A soul named Bob

It was recently brought to my attention that my driver’s license had expired and that I had been driving around town “illegally” for over two weeks.  This troubled me, of course, because I immediately thought for sure Murphy’s Law would pay me a visit and I would, for the first time in years and years, now ironically get stopped by the police for a moving violation or a broken taillight or, worse yet, maybe find myself involved in an automobile accident, my expired license only adding to my misfortune.  Yes, I was frantically writing my own best-selling “what if” story.

But my mind was also busy imagining a situation that perhaps, at least more immediately, was even worse than that — the dreaded thought of having to make an early Monday morning visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my lapsed license.  Oh, just the thought of waiting in those long lines, only to be served by overly tired, underpaid, and under-appreciated government employees who spend long dreary days in a gray office with no windows, determined to suck all of us into their miserable lair.  Thought by thought, I was erecting giant walls of resistance around me.

So I came up with a plan.  I would be the very first one in line!  That way I will avoid those long painful lines and maybe find myself fortunate enough to be served by someone at the DMV who hadn’t yet been worn down and numbed by a full day of monotony.  Yes!  That is what decided to do.  So I smugly arrived at the DMV at 7:45 a.m., knowing they opened at 8:30 a.m., and feeling confident that I would be the first to arrive.

Except I wasn’t.  I was not the first person in line.  I was the second person in line.

And this is when I met Bob.

Bob is an 82-year-old gentleman who, like me, came to the DMV office to renew his driver’s license.  But it did not take long for me to experience the “real” reason Bob was there.

Bob was there for me.

This soft-spoken, kind man, with a smile that extended into his eyes, thought that the driver’s license office opened at 8:00, only to discover that he now had 45 minutes to wait outside on the unforgiving hard sidewalk, with nowhere to sit, nowhere to rest his frail legs.   But what he did have is someone to talk to, to share his life with, to laugh with, to be present with, someone who understood the much, much larger reason for his “mistake” in thinking the DMV opened at 8:00 and someone who also now understood the underlying purpose in my premeditated “plan” to beat the crowd.

I was there for Bob.

In those precious 45 minutes, I learned from Bob that he said goodbye to his life-long companion just six short months ago.  And he misses her dearly.  I could feel his sadness and deep love for her.  I knew that Bob was experiencing her presence just by having someone to share her memory with, that her essence was alive and very real in our interaction with each other, and I was honored and profoundly touched to be chosen as a surrogate with whom Bob could once again experience her love and grace.

I learned from Bob that he wobbles when he walks sometimes.  But he says he does not think of or label this as “stumbling” or “wobbling.”  Bob says he is dancing.   And in our short time together, Bob danced a lot.  I wonder if in some of these seemingly unsteady moments his soul is engaging in a breathtaking waltz with his beautiful wife?

I learned from Bob that even though he is no longer able to travel around the country in his motor home as he once did with his Beloved Other, there is a wonderful channel on his Dish network that shows beautiful scenery from around the world — majestic mountains, tranquil beaches, and colorful fields of flowers.  And if you get up really early in the morning, at 4:00 a.m., as he does, you can watch that program and “feel like you are right there. ” And “if you are a believer,” as Bob offered to me, “they even scroll some scripture across the bottom,” to which he gently and thoughtfully added, “if you want that.”

I learned from Bob that even though his life partner has continued on in her soul’s journey, he still greets each new dawn with purpose and appreciation.  While he oftentimes yearns for the physical presence of his wife, he understands that he still has soul work to do and a life to live and experience – and he has decided to show up in his own life with humor, kindness, and intention.

There was a point in my life, not too very long ago, when I would have missed entirely the enormous gift being presented within this relationship and within this experience.  There may have even been a time where I would have avoided this wonderful elderly gentleman altogether by inconspicuously burying my face in my phone or casually dismissing him with a polite smile.   Boy, am I thankful I am not living in that space anymore.

My encounter with Bob is a reminder that what I think is going on isn’t always what is going on.  My well-laid plan to beat the crowd at the DMV and to make sure that I avoided an uncomfortable personal experience had nothing to do with what I originally imagined.  Bob and I had a soul agreement long before our bodies arrived at that particular location at that particular time and in that particular way.

How would our lives change if we viewed every person with whom we interacted as an intentional and purposeful gift?  Have our souls chosen the people who are in our lives and those that are held within our next choice?  Or are we just randomly bumping into each other?  It is easy to view our own biological families and chosen partners and our children and friends as gifts.  But what about the passers-by?  What about the person next to you in line at the grocery store?  What about the “overly tired, underpaid, and under-appreciated government employees who spend long dreary days in a gray office with no windows”?

We sometimes realize after-the-fact that something big, something of importance, something Divine has just taken place.  But when we come to this same realization “in the moment” we are actually experiencing it, we can see the opportunity we are being given to remember a little bit more about who we are and why we are here, and we become powerful creators and flow-throughs of God’s love.

At 8:30 on the nose, the doors to the DMV opened and I followed Bob into the building.  We parted ways to go to our respective service windows, immense feelings of gratitude welling up inside me.  When I arrived to meet the person who would be assisting me that morning, the person to whom I had projected unfavorable predictions upon, the individual whose mere existence I was a short while ago resisting, I was warmly greeted with a radiant smile and a cheery, “Good morning!  How may I help you today?” – and I immediately knew another opportunity was presenting itself to me.

(Lisa McCormack is the Managing Editor & Administrator of The Global Conversation.  She is also a member of the Spiritual Helper team at www.ChangingChange.net, a website offering emotional and spiritual support. To connect with Lisa, please e-mail her at Lisa@TheGlobalConversation.com) 

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  • Laura Pringle

    Aw! What a sweet story! I’m so happy for you to have had that experience, and thank you so very much for sharing it! It inspires me to approach each interaction with a more positive attitude. 🙂

  • Erin/IAm

    Don’tcha just looove when this stuff ‘happens’? Rock on, Lisa! 🙂

  • ionic breeze

    Great article, Lisa. It’s amazing to me how much we live in fear of love and God has a way to show up in the minutest encounters in life. I was at a flea market. Well. To me, it’s a flea market. I love it. i find the best artwork there for very low prices. Ok. It’s the salvation army and thriftshops. You know people give up artwork and move on, and I am always happy to buy everybody’s art at cheap prices. I have a monet. Ok. It’s a copy but it’s worth the 60 bucks I paid. It looks real and that’s all I care about. Actually i have several famous paintings by real painters,even a grand dutch master looking work for 200 bucks. Anyhoo, where was i. There is this guy looking at the art work with me and he started talking for no reason, really, and he seemd to more more than the little eye saw and I looked into his eyes and he glistened as he said this, “Life is really either light, like you see here, or dark, like you see there, unless you go deeper into the real scene. Now, look here. Which level do you see in life? the one’s that light, the one that’s dark, or the one that’s above all of it? Which one do you choose in life? Choose it and be that love.” That’s what he called it Love, and that was it. That’s all he said. He was like a messenger. He actually looked like the man in Bruce Almight. Can you believe it. here I am in the midst of thinking of life on this plane and seeing only darkness, walking through the goodwill, thinking visible lightness is somewhere other than where I am here now, and all of a sudden turns around this guy, who speaks to me, for no reason at all. He says duality is really not real. Just choose above it, life. And, breathe that air. Look at that hue. What lesson found in the briefest of encounters, a most impactful demeanor in the manner of God I Am in all life’s manors of all life. Whew. What a lineup of hues glistened on his glistening eye.


    ionic Breeze

  • Allison Smith

    Wow. This story is so touching. What a great reminder. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. I can’t smiling right now, just knowing that in the moment, I can know divine encounters are happening, instead of only seeing them afterwards. Thank you!

  • Lisa McCormack

    “Which level do you see in life? the one’s that light, the one that’s dark, or the one that’s above all of it?”

    I love this, Ionic Breeze!

    Thank you, God, for the ability to choose. For the ability to experience. And for the ability to choose again.

    With deep appreciation for you ALL,

  • ionic breeze

    Thank you, Lisa. I have so many of those stories of angelic encounters, as I am sure you have, too. We all have them. I didn’t realize it quite at the time, but that’s a God looking to find Goddess for you. He works in the most miraculous ways. I have stories that would shock people, literally. I mean stories such as beings teleporting to this plane. We don’t understand what it means to be Life until bitten by that fire breath, really. The fire breath is really something that I have come to call “I Amness.” Tonight I was driving in my car and thinking with God, of course. We actually speak and do everything. I’m pretty much a ventriliquist everywhere I go, and he points to things for me, literally. He can do that, because he is housed in my body now, and actually, he’s housed in yours and everyone here, so use him is what he said through me and neale. We both spoke the same lingo, but I never knew it at the time. When God came through me and that board lit up, I actually saw neale’s name on it. i never knew neale. Really I didn’t. I’m just a stay at home mom, really. I teach a little but not much, especially since this stuff started happening. All I do is talk with God, and gosh it’s fun. i have more fun with God in me than with anything. He’s with me always, as he says right there in CWG. We use that. I hope all here do this little trick to release fear of God. It’s called Release Technique in my new book on energetic transfer, coming to bookstores near you. Ok. This is out of my league. I hand it over, cuz I don’t know what he’s saying. whew. Come in. do come in, Big Guy on the line for common folk like me who never asked for this gig and fought it red tooth and claw, crawling all the way to the bank. That’s code for God’s bank, I hear. Come on in, love hi

    “Listen, Guys and Gals. We’ve got several things to announce, and hey neale hope you don’t mind this little announcement here ha ha ha on your blog, love. You are a God Guy. You know that, so we come here to speak a little ha ha ha God Code, but here is the deal. The code is coming down. We bring it down today. Check with her blog at midnight. oh dear god………whaat? oh my god. ok. ok. Let’s just recap what happened because this is what michelle knows after 12 years on this socalled enlightenment she calls it hi he ho well. that’s coming down too. Let me tell you what we just did you don’t know. She typed oh dear god and spoke it first, but listen up. I moved her hand to make those ellipses or whatever you call them. Now. This is what is. You may believe it or not. I am sitting here wiht her at this table we type at, such as it is, but it works just fine. . .listen. She knew she knew she knew that I grabbed that ellipses key with my hand over her hand. Hmmm hmmmm hmmmm now. Think about that one. This has happened to her many times in life. I take over that little body and do what I want, life. i Am her body. you are my body, too. I am your body. I have a hand on you, life. You will become lightbodies. All in this room are already housing a lit lightbody, so this is what you will experience soon. My body will move your body when necessary. Whew. Thank god for that one. She knows I just talked with her about a little near collision where we had spoken of a “jump time moment” in which she would collide with a car and jump up to a new level in life and leave 3 d. We discussed it at a level she was not consciously aware about. At the corner she was stopped at after getting those early run cappacinnos and egg mcmuffins, no less, anyway, at that corner, she looked. she said, “ah. .I can do it. Let’s go, God.” The car was closer than she thought and I watched her look at it, and said, “Let’s go,” on a level she didn’t know. She looked back, which means this. She said, “wait a minute.” I said, “whoa! Halt!” That’s God Code for Angelic Order of Angels come in on High. Whew. And, it happened. The collision happened on another level. She crossed planes there, sad to say, but she said. “hey, I ain’t that. Wait a minute, God I Am. I talk to you. What do you mean talking to me on a level I don’t know?’ and I said I Am that I Am. She can jump to any level in any way she decides to, so learn how to jump time. Just say, “no thank you, God,” and that’s all we do in life. you, every one of you, jumped time and came here. We hear of lightworkers (check out Masters of the Far East, stories of Chista right there jumping time to view mankind, speaking a line of one love on high today hu hu hu) We just do this. It is what is. You all jumped time and crossed many time zones, planes of existence to get here. Know this and jump where you want. Talk to me. I love a good conversation. Just ask Neale Whew. Hu Hu Hu He He He Wee are Home Hi”

    Ok. I was talking about something else here, but hey let him go. He is such a gabber. I want to tell you my story now. God I Am. We chat all day. I love him so much. Now, let me show you what he did today, and you will want to talk to him all day too. there is nothing finer than to be driving. I chat with him all day literally and he said to me, out of the blue this. “I love you.” God on the line, Goddess on the line. Is there any other reason to have a conversation with God I Am or Chista I Am?

    “That says it all, love. you said it all. Let em know what I did next. I know you have a love song to play here for all life. Now get it.”

    Alright. So, I went to buy a snowflake candle, yankee candle, of course. It’s the best in all life this christmas. Anyway, they weren’t on sale and none were left, so I got the rose candle, the fresh cut rose candle from yankee candle. Whew. They’re heavenly, but buy them on sale. They are also expensive. Anyhoo, here I am in the store, and you know how God just typed out those ellispses and moved my foot five inches to the left, not right in that car to avoid hitting a speeding van, anyway he did that again and pointed to the rose colored music at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s called “Springtime in Paris,” and has a rose on it. He nudged me there, against my will. He already picked out that rose candle, $30 bucks , cuz they didn’t have the snowflake candle, and I was already needing gloves and what else God did you pick out? oh yea. That stupid brown . .what do you call it? I don’t even know. I wouldnt buy it. He said. . .

    “You need it. You need it. It’s lining paper. She needs to line her cupboard I told her to paint blue for me, baby blue. I’m doing her kitchen in blue and green, and she’s been talking too much. 🙂 anyhoo, as she says, I told her to buy it anyway, and here is why. We’re redoing her kitchen so she can house a new freezer I picked out.. .”

    dear god. Why do you have to be so personal in life? this sounds coo coo to most conscious thinkers on the planet. i can’t believe you anyway, but go ahead now that you’re on the line. you know what’s best for me. i trust you, God. Whew. Hu Hu Hu I do know you are that fire guy and you are what makes that car go whew Hi ho He weee now I get it. you’re the car, maaan, and Chista is the engine rever upper in life. Once you get that fire going, that ol’ rever upper revs up a notch or two or three thousand high ends on the line. Alright knock it off. Where were we. Let’s just go. You’re making me dizzy. What we were saying anyway. i know I want to tell all life this story, because I got a tip from the Big Guy. I love him cuz he gives me Tips in a big way. here it is, life. Guy in me says ‘Buy a freezer.” LOL I said back to him. I don’t have room for a thing, much less a freezer. i live in a little cottage, not a big box, so freezer was just not on my list in any life 🙂 anyhoo, he insisted. He’s such a spender in life. He hates my thrifty ways. I have become thrifty in this economy, so I’m passing this little love tip on. he actually told me to tell all life on this blog a long time ago, but I was too embarassed to say it, but it here it is, why not? LOl I’ve told you my whole life this day this day. So, he says “Beef is going up this year, and if all life here gets a freezer and stocks up on beef or chicken, freeze that and let those consumer type corporations listen up. We can make a coo, and I don’t mean a chicken coop.. . .” What the hell? What are you talking about? I thought that beef was rising in the price range? what do you mean coo, Guy I Am? “Listen, little lady. you don’t get all this God code stuff, and I’m here to say in front all life that God Code is coming down this day. Coo is a term we use to house living love in God code. God code is secrecy. Moses code is not, but God code assumes my little Gods and Goddesses who are believing a little too much with physical eyes, physical hands, physical bodies are not really me. That’s just not me. we all are connected. i am this table. I can come through as energy of I Amness in a phsyical object and have many times for her and you, too, reading this now. I came in as a energy of life, a literal life, who saved her in a very, very strange manor, and I do mean angelic manor. This story is one for her book. It’s too detailed and too long to house here. It’s very much like the above story, but involves teleporation of a body as me in her in a twin heart, who stepped up when her husband announced she must travel a thousand miles, though she was exhausted. She didn’t want to leave and I heard the call. I always answer a call from a true heart. She didn’t utter it, because she didn’t know it. So, I spoke with her in very miraculous ways. Let’s just say I gave her many symbols and it’s what opened her mind. Really it is. She began to know there is more, Horatio, right then, right there, when I parked this otherworldly vehicle with windows that looked quite strange in places that didn’t normally house windows. i also brought Chista as a bird, a sparrow, of course, which caused the policeman who took down the traffic violation information to say, “Damn. That’s the wierdest thing I’ve ever seen in all life. It’s like something out of birds. We have never seen anything like that in my history of taking down traffic collsion accidents.” You see I heard a cry to have a collision that would create in her a minor accident. Of course, I walked up to her immediately with my long flowing black hair, and she looked at me strangely, but not, as if she knew me and knew she knew me. She knew i was a twin on many levels, but didn’t know the lingo then. Now, she does. She just does. My first encounter with her was this. A little girl looking out at the snow crying for some reason, and it was near Christmas. She stared and said, “I think I might see Santa,” cuz it was almost Christmas, and right then, right there, by golly, she did. I just rang up a few angels who house my lights and strung ’em up for her, as she stared at the night sky. She said, Ohhh my God, my God, there is Santa Claus,” and that was it. She knew she knew at five that I was Santa. I am magical. I have lights you know. We travel in lightbeams in 2d we work. We lit that Christed Grid that lifts the New Earth and it is very lit today Hi I better get off, before I chat waay too much. she has to do some work. That Mewabe has given her more sparks with his lively lines that I have to respark her and then respark her blogs of blogs that Mewabe inspired. Breathe it, Mewabe. you are right, love. I Am inspiration. you can breathe the breathe of me now. Hi means inspiration. ho means expiration. Hi Ho He He is also expiration. We will announce the God Code we know, and I know ’em all, so watch for it on her God Code blog at Iandasheart.blogspot.com. If you don’t care for that talk, just come on in to get this ch ch ch che boom Hi I Am this blog forevermore Ho He http://www.GuyonIAm.blogspot.com Whew. We’re going to live it up.. .”

    Alright. alright. Just be quiet. People are probably getting tired of you, Big Guy through me.

    “Let them learn a little about channeling, love. Give it to ’em. Just give it to ’em. You’ve been doing it awhile, and it was very similar to what happened here with that ellipses up there. You were before the mirror of life, I call it, checking out the lineup in the mirror and suddenly you saw you’re mouth move to create words that you knew you knew you really knew you did not create with a conscious thinking mind. That was a big mouth opener and you had been channeling me thorugh the pad for awhile, so you figured I had something to do with it, but what happend next, love. Just you tell them.”

    alright. I was standing before the mirror of all life, because someone on neale’s messenger circle, who had been on this wierd enlightenment path for awhile longer than me, said “look in the mirror. you’ll see a lot.” Well, I tried it, and then God I Am told me to practice it. Practice?! is what I said. What do you mean? all I see is me, and God insisted. He said,

    “Do it for twenty minutes. it’s really not understood, but here is the science of it. We are lightbeams. The mirror reflects light. You can shift your weight back and forth and glimpse all your old angsyne, all your profound marriages and your children. That’s what pops up first. Michelle. . .be quiet. . .I hear her say, “Do not tell them what I saw. . .oh my God. i am so mad at you.” stop right now. i won’t tell them what you saw, love. i wont mention that angel or that handsome alien. yes, virginia. We do house All Life here. Listen up, life. We go waay back. Here is a real kicker. Many lightworkers believe my channelers should only talk high talk, like “dear ones,” that sort of thing, but here is my perspective. i did that, life. Remember the old bible? remember those latin services noone gets, and how many times do my children need to know abraham begat all life? How many begats do we need to line up before my children go to sleep 🙂 smile. Michelle here is giddy lately, really giddy. It’s a grand feeling this thing called I Amness. We’re not talking that subtle body wave of bliss we house in the house of heartland where astral bodies go at night. We’re talking thick thick air of thinness, thick like mouth carving thick. It was so thick, she woke up with her mouth open, like a bird, trying to grab more air. The air was there, literally it was. She knows it, and she’s pretty darn happy now. Whew hu hu hu alright aready. Let’s decode that one for those who don’t know the code. We know Hu was on neale’s blog back in 2007 and she said “what is that? why don’t i know this code?” Well. i think she’s got a point, don’t you? Why keep it. We’re bringing it down, boys. Why not let all my guys and gals in, baby, in. We are home. Hi Ho He Come on in to http://www.guyonIAm.blogspot.com for an update on the decode of moses hi he’s here alright, but we’re going to redo it. Give us a day or two. Whew more work. I know. Just wait, little lady. We have plans for you. Don’t worry.”

    alright. I’m done. i have talked way too much today.


    ionic breeze

  • ionic breeze

    I think this is the one song God wants you to hear. It’s called I love you, by porter on the album at bed, bath and beyond. the album is called, “Springtime in Paris.”

    love to all life, song number 2 whew wee hi ho he 🙂

    love hi


  • Frank Morfi

    thank you for sharing such a wonderful encounter with someone of a prior appointment you had forgotten was on your agenda.

  • Nova

    This is so beautiful, Lisa, thank you for sharing AND for having the presence of mind to see what was really going on in that experience – inspires me to do more of that. You are simply wonderful! And so is Bob 🙂