Looking at a Larger Reality:

(This is the second in a series of observations on Happiness, and what causes it — or can cause it — in the experience of human beings.)

I am going to share with you now a device with immense power — a simple device that can transform almost any moment, almost miraculously, almost immediately, into a moment of happiness. The tool is Gratitude.

Gratitude is not merely an emotion, it is a decision.

So powerful is this decision that it becomes a definition and a declaration. It defines and declares your experience of Here and Now. And hence, your reality.
Gratitude can be a simple reaction, or it can be a magnificent creation. It is a simple reaction when your Mind is on Automatic. It is a magnificent creation when your Mind has merged with your Soul in making a combined choice about any Present Moment.

In every Moment that choice is always the same: to move into Reaction or Creation.

(You might have a little fun noticing that “reaction” and “creation” are very close to being the same word. Only the C and the R need to be reversed. When you C what you have always been meant to C, then you R what you always R—and the course of your life is reversed.)

While Gratitude may be one of the most powerful tools your Mind has ever been given, it may also be the most underutilized. This is no doubt because most people are not aware of the immense power of Gratitude to reverse a thought that is at the foundation of all suffering.

As earlier noted, the central cause of suffering is the idea that something is happening that should not be happening. Gratitude unleashes an energy that turns this idea on its head, announcing that just because something is unpleasant does not mean it is unbidden, unwelcome, or unwanted.

It should be understood that pain (both physical and emotional) can, in fact, be bidden, welcome, and wanted—for any one of a number of reasons that may serve the agenda of the Body (birthing pain, for instance, or a tooth extraction) or the Mind (the pain of the loss of a loved one, which you would choose and wish to experience…or the pain of realizing you have deeply hurt another, and that this is not Who You Really Are and Who You Want To Be).

Yet if the Mind thinks that a particular pain in “unwanted,” it will not abide it—and that is precisely what creates struggle in one’s life, and suffering.

Struggle is the result of the Mind rejecting what the Soul offers. It is the Mind deciding to go off in another direction, veering from the Path of the Soul. Suffering is the emotional product of that decision. Both struggle and suffering are creations of the Mind, which is where you reality is created.

What your Mind thinks about something is crucial in determining how you experience it—and Gratitude can cause you to change your Mind.

Yet Gratitude is not a tool with which to fool the Mind, it is a tool with which to open the Mind. It expands your normal, limited thinking to include a counter-intuitive truth: that even when something seems “bad” for you, it can actually be good for you.

Underneath this truth lies a deeper one: Nothing that ever happens is “bad” for you, or it wouldn’t be happening. Life is incapable of producing an event or condition that does not carry you to the next place in your evolution, and that is not designed for your next expression of Divinity. Since the expression of Divinity is the reason you are here, you can be sure that everything that is placed before you appears before you to serve this Divine Purpose. (In other words, your purpose.)

And so we say, Thank you, God. We give thanks for the opportunity to heal an old injury, to close an old wound, to alter an old pattern, to shift an old reality, to release an old story, to change an old idea, and to create a new experience of Self and Life. In short, the opportunity to Demonstrate Divinity — which is the reason you are here.

(In our next installment: Reliable Repetition – Another Tool Creating Happiness)

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  • Kirsten

    Since like The Universe and Law, I do not accept anything should exist that is below the level of normal/neutral/nothingness, or what officially is defined in Law as the Neutral State Of Just (interesting words to look up, especially just), I personally think the word gratitude is just a word someone made up in order to be able to define the negative aspect of ingratitude, along with ungraciousness and ungrateful. Many words serve this purpose.
    CwG uses the example of this when you (Neale) questioned why the news is full of bad news. The answer being that its a good thing, a majority of things are good so when we reach the point that suffering and bad things dont make it to the news, we are in a very bad state.

    As a species, like most other mammals, I think we are content when the necessities of life are met without a struggle or suffering involved. This contentment is gratitude and The Universe nor any of the higher powers above do not need us to express it, bordering on being a ‘brown nose’. In fact there is nothing worse than fake people who over thank, and talk about normal events like random acts of kindness, in a positive manner constantly, especially when seeking attention. Those above have a huge sense of personal satisfaction in what they have made and acheived, especially the long ‘human experiment’ of humans being manually made, from the basic primate form. In fact, The Source and God are no longer givers, they are receivers, receiving from us instead. They know we have gratitude when we are not complaining….do my cats need to thank me for their food and comforts…no, I know they are grateful and thankful as they are happy and that is where I get my satisfaction from. We all also know people are always grateful for how we treat each other well, for the jobs people choose to do to make our lives easier, and all that we have. A simple acknowledgement, smile or thank you is all that will ever be needed. These acknowledgements are already automated via our souls, we ‘just’ do it, which is why gratitude is just a word, and under the umbrella of the Law of Neutral State of Just!!
    We all express and know the 10/90% Law, that in a huge majority of all species we are happy and content, or neutral/normal/just 90% of the time, it is only 10% of our lives, bodies, people in our lives, dramas, work stress or problems that we single out. 10% is nothing compared to the normal content 90%. I think this is the headspace some people need to change, where they are allowing a minority of 10% to dominate the positive 90%.
    I think this is the same as what you are expressing but I translate it to Law rather than ‘just’ a word.
    Take care,

  • CandyZ

    Thanks so much for sharing this Neale. I love this article…I think that people on the most part are not grateful for what they have and unfortunately it usually take losing something before we realize the value of it. Believe me when I tell you gratitude is the only thing that saved my life and changed it. I suffered with depression and anxiety for years and years..and right when things were looking up and getting better I had a fire that burnt pretty much everything I owned but the clothes on my back..I had no insurance and no where to go…and not just me my 2 kids as well..normally it would have been devastating for me..but this time was different before the fire I had started reading books about gratitude and spirituality..so when the fire happened and I just kept telling myself “this is all happening for the best” despite what was going on around me. I woke up every day and wrote the alphabet on a piece of paper and for every letter I would write something that I was grateful for that started with that letter..and things got better..much better..better than things were before the fire : ) and I truly believe it was because of how I chose to interpret the situation in my mind. Good or bad it is up to me to decide to look at the positive or negative things that are happening..gratitude helps to highlight the good so that you can forget about the bad. It helps, it’s a wonderful healing tool : )

  • mewabe

    Good advice!

    Another aspect of gratefulness:

    Gratefulness comes when one realizes the difference between WANT, which comes from the mind and from social and cultural conditioning, from perception rather than knowledge, from expectations rooted in past experiences, and NEED, which is more natural, primordial and central, and is rooted in the body, the heart, the soul.
    WANT is a tyrannical slave master that keeps a person forever unsatisfied and driven to want ever more. A real NEED met in a natural manner brings natural satisfaction and peace of mind.

    The difference between want and need is as in the following example: everyone needs shelter to stay warm and dry, a roof over their head. No one needs a 20 000 square foot mansion. The craving for such a mansion, or a dozen of them, is a culturally induced want, not a natural, normal human need. We could accurately say that it is highly neurotic.

    Speaking of neurosis it is a mistake to believe that the object of civilization has been to create happiness. It is quite the opposite. It was not so long ago, in the colonial days and beyond, that young men in Europe were advised not to go to the tropics, such as in some paradise-like pacific islands, because it was thought that is they did they might end up languishing in the arms of a beautiful half naked woman under a coconut tree, and loose their drive to work all day and do other things civilized society deemed necessary and proper.
    So called primitives were openly despised for their ability to derive satisfaction from having their needs for food, water, shelter, sex and companionship met, and not feel driven to work like slaves or conquer the world afterward.

    Civilization is entirely founded on the principle of the postponement of actual human needs (from childhood to retirement, when we are supposed to finally be able to live and be happy but quickly drop dead) for the sake of causing a drive, an intense ambition, a restlessness wholly based on unsatisfaction. It has always been this way, but the creation of unsasfaction and of the resulting drives to work, of the ambitions to achieve and of the craving for physical things has become state of the art.

    Indeed this resulting massive human frustration is placated and actually exploited, by creating artificial wants to replace the actual human needs that are postponed, and provide the means to seemingly fulfill these wants in ways that are profitable financially and ideologically for exploiters, that is to say for those who are in control, who have wealth and power over the masses.

    In other words, and to simplified and drive the point home, It works like this: because people waste their lives either working like peons all day or climbing the social ladder, they seek happiness at Walmart of on Rodeo drive buying ever more cheap or expensive junk to fill their inner void, and civilization keep us working and producing ever faster so we can buy and discard ever more of this junk at the speed of light, ruining the planet and the future generations in the process.

    Civilization has never been about happiness, because neurotic populations, populations who are trained to postpone or suppress their real human needs for the sake of working and consuming ever more and ever faster cannot be happy, no matter what they tell themselves or what their puppet masters tell them.

    • Some great points! Let us not forget that there are numerous movements like the slow food movement, simplicity movements, environmental movements, etc. that are moving in a very different but healthy direction. One only needs to look at how they feel to discern whether something is working for them or not. That simplicity can get lost in the rat race world, but in time of quiet or meditation, it will surface.

      • mewabe

        Thanks Marko. Yes there are beautiful seeds (movements) that are attempting to grow in this chaotic world, that may be seedlings for a future when the global civilization finally collapses and surviving populations have to re-invente their world from the ground up.
        At this point there is no collective consensus on anything, we are indeed in a global storm of near total discord and mad competition, like rats in an overcrowded cage.
        Such a necessary unity might only come at a high cost, when humanity is paying the physical and spiritual prices of its disconnection from life, from the natural creation, and is forced to stop everything and to actually change direction, at the most fundamental levels.