The government of North Korea has officially declared an end to the armistice with South Korea, and has threatened a “preemptive nuclear strike” against nations of the world who have supported U.N. economic sanctions of North Korea in the aftermath of its Feb. 15 underground nuclear test. Why do you think the world’s governments and people do not rise up as a group and say to North Korea, finally and at last, “Okay, enough is enough”?

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  • Michael L.

    Because we are told from day one that China will not like it.

    China enables North Korea.

    They feel comfortable using it as a buffer to the south.

    When China lets North Korea go, the rest of world will speak up.

  • Erin/IAm

    Perhaps This is THEIR way of saying “Enough!”

    Perhaps it is the World that needs to open their ears (and eyes) to simply say “We hear Your cries…We See You!…We Love You…You are part of US”…”We will heal & become grander of these times TOGETHER.”
    Repeating these intents to All Korea, to All Nations, to each of ‘Us’.


  • Marko

    What would love do?

    What if the worlds governments moved into that?


  • frank morfi

    I don’t know all the details of what’s going on, but I suspect that in part it could be because they feel that’s an issue Korea should handle amongst themselves and possibly there might be some fear that a full blown out war could spread all over the world if other nations were to intervene. It’s kind of like let’s not meddle in their domestic affairs unless we’re affected directly.
    We definitely are not proyecting a mentality of oneness with this stance.

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  • jillie

    The information that is approved for release to the general public is heavily clouded and American journalistic reporting is one of the most propagandized in the world. I am able to participate in conversations regarding wholly honest data but this is far from that. The solutions born of Love’s intelligence operate far beyond the notions of politics.