Why isn’t “enough” enough?

Every day, an estimated 20,864 people die from hunger-related causes in our world, according to statistics provided by The World Bank.

Some 80 million people, around 43% of America’s working-age adults, didn’t go to the doctor or access other medical services last year because of the cost, according to the Commonwealth Fund’s Biennial Health Insurance Survey.

And while it is difficult to pinpoint exact numbers, a study of homelessness in 50 cities found that in virtually every city, the city’s officials estimated the numbers of homeless people greatly exceeded the number of emergency shelter and transitional housing spaces.  And of the 1.9 billion children from the developing world, there are an estimated 640 million (1 in 3) without adequate shelter.

The average annual income for school teachers around the globe spans anywhere from a meager $10,604 in Egypt to $45,755 in Singapore (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).


At the same time, in Limburg, Germany, Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst was busy renovating his lavish residence to the tune of $43 million dollars, an indulgence that has earned him the nickname “Bishop of Bling” and which also led to his suspension from his Bishop duties by Pope Francis.  By the way, interestingly, the Vatican’s wealth has been valued to be between $10 billion and $15 billion.

On another note, just two years ago, people from around the world excitedly turned on their television sets in order to catch a privileged glimpse of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s extravagant $34 million royal wedding.

And let’s not forget to include in our observations the number of golf fans who continue to be mesmerized by Tiger Woods’ extraordinary ability to sweep the floor with his competitors, which earns him a cool $78 million a year.

In addition, we have billionaire timeshare mogul David Seigel, who is continuing to move forward with construction of what is being touted as the largest home in America, measuring a whopping 90,000 square feet and costing upwards of $65 million upon its completion.

I know, I know.  Don’t judge.  Love what is.   Pick yourself up by your bootstraps.  Suck it up.  Everyone has the same opportunities and choices.  Oh, and I almost forgot the best one of all:  When life gives you lemons, made lemonade.

Well, those spiritual and motivational platitudes are easy to roll off the tongue, but I’m not so sure they are particularly helpful to someone whose last meal was yesterday or perhaps the day before or maybe even the day before that, nor are they soothing to the elementary school teacher who holds down an additional part-time job in order to pay her bills, nor are they useful to the homeless person who has been sleeping on the streets for a longer period of time than most of us could ever possibly imagine doing.

Does everyone truly have the same opportunities in our current system the way we have constructed it?  Are we all afforded the same pool of choices from which to choose?  As we all know, with money comes power.  And with power comes the ability to be the rule-makers.  And the end result is not surprising — those who get to make the rules tend to do so in a fashion that benefits them.

In a world with enough inherent resources to take care of the needs of all of humanity, why is there not enough to go around?   How is it that “enough” is not actually enough?

I guess the answer to the “why” question may be easier to answer than the ensuing question:  What can we do to change that?  Surely, there must be something.  Is there a way to account for and then distribute the planet’s natural commodities in a way that would more evenly benefit all human beings?

How far back do we have to unravel the current paradigm to begin rebuilding a system that works for more than just a few?  What will it take to create a world where grotesquely huge houses and disturbingly overpaid athletes will be a thing of the past because they will no longer represent who we know ourselves to truly be?

When will “enough” actually demonstrate itself to be enough…for everybody?

(Lisa McCormack is the Managing Editor & Administrator of The Global Conversation. She is also a member of the Spiritual Helper team at www.ChangingChange.net, a website offering emotional and spiritual support. To connect with Lisa, please e-mail her at Lisa@TheGlobalConversation.com.)

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  • Therese

    “And with power comes the ability to be the rule-makers. And the end result is not surprising — those who get to make the rules tend to do so in a fashion that benefits them.”

    When my husband worked for a major telecommunications company, and started getting promoted, he noticed this phenomenon as well. He noticed that the higher a person rose in the company, the less he seemed to really care about the people doing all of the work. He vowed that if he were ever able to make the rules, he would do something different.

    That opportunity arose when we moved to a foreign country, and he was given the CEO/President role for a startup company acquired, ironically, by the large telecommunications company he worked for! The model he used for this new company was family. It was practically unheard of that he met with each and every employee as they got hired. It was unheard of that he discouraged long hours at the office that took the employee away from their own families. It was unheard of that he, and his wife, associated with employees off the job. Yet these are the things, among many others, that he did. Of course, he was also the guiding force when tough decisions had to be made, and in the direction of the company, but he decided that kindness would be the thing that guided him.

    This company was never supposed to amount to much. It was one of several start up companies in that country that had recently de-nationalized telecommunications, and my husband’s company was in a small market. But, with the vision of family as their marketing strategy, and with the vision of family as their customer service strategy, the company beat all expectations, and became famous in the entire country!

    He is convinced that this happened, in large part, because the average age of the employees was something like 27 years old. The young, oh, the young, can see so many things that we older people just do not, and are so very attracted to new paradigms that actually work! Which is the true hope for us all, isn’t it? You see, even though, after my husband left, and the company was acquired by a company that does business the traditional way, those young people now know a different way…and when it is their turn, they might just remember how they felt when business was run as a family. They might just remember that doing this did not cause profit to suffer, and that much of that profit was given to all of the employees in the form of bonus checks.

    My husband, after he left, and got more acquainted with Conversations With God, actually wrote a letter the the Owner/Chairman of the big, traditional company that bought his former company, telling him how his way of doing business was a win-win situation, and that the Owner had, in his hands, the power to be a true innovator in his country, and in the world. So far it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, but the seeds have been planted. There is no stopping them from growing somewhere!

    • Erin

      Oh, what intent can do! Thanks to you both for exampling how being of wiser intent does truly make Shift Happen. Awesome feeling to impart such a gift to youth…to anyone…isn’t it? And when we can observe their use, it becomes a feeling that words do no justice to describe.
      What you & hubby did was no easy task…sowing against grains…esp. in Corp. World…They don’t much like rogue farmers in their fields. Blessings to your success in being other-‘wise’. 🙂

      • Therese

        The thing is, Erin, that it created such an atmosphere of joy! If people only realized it is totally a win-win situation, they would do everything they could to have that joy in THEIR lives!

  • Actually we are solving these problems right now, it’s being done. It’s just not as fast as we’d like. Many people organizations large & small & some just starting & some are yet to be born but are in gestation to be birthed later.

    These people, organizations etc. are not large enough to warrant media coverage except in the back pages & smaller focus publications with small but dedicated audiences. Yet, like all seeds, they grow & I feel the seeds are more than grown but small trees that need to be nourished to become strong healthy trees that produce orchards.

    We have the answers, it’s a matter of adjusting our focus & attention on what matters & making that a priority. We haven’t done that except by unconscious default giving us much of what we don’t desire.

    Further, spiritual people like ourselves on this site & beyond are really searching to find the best way to move into the world in a way that has a huge global impact.
    We haven’t found it yet or we’d be on it already like syrup on pancakes! 🙂

    We all know it’s getting our own act together first & moving into the world. We may consider too that getting our inner world together may come from being more involved & using our wisdom out in the world more.

    Our getting our act together includes all the spiritual study, reading, workshops, etc. but additionally helping out beyond the fringes of our own individual world as well.
    If we believe in the LOA i.e. The Law of Attraction & can demonstrate it sufficiently in our life, well, we will be self educating others as well.

    Here’s what Neale said recently on the Village site.
    Step 1 was bringing the information [CwG cosmology] through. (Done)
    Step 2 was 
getting the information read by millions of people. (Done)
    Step 3 is 
getting those people who have read and agree with the information — 
including…perhaps especially including…myself — to “integrate it into the entire fabric of our daily experiences.”

    So step 3 is what we are working & playing with on this site.
    We’ve done it for individuals with the CwG helping outreach site. Now we want to globalize it.

    I suggest a global prayer visualization group on this site to work & play on current & recurring problems. It’s not the whole solution, but it’s a start. Once started we are at least being & doing that. From that course of action & energy can flow other ideas that move us quicker & further toward the world we desire.
    Magic & Miracles,

    • Erin

      Yep, chippin’ away at the Honey-do lists, no doubt…and the seasons ahead will yield harvests of Amazing as we/We sow our little seeds of beingness.
      Funny, ‘Time’…Anymore the calendar & clock are of little assist…I have to ask “What week are we in?” only to realize it’s November already…What? 😀

  • Stephen mills

    When we get over the fact that the collective (all of us and the Earth )are more important than the individual.

  • Terri Lynn

    Enough is enough. These facts you bring to light are staggering. No one should be homeless or go hungry in this world and we will never have peace until we solve this problem. Thank you, Lisa.

  • Lauren Rourk

    Priorities. Priorities. Priorities. Unfortunately, the plan for humanity does not match up nearly as nicely with the agenda of the ego. No one here is doing anything ‘wrong’, per say, but what is being done is certainly far from the direction of elevating the consciousness of humanity. Though pointing facts and fingers will not solve the problem, what will is a little more empathy, a little more kindness, and a little more love all the way around.

  • Sander Viergevert

    We need to strive to better quality of live, then to strive to survive. It is about sharing, being one, priorities, and to start living with your heart and soul. Not anymore for the body, and that there is no seperation. And to all Christians (and other religions)… it appears we may come back 100 lives on this planet, so take care your next live will be in a better world than now.
    It is not about you, it is about IT. We are IT. We are not seperated from each other. What you give you get, because you need to be the source. You need to be the source… for it will be able to muliply if you take long time.

  • Richard Robinson

    When the idea of Oneness takes hold , there will be rapid progress on all issues…

    How do we embrace Oneness as a species?….Well that’s why Neale and his team asked us to join them….We must endure these difficult times and continue to choose the higher choice (Choose what Love would do..), and promote/ spread the New Gospel! ..You All Know It….that’s why we are All here right Now….We are All One, Our’s is not a better Way, It is merely a Different Way, A Way that Serves Us All …Doesn’t that sound like something that Serves Us more than , Every Man For Himself? Let’s Go…Let Us Be This 🙂 Why Not?

  • Stephen mills

    What is it that decides that huge amounts of money grotesque amounts are paid to already very very wealthy humans .

    The market decides ! Why the market because the market is amoral and humans are wicked and DANGEROUS this is the Conservative understanding or story defined by Thomas Hobbes that became the modern conservative thought.

    Humans at there core are naturally evil ,selfish, human nature has to be dominated for human societies to flourish and without this constraint by domination the essentially evil nature will emerge causing CHAOS . A Corporation is essentially independent and totally without morality and thus without immorality or evil .With this neutrality the market is set free to do what it does with no questions asked .

    So the story we tell ourselves is false and will come tumbling down to the ground !
    We will soon create a new cultural story one that works for our highest interests and mirror our inherent nature which is Devine at it,s core .We are remembering now who we are and what it means to live this way!