Let’s Have A Conversation….RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW

Namaste, Global Conversation Community. As we approach our thirteenth month since the launching of the site, we have seen our numbers grow substantially. BUT…as our site continues to grow, we still see the same problems in the world, repeating over and over and over again. Why, may you ask?

The problem is that we are sitting back. Being CONTENT and being PASSIVE. Reading, writing, and…..moving on with our lives.

I must admit that I am just as much a part of this as everyone else. For the past year or so, I have written my articles, submitted them, and have gone about my daily business. I have NOT added enough comments to our other delightful editors, I have NOT delved fully into getting discussion about my own articles going, and I certainly have NOT created as much spiritual change in the world as I desire to make.

BUT…things ARE about to change. A new version of my grandest vision is manifesting itself. As I’ve grown and changed, I’ve seen just how much I can be – and I can do. No more ‘self-imposed limitations’. No more ‘I can’t’. No more ‘I don’t have time for this’. Because, honestly, what could be more important?

As the current banner for The Global Conversation says, “When an entire culture refuses to believe that it has anything to do with what is occurring, it cannot do anything about what is occurring.” What we think is clearly not meshing with what we are doing – and NOW is the time to change that. IF we start thinking, acting, and being spiritual not just internally, but EXTERNALLY and INTERPERSONALLY, the world will feel the difference. For when we share, we grow. And when we grow, we thrive.

Let’s BE the difference makers. Let’s BE that thriving energy of the moment. Let’s BE that soul in Oneness – moving closer and closer together. Instead of day in, day out, my post, my article – share you voice, EVEN if you don’t think you have anything exceptional to contribute. Every moment spent invested in spiritual discussion and conversation is another moment of light shining upon the entire universe. And who doesn’t want more of that?

So yes, I WILL respond to every comment on my posts, every email I receive, and (guess who finally created a Facebook!) every friend request in my inbox.

Hit me up for some seriously amazing spiritual discussion. I’m here and ready to change the world. Ready to join me?  

(Lauren Rourk is a Feature Editor at The Global Conversation and attends Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. She can be contacted at Lauren@TheGlobalConversation.com)

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