Worldwide Discussion: The People Join In

Pope Francis is really making headlines these days, “telling it like it is” in many areas of life seldom, if ever, commented on by anybody in the Vicar’s chair in Rome.

I am encouraged and impressed to know that a global spiritual leader is saying things that have needed to be said for a very long time.

Describing the rapid deforestation of the Earth as one of humanity’s biggest offenses, the pontiff s said that “one of the greatest challenges of our time,” is to “convert ourselves to a type of development that knows how to respect creation.”

“When I look at America, also my own homeland, so many forests, all cut, that have become land … that can longer give life. This is our sin, exploiting the Earth and not allowing her to her give us what she has within her,” the Argentine pope is reported to have told students in an address at the University of Molise, in southern Italy.

Francis’ remarks were reported on the alJazeeraAmerica internet news site.

Speaking not only to students, but to “struggling farmers and laid-off workers” as well in the university’s hall, the Pope urgently “called for more respect for nature…branding the destruction of South America’s rain forests and other forms of environmental exploitation a sin of modern times, the alJazeeraAmerica story said. The full report is found found here.


In a separate ajJazeeraAmerica news story last month, Pope Francis was quoted as criticizing the wealth made from financial speculation, calling it “intolerable” and saying that speculation on food was a “scandal” that compromised access by the poor.

“Addressing a seminar on ethical investing in the Vatican,” the Pope “said financial markets must serve the interests of the people and the common good of humanity,” the alJazeeraAmerica report said.

“It is increasingly intolerable that financial markets are shaping the destiny of peoples rather than serving their needs, or that the few derive immense wealth from financial speculation while the many are deeply burdened by the consequences,” the network further quoted the Pontiff.

“Pope Francis added, ‘Speculation on food prices is a scandal which seriously compromises access to food on the part of the poorest members of our human family’,” alJazeeraAmerica’s report went on.

The network’s story also offers the Pope’s urgent call to the world’s governments, and his powerful suggestion to global investors on how they could wield their financial power for the common good, and explaining why it would be “logical” for them to do so.

Francis’ remarks on this subject may be found in full here.

It has been a long time since the exploiters of the world’s resources and the world’s people have been called to task so openly by so powerful a global figure — and by any spiritual leader at all.

This pope has made it clear that he intends to use his high profile to challenge the world’s elite to overlay its so-often vaunted spiritual principles on its so-often shameful behaviors.

The raising of his voice in such a manner has begun to raise concerns in some quarters that Francis is creating more and more enemies in more and more powerful places—and could be putting himself in danger.

At no time was this more frequently whispered than when the prelate took the breathtaking step a few weeks ago of actually excommunicating every member of the so-called Mafia family in Italy, describing one crime syndicate as “the adoration of evil.” That story, also from alJazeeraAmerica, is found here.

The question now before the house: is the global public ready now to launch a global Evolution Revolution, calling on a worldwide basis for the application of the highest spiritual principles to the day-to-day machinations of our species?

I do not personally agree with all of the pronouncements of Pope Francis. I was particularly dismayed when a few days ago he decreed that the Catholic Church formally recognized an organization of priests who perform exorcisms, thus adding new papal authority to the notion that Satan exists and continues to inhabit people.

Yet leadership, in any position, is about taking positions that risk disapproval and virtually guarantee backlash, and I give high marks to this Pope for fearlessly speaking his mind, and being willing to call the minds of other people to explore and examine their own truths on topics with which not every person agrees.

A true leader is not one who says “follow me,” but one who says “I’ll go first”…and this pope is the first head of the Roman Catholic Church in a very, very long time to say the kinds of things he has been saying — such as, when asked about gays: “Who am I to judge?”

I like this man. I really do. The whole world’s falling in love with him. Now if we could find such leaders in the halls of our globe’s governments, we might actually change some things…

Yet if the world’s politicians won’t turn the tide, it will, in fact, be left to us. I invite you to check out the link at the top right of the Front Page, and join the Evolution Revolution.

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  • mewabe

    This Pope has brains, spirit, guts and heart…a very rare combination in any religious leader!
    Unfortunately, I can imagine his enemies rising from all quarters, some of the most dangerous being from America.

  • Blake

    “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

    ― Rumi

    • Stephen mills

      I agree with this Blake work on the self first but then what ? Work on mastering collective consciousness surely that’s what will finally create a World that works for us all and life itself !!!

      No master had all the answers but many masters combined perhaps do .Check out the film I ,am (Tom Shadyac ) it’s a peach ….he quotes Rumi a lot .


  • Blake

    Change has to come from within. Excommunicating mob families is not change. What does Francis have to change about himself. Forcing or coercing others to change is a waste of energy.

    You talk about change Neale? What have you changed in your own life? Talk about that change. Be attractive not a promoter. You don’t have to sell anything to anyone.

    Be love. Love is all there is. That’s the message Pope Francis needs to make. Not your wrong!

    Your own teachings Neale speak of a higher way of being, I said before and I will say again let go of changing others and change yourself. Learn unconditional love (acceptance) and practice it everyday.

    Make a difference by being the difference as you told me Neale. When God speaks to me I hear chances to change my way of being when I read your books I was offered the change of myself through those words you wrote Neale.

    All your words you wrote Neale is about my changing not changing you. When everyone changes their way of being then the world changes.

    Prayer is black magic. Every time we pray for others to change the exact opposite happens stop praying and start blessing. When I bless another with unconditional love I heal them.

    When I pray for another I create havoc in my own life, that’s the Law of Opposites. When the Lords Prayer was taught to us by Jesus was he really teaching us that our present way of being is enough?

    Bless you Neale for teaching the world that we are not alone and being a powerful example of love in all you say and do.

    Bless you Pope Francis for being the love that we all so badly need to feel when life seems like it is beating me up.

    Let us all be the change in ourselves.


    • Awareness

      Blessings to ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    Here is a challenge to the idea that God is love, or that love is everything.

    How could a loving being create, as an example, a wilderness where so many predators brutally kill and eat so many preys? Have you ever seen a crocodile rip open the belly of a living zebra, or wild African dogs tear apart and eat a prey alive? Should we deny the fact that much suffering occurs within the natural order? In judgmental terms, should this be said to be good, bad, or neutral? Should a sensitive, compassionate individual close their eyes and mind and rationalize it (that’s nature) or ignore it (I don’t want to see it or think about it)?

    Religious people got around this dilemma long ago by coming up with the idea that nature was “fallen”. Christians pushed the concept further by stating that the wilderness was the abode of the “devil”. In this scenario, God is and remains love, and if nature is cruel, it is our own fault, Adam and Eve messed up, and nature took a dive for the worst, kicked out of paradise by God’s rather large and angry foot.

    Humanity keeps attempting to create its own moral standards according to a vague, abstract idea that love is everything…apart from and above nature, which it finds immoral because the strong takes advantage of the weak within the natural order. Yet many humans do the exact same thing within their own civilization, exploiting the weak and the poor, as well as exploiting defenseless animals without mercy (have you ever seen cattle being bled while alive in a kosher slaughterhouse?)

    What if God was not love? What if it was everything? What if it was love and hate, pain and pleasure, life and death, the prey and the predator, health and sickness, joy and sadness, light and dark, the above and the below, the inner and the outer, and what if, in being EVERYTHING as well as beyond everything, it was ONE, greater than what the human mind can comprehend in this perfect and absolute unity, a unity that is totally beyond human judgment?

    Is this something current or former Christians, who were taught that God is love, could wrap their mind around? Could they live with the thought of a God who is not a protective daddy?

    Think about it…how many Christians lost their faith when experiencing sudden loss and pain, wondering how a loving, caring God could be so indifferent or cruel. They then rationalize their personal experience with the concept of a “greater plan”, as if God was an architect who was making plans for everyone, or as if we were making plans for ourselves that include terrible tragedies that are beyond our own comprehension. Do you really think that this makes sense?

    God is not what we think it is…it is life. And life is ALL, and ONE. We can make of it what we want…we can pick and choose what we judge to be worthwhile, and what to reject, according to the values we create. We can strive to evolve in one direction or another. But none of this has anything to do with the divine, who is ALL, and ONE.

    None of the virtues we create have anything to do with actual spirituality, which is not about being “good”, “loving”, or “kind”.

    Actual spirituality is about BEING, period. Understanding what it means and feels to BE, ONE with all life, beyond ALL judgments. Of course sensitivity, compassion, empathy increase, the more we ARE, because the more we are the more we feel. But these are not the goal, they are fringe benefits…they are not the cake, merely the icing. The cake is to BE, and being is UNCONDITIONAL.

    • Erin

      I know a beloved who is has a huge cynical nature…and compares Everything to Nature Itself…at least Her ‘dark-sides’. I have had the opportunity to witness this becoming, as well, still have the grand Momness to provide forum for the reacts, simply to show, once again, that it is the Babe who reacts. Cynics don’t much care for such ‘manipulation’, nor do adults find pleasure in one opening their immaturity, though each & every time the scenario is presented, the ends (the reaction) actually justify my means…and the wisdom of Einstein’s ‘repeating of same brings sameness’ alights, & conversation evolves.

      It has been my experience with Nature & It’s Elements, that change & sameness are geared to move most smoothly & easily with an entirety…Mass Consious, so to speak. Not an only way…just an easy way. It is also my experience with other beings that cooperation is very welcome by most, given that there are bigots witin all species, many of which find Human an untrustworthy, intolerable bunch. Trust is not an entitlement, nor an inalienale right, to say the least…it is rather an earn-through-being thing. You have already come to fine understandings of this, no doubt….Looove your last paragraph!

      Sooo…When (and if) Humanity opts to adjust itself accordingly…to a grander version of It’s present vision…Then would not the entirety of Nature do like-‘wise’? I truly believe that would be the case. That when Human decides to be part of, then All will enabled…When Human decides to move into transparency, what could not be seen or heard prior, will be opened similarly, naturally…When Human no longer finds need to feed so voraciously, others will adjust their stance as well. Lots of stuff will move differently than it presently does…When co-operation is acknowledged as viable & most beneficial to Our (All’s) Entirety.

      No worries…When Nature calls, one Must relieve their Selfs, yes? 😀
      <3 Always & All ways.

      • mewabe

        Yes I do believe all animals, wild and domestic, respond to our collective human consciousness…and yet, even in the ways of the prey and the predator, there is a kind of collaboration or cooperation.
        Without it, African zebra would have developed the natural weapons (claws, fangs, etc) or defenses to combat lions or crocodiles, and all preys would have fled predators for good, actually moving to other territories. So what may change as well, as we human become more cooperative, is our own vision: we will see more of the already existing cooperation within the natural world as we are less fearful.
        But first humanity has to face the depth and width of its fear…and it is about to do so on a massive scale (see my latest rant about the consequences of climate change 🙂
        Nature is about to call!

  • Blake

    I was reading several of the comments made on the news service about the Popes words. What’s interesting is the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t have a very good record with supporting man and womankind in the world.

    The Churches history is plagued with destructive energy that has murdered millions in the name of Jesus. It is interesting that Pope Francis would make such dangerous comments not only to the world in this fashion but, he has condemned our present Presidential Administration by kicking Obama in the crotch with Obama’s need to continue the wars in the world based on the World Banks ideals of perpetual economic growth feeding the capitalistic appetite that Americans call democracy.

    My stance is to do nothing. Let the world powers self destruct including the wealthiest nation on Earth; the Vatican.

    Neale, God said, “Do nothing, God needs nothing.” And if we truly are all One and We are Everything like Mewabe stated. Everything will work itself out in time. Life is perpetual change don’t let fear control your life, life is endless I know we are immortal entities.

    It feels like Hitler got his way and won the war by switching sides now the Corporations are the Nazis’s and the poor and destitute are the Jews and we are witnessing another Holocaust with billions set to die for the all mighty dollar.

    You did write that if there was a Heaven, Hitler went there and if you can grasp that idea then you can accept the unconditional love of the Everything and the One.


    • Stephen mills

      Hi Blake good points you make about the CWG material above ….

      But your idea is to do nothing ! Let life go to hell in a hand basket ! Is that it ?

      The fact that God needs nothing frees humanity from its endless self imprissonment and torture . We get to play the game roll the dice self realise .The ball has been in our court all along and there is only one team on the field !

      Conscious Evolution is the way forward now we get to decide not some father figure who needs humans to behave in certain ways ….transcendence from the bondage of Organised Religion .

      We have had the blind leading the blind.The new pope is stirring the pot even if he is against the legalisation of Cannibis he is at least making some waves .I wonder if the Vatican have shares in companies that use old growth forest raw materials ? Perhaps he will investigate that and lead by example yes it’s time to lead by example do as I do , not do as I say .As was the message of the Nazarene ( Jesus ).
      Does the Universe care if we self destruct ,probably not it says do you want to play again ? But I care that’s the difference

    • Stephen mills

      Sorry my post froze … I was saying .Millions care and more each day the number is growing is the new pope helping or hindering this message of unity ?

      I never read anything like what he says from any of the organised religions or there leaders at worst he will be called a communist going against the power elite and self interest groups,war machine and global destroying corporations !!!

      The universe only cares the same amount as we care the energy is neutral in balance …..we get to decide that’s what grown ups do take responsibility to implement solutions for the highest good of all or for the highest good of one the one is us ALL


    • Blake, to do nothing allows the default collective consciousness to do it’s negative work more fully. If our consciousness is very peaceful and pure and enlightened where no negativity exist, that’s a different story. At this time if you want to create a better world you need to take responsibility and be proactive in creating the next highest version you want to see of yourself and the world.

      • Kristen

        Thank you for expressing this Marko, I have wanted to say it for a long time but I am not the right person.

  • Blake

    I still see fear in your hearts and minds. My last letter to
    Neale was to let go of our fear and allow the dominoes to fall as they may
    without any so called good doers in the world. If I do nothing at all except
    change myself the impact will be unconditional love. Any other action will
    always be a violent one no matter who is the next in line to be a super power.
    Laws are written to change people’s behavior; rules maintain the status-quo.
    And yet people still act out with violence to get what they want and need.

    Look at the WWI and WWII every violent action taken resulted
    in a new violent regime that thought that the only way to peace was using
    violence. Since WWII there have been hundreds of wars and skirmishes that have
    resulted in millions of violent deaths all in the name of freedom. And, let’s
    not be naïve all the wars were for profit by the five or six major countries
    that produce weapons of battle.

    You all believe that the despots must be eliminated using
    violent means and there have been very few exceptions to this rule. Gandhi, King,
    the Kennedy’s, and so many other peace makers didn’t survive the onslaught of
    Countries and rulers that saw an opportunity to take power by assassinating
    these good, loving people.

    Gandhi and King both preached nonviolence and yet today
    India has the bomb and in Chicago more “black on black” violence killed 12 more
    innocents from gun violence. These men left their messages to people that
    sought to make a difference for the future. It is sure that we quote and honor
    these men today and yet nothing has changed except that the violence has
    increased tenfold.

    I know that doing nothing is scary for humans to even
    consider yet if I learn to accept and to love unconditionally and to only
    change myself and not others by doing nothing the despots will destroy
    themselves from within. If the despot
    threatens to kill or enslave me; they cannot as long as I love the despot
    unconditionally and do not harm the evil doer.

    Many of you quote your Jesus over and over again and believe
    this “Man” was or is the one and only Christ. You swear up and down he had
    special powers that humans do not. You make him sound like a sorcerer from “Lord
    of the Rings.” You say the Jews sent him to his death on a cross dying for your
    sins. You demand that to be saved from terror and pain all you have to do is
    accept him as your Lord and Savior?

    Let me repeat that last line. You Christians all say that to
    be saved from the despot Satan; is to accept Him as your Lord and Savior. After
    that, all you have to do is nothing. If the Romans crucify you or throw you to
    the lions alive to be eaten you will live eternally in Heaven. Am I getting
    this wrong here? What has changed in the
    past twenty-five hundred years? The despots still exist and Christians, Jews,
    Muslims, and Buddhists are still killing one another. What if everyone stopped
    doing and accept their fates you’re going to die eventually any ways.

    Jesus, we are told knew his fate some even say he could have
    escaped the Romans and fled to Egypt or Asia and yet he accepted his destiny
    knowing full well that he could be tortured and killed by a regime that was
    more powerful than he was, and yet he did nothing because I bet Jesus knew that
    life doesn’t end; life never ends. Jesus knew that he didn’t have to do anything
    except change himself. Change his way of being from fear to love.

    I know that the Holocaust and other genocides of our time
    and the past were experienced by willing participants on both sides. No one
    suffered, no one died, and especially nothing was changed from these horrible
    expressions of religion and ideologies based on human thinking. I suggest you read
    Doctor Michael Newton’s books, “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls.” These
    books will change your whole thinking on death and dying and the Holocaust.

    Does the thought that there are no victims and no
    perpetrators leave you feeling powerless? Does the idea that God does not
    punish evil angers you? I suggest that you all read Neale Donald Walsch’s book “What
    God Said.” Learn the 25 Core Messages of CWG that will change your life and the
    world. Throw out the old ideas that come
    from fear and create new coping skills that come directly from love and doing absolutely

    Stop yelling at one another and being polarized by all
    politicians that prove that politics is the real purgatory. Stop listening to
    your spiritual advisors that preach separatism and sin and start listening to
    your own heart; go within and listen to God speak to you.

    Do Nothing! Let GO and Let God! Know that everyone and
    everything is One. Life is never ending. Surround yourself with loving people.
    Stop! For God Sakes stop! And Just Be Love!



    • Kristen

      His name is Y’shua, and he is one of many Christs. It is a legitimate qualification, based on undertaking the very hard and time consuming Masters in Law papers, commonly known as understanding the workings of the universe. Most are natural laws and a few undertake this on Earth. I have. All are then qualified judges. He informed all to bear their own cross. Getting him to piggyback you or putting a cross on him is ghe easiest road to nowhere. This is backed up with the final entry into the Biblical Gods Heaven being based on not being a coward amongst other requirements and exclusions.

      At least this pope has some balls for once and isnt a coward.

  • mewabe

    I believe that the dichotomy between outer and inner changes is false. The outer and inner world are not separate in any way, and neither is the cause of the other. They arise simultaneously, as do solids and empty space, or the above and the below.

    When a person attempts to change the outer world while suppressing or neglecting his or her inner life, disastrous results are produced, mostly having to do with violence and coercion, because of a lack of insight (in sight).
    When the opposite happens, when a person chooses total inaction while developing a rich inner life, there is a denial of the unity of the inner and the outer worlds, of the existence of a symbiotic relationship of the person with the world.

    We have to be leery of absolute declarations, of dogmatic statements. World change, at time, needs the application of some limited force, which does not mean physical violence, but which means a certain amount of coercion, unfortunately, the same kind of coercion that is applied to enforce civil law.

    We cannot legislate spiritual evolution…but unfortunately, a middle ground must be reached whereby we do not live in a complete jungle while waiting for humanity to evolve on its own and can self-govern and become responsible, compassionate and caring. It’s a fine line, that is being crossed all the time, from both sides, by a somewhat bi polar culture…either no laws or regulations whatsoever and a free for all, or the extreme control of every minute detail of our lives.

    Ultimately, nothing really matters…life will never end, it will merely change. And nothing we do at this point might make any difference, as it seems that humanity has chosen the dark path of self-destruction. It is up to each one of us to decide how we want to express our spirituality…one way is not superior to the other way.

    The prophecy of the 8th Fire
    “They will come to a fork in the road. One road will lead to materialism and destruction…for almost all living creatures…the other road will lead to a spiritual way upon which the Native people will be standing…This path will lead to the lighting of the 8th fire, a period of peace, harmony and a new earth where the destruction of the past will be healed.”
    Anishnabe prophecy

    From what I was shown spiritually, both will happen: first the physical destruction and spiritual storm, which we have began, then the new earth, a new way of being. There is no need to fear in any way: it’s a death and rebirth process, a shortcut to evolution that humanity chose long ago. Of course nothing is written in stone, but it is a likely scenario.

  • flojones

    I don’t know what popes should say or do. I don’t know what spiritual, political or economical leaders should say or do. I don’t know what people should say or do.
    But I know one thing: The moment I know what one or all of them should say or do, I become unhappy and when I am unhappy, I let suffering in and I am at the opposite of where I want to be. Everything here is spiritual so I am never cut off from anything.

  • lamontstephenson

    Pope Francis spoke his opinion on issues and I respect that. They’re a lot of leaders that just go along with everything but in their hearts they are against issues and just keep their feelings bottled up. So I applaud the pontiff for saying how he feels on his issues that are affecting our world. It’s not always about agreeing with someone else’s point of view but being willing to listen to them and respect their point of view.

  • Kristen

    Thanks Neale for saying positive comments about someone religious.

    With regard to Exorcisms; like Y’shua stated and many very old spiritual and cultural beliefs teach, possession is the cause of much illness. A lot of reincarnation and body jumping is not approved and is nothing more than possession. All mental health issues, most sexual crimes and addictions have some form of possession at their core cause. I am sure the statistics would clearly show anyone the spike in these issues when the church ceased doing exorcisms. I and others in here have mentioned we have been trained to do these, and the differences made to peoples lives and health is astounding.

    Open mind Neale…………this is obviously a topic you have not studied.

    • Blake


  • mewabe

    I have to admit that although I think the Pope is doing a good job rapidly catching up with the rest of the aware world in denouncing the obvious problems of society, and in the process moving his Church forward by a few centuries, I am surprised Neale would call him a spiritual leader.

    He is at best a religious leader. I do not think religion and spirituality have anything in common, thank Goddess.

    For one thing, and this is not insignificant, spiritual individuals have never committed atrocities or terrorized entire populations in the name of their spirituality. Religious authorities have, for centuries. As a matter of fact, one has to be completely ignorant of history, or to choose denial, to be religious today.

    • Erin

      btw…Present educational conditions are as such that these ‘types’ of historic events are no longer dwelled upon for expressive thought. If touched on at all, they are a quick pass, no questions to be asked, let’s talk Hitler, schematic. It matters little whether of private or public stature when it comes to such subject material. We seem to have a thing for imparting conditioned mindsets, rather than for empowering critical thinking of Our future Be-ers.

      Boggles the mind, indeed, that one/One would participate in the continuation of support toward such maneuvers! Seems to me, mpo of course, that this ‘type’ of system breeds Separatist cells into Society…No trust, No respect, No Understanding of the Body they feed & are fed by. No caring…Not a fear, nor a passion…for that which is outside of Itself. Mindless Beingness seems to be the ends of such means…Some might actually call this ‘Nirvana’, though. Personally, I’d go with “Booorrring!”

      Who, indeed, “would want to be associated with an organization (civilization, nation, community, family) that has such a criminal past?” Truly an Excellent question! Indeed!!!

      • mewabe

        Modern nations…nothing more, nothing less than organized gangs, complete with their own colors and fly-by bombings!

        Critical thinking is not tolerated within systems where all the people are asked to do is to function according to society’s needs, which are primarily to produce obedient workers/taxpayers and predictable, reliable consumers.

        Alienation and mindlessness, yes, also fed by an epidemic of psychotropic medications prescriptions…to produce slightly paranoid zombies at the earliest possible age.

        To be a real human being today, connected to the living earth, to all life and to one’s heart and sovereign spirit, is a revolutionary act, civilization being so anti-life, so opposed to nature, at all levels. But it is not revolutionary in the sense of seeking to change civilization, which would be a hopeless and unnecessary task (nature will take care of it), but in the powerful stand that is necessary to reclaim and express one’s true being, in resonance with a free and sovereign universe.

  • Awareness

    I would like to invite the Pope and Everyone to reflect on the following GREAT quotes:

    “Forgiveness is not necessary in the kingdom of God. God cannot be offended or damaged in any way.” – “Home with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

    “Judge NOT and neither condemn, for you know not why a thing occurs, nor to what end”. “And remember you this: that which you condemn will condemn you, and that which you judge, YOU WILL ONE DAY BECOME”. “Rather, seek to change those things-or support others who are changing those things-which no longer reflect your highest sense of Who you Are”. “Yet, BLESS ALL-for ALL is the creation of God, through life living, and that is the HIGHEST CREATION” – “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

  • Patrick Gannon

    A “true leader” would take action to prevent the relentlessly continuing deaths of thousands of poor, sick and starving people – mostly children – thanks to atrocious, absurd, antiquated contraception rules. There are over 30 million unplanned births globally every year – most in underdeveloped nations. With a simple pen and paper, Francis could use his ‘papal infallibility’ to overturn this man made ‘mortal sin’ and bring some humanity to this religion of ignorance, guilt and fear.

    On New Years eve in 1930, using contraception was declared a mortal sin that interfered with God’s will, and for which offenders were to be excommunicated. Children primarily, have needlessly died by the thousands ever since because of starvation and disease because their parents had kids they couldn’t support. ‘Papal infallibility’ invented this nonsense as a way to continue to use sex to induce guilt and fear so that people might be more easily controlled. It’s vicious and evil, and educated, knowledgeable people in developed countries ignore it – but it’s still a great way to control the great unwashed masses in third world countries where life is cheap and women and children are expendable..

    The Catholics have a real problem with sex. That’s why the virgin birth story was developed. Aside from the fact that other pagan gods also had virgin births and Jesus had to be at least as good as them, the real issue, it seems from my studies, was SEX, and how it could be used to control people through guilt and fear.

    Original sin is passed along by sex, so sex must be bad, right? By making Mary a virgin, the ‘badness’ of original sin did not pass on to Jesus – or so they thought. They didn’t realize at that time that the woman also contributed to the new life, believing back then, that the “seed” of life was implanted into women by men. When they learned that women contributed the egg which was fertilized by the male, the Catholics took it one more step in 1954 and made ‘dogma’ the idea of the ‘immaculate conception’ by which Mary was uniquely born without original sin (never mind that there is no scriptural support for this). To keep Mary from passing along original sin, they created an exception to the rule, so that she wouldn’t pass it on to Jesus, since the virgin birth alone would not have been enough if Mary herself was already cursed like the rest of us with original sin. They had to come up with a way in which Jesus would be sinless, and it ultimately had to do with sex. (The Church of course denies this rationale, but it’s pretty clear to many who look at it, what the real intent was). As one who grew up Catholic, the message from the Catholic Church was always crystal clear to me. Sex is bad, and should only be performed under limited conditions that a bunch of powerful old men in dresses designate.

    A mortal sin needs 3 things: 1) it has to be bad. 2) you have to know it’s bad. 3) you do it anyway. Of course intelligent people know things like masturbation and using birth control are not “bad,” and it’s time for the church to say what most of us intuitively know. It took 350 years to admit Galileo was right about the earth going around the sun, so there’s no reason to expect them to change their dogma anytime soon, but I don’t think we should take off pressure by praising Francis. When a murderer pets a dog, you don’t call him a nice guy and overlook the fact that he’s a killer. The Catholic Church indirectly kills people – mostly children – through its senseless rules that lead to guilt, fear and ignorance. Look past the smokescreen. Francis rules a frequently evil institution and he has it in his power to make real, rather than cosmetic changes. I’ll withhold my praise till I see Francis stop the church from indirectly killing and starving children because their parents are afraid of an imaginary Hell.

    The place to keep up the pressure for Catholics and all Christians for that matter, is on the need for salvation – the source of fear for Christianity. The Catholic Church now admits that evolution explains how we got here, but continues to insist, with zero evidence, that at some point in the past, some specific individual(s) were responsible for bringing sin into the world by disobeying Bible God, and that original sin is passed on to all of us through sex. Of course there is nothing in the bible or the evolutionary record to support this – but without the need for salvation, you lose fear; and without fear you can’t control people, so Christian leaders aren’t in any hurry to drop the need for original sin, the fall from grace, and the need for redemption/salvation by believing the right things about Jesus. I find that when you press them – they can’t answer the question of why we still need to be saved; so they try as best they can to ignore it and not discuss it. Don’t let them ignore it. Insist on an explanation for why we need to be saved, given that evolution has done away with sin entering the world through one man, Adam – as Paul wrote when Jesus neglected to tell him about evolution in his visions.

    • mewabe

      And, speaking of pressure, let’s not forget that the Vatican needs to come to term with its pederasty epidemic…and prosecute the numerous offenders in real term, sending them to actual prisons for a very long time.

      Then, perhaps the Vatican can go further and understand the obvious psychological connection between their pathological “sex as sin” dogma and the pathological compulsion of grown men to degrade innocent children.

      • Blake

        The Foreign Documentary Film, “Are all men pedaphiles?” Directed by J. Bult 2013. States that psychiatrists have come to the agreement through scientific evidence that Pedaphilia is an Orintation not unlike Homosexuality, Lesbism, Bi-sexual, and Transgenderism.

        Take from this what you want and the evidence of pediphilia is Thousands of years old. As for other orientations according to CWG God has no opinion on this subject.

        Unconditional Love and Acceptance of all people no matter what their so called evils that the present and future societies labeled as. It is important that we grow as a culture too enlightenment rather than ignorance and fear.

        In Illinois convicted pedephiles are imprisoned for life in State run mental institutions after their prison sentences are served.Up until June 2014 these men and women were incarcerated without a legal hearing of any kind until the Illinois State Supreme Court ruled that these people have a human right to a fair hearing.

        Remember the laws that were written in the 19th Century forcing Native Americans to be sterilized against their will until 1974 and the Science experiments with radiation used on African Americans during the 20th Century.

        Prisoners today are routinely experimented on by the medical industries without prejudice. This kind of thinking brings back the screwed up science of Eugenics in the early 1700’s too the 1900’s practiced worldwide by so called scientists of those times.

        We as a human race find ways to delete different types of people based on our misunderstandings of what God created. Your statements Mewabe may be true for you and true for todays society hopefully there will be a future of humans that view others with curiosity rather than subjectivity and elimination.


        • mewabe

          Psychiatry is not and has never been a science. Psychiatrists invent ludicrous new “conditions” or “mental illnesses” every year, such as “oppositional defiance disorder”, and then get the pharmaceutical industry to create a mental straight jacket type of medication to administer to a whole new category of “patients” (in this case disobedient children) for enormous profits.

          Psychiatry is a great racket.

          Whether another person’s God has an opinion or not on this subject or any other is not something that concerns me in any way.

          The evidence of pedophilia is thousands of years old? So is cannibalism, torture, or rape.

          Obviously pedophiles are mentally ill, as are most criminals, who have often been emotionally and physically abused themselves. They need heavy therapy (not medication, actual therapy). The problem is that therapy must always be voluntary…it cannot be forced in any way. If a mentally ill individual who hurts others refuses therapy, he or she should be separated from the public, and the only way to do this is a loss of freedom or incarceration.

          Incarcerating dangerous individuals is actually showing love and compassion towards potential future victims.

          That pedophiles would be protected and allowed to practice their “craft” by a powerful and incredibly hypocritical organization such as the Vatican is unacceptable, and if I was the father of one of the victim, and the law did nothing, blood would most probably flow.

          I am sorry Blake but I do not think that stating that pederasty is undesirable stems from a misunderstanding of what God created. Human beings create their own pathologies.

  • mewabe

    Let’s talk about some important things that no one want to face:

    It will not be too long before all of humanity once again experiences survival conditions throughout the world, the consequences of the almost complete melting of the ice in the arctic sea, of the ice sheet over Greenland, and of the release of immense stores of methane gas from the ocean floor all around the polar region and the melted permafrost. Some scientists estimate that the arctic sea will be free of summer ice in 2015. This will
    create a rapid acceleration of what they call a positive loop, which is basically a vicious circle: the less ice, the more heat is absorbed from the sun, and the more heat, the less ice. Methane gas is now already being released from the Siberian sea bed. Once it begins being released in massive quantities after the protective ice layer is gone over the arctic region, no human action of any kind will stop the destructive cycle.

    Change is coming, whether we like it or not. Where did it come from? It came from our minds. It originated from a survival mindset, which is why it will logically end in creating global survival conditions. The path has indeed being very straight, from A to Z. Civilization did not go wrong, it was wrong from the start.

    By survival mindset, I do not mean social Darwinism, which is a mere side effect. What is meant here is that western civilization was, from the very beginning, developed by European cultures whose people perceived nature to be hostile, dangerous, adversarial, and who consequently developed philosophies, religions, sciences, social structures and technologies that all aimed at conquering and subduing the natural world as if it were not only separate from humanity but an enemy. Living in a natural environment they
    believed to be hostile, Europeans created a civilization whose primary purpose was to survive and overcome. They consequently sought power, technological and otherwise, to use it as a weapon against nature.

    By contrast, most indigenous people, who were openly despised by civilization for seemingly functioning at a survival, primitive level, “like animals”, were actually not rooted in a survival mindset, but in a cooperative mindset, viewing the natural world not as an enemy to be conquered and subdued but as a partner to be respected, learnt from, and worked with.

    To live in harmony with nature is not survival but true living, no matter how simple and rudimentary one’s technologies. By contrast, to live in opposition to nature, no matter how sophisticated the technologies, is to create battlefield conditions whereby survival is the primary concern, as it was in the mind of those European people who first developed western civilization, a civilization that has now destroyed all traditional, indigenous earth cultures and has overtaken the entire planet.

    And this is why the polar ice is melting and why we are about to experience dire survival conditions throughout the world. Being hostile to nature, civilization created hostile conditions. Being fearful of nature, civilization created fearful conditions. Being lost, without a sense of belonging here or of any significant connection to nature, without any love for the earth, civilized people created the conditions that will cause humanity to
    loose much.

    Life is a mirror. Humanity is about to see itself.

    • Michael L

      One thought mewabe,
      In the last 15 years the average temperature of the earth has not risen one iota.
      So yes, we have the power to change it all with our emotions and intent.
      I intend that I’m moving south as the mini ice age is coming!!!

      • mewabe

        Michael, the point of my comment was not to debate or deny certain facts. I will leave that to politicians who are motivated by the ideology of profit and financed by big oil, coal and other destructive industries.

        My point is that the intent of civilization is not and has never been to respect, honor and love the earth, but to treat it as a slave, a whore, an enemy.

        People, including environmentalists, are now worried about the natural environment…but they are not worried out of a love for the earth: only a few poets, a couple of mystics, Native Americans and other indigenous people have proven themselves capable of feeling this love and respect. No, people from the dominant culture are worried about their own survival and that of their civilization if a global environmental disaster strikes.

        And it is not a matter of if but of when. Civilization is literally raping the earth. If you think this is an overstatement, take a look at what is happening in Canda with the tar sand industry. Nature’s essence is balance…when something is brutally forced out of balance in an extreme manner, it recovers its balance violently while reaching for the other extreme, until it can find once again the middle point and balance is restored (get someone to push you and see how it works).

        It does not matter how it happens…methane gas release or the end of the gulf stream and a new ice age, or anything else: we are abusing the earth and it is about to act to regain its natural balance, and shake all of humanity in the process. And it does not matter what we think at this point…the global consciousness has chosen destruction.

        • Michael L

          So my conversation on your subject is that your belief is that the end is near. While mine is that it just a cycle of the earth which with forethought and reading the results of the past will get us through this cycle also.
          I’m not saying there won’t be destruction and loss of life for those who live in dangerous zones. But as the earth “balances” it self. Those who have the understanding of what the earth wants to see as clean up, will build a useful world this time around.

          We have evolved by this time to take responsibility.

          • mewabe

            The end of something is also and always the beginning of something else, so it is not really an end, even if the earth is no longer capable of supporting such a large world population for a period of time, but a passage or transition into another experience.

            I have no set beliefs…I have a wait and see attitude. I look ahead, but I know anything is possible…there is nearly always a fork in the road, although at a certain stage opportunities are lost.

            But all of humanity would be much better off learning to actually love the earth, right here, right now. We don’t have to think of it as “mother earth”…not even as a divine creation. We don’t have to talk about “sacred lands”. We don’t have to talk in religious or spiritual terms about the earth.

            All we really need is agree on the universal beauty of the earth, and on the fact that we are as much a part of nature as it is a part of us…knowing, observing that all we do to it, we ultimately do to ourselves. From the acknowledgment of this fact will come responsibility. From love will come respect.

            It is easy to love the earth…spend some time in nature…sit on the ground, lean against a tree. Release your mind to nature…
            As the wind that blows, let your mind wonder…As the tree that stands, gather strength from the soil…Bend, and mold, to stronger forces…feel the heart beat of the living earth through your feet.

            The earth is alive, it is not just a thing. Once people understand this at a deep level, and feel it, they will have no choice but to respect life.

          • Michael L

            Well articulated mewabe,
            I just believe the glass is half full, silly me!!!

          • mewabe

            Thank you Michael…
            Is the glass half full of arctic ice or methane gas? :))

  • Erin

    One thing that seems to come with age, is less to lose. One thing that comes from Wisdom of Ages, is that no thing is lost.

    We cannot turn back time…”If we only knew then what we know now!” Hmmm…perhaps, if we pondered, “What do we know Now that can make the next Then something Amazing to look back on?”

    (If you haven’t checked out “Solar freaking roadways”, you should!)

    Blessings to Mr. Francis…and to any one/One who stands to express “Enough!”, and moves to Being other-‘wise’ of such. I wish you continued Courage, Confidence, Conviction, and the Charisma to move masses in new directions with wiser directives. I wish you Creativity that is co-operative, and Common Sense that is evident & binding…and may your Character & Communication shine through Challenge…Always & All ways.<3

  • Blake

    What is the Holy Cross? Before the cross, before Constantine
    the symbols of Christianity were animals, birds and fish. These living symbols
    represented how Christianity supported the idea that all life is sacred and
    blessed by the One God.

    What is the Holy Cross really? It is a symbol of death and
    all living things must die. Truly the cross is an apparatus used to murder
    criminals political, religious and breakers of the laws written by the
    powerful. The cross is a form of torture
    and a symbol of discrimination, prejudice and racism.

    Constantine created the cross so that he could remind
    everyone that Jesus died on the cross so that our (Constantine’s) sins would be
    forgiven. You see Constantine was a monster who wore the mantle of the Lamb and
    Lion both accepted symbols of God. He was convinced that the only way for him
    to enter Heaven was to start a religion that forgave the destroyers, the
    murderers, the rapists, and the war mongers like him by using Jesus as a representative
    and God of the new faith.

    It has been discovered that Constantine waged wore using a
    cross on the shields of his armies. The truth is the cross reminded these new
    Christians that the non-believers were responsible for the Death of their Lord
    on the cross especially the Jews who in Constantine’s opinion were instrumental
    in his capture and death. Not that Jesus had chosen to be crucified by his own
    choice that CWG supports. We are responsible for our own deaths; there are no
    victims or perpetrators.

    The Cross has sponsored every war fought by Christians since
    Constantine’s armies fought two thousand years ago. The cross has been used to
    reject anyone who is a non-believer of the Christian faith and it has been the executioner
    of Jews and Muslims creating generations of anti-Semitism.

    The Cross has sponsored every American war fought in our
    history being used by every American President as a rallying point to command
    their armies that God is on our side and that we are the good and they are the
    evil. Its symbol is the representation of money, power, corruption, corporate
    greed and political aspirations. It’s used as a weapon against what American’s
    call evil our own tool of exorcism toward non-Christians all over the world and
    in our future the known universe.

    When people wear a cross or prostrate themselves in front of
    one I think of Constantine’s Soul laughing at the Christians calling them
    suckers as he created the perfect symbol of all scoundrels and dirty rotten,
    murdering thieves. I forgot forgiven dirty rotten thieves.


    • Stephen mills

      And most of the people doing the fighting and dying are the young ? Old men and religions use the young and innocent for fodder and tofurther there cause in the name of their God and beliefs .

      We see this again with Israel and the Palastinians in the Gaza Strip .The young are dying for the these mostly old men and their cultural stories ! Do not question them just do what I say ,give me the boy until the age of seven and I will show you the man ?

      So the young must now stand for no more war and misery transcend these false beliefs and nationalism and stand for all people young and old alike . Fly the flag of oneness shared prosperity and peace for all .

      Forget the mistaken teachings of organised religion and serve life as prime value !


  • flojones

    When you decide that the best thing you could do while you’re living your life is to save the world or try to save it, save poors or try to save them, or complain how manipulative religions are or how unwise and ruthless men are, you create now the world you’ll want to save tomorrow, you create now the poors you’ll want to save tomorrow, you create now
    the manipulative religions you’ll want to complain about tomorrow, you create now the unwise and ruthless men you’ll want to complain about tomorrow . Don’t forget that the universe can’t say no to what you ask for… so that you can have the best experience of yourself. So it brings you and will keep bringing you flawlessly the world to save, the
    poors, the manipulative, the unwise and ruthless and so on… until you decide that what you want is not to save the world or the poors or anyone else or complain about anyone.

    • mewabe

      Yes…Yoshua was misguided, he should have stuck to learning carpentry. Mother Theresa was mad, she should have stayed home and baked cookies. Buddha was wasting his time, he should have done whatever it was that he was meant to do. Gandhi was deluded, he should have concentrated on fasting and yoga. Martin Luther King was crazy, he should have preached inaction and the acceptance of racism.

      This dogma of silence and inaction is the perfect new pseudo-spiritual partner to the political ideology of “laisser-faire”, or liberal capitalism. Do not help the poor, do not prottect the environment, do not attempt to end war, do not denounce or try to end the corruption of government, concentrate on yourself instead, look out for number one, and let the world masters do their thing while you are doing your thing.

      Just as Christianity partnered itself with empire in the beginning, this new age dogma of silence and inaction is the ideal bed fellow of the exploiter, of the abuser, of those to whom the achievement of power and wealth at any cost is the ultimate religion, as it was at the time of empire.

      • flojones

        Dear Newabe,
        Has Buddha or JC saved the world ? I don’t think so. They’ve only told people with ears, people who really wanted answers, how they could save themselves.
        When you are focus on a world to save, you create a world to save and no matter what you do to apparently save this world, you will keep on creating a world to save because you are so entrenched in believing that saving a world is your highest good.
        Courage is in acknowledging what you do create and creating something else if what you’ve created doesn’t please you. You create the injuste, the poors, the oppression, the exploiters and abusers, the discomfort and you are so quick to claim no involvement of you in those creations.

        And yes when you do focus on peace or love as an experience you choose to live moment by moment, no matter what, that’s what you will create in the outer world, no matter what.

        You’ve defined pretty precisely in your numerous writtings what is true for you and that is very fine and it is also very fine that you keep saying that your truth is the Truth…

        • mewabe

          Flojones, you focused on Buddha and Yoshua, but strategically ignored MLK and Gandhi, who did make a difference in the world in some very specific areas that were of concern to them. In this respect they did change the world. They did not try to save the world, only to change it in a specific way that they were passionate about.

          I never proposed to save the world…no one has this degree of omnipotence, or would want to. What I am proposing is to make a difference, in whatever area concerns me. I and millions of others. And millions do improve the world by their daily actions, from activism to innovations.

          I never thought or stated that saving the world was the highest good, for the reason stated above. I never thought that saving anything was the highest good, because I am not concerned with goodness. When I am moved to act, it is not out of some invented morality but out of love and compassion, or empathy.

          I do not create exploiters or abusers. I do contribute to exploitation and abuse, as do every living and breathing person on this planet, but I consciously do everything possible to lessen my contribution, for example to the destruction of the environment.

          I had, when I was a teenager, the strong desire to drop totally out of society, for this very reason: to no longer contribute in any way to what I understood to be a monster of predation and destruction, aka civilization. But the only way to do this would have been to live in the woods, off the land. I decided that I would be better off actually trying to make the world a better place in some way, than dropping off the planet, sitting on my butt and contemplating my navel.

          Life is not merely about creation. It is also about expression. Love and compassion require expression, and this expression include the words “no more!” in the face of abuse and destruction.

          Life is not merely about inner truth, but about understanding facts. Facts are not interchangeable with perception.

          Life is not merely about personal comfort or happiness, but about understanding that everything and everyone is a part of you, as you are a part of them…understanding that when you stand still and silent while horrors are committed, often in your name, against other people and against the earth, this is when you are a true contributer, a true creator of abusers and exploiters, by your very inaction.

          I am not criticizing you personally however…your choices are totally valid, no matter what they are. I am merely questioning your ideas, as they are not only yours, but are very widespread in the New Age movement, and have become a new dogma of non-action and self-absorption, of self-interest that, once again, admirably serves the laisser-faire capitalism that is ruining the world and taking all of us back to feudalism while rushing us forward to global environmental destruction.

          • flojones

            Newabe, I really appreciate your nice and kind answer.

            Everything here is a context. Politics, religion, science, medecine, economic, environment, sport, tourism, leisure, relationships, war, family, etc…, everything you can think of is a context. None of them is intrinsicaly better than the other.
            So if you think that politics and being like MLK, Gandhi or Mandela would give you the best life experience, good for you, life will give you the perfect context for that.
            If you think that sport and being like Michael Jordan would give you the best life experience, good for you, life will give you the
            perfect context for that.
            If you think that war and being a marins would give you the best life experience, good for you, life will give you the perfect context for that.
            If you think that environment and being environment activist would give you the best life experience, good for you, life will give you the perfect context for that.
            Once a context is no more focus on by anyone of us as an expression of himself, it naturally disappears and others will take place, and we call it evolution.
            So there is nothing wrong in not wanting to be involved in politics or environment.
            You create your own life experience. When you think that politics or religion or other contexts or people can alter your life experience you thwart yourself in your creation, expression and experience.

          • mewabe

            Thank you flojones, this is an interesting answer, a different way of looking at reality. Is it from the CWG material? Much of the “you create your own reality” material was developed in length in Seth Speaks and other subsequent books such as The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts in the early 70’s.

            I do not disagree with this statement, I have always felt responsible for my life choices and reality. I even intuitively knew that I chose my own parents. I have never once perceived myself to be a victim of anything, not even as a child, and wondered why everyone else did.

            But I do not seem to look at reality in the same way as you do. In my understanding, life is not exclusively about me, about having the best personal life experience.

            Life for me is about “us”, meaning All of Life, from tiny ants to distant galaxies. I exist not in terms of “context”, using life as a “background” to define who I am or want to be as the night sky defines the stars or empty space defines a solid, but in terms of relationships.

            I relate to all life, and strive to find what I consider to be my just place in the greater circle of creation, where everything matters, everything counts, because all is one.

            This is an indigenous, rather than a new age, understanding.

            When I see elements in the world who are out of balance, who have forgotten their place in the greater creation and act as would blind elephants on crack, who act as destructive machines without foresight or conscience, I stand up for those things or people who are run over and devastated by such destructive actions, because I understand this old traditional indigenous knowledge about harmony and balance that the new age completely disregard, but that even Jane Roberts mentions in her Seth book (she was part Native American), quote:

            “…if you do not have a loving concern for the environment in which you dwell, it will no longer sustain you-you will not be worthy of it. You will not be destroying the planet, you see.
            …You will not understand you part within the framework of nature until you actually see yourself in danger of tearing it apart. You will not destroy consciousness. You will not annihilate the consciousness of even one leaf, but in your context, if these problems were not solved, these would fade from your experience….So you have brought this upon yourselves and you will learn.”

            This quote is about the environment, but the same applies to all living creatures including humanity. We can only exist as individuals in terms of relationships, not of “context”, and the ideals of all relationships are harmony and balance, as it is in all of the natural creation. When someone or something is out of balance, action must be taken to attempt to restore the balance, for the sake of all life of which we are a part.

            The new age focuses exclusively on the individual, seeing everything else as a “context”, in the same way as a self-serving king would see his court and nation as a context meant to reflect his own glory, and for this very reason the new age is, from my understanding, proving itself to be irrelevant and obsolete, attempting to perpetuate the focus on the SEPARATELY motivated individual that has characterized western civilization from the beginning and has created a world that is now almost completely out of balance.

  • Blake

    “God Loves Uganda”

    The documentary details the irresponsible actions of the
    American Evangelical Church “IHOP” as they preach the Gospel of the New
    Testament to a culture that responds violently to non-believers and Gay,
    Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender people.

    Because of the American Evangelical Church’s efforts to
    teach violence by spreading false information and propaganda those gays will recruit
    children to become gay sex slaves and be sexually molested against their wills.

    The Uganda Parliament is at odds with U.S. Government and
    the American Evangelical community about money in this case U.S. Foreign Aid
    and Church donations in hundreds of millions of dollars to pass laws that persecute
    and murder GLBT people and start a war against the 18% Muslim Ugandan community
    because of myths from the Holy Bible about these peoples.

    The AIDS/HIV infections are skyrocketing because the
    American Evangelical Church is preaching abstinence rather than the use of
    condoms. The AEC is form most in creating public opinion against other more
    liberal Christian churches by evoking hate by saying that these organizations
    are not real Christians but Devil Worshippers.


    • mewabe

      The question is…how could insane religious beliefs appeal to sane people? A person has to be relatively insane to begin with, in order to be attracted to or even accept such beliefs.

      So…how do we deal with the innate insanity of a large part of humanity? What is lacking in the human mind, heart and soul that makes so many humans so prone to embracing pathological thoughts and behaviors, such as those motivated or validated by religion?

      Where does the madness come from? This is something Neale has not looked at, as he believes crazy beliefs cause crazy behaviors…but a SANE person COULD NOT, IN ANY WAY espouse or accept, let alone embrace, any type of crazy religious belief, or any other kind of irrational belief…only the slightly or profoundly imbalanced individual embraces irrational thoughts.

      So, shouldn’t we ask where does the imbalance originate? Is it global neurosis? And if this is the case, aren’t we essentially screwed up and doomed as a specie?

      • Michael L

        Truth is so ambiguous.
        So when a belief is held as true, nothing will wedge the bonding that has formed, until a greater force comes to split that bond.
        Love is that force. Bringing light to dark places.
        I’m going with Joy over truth. Cause that is the only reason I’m in this garden.

        • mewabe

          I used the word truth as a trigger, I knew that it would be very controversial…but I meant that we should never cease to search for deeper understanding. When we think we have it all figured out, we are as good as dead…that’s when we are bonded by unshakable beliefs, and become opaque to more subtle and ever changing realities.

          Love and joy are the best bond indeed…rather than beliefs, which the “truth” always is about.

  • mewabe

    I have made many comments on this site, way too many. I have spun my wheels endlessly. I am sure I have become quite a nuisance, but I want to make one last comment, ending with two quotes.

    I have attempted to express a concern that I share with most of the Indigenous people of the world, about our current relationship with the earth, which is one of disrespect, abuse and destruction. This is something most Indigenous people understand, because it is in their blood and their consciousness. I speak their heart and soul language, and they speak mine.

    Here however, on this site, I stand alone among strangers. This is a spiritual site. Yet I see, in the responses to some of my comments on this topic, an astonishing amount of disinterest and disconnection from the reality of the relationship of humanity to the earth. There is no connection. The energy does not flow. There is a barrier, not between me and others, this is not what I mean, but between others and the earth. There is no relationship, spiritual or otherwise, between the man and woman of the dominant culture and the natural earth.

    I have used this site as a test ground, in a sense, to see if and how people from the dominant culture could be reached and awakened to their connection with the natural world. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that the majority cannot. They do not have a connection, and they do not think they need one. We are very different.

    But this lack of connection to the earth, this alienation, which is historic, having lasted many centuries, is the lone cause of the destruction of the natural environment. And this fact, which is incredibly obvious to any Indigenous person who does feel connected to the earth in heart, mind, body and soul, is something the people from the dominant culture cannot understand, and will not. Yes, we are different.

    If only the dominant culture could stop the destruction of nature, but it will not. So nature will stop the dominant culture.

    “Mother earth has been abused, the powers have been abused, this cannot go on forever. No theory can alter that simple fact. Mother earth will retaliate, the whole environment will retaliate, and the abusers will be eliminated. Things come full circle, back to where they started. That’s revolution.”
    Russell Means

    “”If you do not have a loving concern for the environment in which you dwell, it will no longer sustain you-you will not be worthy of it.”
    Jane Roberts,
    Seth Speaks

    • I don’t think anyone or most would disagree with what you are saying on this site. I think they would not al necessarily emphasize nature in the way you do, but I personally think that it’s a large part of the solution agenda.

      When I see the destruction of nature, wars, violence, rage, outrageous unhealthy behaviors & decisions, non beneficial political decisions, corporate rape of the world I have compassion & love on it all.

      I realize an enlightened conscious society would not allow this & we are still a very primitive society. In a primitive thinking society when you become more spiritually aware & conscious you become even more aware of how bad things are and how much better they could be.

      So it’s challenging to be spiritually aware in a primitive non HEB society. Therefore I exercise and practice my visionary solution oriented muscle.

      I practice visioning we have caring solution oriented leaders & individuals that are spiritually & psychologically healthy. I see a world where we care for earth & all it’s inhabitants. I see a world where caring replaces the hurt & violence.

      I know we have the intelligence, creativity & love to create the world we desire. My emphasis is the LOA or Law of Attraction as the senior law of the Universe along with the law of diversity in beings both terrestrial & extraterrestrial.

      I get we are not there yet. Have a long way to go.

      We are in that once in a history transition time. Going from destructive non beneficial living & overwhelming problems to one peace, love prosperity & much more.

      My visioning this will not make it happen per sae, however, it adds growing energy to the influential mass of like energy that will grow & hopefully be the eventual majority energy.

      It takes practice to see this when I have heard and seen things all my life that make me angry & shake my head in disbelief & total befuddlement.

      So I share how I see & practice my walking & talking however imperfectly I do which is why I have compassion on myself as well as others & the world.

      Peace to you and all the great thoughts you’ve contributed here. I’ve enjoyed your passion challenge, honesty of your posts & feel they will continue. If you are frustrated, remember, it’s especially challenging to be more aware in a less aware world, which is why you, we are here to help change it.

      By the way, I feel the overwhelming problems we have can be seen as the contrasting field where our true glory as unlimited beings express who we really are. To overcome such overwhelming odds & problems can only be done by magnificent beings. How do we see & know our magnificence unless it’s seen in it’s giant contrast to be overcome?

      • mewabe

        Thank you Marko, I wish you the best and to never loose your vision of a better world that already exists within your heart!

    • flojones

      Dear Newabe,I praise the wisdom, awareness and kindness that
      you’ve shared through your writtings.
      I am sur that these qualities will keep on inspiring you in the furture.

      • mewabe

        Thank you flojones, you are very kind. I wish you ever expanding happiness and peace on your journey…

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    Yet there can be no ignoring the fact that the Vatican holds most of the world’s wealth.

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    And yet the Vatican holds most of the world’s wealth.

  • Opa

    “The whole world’s falling in love with him.”?? Think not. Neale, have been an interested observer for some time, to find this ringing endorsement of a man who has been convicted of serious crimes and is now subject to arrest warrants, this is a puzzle indeed.

    • Antiguanian

      wrong pope

      • Opa

        No Antiguanian, the charges relate to the present pope and the entire Roman Catholic Church re their involvement in some very nasty crimes like genocide and child trafficking.

  • bermuda34

    how many individuals are taking part in the conversation of the century ?

  • bermuda34

    100s ? 1000s ? 100,000s ? I only ask because I have read the conversation needs to include 250,000 individuals for it to reach critical mass before any significant changes start to happen on a global scale.

  • bermuda34

    I have searched for the answer but can only find the number of hits the website has had, this tells me that Britney Spears gets more hits, I am not being negative, it`s a valid question, how many individuals are involved ?