What is your honest, non-vitriolic, non-verbally-assaulting, simple, thoughtful, and contemplative reaction to the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States?

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  • Susan

    I cannot say honestly that I am not biased but as someone who believes that a country is only as good as its weakest people Mr. Obama presents a better choice than Mr. Romney. It is my impression that he is trying to make this country better for EVERYONE, that he is trying to bring this country forward as a whole, and not just a few chosen ones. I do see a shift in people’s perceptions and in people’s priorities, and I believe this is why Barack Obama was re-elected.

  • Joyce Derby

    I believe President Obama will put peace ahead of wars and work hard to help the needy. He may not agree with everyone on all things, but he believes in our right to our own beliefs and choices. I think we’ll see amazing things happen in the next 4 years.

  • mewabe

    A sight of relief…

    And a hope that the conservatives do realize that they have gotten so far right that they are really out of touch with the majority of Americans, who are not political extremists but moderates (many of today’s republicans make Nixon and Eisenhower look like democrats, to the point that some republicans do not know Eisenhower was a republican, with his warning against the military-industrial complex).

    Perhaps they will also realize that catering to the votes of religious extremists is counter productive, and will drop this strategy as well.

    And finally they will perhaps realize that radio jocks who spew inflammatory nonsense every day on the air in the name of “entertainment” really hurt their cause.

  • Sinclair

    Neale: My reactions — sorrow, concern, determination.

    I am a conservative and I’m aware that few others here are. To most conservatives Obama’s reelection represents a choice for serious economic decline and foreign policy peril.

    I’ll not argue those points, because that is not your invitation. However, please realize this is what four more years of Obama mean to us on the right.

    And it’s not just a season of bad times until we can get a Republican in, but a level of damage that will take decades from which to recover, if ever. That sounds extreme, I know, but those are the stakes as conservatives understand them.

    Look for full-time jobs to grow more scarce. Expect your company healthcare plans to disappear despite Obama’s promise. Know that the world will become a more dangerous place as we scale back American power.

    We shall see.

  • Darien

    I’m sad.
    Though I believe that for the most part, the president is a figurehead and most things are already in motion or put in place and he can’t do anything about them, I’m sad. I can’t be happy as long as our children are dying or being maimed daily in the Middle East. Obama promised he would bring them home – 4 years ago.

    As you said in one of your previous books, Big Business runs our country, not the politicians. If not for Big Business, politicians could not have spent a billion dollars on the campaigns. And, I’m guessing that Big Business in the form of Defense Contractors, keep our children over there.

    I’m sad about how divisive the campaigns became, perhaps reflecting the split in our nation. Social media let everyone become a pundit. Afterwards I was astounded at the amount of gloating using said media. What is going on here?

    We need healing and a united spirit.
    Maybe instead of looking to one man or a government to do it, we should look to ourselves.

  • Lisa

    For the past six months or so, I had been experiencing what was probably collective universal anxiety over the idea that Mitt Romney might actually win the election. Not that I believe that Obama has all of the priorities that are in line with what is actually most important to the Earth and to the souls who inhabit it.

    But when I went to bed at midnight on November 6th and when I woke the following morning, I felt an extreme sense of gratitude. And pride. That money can’t buy us. That we aren’t quite as much like sheep as Romney and his supporters had hoped. Instead, we proved we are the watchdogs and we are just realizing our true power. How it unfolds is still an unknown. But the consise answer to this question is that it gives me hope. And has ignited some positive excitement, right in the center of my chest, about how we will continue to ban together to save ourselves, each other and the planet.

    My hope is not springing from the person elected, so much as the collective refusal to be bought and sold and degraded and devalued. I speak for humanity and for the Earth.

  • Kristen

    Didn’t your CWG God state in book 1 that the whole world should be able to vote since American decisions can affect all of us??? Then my foreign vote is a no vote. The most profound vote, like boycotting. Imagine a great world when everyone voted with a no vote, and the politicians then became straight criminals as defined by law, with every decision and act, rather than pretending it is all legal like now. Forced to vote, it’d be Obama.

  • Buzz

    A carefully formulated question, and I see it working, much to my utter surprise.

    I agree with the empirical observations mentioned by darien, who is on the right logical track, but it doesn’t make me sad.

    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel paraphrased: We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”
    It’s a paradox, and a joke being played on us, by us. See the illusion as an illusion and it ceases to hold it’s power over us. There are hundreds of examples of paradoxes within our awareness trying to call to our attention that nothing is true or real or accurate or correct. Its all a matter of perspective.

  • Buzz

    OMG, I just realised, is this how people are about politics, not just Americans but every country with representatives and elections (ie democracy)? Do we become vitriolic, aggressive and violent like insane beasts toward each other unless our brand of spiritual leader pleads with us to bite our own tounge? Are humans really that caught up in our own stories, opinions and frustrations that we feel compelled to hurt others to heal it?

    Apparently so. Even for people who have read and understood CwG. Herein lies the aforementioned OMG. Perhaps this points to an aspect of the spiritual process. Clearly reading it isn’t enough, we must understand what we’re reading. But what if understanding isn’t enough either, but just another step of the journey, the following step being practice. When we change our behaviour to suit our new understanding, old habits are transformed. The obvious problem with this theory is that we need a context within which to practice changing that won’t judge us or punish us for making mistakes in applying our new understanding to our behaviour. Our legal system does an amazingly efficient job of judgement and punishment, which keeps us scared enough to not want to try to experiment with new behaviour patterns. This type of paradox is called a feedback loop. Now look at what happens to floating ice when we apply the polar warming feedback loop, and imagine you are the ice. It’s eating away at you and there is nothing you can do, unless you realise you don’t stop being you, you’ve just changed from ice into water. No harm in that.

    Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. – ACIM


  • Buzz

    Excerpt from Wikipedia

    States of the United States are required, like the federal government, to be republican in form, with final authority resting with the people. This was required because the states were intended to create and enforce most domestic laws, with the exception of areas delegated to the federal government and prohibited to the states. The founding fathers of the country intended most domestic laws to be handled by the states, although, over time, the federal government has gained more and more influence over domestic law. Requiring the states to be a republic in form was seen as protecting the citizens’ rights and preventing a state from becoming a dictatorship or monarchy, and reflected unwillingness on the part of the original 13 states (all independent republics) to unite with other states that were not republics. Additionally, this requirement ensured that only other republics could join the union.

    In the example of the United States, the original 13 British colonies became independent states after the American Revolution, each having a republican form of government. These independent states initially formed a loose confederation called the United States and then later formed the current United States by ratifying the current U.S. Constitution, creating a union of sovereign states with the union or federal government also being a republic. Any state joining the union later was also required to be a republic.

    End of excerpt

    The Republican Party is trying to unite the states under more unilateral federal law. By this measure USA will no longer be a group of states united, but rather an American Federation. This could be seen as a good or bad idea.

    The Republican Party is exercising it’s definition by Montesquieu to eliminate the democratic process, and create an oligarchical federal government, where all power lies in the hands of a few elite individuals. They have achieved this with capitalism and corporate law. This process is likely to continue indefinately, and both liberal and democratic parties are forced to play on these terms in a reactionary power struggle. Now include the last paragraph, and you can see they want it all, an illuminati style of dominance. The difference here is that this elite group are not in conflict with the Catholic Church as myths and legends lead us to believe. They are in full cooperation, based on obscure beliefs that they are under threat from other religions and God, and must cleanse the world of evil. Sound familiar? Hitler said the same thing about Jews.

    We learn from history that we do not learn from history. What a joke we are, you are, I am. Man oh man how stupid I’ve been …

  • Marko

    “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. – ACIM”

    This depends on your definition of real & unreal which I don’t know what your definition of it is. That which is threatened & unreal can still be at peace.

    In respect to physical life as we now experience it, I’d say this quotes
    application & usage is not that beneficial. But feel free to enlighten me on this.

    ACIM, what I know of it, still sees the physical world of illusions as something not always divine & here is where it mixes old turbulent Biblical dislike for this material world mixed with valuable metaphysics.

    Because physical life is an illusion, can be threatened is unreal, does not mean it has to be that way. Physical life as we advance & evolve is here for our total delight, fun & boundless joy & creativity, with wonderous positive drama to be played out in an infinite variety of ways.

    I’m not sure the peace of God is seen or experienced in such statements as you quoted.


  • Ruchir Garg

    I am happy about the result, mainly because I think that Obama will
    1. harm the environment less
    2. be less likely to start a new war
    3. hold the ground against big money, big oil, and weapons manufacturers
    4. respect individual choice (abortion, sexual orientation, religion)

    I wish the Romney supporters would think with an open mind about why a person like Mike Bloomberg – a republican – would endorse Obama over Romney. See http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-11-01/ny-mayor-bloomberg-endorse-obama-in-presidential-race.html

    The ‘severe’ economic decline has been caused by decades of bad policy, both Democratic and Republican. Neither democrats nor republicans can fix it in the next 4 years. Obama has in no way weakened the country militarily or diplomatically. Bush did not cause 9/11. Hind-sight is 20/20. When you have to make a thousand calls, not each can come out right.

    Romney got a substantial majority among white males, and they must be angry at the minorities for tilting the election towards Obama. I hope that they realize some day that this was a blessing in disguise.

  • mewabe

    The nice thing is, angry white males are getting to be a minority in this nation, so the change may be long term.

    Marko, I totally agree with you…many spiritual schools and religions disregard physical life as total illusion or a downright impediment to enlightenment and divine knowledge (experience of divinity)…as if divinity was indeed separate from the physical world, and antagonistic to it.

    This is why so many cannot reconcile sex and spirituality, and think that they have to punish, chastise the body, and walk away from all desires, the source of all suffering according to their worldview.

    Interestingly, in India, there are two paths to enlightenment: the most well known and practiced is the path of detachment (separation) from physical life; it is the masculine path, founded on judgment (of what is worthy of the spirit and what is not, such as sex).

    The feminine path, unknown by most in western nations, is the path of oneness, of attachment, of integration (of embracing all of life, all of the creation, everything without exception or judgment). It is the mystical path and the path of love.

    It is not a coincidence that patriarchal cultures and religions chose to promote the path of detachment, of judgment, of the conceptual separation of the divine from the physical creation. And what is the opposite of integration? Disintegration…destruction.

    That’s the masculine, patriarchal path that was chosen by the world, but we are changing, slowly realizing that it leads to darkness, to ever more separation and spiritual ignorance.

    So it seems that the illusion is in the mind, in judgments, beliefs and perceptions, not in physical life itself, which is an amazing, miraculous and much unappreciated gift (as the earth itself is unappreciated and unloved by most, which is why we abuse it the way we do).

    “Physical life as we advance & evolve is here for our total delight, fun & boundless joy & creativity, with wonderous positive drama to be played out in an infinite variety of ways.”

    Wonderfully said, we need to hear more of this truth all over the world!

  • Marko

    Well Mewabe while we are in agreement here,– the collective world cynicism & old school theology is not, but it will be, eventually. It is even now eroding & dying out, thankfully.

    In place of it will be living in gratitude, appreciation & original blessing.

    If we indeed highly create & influence our personal reality and to another lesser but very critical & important extent, influence the collective as well, it’s in our best interest to create, pull in, express & export our best loving thoughts to counter act the collective world cynicism.


  • Ruchir

    Here is a very simple and thoughtful response to this election:

    It ends on a desperate note, but the analysis is honest.

  • mewabe

    Marko, I think the world cynicism comes from hopelessness, it is an expression of hopelessness.

    And in my opinion hopelessness comes up when former hopes were misplaced…when we placed our hopes or dreams or ideals in the wrong people, the wrong things or the wrong events, and mostly outside of ourselves…wanting to be led, to be saved, to be rescued by someone or something, to be “made” happy, etc…

    Cynicism is actually the beginning of awakening, it is caused by the shedding of former illusions, and it is at the threshold of personal transformation. Many people get stuck there and do not move forward, but beyond cynicism is the potential for greater awareness and possibly enlightenment, if a person keep moving forward in the right direction, realizing that no truth exists outside of or apart from the self, that the “jewel”, the way to the divine and to all truth is within.

    You may think that I appear cynical or negative at times…I am not at the deeper level. I just like to tell it like it is…It is precisely because I am positive on the inside that I can express negativity when I see negativity on the outside…while I have known many people, especially in this North American culture, who were extremely negative on the inside but did all they could to express positiveness on the outside. I would call this being a perfect fake.

    I do not believe in the world as it is, I do not believe in what most people believe. I never have. When much younger, I could have become a hermit and lived on a mountain top in a cave, I wouldn’t missed the world a bit, only human companionship.

    So I may appear negative at times, but I do not believe that avoiding negativity is positive, on the contrary, I believe in this paradox: that denouncing or expressing negativity when it comes up, in whatever form, is a positive act, because anything that is not released festers, and anything that is ignored keeps growing, like cancer or like the lies and delusions of the world.

    The strategy of course is not to fight negativity, which would empower it even further, but replace it with positive solutions. But to do this we must first become conscious of negativity, and understand its nature and dimensions, rather than ignoring it and hoping it will just go away on its own.

    All is a matter of balance. There is a difference between denouncing the ills of the world and becoming obsessed with them, or overwhelmed by them. If one is rooted in solid spiritual ground, there is no reason to avoid or be afraid of negativity…the inner self remains positive even while paying some necessary attention to the madness around us.

    I never force myself to be anything I am not. I believe in being real. I personally would not try to counteract the negative state of he world….if I can or could, I would rather give people a reason to hope…to reclaim their own creative and expressive power, even if that means that they need to get angry and tell the world to take a hike, at least temporarily, while reclaiming their true self and shedding all of their cultural and religious conditioning, all the garbage they were made to swallow while growing up in what Neale appropriately calls the old cultural story.

  • Buzz

    Hello Marko,
    Happy to help. This could take a while. I hope you’re patient and able to keep an open mind.

    First, put aside what you think you know about ACIM. Don’t discard it, just sorta forget for now.

    OK, second, put aside you’re entire catagorization system of what’s real and what’s unreal. Open mind, remember? I’m inviting you into a paradox.

    Everything is either real or unreal, right? Wrong. Everything is BOTH real and unreal.

    “Nothing real can be threatened.” E=MC². Nothing that happens to anything destroys it, harms it,, or makes it cease to be what it is. It simply changes. If it can’t be harmed or destroyed, it is by definition invulnerable. What would threaten Superman if there was no Kryptonite?
    You are the Superman with no Kryponite, as is every molecule in the universe. Events and circumstances can force you to change, and sometimes that process of change will result in other circumstances that you may choose to think of as undesirable, like a broken keyboard or death (note contrast lol), but you are and always be invulnerable. You have no weaknesses, no flaws, no impediments, to being who you are.

    Everything I’ve just explained is totally and completely incorrect, wrong, misguided, and made up. It’s not real, except that it is.

    “Nothing unreal exists.” A scientific or mathematical formula proving this is unnecessary if you think what you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch/feel as real. Likewise, a theory proving reality is an illusion from within reality is impossible, but we left ourselves clues. “Ever wake from a dream you were so sure was real?” I use this question, quoted from The Matrix by Morpheus as both a question to the reader, and a stepping stone to other examples. So, dreams, films like The Matrix, Inception, eXistenZ, and The Game, all calling to our attention that artificial and imagined realities are just as real to our sense of perception as reality. Ever get so wrapped up in a good book, computer game, or whatever, and suddenly find yourself busting to pee, parched throat, starving hungry, stiff as a board, weak like you’re 30 years older than you are, and in rare cases accidentally holding your breath? You have just caught yourself putting your alternate reality before the requirements of your physical body, just as 98% of people spend 98% of their time on things that don’t matter to Who You Really Are. All the characteristics that define a life form are comparatively irrelevant to Who You Really Are. Moving, breathing, eating, defecating, breeding, etc, are not important because its a game. You are whichever character you want to be in any movie or game you like, and nothing you do matters to the viewer or player of that game, also you, choosing which game to play, which direction the character goes, etc, and this is also not important. It’s just a game. Flickerings of light energy (E=MC²).

    Everything I’ve just explained is totally and completely incorrect, wrong, misguided, and made up. It’s not real, except that it is.

    “Herein lies the peace of God.”
    God created the heavens and the Earth by creating the illusion of separation, individuality, variety, choice, time, and space so God could experience God interacting with God as something other than God. Oh yes, you read correct, concepts like choice, and its opposite fate/destiny/karma, are all part of this illusion. Paradoxes like the following are riddled through our understanding of reality.

    “The contradictory association whereby higher levels of self-awareness are simultaneously associated with higher levels of psychological distress and with psychological well-being.” -Self-absorption paradox. Ref: Trapnell & Campbell (1999)

    Within this paradox we are forced to surrender our need to understand, and use this illusory playground as a child would, where seeking truth and understanding are unnecessary, the act of doing anything or being anything you don’t like is a kind of insane self-punishment, and if there is anything you want to be, do or have just blow fairy dust on the troll guarding the vault door, wait for it to fall asleep, and help yourself. Minimal effort required. For larger items I suggest getting into the yard with cranes, trailers, dragons and flying carpets first to get what you really want out of it’s vault. Little more time and effort required. If you like you can join illuminati and understand what’s involved in controlling an entire planet. Each to their own.

    Here’s the lynchpin. This entire post is either a lie, or irrelevant. “It seems that no conceptual analysis can both meet the requirement of correctness and informativeness.” Paradox of analysis.
    And its theoretical opposite, “The existence of evil seems to be incompatible with the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect God.” – Problem of Evil (Epicurean paradox)
    Which indicates that there can be paradoxes within paradoxes, contradictions within contradictions, dreams within dreams, illusions within illusions.
    “Does the set of all those sets that do not contain themselves contain itself?” – Russell’s paradox

  • royston marples

    No surprises considering how their machine is fooling EVERYONE !

  • starsister

    I felt relief. As a kiwi and a world citizen, I feel it affects me as much as any US citizen. That said, Obama has clear civil liberties issues to address, climate change / dirty energy issues and financial issues stemming from the Federal Reserve’s ultimate power and the unsustainable debt bubble created as a result. So, hamstrung as he may be by obstructive Republicans , Neo Cons and proponents of the NWO, if he is going to clean house he had better get busy.

    The only way I feel he can genuinely step forward to change these severe crises, is to undo the $$$ ties that beholden him to big Oil, Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Chem. Only when Corporatocracies stop pulling the strings of Govt will real change occur.

    People all over are sure Obama is the man for the job, and has been biding his time to step forward and boldly challenge the status quo, and my own intuition tells me he is a man of the people, but we really need to see drastic action asap.

  • Marko

    Mewabe thank you for your further explanation of cynicism & how you view life.

    Buzz, you put forth a very elaborate explanation to make a point. Thank you for the energy & time to do so.

    My point was that physical life is purposeful & that we are here to use the illusions, not the illusions using us.

    Real or not is less important to me than understanding that this physical existence is created for our delight to express & export our boundless joy & creativity. In fact the idea of it being an illusion & temporary is what makes it more sacred, divine, precious.

    That we can have peace in this physical world. That ACIM in my view sees this world of illusions as undesirable & still seems influenced by old school original sin philosophy even as it has valuable spiritual metaphysical insights mixed in.

    You seem way deep into theory where as feel I’m deeper into the application of the theory as it pertains to our life at this time.

    I’m not sure from my view that your explanation did anything to further illuminate, but I appreciate your desire to decipher & unravel things as they pertain to the deeper things in life. I can certainly appreciate that. Mewabe caught what I was saying in her/his first post reply to me. Look back at that post to someone who got what I was saying.

    Carry on.

    Magical blessings,

  • Sarah m

    My reaction this time is that we as voters and citizens must do our part. We did not in the last four years. We need to speak up and speak out. We need to help the president get where we need to go.

  • Buzz

    All excellent points Marko,
    I see theory and application as inextricably linked, just like within our illusion we’re linked in a cycle of perception and imaginitive creation. Theory gives us the blueprints to manifest thenew architectural constructs of reality, which we then play in to inspire us with new blueprints. So our life is like waves on the surface of the ocean, sometimes we’re riding the perfect tube, and the bliss of that moment is as close to embracing God as possible, and other times we’re using our creative powers as God to work on making the next great wave. Some waves last a lifetime, others less than a second, some are so big they scare us, others too small to appreciate it even is a wave but even a ripple can be ridden.

    I’ve just gotten finished with one of the biggest waves of my life, and I’m working on blueprints to go even bigger. you’re on a wave now by the sound of it, so ride it with gusto and joy! Return to my previous post when / if you decide to create a 50ft monster wave.

    I don’t surf, but I deeply understand those who do.

  • Melissa Shawn

    It is said that Obama was given a second chance. It is US that is being given a second chance.

    Obama models for us the power of our language. He shows us how to use language in the exact way you formulated this question: non-vitriolic, non-verbally-assaulting, simple, thoughtful, and contemplative.

    Forget “the issues”, which are tied to the larger broken system and not to any one human. Instead, remember that we will not successfully address a single one of these “issues” until we learn to use language in our service instead of to our detriment.

    We are given this second chance to have this modeled for us. I am very grateful for this.

  • Marko

    Congrats Buzz on the BIG wave, enjoy, I’m riding one that’s pretty smooth, I like it, & wish it for others.


  • mewabe

    Marko, I so agree with you, again…I think that what you are expressing is crucial for this world and needs to be put out there, because that old original philosophy that views physical life as undesirable and an impediment to spiritual life is so widespread, from India to Christianity, and is the source of a lot of inner conflicts, of confusion and suffering for many people.

    I think it may also be a factor in the desecration of the physical world…the ruining of our environment.

    Yes, as you expressed so well, even if physical life was an “illusion” (or a dream we all have), it is that much more precious and meaningful, as are all dreams.

    We could even say that the divine dreams the universe into being…that we are all part of this dream. And it could be, and is, a beautiful dream…all we need is awaken to our true nature within the dream.

    Sorry for my lengthy tirade above, it was unnecessary but I think my brain was fried and I wasn’t making much sense…I should learn when to stop typing!

    We need to find a way to powerfully counter this “illusion” philosophy…which seems to take hold among men primarily, as women, being able to give life, are more aware of the miracle and sanctity and beauty of life, and less likely to dismiss it as meaningless or spiritually worthless or unworthy (of the spirit).

    Thank you Marko for your great insights.

  • Erin/IAm

    “Walking is simply a series of controlled falls”…Got such a chuckle when my son, Trev, came out with this as we were discussing Buzz’z explains of real/unreal, along with other contribs’ contribs within that pool.

    I, for one, Am in present focus of seeking choices of this ‘paradox’ that ring my Soul Chimes…cool process, btw…haven’t quite heard the whole tune yet, but I sooo know it’s in the airwaves! “Writer’s Block”, I suppose.:)
    I, for one, enjoy the excellent diversity that is attracted to this place…it has yet to not serve abundant brain & heart foods when I play in ‘virtual realm’. Thanks, btw.:)

    Okay! Sooo afa Mr. O…Melissa inspired good thought in that our President IS a ‘figurehead’…He, & those in such position, reflect Our beingness as a Humanity…He is ‘What WE wish to SEE’. So, perhaps it’s as good a time as any to make this man look AMAZING!???

    Sooo, that said…

    “Mr. President, Barack Obama…I wish you nothing but an Amazing 4 more! May You, & We, become Absolutely Grand of this experience we will share!
    Thanks for your time as ‘Mirror of Our World’. Thanks for exposing We, the People, as the greatest corporate entity in existence…That our Commodity IS Humanity, our Market is each other, & our Mission is simply Good Life.
    Thanks for your part in this chapter of Our Story…Blessed be, indeed. Love to you & your family. I wish you Good Journey.:)”

    To All…May we feel it Amazing to be able to arise to another play day…period.:)

    Good Journey, indeed!:)

  • Scott

    Hello Neale & everyone else, hope you are all well & happy

    The political system in this country stoped being “of the people, by the people, for the people” quite some time ago. Until & when the people make that quote true again, I don’t really think it makes much difference who is sitting in the oval office.

    What would make a difference and put a huge smile on my face: finding out that there were a whole bunch, of enlightened, new spirituality, new cultural story kind of people running for elected positions all across the board in every level of government.

    Any hands going up? Neale, I know your far too busy and have contributed so much already, but what about the rest of you?

    After reading all the posts here I’d like to nominate Mewabe & Marko to start with. You both would get my vote, no questions asked.

    The important thing to remember is that we do live in a beautiful dream & that more & more of us are projecting that dream out into the world every day.

    Fear not & there will be nothing to fear!

    Namaste Scott

  • Buzz

    Hmm. Been thinkin, lol. I have been scolded for cherry picking sentences, but this point has been elaborated on since it was made so I think it’s now fair game.

    “In fact the idea of it being an illusion & temporary is what makes it more sacred, divine, precious.” – Marko, Nov 11, 8.58am

    I agree it is divine, as a magically wonderful expression of joy and God Godding. I am not certain about the other two:

    Sacred from Wikipedia: “Considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring awe or reverence among believers in a given set of spiritual ideas.” I place a high degree of respect in God and I for the beauty of the illusion, but I’m not even a little bit devoted to it. It is a spiritual function / experience, yet common application of sanctity by the religious is that sacred places, people and experienced are venerable, and must be earned. This is called exclusivity, and we know there is nothing exclusive about the illusion, or connection with God, or our choice to be happy.

    Precious from Wiktionary:
    “1) Of high value or worth, or seemingly regarded as such
    2) Regarded with love or tenderness.
    3) Treated with too much reverence.
    4) Contrived to be cute or charming.”

    I do not consider it to have any value or worth, for it is of me, from me, and I can change it any time. I regard it with a high degree of love, but not tenderness, because tenderness implies fragility, and the illusion is indestructible. I do revere it, but I’m not obsessed with it. The game is designed to be played. While analysis of the game is part of the game, and fun, if one is not enough without it, they’ll never be enough with it. Finally, it is in no way cute or charming. It is what I make it, and same for you. Who would voluntarily make their whole world cute and charming? LMAO

    So, the minefield of interpretation awaits your comments LOL

  • Scott

    Hello again everyone

    Mewabe & Marko

    Just wanted to let you know I really believe you would both make excellent representitives. Your ideas, levelheaded attitudes and comunication skills are valued by many I’m sure.

    I Know there’s probably not much chance that either of you will decide to enter politics ( I know it’s the last thing I would want to do ) but it would certainly be good if somebody with our point of view did.

    Fear not & there will be nothing to fear is more than just a throw away line. David Hawkins ( Force vs Power ) has calculated that only one person who lives and vibrates to the energy of optimism and is non judgemental, will offset the negativity of 90,000 people operating at a lower level of consciousness.

    Who ever said one person can’t make a difference was BIG TIME WRONG!

    Namaste Scott

  • Scott

    Hello & hello again


    Marko’s comment refered to our physical existance which includes this planet and everything on it as well as the rest of the universe. I would say most people think it has great value & worth, even as a temporary illusion. Also it is a collective effort, not just of you & from you. If it is indestructible how can you change it anytime? But more importantly, you are part of it as well & I believe everyone is of great worth, including you.

    P.S. I know what you mean about cute & charming

    Namaste Scott

  • Marko

    Scott, that is a very generous statement you made. Let’s for the moment, just for fun, for giggles & grins, say it’s true about me. Remember, of course, we are pretending here.

    I would not be interested in politics,– most creative artistic people are not in politics as I understand it, I bet there might be some exceptions.

    However, that said, I have no problem I believe, in being a creative consultant, adviser to a worthy politician.

    Thanks Scott for the kudos, whether deserved or not. 🙂

    To mewabe I think more people are ready to accept these ideas than ever b4.

    I see the kindness of spirit & the clearer articulation of these ideas expressed in a loving (non attachment to the outcome) manner as a favorable beneficial way to go.

    I work and play as a dreamer, but one who is becoming (hopefully) a “lucid dreamer” in this world.

    I have a soulebrate card that reads “The secret to making your dreams come true, is to embrace them as reality.”

    Become more than a dreamer, be a lucid dreamer living a lucid life.

    Bless you Buzz, you over think things too much for my taste, regarding in your last post.


  • Sinclair

    I find the comments about Obama’s superiority from a self-professed spiritual community odd.

    Obama ran the most negative campaign since I voted for McGovern in 1972. That’s not just my opinion, at least in recent history. Obama spent hundreds of millions on negative ads against Romney. 85.5% of Obama’s ads were negative, far exceeding any other candidate from 2004 on.


    Not only that, Obama has been “the most polarizing president in the past sixty years” according to Gallup.


    And how many of you were proud of Obama’s and Biden’s rude performances in the debates with constant interrupting, smirking, and glaring? As a spiritual or even as a civilized person, I much prefered the polite presentations of Romney and Ryan.

    Then there was the disgraceful tilting of the debate by the moderators such that Obama and Biden got about 10% more speaking time than Romney and Ryan in all four debates.

    Sure, politics is rough. But Obama, more than any other politician in my lifetime, promised to unify America, heal its divisions, and raise political debate to a higher, more civil level. Instead he did the opposite.

    Is this what the New Spirituality is about — political victory at any cost?

  • Sinclair

    I find the comments about Obama’s superiority from a self-professed spiritual community odd.

    Obama ran the most negative campaign since I voted for McGovern in 1972. That’s not just my opinion, at least in recent history. Obama spent hundreds of millions on negative ads against Romney. 85.5% of Obama’s ads were negative, far exceeding any other candidate from 2004 on.

    Google “RIP positive ads in 2012”

    Not only that, Obama has been “the most polarizing president in the past sixty years” according to Gallup.

    Google “National rift can’t be healed without leadership”

    And how many of you were proud of Obama’s and Biden’s rude performances in the debates with constant interrupting, smirking, and glaring? As a spiritual or even as a civilized person, I much prefered the polite presentations of Romney and Ryan.

    Then there was the disgraceful tilting of the debate by the moderators such that Obama and Biden got about 10% more speaking time than Romney and Ryan in all four debates.

    Sure, politics is rough. But Obama, more than any other politician in my lifetime, promised to unify America, heal its divisions, and raise political debate to a higher, more civil level. Instead he did the opposite.

    Is this what the New Spirituality is about — political victory at any cost?

  • Scott

    Hi Marko

    Your welcome & my comments were genuine as well as deserved. I am a singer songwriter myself and as I said politics are not my cup of tea either but having an influence in government is something I hope someone in this culture will take an interest in. It certainly couldn’t hurt!

    I was just looking at the excerpts of CwG section here and “god” said the key to continued momentum of this movement is educating the young. So there’s some thing else we can do. ( much more fun than politics anyway )

    Keep on keep’in on Scott

  • Buzz

    Ah dammit. No one noticed the obvious contradiction in my last post. How can anyone have reverence for something they see no worth or value in? It’s another paradox in my mind. How can a person take something seriously, and poke fun at it? Life is too important to be taken seriously, like a hole in the head lol.

    It has value and worth, and worthy of reverence, when I want it to. It is to be ridiculed, and treated like a sandpit (nothing we do can harm the sand) wen I like it that way. To choose for things to be one way or the other, exclusively, is to make it your story, and anyone that upsets your reality is a threat, just as I detected in the attitudinal language from both Marko and Mewabe (despite their forthcoming denials). In fact, the language I’ve used in this post may be sufficiently antagonistic to be used as the header of the next thread, if Neale wants to. Of course I mean no offence, just throwing fuel on the fire of this discussion.

  • mewabe

    Thank you Scott for your praises, you are too kind…I don’t know what I am saying most of the time, I would not listen to myself if I were me :)…

    I am an artist as well (painter and illustrator), and I do have some aversion to politics…When I gathered signatures for a petition to save a 100 years old tree locally I put so much energy and enthusiasm into it some people thought I should run for office at the county level…that really surprised me, I thought they must be desperate ha ha! I did save the tree…

    I too would like to see New Spirituality individuals run for office, and also artists and poets. They would change the world…turn the White House into a homeless shelter and the Pentagon onto an animal shelter!

    But the problem is that nothing can really happen at the top until the people are willing and ready…then leadership reflects the aspirations of the people (hopefully).

    I like your comment about the power of optimism…also love and especially and above all gratitude…all these good things manifest our true nature, the rest (fear, separation and divisions, etc) cannot really endure because it is not who we are, so it makes sense.

    If we really understood the beauty of life, we would be in awe, our hearts would open and we would break down and cry, we would be flooded with gratitude most of the time (giving ourselves a few breaks because nothing can be sustained without ebb and flow).

    Life is glorious…it is full of love…of mysterious power…it is endless, without beginning or end…we have all we need, at every moment, to express all we are and more, and to share and grow in each other’s miraculous presence.

    The earth and all of nature give and sustain life unconditionally…all is given without conditions…the sun doesn’t shine its rays exclusively on the virtuous, the righteous, the more intelligent, the enlightened, the “saved”…it gives to all regardless of their nature, beliefs or behaviors…If we could observe and emulate nature, we would understand unconditional love, unconditional life, life without judgment.

  • Steve Pion

    RELIEF! Political allegiances aside, the man has vision. I am absolutely certain that he means what he says and that his intentions are good and honorable. In a way I feel sorry for him because he must now deal with all the doubters around him for another four years. There has not been a better president in my lifetime. His election and re-election have shown that there is hope for us all and that most people do have insight into the intentions of others. It gives me greater hope for all our futures.

  • Lew

    What is so needed in governments and in our daily life is the ability and willingness to negotiate. Vibrant and enthusiastic negotiations and the willingness to compromise formed this country and has always been the key to our strength and longevity. President Obama represents the best hope for compromise as so many politicians have forgotten the importance of this critical component of our government and our very survival.

  • Sinclair

    Lew: It’s touching that you have so much faith in Obama and his power to negotiate, but there are few facts to back you up.

    In addition to running the most negative campaign and the most divisive presidency in recent times, Obama also has the worst bipartisan record.

    Obamacare passed with no Republican votes and the most blatant political bribery and legislative chicanery I can remember.

    What’s worse, two of Obama’s budgets failed 97-0 and 99-0 in the Senate — not even Democrats would vote for his budgets. (And the Obama administration has failed to pass a budget in three years.)

    Great presidents are wizards at negotiating. Consider FDR, LBJ, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. All were able to muster substantial support from both parties to press their agenda. Even George W. Bush was able to do so.

    But not Obama. Possibly it will be different in the next four years, but it’s hard to see why, especially after the bruising, negative campaign Obama ran this year.

  • Buzz

    Oh wonderful. Because I anticipated a reaction of denial, I’m now being ignored. Our judgementalism toward ego being bad has led to a subversive attitudinal conflict between people who shine their light to illuminate the world, and emotionally insecure people who berate the spotlight. When outsmarted they get into sulking, antisocial behaviour.

    Forget for a moment who has the biggest ego. Which one of these is making their ego a problem?

    Just messing with your heads for shits and giggles. Nothing personal. We are who we are, and no one dare try to change us, right? Are you with me?

  • Sibila Reventlow

    For me, Obama´s maybe biggest gift is that he ignites hope
    This morning I had the gift to be able to find and see and listen to Obama´s victory speech on CNN. Listening to his words and seeing his determination, brought tears to my eyes. When he won the election 4 years ago, I got up very, very early and saw his speech then, which moved us much. Then, it was moving to me and us that here was a man, who raised countless people´s hope and had us really believe in “yes, we can.” I am well aware that I´m not an American citizent and as such, Obama is not “my” president. But for me he is one of the most important and impactfull leader´s in the world that we live in. And that a man was chosen as president that is not white-skinned, that has a multi-cultural up-bringing and back-ground, that has a foreign name in an English language frame, whose wife´s ancestors were slaves not so long ago – that showed me that the differences on the surface were not in the way of the unity values at the core that are driving forces for what Obama stands for.

    In his speech today, I heard a man speak who now knows much more in detail the kind of responsibility and the size of the task that he is undertaking to be leading. He probably also knows well the disappointment and resistance that he has been and is up against. These circumstances must be more demanding than the first time he gave a victory speech. And still – he ignites hope with his words and his determination and enthusiasm. I have no intention of taking political sides in this election. It must be a challenge when the race between the two candidates was so close, for the winner to reflect as many Americans´s wishes with his leading as possible.

    Here in Denmark the last elections have been very close races also. I know Denmark is an extremely small country compared to the US, nevertheless, our local political differences take up much space in our contrie´s governance, it seems. Last week, a national newspaper had our parlament choose between Obama and Romney as the next president in America. In this election – for the fun and information of it – Obama got nearly the entire parlaments votes, from the very left to the right. The only part of the Danish parlament that didn´t choose Obama was Dansk Folkeparti with 14 % – they chose Romney. I found it very interesting and exciting that Obama is a leader who unifies such a big spectrum in Danish governance. I have not seen that happen because of or inspired by any other world leader.

    From my heart, I want to say that I´m grateful and moved that in our world today we have Obama as an impactful, central leader. We need leaders like him that focus on sharing, unity, hope and on people being truly important, all people, regardless of their status. Obama has one mighty difficult job that he has taken on again and he has my full respect that he does so igniting hope once again, maybe with more determination than ever.

    Hope is a light in our energy-field that when turned on, lightens up our life from inside out so we can find a way.

    A leader who is capable of igniting hope in us is priceless.

  • Tracy Frances

    Relief. Glee. Realizing that the Republicans cannot continue their game of grid-lock-hardball in Washington without it continuing to cost them dearly.

    WE THE PEOPLE stepped up and made a difference. WE THE PEOPLE may not have had all the cash, but certainly have the heart and intention to give a PEACEful man a chance to get on with making peace and getting important work done. WE THE PEOPLE are sending positive thoughts and positive intentions to universe to assist the President in his awesome endeavors.

    WE THE PEOPLE must not stop being behind him. He is our representative at this moment. Please, all, do not think anything but GOoD thoughts when thinking of him. Wishing him anything but the best is wishing ourselves that same fate. Be thoughtful, positive, and let us build our reality together.

    Namaste’ all. T.

  • Inger Lise

    The world united in Cooperation will be very good indeed, if the attention is done by the heart of course(a bit of the humour after all the discussions among us on the board, and all of the topics included).
    B.Obama, is FELT good at this time.
    The norwegians are obviously a nation of emotions and feelings of all sorts nowadays(at least it is many more of them…..than once of has been), so “they”(us) gave Obama The Nobel Peace Price after just one year of the presidency, because of to admire The Man who have become Barrack Obama.
    We are as the naive children, and have always been. Whatever of us does, is it the same old story, as of the famous Mice and Elephant parable.

    Another person who of us can be thinking about of to vote for as a World Leader is Dalai Lama….but then am a bit concerned of the Chinese peoples attiude toward it….Hmmm, all left behind will be the last sound of the mice I`ll guess? (laughs).