitement comes! Let me explain:

    The superficial merit is when the lack of conflict & the comfort is so secure that we become more complacent & less driven to succeed in our greatness. I think that’s what people may argue with & I think that we are way smarter than that!

    You see, when we evolve to where we eliminate most or all negative contrasts we will still love playing games, having fun, visiting other planets, even terraforming & creating life & art from previously dead planets just because it’s fun to be creative & use our spirituality, science & love of art to do such things.

    I like to personally promote & have promoted the idea for the last several years that we can live or shall we say, out grow, the idea that we need negative contrasts. We don’t, and in it’s place we create good contrasts as our majority. Example good better, great, wonderful, grand, fantastic, blissful etc. as wonderful contrasts to work & play with.

    We don’t need the negative contrasts because we outgrow them like HEB’s as stated in CwG
    book 3. Or, we can keep as much of the negative contrasts as we feel we desire, it’s our call.

    Now when we get to that absolutely splendid place of creating & pulling in that waterfalling of such immense creativity, magnificence & divinity, of positive contrasts,– the angels will truly rejoice.

    Magical smiles,

  • mewabe

    This attitude can be seen in the media, and many blogs. Reasonable statements, conciliatory remarks, agreements do not sell newspapers or draw audiences, they do not make any “waves” but seem to be like a stone thrown in the waters of a lake…they create gentle ripples, but these are way too subtle to be noticed by a population that seeks ever more intense stimuli (louder, bigger, brighter) as some seek ever more intense drugs, in order to be distracted from life.

    The truth does not excites, because it cannot be turned into a circus. As those who go to boxing matches, many people seem to love confrontation and a good bloody fight…it gets their hormones going and awakens the ancient primate in them.

    The truth is everywhere to be seen and felt, and experienced. The divine is all around us and within. Why is most of humanity blind and deaf to it?….

    …..too busy and preoccupied with conflicts which it creates and totally cherishes, because it has defined its identity in separation, opposition and competition rather than cooperation and unity, and consequently believes fear is more powerful than love, and dominant power preferable to love.

    That’s why our world is dominated by men rather than women, by fight or flight rather than love, by survival principles rather than peaceful living.

    Not until humanity creates a completely dark frightful world (hell on earth) will it realize that love is preferable to fear, and the only reality.

    Being somewhat of a slow learner, it seems to require the full expression and manifestation of its delusions of fear and dominant power in order to understand that they are delusions…it is a paradoxical learning process for the not too bright.

  • Kristen

    Yet when I have just had differing views on the last question of the week, no-one was prepared to discuss my view, including Buzz. But yes, personally I found the CWG books extremely boring, but did learn a bit, and the same views constantly worded differently are boring. I am sorry if this is offensive, but whenever I have gone into any CWG forums, or similar it appears everyone is brainwashed and no-one can actually form their own opinions, debate, discuss or open their minds. Lots of words, little point! Its like entering into a surreal zombie world. I am glad you can at least think Neale!!!

  • Buzz

    Oh how I love being an enigma wrapped in a paradox. So much fun to be had.

    Thank you Neale for creating this thread. Maybe we’ll finally get a decent conversation going.

    I agree with both Marko and Mewabe, with very few exceptions to content elements, all minor and barely worth mentioning.

    I do want to qualify part of my paradoxical attitude though. My expression of boredom was not intended as an insult, and related only to the subjective interaction. In a constructive environment, like the corporate boardroom, congressional hearing, or a school class, when every person fully understands and agrees, talking about it further puts people to sleep. You may notice that controversial subjects get dozens of posts and lively discussion, and other threads are merely appreciated for their header text, and may get a half dozen comments, all gratitude. Neither is wrong, bad, undesirable, or “what doesn’t work.” Firstly, we need both to work out what we agree on and what we disagree on. Second, visitors to this site don’t have time to write a post on every thread, and many just want to troll anyway. Third, we do want something that makes us feel alive, gets the blood pumping, etc., and this doesn’t have to be negative, but it does need to be antagonistic, controversial, emotional, and opinionated to achieve results of 50+ comments in under 7 days on 1 thread.

    Heads you win, tails you win.

    If you want to reduce the number of complaints received about this site on your Facebook page, continue doing what you’ve done here. Use a comment in a post in this space that seems to have contributors divided to further, in this case, the interpretation of CwG. In this way you achieve the requirements for exciting interaction without inciting polarization and negativity, or letting the fire fizzle. With the exchange of ideas on controvertial subjects, a few people may learn some things, myself included.

    On a slow news day, newspapers and current affairs programming fall in popularity, and the educational and trivial markets see a sales hike. Many talk back shows use humour as a filler to retain viewer numbers, using older or trivial material. A spiritual forum doesn’t have these limitations because the material is timeless. we’ve always known it, regardless of how many different ways we rephrase it and change the method of presentation. Herein lies the key to the success of every modern spiritual teacher, and the success of this website.

    As for your question regarding congress, in addition to what I’ve already said, congress have many things open for discussion so it’s never boring. Further, once agreement has been reached, a plan to create change is formulated and put into action, unless the agreement is to change nothing LOL.

    Having said that, I’m sorry you find my comment saddening. I was going for controvertial, instigating, antagonistic, etc., not insulting or painful or depressing or any other words synonymous with sad I can’t think of now. It’s all in good fun for me to create healthy dialectic out of people’s emotional insecurities, but at the same time I don’t like to or mean to offend. Herein lies another paradox. We can’t have it both ways.

    What a tangled web we weave ….

  • Buzz

    And somehow I also agree with Kirsten. Paradoxes built on paradoxes makes a very unstable house of cards.

    It didn’t feel right discussing that subject with you Kirsten. I’ve just received advice requesting to break my posts up with line breaks after each paragraph to make it easier to digest. I’m passing this on to you.
    Further, your use of biblical language makes it difficult to understand, and you manage to compress too many controvertial concepts into each post that most give up. So try using generic language, and antagonise the room a little at a time. KISS: Keep It Short & Simple.

  • mewabe

    Kristen, what you are perceiving in diverse forums (“zombie world”) may or may not be true, certainly not of everyone.

    Many groups exert a form of pressure, at times unconsciously, for conformity.
    I don’t think it is the case here (not from the leadership anyway), but some people may think that they have to conform, somehow…that’s their own choice and perception…some may no longer search for the truth within themselves, but for guidance from Neale, for his words, for his meaning, and at times appear to indeed no longer have original thoughts, even unconsciously borrowing Neale’s ways of expressing himself in writing, I have noticed.

    It always makes me a little uncomfortable to witness this but it happens…some osmosis between the student and the teacher, until the student learns that the truth was within him/herself all along.

    We cannot judge the process, only have patience.

    There is a saying that we should either lead, follow or get out of the way…but own choice has always been to get out of the way, as I will forever remain an individual (not separate but different and unique, as we all are, but many forget).

    I never responded to your comments because I did not really understand them…exchanging very different points of view takes some effort and is a lot easier in person than through comments, especially because the same words are often charged with different meanings for different people, and so much clarification is required.

    I have attempted to communicate with others here before, and felt that I was spinning my wheels, as we missed each other’s points and meanings and only seemed to concentrate on one word or half a sentence, so I am not prepared to do this again, but you seem to have a lot of interesting ideas and should keep posting them.

  • mewabe

    I meant to write “my own choice” not “but own choice”

  • Buzz

    Mewabe, when the first few sentences create the premise for the entire remainder of a post, and I or others find something within this foundation that creates cause for concern or discussion, the rest of the post becomes moot by comparison.

    The important part is not to give up on self expression through discussion. Withdrawing from excitable interaction often leads to a boring and lonely existence.

    I agree with most, if not all, of the rest of that post. The fact that you posted it proves you haven’t given up on us entirely.

  • Buzz

    Clarifying my experience of reading CwG, the subject matter of each topic covered was exciting until I understood it. Due to the presentation format I couldn’t skip ahead for risk of missing something new and exciting not mentioned earlier. In each text the frequency of new and exciting fell as ideas were rephrased more often. The hard part for a writer is knowing when repetition is too much or not enough, an impossible balancing act when everyone understands material at different wavelengths. What I’d like to see is a condensed CwG for advanced learners who have already read and understood CwG entirely, and want something that covers each concept only once, like a refresher course and a quick reference guide travellers companion, the same way many bibles have been condensed from the Gutenberg, King James, etc., to a few hundred pages in every hotel room. You could even treat it like the refresher courses presented for advanced medical training.

  • Buzz

    I hope you can fully understand the significance of what you and I have done here. By humbly releasing some of your powers as moderator and supreme ruler (jokes) of this environment, and allowing my statement to become the headline for this thread, we have successfully altered the parameters within which this place functions, allowing contributors to dictate, with your approval, the direction and influence the conversation leads. This means, for this thread, that the course of interpreting CwG is less rigid, more adaptive to whatever part of CwG contributors are having difficulty interpreting.

    I would like to see the comments from other contributors used as headlines, to see how others react to being under the spotlight, but if you feel more comfortable picking on me (jokes) I wont object.


  • Judith Devlin

    ‘If one believes a Lie, it’s not a lie’ to them. Hence the god-fearing folks.

    After I read The Shock Doctrine, my ‘American spirit-dream’ was crushed. The reality behind the Corporate Control of the Global Economy, our government, austerity etc., was mind-boggling. I had just ‘assumed’ we lived in a democracy. We really don’t. Faced with a shocking New Reality of what was really going on in the world caused me a major readjustment in my thinking etc. I would imagine old religious thinkers go through the same readjustment (if they dare to) after reading CWG books etc.

    The Truth really hurts, frightens and challenges us. Especially these days, and trying to stay unaffected by all the control and lies of corporate controlled media, mis-guided corrupted religions, bad mind drugs from Big Pharma that bombard us at every turn-all for profit an control- is more than what most can handle. Blind Loyalty is encouraged. Open communication is squelched by too much Tech-stuff. And humans are valued mostly as consumers, followers and grunt-workers.

    Most people cannot even think or question anything any more and find it easier to follow in lock-step anything or anyone that appears Shiny.

    Truth-seekers walk a lonely road..:(

  • Buzz

    Thank you Judith,
    “If you follow the crowd you never get any further than the crowd. The one that seeks greatness will often find themselves few others have ever been.” An explorer, an adventurer takes risks, lives large, and empowers other to do the same.

    Lies within lies, dreams within dreams. Truth doesn’t exist, yet we’re all looking for it. Our collective obsession is driving us mad just as fast as believing the lies.

    By the same token, there are all these forces and influences trying to generate fear within us, sometimes with divide and conquer tactics or snare and entrapment tactics, etc., and the whole kit and kaboodle is an illusion of illusions. The challenge before us is not to see the hard, threatening truth, but to see the lies as beautiful, embrace them, appreciate them, and remember them as lies. Our existence is a joke, not to be taken seriously, but laughed about, enjoyed, played as though it’s a game you can’t lose.

  • Marko

    What will life look like when all humans have basic needs met?

    What will it look like when they have most all their needs met?


  • Mark Serbian

    I haven’t read the rest of the comments here, but I’m thinking you may be coming at this the wrong way and asking the wrong questions. My response to “this is boring” is, “what’s wrong with boring?”

    I’m pretty stimulated just walking around in the world and every once in a while it’s kinda nice to “be bored”. Of course, it’s not actually possible to bore me because there’s too much to see/do/experience, but you get the point.

    Isn’t it *nice* to be calm and non-confrontational once in a while?

    Sheesh …

  • Ruchir Garg

    The only thing I would find boring would be if I was stuck with a replica of myself 🙂 I need some contrast to enjoy life. So I like agreement and disagreement. None of it is boring to me as long as it is not an overdose.

  • Melissa

    There are alot of people who push their gate onto others such as you! You are a blessed man! You have taught and brought nany to healing thru God and have taught us that their hate us a reflection if who those people
    Are within themselves! Take care and have a blessed Nov Dec

  • Stream Source

    This doesn’t speak directly to the subtleties of your article, but it does address the core theme of ‘what makes us tick’. It’s about the people of Denmark – living in domestic bliss, but they are a depressed people.

    “There is something tragically ironic when the luckiest people in the history of the human experiment are not able to feel lucky, because they are suffering from a culturally conditioned hole in their souls.”

    Entire article at:

  • Blanca

    The ego which is our learned personality feeds on conflict, starves on agreement. Those who are still driven by ego refuse agreements, and thus describe agreeing as being bored, innattentive, non participant, etc.
    The true challenge here is how to awaken the ego drivens to the reality that what drives them is unreal, only an image of themselves in a distorted mirror.

  • Mary Jo

    Neale, the old saw goes, “Heads I win, tails you lose” 😉

    Full agreement is fundamentally emotional. And not only is it NOT boring it’s the only true understanding. Only in emotional agreement can we begin to see all sides of an issue, and open ourselves to appreciating a prismatic view.

    AND only in agreement with the present moment can we grow with the flow and not just go with it.

    Pseudo agreement limited to the cerebral certainly can feel boring, though, when gratitude temporarily gets blocked. We’ve all experienced that, right?


    ~ Mary Jo

  • Black Sun

    One of the difficulties with fame, and maintaining a large base of fans and followers, is the tendency for everyone to blur into the faceless masses or the “Collective Voice of Humanity”. I know this from experience. While we are all divine, we are all also individuations, each with our own opinions and personalities. When you feel like you’re trapped between being judged as “boring” and being judged for “taking sides” remember that most of the time it is different people making those judgements (unless they are being purposefully antagonistic in order to stimulate intellectual discourse, playing devil’s advocate, as it were, which is a valid choice as well) and each is entitled to their opinion as well.

    For this reason I have recently chosen to keep my fan/follower base relatively small, and make it a point to know everyone intimately as an individual. I know with reasonable reliability what statements will get what reactions from what people. Does this mean I bite my tongue to avoid offending people? Well, ok, sometimes I do. But for the most part it just means I am prepared for the ensuing backlash when I bring up controversial topics.

    You have chosen to go a different rout. For that, you’re a braver man than I. Perhaps your grandest vision is grander than mine. Just be prepared for what comes along with it. And for God’s sake (literally), continue to “share what [you] feel within [your] authentic experience, and [let] the chips fall where they may”.

  • Lloyd

    Boredom is a self inflicted wound. When you feel bored you have lost imagination, and you have become lazy thinking. Is boredom due to others or to your own weakness to amuse yourself. Children get bored, and expect others to keep them stimulated, with physical toys or mental toys, but the true cure for boredom is only found within yourself. Ones ability to think creatively and to feel creative and to act creative, eliminates all boredom. Only weak minded self indulgent humans get bored, check your ego at the door, and find your own way home to a world of creative thoughts that lift you and those around you. Namaste’

  • Kristen

    Hey Buzz. I know I write differently. To me language is literal and a means of communication, and I write exactly as I would speak. The term language means ‘what the speaker means’, and in a general conversation with strangers what you hear audibly should be exactly as you read, TO ME. Which again, if people were verbally speaking as they do in here I would be asleep, unless someone was able to firstly get, and then attain my interest. I’ve read to books. I get it – may not agree but I’m literate and understand (even if half asleep!). To be very lame, this is a conversational dialogue! To give you credit, I read a lot worse – medical journals need 2 dictionarys!

    I read everything, including the CWG books, to learn, and threads like this are a great way to learn, about psychology too-sorry!! I am in here for different reasons to other people, I have differing views, have studied different things, so for me personally the same thing over and over by different people is boring. I’d just say I agree with you Neale, and leave it at that if I was not offering a differing opinion. Information is the only way to make choices, for it cannot not be a true choice if not informed.

    One completely random, non related topic (which I try to stick to the question and topic usually), is that:
    Neale and co: My spiritual teacher (the Job God) has reminded me of something I had already worked out years ago. In order to advance spiritually we need to hold onto our species (human being, being human), and break through the man made barriers of the mass mind of humanity. You cannot get a personal spiritual teacher or advance up the tree of life unless you firstly do AS YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL! Be careful that the CWG movement does not become a mass collective mind of many, for you will then block yourselves like Christians, Buddhists, Hindus etc have always done, through obsessions with their own fixed mass views and closing their minds to anything else. The levels above offer a lot, but again a closed mind is a spiritual block. Your venture will then become nothing but words on paper, with individuals believing in a cultlike or sheeple manner, like the rest, with no support from above. Words are nothing without the individuals truly understanding them to the point where there is no longer a need for words because actions have replaced them (BEING). If new to CWG or anything, it is natural to talk about it, but when anything is so ingrained and a part of you, you don’t, and move towards learning, acting or doing different things, unless you are a teacher. Just be aware of it. My ‘thing’ is universal law, which no-one on earth wants to learn about as they hate the concept of law except when if involves in giving you whatever you want, but it is so ingrained in me and habitual that I’ve moved on. Psychology at the moment.

  • Lloyd

    I’m a pot stirrer, I stir pots, I am the best pot stirrer that ever stirred pots. Keep your own pot stirred and there will never be boredom in your life. This is neither positive or negative, it just is a simple truth, we control our own minds, emotions and actions. The judgements we pronounce upon others is solely of our own making, our thoughts, values, and it shows more about who we think we are rather than who someone else is, or not. Make your own life a joy to behold and never be bored again. Namaste’

  • Sarah

    Not boring. Interesting to anyone who feels worthy enough to want to live a good life. Boring to those who can read the words and not implement them. Conversations with God was well, almost literally, my bible. It expanded me in ways that are not quantifiable! So thank you Mr. Walsch. Many appreciate the undeniable wisdom and love you are able to share.

  • Kristen

    Good philosophy Lloyd, I am similar. However I know who I am, not THINK who I am. A further explanation to add to your comments would be that people have a tendancy to personify everything, when opinions and judgements are a generalisation, especially in personal relationships, dating etc, Yet they push for reasons, then personify the explanation in an irrational manner and try to impose judgement upon you for honesty. I’m 100% with the CWG god in his example of ONE definition on this ‘why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?’ I don’t date overweight or untoned guys, accept it, get over it – I don’t find it attractive, the date will never end up further than dinner, you are wasting your time and money but do not label me superficial or a bitch is you insist on wanting to know why. It’s not personal, it’s just who and how I am. (random off the track example I know, but it’s the only CWG one I could come up with about why finding things or people isn’t personal!).

  • Buzz

    This is exctly what I was hoping for. Few of us are in agreement, yet we are all correct from a certain point of view.

    Blanca, Ego is not a dirty word, becoming addicted to it is. Can you provide an evidence to support your claims? I’m not saying I disagree, just asking for perspective. I agree ego is our learned personality, as defined and described by Sigmund Freud: ego, super ego, and id.

    Marko asks:
    What will life look like when all humans have basic needs met?
    What will it look like when they have most all their needs met?

    People have different needs. Many people place certain perceived priorities above their apparent need for life sustaining resources like air, water, food, clothing, shelter and interactivity. This apparently insane behaviour demonstrates that sustaining life and really living, and its not any more insane than believing a subsistence existence that only meets basic survival needs is sufficient for significant healing on a mass scale. The same contradictions in human priorities and behaviour apply to the second questions.

    Mark Serbian makes an excellent point. Anyone care to comment on this? However, in this environment, oppositional discussion is practically a requirement in order for interaction to continue. I’m not constantly antagonistic, here or in life, because there are more than enough other people in my experience willing to do that for me. I also like times when people can enjoy each others company without bickering, and times when being alone in total silence and darkness is beautiful. “Moderation in all things, including moderation.” – Petronius’s Paradox.

    I object to the logic provided by Mary Jo. Variety of opinion, ie disagreement, is reality’s method of demonstrating other “sides of an issue”. Only God can see “all sides of an issue.”

    When a community are in complete agreement, a wavelength of vibrational existence called “the flow” is generated, and it becomes apparent in the subconscious minds of participants that they have no choice but to “just go with it.” At first there is no problem, since agreement is absolute, but then someone changes their mind and they are burnt at the stake for heresy, exiled, imprisoned, or given a lobotomy. This agreement has become an addiction. Herein lies the most applicable question of this thread:

    Paradox of tolerance: “Should one tolerate intolerance if intolerance would destroy the possibility of tolerance?”
    Rephrased: Should one tolerate intolerance if tolerating intolerance were to ensure infinite future toleration of intolerance? What would love do now?

  • Buzz

    I’m writing this post specially for you. Our beliefs are dramatically different, all the way to the very core of self-reference and decision theory data we use to formulate ideas and responses, yet our psychological and rational processes of evaluating data are very similar, and drastically different from almost everyone else here.

    It’s a step in the right direction to acknowledge you “write differently.” I have no issue with being and taking words literally, and your definition of language is correct, yet incomplete. This is from Wikipedia:

    ” When used as a general concept, “language” may refer to the cognitive ability to learn and use systems of complex communication, or to describe the set of rules that makes up these systems, or the set of utterances that can be produced from those rules.”

    When this is applied literally, language is not just about expression using terms you understand, but about ensuring you are understood, and this exchange becomes a conversation. Would there be any point to my attempting to communicate with you in Swahili or Ancient Egyptian or Braille? Chances are you wouldn’t understand regardless of how much I said. So when you write differently, to a degree you a going nowhere in a hurry.

    Biblical language, for example is often mixed with Elizabethan, and terminology used exclusively in Bible studies. You said yourself that medical professionals have dictionaries exclusively for that purpose. Now imagine a doctor and a priest are talking about an appendectomy and The Rapture, or just for fun, theoretical physics of Dark Energy (smiling). And what if they are trying to converse in a way that allows the majority of the crowd around them to understand (laughs). What sort of language would they use? (OMG, this could lead to war LOL)

    The trick is making the success of making your point less important than the continuation of the conversation. The bigger picture in relationship dynamics is to make getting who and what you want the way you want less important than being in a relationship at all. I’ve been struggling with this paradox my whole life, since conventional teachings tell us that we allow people into our life because they offer something we don’t have, or have and want more of. I find myself alone most of the time because I don’t give people what they think they need from me. I refuse to take on leeches, human parasites, as dependent on something from me.

    You’re advice to Neale is sound, except one small point. One of the best ways to apply spiritual understanding to behaviour (being) is to accept the journey never ends, and to apply the new understanding to every aspect of being, to be both the student and the teacher at all times forever. In this way we never stop talking about it as we are co-creatively, interdependently elevating ourselves and each other to new heights of enlightenment. “Every path leads to God” -NDW

  • Erin/IAm

    Well, well…if nothing more comes of this ‘discussion’…Let me acknowledge my Absolute Joy…The loudest Eeehaas! Woohoos! & Yippees! I can muster…’the Sun Man’ has shown his fab face once again!!! Missed you sooo much!:) Obviously my calls of wondering how the heck you (& Lee) made out in the Sandy scenario have been answered…Nice to see ya, Black & Beautiful!…Glad Ocean hasn’t eaten you!:) How very cool is This?:D

    And the Buzz got the buzz on!…Nice job, Kiddo! Nice use of the tool, Neale!:)

    It all works out just fine! Look at all the great ‘other’ points brought thru with this thread…I See nothing less than Amazing! Very nice, indeed!:)

    Good Journey to all the caterers, for you bring on a lovely feast!:D

  • Lloyd

    Buzz, why would one be intolerant? Isn’t all things in motion? Nothing in the same place twice, relative to the Universe, perspective. So in truth how can there even be such a thing as intolerance, which means that nothing is going to change from ones’ own perspective, yes, no? Intolerance-nonflexible, stiff, stubborn, stuck on one view/perspective, refusal to change, move, grow, etc. From my view point intolerance is a personal choice one takes with an idea that all the knowledge is known, and nothing new can be added to ones information based from which to make choices, thus creating a wall between my personal view point and the outside world. My question is why would one become intolerant since it becomes harmful to ones self.

  • Laura Pringle

    Many, many words to peruse… Lots of fodder..!

    Had an epiphany this morn… I’ve spent years wondering how best to share my innate understanding of the CWG principles with others, to help change their life-perceptions, and elevate our species. Much time spent worrying for others’ sake- frustrated that people were shorting themselves.

    Sadly, in this incarnation, not many respond to what I write. The deep knowingness I feel defies any attempts to verbalize it. Almost everywhere I turn, people aren’t there to listen. People want to speak, and be heard!

    I’m deducing from these observations, that God-self doesn’t feel the need to learn anything, God just wants to see itself in action!

  • Buzz

    Hello Laura Pringle,
    I would very much like to read about your “innate understanding”/”deep knowingness”, if you feel up to the task of sharing….

    Hi Butch,
    Excellent question. Tolerance and intolerance are two polar opposites, however they are both projected judgements we place on ourselves and others for contrast so we can experience variety and diversity within the illusion. No one is intrinsically either, but just like our legal system and modern physics, we can come to an agreement that collectively judges a person as tolerant or intolerant. Neither is real, because “nothing real can be threatened.” Our judgement of others is a type of threat.

    Having said that, there are lots of reasons to choose to give other people logical reason to judge us as either tolerant or intolerant. I’ll let your imagination run away with you on this point. All things are in motion, but we can choose to see them as static, still, rigid, and. Rely on many things to remain still and rigid a long time, like wood, stone and steell as building materials. Id rather my roof didn’t fall on my head lol. Try to apply this paradoxical reasoning to your interpretation of human behaviour, by looking for circumstances where intolerance is healthy, beneficial, positive, supportive, etc

  • Kristen

    Buzz – why would this lead to war?? As a majority generalisation, everyone is ultimately fighting for freedom whatever that means to them, but yes I get your point, if you want to be understood you must make it understandable! If spoken to in a different language, I would firstly try to determine if you really want me to understand. If so, I would then use a translation dictionary to determine what it is you are saying. If you were using a different language because it wasn’t important to you that I understood, fun game. If you spoke in swahili, I would reply with random speech in hebrew. We would both be on the same page where we understood what we were saying, knowing the other did not, and that the conversation would be completely absurd and random, so would be speaking the common language of laughter. I do get your earlier point re being told how to present posts – thank you! I guess this gets back to the beginning of this discussion – are people people using their OWN language in here, or deliberately speaking in a CWG manner, which sounds like brainwashed sheeple.

    I have been taught via kabbalah to use alchemy, philosophy and general knowledge to work things out – ie free thinking. The method used by every God other than CWG, the universe (as a universal law defines they are only allowed to ‘guide’ us to learn, not teach outright), Rudolph Steiner, Einstein and most of the other ‘famous’ genuises. It develops the brain, expands the mind and encourages free thinking, opinions, progress etc. You are only ever given one word, to expand upon and study, given as a verbal word, telepathic thought or visual picture. And once you understand it, have to give 3 unrelated examples or parables to prove you understand. Jesus was clearly also taught this way, hence his prolific use of parables. And likewise to understand other people – there are a lot of words in here to understand, therefore it is difficult to try to get into the headspace of people here. We are speaking two different languages, but we are from different countries, and I do find Americans (assumption!) very robotic and serious in general, whilst those of us over yonder are rarely serious, which you would find strange and probably annoying. Yes I do personify things, which the above should explain, but the books are full of Neale personifying matters to process and verify his understanding also!

    The CWG God stated, referring to Hitler, that history is HIS-STORY – ie only one sides perspective, taught differently dependant on where you live (see I understand parables!), surely this would apply to the present as well, and the future. Therefore your God would agree that differences, even intolerences, are OK. And if people are truly CWG God fans, supporters and believers then surely no matter how we speak, phrase things and understand, we are each using a different part of the entire collective God source to do so – it is irrelevant. Factually though, intolerance is a deliberate download in us, which stems from symbology (refer to a dream interpretation book) governing our lives to create deliberate differences so we can easily be ‘read’ by those above, amongst other reasons. The better person you are, the better stuff you are entitled to, and the reverse. This is done by the universe telling us, as individuals, what to like/love or dislike/hate, to ensure we have what we are meant to, and stay away from the rest. Perfect. Look up the things you love or are intolerant of, and you will see what I mean. Again, intolerance is irrelevant, and merely a byproduct of a program from The Source. Judge not, but if you really want to judge people I am intolerant of females with short hair, dressing masculine, being butch etc!!! Bring it on. It’s how God made me, and is to ensure I never become like this, and that I always remain feminine, as He made me. Actually, you can judge the biblical YWHW God for this intolerance too if you like. The entire point of this waffling is that it should not be assumed that we are choosing intolerance, getting beyond ourselves is a good start if you want to understand these things. Everything in existance is a science to be understood if you choose.

    Laura – we all feel like that, but we have to realise that other peoples convictions are as strong as ours, and they have to learn from their own mistakes, no-one wants to be saved – we are all adults with pride and self respect. Without differences we are boring automated zombies, almost clones of eachother. That is a non human state, and would be a horrible world to live in, comprising of clones and hermits – ie those who participate and those who hide from it. I’d hermit too Buzz – my idea of heaven! You should compliment yourself on needing little from other people also, introversion is a progressive positive state, extroverts are not comfortable with their own company and need to feed off others.

    One question I am genuinely interested in – is the language format and wording chosen in here the same as people would use in a verbal conversation in general life?

    NB – Sorry this is so long and in a non acceptable format! LOL

  • Buzz

    hello Kirsten,
    I’m not American. I identify as Palanese, of the island of Pala. Ref: Aldous Huxley.

    The prophesy of war was a joke, hence the lol. Two polar opposite personalities talking publicly about controvertial issues can result in observers taking one of two sides too seriously. Not fun anymore.

    I like your advice to laura.

    Most of the rest I don’t understand. Can you rephrase and condense?

  • Buzz

    As for your question, few of topics of conversation evident in this forum are common in popular verbal interaction. As such, the use of these words are rarely heard. The world is vastly diverse, intolerance is often manifesting emotionally as violence, and when people areable to tolerate difference of opinion the choice of words are so different that understanding each other is rare. By this logic controversial subjects are actively avoided by most, and if someone in a group does start up someone else will work to shut it down in the name of peace. It’s like I said, being at peace when everything is peaceful is easy.

  • Timo Teide

    This item is so interesting. Peace, calmness and meditative state of living have never been boring to me. Instead, all of the world’s conflicts and conflicts between people have started to feel more and more boring. There is just no interest to be part of those meaningless conflicts that we have used to hold such high importance.

  • Steve Pion

    It has been said that only boring people get bored. I make no judgement on this but I heard it somewhere and it is interesting to think about. Talk to many writers and they may tell you that good stories are based on conflict. Without conflict there is no story.

    You can’t watch a soap opera without seeing multiple instances of conflict each episode and the same applies to nearly everything on television. There is no doubt that conflict or disagreement is interesting but so is agreement.

    The truth is that the both satisfy our egos. Disagreement gives us a chance to disprove the point of view of another and agreement simply confirms what we already think we know. Either way the ego is satisfied.

    I for one could certainly live without conflict and in fact go out of my way to avoid it. Does that make me boring? I don’t think so, but you of course are free to disagree.

  • Judy

    Hi Neale and others,
    I’m an Aussie currently holidaying in Kathmandu and reading Donald’s new book, The Storm Before The Calm on Kindle and loving it. This book is not yet in the Kathmandu bookshops Neale. It’s great. Definitely not boring. I encourage Buzz to look for something positive in every experience, and find some good in it. And Neale, you’ve let Buzz upset you by his comments, but not necessary. Buzz’s comments are about him and yours about you. I think any conversation about anything uplifting is helpful….and no, not everyone agrees

  • Marko

    Judy Neale said the comment made him feel sad, not upset.

  • André Quaas, Germany

    Na Hallo! Da gibt’s ja Leute die sind so aufgeregt darüber, daß es Menschen gibt, die gerne mal einer Meinung sind, daß sie gleich mal entsetzliche Langeweile prophezeien müssen, sollten alle Menschen – weinigstens mal in einer einzigen Sache – der gleichen Meinung sein. Oh Gott – was für ein Schachtelsatz!
    Los – zieht mal drüber her!

    Alles ist ständig in Bewegung. Vollständige Übereinstimmung kann daher nur für einen kurzen Moment bestehen. Darum mache ich mir wegen drohender Langeweile keine Sorgen. Übereinstimmung in Denken und Handeln haben keinesfalls zwangsläufig Stagnation und Stillstand zur Folge. Ja und wenn – die Welt dreht sich und alles andere dreht sich auch und tanzt den großen Tanz mit – langweilig wird das nie!

    Kann das jemand in ordentliches 😉 englisch übersetzen?

  • Digger

    Hi Neale,
    I have read many of the comments posted here and thought I would just say a few words myself. You ask, “Is agreement boring?” I would say, not necessarily, though I believe that many people in this world thrive on disagreement and conflict- look at how many newspapers are sold with positive headlines and how many news stories abound of reconciliation, after all!

    The way I see it, when we are thriving on and giving lots of energy to our disagreements, we are coming from a place of ego and separateness from God.
    I know I am too often ‘guilty’of this myself, being a work in progress as we all are on this Earth.

    I think it would be wonderful, not boring, if the world could agree on important things like who or what God is. Imagine the calm and the peace it would bring to the world if we were all in agreement about what God is and what God means to us. However, I do not think we necessarily need to agree on this question, in order to live peacefully together. I believe the single most important thing is that we can all have this conversation here. This, to me, is one of the best definitions of freedom in this world. Sadly, there are places in this world where, at the moment, we would very likely not be allowed to have such conversations about God, much less disagree with the accepted wisdom.

    Neale, I found the CWG books inspiring and exciting, far from boring. I want to say thank you for bringing this material into our lives and thank you for giving us the opportunity to join in with these conversations, too.

    Best wishes from Digger, Norfolk, England.

  • Kristen

    Hey, we are identifying by nationality! A nice hint of people rather than machines. I’m a kiwi – hi Judy!!

    It isn’t content which makes things boring for me, more the language used which makes interesting content boring, including your Gods language choices. I’m sorry – my brain switches off, but I persist with it, to learn new things and understand. My earlier waffley point is that all brains are different, and all minds are different, therefore we are all different.

    Steve – or maybe interesting, interested people get bored by boring language choices?! I disagree regarding ego satisfaction – open debates allow people to learn and understand the other sides perspective, therefore reaching a level of understanding, compromise, truth or agreeing to disagree. The first step is to understand we are all different, and thats OK! Acceptance of this is surely against my interpretation of your view, that we are debating or discussing to fuel our own egos. The truth, understanding or agreeing to disagree is a win situation too. If I was out to win or fuel my own ego I would not be in a CWG forum. I was in here to defend my God in an earlier discussion regarding punishing Gods. And he paid me well!

    Buzz – my response regarding war was also in jest. And like Judys advice to you as a person, a great headspace to adopt is that the glass is always half full. If someone tries to empty, just fill it right up in front of them. Or every cloud has a silver lining – see the funny, learning point or interesting in everything. These are really true, but your headspace will define whether you understand that or not.

  • Buzz

    In an environment like this, where body language and tone of voice are impossible, contributors need to use language to accommodate the flaw, hence terms like jokes, lol, lmao, haha, etc. If a person is joking around and neglects these vital elements, the other person is caught in a catch 22.

    On the one hand, if it’s taken seriously when meant to be a joke, the other person has 2 choices: either feel threatened (which i no longer do) or deduce the other person didn’t understand. This then requires a clarification that would otherwise have been unnecessary but for a lol.

    On the other hand, if it’s assumed as a joke when the comment was serious, the comment is laughed about and ignored, when the joker is actually hoping and waiting for a serious response.

    This leads to another 2 possible outcomes.

    Either the serious joker surrenders their desire for an answer and remains in the darkness of misunderstanding, or they persist with their desire to understand. This final one is tricky to navigate, as some people take everything as a joke even if you say “I’m not joking. Please give me a serious answer.” Other times a reciprocal sorry campaign floods the screen as everyone regrets the exchange.

    Other times an argument breaks out as resentment of the serious joker’s inability to express themself clearly leads to psychological attachments between joking around and feeling resentment.

    Now trace back through this post. Are any of the possible outcomes of neglecting to use lol desirable to you, or to anyone here?

    I sincerely apologize to everyone in the room for being so negative and dragging the mood down, but I believe a little education in conversational code of conduct was warranted an beneficial at this juncture.

    Finally, having to write this pissed me off. On the other hand … psych out lol. Happy to help.

  • Kristen

    Thank you for a lesson in conversational code Sir!! (if you can’t tell thats jest, yet accommodating a term that would apply to a teacher in authority, you perhaps have a deeper problem than me. Smile) I’m not joking most the time. Yours was the first ever hint of laughter I’ve seen from a CWGer. Don’t let me affect your mood or piss you off. All of the comments have been generally relative to Neales original question, which I assume Neale is interested in, since he asked.

    Anyway, what I logged in here for, breaking my own rule of 1 hour internet a day including emails (serious but you can laugh at me – I’m a kiwi – our philosophy to life is to toughen up or ring Dr Give-a-shit since some people have real problems – serious) was so say:

    Judy – I’m not a CWGer but I would like to say welcome to Neales site, please don’t take it personally or let it affect you, your view of Neale or your relationship with your god when people are rude like Marko was to you. They are quite obsessive about words and being right in here. Neale does not appear to be like this, and its his site, just keep that in mind. Again it’s not personal, just how CWGers are in my experience. This is not intended as offensive at all to others in here, merely my level of understanding, but I view it as speaking with people with asbergers (which is not a negative thing – just different) who will speak their mind and become quite robotic. Anyway enjoy your holiday, your book and time chatting with like minded people about your god and the content of the books.

    Not intended in jest, I am serious, the language and lack of manners in here could scare off Neales and his gods new fans. Attack me by all means, but be nice to your own, if not natural make it a positive new learned behaviour. You never know, being nice might actually feel good. Smile, but a serious one. Maybe a one side of my mouth and a wink kind of smile. Now I’m teasing! Big heart smile. I’m not mocking now, just laugh laughing to myself. Outloud.

  • Steve Bolas

    Me thinks the predominant world attitude is still unfortunately tied too closely with struggle so that when an opinion is presented that largely garners agreement, an element of conflit needs to introduced to maintain the status quo!!

    As you said Neale, we are indeed a strange species.

    Steve (Gold Coast – Australia)

  • Buzz

    Ooh tricky Kirsten. So many possibilities for interpreting that post, I can barely stop laughing. Did you write paradoxically intentionally?

    Be careful though. Judgemental people in the real world might’ve taken offence to that. Which might matter to you unless you’re into martial arts or some other kind of advanced self defence.

    On the other hand, when threatened and trying flight reflex, you don’t need to outrun the threat, just the other people running. I’m a bomb disposal technician, and if you see me running in my uniform try to keep up.

  • Inger Lise

    Hmmmm BORING??? And wonders who is danish here, as I`m a norwegian, to be considered the same as both the danes and the swedes.
    (sorry of not to be able of speaking german thou)

    Kristen is a male name here in Scandinavia, and “Kirsten” female. I`ll see it is many who to have the difficulties between a male and a female(laughs).

    And the name of “Kristen” in the same context, have the meaning of to be “a Christian” in Denmark/Norway/Sweden.
    The paradoxes never-the-less.

    Well, well, folks…..As the old song from WWII says: We`ll meet again, don`t know where, don`t know when…..but, we`ll meet again som Sunny Day….” Peter Sellers made a movie back in the 1960thies about blowing up the atomic bomb, and the music-theme in the same movie was the same song with the same title: “We`ll meet again, don`t know when…etc.etc.etc.

  • Lloyd

    Buzz why concern ourselves with what others think? Are we really trying to please others as our primary objective in life, or are we living life as we know it is fits us best and represents our beliefs? I reject the idea that what others may think about me is more important than what I know about myself and how I must be true to that “Knowing”. So paradoxically, I really don’t care what anyone thinks about me, and everyone is free to speak, write, etc. whatever they want, but lay a hand upon me with intent to harm, and then the struggle begins to see who survives.

    We all come here to share thoughts and ideas together. Fear, Love, is a choice each of us freely get to make, in our thoughts, beliefs, and how we live our lives. I, personally, choose Love, and fear of what others “may or may not do”, truly has little to do with my choice. I am not responsible for your fears, judgement, etc. and I can not change them, they belong to you, your own creation. The only thing I can do is live my life as my best attempt at Love, and walk this physical plane seeing this eternal Love flowing within ALL.
    This brings me Peace, Joy, and more Love which I can share with all that come within my sphere of existence. Namaste’

  • Marian van Leeuwen

    Well, I read the first book Conversations with God, years ago, while I was studying at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I send a copy to my sister in Holland. She called to thank me. I told her: Isn’t this God incredible. S/He knows everything I know. I was so much in agreement with the ideas and it felt wonderfull.

  • Buzz

    Hello Butch,
    Great question. I require the opinion of others to stimulate inspiration of my imagination and create a unique response. This is naturally a requirement for continued conversation, which is one way to effectively increase my awareness of My contextual field, and maintain what I have an awareness of.

    Apparently one or more people have complained about my methods in getting interesting threads like this going and stoking the fire regularly. This has reached some influential people monitoring this site, who are now keeping a close eye on me. I am not allowed to post to any thread without the text being pre-approved, and anything too antagonistic according to their judgement is rejected and disallowed. I’m being treated like a child in an adult environment: I may watch, but not speak unless invited. So you try and tell whomever complained, and whomever listened and is enforcing their complaints against me, exactly what you told me. Clearly judgment, sin, crime, punishment, and the like are rife even in communities claiming to be non-judgemental.

    Publisher’s Note: It is never the intent of this newspaper to censor anyone’s comments except in the case of obscene or extraordinarily impolite language. Including a link in your post may delay its publication until our editing department has an opportunity to verify its compliance with The Global Conversation’s policy of hosting a family-friendly website. Any statement or presumption that this website is pre-approving, rejecting, or disallowing our visitors’ opinions for any other reason is inaccurate.

  • Marko

    Buzz I think you can be in disagreement & opposition without being antagonistic.
    Spirited discussions are great & welcome.

    It’s often the spirit, energy & context with which one comments that’s makes the difference, also the energy behind what’s being said.

    I personally can say I’ve never felt offended by anything you or others have said here. Disagreement sure. Not offended.

    If I feel something is being said unfairly or incompletely around a topic I’m familiar with, I may comment or at least ask a question to the person why they feel the way the do. Thus further clarity & better understanding.

    Just because people on occasion make offensive comments doesn’t mean anyone has to respond. Not responding to such comments may in itself be a comment that says in effect, it’s not worth putting energy into it.

    You’ve invited a certain energy that you bring to these discussions & the consequence of it, it appears, is that you have been put on pre approved status. From my viewpoint, the offensiveness you may have caused others is now interestingly brought into your own experience & you it appears from your last comment are now the offended one. It that is so, I will ask you this question.

    Who & what are going to be in relationship to this?

    Magical blessings,

  • Buzz

    Definition of antagonise from Wiktionary:
    ” (transitive) To work against; oppose; especially to incite reaction.”

    Disagreement is the direct result. Spirited conversation is the indirect result, which I have created here resulting in over 50 comments in 5 days. Without my antagonism this would not have been possible.

    It was fair to call to my attention the observation that I appeared offended. In fact I was first surprised, then confused (with so many people thanking Neale and/or I for creating this thread), then a mix of:

    Confusion – how can the moderators of this site be so hypocritical?

    Disappointment – I expected the tolerance of intolerance to be higher here

    Understanding – people are irrational, emotional beings, and we are working against thousands of years of habitually judgemental thinking. I shouldn’t have expected any different.

    And a small amount of the bad feelings: offence, disgust, sadness, anger, or whatever. I can’t tell which because it was a fleeting moment, already almost
    forgotten. I have this human affliction of imperfection too lol

    Once again, re-posting this Publisher’s Note: It is never the intent of this newspaper to censor anyone’s comments except in the case of obscene or extraordinarily impolite language. Including a link in your post may delay its publication until our editing department has an opportunity to verify its compliance with The Global Conversation’s policy of hosting a family-friendly website. Any statement or presumption that this website is pre-approving, rejecting, or disallowing our visitors’ opinions for any other reason is inaccurate.

  • Marko

    Buzz, Buzz, Buzzzzzzz, 🙂 it’s the spirit & how you disagree that makes the difference with the energy of any event, conversation, dialog more beneficial or less so. That was one of my points.

    One can be in disagreement & not be antagonistic. Meaning, antagonistic in needless or naively throwing more negative energy, self justification, than is warranted or needed to promote further clarification, clarity & understanding.

    Not everyone uses strict text book dictionary definitions.
    As I see & live it, it’s the spirit that matters more than the letter regarding energy exchanges. Though further qualification of our definition of certain things always helps where previous things were or may have been misunderstood.

    Good call on seeing your offendedness reflected back to you, even if short lived.

    Now perhaps, you understand how others may feel around your energy displayed here & may at least consider making adjustments where beneficial.

    Magical smiles,

  • Buzz

    Hmm. OK. it seems that only the adding of links gets put into preapproval status. I hadn’t considered this, but I suppose there’s an element of logic there, in the same way we can’t upload pictures. Thanks Neale.

    OK Marko. It seems to me we are discussing yet another variation of this paradoxical reality. On the one hand I am generating disagreement in order to stimulate conversation, and not a single person in the whole thread has indicated the thread is either boring or offensive. This thread wouldn’t exist but for my antagonism, and I have been personally thanked for being controvertial.

    On the other hand, there is a good chance some people have taken offence, even though it has not been exclaimed by anyone so bluntly. They would prefer I wrote my posts more tactfully, even though one person has said I’m the only person to introduce genuine intelligent humour to this place.

    This seems to be a classic example of the idiom:
    If you try to please everyone, no one will like it.

    I will not apologize for doing the right thing that some think was done the wrong way. I get results and I’m having a great time doing it. Self justification is not intrinsically antagonistic, and as any writer knows, an audience has a diverse range of intelligence levels, world awareness levels, cultural and religious upbringing varieties, and all the other aspects that make us unique and a challenge to communicate with. This post is case in point.

    Please Go to the homepage and find the other thread on interpreting CWG before answering this post. The difference between Neale and I, is people think I’m trying to defend my point ofview. what’s really happening is I become empathetically, emotionally connected to my audience’s confusion. Knowing how frustrating confusion is for me, and that what I want for myself I should try to create in another, I passionately try to bring clarity and understanding to everyone I communicate with. Case in point.

    I am an empath, and am unable to prevent empathic feelings, but I am learning to identify and control them in order to establish a sense of humour. I have a long way to go. Can you help?


  • Kristen

    Inger – I’m a girl! Yes my name means christian, which I am not, but is devised from Christ obviously, which means consecrated to YWHW God, to be appointed a special task as a chosen one. Common name meaning though, Lisa means the same and at least 20 other names.

    Lloyd, agreeance! However in the former CWG spirit forge forum, which Neale had disassociated himself from, the moderators (presumably) took a disliking to my questions and comments and google earth’d me, including tracking down my workplace, which I informed them my God had advised me of (and I had not signed in so this was purely through computer tracking and and detective work), and completely crashed my computer, which cost a fortune to get back up. Obviously this was a threat and to silence me, proving them to be no worse than the other terrorists they judge. I have not been able to do business via email, nor have a business website, or allow myself to be googled on the internet anywhere, nor allow my children internet freedom because of these terrorist rebels (individuals using their freewill, not to do with Neale at all – as all terrorists do, hide behind a God or leader). Huge amounts of mediation between your god and myself have taken place, and we have reached a level compliant with the Law of Harmonys requirements. Huge consequences have and will take place, I have complete faith, although your God has yet to prove himself honorable or full of shit, as he was ordered to pay me $2 million USD in compensation and retribution and his deadline is very close. I have gained nothing but positive from the experience, including realizing that evil does exist and can infiltrate anywhere like the cancerous cells that they are. Other than financial loss which is obviously a negative, but my income has remained fine. I have 2 great Gods and the Source on my side. And every law in existance. There are a lot of things as bad as physical harm!! A friend has recently told me she saw on TV that this was a common event, and thinks I am insane even being in here!

    My dear friend Buzz (smile), you are such a little ray of sunshine in this wonderful world, that I will name our cool eclipse today after you, it can officially be the Buzz Eclipse of 2012. Amazing glowing moon, dark cannot withstand light for long, eventually it will glow, see the light or wither in its own waste. Even when the concept of dark is an illusion, for earth does not have dark, only shadows. Smile of joy.

    You cannot affect me or wind me up, not possible. Everyday is a great day in my world, 90% positive, 10% negative. It goes without saying that 10% is nothing.

    Did you just threaten me???????????????? Bad move. To do negative to anyone else is the most self destructive behaviour in existance. Who would curse themself? A tip – the Law of Neutralisation combined with the Law of Genius defines that all geniuses are are given a creative, practical or physical gift to offset their intellectual prowess, to avoid insanity – Di Vinci is a good example of this. I hope you have found your gift. Curious – is your parrot stoned (smile).

    I assume it is my asbergers comment that could possibly be offensive. Surely those who think it could be offensive are the uninformed ones, who would cause offense. Have I not tried to explain several times that brains and minds are all different, yet OK? I have friends with asbergers, an epileptic friend with brain damage that we can see that she isn’t aware of, an autistic friend, a God who would be diagnosed with asbergers if on earth, spend a lot of time with a down syndrome teenager, my son works with special needs kids, I converse every disabled and unique person I meet. I know about brain differences and brains and minds, and to acknowledge a brain difference is completely non offensive, and if you feel that to use the correct medical term for any differences is offensive, then you should become a lawyer and work for victims rights sueing doctors for being offensive. What could be deemed offensive is to expect everyone to be the same as ourselves.

    This is not boring!! Yay.

    I’m getting frowned upon by my YWHW God for being in here, I usually listen to his advice, and know he advises not to waste time on people who are obsessed with words for they………………….. I won’t finish it, his Asbergers way of speaking his mind might be offensive! Smile. My soul is always smiling although my face may not, that would just be odd, even for me!

    I do hope you develop a casual sense of humour, for everyday use. It’s actually a positive mutation that naturally formed in our ancestors, as a coping mechanism, hence the funny gene, which my family carries. Nature is a good start, and genuine funny acts are absurd. I covered my lawn in bright pink feathers last week, to watch the birds take them for their nests. All the nests in my area will be nice and warm, but very pink! Watch how desperate the male birds are to score (mate) and their absurd attempts, being told to f… off constantly. Boys will be boys! Make cupcakes, just because you can! Hand paint your gunboots, just because you can. Grow a moustache for Movember (google it if you don’t know it). Be what you want to be, dump your memory and old habits & retrain your brain and your mind will follow. Another tip is to stay in control, but only of yourself, no-one or nothing else – this is not possible. Watch carefulness doesn’t cross into OCD, enjoyment doesn’t cross into addictions, interests don’t cross into obsessions and opinions don’t cross into brainwashing. Be your own best friend, and laugh at yourself and allow others to laugh at you, beside you, with your blessing. The upside of your negative state, is that you may develop the funny gene and your sperm and offspring will be different, and grateful!!!! This can be done by producing positive hormones, but not externally chemically based like alcohol. You asked for help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen

    Marko – I forgot. Thank you for your comment to Buzz regarding dictionary definitions. I have held back, as I didn’t want the entire dictionary thrown at me!

    Buzz – your language is boring, ironically in this thread you have become the boring one, to me anyway. I see the words but don’t absorb what you are saying. Perhaps talk as you would to a teenager to take it down a level, or 20! (Non offensive, straight face, helpful intent). And Buzz don’t bother commenting how I stated I was always smiling, yet just said I had a straight face. That is boring. and anal! Lighten up and just enjoy life, it’s fun, and so is genuine debating and opening minds. And if you mention paradox, wikipedia (your bible) or antagonistic one more time, I am out of here. I am now gifting you my free will, so you can be an official moderator and kick me off. No i’m not pissed, just getting very bored with repetative pointless points. I heard it the first time. Smile, but neutral, as everyday manners and automatic, no meaning.

  • Buzz

    Kristen, this thread will close soon. It is very challenging for me to discern when you’re joking and when you’re serious, including you’re question with many question marks.

    The rest of my response to this thread I wrote earlier, before reading your post about not using the word para… thingy. You can find it in the other “interpreting CwG” thread, rather detailed. Even got Neale’s attention.

    Many of you’re suggestions seem impossible. How can I be more careful about being less careful? (No P word there lol).

    Finally, please don’t ever hold anything back with me. Wiki is not my bible here any more than my street directory or sat nav while driving. It’s a tool for reference, and increasing the clarity of mutual understanding, essential in conversations. Without agreed definitions we’re lost in the suburbs at night, driving in circles, and getting rather anxious about the fuel guage.

  • Buzz

    Plz visit thread “exerpt from CwG. The truth about loving relationships” ASAP. I’m begging you. I would be so grateful for a variety of opinions.

  • Marko

    Buzz, do you have a particular question that’s burning for comment?

    I went to the tread, only perused the comments, didn’t read Neale’s post yet, will read later.

    While I found the comments there interesting, way too many things going on for my taste at the moment. I have no interest at this moment to participate.

    However, if you have a burning question or two that are really gnawing at your craw, why not just say so right here? Or, ask over there your burning question/s. Be specific.

    If you want something, ask for it. Whether you get it or not is one thing. You have to ask first. So go for it.

    Miles of smiles,

  • Marko

    Compassion is key to healing and resolving conflicts within ourselves, others & the world. Learning, remembering, practicing & expressing Compassion & Appreciation are two major key ingredients to individual & World Transformation.

    Take the time to have compassion & appreciation on yourself, others & your enemies. Perhaps especially your enemies & those you disagree with.

    Compassion and Appreciation are just dripping & oozing with absolutely super brilliant exponential potential for individual and planetary transformation.

    I first came across this Compassion exercise when taking the Avatar course. Notice too that Compassion has passion in it!
    I share it here with you.
    Magical blessings, -Marko

    Honesty with one’s self leads to compassion for others.

    OBJECTIVE: To increase the amount of compassion in the world.

    EXPECTED RESULT: A personal sense of peace.

    INSTRUCTIONS: This exercise can be done anywhere that people congregate (airports, malls, parks, beaches, etc). It should be done on strangers, unobtrusively, from some distance. Try to do all five steps on the same person.
    Step 1 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
    “Just like me, this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life”

    Step 2 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
    “Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life.”

    Step 3 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
    “Just like me, this person has known sadness, loneliness and despair.”

    Step 4 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
    “Just like me, this person is seeking to fulfill his/her needs.”

    Step 5 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:
    “Just like me, this person is learning about life.”

    Love is an expression of the willingness to create space in which something is allowed to change.
    -Harry Palmer

    Compassion Exercise This is one of thirty exercises that can be found in ReSurfacing®:Techniques for Exploring Consciousness,
    by Harry Palmer. ©Copyright 1998.

  • Marko

    WoW the compassion exercise was meant to be posted on the headline page about Sarasota. Apologies for the glitch. I won’t ask how it happened but it did & we don’t unfortunately have editing features on our own postings yet.

    Compassionately -Marko

  • Serene Voice

    One definition of boring is tiresome. Another is to move forward steadily especially by overcoming an opposing force; to make larger, like a hole bored deeper usually with the goal to get to the other side.
    When considering the latter definitions, I see boring as a purposeful exercise.

    In terms of the need for conflict in order to keep things “exciting” or to keep people engaged, there is a time and place for everything under the sun. We are a society with expectations of immediate gratification (technology, “fast food”, fingertip information and masticated news that requires only blind fath in a particular medium rather than critical thinking and researching skills. Immediate does not happen while boring a hole. There are moments when the sawdust flying is mundane and we must simply be in the moment and hold a straight course with consistent pressure, to achieve the goal of reaching the other side, or widening the hole, of completing the construction of one thing in a list of things to meet the larger goal. Keep up the good work, Neale, and don’t allow distractions to halt the progress you are making 🙂

  • Marko

    SV I like what you wrote. As a creative person, artist, musician, writer etc. working on a drawing, painting, piano passages etc. for some it may seem boring especially say practicing scales or something.

    Yet they can be very meditative, relaxing & just part of the process & an enjoyable part at that.


  • Kristen

    Buzz – firstly know that the law of harmony will always ensure any truce or other is met, even if the mutual agreement is the Antartica method – one party disappears off into yonder and they choose to never speak again, so arguments and the like never bother me at all. If any one party is ‘on a different’ page to the other, then karma etc will kick in. Existance required harmony for stability and balance. Forgiveness is determined by the universe, not us, as a feeling or instinct, which will kick in when it/he determines that the victim is ready to move on with the suffering no longer affecting them, or that the universe is taking care of business, applying karma to the perpetrator, taking over the negativity from the victim, so that they can move on. Victims will also be compensated through a gift from the universe, which may be an opportunity, empowerment, financial, an upgrade etc. Please have faith that whom or whatever you believe in, they have jobs to do and it is their responsibility. Just a message – I don’t know why! I’m not God! Yes, I was serious with the ??????????

    Marko – your faith should have taught you that you should not question why your posting was accidently in here. Someone in here needs it. Plain simple automatic human behaviour if you ask me, so it wasn’t for me, but my God works with signs so I have to be on to it 24/7.

    Buzz again (I’m trying to split topics – you co-operated so I will too – see it’s called compromise). I speed read the excerpt on the basis that begging is urgent – dinnner can wait. Don’t worry, my kids will understand that they are starving for a legitimate cause. Joking. Not a guilt trip. My freewill choice. Smile. oops, kid in need will be back.

  • Kristen

    Boy, the 1st world problems of teens. Kid 1 – yes great job with the ironing without being told, you may go to the movies even with university tomorrow. Kid 2 – your girlfriend is feeling abandoned cos youre always working, take her out for dinner and buy her a little treat, her favourite custard slice will do, shes too young to realize that “here is a wee treatie sweetie” is guy speak for shut up woman, I’m not listening, you are driving me nuts. Kid 3 (foster child), yes thats great that your emotional and psychological assessment is at a 2 (1 is normal), down from the 10 (maximum) before you came here cos there is no hope in hell anyone is going on anti depressants etc in my house, and great that you read today. Put your tits away before you leave the house thank you young lady, and no soft drinks or fat attacks. Kid 4 Yes you can have prawns, and if you must play your stupid on line playstation game turn it up cos if I hear one adult american voice, they are loser addicts up all night, who need to grow up and you are not to play with them, thus encouraging loser behaviour. Shut up, thats the deal, not negotiable. Riveting stuff! (sarcasm, now I’m sharing the epitomy of boring – parenting!!!! Maybe your god isn’t so bad!)

    Anyway Buzz. My views are always different, and not lovey dovey at all. I truly believe in ‘be the change you want to be’, and the law of Attraction of like attracts like, or with any extremes opposites attract as a form of neutralisation and harmony. I read Neales post, but have completely forgotten what it said (lead poisoning – no memory unless I absorb information, ponder and process). I was high functioning autistic, with every symptom mild, but I have chosen to understand each trait, and the reasoning behind it, and override my brain. Autism is rare in girls (most are doctors) and most never even know (I didn’t til an adult). The ‘missing’ brain part in high functioning autism is the bullshit bit – ie everything is literal, factual, black and white etc, but bullshit becomes the funny part ie jokes, the absurd etc, so in theory a high functioning female autistic brain becomes a male brain, but with the girl bits in as well. An extra ability instead of a disability. Ie I can think boy and girl, so relationship stuff is easy for me – I just think he said, she said, she interpreted, he interpreted etc. Retrain your brain to suit yourself, you own it. I Find guys very easy to understand, and tend to side with them because facts are facts, but guys do need to explain more. Like “I want to spend tonight with the guys, female yabbering and tv shows drive me nuts, my ancestors were cavemen, it’s how we are. If the pub is our mancave tonight, so be it. You are with a guy, accept it and get over it, to get what you want date a more feminine guy (the g.. word may be offensive)”. And again people, especially females, need to stop personifying everything, I’ve said it before, but if someone says i dont like…… it’s not personal, just something they don’t like.

    I personally think people stuff up out of desperation, and should determine what they cannot tolerate or compromise on before even deciding whom to date. yes you may be able to ignore that trait etc when madly in love, but it isn’t going to go away, and may ruin your relationship, and block unconditional love. I know exactly what I don’t want. I’m at an awkward dating age, smart girls know most guys will want to be with a female ten years younger if they can unless they go for money, power or intellect. Personally I want to be with a guy who is at first attracted to me, and is good looking enough to have options but chooses me over the others, so that I never develop insecurities, and he never cheats! I love the hot cowboy or outdoor/environmental scientist look, but they only look that way because of how they are on the inside, which is what I like. This is how the universe has made us. Upgrades and downgrades, on a gradient scale from normal. I am now also being drawn to older guys over 60, with a bit of wisdom, grace and a calm understanding demeanour. But don’t want to date old boys yet! See, they guys I’d go for are like attracts like, and opposites attract. You can work this out for yourself. Buzz, I think you would suit a petite housewifey woman, to being out your natural protective loving instincts. maybe russian (not insulting at all: in the west us females are generally to big and to intelligent for a lot of guys).

    To be what I want to be i have done what I need to do to change naturally, without having to fake anything. I want to be a wife. I cook well, I bake, I have lots of nice clothes, I always wear makeup, I have taught myself all the oldfashioned girly stuff. As a female was made a helper and companion (genesis) I’ve also learnt gardening, carpentry and boy stuff too. I want a companion, interesting conversation, good body in my bed and a guy who genuienly cares. This doesn’t mean faking it or doing what he thinks I want – actions speak louder than words, so honesty is best. I would never earn more than a guy, never take away his ‘mancards’ or look such that he wasn’t pleased to be with me or dominate unless in word sparring. And I want him to help me build an amazing furnished dollhouse (my one strange wish!!).

    A wise old man was my teacher for unconditional love, and I was blessed that he showed me one image that could not be explained in 1000 pages. I fully understood unconditional love from this. He was facing an older woman with a fresh mastectomy scar, tenderly running his finger over it and saying I love you, I love your scar, it is a part of the you that I love and its beautiful. You could feel his love and he was completely honest and meant it and if this was a movie the depth to it would have the theatre in tears. But, as teachers are matched to students, he then stated to me (he was lying and joking but is a perfect match to my humour), ‘it’s hot compared to the old saggy udder!!!!

    He also shared this with me, which is the only channelled information I have ever received, I don’t allow it. Remember he is very old, and very wise, and I trust what he says, and on love related matters, he is the expert. I’ll be american and ‘share’:

    A man will only learn to love, appreciate and respect females when he witnesses the wonder of her pregnant with his child, her agony of labour pains, the torture and brutality of her bravely giving birth to his child, her suffering and pain afterward, and witnesses her love, bravery and the sacrifices she makes for him and their children. Only then will he truly love her, protect her, care for her, respect her and be her considerate lover and best friend. Until then she is merely a convenience, play thing, and release for his desires.

    Controversal I know, but he works as a wise man teacher for a reason, and has helped me to understand how exes always have a hold over guys, and this has encouraged me set my standards very high, and why many 2nd marriages fail, and that in my 40s if I meet mr perfect then I am cutting off my nose to spite my face with my rule of no babies thanks, I’m too old! Although there is a beautiful story in a Chhicken Soup for the Soul books “it should have been mine” I think, which is a really good lesson in this.

    I don’t know if I’m of any help Buzz, but I am happy to try even if it means switching to a real person mode, and divulging too much information!

    Gentle smile.

    Sorry this is so long Neale, and off the topic.

  • Buzz

    I am finding it near impossible to understand most of content of most of the posts you make Kristen. Unfortunately you have provided me with context to drive my point home by asking if I was threatening you. By delaying my response I have exacerbated feelings within you similar to the confusion I feel reading your posts.

    Is your use of YWHW God a joke? You know it’s YHWH, as in Yahweh, God of Israel, right?

    Of course I did not mean a single word used in the post you took offence at. It was a strategic maneuver to demonstrate my feelings.

    You say you follow all natural laws. Do you know the law of opposites? Are you aware this law is in contradiction to the law of attraction, just as a judgemental God like Yahweh cannot be followed simultaneously to a nonjudgemental CWG God which I believe is a closer, slightly more “ambiguously accurate” description of what you call Source.

  • Sibila Reventlow

    My instant thoughts are that If one is in such an emotional state where drama feels or is mistaken for being life, then agreement is boring. I use to find peace and agreement boring and not worthwhile. Now I know peace to be a vital force with which to co-create life, so I think agreement is worthwhile achieving now though I see agreement as a dificult art of balancing hearing all voices and discerning which one to follow.

  • Chris.

    This touches on something i am grappling with that i find fascinating. There is something “fun” about disagreement. Cops and robbers is in some sense “fun”. fighting is “fun”.(I have been playing a lot of videogames lately.) It’s fun to be the “goodie”, the hero that slays the “badies” and saves the day. Yet i notice my anxiety, i notice that i am fighting “myself”.

    In some sense this is impossible. You cannot fight yourself, fighting is by definition, always against an alien other, the “enemy”. It seems to be an issue of identity: There has to be a “me” in order for there to be a “Them”. Yet is this strictly true? It seems to me that there is always someting of “them” in “me”. How then can i define myself? Must there be a “them”?

    There’s something too black and white here. I am not allways happy or sad or joyful or angery or whatever. I am what i am when i am it. Yet even when i “am” happy there is something of sadness there. even when i “am” sad there is something of joy there. (All states of being are temporary).

  • Marko

    Chris I invite you to consider 3 movies all animated all brilliant all about evil but with a twist. “Megamind”, where the evil villain wants to be the good guy.

    “Wreck it Ralf”, the bad guy who breaks out of reality to be the good guy.

    “Monsters Inc.” Now revisiting theaters in 3d where humor is seen as a greater energy enhancer than fear.

    I like to point out to people who see CwG in the context of the need to have contrast & negative drama in order have the good stuff. Can’t know what tall is without short, light without darkness right? Well you can have these with out negativity.

    HEB’s (See CwG book 3) do not need to have or experience negative contrast. They outgrow it. The have their own past history as their reference point & may even use primitive earth as a reference point, but do not themselves experience it.

    As we advance we will use our past history as the negative contrasting contextual field with out the need to experience it. We experience it now because we don’t even feel there is an alternative. We will always have contrasts but it does not have to be negative. It can be, as much as we desire or don’t desire, but that’s up to us as individuals & collective.

    We can have varying degree contrasts of good, better, great, fantastic, blissful as delightful contrasts that vary in their goodness as our positive contrasts.

    We have to believe in it’s possibility & understand it’s possibility first. As for now we don’t,– not yet, it may be a long while, but we can live this way first individually, than in larger family groups of like minded people, than still larger groups & finally the collective.

    I get what you say about fun, but there are other ways for fun that don’t include evil or negativity but still hold the “challenge” that make it fun & exciting. That would make a good topic in & of itself.

    Food for thought.

  • Chris.

    Thanks Marko for your film suggestions and feedback. The really interesting thing here is that when we recognise that we are frighting yourselves, disagreement becomes boring and ridiculous, not agreement.

  • Kristen

    No hope!! I said in an earlier post I thought you’d read that I use the term YWHW God, for the ISREALITE god – both Jewish and Gentiles.Don’t argue unless you know you are right, or you are proving ignorance, that you havn’t read that He will judge all and gentiles will do better than religious people, that He says ‘My people Israel’ not My Jewish people, and also have to prove Abraham & Sarah were Jewish in order for Him to be their God. Perhaps read the thread on punishing Gods which is why I came in here. He is my God by race, country and choice, The Job God is my neutral teacher.

    There are hundreds of Universal Laws, of which approximately 20 are available here. If you want the facts on Universal Law you can only obtain this via alchemy. Anyway this is a waste of time. Just be aware of informed choice.See ya.

  • Kristen

    Actually Buzz, and this is my last post definately!! I didn’t state that I was rolling my eyes, and have been ‘sent’ back in so you don’t think you’ve won.

    I do not believe for one minute that you cannot read my plain english, yet can speak it when pushed. If you are speaking the truth then you may have some form of brain or language comprehension problem, were illiterate until an adult age or only certain parts of your brain are being utilised thus diminishing the ability of the rest (a technique brainwashers use). Which may also explain your preference for an advanced form of language, which the Law of Compensation may provide you with to neutralize anything problems linked to language, including a cleft palette or speech problem. Compensation for known inadequecies. Non offensive, just my possible explanation of why you cannot understand me, to help you try if you want to.

    Your God has stated that the most evolved societies are the unevolved. True. I refuse to use complex language like I used to, as I am past that stage. It is transitional, and the Law of Simplicity is in place to ensure that everything can be explained and done as simply as possible, to comply with the Law of Equality (obvious). Likewise I am well past wanting wealth etc. You should understand what your God was meaning. A hermit or Hag is the point the most evolved, intelligent and wise people can attain. That is simplicity. Few words, simple life, no drama, understand easily.

    The spelling of my Gods name is irrelevant, we are both incorrect anyway. I would not be spelling His name or calling Him anything other than God, if not in here. You know, like in our national anthems. If anything I would say Jehovah verbally. Muslims say Allah. Shall we talk about your Gods name??

    I have a Masters in Universal Law, I am a Kabbalist and Alchemy student (hence my mixed gender brain – you cannot learn much if you just think male OR female) , and have conquered the tree of life. I have learnt what you have been reincarnated to learn. Law is my 1st language.

    Whomever told you there is a law of opposites shouldn’t be teaching universal law. Universal Law 101 – all laws in place are to serve a purpose, with the ultimate objective of harmony, consequences & balance; therefore a Law of Opposites would be completely against the very concept of Law. In CWG terms is would be an Un-Law.

    Perhaps they meant the Law of Neutralisation, which is also part of the ying/yang laws, where opposites are bought together to neutralise out extremes to create balance through a blend of the two, or a show down to make both sides comprimise and take it down a level. Or one part of the many aspects of the Law of Attraction also works in this way – extremists are attracted to the opposite for neutralisation purposes.

    Or the Law of Balance like day/night etc. A deliberate scientific act, also a ying/yang law, where two completely factors are inter linked or work together as a necessity, like Day/Night etc, but must work in perfect balance without any friction or drama in order to comply with the required Law of Harmony.

    Or maybe the Law of Harmonising where a new aspect is introduced to one already in place that requires harmony, often used when something becomes outdated or isn’t user friendly or is no longer in harmony with, or compatible the world in general. Like my God doing different things working for the universe in general, not his religions or the cult of christianity in oder to be more modern. Or ice put into an overheated babys bottle to cool it, or peaceful protests etc.

    If you are curious about the Source, other than the CWG perspective, read a tree of life diagram. From the Source came Divine Father (Law – my God), and Divine Mother (understanding). Etc. Your God is an Enlighted One, but whether he likes it or not he is UNDER God. Yes he has a direct link to the Source 24/7, but that is normal to have reached a certain level where your level of understanding no longer requires a teacher. Since your God teaches you are in constant links with him 24/7, ask him. Who do you think sent me back in here to explain. Not my God, and not my teacher God, I’m not learning anything. The Source; he oversees everything, and his awareness can be felt when he is tuned into you.

    I am smiling, cos you will be able to understand all of this now that I know you are conversant in Universal Law and the Source. BTW – The Source is a male in his physical form. Your god is not in his good books!!!!

    Have a great life (wry smile). Your job indicates you want to be a hero. Be one, be whomever you want to be, and do whatever you want to do. Just make sure you cause no suffering, do not get in my Gods firing line by destroying the earth, and be righteous!!

  • Buzz

    I’ve said it before, and ill say it again: Kristen, you are controversial in the extreme. Why study universal laws at university, and achieve a masters in it? Is it a chemistry thing? Or a physics thing?

    My God has no name. Laws are man made. Understanding is illusory, built on flawed perspectives. God is Source, one and same. No gender, or any other identifiers.

  • Buzz

    Heya Marko,
    I have a slight suspicion that part of CwG bk 3 on HEBs has become misunderstood, possibly even by you, but before I make any wildly controvertial statements about who understands what, I’d like to ask:

    Within the context of your advice to Chris, what is a “negative contrasting contextual field” and what exactly does it mean to experience it or choose not to?

  • Marko

    Why not just come out & tell me what the misunderstanding is & we can go from there?

    A negative contrasting contextual field is any unwanted, undesired experience.

    Unwanted negatives still have positive attributes that can help forward our growth. See:

    However, they are not necessary for HEB’s who out grow negativity.
    Peace & magic,

  • Buzz

    Hello Marko,
    I have read the header post, and all the comments, displayed by clicking the link. You have made an excellent case, with very positive outcomes for everyone who follows your advice. I am humbled to know this side of you more deeply.

    This thread has become too long. I would like to discuss this with you and everyone here, however I strongly suspect this thread will be terminated at any minute. Instead of beginning a new discussion at the end of a closed thread, I’d hope Neale & co could give us a fresh platform for discussing negativity in great depth, that I believe could challenge everything we think we know.

    I am adding this link to gain their attention to this post ( in the hope that a new thread titled
    “So what about these negative thoughts and feelings: Part 2” is created for our interaction to proceed. I am preparing the header body now, and will email to within an hour from now.

    See you there.

  • Marko

    “a fresh platform for discussing negativity in great depth, that I believe could challenge everything we think we know.”

    I like this idea Buzz, negativity has purpose & meaning but it does not have to remain or be a permanent part of our experience as it appears now. I believe we out grow it & yes it would make for a very fascinating illuminating discussion!

    Magical blessings,

  • Charlotte

    I don’t think agreement is boring. It sounds like the gentlemen was assuming “we” all agreed with your topic. I think agreement gives us another chance to think about where we are in our own lives, and possible to view agreement in another way. Don’t want to go to far here…then one may disagree 🙂

  • Buzz

    Pplz continue Charlotte. Disagreement isn’t bad.

  • Laura Pringle

    Buzz, Thanks so much for your reply!!! My comment stemmed from recent failed attempts at getting feedback on my book, Meanderings of a Wayward Spirit. (A compilation of poems which flowed into me after I read the CWG books.) I’ve gotten SO little feedback, I wonder why the words even came to me at all. I can handle the possibility that it sucks, but no one has even cared enough to take time to state that! This disappoints me.
    The point of my book is to share the challenges we all feel when riding on the rocky roads of life. I asked them to review it on this website, and the request was ignored. I’ve asked my co-workers to read it, they haven’t, (or if they did, they didn’t want to comment.) I just want some feedback. It’s frustrating. But I’m sure the lesson will reveal itself to me in time, as always is the case.

    Also, lots of frustration over the last 12 yrs, as my repeated attempts to get people to delve into astrology seem to lead to dead end roads as well. I learned SO much about the differences in human nature by learning about astrology, and it has helped me immensely. I genuinely wish more people would take the time to learn about it, for I truly believe it can do so much to bridge the gaps in our understanding of each others’ differences, and thus, help us to evolve past being judgmental and narrow.

  • Awareness

    Agreeing (from the HEART) about God is exciting, refreshing and lightening to the HEART 🙂

    In my view, disagreeing (from the physical Mind) about God likely results in Separation and formation of organized Religions. We have seen that organized Religions do not take us where we say we wish to go 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Comment below if anyone reading this now when in a cafe recently or in the past, or in restaurant or some other public place, ever for a moment, wondered & thought about the possibility of someone coming in and shooting people, just like they’ve heard about in the news the last few years.