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My Dear Friends…

It is not possible to look at our world today in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and not contemplate the meaning of life (and death), the purpose of events (be there any at all), and the function and intention of God (if there even is a “God”).

Is life, after all is said and done, just a series of random events, having no particular or specific Cause…no “reason” for occurring?

Are we, in the end, really and truly limited to standing by and suffering “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as Shakespeare put it?

Should we, as he asked, “take arms against a sea of troubles, and, by opposing, end…the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to…”?

Even if we could, can we end them? Certainly we can change our basic human behaviors. We can create an end to war, bring a halt to violence, put a stop to poverty and hunger and man-made suffering. We don’t seem, as a species, to have the will to do so, but surely we certainly have the ability to do so.

But how can we have any effect at all on natural disasters? We have nothing to do with those...

…or do we….?

Has human behavior had anything at all to do with the creation of the worst storms this planet has ever seen?

We’ll look at that in just a moment. But first, a word of compassion and a plea for help and healing for those caught in the grip of this terrible typhoon. Our human family members need help right now in those areas struck by this calamity. Please see the story on our front page headlined EMERGENCY!, and do what you can do. Right now. Today.

And let us offer a collective prayer:

Dear God of our Highest understanding: Bring succor, comfort and healing to our brethren around the world who suffer today in the aftermath of this terrible disaster. Bring them the strength to endure their indescribable losses, to rebuild their lives in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever they held about Who They Are. Help them today, Dear God, with your mercy and compassion, giving them strength to endure the unendurable, that they might experience at this hour the indestructible nature of the human spirit — which is your spirit, Dear God, flowing through them. Amen, and amen.

And now, the question that this moment begs: Has human activity had anything to do with this cataclysm?

Haiyan has been called the biggest storm to hit landfall in the recorded history of Earth. It slammed the Philippines with 200+ mile-per-hour winds, flattening entire villages and killing an estimated 10,000 people. (By contrast, those winds had died down to “only” 74 mph, killing 13, by the time they had reached Vietnam.)

Has global warming done anything — anything at all — to create the conditions that are now spawning more and more violent storms at sea? Meteorologists and environmental scientists don’t even question this anymore. They know the answer.

Weather on our planet — producing, in cycles, heat waves, droughts, winds, torrential rains, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tidal waves — has become more disastrous for a reason.

Yet there are those in our world community who continue to insist that “global warming” itself is the false cry of earring-sporting, Birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging environmentalists; that it doesn’t even exist.

Or that if it does exist, human beings have had nothing to do with creating it.

The important thing is jobs. We’ve got to protect the economy, not the ecology, of the planet, these folks insist.

All attempts to control or limit global warming by calling for the altering of industrial and commercial activities that may add to the conditions that create it are roundly criticized and angrily and summarily rejected by those who declare that livelihood comes first in our world.

This, however, seems so shortsighted as to defy belief. Can the human species be so blind to the long-term effects of what it is doing? Can nothing save us from ourselves?

 If something can, what might it be? Your ideas please, below. We’ve no time to lose. Your ideas, please.


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  • Colleen Sayre

    Has human activity had anything to do with this cataclysm? Yes, of course it has. We are the creators of our lives, our world, our universe. Every action or inaction, every thought, word, prayer, blink affects our planet and our lives on it. Is there a course of action to repair the cataclysm we see happening more and more often? Yes. But that plan requires each and every one of us to take responsibility for our actions and in-actions, our thoughts, our words, our prayers and become mindful of what we know deep down in our souls: we are not only ONE, we are GOD exerting our power to love, to create, and to manifest that which we want for ourselves. Our vision has become skewed; we’ve lost sight of ourselves, of who we really are. We give away our power and point outside ourselves to blame and glorify. When we finally accept the truth of our own divinity, of our own ability to love, we will find ways to repair and rebuild. As long as greed or selfishness is the focus of our vision, we are mired in helplessness. Changing minds, awakening souls one human being at a time must become our goal. Living a life of peace and happiness is our only true weapon. We have to let our lights shine and open ourselves to joy–then let that joy infect everyone around us. We can create a typhoon of love, a tsunami of joy. We just don’t have the faith in ourselves to do it.

  • Victor

    After I have listed to the CWG audio many, many times I must say that we as a universal species known as humans on spaceship earth for sure are capable to change, and even control the planets weather. So I say yes we are also responsible as a collective for the damage in the Philippines. We could have change it collectively so that the wind speeds could have gone down and stopped this devastation. Yes even I gave it energy by listening to the MSM 🙁 … If we as a collective said that the storm was going to die down it would have happened I say.

    Yet now I believe it is a good time to also collectively open our heats to resume this situation ASAP with “positive” manifestation and prayer for the affected people all over the world. We can use this situation to change our thought about ourself’s.

    Love and Light to the all especially to those affected in the Philippines.

    Greetings from South Africa.

  • Tia Robinson

    Yes: we created it and we did so on purpose. Like everyone else, I have experienced a recurrence of seemingly identical events in my life, especially somewhat disastrous ones, and it is not until I actually take notice and begin observing this phenomenon that I begin to make sense of it, rethink my actions and reactions, and make some kind of positive progress. I continuously overworked and over achieved all through my career and the periodic physical and mental and emotional breakdowns confounded me until it was almost too late. In fact, I did suffer a total breakdown after retirement and in its aftermath I had the luxury of at last reflecting on my life and as Wayne Dyer puts it in his newest book “I Can See Clearly Now”. These days I pay much more attention to every little thing, and when Iife seems to be spiraling downward, the sooner I can catch those spots in which I see I need some correction, I do so. I have less time to waste at my age and so I consider every moment precious. I also watch the consequences of my corrections carefully to discover whether I need to make further adjustments. As a result, I am the happiest and healthiest and most fulfilled I have ever been. We are kind of in a mega-version of this. As a species we might want to pay more attention and act sooner and more wisely to correct what has led to this imbalance in nature. But all along the way, the disasters themselves are glorious and terrible opportunities to “get IT”, whatever that IT may be, and through them we see the best of humanity, emerge, come to the fore, and express ITself in beautiful and wonderful ways.

  • Rebekka

    Waves of miraculous love and revelation. God can send waves of change over the entire planet and wildly alter everyone’s feeling and beliefs at once. The mental world of debating about this and that and conflicting thought pattern gets us to a stand still ending in “the need for survival, or livelihood” being the most “logical” according to the average non-big picture thinker.

    When you need to pay the bills, you can’t care about the environment. I completely understand this dilemma.

    But a revelation of a new way can change all of humanity AT ONCE. It is a God-sized miracle and it has nothing to do with words or convincing. Try to convince the average middle class worker trying to support a family by working at a job that has an indirect negative impact on the environment that he should try to find another way. As he leaves the house in the morning, all he knows is he has to support the ones he loves. That’s his feeling of purpose. Hardly any mental hoola hoops can change his mind.

    This can’t come from thinking. It has to come from a mass human revelation into a completely new world. The Kingdom of Heaven.

    “Thy kingdom COME.
    Thy will be DONE
    On earth as it is in Heaven”

    God’s will is heaven on earth and a mass human evolutionary jump created by a massive miracle waves of LOVE and REVELATION from God can bring us there.

  • Tara Christmann Pilling

    It’s time to truly WAKE UP from our sleeping human delusions and selfish ways of living g! That being that anytime we inflict pain, suffering, ignorance, and harm to another being, plant and/or the earth that we are doing this to ourselves. In the end we all suffer and will continue to suffer. It’s time to come together as ONE tribe. This is going to take hard work and dedication. But we all know that without challenges we can not make the desired change. It’s the only way! Transformation is possible but we need at least 10% of our population on board to start this emergence of a new way of living and being. I think it’s truly possible. We need to address the state of emergency we truly are in. That our very survival depends on this! For many this will require stepping out of the bubble they live in and seeing truly what is going on in this world.

  • Karen G.

    What I have begun to do when witnessing events that seem so massive and complex is ask that Divine Love be supplied to it and to everyone involved. This is the most powerful force in the Universe. With Divine Love added to the situation, each person is the highest version of him/herself, creativity flows, miracles occur. And I move from powerless to participatory in what I trust will be the highest possible outcome.

  • Mikael Madsen

    ALl this kind of so called problems Will not stop before we start to stop.

    Start to stop what Yes we must stop wanting skay others have we must stop thinking negative aLl Tine that whatever kind of problems we have

    Im bottom line we dont have any we make them to be problems and when we Are so many doing that our oneness Will be affecktet and we Will have massive sickness and desasters like this one Yes we must pray for them and help IF posible

    Lets all start to stop now

  • Mariella Giura Longo

    I believe we can collectively change the outcome of any announced disaster. We did so on 21-12-2012, as we collectively decided it was not going to be the end of the world. We did it with the collective prayer for Syria, which avoided another war. We must focus our vision on a different outcome, one of peace, joy, health and wealth, abundance and happiness for each and everyone on this planet. I suggest that we establish one day a week for collective prayer, and that at a given time everyone meditates collectively on the best vision for the planet we can ever hold!! The Next Highest Version of Who We Want to Be…..

  • mewabe

    Nature alone will stop us, nothing else will…but not before we have felt more pain…much more.

    Like all addicts, we (humanity) will have to fall very hard before we finally realize that we should change our behavior. We do not learn the easy way…we haven’t even learnt to end wars, even after WW2 and 50 million dead.

    How many will have to die from environmental disasters before we take responsibility for our actions, such as in the case of global warming, 200 millions, 500 millions?

    We will not save the environment…the natural environment will save us…from ourselves…eventually, after we have punished ourselves severely enough and are ready to quit, to end our self-destructive behavior.

    Wisdom has never been a virtue of a civilization whose technologies oppose nature.

    • Deolinda Traquete

      What happened in Atlantis and the predictions of Edgar Cayce, are all part of the past, since the shift that started in 1987 and all that follow, till 21-12-2012, date that manifested our survival in this Planet, from now, it is all the adjustments that are necessary for our enlightenment. Until 2017 much more will happen and we are here to help the Planet and all Life including ourselves to evolve consciously to become all that we are: LOVE. The scientists are right in one way or the other, but they are lucking that spiritual part of the equation. There, are now many which are awakening spiritually and are incorporating their understanding of life at Its best. And serve as a confirmation scientifically for humanity to believe. We can’t wait for the scientists to do all the work, because there IS NO Time as Neal says. We must start to change ourselves right away, from within and without. We must stop the wars, we must stop the destruction of our Planet in ALL Areas of Life. We must VOICE to the World what we WANT, and fight for IT. Not with another war, BUT with our on ACTIONS. In mass we can implant on this Planet the change.

      • mewabe

        Thanks, I agree with you…

        However my comments were about the mainstream culture (globally), the huge majority of people who still live their lives blindly according to 15th century worldviews.

        How do you MOVE this mainstream, how do you affect the dominant paradigm that is fighting tooth and nails to resist change from within and without?

        I think that this is what Neale is asking…

        How do you stop wars, for example, when the youth keeps joining the military with the belief that fighting in Afghanistan and terrorizing Pakistanis with drones is actually making the world and America a better and safer place? (Only one example…don’t get me started on the environment…)

        You will probably mention critical mass…that a specific percentage of humanity can cause a shift to happen. I am not sure about this. I think the shift will not happen until a majority of humanity has its back against the wall, so to speak, meaning when enough global destruction has taken place that it can no longer bury its head in the sand…

        I am not attached to this belief or thought or vision however (yes I had an actual vision about it, about the future of the earth and the world, and in it, yes, things got much worse before they got better), as I know anything is possible!

  • Claude Leruitte

    I believe the earth is the landlord and we are only the tenants, and misbehaved tenants at that. I believe we went too far in our destructive pattern and the landlord will soon evict us to be replaced by a more responsible type of tenants.

    • mewabe

      Yes, but before kicking us out, the earth is collecting the back rent.

      The sad part is that it is the poor (third world nations) who is paying the ultimate price for the misbehavior of the rich (industrialized nations).

      • Claude Leruitte

        Hmm! a clean slate is necessary before the new dish arrives. Everyone will be sitting at the same table

  • Michael

    How can a person do anything about this at all, even if that person has begun or is well on his/her way to understanding the true power they wield? In all honesty most times I do not care about the troubles that others are experiencing. I am much more concerned about my own life situation, my health, my debts, my job, just paying the bills for heavens sake. I can easily imagine that there are billions of people who would say the same. Can anyone save us from ourselves? I strongly believe that many someones would have to demonstrate who we really are (in such a way as Jesus did) to large numbers of others and consistently in order for people to say “oh that’s way cooler than anything I’ve seen so far! I want to do that.” I have tried my absolute best to be one of those people and for me it was crazy making. I needed to take a step back into a reality that I could handle. When I look at myself and so many others, are not too interested in knowing who we really are. Perhaps you could help us, by writing some material that would assist us specifically in the areas of courage, self trust, communicating our message to others, give us a way to offer something to others more beautiful than what is currently on televsion. Could you even teach courses on how to stand in the way of this machine we have created and still be heard by others. Even before that happens can you guide us on how to unlock our emotions? Soooooo many people I speak with, don’t have any emotions other than painful ones. It took an absolutely huge amount of effort for me to feel warmth in my heart. How can I expect people to feel for others, when so many of them have no feelings? This is an entirely separate subject and one that has been largely ignored by most people.

    • mewabe

      You may be interested in these books:

      “Why you get sick, how you get well, the healing power of feelings” by Dr Arthur Janov

      “The biology of love”, same author.

      • Michael

        Thank You Mewabe.

    • Deolinda Traquete

      Read “What God Said” by Neal and “The Council of Light Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul by Danielle Rama Hoffman

      • Michael

        Thank you for that. It’s wonderful of you to assist me.

    • Pamela Jambeck

      Your concern is legitimate. You must take care of yourself and your daily obligations first…then others who are connected, and then circle outward. Material is out there for you to study and learn a “new way” to be with ourselves and others. Neale has connections to all of that…stay following his lead. Others will open to you as you persue this new “spiritual” path. Spiritual, not necessarily “religious” at least not in the old sense. This is a larger view of how we are all connected on this planet. The First Nations had the answers and have guarded “the way” with integrity. We are now being able to be shown by them and by many others who have evolved out of the iron-clad boxes of our past existance.
      Be open. Be brave. Be honest. Be aware. You will find the way!

  • Krystal Bass

    Anyone who worries about this, much as I once did, should really check out the works of Gregg Braden. For me, his insight really helped me a whole lot. He’s a world renowned scientist. He’s known for marrying science and spirituality – check him out!
    The planet herself seems to be going through a massive evolutionary leap. We happen to be along for the ride this time, and we’re approaching something called Zero point which will help mankind tremendously. Beyond that, I’ve been taking it upon myself to get a whole new education, a spiritual one, and while on this journey, I finally found something that aligned with my inner understandings regarding all of this:
    1. We have only slightly intervened – regardless of how mad it all looks; we are but fractionally responsible for any of the massive changes that we are experiencing by the Earth’s evolutionary shift. It barely scratches the surface. The poles have melted many, many times.
    2. Every soul that is on this planet has chosen to be here now – knowing what it would be facing it his or her lifetime. The reason we came here now is because – believe it or not – we are HELPING THE PLANET. Sounds crazy right? No… There is something much bigger at work here, something so sacred that we are willing to give up our physical bodies for it, something so huge that we’ve hidden it even from ourselves…
    We are the guardians, and we are the saviours. This is a deep spiritual symbiosis that we have with our Earth and We are SAVING HER… This is extremely important to know.We are each playing out physical roles that are merely a MASK for what’s truly going on here.
    3. The weather is reflective of our energy. The more people know this, the more they come to understand just how deep our connection IS, then we can really fix our weather. Our massive storms are a collection of negative energy that, by the natural system, clears itself through a storm. But the storms SERVE us in so many incredible ways – they give us a chance to show our true love, our true compassion, and to rebuild things and evolve into people that try to connect, in one sense or another. They show us our true nature – loving, compassionate, giving, and hopefulness – by giving us ruin. But more important here! When WE calm down and begin to understand that the weather is a reflection of us, the hurricanes will be replaced with soft rain.
    YOU CAN DO THIS. Be calm. Be loving. Don’t fear or worry. The more people do this, especially in groups, they lessen the negative reflection on the planet, the less she needs to clear herself.
    Now that’s in regards to storms and not volcanoes or earthquakes or poleshifts. But it’s a step in the right direction.

    Anyway I hope that helps some people. And I know it will sound crazy – at one time I would have thought so too – but I’m a believer now.

    • mewabe

      Are we helping and saving the planet with the tar sands of Canada, with hydraulic fracturing, with mountaintops removal for coal mining, with cutting down thousand years old redwoods in Northern California to clear the land for more vineyards, with the exhaustion of the oceans, with the rapid destruction of rainforests in the Amazon, with leaky nuclear power plants, with the pollution and massive exhaustion of ground water tables? Is all of this done in the name of loving the planet? Really?

      Who is financing this scientist, Gregg Braden? All scientists are financed. Is it the oil, the coal, the nuclear industry?

      Just asking…

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        Gregg Braden is not “financed” by anyone — nor would he label himself “a world renowned scientist.” He is a writer, a friend of mine, I am honored to say, and a very insightful human being. The entry under his name at Wikipedia says:

        Gregg Braden is an American author of New Age literature, who became notable as part of the 2012 phenomenon for his claim that the magnetic polarity of the earth was about to reverse. Braden argued that the change in the earth’s magnetic field might have effects on human DNA. He has also argued that human emotions affect DNA and that collective prayer may have healing physical effects. He has published many books through the Hay House publishing house, some of which have become bestsellers.

        • mewabe

          Thank you Neale for clarifying…
          Yes, everything is connected, and everything had an effect on everything, especially consciousness. Everything is an experience in consciousness. What the earth is going through is, I believe, a reflection of our collective inner state of being, as well as the product of our actions, our choices of technologies, our lifestyles, which are all expressions of our worldview, beliefs, namely that we are separate from nature and can master it, bend it to our will regardless of consequences.

          Yes, consciousness must change, and actions and choices of lifestyles and technologies must reflect a new consciousness, that expresses that all life is one, all is interrelated and interdependent.

          There is no doubt people who read this website understand these things…but what of the mainstream culture, and of those who put pressure on scientists to soften their words or who suppress their findings in order to, as you wrote, put economic interests before the ecology, before life itself?

          This is the real problem…the real absurdity…the crowd on the Titanic who continues to party while the ship is sinking, claiming that nothing serious is happening!

          Not to mention the Second Coming crowd that wants everything to fall apart in order to, they believe, speed up this second coming, and who actually state that environmentalists are doing the “devil’s” work by delaying global destruction?

          • Pamela Jambeck

            …and to add to your musings, mewabe….even though those of us who are in this discussion may “seem” to be few compared to the masses…we can nevertheless affect the “ethers” of our planet with our positive perspective and love. I believe the positive is more powerful than the negative. PLUS, I also feel that for mahy who have crossed the threshold and have “seen the light” are in some way able to effect the positive energy of our planet as well. Your thoughts on this….see Rudolf Steiner for some spiritual science basis. Thank you. In light and love….

          • mewabe

            Thanks Pamela…
            In the final analysis, I do not believe anything is either positive or negative…these are just conceptual conventions, words used as symbols for the sake of communication. We fragment and “package” reality with words and symbols, and then we identity with these, confusing the map with the territory.

            I do not think anything is “wrong”, or “bad”, and certainly not “evil” or “dark”.

            The positive and negative are as the two sides of the same coin…as long as you have a coin, you will have two sides, and they cannot be separated…one side cannot “overcome” the other side. Each side’s existence is valid and unavoidable, and perfectly, harmoniously complementary to the other.

            The problem with humanity is when things get out of balance. When one side becomes dominant, as a concept, and people spend all their time and energy struggling to manifest their concepts as reality, attempting to force their worldview on the world of nature as well as the man made world, which is an impossibility.

            So basically, if nothing is wrong or negative, what are the world’s problems and where are they coming from?

            The mind.

            Check out Alan Watts’ lecture “Inevitable ecstasy” on YouTube, if you have time…you might enjoy it. His musing are very profound…and refreshing. They predate the new age by a few decades, and go so much farther and deeper.

            He is my philosopher of choice…

        • Awareness

          GREAT to know 🙂

      • Deolinda Traquete

        What Krystal Bass says is correct, we do much more for ourselves and the Planet if we: Be calm. Be loving. Don’t fear or worry. We can call on the Light, that is part of our make up, the Light within and the Love Ray to intend it everywhere on the Planet. It will help a great dill for the Planet to cleanse It Self without so much turmoil. We must change our thoughts of negative thinking and replace it with Loving ones. Certainly, we must change our way, and create a life where mother Earth is included and all living things. Gregg Braden is a physical and spiritual scientist which has been helping the Planet with his work and heart. He is a pioneer in this spiritual revolution. What Krystal Bass said; “1. We have only slightly intervened – regardless of how mad it all looks; we are but fractionally responsible for any of the massive changes that we are experiencing by the Earth’s evolutionary shift. It barely scratches the surface. The poles have melted many, many times. 2. Every soul that is on this planet has chosen to be here now – knowing what it would be facing it his or her lifetime. The reason we came here now is because – believe it or not – we are HELPING THE PLANET. 3. The weather is reflective of our energy.” You see, what she says is correct, but like she says, it is much at stake here at work, then our human brain can perceive. We are shifting together with mother Earth, from a 3D consciousness to 4D and 5D. It is happening and it doesn’t matter if we know or not about it. We must change ourselves from within, Neal talks about all this in is book “What God Said.” Even that we are only but fractionally responsible for any of the massive changes that we are experiencing by the Earth’s evolutionary shift, we certainly are responsible, for all the destruction that is going on the Planet. What’s going on in our World is a reflection of Our Global Consciousness. We accept wars instead of Peace. We hate instead of LOVE, we let the World go hungry instead of have less money and feed All, we are killing the Planet and ourselves with pollution and with what ever we are doing, the list goes on and on. We need to be Spiritual responsible for all our intents, feelings and our actions. We must have a Brain/Heart balance to change our World and our species.

      • Michael L

        Research mewabe before you assume.

        • mewabe

          I did not assume, I asked 🙂 and Neale answered…

    • Awareness

      I suggest that Neale Donald Walsch have discussions with the following people regarding solutions for these types of situations:

      1. Gregg Braden
      2. Jacque Fresco (Venus Project)

      Bless ALL 🙂

    • Juli Draney

      This is awesome, Krystal Bass!!! <3 Thank you for deepening my perspective. I believe that when people are at peace, they will engage in behaviors which are more respectful of the planet/each other/themselves…THANK YOU!

    • Pamela Jambeck

      Krystal, I love when wisdom speaks. You have found the steam of consciousness and are swimming beautifully in it. I repeat your/our words…We can do this. Be calm. Be love. No fear. Pass it on again and again until we all realize that the storms will pass and a new Earth will emerge! Blessings upon us!

  • Carina Aduddell

    I like the idea of praying for a change and asking love to help in these terrible times..but I feel much more is needed here. We are all responsible for the climate change and this terrible weather. We all need to make changes in our own individual lives to help stop global warming..we also need to reach out to others and ask them to do the same..and they should also do the same..all in a loving unforced manner. If enough people will do this we could shift the global consciousness and save this beautiful Earth our Creator has blessed us with.

    • Michael L

      Hard to do when you make carbon the building block of life here on earth the “bad” guy.

      • Carina Aduddell

        I’m not saying carbon is bad Michael..but I believe that too much of just about everything is. Burning fossil fuel..coal..natural the rate that we do is going to be detrimental to our planet and to us humans. All I’m suggesting is to use more “green” sources to produce Maybe unplugging electronics when they aren’t in use. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products. There are more ideas I could name..but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. I just feel we could all be a more conscious of the toxins we’re putting out into the world.

        • Michael L

          Then if your for stopping the pollution of the air and the land I’m for you.
          Just don’t use that tired saying that it’s global warming that’s to blame. Cause it isn’t.

          • Carina Aduddell

            You have your beliefs and I have mine..which is fine. I believe the pollution we cause to the air and land plays a part in global warming. God bless you on your journey and thank you for sharing your point of view with me!

          • Michael L

            Dear Carina,
            I believe we have the same beliefs about pollution of our planet.
            Just the small catch word “Global warming” that is seen from different points.

            And I’ll throw in a thought. We are ready for a mini ice age, which happens cyclically right about now. So don’t throw away your snow shoes.

          • Carina Aduddell

            Michael you’ve given me some food for thought..thanks. I’d like to think I’m pretty open minded to perspectives different than my current perspectives. 🙂 If there’s a mini ice age I’m not too worried..I live in Iowa and every winter is like a mini ice age. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. God bless!

          • Michael L

            Blessings back to you.

  • Stephen mills

    Conversations with god gives us direction on how we can start to put the snowflake back together.Today I read in an article that the temperature rises have slowed or stalled over the last 15 years possibly due to banning of CFC,s and that the ozone hole that was created as a result of using these gases is now closing( the planet self heals ).

    This is exiting news as it shows we can reverse the effects of global warming but we must work fast ! CWG book Two taks about following the money and creating a visible transparent monetary system as a possible solution as people would never put up with what is really going on and the profits that the burning of carbon produces .

    The first thing that we must do is tax carbon ,create fair markets for renewable sources too compete solar,wind ,wave and biomass ! The polluters and corporations that are changing the planet,s atmosphere must pay up for there externalities as there pumping out carbon as a product of burning fossil fuels and having all of us pay for the cosequences .
    Boycott fossil fuels on mass ,create a day when all of us will say enough too using ancient sunlight and demand that we power our world with current sunlight .

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      STEPHEN….you have said….”Today I read in an article that the temperature rises have slowed or stalled over the last 15 years possibly due to banning of CFC’s and that the ozone hole that was created as a result of using these gases is now
      closing (the planet self heals ).” Could you give us a source for that story? Can you tell us where you read that, and how we can get to it? Thanks. Hugs…Neale.

      • Stephen mills

        Neale I got the information from a BBC online article which I have e-mailed to you at the Global Conversation .The original information was published in the journal nature geoscience .

        I hope this help,s.



        • Michael L

          This information has been out there for about 3-5 years.
          The avg. temperature hasn’t increased in at lest 10 years, and we keep pumping stuff into the air with no global warming.

          The earth can heal itself, but we are killing our selves with the toxic polutants we put into the air.

          • mewabe

            Good point Michael…ever since global warming has become a (hot) topic, the public seems to disregard on-going environmental pollution, which is not getting better, beginning with China…

          • Stephen mills

            Imagine the earth like your body Michael ? What happens when the temperature of your body rises by a few degrees ? Just a few degrees does not sound a lot but it could bring death to a young child !

            For the earth to support humans at the optimal level and life to thrive we had better observe what that entails ? It,s time to go long see what best serves us to do so use the precautionary principle serve the highest interests of all before short term profit.


          • Michael L

            I understand your thoughts on what is not working and agree with you ,but to blame cows farting as our biggest problem doesn’t do justice to the thought of, we are polluting our selves many which ways to Sunday. And carbon dioxide….

          • Stephen mills

            Hi Michael have you heard of the Permian mass extinction ,have a look at Thom Hartmann,s film Last Hours a short film just over 10 minutes long.And tell everyone you know about it !

      • Stephen mills

        I hope you got the article Neale ,I read in CWG about how long it took before the powers that be decided to stop using CFC,s but they did it and it must have made a difference ! It kinda self asserts the CWG material ” not that I ever doubted anything that was said there but the more I go over the material and information in these books the more the information becomes real in our reality ! I,am not saying the books foretell the future but it is strange that the path they suggest is the easiest for humanity to follow if it wants the highest good of all and a jump in our evolutioary process.

        It made me stop in my tracks when I read the article as the penny dropped ,I new that this information is important and the truth is all I seek with an open heart and deepest sincerity with the innocence of angels

    • mewabe

      “…people would never put up with what is really going on and the profits that the burning of carbon produces.”

      Are you sure?
      Are people totally unaware of other environmental destruction, such as the tar sands, the rapid destruction of rainforests to make room for cattle, mountain top removal mining, the exhaustion of the oceans, the depletion of water table, etc etc?

      Are people that misinformed, that ignorant of reality?

      Or is it that they simply do not care, or do not want to know, as did the German people who lived near concentration camps in WW2?

  • Celeste Ann Castillo Llaneta

    I’m a Filipino, and I’m lucky enough to be living in Manila, which was spared from the destruction wrought by Super-Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). But like most people here, I have families and friends who live in the central islands of the Philippines, where the storm struck. We have seen the pictures in the news. Our people have lost everything. No food, no clean water, no medicines, no homes, no communications, nothing. There is nobody there who has not lost a family member or a friend. It’s utter loss and unspeakable devastation there.

    The thing is, our country is no stranger to natural disasters. Year after year, we are battered by storms that keep getting stronger and stronger. Just a couple of weeks ago, the same islands hit by Yolanda were also hit by a powerful earthquake. We have volcanoes, too, just in case anyone asks. We’ve been described as “the most dangerous land on the planet”–certainly one of the most vulnerable to natural disasters. For centuries, we’ve weathered these disasters. We Filipinos are known for our indomitable resilience and unquenchable spirit in the face of tragedy. But this…

    After Yolanda, even our indomitable spirit will need help picking itself up again. The generous donations, good thoughts and prayers of the international community are going a long, long way toward helping us heal, and for that, on behalf of my country, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. But it will take time. Even for us.

    Did we help to create Haiyan? I know I’m going to risk the ire of my fellow Filipinos, but I’ll have to say, “Yes.” I’ve read all three books CWG, and from what I understand, we ourselves create in our inner worlds what we see in our outer world. And for us Filipinos–well, many, many of us are unaware of how our thoughts and emotions can create the physical.

    Here’s a bit of context: Filipinos have been angry for months, years, decades. Angry because we’re poor. Angry because our government is corrupt and inefficient, because our politicians are conscienceless criminals. Angry because we have to see our family members leave us to work in other countries because there are no jobs here. Angry because people in other countries sometimes belittle us and call us maids and cheap labor. We’ve been ranked among the happiest people in the world, but at the same time, we’re not. We’re cynical beyond belief, convinced that our government and our socioeconomic system can’t help us. We’re desperately searching for a savior, a deus ex machina figure who’ll make it all better for us, and we’ve been disappointed again and again. Plus a great majority of us believe in a punitive, dogmatic God and a Church that acts more like a feudal lord than a spiritual guide.

    We’ve gotten angrier still these last few months because we found out that–surprise!–our senators have stolen up to billions from public funds. Angry, angry, angry. Behind that, we’ve convinced ourselves that there’s nothing we can do about it, and worse, that complaining about it is somehow helping. And we’re confused. We as a people don’t know who we are. If you were to compress our country into one individual, we’d be a teenager in the grip of an identity crisis and with serious self-esteem issues.

    So yes, I believe that we’ve created this storm, long before Yolanda came rampaging into our area of responsibility. It’s just that we have yet to reach that level where we can take responsibility for everything, including our own thoughts, emotions and behavior. The question is: how do we ever bridge that gap between what we want–peace, progress, economic development, a good life for all Filipinos–and our reality today? How do we break the mental, spiritual and emotional shackles that are holding my country back?

    Because if we can do this for the Philippines, then I truly believe we can do this for the world.

    I apologize for the length of my comment. And if you have any insights you can share with me, please do so. I’ll share your message with the rest of my people.

    Blessings to you all.

    • Rams Aurelio

      Very well said Celeste. But the morbidity of it all is that, this notion of family comes first before the nation has created so much havoc in the intertwined lives amongst us. Sadly, we are still a nation of preferential “onlookers or bystanders” rather than a community of doers. Centuries of dominant catholicism is a testament on how this passiveness is instrumental in the built up psyche of the majority amongst us.

      • Celeste Ann Castillo Llaneta

        “A nation of preferential ‘onlookers or bystanders’ rather than a community of doers.” –> That hits so close to home. As long as it’s not happening to us, personally, then we’re not responsible for it. It has nothing to do with us.

        That’s…that’s really sad.

        • Kenneth Appel Skovbo Jensen

          Dear Celeste!

          My condolences for the loss of your countrys people.

          And my best wishes for everyones safe and fastest possible recovery.

          I go straight to your question(s) at the end of your writings.

          I believe that: The answer is the same as it is for everything else, anywhere else, that needs to change: We must practice! Unconditional Love through our very being, in every aspect of our lifes. And therefore we must practice to! practice it, because it takes unlearning and relearning on every level. I, you, her, him, us, them, we! , must be the training and teaching example at the same time, for the benefit of all and everything. There is countless limitless ways of doing so, they must just simply be rooted in a growing willingness! to get better at doing so. Always to the best of our individual abilities, moment to moment. We have to learn ourselves and others to think in “wholes”, think holistic!, think us and not i divided, but you and is everyone everywhere!, getting it or not. Us that do! get it must teach it the best we can, to learn it better, to teach it better and so forth! It sound simple, it is simple. But! it is allinclusive! and there is no end to how good we can become to do it, and how big an impact it can and will have on us all and everything in our reality.

          Practicing this means firstly: A willingness to believe in it, to believe that love truly is unconditional and allinclusive and that breathing and living it does! “matter” in every sense of the word. Secondly going together with the first, it means to nourish the integrity to practice it, again-again-again,always with focus in the now! And to do it most effectively it means practicing selflove and fearlessness at the same time. Every thought of love, every act of love, of any kind, frees and expands our shared reality. It frees hearts, it frees minds, it frees souls. We are on a page based on a spiritual resource(Neils books) with universal practical tools to be interpreted differently and put to different use by anyone seeing and reading, and recognizing any truth in them. And there are countless others, out there and in! there. The reason why i mention unconditional love as the one!, is because i feel it is essential to them all, it is a shared essence running through any method and any practice, that is made for the benefit of all.

          And i dont think you should apologize for the length of your comment;-), and neither should i ! We both do it for the possible benefit of all, and for that i am grateful:-)

          All the best in

          Peace and Love and Truth!


          • Celeste Ann Castillo Llaneta

            Thank you for your warm words, Kenneth. And for your gentle reminders. Practice, practice, practice. A willingness to believe in unconditional love, no matter what is going on outside of us.

            Sometimes I find myself thinking, “What’s the use? Nothing seems to be changing, and besides, everyone else is being so unloving anyway.” But that’s neither here nor there. As God said in Neale’s book, we’re here to create our highest Self we can. All of these things going on around us are just the springboard from which we can create our Selves.

            Sometimes, though, I wish our springboard was a little less “boardy” and more “springy”–but then, that’s just me. ^_^

            Again, thank you so much, Kenneth, and Light and Love to you, too.


          • Pamela Jambeck

            Beautifully stated, Kenneth, and I will now proceed to making my contribution of some $ to UNICEF, as they are our “United Nations” organization for global concern and PEACE!

    • mewabe

      I am, from my heart, profoundly sorry for your looses, individually and collectively. Whenever people need help, I, like others, want to jump on a plane and come to a disaster area to help in any way I could. Imagine thousands of people doing so, freely, spontaneously, out of the goodness of their heart. Sending money works as well, yet it does not feel so direct and human.

      But we are all tied down, time-wise, by monetary considerations…we have become voluntary slaves…jobs, obligations, debts. We barely have time to deal with our own personal life crisis, with deaths in our families, etc…

      I think we all need to heal our relationship with the earth, specifically among industrialized nations, those that pollute the most, and consume and exhaust resources the most. We have to do this individually as well…established religions do not speak of the earth, they are only concerned with what they call sin, salvation, hell and heaven.

      The earth is not a space ship, it is not something we use as we would a house. It is a living entity, that has its own form of consciousness. This consciousness is tied to ours, individually and collectively. It is a form of divine consciousness, as is all life. If we were to understand that when we walk on the earth, we walk on God, when we breathe the air, we breathe God, when we drink water, we drink of God, we would change our attitude towards the natural creation.

      We would understand that all life, not just human life, is sacred, and live accordingly, in gratitude and grace, and in beautiful harmony with all life.

      Can we do this? Do not wait for others…love the creation, love life today! You will find your natural place in the circle of creation…and feel connected to All That Is, physically and spiritually. You will understand what is happening…a global spiritual crisis that goes a lot farther and deeper than what is appearing at the surface with environmental disasters, government corruption and economic melt downs.

    • Pamela Jambeck

      Your wisdom about the situation is remarkable. It will be a factor in “changing the tide” for your people! I send healing/blessing thoughts for ALL!

    • Kristen

      Celeste. Condolances and TLC to you all, from New Zealand. I live in a huge multi cultural area, with many Filipinos including many customers at work, generally staunchly Catholic. I have to say that the American accents crack me up!

      I have much to say but I won’t becauseat PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE. This is tragic and hard to comprehend, but if people wanted to change themselves or their behaviours they would, at the end of the day there is not much we can do except hold fast to ourselves and personal faith in ourselves and battle on. It is very hard to accept that you/we are a part of creating the problems but we are all creating it all, nature provides the basic four seasons and the sun, the people on Earth at any one time are creating the weather especially all the changes, and much of climate change is localised and being produced by negative energy manifesting above and around, which can affect storms and the weather as much as man made climate change. If you want to understand more then look at a dream interpretation book that will define what all the different things occurring are being caused by. Dreams books are also a ‘guide to life’ defining manifestations being bestowed on us from above or that we are creating individually or enmasse.

      Take care and best wishes.

  • Peter de Laat

    If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best!

    On this believe i try to be an example for the people I meet as an sustainable entrepeneur/ consultant. I make not a lot of money but people listen to my advise for the last 12 years now and i work a lot for goverments, so my influence becomes greater and greater.

    Beside that you could be an example for your neighbours by putting on solar panels, use biomass for heating or putting on a small windmill. At first my neighbours said my solar panels where ugly and a waist of money, but a year and a half later now at both sides the roofs are full with panels… LOL

    So only if you are a little piece of the puzzle, you can be the source of a great chance.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

    • mewabe

      Yes, you are totally right, this is the hope of the word…walking our talk and leading by example! Doesn’t it feel good to live this way and implement practical solutions in our own lives? And it feels good to know countless people are doing it too!

      Near where I live, a high school converted to solar.

      Governments follow the will of the people, not the other way around. They are the last ones to get it, and to get it together, to change. The people must lead, always…

      We have been fooled into thinking the opposite, that governments must lead us. Then we wonder why we are so frustrated and disappointed.

    • Kristen

      Yes but we also need to remember the average income in most countries, and that most people to not even have a spare $500 to their name. The Law of Intent is great in that our true intentions are always clearly known and we get ‘credits’ universally if it is known we have good intent but aspects like a lack of funds are holding us back. I am just glad that in New Zealand we are generally hydro electric and are a nuclear free country so I do not have to face these decisions. Yet!. I personally feel that at this point it is better to pump money into stopping suffering like animal welfare charities than on the environment, WHILST cutting everything back to a minimum to keep our carbon footprints low.

      Environmentally there are so many hypocrites out there, those travelling etc especially for work tend to be the loudest preachers about the environment. I hope that as a consultant you are not one of these. Said with a smile!

      • mewabe

        Yes, we can always point to other people’s shortcomings, and anyone who makes a statement (such as I love the earth) will be called on it (then why do you drive a giant SUV or go on a cruise vacation?)…or…I love animals…then why do you eat them, because cows are not animals, there are just meat on 4 legs?

        Change is, however, not about perfection…we are not doing it to receive medals or to get “credits”. Let’s look at what sincere people are attempting to do, however imperfectly, and reinforce that, while very gently offering more information and solutions when possible, appropriate and at the appropriate time.

        We must realize that although we are all unique and different, we have some commonality and common interests, and that we are all on the same side, those of us who seek to create a better present and future for all life, each in his or her own as yet imperfect way 🙂

        Patience and tolerance accomplish much!

        • Kristen

          I really don’t think that a majority of people care. If they wanted to change their ways then they would. Trying is all that we can do, a great headstone is ‘the girl/guy who tried’, and gives as much peace of mind and spirit as success, which is governed by the Law of Equality. Is a person who feeds one stray cat within their budget as successful as doing their bit as one who gives millions to an animal welfare charity? Yes. Is the person who feeds on stray cat more successful than the millionare who says he wants to do something yet does not? Yes.

          Change is a catalyst for perfection, not our concept of perfection, but The Sources idea of perfection with all the imperfections that perfection contains within, just like the colours white and black and all that they both contain. We are now in the black with every colour still in potential, we just need to pull the different aspects of each colour in different people one at a time, until we have a rainbow and the purity of white. Painstaking and challenging, but baby steps are sometimes the way.

  • Awareness

    12th Remembrance: “The death of every person always serves the agenda of every other person who is aware of it. That is why they are aware of it. Therefore, no death (and no life) is ever wasted. NO ONE EVER DIES IN VAIN.”

    5th Remembrance: “Death is never a tragedy. IT IS ALWAYS A GIFT.” – “Home with God” 🙂

    Now, we do have technology to monitor and track typhoons such as “Haiyan”. And if we wish to create realities where these things do not happen, then God has given us ALL the resources we need to do so (there is an abundance of weather satellites for this purpose). For example recently India experienced the effects of “Cyclone Phailin” and LEARNING from the past (1999 a cyclone killed more than 10,000 people in Orissa.), the authorities were better prepared this time 🙂 Up to 1 MILLION PEOPLE were evacuated. According to the BBC quoting an official, “the evacuation was the biggest in India’s history for such an event.” 🙂

    The Philippines can do the same in the future. If they do not have the resources to evacuate huge amounts of people to safe areas, then they can ask for urgent international help. I am sure the world would be happy to assist 🙂

    I suggest the establishment of a Worldwide Emergency Weather Event Monitoring Center (WEWEC). This center will have access to all weather satellite information to issue advisories in case of potential weather emergencies 🙂 We have the resources and technology to do this and GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) knows this 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • mewabe

      Yes, this is a good point and a good idea, yet it is not a solution, only a temporary adjustment…we will run out or places to seek refuge, and out of money to deal with ever more frequent, expended and severe calamities.

      If we do not change, we will end up with no place to hide from the consequences of our actions.

      Which might be a blessing in disguise, as our collective head will no longer be able to remain buried in the sand.

      • Awareness

        Understood 🙂 In the interim while working on changing consciousness as we are doing through these discussions, we can eliminate internal combustion engine cars and introduce electric cars. Elon Musk is already pioneering this effort in the USA 🙂 The Model S electric sedan developed by TESLA Motors runs fully on electric (ZERO CO2 emissions) and can be charged for free at Tesla Supercharger stations in the US.

        Elon Musk “as CEO and head of product design at Tesla Motors, Musk oversees strategy for the all-electric American car company he co-founded to design, engineer and manufacture affordable electric vehicles for mainstream consumers. He currently guides development of the Model S, the world’s first premium electric sedan, and Model X, an SUV/minivan. Previously, he spearheaded design of the original Tesla Roadster, the first battery electric sports car. Musk developed the business and sales strategy to deliver Tesla vehicles to consumers worldwide and forged partnerships with Daimler and Toyota, through which Tesla Motors sells electric powertrain systems to those companies.”

        “As chairman of SolarCity, Musk provides strategic direction for the company he conceived to help combat global warming and minimize air pollution. SolarCity is a national leader in CLEAN ENERGY SERVICES.”

        And Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) has indicated:

        “There are alternative energy SOLUTIONS that are ready now to come forward: COLD FUSION, for example, and TESLA technology that will tap the orgone energies that are available, and FREE ENERGY.” 🙂

        GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) has already answered 🙂 All we need to do is RESPOND 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

        • mewabe

          Yes, there are so many solutions out there…everything problem has within itself the seed of its own solution…many creative individuals are coming up with these solutions, and it is very encouraging.

          But governments won’t lead with these…we need to lead them.

          One question I am putting out there, for whomever wants to answer: why is it that the majority of people (the mainstream) is more excited by problems and quite bored with solutions?

          In another comment I brought this up as a perfect example: the simple, bi-partisan political solution of having totally publicly-funded elections, as well as curtailing the power of lobbyists, to restore some honesty in government. When hearing this, people yawn. It does not get their blood boiling…they would rather get all riled up at the way politicians are controlled by big business and lobbyists, and forever rant and rave about it.

          This is not a new topic…the book “The best democracy money can buy” was published in 2004…how much more ranting and raving does the public need to indulge in, led by talk show hosts, before even beginning to think about solutions?

          This is something all talk show hosts know: were they to speak reasonably, rationally, about common sense issues and solutions, they would have no audience.

          They gain a large audience when bringing up controversy, the more extreme, irrational, radical, inflammatory their statements, the greater their audience.

          Even Neale gets more participation and comments here when he bring up controversial social topics. When he write about more easily accepted spiritual truths, he gets a few nodes…a few comments of appreciation, and that’s it.

          Is humanity really willing to find solutions to its problems, or does it get more satisfaction in endless struggles and conflicts?

          Another way to put it: would you be able to get a boxing match audience to leave in the middle of a match to go contemplate the beauty of a sunset, or two swans swimming on a lake?

          Does our primal love of a good fight is all that is preventing us from implementing solutions to our problems, and is it what is causing the majority of humanity to act in ways that defy intelligence?

          • Awareness

            Personally I find solutions refreshing, exciting and lightening for the HEART 🙂

          • mewabe

            So do I 🙂

          • Pamela Jambeck

            I like your question…and I’m thinking about it. I believe all of the conflict and negativity that has built up over time is finally being released. I think people are “fired up” to get it out and release all of it, however it is with them. We have the ability and means to create solutions for just about any problem on this planet. When the ranting has finally worn itself out, I feel people will finally awaken to the reality that WE CAN SOLVE OUR GLOBAL CHALLENGES TOGETHER! I, for one, have been ready and waiting for this my entire lifetime. I’m finally (approaching 70) now actually somewhat more patient than I’ve ever been, as I see these “childish” rants as the last vestiges of the “garbage” that has to be removed. When these tantrums and fires have burned out….the new growth will be a “dream to behold!” Let it be.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Pamela for your reply…yes I agree, I have witnessed, when attempting to mediate between two conflicted individual, that they first have to rant and rave about each other, and only after they have extensively exhausted their breath in such a fashion can they begin to talk rationally and be solution oriented.

            In a way, it is because people do not know how to express their own emotional pain that it comes out so distorted and so indirectly.

            Yes, the garbage has to get out…or else it rots within. Humanity has a lot of baggage to unload, before it can see things more clearly.

            Please see the above response to Kristen as well…I am curious as to what you will think…

          • Kristen

            Finding solutions, problem solving, ‘cracking’ the seed to plant then sow the crops, uncovering mysteries and hidden information and resolution are FUN. Reacting is much more fun than acting first, the ground is laid by others for us to plough through BUT the problem is that people have become unskilled in the fine art of thinking, using their imaginations, thinking and acting independantly of others, taking personal responsibility, attaining their own education rather than learning (or memorising) the teachings of others so the vast majority have no concept of what this is all about.

            You bring up Neales conversations, I feel people are much more responsive when topics about people and/or their own personal opinions and input requests are raised BUT I am more interested in people so perhaps I am inclined to notice this more. Controversy is good conversation but it cannot often occur in person as one party will generally be an alpha and will not allow the other person to express their own input, they will override then, shut them down or use dominance tactics when the do not want the hear the other view. Therefore one side of any controversal discussions will generally be one party going all out to ensure they and their side dominates and will not even process what the other is saying, let alone try to understand. Is this conversation? I think not.

            Everything is about balance, sanity and calmness are about balance, longevity is about balance and the human trait of a ‘love of a good fight’ needs to be balanced with working for the greater good and that fight seed in us all put to a good use. I note that the boxing audience are observers only!

          • mewabe

            Thank you for your thoughtful answer…
            I wonder if this widespread inability to get along and work towards a common goal for any significant length of time does not also come from what is called the ego, the unreal image of the separate self, that feels threatened by agreement, by unity.

            I have witnessed many activists who individually are very idealist and good hearted, yet cannot keep it together, literally, who cannot get along with one another and enter into petty conflicts and split, fragmenting and weakening their movements.

            In Japan, the traditional culture taught that the needs of the individual were subordinate to the needs of society and culture…in this way the ego was channeled into affirming itself through selfless deeds that brought “honor”, that were socially rewarded.

            In communist China, the individual ego was kept in check through coercion. The individual was nothing, and the State was everything.

            Neither of these approaches would please us in the west…but there is something to be said about what I would call tribal consciousness…having the strong feeling that the other members of our society (and world) are as our extended family, our brothers and sisters, all having a common interest at making life better for all without exceptions.

            This is my form of consciousness, it always has been, I am tribal in my heart, mind and soul, which is why I do not fit at all in highly individualistic cultures.

            Indeed tribal consciousness is a far cry from the dog eat dog, everyone for himself, survival of the fittest, absurdly competitive cultural model of the west (namely Europe and its former colonies, such as North America). Such a model creates alienation, distrust, endless divisions and conflicts, and creates a civilization that caters to an out of control ego consciousness.

            My point is that people do no seem to be able to work towards a common goal for any significant length of time (except when preparing for war and waging wars), or to even agree on such goal, because they do not live in unity in the first place. They have identified so much with the false image of the separate ego, they are caught in this illusion of separation, and fear all that could end it, such as union.

            It’s just a thought…

          • Kristen

            I agree and I think much of our attention spans and commitments of a flea are remains of the hunter/gatherer gene where lives were lived on a daily basis, with the basic goals being the same basis of today BUT as you point out, are now more individualistic rather than tribal. I am thinking you are perhaps Native American, I am caucasion or very western but I can see the three sides of it – mine, what you are saying, and your. I am not a team player, I do not think I could function as a part of a collective group unless we rewound time hundreds of years and I could be the tribe medicine woman; independant within the group, with a clear definitive role but generally working alone and different hours to the others. The Clan of the Cave bear books by Jean M Auel have taught me much about myself, and the roles I could function in as a group. As a visualiser I create movies in my head when I read so throw myself into every character to experience being them, or my version of me as them. My spirit would be sapped, which differs greatly from what runs through your blood. Even in a small village, I would have to live on a lifestyle block just out of town, hence the caucasion concept of land ownership. We are generally independant individuals playing or actiing the role of being a part of a group purely for social interaction and trading ie making money to trade with. Our ancestors chose to divide the land into smaller pockets for personal use for individual families as group living feels unnatural to us. I do not agree with any form of land ownership, however do agree with this form of separation of personal land areas. To be really lame if you are Native American, even on the Dr Quinn medicine woman TV series I would have to be Dr Quinn living out of town and very different to the others (and marry Sully but he really needs to man up and hold down a job!).

            Individualism is in my blood, my pioneering spirit from my grandparents and my soul. I too have a sense of belonging, I belong to Earth, I belong to God, I belong to my home country, I belong to The Source and Creator, I belong to my ancestors and my grandparents whom I am more like than my parents and siblings, I belong as an Isrealite, I belong at home and talking to people all day at work BUT I would not and could not belong to a collective group, large family or community where we are a ‘we’ rather than individual ‘I’s’. Sorry to talk about me so much in this one but a few years ago I realised that other cultures seem to think that causasions are somehow lacking and that we may be functioning in a manner that is not natural to us because races differ greatly. Just as many, especially immigrants, do not realise that we have our own huge culture as the west has wrongly taken over the world so much that our culture has just become as normal as jeans without others realising that it is actually our culture. We also have our own traditions, that are unseen as they have also become ‘just the way it is’ worldwide, or normal. It is only when I see others doing things that I feel are a part of my culture, that I can actually see how dear these things are to me, and I am offended just as other cultures would be if others copied them without realising the acts are cultural and not for the world to copy. I am sure you understand what I mean but one example is wedding cakes, which I make for my job. These carry huge symbolism and are very traditional and all the aunties etc spent weeks making the decorations and baking the fruit cakes at a huge expense. They were in the church, and cut representing the fruits of life and shared with guests at the ministers house next to the church. When I see asians having fake cakes just for their photo shoots I almost wish this could become a curse for disrespecting my culture just as indigenious races have bestowed curses upon those who mess with their culture, places and traditions. I think this is the definition of your own culture running through your veins. We have done this to ourselves, we have stood up for the wrong things and most have forgotten our own culture or even that we have one, this is where I envy other races who’s disciplined communities have held onto them. And this is due to our individualism and lack of leaders within the communities, which has led to the fugged up concept of politics as a whole.

            You are right, we do not generally have a common goal, and do not live in unity but this is just how we are. I do not feel it is ego based.

          • mewabe

            Thank you, yes, you are on to something…I do believe that there are different families of consciousness so to speak, just as there are different races. They often overlap perfectly, but not absolutely, there are individual exceptions.

            Every family of consciousness has something valuable to contribute to the world. We do not cancel each other out, we complement each other, even as do winter and summer. This is why we must honor and celebrate our differences, rather than thinking that “we are all one” should mean” we are all alike”.

            I am not Native American by birth, yet my only present friends are Native Americans, and I feel totally at home with them. I feel the way they feel, think the way they think, not through osmosis, I always have felt that way, It’s never a blessing nor a curse, it just is what it is. They also see something different in me, joking that I was born among the wrong people. But I have come home…

            I only understand tribal consciousness…I am only happy when I do something that benefits others…working for my exclusive self interest kills my soul. I need to share, to work towards a common goal with others, this is when I feel alive and true to myself!

            I am not saying that this way is “superior”…both way have benefits and shortcomings…we are the way we are. But I suspect that the individualist way may have gone too far, that it needs to be balanced with some form of altruism and group unity, with a spiritual understanding that all life is is one. Extreme competition can lead to extreme alienation and endless struggles.

            The missing piece among the Native American cultures of the past was that this sense of group unity stopped with the tribe…others were still enemies…competitors. So the culture had to explode, so to speak, to emerge anew with an expended vision. So far it’s a work in progress…

            I suppose, then, that you never worked in a kibbutz in Israel, or have you?

            There was one thing that was specific about this Native American tribal consciousness which made it unique, and resonates with me completely: this group unity was not achieved under anyone’s authority. There was no coercive authority in such cultures…leaders were merely advisors, and the people remained together in unity as a tribe precisely because they were totally free. That’s the paradox. That’s how I see MY ideal social structure.

            By contrast, the west always had coercive authority (kings and queens, emperors, popes, and now extensive governmental bureaucracies and endless laws). That’s also a paradox, if you think about it…it seems that individual freedom is always curtailed, either voluntarily in a tribe where all work some of the time towards the common good in cooperation and in the sharing of some of the resources, or through coercion under a fear of the law in individualistic, highly competitive cultures.

          • Kristen

            Hi Sullly. For forks sake. Had two attempts at replying as I would want to and God??? keeps turning the internet off. I was giving too much Law based information I assume so I’ll try again.

            I agree with most of what you are saying in true boring CwG style, except marriage – this is the epitome and ultimate in giving. You are giving a part of yourself to a loved one so that they can be complete, in addition to giving your time, love, attention etc which they will return to you in exchange to complete you. Says the divorced cynic but it is easier to see from the outside rather than in the midst. If you are opposed ot marriage for yourself I do hope you have a shag buddy!! As for kids, the female perspective will always be different to male as we are clucky younger, just as males are at around 50 but parenting past the age of 3 is 75% slavery until they are 13 and become fun and more interactive as people. Doing it all again I would still choose to breed young as I think new parents in their 30’s are too self absorbed or obsessed with their kids to raise ‘normal’ kids in this modern world. But I would only do it on a farm or small village, never in the city outskirts as they can’t have the freedom they need.

            I completely understand about finding ‘home’ elsewhere, more than you could ever fathom an awareness of. You are soul batch ’11/4 – prounounced eleventy four as a joke’ and we always have to find home or where we belong. A bit like the runt of the litter (we have new kittens that look like ugly racoons and I’ve never seen a racoon!) where everything is a battle until you can find your own feet and become you. I cannot explain this more or my computer will be shut down again.

            Re a Kibbutz – I would love to have a home on shared freedom based land with a kibbutz, camp, settlement etc about 100 metres away, and I’d have a medical clinic, function room etc set up and organise outdoor concerts etc for ‘my’ villagers. I love that lifestyle assuming there are no swingers, nudists or dodgy stuff going on, and love people around BUT want to be separate as I’m an introvert. I also hate being a guest, I’m very much an organiser or hostess type. I loved a job as camp cook in a house on site. I’d take over too much and end up as a slave if I was in a group as even watching teamwork and how slow the pace and unproductive it seems is torturous. like you said, it takes all sorts or people to make things work. As for Israel, it is in my blood but I couldn’t live around serious people, I find them draining, boring, and most religious people are serious. I need banter and teasing etc, which females with other females rarely do, so would end up with the guys all the time, and be hated by the other females! Just wouldn’t work out for me.

            Enough about me! Glad you are happy and have found home.

          • mewabe

            Hey funny about the CwG style, as I only read one full book (the storm before the calm) and part of the original CwG second book (passages here and there) a couple of years ago…
            So do you mean that I am perfectly capable of being quite boring on my own, when I apply myself?

            By the way I do not think Neale’s style is boring…I think that he tries not to offend too much in order to reach more people, so perhaps this is what you mean. Usually, I do not mince my words…

            Yeah, marriage…twice already! But someone once said that love was not about two people looking at each other, but two people side by side looking in the same direction…love, in my view, is not about constriction but expansion. It can ultimately expand beyond the family…although this creates a lot of tension when the two partners are not aligned in their commitments, for example if a woman is asked to stay home and raise the kids while the man goes out to save the world…people have to be equal partners (I am sure you will disagree).

            In my view very distinct, traditional male and female roles were justified when humans hunted mammoths…today, each gender can do what the other does.

            Soul batch ’11/4? All I know is that I am a traveler…a nomad. I hate roots, I love being on the move (since I am not a tree but more like a sage brush blowing in the wind). That makes me an eternal stranger among most people who would rather rot in the same place forever (they call it security, I call it being dead and buried). So all my “home” feelings are temporary…my home is the entire planet, no less!

            By the way many Native Americans were nomadic…and most people were nomadic before agriculture and animal husbandry.

            I did not know Israelis were that serious…yes all religious people could learn to relax a bit.

            The entire planet is getting deadly serious…from endless “end of the world” predictions to endless wars and the Total Surveillance State, the place is getting pathologically somber…and people are getting pathologically angrier and taking everything so damn seriously it is starting to feel extremely unhealthy.

            I think that we have let the religious nuts and the war makers take over the world, so this is what we get.

            Fortunately, among Native Americans, there is a lot of banter and teasing…mean and women, that’s part of the culture.

            We digressed from the main topic, which was very somber by the way…

            Neale’s point: yes, we do it to ourselves…so if we don’t like what is happening, we have to change. And that’s when chaos begins, as no one agrees on what is happening, and even fewer agree on change.

            And most are too busy with their own lives to even think about anything. That’s why they watch television, so they can be told what to think, feel and do, and when.

          • Kristen

            Sully off Dr Quinn Medicine Woman – you must have seen it in the 80’s. I watch it all the time. Set in the 1880’s in the US, Sully is the white man on the side of Native Americans. Hottest guy on this planet ever but unfortunately the actor has now shaved and cut his hair off and has a parenting website! Dreams are free! Yes, his name is using the definition of keen eyes, all names are specifically chosen for individuals even on TV – he would have to have a name that would work in both english and have a correct Native American/Biblical/Kabbalic definition or translation. Must suck to be myopic!

          • mewabe

            I never watch TV, and would shoot all TV’s dead on sight if I could, especially in public places like airports (can’t people live 5 minutes without the damn thing on?)…I feel the opposite…I can read half a page of a book or magazine and get more information than 3 hours of diluted TV “information” lowered to reach the masses IQ level which is somewhere in the basement, and without the dramatic commentator’s voice. Besides I like to use my imagination, and I hate being a “passive audience”…
            So I do not have a TV, and never would want one.

          • Kristen

            Hey – I watch TV! And learn so much from it. Faster than reading a lot of the time.

            Soul batch 11/4 is in Kabbalic, everything is kind of coded and fun, the true biblical God (as opposed to Neales God) is really funny. Because when pronounced eleventy four it is not a real number, therefore can take on the meaning of what the speaker means, so they can say they are always right. Like what is 4×4 – if you answer eleventy four it is taking on the meaning of four. Which is a joke. Decoded this means people from this particular batch can then always be right even when they are incorrect or do not know the answer, but because they are all intuitive they will somehow find the correct answer or information intuitively or God/Guides/Teachers will somehow bail them out so that they become right even if in a tiny way. Decoded inwards further this also means they are always right in the other context of always righteous for that is how that batch is made, so will all somehow be on the Christ training programme, get to the top of the Tree of Life or on the road to wisdom path which BTW is a real qualification and registered job.

            Glad teasing and banter are a part of the native American personality and culture, I was wondering about that. I can say that my local organic stores owner is a funny Jewish guy fresh off the plane from Israel. The first day I met him I told him he looked half dead as he was two weeks into a half starving detox and to get some damn meat into his vegetarian body and to go to the pub and have a couple of beers so he didn’t look so Jewish (baldness is a giveaway), and he tried to convince me that white chocolate is not a food group. We both lost that day. A few weeks later when I told him I heard he was engaged to a lovely Jewish girl, he said no not anymore, but she is still Jewish and still lovely. Doesn’t sound so funny in writing but the point is I may be wrong about Israelis being serious, we get heaps of Israeli backpackers here, rightly putting off their compulsory military service. I have based my assumptions on religion, rather than the country or people.

            Home is YOU, when people find themselves, and take everything they belong to and want that belongs to them wherever they go, in the core of their being.

            Re boring – I have only skimmed the CwG books and found them extremlely boring but there are no characters to relate to, but Neale as a person is probably very interesting once past the CwG persona and babble. It is the CwG way in here that is boring, one person says something then others all either agree or repeat the same thing in different words. You are extremely boring in that machine mode too, but interesting as a person from what I can tell. When you speak in purple (spiritual) I speak back to the green and orange parts of you which probably means yellow as I refuse to acknowledge anyone as a machine. Another problem on this planet – we have lost the fine art of being ourselves and a person, prioritising facts and other matters. This allows those with ego and dominance desires to plough ahead as so many others are hiding behind machines. I have also deliberately chatted with you since you are being you as a person, so sorry for getting you way off the track in a serious topic and from your role in here as a spiritual guru! boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I am a tree, but equally at home in most places I holiday at more than once. With high functioning autism change is hard so I have trained myself to always hire a car and memorise every road, shop location etc so that when I return it is all familiar and another home. This may be the gold coast in Australia or remote high country sheep stations in the South Island of NZ.

            As you know I like girls to be girls and guys to be guys. Won’t go there but this by no means I am for male dominance. Marriage – I agree and since so many guys now do not propose to females, kudos to you for at least manning up twice!

            I know this thread is a serious and tragic topic, I guess I got bored after everyone has agreed on a YES. Sorry bout that Neale and to those affected by all of this – no doubt we will have our turn soon.

          • mewabe

            Yes I feel pretty much the same…I tend to hate collective thinking. When everyone agrees to think the same way, I tend to go…”wait a minute, let’s turn this on its head and see what it looks like”.

            I question everything at all times, especially when there is complacency, which happens when everyone agrees. I also reject all leaderships. I am neither a leader nor a follower, never will be. I only follow my inner guidance, my intuition, always have. Guru? I would never want to me…I like to express some things, but I don’t need anyone to agree with me. That’s why I hate this vote up thing here, and classification of comments into “best”, which means “most popular”…it’s puerile. I would actually hate being popular, I love being a black sheep!

            Besides, as soon as I come up with an idea and express it, I tend to see how the opposite is just as true.

            I agree with some of what Neale says, and sometimes he agrees with me…and we disagree on other occasions. I read a lot of Alan Watts books when I was a teen, and he is still my favorite philosopher, although I haven’t read his stuff in decades (his best books were “the Book, On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are”, and “Nature, Man And Woman”). Krishnamurti, Sri Aurobindo…blah blah blah…mostly stuff about Zen and Taoism. And most of the Seth books by Jane Roberts, the first one who came up with the “you create your own reality” concept in a popular form.

            She was the opposite of being dogmatic or a “guru”, but most of her thoughts have now been turned into new age dogma by the masses and repeated ad nauseum. People will turn anything into a dogma, even a baking recipe or a phone book if that’s all they have handy.

            Yet, we should be human first…it’s okay to play with ideas, but there is a lack of realness among the spiritual crowd. What is hidden behind the mask? That’s what interests me. Show me your wounds, your fears, your dreams, your regrets and how you deal with them (not all of them at once though, I can only handle so much gut displaying).

            So I will get on top of the tree of life? I knew there was a monkey in me, I do like to climb things.

            “Home is YOU, when people find themselves, and take everything they belong to and want that belongs to them wherever they go, in the core of their being.” Careful there, you almost got boring ha ha…yes you stated a truth. Ain’t the truth boring at times?

            I do say no to male dominance as well. I am male, but I like equality, which does not mean sameness…just respect, partnership, understanding.

            If you want to watch a good contemporary Native American made movie for typical Indian humor, watch Smoke Signals…some humor, some tragedy, a lot of humanity.

            It’s been fun…I have boring things to do, boring places to go, boring people to see…’till next time!

          • Kristen

            Funny bout the tree – everything from The Source has to work perfectly including manifestations into the physical on Earth – this means that those who can no longer physically climb trees have blown it, and have no chance at immortality or returning to the Eden state or Heaven (100% freedom) so always end up in the afterlife, dumped back here again and again. Another case against obesity and leaving it too late to get your shiet together..

            Re you as a Guru in here – haha. Your groupies wouldn’t be impressed with that you Master of the Boring Spiritual Words Guru Mewabe!

            I don’t read the works of others, damn Kabbalah again, but it is against Kabbalah as we have to learn for ourselves so reading others work is a hinderance and slows progress down. Understanding is at the core, and the outer layer, all the inbetween is just information or stuff to plough through to fill in books. I think every book on this planet could easily be condensed to one chapter. I do read daily, just not anything that could educate me in a way I do not want. A book called The Da Vinci Gene, author unknown, is very good at explaining this a bit more as it is a personality type thing. Which you may well relate to. Einstein knew this so only ever practiced teaching his students to learn for themselves with his promptings on a topic. I do have a stack of probably 50 books I do want to read one year but know I will be bored senseless just by the introduction and creeped out by the photos of authors on the back cover. I have a photo phobia (autism and graven images so a double no go zone!). AND you know you aren’t allowed to discuss the books of others in here this year!

            This blends with the TV comments but I find it so interesting to watch people like the US Coast Guard, in house Hospital docos, Animal Planet etc and learn heaps from them. Remember I live on a little island at the bottom of the world and without TV I think we would be flat earthers way down here. And I love the Chief in Greys Anatomy – he is so much like God that it is killing me at the moment when we are between seasons and he may die. I’ll have to to the the US for the funeral and to kick some butt if they kill him off. If you get a chance take a look at our state funded TV show online 7 Days, on the TVNZ site. It’s a weekly news show NZ style, and is typical kiwi humour. That no-one understands except us!

            Enjoy your trip soon (in both senses), and be careful of motorbikes (intuitive warning). You are more patient than me; my stance is that roads are made for trucks and bikes so all forms of cyclists and pedestrians better get out of the way, or learn the hard way!

            Nice to see a person behind the boring machine. Later.

          • mewabe

            Hey I just want to add that I agree about books…so many in the spiritual world see themselves as teachers, yet they give their followers predigested answers.

            The function of a real teacher should be to teach people how to reclaim their own thinking ability (critical thinking, intuition, using all their senses), rather than giving people the answers. That’s how Native Americans taught their children in the old days…

            That’s why I feel that I do not belong on this site and with this crowd, as all here want to be taught by Neale, they want predigested answers from him. I don’t want anything from him or anyone…I am just having a little fun, but this is not my environment, actually it is the opposite of what feels good to me, because whenever I encounter followers, of anything, I want to urge people to stop listening to another and find their own answers, their own insights, their own inner truth and power, the light within.

            A sheep will never find its way…you have to be a wolf to remember who you are, to find your own path.

            Some may say, okay it’s not Neale talking, it’s God, he is only the messenger. I don’t need a messenger, I have my own connection with the absolute, the Creator, the divine or whatever we might want to call it ( a really great connection through my tinfoil hat and dental fillings!)

            I no longer read spiritual books…I did when was younger, many. But something happened to me 10 years ago…the inner light came on, you could say. I am like you, I have some books I think I should read some day…but whenever I open one, I feel like…I already know all this! That’s what happened with the CWG books a couple of years ago…I just read a few pages and had two kinds of thoughts, or three: Either “I already know this”, “I disagree (or the opposite is also true)”, or “he did not go far or deep enough”. I feel that the CWG material is written for mass appeal, for those who would be turned off with deeper stuff such as Krishnamurti or Alan Watts for example.

            The CWG material is only revolutionary for those who never heard of any prior revolution in the spiritual sphere.

            That’s not a criticism, many voices are needed in this world, all have a function…the good thing about Neale is how he breaks down old Christian dogma for the average person, trying to expand ordinary people’s vision of what they call God. But here I feel like I am among kindergarten children.

            I am also against all systematic thought, all systems, all spiritual disciplines…I only follow intuition, nothing else. I don’t want any answers, any guideline, any guidepost, any method, or any predetermined goal. I don’t want another to tell me what God is or is not, or will be…I will find out myself, through inner guidance, what the truth looks like to me.

            I don’t have a TV, but I will look for this kiwi show online…

            I won’t participate on this site much longer, it is becoming a bad habit for me…I am intrigued by people who are so far removed from the way I think, by followers…I want to understand what they think they are lacking. But I already know the answer…there are many complex reasons why people are disconnected from themselves, from this tree of life, and seek the “light” outside of themselves, betraying themselves spiritually in the process.

            Have you ever seen “The Life of Brian”? A Monty Python movie parody about Jesus…trying to get rid of his followers.

          • Kristen

            Not good with goodbyes huh when there is actually much to say in this world?!

            A part of why I am adament about girls being girls and guys being guys is that as we climb higher the gender specific roles are clearly defined and perfected. Luckily the main female principle is of understanding, and even though we undertake the same papers and qualifications as males we get to go past the Teaching etc level and just ‘work’ in the role as helpers, speakers on behalf of, explain things to etc the males on these levels. Ie a girl cannot be a Christ even with the qualifications, they become a Princess as God or The Source legally adopt them and help the guys out ( and fix their fugg ups), or act almost like a Charlies Angel (TV show) with directions from a voice above via intuition. With this in mind I will take a girl card and just say:

            May I please put my name to the above comments from Mewabe also rather than writing something similar myself.

            In scripture Y’shua states to be either hot or cold with God, never luke warm. And there are different Gods, Neales God is not the biblical God although he did understandably impersonate him to retain Neales trust in the first few books until the profound statement of “I am a new God”. Skimming book 1 I stated to a guide at the time “who the hell is this, it sure doesn’t sound like the biblical God from Sunday School”, and at the book shop the next day I opened another book to read the new God comment. Manual intervention in place of intuition is sometime used.

            I call being in here the lions den. Which is fun. Entertaining – very much so, a bad habit – yes which is why I appear for a couple of weeks then forget about it for months or years. The entire internets purpose is for entertainment purposes only, but yes sites like this to serve a purpose for the huge majority of the population who need questions answered for them, and need faith in something. Or anything. Or nothing. Same thing, won’t make a difference, thats the majic of faith. Any why people will believe anything that works for them or only listen to what they want to hear.

            The life of Brian is fact based, Y’shua is very reclusive and almost invisible due to groupies. but Christians and their leaders are illiterate anyway, so wont even read where he told them not to worship him, they are too busy nailing him to a cross as they are too lazy and selfish to sort their own messes out. Again, although he told people to bear their own cross, and to go into battle for themselves wearing the protective armour of God.

            BTW I am so useless, the show 7 Days is TV3. LOL as we only have four NZ TV channels, two canadian owned and I can’t even get the channel right! Bimbo city round here sometimes. Because you or someone else is being nosy as I can feel questions, I look like a thick bimbo!

            Later Guru Guy!

          • mewabe

            Girls being girls and guys being guys…yes, vive la difference, as long as people do not mean it to be inequality…but yes, we complement each others perfectly…women have brains and guys have muscles ha ha! No, I know it goes much deeper than this…

            Yes this is the lion’s den. I am from the outside looking in…and always surprised at how many here follow Neale’s teachings as others follow their church’s teaching…without questions. But then many here are former Christians, and they have not abandoned their need to worship a master (or a messiah or savior). I don’t believe Neale thinks of himself that way (I hope not, although he does act “holy” in videos, which I think comes from his Catholic background and belief in how a person should act while speaking about spiritual matters), but others see him as such. I can definitively see the Christian in them. I am sorry to say, it does repulse me…masters and followers do not belong in my world! I was lucky enough not to have been raised in Christianity or any other organized religion.

            I can visualize Y’shua hiding from his mad followers…hiding in a dark trench coat, with dark glasses and a long beard, and hair colored red to look Irish (or green to look punk), trying to escape the paparrazi.

            Yes, worshiping a savior is the most convenient way of escaping personal responsibility. Inner growth is not required when a messiah pulls you up when you meet the stated behavioral requirements.
            You just do what you are told, you do this and you don’t do that, and you never have to question or understand any of it…blind obedience equals salvation, that’s the Christian motto. No wonder Christianity and Empire met and merged…as Kings and Emperors could definitively use an obedient populace, and did.

            Later…if the world is still around!

          • Kristen

            Girls have brains, guys have muscles. Yup!
            With reference to “if the world is still around”.

            If the world is ending what will a female get ready- plans on where to go, a huge first aid kit, seeds, herbs, preserved food, ten years of clothing especially underwear for everyone they are taking, make up, toiletries, lanudry powder etc to last ten years, shoes especially jandals and gumboots for all, heaps of linen, enough to entertain everyone long ter, sheet music and lyrics, music instruments and pretty much the entire household and more. What will males get ready – a female and hope she remembers to pack his tools and buy more nails!

          • Kristen

            This is under duress or more bribery by my teacher/guide, and I am completely mocking myself and spiritual mumbo jumbo at the same time. A year ago when in here I decided that you should be awarded the universes biggest spiritual douche award, hence why the Law of Harmony has kicked in to prove me wrong. As a goodbye present I will write you a lovely (gag) spiritual poem. You may want to get a bucket handy, and I hope none of your groupies take me seriously. It is called:


            But you can call it WINDOWS OF HOME to give it spiritual meaning! Haha.

            Are we looking in or are we looking out?
            Or are we merely seeing what we want to see?
            Or are we intuitively seeing what the Universe wants us to see?
            Or is that which is outside still a part of home?
            Or are they pictures framed perfectly to complete the decor?
            Or do they allow a view of the world as others may see it?
            Or it is just how we see?
            Or are they merely……………

            The spring evening reveals all that is beyond, yet still within,
            as a full montage as we are contained within home.
            Venus beacons a plane as it flies toward, will it bring love to all aboard?
            The city is lit up like a Christmas Tree, will the symbology representation of viewing a lit city bring destruction to the city as defined?
            Is the garden really Eden full of plants and birds abound? Did nature really create that without any help from me?
            Is a timber porch backdropped by adundant flowering trees Creators work, manmade work or the perfected blend of both?
            As the full moon lights the world is light pollution an unfortunate enhancement and shall we be forgiven?
            Will an ill neighbour be OK, they must be improving as the lights are on. Is this OK to know and contemplate?
            Is it OK to wonder if another neighbour needs a movie screen sized TV seen through the trees?
            Or to know that another like his meat well cooked from the aromatic scents from his BBQ?
            Or does another neighbour know I can see into his entire new unit? Will he care? Will we look?
            Are half finished projects more tolerable in the moonlight, creating an illusion of acceptablility to procrastinate another day?
            are of glass.
            Is the glass half full or half empty?
            Is home?

            I now accept the Universes biggest douche award!

          • mewabe

            Hey Kristen…we are all windows, that others can see in, and from which we can see out, except that the glass is always tainted…it’s all perceptions.
            Thanks for the goodbye poem showing a window into your soul…

            About not wanting to be taken seriously by my groupies…I honestly did not know I had groupies (sounds like a disease, I hope it is not contagious and that it does not leave scars), I am not a part of this site or of any of Neale’s organizations, I am merely passing through…And like you I would never want to be taken that seriously by anyone.

            I don’t even want to be taken seriously enough to be called a douche bag…at least not on account of words. Words are like autumn leaves falling to the ground…they soon decay.

            My way is the way of nature, not of words. I have a deep love for the earth, and I am only truly happy when I am in the wilderness, far away from all traces of modern civilization.

            If there is anything I would like to express and transmit, it is that the natural world is full of wonders and mystery, and imbued with a very special kind of immanent spiritual power or presence, that is in everything. Some would call this being animist…so be it! It’s also the Native American way of seeing life.

            Most civilized people do not know or understand this, which is great, because if they did, they would invade the remaining tracks of wilderness to seek nirvana, chanting OM among the redwood trees…

            All I want to say to people is love the earth, because the natural creation is as the breath of the Creator…that’s simple! That’s all I really need to say, based on my own knowledge and experience. If they get it, great, if not, tough cheese (that’s a Canadian expression).

            No, no one is a douche bag or a colostomy bag…we try to communicate with the most imperfect of tools…words, and without knowing each other as human beings, which makes the whole thing completely unreal. But thank you for taken off the label…I must have come across as a real “donkey” wipe…Did not mean to…

          • Kristen

            Do hope you didn’t take it seriously it was not a window into MY soul. I was being silly and new agey about a simple act, ie a douche! It you are going to take it seriously then I will write a dumb poem about any topic until you finally get that I am ‘taking the piss’ (kiwi term). I HATE POETRY!!!!!!!!! More than any form of words. I think modern poets are those not quite up to the standard of becoming a songwriter, who are great poets!

            The point was that people can sit down and write words in any form about anything, even when being a complete douche and mocking. But some people will take it seriously and see everything there is to the aspect and get all wordy and deep. Even with something as simple as shutting the house windows if they choose to. Not seeing the woods for the trees? Or not seeing the trees for the woods?

            Last paragraph – again I shall put my name to that also especially the bit about knowing people as human beings. Without people showing their personality or human traits they may as well be a different mammal and do less enviro damage.

            People often do not ‘get it’ because they do not feel it withing them, just as they do not ‘just know things’ as they are not yet at the level of being part human/part God/The Source when intuition becomes a normal part of them often without realising. Most philosophers are at this level.

          • mewabe

            Thanks for clarifying!…I guess I am a bit slow…I wasn’t sure what it all meant but I like it a lot better as a “piss taking” mocking act…yes there is a lot of new agey hot air out there. Same with art, painting…an artist could defecate on a canvas and hang it, and some New York critic would look at it and write a 10 page essay about the deep meaning of this “important piece”.

            Hey somebody gave you an “up” vote on your “important poetry piece”…I wonder if they took it semi-seriously as I did. I did not know how to take it to tell you the truth. I thought may be it is Kiwi poetry (just teasing)…

            I am an artist, so intuition has always been part of my way of moving about in this world, as I only use intuition in painting…

          • Kristen

            I was completely taking the piss, you aren’t slow, it is very hard to understand strangers even when they try to explain things. The problem with words, and why they are often a waste of time, and why we come up with simplier explanations using slang like ‘taking the piss’. Neales god seems to have the same problem as I do. One book states that ‘the English language is so limited” and another states that “the least evolved communities with their limitations are the most evolved”. Agree with the 2nd comment, but as for the first comment I will say that the beauty of English is that we can always make up new words when we need them, throw them round a lot, and viola, they will end up in the dictionary.

            Hey – maybe I have a poetry groupie. How uncool is that?!

            Maybe I’ll type them a wee poem to treasure, and I can make a book of taking the piss poems of home:

            (deep American TV voiceover mono tone with pauses)
            As the blazing hot sun filters upon their face,
            The deep life contemplation is etched for all to see.
            They gaze upon timber that has seen a morbid death,
            Perhaps wondering ‘what can it all be?’

            (up the rhythm)
            Can they work with death, can they bring it to life?,
            Can they accomplish this feat without war or strife?.
            As the soul joins with Creator, and creative juices flow,
            YES! Death can be overcome, they can make it regrow.

            (give it a beat)
            As they endeavour to link home to the next,
            All human traits kick in with natural steps.
            A comfort zone is attained with relative ease,
            Astounding is the work nature and man can achieve.

            I’m boring myself here – but this ‘lovely’ poem is called “building steps from the deck to garage, gender neutral to keep the androgens happy!”.


          • mewabe

            Sully? I googled it, it means “keen eyes”…is that what you meant?

            (I am as myopic as can be by the way)…

        • Michael L

          Well when they find a way where that car doesn’t explode into fire.

          • Awareness

            Below is a response from Elon (CEO of TESLA Motors) himself:

            “Earlier this week, a Model S traveling at highway speed struck a large metal object, causing significant damage to the vehicle. A curved section that fell off a semi-trailer was recovered from the roadway near where the accident occurred and, according to the road crew that was on the scene, appears to be the culprit. The geometry of the object caused a powerful lever action as it went under the car, punching upward and impaling the Model S with a peak force on the order of 25 tons. Only a force of this magnitude would be strong enough to punch a 3 inch diameter hole through the quarter inch armor plate protecting the base of the vehicle.

            The Model S owner was nonetheless able to exit the highway as instructed by the onboard alert system, bring the car to a stop and depart the vehicle without injury. A fire caused by the impact began in the front battery module – the battery pack has a total of 16 modules – but was contained to the front section of the car by internal firewalls within the pack. Vents built into the battery pack directed the flames down towards the road and away from the vehicle.

            When the fire department arrived, they observed standard procedure, which was to gain access to the source of the fire by puncturing holes in the top of the battery’s protective metal plate and applying water. For the Model S lithium-ion battery, it was correct to apply water (vs. dry chemical extinguisher), but not to puncture the metal firewall, as the newly created holes allowed the flames to then vent upwards into the front trunk section of the Model S. Nonetheless, a combination of water followed by dry chemical extinguisher quickly brought the fire to an end.

            It is important to note that the fire in the battery was contained to a small section near the front by the internal firewalls built into the pack structure. At no point did fire enter the passenger compartment.

            Had a conventional gasoline car encountered the same object on the highway, the result could have been far worse. A typical gasoline car only has a thin metal sheet protecting the underbody, leaving it vulnerable to destruction of the fuel supply lines or fuel tank, which causes a pool of gasoline to form and often burn the entire car to the ground. In contrast, the combustion energy of our battery pack is only about 10% of the energy contained in a gasoline tank and is divided into 16 modules with firewalls in between. As a consequence, the effective combustion potential is only about 1% that of the fuel in a comparable gasoline sedan.

            The nationwide driving statistics make this very clear: there are 150,000 car fires per year according to the National Fire Protection Association, and Americans drive about 3 trillion miles per year according to the Department of Transportation. That equates to 1 vehicle fire for every 20 million miles driven, compared to 1 fire in over 100 million miles for Tesla. This means you are 5 times more likely to experience a fire in a conventional gasoline car than a Tesla!

            For consumers concerned about fire risk, there should be absolutely zero doubt that it is safer to power a car with a battery than a large tank of highly flammable liquid.

            — Elon”

          • Michael L

            Well I’m still waiting until they get the bugs worked out.
            AKA, government motors,(GM) volt.

          • Awareness

            From what I have read so far, if I was to suggest an Electric Car, then it would be TESLA Motors Model S Sedan 🙂

          • Michael L

            Don’t have the cash, also they have a bigger carbon foot print then fossil fuels.

          • Awareness

            What has a bigger “carbon foot print” than fossil fuels? Electric cars or internal combustion engine cars? Can you clarify?

          • Michael L

            Think about how you produce electricity. A lot of it is made especially IN China with coal burning power plants.

          • Awareness

            The Supercharger for the Electric car I am referring to runs on pure Sunlight. That is why it is free 🙂 No emissions here. It is not receiving power from a central power station using fossil fuels 🙂

          • Michael L

            Thank you for the update.

    • Therese

      I can do y’all one better. I have been watching, for some time, a car that actually runs on compressed air! google “air car”. I’m pretty sure I can guess why they can’t seem to make it into wide production…

      • mewabe

        There is enough hot air generated on a daily basis in Washington DC, why can’t we run on this?…

      • Awareness

        Sounds GREAT 🙂

      • Awareness

        And to make this approach even cleaner, the air compressor for the compressed air can be powered using Solar Energy. A solar power source can be developed for the air compressor by SolarCity company 🙂
        Bless ALL 🙂

        • Therese

          Even better, after the first “charge” by electricity, have an on-board compressor that can recompress the air tank!

  • Ruth Sonnenklang

    also ich glaube, es hat auch was damit zu tun, dass das was ich denke Realität wird, das worauf ich meine Aufmerksamkeit lenke, wird Realität. Wenn nun vorher eine Warnung über einen Megahurrikan verbreitet wird, wird alle Aufmerksamkeit auf die Angst gelenkt anstatt, dass man sich hinsetzt und Kraft seiner persönlichen Ausrichtung Positives manifestiert durch positive Gedanken…Interessant ist z. B. dass auf manchen Bildern, nur eine kleine hübsche Kirche “scheinbar” unversehrt aus einem Trümmerfeld herausragt…

  • Ecology first, economy second, follow this & we may end up with a much more robust global economy.

    Like the human body & all that can go wrong as far as aches & pains,
    illness & such, there is still a lot of mystery. Yes we feel we
    have come along way & yet a larger percent of the population is on
    some kind of medication.

    A body as well as a ecology can take a certain amount of abuse until the effects are more obviously seen.

    Nature, for some schools of thought, takes care of ecological abuse & over
    population by creating storms, droughts & disease to level &
    curtail of the abuse. Man with his bombs, abuse, nuclear testing
    underground & for some, chem trails that actually can control or at
    least change the weather are also part of this.

    As I currently understand it we don’t yet have the knowledge to figure this all out,
    it’s partially known but also shooting in the dark.

    We all know or have heard of healthy eaters who exercise, have a positive out look
    & drop dead at 40. It’s possible to have a less polluted &
    abused ecology & still have stuff like this happen, as it certainly
    has in the past.

    Still the severity of recent years of tsunamis & other storms really gets one to think.

    I remember years back Penelope Smith world wide animal communicator had a
    frog come come to her door & sat there until she asked it why it
    was there. The frog said “We need clean water & clean air to
    survive, please do something & help us.” Then went away.

    I tend to think we talk too much & don’t do enough to find solutions.
    A larger sector of prayer & visualizers would be a start to
    consciously creating energy toward the solutions & peace we desire.

  • Benny Hansen

    INTEREST has no feeling can even beat the law and the truth or even human rights

  • Erin

    I posted under ‘Emergency’ much the same question:
    We saw the effect WE had on the Syrian incident…It didn’t happen. Why would This storm be considered as different to Haiyan?

    WE could have gathered for this event…actually many did, ergo why it was not as ‘bad’ as it could have been…However, WE did not. And We will never know what impact WE may have had in strengthening that miracle, now will WE?

    Better ‘luck’ next time, I suppose…but isn’t anyone getting tired of waiting for ‘next times’? I sure hope so. It will be a glorious time, indeed, when gathered peeps get the hang of working WITH Nature…as part & parcel of Nature’s stuff. It is one thing to know the connects of beingness, as in being human…It is an Amazing other thing to know One’s connect to Everything being. This Understanding makes stuff Move!

    Our body vehicles are comprised of every element of this Nature, ergo, we are parts in a parcel of It. Our Self/Spirit/Soul/etc. is ‘the Force’ that communicates, compromises, & shifts Natures…Intent directs. a + b + c = y…’y’ being ‘Good Life’. Really simple, basic Math, yes?

    Now, a Force of one is Amazing in its Self…but a Force of One-ness is Amazing beyond belief! “The more, the merrier!”, so to speak. Scientifically, atoms separated create voids (usually via ‘disaster’), while atoms combined create matter that can protect and/or fill these voids.
    **Good time to note that, much like sounds that our human ears do not hear, & vibrations that our skins do not feel…there is much ado with matter that our human eyes do not see.
    Whether one is directed by belief or fact in the existence of ‘not’, matters not…one is still directed to Understand that It exists. Make sense?

    So, anywhosits…that’s kind of a concentrated version of what I know of how stuff ‘works’ here, for those who may find it easier to focus with intent & effect using such info. I’m sure many can add/edit these observes from their own perspectives, which all ways adds to the wonder & awe of the dealeo. THIS is simply a tool that can be used…next time.(?) 🙂

    • Awareness

      Correct it is no different to Syria 🙂 Similar results can be achieved. Next time when a big storm turns up (detected by weather satellites) heading towards a populated area, we can gather together as we did with Syria 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Michael L

        I have a thought folks.
        Since I gather from history that the changes we see most often comes from the actions of those after a “event” I’m praying for those souls as they get a chance to turn it up a notch. Where just everyday living wasn’t enough.

        • Erin

          Fab observe, Michael…So true, too.
          Great prayer direct, as well…I’ll be joinin’ in on that.
          Oh, the wonder in it all, huh?:)

          • Michael L

            Wonder of wonders, yes that prayer, multiplied, will dramatically change things for sure.

          • Erin

            Sooo…Anyone else, ‘In’?

            (Every) One, one x day, until further notice.

            What a perfect dosage!

            What’s the prescript? A moment…each dose is a moment.
            And in that moment is a thought…and in that thought is ‘bright’…no pic, no color, just bright.

            Fill this ‘bright’ with the grandest memory you have of feeling Love from your experience thusfar.

            Enjoy the trip (side-effect), Come back to this reality, & Rock on with your day.

            Observe the Amazing that becomes of this cure-all remedy. 🙂
            All In?

          • Michael L

            With the energy Gratitude.

          • Michael L

            Today I add a song Laura Powers…..Song Of One.

          • Awareness

            “Fill this ‘bright’ with the grandest memory you have of feeling Love from your experience thusfar.” 🙂

            Yes INto feeling LOVE in every moment 🙂

          • Awareness

            “Now then, set aside time each day to go to the world within. As you move through this inside world, lose all thoughts and images of the Outside World. Allow your mind to go blank. Breathe deeply and simply concentrate on the sound of your breath. Make your breath your mantra—the sound that takes you within.

            Now focus your awareness on a spot in the center of your forehead, just above your eyes. Keep “looking” there with your inner eyes. Stare into the dark space of that nothingness until you “see” something. Keep focusing on your breath and look at what you see. Look deeply. Do not “put” something there, but wait until what is already there is opened to your consciousness.

            Something will suddenly appear to you. To many, it will look like a dancing blue flame. You will not only see this flame, you will FEEL IT. The feeling of it will wash over you. YOU WILL CALL THIS FEELING LOVE. It may bring you to soft and gentle tears. Let that happen. And … … say hello to your Soul” – “TOMORROW’S GOD” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • mewabe

            Once you are in your soul, living in the world is like wearing clothes that are 4 sizes too small…except that you are not uncomfortable, because the soul is free.

            But you feel out of place living in a dark dungeon while knowing and feeling the existence of light, while being the light, the blue, shimmering, iridescent light of your soul, and while being in the bright inner golden light of the creation.

            The dark dungeon is not the world itself…it is a dimension of illusion created by the mind of those who are out of sync with life. It is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

            You become enlightened and ready to move on…and then you are still here. So like the zen master you pick up your broom and sweep the floor, and make tea, while the many who are born still celebrate their joy and the many who die still scream in defeat and agony, and the world changes in appearance but not in content.

          • Awareness


            I reflected on the above. And came to the realisation that this feeling we call LOVE can be felt at will 🙂 We sometimes feel it in the presence of another entity (we may call this “falling” in Love). But from the above quote from “TOMORROW’S GOD”, we can FEEL this feeling without “another” entity being present. Other entities of course are drawn to the one who already is BEING Love 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • mewabe

            Yes, you can feel this feeling at all times. It does not take any effort of concentration or will power, or any discipline.

            Suppressing this love, this feeling, this BEINGNESS is on the other hand what takes the most energy out of one’s life.

            This is something that is not commonly understood. Yet everyone knows that sadness, anger or despair makes one feel heavy and exhausted, and feeling love makes one feel light and energetic.

            All that stops the flow of love, of our BEING, is like a damn stopping the flow of water…it creates stagnation and decay.

          • Awareness

            The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

  • Benny Hansen

    Even ANGELS will not be able to save the planet from environmental damage if the role of global political and economic INTERESTS are not limited

    • Pamela Jambeck

      We are the ones who WILL save this planet because this is what we came here to do! Slowly, slowly, we are awakening to our mission…we will be awake before it’s too late….or will be mercifully removed as it crashes and burns!(?)

  • Sander Viergevert

    Start by yourself. Reduce your consuming-pattern. Why don’t they use bycycles in the USA?.. It is so fun, and good for the healt. (me from Europe). Collect your garbage seperately, and give to a Nature charity fund. Secondly gave some money to the most poor people. Don’t fluss al that house-cleaning stuff to your sink/toilet, stop the dozens of usage of personal medicines, start listening to your body instead of using drugs. Start to be a volunteer to build on local nature projects… just so fun.

    • mewabe

      Bicycles? Too much alcoholism and drug abuse here in America…not to mention texting or talking on a cell phone while driving, and road rage…people get run over just by walking alongside a road, sometimes on a sidewalk, particularly in the country, where those with the tiniest brain drive the biggest trucks.
      In America, you don’t get much respect (even for your own life) unless whatever you do or have is gigantic. Even tiny cars are run off the road by these giant trucks. Using a bicycle, a moped or even a motorcycle on country roads is like putting a bull’s eye on your back with the word “road kill”.

    • Pamela Jambeck

      Sander, this is exactly the way in which I live in this country. We DON’T have to buy into the POWER mode or totally opt out and grouse about how bad it is here. (Although I do plenty of that!) We can change our own “mini world” where we do exactly as you state, whereby affecting our own life on the planet and showing others another way….and NOT be intimidated by the bullies who may try to out “power” us. They are not in my living arena as I’ve made sure that I live in a remoter area from such types. For those who are stiill asleep as to other alternative life styles…well, hopefully my “style” can arouse them just a bit. I never hope for huge changes any more…all in it’s due time! That keeps me sane!

  • Caroline Tan

    As always, out of human suffering, God will send down teachers to guide people back to God, to realization that what we need is love instead of hate, peace instead of war. Mother Earth is sending us a painful message to turn around. 7 billion people from 1 billion in a century has caused the earth to suffer. Enough said.