President Obama has decided to commit the U.S. to sending small arms to the rebels fighting a revolutionary war in Syria. Do you agree with this decision? What do you believe The New Spirituality would teach about this choice — and about the Syrian uprising itself?

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  • Erin

    In teaching, I imagine that the NS would ask a question of the seeker:

    If We support warring, are We “Being the Change We wish to See”…if, in fact, no more wars is what We wish to See?

  • Stephen mills

    All sides are being armed this is not good news, but when the government in Syria is killing it,s own people what do you do let them continue with the massacre ?

    Another option if the world wide community could agree, is a peace keeping force made up thousands guaranteeing the safety of the people of Syria and finding political and spiritual solutions to these problems .

    Would it have been better option to have done this a few years ago !

    The world wide community is always slow to act on internal problems of other countries ?
    And the desire of people to rid themselves of dictators and move to democracy and freedom is gaining around the world . This has to be encouraged ,but when you have dictators or families who do not want to relinquish power only exercise power and have no hesitation in using killing to achieve there goals what is the solution.

    Talk …… Talk some more as they continue the killing and the world stands by and pretends to be doing something.

    The new spirituality try,s to heel the differences between each disagreeing party without use of force or killing .But a willingness to see the bigger picture and share power has to be taken and find a solution that works for everyone .First can they not simply agree to stop killing each other ,this could spread into neighbouring countries and then well that bares not thinking about.

    Who profit,s from having this conflict continue ,the usual arms dealers and merchants of death and mayhem !