An Open Letter to Our World:

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about a question that doesn’t seem to want to leave my mind: What would it take for the people of the world to simply get along?

Is that too much to ask? Is that too much to expect from an “enlightened” species?

Wait a minute. Forget about “getting along.” What (if anything) could cause a species of sentient beings who could not “get along” to just stop killing each other? What (if anything) could convince us that… 

…getting our way through the use of force is not only not civilized—it’s not even beneficial to those who get their way? Inevitably, the violence they used to the their way falls back on them. It is inevitable.

Is our particular species truly so unevolved among all the life forms in the Universe that it still finds it utterly impossible to create a way to resolve differences without barbaric cruelty—even after thousands of years of trying?

Is it possible that there is something we simply don’t understand about Life, and God, and Who We Are—the understanding of which would change everything?

How long are we willing as a species to allow our utter dysfunction to go on? Or to try to resolve it in the same way we have done in the past? How many times are we going to do the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result?

Isn’t that the classic definition of insanity?

Conversations with God proposes an answer to all of the above questions. And this is what the Evolution Revolution is all about. Please help us to get to 5,000 participants around the world. Please share news of what you and I are doing here with everyone in your address book and everyone on your Facebook page.

Can you do that? Are you brave enough to do that? Will you come out of the woodwork, out from behind the closet door, and ask at least one other person to join you in this worldwide endeavor?


Because if not now, when? And if not you, who?

And if you don’t know what the Evolution Revolution is all about, it’s about Awakening Day, on March 12, 2015. You can go here to learn all about that. I trust that, if you want to keep the conversation about how we can change our lives and change the world, that you will choose to do so. I hope that you will choose to learn all about what I and my friends from around the world are doing at

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  • Awareness

    The message is being shared 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Patrick Gannon

    I wonder if the problem here is one that we all share – patience and perspective. Neale asks if we’re so unevolved as to continue our barbaric cruelty to each other “even after thousands of years of trying?”

    I’m not sure that’s a particularly long period of time in the grand scheme of things. Humans really haven’t been here all that long. We’re a very young species. I suspect that we will have to face additional catastrophic events along our evolutionary path to see what does and doesn’t evolve over the long run. The question is whether we’re going to self-impose catastrophic events as they may tend to be as bad or worse than so-called ‘natural’ catastrophes. I think we still have a lot of evolving to do if we can make it over some upcoming hurdles that may thin us out considerably – and probably for the better. Right now, we’re children playing with matches.

    The universe should be teeming with life, but we don’t see it, so maybe most intelligent species just don’t make it; and it’s no big deal. Maybe the universe let’s evolution do its thing for those few and far between species that evolve in just the right way so as to survive and prosper. Or maybe nobody makes it. Does it matter?

    If you’re a Christian, you were told that the Garden of Eden story was about a fall from grace, a rejection of God – a need to be saved. I don’t think so. Remember the tree in the garden? Is it the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”…. or perhaps just the “tree of knowledge” and the metaphor illustrates how knowledge can be used for good or evil. To me the metaphor has nothing to do with salvation per se, and everything to do with knowledge and how we use it. It might be argued that our species, like the gods it has invented, has used much of its knowledge for evil given that much of our forward progress has been driven by bigger and better ways to kill each other. Perhaps most species that evolve intelligence and gain knowledge, do so far too rapidly and don’t use knowledge for good and they end up killing themselves as we seem determined to do. In that event, evolution will do what it is supposed to do, and there are probably countless other petri dishes in which to try a slightly different evolutionary path. There’s no rush.

    On the other hand, perhaps it is knowledge that will save us. Perhaps science will learn what consciousness is all about and then we’ll finally start to have answers to the questions we all ask. We keep inventing gods to explain what we don’t know and New Age God as I’ve said before is just another God, no matter how nice she is. Her competition is fierce and well established.

    Let’s do something real. Let’s do science. Let’s get 5000 people to try and make a clock run backwards, to affect a random number generator, to make water evaporate at an impossible rate, something testable, verifiable, documentable, conclusive. Something truly useful. All these new age guys want to talk about consciousness, and how we can heal ourselves and use so-called laws of attraction to get what we want. PROVE IT. Do a scientific experiment. Come up with experiments that 5000 people or more can participate in and attempt to prove something. Put a clock on our screens and at some preset time, get 5000 people to make it run backwards.

    The other gods, such as Bible God never tried to prove their existence. Maybe New Age God could do something truly unique and attempt to prove her existence in this way. It might be interesting.

    • Erin

      Funny, Patrick…I know a person who can do just that…make a watch go backwards…piece of cake, all by herself. And there are many who can do incredibly Amazing things. But Joe Public, as in awe they would be, would find some reason to ‘lock them up’ in fear of their abilities, while dis-spelling any ‘proof’ they would behold. Much like if E.T.s just showed up over a capitol building, or Yeti appeared on a golf course for pics with Tiger Woods…Both would be shot at or tasered first, asked questions & dissected later, while “PhotoShop!” would be the headliner, & both incidents would then appear on episodes of “Believe It or Not”.

      Science already has proofs, as evidenced by our technologies…Which are quite old by the time JP even gets wind of them. And is not Quantum Science much like “New Age God”? Funny, how we will say “Yeah! Bring it on!” to one, and “Oh, Hell No!” to the other…Yet both are relating with the same message of Oneness. heehee…”The things that make ya go “Hmmm…???”! 🙂

  • Erin

    Shared the Event, & many Blessings to It.

    *** Big Heads-Up, CwG…That saying, “If not now, when? And if not you, who?” was recently copyrighted by a Pennsylvania author of a free periodical, ‘Our Town’, Robert Beierle…a local Tea Party/Patriot, & founder of Creative Insight publications. He is presently calling for an April 1st, 3-day, “Peaceful Revolution” ‘occupying’ Washington D.C.
    Anyway, you may want to look into this further, if you wish to continue using the phrase…just sayin’. 🙂

  • mewabe

    It has been said that God created the universe. This common, simplistic religious belief implies a perception of the universe as a mechanism that was put together and then set in motion by a creator…and this perception gave birth to the Cartesian and materialistic, mechanistic world view, which is a direct descendent of this religious worldview, and which is a model many still follow, from doctors who treat the body as a dumb machine to people who cannot connect the dots of global environmental destruction.

    My own perception is that the divine, or Life, creates life, at every moment. In other words the creative process never ends, and it is not linear, it is without beginning and without end.

    Looking at the natural world, we are easily awed by the almost infinite number of species and subspecies of animal life, plant life, not to mention stars, planets, galaxies and unknown life forms.

    We can easily see that none of this ongoing creation is uniform, but characterized by diversity and multiplicity. In other words the universe is one, as the human body or any other organism is one, but extremely diverse in its expressions.

    Any creative individual, whether a poet, a painter, a musician, understands that creativity and diversity are synonymous. A real painter does not repeat the same painting over and over, or else she would cease being creative and would become a factory worker.

    Similarly, I suspect that the divine cannot produce uniformity and remain divinely creative at the same time.

    And speaking of factories, you might have noticed that uniformity can only be found to a great extent in the human world. A simple look at manufactured objects or manufactured lifestyles, ideas and beliefs shows us how oddly desperate human beings are to establish and maintain, often coercively, conformity and uniformity in their own ranks as well as trying to impose uniformity on the natural world.

    As a matter of fact, it could be said that a belief in the need for coercive authority comes from a belief in the need for uniformity, the military being a perfect example of this totally unnatural, upside down way of living, a way of living that grossly violates the sovereign identity and integrity of the soul and of life itself.

    So the relevant question here might not be “Why can’t we get along?”, or “Why can’t we stop harassing, persecuting, oppressing and killing each other?”. But “Why can’t we accept, lovingly honor and joyfully celebrate the divine and natural life attributes of diversity and multiplicity that are evident throughout the creation?”

    Why do human beings think that uniformity is the path to peace among themselves? Why do so many think that we must live under the same idea, the same political system, the same cosmology or worldview, the same universal language, skin color, lifestyle, culture, economic system, belief, government, in order to be able to get along?

    Why do human beings oppose life’s creative impulse with such frightful determination and destructive ferocity, an opposition so intense that it often manifests itself in the form of lethal hatred?

    The way I see it, this is a question worth asking.

    • Christopher Toft

      Indeed! I’m “between paradigms” at the moment. Just back from a walk, thinking about how most of us live explicitly or implicitly from the belief that god or “life” has a plan or mission for us to complete. As if we were all puppets running about doing “god’s” bidding. Been having a hard time getting my head around the idea that life has no aim, equating it with being a puppet with no strings. Looking deeper I noticed that this implies sneaking intelligent design in through the back door. Evolution has no aims, it is a blind impersonal process of creatures surviving that adapt most effectively to their environments. Our individual lives are like this too. In allowing life to unfold as it is, we self correct and re-adapt to new circumstances. When we resist, we say in maladaptive mindsets and internally “die out”. Until we choose once again to adapt. I notice that in my own journey and in the wider world, the roots of “non adaption” lie in fear of pain. What could we accomplish if we chose to view pain as information(Don’t do that), rather than as “the devil itself”?

      • mewabe

        The way I look at it, I am not sure that we actually need a paradigm, or a specific worldview or belief system, or a new or old cosmology, to live our lives. I have always had more of a “zen” approach to life, meaning living naturally and spontaneously…look at animals, they have no worldview as far as we know, yet they are perfectly adaptable and live in the moment, perhaps precisely because they have no worldview or mental system with which to box life.

        I think humans seek to box life in their beliefs systems out of fear.

        I think that people who need a “plan” and rules from “God” or from anyone or anything do so because they cannot feel their way through life, perhaps lacking the necessary openness, sensitivity and feeling abilities. As an example, I think that “moral codes” show up when love is lacking…without the ability to feel love, which implies being empathic and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, people think they need rules to avoid behaving like psychopaths.

        Pain is just a signal…the fear of pain is often much worse in its damaging ability than pain itself. Pain is meant to be felt, expressed and released, as do all feelings and experiences…but in fear, we freeze and stop the processes of expression and release, and thus hold on to the pain, and fear anymore pain.

        Think about a painful experience as falling: if you stiffen up in fear, you will break bones, most likely…but when you learn to fall, and roll in the motion without resistance, you will likely not get hurt and will get up and go on your way. That’s how drunks avoid being hurt in car accidents, by the way, because they are so relaxed.

        • Christopher Toft

          Thanks Mewabe! I came across a phrase recently I rather like: “Lean into the sharp points”:)

          • mewabe

            Thank you Christopher!