Searching for a new headline:

My Dear Companions on the Journey…


That headline follows by days the news of the Boston bombing, and the weeks of endless threats by North Korea of atomic warfare. Every morning humanity awakens to another in an endless succession of stories of violence or threats of violence by one group of human beings upon another.

As this continues, a central question looms larger and larger every day: How much longer must this go on before our species realizes that a fundamental shift in its ideas about itself is the only thing that will stop this endless slide toward our own self-destruction?

A report from National Public Radio says that “multiple reports in recent days have cited the possible use of chemical weapons around the Syrian cities of Damascus and Aleppo last month and an earlier one in Homs. Victims reportedly suffered burns, blisters, breathing problems, severe irritation to the eyes and even blindness.”

The NPR report was careful in noting that such symptoms may also be caused by conventional weapons of war. White phosphorus, for instance, is “a component in some artillery shells that is not a chemical weapon. It produces large clouds of smoke and can cause the types of injuries that have been reported,” the NPR report said.

Nevertheless, the assessment of other nations, not just the U.S. (among them, France, Great Britain, and Israel) is that some from of chemical weapon has likely been employed against the Syrian rebels by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

What will be the “Are We Done Yet?” headline tomorrow?


Are we done yet? Have we had enough yet? Are we ready now, at last, to do something about humanity’s inhumanity? What will it take for the human race to stand up en masse and say, “No more. We are done with this.”

Can we bring about the Miracle of the Ages? Is our species capable of creating a new world headline?


Human beings can split the atom, create a cure for disease, send a man to the moon and crack the genetic code of life itself. Yet, sadly, many people, perhaps the largest number, cannot do the simplest thing.

Get along.

Why is this, do you imagine? Do you think it may have anything to do with the fact that we do not see ourselves as Family, but, rather, insist on telling ourselves a Story of Separation? Right now we are embracing a Separation Theology on this planet. Separation Theology is a way of looking at God that insists that we are “over here” and God is “over there.”

The problem with a Separation Theology is that it produces a Separation Cosmology. That is, a way of looking at all of life that says that everything is separate from everything else. And a Separation Cosmology produces a Separation Psychology. That is, a psychological viewpoint that says that I am over here and you are over there. And a Separation Psychology produces a Separation Sociology. That is, a way of socializing with each other that encourages the entire human society to act as separate entities serving their own separate interests. And a Separation Sociology produces a Separation Pathology. That is, pathological behaviors of self-destruction, engaged in individually and collectively, and producing suffering, conflict, violence, and death by our own hands—as evidenced everywhere on our planet throughout human history.

We can change all that. But the important element there is the word “we.” It will take many of us. Millions of us. But “we” can do it.

(In Part II of this analysis: No Fair. “The world is a better place than it has ever been.” Is this true?)

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  • Haya

    Would the human race want to stop? Is it the war of our leaders or citizens that we continue to fight?
    Sometime I wish there was a God microphone that one could speak from and tell the human race that it is much easier to just stop and give the heart a second thought.

  • politics

    Is it possible that what is really needed is the mutual “respect” of the separation
    “factor” with a very realistic goal of achieving “Oneness”?

    My point being this, we all already are one, “in reality”, so with this said is it too hard to imagine that each one of us is here for a reason and everyone else just needs to accept that, whether they are considered good or bad, the choice of individual creations are allowed in order to advance Humanity. Like it or not.

    No the real problem is one of accepting the fact that you are not in control of how someone else perceives Life. Be it all together or not.

    Where is it written how things should work in a realm that is full of hate? At all times there are always options for us to persevere, the key is waiting for those that came here to do what is necessary and accomplishment it with an understanding for all.

    What is equally important is how we arrive at our conclusions in the first place.

  • mewabe

    Animals fight for territory and during rut, sometimes to death…and it is not because they believe in separation from God.

    Yes a belief in separation is a very problematic illusion for humanity, which leads to pathological outcomes. But there is more to it than this, much more.

    For example, we need to balance the male/female energies…balance the energy of male aggressive competition with the nurturing energies of love and compassion, not only between men and women, but within each one of us. Patriarchal thinking has to go.

    For thousands of years, we centered our lives around fear and protection…fighting off ferocious beasts, carnivorous predators. We organized our lives, beliefs and social structures around fear and fight, aiming to achieve might, to achieve power over life, to achieve mastery over what we originally experienced to be a hostile environment. And fight spread to fighting each others, as humanity’s numbers grew.

    We are still using the same models of thought and behaviors, still acting as if we lived in a hostile, dangerous natural environment “infested” with ferocious beasts, except the dangerous beasts are now us.

    And there is more, these are just examples of things to consider. Nothing can be reduced to a single problematic source, life isn’t this simple, unfortunately.

    • Yes as you mentioned servival instinct include the act of violation, how ever the energy OF surviving could shift in to more intelligence by it’s own way comparing to the time of the cave man. Now days human understanding and brain capacity could do more that a simple violet actions. if it’s that an urgent of a masculine polarity to be aggressive, it’s still a possibility to express that energy in another different manner, more productive and more protective with out harming ever a masculine is not only aggressive it’s also a rational and logical. still this is not an excuse to destroyed other human beings. Energy can be shift into a positive rational thinking and create a pieceful ones into the whole univers.

      • mewabe

        I agree about transcending the violence associated with ancient survival drives, but I personally do not believe masculine energy is more rational or logical than feminine energy. That’s how mainstream culture sees it, but not the way I see it. People believe so because love is deemed “irrational”, as well as feelings and emotions.

        But when you understand feelings, you realize that they are extremely logical, even when they don’t appear to be so, they are often much more logical and rational than mere thoughts.

        As a very simple, obvious example, it is not rational to build nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction…but it is very rational to fear them. The thought process that leads to building such weapons only appears rational at the surface…in reality it is madness.

        Much of the “rationality” of civilization is pure madness, precisely because it leaves all feelings out, it suppresses the intelligence of the heart. As an other example, people “rationalize” killing or torturing another human being in war by first dehumanizing that person. People rationalize destroying the natural environment by first desecrating the earth in their mind, reducing it to meaningless matter.

        There is also a point we must reach whereby we no longer believe in survival and start actually living. The idea of survival is obsolete.

  • Awareness

    “This arena of your Nuclear weaponry is just about the ONLY area in which the civilizations observing Earth will actually DIRECTLY INTERVENE depending upon the situation.” “LARGE SCALE GLOBAL WAR WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.” “And this has been demonstrated to your government and your military many times in many different countries, where our craft have prevented those delivery systems from working at all and sending a message that WE CAN DO SO ANY TIME WE WISH” from BASHAR of the Sassani (LIVING LIGHT) Civilization 🙂 LOVE, Oneness, LAUGHTER and The LIGHT of GOD ALMIGHTY, ALL That IS, GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT SPIRIT! 🙂

  • Victor

    Are you still believing mainstream media…? Please…

    Mainstream media is designed per se to spread fear, and for supporting the guys-in-charge that use real violence for maintaining fear… Because the guys-in-charge own mainstream media…

    But this already said, separation sociology-pathology will not be overcome, until millions can see the naked king…

    Very difficult because mainstream media, religion, and ´education´ (part of the very same thing) say the king is beautifully dressed, when he is not. He is naked…

    But yes, “WE” can do it… We are doing it. Step by step…

    A little acceleration, by the way, wouldn´be bad…

    • Stephen mills

      Victor I,am starting to believe what you said about spreading fear,twice this week I heard of instances of terrible violence that came across from the news reader with zero emotion.There was absolutely no need to mention the detail of these violent act,s which I cannot actually verify happened.

      They seemed to me to be added on to spread fear and create an emotional response of some kind.I was very perplexed at why they gave so much detail of such violence.

      Can we start to name the names of the guy,s in charge ,can we start to get down to finding who really get,s to say what goes on and what get,s distributed to the mainstream media ?

      Thank,s Victor your contribution,s here are really valued as is everyone,s.


      • mewabe

        Anyone who has worked in the advertising industry knows that fear sells…it help to sell the products advertized on commercials.

        In the advertising industry, TV commercials are considered “content”, and TV programs are considered “fillers”. The “fillers” are meant to enhance the “content”, to make them more effective at selling.

        It is not just the news spreading fear…how many programs are about everything horrible that could happen to humanity, that these clowns can think of, from super volcanoes to the earth getting hit by a comet, to a super virus, etc.

        The message is: be afraid, be very afraid…and then go shopping.

        The other message is: be afraid, be very afraid, and welcome the elimination of your freedoms in the name of security.

        Everything is about the bottom line…about profits, from wars to social engineering, to the manipulation of the populace. And the bottom line is about power, which is the ultimate goal.

        As far as “the guys in charge”…Look at the corporations that own the mainstream media. And who is in control of such corporations? Banks.
        The military-corporate-banking complex is in charge, and all politicians are mere puppets putting on a show to divide and distract the naive population.

  • mewabe

    Yes…if you look at a pyramid, which is a good symbol for hierarchical structures, it is not the top that is in charge…it is the body of the pyramid that supports the top.

    Withdraw your support…no longer participate. Let the entire system crumble…no work, no shopping, nothing. Stop everything. The people have the only power that matters…numbers.

  • What is the best way to get others to see it this way? I don’t believe that force feeding an idea to someone is the best way since it usually repulses a person, but some people want nothing to hear of this. Do we just keep talking about this until other people start taking note?

  • Well, well, well, your latest and upcoming book asks the best question of all. I wonder how we will answer it. It is the question of all life now, isn’t it? If we can answer your question from the excerpt on the home page here at the Global Conversation, we might be able to answer your question on this thread. How do we retain constant ideas of what we are, where we are, how we are, yet move and groove in and out of all realms with love, and do that simultaneously? Simultaneously. That is the key to me, as I said before. I can’t wait for that book to come forth in the fall.
    Love to all here Hi

  • We all agree. Separation cosmology leads to Separation pathology and violence. We all agree that the earth is hearing more stories like the Boston bomber and the nuclear power plant and north korea and now Syria gassing itself. Who are we in the face of such actions? Do we.try every second we can to greet a new day to all life by creating more not less awareness in places, people who can do something concrete? What concrete actions are we proposing in the wake of such stories we read about here in this one love room these days? They are all the same story. Some sociopathic tendency somewhere, some warring mindset somewhere. What to do now? That is the real question. That’s the real debate. We all agree war is bad, sociopathic tendencies are bad.

    Do we simply say, “we are that which is here to define ourselves in the field of relativity as this or that, right or left, love or fear, right or wrong, in order to know the self as one thing, God, love”? To me, God is only love. I have stated it so much. I don’t know how to say anything else. God, to me, is the highest form of love only. I felt that love. I live to breathe that love and I know that love would never hurl a bomb or a drone at any life form. God lives to know us as God. Who are we as we witness these acts of insanity, life killing life? That’s the question. Who are we?

    We all agree on the fact that it is a sociopathic act to kill. No logical person disagrees. We all know true one love only lives oneness, life, love. No one argues that. It’s not debatable. Where is the debate here, life? I say what I say to my students when they try to gift me a non debatable thesis. So what? What now? Where do we draw the line? Who says we are here to express life as both love and fear, so let it go, life? that, to me, is a cop out beyond belief. Do we go on saying “ahh they had a bad childhood. Let Syria gas itself, let America drop drones, let the bombers off the hook, let the woman at starbucks in san jose today get away with dropping rubbing alcohol in oj”? I am sure she had a bad childhood, too. No person doing such acts truthfully likely had grand childhoods, I would venture to say. I mean where do we draw the line? Do we just allow anyone to do anything, merely because we are one love and know God wants to express in relativity? Relative to what is the big question. To me, God only meant relative life to more life, relative love to higher love, not love or terror, love or hatred, love or fear. Wow. Duality? No thanks. That’s not why we came. We came to get rid of fear. We came to let go of oldness. So, where do we draw the line? Where do we let go of the fear we, as one lovers, witness?

    The world is releasing much toxicity. All life is witnessing us witness this insane earthling activity. Only earthlings kill itself off. We are the least evolved species of all life. Life takes care of life. We could require outside help and pray ,or we could help God help God and say, “no thank you, life. Let’s do something tangible, concrete, why don’t we?” What are we in relation to these stories we read here? That is the question. I know my answer. I don’t hear many arguing for anything new, though. What do people propose here? Let it be? pray? let it go? what? I say the United Nations needs to be real. We need one. We do. We just do. Are there any other concrete solutions? I give up not in life. I love life. I love humanity and humanity needs to come forth for itself in a more concrete way. Where is the guru on the line? What’s his opinion, I wonder. Love to all in this one love room.

  • I came across this grand quote by Marianne Williamson. “A miracle is a shift in
    perception from fear to love.”
    We are this love here to shift. This is why we came, in my view. We, lovers of one love, came to shift the perception of life on earth. We came to be the perception shifting the perception of all life as we create ourselves shifting perception, releasing ancient cellular memory. The perception of life shifts as all on earth shift perceptions of life on earth. As we shift our perceptions of ancient, cellular energies of fear housing in earth from eons ago to love sweet love, we move more light here, more help from All Life to earth. There is far more, Horatio, than what mankind admits as life. Life exists here on earth, yet, is far grander, far vaster.
    Life is every planet, every star. Life is venus, mars, Jupiter and all life lives as we shift from fear to love, and all life comes forth for all life, as we come forth shifting for all love. We are the miracle shifting perception. Now what? Do we perceive ourselves as just shifting our own individuated perception from fear to love, or do we do more, perceive more for more? I guess that’s what I am asking again and again our one love room.

  • leshollow

    HI Donald

    Mewabe really had a great article about this confusion over the misinterpretation of collective unity being achieved by allowing individual freedoms to be controlled by very few. The problem our world currently faces is many of us are in a state of soul starvation due to the toxic environment. It is like a virus. One can either help uplift or help destroy another’s soul. Our world seems to be caught in a chicken and egg syndrome, much like the cold virus, how can it be stopped, I think I have an answer. The answer, focus on the subconscious self, of oneself and a never ending message about the subconscious. This part of our being does not separate individuality and therefor takes into consideration benefits to all. The other part of the answer is strive to be honest with oneself. In the subconscious,honesty is not subjected to individuality and therefor the natural progression is to be honest to others. The subconscious is where all the answers of the universe exist, the place that “Conversations with God” comes from. I cannot stress how important honesty is, truth is, it is God. And so it is dishonesty that creates all the problems the world> I challenge anyone reading this article to name any problem our world faces that a lie is not at the root cause and the subconscious cannot solve. Even fear, hate, control etc all the negative aspects of humanity, go deep and you will find the very beginning expression would be these elements were created by the rejection of truth. It really is that simple. Even if the most malevolent outside forces try to twist and mold you, if one has their subconscious at their disposal they could filter the worst mankind could throw at them and if continuously seeking truth, will always find the highest plane of self expression and need to help others flourish as unique free willed creators.

    Their is this need in each person to express themselves as the true unique creator to share with others. Best examples of this can be seen in deep musical experiences – perhaps a guitar solo by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd as an example, his souls expression amplified, transcending words and thoughts deeply affecting the receiver without the need for conscious interpretation. This unique experience nourishes the soul much like a tree receiving water or nutrients.

    As Neil Young puts it

    To give a love,
    you gotta live a love.
    To live a love,
    you gotta be “part of”
    When will I see you again?

    • mewabe

      I agree leshollow, the subconscious is not separate…and has much more knowledge than the conscious. It has all the knowledge we need, because it is directly connected to the universe, to “All that is”.

      Nothing is separate but the conscious mind, what some call the ego consciousness. There is nothing wrong with the ego, but the mistake is to exclusively identify with it, as if we only identified with our index finger to the exclusion of the rest of our body.

      The effort to dismantle the ego is an other effort of the ego, an other effort at division and separation. All that is needed is to shift our identification. For example, we can identify with the earth, with the land, the air, the water that give us life. Or we can identify with our jobs, bank account and position in life…each identification produces a different state of being, and a different outcome or “destiny”.

      The conscious is an “instrument” meant to focus…it has its uses…but like a very narrow beam of light in a dark room, it can only light or reveal one thing at a time, while the unconscious and subconscious can see and experience the entire room and even what is beyond it, above it, below it, before it, after it (this is an Alan Watts metaphor).

      We identify with our conscious mind to the exclusion of the unconscious and subconscious, which we fear as much as we fear nature (the subconscious is the nature within).

      Yet would we have the intelligence to grow, by the conscious mind alone, a single strand of hair on our head, or to digest our food, or to manage our physical organs?

      In our western civilization too much emphasis is placed on the conscious mind alone and its misguided and ultimately very destructive efforts to control and master all life.

      And we fail to see and understand the origin of this drive to conquer, control and manage absolutely everything, this widespread pathology of command and control: fear, a fear that comes with separation, a separation that originates from an exclusive identification with the separate ego-consciousness, with the very limited conscious mind.

      And so we need to return to the unconscious and the subconscious…to the “dream time”…to dreams and visions, intuition and inspiration, to the innermost heart of truth, to what we have suppressed and have disowned: our deepest self, our whole self, that through the subconscious expends to the entire cosmos.