War and violence based on religious beliefs will not end until religions themselves agree and announce that God would never condone such behavior.

Presently, most of the world’s religions can’t do that, because most of the world’s religions teach of a God who is angry, violent, and retributive.

It is becoming clear that only if and when religions themselves teach of God in a new way can humans learn a new way to live.

Only when religions stop honoring a God who is said in the Bible to have killed or commanded the killing of two million people will people stop killing each other using religion as their justification.

Where is the religious leadership of today? Why do not the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the world’s Chief Ulamas, the world’s Chief Rabbis, the presiding bishops and/or the presidents or heads of the various Lutheran Churches, the Presbyterian Church, the Mormon Church, the Methodist Church and the various Baptist denominations issue a Worldwide Joint Declaration of Fundamental Religious Doctrine that states, clearly: “God is not punitive or violent, and does not in any instance or for any purpose under heaven bless, condone, approve, or command the use of violence to protect God’s Honor, to extend God’s Word, or to expand God’s Kingdom on Earth.”

To be fair, some (but not nearly all) of those spiritual leaders have denounced violence per se. And to give credit where it is due, Pope Francis just went further, issuing a public statement on Sept. 21 in which he said: “Let no one consider themselves to be the ‘armor’ of God while planning and carrying out acts of violence and oppression! May no one use religion as a pretext for actions against human dignity and against the fundamental rights of every man and woman, above all, the right to life and the right of everyone to religious freedom!”

Yet no one has dared to issue a statement — much less a joint declaration — which clearly states that GOD is not violent and retributive. Such a joint statement by all the world’s spiritual leaders would knock the foundation out from under the religious and spiritual justification that has so often been used for committing violent acts and for the outright killing of others.

Today I challenge and urge, invite and, yes, dare the world’s religious leaders to issue such a statement. I do so knowing full well, in advance, that they will do no such thing.

They can’t.

To issue such a statement would undermine the theological authority that is foundational in these religions: the idea that God’s Word and God’s Will must be obeyed, or God will punish humans with everlasting damnation.

It is this theological position which has allowed religions to look the other way when it is pointed out that the Bible narrative includes the killing of over two million people at the Hand or the Command of God. Such action was necessary, they assert, to punish those who openly violated the Will of God, and to purify the remaining living faithful, ensuring that no diversion from doctrine arises or is tolerated.

Thus, the killing of the Unfaithful has been justified by religious traditionalists and fundamentalists to this very day. We do as God does, they say, and as God commands us to do in protection of the One Truth Faith and in defense of the Honor of God.

We are seeing this occurring on Earth this very day. And the world’s religious leaders have yet to join together to raise their voice in a collaborative statement rejecting not only these violent actions based on religion, but the notion that God both commits and condones violence Himself in the name of His Honor and Purity.

Where is the world’s religious leadership?

In hiding.

(GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrongthe latest book in the CWG cosmology, releases Oct0ber 23. It is a book that could change the world. Watch for announcements coming here soon on how it may be pre-ordered.)

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  • Blake


    Have you ever considered writing a new version of the Bible;
    Thomas Jefferson did.



    • Awareness

      I feel “Conversations with God” material provides great suggestions and foundations 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Blake

        Yea! But are you ready to wait 2500 years for CWG to be accepted as the word of God?

        • Awareness

          Actually “Conversations with God” does not ask us to consider it as “gospel”. Below is an excerpt (from “Conversations with God”) of a conversation between Neale Donald Walsch and GOD (GREAT SPIRIT!):

          GOD: “I could be wrong. Oh, my goodness… you’re not taking this all as gospel, are you?”

          NEALE: “You mean I’m not supposed to put any stock in this dialogue?”

          GOD: “Oops, hold it. I think you’ve missed a big part of all this. Let’s go back to Square One: You’re making this all up.”

          NEALE: “Oh, well, that’s a relief. For a while there I thought I was actually getting some real guidance.”

          GOD: “The guidance you are getting is to follow your heart.

          Listen to your soul. Hear your self. Even when I present you with an option, an idea, a point of view, you are under no obligation to accept that as your own. If you disagree, then disagree. That is the whole point of this exercise. The idea wasn’t for you to substitute your dependency on everything and everyone else with a dependency on this book. The idea was to cause you to think. To think for your self. And that is who I Am right now. I am you, thinking. I am you, thinking out loud.”

          NEALE: “You mean this material is not coming from the Highest Source?”

          GOD: “Of course it is! Yet here is the one thing you still cannot believe: you are the Highest Source. And here is the one thing you still apparently do not grasp: you are creating it all —all of your life—right here, right now. You… YOU… are creating it. Not Me. YOU.”

          The way I see it all written word can serve only as “pointers” to finding our individual “truths”. And our individual truths are found in the HEART. GOD speaks to each of us to FEELINGS in our HEARTS. So the idea is not to find a written book and depend on it for guidance. The idea is for any written word to be filtered through our individual HEARTS 🙂

          “Conversations with God” is assisting us to find our own way by teaching us to follow our HEARTS. This is so that eventually we would not need any “holy” book to guide us. We have already been gifted with a POWERFUL internal guidance system by GOD. This internal guidance system is the HEART. I feel a “true” “holy” book’s purpose should be to assist an entity in remembering/learning to follow their own HEART 🙂

          Again, as GOD says in “Conversations with God”:

          “The guidance you are getting is to follow your HEART.”

          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Erin

            Thanks for the remind, Awareness.<3

        • Kristen

          I hope it never happens, so 2500 years until the general population is brainwashed into believing a load of crock, and wrongly thinking there are no punishing judges is too soon.

          Aside, im never in here anymore but I am glad to see you seem to have regathered yourself, the last thread I read had you going a bit………………

  • Erin

    Funny how those wrapped so deeply in their notions of uncertainty around what will happen once they die, they forget to enjoy the opportunity to be a Life.

    It will be an Amazing event to witness such a unity of declaration, indeed…To declare that ‘Our God’ does not See human-contrived violences as means to Her ends…Rather they were/are experiences we/We have been able to have to reflect that that is not Truth, nor a wise way to be human, Here…Heaven Now.

    Can we/We truly alter our/Our love of power to reflect the power of Love?
    Can we/We move through past/present conditioning to energize the next moment in the Trinity toward Amazing?

    I Am moving this way, you are moving this way, and many here & everywhere are moving this way…So, Ye-ah! It’s be-able, do-able, and therefore, have-able. The process is quite fascinating…though, in truth-telling, often steps on the Patience line!

    Namaste’, Beloveds…and Blessings on those other-‘wise’ moves.:D

  • Barbara Dagmar DeRoos

    Thank you, Neale, for such a strong and bold suggestion that would certainly bring clear direction to many confused souls who fuel their actions with anger instead of love, all in the name of an Allpowerful God who is on THEIR side alone.

    If the religious leaders could only acknowledge that God is Love in its highest degree and that killing eachother has never been and never will be one of His Holy Commandments, we would be a giant step closer to religious tolerance and ultimately world peace. As a Baha’i I will send your suggestion to our Universal House of Justice, which we consider our religious leader. They always answer our individual letters and I pray they will be a shiny example to other religious leaders in the way they will respond to this extraordinary request.

  • I hope the new book starts a great dialog in the world about how we see God.

    It is my understanding that in this article you are talking about the God of the old testament & not the new? It’s my understanding that the new testament does not condone the mass killing of the old testament & the old God.

    • Erin

      Right? The Bible was re-written with altered ego, & many new religions/belief systems have sprung since, interpretting as they saw fitting & profitable. As ‘Transcendence’ put it “Aren’t we constantly creating new Gods?” So I don’t see any reason we/We can’t do this Now…again…with finer Understandings & expanded thinking. Actually, we/We ARE Doing this…pretty exciting! 🙂

      • Thanks Erin, my point the old testament is the vengeful God, the new testament is the loving God.

  • Rahinatu Adamu

    Thank you Neale for saying it the way it is…..we all know the truth but our greed for power and control would not allow us say it and our fear would not allow us face our religious leaders and tell them the truth or demand it. We all preach of peace and love but then promote and talk god that is full of vengeance and anger, a god that commands killing, a god that punishes. If our religious leaders can all come together and show a god that tolerates, love unconditionally with no discrimination, peace might shine! We are all one, we all need each other and if God was or is who and what is show cased by some of this religious leaders, we would have been all out of existence as he will have been so angry with us and he would have destroyed the world ! Maybe we should start a campaign or design a campaign strategy to get the world religious leaders talking on how loving god is?
    Thank you Neale and love is the answer.

    • Awareness

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • politics

    How can truth be told, if nobody knows what the truth is? Leave God out of it unless you know for sure.

    Do you?

    • Awareness

      “Truth” by my understanding is an individual thing. What is “true” for one may not be “true” for another. Individual “truth” can be found in the HEART through FEELINGS 🙂 Your feeling about a thing, situation and event is YOUR “truth” 🙂

      “There is no truth except the truth that exists within you.

      Everything else is what someone is telling you.”

      “You are the only one who can take you to the truth, because the truth exists in only one place.”

      “There are many things that exist in your outer world that can lead you in the direction of your inner truth. Yet even those people, places, objects, and events are only reminders. They are like signposts.”

      “That is, in fact, what the ‘outside world’ is all about. The physical world is designed to provide you with a context within which you might Experience outwardly what you Know inwardly.” – “Home with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

      • politics

        Thanks for this very poetic reply to my line of questioning.

        Is what you expressed your truth or was it one Neale wrote about?
        Maybe your answer to this question could perhaps help you understand were I am coming from.

        • Kristen

          Are you a Kabbalist? You think like one with self teaching through answering others, this is how I learn. No, I dont belong to any Kabbalah organisation trying to recruit, its just the word for how some people are and what we do on our journey. Einstein teaching, ask questions, do not give answers for he student needs to learn for themself, who will then in turn teach the teacher.

          • politics

            I think that anyone claiming something should know what they lay claim too.

          • Kristen

            Exactly, I agree, but this also means a philosophy of believing what you personally know to be your own truth, but never crossing the line of calling others a liar when their personal truth and experiences differ from our own. If honest, non attention seeking, sane people state they have been physically abducted by aliens then I choose to believe this is their truth. Hypocrisy is a horrible trait. If Neale states he speaks with the one we identify as God and others believe him without any proof who he is communicating with, then let a fool be a fool BUT if Neale actually believes he communicates with the Biblical God when it is clearly an impersonator, there are at least 300 contradictions that I foundin my studies and it is prophecised about in the Bible callingNeales God He of Lawlessness, then I feel really sorry for Neale to be so deceived. Sorry Neale!!! I woukd rather you are a deceiver with a cult, than the most gullible person on Earth, for your sake.

          • politics


            Curious though about the liar part of your answer, what if someone did know the truth… what then?

          • Kristen

            Again, it was a general comment. If anyone knows any truths then that is great, for them and I believe them. Although sometimes it would be nice time out to be a flat earther!! Are you implying you would like to tell a truth…….go for it!! If you are being honest Ill believe you, but wont believe any chanelled info, its 90% incorrect, most unintentionally.

          • Stephen mills

            Even if he is a deciever who cares ! Can you find another way to live that makes so much sense and brings Humanity more love and understanding that could create a world that actually works for the highest good of all ?

            Why would he want to decieve anyway the devil was said to decieve but he only exists in your imagination not your reality so you have lived backwards it’s time to move forwards and Neales conversation with life and Humanity are another way .So what can be so bad about that .

          • Kristen

            I was provoking. I am fine with CwG, just not lying to people at stating Neales God is the Biblical God, nor telling people there are no consequences imposed by others. If these lies were not in the core of Neales teachings, then it is akin to Buddhism, Hinduism and many other religions and teachings on Earth. Its just that Neale was praying to the Biblical God when his own channelling entity answered. Many of the CwG teachings are very good, but it well past the time when it needs to be made clear by Neale that they are not of the Biblical God.
            Take care,

          • hempwise

            What happens when you misuse God you end up with the Bible and other OLD BOOKS not relevant to the here and now !

          • Kristen

            What happens when you misuse God, is you end up with CwG. I am not Jewish, Muslim nor a Christian and don’t support any religions or groups or cults. I support Law and Truth and identify as a Kabbalist, but only because that is the word for my journey, which was the Tree of Life journey to The Source, and God in his role as the Universal God of Law. I had finished the Tree journey and exams, including my Masters in Law (Universal, Cosmic, Human etc all combined) before I even knew of the Tree of Life or read about Kabbalah. They are just words, not a religion or deception based. God is His own person, He was only ever speaking to Israelites who are one biological family (for which I am one), He did not start Christianity, nor did Y’shua, he was a Rabbi, then High Priest, again speaking to Israelites as his Fathers flock. Christianity is completely manmade, and if they really wanted God or to be a part of His religions they would convert to Judaism and do it properly, so they are nothing more than Y’shua groupies saying pick me, pick me, because he screwed up and said “I will give immortality to anyone who believes in me and God ss my father”. Or power hungry narsissists wanting to control others or take their money. Redemption is a manmade concept as well, no one has the authority to override karma and consequences.

            Its Sunday here, Bible lesson!! You are right about the Bible not being of relevance though, scripture states Gods Laws will be in place whilst the Earth endures, with Genesis stating the Earths endurance period is based on their being four distinct seasons. Neales Gods mission to destroy the four seasons thru climate change and reincarnation paths worked by many places bypassing spring and/or Autumn, but his attempt to over throw God has backfired as we now have God ruling in a much tougher position, in His role as the Universal God of Law and Consequences. Ie we are now in a period of what scripture calls Judgement times, or the End of Days. Good luck.

            If you want the truth, do your homework as I have done, but if you want to believe a random diety who tells one person that he is God, go for it. Its human nature to believe what suits us, CwGers are no different to Christians in this aspect.

          • Kristen

            I also think that anyone teaching anything needs the knowledge, experience and truth on that matter so that they are able to freely teach without textbooks and can answers questions on that topic no matter what is fired at them. A Master, one who has mastered that subject. Sheep teaching sheep is a waste of time, but great for those who crave wealth, false power, fame and groupies!!

        • Awareness

          What I quoted and expressed resonates with my HEART. And my HEART is my “truth” 🙂 Ofcourse my “truth” is not necessarily your “truth” 🙂 Your HEART is YOUR “truth”. I suggest you tune into your own HEART to find YOUR “truth” 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

          • politics

            I respect your truth.

    • Kristen

      Exactly. As Neale has pointed out on Oprah in the early days, the information he receives is channelled from a source even he cannnot confirm is God, that it could even be a voice from within. In my Kabbalic learnings, all chanelled infirmation is from lower entities and realms, higher beings communicate with brief thoughts transmitted to you, NEVER WORDS. There is no way Neales God is the one we all identify as God, nearly everything the books state is the exact opposite of all scriptures. Deliberately! And all prophecised about. My personal beliefs are of God in the Universal role as the God of Law and Consequences, who just happens to have a religion on Earth, but thats my view, and my view only.

      Nice to see someone in here with a brain, stay in a while please, I did a 18mth shift as the voice of reason!!! CWG teaches there are two sides to every story so……..its always good to have more than CWG brainwashing views.
      Take care,

      • politics

        Thanks for the acknowledgement and no I am not a Kabbalist. I could never subscribe to this particular brand of Logic and feel pretty sure that no one person or religion or Philosophy could ever comprehend something that may or may not exist. it would be a futile effort unless you know for sure of one thing. Real or not? I find it would be a great insult to the truth unless you actually know what real is. Too many have tried and too many have failed, no insult is intended for those who have tried and no insult was intended to any who still do. If they feel insulted then maybe we have touched down on what plagues our Great Planet.

        I do appreciate your input and glad you have found what you are passionate about and again, thanks for the compliment.


        • Kristen

          My philosophy is I believe in the truth, whatever that may be, whether I know what it is and whether I support it or not! Like you, I do not support any religions, groups or cults like CwG, just a relationship between any individual and their deity above them, when they know it to be real. As I do with God, my Teacher and The Source. God works with signs, but my Teacher will sit on my bed like the weight of a cat jumping on, and The Source can be felt in our soul. Often with deep emotions, tears, joy and delayed laughter from within your chest felt like an older man that may be so strong it makes your knees go weak. These are different to how you would personally react.
          My truth!!
          Take care,

          • politics

            Hello K,

            You may have misunderstood my intentions, they were by no means hostile or any such nature. If I sounded confrontational then an apology would be in order. I was just making a point about truth.

            How can you believe in what you do not know?

            And how can you justify the way in which I would react when it comes to feelings?

            with respect

          • Kristen

            Hi. I wasnt thinking that at all. Just general discusssion about truths, using myself as an example of proven truth. Im with you!!
            My point with the Source is that these feelings can be felt a bit differently to our own, as proof of The Source being a proven truth.
            Apologies if my written tone implied defensiveness or anything other than a generic conversation. Im good at that in here, but everything I type is generally with a smile.
            Have a good weekend,

          • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

            CWG a cult??? Seriously??

          • Kristen

            Haha. I dont write the definitions of cults, but the term is used if there is a God at the helm of it, a person on Earth as the charismatic leader bamboozelling people with lots of words and their ideals, a leader who runs events at a high financial charge to followers, including to meet them, encourages followers to preach their word OR keeps it exclusive, and promises immortality. Its a cult by definition of the word. If its any consolation, by definition Christianity is too!!

            Its ok though, cult watch organisations been to Neales seminars and courses and cleared it as not being dangerous and only borderline by definition since it teaches an open mind and freewill to accept Neales word as the truth and accommodates different views. Well Neale and CwG as a concept do, its the followers that dont quite understand this bit about different truths, views and that there are two sides to every story! Go back to books 1 and 2 for the basics.

            I am deliberately provoking, you shouldnt reply with questions cos then you are giving me a voice. Just a lil tip!!

  • Patrick Gannon

    I don’t see any solution until science provides one. There is some chance, perhaps a good chance, that what some think of as “God” could better be defined as “consciousness,” and science may one day gain a better understanding of this phenomenon and discover that many of the attributes we assign to “God” are really just part of consciousness, which at it’s heart may simply be the smallest basic unit of information, driven like all else, by the process of evolution.

    I think that as long as the word “God” is used, the religious baggage will not go away – at least not for a very, very, long time. Arguing about who has the correct idea of “God” may be counterproductive. Neither primitive texts nor CWG will win that argument, because “God” is just an idea originally used to explain what primitives didn’t understand. Unlike the term “consciousness,” “God” is not a word that the masses will likely ever agree on. Arguing about whether “God” exists, won’t do it either, for the same reason.

    When I first read the books, I liked that CWG was trying to change the idea of “God,” but have come to understand that the word has too much emotional and indoctrinated baggage for this approach to be effective on a large scale.

    Perhaps what is needed is an alternative to the concept of God that can be understood and experienced by all of us. I suggest a re-write…. Conversations with Consciousness (CWC) perhaps?

    • politics

      Wonderfully put.

    • Awareness

      “Interchanging the words “God” and “Life” makes it much easier to understand and accept God as God really is.

      Life is not concerned with you, individually. It has no preference in the matter of how you are experiencing Life.”

      “Life is an energy that you can use at any time, with consistent and predictable results. Used in this way, Life becomes your greatest friend, your most effective tool, your most astonishing power, in the creation of the experience of your desires. You are Life”

      “Lets go back to calling God “Life”, shall we? As I said earlier, that seems to be a word most everyone can agree with.” – “Tomorrow’s God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

      Another word for God is SOURCE ENERGY (indicated by Abraham channelled by Esther Hicks). We are ALL SOURCE ENERGY and there is no separation 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Patrick Gannon

        I would agree that the word “life” is far superior to “God” in this respect. I think “consciousness” is a better word, but “life” is preferable to God since it doesn’t have all the baggage and life could be defined as consciousness. So, the title of the book could be “Conversations with Life” (CWL). I’m much more comfortable with that. One can speak of ‘life’ with any religious or non-religious person and not have to deal with all the old baggage that is guaranteed to separate and divide the conversants.

        Trying to get religious leaders to change their view of “God” is futile as NDW has recounted above, so why bother? Use terms that are less divisive and perhaps the game can change.

        • Awareness

          “Conversations with Life” (CWL), I am intrigued by that title 🙂 A version of Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations with God” using “Life” instead of “God” could be considered. So wherever in the book where “God” appears “Life” is used instead 🙂 Or wherever “God” appears, Life can be included in brackets with it, i.e. God (Life) or Life (God) 🙂

          As the GREAT book “Tomorrow’s God” says:
          “Lets go back to calling God “Life”, shall we?” 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

  • Knyazkin Pavel Nikolaevich

    Буду писать по русски, так как я русский человек и уважаю свой язык. Люди добрые мне очень интересно, было читать и изучать ваши темы Нил. Однако, в последнее время я начал замечать предвзятое отношение к нашему народу. Во всём мире специально, используя способы изменения сознания людей,,. описанные в вашей книге про ум…..Вы пытаетесь выставить нас агрессорами несвободными людьми. А может вы обратите свой взор на себя??? Обратите внимание на свою двойственную правду. Обратите внимание на свою миролюбивую политику товарищи американцы….Вы поддерживаете фашизм на украине в угоду своего комфорта…прикрываетесь красивыми словами…Ввели на украину свои частные армии из франции австралии… Вы видели на вашей территории америки русских воинов????? Их там нет так же как и на украине нет наших военных….Не преподносите русских людей миру как изгоев….Мы очень умная и развитая расса мы миролюбы по природе своей…Мы альтруисты. К сожалению я не говорю по английски, но мне есть что сказать всему миру!!!! Хватит нас бояться и нападать на нас из страха!!!! Поймите мы хотим вместе с вами построить новое современное общество 21 века без эксплуатации, без разделения, но и без подавления разных точек зрения!!! Великое изречение : ” Всякий народ заслуживает своего правителя”…. задумайтесь что говорит ваш правитель!!!!! Украинские каратели поубивали мирное население на домбасе!!! И вы их защищаете???? и вы ничего не слышите и не видите… Вы живёте как мухи в бутылке и думаете что вы знаете что происходит…. К сожалению вы теряете свой авторитет в моих глазах!!! Мне жаль но вы уже перестаёте вдохновлять меня!!!! Предётся дваигаться дальше без вас наверное,,, Люди добрые поймите без россии вы долго не сможете не то-что развиваться, вы не сможете жить в мире долго!!!!!Вы уничтожите себя сами противопоставляя и навязывая свою так называемую демократию

    • Patrick Gannon

      Google Translate:

      I will write in Russian, because I am Russian, and I respect their language. Good people I am very interested to read and study your theme Nile. However, lately I’ve started to notice a bias against our people. Worldwide specifically, using methods of changing people’s minds,,. described in your book about the mind ….. You are trying to put us aggressors unfree people. And can you turn your eyes to yourself ??? Pay attention to their dual truth. Pay attention to its peaceful policy fellow Americans …. you support fascism in Ukraine for the sake of his comfort … hide behind the beautiful words … Introduced in Ukraine their private armies of France, Australia … you have seen in your territory america Russian soldiers ????? They are not there as well as in the Ukraine do not have our military …. Russian people are not presented to the world as a rogue …. We have developed a very clever and Russ we peacefulness in nature … We are altruists. Unfortunately I do not speak English, but I have something to tell the world !!!! Enough fear us and attack us from fear !!!! We want to get together with you to build a new modern 21st century society without exploitation, without separation, but without suppressing different perspectives !!! Great saying: “Every nation deserves its ruler” …. think about it that says your ruler !!!!! Ukrainian punishers killed civilians on Dombas !!! And you defend them ???? and you do not hear and do not see … You live like flies in a bottle, and you think that you know what’s going on …. Unfortunately, you lose your credibility in my eyes !!! I’m sorry but you have already cease to inspire me !!!! Predetsya dvaigatsya on without you probably,,, Good people understand Russia without you for a long time can not not things evolve, you will not be able to live in peace for a long time !!!!! you destroy themselves in opposition and imposing the so-called democracy

      Pat: I have no comment, just wanted to translate it.

    • Awareness

      “The situation in the Ukraine and how it too is being driven towards an escalation, an escalation that could even lead to a third world war timeline scenario. But even though it was supposed to have been triggered already, NOTHING has occurred other than sabre-rattling and postulating by those in power, especially the Western powers, of the dire need to send troops into the Ukraine to protect it. Of course this would not be protection at all, but provocation to Russia, to push them further into the melting pot, the stewing pot, that which is the pot that these events are being cooked up in.

      But their leader, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin is NOT falling for this, is not simply reacting in this matter, but is certainly thinking things through and planning strategies. That this Awareness simply wishes at this time to say that individuals observing this situation and other world tension spots: Iraq, Syria and other areas also in the economic fields, the medical fields, and other areas of concern, such as the concern over Ebola.

      That you are all indeed very much being pushed into possible choices of timelines where such events can be experienced as reality. But it is still the same situation as it was on December 21st, 2012. That choices are made, that you are making choices each and every day and that the challenge is not to be swayed into negativity, fear and hopelessness, as is being presented en masse by controlled media to influence the populace, to influence humanity to go down the dark road. That you indeed all still have FREE WILL as to what you choose and that this FREE WILL can be used to take you into fear and hopelessness and blind panic or it can be used to choose alternative routes, to choose alternative timelines, POSITIVE TIMELINES.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Erin

    Mr. Obama made one of his little presentation speeches the other day. I actually got a bit excited that a turning point was unfolding when he said he was going to go above & beyond Our ‘bought Congress’. I was imagining how he would move from this place of truth-telling…Perhaps actually asking We, the People, for input? It just made sense that if one can no longer trust the representation, one would seek directly from the represented, yes?

    But, Nooo! Out of his mouth came HIS truth…seemingly as if HE were the only WE that mattered…”The only way to end this type of violence (ISIS) is by force.”

    So bummed…He had a fine opportunity to encompass something…US! He had the rare chance to ‘do this stuff differently’ in This very moment. He got my Soul sounds singing, then decided to ‘bring the rain/reign’ on the entire concerto.

    Gonna keep that happy second of being true…Our Congress IS a bought lot & THIS is something WE Can adjust fully as WE move. Would really have been nice to hear other-‘wise’ words, though…I’d still be celebrating.

    • Stephen mills

      Did you ever think he would choose another way ,that’s up to us now ?

  • Sander Viergevert

    hmmmm… Well in Conversations with God books is written: religion desires that you trust them on their word, and spirituality invites you to seek your own truth.. I was at a spiritual festifal: I CAN DO IT FESTIVAL last weekend and one speaker said: culture, tradition and religion divides audience. But science (and kosmology) unifies. In the past I said to myself: christians are beautifull people, they carry God within their heart – I really observed that. Nowadays I say to myself… wow man some christians i get tyred of some of the christianity people. Everything that is not from the bible is in their eyes condemned, wrong, dangerous. Do other people also have this expierence? It doesn’t matter – I just make friends with people that are more spiritual interested and that give so much joy, spirituality is groing, like yoga, mindfullness, eckhart toll, marianna williamson and so on are all groing. so it is al so positive.