Here we go again…

It wasn’t my original intention to have a two-part or continuing series in my column about this particular topic, but after last week’s piece about the controversy surrounding the Cheerios commercial and the racially driven outbursts which took place as a result of its portrayal of a bi-racial couple who are parents to a mixed-race daughter, it appears as though another opportunity has presented itself for us to enter into a thoughtful conversation around belief systems which thrive on and promote ideas of separatism and which attempt to control and dictate other human beings based upon nationality, physicality, skin color, age, sexual orientation, etc.

Sebastien De La Cruz, 11 years old, a former contestant on the popular television program “America’s Got Talent,” was invited by the NBA to sing the National Anthem at the opening of Game 3 during the finals in San Antonio, Texas.  This adorable and wonderfully talented young man stepped courageously out onto the basketball court in front of thousands of onlookers and performed a rendition of the National Anthem that brought people to their feet, cheering with appreciation.

However, unfortunately, Sebastien De La Cruz was also confronted with the same backlash as General Mills experienced in response to their Cheerios commercial by people who verbally attacked young Sebastien, slinging racial barbs at him on the internet, questioning whether his Mexican heritage deemed him “worthy” of singing the National Anthem, and harshly criticizing the fact that he wore a mariachi outfit during his performance.

The comments that are being circulated are so offensive that I have chosen not to reprint any of them here.  And they most certainly aren’t instrumental in our ability to have a discussion around why and how a young boy — who happens to be an American citizen, by the way — can find himself on the receiving end of such seething hostility and distorted thinking.  What in the world could cause anyone to think and then actually rise to the level of expressing such oppressive and hurtful words to an 11-year-old child?

Will there be a time when we eventually stop defining ourselves by “this” or “that,” “here” or “there,” “have” or “have not,” “better than” or “less than”?

In response to the commotion, Sebastien De La Cruz has demonstrated himself to be a powerful force of wisdom and clarity.  “For those that said something bad about me, I understand it’s your opinion,” said Sebastien to CNN. “I’m a proud American and live in a free country. It’s not hurting me. It’s just your opinion.  Please do not pay attention to the negative people. I am an American living the American Dream. This is part of the American life.”  Sebastien said today was like any other day, but he’s always grateful to wake up to yet another day able to sing. He said he owes his positive outlook to his parents, family and everyone in San Antonio.

Contrary to the negative energy swirling around this story, there has also been an overwhelming show of appreciation and support for Sebastien.  So much so that the San Antonio Spurs invited him back for an encore performance for Game 4.  Sebastien also received encouragement in the form of a Tweet from a very special fan:

Barack Obama:  Don’t miss @selcharrodeoro’s encore performance of the national anthem at the #NBAFinals in San Antonio tonight.”

In closing, I share with you this from Conversations With God, Book 3:  “The level of a society’s advancement is reflected, inevitably, in the degree of its duality thinking. Social evolution is demonstrated by movement towards unity, not separatism.”

And the question I proffer to you is:  Which one are we moving towards?

Please enjoy this video of Sebastien De La Cruz’s performance:

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  • Christopher Toft

    Which are we moving towards=unity or separatism? Tough question Lisa! Looking back over the last few hundred years, I’d say unity That said, things have got increasingly chaotic in the space of my lifetime. I think the current situation reflects an evolutionary bottleneck for humanity. It reflects several possibilities. One is that this is as Neale puts it the storm before the calm, two is that humanity will be “set back” in much the same way as we were at the fall of the roman empire & three is our own destruction, setting life back to the situation 65 million years ago. My own view is “live an authentic life, teach unity & allow others to walk their path”. What more can we do?

  • Terri Lynn

    I believe with my whole being that we are moving toward unity. I see and feel it in my own life. Unfortunately, not everyone can feel the unity yet. So many people are still in the dark holding on to anger and bitterness and need a target to lash out out. However, the positive force is stronger than the negative and will overcome in time, hopefully soon. Thank you, Lisa, for bringing this topic to light.

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    Prejudice against another is ignorance, and I am so glad that this young man has a bigger mind and heart and understanding, than those who continue to project their negativity toward others. I do believe our society is losing this prejudice, especially the next few generations, and they are our hope, and our future. Namaste’

  • Erin

    Sebastien gave a beautiful & expressive performance of his talent…Thanks for sharing his gift to this day…always nice to See Amazing Littles with Big, brave voices in these times. 🙂

    As to your proffering: We are moving onward until We can move no more. Some will move as One, some will not…We are ‘sorting’ this out as It flows.

    Perhaps We human peeps should have a world-wide “Poke your finger” Day…Just to notice, for a One moment, that We ALL bleed, & We do so in the SAME COLOR!!!
    (note to Self…funny that this happens to be Red!) (heehee, mewabe!)

    idk…At any party I have ever been to, no gift is wrapped the same, yet with great excitement do we remove the outer coverings to See what’s inside. Would be nice to See our Selfs this way, Yes?
    Blessings, Lisa <3