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I was doing a public speaking event recently and I was asked about the very first message on page 5 of the 3,000 pages of the Conversations with Goddialogue. “What does it mean?”, a member of my audience wanted to know. I gave what I thought was a pretty good answer, but I remembered that I had written about this extensively inConversations with God for Parents.I want to share that with all of you here, because this is a question that I get frequently, and it’s probably good for those of us here to look at this and discuss it once in a while.

To me the CWG message that We Are All One means exactly what it says. The conversation elaborates, telling us that All Things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing there is.

This means that we are One with each other, One with all of Life, and One with God. There is no other way to interpret it, as I see it.

CWG is telling us that you are me and I am you; that we are part and parcel of Everything. We are intermingled as differing energy forms in a Larger Form that includes All That Is. And so, we are not only One with each other, but One with the Earth and every living thing upon it. One, as well, with the Universe. And One with that Divine Essence that we call God.

The implications of this for the human race are staggering. If we believed this was true, everything in our lives would change. Everything in our religions, in our politics, in our economics, in our education, and in our social constructions. And everything in our personal lives as well.

In our religions we would see the end of their seemingly endless competitions for human souls. Religions would stop insisting on portraying themselves as the One and Only Path to God. They would assist us on our own personal path, but they would not claim to be The Path. And they would cease using Fear as the chief tool in their arsenal.

They would stop teaching that unless we follow their doctrines, we are going to spend eternity in the everlasting fires of hell. They would be a source of comfort and guidance, of ever-present help, and of strength in times of need. Thus, religion would serve its highest purpose and its grandest function.

In our politics we would see the end of hidden agendas, and of power plays, and of the demonization of those with opposing points of view. Political parties would stop claiming that their way was the only way. And they would work together to find solutions to the most pressing problems, and to move society forward by seeking common ground.

They would seek to blend the most workable of their ideas with the most workable of the ideas of their opponents. Thus, politics would serve its highest purpose and its grandest function.

In our economics we would see the end of Bigger-Better-More as the international yardstick of Success. We would create a New Bottom Line, in which “maximum productivity” was redefined, and in which our endless drive for profits-profits-profits was replaced with a sense of awe and wonder in the universe, a reverence for all of life, and a dedication to creating a world in which each person can live in dignity, with basic needs being met. Thus, economics would serve its highest purpose and its grandest function.

In our education we would see the end of propaganda substituting for history, and of subject-driven curricula, where emphasis is placed on memorization of facts, rather than on the fundamental concepts of life which we want our children to understand: awareness, honesty, responsibility.

We would see a democratic school in which children have as much to say about what they are to learn and how they will learn it as teachers, and in which we do not use the environment to pour knowledge into children, but to draw wisdom out of them. Thus, education would serve its highest purpose and its grandest function.

What We Are All One does not mean is that what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. Not in the ordinarily understood human sense of those words. The concept of Oneness does not eliminate the possibility of personal possessions or individual expressions.

We may find ourselves experiencing a higher level of desire than ever before to share our personal possessions with others when we realize that there really are no “others,” only and merely Additional Versions of the Self—yet we are not required to give our possessions away, nor are we authorized to take another’s possessions from them.

Each human expression of the Divine may experience itself exactly the way it chooses—and what we gather and what we share becomes a striking aspect of that individual expression.

We Are All One also does not mean that we are all the same, or that we do not have a personal and singular and very specific identity. The Parable of the Snowflake, which first appeared in the book The Only Thing That Matters (Emnin Books, 2012, distributed by Hay House), explains this for children in a wonderful way.

I offer it for your reading here…

Once upon a time there was a snowflake. It’s name was Sara. Sara the Snowflake had a brother named Sam. Sam the Snowflake.

Sara and Sam both lived a good life—but they feared for the day that they would die, melting away into the nothingness. Then one day the Snow Angel appeared to both of them. “A snowflake is eternal. Did you know that?” the Angel said, and then the Angel explained:

“The very first snowflakes in the history of the world are the snowflakes that are falling today. They fall from the sky as highly individualized physicalizations. There are no two snowflakes alike. There never have been, in all the history of snowflakes.

“The flakes are awesomely beautiful in their individual design. No one who watches them falling from the heavens can fail to see their exquisite splendor. People run outside when snowflakes fall, beholding their breathtaking magnificence.

“As they land, they merge with one another. People call a huge collection of them on the ground simply ‘snow.’ They don’t say, ‘Look at that big pile of snowflakes.’ They say, ‘Look at that mountain of snow.’ They see all the individual snowflakes as One. And indeed, the snowflakes are One with One Another.”

The Angel went on…

“Soon the sun comes out and the snow melts, each flake disappearing, one by one. They don’t, of course, disappear at all. They simply change form. Now they are water, rippling together in a sparkling puddle or flowing together in a little stream.

“The sun continues to work its magic, and soon the water itself disappears. Or seems to. Actually, it, too, simply changes form. It evaporates, rising into the air as invisible vapors and gathering there in such concentration that they are visible again—as clouds.

“As more and more vapors gather, the clouds become heavy with their moisture. Soon, once again, the moisture falls, raining down upon the earth. And if the temperature is just right, the falling rain turns into snowflakes again—no two snowflakes alike. Ever. In the history of snowflakes.”

Sara and Sam were never so happy in their entire lives. Suddenly, everything was what you might call . . . crystal clear.

And so, in the snow we see the Cycle of Life and the Story of You.

Glad I had a chance to share that with you here. As I said, it’s good once in a while to take a look at some of those early messages from Conversations with God. 

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  • mewabe

    No matter how much anyone tries, there is no possible way to escape this reality of oneness.

    We can celebrate oneness in harmony and cooperation with all things and all beings, or we can endure the oneness of the global nightmare we are creating…but in light or in darkness, in happiness or in strife, we will always experience interconnection and interdependence.

    It is truly amazing that so many, even in the spiritual community, are so divorced from reality that they do not understand the meaning of “we are all one”. Oneness is the most basic foundation of the universe, its intrinsic nature. How blind has humanity become? This is sad, because the source of so much needless suffering…

    • AKA Patrick

      Simply put, to me, “All Is One” means there is only ONE BEING, and that One is God, of which we are ALL an inescapable part.

  • hempwise

    I think most people would get this ….Seeing that it could be the guiding principle that really starts to get the human race of its knees at last . Not sure if the establishment wants this though . Can’t see them relinquishing there hidden booty ,greed and weapon sales any time soon ?

    The manufacturing of poverty and the massive inequality that the world creates is not something the average person can impact upon .The media ignore all the promising swells of uprising .The rule writers are the same guys gaming the system .Perhaps they feel oneness with there wealth hoarders and the poor people they despise .
    They worship mammon ,money is there religion, the free market and meritocracy they are behold-ed to. They have no belief in the inherent goodness of folks .

    Have they even heard of Oneness and understand the transformation that this would bring .

    Great articulation of what all this could bring if it where implicated . It snowed here today for a little while ,as i watched the flakes float softly down i was left in awe and wonder .I pondered what you said above in your Parable. The miracle of it all and the continuation of life no matter what happens here on Earth .Most things seem so irrelevant ,childish and things we should just put aside like a child does with there toys.

    I nominate mewabe for standing as one of the Overseers of Earth a group of wise elders who have particular knowledge and understanding to help guide us through our birthing process.

    • mewabe

      Thank you Hempwise! I better get something official-looking to hang on the wall, or else I could get busted for attempting to practice elderism without a license…
      I think the world actually needs a cesarean, but that’s too traumatic we will have to use the slow process, perhaps Neale has a couple of forceps lying around in his tool shed 🙂

      Hopefully the establishment will soon find another rock in space to conquer, colonize and exploit, and leave us natural and normal human beings alone to enjoy heaven on earth as it was meant to be!

      • AKA Patrick

        There are those who say of this: “Yeah, when Purple Pigs Fly”.

        • AKA Patrick

          Of course, those who say this are “looking the other way” every time an opportunity for them to do something about it comes along. One of the most frequent lines I hear in this regard is: “Yeah, but what I can I do about it; I’m only human”.