When Did You Stop Singing?

This morning God asked me,
“When did you stop singing?”

At first, I was angered.
Then, I let the question Be.

“Why,” said I,
“I believe it was when I began to follow
every thought that was given to me
by my parents,
and then by my peers,
and then by any passing stranger.
I believe it was the moment I began to choose
achievement over Alchemy
and competition over Compassion.
It was that morning I arose,
and put my feet into shoes
too tight for Freedom;
when I listened, instead of Music,
to mankind.”

“I believe,” said I, “that I stopped singing
the moment I stopped hearing Birdsong
or laughed with the sounds of Laughter.”

“And when did you stop dancing?”said God.
“Or being enchanted by stories?
Or stop finding comfort in the sweet territory
of silence?”

“Why,” answered I, “It was, you see, when I forgot that

I am You.

“When Did You Stop Singing?” em claire ©2012 www.emclairepoet.com
(Based on the quote by Gabrielle Roth in her book Maps to Ecstasy, with permission by Gabrielle Roth)


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