An Open Letter to Our World:

I think our Time of Decision is at hand. As a species, I mean. Our Time of Decision is at hand. We need to decide Who We Are and Who We Choose to Be.

Are we a species that kills 2,000 of our fellow members by driving them out of their village in Nigeria and mowing them down with machine guns as they run for their lives because we want to assert our presence and our influence in the country?

Are we a species that ignores that this is happening, because it happened in a so-called “third world country,” and “these things happen there all the time”…?

Are we a species that beheads our fellow members and then posts this atrocious act on the Internet, because we disagree with people on religious or political grounds — or simply because we captured them being in the wrong place and the wrong time, perhaps as reporters who were merely journaling what was going on?

Are we a species that does nothing about this, because we can’t seem to find a way to stop it?

Are we a species headed for a Clash of Civilizations, with large or prosperous nations acting as if they are always “right” because they have the “might”, and small groups of people using violence and terrorism as what they have determined to be their only means of giving themselves a voice?

Are we a species that is content to have 1% of the people own or control more wealth and resources than 50% of the planet’s inhabitants — while 2.6 billion people do not even have indoor sanitation, and 1.5 billion are to this day without electricity?

Are we a species that watches over 650 of its children die every hour of starvation, and still insists that while we can send a man to the moon, there is nothing we can do about this tragedy that occurs every sixty minutes?

Who are we? And who do we choose to be?

That is what the Evolution Revolution — a global outreach of the Spiritual Activism art of Humanity’s Team which I have joined people around the world in collaboratively creating —  is all about. It is all about starting this discussion, in earnest. It is about igniting this exploration. It is about empowering our species to change, if it truly chooses to.

And let us make no mistake about it, this is a spiritual decision, not a political decision. Politics are nothing more than one’s spirituality, demonstrated. It doesn’t feel to me that we can any longer afford to stand aside from our world, watching it disintegrate right in front of us, while we engage in our own private, personal spiritual development practices. All of us BEING in the world, and ACTING in the world, as Who We Really Are is the biggest spiritual practice of all…unless I have badly misunderstood something.

So please don’t see the Evolution Revolution as a political movement. It’s a great deal more than that. We seek to evolve the species to a new level of understanding and experiencing our true identity and our fundamental reason for being in physical form on this Earth. That is why we are distributing, on March 12, a document headlined “1,000 Words That Would Change the World.” It is a spiritual declaration, not a political one.

We have set a goal of 5,000 participants in the Evolution Revolution from around the world by Feb 12 (we’re at just over 1,700 now), and as close to 10,000 as we can get to by Awakening Day on March 12, 2015. We will join us? Will you stand with us? All we are asking you to do on March 12 is place a piece of paper where it will be seen. Will you do that with us?

To become engaged in this planetary event, simply go to

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