Changing our thought processes about events

I’d like some help clarifying a “revelation” that I recently experienced. Up until a few days ago I would have said I didn’t have much of a possibility to repair ancient wounds in my life, or to repair a friendship that’s dear to me. But something turned me around: the realization that the past cannot be changed and that by dwelling on it one way or the other I was cheating myself of the presents that lay the Here and Now. I also realized I could be patient in the long process of rekindling this friendship, all the while staying confident, peaceful. And this is new to me, because I had a tendency to let my emotions define me. What do you think about this? Thanks in advance for your insight. … Lisa

Dear Lisa… So what happened to turn you around was that you simply changed your thought processes about what had happened, right? Just goes to show that we create our reality at an inner level. To change our reality about anything, all we need to do is change our thinking about it—to look at what happened from a different perspective.

Have you read Neale’s book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything? The Line of Causality/Mechanics of the Mind lays out the lightning-fast thought process we have in our Minds regarding any event, and shows how we move from the event itself to our reality about it. Each of these steps leads to the other:

Event – Data – Truth – Thought – Emotion – Experience – Reality

I’ll try to explain briefly here:

1. An Event happens.

2. We immediately search our brains’ Data for past experience of something similar to that Event, so that we may contextualize it somehow.

3. We have a prior Truth about that Data, which we often project onto the new Event (justifiably or not).

4. That Truth causes a Thought to arise about the Event. This may be a true Thought or not.

5. That Thought causes an Emotion inside us.

6. The Emotion, as you so aptly said, “defines” us and creates our Experience.

7. Our Experience becomes our Reality.

This happens so fast we don’t even know it!

In your case, I think you realized a few days ago that your prior Thought that there wasn’t much of a possibility to repair the wounds or friendship, isn’t true. So now, your process beyond Step 4 is different. Your new Thought that there is a possibility for a happier ending brings forth a new, better-feeling Emotion, which leads to a new Experience of life for you, resulting in a new Reality. Woohoo! Good for you!

Does this make sense? It’s, of course, explained in great detail and depth in Neale’s book, including how we may incorporate the System of the Soul here, but the main point is this:

“Change our Thought, Change our Reality.” Or as the common New Thought expression goes:

“Change your thinking, change your life!”

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