A question for our century:

Many people have the experience that Divinity exists, but not nearly as many have the experience that they exist as Divinity. This is not because they are not capable of experiencing themselves as Divine, it is because they do not conceive of themselves as that. This is evidence of our spiritual immaturity, not of our spiritual identity.

The days of our spiritual childhood are receding, however. We are evolving, and our spiritual growth has brought us the awareness that something has been missing from our experience. What has been called the Cloud of Unknowing is being lifted.

We know now that Life, and that each of us as a Life Form, has the potential — nay, the inherent impulse, the deep and natural desire, the urging and the yearning — to express something much grander, something much more glorious, than what we have accepted as the norm.

We are ready now to create a New Normal. And we are clear now that this New Normal will emerge only when we access and express what has always been Natural.

In the past, what is “natural” and what is “normal” has not always been the same. In fact, too often it has been “normal” to act in a way that is not “natural.” This is because we have not previously been fully aware of our true nature. We have thought that we are less than we are—and we have been acting like it.

All of that can now end.

There are those who say that the way we have been living life on Earth will not end and cannot end, that it is impossible to substantially alter our behaviors, given the nature of human beings. Yet it is possible precisely because of the nature of human beings.

Human beings are not simply chemical creatures. They are not merely biological entities with a body and a mind that emerge into physical life, live their years as fate provides, then watch helplessly as life, consciousness, self-awareness and their very beingness is stripped from them forever.

You know now that you are more than this. You can feel it. You are not your body and you are not your mind. You are a larger entity, having a body and having a mind.

You are aware now of the Larger Reality. You are clear now that there is more to this physical life that we are part of and that is all around us than meets the eye. You see now a Larger Truth—and the implications of that Larger Truth. You have brought forward your inner knowing of the True Nature of Things.

Every living cell of every living thing knows what it is doing. Plants do not turn to the sun by chance. White corpuscles do not rush to heal the wounds of the lion by coincidence. There is a form of intelligence built into the system at the cellular level that causes Life to do, at every level of physical expression, what it does naturally.

So it is that human beings do not endlessly seek unity and yearn to express oneness as a fluke. It is their very nature to do so. It is human nature.

And it is the Consciousness of human beings—the quality of being Self-Conscious—that allows us to find (indeed, to create) an answer to life’s biggest dilemmas and peaceful resolutions to life’s biggest problems (both personal and global). The question is not whether we are capable of creating such answers and resolutions, the question is whether we are willing. Do we have the will to do so ? And if not, what could cause us, individually and collectively, to have such a will?

Let that be our question of the day.

I think there are three things that could cause us to muster the individual and collective will to live our lives doing what we would do naturally, rather than what we would do normally. 

  1. We would have to see and agree that what we normally do in most situations is no longer working.
  2. We would have to see and agree that giving in to our True Nature, that demonstrating Who We Really Are, is the only, and the perfect, way out of our mounting human dilemmas.
  3. We would have to see and agree that it is actually possible to live according to our True Nature. We would have to know that we really can express, with our thoughts, words, and actions, our highest idea of Who We Really Are. (Or as some would say it, “The better angels of our nature.”)

There is only one way that I know of to accomplish #3. We would have to try it. We would have to commit to truly undertaking the effort, knowing that if we rose to our Highest Selves even part of the time, it would be enough to make a real difference, both in our own lives and in the collective experience of humanity.

The present collective experience of humanity calls out to us. Is this who we really are? As a species, is this how we wish to see ourselves being? Are we okay with what we are seeing? If we are not, are we content with saying, “Hey, there’s nothing I can do about it! What do want from me??”

Is there truly nothing we can do about it? Is it our only recourse to simply hunker down, wait it out, hope that nothing horrible that is happening in the world touches us before the horrible stuff can be solved and made to go away? And what would solve it, anyway?

Does any of this have anything whatsoever to do with your own personal journey through life? Well, that would depend on what you felt was the reason for your own personal journey through life. Why are you here? What is your own personal journey all about? Is there a purpose? Is there an agenda? Or is your being here just a happenstance, a random occurrence, a biological incident?

What’s really going on here on this planet? In your heart, in your mind, in your soul? Do you even have a “soul”?

It’s time to start answering some questions.

No, no. It’s past time.

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  • Neale,

    One of the things I’ve found useful when facing challenges is the idea of progress rather than perfection.

    Using that tool, I can see progress in humanity’s awareness that what we have been doing is not working. Knowing that it doesn’t take 100% of the population to create change gives me hope because the multi-billionaires and power brokers appear to be happy with the way things are in the world.

    I have no problem knowing humans are much more than just chemically based animals because of my own personal experiences. I believe that, regardless of the specific definition we have each developed over our lifetimes of Who We Really Are, we can each strive for much more than we have so far achieved collectively. If we can get the species past the rhetoric of “my God is better than your God” and “my way is the only way” in order to work together, humanity could improve the daily lives so very much for the majority rather than the minority. I see us moving in that direction. Again, progress. What I’m not sure of is whether or not we will make enough progress quickly enough to save our species and our planet.

    I attempt, every day, to think, speak and act with more compassion towards everyone. There are more moments when I succeed than fail. Sometimes it’s more difficult than others to try to see things the way others do because I have not lived their lives. However, I have found I can almost always find a way to connect with some aspect of another’s life. I feel that’s a step that everyone can take. I feel that’s a step everyone should take for the sake of the species as a whole. It may be as simple as understanding that the cashier at a store has been on her feet six hours so that I understand her attitude towards me isn’t personal, or as complicated as taking the time to look at my father’s life to better understand why he abused his families.

    I would like to see more collective progress. We still kill each other in so many ways: war, famine, lack of shelter, lack of wellness. We still kill each other “on the inside,” as well: insults and hurtful words, rejection, letting go of important people in our lives over trivial differences.

    I can only speak for myself, but by making it part of my daily life to be “more me” while still considering others, I have changed dramatically. I may be homeless, my blood family may not want me around because I speak truths they don’t like to hear, and my body isn’t as able as it used to be, but I am more serene, more loving, more passionate about life, and more forgiving. I find the latter more important to me than the former.

    Love and Blessings,

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I am so very, very proud of you, Annie, and so inspired by you. Thank you for sharing this with me. You make my heart smile. Lovingly, Neale.

  • I think we have the will & willingness to tackle lifes challenges. We seem to have enough for our personal growths with CwG, self help books & other metaphysically like minded material. We have plenty of tools to work & play with for our personal selves & work on creating our personal reality.

    We have yet to decide how we can do this collectively. I always felt a top 10 list of agreeable problems we’d like to solve & start from the top & start checking them off, would be a place to start.

    I think if the world for the most part was in close agreement, we’d do it, be it behind a government, private or some organizational plan. Or maybe it starts organically & many systems, people, organizations start doing their thing & it grows & connects with others in a larger collective. Or both.

  • Muzi Cindi


    Here’s what I posted on my FB Wall this morning:

    This statement made religious Jews very angry 2000 years ago. It makes religious Christians very angry today. Truth is TRUTH it does not matter how hurtful it sounds. Our current Information Age shows us that there are INFINITE different ways of interpreting God, Jesus and The Bible; than what we have learned in our Churches.

    This New Reformation requires of you to UNLEARN everything your religion has taught you about God, Jesus and the Bible. You can ONLY become a New Wineskin once you’ve unlearnt everything that is inside your consciousness. You have to lose your current faith in order to gain a faith that cannot be lost. Ask me about it!

    “ …you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times?” – Matthew 16:3

    The Sons of Issachar are described in I Chronicles 12:32 as “men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”
    If we are to arise and fulfill our destiny in the heart of God in this hour, the wisdom of the Sons of Issachar must characterise our generation.

    God has winked at our IGNORANCE (Acts 17:30) and gave us the Information Age. This is the AGE of the Sons of Issachar.

    “If you wish to strive for peace of soul and happiness, then BELIEVE; If you wish to be a disciple of truth, then ENQUIRE”
    Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche (1844-1900)


  • mewabe

    Again, a child can do this…express the “better” part of their nature, spontaneously, naturally. A healthy child’s self expression is not contrived, it is not burdened by religious dogma or metaphysical instructions, by self doubts, self-control and self-correction, it flows as naturally as a brook flows down the slope of a mountain.

    So the question, again, is…what happens in childhood that kills the natural child and produces the self-conflicted, confused, neurotic adult? Education happens…parents happens…religion, in some cases, happens…society and culture happen.

    We all have been conditioned to be who we are not, and to act in ways that oppose our true nature. Beliefs are part of the equation…but there are other factors that those who seek not to behave as they think they “should” according to what they think is their “higher nature” but to act naturally and spontaneously must understand and tackle.

    When there cannot be spontaneity but self control and self correction is necessary, or when spontaneity leads to negativity rather than to the expression of our better nature, that should tell us that we have some deep inner work to do, not to change from the outside in, but from the inside out.

    • Mewabe, my friend,

      You have such a wonderful gift with your expression of what you think, feel and believe.

      I like the idea of the circle, but as I see it, it’s more of a sphere. We have (and are I think) many more dimensions to our physical reality and as beings than those which have so far been understood by the various types of science, including psychology and sociology.

      I have hope for humanity collectively because I know so many people who have been put in a position where they have had to face their own “demons.” In order to do so, they have had to not only do that drilling down to their personal core issues, but to then face society’s “demons,” as well. First they awaken to why they think, act and believe the way they do as an individual, and then they are able to clearly see society’s ailments because they are not so self-afraid and/or society and their culture no longer allows for a comfortable fit.

      If I could change one thing, it would be to change almost everything about the messages we give our children, from what they are told by their families of origins, our poor educational systems and society. I would love to see things like meditation, self-esteem and how to question and reason taught rather than the regurgitation of “facts” about our history (which isn’t always truth because it’s always written from a specific perspective). I would love to see our children learn more from their elders than a school system.

      I work daily to not “should” on anyone, although I know I used that term in my own response. I think it’s becoming imperative for more of us to challenge what’s considered “normal” if we’re going to survive.

      You also give me hope, because you speak in terms that are so clearly of someone unafraid of their own and society’s “demons.”

      Love and Many Blessings,

      • mewabe

        Thank you Annie,

        I agree so much with what you wrote about society and culture no longer allowing for a comfortable fit after healing oneself. So true…both healing and what is called enlightenment have for consequence to make life a little more difficult in some ways, because although there may be a sense of great personal liberation and even bliss, the world is seen for what it is with greater clarity then, and it becomes somewhat more difficult to remain a part of it, to participate in it.
        It becomes necessary to stand outside of it, because of who we have become, or rather who we remember we truly are. It even becomes difficult to accept the ideas of authority and hierarchy, because enlightenment causes a powerful sense of personal spiritual sovereignty to emerge. This taboo idea is not often talked about in contemporary spiritual circles, yet it is absolutely true. This is why many Native Americans had no hierarchy in their societies, and were not living under any authority, but had egalitarian, matriarchal cultures, because they knew that the soul or spirit fares poorly when living under even voluntary submission.

        I also agree about the sphere…I did not mention it because I wanted to use a simple image. But the sphere is formed by the 6 directions (4 cardinal points and above and below) used by Native Americans as a symbolic means of returning or standing at the center of all creation…and it represents a multi-dimensional universe indeed, that has no outside or inside, no up or down, no past or future, etc, because it is one. There are multiple layers of meaning in these ancient symbols.
        The sphere is also the feminine model of the universe…it seems to be the most accurate to me, as I see the cosmos as having womb-like feminine attributes. The pyramid is the masculine model, meaning hierarchy and dominant power and authority. I think it does not represent the cosmos accurately, only man’s ideals of power. This is the model different civilizations have been living under for thousands of years, and I think it is becoming a problem.

        Yes about children! We need to stop harassing and pressuring them to perform like robots, stop drugging them when they act like children are meant to act, and have a completely different system of education. Unfortunately, the “powers that be” do not want to create an independent, enlightened population but a mass of obedient, unquestioning workers-consumers. I think Noam Chomsky said that most schooling is training for stupidity and conformity, that might sound harsh but I agree.

        “Demons” are just angels with broken wings…we are all wounded to varying degrees, and must all heal our wounds in order not to wound others. This is the first step to peace as I see it. Hope lies in the understanding that everything leads back to love and the Self, if followed all the way through, even a road through hell. The key is not getting stuck and to keep moving forward on the soul journey.

        Take care Annie, and many blessings to you my friend!

        • Kirsten

          Hi there,
          Just a quickie. A pyramid is half a diamond, and is the highest journey humans can undertake. The bottom half of the diamond cannot be done on Earth, and each side of the hidden aspects are a different aspect of that person, with full training given, all top secret stuff (under ground!!). These may be prince, princess, judge, high priest, guru, realm management, role by marriage etc.
          The visible half of the diamond, seen as a pyramid represents four different mini journeys or paths, with a break in between. The Source represented by beauty and perfection, joy etc will always be at the end of each stage, as the Masons show with the all seeing eye at the top. What you are seeing and interpreting as a masculine model, is merely those in ‘power’ have only completed one side of the 4, which is the self, Earth, physical life, money etc. In Kabbalah this is the lowest level. When people move to a new side, and look to the Sun/The Source, then the side they have completed is the shadow they are standing in, ie their next starting point is the top of the former side.
          But….you are right about the Higher Self info. Most things new age are backwards and misteachings.
          Take care Mewbob,

          • mewabe

            Thanks Kristen for the info. Is the star of David a representation of the union of these two pyramids (above and below)? It seems to be a non dualistic symbol (meaning the union of “opposites” or complementary polarities).
            The number 4 is very significant…along with the number 7 (the 4 directions, above and below, and the center or Source).
            I still relate more to the circle/sphere symbol than the pyramid, because I am a non-hierarchical, nature type of person, and a sphere of light is something I actually saw in a very powerful dream/vision many years ago.
            But I think all such symbols ultimately lead to the understanding of the Source.
            Hope you are doing well…
            Take care Bobsten!

          • Kirsten

            Hi ya,
            Star of David is my tattoo, may as well get ‘branded’ as a FU to Hitler! Yes, in its most simplistic form it is two pyramids of above/below and God/Israelites. Our triangle is built up to a 3d pyramid, and when we have completed two sides then God kicks in with His like an overlay to share the other two pyramid sides journey (I am on my 4th side now). When we understand God then the two entwine, with the majority portion in the middle being us with God together and commonalities, with each party then having their own 3 strong traits or roles not shared outside of the common area. These points sticking out will differ for everyone.
            Via intuition people will relate to the shapes that relates to them, then The Universe will help us develop those flat shapes into a 3d model. A sphere is completion, fluidy, whole etc so that would be right for you. I am half a star, meaning two pyramids and half opening cubes or boxes. This is very grounded and Earthly, which offsets and neutralises my ‘other life’. Meaning I function by opening a box and studying or working with one thing at a time. Note how lots a little cubes are like bricks…..a pyramid, but you already know everything is entwined. Yes, you are right, pyramids are masculine but I study/sort things in the masculine way. Look at peoples doodles or art.
            Take care Mewbobski,

  • mewabe

    If you are serious about changing yourself and the world
    first disconnect your television
    no, do not disconnect it, pulverize it
    throw it away as you would any other empty container.

    Walk out of the collective consciousness.

    Does the Dalai Lama watch television?
    sadly perhaps for entertainment
    and to shake his Holy Loneliness.

    The Buddha did not watch television
    Joshua did not watch television
    they got their daily programming
    not from any media but from the universe
    from the earth and the sky
    and the divine heartbeat that empowers all life
    to move in harmony and love.

    Television is the temple, the new religion
    that invades your mind and conquers your heart
    immobilizes you into a trance
    and a make-believe world of powerlessness.

    Do not kneel at this altar of conformity
    where intelligence is sedated
    creativity is medicated
    and personality molded to serve
    the puppet masters of consumption.

    Consuming ideologies of endless commerce and profit
    consuming terror and endless wars
    consuming endless fear and pending disasters
    consuming law and disorder
    with offers of plastic happiness
    and pleasurable relief
    all things born of the blood of the earth
    and the cries of the world.

    • Nothing wrong with tv if you watch it consciously & deliberately.

      • mewabe

        I invite you to read:
        Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television
        By Jerry Mander

        Television is mainstream programming. There is nothing healthy about it.
        Very little information and a lot of fluff presented in an overly dramatic manner to play on the public’s emotions.

        • I’ve read them years ago (when I was tv less) & you’ve posted this to me once before a long while back. I still believe you can watch tv consciously & deliberately.

          There is horrible tv shows that I choose not to watch but there are specials, documentaries & others that are wonderful. Just like Facebook we get to choose the content. Things like tv & Facebook can be time wasters, but I just don’t watch that much & do art, reading, music, writing, meditation, events, friends etc.

          Yet with my set up I record what I want & watch when I want to. I also listen to music channel on the tv (more so on my iPhone & computer. Plus, there is a showcase channel that simply has landscapes,nature & other themes that are meditative to watch. I too went with out tv in our first 7 years of marriage, but I consciously use it with deliberate intent.

          And since you don’t watch it, you don’t know the good content to watch. As for news I watch only a little to get the mainstream pulse & use alternative sources instead. Tv, like life, is a choice. Not watching is a good one as is consciously & purposefully watching it. With dvd recording no live tv is needed you do so at your leisure.