An Open Letter to Our World:

And so we begin a new year. A new beginning of a new cycle in the new business of creating a new way to be human.

This needs to be, truly, a New Beginning. We can scarcely afford to continue the way we have been on this planet. Just about everyone knows that. The question is, what way shall be the new way? Or have we decided that the New Way needs to be the Old Way?

In America a new Congress takes over this month — a Congress, just having been elected, with a heavily Republican (read that: conservative) majority. In Syria and Iraq the self-labeled Islamic State has taken over the major cities of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and Mosul, and much of the land mass in between, imposing its interpretation of strict Islamic (read that: conservative) law. In eastern portions of Ukraine, a large portion of the local population apparently loyal to Russia — which has already taken complete control of the Crimean Peninsula, which Ukraine says is its territory — agitates to stop Ukraine’s apparently imminent move to membership in the more politically liberal NATO Alliance and retain the country’s more historic (read that: conservative) ties with Russia.

Everywhere we turn we see the same strain and struggle: the push-pull between liberal and conservative agendas and values, with conservatives in many places apparently winning the moment — either by utilizing physical force, or by the force of their ideas.

Does this seem like a time of New Beginnings birthing a New Tomorrow, or a time of Old Hanging-On’s, seeking an entrenchment in Yesterday? And this question, in turn, invites an examination and an honest exploration of the Question Behind the Question: How have Yesterday’s Values been working?

Well, um…not very well, thank you. I make the point in my latest book that none of the systems we have put into place to create a better life for all of us on this planet have produced the outcome for which they were designed.

It’s worse than that. They’ve actually produced exactly the opposite.

Our political systems — created to produce safety and security for the world’s people – have produced nothing but disagreement and disarray.

Our economic systems — created to produce opportunity and sufficiency for all — have produced increasing poverty and massive economic inequality, with 85 of the world’s richest people holding more wealth than 3.5 billion…that’s half the planet’s population…combined.

Our ecological systems — created to help us produce a sustainable lifestyle — have been abused so much that they are now generating environmental disasters right and left.

Our educational systems — created to lift higher and higher the knowledge base of the planet’s population — have produced a drop in global awareness and sensitivity that each year sinks our intellectual common denominator lower and lower. We can’t even remember our own telephone numbers anymore.

Our health care systems — created in hopes of producing a good and long life for an increasingly higher percentage of people — are doing little to eliminate inequality of access to modern medicines and health care services, thus actually providing top level medical services each year to a lower and lower percentage.

Our social systems — created to produce the joy of community and harmony among a divergent population — more and more generate and even encourage discordance, disparity, prejudice, and despair…to say nothing of rampant injustice.

And, most devastating of all, our spiritual systems — created to produce a greater closeness to God, and so, to each other — have produced bitter righteousness, shocking intolerance, widespread anger, deep-seated hatred, and self-justified violence.

What gives here? What’s going on with the human race that it cannot see itself even as it looks at itself? Where is humanity’s blind spot?

Might it be time to ask: “Could there be something we don’t fully understand here about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?”

Why we are so bent, in such large numbers, on returning to the Ways of the Past when we can see with the slightest glance that those methods, and the values which sponsored them, have produced nothing but failure after failure?

We are hell-bent on repeating our past for the simple reason that at least it’s familiar. Our fear of the Unknown is greater than our fear of repeating what we already know to be dysfunctional.

And so, those who would invite us to finally abandon our Old Values by putting their failures right in front of our face have forever been marginalized — and even demonized. And so we have ridiculed, ostracized, and even killed everyone and anyone who would dare tell us that the Emperor is wearing no clothes. We will not have anyone ripping us from our illusions about how wonderful our Old Values were and are.

So we killed Jesus and Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. and Harvey Milk and virtually every revolutionary who chided us and invited us to look at ourselves and to admit, finally, that what we were doing, and how we were living, was simply, by any reasonable set of moral values, not right.

Just as today we can see that it is not right that 842 million people (one in eight in the world) will not have enough to eat today. It is not right that over 650 children die of starvation every hour on this planet. It is not right that 20.9 million women and children are bought and sold into commercial sexual servitude every year.

It is not right that over three billion people live on less than $2.50 a day, or that billions have no access to health care. (Some 19,000 children die each day from preventable health issues, such as malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia.) It is not right that 1.7 billion people lack clean water, or that 2.6 billion live without basic sanitation, or that 1.6 billion people—a quarter of humanity—do not even have electricity.

That’s right. In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, 2.6 billion people live without toilets, and 1.6 billion without electricity. How is this possible?, you might ask. In the first quarter of the 21st Century…in the beginning of what has been hailed as the New Millennium…how is this possible?

That is a very good question. It is an especially good question given that humanity imagines itself to be a “civilized” species. To the people in the above categories, the “civilization of Civilization” has not even begun.

Of course, we know from the messages in Conversations with God that there is no such thing as “right” and “wrong.” There is only “what works” and “what does not work,” given what it is that we are trying to do. So, by using the more commonly employed term “not right” in the above exploration, we are expressing the view that it is simply not working to continue living and operating under humanity’s Old Values if what we are trying to do is produce a better life for us all.

A planet where 5 percent of the population owns or controls 95 percent of the wealth and resources — and where most of that 5 percent think this is perfectly okay, even as unconscionable numbers languish in lack and suffering — would not seem to be a planet on which a great deal of humanitarian advancement has been achieved.

All of this is possible because of the collective values of those people who can do something about it. And where do those values come from? I suggest they derive in large part from the well-intentioned, but mistaken, Old Beliefs about Life and about God — and the Old Values that have sprung up because of them.

Clearly, somebody or something has to come along to challenge those Old Beliefs. Clearly, it is time for the Awakening of Humanity. Yet who will engage in, who will join in, that process? And why should anyone dare to do so?

The answer to the second question is this: There is a very good and very valuable and very powerful personal reason for joining in the movement to advance the evolution of our species. Such an activity produces the forward movement of each individual’s personal and spiritual evolution.

No one who seeks to assist in producing a greater experience of Life for another fails to create a greater experience of Life for themselves. This is true at every level: spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological. One produces the other, inevitably — and often it is unclear which comes first. More likely it is a circle, in which the effect of one action produces the effect of the other, and the effect of each generates the expression of both.

And so we encounter the beginning of a New Year…which we can each of us decide is the Time of New Beginnings for every one of us individually, and for all of us collectively. As always…the choice is ours.

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  • mewabe

    Just look at us. Everything is backward. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.

    The great lie is that this is civilization. It is not civilized. It has literally been the most blood-thirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. This is not civilization, this is the Great Lie. Or if it does represent civilization, and that is truly what civilization is, then the great lie is that civilization is good for us.
    John Trudell
    Santee Dakota

    You already know enough. So do I. It is not knowledge we lack. What is missing is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions.
    Sven Lindqvist

    I think that our prophecies with our native people have indicated that there will be a time when we absolutely have to stand up, and this is that time.
    Faith Spotted Eagle
    Ihanktonwan Nakota Oyate

    There are man made laws and there are spiritual laws. We choose spiritual laws.
    Native American, anonymous

    • MARIE

      HUMANS, we kill our own species, harm our planet. where is the LOVE for our fellow humans & our beautiful planet & nature & all the wonders of the Universe. O where o where is the human side of us? LOVE FOR ALL!

    • Erin

      Truths told, by All…Thanks for the sharing.
      It would be nice if We moved from civilized to simply Being civil…It will be even nicer when ‘laws’ can become ‘guidances’. These would be fine signs of ‘wise evolving’. (mpo, of course)
      Blessings to Truths being felt, expressed, & expanded…while We are having the opportunity to do so.<3

      • mewabe

        Yes, when “laws” become guidance and “leaders” become advisers and counselors, it will be a sign that we (all of humanity) have finally become responsible and mature enough to grant ourselves actual freedom…the freedom to be responsible, as Russel Means put it…that will be evolution indeed 🙂

  • mewabe

    When change comes, fear arises and people hang on to old things for reassurance. Global change is coming, like a a buffalo stampede, whether we acknowledge it or not. We are all co-creating it unconsciously, all 7 billions of us. The extreme degree to which some among us grasp at ancient ideas and old ways reveals the extent to which they sense, partly unconsciously as well, how inexorable and massive the coming transformation will be.

    Because humanity has chosen to manifest and explore the full depth of its own nightmares in order to finally release them all (undergoing the “dark night of the soul”), the transformation will not be pretty. It will be a world fever, a difficult healing, a total “storm”. But it is a choice we all have made collectively. The “villain” and the “enlightened” are all playing their assigned roles as scripted by the collective consciousness.

    The primary language of the human psyche is symbolic, as in dreams. Look around you and see through the symbols, they are everywhere, as we are collectively and individually dreaming our reality into being.

    When we are a little more evolved and have become fully conscious, which means merging the unconscious and subconscious with the conscious, we will drop the symbols and express our truths directly and simply. The merging of these different aspects of the mind forms a cross by the way (upper and lower brain, right and felt brain hemispheres), the oldest symbol of high spiritual attainment (a cross within a circle, the circle representing all life, infinity, the universe).

    • Kristen

      My gift to the world, and contribution to slowing climate change…..I will trot off to the vet and get speyed. Like all hospital treatment in NZ, its free, but the 6 month wait may to too late!
      Happy New Year.
      K xx

  • Cecco Cecamore

    NW –
    In so many ways – you are a great leader. Much of your writing has lead me to
    think to myself “What an interesting angle” … and caused
    me to ponder deeply.

    But – I am also conservative in much of my thought.
    My view as I read this is: WHAT A DOWNER!
    America has proven that with hard work and the right system, there is a way for all people to have a decent life.
    We all get it NW.
    Liberals have been lecturing us for 8 years on just how terrible
    conservatives are. The evil rich 5% are conservatives right? And in Obama’s 2 presidential campaigns, he has received more money from
    “rich wall street” than his opponents.

    Consider this … when Obama announced his new plan to normalize with Cuba …
    what was his manner? His manner was to lecture. To scold the unenlightened
    about what was done in the past. Why did he do this? BECAUSE HE
    ALWAYS DOES. This is what liberals do. They are so much more
    enlightened than Conservatives, they feel the need to lecture us as much as

    If we transferred all the wealth of the top 5% and gave an equal amount to the
    95% – it would be slightly above insignificant. The reason there are poor
    people on Earth is not because there are rich people on Earth.

    You and Obama have lectured us, that we need to tear down this
    unfair system in the USA – because it’s so mismatched, and one way is through
    carbon credits.

    However, the more we convince the world that we
    need to regulate carbon dioxide emissions – the more that will harm the
    poor. Carbon dioxide (that comes from fuel in the ground) is vital for
    remote area’s of the Earth to develop, and in fact vital for the entire planet at this time. … In case you’re thinking Solar – Solar is
    not a load source of energy. It can only supplement, it cannot be the vital
    base load required to maintain one.

    Liberals are so enlightened that when Oregon and California passed amendments
    banning gay marriage, they did nothing. (because … oppps. those states are
    liberal). But they make darn sure to point out if conservatives oppose
    it. I think Gay Marriage is fine … but I don’t think
    Christians who oppose it, are bad rotten people – just as all the “people
    of color” in the USA who traditionally oppose Gay-ness are not rotten.

    This is an area in which humans will evolve and we are headed in
    the right direction.

    Liberals are mad too because conservatives think an immigrant
    needs a VISA to live in the USA. Imagine how archane it is … for some
    racist guy to even think anyone would need a VISA to stay in the USA legally
    (And don’t even question us liberals about Immigrant VISA’s …
    or else we’ll make sure to teach your kids how racist you are)

    Liberals also don’t feel the need to be polite about taking
    conservatives money. They don’t even feel the need to ask nicely … they just demand
    it, and (again) because they are so enlightened – they surely know how to
    better spend my dollar, better than I do.

    As I read this post from you NW – I thought of this
    The great Obama – he now has the rest of the world (China, Europe, Israel,
    Middle East and Russia) sick of his lecturing. Several leaders from these
    regions have gone to the worlds media to state how sick they are of Obama’s
    lecturing. Your post reminded of this.

    And finally, Christian conservatives have opened up more hospitals,
    missions and shelters on Earth – than everyone else combined. And I am not one
    of them. I am agnostic. However, I do know which group of people on Earth is
    trying to help with actions and which group has been complaining (words) since Obama took office.

    • Kristen

      Beautifully put. The most active and the most productive are the least vocal, least attention seeking, least heard and the most ostricised. Many, christians and christian groups……….conservatives who built the west before it was destroyed. I am a Kabbalist, not Christian.

      Neale….I was just reading aJehovahs Witness mag, which I love incidently, and I was reminded how Satan offered Yshua three things as enticement… use his God given powers and gifts to satisfy his own hunger, to risk his life foolishly and seek attention and to be able to play a role in ruling the world in exchange for worshiping Satan and calling him God. How on Earth are you so damn gullible? What part of someone telling you there is no right or wrong, tbere are no judgements from above, children are sexual beings, crims should be set free and understood rather than kept away from society and completely dissing every aspect of God and scripture went way over your head so that you were unable to see it was Satan you are communicating with and are being used to corrupt the world with behind the mask of Satan in a new age lovey greenie role? Or have I overestmated your innocence in it all??? When I access info in intuition which is like an open to do list why is there something about you around Easter? Best to call it off now just like the Dec 2012 Peace campaign. Your God has declared war in asking me to back off in here……..sorry, I dont do deals with the devil nor accept bribes…..looks like a fun year. Happy New Year.

      PS The Jehovah Kingdom Watchtower Nov 1 2014, titled Is Satan Real is an interesting one. You should read it and try to save yourself before you try to ‘save’ the world, for your wifes sake if not your own.


      • Patrick Gannon

        JWs, as I understand it, do not believe in Hell. They believe non-believers will eventually be judged and then annihilated or destroyed. That is a satisfactory outcome from my perspective. I would prefer not to live with the being described as Jehovah for an eternity. If Satan is real, we know from the bible that he killed at most 10 people – Job’s family, though it’s unclear as to who actually did the killing there. Bible God’s murders are too numerous to count, though some have attempted to do so and reach well in the the millions.

        If the option is to spend eternity without free will (thy kingdom come THY WILL be done), then I really don’t see any difference in outcomes. In order for the “new earth” and “new heaven” to operate without “sin,” human free will must be removed, and that means that the new, reborn “me” will not be the “me” I am now, but simply some kind of drugged out zombie-like robot, so what difference does it make? Annihilation is preferable from my standpoint. When I look at a person with brain damage in a vegetative state, and muse over whether I’d rather be in that state of having no will at all, versus being dead, the choice is simple.

        • Kristen

          I am unsure whether JWs believe in Hell, they follow prophecies very closely so theoretically should, but like Catholics and Muslims, they believe the words of men over God which God and Yshua instructed peoole not to. Just as God also stated not all prophecies were from Him. I just like their free magazines!! Good study guides and a local realtor is kind enough to drop them off to me, without conversion attempts as he knows that as an Israelite Kabbalist I ‘outrank’ them. But we have great discussions. Like all Christians they also make stuff up, especially with clothing:read about Abrahams wife Sarahs sunfrock/minidress the evening Angels popped over for a BBQ!! I wear cute short sunfrocks in summer everyday, and miniskirts with chunky tights in winter, God doesnt care!! Im on team Sarah, team Eve and team Rebekah… ggggggreat grandmas! My silly little political statement!

          I am well aware of Gods criminal record, he Himself stated He was half good and half evil, as all Gods are. Neales God is the only one who pretends otherwise but you are wrong about Satans crim record. He is Neales God, a God of The Dead ruling the Afterlife and reincarnation. As he has done since the days of Eden, he is very shrewdly murdering people every minute. He has manipulated everyone to choose paths on Earth that he knows carry an execution, that God will punish for or will prevent people undertaking the Tree of Life journey to immortality, which they must be first deemed righteous to do. Look at the world now, and make a list of the things God executes or punishes for and the parallels are blatant. Especially sexually by encouraging reincarnation into different gender bodies hence making people gay. He manipulates your freewill like you will never know. Even the things like “woe to you who take pride in mixing drinks” (hot bar staff), “God will destroy those who destroy the Earth” (Genesis defines Earths current endurance as having four clear seasons….give people wealth so they can travel more, build more etc and we no longer have four clear seasons, many places like my city now skip a clear spring or autumn. And telling people they can die at any time and return to the afterlife makes all reincarnated souls murderers for they are arranging for guides etc to kill the physically body they have inhabited. Especially look at how kids are now being groomed for each 3 year group to be worse than the last age group especially via music videos, dancing, wealth etc, I hate to think how slutty the 10yr old girls now will be in a few years. Look at our blissful world in the 70s, and all the not so subtle changes from when Satan started his rule gradually in 1977! God takes over full rule soon anyway, thank goodness. And annihilation…..yup, more most.
          God stated there is Law, and everything else is freewill. I have won huge favour in Gods eyes and I have 75% freewill, I dont want to do the other 25% of things that are forbidden by Law anyway. He never said people had to join His religions, in fact scripture states that non religious people will fare better than religious ones on Judgement Day anyway. Judgement is about our deeds and intent, and whether we are righteous enough to attain immortality, nothing else but first we must play the game snakes and ladders by climbing Jacobs Ladder/the Tree of Life whilst avoiding the Serpent/Satan/Neales deceptive God (remembering his main game is to make you hate God, get God to dislike you, block you on the Tree, manipulate you into not believing in God or consequences and block you from reaching The Source who craves beauty and perfection (through obesity, bad taste, cramped environments, ugly clothes).
          You are a smart guy……be smart with your freewill choices.

          PS watch what you say about annihilation, I know what you mean but there are USA Govt observers in here, military I think so assume they are on terrorist watches or looking for rebellious uprisings. Good on them…..Id never trust anyone who worships Satan, hates Law and governments and disses the God of their country and forebearers either!!
          Take care,

          • Patrick Gannon

            Wow, Kristen, you are really “out there.” Your posts are entertaining to read. You might want to work on tamping down your arrogance, just a smidgen.

            The JWs are correct in saying there is no “hell” in the bible, only mistranslations of the words sheol, gehenna, hades and tartarus.

            The only other thing I’ll comment on is your statement: ” Look at our blissful world in the 70s”

            I have to ask if you were a child of the 70’s as I was. Blissful is not a word I would use to describe the period unless one was perpetually stoned.

          • Kristen

            Its ok, I am only arrogant in here. Im a nice normal friendly person in real life!
            Yup, Im a 70s child, with young non stoner parents, raised in a safe world where every family had an ‘average’ income and survived just fine on one, a mums part time income was for extras like overseas trips, very low crime, abuse was rare, jobs for everyone, funny homemade clothes, one family car, cheap backyard swimming pools and fruit trees cos the generic New Zealand section was a 1/4 acre……paradise until immigration and globalisation destroyed paradise. Turning my beloved Islands the size of England or Japan from Heaven for kids with a population of under a million, to now just be generic worldwide cities with a population nearly 4mill. The Truman Show destroyed by greed. NZ had been set up specifically by design as a colony of England so it was literally The Truman Show. How did your 70s childhood differfrom ours?

          • Patrick Gannon

            We were coming out of Vietnam, the country was wracked by demonstrations, the oil crisis was in full swing, skyjacking became the new weapon of terrorists, our President resigned as a result of the Watergate scandal. Unless one shut him or herself off from the rest of the world, the 70’s was a pretty crazy time. It sounds like you’re a couple decades younger than me, so our perspectives are surely different. For me, it was the hell of high school, the pressure of college and hoping Vietnam would end before I was drafted.

          • Kristen

            Thanks for the differences. I was a kid, born in 1970, but NZ was quite isolated then as flying was so expensive, airfares are now half what they wre then. We watched the news every night but only heard of the Vietman war when MASH came on tv. I guess we were ‘shut off from the rest of the world’ thriving in perfection. I do recall what was probably the oil crisis as we had stickers designating each vehicle to be off the road one day a week……worked in reverse, the start of every household then buying a small 2nd car! And a drug talk when Elvis Presley was arrested for possession. The news introduced NZ to weed, prior to that there was only expensive opium. Our immigration policy was one of zero immigration and the govt had to approve all imports and exports. Which were the bare essentials. See, a true Truman Show idyllic life. Makes me very grateful to be born here when a decade was so different elsewhere, Ive just asked my parents and they have confirmed that it was a great life for people in their 20s……recovering from the 60s party years, and a very easy decade for kids and teens as well. Guess the worlds still the same with every different country or group of people coexisting whilst experiencing the polar opposites of heavenly and hellish lives at the same time. But America does invite drama, we dont cos we cant be bothered with it. Although we are in wars at the mo with only our Elites deployed, the extent of our army really is that they were extas in the Hobbit movies!! Nothing else to do.

            As I type this a helicopter is circling by the beach, will be another useless boatie needing airlifting, stolen car or a shark sighting……as exciting as it gets round here! Its a bit crazy that in other countries, a helicopter circling means run and cover well, it could mean death. Sad
            Take care,

  • Kristen

    Hi. Completely irrelevant in here, as I usually am, but if anyone has a second to answer a question, your second is greatly appreciated. I am studying eyes from a spiritual etc perspective, and trying to work out if new agey or more aware people have a darker iris rim than normal, and if you seem to tan easier than other people?? Which dark iris rimmed people theoretically should, as should aware people as a part of many manifestation Laws especially longevity ones. And if any vegetarians have noticed a lightening or paleing of the iris as their iron and red blood cell counts drop, with or without eyesight deterioration?

    • Simply look at the ones who are already enlightened & study them.

      • Kristen

        And the website of close ups of enlightened peoples eyes would be what?
        I only know a couple of people that fit the criteria but Ive had a few replies from others which prove my theories, and the relevant manifestation Laws right at this point. People should notice changes even before they are enlightened.
        Thanks anyway Marko.

  • hempwise

    So true we are conditioned from birth to believe in a world that exists as the one that you have eloquently stated above .It was not until i really started asking questions and digging deep into History and spirituality that i began to see the lies i was told and the cultural stories that where told where fallacies .
    The problem i find now that gets me frustrated is that most older people do not question the prior assumption that life is not working for most folks on the planet do they even know that this is what is going on ? They say that’s the way life it has always been you have to play the game accept the way it is do your best !!! whatever doing your best is ?
    Get a job ,work hard, buy a house ,have some kids now be responsible for bringing them up on your own and if things go belly-up its your own fault you need to be better at making more money to look after them properly .
    It,s all up to the individual to succeed ,most of the time success has to do with money and acquiring bigger better possessions .So one of those 5% you talked about is an imperative .No wonder we are in a mess we live the life of our forefathers just regurgitating what we have been told as a cultural necessity squandering the resources as we go .No thought to why we are living this way no questions ALLOWED .
    CWG book 3 reminded me how it was in more highly evolved societies that they where All One so the needs of all living things where kept in balance and that there was always enough to go around for everyone .
    Observing humanity points to a complete reversal of this! We are living backwards as Mewabe states and the older cultures would call wetiko .Eating ourselves through dominating nature, competition and righteousness.

    The problem is the more i know about all this the harder it is to live in the real world or the make believe world but its not as you know it Jim to use the phrase the trick is to live within the illusion and use it. This i have to understand fully !,could we all just awaken a little bit faster and look after one another and our precious living Earth.
    But it has changed me into a greater version of myself and now i have a vision of where i would like to go and i can only thank Neale for having his Conversation With God and introducing me to the likes of Thom Hartmann ,Michael Learner ,John Robbins and so many more fantastic progressive and spiritual writers .I will keep on…..

    • Cecco Cecamore

      You liberals need to make yourselves a New Years resolution to spend all of 2015 working on yourself – and to stop looking at what others should or could be doing or thinking.

      Let’s assume that hemps assumption is correct and that life is “not working” for most folks on the planet. Once again, the liberal approach of blaming other human beings on Earth for not caring or being too rich and for being the root cause of life “not working” is never going to solve anything.

      The most logical approach to facilitating life getting better to the rest of the world is to share our way of life with others … to take some of the ideas that have made the USA what we are – and to spread that.

      But since liberals have made it clear that they find the way of life that has been manifested in the USA to be repugnant, all we end up with is airing of grievances from liberals.

      With conservatives constant building of civilization through inventions, industry, converting deposits from the Earth into energy – liberals are getting more and more worked up and anxious. I can “feel it” and sense it – whenever I am around liberals and read what liberals think.

      Those of us that use our hands and minds to design, develop, build and improve our world aren’t slowing down – are we? We keep on building, while liberals crawl into the shell of anxiety.

      And I would suggest that liberals need to figure out how to stop being so down on the rest of us.

      The liberalism spreads into our inner-cities and urban area’s, the worse everyone feels. This is a fact – backed in with hard statistics. Everywhere liberals dominate the landscape turns into a massive dysfunction for “the little guy”.

      The only area’s where liberals seem to be happy, is when a bunch if white liberals congregate in places like Hollywood. And even then, those liberals still don’t give off a sense of well-being. Even rich Hollywood white liberals tend to air grievances and spread their anxiety.

      Here’s how life works. You get up in the morning, thank God for your health and blessings and work hard. You tackle your obstacles – and don’t burden others with your whining.

      You respect your elders and your peers – and lead your children by example and by maintaining a set of rules in which you live your life by. And yes, you will find times when you don’t live up to your own rules … but you will be accountable and move on graciously. And you try to improve on your integrity along the way.

      Not by being a whiny liberal- always looking outside of yourself or to Washington DC to make your life better.

      Conservatives realize that Washington DC is not going to make our lives better – and this is why we keep laughing when liberals insist that Washington DC can somehow use “other peoples money” to help us.

      • Some worthy points.

        I would say more deeply, life works this way:
        It’s called the LOA or Law of Attraction. I works 24/7 whether you realize it or not. It does not discriminate. It simply is. We often use the LOA unconsciously, now some of us our learning & practicing it more consciously. That to me is the key.

        My observing over the past 15 years is, the metaphysical, spiritual new age community is about 85 present liberal & 15 conservative. It’s a pretty big gap.

      • Stephen mills

        Hi Cecco ,good points I see where you are coming from you forgot about responsibility its not a question of blaming its just where we are at the moment and that maybe we have to raise consciousness as this considers consequence .An example is why use hydro carbons like petroleum when you can use carbohydrates like Hemp anything that can be made by Oil (ancient sunlight ) we can make from current sunlight .Is this a whine or just what is so .I agree we could do better with our intellect and create from a place of serving life as the life of us all and our planet is of prime importance it’s a collective understanding on sustaining the future for our children and there childrens children .The iraquiose confederacy taught and made decisions based on the seventh generation .These where the ideas that Thomas Jefferson used to enlighten and help create an idea of America that was so different from fuedal Europe .We can see that America has regressed from the vision of the founding fathers in many ways .Especially politics where only the 1% seem to have any clout.So the interests of the few dominate the highest good of all and this is progress.

        I have no affiliation to left or right on the political spectrum I vote the Green Party in Scotlnd as it most aligns with the feelings in my heart .Some government I necessary u til we naturally do the right thing based on love for life and preserving that .But can we not agree and discuss what is it that we are all trying to do .

        • Cecco Cecamore

          Thank you Stephen.
          As long as liberals keep spending trillions of other peoples money, there will be a mismatch in the influence of wealthy in politics.

          NW speaks of the millions of children dying from preventable sickness such as malaria – and I assume since he blames conservatives – that NW thinks liberals are doing more than conservatives to solve this. The truth is that conservative Christians have (and still are) building more hospitals, sending more volunteers to provide aide and collecting more money than all other sources combined on Earth to help dying children all over the world. Also – when it comes to Malaria, the priority of liberals has been (and remains) to ensure that chemicals which could eradicate as much as 80% of the mosquito larvae – are not manufactured. It’s just insanity that we don’t unleash known chemicals (doesn’t have to be DDT – but hey, if it’s DDT or millions of dead children (each dying a miserable death) – why do we even have to discuss it. If it was up to conservatives, we’d be using chemicals instead of mosquito nets, and we’d reduce suffering.

          So .. who is more enlightened?

          Also, when it comes being lectured by liberals about dying children … the thing liberals fail to comprehend, is that most of the planet laugh’s at American liberals one on hand, insisting we all abort as many babies as possible, but on the other hand – lecturing the rest of us on how we should be taking better care of our children.

          Furthermore, just go into urban America today and witness the horror of liberalism if you need more proof. The deep anger that is manifested daily in Democrat America is astonishing. Police are called constantly to deal with angry people living a life of total dysfunction. This is not a conservative way of life. This is happening all over America in area’s that conservative idea’s are not even allowed to be mentioned it – much less acted on.

          Children in urban America cannot do things that conservatives take for granted … like leave their bicycles in the yard (or leave anything of value in sight), they cannot live without hearing disgusting foul language everywhere they go, demeaning women and glorifying gangs. They cannot be children – they must be survivors … and their Democrat leaders are useless to do anything to help them. And when a conservative wants to lock-up a gang member who is terrorizing children and families – we get called racist … because all we want to do is “lock-up another black man”.

          So there you have it. Being lectured by liberals on caring about children is absurd.

          The way to deal with all of this is by having a common sense set of priorities. So while liberals keep making as their top priorities, global warming, countless programs spend on able bodied Americans, distorting the views of conservatives (example is common view on “war on women” … I don’t mind if you able-bodied 27 year old Harvard student , have an abortion … just don’t make me pay for it) But liberals distort that to “stay out of my womb”. … How am I in your womb, when you are demanding that I gladly accept you sending me the bill for your abortions?

          Liberals spend far more time ensuring that everyone else pay for all their needs, than they do trying to help children on Earth with Malaria – but yet, we get the lecture. It’s beyond absurd.

          And lastly, liberals complaining about money. Liberals are spending and borrowing trillions. And who benefits from this the most? Rich White male bankers. It’s the easiest buck a rich white banker can make … (He’s collecting interest on all those trillions)

          So – that shows just who the “enlightened” are doesn’t it?

  • Erin

    Oh, my Dears…The 1% or 5% (or whatever stat of imagining) will not be disgruntled or dismantled, nor scathed in any way, shape, or form, by the rest of Entirety…Their power is not rooted in money, nor do they have fear of losing their status…Their Good Life is well insured for maaany generations past 7, and really have no worries of the stuff We do this way, that way, or any other ‘way’. They are not part of Corporate shenanigans or any particular political game. In their eyes, they are simply ‘more evolved’ & co-operate as an Earthly Divinity…a Oneness in their own rites. They are as the eye of the pyramid floating above the larger under-building.

    Perhaps, instead of dissing their beingness, We might do well to look closer at It. If one thinks about It…This minute % represents everything We are not at the moment, yet they uphold a contextual field that We All could become of…much like the God concept.

    To unite the pyramid…the Tri-unity of Being, Here…would be cause for Grand Celebration by these ‘elite’…to make 1% = 100% would mean a great evolutionary leap has occurred…and is this not what We are seeking to accomplish, one way or ‘another way’, through sites/connections as this…Are we not a small % seeking to be a bigger %??

    Anyone recall ‘Nanny McPhee’?: “When you need me, but do not want me, I must stay…When you want me, but do not need me, I must go.” I See an elite message in this.

    mpo, Just a thought. 🙂

  • mewabe

    In a “survival of the fittest” type of cultural and social environment, where the aim is not merely to compete but to annihilate, to destroy the competition, where business is likened to war (The art of War is a popular book in the business community), those who make it to the very top are not necessarily the most compassionate, gentle, openhearted, the kindest or the most psychologically healthy individuals.

    When a social system is organized to reward winning at all costs (as long as such costs remain more or less legal), many among those who win do so at all costs, and to expect anything else would be highly irrational.

    To accuse the minority who makes it to the very top to lack compassion or concern for the loosing majority is therefore irrational, as irrational as would be accusing a soldier to lack empathy for his enemy.

    There is no actual class war, there is and there has always been an all out human war, period. The rich preys on the poor, and the poor preys on the poorer. This old war is now waged on the battlefield we call civilized society, and money is the accepted weapon used to wield power and acquire control. The losers on such a battlefield must make the decision to change the entire social system to end such a war, or must take their punishment and misery as should be expected in a ruthless and cutthroat environment.

    You cannot have it both ways. You cannot have merciless competition and compassion. You cannot have a sword in your hand and an open hand and heart. To believe otherwise is to embrace a typically self-contradictory American myth, which is currently disintegrating under the weight of the harsh reality of war-like, survival-driven global competition.

    • Cecco Cecamore

      We have 41 million people over the age of 17 who don’t have a high school diploma and/or not enrolled in high school in America. This is because of liberalism – not conservatives and not because a rich guy reading a book about corporate wars. So, you can complain all you want about rich people taking advantage of poor people – but just know that it is because of liberalism that we have millions of drop-outs and millions of people on food stamps. And by the way, it’s not the cost of food stamps that is a problem – it’s the fact that liberalism has no process for the millions of poor people can take care of themselves (which is a loss of human dignity – this a much higher cost than money). This is what liberals do when they keep thinking “other people’s money” must be the way. It is not they way – because it robs people of their own dignity. But yet, this is the answer from liberals. We are in year 7 of Obama’s spending spree, and the rich have never been better positioned – and the poor have never been worse positioned. And the poor on food stamps don’t feel very good – do they? We conservatives keep telling you you’re not helping anyone. You’re forcing millions to watch as the rest of us work, buy homes and live without anger or fear of our neighbors.

      And please don’t compare my statements of fact above with the clear critical value of “other peoples money” as a means to assist truly desperate people in nations outside of the USA. But since liberals have taken trillions and used it for able-bodied Americans – I thought it was time for some facts about how rotten liberal ideas to help have turned out to.

      Nope – it is not white businessmen, who read books about corporate war – that is the problem … nor is it global warming. The problem is liberalism now has 50 million people in America being forced into the Democrat way of life. which translates into anxiety & anger and thousands of homicide victims under the age of 13. (yes, according the CDC over the last decade there have been over 1,000 children under the age of 13 killed in America’s Democrat urban areas) One year alone in Chicago, there was 24 homicide victims under 13.

      Yet, when we have had liberals get mad about children dying, it always seem to be complaining about conservatives. When it’s almost exclusively a liberal nightmare being played out in cities that have zero conservative notions or ideas being implemented.

      When you go into the conservative areas of the United States, you also have poor too – but guess what? They most often work. The poor families in the south in places like Mississippi and Alabama that liberals love to point and laugh at and say “see – it’s not just our urban ghetto’s” – they work. They can walk done the street at night. And they don’t want help from anyone. Especially liberals.

      The liberal way of life is much about anger. And it shows. “There must be an easier way out” is also the motto of liberals. “The other guy” can pay my bills and I’ll feel better. But guess what – nope you won’t feel better. You won’t feel better about a life of waiting for Democrat money every month.

      • mewabe

        Dude, Happy New Year, but you starting it wrong by barking off the wrong tree…I am not a liberal, and neither am I a conservative. Political ideologies are all totally irrelevant and obsolete.

        I am against all state-sponsored violence and coercion, which in some circles would define me as some sort of anarchist. But I am way beyond this kind of definition as well.

        I observe things as I see them, from the perspective of a natural human being…someone whose only allegiance is to the original earth and to natural life, not to cultures, religions, nations, ideologies or other such ridiculous nonsenses.

        I see a global civilization that has no respect or love for the earth, and civilized human beings who have no respect or love for themselves, each other or any other form of life, and I draw the logical conclusion that there is something very wrong with such a civilization…so wrong as a matter of fact that it is headed for self-destruction.

        You may have noticed that nowhere in my comment did I mention any political ideology.

        I see that your comments are choke full of cliches about liberalism and conservatism…such as the ideas that liberals sit on their buttocks all day long complaining about everything while conservatives go to work and build civilizations. Are you absolutely certain that this is the case? You might want to look around…

        You appear angry, yet speak of the anger of liberals. What are you so angry about? If your conservative beliefs work for you, you should be fulfilled and at peace.

        Yet, ask yourself this question: when the glorious and magnificent civilization you believe in has exhausted all existing natural resources, has polluted much of the planet and caused the near death of the oceans, has caused the world population to double every 25 years or so, and cannot survive without constant growth, where will you turn? Do you actually believe that living such an unsustainable lifestyle is rational and intelligent? Or perhaps you would rather ignore the facts, or place a quasi religious faith in science and technology as the upcoming miraculous saviors that will somehow restore the earth and all life to their original, wholesome, healthy, balanced and pristine conditions?

        • Cecco Cecamore

          Neals commentary was all about conservative bashing … hence the reason why I brought up my views on why conservatives get things done … while liberals whine.

      • Patrick Gannon

        A lot of assertions about liberals Cecco, but no evidence of any kind was presented. In your posts I see no attempt to seek common ground, no reaching out for compromise, no indication that liberals might have any possible worth at all. Isn’t that the real problem – a total lack of willingness to reach out and enough insight to recognize that like it or not, we’re all in the same boat headed for the same waterfall and we’re paddling in different directions against ourselves? I agree with many conservative points, but I am saddened by antagonism and attacks on those sharing the same lifeboat, when the survival of all depends on finding some middle path of cooperation and coexistence.

        Forget about who’s right and who’s wrong – look at what happens historically. When the divide between have’s and have-not’s reaches a certain point, it leads to violence. Eventually the have not’s revolt, do they not? After what is usually a very short break, the trend goes back to the inevitable empowerment of a few over the less fortunate masses. In the past the masses have accepted this because religions in partnership with the “haves” have instructed them that suffering is a good thing and that it really doesn’t matter because their reward comes after they die. Why bother to go out on a limb to fix things now, when the real fix comes after we’re gone, in another realm?

        The problem with the inevitable reckoning is that our ability to destroy ourselves has reached a level that reason should dictate we must find a way to avoid or suffer the consequences – including perhaps the end of our species, and another petri dish thrown into the trash by the evolutionary consciousness of the universe.

        I do not question the validity of all your points (though I could provide evidence to counter at least some of them), it is the antagonism expressed towards those hated liberals that is the real problem I think.

        • Cecco Cecamore

          Patrick – What facts did you miss? The facts about the Democrat hell-holes in America, the 41 million who haven’t graduated? or do you need facts about Christian conservatives building more hospitals and treating millions more than all other groups combined? Even the UN publishes reports on the massiveness of Christian outposts on Earth that help people. If you need some actual factoid written by me, that’s laughable. If you don’t think Christian missions on Earth are by far the leading aide providers, than you’re not keeping up with what is going on Earth. Or maybe you question why I wrote that conservative “makers” are going to keep on building, drilling, and inventing things … while liberal “takers” are going to keep on burdening others with your whining … Or maybe you think my facts about Malaria being caused by mosquito infestations is wrong … OK .. that’s is fine. You can keep thinking that, as millions of children die a rotten painful death as we keep up the chemical ban in Africa. You crazy liberals are worried about global warming while millions in 3rd world nations have no power, no medicine and no economy. My post was to make a point on how idiotic the column by Neale was (bashing conservatives). Had Neal not bash conservatives with such vigor – I would not have written my response. You see Patrick … it is actually you liberals that “hate” – it is you liberals that hate conservatives more than anything. And it shows up everywhere. Even the great guru Neal – the great man of peace – has written of his profound hatred of conservatives and your great leader Obama hates conservatives more that every evil dictator on Earth. The truth is that conservative white people have invented, produced, and gotten a whole lot done on Earth …. and the reason people on Earth struggle is not because of “doingness” … it is because of liberals who have done nothing … but insist of whining every minute of every day about someone else. The rich guy, the Christians, the business man, or anyone in the top 1% top 5% or top 50% ..( of some liberal chart) .. or anyone who dares disagree with liberal confiscating personal private property (our money). Or anyone who dares not want to pay for their neighbors abortions, heat bills, food bills, rent bills, phone bills, tattoo bills, music listening bills, insurance bills or anything else.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Cecco, you presume to know much more about me than you possibly could, in lumping me with a particular group, neatly categorizing in your mind, friend or enemy based on whether they blindly accept your charges.

            I refuse to be categorized by you, considering myself to be an independent thinker, agreeing with you on some points, disagreeing on others, but rejecting the knife you use to divide and separate people in ways that are not conducive to positive evolution.

            Maybe we need both – the whining liberals as you call them, and the conservatives who have little interest in poor women facing unwanted pregnancy, starving children, unemployed folks using phones to seek jobs, or sick people needing health care (I’m not a big fan of paying for someone’s tatoos or music bills, but I’m unaware of having been asked to pay these bills).

            Perhaps what is needed is a dialogue, rather than shouting matches. In this, I agree with you that Neale’s column was unusually provocative and as aggressive toward “the other” as your own writing here. He asked for it – you delivered it, and what have we gained except more acrimony….

  • Osorio

    Só vai produzir efeito o que cada um apurou durante o seu aprendizado espiritual, em conhecimento e atitude, depois de se ajustar assi e aos outros experienciando, o próprio planeta se ajustara há nova faze de equilíbrio e regeneração.

  • Chas De Ferrari

    Wondering how to use this facility…

    AhHAAAA! I figured it out. Horray!

    • Erin

      Welcome to the Conversation, Chas! Glad your popped your lively Self in here. 🙂
      Sooo…What are Your thoughts on that topic? Perhaps share your experiences with the way We are doing Human, & ideas on how that can be adjusted/changed to be more functional in areas that mean the most to You. What are your feelings/reactions to stuff going on today?
      Look forward to the input & collaborations ahead….Namaste’. 🙂

      • Chas De Ferrari

        Well, thank you Erin for the warm welcome. I’d delighted to have found this resource and all of you participants here.

        Neale states, “There is a very good and very valuable and very powerful personal reason for joining in the movement to advance the evolution of our species. Such an activity produces the forward movement of each individual’s personal and spiritual evolution.”

        That’s me. I’ve arrived here today out of a keen desire to evolve personally. Back in 2002 I made it my primary goal of this lifetime. I committed myself to following guidance (i.e., give up my egoic reins of control to my higher self) for the purpose of moving my egoic self towards my spiritual essence that I intuited (“sensed”) was with me but not recognized fully by me. My motivation was to heal my own wounds, most importantly my Separation Wound (my word, “Wound”) towards achieving the highest sense of peace, harmony and connection to all consciousness that I possibly could. Progress made in this direction I believed would amount to the very best achievement I could aspire to in life. So for me, it began and still is mostly about personal evolution as I originally defined it back in 2002.

        “Stuff going on today”… Ah yes. Well, I do have feelings and reactions about stuff going on today. The good stuff makes me feel mushy, safe, hopeful, in control, anything but powerless. The bad stuff brings on fear, a sense of being overwhelmed, disempowerment and the anger that comes along with that.

        So you know, I want to REACT like a mo-fo to the bad stuff! I see this as my egoic, human, mental side grabbing the reins.

        But, my goal since 2002 has been to foster my own evolution, ego moving towards spirit. It’s a challenge every day for me to stay on task, nurturing my personal evolution. So, what am I to do? There is the payoff question.

        So far, the best approach I’ve come up with is to practice intense active listening, become the “Observer” when I’m feeling reactive, suppress the desire to act on my reactivity and become as expansive as I possibly can towards accepting all that arises both in Mankind and in Nature as well. I try to hold to my new-ish belief that everything, including the bad stuff is an expression of Consciousness, Consciousness seeking to experience and expand itself. That we human beings are Co-Creators of that ever seeking, ever expanding Consciousness.

        Seems to me like a good time for a refrain of Neale’s original question I posed in my first post, “Could there be something we don’t fully understand here about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?”

        How am I doing Erin?

        • Erin

          You’re gonna have fun & find good input here, Chas! 😀
          Seems you found a fine react in going into Observer mode…and I so looove the word ‘expand’, too.

          Presently, We are moving out of old conditionings that no longer serve well…Examining the many Separation-ologies of Humanity (Theology, Cosmology, Pathology, etc.), that thusfar have molded Human as We do It today, and collaborating to try It ‘another way’…Oneness.

          mpo to the last inquiry: God & Life are the same thing…We are each & All part of this One thing. No matter what state of beingness we are experiencing, we/We are always & all ways, Life expressing Itself.

          In coming to Understandings of This, there are powerful & challenging implications, as well as wonderful realizations. Hope your Soul Sounds find truths to sing to, Chas! <3

    • Kristen

      Welcome Chas,
      Yup you will surely get discussions in here……the whole point of conversation is sharing and discussing differing views. At the core, we are all 75% the same, to discuss that 75% is downright boring, that is what the checkout staff are for. The differences, although many correct and many from the same core, are what makes interesting conversation.

  • mewabe

    The most fearful among us seek the most control and power.

    Wherever you see dominant power asserting itself, look at the fear that hides within.

    Every limited thought comes from fear and reflects the perception of a limited self.

    The idea of a separate ego-consciousness has fear for foundation.

    Where fear ends, understanding begins.

    With understanding, the heart opens and the mind expands.

  • Patrick Gannon

    Geez Neale, for someone who preaches against ‘separation theology’ you sure wrote a divisive column, clearly drawing a line between “us” and “them” depending upon whose side one chooses.

    Some kind of something’s going on as we continue to find new and different ways to separate ourselves rather than seek out common ground – with police becoming the latest us/them motif. It’s hard to see how this can end well. When people insist on defining themselves in “us vs them” modes (conservative vs liberal in this case), we know what always happens. Different from, leads to better than, leads to fear of, leads to hate, leads to violence.

    Well, it’s all part of the evolutionary process, I suppose, and the evolutionary record shows us that sometimes things happen in a very major way, leading to significant evolutionary change in one direction or the other (such as extinction for some species). What’s so interesting is that we are the only species (we know of) to inhabit this planet thus far, that has the ability to purposefully direct its own evolutionary path, but we’re not availing ourselves of that opportunity, merely falling back on the “me vs you” survival instincts of our not so distant animal ancestors. If some of mankind gets through what seems like an inevitable reckoning, perhaps the survivors will continue to advance – or perhaps we will rejoin our animalistic ancestors living by pure instinct instead of reason.

    Perhaps this is the great experiment of our universe – can evolution continue without leading to inevitable self destruction? Given the huge number of potentially habitable planets, our universe should be teeming with life, but thus far we’ve seen nothing… perhaps it is because no society has evolved beyond self-destruction, and we’re destined to be just another in the long chain of failures.

    • Chas De Ferrari

      Yes Patrick. I picked up on the divisiveness in Neale’s message as well and I too found it dissonant considering the source.

      Your question about evolution continuing in the last paragraph… I think self-destruction will come as a product of FAILURE TO EVOLVE beyond the application of superior force (physical, economic, political, etc) as the ultimate solution to conflict on the planet. But I have a question about that. Will it make any difference in the grand scheme of Co-Creative Consciousness that mankind flourishes or goes extinct?

      To insist that one or the other of these dualistic extremes must be the outcome is to fall into the trap of reactivity. Makes me want to coin a new slogan…

      “To act on one’s reactivity is human, to observe one’s reactivity is divine.”

      • Patrick Gannon

        Chas, I am agnostic on the subject, but I see two possibilities:

        1) Consciousness or something akin to it is all there is, and consciousness is affected by the fundamental process of evolution, succeeding, failing or stagnating. Our coming or going would contribute to this process with the greater consciousness coming to understand that our path (perhaps one of gazillions) is, or is not, one that leads to lower entropy, more cooperation and organization for the purpose of producing useful work. Whether we make it or not, the final result is of value to the evolution of the greater consciousness as a petri dish experiment of what does and does not evolve successfully. The information gained is therefore useful regardless of the outcome.

        2) Consciousness emerges from matter and when our brains die, that’s it. There is no impact one way or the other on anything, as there is nothing outside the material world that can evolve. In this case, whether we win or lose is immaterial.

        So, basically, I would say that whether we succeed or fail, only matters if consciousness is not an emergent quality; and I think science will have the answer to that one day.

        • Chas De Ferrari

          I looked up “Emergence” on Wikipedia cuz as much as I’ve heard the word used, I wasn’t really certain what the meaning behind its use was. Sounds like synergy. Yes? Thank you for bringing it up as I was past due on looking up the definition. Cheers!

          What I found is as follows;
          In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence is conceived as a process whereby larger entities, patterns, and regularities arise through interactions among smaller or simpler entities that themselves do not exhibit such properties.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I think the simpler definition – “the process of coming into being or becoming prominent” is sufficient. Mainstream science today maintains that consciousness emerges from matter – from our brains. The evidence so far seems to support their assertion; but it is an assertion that is being actively challenged by other scientists.

            I’m not sure the mainstream would agree with the idea of a synergetic relationship between consciousness and the brain, as they see the one thing – consciousness, as being a property that is derived from the other thing – matter. The consciousness does not interact or cooperate with matter to create something larger or greater than the sum of the two – they see consciousness as separate from matter, but as yet unexplained.

            Synergy normally implies a cooperation that yields something larger. Scientists see consciousness as separate from matter, but emerging from it. A new theory being discussed is that consciousness may be a ‘state of matter’ like fluids, liquids, solids, gasses. In that sense perhaps the idea of synergy becomes more applicable.

  • mewabe

    Speaking in strictly utopian terms, and regarding the ancient polarization of classes, races, genders, generations, societies and of the world, what might be useful, rather than discussing ideas, opinions, concepts or beliefs, would be to speak of our individual and collective fears.

    Of course this is totally unrealistic, for very few human beings have the necessary courage and honesty to expose their true self, their naked self. As a matter of fact most people would rather die than feel emotionally and psychologically exposed and vulnerable, and they do, by the million.

    Yet, what is driving most humans to the brink of insanity but fear, a fear of not having or of loosing something, a fear that is often unconscious and primal?

    Most people keep very busy running as fast as they can from themselves, until death stops them. Denial is the universal cultural norm. Then they use ideas and beliefs, ideologies and dogma as a shield to more effectively defend against their own wounds and fears.

    Isn’t discussing such symbolic thoughts and beliefs a waste of time in the long run? Do we really think that inner liberation can come from an idea? Doesn’t it come from embracing your true self, your inner self, doesn’t it come from KNOWING yourself?

    • Kristen

      Cheers Professor.

      • mewabe

        How is it hanging from your tree top?

        • Kristen

          Just monkeying around! Sorry, dad jokes!! Actually Ive been hanging off a ladder painting ceilings!! Better than falling off though, I guess. Save that for another day!
          Im meant to be studying male principles this year, so Ive started by reading a mills n boon book each night. Gosh theyre smutty, I blush and skip those pages……or as soon as I read the word ‘member’!! Figured I may as well study perfect guys and skip a few stages between the crappy ones I know here!!!! Think Ive become a reverse feminist, decided work is so overrated and being a housewife and just flitting about in pretty frocks all day sounds like a plan! Although I dont eat solid food only liquids, I will make sure dinner is served at 6pm on the dot……and play the song ‘Put another log on the fire’. Haha.

          How’s it from your artistic, cereal box paper mache Mewabe self made tree? Rained yet?


          • mewabe

            Yes it has rained, so much my driveway became a creek and my house a barge (almost).
            I am busy working and saving the wildlife (limping deers and lame turkeys…too many barbed wire fences around).

            Male principles hmm? Is there such a thing all by itself, it could it be said that the male principle arises in the presence of the female (pun intended), and the female’s in the presence of the male, so shouldn’t they be studied together?

          • Kristen

            Nice pun. Pun intended also. As well as your last sentence!

            Guess the droughts over (no pun intended) then? Amphibian house next? You can be Noah with all your rescues and patients. Rains good for most species except people! Serious first world climate change problem here…bleedin flies. No frosts anymore to kill the fly, flea and mozzie larvae. Problem with a humid climate. We destroy……the parasites and enemies thrive. Starting to see the little consequences. Bout time we all saw what happens when we tip the scale to far.

            See Professor, I told you that you would make a great Kabbalist – no lecture thanks. Spot on about male and female principles so Im having to delve deep to find the distinctively male bits (pun intended but not intended to sound quite that dodgy!). I studied female principles, both combined then male but I don’t think I put enough effort in so adding to it. But yes, everything was male first so its isolating the factors that are neither feminine (often delegated to us gals), nor androgenous, much of it instinctive. My brain helps, with high functioning autism I can think both or either male or female. Sense of direction, read maps AND ask for directions. But as a girl, I probably still get lost, but the boy brain bits would never admit it. Called taking the scenic route isn’t it in guy speak? Having to obverve males is more difficult esp the headspace. I think I have nearly concluded that a females clothing is the #1, and first drawcard in the attraction determination and a sub conscious deal breaker, and that males are soooooo deep they either appear uninterested, shallow or block so much cos they have so much to factor in and process etc. And that females need to back off from guys to force them to make first moves, determine what their whole body and mind wants rather than just what one appendage wants, and that its best to use ‘actions speak louder than words’ when dealing with guys.
            Thats the kind of stuff Im working in getting right! Riveting. But youre a guy, you know all this stuff but you would struggle in the feminine principles exams, I hope anyway!

            Glad you are ok, and hope the waters have receeded and your Walmart gumboots came to use.

            Take care, (ooooh I have two watchers, exciting stuff),

    • Chas De Ferrari

      Oh yes mewabe! I am very much in agreement with what you say here with just one small caveat. It is an unshakable KNOWING. Yes, I totally believe what you say here is true but I don’t believe it’s a knowing about the “world is one”. As you say, many person(alitie)s in the would today would most likely not buy into that idea. Until one elects to heal the Separation Wound within, one will continue to be separated.

      Does that mean it’s a waste of time to work on that unshakable KNOWING you speak of? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s the very best use of one’s time and energy that I can think of. I believe that the primary goal should be individual evolution. I really do believe that the Co-Creative Consciousness (God, et al) would sanction that approach. What becomes of our species is of secondary importance.

      I know very little about the Bible but do recall the bit about “Seek first the kingdom of God.” Abundant Blessings!

      • mewabe

        I agree, the world is not one (the human world refuses to be one because people still associate differences with conflicts and most are still very addicted to conflicts and struggles), but all life is one. That’s what I meant to write. Yet we cannot get to that knowing when divided and conflicted within…so we have to clean up our own inner messes, and we all have an inner mess to clean up in order to reach inner peace 🙂

        Blessings to you!

  • Leon Jackson

    I believe the issue with us as a society is that we forget it takes all of us to make this world go around.Yes we may have different ideas and views on things but at the same time we need to come together with ideas and solutions to make us all successful and to be able to all live together in peace and in harmony. It makes no sense that with all the money that is circulating in the world that there’s brothers and sisters that are hungry, homeless, and jobless. It is definitely time to look at things from a different point of view and perspective. Some say and think that heaven is some far and distant place but heaven can be right here on earth if we set aside our selfish and pride ways and pick up love and sharing for our fellow brothers and sisters. Every day is a new beginning and a chance to leave our mark in this beautiful world. The question is are we going to leave a mark that was positive and beautiful or negative and destructive. We all should look ourselves in the mirror everyday and ask ourselves what can I do to make this world a better place.

  • mewabe

    Food for thought from an Alternet article (“Is the US crazy?”) by Ann Jones, an American expatriate living in Norway:

    “Take the questions stumping Europeans in the Obama years (which 1.6 million Americans residing in Europe regularly find thrown our way). At the absolute top of the list: “Why would anyone oppose national health care?” European and other industrialized countries have had some form of national health care since
    the 1930s or 1940s, Germany since 1880. Some versions, as in France
    and Great Britain, have devolved into two-tier public and private
    systems. Yet even the privileged who pay for a faster track would not
    begrudge their fellow citizens government-funded comprehensive health
    care. That so many Americans do strikes Europeans as baffling, if not frankly brutal.

    A Norwegian today is appalled to learn that a CEO of a major American corporation makes between 300 and 400 times as much as its average employee. Or that governors
    Sam Brownback of Kansas and Chris Christie of New Jersey, having run up their state’s debts by cutting taxes for the rich, now plan to cover the loss with money snatched from the pension funds of workers in the public sector. To a Norwegian, the job of government is to distribute the country’s good fortune reasonably equally, not send it zooming upward, as in America today, to a sticky-fingered one percent.

    In their planning, Norwegians tend to do things slowly, always thinking of the long term, envisioning what a better life might be for their children, their posterity. That’s why a Norwegian, or any northern European, is aghast to learn that two-thirds of American
    college students finish their education in the red, some owing $100,000 or more. Or that in the U.S., still the world’s richest country, one in three children lives in poverty, along with one in fiveyoung people between the ages of 18 and 34. Or that America’s recent multi-trillion-dollar wars were fought on a credit card to be paid off by our kids. Which brings us back to that word: brutal.

    Implications of brutality, or of a kind of uncivilized inhumanity, seem to lurk in so many other questions foreign observers ask about America like: How could you set up that concentration camp in Cuba, and why can’t you shut it down? Or: How can you pretend to be a Christian country and still carry out the death penalty? The follow-up to which often is: How could you pick as president a man proud of executing his fellow citizens at
    the fastest raterecorded in Texas history? (Europeans will not soon forget George W. Bush.)

    Other things I’ve had to answer for include:

    * Why can’t you Americans stop interfering with women’s health care?

    * Why can’t you understand science?

    * How can you still be so blind to the reality of climate change?

    * How can you speak of the rule of law when your presidents break international laws to make war whenever they want?

    * How can you hand over the power to blow up the planet to one lone, ordinary man?

    * How can you throw away the Geneva Conventions and your principles to advocate torture?

    * Why do you Americans like guns so much? Why do you kill each other at such a rate?

    To many, the most baffling and important question of all is: Why do you send your military all over the world to stir up more and more trouble for all of us?

    It’s hard to know why we are the way we are, and — believe me — even harder to explain it to others. Crazy may be too strong a word, too broad and vague to pin down the problem. Some people who question me say that the U.S. is “paranoid,” “backward,” “behind the times,” “vain,” “greedy,” “self-absorbed,” or simply “dumb.” Others, more charitably, imply that Americans are merely “ill-informed,” “misguided,” “misled,” or “asleep,” and could still recover sanity. But wherever I travel, the questions follow, suggesting that the United States, if not exactly crazy, is decidedly a danger to itself and others. It’s past time to wake up, America, and look around. There’s another world out here, an old and friendly one across the ocean, and it’s full of good ideas, tried and true.”

    • Erin

      Great share, mewabe. Have been in such discussions over the years…brutally humbling experience when one has to answer for their part of Oneness, or rather, lack of It. Excuses are moot, always & all ways, with no apology worthy of even muttering. However, these questions open doors wide for solution discussions, & for those I Am ever-grateful. Thanks.<3

      • mewabe

        Thanks Erin 🙂

    • lisemoro

      Thanks mewabe.
      Came upon something told as “awakening the Buddha of Wisdom in Difficulties”, and sitates: “The past is gone. The future is not yet here. You can be present for this moment. What you do now will create your future.
      Your days pass like rainbows, like a flash of lightening, like a star at dawn. Your life is short. How can you quarrel ?
      As Erin says it; I am ever grateful to the friends I`ll know(and the friends of still do not know).

      • mewabe

        Thanks lisemoro

    • Cecco Cecamore

      Mewabe – I assume that you 100% approve of the massive carbon footprint of Norway. They do all the things that liberals usually hate … offshore drilling in the North Sea is massive. Norway produces about as much oil as Kuwait, and is a top 10 producer on the planet.

      • lisemoro

        Hi, yeap, I `m scratching the head of mine in how come the inhabitants of only 4 millions + can do, and make, such amount in the small corner of the globe??? Mostly all the folks I`ll know do not know where Norway is situated(or is it a place at all that is ?)
        Smiles from Ingerlise.

    • Kuyeidi Jung

      Mewabe. I actually needed a few days to think and discuss with friends IF or WHAT we should make of this statement. It is definitely one of those mean punches in the guts of those few Norwegian people who try to make this country more humane and considerate. NO Norwegian CEO is appalled about the US, cutting taxes to the rich and take of the poor also is exactly what happens here right now. NO other European nation destroys so many natural resources and no other European nation cares less about the future of their children. The national health care is far below even the poorest states of the European Union… if you want to get a good treatment, you better belong to those 2% who own 90% of the country… and Norway IS one of the richest countries in the world. There is a reason why Norway is called the European Redneck Nation or the European state of the US.
      The press is absolutely dependent on the government and will hardly ever write something REALLY critical.
      Each of us Norwegians destroys nature of the size of Massachusetts every 10 years. The vast areas of Canadian ecosystems with our sick salmon, the tar/sand industry, frekking, even in the US, oil pollution in Africa and so on. Shell and EXXON gave up their dreams of drilling in the Arctic because it cannot be controlled. Statoil didn’t. We also succeeded in killing thousands of miles shoreline in Chile, drove those people into poverty and had them poisoned, also with salmon and only two companies.. Marine Harvest and Cermaq. After the documentary Salmon Confidential came out, we just moved the companies… Here our ministry of state tells us not to worry. They know our salmon is dangerous for health and most of it sick, but the worst of it is for export…We pay some billions for the conservation of the rainforests each year but also own the companies which destroy it. The last northern rainforest had the bad luck to be in our country when the prices for wood were high. It fell in 2007, despite the desperate protest of many teenagers fighting for their future and nature.
      As a whaling nation we also would be on the agenda of the Sea Sheperds. We aren’t anymore since our Navy made it clear that they are not welcome by shooting sharp at them, almost sinking them. And they would have, if it weren’t for the cameras.
      Substitute each ‘America’ with ‘Norway’ in your article and you have reality.
      As I wrote in the beginning, I had to dicuss this with my friends, because II was kind of shocked that a person like Ann Jones actually writes these things. There were several conclusions. Either she doesn’t go out of her house here, or she IS in the so/called higher society, or maybe she even found out about other people criticizing the state and their fate, like Lindberg who was mobbed out of the country criticizing the brutality of the Babyseal slaughter some years ago. Right now it is the cruelty of the hunt to eradicate the last wolves, which for the outside world we of course want to protect. While our hunters torture those animals to death, having fun to kill them slowly, often over days with up to 9 bullets. We, who actually fight for the animals regularily get threats of murder and last year our dog was poisoned, the cat of a friend got her claws drawn and so on. And the police turns a blind eye to them. Even Russia prohibited many hunting/practices, as inhumane, which are still completely normal here. No difference in farming animals either, if it’s for food or fur.
      So the country Ann Jones describes is something like Austria or Southern Germany or even Italy, but definitely NOT Norway. NO WAY.
      There is a series on Netflix called ‘Lilyhammer’ which our former minister called ‘a real time witness of our culture’… and he was right. In one scene a black refugee says a version of a very well known proverb ‘ The coldest Norwegian Arctic winter is hot like hell, compared to the hearts of the Norwegians’. We don’t have to be considerate or polite, we are rich’…
      There ARE MANY good people here, of course like there are in the US. But articles like these are, as said punches in our guts. We WANT to make this country a better place, more democratic, less governed by lobbyists but for this we need to spread the truth, not shiny paid for advertising pictures. As it looks now, our children will inherit a poisoned broke and rundown country. Just another hint. We are among the five richest countries in this world, but can’t afford neither safe roads or their reparation, nursing homes for old people are rare and many of our schools are often not safe, the school system itself among the lowest in Europe. If we’d join the EC today our agriculture would be destroyed because of the rigid laws for animal welfare there. We are the safe haven for pigfactories and the last ones to allow fur production of foxes. Austria has prohibited all fur production in cages already in 1998 and even Bulgaria is without it. All the others have only some minkfarms left which will be shut down in 2016.

      • mewabe

        Thank you for the information…
        This confirms once again that the problem is indeed global, and no nation is “innocent” in its actions towards the natural world and its system of government, which invariably empowers a few mostly privileged and relatively psychopathic individuals to rule the obedient and subservient multitudes.

  • dan

    There are terabites of similar messages and consequent discussions that do not generate any real change. Global financial system keeps everyone on track and allows one to say anything one wants..

    • lisemoro

      Hi fellow traveller.
      The changes comes whether of us to know it or not, nothing is ever static.
      The clue is the awareness of us to recognize it. The globalization will be as a fact already.
      We are caught up “in time” ( in the framework of time).
      Inger Lise

  • Awareness

    “There is a war between the Light and the Darkness going on behind your backs to free you from the mind slavery that you are living since 12,000 years. You are not free on Earth. You have forgotten what freedom is. The only things you know are hate, violence, terror, cigarette-drugs, taxes, fake governments for TV, fear, belief systems and superstition.

    The Secret Government is creating these things in order to control you. They are creating the terror themselves so that they can legally give more power to the military and control technologies. Their goal is to amplify the negative energy. Do you want to live in such a world?”

    “Don’t let the dark government manipulate you. They are using television, radio, newspapers, cigarette-drugs, religions, TV-politicians, military, electro-magnetic waves and SELF MADE wars in order to keep you in a negative mode. Everybody who is laughing about this information is already manipulated and has to learn more than others.”

    “Don’t waste your life with stupid TV shows, with junk food, with drugs, or religions who killed millions of people in the past” by ALAJE the Pleiadian 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

    • hempwise

      Sounds like you have been reading the Perception Deception from David Icke ,not that i do not reason with this understanding but the Secret Government thing ?
      It’s a conspiracy man ! perhaps is just lack of consciousness and understanding the interconnectedness of everything .
      If the rivers are polluted it effects everyone !
      If we continue to use fossil fuel as in the past it effects everyone !
      If the oxygen levels are depleting it effects everyone !
      If we continue to destroy old growth forest it effects everyone !

      This list could go on and on leading to the end of life for humans on the planet is that the goal of the secret government ?

      Time for some reverence for life me thinks a lot of humility and gratitude for what we have and lets turn this thing around ,the planet can self heal if we give her time to do this .But only Humans who understand the consequences of there actions can raise the alarm bells. We have to raise the
      consciousness of others to speed up this process.

      Responsibility is an individual thing i agree but do this Dark Government not have families to who would prefer living on a planet that is thriving .

      • Awareness

        David icke’s work is great. The quotes I posted regarding the “Secret Government” are from the youtube video titled “Part 01 – Pleiadian Alaje – English Sub” from “777ALAJE” 🙂 There are upto 21 parts so far. You can view them and “filter” the information through your own “truth checker” (YOUR HEART) 🙂
        Bless ALL 🙂

    • Kristen

      As CWG states, you can only be deceived if you choose to be deceived. And as hempwise states below…. conspiracy theories are in place to do exactly what you have stated. Its the theory feeding paranoia, not any secret Governments. They are fun to read about though!!

      • Awareness

        When you say “CWG states”, you need to provide the exact quote from the book 🙂 Don’t expect me to just take your word for it 🙂

        However, since you are referring to “Conversations with God”, here are some quotes regarding “Government” from the book for you to “filter” through your own “truth checker” (YOUR HEART):

        “Governments know that if people understood the real reasons for most foreign policy decisions, the people would not support them.

        This is true of governments everywhere. There are very few governments which do not deliberately mislead their people. DECEPTION IS PART OF GOVERNMENT, for few people would choose to be governed the way they are governed— few would choose to be governed at all—unless government convinced them that its decisions were for their own good.

        This is a hard convincing, for most people plainly see the foolishness in government. So government must lie to at least try to hold the people’s loyalty. Government is the perfect portrayer of the accuracy of the axiom that if you lie big enough, long enough, the lie becomes the “truth.”

        People in power must never let the public know how they came to power—nor all that they’ve done and are willing to do to stay there.

        Truth and politics do not and cannot mix because politics is the art of saying only what needs to be said—and saying it in just the right way—in order to achieve a desired end.

        Not all politics are bad, but the art of politics is a practical art. It recognizes with great candor the psychology of most people. It simply notices that most people operate out of self-interest. So politics is the way that people of power seek to convince you that their self-interest is your own.”

        “What is needed is a growth in consciousness, not a growth of government.”

        “I have told you before: all attack is a call for help.

        No one truly desires to hurt another. Those who do it— including your own governments, by the way—do it out of a misplaced idea that it is the only way to get something they want.

        I’ve already outlined in this book the higher solution to this problem. Simply want nothing. Have preferences, but no needs.

        Yet this is a very high state of being; it is the place of Masters.

        In terms of geopolitics, why not work together as a world to meet the most basic needs of everyone?”

        “You say you want your governments to ensure peace, freedom, and domestic tranquillity, and I ob­serve that, as you have devised them, they do none of this. Rather, your governments lead you to war, increas­ing lack of freedom, and domestic violence and up­heaval.”

        “Now these are not judgments. These are things which are observably true about your society.” – “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

        Bless ALL:)

        • Kristen

          Im not even reading your reply when you open with your usual line of implying I am a liar, since you only tend to believe one chanelling negative entity, chanelling as The Awareness: truth seekers and people with a good truth checking heart cannot function with that attitude. But perhaps someone else can help with the exact quote. It will be book 1,2 or 3. When I started my Kabbalic studies and the Tree of Life higher levels, my teacher gave me one instruction “do notbelieve anything you see, hear or read, you must determine the truth for yourself”, so I kind of understand but you saying “I dont believe you” every time I type anything to you is an expression of your immaturity, denial and I suspect, brainwashing. Why the heck would someone lie about a quote in CwG book in a CwG website. Nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your energy is that of a 12 year old girl. Mentally perhaps?
          But thank you for speaking as yourself rather than just quoting those you CHOOSE to believe. Just for the record, as an Israelite, Kabbalist and with high functioing Autism, it is not possible for me to lie and more than it would be to steal, sexualy abuse etc. Unless with obvious humour of course.
          🙂 xx

          • Awareness

            Kristen wrote: “But perhaps someone else can help with the exact quote.”

            You mean you cannot find the exact qoute from “Conversations with God”? I still don’t believe you 🙂 You have to find the exact quote, search for it and post it here 🙂

            Are you claiming Superiority? A reminder for you:

            “In essence, you are neither inferior nor superior to anyone. True self-esteem and true humility arise out of that realization. In the eyes of the ego, self-esteem and humility are contradictory. In truth, they are one and the same.”― “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle 🙂

            And as for believing Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!), another reminder from IT:

            “Awareness tells you NOT TO BELIEVE ANYTHING, EVEN this Awareness not to believe, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth. Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.” 🙂
            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Kristen

            Wow!!!! Of course I am not claiming superiority, all is equal until structure gets to the God level. I am no more relevant than a cat, just as the entity you follow chanelling as ‘The Awareness’ is no more important than you. Which is why you should speak for yourself rather than worshipping and exaulting it.

            I dont have any CwG books, and I am not going to the library ploughing through them. I know what it said, if you want the info then you should look it up if you want it. No I dont HAVE to find the exact quote and post it here, because when you read the earlier CwG books to prove I am incorrect since you choose not to believe me, then you will also find in the earlier books that CwG also teaches that noone should be forced to do anything they do not want to do, using realtor deals as the main example, and in FACT speaks more about questioning why people would want to be a part of anything when the other party does not want to partake in it. It then goes on to discuss loving two people at once and setting people free from relationships if they do not want to be in it. As an anti CwGer funny how I understand and have read the initial basics…..the core of it all. Although I dont know the exact book, other than 1,2 or 3, I can tell you I read it lying on my couch in a day off, so a Monday in April of 2009 at around 1pm. Does that help???? I remember everything I have read and done, and when.
            Have fun with YOUR research or have fun choosing not to believe CwG.
            Take care,

            Actually if you can to a full paragraph of 20 lines in your own words without quoting The Awareness, anyone else or CwG I will compromise and go to the library and do YOUR research.

          • Awareness

            Your replies here seem to indicate “separation consciousness”. Praising and exalting another is the same as praising and exalting the SELF 🙂 For example if I say “Planet Earth (GREAT PLANET! GREAT CONSCIOUSNESS!)”, it is the same as praising myself and all of creation 🙂 Because separation is an ILLUSION 🙂 I feel you “require” more understanding of this concept. However, you are under no obligation to do anything I suggest. I was simply responding to your initial reply to me. I NEED nothing from you 🙂

            You go your way and I go mine 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Kristen

            Hi. Its there somewhere in the books, a whole discussion but I am unsure of words used, just the concept, I pondered over it for weeks, but thank you for speaking as yourself. Its what I was trying to achieve, you have known that for years!! I support separation to a level, so we are not defined as an ‘it’ like non soul/personality based entity (robotic without an individual distinct personality, llife forms like plants or straight science like energy). I have studied it, and decided I like people too much to want them to be indistinctive. There are so many ‘it’ species in existance without the personality based human race becoming like them. It is one of the main reasons they reincarnate here. And a good reason to avoid brainwashing, this type of new age teaching and the entire ‘we are one’ philosophy. Which is nothing more than philosophy nor different from what you indicated you believe governments are doing to an extent.
            Nice to see your own face peep out and you use of the term “technology is great!” Tells me a lot, especially use of an exclamation mark as a personal expression.
            Take care,
            K xx

  • Stephen mills

    According to Oxfam by 2016 1% will own the combined wealth of 99% !

    Greed and hoarding and a sense of ownership of people places and things (stuff).Profit at all costs and power over the many ,is this not the reason for this system as it self perpetuates its own madness .

    Bring on Tommorows God ….

  • Georgie

    Just wondering why it’s been nearly three weeks and we are all pondering this same headline.

  • Blake

    Is Neale traveling signing books? It seems he would rather sell his new book then write a new blog. Must be a tough life for an author.

    • Georgie

      There are many possibilities as to why. I don’t get here too often, but I also notice that there are no longer columns written by other contributors about topics relevant to the smaller picture of our personal lives as human beings. I find that curious as well.