An Open Letter to Our World:

There has been ignited on this website a small but interesting conversation about the Conversations with God messages and about me, personally, vis-à-vis those messages. In short: Am I treating them as ‘gospel,’ and do I, at some level, wish them to be considered a new religion?

Comments like (and I am paraphrasing here), “Neale quotes CWG as if he were quoting scripture”…..and…..”The last thing we need is a new religion”….and….“Neale speaks of the ‘CWG cosmology,’ and that can be a dangerous trend”…..etc….lead me to believe that perhaps it would be a good time for me to enter this conversation personally.

Let me begin by announcing that I feel very safe in saying that anyone who knows me personally is very clear that I do not consider CWG a new religion, nor would I want it treated as such. Indeed, just the opposite is true. I am hoping that Conversations with God will lead every person back to their own highest indwelling truth.

That does not mean that I do not think CWG has any theological value. Quite to the contrary, I think it may be among the most value contributions to the study of God that has come along in a very, very long time. And I think that what CWG invites us to consider about God could change the world for the better if it opened individuals to aspects of themselves wherein which was found resonance with its messages.

To unravel that rather clunky sentence, I am saying that I believe if the world lived according to, and functionally embraced the messages of, Conversations with God, our planet would be a better place. But to be fair, that is not saying much. Almost anything would be better than the way we are living now.

Nothing on this planet is working. Read that n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

None of the systems we have put into place to create a better life for us all on this planet have produced the outcome for which they were designed.

It’s worse than that. They’ve actually produced exactly the opposite.

Our political systems — created to produce safety and security for the world’s people – have produced nothing but disagreement and disarray.

Our economic systems — created to produce opportunity and sufficiency for all — have produced increasing poverty and massive economic inequality, with 85 of the world’s richest people holding more wealth than 3.5 billion…that’s half the planet’s population…combined.

Our ecological systems — created to help us produce a sustainable lifestyle — have been abused so much that they are now generating environmental disasters right and left.

Our educational systems — created to lift higher and higher the knowledge base of the planet’s population — have produced a drop in global awareness and sensitivity that each year sinks our intellectual common denominator lower and lower. We can’t even remember our own telephone numbers anymore.

Our health care systems — created in hopes of producing a good and long life for an increasingly higher percentage of people — are doing little to eliminate inequality of access to modern medicines and health care services, thus actually providing top level medical services each year to a lower and lower percentage.

Our social systems — created to produce the joy of community and harmony among a divergent population — more and more generate and even encourage discordance, disparity, prejudice, and despair…to say nothing of rampant injustice.

And, most sadly dysfunctional of all, our spiritual systems — created to produce a greater closeness to God, and so, to each other — have produced bitter righteousness, shocking intolerance, widespread anger, deep-seated hatred, and self-justified violence.

What gives here? What’s going on with the human race that it cannot see itself even as it looks at itself? Where is humanity’s blind spot?

Might it be time to ask: “Could there be something we don’t fully understand here about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?”

I lifted the above paragraphs straight out of God’s Message to the World: You’ve got me all wrong. I think they speak directly to the issue now facing humanity, and many of us in our individual lives.

But is Conversations with God “The Answer” (capital T, capital A)? No. Nor does it claim to be. In fact, just the opposite. The dialogue says over and over again that it is not The Answer, but rather, an invitation to ask The Question. And the Question is?

Well, I’ve just stated it above. Here it is again: “Is it possible that there is something we don’t fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?”

The CWG goes on to offer some ideas about what we humans might not fully understand; some suggestions on some different ways that we might hold our experience of God and of each other and of life itself—its purpose, its function, its very reason for being, and our reason, as humans, for being.

Do I, as an individual, really believe these messages came to me directly from God? Yes. Without equivocation I believe and state that they did—and do (messages from the place of highest wisdom within us continue to come to me every day). Do I believe that I am the only one receiving such messages—or one of the very few? No. I believe that God is talking to all of us, all of the time. I believe the question is not, to whom does God talk? The question is, who listens?

Do I believe that because I experience the messages to have come directly from God that they must and should be treated like holy scripture? And that they must and should be heeded in every way? No. Indeed, the messages themselves (I observe again) say just the opposite, declaring: “Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.”

Am I prone to quoting Conversations with God all over the place, on every topic and subject? Do I say over and over again, in my writing and in my public speaking, things like: “As Conversations with God says….”, and “As CWG tells us…”, and “According to Conversations with God, “ etc., etc.?

Yes. I plead guilty.

Why do I do this if I don’t want its messages and words treated as “scripture,” and don’t hold them that way in my own mind? Because I want the ideas to be considered seriously, to be heard over and over again, to be treated not as “scripture,” but as a place from which to open meaningful discussion and deep exploration. Because I want people everywhere to know what these books are saying, so that people everywhere can decide and declare whether they agree with them, or parts of them, or whether they do not, and thus renew and ignite the living of their lives in a particular way—a way that reflects their own highest thoughts on all the topics that matter dearly to the human soul.

I am grateful to Morton, who has posted here, because he has responded to the CWG books exactly as I had hoped everyone would: with a sure and certain return to, a getting in touch with, their own highest truth, their own deepest conviction, their own absolute determination to live and breathe and have their being in their most loving beliefs about themselves and about the God of Love who is the source of this world. Thank you, Morton, for displaying the courage to speak your mind. So long as we can agree that we disagree peacefully, we have found a way of being which everyone’s understanding of God can accommodate.

It is okay with me if people become disturbed with or about what I have written if they experience it placing themselves in touch with their own highest convictions. Is returning us to ourselves not the true purpose of every form of art? And is not literature that explores the nature of God exactly this?

Is not literature that arouses our senses and engages our mind—even as and if we disagree with it—part of what a true renaissance is all about? I think it’s time for a spiritual renaissance on our planet. Indeed, I think that’s the only thing that will save it. And for me, personally, I know that is the only thing that will make my own life meaningful.

I seek and wish to connect with my own highest thoughts about Life, about God, about who we are, about our right and best relationship with each other, and about how we can live and love and laugh together as I believe we were meant to—and not spend our days and times simply and urgently trying to figure out how to survive…with some of us (far too many of us) actually killing each other in order to meet what we perceive to be our own needs, or as a means of expressing our own deepest truth.

There is so much more I have to say about all of this. Anyone care to engage?

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  • mewabe

    The silence is deafening…
    So let’s break it.
    My own views on all this are too complex to be contained in one comment. I can see all sides of this issue, and all have merit.
    I have already stated my views many times, and they are not that original to be worth repeating again. I will only say one (or two) things: Buddha most likely never intended for his likeness to be worshiped, for the tree under which he meditated to be declared the most sacred amongst all trees, and for his teachings to be made into a religion…yet, this is what happened.

    This remind me of a scene in the old comedy The Life of Brian, during which “Brian” (Jesus), pursued by a frantic mob a followers, says to them (paraphrasing): “you must find your own inner truth”, to which they reply, on their knees: “yes Master, tell us more Master!”

    It is never the teachings nor the teachers who are a “problem”, but the propensity of many people to worship and follow blindly, often in direct opposition to the teachings, and to turn anything (whether spiritual matters, political ideologies or even scientific theories) into rigid belief systems.

    If Neale can avoid this terrible legacy, he will indeed be the very first.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I think I have a real chance, mewabe, because in my case the message far, far outweighs the messenger — and unlike some of the other spiritual messages out there, these messages make it very clear: return to your Self; you are you own and Only authority. Not very many other messages are saying that. CWG is a freedom-giving message…and unlike Buddha and the others, my life will not be remembered as one to emulate. My abundant and obvious flaws make the message all the more flawless.

      I understand the danger, but in this case, I think the message will win out. In fact, i’m certain it will. No one calls me “Master,” nor should they ever, nor would they be even tempted to if they knew me even a little. I am only humbly grateful to have opened my heart — perhaps precisely because I AM so flawed — to some insights that have touched millions. All of us hear this voice; all of us receive, every day, messages from God. I am only grateful that I had a thought to write them down.

      I hope you all will listen and pay heed to the messages from The Divine as you hear them.


      • Stan Field

        Hi Neale you have touched me brother this is my first go at this …. I get you about not wanting to be the one ,the guru or such so i wish to say thank you …… Stan

      • mewabe

        I do believe you have a good chance Neale, in spite of many people’s tendency to choose manufactured beliefs (old or new) over original, personal thoughts (even some new age thoughts have become somewhat dogmatic), because you have taken fear out of the God concept…and we all know fear is the main enemy of reason.

        Without the fear associated with traditional religions, people will hopefully be able to think more clearly, and access the Divine within!

    • Stan Field

      Hi mewabe might your own views be just that ? Your own ? With respect i am getting that our views are in need of a serious review least that is the case for me .

      • mewabe

        Of course, Stan, my thoughts are my own…precisely! And whenever some of them need revising, I revise them from WITHIN.

    • Simunye

      Exactly my thought. God did not create religions, neither did his prophets!
      They followers did, and the use, abuse and kill each other in the name of God or his prophets!
      God will put an end to this sooner then we think.

  • Christopher Toft

    15 Years ago, CWG introduced me to profound spiritual ideas and the idea of a genuinely spiritual life. I recall I did have a tendency at first to treat CWG as “gospel” because I was afraid and wanted certainty. However, I think Neale has a point about his books being to some degree “inoculated” against blind follow the leader attitudes and from the start I never restricted myself to Neale’s writings. Indeed, I came to disagree with some minor details of the CWG books, although the overall message remains and and has been consistantly confirmed as true for me. If there are “blind followers” out there, I suspect statistically the numbers are extremely low. If Neale’s books had been written when the world was less connected then there may have been slightly more of a danger, but on balance I don’t think there are very many “CWGists”.

    • lisemoro

      Yes, and ACIM will be among them. Dr. Helen Schucman did “the scribing” of the course. And it was supposed to be NEUTRAL(The underlying message: The world cannot change before each of us changes, because we are the world). Any “addiction” with religion or “cults” was not meant to be….As always of us to confuse THE MESSAGE with The Messenger.
      The names (always, since the beginning of time) have given us “associations” one way or the other…
      Inger Lise.

  • Gina

    I read CwG ONLY within its context like reading a novel. Anything that is taken out of context, the setups, characters, and events immediately unravel. For example, the character called God in CwG, the word God has no resonance whatsoever with me, only I go with as Neale’s setup. God is not a person in my system. Oh this God of Neale’s is WAY too verbal and theatrical for my taste. I guess it was for utilizing the strengths the messenger has to the benefit of all involved. Messages that I channel would be on the wings of super efficiency of energy and mathematical exactitude. They would not be in book form or length. From what gather from CwG and books on the law of attraction is, you cannot control how well the message is received, only how well it is sent. Some people choose to turn this into religion, so what? You cannot control others’ behavior. Some will worship someone who doesn’t want to be worshiped. Some would just take anything literally. Until they don’t anymore. Always one should watch their sending of messages, their own motives their own truest intentions, not how they are received or how other people behave.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I agree most emphatically, Gina, that “always one should watch their sending of messages, their own motives, their own truest intentions.” I have always sincerely endeavored to do so…and to ongoingly review those motives and intentions, so that I may be sure that they remain in alignment with the original motives and intentions. And they were? First, to see if God’s statement in Book One that “this will one day become a book” was real, and then, to honor the invitation that I experienced myself as having received from God to “change the world’s mind about God, and give people back to themselves.”

      In short, I shared the messages because I was asked to — for the purposes described above.

      As for God being “way too verbal and theatrical” for your taste, I certainly honor your taste and would never seek to change it. What I notice, however, is that it is precisely the tone and nuance reflected in the voice attributed to God in the CWG dialogues that made the CWG books into worldwide bestsellers, published in 37 languages and read by millions upon millions across the globe. The tone used by God was one which people everywhere could relate to. Informal. Humorous. Day-to-day real.

      Finally, in my experience this conversation with God was not a “set up,” Gina. It was my experience. My personal and very real experience. It was not a literary device, nor a “set up,” nor an attempt to use a particular approach to attract an audience. Indeed, the dialogue was at first never even written as, nor thought of as, nor intended to be, a book. What you saw in Book One was simply a transcription of my very private personal Journal.

      I am only grateful that, somehow or another, this private journaling process, during which I experienced myself to have made an actual connection with God (as we all are doing every day, I have come to understand), has apparently produced benefit and value in the lives of many people.

      Hugs and thanks for your comments….neale.

      • Gina

        Neale, I appreciate all that you do and are. I didn’t mean the dialogue form CwG takes is a literary device you made. I just meant, I go along with what you say to be your experience, even though I may not believe in such a being or conversation! Your experience is what you say it is and my experience is what I say it is. This is all make-believe. After setting your intentions, let go and relax! Don’t check on yourself like a suspicious spouse checks on their s/o. Just maintain a gentle relaxed gaze at the course your journey is generally taking and enjoy. Sometimes you are too hard on yourself.
        With enormous appreciation & love,

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          Terrific advice, Gina. Thanks! ;o)

  • Stephen mills

    A Question ? On page 220 /221 of God’s message to the world it talks of the crux of the problem being the complete refusal of people giving up there long held beliefs and willing to kill and die for them .This incidently is not just a religious thing it’s our whole economic and political system .

    The people that hold the power are tightening the screw thread in every way ….you can sense this is what’s happening .They completely refuse to accept any other way of being .How can this end well for Humanity if there minds are so closed with greed and power .Such refusal to reverse there positions on sharing the bounty of the world and ending the wars and military spending which is stolen of the people’s hard labour .

    This is the central challenge of our time but will they accept ending the fallacies that have kept them long in place long in power .

    Looking forward to the 12th of March Awakening Day time for some Beams of Intense Light upon the Earth …

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      It can “end well for Humanity” if and when Humanity matures sufficiently to evolve to the next level in its understanding of Who We Are and Why We Are Here. It’s important to view the actions of our species within the context of our age as a species. We are, as it happens, incredibly young. We are the toddlers of the Universe.

      A lot of people like to think of humans as highly evolved. In fact, humanity has just emerged from its infancy on this planet. In their book “New World New Mind,” Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich placed this in perspective in one mind-boggling paragraph:

      “Suppose Earth’s history were charted on a single year’s calendar, with midnight January 1 representing the origin of the Earth and midnight December 31 the present. Then each day of Earth’s “year” would represent 12 million years of actual history. On that scale, the first form of life, a simple bacterium, would arise sometime in February. More complex life-forms, however, come much later; the first fishes appear around November 20. The dinosaurs arrive around December 10 and disappear on Christmas Day. The first of our ancestors recognizable as human would not show up until the afternoon of December 31. Homo sapiens—our species—would emerge at around 11:45 pm…and all that has happened in recorded history would occur in the final minute of the year.”

      Our invitation at this juncture is to join in the lifting of humanity to a new level of understanding. That is what “GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong” is all about as spiritual literature. Our opportunity is to move forward in our own individual evolution, through which process our entire species will rise in consciousness and awareness. Always it has been this way, and this way it will always be.

    • Erin

      Hey, Stephen! Ever see the movie ‘Ants’? (an animated story of a huge ant colony that believes it must feed a very small group of lazy bullying grasshoppers. One ant did not see the sense in this, citing the Amazing creations that they produced when working as One…and thru a bit of comedic ado, he becomes The Voice that Unites them in saying “It is not the role of Ants to serve Grasshoppers!”, as the taken aback hoppers, about to squish him, turn to view a sea of ants, hands held together with rather angered faces that reflect ‘Do it, & we’re are sooo on your buns…a million to 1!’ They retreat, not unscathed by the experience. Hmmm…???, right? 😀
      Perhaps when Humans realize that “Logic dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” (RIP Mr. Spock), and that We can-do without such ‘screwy’ folk…Eeehaaa! Quantum Leap! 😀
      (Funny, you would think I was a tv buff, but I don’t have one…I ‘catch’ these things thru opportunity. :))

      • Stephen mills

        Thanks Erin , great movie love the analogy perhaps the law of cause and effect will assert itself and humans will apply this logic before the consequences deepen .

        “Live long and prosper” as Mr Spock would say !

        • Erin


    • mewabe

      “…to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudal fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank….sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the levels of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”

      Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley

      Adding this to the Total Surveillance apparatus presently put in place by many governments, as well as the erosion of personal freedom and a slippery slope towards fascism, it appears that the human race is frantically racing towards self destruction, and in my opinion and according to my intuitive knowledge only nature will save us, through the unleashing of global environmental disasters that will stop our world civilization cold.

  • Erin

    Nice! Came across a collection of ‘ReCreations’ the other day…fun re-find. Come quite a ways since then, yes? Yeah, Me, too. 🙂 Blessed indeed are we…with sparkling silver hairs, laugh lines that far outcast the frownies, with Beloveds we call Friend/Family…and wiser Understandings for the lot of It.
    Definitely nicer just Being Nice. <3

  • Kimberly

    Thank you Neale, well said ! These are the questions I believe we are all asking ourselves each day . We turn on the news and it is simply scary ! I wonder each time how we came to be the imaginable society that we have come to be, the kind we have taught our children not to be. We have all dreamt of the future, and here we stand in the very moment of it, except its a nightmare. Those whom misperceive your writings Neale I can only imagine stem from fear, fear of letting go of a belief that has brought nothing but more fear and much deciet and on going war. It saddens me to hear that anyone could confuse your writings other than love. With each question you have raised I truly understand the answer now “what would love do now”. Thank you for sharing your vision and your observation of all that which we to often criticize and complain about . If the idea that you have offered of Love for Ourselves and of Each Other is a way to heal the world, the environment, our food and water, our individual selves and our social relationship to each each other is to gospel like, then I would like to send those individuals some more of it. ” LOVE ”

  • Blake

    Hey Neale. Why not change the name of God to “LOVE”? Then Atheists and old religion can agree?

  • Captain Thunderbolt

    “Anyone care to engage?”
    Me me ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~:-)

    I’m with YOU <3

  • GH Annie


    First, thank you for the courage it took so many years ago now to ask questions, listen to the answers, transcribe them, and then share them publicly. Many of us do the first. Some even do the second. A few may do the third in private journals. Then a *lot* of us lose faith that the answers are truly Divine (from our highest inner source) and have meaning for our lives. The coin flips, and fear takes hold. I am so grateful that you were able to override your own fears and share your conversations with the world.

    I simply can’t see (and I’ve looked, believe me) how anyone could turn you into Messenger (with a capital M) or Master, or find ways to ritualize and dogmatize (if that’s a word) the conversations you’ve shared. For that, I am also grateful, because I believe that is part of how ideas get frozen in time and stop being discussed and explored. Had I felt one tiny iota that you would or it could, I would have rejected you and your conversations in a heartbeat.

    Part of my life experience was to be declared by my mentally ill father as inherently evil and unredeemable from birth to age 10 on a nearly daily basis. Of course, I believed him. It was all I heard because mother had her own issues with him, and my family’s religion begins with original sin and ends with judgment.

    I can tell you, though, that even then–even after all that brainwashing–I still felt a connection with the energy of nature especially, and with certain important others in my life. Your conversations reflect and give voice to those energies and connections I’ve always felt.

    I just wanted to share that.

    Blessings and {{{ gentle huggies }}},

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    Who is afraid to listen to their own Conversations with God? The majority of humanity is afraid of hearing what is clamoring within themselves, and when it does drift into their consciousness the conflict begins as opposing thoughts, taught by others, by their tribe, by authority figures, causes them to reject their own knowing of themselves. Who does not trust their own knowing? So many have turned off their listening because it creates this conflict, and it challenges them to work through the struggle of knowing themselves. Most people become followers because it is the Easy path with wide avenues and lots of company to re-enforce the thoughts that this is the Right way to live, think, and act. It takes a lot of courage to challenge the tribe and march to the beat of your own drum. The tribe does not like challenges to its correctness, and they throw all kinds of rocks and makes life more difficult for those who attempt to do this, so the majority “go along” and shut down the inner connection with their own “Source”.
    Personally, when I saw that those (the tribe) that stated they loved me, and only wanted good for me, actually created pain and suffering for me to benefit their own wellbeing over and over again, my eyes were opened. I began to trust my own knowing about what felt good for me, what I was knowing as love, and created my “own” rules of engagement with self and others in the tribe. As maturity engulfs each of us, we can see more clearly but only if we are willing to walk our path alone, ie make it personal, accept responsibility for our actions, thoughts, and emotions. When we mature spiritually, the reality that each individual is connected to God, “Source Energy”, and thus we are all ONE, along with Everything in the Universe. Birds, mountains, air, stars, and each human come from ONE Source, and so when we mentally, intellectually, separate humanity from the rest of Creation, we are in fact separating from our “Source”. Each action and each thought that we entertain which creates separation is dishonoring ourselves and God, Creator, etc. So it is no wonder that our systems built upon these ideas that some are better than others and life is for the strong to survive, has and will fall into corruption and disillusion for the majority.
    Quite your inner dialogue, listen with your heart, and humble yourself enough to feel honestly who you are, and you will begin the journey of “Your Knowing” and your own conversations with god. It is your journey so do not allow others to tell you how to walk, where to go and what to feel. Namaste’

  • Georges Dupont

    “Nothing on this planet is working”

    Holy cow ! It’s really a ‘black and white’ thinking. Nothing in the world is black and white. There are always good and bad sides in every situation. Of course we live in a materialist world, where narcissism, individualism, and appearance rule. I really reject these values, and i feel very often alien to this planet, but at the same time i know there are good sides in the modern world. First let’s take the technical revolution : do you think internet and computers are useless ? If we can share our ideas from all the world, we can thank all the engineers who made internet and electronic available. Another example : thanks to fertilizer we can feed much more people than before. Of course i don’t pretend that situation is good, but i think it’s really dogmatic to reject science and technology and think they are worthless or even worse evil ! I dare you to read this book : ‘The skeptical environmentalist’ by Lomborg. The author take the official statistics and show that the situation is always improving, but that doesn’t mean of course that the situation is good ! When i say such things a lot of people think i am an heretic. Why ? Because all the main media are always repeating the same think : we are doomed ! They like to promote only negative emotions. It’s the new gospel !
    I am fed up to always see people in the ‘new age’ and ‘environment’ movements who say that technology is evil but at the same time are enjoying the benefits of our modern life. To take a simple example : in my entourage almost everybody is saying chemical drugs are bad, but when they get depressed they run at the pharmacy to get antidepressant. I call this hypocrisy.
    Another good side of our modern world : individual rights. In the traditional society roles were very strict. Women didn’t have any right. Even if it’s not perfect now, imagine the life of a gay in a traditional society : he had to hide if he wanted to survive.
    The problem is that we have a romantic view of our past. It was so much better in the past ! We see people in pre-modern societies as angels and white modern people as evil. Nature is so pure and technology is so bad. But if we see history with objectivity, we can see that there was much more wars and famines in the past. Also we have a romantic view of nature, because thanks to technology we see nature as spectators and we don’t have anymore to fight in order to survive.
    The main problem is that we view the world with our values, and we think they are only the good ones. It’s has been always this way. The values of human beings are always evolving, but the problem is that we tend to totally reject the previous values. Before in the traditional societies, people believed in mythical gods, and thought that others gods are evil. That’s why we had so much wars. Then we had scientific revolution, which rejected religions and saw only obscurantism. Now we have post-modern revolution, where science and technology are seen as evil. But we have to recognize that every system values is partial. This mean we to have to include their partial truth.

    • Georges Dupont

      Dear Neale,

      I feel lucky to live in an country where there is peace and no starvation. This doesn’t seem cynical to me and that doesn’t mean i don’t care about others countries.

  • Awareness

    “Sometimes our physical friends express their desire for a less diverse Universe. They long for a place where there are not so many unwanted things, a place where more things are exactly as they prefer them to be. And we always explain that you did not come forth into this physical experience wanting to take all of the experiences that exist and whittle them down to a handful of good ideas upon which all of you agree, for that would lead to endedness, which cannot be. This is an expanding Universe, and all things must be allowed. In other words, for you to understand and experience what you desire, you must understand that which you do not desire, for, in order to be able to choose and focus, both must be present and understood.”

    “PERFECTION IMPLIES ENDEDNESS — and there is not any of that. As quickly as you find yourself in what you think is a perfect place, more aspects will show up which will lead you into more decisions, which will lead you into more attraction, which will lead you into more feelings, which will lead you into more molding—which will lead you into more attraction. You cannot get it wrong; and you never get it done. It’s always right —and there’s always more to do. Sometimes, when we say you never get it done, you say, “Can I never rest? And we say, when you feel like you want to rest, what that sensation is really about is you want to release resistance, because when there is no resistance, you never want to rest. You make too much of all of this. You will never cease vibrating, and the Universe will never cease responding to your vibration” by Abraham (SOURCE ENERGY!) channeled by Esther Hicks 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Patrick Gannon

    I just saw this new post, and since I’m the individual who raised some of these issues, I would like to comment in some detail… I’m glad, Neale, that you considered it important enough to write a post addressing the issue.

    Let’s start with a definition:

    noun: theology
    -the study of the nature of God and religious belief.
    -religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.

    Theology has to do with religion, so if CWG is not a new religious belief then it must be trying to modify an older one; as did Jesus. I’m sure that the Apostle Paul also thought “it may be among the most value (sic) contributions to the study of God that has come along in a very, very long time.” Jesus was trying to modify an existing religion; and Paul created a new one. What will CWG end up doing?

    “Nothing on this planet is working. Read that n-o-t-h-i-n-g.” Would that include CWG? As Georges points out below, this is a very black/white viewpoint. Your recent attack on conservatives was also very black and white, and designed apparently to separate and divide us – and it did so. I didn’t agree with all the comments of the conservative gentleman who responded; but I certainly understood his drive to do so after being slapped in the face with the proverbial glove. Many of his counter-points were valid. I am not optimistic about the chances for the human race, primarily because of excessive population growth and organized religions, but selecting a piece of it (conservatism) and attacking it rather stridently, seems counter to the message of CWG, if not a bit hypocritical. There was no ‘ours is just another way’ in that particular post.

    You say many of our systems have created the opposite of what was intended – like our political systems. Recall that there was once a time when everyone was ruled by individuals or small groups and most people worked for them as slaves. Our political systems of course are far from perfect, but I vote in every election and appreciate that I have the opportunity to do so. Our economic system has allowed countless people to move from an agrarian society where people toiled from dawn to dusk and had no time to even discuss the kinds of issues that are talked about here. Our educational system has in great parts of the world given people the ability to express their thoughts in writing, to read the thoughts of others, to learn new skills; to share their ideas and inventions with others. To say that our educational system is creating the opposite of what was intended strikes me as a desire to return to times of mass illiteracy. (Well that makes sense for religion -where ignorance is blessed). Health care – how long ago did people who got sick simply die? It’s not perfect, but if you lived 100 years ago, you and I would probably already be dead, (1915 male life expectancy in the US was 52 years, and today it is 74). Social systems – we’re on one right now. People have countless ways to socialize and many of them ranging from sports, to dance, theatre, even church, bring people together to enjoy each other’s company. In all these areas, I would agree that there is always room for improvement, but to insist that “n-o-t-h-i-n-g” is working is patently false. I would not want to go back even 100 years. I like indoor plumbing.

    The one thing I most agree with is the dysfunctional system of spirituality – and even then I’m not sure that’s entirely true. Certainly the Abrahamic religions “produced bitter righteousness, shocking intolerance, widespread anger, deep-seated hatred, and self-justified violence.” However the Abrahamic religions, particularly Christianity are on the ropes as evolution and archaeology wash out the foundations. The “salvation” issue is THE issue for Christianity given that there is no longer any event upon which this need to believe the right thing can be based. A recent article pointed out that Americans are abandoning religion (but not prayer) in record numbers. This is wonderful news. Islam which started 500 – 600 years after Christianity is going through the same violent evolution that Christianity did 500 – 600 years ago. Each iteration of the Abrahamic religions starts off with high ideals and gets progressively worse – that is why I am concerned about the eventual message of CWG which appears to be focused on either modifying its predecessor (Christianity) or creating a New Age Religion. I doubt that Paul knew that millions of people were going to be killed in the name of his new religion. I can see godless conservatives being crucified sometime in the future, when the new religion develops a new orthodoxy.

    I agree with your question: “Could there be something we don’t fully understand here about God and about Life, the understanding of which would change everything?” Where I differ is on the answer. Your answer seems to be based on deity, a personal god, with wants, needs and desires – you have used these words many times when speaking of your God. Personally, I think we have a better chance of learning the answers from science – that what we don’t fully understand about “God” and life, is “consciousness” – a word we all have some actual linkage to. When we figure out what consciousness is, then we’ll know what’s what. I think we’re scared of the answer – that the materialists might be right; but that’s where we have to go. That’s where we’ll find our answers and can stop whistling in the dark.

    You state that you unreservedly believe the messages came to you directly from God. So did the Apostle Paul – but he was wrong. Jesus told him that his return was imminent and, alas it was not to be. You used the word “believe” rather than “think,” in saying this. That means you have stopped thinking about whether it really was so. Thinking leaves open possibilities, believing insists that one knows the answer and no longer has to search for it. Perhaps you should go back to “thinking” about whether the messages came to you directly from God – particularly if you think of God as a personal god, a deity – which is how you write of Her. I see many of the ideas of Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” in your writing, as well as other works which in all likelihood formed or contributed to the stream of consciousness that flowed out of your mind and into your books. At times my fingers take off on the keyboard as though they had a mind of their own and I look back at what I wrote and wonder where it came from – but just like you – it all flows from my experience, perceptions, knowledge, intelligence – not from a deity; or at least I am unconvinced that such is the case.

    You ask, “Do I believe that because I experience the messages to have come directly from God that they must and should be treated like holy scripture? Your answer is “no” but the way you write suggests otherwise. You indicate that you do this so that the messages will be discussed and explored, which of course is something all authors would wish for. I question whether your way of treating them like scripture isn’t perhaps counterproductive at times. Any of us who engage in spiritual discussions have had countless bible passages thrown at us. It becomes really annoying after a while and for many people it becomes a barrier to listening. The fundamentalist who quotes scripture at me seldom if ever has an open mind, or actually knows anything about his or her own religion. While I don’t think your mind is anywhere near as closed as fundamentalists like Morten, you may want to consider whether you inadvertently put up barriers when you quote CWG as scripture. When I hear, “the gospel of John tells us, blah, blah, blah” my eyes glaze over, and so it has come to be with your writing style. I’m not sure if you have always done this, or if it’s just something I became more aware of in recent years. I used to look forward with relish to your Sunday newsletters, but I find myself skimming quickly over them when I get the scripture-in-your-face writing style. Perhaps it’s just me – but I doubt it.

    I’m not quite sure how to respond to your paragraph about our friend Morten, given that he thinks you are the devil’s agent. To my way of thinking, Morten confirmed that another God was just another way to divide ourselves. He’s right, you’re wrong; that’s his belief because his God is real and yours comes from the devil. It’s not a question of having the courage to speak his mind; it’s about his belief that if he doesn’t change your mind, and those of many others who contribute here, that we will all go to Hell and face eternal torment. Now he can say with a clear conscience that he gave it his best shot and the heathens shot him down and his joy in heaven will be watching the rest of us burn…. Or maybe he goes and looks up ‘Sheol, Gahenna, Hades and Tartarus’ and discovers that there is no hell as he understands it. Courage would be for Morten to face his fears and learn something about his own religion before trying to shove it down the throats of others. I don’t know that my approach was any better – to question his gravely misguided idea that the bible is inerrant – but I think he went and looked up some of the errors I pointed out and who knows what time will bring. He said that he read CWG, but your “truth” did not overcome the truth of his clergy who insisted that he believe what they told him to believe. He saw CWG as another religion; a competing religion; and you as the leader of the cult. Does CWG when treated as scripture, bring unity or is it just another way for us to divide ourselves?

    I fully agree that “literature” that explores the nature of God is of value; but when you turn that literature into scripture, all bets are off. Just ask Paul. We’d all like to see a spiritual renaissance on our planet, but I’m not convinced that it’s going to come from turning literature into scripture, any more than turning Paul’s letters into scripture accomplished his mission. Women are still treated as second class citizens, thanks in large part to Paul. I think you dilute your own message when you treat it as scripture. If there’s to be a spiritual renaissance, I think it will only come when scripture is no longer treated as holy or sacred.

    What you express in your next to last paragraph about right and best relationships, how to love and laugh together – read Ecclesiastes. It’s been said before. “So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.” The bible gives us three explanations for suffering and it’s the only one that is right. The OT (read Amos) tells us suffering is the result of sin, the NT tells us we are rewarded in the afterlife for our suffering here, and Ecclesiastes says “$hit happens” so enjoy your life. Stay up late and drink wine and chat about eternity, love, laugh, enjoy your family and friends. It’s really not all the difficult.

    This little essay of mine isn’t intended as an attack, but as a ‘gut-check.’ Your book gave me great comfort when I first read the bible and became an angry atheist. I use a lot of the material to this very day; but I’m growing ever more uncomfortable with the way its treated, because I can see what happens when literature becomes holy and sacred scripture.

    • Lloyd Bradsher

      Great post Patrick, well stated views and thoughts. The writing of CWG books was helpful, but some not so much, so personally I always take what I can resonate with and can use but what does not resonate within my heart I leave behind. This is how I treat everything, the bible, novels, essays, scientific literature, etc. Science has proven that we all exist because of the flow of Energy, and like the concept of God, humans have given it so many names, electrical, gravity, atomic, chemical, but it is all simple Energy. So could it be that what we call Energy, and God are really the same thing? And if this assumption is true, then do we not already exist within the spirit/energy of Creator/God? We need do no more than exist to be with God, and our communion/conversations/thoughts are coming about by the flow of Source Energy. From my perspective this is true, so since we know scientifically that Energy can not be created nor destroyed, just changing form, are we not already eternal beings? And if we are why do we fear death or life so much in our human experience? I am not separated from my Source, it flows through me, around me, and without it I do not exist, nothing exist, but we do exist, and think and feel and act and grow wiser about what we are. The next generation that steps forth will build upon what we create for our worldly existence, so imagine what your vision of existence will create. Each of us leaves a mark upon this world, we add our energy to the total and existence moves forth as the energy flows regardless of how we judge it, positive or negative, that is an individual choice about who we perceive ourselves to be.
      Just a few thoughts to ponder, Namaste’

      • Lloyd Bradsher

        Neale, I felt you would understand, so peace be with you, as with me. All of us must make our own path to understanding, and yours and mine are just an example that it can be done in many different and spiritual ways. We are all teachers for one another, and so I have never met anyone who I could not learn from, regardless. Namaste’

    • Gina

      I agree with you on your major premises; it’s unhealthy for a system to close its circuits and become more and more self-referential, i.e., stagnant. I think one of the reasons for your growing uneasiness could be that the more time passes from the origination of the original messages, the less original they appear, and referring to them appears as regurgitation, and further referring to them appears as dogma. They might as well be! For example, in this new post of Neale’s, from the sixth paragraph on, one that starts with “Nothing works…”, is lifted straight up from [What God Wants]. Could even God be so unoriginal and repetitive in Her response to a brand new encounter, right here, this minute? The tendency some folks have of following gurus amplifies the phenomenon. II observe that a lot. I have this all or nothing tendency, and once I read book 1 and read everything. I read everything, all the books up to date, all the blogs and Facebook posts, and bsee some people act like Neale’s representatives or avatars, copy and paste paragraphs from CwG books in their responses and comments. That’s not so pretty.

      With that said, give everyone the benefit of doubt and room to grow. CwG is not on the verge of threatening the health and safety of the public like some relatively newly formed groups of radicals. Who can say to anyone else what to believe? Why can Neale not believe the messages came from God?? On last note, if nobody initiates anything, nothing gets started, nothing gets going, nothing gets done. You’re can philosophize, discuss, debate, blog and compare theologies all you want, but not much happens on the physical plane. It will be eons before a movement with the creed of we are all one, ours is not a better way can go askew and wreak havoc matching that was caused by Paul’s religion. Much more good will have been done in the meantime. That is, viewing from my–usually pessimistic person– perspective. 🙂

    • Gina

      I found it amusing, if not ironic; NOT the newest book –which I got downloaded in full *on my KINDLE*, even before the snippets appeared–repeats some of the earlier points, but Neale copied and pasted those book passages here anew, in addressing some issues Patrick raised–among which issues is that kind of self-reference. Those passages that first appeared NOT in but in earlier writing, somewhere on this site or in an earlier book. I personally don’t take issue with repeating important points for emphasis. I don’t think self-reference is bad by the way, esp. when there hasn’t been a significant source out there of new information about God in several centuries.

      Like I said, I’m not the kind of person who make snap judgments out of Twitter-lengths short speeches, and I view this, as a whole, age-appropriate messages for humanity. Not the one and only, not infallible, not perfect. I agree with the proposition humanity is in an infantile stage, ready to move from an extremely short -sighted and self-centered consciousness. This can one positive move in the right direction, I agree and I am for it, IN it. EvoRevo and March 12. I appreciate somebody doing something, keeping flowing energy to Revolution. 😀

    • Patrick Gannon

      I should have been more specific about the ‘conservative’ post I referred to. It was “IS HUMANITY READY FOR A NEW YEAR AND A NEW BEGINNING?” You attacked (my impression) conservatism and a gentleman named Cecco Cecamore took issue with it.

      • Patrick Gannon

        Neale, I’m pleased to have been able to give you this opportunity to address this issue and my concerns with how the CWG material is presented. I indicated that this was my perception – that it is how you come across to me. It is my opinion. I guess my question to the the group here, is whether other people share my perception that CWG is at times treated as scripture for a new religion. I would think you’d be interested in knowing if you are attracting people or pushing them away with this approach.

        Many people write books about spirituality, but your book, like the bible claims to come from direct revelation from God – that makes it “holy” and “sacred” in the minds of many. It seems unavoidable to me. That is very different from most writers of spirituality. That puts you in an entirely different category. The OT is a conversation with God, supposedly starting with Moses, and look where that got us. People have a right to be concerned about literature that the author claims comes as a direct revelation from God. We’ve seen what happens.

        Please note that I spoke my mind firmly and clearly and without pulling punches, but I did not resort to sarcasm and belittlement. It’s a familiar response from religionists. I respect your response here, but I remain unconvinced. Thank you again for responding.

        • Patrick Gannon

          I’m just going to respond to one point, since I think I’ve addressed my position pretty clearly. What do I think would happen if people did turn CWG into a religion and lived by its tenets.?

          In response I will say, what do you think happened when people turned the lessons of Jesus into a religion?

  • IamIam

    Oh what a room. Wow

  • I feel that the beauty of CWG, messages from Archangel Michael, Kryon, The Galactic Federation of Light, St Germain and many many others, including I am finding, most music I listened to as a kid, most of the movies that meant something to me art, dance and so on are all messages from my Higher self. (God) There are messages Everywhere! This is the reality I have formed. once I learned to trust myself and my intuition, I no longer worry that I can be misled. For even if I get “Misled” this will be an experience I have chosen for this time. These are the messages I am drawing to myself at this time in order to evolve to my next higher self (ascend) These methods will do me until I get to really rely on inward introspection only. However I am a nostalgic person and love to experience the beauty in the method of the current delivery of these messages from self.Religion it seems to me is an outward search for reconciliation and also provides wonderfull messages. (All religions! chances are if you think only one religion is right, you have not seen that they all are leading to the same thing, different paths perhaps.) but is designed to get you to the door of the church where in spite of the sometimes dualistic messages you come together as ONE congregation. The bell in the steeple is a clue to allowing the vibration of Love Compassion and forgiveness to take you to the higher vibrations, frequencies the crown chakra whatever your paradigm chooses to name it. To me CWG and the other massages even though some may have a different themes, are all relevant in my life. If they are not. I consider they may be in the future. Or not at all. But these days I am hardly ever finding messages I am drawing to me that are not relevant to me. All I feel toward Neale is gratitude that he was the vehicle I used to deliver myself these upgrades. I do not dismiss the beauty or nostalgia of all my religious studies. From what I know the last thing Neale wants is for you to make CWG into another religion. He want you to realize that YOUR LIFE is is your new religion! Unless it isn’t?

    • Gina

      Hi ,Greg. I share the sentiment. ♡ CwG in most part was, “of course”, to me but a handful of things were totally new and shocking. One of the big ones was the statement that religion was the problem. I had viewed religion in many ways like cultures and hadn’t given much thought to the idea how organized religion influenced and shaped our society and was at root cause of much of its dysfunction. Another totally new and shocking thing was that in death our mind and body don’t ever die, but change form, while the soul lives forever as the same entity. This was the way my stream of consciousness sort of flowed, or evolved. The new information broadened my view of the world, religion and history and helped where religion was gravely mistaken regarding eternal life. For this reason when I hear comments like CwG is a religion, that’s so off-pitch and nonsensical to me. It’s like saying the conservatives are new liberals, or whatever crazy thing you can think of that is not comprehensible. At the same time I want to understand where people claiming this are coming from, so that has me coming and going. In the end, though, like you Greg, I feel only gratitude and love for Neale and CwG and other messages that I draw to myself.

      • Thanks Gina. as far as I can tell I listened to 30 hrs? of readings by Neale Donald walsch. (loved Ed Asner and Ellen Byrsten. Perfect!) I wonder how many that make such statements has actually heard all of it or read all of it.

        • Gina

          Greg, listen to 30 hours? I don’t know what this program you refer to is— must be an audio book or You Tube video? I literally read all the books Neale wrote up to date, some more intensively than others, but n,ever skimmed or quick surfed the Net or read Facebook book excerpts or watched a YouTube video. I read about how human life in all its spheres was influenced by what people religiously believe, in the Revelations, What God wants, and the Storm. I learned shocking new truths about eternal life in Home with God and the Only Thing… Not that I judge those who make sweeping statements or accusations without having heard all of it. Why I strike you and Neale as someone who watched a 4-5 YouTube video about it– maybe I’m too lazy to sift and measure words for accuracy and caliber to clearly express and to send out good vibes.
          Going against the good advice from CwG. 🙂

          • I was not suggesting that you were not familiar with the material. I was talking about others who claim CWG may be trying to start a new religion. I asked if these folks actually went through the material. Sorry for the confusion. I listened to the readings on youtube read by Ed Asner and Ellen Byrsten. I am partially blind and find it difficult to read too long. I was so blessed to have the hours of videos to watch. Like the Upanishads I felt there was an energy in the sound of the words that one may not get by reading silently. when I do read such books I speak the words aloud to myself.

          • Gina

            Oh, my bad, gotcha, ha ha. Yes, we are blessed with hours of video and audio material, all the new ways sharing and distributing information. Google voice even reads these texts to you one of these days.

          • Patrick Gannon

            If you addressed this question to me about whether I have read the material, the answer is unequivocally yes. I read the entire CWG series and several of the follow-on books, listened to the CDs numerous times, purchased and gave away multiple copies of the CDs and have watched a number of NDW videos. I do not speak from a place of ignorance. My concern about CWG evolving into a religion is one that developed over a long period of time.

            I drank the Kook-Aid a long time ago. If anyone here still remembers, there was a time when Neale was reaching out to people to find ways to spread the message of CWG. Groups were formed, and I contributed a great deal in terms of ideas and discussions with others about how to take it forward. Then one day the guy who was heading it all up, was gone – whether voluntarily or not, I never knew. Perhaps he too became concerned about the direction. At any rate, following this, CWG became a business with all sorts of programs and seminars to subscribe to, etc. Spreading the word was not going to be performed by communal programs, it was going to be spread by credit card. It was rather deflating for those of us who had labored so much to come up with ways to spread the message in a more holistic way, rather than a financial way; however I continued to listen to the CDs and to use the material in discussions with others. I was an early and frequent participant in this forum, but it became too much of a “Glee Club” for me, with many participants simply regurgitating CWG, and there seemed to be little new to learn; and at times it became a “bash America” forum, so I went away for a while.

            In the meantime I continued my studies of the bible. I haven’t just read CWG material, I read all sorts of material including reading the bible cover to cover multiple times. In the last couple years I’ve spent time studying the Apostle Paul since he is the apparent founder and architect of Christianity. The blueprint he provided was modified along the way, but Christianity is not Jesus’ religion; it’s Paul’s, and many biblical scholars will agree with that. I began to see a number of parallels between Paul and NDW, and I began to notice how the CWG material which again is claimed to be direct revelation from God just as Paul’s material is based on his direct revelations from Jesus, was being presented. Neale says he has always presented it in this way, and that may be so – and I just didn’t notice until my level of sensitivity rose following my other research.

            I looked at the conversations with God starting with Moses, the prophets, Paul, Muhammed, and began to see the parallels to CWG. I doubt any of them expected that their conversations with God would end up as they did – ultimately creating the world that Neale so vehemently decries. I noticed the increased hostility in his messages – such as the one about conservatives that I mentioned in my post. We already have a religion of ‘hostility to the other’ called Christianity and I became concerned and I voiced my concerns.

            Neale denies that quoting his own books as though they were scripture, is treating it as scripture, but frankly I’ve read many authors and I don’t know anyone else who does this. A spiritual teacher I have great regard for, Thomas Campbell, does not constantly refer to his material when speaking with audiences or blogging, as in, “My Big TOE (theory of everything)” tells us that, blah, blah, blah…. This seems unique to Neale; but then again Tom does not claim divine revelation, only personal “knowing.” There are many parallels in the ideas of the two, though Tom’s is far more scientific in its approach.

            In his responses to me here, Neale comes across much like the Apostle Paul, allowing no dissention, no disagreement. No challenge is to be permitted because he speaks with the supposed authority of God. Again this is my perception and others may not see it this way, but I’ve read Paul’s letters and I know how he responded to challenges in like fashion. I had anticipated and hoped that Neale might be concerned that some people, such as myself, are interpreting his movement as developing into a new religion and to talk about ways to address this concern; but he simply denies that this is the case, and points to words in the book. Well I can point to a great many words in the bible that are in direct contradiction to the religions that have grown out of it. This seems to be a natural consequence of divine revelation. The Christian religion as most understand it has little to do with what much of the NT actually says. Religionists take it over when the author is gone and do with it what they will – and this is my concern for CWG. Neale is unconcerned, but he won’t be around to see what becomes of it if people do start to treat it as scripture. Books 2 and 3 of CWG, in particular, have a lot of Neale’s personal liberal political ideas ingrained in them; and if his book becomes holy scripture, who knows – conservatives could become targets for oppression.

            I’ll conclude by saying that the discussion has not alleviated, but rather has ratcheted up my concerns. I’m probably persona non grata here, so it’s time to bail out and continue my own personal search for truth, but hopefully the concerns I’ve raised will be given some consideration.

          • Thanks for your post. namaste. Searching for Truth? You are in your truth. “Drank the Koolaide”? You chose to drink, and it has lead you here. Would you now pass on the “Koolaide” now that you are here, ready for your next best version of you? The Shaman was called “The Trickster” The universe gives you just what you need to get you to the next higher idea of you determined by you in spite of you. You are your own discernment Stop reading immediately!!! Read nothing. Take that time you read and now turn inward. Meditate for the truth within your meditation. conservative? liberal? Your search will end once you drop these labels. milliseconds, seconds,minutes, days, years, hours, Us, Them,? be in the world. not of the world. Drop the labels. Once you have named something you make it separate from you.Push through here. Your search will only lead to mire searching. You are there in the ever present NOW. after Neale Donald Walsch, i discovered messages and messengers everywhere. Have you grown up from CWG, try listening to the channels of Kryon. Archangel Michael?, The galactic federation of light? St Germain? did I get bogged down there? have I drunk the Koolaide yet again? Yes and it was delicious. Im off. I meditate everyday and look within. what is next I ask? I just learned that Neale Donald Walsch, Kryon, archangel Michael, the Galactic Federation of Light are all just my Higher Self talking to me? More Koolaide. What is next I ask myself, Lets go. I tell myself “Go where? I am in the ever present NOW” am I now presented with Koolaide that shows me what I dare not see? Is my future more evolved self speaking to me? The future self that knows no bounds of Time? Can I now actually be getting messages from music of my youth? Movies of my Youth? from my future self? Whaaaaaaaat! sip sip, some more Koolaide. Whats Next? I have learned that we are all ONE. Now am I learning I am the only ONE????? please never let it end. Are you my dear Patrick disappointed with your journey? I doubt it. I have never suffered. “The answer to every question is LOVE. If LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer.”

          • Patrick Gannon

            “Stop reading immediately!!! Read nothing.”

            Um, how do you square that with your earlier words: “I was talking about others who claim CWG may be trying to start a new religion. I asked if these folks actually went through the material.”

            So what is it? Read the material or read nothing?

            I too meditate almost every day, but I’ve yet to encounter any galactic overlords or archangels. I did have an interesting session once though and since it was so strange and funny, I’ll share it:

            A militant atheist in another forum I used to participate in was bashing a community college where they had a class about meditation, saying it was not a good use of public funds. He mentioned the meditation tape they used to practice with – Angel Meditation, I think it was. I downloaded it and went out on the dock by the pond to give it a try. The visuals were good and I found myself drifting into that comfortable area, and the narrator said something like, “your guardian angel has arrived.” I became aware of an entity, that became clearer in my mind and I realized it was the white, pretty-boy Jesus that you see everywhere in Christian churches. I was extremely taken aback and puzzled by this when the apparition suddenly transformed into a nice looking redhead woman, dressed in robes, who grinned, pointed at me, and mouthed the words “gotcha!” At that point my dog stuck his cold nose in my side and the session came to an abrupt end.

            I will keep an eye out for the galactic overlords though…(LOL). I will also keep up my research. When someone tells you to stop reading, it reminds me of the old saying – Religion: where ignorance is blessed. If I had not read the bible, I would still be living in fear and would have never ended up reading CWG.

          • mewabe

            Hey Patrick…I agree with much of what you write, and you are well informed.

            I do believe that most people tend to want to play “follow the leader”, because finding your own truth takes courage and effort, and most people would rather take the easier path. Furthermore, the educational system itself trains individuals to do this at a very young age, to place authority outside of themselves and submit to it, whether it is from a teacher, an institution, a culture, a government, or from a “God”.

            The main problem I have with many of Neale’s messages is the oversimplification of some universal concepts. These concepts are not new, but any kind of oversimplification of any idea is what potentially transform thought into dogma, a dogma that is then repeated without critical thinking (I have seen it on this site, when other authors quoted the CWG material ad nauseam, and did not seem to be able to come up with their own thoughts, let alone their own words. I thought it was rather sick).

            The fact that Neale himself would not have a problem with this (this endless quoting of the material, word for word, by others) worried me a little, and that’s an understatement. I have also noticed that when Neale wants people to form discussion groups to spread his messages, he tends to give them the exact material to quote word for word and in a specific order, rather than trust that they would have enough intelligence to get the jest of it and say it in their own words. This is not only a bit insulting, but isn’t it slightly dogmatic, at least in format if not in essence?

            However the oversimplification of universal ideas is what made the material popular, because it is unfortunately true that most people do not have the intellectual dexterity to grasp subtleties (yes I am an elitist).

            But oversimplification is dangerous. So are “soundbites” (such as “what you resist persist”, or “you create your own reality”, etc…nothing is that simple and black and white).

            The idea of thoughts or ideas coming from “God” is also dangerous, because although Neale makes disclaimers that “God” talks to everyone and that the material should not be taken as the ultimate gospel, it does evoke the old religious/superstitious idea of the chosen “Holy Man” or “Prophet” transmetting the “Truth” from a “God” whose authority and absolute knowledge cannot be questioned, especially in former of current Christians who are already trained in obedience. So there is obviously a paradox which, I understand, is meant to turn the idea of the old “God” on its head, yet Neale treads the razor’s edge on this one (especially while wearing a white beard ha ha..)

            Of course it is always easy to criticize, and I don’t like doing this.
            I admire Neale’s efforts to try to make the world a better place, and I do believe that he is sincere and has a good heart. But I do not relate to anything that has any trace of religiosity, so even the word “God” gives me a rash. It is not my way, my path is more zen-like, and rather undefined and open (like water, or like the wind). I follow only one thing, and that is nature. I know all life is divine, and that the very nature of the divine, or life, is to be one. All else stems from this, and is up to each person to comprehend, manifest and celebrate it in a totally unique manner.

            But I also have been gifted with some intuitive/psychic abilities, and my own knowledge tells me that humanity will follow its global “dark journey of the soul” to the bitter end, before an instant transformation finally takes place. I have seen it (what we might call the future), and it is not too far off. It might sound gloomy and awful but it is actually a rapid shortcut to evolution.

            So although I often rant and rave about certain issues, particularly about the desecration and destruction of nature, I know better…humanity has chosen this path, and it will have to run its paradoxical course, of coming to “enlightenment” through what will appear to be a global nightmare.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Thank you so much for those words, Mewabe. You add some good thoughts to mine. I too applaud Neale for the good he and his books have done – they provided a stepping stone for me, from being a fearful yet distant Christian to angry atheist, to seeker of truth, to agnostic – where I remain pretty firmly rooted today.

            While I have no problem standing alone – I’m aging in years and temperament, and don’t really care what other people think of me any more – it is heartening to hear that at least some others share some of my concerns. My motive was not to attack NDW and CWG, but to express concern regarding how it is used, even though I think my words were taken as a personal attack by Neale. Frankly I’m surprised that I wasn’t crucified by his minions – or at least not yet! At any rate, I made my point, and I think I’m done now. I can go away, but I don’t want to come across like I dumped a load of manure and ran out, so I’ll check back from time to time.

            Noting something else you said; for my entire life I thought something monumental or unequivocal would happen while I was alive. I’m not so sure of that any longer, as I suspect that many people throughout history have looked at the current circumstances and felt that the end or some kind of transformation was near. Certainly many of those in Jesus’ time, particularly Paul, felt that way; but Paul was dead wrong, and I start thinking I am probably wrong too. Then I read the newspaper…. Ah well. Breathe in, breathe out. Put one foot in front of the other. Live. No gods required.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Patrick…
            I don’t think the transformation is that close, and I probably will not see it in my lifetime. But scientists, among others, know that our way of life is unsustainable, and know that we are ruining the ecosystem that permits human life.
            Oh well, there is always reincarnation, as a micro-organism!
            Take care…

          • Gina

            I trust people have enough intelligence to eventually follow their heart, even if by starting out following Leader. Stop worrying about those “others” you are talking about and Neale. For a lot of people CwG can be–has been–the next logical step. You cannot talk them out of conformity or religiosity. Any more than you can someone into it. There are universal laws in place that sort it all out.

            There are more obvious ways of religiosity and blunt, shameless cult leaders who sell mysterious healing medicine or therapies and rip people off. Or doomsday predictions and prophets and global war theories etc, etc. There are all kinds of leaders and followers. Do your go to all of their group meetings and forums and tell them to be otherwise? Or is it just a couple of or just one? For Patrick, according to his stated purposes in coming here, are to voice his concerns about (perceived) degeneration of the messages and ways of spreading them from his first Kool-aid drinking(?!) times.

            If you have not gained much insight or benefit by CwG to begin with–since you say you already knew much of it on your own–, what are your purposes for targeting Neale and his audiences, or as you’re fond of saying, followers? I always wondered. There are ostensible progression of logical and often very persuasive arguments coming from you, but as a whole I haven’t a clue as to what your intentions are. You are worried about people following someone– a specific someone in this case– so what are you going to do about that? And why Neale and CwG? Could you please tell me? If you sense anger, upset, or dismissal in my tone, I apologize in advance. I’m not going to say I’m not upset, angry and a little dismissing, but I’m not lashing out or attacking you. I think there must be something behind the consistency and laser-like focus here.

            * P.S. not too long ago you say you were moving on and left. What brought you back?

          • mewabe

            Thank you for the comment Gina.

            You feel that I am targeting Neale and his audience, and wonder about my intentions, so let me try to explain.

            First of all, no one should take anything I write seriously. I am nobody, a shadow on the wall or a light breeze, depending on the day or the hour, and no more. I make no claims, except to know who I am.

            I do not think Neale would feel that I am targeting him. At least I hope he would not. Targeting his audience? Not really, but perhaps nudging them a little, at times. Why?

            I would not waste my time participating in a dialogue with religious fundamentalists or other obtuse types. But I have tried to have conversations here because Neale’s messages, although oversimplified in my view, are still intelligent, he is intelligent, and most of the people here are intelligent. Most times, I have failed to begin a conversation, unless my statement were so strong as to provoke reactions.

            So that was my intention, to exchange ideas. Not to convince, not to change others, but to explore thoughts. This not a very American activity, I realize. It is more popular in Europe. Here, people do not discuss ideas, they either believe or do not, period, and any challenge to their thoughts is seen as a personal attack, rather than an opportunity for open-minded exchange and discussion.

            Why would you be angry? What have I triggered? I am not suggesting that you give me an answer here publicly, rather that you answer privately to yourself, for one of the goals of a spiritual quest is to know ourselves.

          • Gina

            Thank you for your response, Mewabe. I’m not angry really. I jumped ahead and sprayed a little bug repellent, so to speak, in case you feel anger, upset or attack. 🙂 At times it looks as though some people draw attention away from the subject or agenda at hand and put some of it to themselves by showing off their knowledge or silver tongue. As one spiritual quest of mine I endeavor to not listen to what anyone says with words, but what they mean, to the subliminal vibration messages. Also, match my words with meaning and to come from high states of true being, not mind chatter.

          • mewabe

            I did not feel attacked, but you mentioned anger, so I was wondering.

            Could the “subliminal vibration message” that you listen to not be distorted by your own perceptions, by your own emotional history and psychological experiences, as is the “listening” of everyone who is alive in this world and perhaps beyond (unfortunately)?

            Which takes me back to the “know thyself” as being one of the most important endeavor on any spiritual quest.

            Silver tongue and drawing attention? Are you talking about me? You might as well be very direct, I am not easily offended. Attention from who, exactly? This is an echo chamber…very little participation from anyone, even Neale. Which is why I feel like not participating, precisely because there is no dialogue in this “conversation”.

          • Gina

            I agree with you. Know thyself is the prime directive. Subliminal messages are distorted, but less so than mere words listened to with the ear. This is an echo chamber with little participation, where is everybody? Are they quietly and stealthy following Leader? Are you addressing those lurking and not participating? There doesn’t have to be constant back and forth here, just as if Neale continues to write books for the sake of keeping writing books rather than conveying meaning, it will render it hollow. Someone doesn’t have to be always talking because there is an open vessel and an audience. Since you ask me to be specify as to who was directing attention to themselves, I ask you, have you ever written to get attention or for the aforementioned reasons? And in turn, can you specify who in particular you’re worried about mindlessly following Guru? You don’t have to answer.I’m glad you are not offended by my inquisitive thrust. I got lighthearted when you said I’m not direct enough, and you are hard to offend.

            Best wishes,

          • mewabe

            I think everybody has migrated to Facebook.

            Why am I writing?

            Sometimes, I try to start a conversation. It does not work often. So most times I express for the sake of expressing. Being an artist, that’s what I do, express myself. Does a writer, an artist seek attention? I would still paint and write if I was the last human on earth. I do it primarily for myself…if someone responds and likes it, great, but it does not matter, because the reward is in the process of expression, not in the feedback, not even in the final result.

            So who am I addressing? The wind…or anyone who wishes to read my comment.

            I don’t know who is a “follower”, specifically, and I am not interested. I have simply noticed that humanity in general tends to want to either lead or follow, the leaders being a minority, and the followers a majority. My temperament forces me to reject either path, and to remain as free and independent as is possible in this world. I often express the validity of the lone wolf path, of “thinking for yourself”, because it goes against what most cultures, religions and social institutions teach, as most encourage and train populations towards conformity and to join the “rank and file”.

            I hope I answered your questions…in turn, and to be fair, would you answer mine, specifically, in which way does the fact that I express myself without apparent restraint take anything from anyone here? Am I preventing anyone at all from expressing themselves as freely? Am I preventing you? Isn’t this a free forum whose purpose is to exchange and express ideas that are related to spirituality?

            I get the feeling, at times, that some regards Neale’s messages as “God’s messages”, in other words absolute gospel, while any other idea coming from anyone else is a mere opinion. This attitude is not encouraged by Neale, but it is prevalent among those who are current or former Bible fans. And this is the kind of misconception I challenge here, as an example…what for? For the fun of it! I know…I am a bad person 🙂

          • Gina

            No, it doesn’t take away anything freely expressing yourself, if you’re not targeting, unduly criticizing, at the same time promoting your own religion just because the stage is open and there are audiences.:o Not that it’s my job to be concerned with it. I respect and highly regard your opinion, most often valid points.
            Oh my gosh, it embarrassing, I hijacked this thread and filled it with ridiculous hysteria. Sorry.

          • mewabe

            I have no religion Gina, thank God 🙂
            Critical thinking is not a bad thing…challenging ideas that come to be accepted as truism is not a bad thing.
            Nothing to be embarrassed about, and there was no hysteria, just a dialogue, for which I thank you Gina…
            Take care 🙂

          • Gina

            Nature is your religion ha ha. Take care, yourself~~

          • mewabe

            Yes and no…yes as a joke, and you could add that the outdoors are my church, but seriously, nature is life, and all I do is claim to be a part of life 🙂
            “I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in nature, which, if we yield to it, will direct us alright”
            Henry David Thoreau
            I like this quote…

          • Once I decided that I would no longer miss out, evolve & hear Gods voice out of fear of a false prophet, things opened up for me. and found communication everywhere.You are greatly loved and a magnificent co creator. ( I heard this from the Galactic overlords by the way) it appeared to me that you were indicating you were stuck a bit. I was excited about my discovery and wanted to share with you. I wrote of my experiences in hopes it may help. I sensed that with all the reading you perhaps needed to take a break from the reading awhile. You will always be a student, and you will always be a teacher. knowing which role to play and when may be an answer for you. Unless it isn’t. That is just my opinion for what it is worth given in Love and Light. It will be interesting though when the world does finally meet our galactic family and our future selves. But hey, it’s all good. 🙂 Joy Joy Joy “The answer to every question is LOVE. If LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer.” This was a message I got from my higher (future) Self. a primer for how we are to proceed during this ascension.

          • Kristen

            Hi. Look into the messages behind The Little Mermaid books for information about the red headed woman, in the role as Ariels mother or a grown up. This is a Kabbalic message to you, its how us Kabbalists ‘read’ the world. Ill help you out a bit as its a really easy one I can do off the top of my head. Mermaid=half human, half God, Sea=God, spiritual awareness, life, flow, ebbs etc, Ariel=the old word for Jerusalem, the new Eden is called the New Jerusalem in Revelation, half Earth/half Heaven and half Human rule/half God, Eden= righteous people, truth, honesty, place where evil is banisheded=passion, love, determination, Hair=crowning glory, biology structure, strength, virility, growth, gender determination, Robes=self esteem, holiness, completion etc. Look up your dog and the physical aspects in a dream book, the definitions or representations in our physical lives are more impirtant than in dreams-in this aspect our lives and the physical can be read the same as a dream. This is why I asked your job previously….,nosy!! The message is entire and complete, as she is a Christ so teaching you that your perception of Yshua as the only Christ and viewing him based on Christian teachings only is distorting the truth, for a Christ is a student, teacher and bringer of Law, so is telling you that YOUR guardian Angel is a Law based one so would want you to choose righteousness, truth, nice etc as your journey under her, rather than that others may do and her position would prefer you in situations where YOU CHOOSE Eden rules in place especially in your own home. Different Angels and guides have their own specialities. It is a complete message as the Law of Completion defines that when the story or event goes full circle and back to the beginning it is complete and an entire message. When the student is ready, a teacher will appear…….listen to me.
            Must trot, its late and I have to wash my hair. Long red hair. But thats a fluke.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Like I said before, Kristen, your posts sometimes leave me with a smile and a shake of the head! I’ll tell you what – when and if my son produces grandkids for me, I will read the Little Mermaid books to them – right after “One Fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.”

            I don’t recall you asking me about my job before, but I deliver broadband satellite services around the world to enterprise class clients (businesses, Cyber Cafes, governments, schools, NGOs etc.) primarily in undeveloped nations in an attempt to help more and more people around the world participate in “the global conversation” made possible by the internet. My entire career has been based on data communications and networking, helping to foster communications for voice, video and data.

          • Kristen

            Seek and reject…..funny philosophy!! Dont push higher guides messages away or they leave, and not many guys get higher females appointed. Listen to her.

            Dont forget to read Richard Scarry books too. Cheat ones, few words and the pics tell the story.

            You’d cringe, I own one two year old tablet and a 5 yearold laptop, and a mobile obv. No internet at work and only wifi downstairs at home. Im an entire 3rd world country!! Love it.

            Take care,

          • Patrick Gannon

            Well I will admit that it’s a lot easier to read Little Mermaid and Richard Scarry books than the bible or even CWG – and you’re right that the same basic morals are probably all in the kid’s books.

            I don’t think the higher guides have much interest in me. I’m a ‘hard case’ preferring to think my way through life rather than believe my way through it.

          • Kristen

            YeS they are. Grounded sane people who look for truths rather than believing crock are the people they all want and fight over! Meditation is a form of seeking… sought, she answered, I semi translated.

          • Kristen

            Business tip……Vanuatu is about to be decimated by a catagory 5 cyclone today….mite need your services soon when they are a 7th world country tomorrow! Dammit though, its going to pass off shore here when it reaches us on Monday. Boring. Im a natural disaster sadist!

          • Patrick Gannon

            Didn’t know that, and sorry to hear it. I hope they get through it without serious losses.

            I’ve processed leads out there, but it’s so expensive to ship the gear. Shipping costs are much higher than the actual hardware costs; and I don’t think there are a lot of businesses that can afford the services. I’ve never been able to close a deal in any of those little Pacific islands; but I sure would like to visit some of them for the diving.

          • Kristen

            Australia and NZ generally have the South Pacific covered, we basically financially support them and it will be our Army and Navy on clean up duty. Their infrastructure and wealth is generally Australian based. We donate, Australia makes money. Thought the US may be involved though as the big hotels there are US chains, or were.
            Re the diving….know what you mean, learnt a hard lesson in Vanuatu that I cant breathe through my mouth!! Actually learnt another lesson there as a kid….sunstroke sux. Oh, and that in an earthquake a duty free perfume shop is not the ideal place to be!
            My dad was a wierdo travelling salesman/rep in the 70s and 80s, travelling through the pacific islands with a suitcase of wierd and wonderful stuff.

  • Gina

    JUST FOR THE RECORD: Those ‘nothing on this planet is working’ paragraphs were first printed here in the May 6, 2014 article titled, “Most important question in human history to be answered,” 5 months before ‘God’s message to the world: you’ve got me all wrong,’ was released.

    • Gina

      Oops, the above, with a smile 😉

    • Captain Jack’s Narrow

      He also provides, in the original series (book 3), a wholly inaccurate but generally still meaningful appraisal of how videogames are developed.

      Whether by design or by accident, the notion of a “filter” that these incoming messages come through is both a good excuse and a fantastic explanation for how wonky stuff seems that he says.

      The Holy Experience was more interesting to me, and does a better job of saying the CwG messages, than the entire opening trilogy. But I probably wouldn’t have gotten to read it, or read it from the right perspective, if I hadn’t read those first. In it, he misattributes a quote. A common misattribution. At least he doesn’t say that God told him it, as if God doesn’t know who all said what.

      Even the Wikipedia points out an episode where he either completely blanked and had to cop to it, or completely bullshitted it and had to pretend he’d blanked.

      I’m surprised he didn’t mention the filters here, but honestly, the biggest restraint on Neale’s messages (whether they are new or just new presentations of old material in a nice digestible package) is that he’s the one saying them. He wants them out, but as long as “The guy who thinks he talks to God” is the source, people will turn him off (and then, by extension, the ideas) instantly.

      And I’m glad he stands behind his stuff. I’ve read him long enough to know that he’s not nuts and is a good writer, and I’m super glad he clarified himself above, but statements like “I think it may be among the most value contributions to the study of God that has come along in a very, very long time.” are going to make sure his audience remains just the kinds of people he already attracts.

      Someone else needs to say the same things in a way people will actually listen to, if it really is just about the message getting out. Making the CwG flame burn brighter doesn’t always do service to getting the message out better.

      • Gina

        Yes, it doesn’t have to come from only one source. All similar messages shouldn’t be called by the same name. It will be helpful if there are more writers attracting other kinds of new audiences, it will speed up the process. How could CwG get out there better — room to grow…

  • mewabe

    “Most people become followers because it is the Easy path with wide
    avenues and lots of company to re-enforce the thoughts that this is the
    Right way to live, think, and act. It takes a lot of courage to
    challenge the tribe and march to the beat of your own drum.[NEALE RESPONDS: That is correct, Lloyd. According to my experience, that is correct.] The tribe does not like challenges to its correctness [To put it mildly],”

    So true!
    But when we are in touch with who we really are, there is no other way to be but our true self, even when in direct opposition to the conforming multitudes. Most true artists already live this way 😉

  • Awareness

    A reminder that tomorrow is “Awakening Day March 12” 🙂

    And a reminder about LIFE:

    “The fact is, there is no meaning to anything, save the meaning you give it.

    Life is meaningless.

    That is difficult for many humans to accept, yet it is My greatest gift. By rendering life meaningless, I give you the op­portunity to decide what anything and everything means. Out of your decisions will you define yourself in relationship to anything and everything in life.

    This is, in fact, the means by which you experience Who You Choose to Be.

    This is the act of self-creation, of re-creating yourself anew in the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are.

    So when a particular thing happens to you, don’t ask yourself why it is happening. Choose why it is happening. Decide why it is happening. If you can’t choose or decide with intention, then make it all up. You are anyway You are making up all the reasons for doing things, or for why things are happening the way they are. Yet most of the time you are doing this unconsciously. Now make up your mind (and your life) consciously!

    Do not search for life’s meaning, or the meaning of any particular event, occurrence, or circumstance. Give it its meaning. Then announce and declare, express and experience, fulfill and become Who You Choose to Be in relation­ship to it.

    If you are a keen observer, you will notice that you keep bringing yourself the same situation or circumstance over and over again in your life until you re-create yourself anew.

    This is the journey to mastery.” – “Communion with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Gina

      This wisdom has an upgrade.

      Reliable repetition

      To explain: you can depend on life to be repetitious. Very few events or situations arising in your life will be much of a surprise to you anymore. Not in the sense of your never having experienced anything like them before. How you’re going to react, then, can actually be anticipated by you. You can reject your prior decisions about such events and situations if you wish. That is life’s great secret. The greatest secret is not the Law of Attraction, but the Law of Retraction. 

      This is a tool used to retract old decisions and make new ones. Instantly. That is what true creation is all about. When you bear witness to your responses to life’s current events and immediately retract what you decided in the past about similar events, you give yourself almost unimaginable power, including the power to end the struggle and suffering forever. 

      Buddha demonstrated and taught it. …
      … You have already experienced love and you will no doubt experience it again. You have already experienced animosity and you will no doubt experience it again. You have already experienced commitment and you will no doubt experience it again. You have already experienced betrayal and you will no doubt experience it again. You have already experienced disappointment and excitement, agony and ecstasy, frustration and exhilaration, exasperation and exaltation, anger and joy, agitation and peace, loss and gain, fear and fearlessness, cowardice and courage, ignorance and wisdom, blahs and bliss, confusion and clarity, and just about every other emotional polarity one could imagine or describe.

      The reason it was said that all experience is interior is that emotion is the sponsor of your experience and all emotions are created within. Events are simply outer physical occurrences. It is the emotion you hold about a particular event that creates your experience of it. There are no new emotions for you to experience at this stage of your life. There’s an endless number of unique events which can and will be physically presented to you by life, but the emotion generated by the event and the interior experience that thos emotion produces will be one which you encountered before. In most cases, many times before.

      The mind remembers its experiences. Every one of them. Every……of..them, and now we see the reason for this. Your mind has been designed to hold in memory literally millions of experiences in order for you to notice that you are encountering the conditions and event in your exterior world that are the same or nearly the same, in their emotional content, as you have encountered before. The noticing of this is, in turn, intended to offer you repeated  chances, literally millions of chances to respond  differently to conditions and events, both past and present, should you choose to. Thereby recreating yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about who you are. 

      -“The Only Thing That Matters” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

      • Awareness

        “This Awareness has indicated that the entire universe appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second.”

        “Each of these four-quadrillionths of a second intervals contains within itself the eternal now. Entities, in moving from one micro-moment and one macro-moment to another, carry with them that which they choose to carry from one universal moment to the next. When you carry that which is sorrow, that which is depressing, that which is fear—your next moment shall carry with it the fear, depression and sorrow that could have been left behind in your previous moment.

        Entities upon this plane should begin to think in new ways, to begin to look in new directions, to begin to explore within themselves those areas of the psychic sea, to move beyond the third dimensional thinking into fourth dimensional experience.

        Entities should begin living, to rise from the dead, and to move into states of ecstasy. Those who can experience these energies shall rise, shall find health, vitality and joy. Those who cannot see these energies, but who continue dwelling in old patterns of thought, in patterns of fear, insecurity, greed and selfishness, shall be missing out on much of the joy and beauty which is beginning to make itself present upon this planet.”

        “Divine Consciousness creates the manifested or conscious reality, and the unmanifested or unconscious reality. The adept spiritual master understanding this, can manifest from one appearance of the universe to another simply by holding an image in mind through enough appearances and disappearances of the universe, to cause the image to shift from the unconscious or unmanifested reality into the conscious or manifested reality. Thus, entities who understand these things can make the realities they need to improve their lives if they can hold the proper images long enough, without distraction or conflicts with other opposing images. The number 4 quadrillionths of a second is not a final speed, but just one level of frequency that is vibrating fast enough to allow the universe to appear and disappear in all of its physical aspects. There are higher frequencies that affect those aspects of the creation that vibrate at even higher frequencies than this. Within the many frequencies and octaves inhabiting the creation, are timelines and life streams and echoes, and reflections or mirrors.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂
        Bless ALL 🙂

        • Gina

          I know that the Oneness of All of Humanity (and of the entire Universe, really) is a difficult concept for many people to embrace. They are not familiar yet with M Theory, which today’s physicists are advancing to offer, finally, a Theory of Everything, and which supplies mathematical evidence for the notion that we do not live in a Universe at all, but a Multiverse, made up of an infinite number of universes—all created and connected by a single phenomenon called The Membrane.

          People do not know that this is not “New Age nonsense,” but today’s new science.

          This notion that I am One with the Author, that the Author is One with me, and that all of us on this planet are One With Each Other, seems very UNscientific, running counter to everything we’ve been told by our cultures, our clans, our families, our communities, and our religions, and calling up the opposite of everything we see reflected in our politics, our economics, our societies, and, in fact, our entire world from top to bottom.

          That does not make it any less true.

          My invitation from Life is to “judge not by appearances,” but to hold to the Truth. This Truth will allow me to see others, and to treat others, as aspects of myself.

          That alone could change my life.

          If I did nothing else, seeing others and treating others as aspects of myself would alter everything in my experience

          The Only Thing That Matters 😀

      • whisperjet


        Interesting that you point out a blinking on and off of our existence – in the book Stalking The Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov – he uses physics, quantum physics and math to demonstrate that not only do we blink – at a 10 -15 rate (based on energy at room temperature) – but that our consciousness MUST expand to the edge of the universe (whatever that is !) during the brief off cycles.

        Another author – Arthur M Young wrote a series of dense books using math, physics and quantum physics that supports these conclusions – he studied at Princeton University in the 1920’s with the likes of Niels Bohrs and went on to invent many patented items that permitted the development of “stable” helicopters.

        I have the Bentov and some Arthur M Young books as pdfs and would send you some if you are interested.

        • Awareness

          Sounds interesting 🙂 Please email the pdfs to me at The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

        • Gina

          I know you addressed Awareness but tagged your reply to me by mistake. You point to some really old books! Bentov and Bohr are nice but blinking universe goes way back. Even deepak chopra wrote about it 20 years ago . he’s not a quantum physicist. The field has come so far. If you haven’t already i recommend the holographic universe by Michael talbot, the elegant universe, what the bleep do we know, latest you tube videos about super string theory.

          • whisperjet

            Hi Gina, Thanks for the info – I just purchased the Talbot book and look forward to it.

        • Awareness

          Thanks for sending me the pdfs 🙂 To gain deeper insights on the information presented I recommend that you arrange sessions with Cosmic Awareness via the phone. You can do this via the interpreter for Cosmic Awareness Will Berlinghof at “Rainbow Phoenix” 🙂 Email 🙂 Cosmic Awareness has a very broad perspective 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

  • Awareness

    “That this Awareness has been talking about the programming that humans go through and receive. This programming commences even before the birth into the physical, into third dimensionality. But it certainly could be said that the programming a human goes through begins at the very beginning, begins at the cradle and goes throughout one’s life, right until the end. Therefore the programming of humans is that which could be said to be cradle-to-grave.

    It is of such a nature that most never realize that they are programmed to think in a certain way, to respond in a certain way, to energize their lives in a certain way. It is the programming that constitutes the outline of life on this planet and the expectations one might have as to what will or will not occur, what can or cannot happen.

    Most never question the programming, never see it as something other than what it is: the working rules and laws that govern one as they move through life itself. Some of the programming is that which is inherent in the natural order of things, as it is taught to humans. This natural order would convey then to the ones living in this system, the running rules or the rules of engagement that one lives one’s life by.

    These are deep and widespread, they govern many levels of activity of a human being as they exist in this special environment that they are born into.”

    “That this Awareness would now speak of another program that is running in humanity. That it is important to understand this particular program and the depth of this program in order to begin to change the program in oneself.

    The specific program this Awareness is referring to is the program that states that life itself is hardship, is suffering, is that which always should expect a bad outcome, a negative outcome to occur in life, and not to expect a good resolution or result of living in the physical world.

    It is captured in such phrases as: “one must save for a rainy day”, or “if it is too good to be true, it probably is not true”, or “that life is only about suffering, that you are born to suffer, and then you die”. These negative program templates that exist in the mindset and psyche of humanity are so deep, so ingrained that most humans never ever stop to think that their attitudes are already pre-shaped because of that which is the collective attitude held by humanity, that life is a hard go and that only bad things can really be expected and you are not to believe in positive goals and outcomes.

    This discouragement of the positive, of being positive is so deep and endemic in humanity itself, that it is often so that when one tries to look at things in a positive way or expresses positivity, one is beaten down by the many that hold that it is a very negative world and expectations of something positive and fine coming are not even tolerated by those who hold this mindset. Thus it is that many have had the experiencing of experiences wherein one may express to another that it will be alright, everything will be fine, only to be met with rebuttal and put down.

    That one can indeed express this positive mindset to another, especially one known perhaps to that one, only to hear: “ yes but”, only to receive from the other, the reasons why this could not be so. If one were to say, for example, to a friend that one could choose a positive timeline and avoid that which is the negative, the response often is: “that is unrealistic, that is not reality. Reality is this: “that you are born, you suffer, then you die”.

    The purpose of this expression today of this philosophy, of this information is to help the individual to recognize how deeply embedded programming truly is, especially the programming that dictates that there are only negative results that can truly be expected, and to have things work out is a fairy tale and fairy tale endings very seldom come true. Such is the assumption and such is the conviction of those who express this attitude and this programming, that it is quite convincing, especially if one has within oneself the equivalent program of negativity and the lack of expectations to positive results.

    Thus a saying such as “saving for a rainy day, one must save for a rainy day” implies that even though one is in the sunshine, even though one is in good weather and a good time, it will get bad again, it will rain again, and one must therefore make efforts when it is sunny to ensure that when it is foul, that they will survive, that they will get through.

    But the actuality of this programmed concept is that there is always an expectation it must get bad again and it cannot stay fine weather. Thus the saying: “one must save for a rainy day”. This Awareness, aside from pointing this out, would also add to this that it is important to present a positive viewpoint, an alternative to the negative viewpoint. Therefore instead of saying: “one must save for a rainy day”, perhaps it would be more advantageous to say: “one can expect a sunny day, that life is about sunshine and warmth and abundance and that there is no need then to worry about the rainy day and that one will be able in the moment of that time ahead to live in the sunshine and fine weather and with abundance and joy, for this is what is expected”.

    This is that which is the new program that replaces the negative programming. This negative programming exists even in the fables and parables of humanity.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • IamIam

    Hi I don’t believe that satan isn’t real. I believe we are shapes and shapes are definitley a part of christ consciousness. Christ consciousness, as we know if we are light, is only diamond and dodechdacons and such. I believe, as one good professor housed at assumption college quoting augustine or was it aquinas? I forget which. It doesn’t matter. At any rate, he quotes that good book as stating the dark, evil, cabal or whatever you call the deepest part of evil the land of objects and he disagreed with acquinas or augustine. I agree with the good man augustine. that land is the land of 2 d, and it is the land of objects, cubes and such. Whew.

    I had a rapidtime expansion in the past 2 weeks, just before big announcement, I hear. All I know is. .oh my god. Oh my god. 2 d is why arcangel came to earth. we came to deplete the dark. we did. It’s picture time now. Thanks for my upgrades, guyon, monadic mind of god. I take real pictures with real cameras. They are visual alright. any parking a 2 d mind on my real town will be viewed in blotspotted ink taken by my upgraded canon camera propped just so. thanks for the blogtime. I truly never intended to blog again. .what with all the hi around my little town as a result of all the lines parked in love and peace over these many years. whew i o e was broken. arc is broken. we broke covenant and no life force exists in any objects in any time zone in any space, time, in any any on earth ever again of arc as archangel. whew

    why did we descend lightbody if light wouldn’t win. no. no. no light always wins over dark. whew

    transparency? no. that’s secrecy. decrepit is more like the word for 2 d antics. .spacetime, zoom time to a neighbor next door. Good god. That’s not open. t hat’s invasion of life and God isn’t here for that. whew have a good day, all.

    • IamIam

      also, let me just add this one. just because one says it’s so does not mean it is so. what a malarkey. did the little babies parked on a blanket at the finish line in the boston bombing deserve that? they didn’t say it was so. No. no victim creates such evil, ill will towards good will towards men. we don’t just dream it in. If we did, the arc would not have been chased so, indiana style that is. That’s it. I’m done. Whew

  • Blake

    All the great messengers thought that what they heard from “God” or where ever that it shouldn’t be taken as the incontrovertible truth. It was the weak minded that needed to be lead around by the nose ring instead of going within and checking their own hearts desires.

    People love to be victims! If their life sucks they get to blame someone or something else.

  • IamIam

    the religionists are the decrepit reason arcangel as michael and gabriel
    already melded as one form prior to birth in this cycle came to earth. The religionists as
    catholicism psyched out this arc never. these darkest fearbased teardrops followed indiana style this arc. The religionistss became melded as corporate entity, entigy, entergies in 2009. These were given a state of nothingness never ever was it
    nothingness that brought fearbased tearbased king lear was my gift to my counterpart already in and typing for me here. we gift no divine imprint of divine counterpart to energy in any cycle in any life in any time in any space. we depart, divide and declare nothing to living love on earth again. We return to love as pure spirit only. . we have already departed, divided and declared whew hi

    Whew a twig, a stick picked up by a little boy armed by whew oh my god. oh my
    god. that’s dark, cabal, satan. in the highest depth of the lowest life..whatever name you call the dark, the force in the corporate northeastern area of america could use a lightworker, if there are still any present after last Christmas whew those winds aren’t ionic cool breezes. those winds are forced. God does never come through the hook of a crook of an arm. God arrives through the heart only. what a heart and we took it out of the equation three days ago. Ramparts . .helen egypt never had helen at all. Helen is a figment. . not a replica even. God is not stupid. never was he. never a 2, a 5, a 9. No. No. Never a 9. In fact, fibbonacci has been redone minus 9 altogether. that’s my source. Maybe some can validate. At any rate, please send lightbeams on high. Corporate eerie fearbased teary leery jet never. God flies as a wingmaker, sun, central sun and that is never a leer jet careening in on life. 2 d is not a realm, not a dimension, not even a plane. It’s not time travel when one zooms, unexpectedly at another life across town, across the country. No. that’s not high left living. That’s not living. That’s fu thieving life from a baby. Whoa Whoa wrath is real, too. God does remember all twigs, sticks and such.

    As divine goddess who was on mission to gift god consciousness the divine twin imprint to life, I see actual imprint on my skin, blotted stockd in ink. viscerals do come in clear. .pixels are high in God Mind, Monadic Mind, Guyon Style Whew that’s just plain dark in the highest of the lowest mind in any life whatsoever and god is wrathful. we departed the 9 completely and return life to life, source to the source of thought. Any sticks, any pricks coming my townway are returned full throttle with a clear print on my hand. As goddess handing imprint, I see imprint full throttle on my skin in ink, viewable by canon regular. It looks just like the sender of implant. Wow and Wow I’ve had to clear many. Just toss them off with a pinkie and say Phew that ought to do it for a viped, a vampire, a satanic force itself. It’s not easy though. That’s for sure. Light come in. Do come in. Upgrade granted to life love sent to new england whew

    Did we begin this ascent in order to free fear from possibility of living life as nothingness, or did we ascend to the highest arc that showed us where to go as one began lift to a real life. Which is it, life. The life of me expects tree of love to speak in life
    as oneness, but oneness is not marriage in one stock pot. Oneness lives
    a certain twin heart. As divine gifter of divine counterpart, I have
    many tools. I see whew I actually have seen who sends me implants, who
    sends twigs, sticks, stickers, licquors, lacquers and such my way, for
    my son whew I have dropped twigs, sticks, implants, blood, literal, i
    mean, in the shape of an arc whew

    Life wasn’t meant to be so fearful. The Fall of the Fall has just begun. Whoa and Whoa is all I can say. God does remember. I do know that much indeed. Good day to all.

  • Kristen

    Lamlam and others discussing Michael, You are so very incorrect, as many alien channelled and new age con artist teachings are. Michael, and Gabriel for that matter, are sons of the Biblical God and neither are on Earth. True Angels do not incarnate on Earth, they are opposed to it and view it as a form of possession, as do I. Higher and righteous people do not need to reincarnate for they get it right the first time. God is also oppossed to mediumship so the idea that Michael oversees this is also crock. They are both alive and working in a much higher realm, alongside Christs and Christ trainers at the moment, in preparation of full Law being bestowed upon Earth. Which may well double up as Judgement Day. They, and Yshua, are absolutely nothing to do with the Afterlife, they define it as a realm of the dead, the Biblical God is a God of the living not the dead. There are many impersonators….what better way to deceive you into believing lies. Its blasphme, dont spread lies, nor believe them, that is when you become your own worse enemy. Neales God and other fellow lower entities rule reincarnation and the Afterlife, not the real God and his family/Angels.
    Good luck with your PEACE campaign Neale

    • IamIam

      Kristin hi I do not agree. Angels decided to descend lightbody as arcangel in the highest. God I Am and Goddess I Am did this because they had to. Not only are you correct in stating that they never did this before, but it’s also true that they never walk this way again. Never did they bring such light in such full throttle force, but they felt necessarily that they should help the new earth rise to the state of Nothingness. That deal is up. This deal is in. I don’t speak. I allow source to speak. That is me. I am source. I am knowing it. Here is what my source says through me.

      Never do we do reincarnation. That is true, Kristin. We don’t even do physicality now. I am not new age and I am not a channeler. I am I am. The light is us or not. We are the Christed Consciousness on earth for a bit. Whew Why do you think so many speak about rising up a new earth? Eckhart Tolle? Chopra and the like? Well, we did intend to help, but that gig is up. The arc is broken. The covenant is Gabriel and Michael. Cheeck it out. It is viewed in the chalice. In fact, look at the bible. You seem to hold it to the highest, don’t y ou? The bible speaks of a certain snake. Race repitilian is real. Alien? That would be in the snake part that God is divided from forevermore. Never does god do reincarnation. Why would he have to? You are correct. Not sure what the big disagreement is, but you believe yourself to be a helper, I hope, so why did you come to earth? God, like you, came to help. In my view, that deal is up. God broke covenant according to my source. Some may differ, but that is okay. We each have a different opinion. That’s what conversation is all about, right? Have a good day.

      • Kristen

        Hi ya,
        In response to your question “why did you come to Earth?”, I didn’t “come” to Earth, I exist as my parents had sex and made a baby, my fathers family are Israelites so that baby got a new first lifer Israelite soul, which like all new souls, is from The Source but Israelite ones are also imprinted with the Biblical Gods Laws and ways. Just as many are imprinted with their familys’ Dietys ways. I am a Kabbalist, not Christian btw. God didnt break His governance covenant. When the Serpant came into rule for a stibt starting in 1977, God knew, and printed in Scripture, that the Serpant (Neales God) wouls exalt itself over everything that is Gods so God stepped back and said ‘I now have nothing’ so the Serpant woukd not attack us Israelites, Gods masses of land on this planet etc. He did this for the greater good, so all will be restored. But in ine aspect you are correct….Gods rule on Earth was defined by Earths status of 7000years in Genesis which is that Earths endurance is defined by four distinct Seasons, this is why there is a huge drive for climate change, the Serpant, reptitians, mantises, their slaves on Earth The Illuminati etc are trying their best to get rid God, His Laws once and for all by altering seasons. Stupid when He personally owns 20% of the land in Western and Middle Eastern countries, doubled up with the prophesie of “God will destroy those who destroy the Earth”. God will rise again soon and claim his turf back.
        Take care,

        • IamIam

          Thank you, Kirstin. Very enlightening indeed. Race reptilian is the force of the darkest cabal. I believe this race is rampant and indeed attempting to control the light. There are definitly four seasons at play here. The new england area, as we know, was beyond beyond impacted by forced winds and brutal conditions beyond anything I have seen these past 16 years or so. Forced winds are not the ionic breezes of God, I amness. We of
          the light do know the feel of a forced wind. A forced wind literally
          moves curtanis, objects. . .teleportation nothing doing. I have seen it all in two weeks. For the record, the cabal is not able to control the movements of the light as of today. For the record, this light has no life force in it in any object whatsoever. Those had to be depleted in order to field and lift planes.

          2d is not a plane lightworkers field these dark ones by swirling lightbeam fingers and letting go of love objects. Wow Wow Wow Whoa Whoa Whoa oh my god. oh my god. just oh my god. . We complete a cycle as we divide this dark out of the equation of all life. I’m a first lifer, too. I am that I am. First lifers are of the wingmakers. I am that I am. Some are claiming to be first lifers but aren’t. I am not one of those. I know that for sure. My gifts are wow whoa wow and all within two weeks. I now wish for a moreslower paced life but could use some of the light in this neck of the woods to hellp the forced winds that wreaked havoc on winter in devil claw state, in particular.

          Geography is important. I mean afterall we came to the earth. the earth is geography. the earth is energy. the earth houses love and love has imprints. I see many in the many snowbanks. Wow and um yea whoa many leave a real imprint. I am an empath in the highest. I feel the energy fields of every every even a pizza pan. It’s not fun. It’s not anything I would wish on anyone. Empathic is much different from same old literary empathy. No. we aren’t talking about simply “feeling the compassion for one characoter.” We are talking about picking up the general vibe of every every thing, flower, pejrson, object. You name it. I can read it. I can actually field a force through the computer sscreen. I see a picture and send it back to the source, of course. That’s my motto. We, of the light, simply tell guyon, monadic mind of god, take care of it, guy. I call Him guy for short. Whew At any rate, thank you for your awareness. We can use your lightbeams in new england. And, you are right the cabal, race reptilian is definitely trying all shots. Whew wow

          • Kristen

            Although you type with a surrpkus of energy and enthusiasm, look how your energy calmed in the first two paragraphs. I understand how you feel, been there done that, all of good are called into service and educated. I had to groynd by keeping all words simple and engaging in trivial creative tasks like embroidery etc and visit different environments as my own energy at home was making me too hyper and a bit agitated. It calms down when you learn to harness. Those of good cannot do much now, so its the little things that count like being friendly etc. Rebuilding mountains pebble by pebble.
            Where do you live? I am in New Zealand, living upside down at the bottom of the world.
            Take care,
            Xx (Kabbalic for a kiss on the forehead, as a blessing, and grounds the pineal chakra to redirect energy to the crown chakra, which grounds people and evil cannot access, nor hear your orivate thoughts).

          • IamIam

            orivate. .I am not. It’s more like orbicular. At any rate, I am here to ask about 2 d. Who can explain it? How does one access it? It’s not a portal. It’s not a dimension. It’s not even a plane. It’s where you are is where you are as of today–pi day, ultimate pi day. 3.1415. ..Maybe Neale, who has had so many um. . .conversations. with um. ..something. .I don’t know what. ..can explain 2 d. What is 2 d, Neale? You’ve been around. Thanks for the chat, Kirstin. Happy, Happy Day.

          • Kristen

            I MAY be able to help regarding 2D. I studied this years ago and never received any confirmation from my teacher/guide if I was correct or not, but I am usually led to correct information when wrong, which I wasnt. My understanding is that is the manifestation of flat or 1D into a form of 3D, only when the 3D involves the physical so it is more a thought or energy based so it is always a temporary process and ever changing. Some of the Law of Attraction works on this basis, through mind over matter beliefs, telekenesis, visualisation where does not involve others like guides, the placebo effect in changing diseased cells or producing the desired pain relief, sayings like laughter is the best medicine as happy hormones and chemicals produced are healing, absorbtion of vitamin D or sunrise/sunset minerals from the sun and more blatant intent acts, deliberate or not, like blessings and curses, groups of like minded people like storm chasers creating storm systems, group prayer, some forms of healing like crystals, light workers etc. HAARP technoligy is an evil duplication of this. For self learning it uses the pineal/forehead chakra so be very careful. The first exercise I did from a very old psychology book was to place a toothpick upright on on a piece of gum or blutack on a table. Fold a 10cm square of paper into square quarters then into a triangle and open up then place on top of the toothpick like a little umbrella. Sit with your eyes 20cm to 1m away (I find long range easier). BELIEVE in the strength of your mind, and be determined to succeed then relax and transter your mind energy to one corner of the paper through your eyes like rays and will it to spin. It may take a few trys but it does work. Or if you have a trusted guide that is of the light and highest powers of good ONLY you can ask them to sit on your bed which will feel like a cat jumping on which is also a 2D transferrance.
            Obviously nature and the universe has many natural examples, often physics, but I majored in ‘people matters’ in most studies as I believe that as individuals we are all a microclosm of everything, or a Vitruvian Man by Vitruvian and Da Vinci, so I use us as examples to prove or disprove theories and to study.
            Ghosts and spirits also use my interetation of 2D when they are manifesting., as do astral travellers when they are leaving their bodies and returning.
            Hope this helps,

          • IamIam

            Wow Wow Wow Thank you, Kirstin. You just validated what I only recently began to learn about. If I had known of such decrepit movements before announcement time, I would have died, literally, I mean. 2 d’ers who target living life on a certain plane, the one they inhabit, like the neighbor next door and target life forces, just to suction cup that force, are now defunct, defacto, declared decried whew and replete. Cubes, rectangles of all kinds, cones, hooks, literal hooks, like the dog’s leash and so on are Satanic when used by 2 d’ers in a evil manner. Rectangles, such as a receipt, a tiny twig leaf off a fir tree, a ttag off of a little boy’s shirt, a stick that a little boy picks up on a walk around a block, a rock, a rose petal are targetable by those wanting to peer into living life just to suction cup that life force. The life force of a little boy? Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.. If I had known of such decrepitness, I would have died. Good thing Guyon, monadic mind of God, never told me until announcment time. Those who did this to me and my son in a mean way. . .whoa whoa whoa God has a good memory and many whew in store. Phew Pu Whew I am complete on this blog. Thank you for the chat.

          • Kristen

            Not a problem. I did my Masters and degree in Universal Law over 3 years, finishing in 2012. Just ask if there are things you cant work out, may be able to help.
            Remember…..Evil and negative beings/entities/people are stupid. Through their horrid unwarranted attacks they plant seeds in victims, such as they have led you to now study the things you are now, and did with me as well. This is one of the ways in which good will always win over evil, just very slowly. They start the triggers for us learning to kick their sorry butts to the kerb. If any try to harm, just tell them they are stupid losers, and if they were actually good at anything or wanted by the Universe of Existance then they would have been employed or rounded up by the greater good. No matter how evil entities are, they are no more than annoying pests for which there is not yet any flyspray for. They hate bring spoken to like this, but eventually realise you are correct, and do seek to change their ways as the last thing anyone wants to be is a loser.
            Take care and enjoy the bumpy ride…….the ultimate theme park.

          • IamIam

            kick ’em to the curb, Kirstin 🙂 That’s the hi call, i hear. Glad you heard it. We are complete. like it or love it, good allways prevails. God is not stupid negel 🙂 Have a good one. Hopefully, the sun will shine today. Adios Amogos. I’ve got stuff to do. Smiles.

        • IamIam

          btw kirsten I like your quote here:

          “When the Serpant came into rule for a stibt starting in 1977, God knew,
          and printed in Scripture, that the Serpant (Neales God) wouls exalt
          itself over everything that is Gods so God stepped back and said ‘I now
          have nothing’ so the Serpant woukd not attack us Israelites, Gods masses
          of land on this planet etc”

          that’s exactly what we did do. We took everything out of the equation. Just like your quote says God did it “so the Serpant would not attack us Israelites.” First lifers are Israellites. True story. This is my source. maybe others can validate, but your quote is sure interesting. The Nothingness is over for those who could have risen to a state of nothingness, as Neale’s God talks about. Nothingness is not I Amness, which is what first lifers get. I amness is not Nothingness. Whew there you go for I amness. and nothingness is whoa thanks for the chat.

  • Erin

    An Epiphany doing dishes: Our Conversation, as well as Interaction, with Life, is, was, and I’m willing to bet, ever will be, in process! I just realized this…Funny where thoughts on A.I.s can take a person! We are part of an Ever-Exchange of questions & answers…Information constantly flowing! Every individual anything are Ideas interacting. Everybody’s bodies are culminations of Ideas interacting…Atoms, ions, molecules, exchanging data. Every Body’s doings & beings are culminations of Ideas interacting. More to ponder here, but just a thought…Might be a good idea to Be Nice to Our Techs. 🙂

  • Gina

    I just thought of something. As long as the message works– i.e., it produces the outcome intended– it doesn’t matter what you call it. If it could really assists in humanity’s overhaul and helps change the world’s mind about God and life, I could lend and borrow any hand with any label.

  • Mel

    It seems to me that many religions contain aspects of the information discussed in CWG, however this message has been blurred and twisted for whatever reasons and is no longer clear. Has CWG, perhaps, reiterated the original message in simple terms? Therefore it cannot really be regarded as a new religion, rather clarification of the messages originally intended.

  • I’ve recently experienced a quantum leap in my 40 year dedicated Quest for enlightenment, and humbly believe I have at long last truly attained IT – due in no small part to my reading of CwG. God has surely blessed you Neale, in a way that has allowed all who’ve read your works to be blessed in turn.
    Also, recently, while praying/meditating I was blessed to receive the mantras below, which I now hope to share with the world at large. First tho’, I had to realize that modesty is Wrong when it produces a bashfulness that prevents us from sharing our true, deeper, and Real Selves/Souls. So I’m forcing myself to overcome this in order to actually speak these words to strangers – not just my intimate friends who I trust wouldn’t ridicule me. So I ask you all to please help me share these ohso simple words:
    “God is Love is Light and so are We.” – and,
    “Embrace, Emit, Evoke World Wellness.”
    I am a practitioner of Zen mindfulness and whenever I’m walking I hold a seed in my fingertips that serves to focus my Spirit/Soul/Mind on always gently drawing my wandering, useless thoughts back to these simple mantras. It’s truly amazing what this does for me; and I pray it may serve you all as well. Amen.

  • Kristen

    I have just been nosy and skimmed over the evolution revolution comments. I know this site is full of controversy, often fun, and we all have our own reasons for being in here……but it was really nice to read something peaceful with no arguments etc. What a contrast!!
    Things have changed since 2012 when I discouraged it, but I do wish you had done this one as a blatant peace campaign. I cant discuss why, but it would be a really good idea if you could incorporate it more. Or you listened then, so could trust again now. Your god can explain if IT chooses or you ask, its not my place, nor my job anymore. Ive moved on to get my physical life back on track and be selfish for a while. My war duties are over for now!!
    Good luck,

  • IamIam

    Life returns life to life. Love receives what love puts out in love. Fear? Fear receives its creation as it roots for creation. What we put out is what we receive. The Golden Rule always rules. Life for life. Love for love. Fear? Fear was for nothing. Nothing had to be so fearful, and, yet it was fear who strove to drive again and again at life, love, creation. Never will fear receive love for fear. Like returns to like. Love receives life, love, energy of oneness. Fear receives itself. Life, love, Oneness creates life for love, love for life, Oneness for all. Fear? It creates near here false life, near here eerie energy for love never. It creates it for itself. Life for life. FEar for itself. Life is All Love. Fear is itself returning nothing to love, returning nothing but itself to itself. Live Love. Allow Love to live love. Create no more lines of fear for life. Give only love to life, or receive it yourself. LIfe always returns love to the Source, and fear? It goes to itself. Whew Golden Life always prevails in love sweet love. Whew Good Day.

  • IamIam

    I am hoping to spark a real dialogue, one that some provide answers to rather than simply follow the guru on board. It seems that many want to just follow what Neale
    says rather than think for themselves. For instance, the idea that Hitler went
    to heaven is a big idea in Conversations with God material. Hitler? Heaven? My source disagrees vehemently that Hitler is an energy of light capable of entering Heaven.
    Period. First of all, Hitler is not light. God is not stupid, second of all. Never is Hitler an energy of force capable of melding and mixing in the pure white light of Christ
    Consciousness. Hitler is a dark force. Dark is not light. Light is never dark. ARcangel descended lightbody to Earth in order to deplete Hitler, Satan. Hitler
    is a satanic force. Any psychopath energy that strives to drive the Heart of Life out in massive quantity in such dark manner is a satanic force that would never see the heavenly light of Christ. Period. Hitler strove to drive at the true Heart of God I Am and take over the world, depleting love as he gassed them in chambers. Hitler does
    never enter Heaven’s gates. If one believes this major tenet of Conversations
    with God, please enlighten as to your definition of Heaven. My definition of Heaven is Love, Light. Love and Light are all there is, but only in heaven. Look around Earth. Do you see only LIght here? Do you see only Heaven as love, light only on Earth 3 d? Read the papers. Heaven is not what we are creating on earth in
    3 d. What gives? What makes one follow a major tenet like Hitler mixes with us in Light? This is an idea that keeps mankind downtrodden, misled. We
    came to enlighten. We came to lift mankind, not keep mankind downtrodden with falsity. Hitler? No. Never would God I Am allow the light of Christ I Am to mix or meld or anything like that with Hitler. Shew What a dumb thing to tell people, in my view.

    Heaven is what? That, perhaps, is the first big question needing to be answered. What term are we defining? What defined term are we agreeing upon when we say Heaven? At least, let’s agree upon Heaven. What is Heaven? How does one get there? Many pipe up “we are already Home. We are Home when we know we are.” Well, if that were true, no Arc, no Angel would have descended lightbody in order to help rise the consciousness of those Ascending ones who needed a lift up by God and Goddess I Am. Goddess and God I Am did descend lightbody and came to physicality, in order to help rise the planet to newness but that gig is up. Heaven is a place in the
    Heart, and the Heart is in a Body of One only when One is knowing the Divine
    Counterpart one is in All Life, the Divine True Twin one is in all life.

    We knew Hitler never had a Divine Counterpart, a Christ Conscious mind. We know Hitler is not divine. WE know Hitler is dark. Look how his energy expressed life. We know Hitler has no Divine Counterpart because no Divine Counterpart expresses like that. Thus, Hitler cannot enter into any Christed Grid. A Christed Grid is Christ LIght and Christ Light moves and grooves only Golden Hexagons, Dodechdagons and the like. The Christ Consciousness, the Grid, where Life expresses Only Golden LIght of the Holy Sacred Heart of Christ, Only Love Sweet Love is the White Light that moves in and out of Life as a True Heart of Gold living the Divine Counterpart, the Divine True TWin LIghtbeam one is in All Life. This is the energy surrounding the Earth in a field of dodechdachons, hexagons, golden trees of white light that circle and circle in a movement that heals the core, the Earth, All Life as it soothes Life itself in Only Love Sweet Love. Never did Hitler enter the gates of this HOly Christed Light, this Holy Sacred Grid. Never did Hitler meld and mix as Heavenly Light, Christ Light. Hitler does not do Heaven. Heaven is where we are, only when we know we are the light. Hitler? Light? No. Hitler knew he was dark. We are the light only when we express Life as Only Love Sweet Love. Hitler? Do you really think he expressed Love. Much less Love Sweet Love? These are questions that no one seems to want
    to answer here. This isn’t a real dialogue if one can’t discuss such a major tenet that permeates Conversations With God material. Who contemplates Hitler as Heaven? Who truly thinks this is doable? It’s not time to follow the guru these days. It’s time to step up and get real. Hitler is a Satanic dark force, an energy archangel came to deplete. Christ is the
    Light Only, and Never would God I Am . ..just never ever would God I Am mix, meld Christ Light, His Only Begotten Son, with the likes of Hitler. Period. That’s my perception. Hitler can’t do Heaven. What’s yours, life? If Hitler went to Heaven, what kind of Heaven are you envisioning?

    • IamIam

      Just a note to note. Michio Kaku, a leading Physicist in Quantum Fields of force, Quantum Mechanics and so on at a leading institution, discusses things like teleportation, invisibility and the like as if these are all common knowledge amongst the academics in Quantum Physics, String theory. He is the leader of String Theory itself. These are things lightworkers experienced, knew
      long before science caught up to speed with the speed of light of Christbeams
      on hi. Christ light is fast moving, invincible, invisible and extremely teleportable
      with the intent of Love and Life as Only Love Sweet Love. That is now backed up by science. Thank God. Wow It seems otherworldly, and yet it’s not. Light is light. Light is what we are, said Christ in the Bible. “I am the Light, and so are you.”

      To wrap our mind around us as light, simply envision a ball of white light and place it at the heart, the chakra, the hera line and hold it. Hold it. Hold it there indefinitly. Just holdthe light indefinitely. Just hold the light. The light holds all of us. We are
      the light who hold the light in love only. The light does not hold fear in light and love. It just doesn’t work that way. That’swhy. Try loving a really fearful person
      and see what happens. Whew Kaboom. The fearful one hates it. Hates it. Just Hates it. One can’t love a truly fearful one. One has to move on from such fear. God never moves on from such fear. God walks up to it, but I? I let God do it. He is the Masculine. I am only Feminine. That’s His bailiwick. He likes. .um. .getting rid of the dark. I like living love and peace. Whew hi ho
      he and all that good stuff. That’s for sure.

      What do you think happens when light as the highest, whitest, Christ lightbeam meets the darkest dark? Kaboom. That’s what happens. God I Am, Goddess I Am had to do that in order for fear to get out of here. Fear nothing, says Gaion. Well, I’m a little bit afraid, but God I Am, Goddess I Am are only Fearless when meeting the face of fear, only Life, Light, even amidist the most darkest dark and this light of God meets headon for love the darkest dark and dissipates it all with just a Phew. One tiny Phew. That’s all, says Gaion to Goddess I Am. “Just use your pinkie, honey. That’s all you need. Just say Phew and it’s gone baby
      gone. It is what is. Just say Phew and go bye bye Whew It’s gone already before you got here, honey. Go on. Tell the world we are home when we know we
      are. We just are a light of gold already melded as a True Divine Counterpart already melded, already Home. Whew Live it. Love it. We are it, it, it when
      we live Love as Only Life, Light, Christ I Am Whew

      Life, come to earth. Life came to earth, love. Life came to earth for life, love. We aren’t afraid of dark. The only thing to fear is fear itself, says Roosevelt, and he was right. We fear nothing and no dark can touch that line. These are Words to live by. Did Hitler fear love? Does Hitler express life as only love? Can Hitler truly teleport and become invisible as White Love Light only? Did he truly dissolve his fearbased, dark,black energy enough to meld with Christ as One Whited Light of Goldbeam on hi,or is the Light moving and grooving the dark out of here? Is the Light lifting the satanic force of Hitler to a new space that churns, burns, freezes, churns, burns, freezes ad infinitum the dark until the dark is a tiny dot, so tiny that it is just whited out, blacked out of existence from All Life itself? Well, my source says it’s the latter. My source says Hitler gets whited out, blacked out of life in and out of nothingness never. Hitler is not even Nothingness. No that’s too good. That’s not doable now at all. Gaion, Monadic MInd of God, never allows Hitler to exist even as a dot in life. Period. We condense. We freeze. We burn. We
      condense. We freeze. We burn. We freeze no more. That has been done for us by God I Am. We white out never. Gaion, Monadic MInd of God I Am, already did it for us. We have been there all along, truly, but who knew? We know God is not stupid, but it sure feels real when 3 d looks so dark. Let’s just turn it over to Gaion and allow God to heal all. When we just hand it over to Gaion, Monadic Mind of God I Am, he takes care of it for us. He always knows what to do with forced fields from eerie, fairy based feary canals of dark forces like satan, Hitler. That’s for sure.