Looking at a Larger Reality:

I appeared the other day on a globally broadcast panel discussion with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Bishop Carlton Pearson and we were asked a series of extremely interesting questions. I thought it might be fun to share a couple of them:

  1. What is the secret of happiness?
  2. What is the meaning of life?

In answer to the first question I told our interviewer, “The secret of happiness is not to require it.”

My answer to the second question: “The meeting of life is the meaning we give it.”

Let’s take a look at the first of these responses here, and see if you agree.

I have learned in my dialogue with God that happiness is not something to be sought-after it is something that we are. It is our inherent nature. It is our deep identity. Is a word we have given to an energy that we feel in a certain way.

This energy is the fundamental energy of the universe. It is the primal force. It is the Essential Essence. It can be called by many names. Love is one of them. Happiness is another.

Because happiness is who we are, any effort to find it or to seek it is, essentially, on its surface a denial of our True Identity. By denying that identity, we push its manifestation further away from us.

I happen to wear glasses, and if you are a person who also wears glasses, I am sure that you and I have shared a common experience at least once in our lives. I am sure that at least once you and I have gone looking for our glasses while we were wearing them.

This is a classic example of ignoring what is true even as we are looking for what is true. It is an example of seeking that which we cannot find no matter how hard we try, because we are looking for something that we already have. We won’t find our glasses anywhere because we are looking right past them — indeed, right through them — in our effort to find them.

In the same way, we cannot possibly find happiness if we are looking outside of ourselves, because it is inside of ourselves that happiness resides ––– for the clear and simple reason that happiness is we are.

The best way to experience happiness, then, is to express it. To “express” means to push out, squeeze out, press out. It does not mean “to take in.” Happiness is not something that we gather, it’s something that we spread. And if we spread it wherever we go, we find ourselves experiencing it at a higher level than we might ever have thought possible.

Happiness is not something that comes to us, it’s something that comes through us. I know this sounds elementary, but I’m going to share it anyway. Happiness does not come from things. Proof of this can be found by simply observing the life of people who have acquired many things and are still unhappy.

As I said, I know that sounds simplistic and maybe even a little preachy, but it must be said nonetheless if we are to explore this topic. Because if we are to both learn and experience the secret of happiness, we must start at the beginning.

Happiness does not arise from something outside of us. It emerges from something inside of us — sometimes as our reaction to that which is outside of us, and sometimes as our creation of that which we would like to see outside of us.

Let me tell you about the highly New Age hot dog vendor on Coney Island. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. He goes around saying to people, “I’m the New Age Hot Dog Vendor. Let me make you one with everything.”

People smile and say, “Okay, make me one with relish, lettuce, onions, pickles, mustard, and catsup.” He does, then hands it to them. Then he charges them a crazy amount, like $7.77, so that no one can hand him precisely what he wants. When they give him a $10 bill, or two 5’s, he thanks them, turns and wheels his cart away.

“Hey!” the people inevitable say, “where’s the change?”

“Change,” the vendor announces, “must come from within.”

So must happiness. When we imagine it to be coming from  outside of us, it can disappear almost as fast as it arrives. When it originates inside of us, it remains with us much longer. Indeed, it can remain with us for a lifetime. Or certainly, for most of the moments of a lifetime.

How to experience the happiness that is naturally who we are, how to find the happiness that resides within, remains  the key question for many, many people. We’ve already supplied the answer here. Give it away.

There is a second way as well.

Gratitude. And we’ll talk about that next. I’m going to explore this topic of happiness over the next several entries here. It is intriguing and even perplexing to many. I’ve been asked by more than a few people to really dive into it.

I’m happy to do so.

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  • Kirsten

    Wow, you are now promoting theft?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Yes, Kirsten, as anyone who reads this can plainly see. I am clearly urging all hot dog vendors to steal from their customers. And not only to steal, but to walk away smiling as they do it. This clear urging of mine is not limited to hot dog vendors, either. As all can see here, I am obviously urging every person who finds themselves having to make change for someone else to take that person’s money and walk away without giving them the change that’s coming to them. You caught me. That’s what I’m openly promoting. And not only that, but I’m doing it without apology! As you can see, there’s no limit to the depths to which I have sunk.

      • Kirsten

        Finally….honesty! Or sense of humour. Whichever it is, or both, I guess better late than never applies. Its always good to see people progress.

  • Awareness

    I obtained the following material from the rainbow-phoenix website titled “Declaration of Sovereignty and Petition to our Galactic Brothers and Sisters for Assistance” and decided to share:


    This is not a signed petition that you send to someone – you just read it out loud.

    You may share this with others who may wish to add their voices to the petitioning of Higher Forces for assistance and intervention.

    You can do this Declaration and Petition for Assistance at any time that you feel is the right time for you, in the privacy of your own space.

    In the petition, it is requested that you state your name after the opening word “I”.

    “We understand that there are many ships in our skies filled with benevolent Galactic Beings who are watching and monitoring our progress.

    We also understand that it is crucial that we bring Humanity and this Planet through to a higher level of frequency. This is vital to the health and well-being of not only Humankind, but also our beloved Mother Earth and all her Children.

    We are clearing our personal templates and endeavouring to bring our levels of consciousness to a point where transformation is taking place. We are the Children of Mother Earth and also her Guardians. It is our responsibility to bring Humanity and the Planet through this challenging time.

    Therefore we have the right to petition Divine Source and Spirit as well as our Galactic Brothers and Sisters for assistance. We ask that assistance is given to neutralize the effect of corrupt factions, whether Human, Extra-terrestrial or Intra-dimensional, who use manipulation and deception in order to enslave Humanity. We ask for any assistance whatsoever that will bring us to that point of transformation so that we can once again take our rightful place in the governing of our home Planet and our own lives.

    To this end, we offer the petition that follows as a means by which the Individual and the Collective can declare themselves. Furthermore, through this petition to the High Spiritual Councils that oversee Humanity, we declare our own unique Sovereignty as autonomous Beings, as well as adding our voices to all other Sovereign Beings who request assistance and intervention at this crucial time.

    The Declaration of Sovereignty and Petition for Assistance.

    “I (use your name) declare myself to be a Sovereign Human Being.

    I exercise my right to request assistance from the High Council of the Central Sun and all other Councils that are aligned with the Central Council, that are involved with Humanity and Mother Earth.

    As a Sovereign Being, I now petition the High Councils for assistance.

    As a member of the Collective that is Humanity, with the rights of a Sovereign Being, I add my voice to the Collective that is seeking to awaken at this time. I request personal assistance in my spiritual life and the journey of my earthly existence, and am open to receive such assistance from those who are here, waiting to hear this request.

    Furthermore, I add my voice to the Collective of awakening Sovereign Beings, the true voice of Humanity, in the request that assistance and intervention be given at this time to help Humanity as well as Mother Gaia to pass through the seas of turmoil that are affecting the Planet and the Solar System.

    I speak this in full accordance to my rights as a Sovereign Being, to petition those Higher Forces that are waiting to be of assistance to Humanity, Mother Earth and all those who are seeking to evolve unhindered into the Light of Divine Spirit.

    It is so.

    It is so.

    It is so.” 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Kirsten

      Good Lord…what next??
      Thats rhetorical btw.

  • mewabe

    The expression “The pursuit of happiness” always makes me smile, as I imagine (and see) people pursuing happiness as if it were an escaped felon.

    Yes, BEING is happiness. And the way to manifest being is to express…to express happiness by sharing it.

    Yes, meaning is created. This becomes obvious with so-called sacred ceremonial objects. A Christian cross or a Native American pipe are just pieces of wood, to which with give a certain amount of power through meaning. The same goes with a placebo pill, or a career promotion, which actually promotes us to become a better paid but busier slave.

    Gratitude is simply having the correct (or realistic) perception of reality, understanding that we already have and are all we will ever need.

    About looking for glasses while wearing them…I often misplace my mind but I have given up looking for it.

    • Kirsten

      Well thats good, at least you were born with a mind.
      At least now your renovations will be easy, now Neale has declared we should steal our customers change. How cool is that?

      • mewabe

        Is this how you are actually reading Neale’s comment about change coming from within? Honestly I don’t read it that way…and I really do not think it was meant as an endorsement of theft in any way, but what do I know?

        My renovations are going well, should be done by the end of the summer. Will have to erect a tight and tall evergreen privacy fence to hide Texans who moved next door and decided to turn a nice horse property with a park like landscaping into a survivalist pigs/cows/chickens/goats/turkeys compound, complete with blue tarps everywhere and trashy shacks, after having cut all the trees.

        I can’t say that they are a source of unhappiness…just a minor disturbance, like a flying, biting bug.

        I hope all is well!

        • Kirsten

          Its how I CHOOSE to read Neales comment, he is the one who teaches perception is everything so I figure I can interpret things how ever I want.
          Your lovely new neighbours will be stouting ‘the end is nigh’ soon, they might come in handy, but yuck! A gun collection next door has to be a bonus!! We kind of have a fly and mozzie plaque this summer, glad they arent my neighbours with all those animals to attrack flies. Mind you I have crazy screeching asian lady that teaches piano, sociable Sth Africans with a nosy mother in law and stupid yappy bichon dog who has half of Sth Africa staying at the moment, torturing us in their fancy pool on hot days or doing God knows what in the spapool all night, cute english hipster couple who donate us weed fumes at 11pm when their younguns are in bed, tattooed big bald single dad with his monster dog and v8 constantly, a woman who we think fakes blindness when it suits her to get free taxi services, nosy tut tutting woman who gossips about everyone, a rental with new tenants constantly and an indian house that may have 3 or 23 residents, and poor old George who had a stroke so now has plastic flowers in his garden. My friend across the rd and my house are normal….kind of. Your neighbours are perhaps an improvement on mine….life in a cul de sac in the burbs!
          Summoned….later Chief Mewbobsteinski

          • mewabe

            Life in the burbs…an ongoing sociological experiment. How does it feel to live inside a lab?
            At least you do not have people flying drones over your head…or do you? My cat just killed one (drone, not a person) the other day. Jumped on it from a tree…she is very fast and half bird, half cat, half dog (that’s 3 halves, a unique cat indeed).
            Take care Kiwibob!

          • Kirsten

            Your Bobcat….chemtrails dropped from drones tend to make extra halves grow. I hear fish halves are occurring now in the depths of Haiti. And thats not on the cats either. No drones around here, old crones are a plenty tho. Send the cat for a trip in your next fried bread shipment and Ill let it lose on them. And it can train my cats as they are so burb cloned they only catch common old mice, cicadas and birds. In my boring burb we have massive trees between our sections …cat heaven! Your cat will love it for a holiday. Ive seen on tv shows that Americans keep their cats inside all day. Wtf??? Mine would go insane, they think being shut in at night is torture enough and need to be bribed in with raw veal or steak. Lil biarches know they wear the pants, and I am she who is there to serve. At least I know my place…meat buyer, cleaner, blanket provider and cuddler! 24/7.
            Erm…….are we really discussing cats????? Oh well, happiness is from within, or pets when that fails or your insides fall out. Or both.
            Ive failed miserably in the burb experiment, failed for what the sheeple shepherds want a way. I see the absurdity of it all…the burbs are no different to Victorian times when people needed to be close to cities for an income. So tbey chucked up a few more houses, a library, a park, a church, a shop and a school for the workers families. Now people think its a lifestyle and choose their burb carefully etc. Its hilarious, tbey are still just places to shove the workers families, I cant get my head around it being a lifestyle choice anymore than you can altho I am smack bang in the middle of it all.
            Take care Bobsled,

          • mewabe

            You should see the cities they have built in China…a proletarian’s paradise, never have to leave, you can be born and die in same place, practically where you stand on the assembly line, while singing praises to your masters.

            Glad your cats have you well trained. Mine comes and goes as she pleases as well, being a stubbornly uncivilized cat, a bad seed like her keeper. I couldn’t imagine keeping an animal prisoner.

            Back to work I go, 3:30am, on a New York deadline.
            See you later Bobushka!

          • Kirsten

            Bobushka..thats a good one!
            Im sure you were a huuuuuge Trixie Belden books fan in the 70s as I was, Im reading the entire series at the mo, and still love them, but Im a Bob White…its their club. If you can do the Bobwhites bird call Ill let you join them too since youre a Bob.

            Aaahhh turning nocturnal to keep the cat company all night, now whos trained!! Fake deadlines, ppfffttt what bollocks. Ur up snooping at the neighbours with your cat. Not the neighbours with YOUR cat, but hey, Texans are Texans so who knows. Youll have an all you can eat redneck buffet restaurant in town soon, beauty and cat shows and a Walmart that stocks camo tarps. Blue is sooo 1990 but hey, theyre Texans.

            They wont die in those Chinese towns, they all shift here, along with Indians. But those cities are a good idea….for those who want to beat Nth Korea in some oddball competition. Maybe theyre secret EOT canniballistic preppers keeping their stock penned in. Who knows!?
            Anyway Bobbingforapples,
            Take care

  • DANiEL JACKson

    Happiness is universal, an expression that just about everything expresses without consciousness. It would seem that a conscious being is able to be memorized into believing that ‘happiness’ is an illusion and that there is no such thing.

    I have never seen a tree, plant or flower express anything but happiness. The most vibrant expressions that I have noticed comes from flowers expressing themselves a radiant love of life and happy to able to express such [happiness].

    The other day, as I was walking my precious puppy, I looked at my yard from across the street. I noticed that my beautiful trees have lost all their leaves (as some tree often do) and made a silent statement “my most lovely tree you have lost your leaves and seem to be lacking in your vibrant natures”, at that moment a thought came to me, ‘have you ever noticed how a tree is such a perfect mother”? Hmm… what was this thought trying to express, i asked myself, the perfect mother? At the next moment I noticed the leafless branches of the tree in various contorted expression, each branch was not straight but twisted and contorted in an expression not common to most all trees.

    I got the message, a tree desires to provide sunlight to all of it’s children and is able to understand (many believe that plants don’t have a brain, yet, I have seen more intelligence in a plant than most animals and/or Human Beings) that each branch attempts to provide a ‘place in the Sun’ for each leaf and each child (fruit). The branches are evident that a tree is not only able to express itself but able to provide for it’s precious leaves and fruits by contortions and twists and turn to produce the optimum opportunity for all of it’s leaves and seedlings.

    I mean, Motherhood, how can one deny such love, eh? In truth, my most loving Mother, would bend over backwards for me and my brother, however a tree seems to bend here and there for it’s children.

    The most beautiful flowers I have ever seen express a ‘radiance’ that is evident in it’s colors and definitions. If one doubts that life is exuberant and energetic all one has to do is take some flowers and look at the vibrance it expresses and when the flower ‘dies’ look how much light/vibrance is ‘not’ evident in it’s colors. They are dull yet they retain the color that is was at one time in a darkly manner. I personally do not recommend ‘picking flowers’ and placing them in a vase, for such only separates the child from the mother and the child will ‘die and wither’.

    Vibrant expressions seems to be a state of ‘happiness’ which most plants and animals, as well as insects, fish and fowl express in their vibrant colors. If the hair coat of an animal is dull and dark, it would seem that this animal is ‘sick’ and not experiencing a happy nature. Happiness seems to be an exuberant expression not from the face or mouth [only] but from every cell of such a ‘body’. Happiness is expressed, as Neale has stated, from within to without.

    If one looks in the mirror and dose not ‘see’ the exuberant expression of happiness coming from within through each and every cell, than one may have to change one’s attitude as well as one’s diet to produce such expressions. Not preaching, my friends, only a bit of advice, it has always been your choice and no one else is able to make that choice for you.

    Thank you one and all
    Be Well

    • mewabe

      Yes, happiness, exuberant expression, beauty, diversity, endless creativity, intelligence, harmony…such is life, and it is all around us, and within us. The only thing that gets in the way of our understanding such is the conditioned mind, which becomes as a prison of suffering for much of humanity. Our cells and our souls understand. Our feet understand our happy connection to the soothing energies of the earth when we allow them to be bare and to directly feel the soil or grass or sand underneath.

      Truth is never complicated…it is as simple and clear as a newborn’s breath. The mind alone complicates things, which is why it is symbolically shown as a maze in the ancient tarot (and also as the “devil”, meaning a source of chaos).

      • DANiEL JACKson

        Well stated mewabe, the ‘ego’ is what is called the ‘devil’ of our being and the mind only understands what ‘we’ teach it, as I see it.

        It would be wise to be mindless sometimes and just go with the flow.

        • mewabe

          Yes, going with the flow is the way of Zen and Taoism (remembering our original spontaneity, or “non-doing”, Wu Wei in Chinese, not letting the ego/mind get in the way).

          • DANiEL JACKson

            True, I agree. I am currently delving into the Zen-Buddha spectrum of understandings.


  • Ken

    Blessings Neale, while I was reading your post the thought came to me ‘what if the answer to both questions is “to not require it”. To have no expectations. To not require a meaning to life and to not require happiness.
    To not require happiness would mean there would be no ‘need’ to require meaning. Having meaning promotes the idea of expectation and expectation not achieved may, depending on the individual, bring about disappointment which could lead to not being happy.

    I watched “Forest Gump” last night-for the 100th time (well that might be a slight exaggeration) and I began analyzing the difference between Forest and Lt. Dan. I’ve always seen the obvious difference between the two characters; intelligence, education…but on a deeper almost subtle level, the difference was expectation. Possibly Forest had little expectation because of what society thought he could achieve with his limited intelligence. His mother and educators did not imprint expectation in his life and because of that he had little requirement. While Lt. Dan expected to live up to his family’s history and die in Vietnam. He was furious that was taken from him It was not until the scene, on the shrimp boat, where Lt. Dan challenged God “its just you and me’ when the character found peace. Because in that storm he let go of expectations, let go of the meaning of his life and found happiness.

    This was just a thought, random, as it passed through my caffeine deficient mind this morning- (a lacking I will take care of momentarily.)

    Live Loved


  • mewabe

    Here is another perspective, which contradicts what I previously wrote, but I am not attached to any specific idea.

    Look at the physical body: it is, most times, running in neutral, neither feeling pain, when there is no cause for pain, nor pleasure, when there is no pleasurable stimuli.

    What couldn’t the same be thought of happiness? Many believe that the alternative to happiness is unhappiness. What about neutrality? What about feeling happy when something causes us to be happy, unhappy when something causes us the be unhappy, and neutral and at peace the rest of the time?

    Would this be too simple and natural a state, a way of being?

    Many spiritual paths seem to originate in a desire to achieve mastery, a desire to be in charge, in control of oneself, and not let life toss us around like a cork in a stream. Indeed, many people turn to such spiritual disciplines or quests after having experienced a trauma, a life challenge.

    But who or what actually desires to be in charge? Could it possibly be the ego, the separate and wounded ego-consciousness that seeks to grasp and hold, to protect itself, that fears letting go, loosing control, that fears loss, falling and failing?

    Is it truly wise to seek such mastery, to seek to control one’s thoughts, one emotions and feelings, one’s life, rather than remaining open, sensitive and responsive, and yes, even vulnerable?

    Look at it this way: would you rather surf and feel the immense and exhilarating power of a wave, and be tossed around and reemerge and do it again, or be at the helm and in total mastery of a steel craft that, powered by an engine, cuts through the waves in a straight line and basically overpowers the sea?

    The sea is life, and the means by which you move through life is either responding to life, accepting its highs and lows, or inflexibly and rigidly cutting through life according to your own created ideal.

    • I think being neutral is under-rated. How we think & feel a majority of the time is a great determiner of how life is being expressed through us.

      If we saturate our thoughts with love peace, creativity, fun, compassion, openness etc over long periods of time, it’s a good bet that our lives will reflect that even in a chaotic world. The law of attraction.

      I don’t live in a default negative world, I’ve trained my thinking to be positive a majority of the time, I do have more control of how I think & feel. But not total control. I also stay open & feel the dark & downside as well, in doing so, that part is felt & heard & free to leave or transform.

      • mewabe

        I am not so sure about the law of attraction, for conscious thoughts are not the only thing at play. If they were, life would be very simple indeed!

        The unconscious is extremely powerful, and is responsible for much that people cannot explain in their own lives, from unexpected failures to accidents.

        That’s when they use the irrational explanation “God has a plan for me”.

        For example: oh, I was dreaming of a perfect and loving relationship, I thought about it, visualized it and felt it, and I met this person, and he or she turned out to be Lucifer incarnate.


        That seems to be a common occurrence.

        The question then becomes: what was hidden in my unconscious that caused me to attract such bad experience? Whatever was hidden, there is the opportunity to understand it, as life does act as a perfect mirror, often mirroring the depths of the unconscious, to most people’s dismay because they do not know how to use this mirror, and instead fall into the traps of feeling victimized by life.

        • Well I often say of visualization. There is no guarantee, but the probably goes way up. Also visualization & the LOA can allow things in the unconscious to surface, to be revealed & known. The unconscious can also serve us in our favor, it’s not always dark, hidden & painful wouldn’t you agree?

          I like your view of neutral. I was thinking of it as lack of drama & moving consistently in a state of peace. Which can include good drama & excitement as well.

          If our thinking/feeling world is peace & love a majority of the time it stands that as time goes the body & experience reflect this. No guarantees but again, the probability goes way up. The more consistent we are, the more consistent our experience.

          We have much control of our individual personal creation & less so on the collective.

          • mewabe

            Yes, the unconscious is not all “dark”…there is much creativity, freedom and joy in the unconscious. We can see this in our dreams.

            I think another important aspect of neutrality is what is in Buddhism called the middle path, as any extreme also attracts its opposite or complementary aspect. As an example, those who seek extreme success automatically expose themselves to the possibility of extreme failure, just as a mountain climber who reached the top exposes himself to the possibility of a deadly fall.

            Yet, according to temperament, some individuals enjoy extreme experiences, and there is nothing wrong with this either, as long as they do not drag the entire world in it…unless the collective unconscious has chosen such an extreme experience.

            There is one thing I know for certain: all thoughts, all feelings, all actions originate in love…in a love sometimes unanswered, betrayed, hurt, unfulfilled, trampled, tortured, and at times greatly distorted into hateful and fearful expressions, but in love nevertheless. So there is no actual negativity, only different expressions of different degrees of pain and suffering. Love is always at the core of it all. This is why there is nothing to fear, because there is nothing to judge, only plenty to heal for humanity.

          • Yes, I’d only add love can be distorted.

          • Kirsten

            Hi five Mewabob.
            Neutral is the desired state of all, and The Sources state. I wont go into it here, but you will know why Im giving you a big tick and a whole body high five! The Universes objective is to dispel anything negative, below neutral or unnecessary. Then to elevate neutral back to its original positive state or normality. This will ultimately dispel many words, since many were only devised so people could define the opposite. This is what many mistake for the Law of Opposite, due to an obsession to label everything. Bored and just reading effectively has the same status as joy and happiness under the Law of Equality, as they are both ‘normal’ for all and really shouldnt even need mentioning. Our traits are a bit like the weather..sometimes its sunny, rainy, cold, windy or whatever BUT all are just normal, positive or neutral. What a great world if this can happen!
            I personally do and dont believe happiness comes from within. But thats a perfect or normal example of neutrality. Yes it is a state of mind, perception, perspective, attitude, choice, acceptance status etc, but it is also childhood and memory based, influenced by others, taught behaviours etc. Once we progress, yes happiness is determined by us and from within, but until then it is something taught and granted by others until we are ‘a grown up’. Many never reach this point. Look at comfort eaters….who taught them sugar/fat is happiness, or who programmed their brain to use these things as a ‘happy hormone’ generator, that their brain then seeks out in the memory when their happy levels need a top up? Addiction works the same, using cravings. Are our brains a part of within? I believe so.
            Anyway, gotta finish filling a jumbo rubbish skip with ‘crap’ and break my neck pruning trees. But thats ok, the rubbish skip men will make me happy tomorrow when they take away all my yard negative and we are back to a neutral state!! Whod have thought that such smelly guys with a crap job could bring such happiness to my life, and I theirs by giving them cash?! Trading in joy!!!!! The only trades that should ever be necessary.
            Later Mewatexan,

          • mewabe

            Hey thanks for the whole body high five/slam, but you almost knocked me over! Not that I minded…

            Yes neutral to me is peace, balance, and not being attached to either extreme of any polarity, as they indeed fluctuate like the weather or the crests and troughs of ocean waves, always to re-balance each other to remain equal. One of the problem is that people compartmentalize and label everything indeed, and then attempt to grasp and hold what they have labeled that they like and fight off the complementary aspect. That’s a futile battle, like trying to separate the two sides of a same coin.

            All polarities are identical in nature, but different in degree, and the mind can travel from one polarity to another very easily. For example I can play the mental game of experiencing extremely hot water as being icy water, and actually feel it, and the reverse is true.

            Polarities are like a solid object and the empty space around it: they imply and define each other.

            The Source is one, but all life is two, and must be as such or else it would not be manifest but remain in the Source as one.

            But the more balanced the polarities within us and around us, the closer we are to the Source. So actual happiness is not to seek what we think is happiness, but to achieve union and balance within and without.

            So spoke Mewathustra when he was hanging upside down from the tree of ignorance, thus experiencing knowledge.

            Now that you mention pruning I feel like I also have to go prune something…I think I will prune the Texans next door (not).

            Don’t break your back with all that hard physical work!
            Take care Azriel (Bob in Hebrew?)

            PS: if we keep taking all the space here Neale is going to send us a bill.

          • Kirsten

            This is one of the Laws of Neutrality and Balance working with many other Laws that determines we all have the same traits like a scale from 1-10. Generally we are in the normal neutral state of hovering between a 4/5/6 all the time. When people end up on either end, they will develop the other end of the trait. As you know, these ends are not opposites, just differing aspects of the same subject. Highs/lows, drunk/dehydration and hungover, bi polar, competitiveness/losing, gambling win/loss, loving pets/grief when they die. Like an old school seesaw with the balance in the middle. Stand on top with legs apart and you can stay still and balanced, or work it with flow and synchronicity but one step too far toward one end and youve made life more of a challenge for yourself. Not all of these are negative things, but are strongly jnfluenced as well by the Law of Equality for all. The more you have to love that others dont, then grief is an inevitable part of life. If you are lucky to be able to do your hobby as a job, the harder it will be to generate a full income, the nicer your gardens then the harder the upkeep, the higher your education and more you read then people will want to spend less time with you as you bore them, the better looking people are then the less real friends they will have, the more money you have the less you can trust people etc. See, Im a Kabbalist at heart, we have to generally do 12 examples of everything. Thought Id bore you since Im sooooo educated. Hahaha.
            I wont comment on your last paragraph yet.

  • Janus

    If happiness is a being and not a state of mind – we need to learn to be and not to think our way to happiness. This seems to be difficult because we learn to think and not to be during our upbringing and education. This can give us fear instead of happiness.

  • Paul Till

    Thanks for that Neale, wonderful blog 🙂 It’s always nice to be reminded. I think an important key to ‘How to experience the happiness that is naturally who we are, how to find the happiness that resides within’ is to become aware of our thoughts. So much of our expressed negativity is actually generated unconsciously. It’s a great aspect of our being that we can transcend the thinking required to do things like breathe and walk, making space for consciousness to pick up the skills of learning to play the piano and talking about anything we like. Though it also means that we can get into habits that may not serve our desires too well. Like fearful thoughts and regrets, like all thoughts that don’t originate in love. The key, then, is to become aware that we are the thought-makers, become aware of our thoughts, and then consciously choose them to serve us well. best wishes, with love, 🙂