Looking at a Larger Reality:

I had the honor of being the master of ceremonies on Saturday at a Celebration of Life event in honor of my father-in-law. The room was packed with family and friends of my wife’s Dad, and I had the chance to share with this standing room only audience some thoughts arising from the final book in the CWG cosmology, titled HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.

The response from those present was so positive that I feel moved to share those words with you here as well, as some of you may have experienced in recent weeks or months the death of a loved one.

What I have been told by God is this:

Death does not exist — not in the way that most of us think of it, which is as the end of life. In fact, there is no such thing as the “end of life.”

In truth, what we call death is another beginning. And those are not just hollow words. Those are words of insight into life’s largest truth: That there is more going on here than meets the eye.

So grieve when a person dies if grief is what you feel — and who does not, when we have lost a loved one?

But let yourself know that even the expression of grief in your loss is a living demonstration of the most beautiful part of life, which is love.

Then, even in our grief, we can feel ourselves honoring what is most important in life. In this life and in the Life Eternal.

From this place of love expressed, let us endeavor to see a death in our family even as we would welcome a birth in our family — for death IS but “birth in another form.”

Embrace, as best you can, the death of another, therefore, with soft celebration, even as our loved ones who have departed celebrate their Continuation Day.

And let us know and trust this truth as well: No one dies at a time or in a way that is not of their choosing.

The passage of the Soul is ended only when the agenda of that passage is complete, and not one moment before. There is no such thing as being “incomplete” on the Journey of the Soul.

Finally, tell everyone this: It is impossible to die without God. The Divine is there to greet everyone.

God will embrace you, comfort you, welcome you, and assure you that you are perfect, just the way you are.

Then you will be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven, where you will be celebrated for Who You Are, and who you have always been. For who we all are.

I am told, this is who you are. This is who we all are…

You are goodness and mercy and compassion and under-standing. You are peace and joy and light.

You are forgiveness and patience, strength and courage…

…a helper in time of need, a comforter in time of sorrow, a healer in time of injury, a teacher in times of confusion.

You are the deepest wisdom and the highest truth; the greatest peace and the grandest love.

You are these things. And in moments of your life you have known yourself as these things.

Life invites you to know yourself as these things always.

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  • mewabe

    I have the immense privilege of knowing that there is no end to life through a life long psychic connection with the “other side”. For me there is absolutely no doubt, this is not a belief but knowledge.

    However I also know, through this connection, that not everybody makes it to a good “place”, such as the “kingdom heaven” you are mentioning Neale. Some people find themselves temporarily stuck in a bad “place”. In truth there is no “place”, but a dimension of consciousness which corresponds to a state of consciousness. And of course there is never any punishment or “consequences” from any source, divine or otherwise, but there are these things that we call guilt and judgment, which are entirely self-inflicted.

    Self inflicted judgment and guilt are what closes the door of what you call “heaven”, that is to say that they create a state of psychic isolation brought on by a thought and a feeling of unworthiness. The same happens in physical life, by the way, in a slightly different form.

    One of the quickest ways out of such self inflicted judgment and guilt, which are primarily a mental process, is to return to feeling, and to feel the pain/suffering we might have caused another, willingly or by accident or mistake, if such a thing burdens our soul. Feeling such pain opens the door of understanding, and opens the heart completely. And that’s where the door to “heaven” is found, in the loving, open heart.

    As you mentioned yourself, putting it in a slightly different way, understanding is forgiveness.

    This is not a theory, or an opinion…but direct knowledge through psychic means. And even thought there is no judgment from anyone or anything on the “other side”, there is self knowledge, and an awareness of a need to grow, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, where we previously might have fallen short, or where physical life ended. There is no end to personal and collective growth as you know.

  • “And let us know and trust this truth as well: No one dies at a time or in a way that is not of their choosing.”

    This of course begs the question to every reader, what of all those horrible ways people die?, be it prolonged painful illnesses, accidents, murder, rape, war the list goes on & on & on.

    Sure we can say that horrible death is caused by us at some deep spiritual soul level of which we now consciously don’t know anything about, but is meaningful in the bigger picture. Yet, it seems like empty metaphysics trying to put a positive spin on what is truly something truly horrible.

    I’m not saying the statement is inaccurate, it’s provocative for sure! But it begs for a more expanded meaningful explanation. At best, it would seem it could be soothed by saying it serves a larger agenda, unbeknown to us.

    My guess is, no one consciously wants to die a horrible death as we understand it in our current state. Yet this can only be done ironically, by not being aware of the larger picture. It indeed is a strange paradox experienced only on a primitive planet engrossed in unconsciousness.

    I guess what I’m saying is it would be wonderful if people started seeing the BIGGER picture & this understanding would bring more clarity, hope & relief that life has greater meaning than horrible suffering & painful death.

    One book that explained one incident of a murder in the fuller larger context is James Twyman’s book “The Barn Dance” about the murder of his ex wife & that explained the larger picture in a good way. Yet how many here have even read that book or heard of it?

    • Jen

      Just went and bought “The Barn Dance”. Thanks for the recommendation!

      • It will also explain a method through lucid dreaming how to communicate with the other side.

    • mewabe

      Native Americans, in the old days, often had dreams or visions revealing the time, place and manner of their departures. Tecumseh was one of them. In order to have this kind of intuitive knowledge, you have to be in touch with the unconscious, and one of the easiest way to get in touch with the unconscious is to be finely attuned to nature, as were Native Americans.

      When you are truly in touch with the deeper parts of the self, you do not need to go through certain difficulties and trials, because you are already relatively awake, and consequently do not need to brutally “shake” yourself awake. The key is always self-knowledge, at all levels.

      It is those aspects of the self that scream for attention, growth or healing but are unwittingly ignored or altogether unknown that bring us trouble, with physical illnesses, accidents, and other tragic events that appear to be caused by outside events but are actually invited, allowed or created by us.

      Know Thyself. We are never truly victims, and we are never truly powerless, we just forget our power.

      • Well said my friend. I like your statement” Native Americans, in the old days, often had dreams or visions revealing the time, place and manner of their departures.” Very cool. But who today has those? Once could ask does one even want to know when they die? It may be too much to take in.

        I on the other hand have the intention to die laughing. Perhaps in a chair with special friends/family. We share a wonderful hilarious prolonged belly laugh, I catch my breath & sigh happily, take a nap or last breath & on to my next journey.

        I still have trouble when children die or anyone tragically. I can’t see this ever happening in an enlightened society. Yet I know even in our unconscious, primitive society that we can find meaning & lessons in it. It just seems way way so sever a lesson to have so, so, outrageous & dramatic & unnecessary. But meaningful in the larger picture does little when you are ensconced in the smaller picture.

        What bothers me about death is not death itself but how we die. So much suffering & pain in way too many cases. Perhaps it’s by the soul’s choosing since this too will pass, that is, the pain & suffering.

        I do consider that we may eventually have a mix of technology that uses psychic spiritual elevation to work & that this kind of psychic technology will link us to the other side via video & other apparatus.

        I further contemplate that we can advance in such a way as to move between both worlds even has we inhabit this current physical body. As mention earlier, the book “The Barn Dance” gives instruction on using a strategy of lucid dreaming & creating a door that when you open it the loved one in the other side will be there to talk to you.

        • mewabe

          I am very lucky to be able to communicate with the other side, as I mentioned. The veil of separation is very thin. It is mostly false beliefs and fear that separate the two sides., and the belief in death itself being the ultimate separation. It is not…

          Another barrier is the almost universal fear of what is called the “Devil”, or “dark forces”, or “demons”. etc. These ideas are universal, not just originating in Christianity. These beliefs and fears close the door to the spirit world.

          I communicate in all different ways…visually, through direct messages and communication, feelings, etc. I really wish everyone could know the joy that comes from such connection.

          I have heard about The Barn Dance, I think Neale knows the author and they might be friends.

          • I’d love to hear more about the other side but it could get long & involved & I’m not sure that’s good to do here. Might monopolize the conversation. Too bad couldn’t do it privately but, the site is not set up for such exchanges.

          • mewabe

            Thanks Marko, all I can tell you is that there is nothing to fear. There are many “layers” or dimensions on the other side, that reflect and resonate with one’s consciousness. There are many families of consciousness.

            The more awakened a person is, the more conscious at the spiritual level, the easier and more peaceful the transition or death. There is no need for pain or struggle. As Neale mentioned, death is just another birth.

            Personally, I already know who I will be reunited with on the other side…and it is not primarily people I have known in this life, but a few centuries ago. In some ways, I know I am just visiting here, in this world…that my true place is somewhere else, as I was shown.

            As they say, home is where the heart is!

          • Cool Mewabe, thanks. How fortunate you are to peak behind the curtain in ways others haven’t.

            What is your feeling about people who claim to communicate with the dead specifically people like:
            James Van Praagh or Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium.

            They are popular & make a lot of money on this.

          • mewabe

            I do not know anything about these two individuals, but I am always very skeptical of people who make a great living at this, particularly those who work with a large audience and turn this activity into a circus show. I would not trust them…gut feeling.

          • Kirsten

            Hi ya,
            Just a quick question re the above. In my experience in the old days ‘snooping’ at these shows, which are great entertainment btw, I truly believe the good mediums are passing messages etc on as they hear and see it, and much info is correct BUT everytime, witbout fail, I was sure it was ‘invisible’ tricksters and impersonators. My own intuition (Im not a seer altho obviously I can hear and feel), was screaming a completely different ‘entity’ to what the the mediums could see. As you and I know, obviously those above can pull any memory from our minds at will which makes it very easy for them to impersonate. James Van Praagh actually enrages me for some reason, but then so does Oprah and a lot of people..purely instinctive!!! Perhaps its ego and self promotion?!
            Any thoughts on this, or what is your gut instinct telling you?
            I have no idea why they do it. I can have theories, thats all.
            Hope you are well Mewbob,

          • mewabe

            Ego, power, status and money…what basically rules this world, and rules much of the so called new age as well.

            Everything is a business and an industry.

            It’s the same thing with Native American ceremonies that are used by non natives, who charge money for them. Quote from Steve Reevis, Blackfeet:
            “If you are asking for money in a spiritual situation, then you really have to start looking at well. You can’t buy a prayer. As far as people up there in Browning who I am around in the “Pipe life”, you never see them asking for money and most of them don’t have high incomes-most just get by-but you will never see them asking for money for the spiritual gifts that were given to them by the Creator.”

            Compare this mindset with James Arthur Ray’s nefarious activities in Arizona a few years ago, and who was preying on the naive, with fake and dangerous sweat lodge “ceremonies”, etc.

            The new age also confuse “spiritualism” with spirituality. Being psychic has nothing to do with being spiritual. Absolutely nothing.
            It has nothing to do with having a relationship of any kind with the Divine or Source. Yogis understand this in India. They pay no attention to such gifts, that can manifest with the rise of the Kundalini energy in yoga. Being psychic is just a tool, to be used with great caution, and not to be relied upon completely, but as an occasional supplement to personal intuition and common sense. Otherwise it stops your growth, and you may attract entities that exploit this slowing down of your spiritual growth, or this confusion.

            I am very protected psychically, so I trust my connections or guides. But I never asked for such gifts, they just came because I was on a spiritual path from the beginning, being always a seeker of truth, above all else. The chakra above my head (crown chakra) eventually opened, but I never asked for it either, never even thought about it. I understood this much later. It all happened because of my spiritual connection to nature and the divine Source. Other gifts (dreams, visions) came before the psychic ability, and I paid no attention to it for a long time, because I wanted instead to keep developing my own intuition and inner guidance. I think that it is a lot more important to follow your own inner light.
            I feel like I no longer have actual guides, just friendly, loving, beautiful connections. But I still have protection.

            In this world, everyone wants to be someone, and to claim to have something special. The new age is, like everything else, a mad competitive rush to get to the limelight, to claim leadership, to rise above others, and of course to make an income out of whatever is claimed as a gift. It is the ego talking, and not very spiritual at all. All of it comes from a lack of self-knowledge.

            Personally, I stay away from what is popular. I do not trust popular taste or popular culture, never have. That’s another reason why I do not watch television, and walk away from other crowd control devices, such as ideologues, religions, and other forms of “group think”.

            Here is some advice to the new age seeker: you will learn more from a cloud or a tree or a river or the soil under your feet than from any new age guru. Go within and remember your spiritual connection to the living Creation (the Divine Creation is spiritually alive, in spite of what mainstream religions taught you), that is all you need, and that is what you need. The most Holy “book” is hidden within this living universe, to be read by those who know where to look.

            You asked for my thoughts…that can be dangerous!
            It’s raining bobcats and coyotes here, nice!
            All is well, hope all is good for you Kbob!
            2016 is going to be a strange year…I can see the signs, and it will take some patience to get through it. It would be a good year to take a sabbatical.

          • Kirsten

            Thanks Mbob. Hope I didnt short circuit your brain asking for thoughts.
            I feel that intuition, psychic and instincts see more physical like extra senses than anything else, I like them, but dont like meduimship or anything that involves anyone else. And I think a true spiritual path is done 100% alone, in the big picture, there is nothing of value you can actually pay for or buy.
            Yup, I agree and it ‘feels’ wrong to ever charge anyone for helping them or random acts of kindness. This is my personal determination to decide if people are genuine or notm or are working for the greater good. We do not charge cats for helping and feeding them, its a heart based freewill choice, why would we charge a person for the same gift although im fine with reimbursements or a fair hourly rate when genuine. Or else it can easily become slavery.
            Know what you mean about any gifts being a plan b, as a back up for emergencies, I dont even like anyone being at the top of intuition. I no longer have any guides or teachers either.
            Watch those panthers and wolves falling from the skies wont ya. Mite be heavy, you dont want a open ventilation skylight in your studio!! Its summer, Im in Heaven for a couple of months. Everyones whinging about the heat and humidity…at what point does it become ok to say ‘shut the fork up, lose some weight or pee off to Antartica’? Im pretty close. Especially with immigrants, South Africans especially cant hack it. Toughen up people!! I think we have storm warnings, that should shut them up, although my area (Howick) seems to just get a hour of light rain, when there will be flash flooding a 20 min drive away. Its all very odd but happens everytime. I can always see a huge line in the sky like a boundary across the city, storms literally roll around us, prob as we are coastal so the barrier is our coastal winds. I read not long ago that a huge percentage of people, incl in America, have never been to the ocean. We are so used to just getting in the car and driving a few mins to a beach, thats insane. Sooo many guys have a swim on their way home from work, its our ‘normal’, inland normal must be so odd!!
            Anyway cats to hang out and washing to feed, plants to clean and a car to water, groceries to post and work sales to put in the fridge, so I must canter.
            Take care Bob van Steinski

          • Kirsten

            Hi Marko,
            You hit the nail on the head….”They are popular & make a lot of money on this”. Notice how the two always go hand in hand.
            Have you ever heard of anyone truly working for the greater good seeking money and popularity? They are simply not personality traits of those who serve and help those who need it, and popularity and fame are hinderances on a path of goodness, just as having a huge excess of money just makes people want to make more, just for fun and because their gullible ‘groupies’ hand them money for nothing.
            Take care,

    • Awareness

      Greetings Marko 🙂 I read todays heavenletters and felt the following communication would be relevant here:

      “Heavenletter #99999 God and Prashant, January 30, 2016

      God said:

      Note: The dear gentleman who asked his heartfelt questions here, Prashant Kulkarni, Bangalore, India, made his donation to Heavenletters and asked that God’s answer be published in Heavenletters. We thank Prashant for his openness, courage, and generosity. His questions represent the feelings of many on Earth. Please note that Prashant’s heartfelt questions have been abridged. God’s answer is presented in its entirety.

      Prashant wrote:

      Dear God,

      First of all, I would like Your answer to this letter published in Heavenletters so many would feel at peace inasmuch as life on earth creates danger to so many species.

      There are at least 50000 problem faced by human beings and increasing every year. It seems to me that most of the problems are due to how this human body is designed and created with severe limitations, and it is shocking to me.

      Since the human body has so many needs like food, accommodations, energy, transportation, communication, entertainment, survival, pleasure etc., it has destroyed ecology. More than ever the human body is disconnected from so many dimensions of true nature, and massive suffering abides.

      Why, God, You don’t create a body which does not have to depend upon technology but, rather, be connected to Reality and its various dimensions of love, bliss, peace, freedom, contentment , consciousness, emptiness, vastness, transparency and other qualities of our true vast real nature that give all the power to manifest anything it wants instantly without needing anything from earth (including technology and industry which are causing earth destruction) and also a body which will not have these 50,000 plus problems mentioned above. Is it so difficult to create such a body?

      Do You want to modify and create new DNA/cells and other things required to manifest such powerful self-sufficient body? Per my reading books on other civilizations in other dimensions and planets in this creation like Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturians, Orion, Andromeda, Zeta, Lyran etc., their bodies are designed so that they last for thousands of years without any single problem and without destroying environment and other species…if You could design those bodies then, why cannot human bodies be designed to eliminate thousands of problems?

      Why is population growth not being controlled from Heaven? Instead, why not reduce population naturally. Why create human beings to destroy this beautiful planet earth which was Paradise earlier?

      I request you to take action and create the proper well-architected, well-designed, well-thought-out human body. Giving importance to only human species and ignoring millions of other species at the cost of human species is foolishness.

      Your Heavenletters are wonderful with a lot of insights and are beneficial to many. I request that future Heavenletters address many of the problems mentioned.

      With Love to God and earth and all its species and for saving Earth.

      Prashant Kulkarni

      Bangalore, India

      God to Prashant:

      My Prashant, My Beloved Child, Heart of Love, Delver into Earth Difficulties, Carer of the Universe, Friend to Creation…

      My Son, you care about humanity and the world and the future of the world. You are fervent in your caring. My love for you is assured. I do not have to have reasons for My love for you, for I simply love.

      In My first thought of you at the beginning of time, you were My beloved. Before I created you, you were My beloved. You can be nothing but My beloved. Love is the Essence of My Being. It is also the Essence of Your Being.

      With your understanding and acceptance that you do not have to earn My love, for you already have all of it, let Me say that I decidedly love that you care with all your heart and mind, and I love that you are open to and desirous of having My Words that you elicit published for all the world to see. This is My desire as well.

      Clearly, sight unseen, you want your question and My Words to be placed before the world.

      You may as well know now that you bare your heart at My behest. You are bold and brave at My behest. Your question is at My behest, for you speak for many.

      No human being wants to be told to relax, yet this is My first offering to you. Please accept My offer. I offer you peace and quiet. I desire to lead you into green pastures now.

      I offer peace to the world. We, you and I, agree that it’s time now for the world to settle down. I ask you, too, to lie down by the still waters and look up at the sky and radiate a bright and brilliant future for the world.

      Blessed are you who wants to cure all ills. In peace, dear friend, you make a difference. Believe in peace more than in upset and cause for fear and sense of danger. Excitation and fear stir up the pot of difficulties in the world. Stirring up the fires is not an antidote to the perceived ills of the world. Problems are not the foundation of the world. I repeat that problems are not the foundation of the world. Not at all. I say it again. Problems are not the foundation of the world. Problems of the significance that you speak of are not solved by looking at the problem.

      The world sees danger. The world confronts danger. Many see the world filled with danger, fraught with danger. Sense of danger is not to your benefit nor is it My Will for you.

      Beloved Prashant, a sense of danger produces fear and anger. Fear and anger tend to produce a sword of righteousness. Put this sword aside. Put it away. The sword of righteousness is an indicter. It is an accuser. It is a sword that seeks victory when there are no sides. In True Reality, there is Oneness. Let Us remember Oneness.

      Many are irate at conditions as seen from the world point of view and at those seemingly uncaring ones who are not aflame with passion and vision such as yours. No matter how wonderful it is to care, you are taking a hard line. See with My eyes, for the world is crying for gentleness and kindness and understanding.

      Honorably, you are seeking solutions. In the world, before you can seek solutions, problems have to stand out before you. Dear Prashant, you have been focusing on problems. Instead of having your eye on the sparrow, you are desirous of action to fix the world, and fix it now. Harmony comes not from all the action in the world. It comes from Being.

      There is no question of your desire to bless the world. Intellect, however, digresses on difficulties. Intellect gets stuck on difficulties. It promotes attention on difficulties. It analyzes them. It researches them. Intellect may build bridges across a river, yet intellect does not build bridges across hearts in the world.

      You have a big heart and are dedicated to worthy desires for the world. At the same time, you would also like to teach Me how to be God! Please smile, beloved Prashant. Your eagerness comes from your good will, nothing less. You want only good for the world and the entire Universe and all Beings everywhere. To reach your goals, shine Light, Prashant.

      Care for the world and its environment from the depth of your heart. Love the Universe as you do. Other human beings, no matter how differently they may see the world, require your love. They are My children as are you, and they desire and deserve your love. Through your love, you increase the Consciousness of the World. Consciousness beats compliance any day. Raising Consciousness is the answer to all the difficulties in the world.

      There is no other cure but love. Enforcement is not love. See Higher Dimensions of Love within yourself and within others as well.

      Another way to bespeak love is to say: Inspire. You are here to inspire others. First, inspire yourself. Get away from the arena of difficulties. Rise above the clouds.

      When difficulties occupy your mind, difficulties grow. See the blessings in the world, and blessings will grow. Love the planet. Love all Beings no matter who or what they are. Being a caretaker of the world does not mean you are to be the orchestrator of the world.

      Read other less finite materials, beloved. Think anew.

      It is not in the best interest of Heavenreaders and the world to read about the woes of the world. Woes of the world are not My thing, nor are they yours. Turmoil begets turmoil. Fear not, beloved Prashant. Fear begets fear.

      The world and the human body were created in perfect harmony. I gave you a perfect body. I gave it to you as a gift. Love the body as it is created.

      The world is already returning to its original state. It is being updated right now as We speak. Bodies are changing. Life is changing. All this that you crave is happening. You will begin to see it more and more. Be on the lookout for it.

      Whatever you look for, you will see. Let go of the difficulties. You have greater to do in your service to the world.

      You are a sincere reader of Heavenletters. One theme of Heavenletters is to let go of the past. The intellect upholds the past. The intellect bases its thinking on the past. The intellect has strong opinions based on the past. Opinions are opinions, not face. And Truth Alone is Truth.

      There is a saying: Take care of today, and tomorrow will take care of itself. This is another way of saying: Stop worrying. No longer worry about the future of the Universe. All is well. Had you My Vision, beloved, you would see this. You would be free of worry.

      All this you see before you is illusion. The extant world is only part of existence. It is maya. It is not the whole story. Be cool. Be calm. No longer be anxious. Be assured of the world. You are soul, Prashant. The soul of you knows not worry nor concern. What good does a frown do?

      You have been getting into details. You have been delving into the periphery. You have been delving into the surface. The surface does not go deep enough.

      In fact, you do not have to delve at all!

      Your assignment is to enjoy. It is My deep desire that you enjoy the world. Love the world. You do not have to whip your horse in order to make him giddyap. Give your love in gentle ways. You have a huge heart for mankind. Give your brothers and sisters in the world your love. Give them your Light.

      The world will blossom under your love. Your assignment is to love. Have joy and give joy. Love yourself, you, this fine human being on Earth who cares so deeply.

      Allow Me to be the Teacher. Who holds up the sky? Who propelled the Sun into existence? Who made the Oceans? Who made the waves? Who made you, beloved Prashant?

      Within the son exists the Father. You are here to reveal Me in the Wonderment of your Heart.

      You value the Earth. Now, value everyone’s Life on Earth. Everyone’s. Life is a precious gift to all. In Earth terms, no wants to suffer, and, by far, the majority of beings on Earth don’t want others to suffer either. Oneness is Truth.

      Those with food and housing in abundance also suffer. The world makes comparisons. The world measures. To the world, one suffers more, another suffers less. Yet from the outside, no one knows. People who hunger may view the world differently from you, and they may desire to live with all their might even as they live with hunger. Some who have all their external needs met lavishly may not want to live at all. Who can say who is rich, and who is poor?

      From the world point of view, life is not just, life is unjust. This is the world point of view. Surely, there is plenty of evidence in world terms for this point of view. Go higher and deeper, dear friend. Life is unfathomable. Life is amazing in its unfathomableness.

      Be not attached to world difficulties nor to naming them. Problems have a low consciousness. Yes, as you say, there is carelessness in the world. You who care will lead without drama. Drama is not of Heaven. Drama is of Earth.

      And you are My Light on Earth. Light the world from your heart. This is how you set the world aright. Keep your awareness on higher than trouble. Spread Light far and wide.

      Dream your dreams of what you want. May you see your dreams fulfilled. The world will reap your dreams.

      Be of good cheer. Lift your heart high.

      God is in Heaven, and on Earth too. I am here. I am here with you. Here, I give you peace. Claim peace. Give peace. Be peace. Be.

      “In Being, perform action.”

      I bless you now.

      In love with the world, I am your

      God of Love”

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Whew! that’s a lot to read! I have a saying “live in the solution, not the problem, we live in original blessing.”

        Here are a few passages I liked.

        See with My eyes, for the world is crying for gentleness and kindness and understanding.

        Intellect, however, digresses on difficulties. Intellect gets stuck on difficulties. It promotes attention on difficulties. It analyzes them. It researches them. Intellect may build bridges across a river, yet intellect does not build bridges across hearts in the world.

        When difficulties occupy your mind, difficulties grow. See the blessings in the world, and blessings will grow. Love the planet. Love all Beings no matter who or what they are. Being a caretaker of the world does not mean you are to be the orchestrator of the world.

        It is not in the best interest of Heavenreaders and the world to read about the woes of the world. Woes of the world are not My thing, nor are they yours. Turmoil begets turmoil. Fear not, beloved Prashant. Fear begets fear.

        Thanks Awareness.

        • Awareness

          The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

  • The Micah Principle

    That made me cry. So beautifully written, Neale. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • I just came across this article on Facebook. It’s a great article on aging & how this visionary man is trying to change the status quo by adding animals plants, gardens to nursing homes. It’s well worth the read, (it’s a bit lengthy) & it’s here in it’s entirety. I once did some volunteer work where the home was “Edenized” meaning, it has cats & dogs, birds, plants to help create a better environment.

    We’re lucky if we get to be old, physician and professor believes:

    By Tara Bahrampour January 23 at 5:40 PM “I have a confession to make,” Bill Thomas announced several months ago at a conference on aging in Oregon. “I am an old man.”

    “No, you’re not!” an audience member called out. It was meant, no doubt, as a compliment: Despite his gray-streaked beard and crow’s feet, the 56-year-old ­geriatrician-cum-thespian crackles with high-octane energy. And isn’t that what we all want to hear as we age? That we don’t look old? That we seem younger than we are?

    It’s not what Thomas wants to hear. After more than 20 years of trying to make life better for old people, he believes the correct message is the opposite: That we are lucky if we get to grow old. That there is a “third” phase of life beyond adulthood that can be as rich as either of the phases that came before.

    “Man, I’ve got a lot of work to do,” he said to himself that day in Oregon.

    In the land of Botox and celebrity teenagers and the 18-to-34-year-old target consumer, the idea that old age can be as rewarding as youth is not an easy sell. In fact, Thomas believes that Americans have bought so willingly into the idea of aging as something to be feared that it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy leading to isolation, loneliness and lack of autonomy.

    Bill Thomas, a geriatrician and theater performer who is traveling the country trying to change people’s attitudes about aging, leads a workshop at Gilchrest Hospice in Hunt Valley, Md. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

    He wants to change that, and he is well qualified for the job.

    The Harvard Medical School-trained physician and professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Erickson School of Aging is known for sparking explosive new ideas in elder care. He is particularly well-known for pioneering “The Eden Alternative” — a radical system of humanizing nursing homes by introducing live animals and plants.

    The Wall Street Journal has called Thomas one of America’s top 10 innovators, and a chapter of the bestselling book “Being Mortal” by physician-writer Atul Gawande is devoted to Thomas, whom Gawande calls a “serial entrepreneur.”

    But for all his innovation, Thomas has not yet been able to pull off a revolution — perhaps because he’s always been ahead of his time.

    As a doctor, he says he was “trained and taught that I had to help older people compensate for their losses — well, that’s a horrible frame around which to construct your life.”

    So now Thomas has given up practicing in favor of proselytizing. For the past two years, he has traveled the country on a mission to raise public consciousness — strumming a guitar and presenting a stage show that touts a “post-adulthood” period when age and experience are associated with enrichment rather than decrepitude.

    He believes that his generation, which reinvented what it means to be young, should now be reinventing what it means to grow old. “We need to get people out of hospitals, we need to create a rich set of community-based alternatives.” In essence, he argues, the goal is “normalizing the entire lifespan instead of separating and stigmatizing one part as something different.”

    Instead, he sees too many baby boomers clinging to tropes that no longer serve them.

    “It’s very American language — ‘You’re as young as you feel, and I feel like I’m 22 years old.’ That’s not good, that’s not right . . . and the reason it’s wrong is it doesn’t allow you to be who you are.”

    As doctors and advocates prepare for the aging of this cohort, many are starting to draw similar conclusions.

    Increasingly, research has shown that regimentation and institutionalization work against well-being and good health in old age and that people with negative conceptions of aging are more likely to experience dementia later in life. Gawande and others are urging people to overturn common wisdom about caregiving and quality of life for the aging.

    It’s enough to make one think that perhaps Thomas’s time has finally come.

    Dogs, cats and parakeets

    In 1991, Thomas was an exhausted emergency room doctor when he got a call asking him to be medical director of a nursing home in Upstate New York. He accepted, but when he got there, he found the place depressing, a repository for old people whose minds and bodies seemed dull and dispirited.

    It was the opposite of what he’d grown up with. Thomas, whose father was a factory worker and mother was a Methodist minister in tiny Nichols, N.Y., came of age surrounded by older relatives.

    “Their age was not significant in any way. They were integral members of a family unit. My great-grandmother was in her 80s, but there was no caregiving going on. Did the relatives support Great-Grandma? Well, yeah, but Great-Grandma did stuff for the relatives.”

    But in the professional world of geriatrics, Thomas found that the idea of interdependence among generations “runs smack dab into the idea that old age is a train wreck and that older people are not contributing, that they’re a burden on us.”

    So he decided to transform the nursing home. Based on a hunch, he persuaded his staff to stock the facility with two dogs, four cats, several hens and rabbits, and 100 parakeets, along with hundreds of plants, a vegetable and flower garden, and a day-care site for staffers’ kids.

    All those animals in a nursing home broke state law, but for Thomas and his staff, it was a revelation. Caring for the plants and animals restored residents’ spirits and autonomy; many started dressing themselves, leaving their rooms and eating again. The number of prescriptions fell to half of that of a control nursing home, particularly for drugs that treat agitation. Medication costs plummeted, and so did the death rate.

    He named the approach the Eden Alternative — based on the idea that a nursing home should be less like a hospital and more like a garden — and it was replicated in hundreds of institutions in Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia as well as in all 50 U.S. states (the animal restriction in New York was voted down).

    But despite glowing results where the Eden Alternative had been applied, most nursing homes still languished in the ­institutional-warehouse model.

    Thomas calls himself a “cultural jammer” — someone who upturns orthodoxies and tries unproven methods, someone who throws spaghetti against the wall to see what will stick. So he tried something new.

    He moved beyond nursing homes to set up small, intimate residences called Green Houses. With private bedrooms and bathrooms, they offered dignity and privacy. Their size had an unexpected effect.

    “Within six weeks, they had to send a truck around to pick up all the wheelchairs,” Thomas said of one house. “You know why most people [in nursing homes] use wheelchairs? Because the buildings are so damn big. . . . The buildings disable elders.”

    Once again, success: His idea won multiple awards and was widely replicated. Green Houses and the Eden Alternative were clearly good ideas. But they failed to do what Thomas had hoped they would: fundamentally change how society thinks about old people.

    He chalks this up to apathy. “In a contest between doing difficult cultural-transformation work and doing nothing, doing nothing wins, over and over. . . . I learned that even if you put up compelling proof, the structure of the nursing home is tilted strongly toward not changing.”

    Thomas is, admittedly, more flexible than most. Partly this is because he has had to be. He has three healthy sons and two daughters born with a rare condition that limits development to that of a 1-month-old. In March, his 18-year-old daughter, Hannah, died of the condition.

    Living with their devastating illness influenced his understanding of aging. “The grievous lesson was that even though I believed in medicine, there’s no magic path of flowers and unicorns,” he recently told a roomful of alumni at UMBC’s Erickson School. “So you have to acknowledge that two of your children will never speak your name, touch your face, call for you. What I’ve learned from that is you settle into a new normal. . . . Yes, you grieve the loss of the old normal, but there’s always going to be a new normal.”’

    Aging, with its constant barrage of new infirmities, requires similar adjustments, he says. If people could understand it this way, perhaps they could change their attitudes about growing old.

    “His genius was to recognize in the nursing-home situation a larger societal problem,” said ­Judah Ronch, dean of the Erickson School, who first met Thomas three decades ago. “He’s two, three, four steps ahead of most people, and they don’t necessarily see how to get there. He’s working on ways to get there, but he’s fighting an uphill battle, because people and society have very entrenched views of aging and what aging is about.”

    Clearly, changing attitudes required a more seismic shift than just improving upon nursing homes. And, so, Thomas switched direction again. Maybe it was time to challenge the status quo not as a doctor in a white coat, but as a man in a sweatshirt and Birkenstocks, standing on a stage.

    Change from the outside

    Before the lights go up, while the audience is still chattering, a burly, bearded figure saunters across the stage with a giant homemade gong mallet slung over his shoulder. “Good evening,” he says as his co-star takes a seat beside a lineup of musical instruments. “I’m Dr. Bill Thomas, and this is Nate Silas Richardson, and we’re a physician and a musician.”

    The performance, part of his current tour, called “Age of Disruption,” is a combination of sociological analysis, memoir, myth and singalong. He employs an actor’s crescendos and diminuendos and a careful enunciation that makes people sit forward to listen. At times, it resembles a TED talk (Thomas has also given those), but rather than being tightly scripted, it rolls loosely between genres, morphing a little each time. There are charts and slides, but also guitar-strumming and video clips.

    The message: Old and young are two distinct times of life, neither one better or worse than the other. He talks about the different ways brains process information and foster creativity at different times of life (the young are more literal and mathematical; the old are better at improvisation and making associations).

    The show, which is sponsored in part by AARP, includes a fable about a woman passing into old age who serenely gives up the physical attributes of youth in exchange for wisdom and a revered place in her community. “The crone finds new beauty in age,” Thomas proclaims to his audience. “It’s a loveliness the maiden cannot know. Honor this beauty, and it will honor you.”

    It is a Utopian view — or as he puts it, a countercultural message. The tour, he says, is as carefully designed as the Eden Alternative and Green Houses. But because it does not offer concrete solutions as they do, its message can be harder to digest.

    One woman came up to him after a show and said, “I was expecting you to tell me what to do.”

    “Telling her what to do is not the answer — the answer is to raise consciousness,” he says. “If people can see this in a new way, they will find their own specific solutions.”

    Despite the show’s absence of clear instructions, “it’s resonating,” said Kevin Donnellan, executive vice president and chief of staff at AARP. “We hear from lots of the folks that attend these events. It’s creating a dialogue.”

    Much of the response is sparked by Thomas’s engaging personality. “Bill is so joyful, and joy is in short supply especially in the world of aging,” said Ashton Applewhite, who runs the anti-ageism blog “This Chair Rocks” and accompanied Thomas on a 2014 tour based on his book “Second Wind,” about how boomers cope with their lifespans.

    But is it enough? In two years, he figures he has reached 25,000 people, from middle-aged audiences to college students. At that rate, in a country of nearly 300 million people, can Thomas spread his message widely and quickly enough to help his own generation age better?

    He concedes it may not happen. “I get it — ‘Dude, you’re one dude, and you’ve got this one little carnival show that you take around the country — that ain’t gonna do [anything].’ I’m willing to accept that. But I’m willing to conclude my working life and say I did everything I could — the challenge was bigger than I was.”

    That won’t mean it was insurmountable, not if you take the long view, Ronch said. “Social visionaries have a tough time,” he said. “The change he advocates for likely won’t happen soon and may not happen in his lifetime. . . . It may take another generation for his ideas to reach critical mass.”

    For now, the latest incarnation of Thomas’s career is, like each stage of life, no better or worse than the last. Just different.

    “I’m in­cred­ibly well-trained in physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology — I believe in them,” he says, but now it’s time to scatter seeds of a different sort and hope they will eventually take root.

    “I’ve given up on the idea that change will come from inside the field. It will come, but it will come from the outside. And that’s where I’ll be.”

    Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the name of the University of Maryland Baltimore County. This version is correct.

    Tara Bahrampour, a staff writer based in Washington, D.C., writes about aging and generations.

    • Awareness

      I found the following meditation by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) and decided to share:

      “This Awareness indicates that a regular period set aside for meditation can be beneficial in both physical and spiritual values.

      This Awareness wishes at this moment to move into that timeless state, the state of Here and Now in which you do not even consider clock time, or yearly time, or anything, you simply experience NOW.

      This Awareness wishes you to accept these words as though they were you own words;


      (The Timeless “Here and Now” to STOP Aging)

      “I am moving towards my perfect age, my perfect maturity in my body, wherein I am at my very best, having my best strength, my best health and my most beautiful state of being, and this is happening to me and will continue happening to me, whether or not I believe it!

      My belief has nothing to do with this. It is occurring because I have tapped into the cosmic energy of Here and Now which automatically moves me to this perfect state of being. I am always in the Here and Now, and therefore, I am always moving to correct myself to become the perfect state of being that I am intended to become as a cosmic being.

      In this perfect state of being I attune to that which is immortality. This is happening whether or not I believe it, in spite of my thinking. Even when I move back into thinking three dimensionally, I will continue to move in this direction of attuning to my perfect state of being. This will happen whether or not I believe it, because having tapped into the Universal Moment of Now, I am in touch with Cosmic Being of myself, and this creates all the corrections that are necessary to move me into perfection.

      I am no longer hypnotized by the belief that time moves and drags me toward a dysfunctional destiny. I am instead floating in a perfection of cosmic energies that make corrections on my being and leads me into my perfect state. Wherever I go, whatever I am doing, that perfect state in my being is always there and I can notice it, at any time, regardless of what I am doing, regardless of where I am, regardless of what is happening around me.

      I can check on it and it is always present with me. I have stepped into the cosmic energies and reside therein on a permanent basis, and these cosmic energies move me toward perfection: perfection in body, perfection in age, perfection in beauty, perfection in spirit, and I am always moving toward perfect emotional balance and toward perfect love.

      My presence in this state of perfection as I move more and more toward it with each passing moments affects others and helps them also to move toward their own perfection.

      The vibrations that I float in emanate from me and touch the vibrations of others who are not yet aware of their perfect being and help them to move also in this same direction toward perfection“.

      “This Awareness suggests that entities allow this to either be placed on a tape; they can read it themselves and put it on tape* or they can have someone read it to them while they are in a state of meditation, or they can simply have it read while they are moving around and notice that even though they are walking around and doing things, the perfect state of being is still with them. They are still floating in it. They are basically attuned to it, attached to it, and it moves and affects them even as if they were in a state of meditation.

      This Awareness indicates that if you find it easier to stop moving and experience this state, then let that occur until it becomes equally easy to move around and experience this state in movement. Eventually this Awareness wishes entities to make their entire life a state of meditation and attunement to the Cosmic Energies of the Divine Force, of the Divine Creator.

      This Awareness indicates that the only thing necessary for this to happen is your realization that you are always wrapped in the arms of this Cosmic Force of the Divine Creation regardless of where you are.

      By “wrapped in the arms” this Awareness is poetically speaking of being attuned to the vibrations of the highest frequencies in the universe. They are always with you, whether or not you realize it.

      It is important for you as much as possible to realize it, to get the full benefit of their frequencies in your life and on your being.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Thanks Awareness for the share. My affirmation confirmation intentions are much simpler & short. “I am peace” is one of them. The rest will follow.

        I like to see my activities as meditations too. Be it dishes/house upkeep, drawing/painting, walking, playing piano, reading, swimming, errands, visiting with friends.

        I try as best I can to make my whole life a meditation. Sitting is fine, but being is best for me.

        • Awareness

          BEING it is 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

  • Laura Busick Trumbull

    this is just what I need today!! My brother past away a few weeks ago and I have been having a hard time!! and I am confused about my journey , my life and getting older!! This article just uplifted me and helped me to view this in such a way that I am blessed!!

  • VolantVixen

    Um no, all people don’t choose when they die. That part was just dumb. And without the bad parts the light and goodness would not be so special, so let’s embrace our humanity while we have it. We are here for the development of our souls. And I’d prefer to use there term “graduation” day when we finally get to PASS! God can put us right back in the classroom if he wants to…. multiple times if he has reason to! We are here to learn and grow and we can’t do that without embracing our ugly parts and telling them gently to be quiet. But yeah… I agree with everything else dude says. And, to clarify, the beginning of a journey is cool and all (birth), but death is WAY better than earthly birth because we graduate! We are done with the BS at that point and move on to the better parts. We come out with MORE than when we came in. We are in this boarding school called life, away from our heavenly origins, to get banged up and bruised and to learn how to keep our hearts intact through it all. Intact being the ability to still have compassion and mercy for others when we ourselves are hurting. When we lose someone we love, we get worried that we will lose a part of ourselves that helped to deeply influence us and shape us. We may also be losing financial and emotional security. BUT–whenever we lose a person whether it be to death or just separation, it is God prompting us to be stronger on our own. Taking the training wheels off so to speak. The truth is that none of our “classmates” leaves without God’s consent. This world turns because He says so. People who don’t believe that this world belongs to God will always have a hard time with death. They think nothingness comes next! Ha! Boy won’t they be surprised…

    • Terri Petz

      There are several good books about the soul contract we make before we incarnate to this life. We choose who are parents will be, our friends, our experiences for the things we are here to learn, and also the time of our passing. My daughter passed at age 15- beyond the grief is the understanding that we agreed that this is what we would experience un this life. Before you write it off as BS, take a look at the other opinions and information available. My daughter is very much still with me, just in another form. I absolutely believe that our spirit’s knew and understood that her time here would be short. Her passing was caused by a accident during cheer. A seemingly harmless event caused a brain trauna. I can’t explain it, but somehow I always knew. Just some thoughts. Sacred Contract by Caroline Myss is very good, but there are many others. Blessings.

      • VolantVixen

        No thanks Terri. I didnt choose this and the only one who’s gonna tell me otherwise is the Supreme Entity. He is our Father. I could tell you to go read a book on unicorns but unless you experience the unicorn yourself a book is just a book. Stuff I spout is from experience but that doesnt mean anyone but me needs to believe it. You go believe whatever makes you happy and Ill go believe what I believe for my own reasons too. See ya on the other side classmate;-)

    • Kirsten

      Neales basis for these teachings are completely based on reincarnation, and is correct information for many. Reincarnated people are not under the Biblical God/Jehovah, they are under an Afterlife God like Neales God. As Yshua stated ‘God is a God of the living, not the dead’. Scripture refers to the Aftetlife as a realm of the dead especially near the end.
      Take care,

  • Kirsten

    Em….via Neale & co,
    I remember reading one of your stories in here a couple of years ago, after a quite confusing, lovely few days spent with your father (forsaking a Neale event for quality time with Dad). It inspired me to travel to spend quality time every few months with my now 94yr old nana, going on roadtrips together, for one day she may not be ‘her’ which is worse than her not being ‘here’. I think. I would love to see your input into this quandry after a while. ‘Her or here’??
    It was a beautiful writing, very honest and personal, so I can only imagine that this period is equally as confusing.
    Heart felt thoughts.
    Take care,