Your being on Earth at this moment is no accident

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(This is Part III of an extended series on being part of the change, rather than simply observing the change, that is occurring on our planet right now.)

I want you to consider the possibility that your arrival here on the earth at this time is no accident. Nor is it a coincidence. Nor is it happenstance or chance. You are here, now, on purpose. And you are ready, now, to live your life on purpose. You are choosing now for it to be purposeful—or you would not be reading this book.

You are PART OF THE CHANGE, and you know exactly what that means, what that is going to call on you to be, do, and have, and what it is going to mean to the planet—to our children and to our children’s children.

Now you are merely looking for two things: collaboration and collective direction. You want people with whom you can collaborate, because you know very well that this is not the time to try to “go it alone,” and you want to see all of us move in the same direction, so that we don’t spin our wheels and waste our energy and produce nothing at all of any substance.

So, you have come here. Here, among other places. Using this, among other resources. And it is good that you have done so, for many others are now doing so as well. Before this is over, they may number in the thousands. Indeed, I expect that they will.

So here we are together, you and I. Here we are, with all the others. And so let us look together at what we can do, now, in a practical way, to experience ourselves, to manifest ourselves, as Part of the Change.

Here are some ideas that I have on the subject. Here are ten things that I think we can be, do, and have in order to become the change we wish to see:

  1. Announce ourselves to each other
  2. Agree with ourselves about each other
  3. Align ourselves with each other
  4. Stop separating ourselves from God
  5. Begin living the truths we say we believe
  6. Commit to being known, commit to being free
  7. Commit to being a leader and forget the outcome
  8. Deal with disappointment and redefine failure
  9. Get real, get practical, get going   
  10. Never take no for an answer

All of this is easy. All of this is doable. And all of this is focused on producing a single outcome:


That is the goal. That is the intention. That is the achievable outcome.


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