People in every corner of the planet have begun a wide-ranging discussion that could have a real impact on their individual lives — and, indeed, on the life of the entire world — if they choose to let it.

That discussion revolves around a central question that focuses on the major issue of our time: What is the state of humanity’s spirituality? Is the portion of our sense of who and what we are that transcends physicality alive and healthy, vibrant, awake, and aware? Or is it dormant, inert, quiescent, barely alive within us?

That question was asked here, in this space on the Internet, in the first installment of a series of articles on the subject. If the response here, judging by the entries in the Comment Section, is any measure, many people are engaged in their spiritual experience, but some are not sure what spirituality is seeking to tell us, and others do not seem clear about how it can be used to change the world.

Then there are those who are very clear about both.

So the question of this second installment of our series is: what group do you fall into? And…does it matter?

The answer to the second question is yes. All change that occurs in people’s lives, and in the world at large, emerges from the deepest beliefs that drive the experience of human beings — and “beliefs” is just another word for “spirituality.”

The real question before humanity moving into 2013, then, becomes the critical question of all time: What are we going to believe?

With regard to God, with regard to Life and what it is and how it was designed to work and why it even exists…What are we going to believe?

This article is Part II of an ongoing series:

With regard to ourselves, and who we are, and what we are to each other…What are we going to believe?

Perhaps even more important…What are we going to invite humanity to believe? And can we — do we even want to — play a role in that?

I very much would like to hear your comments on that. And let me tell you why I ask. The comment posted beneath the first installment in this series from a wonderful and courageous woman named Carol Bass made it very clear to me what work lies ahead.

I have called Carol Bass courageous because she had the bravery to speak her heart here in this space, and by doing so she opened a window for all of us into the heart of humanity itself…because I believe that the experience of Carol Bass is a very close reflection of the experience of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people.

So thank you, Carol, for coming here and so honestly sharing your innermost thoughts with us. I hope it is okay with you if I dialogue with you here in the next several installments, because you have given me a wonderful opportunity to address the most sincere concerns of so many human beings…

May we begin here? You opened your commentary, Carol, with this statement:

“I don’t think I have ever had such a unsettled feeling about the future of humanity. At my age to feel so much fear and uncertainty is not a good place to be.”

I agree with you, Carol, on the fear part. To feel so much fear is not a good place to be. For one thing, it creates fear in even greater degree. Fear creates fear, love creates love, joy creates joy, anger creates anger…Life creates Life in the process of Life Itself. Life is a process through which Life gives birth to itself. This is not something that is widely understood — and that is one reason that the world is the way it is today, and that people’s individual lives are the way they are.

When people are encountering particularly difficult times, and are doing so on a continuing, ongoing, seemingly never-ending basis, I always invite them to look closely at what they are saying about Life, and how they are thinking about it.

This goes for me, too, Carol. I am right in there with everyone else. I do the same thing we all do: I create my future out of my thoughts about the present, and even sometimes out of my sadnesses and concerns about the past.

For me, this is one of Life’s biggest challenges. I’ve got to get out of my past, then move cleanly through my present, so that my future can continue to bring me what I truly wish to experience.

I have asked God to help me with this, and She is doing so. Among other things, He inspired me to write a remarkable book called The Storm Before the Calm. I called it “remarkable” even though it is my own book, because in a very real sense it is not. Once again, I was merely following the inspirations of my Soul, which, in turn, is listening very carefully to the Source of Wisdom and Clarity that most of us call God. That Source told me in The Storm Before the Calm that we are undergoing right now what is called The Overhaul of Humanity — and that, Carol, it is nothing to be afraid of.

An “overhaul” is merely the disassembling of something, and then the rebuilding of it with many new parts, so that it can work better. When people do this with their cars they say they are “overhauling the engine.” There’s no fear involved. It is simply a process to improve the way the machinery is working.

That is what is going on across our planet right now, Carol, and so, there is nothing to be fearful about. And this will be especially true if we each play our role in the Overhaul. That is, we can stand on the sidelines and watch it happening — in which case we will surely wonder where and how it will all end up, and that certainly could cause some worry — or we can stand in the middle of it and be At Cause in the matter, in which case we will feel a much greater sense of confidence in the outcome, because we are determined to play a hand in creating it.

Do you see the difference in positionality here, Carol? One is a place of impotence (“We can do nothing to control our lives!”) and the other is a place of power (“I am the creator of my own reality.”) Wow, what a contrast!

It is true, in the classic sense, that we can do nothing to control what is going on around us (except to the degree that we collaborate actively in the collective creation). But we can do something about our reality — and that is the key to everything.

We do not create our collective outer reality unilaterally, and this is something we need to understand. But we do create our inner reality (which is the only True Reality) of the outer conditions and circumstances which we encounter every day.

(This is now being discussed in great detail in the “Interpreting Conversations with God” column of this newspaper, now focusing on the messages of the book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything.)

We can overhaul our own lives in the same way that humanity as a whole is overhauling its global experience, and this is the process in which I am deeply engaged right now. It is the process to which Conversations with God invited us. CWG told me, clearly, that the purpose of life is to recreate ourselves anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.

This is what we are doing now, Carol, individually and collectively — and perhaps more consciously and collaboratively than we ever have before. I have so much more to say on this subject, Carol, so I hope you will stay tuned here, and continue to join in the conversation.

Now, about the second half of your sentence, above, Carol…you said that “uncertainty” is not a good place to be. I respectfully and gently disagree, Carol…and I will tell you why in Part 3 of this series! I have to stop here for now, or this second installment will become encyclopedic in length!

Join me in this excursion, Carol, and I believe we can go together to a new place of peace, joy, comfort, and creation. And we can take many people along with us, yes?

Until next time…Love, Neale.

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  • Marko

    “It is true, in the classic sense, that we can do nothing to control what is going on around us (except to the degree that we collaborate actively in the collective creation). But we can do something about our reality — and that is the key to everything.”

    I await the time when we realize that our own inner work is more effective & powerful when it is actively & collaboratively being done together. In this way, it works & plays faster & easier too. Seems like a win win to me.

    The collective is the untapped resource we are ignoring in favor of our own inner work. Our true inner work is not us, not me, but WE, together.

    Me is the beginners version. WE is the advanced version.

  • Judith Devlin

    We don’t need more ‘Groups’ especially religious per se groups. Groups limit people, freedom, thought, change and divide/separate, just like Labeling self.

    We need Freedom to just BE.

  • Erin/IAm

    Wow! Marko, an Amazing thing ‘happened’ this week! The family unit, consisting of 4 youngers (15 to 29) & Self, finally…Yeah!…moved from ‘beginner’ to ‘advanced’ version of ‘What We Are Together’. And here you come with this magical analogy! Perfect!

    The observing & co-existing with these individuals has been a 30 yr. experience of it’s own. Though I had noticed that each was so involved in their own versions of how they saw Life, that the Teamwork was not whole-hearted. We had the ‘walking on eggshells’ to ‘keep the peace’ thingy going & I sooo found no ‘peace’ in this walk!

    I was doing the dishes while this four-some began inputting into the dinner creating…comical to witness, to say the least…but ‘something’ said “You have them All in one space, What are you going to do about that?” I turned off the water, centered myself in their midst, and brought up my version of ‘Teamwork-The Next Chapter’.

    OMG! It was as if I had presented each with an air-freshener of their favorite aroma! The meal, of course, came out Amazing, the conversations & camaraderie following since have been Amazing…The phone began to ring off the hook with other realms that I play in separately, ‘pulling into’ this moment…Visitors of friends & fam streamed thru-out the next 2 days doing the same…some we had not ‘touched base’ with in quite awhile (like a year!). Is this stuff Amazing, or what? Sooo freakin’ cool!!! 😀

    Anyway…point being, that if this kind of ‘happenings’ are going on in this little occupy of space, it has to be going on elsewhere, with multitudes…And isn’t That realization sooo Amazing ya just wanna burst?!? 😀

    idk, Kids…To look back at the roads that led to this state of being…the frustrations, the tears, the “uncertainties”, the struggles…To have such a phenomenal ‘pay-off’ as this…Wow! Heckuva journey, indeed!!! Absolute Magic!

    I promised my Self “No less than Amazing” this year…Obviously, a contagious re-Solution.:)

    Blessed be to Team-works!

  • Lloyd

    Are you doing what you know your heart directs you to do? Or are you waiting for some other authority to give you direction as to what to say, do and feel/think? Follow your own heart knowing, be authentic, be real, and feel your own Love flowing forth into your reality of the world. Yes this takes great courage and belief in Self as the authority of your existence. Sure we individually will continue to learn by doing, sharing and living, but by being our authentic Self, following our best attempt at knowing Love, and making changes as we learn to be more Loving/accepting, compassionate etc. we become more in harmony with the Energy of Creator. This is how to build our collective consciousness and improve our own existence and the existence of ALL. Just my humble opinion, individuals must take responsibility for their own knowing, being authentic with each other, rather than being a follower of someone who wishes to tell us what is real. Namaste’

  • Inger Lise

    Peculiar enough received a email today from another good american friend(a retired U.S.Navy-veteran), who sent me a quote, and sitates: “There is only one corner of the Universe you can be certain of improving, and that`s your own self.”—-Aldous Huxley(1864-1963) English Novelist.
    Hmm, it IS “something” within each one of us who simply knowing it !
    And another quote: “Think Globally, act locally.”

  • Marko

    Erin you created what I call a mini collective. There is this belief that groups absorb one’s own individual identity, in favor of the group. Yet you can have both together & I think that’s where we are headed.

    When the emphasis is on the whole, the individual parts are enhanced, benefited & helped even more.

    Great story too! Loved it. Thanks for sharing.


  • Víctor

    I am very much in agreement with what Marko has stated:

    “I await the time when we realize that our own inner work is more effective & powerful when it is actively & collaboratively being done together. In this way, it works & plays faster & easier too. Seems like a win win to me.

    The collective is the untapped resource we are ignoring in favor of our own inner work. Our true inner work is not us, not me, but WE, together.

    Me is the beginners version. WE is the advanced version.”

    In fact, Neale’s books CWG and specially, “Happier than God”, say it very plainly: “your life is not about YOU, but about everyone else…”

    Thank you Marko!

    I do sometimes perceive that as you say, in many of the New Age Movement, “The collective is the untapped resource we are ignoring in favor of our own inner work”…


  • mewabe

    I tend to disagree with you Neale…”belief” is another word for religion, not spirituality.

    Spirituality is not believing, it is KNOWING, from deep within the soul. It is a state of direct knowing that by-passes the conscious mind, that is deeper than the conscious mind. Spirituality is soul knowing, soul consciousness, soul expression.

    This is why a true artist, a poet, an inspired musician are naturally, spontaneously spiritual, because in touch with their soul.

    A believer on the other hand, no matter how enlightened her/his belief, is not necessarily spiritual, especially if the belief does not transform the whole being and merely stays in the mind as a guidepost.

  • mewabe

    “The collective is the untapped resource we are ignoring in favor of our own inner work. Our true inner work is not us, not me, but WE, together.”

    Agreed Marko…

    The problem, historically and for most of humanity, has been that the “collective” implies leadership and authority. It implies a pyramidal, hierarchical power structure governing the group (usually meaning a patriarchal power structure).

    Whether such leadership is elected or not makes little difference in the end, as all dominant power structures become corrupted, because such power is in itself a corruption of the natural way, which should be cooperative rather than blindly competitive.

    People criticized the Occupy Movement for having no such pyramidal power structure…such critics did not get the message of OWS.

    Rather than a pyramid, we need to have a circle…as Native American matriarchal cultures did. An egalitarian way of leading by consensus and agreement rather than by coercion from the top.

    Consensus and agreement mean dialogue and communication (a conversation, as is happening here), and being pragmatic, solution-oriented rather than dogmatic.

    Hopefully women leaders can clear the path to such cooperative leadership, the kind that is not controlled by ego and testosterone as has been our world so far.

  • mewabe

    The question of spirituality may be resolved once and for all if we understood that there is no difference between spirit and matter, it is all energy, vibration, frequency, some slow and manifested as matter, some rapid and experienced as spirit.

    But ALL of this energy, whether slow or rapid, is SPIRITUAL. ALL IS SPIRIT ESSENCE AND EXPRESSION.

    The physical body is not a “vehicle”, like a car or a truck, and it is not a package of flesh within which the soul is temporarily imprisoned and limited, as so many believed who call themselves spiritual.

    The physical is a direct manifestation and expression of consciousness, of the soul and/or spirit. Alan Watts said it best: “consciousness is the root and the ground of the world”.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that is not spiritual, that is not of the spirit, except temporary, erroneous thoughts that tell us otherwise.


    As long as we keep mentally and artificially separating spirit and matter, or the body and the soul (which is the same as separating God from us and from the physical creation), we will experience what this separation implies: death, or the apparent opposite of life…not a physical death though, but a spiritual death, meaning temporary IGNORANCE.

    ALL IS SPIRIT AND ALL IS ONE. Earthly physical life is as a specific musical note on a cosmic musical scale…a particular sound or wave that is emitted from spirit and through spirit.

    All life is also sound. Edgar Cayce mentioned that all planets have a unique sound. All life is also light, and knowledge or knowing. ALL LIFE IS BEING, AND BEING IS A SPIRITUAL STATE.

    To seek a spiritual path is the equivalent of looking for our own two feet. There is nothing that exists outside of the spirit, nothing outside of the divine, except in the human mind that is ruled by thoughts of divisions, separations and conflicts between the body and the soul, between spirit and matter.

  • Ionic Breeze


    That is awesome 🙂 My soul just told me recently that “All Life is sound.” I don’t really understand it, but here you are saying the same thing Hi 🙂 Wonder what it means, Life? All life is sound? My soul will give us a line here, if I beg enough 🙂 Here we go.

    “Life is sound. We can create music together, if we create the high notes in life forevermore. Where do we go when life believes in others as Self? We go to the mind of love, where love hears life as one note. This note is the high end of oneness and it speaks om 🙂 We are the om of love. This means something. It means creation came forth in one boom and one line. A boom and a line is what we are. We are a boom of love moving in a high line of light. This line of light creates sound, because sound is a rooting motion of oneness, rooting love wherever love might live, as it moves in a wave creating more life for life, love for love, speaking the same line of I Amness in All Life. We create our destiny by giving love to love and grieving for love no more. We are love, and love gives love to all life, as it grooves and moves in love everywhere it is. It is everywhere. Love lives everywhere in All Life. Sound moves as oneness moves. We create a melody as we combine and recombine all the various notes called Life. Humanity is one note. Life elsewhere is another note and another note creates a better note with another note. As we move and groove in love, we reap the harvest of all life’s notes recombining as one high end note of love named om and I Am here for love as I Am lives love Hi We are the vast reaches of God I Am. That’s me, Life. That’s you, Life. That’s All Life, Life.. We are never without a magical creative force in our bag of tricks throughout All Life. Create us anew, Life. Come in. Do come in and gift life to love. Give us your note and let us create a symphyony in the highest concert hall of All Life Hi Ho He Love, God I Am’

    Ok. There you go. That’s my take on that sound note of love this morning. Thanks for the little lovely this with my grand cappaccino 🙂 Hi Mewabe, you never cease to amaze me 🙂

    Love to all,

    ionic Breeze

  • Inger Lise

    Thanks, and Amen with all of you are telling mewabe.
    Connection….Connection. I have studied the Edgar Cayce Readings in approximately 30 years of time(and many others in between of to compare all of the things) and am still not “finished” with it.

  • *lisa*

    Mewabe –

    It was fascinating to see Occupy at the beginning, with just a few people taking on a few roles. And how, without the ‘pyramidal power structure’, more people just began to show up day by day. Whether it was organizing the free library or feeding fellow occupier’s or just ‘being’ there.

    Nowadays, occupier’s do things with little media attention, most recently helping people affected by Hurricane Sandy. On one day there were just a few with cars who showed up to drive stranded people to get gas, water, food etc. Within days, they had a hundred cars.

    A cooperative effort with a common, collective goal operating from a deeper, let’s call it spiritual, place. A place of ‘knowing’ and seeing what and where the needs of a situation are and rising to the occasion.

    Sad that the media plays into portraying this movement as some sort of threat that needs to be neutralized when they’re gathered.

  • Ionic Breeze

    hmmm wonder what he is going to say about uncertainty. We are always facing uncertainty in life. What is uncertainty? I guess we get to define everything asa we perceive it. We are always defining everything we see in life in the way we perceive life perceiving life. How do we define life perceiving life now in this realm of 3 d? That is the real deal. Do we define 3 d as always creating the illimitable creation of fear, or do we see it as always moving upwards as a continual, spiraling outwards creation of love? I guess we get to define life the way we perceive life happening in this land of being life. To be or not to be. That is the question. Who is living a perception of a perception of living life as only life as love? I’m working on it. I guess when I stop working on it and start just being love sweet love, I will be a divine union of life as one grand mirror reflecting all facets of Oneness as only life as only love in love of all life throughout all life. That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it.

    Love to all life again Hi 🙂

    Ionic Breeze

  • mewabe

    Thank you Inger…

    Thank you Ionic Breeze…not to go off topic too much, but about life as sound:
    there is an interesting book, by Yehuda Berg, The 72 Names of God, and it is all about sound and its transformative powers (based on the Kabbalah). OM or AUM is another primordial sound.

    Sound can break glass, and sound can lift objects (Tibetan monks were witnessed doing this in the early 20th century). It’s all about resonance, frequencies.

    Life is also light, and light is information, knowledge, both physical and spiritual (no difference ultimately).

    We humans have gotten lazy and complacent, relying too much on the convenient spoken or written word for communication, and having neglected other natural faculties, such as ESP and other more subtle, sensitive and accurate means to communicate and to gather knowledge.

    I am glad you are listening to your soul Ionic Breeze…best place for you to be!

    Thank you *lisa*…I think that there is a potential that the world will reorganize itself organically, from the root up…leaving the leaders grasping at nothing…clenching the fist of power, control and authority around absolutely nothing, as the people will shift their energies and actions towards implementing their own solutions locally while disregarding the “chain of command” (central government) which is proving itself to be increasingly inept and irrelevant.

    About OWS, the actual definition of anarchy is not and has never been chaos. The actual meaning is people power…government by, of and for the people, except that the people are governing themselves, without hierarchy, without power from the top, through dialogue and consensus (again, the dynamic of the circle-matriarchy-rather than the pyramid-patriarchy).

    Most Native Americans were “anarchists” by our own definitions (egalitarian, matriarchal or matrilineal, self-governing through consensus, no coercion of any kind, all leaders being merely counselors), so they were a bad example for Euro-americans (who could have gotten dangerous ideas about real freedom from the indigenous population), and that’s also why, beside standing in the way of what strangely passed for civilization, they were made to submit to the authority of the US government, and made its wards, dependent and greatly suffering from this dependence to this day.

    The idea of a leader standing behind and below the people, as a support when needed, rather than above and ahead of the people as a coercive, authoritarian element, is also a Taoist concept.

    The “powers that be” do not like such ideas, needless to say. Communist, socialist and capitalist governments all fear people power equally, and will keep doing all they can to keep us all divided and fearful, war having always proven to be the most effective people divider (would war happen without leadership?…think about it for a moment… some local disputes might occur, but not full scale war, only psychopathic leaders can create and organize such a thing from behind their desk and in their meeting rooms).

    It looks like I did get off topic.

    About uncertainty: it seems to be a human problem…although nature can fluctuate in the intensity of its cycles (storms, droughts, etc), such natural cycles are usually very predictable.

    Humans, not following nature or their own nature, not following their hearts, not even following their souls but listening exclusively to the mind that has created a belief in separation from everything, do create very unpredictable situations, the consequences of rather foolish actions.

    When a person and a specie does not know who, where, what they are, they may as well be blind and deaf…they are dangerous to themselves and to everything else, to all life.

    What’s where we are at, and that’s why there is so much uncertainty, because we keep bumping into everything and creating chaos and unbelievable complexity everywhere we go (Some Native Americans call Euro-Americans “the people of chaos”, for good reasons…they are waiting for us to grow up).

  • Tracy

    Thank you Carol and Neale. I make my every day life into an opportunity to create and share more love. I see events that cause me to feel sad for myself and my fellows every day; however, my reaction to these events is to always go to my heart for reconciliation. I have found a place within where all events are seen through a veil of love and softness. From here, I can move back into the world and be a part of the solution. I see great opportunity for us. We are being asked to stand up for that which we believe, and speak our truth kindly and persistently. Thank you for doing just so. We need our positivity teams to help us start anew. We all have a special talent, that can help us be a part of change with love. I encourage us to discover it now.


  • Maribeth

    Erin- I want what you have!

    I struggle with how to “spread the word”, so to speak, in my small family grouping, neighborhood, and amongst my friends. I posted the Seven Question on FB a few weeks ago, one question per day, and had very few responses. I get more feedback when I post pictures of my cat : (

    I gave CWG Book 1 to my 22 year old son this year. He read the first chapter and said “I didn’t get it.” To him it seemed like just some guy having a conversation with himself. I have given books to others over the years who also don’t seem to “get it.”

    I feel like we are speaking the same language, more or less, in these Conversations, however, in order to create the “We” as opposed to “Me” Spirituality we are seeking it will be like teaching a new language to many people. People who are devoted to their separation from God engrained by the religions that they have been brainwashed by for centuries.

    We can invite humanity to believe in our Oneness philosophy, however, there are many who will not accept the invitation.

    I love the ideas presented here. The Native American analogy is beautiful…and sad. Oneness was happening in Northern American until Europeans showed up with their pyramidal governments and destroyed it.

    I suppose I am feeling frustrated and discouraged by humanity at the moment. And maybe just a little impatient.

    Thank you ALL for your thoughtful contributions,

  • mewabe

    Hi Maribeth, just a thought: sometimes (most times) people are not open to deeper self introspection, deeper insights (such as answering the question “who am I?”)…they want a quick fix to their problems, and mostly, they want distraction, they want escape from their daily grind.

    Sometimes, it is easier to “catch” people, on an individual basis, when they are in some sort of crisis, just as “something” caught Neale when he was in crisis. I think Neale is forgetting this and his own experience, that people have to “have enough”, they have to hit some sort of low before being ready for change.

    No matter how great the message, what will always be more important than the message itself is the attitude of the person who hears it.

    A famous Native American healer (Fools Crow) never treated anyone unless they specifically asked. Although he was said to be able to perform miracles of healing, he did not treat his wife when she was ill because she did not ask him (she recovered completely through allopathic medicine).

    Even if someone asked, Fools Crow would put his hand on their shoulder to feel if they were trusting and receptive or fearful…if fearful and tense, he knew he could not do anything for them…the point being, nothing can happen with another unless that person is open, trusting and receptive.

    Something has to open, for the mind to be willing to look at life differently. Unfortunately, for most of us, this opening does not happen without a personal crisis.

    We cannot simply put these questions out and expect much of a response, perhaps not until our world start disintegrating even more and the crisis deepens. As long as everyone still has some sort of a pay check and can still consume and watch the latest mind-numbing TV show and play with the latest electronic gadgets, not much will change.

    The world has to REALLY be sick and tired of being sick and tired. Which is why I believe that humanity is not quite ready for change yet, but change is coming, because the global crisis will keep intensifying at all levels (of this, there is absolutely no doubt…how we respond is up to all of us).

  • Inger Lise

    Mewabe, cannot agree with you more about these things. It is impossible of “to force” anything upon another before the individual will be “ready” for it.
    Wonders if not Edgar Cayce have a reading about it. At least am to recall of him did an example from the bible about “The Vineyard.” You cannot sow a seed on a stone-ground….or something like it.
    And hopefully none of you believe of me to be “religious” in the old terms of the matter.
    One of the things of to have learned in the latest years(hopefully)of not to judge anything.
    I am glad of you have brought it up(and clearly told).

  • mewabe

    Thank you Inger, and yes there is wisdom in almost all teachings, even in the Bible…which I have never read…but I have heard of that saying about sowing seeds in fertile ground.

    The interesting thing, what makes a ground fertile? Natural decay…composting.

    Perhaps it is the same with humanity…old ideas and beliefs need to decay (along with much of our world that is based on these beliefs) in order for us to be ready for new ideas.

  • Lloyd

    Enjoyed this discussion, and sharing of ideas is how we grow and become fertile ground for seed planting of new ideas. A humble heart is one that can hear and absorb the Love offered by the world. Even though many of us see the harshness of society there is also more Love than hate and greed and fear. We can feel the difference in the frequency of these different thoughts and actions, so use your inner knowing about “What Feels Good” to your heart, your soul, and follow your heartsong, frequency, vibrations. The more we can change our focus to the positive uplifting vibrations and live our life within this energy, the more joy, love, and assistance we become to our efforts to make positive change for ALL.

    Are we fertile ground for Love to grow? Are we an open channel/pipe that offers no resistence to the flow of this energy? Question yourself daily and continue to strive for this goal, and present your Love and understanding without the need to be heard immediately, or changing anothers attitude. The journey is about sharing unconditional Love, and this goal does not mean my way is better than your way, as all roads will lead us home in the end. ALL return to Source, so why do we “need” to control how another walks their road? Isn’t this need to control more about our own egosticial desires rather than about Loving another unconditionally? Do these questions resonate within your heart, or does your mind immediately reject any thought that differs from your own? Just a few ideas about how to grow unconditional love by being the example, rather than the rule. Namaste’

  • Carsen Symes

    It’s is certainly natural to experience a fear of uncertainty. The uncertainty can be a wonderful inspiration, and inner drive for one to grab a hold of the inner god self, even more so. From there, look do a thorough review of one’s life, ways and beliefs about one’s self, and how they have served you and if they will or can continue to serve you in anyway.



  • Erin/IAm

    It has been a few days since the ‘epiphany’ of the last post…and stuff is still rockin’! Conversings are free-er, listening is easier, attitudes are lighter, projects are in motion & accomplishments are being seen. Nice, huh? 🙂

    Lots of old ‘junk’ is surfacing, too…and with broom in hand (& heart), it is being swept away. I live for these moments!!! Inspiring! Energizing! A-freakin’-mazing!!! 🙂

    Sometimes feel like an octopus with not enough arms to hug everyone, not enough ears to hear, not enough energy to pass around…but ‘lack’ is one thing I don’t buy into. If ‘abundance’ is asked for, it is certainly given in abundance! Heehee…One of those “Be careful what ya wish for” thingys.

    ‘God’ is sooo knowing Amazing from this little piece of Heaven! And by the wonder-filled responses, this ‘era’ is going to offer lots of this knowing by lots of pieces here…Talk about Her “being in all His glory!”, huh? Sooo coool! 🙂

    Good Journey, fellow parts! This week is so far presenting more out-and-about stuff…Catch up again on the return to Homebase…<3

  • Marko

    Erin, ride the wave of epiphany don’t stop!


  • Inger Lise

    Victor….Very nice with the “Top Ten” of yours.

    Indeed, it is good of to have an Ideal of to follow(an Ideal, not an Idol).
    F.inst. such Idols as the “Reality-Programs” on TV(sigh).