My Family Thinks I’m Getting Sucked Into a Cult!


Dear Therese, “Conversations With God” book 1, resonated so strongly with me that I naturally moved into reading more.  The way I look at things has, obviously, changed, and I make frequent references to the words in the books.  I am thinking of starting a study group, because I find myself talking to people about my newfound (remembered 🙂 ) way of thinking a lot anyway.  My problem is this.  My family thinks I am falling into the grasp of a cult!  How do I convince them I am not?  

 ~Not Sleeping Anymore in Seattle


Dear Not,

I can definitely identify with your question!  I have the same thing happening to me, and this is how I am addressing it.  First, I am not getting upset.  I thank the person for caring enough about me to worry, and I assure them I am not doing anything against my will.  In my case, the information is being gotten from bloggers on the internet, and no one has read (at least they haven’t admitted to!) any of the books.  I ask them to read the books, not because I have any desire to force them to believe something, but so that they can have a true reference as to what I believe, and have an informed opinion based on more than just one source.

Then I let them express their concerns…cult, mind control, new religion, why volunteer my time and not get paid, and more.  After they get all of that out, I point out my reality:

I rarely speak to any other in the CWG organization, even though I am the admin of one of Neale’s sites.

There is not a single place on earth, (that I know of, and for sure not around me!) called “The Church of Conversations With God”,

That as a stay at home mother I learned that I didn’t have to get paid to know my value and contribute what my skills are freely, etc

Every CWG book clearly states that one should never accept anything said in them as truth unless it resonates as their own truth.  CWG clearly says it is another way, not the only way.

I then share what CWG has given to me.

Primary to what CWG has given to me is the understanding of who I am, and what I have to offer to other people.  I point out that I was always helpful, and that CWG has merely helped me find focus for the helpfulness.  I happen to have a part in the CWG world at this moment, but should I choose in the future to walk away from my role in The Changing Change Network, the way I move through life will still be the same.  The reason it will still be the same is very simple…because it is now my choice.  I am now choosing what I believe, not what someone else has told me to believe.  I have experienced more than one way, and I am choosing, eyes wide open, this way.

What might also be helpful to you is another thing I do.  I send them Neale’s own words, like those that have been appearing in this space lately!  If people believe Neale is saying one thing, and I can example concretely that he is not saying that thing, and, in fact, is saying the opposite, I share.  I send as “FYI only”.

I hope some of my experience helps you, Not.  I don’t think it is our job to “convert” our families to our way of thinking, even if they do think we might be getting into a cult.  What is our job is to know who we are, and live and example our truth.  If those who around us are going to change, it is going to be because they chose to, not because we force them to.

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