An Open Letter to Our World:

My Dear Sisters and Brothers on this Journey of the Soul…

Recent days have seen two headlines in the news that once again invite us all to deeply consider who we are as a species — and who we choose to be.

One headline focuses on just released official U.S. Government documents that reveal that this nation was, past the middle of the last century, seriously considering a proposal to establish a manned military base on the moon that could be used for global intelligence gathering purposes — with the possibility of exploding a nuclear device on our Earth’s satellite.

The second story involves the two-hour death by lethal injection of Joseph Wood in an Arizona execution chamber.

According to the first story, at, “The purpose of a nuclear detonation near or on the moon would be for show, a document said. Its ‘foremost intent was to impress the world with the prowess of the United States’.”

The CNN story opened with these words: “The U.S. military races to the moon to build a base — to beat the Russians to the punch. Maybe test a nuclear weapon on the surface. Consider a lunar-based bombing system to target earthbound foes. That was the plan in the 1960s, according to declassified national security documents released this week — some of them stamped as ‘SECRET’.”

While the idea of a lunar military outpost never got off the ground (so to speak), this was not because anyone in any official position wrote about the moral or spiritual implications of such a plan. It was apparently shelved because it was consider too risky, the CNN report said.

This says something about the human mindset that we all may wish to ponder.

The second headline involved the two-hour-long death by lethal injection of convicted murdered Joseph Wood in an Arizona prison on July 23.

According to this story at, Mr. Wood is described as gasping something like 600 times by an approximate count of witnesses, seeming to be reaching for air as his execution took two hours to kill him.

Reporters who have seen executions before wrote in the Arizona press that in the past executions by injection took ten minutes to produce death. Any suggestion that Mr. Wood may have suffered cruel and unusual punishment was, however, dismissed by relatives of the two people Mr. Wood was convicted of murdering in 1989.

Asked about the possibility that Mr. Wood experienced an excruciating death, Jeanne Brown was quoted is this report by ABC News as having said: “You don’t know what excruciating is. Excruciating is seeing your dad lying there in a pool of blood, seeing your sister lying there in a pool of blood. That’s excruciating. This man deserved it.”

Ms. Brown is the sister of the woman and the daughter of the man that Joseph Wood was found guilty of shooting 25 years ago. Her husband, Andrew Brown, was quoted in the above ABC News story as saying “Everybody is worried about the drug. These people that do this, they deserve to suffer a little bit.”

“I saw the life go out of my sister-in-law’s eye as he shot her to death,” ABC News said he added. “I’m so sick of you guys (referring to the media) blowing this drug stuff out of proportion.”

Without commenting on the merits of the sentiments expressed by Mr. and Mrs. Brown, I am moved to wonder: Is the death penalty the way a society can best teach its members that killing people is wrong?

Does an advanced civilization use killing to end killing, violence to end violence, hatred and anger to bring an end to hatred and anger?

And what if it is not about a deterrent? What if it is just about what some people call simple justice? Is it a demonstration of a high level of evolution for a race of sentient beings to embrace a philosophy of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”? Is that the grandest notion that evolution brings?

My Dear Brothers and Sisters on the Journey…I ask these questions in the spirit of gentle but important inquiry.

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  • Michael L

    Love would find a way for forgiveness to begin….on both sides.
    Get ALL the parties together and discuss the events, with love.
    A spiritual medium could be used. Beginning the process of healing.
    One more step in our evolutionary path.

  • Blake

    It seems to me Neale that suffering people want to feel
    others around themselves suffer as much as they think that they are. This is
    common behavior in our world. REVENGE! REVENGE! REVENGE! Mr. and Mrs. Brown are

    They don’t feel like forgiveness after 28 years of suffering
    their loss. Why shouldn’t they be witnesses to a lot of excruciating pain and
    suffering from the man that caused them so much loss and pain? They don’t see
    themselves as the problem they only feel like victims. He is the Demon after
    all isn’t he?

    Mr. and Mrs. Brown do not know that there are no victims or
    perpetrators in the world. They cannot comprehend the possibility of
    unconditional love. The Browns believe in a judgmental, punishing God that is
    sending this man to everlasting Hell for causing them their great losses.

    Christians in America are hard on themselves and hard on
    their God. Christians justify their behavior because the Holy Bible states that
    an eye for an eye is fair and of course being a good church going Christian it
    is. I am sure that the Browns feel born again from the experience they had
    watching another man die. For them the Browns feel killing another human being
    is easy; and I bet the next person they kill will bring them even greater joy
    because God said it is so.

    I bet the Browns experience a lot of violence in their
    lives. I bet they are regularly violent to one another and all their family
    members. I am sure that their whole existence is one big dysfunctional violent
    mess of sh%t that is justified through their puny hearts and lack of respect
    for one another and the people around themselves and the Browns definitely got
    Christian Justice.

    This is what it is like being a good Christian. Look at the Evangelicals
    that are preaching the Gospels to the unfortunate people in Uganda that have
    come from a violent sorted past of the Idi Amin times of using violence to
    solve all problems. They learned well from their leaders past and present that God’s
    love is demonstrated through violent expression using clubs and machete’s to
    prove to their Evangelical leaders that they are following the Holy Laws of the
    Bible by eliminating the unbelievers of Jesus Christ. Even now their Government
    is writing Christian privilege laws that will kill all those people that the
    Bible says should die for their sins.

    War between the Christians and the Muslims is inevitable based
    on the ideas that are being propounded by the Evangelical fundamentalist in
    America and around the world. The Evangelicals for the past two hundred years
    have reported to the world that the end days are right around the corner, that
    we all should prepare for the second coming of Christ and thanks to the Jews in
    Israel the Armageddon is close at hand.

    And, I am sure that Mr. and Mrs. Brown know they will be
    swept up into heaven before Jesus arrives on a White Horse to destroy Satan on
    Earth bringing a thousand years of peace with a world under one God and one
    people all unified by His Son.

    According to the teachings of Carl Rove from the Republican
    Party if you repeat a made up thing against another over and over again people
    will automatically will repeat it and then believe it even though it is not
    true at all. That is how myths are created. The Myth that Jesus is the Son of
    God and the Myths the Bible expounds are repeated over and over by groups that
    control billions of lives is a dangerous mixture of violence and mayhem.

    Bless the man that died horribly for he represented the pain
    that is evident in our present society. Mr. Wood represents Jesus dying on the
    cross by the hands of the Roman Empire called the United States of America. Mr.
    Wood died for our sins and he has risen giving us the message of eternal life.


  • NealeDonaldWalsch

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  • Blake

    I’m glad your watching out for all of us Neale..;.. Blessings to you.

  • Blake

    I am very angry at this moment at the American Christian movement in this country. I do not apologize for that anger. I am very angry at people who use scripture to support violent acts against the innocent referring to the Christian fundamentalist that are present in many parts of the world and in this country preaching hate through their ministries as a way to convince innocents that this is what God demands and wants.

    Joseph Wood died on his cross just as Jesus did in the name of justice. Joseph felt unimaginable pain for something he did 25 years ago. You can compare the two as one because Jesus killed off myths that have been held for thousands of years and replaced them with a message of love.

    Sometimes love causes pain and anger. What has been done to Joseph and others like him in a country that calls itself blessed by God is a travesty.



    Neale, U are a blessing to all the world for what U have done so far !!!! Why it takes our society so long to see this truth wlll always amaze me. It just seems that there just to busy to pay attention to the only thing that can fix the problem. More power to U & what U are accomplishing all around the world, while those of us who get it are helping U along the way. It is all about us !!!!


    I find it very interesting that I always felt that in the fourth quarter of my life that i was going to be involved in something very important. I now know why I’m here & what that very special important thing is !!!! Understandjng Gods love for us is AMAZING !!!!

    • Erin

      Fab word “Amazing”, yes? I have been following this word for about 3 years now, and it has yet to cease to amaze! 🙂

  • Erin

    Oh, my Dear…Humanity is neither “an advanced civilization”, nor on “a high level of evolution”…heck, most don’t even know what the define of ‘sentient’ is, let alone have grander notions of what evolution should bring beyond the next “G” network of phone service. (And how about those cell phone packages & their fine-print marketing strategy? Not so easy or inexpensive to move away from the biggest scam artistry since Insurance, is it? Kind of exposes the Sheeple thing with intense light effects, yes?)

    Yes, disappointing…Yes, quite frustrating. Not of the secrects & lies of leaderships, as this behavior is well expected of politics & what We deem as ‘justice’, but rather of the personal reactions to them that are sought & sorted by media as majoral feed-back, & accepted by a majority as “This is the way it is!”

    If there is no other line that I find entirely unacceptable, especially if it foams from the mouths of Babes, it is “This is the way it is…and that’s that!” Oh, the ire that awaits a fine pounce upon the speaker of such stupidity! (Haven’t quite tamed that side of Lioness.)

    There is a meeting coming up in our little town (Aug. 14th)…probably similar to Everywhere, USA, in these moments…here, it’s being called “The Patriot Connection”. I Am not a fan of patriotism or flag waving, nor of pledging allegiance to one, but I Am going…if for no other reason but to See & hear of the faces that seek ‘another way’ & where they are at in their ideas of directives & direction. Perhaps a Conversation will ensue from such…perhaps many! 🙂
    Namaste’, All.

  • Sveinung Nergård

    I guess the death penalty makes sense from the perspective of a christian religious person, because it seems like justice. I recognise justice as a concept but I don’t believe it’s real. I’m against the death penalty because innocent people could be executed. What if that innocent person was you?

  • Is the death penalty the way a society can best teach its members that killing people is wrong? Until we evolve & advance further the answer seems for now to be yes.

    Other changes in societies mentalities need to occur before we advance beyond this. Obviously we are divided on this & many issues. Perhaps we intellectualize it too much & don’t venture into enough heart space.

    An eye for an eye is old testament. Love your neighbor & your enemy is new testament. Obviously some still like the old rather than the new. We have both mentalities in our world until we decide different.

    I do see a division of mentalities in our world as a way to test & experiment on what works & what doesn’t, what benefits & what doesn’t.

    That is, parts of the world will have violence, war & lots of negative drama. Other parts will have peace, prosperity & advance thinking. People will move & live where their mentalities coincide more. Others can stay & experience something else.

    This is true & happens now of course, but perhaps in the near future it will be seen more as a deliberate conscious choice rather than an unconscious default one. So we can have a world where heaven & hell exist together, until the world decides it prefers heaven to hell.

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    Until we evolve beyond religion’s teachings, things won’t change much. It was a protocol we put into place to remain in forgetfulness, but it became so powerful that many cannot get past it to awaken.

  • Patrick Gannon

    What if executing a tortured soul/consciousness is actually doing it a favor – sending it back to the start of the line, so to speak…

    That’s not our “intent” at this point in time as a society, of course. Our intent in US society is to emulate Bible God, express our wrath and demand vicious justice, vengeance and retribution. But is there more to it in a larger picture? Is it a greater crime against a person’s consciousness or soul to be locked up, or to be sent back home, potentially for healing and renewal? Even if there is nothing beyond this physical matter reality existence, I still wonder which is worse – being locked up or turning out the lights. I know which I would opt for.

    I doubt that Mr. Wood suffered. The pharmaceuticals are supposed to stone you out of your mind, literally. Does the heroin overdose victim suffer, or is he/she so out of it that they really don’t know what’s going on? I suspect the latter, but admit that I do not know.

    As for a show of force on the moon; that was the 60’s and it may have been an appropriate response given the times. I did “duck and cover” exercises in class. If the idea of setting off a nuke on the moon was to convince the Soviets not to attack us, then given the state of geopolitics at that time, it may not have been as crazy an idea as it sounds today. Let’s face it, displays of power are all that will get the attention of some people – as Bible God illustrates so well in his book of myths.

  • Victor

    Any words about Gaza?

    What´s happening in Gaza is just horrific… Again…

    • Stephen mills

      Victor it’s a tragedy of unspeakable proportions ,what is anybody doing about it .The Americans and probably the Brithish are sending more ammunition to Israel !!!

      We are just creating further problems down the line and a new wave of young willing to die for there cause…… which is what ? This vicious cycle continues but someone or some group must break this self destructive mindset and energy pattern ? Do humanity’s team operate in this region on both sides ? Perhaps they can offer some solutions and guidance or am i being naive .When does the time come when we choose a different path than killing women and children while the leaders drink champagne and dine at the finest restaurants and spend the people’s taxes on weapons of war and destruction !

      Makes me sick that this goes on and our elders do not care or are at least are not willing to try another way .

      • Victor

        Thank you very much, Stephen.

        Humanity’s Team Global Council is gathering right now at South Africa. South Africa is a perfect place for declaring anything sensitive and conscious about Gaza and Palestine.

        The world denounced and boicotted the Apartheid’s regime and because of international pressure that regime could be abolished, Mandela was liberated -after 27 years-, and a new time began.

        What’s happening in Gaza is a holocaust, an apartheid hundreds of times worst, and a genocide.

        Can’t the world say or do something?

        Part of the sad answer: no -by now-, because this is about Israel -Zionist Israel-, supported by the USA, European Union, AIPAC, etc.

        And not everybody wants or dares to get involved in anything that defies Israel-USA power…

        If it was any other country, Syria, Russia, China, Iran, etc., you bet that pressures, declarations, boicots, UN Security Council sanctions, would have arised, but no; we’re talking about zionist Israel.

        As Jon Snow said:

        “Were any other country on Earth doing what is being done in Gaza, there would be worlwide uproar”.

        • Michael L

          You seem to be a fellow that truly cares about stopping war.
          That is done when both sides can trust each other.
          Right now at this time folks who live in that region are not singing kum ba ya.
          When mankind lets the past go and search for answers for a group future, life there will improve.
          It’s kind of tough trusting each other, when folks keep trying to kill one an other. All the time!!!!!

          • Victor

            The only way to let past in the past, is to heal it.

            In this case, healing means to observe the origin of the problem, to aknowledge it, and get the solutions to those problems.

            If that is not done, as Neale says in “The Storm Before the Calm”, the only thing you’ll get is to postpone it…

            In this very case, if you don’t aknowledge the fact of the unfair, unjust nature of the occupation of palestinian lands since 1948 (starting some decades before that), and the ongoing reactions to that, only made worst by politics of more occupation, racism, genocide, and religious fundamentalism, you’ll be focusing just in the cycles of action-reaction and its details.

            And of course, swallowing what the media allied with AIPAC-zionist interests will tell you. And that means, 90% of the media of the world. Saying, for example, that what happens in Gaza is a war, and not what it is: a massacre of civil population that lives in a guetto with no way out.

            Again, a clue for a solution is what happened in South Africa: aknowledging the disfunctional nature of apartheid, racism, exclusion, and a complex process of making some justice first, and then forgiving, and then, only then, let some past go.

            But not from denial or hiding the head in the sand, but aknowledging, repairing, world denounces, boicott, and of course, the spiritual force of Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and many others, among many other things.

          • Patrick Gannon

            The origins of the problem go back a heck of a lot further than 1948. It was probably more like 800 BCE when all this started. I think a good start would be for Israel to acknowledge that there was no Exodus from Egypt, no Moses, no genocide in Canaan, no covenant from Bible God. This should be an interesting approach because it delegitimizes Islam and Christianity as well. It gets right to the heart of the matter. I don’t see the current Israeli leadership even considering that now, but maybe in a couple decades after thousands of additional people die…

            Until there’s some acknowledgement that people are killing each other over primitive mythology it seems to me that there are only two possible solutions: One is for all parties concerned to continue to die slowly as they are today and have been for decades, gasping and twitching perhaps for decades or centuries to come. The other solution might be to move that nuke from the moon to the middle east and wipe the slate clean and start over again. That’s what Bible God would do if he was real!

          • Michael L

            Hi Victor,
            I’ll try to start from where we stand now.
            One group of folks absolutely hated by another.
            One group of folks absolutely determined to sweep the other out of their neighborhood. And the other not wanting to go.
            If there was a nice place to move to… would they go….
            well if they could move all the antiquity and historical items with them maybe.
            Because in the end, home is where your house is.
            Then maybe the haters would leave that other religion alone…..What do you think?
            I think it’s time to stop seeing the problem from a religious and societal way, and see it from a spiritual solution.
            These folks are coming from the same root, time for the family to get together.

    • Awareness

      “That this Awareness would now speak also on the conflict between Israel and Gaza, against the Palestinian people. That this too is a contrived event with an ulterior motive. That this too is an event that has much spin-doctoring of the news. That the Israeli forces, the Israeli government are trying to make their actions look justifiable. That they are claiming that it is Hamas that is provoking them, that is making them do what they are doing. It is similar to the one who has done something wrong and then claims that “the devil made me do it”. That in this case, the devil or devils are the Hamas forces and that these “devils” are using the innocent people as a shield and that because they are doing this and they are still launching missiles into Israel, that the Israeli forces must respond, must attack these ones in order to shut them down, in order to close the tunnels that have been used for decades against Israel.

      These tunnels are not only for the purpose of invading Israel and putting forces into Israel, these tunnels have been used mostly to bring supplies and even weapons into this restricted and controlled area, and there is even an argument that it would be advisable to shut down these tunnels. But at the same time this is more an excuse for the Israeli forces to go in and to eradicate the many who are potential enemies.

      That it is known that certain ones in power in the Zionist-led power structure of Israel would and do relate to their own history as the Jewish people suffering under the hands of the Fascist Nazis and the Holocaust that occurred to the people. This has long been used as a foil against any criticism of the Jewish nationalists, the Israeli Zionists, those who are using their own people as justification for aggression and holocaust against their enemies.

      It is now becoming quite obvious that the claims of those in power in Israel that the ”devil” is making them kill innocent children, innocent women, innocent men, in the Gaza is hollow, is not of a nature that makes sense. It is insanity, and yet many have boarded this vessel, this process of denial against the actions they are carrying out because they are claiming they have justification because the “devil” is making them respond.

      The Palestinians, the Hamas, are the enemy, they are provoking this response, this extraordinary response of brutality and violence against a people. When will humanity realise that the insane ones are in charge, and that their explanations and justifications are ludicrous and lunatical, are madness indeed. That there is no justification in the mass eradication of hundreds, even thousands of individuals, all for the purpose of claiming that their own state is safe and secure.

      It will never be safe and secure as long as such actions are taken against these people. That for every child killed, every innocent one slaughtered, a new martyr will arise and be willing to sacrifice themselves for their cause, their purpose. Their purpose is equally insane in that their willingness to eradicate the state of Israel is a plan that itself is lunacy, is madness. And yet these ones too feel justified in their actions, for they, on the opposite side, can certainly point to the mass eradication of so many people as the true evil, the true devil that they are fighting against.

      Surely it is now time for humanity to see Truth here, instead of falling for the propaganda, for the spin doctoring. It is up to each individual again to ask questions, big questions, deep questions. It is up to the individual to not simply choose one side over another, but to see the actions of both sides as lunacy, as madness and to see that this is part of a much greater manipulation in human consciousness to push the entire world to the brink of a world war, not only from one location but from several locations, such as this location in Israel and the
      Gaza Strip, such as Syria, such as Iraq, such as Russia and the Ukraine.

      That this is part of an orchestrated effort on the part of those who have so long been in charge and in control to push humanity exactly where it wishes them to be, to be offered up again as fodder for the gods of war, death and destruction.

      But it is also different at this time, for the energies of Divine Spirit are strongly flowing onto the planet at this time, and many are starting to question, many are starting to vocalise. There are many around the world who are not accepting the arguments of Israel that it is justified in its extreme actions against the people who are calling for this to end, for peace to ensue.

      There are many who are looking at the present situation in the Ukraine and seeing it in a different light as well. It is indeed an extraordinary time for the observance of such events from not only the point reference that is given by the controlled press but also looking at the situation from a greater perspective, a unity perspective that is trying to see the whole picture and not simply one side of a dualistic argument.

      That this Awareness does see the energies as strong, and getting stronger for opposition, for sane voices to speak out, for truth to come out and at this time when many are being hit by extreme anxiety due to these world affairs and events. That it is the perfect time now to understand that these events are playing themselves out as they need to. That there is manipulation perhaps behind most of these events, indeed all of these events, but there is also the Force of the Divine that is playing Itself out, that is being added to the formula now in ways that have never been experienced previously.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Jaz

    I think most humans still live by the concept of “the servival of the fearest”. I think, they think that if they live with enough fear they will survive. Paraphrasing MLK, “people fail to get along because they fear each
    other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they
    don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each
    Why they have not communicated with each other because their beLIEfs get in the way of their communications…
    I am doing my bachelor of social practice at a well know local University, and I have evidently outraged my whole class many times by making outrageous statements. And now I have many complaints against me by other students, for simply speaking my truth because they don’t not like hearing it. Note, this is a “Social Practice” class, and these students are going to be practicing in our local communities. I therefore I had to suggest that they start a another additional paper called ”Tolerance for other people’s ideas and understanding. I personally think there are some external forces that are anti life and do not want most to understand their inner nature, perhaps they have the fear that they may lose control of something they had control over for eons. And these external forces control most of what goes into our collective head.

    • Erin

      Aaahhh! Communication!!! Free-will opportunity at It’s finest…One of the grandest gifts of Life…a true inalienable ‘right’…of every kind, EveryWhere…since the Dawn of Life, as a matter of fact. Yet, even after tens of thousands of years, Human does not ‘do’ this so well.
      Welcome…to Conversations that join many…in doing this, as well as other ‘stuff’, another way…Perhaps together, We will create something more workable than what has been previously tried. If you enjoy mind & heart food…There’s a fab buffet here!
      Hope to see ya at the table now & again. 🙂

      • Michael L

        I wrote this earlier.
        Get everyone together in one room victim and perpetrator. If not alive, use a medium. See that there is no separation really. Communication Erin!!

  • freebird

    I would like to comment briefly on the second point of this story, the death penalty and the idea of cruel an unusual punishment for a murderer to experience the suffering of a brutal death as his victims did.

    I wear many hats in my life. I investigate crimes such as the one described above. In that work I have to find that place where you see the perpetrator as just as human as the victim in order not to place judgement. I am also yogi, teaching and living the principles of yoga. Two seemingly different approaches to life somehow morphed into one. As a yogi, I am not attached to whether our suffering is right or wrong, accepting what is past and present. In that I also believe that we are responsible for or choose (perhaps even before birth) our life challenges and circumstances. If we are to say that we choose our life circumstances and the suffering (or not) that come along with our choices, then why must it be accepted that that murder father and daughter lives are of less importance than the murderer himself?

    We will not change the world by imposing legal rules, however it is how we organize and make sense of our existense. If we want to change the world and the violence that comes along with the unconscious and brutal way that we are living, it happens one child, one teacher at a time. As a yogi I wish to harm myself or others. But I understand that the consequences of any of my actions could result in what we all like to call karma. What goes around comes around. Its time for each of us to wake up to our true Selves and stop treating each other as if life is expendable. With that being said, an eye for an eye is no different from the principles of karma. That murderer created his own suffering.

    • Erin

      I Am curious…How would you ‘deal’ with the ‘issue’ of High Security Imprisoned People? What avenue might you see in moving away from their existence Now toward not needing them at all?
      I ask because I am still struggling with this aspect of ‘Solutions’…Teetering on “Git ‘r done!” and “What’s another way?”. Thanks in Advance! 🙂

      • freebird

        Hi Erin, I am thinking that what you are asking is in reference to people who are imprisoned for life for heinous crimes not necessarily waiting for a death sentence to be imposed.

        I do think it’s unfortunate to have so many people living in prisons without the possibility of parole, for many reasons beyond the scope of this forum. But I have to go back to my feeling that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be at exactly the appropriate time, to learn the appropriate lessons of our current life on this plane.

        I must admit that I have not read all of Neale’s work. But the idea that has been discussed here often, about nothing really being right or wrong, resonates with me. Like I said, I investigate and charge people with crimes such as child sexual abuse which has resulted in the offender serving many years in jail. This cannot be compared to how the child has now been affected and will struggle with trying to define themSelves and move forward into the world. Believe me I see the pain that the offender and victim both must deal with.

        There are many people who hurt or kill undetected and walk among us freely. They go unpunished by our legal or social systems. I have faith though, that whatever choices we as humans make ultimately has greater purpose. Within the context of human consciousness though this is also hard to accept.

        To create change on this level, change that will not result in people being maintained for a lifetime in high security prisons, comes with a total change in consciousness. We are all of the same energy just operating on different vibrational levels. We have the potential for peace.

        I know that I can teach yoga and offer something to my community. I know that I can help my immediate family members grow spiritually if they choose to be ready. I know that I can affect the people I deal with at work positively in some way, even if they are now suffering the consequences of their choices in jail for many years. One by one we can plant seeds of change.

        I don’t think we will be free of needing high security prisons until the evolution of consciousness occurs. Until then we will play along with the illusions of the legal system and the illusions of the unconscious majority of human existence. Being conscious can be very difficult in an unconscious world.

        • Erin

          Thanks, again, for the reply, fb.:)
          In figuring that only the tired & stupid are those who are ‘caught’, makes one wonder just how ‘off’ some of us can be, with great hopes that self, & anyone we know, never has to find that out.

          The purpose of pondering this subject (your thinking quite correct, btw) is because I see different & more functional purposes for the complexes themselves…sans present occupants, though. And I seem to be getting opposing feelings about ways to procede wisely toward such…all strong, all sides. Often frustrates the thinking & logistics, so best thing to do is put the question ‘out there’ & listen for that Soul Sound ting-a-ling. Fab input…appreciate the thoughts.
          Namaste’ 🙂

          • freebird

            It is alot to ponder becuase the topic of social and spiritual evolution is so enormous, yet so simple. Thanks for stimulating some conversation : )

            I am curious about your vision for diferrent uses for prison complexes and how to proceed with your vision, if you don’t mind me asking…


  • bermuda34

    How many individuals are taking part in the conversation of the century ? is it in the 100s, 1000s, 100,000s ?

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    Neale, what is you’re take on the current events of the Ebola and detainment camps etc.?? Many are warning of imprisonment and forced vaccinations with martial law.

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    Humanity is still ignorant, none of us are truly enlightened, and many of us just want to follow along with our chosen group, or clan, since that is the path of least resistance and work. Religion, politics, societies, nationality, all the names we give our collectives and these are what separate us from each other, and my question is WHY? Why can’t we embrace the fact that when we do harm to another, for whatever reason, we do harm to OURSELVES. Look around within the world it is presenting itself for us to see and certainly feel, but to change we have to eliminate our ideas of separation from each other and nature first. We say we understand we are all of one Energy, but we do not talk like it, think like it, and especially live our lives like we understand and believe it. As long as we continue to live in countries, religions, groups, and clans within our minds, hearts and actions, there will always be US/THEM and separation of good and bad. Life is Love energy flowing forth for ALL of us to embrace, but each of us individually must make this choice and act upon it. Just my humble opinion and I know for me it works, and perhaps it will work for you as well.

    • freebird

      The unfortunate part is that only people who actually truly recognize that we are all of the same energy can talk, think and live accordingly. The unconscious cannot help that they are unconscious, individual progress comes individually without force. Some people may never be able to be open to grander thoughts on life and true Self in this lifetime. That is their journey. At work, sometimes I find it painful to hear what coworkers say about victims or suspects, that it’s too bad they didn’t just die, etc. All I can do is ask them, is that how you would feel if it was your family member in those shoes? Whether it be the one imposing viciousness or the one receiving injury. How would they see the world differently if they realize that everyone is someone’s family? Incrementally maybe they will come to see that I am your family and you are mine. Until then . . .