NOTE: The following is an examination of the theological and spiritual causes of all the terrorism and warring between people during this tumultuous time on the earth, written as if it were an article leading off one of the Internet’s major daily news sites…

The reason there is so much upheaval, anger, and killing in the world today has at last been revealed. In just a few short paragraphs offered to humanity in the book The New Revelations, God made it clear that the problem facing the world today is a spiritual problem.

“Your ideas about spirituality are killing you,” She said. The challenge, God made clear, is that humans keep trying to solve the world’s problems as if it were a political problem, or an economic problem, or even a military problem, and it is none of these. “It is a spiritual problem,” God repeated, “and that is the one problem human beings don’t seem to know how to solve.”

Expanding on this observation, He said: “You keep saying that your Holy Book (your cultures have many different ones) is what has given you the authority to treat each other the way you are treating each other, to do what you are doing. You are able to say that only because you have not really listened to the deeper message of these books. You have read them, but you have not really listened to them.

“The basic message of all the sacred scriptures is the same,” God then reminded us. What is different, She said, is how human beings have been interpreting them. There is nothing “wrong” with having different interpretations, God made it clear. But, He added, “what may not benefit you is separating yourself over these differences, making each other wrong because of these differences, and killing each other as a result of these differences. This is what you are now doing. It is what you have been doing for quite some time.”

We humans are going to have to let go of this tendency if we ever want to see peace on the earth, our Deity said. But such a shift would require our species to dramatically shift its highest priority.

“There is only one thing for which human beings seem willing to give up everything,” God said in this remarkable book. “They will give up love, peace, health, harmony, happiness, safety, security, and even their sanity for this one thing.”

Asked what they one thing was, God replied, “Being right. You are willing to give up everything you’ve ever worked for, everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you’ve ever created, in order to be ‘right’.”

Yet there is a way to get past all of the mixed up beliefs of humanity that make us believe that we are “right” about everything, we are told in this dialogue with Deity, and that is to transcend those beliefs.

“Transcending means to go beyond, to move past,” God said. “It does not mean to completely reject or totally destroy. You do not have to destroy a thing in order to move past it. You would not want to destroy your old belief system in any event, because there is too much of it that you will wish to retain. ‘Transcending’ does not mean always being ‘other than.’ It means always being ‘larger than.’ Your new, larger belief system will no doubt retain some of the old – that part of the old belief system that you experience as still serving you – and so it will be a combination of the new and the old, not a rejection of the old from top to bottom.”

The reason humans have hung so tenaciously to their old beliefs is that they do not want to dishonor those beliefs by rejecting them completely, out of hand, we are told here. We think that this is the choice we have: Reject the old or accept the old, totally. Yet that is not the only choice we have, God has made it clear. We can review the old and see what parts of the old no longer work. We can expand the old to make some parts of the old work better. We can add to the old to make some parts of our belief system new.

“Rejecting completely your present beliefs would be to discredit so much of what has been taught, so much of what has been understood, so much of what has been done – and so much of what has been good. It would make too much of the world feel ‘wrong.’ It would make ancestors ‘wrong.’ It would make entire scriptures ‘wrong.’ It would make present-day lives ‘wrong.’ People would have to admit that all of the spiritual aspects of the human experience have been a mistake, a misunderstanding. This is more than most people can acknowledge,” God explained.

Actually, She added, “it is more than they should acknowledge, because it is not true. In fact, you don’t have to declare that you were “wrong” about anything, because you weren’t. You simply didn’t have a complete understanding. You needed more information. Transcending current beliefs is not an outright rejection of them; it is an ‘adding to’ them.”

Humanity has learned a great deal about life and about our Deity, God concluded. “Now that you have more information that you can add to what you presently believe,” He said, “you can enlarge your beliefs – not completely reject them, enlarge them – and move on with your lives in a new way. A way that works.”

The question now is whether humanity will do that. That is, God said, up to us.

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  • GH Annie

    I picked up a book some time ago that was… Well, the information was researched and pulled together by Matthew Fox, who authored the connecting text. It’s titled, “One River, Many Wells.” What he calls for in the book is a “new Echumenism,” or what I would call a new Spirituality.

    What he does in the book is really quite remarkable. Going back as far as possible to paintings on and carving of stones by the Ancients, through all of history until the book was published, he gleaned from that research the topics that humanity has always, in some fashion or form, revered throughout time.

    I’m used to reading books about religion and Spirituality that are timelines, showing how our species’ celebration of the Divine has evolved. This book is *very* different. Instead of a timeline, Matthew Fox presents the areas that humanity has consistently included in its reverence for and celebration of life. In other words, those things humanity has *always* seen as Divine.

    There are (if I remember right) 17 sections in his book. That means there are 17 major subjects that the human species has always felt so important that it drew pictures, sang songs, handed down stories, created rituals about, and celebrated THAT WE ALL HAVE IN COMMON IN OUR SPIRITUALITY. (Sorry for the caps, but I’m not sure if I can use HTML in these comments.)

    When I think about how divisive we have become, and then I think about how *many* things we have always had in common, I wonder why it is that we’ve chosen to focus on the differences instead of the similarities.

    I don’t have the book anymore, but some of the topics are obviously universal, like breath, and the sun (or Son), and the changing of the seasons, and the Goddess (either in her own right, or through the worship of figures such as Isis and the Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene), and God (either in his own right or through figures such as Osiris and Odin and Heraclese/Hercules)…

    Yet now on this planet, we instead argue about such things as the humanity and/or Divinity of Jesus, and whether he was raised to heaven in his human body or a transfigured one. There’s no disagreement on the importance of the main teachings of Jesus, which coincide with many Buddhist, Judaic, and Islamic beliefs. Yet we choose to argue about whose teachings we should follow, whether Jesus or Moss or Muhammed.

    I think Neale’s conversation on this point has touched on the most important of topics. For some reason, we are willing to sacrifice anything else–*everything* else, including our physical lives–to be right about our beliefs. What’s at stake if we are wrong? The status of our eternal Soul, which we imagine can be condemned to eternal damnation.

    But what if the thing we’re most wrong about is the possibility of that damnation? What if the thing we don’t understand is that God would never condemn an eternal Soul, because it would mean at the very least condemning a part of God’s holy creation, and, at most, God condemning a part of Itself?

    If we could get past the ideas of judgment and condemnation, then could we talk about those things which we’ve had in common since the beginning of humanity, instead of bickering and killing and warring over our differences?

    I am believing so, with All That I Am.

    Love and Blessings ~Annie

    • John Jung

      Very well expressed, Annie.

  • Viatcheslav

    Dear Neale! For many centuries, written thousands of intelligent books. But you can see that they do not help change the negative trends. This is prevented by the existing one-sided worldview. It is necessary to introduce a harmonious worldview, which takes into account not only the mother but also the spirit.

  • Viatcheslav

    The problem is that the person does not understand himself. How it works in terms of matter and spirit? It is important to understand! Harmonious worldview will allow people to understand themselves and learn to control himself. I propose to discuss modern harmonious worldview, as set out in my book.

    The offered world view is expounded in the book “The Modern
    Understanding of Life. Human essence.
    How to live by spirit. Elementary Introduction” (95 pages, russian
    language). The book was published in 2014 in the Ukraine. There, simply and
    briefly, without fictions and religious philosophical fantasies, the concept of
    the new world outlook is being offered with documented proofs of its
    streamlined and logical system of views. Explanations and determinations of Spirit, Soul, Mind, Body,
    and the constituents of the human ‘I’, as typically used in sciences, religions
    and everyday life. Their location is presented on the schematic picture of humans and how they cooperate inter se. Discussed are
    unusual human abilities in telepathy, vision with closed eyes, hypnosis,
    foresight (precognition), the ability of magicians and yogins to get out of
    their physical bodies and move in space. It provides answers for genesis of all
    known paranormal phenomena, origins of human illnesses, and how an ordinary old
    woman can bewitch a man, cause illness, and see through walls. It has no
    fiction. It is based on scientific facts in tune with the theory of physical
    vacuum and reflects a new world view, changing
    Darwin’s outdated theory.
    The book contains the following chapters: 1.
    Appeal, 2. Introduction, 3.The meaning
    of life, 4. What is the Person, 5. What
    is the Spirit, 6. What is the Soul, 7. What is the Mind, 8. What is I, 9. What is the Consciousness, 10. Healthy body and Satan, 11.The way out of the impasse.

    Religious knowledge and science are not
    able to explain to the modern civilization the understanding of life.
    Progressive people of our planet are also not able to combine their efforts to
    create a collective, harmonious worldview. Every individual defends his point of
    view. Greed, stubbornness, resistance to change are the main obstacles for
    the intelligent development of humanity

  • hempwise

    Yes this is the truth as we see yet another example of this in Kenya last Thursday when an Islamist terrorist (murder squad) targeted a christian university killing 147 students and wounding hundreds more .
    If the students where not able to recite the VERSE IN THE KORAN they where killed at point blank range ….can you believe this is what is going on !!!

    Again we see followers of a particular religion using text from old books too justify there behaviors . Which are barbaric,primitive and dysfunctional .

    As has been said before No one does anything wrong given their model of the world !

    The sad thing is no one seams to have the sufficient will power to rein in this murderous organization that’s creating hell on Earth in that part of Africa.Where is the world peace keeping force ?

  • Erin

    Thanks for allowing the sharing thing. So cool that We can do this…share so much with so many, so quickly…with room for discussing/commenting the presentations…World-wide.
    We could not do this 5000, 2000, or even 100 yrs. ago. We have expanded from flat Earth, added to our Knowledge bases, sail the Seas, fly beyond stars…Still unceasing in Discovery, exploration, & explanation of Life. How did We get stuck in a few Books when there are ever-expanding libraries of thought food available at one’s fingertips…When there is so much still to Experience?

    Children do love their favorite stories, I suppose…Even before we can truly read, we pretend by rote. heehee…and is it not in later years that we repeat Mother Goose only to be taken aback by the violence in the rhymes, and have since replaced those go-to bedtime themes with ones more cleverly & appropriately devised?

    We do not seem to mind advancing weaponry, technology, sciences & medicines, household tools…but don’t touch ‘That Book’! It MUST remain the same!(???) Much like Don’t touch That Constitution, It holds Our Rights! Seems like quite the Juncture of Maturity we are facing…that uncertainty of putting childish things aside. We have taken jig-saw puzzles from 2-D to 3-D, but not so much willing to do so with everyday Life stuff.

    Babes, indeed…Little geniuses leashed to the stakes of favorite stories. You have brought a fine set of scissors, Neale…To you, and those wielding same, Blessings to offering Freedom to little rug-rats so that they can find finer curtains to climb. <3

  • Leon Jackson

    Love the article. It opens us up to want to expand our minds and learn more about ourselves and each other. It is amazing how we as a society have become so judgmental of each other and not be willing to listen and learn from one another. I believe fear plays a big part in that and until we let fear go and let more love into our hearts and minds, we will remain in the same place. We will continue to do the same things and believe the same things and wonder why we haven’t progressed to greater understanding and achievements.

  • I’d really hoped to post/share what follows on the Evolution Revolution site – it had been on my favorites list, but now I can’t find it, so I’ll go ahead and post it here; it’s something I wrote on my FB yesterday:


    April 10, 2015

    8:25 AM

    As a recently Enlightened Being, you might think I’d have transcended ‘struggling’ –
    but no – a True Path is ever-unfolding, onward and upward. And so it is that
    for the past few days I have found myself struggling with a particular aspect
    of my alter-identity as Hem Ahadin; like this:
    I’ve always wondered how a guy like me could’ve voluntarily gone to such a Wrong war as Vietnam – what karma caused it. For an answer, yesterday my spirit-guide
    hinted for me to reflect on my meta-identity as a Born-Warrior.

    This caused me to double-check my commitment to true Openness and Willingness toward whatever Life might present; because What Followed on the heels of Accepting
    this alter-identity as a Warrior came a horrendous Sense of Responsibility to
    Act on my Beliefs.
    Hem Ahadin is, first and foremost, a Gonzo Jihadist = ‘Gonzo’ being a form of
    journalism characterized by the inclusion of the ‘character’ doing the
    reporting of a story that might never have been had it not come from the
    instigation of the reporter. J-I-H-A-D, for Hem, is a really handy acronym for
    Journalist Instigated Historical Action Device.
    All of my ‘stunts’ of criminally extreme-activism were planned specifically to,
    eventually, add-up to Hem’s having a media footprint sufficiently significant
    enough to warrant, at some yet unknown future date and event, Hem taking
    center-stage in World Affairs.
    Way back in 2011, when I was in the main downtown Detroit jail, on the fone with my
    soul-mate Bea, she mentioned how crazy it was the sheer number of entries that
    came up when she typed my name into e-search. Ok – it’s now been some 22 months
    since I got set up with a computer of my own in this place – but it wasn’t till
    yesterday that my ego (?) finally demanded I try to actually count the number
    of separate entries that came up under my name, and what I got = Full pages w/9
    entries each = 16, and only began to peter-out on the 17th; I didn’t check any
    further for remote randoms. 9 x 16 = a ‘gross’ – and that’s pretty much how I
    felt about it.
    Alone, this revelation should convince me, if nothing else, that my role as
    “Hem”, ‘Gonzo-Jihadist-Extraordinaire’, is Primed and Ready to Roll.
    Exactly for What is what I’m now struggling to await w/out bated-breath. So
    what I do, see, is keep right on performing my regular morning rituals/routines
    – reading inspirationals and remaining Open and Willing for Whatever May Come;
    like this synchronistically timed and placed message in one of my sources this
    “Aim high. Ride easy. Trust God.” Yep, I like that a lot. Plus, yester’, one of
    ’em said “We are all magicians, creating our own realities.” That one
    I liked so much that I printed it out only – “I AM MAGICIAN,horizontally,
    in huge blue font, cut the margins off, and taped it on the wall overhead and
    behind my recliner.
    [I’ve discovered something very disturbing about this city I’ve come to love so much,
    Burlington, VT – It has all of three head-shops, and not a one of ’em carries
    peace-symbols, pendant or decals in any media whatsoever, nor yin-yang symbols.
    YET, and this is really what I find so ‘disturbing’ – the environs are
    virtually overflowing with all manner of new-age crap – hell, there are five
    colleges here. So, all-in-all, I’m being forced to, gradually and unwillingly,
    begin to believe all these ohso modern and upwardly-mobile folk are Fakes and
    Still, it appears obvious, Fate has dictated that Here is Where Hem gets Real. Amen..

  • Dear Neale, I recently watched, with total dedication and focus, your excellent – God-given – videos on The Soul and its role; so now I feel eligible to ask that you please make a bit of an addendum to them by commenting on whatever link there may be between the ego and the soul. Thanks and blessings, Rog

  • Garlin Farris

    If I truly believe that love conquer all then I must love that negative energy in order to overwhelm it. Today I choose to love all in the universe.

  • Kriss Alaban

    I’m here, I know what is going on. I am spreading peace and love, I am still not satisfied. I think that is why 444 has shown up in my life, I need to be patient. I want to rush to heaven on earth but there are too many others still carrying so much pain. I see there is no one else but me (still scares me at times) but I am doing my best to spread the word through forums to gather more of myself positively. I think I have it all understood in my head but the thought of experiencing the feelings I imagine are out there now for me, will be the death of my old self. I don’t know what this means so I cant let go yet.

  • sherry glasgow

    I tried to share with my sisters and mom that God does not punish us, because we are One with Him, and why would God punish Himself? They still believe the Bible is the only thing that’s true, damnation, and if are not saved you will burn in hell. I just excused myself, and went to read a conversation out of “The storm before the calm”.

  • Ismelda Aveja

    This is really helpful information. I started reading Conversations with God Book 1 back in 1998. It couldn’t believe what I was reading since I was only 18. As years have gone by I’ve studied them more and understand them better. The world needs a spiritual change. Thank you Neale.

  • raw4


    Nation building? Actually we – the Democracies and Western leadership in general – have been nation destroyers, through acts of both commission and omission we have
    been betrayers of freedom-loving peoples of many countries.
    We ceded Eastern Germany and half of Europe to Stalin (who had previously starved
    to death 10 million in the Ukraine and the Volga States); abandoned Latvia and
    the other Baltic States to the Soviets when they begged us for help after WWII.
    We abandoned Yugoslavia to Tito, China to Mao, North Korea to control by China
    and a family of insane despots, Vietnam to the North Vietnamese (who nullified the Paris Treaty), Cambodia to Communist Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot, Lebanon to the Hezbollah, Iraq and Syria to ISIS. The century long account of death and enslavement we have enabled is sorrowful and shameful.
    Remember the smiling Iraqis with purple fingers in Iraq? We betrayed them. ISIS, who we permitted to conquer territories in Iraq and Syria, is murdering them and
    thousands of others—genocide on a scale that likely will exceed Hitler’s.
    Sunni or Shiite? Neither have rooted out contingents in their ranks that advocate war and the murder or enslavement of all who oppose their theology. As both are dedicated to total hegemony, their fighting can only end with the domination of one or the other,
    in any case, an enemy dedicated to our elimination.
    My contention is that we need not advocate or prosecute perpetual war to control
    the behavior of despots and human rights deniers in this world. All we need do,
    as unified defenders of freedom and democracy, is to stop enabling tyranny in
    any form.
    A reasonable strategy — currently recommended by no one I know of: Adequate
    sanctions work! As a united group of Western Democracies, cut off all trade,
    commerce, diplomatic contact, plus interdict all sources of weapons and energy.
    Interdependence of nations economically is so absolute, that any regime
    controlled by tyrants must change their behavior, or eventually face being overthrown
    by their own citizens who are suffering under such sanctions. The more severe
    and sustained the sanctions, the quicker the world will be rid of these
    despots. Military options are necessary only if or when an adequate policy of
    sanctions is opposed militarily. If our military is strong enough, we will
    never have to use it.
    What sense is there in negotiating with an enemy that will not rescind their
    declaration of war first? You are only negotiating the time and manner of your
    eventual annihilation. The UN? A useless organization! Half of the members
    oppose the principles of the charter and the preamble to the charter (Read it).
    We need a UDN — Union of Democratic Nations that will take the actions
    outlined in the previous paragraph.
    I believe that all choices in any station of life have consequence. I believe
    that our choices, made as an international community, as citizens of this
    world, have consequences. And that if we continue to stand by and allow
    (enable) the enslavement, human rights denial, torture and murder of our fellow
    humans on this planet, then we guarantee that we will suffer the consequences
    of perpetual world wars.
    GOD indeed talks to us all the time, as He/She does to us through Neale Walsch. A similar message was given to us circa 1917 in “The Impersonal Life.” I like words given us by Archangel Uriel: “There are no wrong decisions, only lesons to be experienced with varying outcomes” — from a book “Inspired by Angels” by Sinda Jordan.
    So, let us pay attention, and be about the business of learning.
    God continue to Bless Us All as You have through your servant Neale Walsch.

    Bob Wymer
    11 Jackson Court
    San Antonio, Tx 78230
    210 218 5772 cell

  • John Brockway

    To be right. Thank you for delving into cause and effect. During my journey here I was asked by a friend and mentor “what is it about mankind or human beings that they either wait until it’s too late or the last minute to change”? My reply was “there is a flaw”. I try to establish some footing with lessons I have learned or are learning from various experiences and this perspective caught my eye today. Thank you for caring…

  • Everything I stand for and believe has been written here ,and now I know that in all of those times where I felt the need to keep this belief even if almost every other human was against me , that what I held was true to the Highest Source’s Word .The law of the universe and higher consciousness ✨ Thank you for confirming this for me