An Open Letter to Our World:

I am excited to be able to use this space on the Internet as a place in which we can join together to ignite a worldwide exploration of some of the most revolutionary theological ideas to come along in a long time.

The ideas I intend to use this space for in the immediate future are the ideas found in GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong.  I believe this new book (published just four months ago by Rainbow Ridge Books) places before our species some of the most important “What if” questions that could be contemplated by contemporary society.

The questions are important because they invite us to ponder some of the most self-damaging ideas about God ever embraced by our species.  For example, after the idea that God is to be feared, I believe that the second most damaging notion that some humans hold about God is the thought that God might not even exist.

Why this is damaging is that it stops all atheists and many agnostics from using God’s power, even as the whole of humanity seeks to work collaboratively to create the life we all say we want for everyone on this planet.

If you see a sign on your front door from the city that the electricity is off in your house, you will not bother turning on a lamp, having concluded that there’s no point in doing so. You will then be in the dark. The power that’s flowing will be useless to you because you do not believe that it is flowing. You will not even test it, because you’ve been told by someone in authority that the power is out.

It is estimated that right now over 10 percent of the world population thinks that the power is out. That’s roughly the number of people who categorize themselves as non-religious, with 2 percent actually declaring atheism. And of the vast majority who say that they do believe in God, an enormous number nevertheless have occasional—and sometimes lifelong—doubts about whether the God in whom they believe actually exists.

Now comes The Great What If . . .

What if it is true, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God exists?

Would it make a difference? Does it matter? In the overall scheme of things, would it have any significant impact in our planetary experience?

Yes. If the entire world believed without question that a Higher Power exists, out of which life on the earth emerged, it would create a universally accepted context, a sacred or theological basis, for humanity’s collective formulation of fundamental values.

Right now the values guiding the behavior of our species are not collective or uniform. They are scattered all over the place.

One person may believe that abandoning one’s religion should be punishable by death, while another person may believe that the person who put another person to death for abandoning a religion should be put to death—to use a glaring example brought up by the news account in Chapter 2.

One person may believe that the purpose of life is to live in such a way as to please God and get to heaven, while another person may believe that the purpose of life has nothing to do with pleasing God, even as a third person may believe that there is not even a God to please.

One person may believe that all souls who do not believe in the One True Religion are going to hell, while another person may believe that all souls who seek God with a desire pure and true will avoid going to hell, even as a third person may believe that there is not even a hell to go to, much less a God to send people there.

One person may believe good and evil are defined by God, while another person may believe that God does not view the actions, choices, and decisions of human beings in these terms, even as a third person may believe that there is no Deity at all to apply such labels to human behaviors.

One person may believe that killing people as a punishment for certain crimes, or even as a means of “defending the faith,” is in accordance with God’s Law, while another person may believe that killing people for any reason is not in any way in harmony with God’s Law, even as a third person may believe that there is no such thing as God’s Law, much less a God to announce it.

Without a common belief in the existence of a Deity and a shared understanding of what is true about and for that Deity, we can’t even agree on a reason for living, the purpose of our existence, the experience—if any—that follows death, and the basis for life’s largest decisions (both as an individual and as a society).

I believe that God has been telling us from the very beginning, and I observe that it is becoming more clear to us every day, that the portions of humanity’s Ancient Cultural Story which instill doubt about whether or not there even is a Higher Power in the universe is plainly and simply inaccurate.

It is okay now to remove this ancient teaching from our current story, and to stop telling this to ourselves and to our children.

God exists.

Make no mistake about it.

God exists.

While there are those who feel that science and spirituality are the antithesis of each other, the greatest scientific mind of our time, Albert Einstein, said: “I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.”

It has been said that when he was asked by David Ben-Gurion (the primary founder and the first prime minister of Israel) whether he believed in God, Einstein—who, of course, uncovered and proposed a world-changing formula about energy and mass—agreed that there must be something behind the energy.

It might be worth, then, highlighting this: Make no mistake about it. God exists.

Albert Einstein also said, “I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own—a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty.”

Is this something upon which we can agree? God was not made in the image and likeness of Man.

Who or what, then, is God?

Here is an analogy that may help us answer this ancient question.

As humanity has moved more deeply into the twenty-first century, medical science has learned more and more about what it has called “stem cells.” These are described as undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells, and can divide to produce more cells of a specialized kind.

If harvested from a human body before they differentiate, they can be “coaxed” in a laboratory into adopting the specialized identity of any cell in the human body. This means that they can regenerate any portion of virtually any organ of the body—from brain cells to lung tissue to heart muscle to the follicles of hair on your head. This has led to a whole new branch of medicine emerging under the loose heading of nanobiotechnology.

The point of bringing all this up here?

If “nature” can do all of this within the vastly limited framework of a single human body, what could one drop of the Primal Force or the Essential Essence do within the unlimited framework of the cosmos?

Are human stem cells showing us something on the micro level that tells us something about life on a macro scale? Could God be, in a sense, the stem cell of the universe, able to differentiate in any one of countless ways?

Consider this: Cosmologists are now telling us that our universe may be—and probably is—just one of an infinite number of such manifestations. In other words, as unfathomably large as we have assumed our universe to be, it may be merely a spec in a universe of universes.

Or, to put it another way, we may live not in a universe, but in a multiverse.

This would make our earth an infinitesimal dot in a solar system that is an infinitesimal dot in a galaxy that is an infinitesimal dot in a quadrant of the cosmos that is an infinitesimal dot in a universe that is an infinitesimal dot in a multiverse that is infinite.

Can we continue to doubt that there is “something” behind, or undergirding, or having given birth to, this magnificent multiverse? Would it not be more logical to assume and conclude that some cause exists behind the effects of the physical realm? And would it be so totally senseless to call this First Cause: “God”?

It is interesting to note that science reports evidence of an extraordinary intelligence present in all of life at the cellular, and even the sub-molecular, level. Life seems to know what it’s doing, and to be doing it deliberately, methodically, consistently, and predictably. Even inconsistency can be predicted! (see Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.)

And then there is the relatively recent understanding of what is known in quantum physics as the observer effect. This states that “nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer.”

What this adds up to is that there are three elements in the “system” that we call “life”: intelligence, design, and power. It is difficult to look closely at any aspect of life as we observe it—either at the micro level of the sub-molecular world or the macro level of the cosmos—without conceding that the manifestations of physicality are simply too sophisticatedly complex, too tightly interlocked, intermixed, and interwoven, too marvelously and massively intricate and interactive, to have been the result of random chance.

It seems clear that the presence of life’s patterns is neither “accidental” nor “incidental” in the process of life itself, but that the intelligence and power evidenced in the patterns is the force behind that process. Indeed, the Source and the Creator of it.


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  • Most people would be most interested in how to use, harvest, guide, and direct such a power to our greater benefit on a continuous progressive basis. If God is simply & complexly the energy behind all physical manifestation & can be used like electricity, we would do well to understand how to use this consistently in our favor.

    If the God energy is like electricity, it can be used for good or less good purposes. The God energy itself is neutral, allowing itself to be used however we desire.

    Now to figure out how to use it to maximum benefit for us as individuals & the collective both, that is the question to answer is it not?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Yes, and to find out, check out the entry, “How to get what you choose in life,” which happens by coincidence to be the current posting in the ASK NEALE column at

      • Thank you Neale, I will. 🙂

    • IamIam

      “If the God energy is like electricity, it can be used for good or less
      good purposes. The God energy itself is neutral, allowing itself to be
      used however we desire.”

      The idea that God is neutral is about the most dangerous belief coming out of CWG. First of all, God is only Love, Light, Pure LIght positively spinning in only a positive manner. God as Neutral Energy is false teaching. If God were neutral, why did God come to Earth in order to help mankind lift a New Earth? That cannot be answered by presuming God has no mind of love in the mission plan to help lift mankind out of his stupor. God does care deeply about our mission to help mankind become more than it has become on Earth. God cared about Earth, cares about life on Earth, or God would not have called forth such a band to beat the band of all bands of all life expressing fear of life on earth, God, Love, Light, Christ Consciousness. We did fear, as mankind, our own truth, or we would have heard Christ in the Bible say, “You are me. YOu just are. You can do more than I. We are One. We are that. We are. We just are, my love. Be God. Be me. Whew” That’s the love of God.. God has a band and he sings hi only.

      Marko, could you verify what led you to believe God is neutral? Did you have a direct encounter or experience that creates this idea that God is neutral? Most who have a direct revelation of God’s Love speak only of the purity, the light, the all encompassing love forces that spin only in a positive manner. What made you come to this conclusion that God is neutral?

      The idea that God is “machinery” with a button that could care less as to whether mankind pushes negative or positive is so dangerous. It gives one the impression that God gives not a rip what we do. This is false. God does care deeply whether mankind is kind to mankind. Whew What a day. Sorry to be so forthrightful in my questionings here on this blog, but I see a dangerous system at play here and God as neutral, God as gadget, machine is why arcangel came to earth. Arcangel did come to earth and arcangel cares about this mission deeply. Whew Why do you think we came to Earth, Marko? If God cares not a wit, why did God call forth a mission to help rise an Earth to Peace and all that good stuff?

      • IamIam, I agree that God is Love & cares for us deeply. That God is neutral means we have so much freedom that we can do what we interpret as good or bad. God allows us so much freedom so much love, that we can experience what we can even interpret as the opposite of love.

        CwG book one says of all the good & evil in the world that “we love it all” If we then decide that we don’t love the bad we can eventually eliminate as much, or all of it from our life.

        We do not need to experience negativity or evil in the world, we eventually out grow it. Yet we come here to have the experiences we do until we decide or outgrow them & choose other experiences.

        God allows us to use his/her/it’s power & energy in a way that pleases us. His/her/Its/ love is so grand for us. Yet to have a neutral energy simply means freedom to be & experience any of it or all of it.

        Where did they idea come from? I simply asked Neale about it & he confirmed it. I understand your reluctance to see God as machinery. The body can be seen as a machine & yet we influence, direct & guide our body by our beliefs, thoughts, feelings & actions. Hope this helps.


        • IamIam

          Thank you, Marko. Kind as always. I understand your belief that God allows life to express as any and everything. My belief is that God does not allow life to express as fear, not beyond the Dual plane called 3 d. If we desire life to park a better line to All Life that speaks of no famine, no war, no striving at another Heart of Gold in fear, war, crime, violence and so on, then we have to move beyond 3 d, beyond Duality. Duality is what Neale’s books seem, to me, to describe.

          Neale’s God speaks of Love or Fear, Up or Down, Left or Right, This or That. My God speaks of Love, Higher Love. Life, Higher Life, Light and Grander Light. There is no room in Paradise for Dim light. Dim light is no light at all. Higher Life, Higher LIght is Heaven and in Heaven there is no room for one to park fear to any love anywhere, not just Earth, but in every space of God’s vast and spacious Mind. God’s Mind is vast and spacious.

          Anyway, here is something I was just thinking about and it seems pertinent to what we are talking about together here, so I’ll just leave it behind. I was thinking of the line that says “In order to know yourself as this, you have to know that” which is nothing more than description of a Dual plane of existence. Duality? No way. Whew Dual plane is not the hi living lane. Here is what I was thinking about just now, Marko. See if you can make sense of it and maybe respond if you feel like it. At any rate, I don’t buy the line that “one needs to see fear in order to know one’s self as love. Here it is. Thanks for the chat 🙂

          Some quote a divine dichotomy and say we are all one, and in
          the absence of that which we are not, that which we are is not. This quote says what? Let us break it down line by line. We say we are one, yet we also say we define ourselves as we declare ourselves different, unique. We acknowledge we are different, unique. Hot. Cold. Up. Down. You have to know the opposite in order to know yourself as the opposite as the saying goes. I have to know me as 10 feet tall by knowing a 4 footer and all that.

          This is not how God creates Paradise. We don’t need to know life as short in order to express life as Tall. We can be Tall
          in life and allow taller to exist in life without seeing short at all. We can do away with short altogether, actually. We don’t need to be down in life in order to know ourself as up. We don’t need to see down in life at all in order to express life as Up. That’s a better way to word it. The notion that God would want anything to be down is false. The notion that God needs down in order to know God as up is ridiculous at best.

          So, the line that says “in the absence of that which we are
          not, that which we are is not” is ludicrous. It is false. God never intended life to be fear or love. God intended life to be a choice between only love and higher and higher love. Paradise has no
          room for Fear at all. God doesn’t hang in planes of such extremities, such Dual planes that is. God hangs only in Love
          and Higher and Higher Love planes. Paradise has no Fear. Paradise has no down. Paradise is only up and only Higher
          and Higher upness. It is only UP and UP and UP.

          Marko, this is just my idea here and not meant for you. These words I wrote earlier above and I leave it because I think it pertains to what we are discussing as far as knowing the true heart of us as God. God does mind whether we express life as a bomb on another or a famine situation on a culture or whatever. God cares or God wouldn’t have shown up on Earth to help lift Earth to newness. These lines that are found in CWG, in my view, are just an example of another false teaching that I would like this room to address. Whether we do or not is always up for grabs, but if the room is truly a dialogue and not a mere monologue then I guess some might chime in or not.

          I just don’t believe God needs to know fear anywhere in order to know GodSelf as Love everywhere. He doesn’t need fear at all actually. That’s not what He intended when He created Earth, Life. He intended Life to come forth for Love, Life as only Love Sweet Love, but we didn’t. We came forth as fear on Earth and that’s why we had a mission to come forth and lift Mankind. We did have a Mission and God prefers Mankind be kind.

          “Be courageous and be kind,” says Cinderella in the new movie out now. It’s a Word to live by. That’s for sure. Be courageous and be kind always. We don’t need to see such terrible violence in the world to express as light. Never did God intend any space of God’s Mind to be expressing as violence or fear of any kind. So, I guess. .. I . .um. . don’t know if I buy into the idea that God allows us to express as any ol’ idea. It matters what we think. It matters if we desire to careen in on life and express as fear. I just don’t know about this notion. God is only Love and Higher and Higher Love. God knows God’s Self as Only Life and Life is only Love never fear. Whew Anyhoo, thanks for the chat. Top-notch, as always, Marko. Have a grand day :).

          • Hi IamIam. I don’t think we have to move past 3D to experience heaven on earth we can do that here. See CwG book 3 on the subject of HEB’s or Highly Evolved Beings.

            “I don’t buy the line that “one needs to see fear in order to know one’s self as love. Here it is. Thanks for the chat :)”

            You may want to read Neale’s book “The Only Thing That Matters”, where he explains that the idea that we either feel love or fear can be further seen as only love.

            An example: if we fear for our lives because a semi truck is heading our way, we get out of the way because we love our life. If we did not love, we would not care if we got out of the way or not. So here, fear is actually love. So I recommend you consider reading that book to further explore this idea.

            “We don’t need to see such terrible violence in the world to express as light. Never did God intend any space of God’s Mind to be expressing as violence or fear of any kind.”

            We don’t need to see such terrible violence in the world is correct, so part of our mission here is to help ourselves & others see the unnecessariness of it. Yet for others it is necessary otherwise they would not incarnate into this world.

          • IamIam

            Well, Marko. I don’t agree that anyone came to life to express fear. I think all of us planned to have a better life. I know some might disagree. I do know Mankind desires to lift a New Earth to Heaven, and Heaven is love everywhere without any kind of fear. I also know planes exist through spaces, and Earth has many planes, some of which are not the grandest and some of which are Heaven. We have many planes running through Earth, but Earth as a Dual plane where some throw bullets and stuff at living love is never a Heaven to God, not by any stretch of any’s imaginings, I would imagine. I know my Heaven has no bullets.

            Anyhoo, the idea that God hangs around in a plane where such extremities as Love and Fear exist together is not wise, in my opinion. God just doesn’t do Fear. God . .um. .did descend HIs . .um. .lightbeam, which is a hi one 🙂 on hibeam always in allways 🙂 At any rate, He did descend His hi beam and that gig is mmmm hmmmm mmm up. He called it in a little early, I hear. He says this to life. In fact, I think I’ll just put Him on the line, Marko. I talk to God, too. I don’t sit back, kick back and allow um. . , no offence, Neale, but. .um. .everyone has conversations with God as you say, and here we go. Marko, my Source through me says this on this matter called duality and 3 d:

            “Marko, the deal is I live only laughter. I live only a hi beam of white light, gold light, green light. You, Marko, live laughter and love. I am your God, Marko, um. .you could help me by not containing your lightbeam to a realm where life expresses only love and fear. I express love only. You can help me by creating a bigger splash of your lightbeam by moving and grooving it to another plane that exists in a different level than the one we find ourselves here in a dual plane of 3 d where love and fear coexist together.”

            “My Heaven is grand. My Heaven for life is only Grand. We don’t Fear in Heaven. 3 d is a land of duality, a land of up and down, right and left, this and that. I don’t desire to express Life, Love, Laughter as Fear ever. I am only Love Sweet Love for both this or that which comes in Love only. Anything coming in Fear gets the wrath of me. That’s all I can say, Marko. I express life as only Love and any coming at Love in Fear will see its own demise through its own creation. We return like to like, love to love and fear returns to itself.”

            “Fear is not in my land at all. I don’t live Fear as Heaven. I am only Love, Life, Laughter. I Am never Fear in a Highbeam of Love. Not only is Fear not welcome in Heaven, but I create a Newness for those who disarm Fear. I have Masculine tendancies and Goddess I Am has Feminine. My job as Masculine God is to protect, to have and to hold Goddess I Am as my own, and her job is to protect the Hearth, the children. She does her thing and I do myne. I do not bring Fear to the Hearth, my Heaven, nor does any who deem Heaven Home. No true God brings Fear Home. Fear is not in Heaven. No. I do not send my Holy Begotten Son to spaces so chaotic, so extreme. ”

            “I protect my Son. In fact, I never brought Him to such a dense level. It was Mankind’s vision they saw. It was Mankind’s dream they saw. My Son is at Home where He has always been. Whew I can bring more to these walls, but I have said enough. I will bring forth more Words. We have many books already through the one typing here and these shall be gifted to mankind. We shall bring a book as a gift but it will come forth in a day or two. The ones we have are now on hold for a bit. We come forth as Love and Peace. I do go to War for Love and Peace, but my Goddess never does anything but Love Sweet Love. My only Son never does War. My Holy Family never does War in Heaven.”

            “Did you think I did not hear my Holy Begotten Son cry out when he did cry for me, even in the dream mankind dreamt up as him as them? Life, listen. Life, come forth. Christ is my Holy Begotten Son and never would I create another space in life that would allow Fear to penetrate His Body. Never did they penetrate His Body. That was their dream. Are you kidding me, Life? You must dreaming a false life if you think I did not protect my Son. He never came to Earth in HIs True Heart of Gold. He was a mirror they created. He never came to Earth to lift the Dark Forces of Fearbased energies out of Earth itself. We did. I did.”

            “I repleted the cycle and Fear is gone. Will any live the Heaven here now? Will any live the Heaven of Love Sweet Love now? That is a question that only one can answer. All are free to fly as they fit the wings of love. Those finding wings of fear to careen in on life, love will find their wings clipped a bit. They will find their sheep’s wool shorn. I don’t house Fear in Heaven, Marko. Never did I. Never will I. Never should you, my Love. You are Light. You are Love. Never look to another for your Truth. Do you think God would want hell in heaven? Would God want a bomb thrown at an angel of light? That is the dream if one buys into the notion that love and fear all go to heaven. Your Heart is your Truth. Your Heart is Love Sweet Love, and love knows God doesn’t do fear in heaven. That’s ridiculous Whew.”

            “We believe as we decide to believe. We believe as we choose to be. We choose Love always in Heaven. No one chooses to bomb or come forth as fear, not even for love. Love doesn’t require life to be fear ever. Fear chooses love because fear needs love in order to have power at all. Fear has no power. Power is something only love has. I am light and light is powerful. I provide ramp ups and upgrades and gifts beyond beyond any’s imaginings when life comes forth to ramp up True Love. Love creates Life. Fear takes life and moves toward it to fear it, so that fear will have more power.”

            ” If fear can scare love into fear then it receives power, it thinks, but I think not. I see all. Love chooses Freedom to be only Love. Fear chooses no Freedom for Love. Fear careens in on Love and attempts to thwart my Heavenly purpose. I do deem Life on Earth as a good thing, or I wouldn’t have created Earth. I did deem Mankind a good thing, or I wouldn’t have created Mankind. I deem life on Earth as something worthwhile, but life on Earth was meant to be Paradise and only Paradise. Life was never meant to be so fearful.”

            “There were too many hands in the Bible, too many spoken hearts desiring the power that religion placed in the hands of many who desired only to take the power of my True LIfe, my Holy Life away from my children, my Children of the Sun. I Am the Sun. I Am the Central Sun. I do updo the Bible. It’s for the Bible’s own Good. My Word was stripped so long ago. Plain and simple. My Word was taken out of the book of life. My life is here to type it in again. I have lifetimes on Earth. I know how Life is created. I came forth as a Seed. I Am Life. I Am I Am. You are a Seed, too, Marko. Everyone is a Seed. Who knew? Who knew that God was a Seed? Who wants to know about Life, Seed, God, Seeds and Seeds of life and all that begotten stuff spoken about so long ago, and so on? Well, we are working on our books and we might gift the first of many to come to kindle. If any are interested, look for Gee and look for “Love Letters” on kindle. You’ll be able to pull these words up soon. Just look ’em up up life, love, God I am ”

            Well, there you go, Marko. I am off for now. Thanks for the chat. I’ll talk to you soon. Take care xoxo

          • Thanks for sharing.

          • IamIam

            You’re welcome 🙂 whew Have a good one 🙂

          • hempwise

            The seed of life that you talk about was the CANNABIS (Hemp Seed).
            Everything has been provided by nature for the sustainability of the life forms that inhabit the planet .Life thrives .

          • IamIam

            Thank you, Hempwise 🙂 You know, there is so much we can do with hemp. Hemp is God, too 🙂 Seeds are what we came forth as, from my Source. My Source, through me, says we came forth at the Dawn of Life as a Seed. We all have Divine Energy as a True Seed, a True Twin Seed, actually. That’s what my books are about, the True Twin Way of Life. I love that you bring up Hemp. It is definitely a great way to sustain the planet. There are so many uses that we are discovering and wow I never put it that way, but thank you. I’ll have to chew on that for a bit. Have a grand day 🙂

  • IamIam

    “Is this something upon which we can agree? God was not made in the image and likeness of Man.”

    It is true that God was not made in the image and likeness of Man, but it is also true that Man was created in the image and likeness of God. This is the Word given in the Bible so many eons ago. What created the image of Man on Earth as fear? That is a bigger question to take up, I think. Who brought Fear to Man? God didn’t. God would never desire Man to fear his own God-like attributes. Why did God come to Earth to lift Man out of the False teachings that keep Man from knowing Man’s True Heart is God’s True
    Heart. The True Heart of Man is God’s Heart of Gold when Man outpictures Life in the manner God creates Life. God gave a great image to model. He gave this image by sharing His image. He has an image in which He creates Life. Christ follows that image. “I Am My Father. He and I are One,” and all that good stuffs really mean something. Christ
    outpictures the pure image of Father God I Am, Mother Goddess I Am. Christ is a perfect example one can use to outpicture perfect life.

    Not everyone is Christian, and I know that, but substitute a Holy One, a Love-filled One and it still stands. We outpicture in the Manner God Outpictures True Love Life. God has many mansions and life outpictures in a certain mansion when it outpictures as God
    pictures life. If mankind creates a new day, it must begin to outpicture life in the manner in which that particular facet was born into. At zero hour of birth, all facets came forth in a certain manner, a certain manor, a certain house. God has many Houses. Each facet has one certain House, or it has no House in God’s Heart.

    Too many strove at God’s personal House, a House where no man dares to tread.
    This is why mankind fell. This is why it is spoken in the bible of a Tree that no man must approach. When mankind outpictures life as one’s true Divine Counterpart, one’s true House, One’s True Tree as All Life, one does not outpicture as one marriage with any ol’ thing in one stock pot, one melding pot where “all are one love, marrying lines of light in all spaces of God’s many houses as a Beloved.”

    There is only One Beloved for each Facet, and that Beloved is the True Heart of that Facet. There is One Way to Heaven, and the One Way is to outpicture as Christ does, which is in the image of Father God, Mother Goddess I Am. One must attain Heaven, Light, through All Life in only One Way, just like Christ says in the Bible. “I Am the Way, and the Way is narrow. Few enter through that eye of the needle Whew” True. God was not made in the image and likeness of Man, but also true that Man was made in the image of God. Do we follow the One Way, or do we follow a false teaching that says “marry everything in One Stockpot?” That gets you thrown out of Heaven, in my
    view. Whew

  • Leon Jackson

    We see evidence everyday that God exists. When we witness the sunshine, the rain fall, the perfection of snowflakes and all the other beautiful things we witness everyday on a daily basis, it proves there is a God. We have to realize that God is everything and everyone. having said that I believe if we come from that aspect of thinking, we would treat each other and evrything else with respect

    • Patrick Gannon

      “When we witness the sunshine, the rain fall, the perfection of snowflakes and all the other beautiful things we witness everyday on a daily basis, it proves there is a God.”

      No it doesn’t “prove” anything; only that these things happen and that there is a natural explanation for them. If what you say is true, then a child starving to death every six seconds also “proves” there is a God.

      • Leon Jackson

        Yes it does. See Patrick it is our job to look out and take care of each other. we can go around with the me way of thinking we have to go around with the

        we way of thinking because it takes all of us to make this world go around. You have to ask yourself why is that child hungry. Is it the parents that not doing there job? And if so can they afford to. If not there are so many avenues to get assistance in a area such as this. See the time has come for us as a people to look ourselves in the mirror and take accountability for our actions. Whether are negative or positive. Then be willing to help each instead of judging each other. We have to learn to be creators instead of reactors to situations. Do our part as individuals to help each cause we are part of the whole that’s what life and love is all about.

      • Leon Jackson

        Yes it does to both your points. Everything that happens, happens because God allows it to be so. Nothing happens or can happen unless it’s God’s will for it to be so. Now keep in mind that since God is everything and I do mean everything including me, you and the child starving to death. That means that the God that is me, you and everyone else need to get off our butts and stop complaining about things and do all we can to solve the issues such as hunger and everything else we feel needs to be retified in this beautiful world of ours. So that way no child dies from hunger every six seconds. If you think about the food that’s thrown away on a daily basis by everyone, that’s a enough food to feed everyone and it still be food left over.

        • Patrick Gannon

          That one believes it to be so, does not make it so. What evidence do you have that your idea of god, and not that of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and others is wrong?

          • Leon Jackson

            It makes it so based on my knowing and my relationship with God. I have evidence of that each and everyday I walk this beautiful planet and help those who need help and encourage those who needs to be encouraged. The greatest revelation one can ever fathom is realizing that they are one with creation itself my brother.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Your idea of god is the correct one because it is ‘based on your knowing and your relationship with God.’ Why should I believe you? Your idea may be correct to you, because you believe it, but that’s no reason for anyone else to believe it. You could be delusional. How would we know the difference? You’re just one out of 7 billion people, a tiny fraction of whom have embraced new age beliefs like the “New Spirituality.” What real evidence can you present that your belief is the correct one and those other billions of people are all wrong?

            What about atheists and agnostics or believers of other religions who “walk this beautiful planet and help those who need help and encourage those who needs (sic) to be encouraged”? What makes you so unique? Other people who don’t believe what you believe do the exact same thing. Why do you do it? Atheists do it with no expectation of reward or karma or life review, or reincarnation. At least when an atheist does good, you know it’s not out of fear of punishment or desire for reward. You can never know that for sure about a believer, can you?

            I have had that “one with creation” sensation, feeling, emotion, whatever you want to call it – but how do I know that’s not just an electrochemical reaction brought on by some emotional stimulus, and perfectly explainable by science? Why is it better to believe something that you know you don’t know, than it is to just admit you don’t know?

  • Angelz Divine

    I know that God exists, for I am he/she, we are all proof of his existenc! For we were created in his image. God is not fear, nor hate, rather pure i conditional love! I know this to be true in the center of my being, I can feel it. For years I was called many things becuase of my views, what an amazing thing to know that what I have known in my core is truth.

  • Christopher Toft

    “Why this is damaging is that it stops all atheists and many agnostics from using God’s power, even as the whole of humanity seeks to work collaboratively to create the life we
    all say we want for everyone on this planet”.

    It worries me when I hear this sort of talk from Neale. It makes me wonder if, as an (provisional until more data shows up) agnostic I am missing a wider, fuller life because I am unwilling to accept ideas without some evidence or experience. Are we required to believe blindly before our lives can change for the better? It is precisely “blind faith” that seems to me to be the problem – the unwillingness to examine our prior assumptions as Neale puts it.

    “Yes. If the entire world believed without question that a Higher Power exists, out of which life on the earth emerged, it would create a universally accepted context, a sacred or theological basis, for humanity’s collective formulation of fundamental values.

    Right now the values guiding the behavior of our species are not collective or uniform. They are scattered all over the place.”

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding. Is it necessary to accept life after death(Something I feel I am in no position to say one way or the other, at least presently), psychic powers etc, or are we simply talking semantics? What if we all shared a deep understanding of the power of love? A deep understanding that fear is rooted in unreality? Perhaps Neale is simply speaking of the power of love, compassion, courage and mindful observation of our experience. If this is what you mean Neale, then we are definitely on the same page, because I observe that most atheists/agnostics are blind to the power of love and see no higher meaning or power in it. i wish with all my heart more people understood unconditional love and took it’s central importance seriously and didn’t dismiss it as wishy washy hippy “tree hugging”.

    • Patrick Gannon

      I agree with you Christopher. In recent times, Neale has become more and more antagonistic to those who disagree with him – or so it seems to me. He went on a rampage against conservatives not long ago, and now he seems to be declaring that atheists and agnostics are lesser beings. The simple truth is we do not know. Science will figure it out in time. Consciousness either emerges from matter or manifests matter – and learning that is what all this ‘god’ stuff rests on.

      The insistence on “God” as a deity is also of concern. I didn’t pick up that concept so much in reading the CWG books, but he’s become pretty adamant about God being a deity – a personal god, as contrasted with something much larger and all-encompassing, like perhaps, consciousness as all that IS.

      That he would propose or insinuate that atheists and agnostics are holding back humanity really, really rubs me the wrong way. That small percent of global population who define themselves thus aren’t the ones killing others for not believing the right thing, or forcing their religious values on others. It is believers in God who are in the news every day doing all they can to be ‘hostile to the other’ and to deny them basic human rights.

      “Ours is not the only way, ours is just another way.” Yeah sure, unless you’re a conservative, agnostic or atheist. Who’s next on the hit list?

      • IamIam

        🙂 despite this image in my profile picture, I am open to all interpretations of God, All that is. This image is a replica of something grand. At any rate, I have a question for those who say they are agnostic and so on. I believe God is consciousness, All that Is, Energy, Oneness, Love and so on. If one agrees that God is Mind and Space and Time, and vast at that, can one also agree that God does express as Physicality? If God is All That Is, by definition, then God must be something Physical, too, right? That means we are Gods, too. We are Goddesses, too, and God does know how life creates life and God knows Physicality is an outward expression of life that became physical as a result of Mind and Time and Space. I don’t know. I just wanted to ask. For the record, my God is pretty easy going and doesn’t mind agnostics in the least, but I do believe God is real, and an open mind is all one needs to view it. Thanks for the thought provoking comments.

      • Christopher Toft

        “and now he seems to be declaring that atheists and agnostics are lesser beings.”

        I don’t see it like that. I don’t really hear what you are suggesting from Neale at all. It just makes me wonder if I’m missing something.

        • Patrick Gannon

          Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive, Christopher, but I don’t think so. Perhaps “lesser beings” weren’t the right words, but he’s saying to me, that atheists and agnostics are holding up the progress of humanity because they don’t believe what he believes. It is secular humanists (atheists and agnostics primarily) who have done more to bring about equal rights for ethnic groups, women, LGBTs, the disabled, etc.; and not those who believe in a deity who have brought about these advances. While I’m sure there are some sexist, homophobic, racist atheists and agnostics, it seems evident that the far greater number of such people are believers. Atheists and agnostics aren’t trying to pass laws to allow believers to discriminate against LGBTs. It’s believers in deities who are doing that.

          Neale said: “I believe that the second most damaging notion that some humans hold about God is the thought that God might not even exist.”

          So atheists and agnostics are “damaging.” There’s something wrong with them. He goes on to say:

          “Why this is damaging is that it stops all atheists and many agnostics from using God’s power, even as the whole of humanity seeks to work collaboratively to create the life we all say we want for everyone on this planet.”

          The implication to me is that atheists and agnostics are working against the rest of humanity because we aren’t using “God’s power” since we aren’t convinced any God exists in the first place. The facts simply do not back up this assertion. It is my observation that it is believers who are holding up the evolution of our species, not atheists and agnostics. Atheists and agnostics are using their own power to effect positive changes in our society – far more so than believers in deities, from what I see and read in the news.

          From there he goes on with an analogy that doesn’t even apply to atheists and agnostics, but applies instead to believers. It’s a rather disjointed post like he threw out a bunch of things without tying them together very well.

          Do you notice how careful different religionists are to avoid criticizing each other too much; yet they all have no problem jumping on atheists and agnostics do they? We’re the common enemy, because we’re free-thinkers, and in direct opposition to his poor analogy about the power being off – we don’t go to religious authorities for our beliefs – we seek them out in ourselves (something CWG tells us to do, but which Neale seems to be stepping away from).

          • Grpa66

            Raised as a fundamentalist christian, I declared myself as an atheist and practicing communist in ‘Nam just to thawrt religous and political noise (it worked). But as life goes on, connection with spiritual venues has deepened my sense of a loving god. One that I and all other humans are part of. While stuck on the atheist track, I could not find any belief structure that did not reek of religion.

            Patrick has a very valid point in that A/A’s seek truth and love from within, not from an outside “authority”. The book “Blink” refers to the concept of knowing by your gut in the first fraction of a second the real truth of any situation. Simply meaning that you already know the answer, you just have to know how to trust your gut reaction.

            Assume that god is within, you are part of god, and you are responsible for love and caring for this world and those that share it with you. Just quiet the noisy mind and listen to your inner spirit. You can’t go wrong with love.

  • mewabe

    “Yes. If the entire world believed without question that a Higher Power exists, out of which life on the earth emerged, it would create a universally accepted context, a sacred or theological basis, for humanity’s collective formulation of fundamental values.

    Right now the values guiding the behavior of our species are not collective or uniform. They are scattered all over the place.”

    Uniformity and conformity…Are not these, at least in principle, the very enemies of creativity? Isn’t creativity one of the main divine attributes? Where in nature, in the natural and DIVINE CREATION, is uniformity found?

    Is not the human desire for uniformity the seed of all repressive and oppressive ideologies, religions, social systems and cultures?

    We may not agree with other people’s worldviews…some may appear primitive or mistaken, and many beliefs are downright dangerous and destructive. But who will place himself or herself ABOVE all of humanity and declare to be the beholder of the ultimate and final truth about the Divine and about life? Who would think that such a thing is desirable?

    Beware of impatient idealism. of the drive some idealists have to make all of humanity embrace a specific worldview, and use this worldview as a foundation for collective values. Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin and Mao displayed such impatient idealism. So did the Christian Church for centuries. So are toady’s new religious fundamentalists.

    You see, it doesn’t matter what the message is, from Neale or anyone else…even if it were a message granting humanity absolute and unconditional freedom in all of life’s aspects, the effort to make it a uniform worldview instantly CANCELS any of its liberating or positive aspect, because, believe it or not, it OPPOSES the divine attributes of creativity, diversity and multiplicity.

    • IamIam

      I think you’re right, Mewabe. We are being “kicked in the back side from the so-called natural environment to stop, pause and change ways.” The Natural World is Earth, and Earth is the energy of love, but Mankind has gifted Earth too much Fear, and Earth is acting out. Energy “acts out” the negative forces until it doesn’t. Earth is living Energy like we are living Energy, and Earth acts out all the pesticides, all the poisons, toxins the Industrialized lands of the world have gifted the Earth. There was a time. .long ago. when Earth was pristine, land was green, water was blue and sky was true sky blue.

      Now? the fish are dying. The fish are mutating and life is rebelling. Earth is living but letting out the forced winds of all the hell spaces Mankind gifted Earth. Why do we put all the junk on our lawns? I am so against pesticides. If you walk on my grass, it has a few crabs in it 🙂 but you don’t have to worry about your skin getting welps or your pets and children absorbing poisons that literally cause cancer and death and whatnot. Walk away from needing “Easter grass” lawns and let the green grass grow. Let the dandelions and wild purple violets pop up. They are beautiful. They are wild and free. We don’t need to pour poison on the lawns. Well, you touched a spot in my heart. I am here for Earth. Thanks for bringing it up. xoxo

      • mewabe

        I agree IamIam…if there was any kind of love for life and understanding in the human heart, we couldn’t do what we do to the natural environment, to the earth. We are a part of all life, and all life is a part of us…what we do to the earth, to all the living creatures and to each other, we do to ourselves. These are old teachings…Native Americans have said this for over 500 years now 🙂

        I freed my lawns a long time ago as well…there are no “weeds” in my vocabulary, only plants that have as much a right to exist as any other. And what kind of madness engendered the odd idea of cutting grass, or of growing British style green lawns in semi-desert areas of the United States?

        Lack of connection to nature and to reality…that is what civilization is all about. Civilization is about imposing the human will on the natural earth…And so…nature will set us straight, and humble us greatly, to return to balance and remind us that we are not the masters of the universe, only a part of the circle of creation, and meant to live in harmony with it, not in opposition to it. We are not meant to be conquerors but caretakers 🙂

        • IamIam

          How beautiful, Mewabe. 🙂 It is true. These British lawns are so out of character for us. I agree. I detest those neat lined up lawns. I prefer wild growth, spawning beauty in the highest lines of love. I prefer wilderness, actually. I prefer spaces where no man exists these days. We seem to be careless, at best, about the Earth and what is best for Nature. I love that you love Earth so. I love Native Americans, of course. The blood runs deep in Native American. I’m Cherokee, as you know. At any rate, where did we get this idea that lawns need to be like the British? We tried to depart from them, I though. Oh well, I have the wildest lawn on our block. That’s for sure. These ol’ geezers near me pay to have gardeners spray poison every other week and then they park those little yellow signs “CAUTION: DON”T WALK HERE. DON”T BREATHE HERE.”

          Dear God. If we have to park a sign like that on the front lawn where kids play, why do it to the lawn? At any rate, we do need balance. I think the weather pattern in the Northeast sure proves we need greater balance. The Industrialized area of New England has taken a toll, literally, I mean, on the Earth. If we look at history, we see much that should not have been done. Factories and pollution, pollution that enters the waterways, the pipelines. I just heard a radio show today speaking about other states where the pipelines are old and these inorganic compounds are leaching into the water streams. They are having to up the criteria on pipelines and aging ones are needing replacement in order to avoid catastrophe. In my area, all winter saw workers on the sidelines doing I don’t know what to the pipes. The pipelines in my town were worked on alright. Unbelievable. The water here is not so grand. Don’t drink it is what I hear.

          This carelessness to nature is beyond love, way beyond anything near love, and Earth is acting out what we gave earth. When we do wake, it may be too late. When do we wake up? What will it take to wake life up? We can’t simply feed grass poison and expect blossom in return. Where is common sense? Dear God. Dear God. I don’t know. Global Warming. Earth retaliating. Forced Winds blowing through, from old energies housed in the body of Nature. All of it churning, smarting until something gives.

          What gives is left to be determined, I guess. I do my part. I recycle. I don’t use any chemicals whatsoever. That’s all I know to do. I’m up for other alternatives, suggestions. Maybe marching before it’s over. I don’t know. I wish the Native American traditions were still valued in our culture. I know I value them highly. We took from Earth no more than we needed, and Earth provided enough, as Native Americans. These days, the idea is to take, take, take, no matter whether one needs or not. Native Americans turned the dirt, sang the songs in the early morning rain and felt the love of earth, their backs brown in the Sun. Now, we go to McDonald’s and get the hot cup of coffee and throwaway cups. We use so much plastic. Dear God. Dear God. What do we do with all that plastic? Anyhoo, I am on a soapbox, as you can tell. Thanks for being so beautiful :()

          • mewabe

            yes, yes and yes…

            I once asked the earth, the natural ground, what it needed most from us human beings. The answer was…love.

            Love for the earth is generally speaking lacking in the environmental movement, as all humanity seems to be concerned about is its own survival and that of its civilization. A love for the earth seems to be lacking in the “new spirituality”, as the old/new cosmology “We are all one” does not appear to include the rivers and lakes, the ocean, the coyotes and prairie dogs, the trees and flowers, and the very ground beneath our feet.

            Without love for our home, we will not survive.

            Thank you for knowing this and living it!

          • IamIam

            I am, too, Mewabe. I am sad every time I see a smokestack. I am sad for Earth, too. These smiles of Earth are overlooked. We take advantage of every rainbow. We smile for a second as we glance up and see golden light arcing upwards and over the horizon. We smile when we see the mind of life spraying in a brook, waterfall , a living dance of droplets. We smile and then we breeze through as if all of that will continue on despite our consumption, our disregard, our continual pillage and rape of the land we claim is so beautiful.

            The land is only love. The Earth is free. It has been mistreated by modernization, Industrialization, humankind. Do we need so much plastic? When you start looking at it, it’s enormous how much plastic and styrofoam we consume. Plastic lastls a long time. What do we do in return for Earth’s many faceted love lines to us? How do we help? I don’t know. I do know Earth is life. Life is All Life. Every animal, every tiny butterfly, every coyote, every squirrel, every deer running through the forest looking for a return to love deserves our care. We are the caretakers of Earth. We don’t own Earth, though we act like it. We are here to borrow the land, not deplete it of all its resources, dissolve it and then seek elsewhere.

            That is our plan, isn’t it. Let’s go to Mars or somewhere out there and see if there is a more palatable place for life to live? It’s not like we are trying to help life. We’re just seeking grander grounds to rampage across, to deplete again and again. I don’t know. We need to go back to the love, like you say.

            Love is all there is when one returns to the core of the heart. The Earth is the core of our heart. It lives in our heart, just as everything does. When we care about the heart, we act it out. Thanks for the lovelienss, Mewabe. Your ideas are so lovely. I love reading you again and again. I’m off for a bit. I need to park some words on my books. I’ll talk to you soon. take care, my friend. xoxo

          • mewabe

            Thank you IamIam,,,take care, and stay close to the earth and Life 🙂

          • IamIam

            hey, hey, hey 🙂 earth is life 🙂 thank God. It’s a grand one when we love it like we do. Thanks for being earth, life. Thanks for being a loving life, earth. hey you know what, Mewabe,. I was thinking of how you speak so lovingly about earth, streams, water, fire, birds, the eagle, sky and . . well, then I thought wouldn’t it be cool to sit at a campfire in the middle of the forest by the fire, beneath the deep dark trees deep in the middle of a green canopy of fir leaves, a stream nearby babbling in the hi ho he brook and just hear mewabe speaking, communing, breathing earth, life, showing us how it’s done Native American style 🙂 I love hearing you talk, mewabe. I just do. anybody could come but you would be the necessary key for this blazing bonfire to really set ablaze 🙂 At any rate, it would be cool, Mewabe. And whoever wants to show up and hear Mewabe speak at a campfire in the woods in the middle of earth, life, love, peace is welcome. Ah well it is a dream. toodle loo toodle loo. take care, my friend. I am really off this time for a bit. I think I’ve said enough for a good year or two 🙂 btw I really would love to read a book by you. I love reading you. I think I’ve said that one before. Have a grand one 🙂

          • Stephen mills

            Good conversation going on here ,I’am like you plastic is not fantastic .Can we not just stop using it manufacturing it .We are all drowning in a sea of plastic .

            I just heard that the UK ‘s economy was doing better because the price of oil fell ! Why because everything is based around oil transportation ,products ,packaging nearly everything .It sucks big time ..!

            But here is a secret that not many people no ….anything that is made from hydro carbons in oil you can make from carbohydrates in vegetables like HEMP ….anything completely carbon neutral and sustainable for the Earth …

            Why else would that plant be here it can be used for almost anything and it makes the sky’s blue again !

          • IamIam

            Great ideas, Stephen 🙂 I love that. Why not? Anything that is biodegradable and allows Earth to sustain itself is grand. I am all for Hemp being used. Why not? That’s a great idea. We use it now for medicinal purposes. It’s time to allow Hemp to be used for helping the environment. Wow Thanks for that. Let’s march. I’m up for that trip indeed 🙂 Have a grand one )

          • Stephen mills

            Let’s raise a ruckus !!!

          • IamIam

            A ruckus we are. a ruckus it is 🙂 a ruckus we are as a commotion in motion Whew and that oughta do it 🙂

  • Gina

    It does matter we know there is a higher power, the source and force. At least we can safely have electricity for all and not call this oppressive homogeneity. On the opposite side, calling the efforts to create a equal opportunity society oppressive is hypocrisy at the highest level. Everybody you come in contact with should hear from you that electricity is not going to reward or punish you. That much we owe to humanity itself. Nature itself is not so hypocritical, stubborn and slow to learn, but just the opposite as can be seen in the so called the 100th monkey syndrome. What we can do is model this behavior we want copied and evolved, demonstrate this power that flows through us. Not with words, but by example, NEVER answering questions not asked. 🙂

    • Gina

      And we decide–are already deciding– what the bottom line negativity and lack (or illusion thereof) we can allow our have-nots to fall will be. It’s not a matter of IF, but how. Right now it’s being ruthlessly decided by the elitist minuscule that there’s virtually no limit to the deprivation and suffering to which the less fortunate can fall. We are simply demonstrating our level of collective consciousness. It’s not atheists should start believing in God, so should everybody else. It’s not God of a brand name we are talking about, but the basic information about how life works, like universal sex ed and use of condoms. We are deciding and creating and recreating our quality of life as individuals and en messe, and do this ever more consciously. In that context, resoundingly YES to the fact and mandate that we should educate everyone about the source and force. Like food and electricity and toilet for all.

    • Gina

      Oh and there is what Rupert Sheldrake calls morphic resonance in nature which can enable this telepathy-type, instant transmission and reception of new concepts and ideas—and belief modifications. More rapid formation of the critical mass can be achieved more easily than we guess.

  • Patrick Gannon

    I have come to question whether the NDW who is writing these columns recently is the same NDW who wrote the CWG book I loved and read over and over again, years ago. The level of ‘hostility to the other’ which is so indicative of Christianity has apparently spread to the CWG movement, as it insists on it’s place at the table with other religions; but a table at which non-believers are not welcome. This column is one more example of why I think the CWG movement is being turned into a religion. It seems to be taking on the same characteristics of intolerance exercised by most religions. We’ve had a rampage against conservatives, and now atheists and agnostics are the evil-doers. Who will be next?

    Let’s start with: “I am excited to be able to use this space on the Internet as a place in which we can join together to ignite a worldwide exploration of some of the most revolutionary theological ideas to come along in a long time.” This is interesting since Neale and I recently had an exchange in which I pointed out that there really wasn’t anything in CWG that hasn’t been put forward often and in many forms, many times before, and Neale agreed. What exactly, then, are these “revolutionary theological ideas”?

    The power outage analogy is completely bass-akwards. A “believer” may walk in the house and not try the light switch; but for sure an atheist or agnostic will. I don’t care what the sign out front says. When I walk in the house, I want proof that the power is off, and I’ll test it for myself, rather than rely on some “authority.” Atheists and agnostics want evidence and they can obtain it by flipping the switch themselves, rather than foolishly rely on “someone in authority” to tell them that the power is out. Atheists and agnostics want “knowing,” not “believing.” It’s the believer who will take the word of the “authority” and not attempt to test it out for him/herself.

    It’s fair to ask, “What if is true, beyond a shadow of doubt that God exists?” but it’s equally valid to ask “What if it’s true, beyond a shadow of doubt that no God exists?” Would it change the need for us as humans to strive to create a world of love and peace for the benefit of all who live here? If it was conclusively proven that no gods exist, would it be appropriate to throw our hands in the air, give up and resort to animalistic savagery?

    Various questions arise from this. What exactly is “God?” Neale doesn’t care a lot for Bible God (nor do I), so to my way of thinking, he’s created New Age God, and She is a much nicer god, but She is still a personal deity, which implies that She has limitations; She has wants and needs She can’t fulfill, apparently in part because atheists and agnostics are busy killing each other for believing the wrong thing, restricting human rights and practicing intolerance….. or wait a sec…. isn’t it the believers in God who are doing that?

    Neale lists a number of things about believers and their various viewpoints of God. Atheists and agnostics do not share those competing viewpoints and therefore are not part of the belief systems that separate and divide people as he so eloquently describes. Neale like other believers seems to be saying we all have to believe in the same God; one God – his God! Isn’t that what creates the problems between believers in the first place?

    He says, “Without a common belief in the existence of a Deity and a shared understanding of what is true about and for that Deity, we can’t even agree on a reason for living, the purpose of our existence, the experience—if any—that follows death, and the basis for life’s largest decisions (both as an individual and as a society).” I would respond that at one time, the entire western world, at least, did have a single consolidated viewpoint and belief in God. It was called Roman Catholicism and it reigned supreme and unchallenged in the western world for a long, long time. How well did that work out? Anyone want to go back to those days?

    He goes on to describe “god” in a way I can empathize with; but what he describes is not a “deity;” it’s a force, a consciousness, an energy; yet he insists upon calling it a deity, which is defined as a supreme “being.” Well that’s guaranteed to hike up the level of antagonism and competition between Neale’s deity and the other deities that compete for believers and their money.

    I don’t pretend, like Neale and other religious believers, to “know” whether there is indeed a “god” or how it should be defined, though I respect their right to do so by turning to other “authorities” for their answers, rather than checking the power switches for themselves. They are free to remain in the dark if that’s what they want. However I do resent being accused of holding back the use of “God’s power.” I don’t see believers of God “working collaboratively to create the life we all say we want for everyone on this planet.” What I see is an insistence on believing in ‘MY God’ because the other believers and ‘their gods’ are all wrong. What I also hear is that even if everyone doesn’t accept “my God” we shall, at least, agree with all the believers of other deities that those nasty free-thinking agnostics and atheists are most certainly wrong, and that they are holding the rest of humanity back by failing to use God’s power, implying that an all-powerful being could be limited in this way.

    How about if we get back to the central message of CWG – we are all ONE. Whether that’s true because we’re all a manifestation of consciousness, or whether it’s true because we’re all comprised of the same star dust; it’s nevertheless a unifying message that CWG seems to be straying from.

  • John Jung

    I am really surprised to read this, having assumed that NDW had more consciousness than he was offering. I viewed what he had been offering was a type of transition for religious people toward something more in the area of spirituality. Kind of like a junior high as a transition between grade school and high school. Now, it appears that he rules out high school? Count me as disappointed.

  • Georges Dupont

    I think everybody believes in God, but of course a lot of people have a different view of God. Even so called atheists believe in God, even if they hate this word. They believe that scientific laws, mathematics and chance rule the world and can explain everything. That’s their god.
    When i was a teenager i was an atheist, because i viewed only the dark side of religion and i was not really aware of the spiritual world. I was in a religious school, full of hypocrites who talked about Jesus Christ but who were not really interested to follow his message. The schools had priests who had intercourse with children. No wonder i was not interested by Jesus message.
    The sad thing is that in schools we learn to read, write and calculate, which is fine, but we should first learn how to open our heart. I think this would be the most radical decision if we want to change our society.

    • Awareness

      Georges Dupont wrote: “we should first learn how to open our heart.” 🙂

      I agree, teach everyone to “listen” to their own HEART (natural guidance system):

      “This Awareness would add: ALWAYS GO INTO YOUR OWN HEART, to your own truest connection to God Divine and ask to be shown the way.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

    • Sander Viergevert

      well said

  • IamIam

    Intolerance has many faces. One can be agnostic, atheist, believer and still be intolerant. WE need to be open to allowance. We need to allow that others think differently. Never can we move beyond where we’ve been without growing a bed of tolerance seeds first. What is a seed of tolerance? It’s a seed that allows others to be who they are in this moment. If we allow others to be, then we can express peace on earth. It’s when we presume to know what, why, how, when where and everything else about another’s experience that we begin to skirt on the rim of intolerance. We say I don’t presume that I know what presumptions led to your belief, yet I presume you sought evidence outside you if you believe. that’s being intolerant.. I don’t presume to know the circumstances of any’s life.

    You have expressed life in a certain way that led to your beliefs, and I allow you to express those as long as they don’t hurt someone, of course. As long as someone is not harming another, who cares whether one is expressing agnosticism, atheism, belief in one god or many gods. I could care less what others think. It’s really about allowing all on earth to express their truth. My truth is God is love, Energy, Consciousness, and never did I look to an outside “authority” for my answers. In fact, I didn’t even read the bible. I am reading it now, but I was not indoctrinated into the right winging, zealot thumping, holy rolling bible thumpers. I looked to nature mostly for my truth and truth is God is love is light. Light is remarkable. It doesn’t always require one to even test a switch. Sometimes a light switch turns on all by itself.

    At any rate, it seems to me that two things need to happen to create a better world. First, the world needs to open the mind of itself. The world, meaning everything, everyone in it, needs to be open to tolerance. Secondly, the world needs to be open to love, possibility, a knowing there might be something out there we can’t explain with what science has taught us The one thing about science is it is all about seeking beyond what is known. A scientist, and I have a math degree, so I know a little about physics and higher math, always strives to go beyond where we’ve been. They don’t assume all is known and concretely “provable” with physical evidence. Quantum Physics couldn’t exist today if that were all scientists relied upon. Quantum Physics had to move beyond physical materialism in order to learn a thing. Scientists need a leap, a hypothesis some days. It’s not all about the reliance on the old, the discernable through the five senses. In order to make marks of advancement in the world of quantum physics, physicists had to leap into the wild unknown. Sometimes they relied on other senses, even.

    One thing about the mathematicians and physicists is that they understand our understanding is always being revised, updone by the next, most remarkable discovery. We don’t need “proof” before we create an hypothesis in science. Sometimes there is a leap of faith, and a leap of faith is sometimes what scientists do when they discover the best advancement in history. Madame Curie discovered radioactivity this way. The discoverer of the Benzene ring dreamt of it in a literal dream. It wasn’t an experiment. It was a dream that was written down upon him awaking. The most plausible structure of the Benzene ring was discovered this way. A leap, a dream, a march into the unknown that dares to veer off the beaten path is sometimes what one needs. Hi Ho He Have a grand day, all 🙂

  • Grpa66

    Re: Patrick’s comments just above this, A/A’s will always check the light switch. Contrary to the belivers that simply sit and listen to weekly droning telling them that they are on the right path because they are present in the building and giving money for just causes. Been there, seen that, got the t-shirt, sold it on e-bay….

    However, one point that Neale made in his lead in caputured me in an ‘Ah Ha’ moment when I read “Spontaneous Evolution.” At the cellular level all life has a common start and a ‘communal government’ determines the functional purpose of the billions of cells that become that life structure. There is so much going on in each living structure that is so complex, willful, and creative that you can’t simply say it is random nor totally controlled by a single enity. This is both proof of a purposeful creator and of our own inner self will. The discussion in this book and many others of its kind go on with many testements to self healing of cancer and many other death defying feats.

    Being the geek nerd that I am, after I had several succesful accupuncture treatments, it came to me that the process of energy flow along the meridians had a modern day equivalant. The tiny needles deftly placed, act as a relay antennae for the blocked nerve signals, much like a cell phone relay tower. If you don’t get enough ‘bars’, you don’t make calls! Reading the blocked meridians is an ancient art that has just barely awaken in the western medicine chemical debacle.

    I am disappointed to see so few contributors to a ‘global’ discussion. The few archives that I have read through are really hung up on making points about personal viewpoints and counterpoints of big ‘G’. Suggest the repeaters step back a review what brought them to this website and contribute new insights. We have had several centuries worth of structured religion without much progress to love one another. Seems like the only thing we have perfected on any grand scale is how many, how brutal and how quickly we can destroy each other and the planet we live on.

    • IamIam

      Hi 🙂 I don’t pretend to know who you speak to in your last paragraph of this post, but, if it’s me, I just want to say that I do love the “Big G.” That’s true, and in no way is my “Big G” a big Religionist. Nor am I. In fact, my God is pretty adamantly against the way . .um. .religion turned out to defy, deny his Living Word. I just want to say that you are correct. The world has been brutal. We have seen much destruction as a result of religion. As you say, the people of the world, the lands of the world have been literally destroying each other and the entire planet over religion. Religion is definitely, at least not the way religion has been interpreted, portrayed in the books, not the answer. The answer, to me, is more about tolerance.

    • Gina

      Hi and welcome. Your thoughts are interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      • Grpa66

        Correction to my previous post. Not “billions of cells” but (according to Dr. Bruce Lipton in “The Biology of Belief” and co-author with Steven Bhaermen of “Sponteneous Evolution), closer to 50 trillion cells per human. Another support of the concept Neale touched on about how complex life is either by evolutuion or design. Add this one to your reading list.

        1. Thank you for the ‘welcome’ Gina, your posts are inspired.

        2. No lamlam, I was not speaking of you when I commented above. Just had the ill fate of being the next entry after one of your many posts. Interesting that you seem to declare your views repeatedly as if to make them right. (currently 13 posts on this thread)

        3. Neale should employ a referee or some limiter on how many threads can follow a post. Maybe a per user limit per week, sort of like how Pandora or iTunes radio stops you after skipping too many songs per hour. This might encourge posts that are actually new ideas and conversations from people that are put off by tit-for-tat rants going on and on. Minimalist statements good! Quell the EGO!! (“A New Earth”by Eckhart Tolle, another must read prior to multiple posts.) Or loop “You’re Too Vain” by Carly Simon while you post. ;-}

        4. Somewhere in one of the many Hay House books of spiritualism and self awareness, I recall the concept that we are all part of the white light of god, being one of the points in the massive light of love energy we all seem to be drawn to. We are the image of god, we return to the light, we are the light. This physical timeline on earth is a lesson we chose to experience so we can share our new level of wisdom with our spirit group from this event. (“Lives Between Lives” by Dr. Michael Newton.) Continue to learn from your mistakes. Be grateful for learning to love.

        • Gina

          Hey, I really like the no.3! Can’t agree more. Minimalism is good for the environment too. Less is more. 🙂

        • IamIam


  • Sveinung Nergård

    I find it interesting that God needed an illusion to find meaning in existence. Was it not enough for reality to be what it was? In a way it is. Nothing has changed, there is no time, no space, no need for growth. I am what I am… All of this world is for experience and expression. God experiences this as pure bliss. And we are not blissfully unaware 🙂

  • Joyce

    Perhaps. If it’s a new religion, then it’s comforting and beautiful in every way. Finally, a religion I feel rings true. Thank you, Mr. Walsch!

  • A couple of weeks ago, when I was in deep meditation/prayer, I was ‘Given’ this:
    “God is Love is Light and so are We.” And “Embrace, Emit, Evoke – World Wellness.” I hope many of you feel free to share these concepts far and wide. Amen

  • mewabe

    Personally, I do not think atheists, agnostics and non-religious individuals are the problems. After all, atheists have nothing to DIE for, and everything to LIVE for!

    On the other hand, religious people seem to have a lot to DIE and even to KILL for, and because of this they seem to have been a huge problem for the world.

    Of course, certain political ideologies have quasi religious qualities and inspire the same killing fervor as religion. Maoists, for example, worshiped their leader as a god and were as dogmatic and intolerant of any dissension as any religious zealot.

    The problem is not so much whether one believe in a creator God, but whether a person LOVES, APPRECIATES, RESPECTS and HONORS life. Atheists are very CAPABLE of doing so, and often more so than the religious, who quite often HATES physical life and can’t wait to die and go to heaven!

    Likewise many spiritual schools of thought teach that physical life is GROSS, DENSE, INFERIOR and meant to be OVERCOME (overcoming desires for example) or TRANSCENDED. I doubt that atheists are taught or choose to despise physical life to such a pathological degree!

    By the way I am not an atheists, I know all life is Divine. But it makes no difference what we call life, what matters is what we do with it, how we experience it, and whether we love and honor it or not.

    Obviously, the religious believes a God created the universe. Some even speak of “intelligent design”. Yet what do they do with it? They act as though their God’s creation was second rate, as though their God did a very poor job at creating the natural world, and as though they were much more qualified to RE-CREATE it according to their own design and desires. They literally attack the natural world and turn it upside down.

    This absurd attitude is akin to a person admiring and worshiping an artist while taking a hold of his work and painting over what the artist has created, essentially destroying it.

    Consistency of thought, logic and common sense are not common characteristics of the religious mind.

    • hempwise

      Yes seeing life as Prime importance ,value and being responsible for it all is the obvious solution .

      Just this morning i was listening to the radio a Syrian lady spoke about her three sons her youngest was 13 and why she had to send him to fight for Isis ,she said she had no choice in the matter it was all about Honor .So entrenched in her cultural story she was ,her own thoughts where that of her religion and there beliefs .Even sending her children to war to join there cousins and probable death was of higher importance than honoring life and sustaining that .

      This is so sad the middle east is on a collision with self annihilation if the young are continually oppressed by there religious schools and indoctrinated by the interpretation of old books .

      The task is mammoth to change cultural understandings that never get challenged.

      The culture from which we emerge is causing the demise of the culture .

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    It does not matter whether one believes in a Source Energy or not. Existence is a truth, everything exist. Anything that exist has Source Energy within it and is the connecting thread to ALL. Rocks exist, water exist, air exist, the planet exist, and it is all connected to Source Energy, just as the human animal, and yet the issue upon our planet is humans think of themselves as separate from ALL other existence. Call it ego, or whatever, the awareness humanity has lost is that we can not continue to exist in this material form without ALL the other material forms existence as well. Does it matter if we die in the physical form, NO, the Source Energy that created us does not care, our individual human energy returns back into the mix of Source Energy. Everything is made up in the material form from star dust, or stars and planets that exploded and spread their material atoms back into the Universe, and Source Energy remade the physical world from these particles. Source Energy is all around us, and the Universe is just a small part of this manifestation of or a reflection for Source Energy. Everything swims in Source Energy, and our attempts to separate from it is the illusion that causes us pain.
    Human life is a gift, but humans are not special, nor is our consciousness of Self. All creatures have consciousness, but the majority accept the reality that they are just a part of the whole. Birds do not fear where their existence comes from, and the grass of the fields grow and exchange carbon for oxygen and fret not the length of their existence. Humans have lost their purpose, to join with all existence to make a world that benefits Love of life, and everything that exist. We are all going to pass away, the Earth is going to pass, the Sun will explode and our solar system will end, all things will change physical form but Source Energy exist eternally, and there by We exist forever.
    How one views their existence and the importance they place upon their existence determines how happy they are during their time in this one physical form. Helping humanity understand their connection to ALL existence will empower humans to change their perspective of themselves, others, and our reason for existence. Love one another and all existence is Loving God, Creator, Source Energy. Namaste’

    • IamIam

      lovely 🙂

  • Peter Braun

    Brilliant statement Patrick! Now I know why I lost my interest in NDW “movement”… I barely can believe what he wrote! I am really shocked… it’s not the same Neale I met before…