Questions we might often explore:

Either we’re having a spiritual experience here or we’re not. Either what’s going on right now in our lives — and the whole of our life itself — is leading us to a Larger, Ongoing Expression after what we call our death, or it is not. If it is, life will invite us to have one kind of experience. If it is not, life will offer us another kind altogether.

If we’re going to make some sense of this physical, emotional, and psychological daily encounter, we’re going to have to decide: are we spiritual beings or are we not? If we are spiritual beings, what are we doing here on Earth? If we are not spiritual beings, but exist only at the level of physicality, what is our best response to the events of life?

There’s almost too much going on here for a simple physical being to deal with in any way that makes sense. Too much tragedy, too much sorrow, too much heartache, too much loss and pain and struggle and stress for the Mind and Body to absorb and just go on as if none of it happened — or as if all of it happened, but none of it mattered.

The aftershock of life’s events takes its toll on the mental and physical vehicle that we call Human Beings, and if there’s no other dimension to us than that, the mechanism is sooner or later going to break down.

In most cases, sooner.

Only if there’s some overriding factor, some Larger Process, some Grander Reason, something going on here that offers more than meets the eye, can anyone survive this life of trial and tribulation and turmoil in any way that allows or produces a settling into Joy.

Oh, we can experience moments of happiness, yes. Fleeting whiffs of bliss during the windstorms now and then, yes. But the balance of bliss versus blast is way out of whack, as we find ourselves hit over and over again with life’s barrage of challenge after challenge, loss after loss, wave after wave of grief after grief. One hates to sound childish, but in honest terms, it doesn’t seem fair. And it certainly doesn’t seem worth it.

So what’s the point? What’s the point of going on, of heading into more windstorms, of pushing onward only to meet up with more loss, more pain, more blasts and barrages? Is this the only thing there is to look forward to? Is this the best that life can do? Is this the destination that’s supposed to make us jump out of bed in the morning eager with anticipation of the day’s journey?

Where is the fun, the thrill, the excitement, the unbridled, bursting happiness of our youth? And if not that — if that is not for us, as adults, to have — where, at least, is the peace? The comfort? The restful security and surety and safety of knowing that one can, if nothing else, count on being loved through all of this? And what is the purpose of the exercise, anyway? Why are we having to go through this?

These are the questions that the Mind begs to have answered. We need, at least, some reason for throwing back the covers.

Is that too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask for a reason?

(Watch for Part II of this exploration, coming from the author of Conversations with God. In the meantime, feel open to offer whatever response to Part I you may feel arising.)

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  • As a spiritual person and student of the CwG material, I do believe that the purpose of all life, and all life occurrence, is spiritual. I can’t even imagine the frustration one would face from belief in a life of random occurrence, where the only purpose in being alive is dodging bullets and making it though the day, with the hope of possibly reaching some goals. I am so grateful for CwG and the spiritual understanding which grows in me, as it works through all things to broaden my awareness. Since life is endless, I feel it is so important to understand that life’s purpose is to evolve and to show up, as opposed to believing we are pawns in the hands of a fearful God. I feel great compassion for those who hold the latter view. Life is a wonderful miracle.

    • jaimeap

      I have come to accept that many of us, friends, family and strangers alike might possible walk this Path of Life without ever experiencing the True nature of it All. I truly believe we come to this life having left another, continuing our journey to Ascension, but rest assured, whether we crawl or walk, we will all be a Family again. : )

      • AKA Patrick

        And experiencing the True Nature of It All comes from Knowing Yourself. (Notice the capital letters They’re there for a reason.).

    • AKA Patrick

      There’s nothing like an “Attitude of Gratitude” to help Us along the way.

  • mewabe

    Speaking of love…is being loved important? Or is being love important?

    The ultimate love is not an emotion that we feel to be directed towards anything in particular, whether a person, an animal or an object.

    The ultimate love is a state of being…it is pure being, radiating from our very core.

    It is not attachment, because it reveals the nature of being, which is not separate and can therefore neither be detached nor attached.

    This state of being is all that actually exists, equally present in the form and the formless, the solid and the void, the visible and the invisible.

    It begins where words end, where all human concepts end…its most authentic expression then is breath, the sound of the wind which is as the breath of the earth, the sound of rain drops and crashing waves on the shore, the sound of footsteps in freshly fallen snow, the unique, miraculous sounds of all life, here, now, forever old, forever new.

    Such love, such being is inexhaustible, because it is life, cyclical in its limited appearances yet infinite and eternal in its essence.

    This love, this being is as the sun, whose light touches all precisely because it makes no attempt to touch anyone or anything, it simply is, and in this state expresses and reaches universality.

  • Leon Jackson

    I believe life itself is a beautiful thing. I say that because we as individuals have the power to make out of life what we want too. I see it like a artist that’s sitting in front of a empty easel, deciding what to paint and how they want it to look. Life is the same way, when something happens through us, not to us, cause that’s impossible. We have the power to decide how we want to handle the situation, by saying what we want to say, doing what we want to do, or not doing anything at all. But again it’s up to us. Don’t ever let anyone take that power away from you. Experience life the way you want to and enjoy this beautiful journey we are having called life.

  • Awareness

    I felt the following “Heavenletter” offers a great response 🙂

    “God said:

    Sure, there are times when you wonder what you are doing here on Earth. You wonder how did you get here? You wonder what is this call to arms that Life on Earth seems to assert? You may wonder if Life on Earth is just a battle or if Life on Earth is a major war. So it may seem to you.

    It may seem to you that you are out on the trench lines, seemingly without the God-Given Blessing of Free Will.

    Every day you have to get up whether you want to or not.

    Every single day you have to rise and shine, put on your face to the world, and breathe a deep breath as you go out the door.

    There may be no one to say good-by to you, or there could be someone to hug you before you leave, or someone who doesn’t seem to care if you come or go. Alas, Hearts of Love may have stalled.

    Life isn’t meant to be an impasse. Life is meant to be a voyage or a great journey to the Holy Grail. Daily Life, which is a dream while you are on Earth, is meant to be a dream you would like and eagerly venture forth on. Instead of trembling at the day to come, you are meant to greet the day as you would a dear friend.

    A rainy day can still be welcome. A mountainous trek can be a joy. You can even enjoy shoveling snow. Whatever Life hands you, you are meant to come shining through.

    Tell Me, when all is said and done, has there ever been anything you haven’t come out on the other side, picked yourself up and brushed yourself off, and gotten on your way?

    Sometimes you may think: “If only life weren’t so daily.”

    Then invoke every day as a celebration. You don’t have to have a special occasion to celebrate. You would celebrate Life. Pause to celebrate this great opportunity called Life. Celebrate your arrival here. Celebrate the Turn of the Wheel. Turn on street lights. Dance in the streets. Play the flute. Jump high. Life is the fuel you run on. Love brought you to Life. You were invited, and you accepted.

    If your zest for life has fizzled or drizzled, revive it. Life on Earth is a gift to you. If you have been thinking that Life is a hardship, take a new approach to Life.

    Oh, boy, if life were given to you to last a week or a month ago or only for one day, you would hop to it. You would gravitate to the Moon and the Stars. You would bless this planet and have more gratitude than you could contain. You would hold up a flower. You would bow down to the face of a young child, a child who worships you, or a child on the street. It wouldn’t matter, for all children would be like art in a museum.

    You would honor water. A common apple would be a delicacy. Worm holes would be a wonder.

    Knees and elbows and limbs that move would be awe-inspiring. And what about words? You would move your lips, and there would be words that bubble out, and you would see books full of words in all shapes and sizes.

    Oh, and music. Who could even imagine music? It would be unimaginable, yet you would hear it. And, miracle after miracle, you would find that you can sing. You can sing!

    You would ask yourself: “What special Heaven is this Earth on which I trod? If this is not Heaven, what kind of Paradise is this?”

    You would know that you are blessed to know of Oceans and Sand. You would turn somersaults of joy. You would run and jump and savor every last crumb of life. You would beg to stay longer. Admit it, to stay longer on Earth would be your fervent prayer.” – “Of Oceans and Sand” in Heavenletter #5628 Published on: April 22, 2016 🙂

    “Learn what is the soul’s desire, and go with that. Go with the soul. What the soul is after is—the highest feeling of love you can imagine. This is the soul’s desire. This is its purpose.” – “Conversations with God” book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • hempwise

      Lovely thoughts Awareness ….for all children would be like art in a museum ….I particularly liked that one for some reason.
      Its the imagining that this is not the case is where the problems stem from !

      • Awareness

        Glad you enjoyed the “Heavenletter” 🙂 The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    What is the point of it all?

    The civilized mind is a ravenous consumer of concepts, of ideas. It periodically needs to create new concepts to wash away old concepts that no longer motivate a person to move forward. To the civilized mind, everything becomes conceptual, and every new information, fact or knowledge is measured against comparable old and now obsolete ideas.

    A civilized person usually lives in a box. He is born in a box (a hospital room), grows up in a box, (a house or apartment), is schooled in a box while being taught boxy ideas, worships in a box (a church, temple or mosque) while being taught boxy dogma, commutes in a box (a car), works in a box (an office, warehouse or factory), spends his last days in a box (an old folks home) and is buried in a box.

    Some people enjoy the outdoors, but they like it as playground, to go on strenuous hikes, run, bike, boat, fish and hunt, climb mountains, skydive, and generally speaking unwind. Very few, apart from certain indigenous populations, know and manifest an understanding of the spiritual dimension of the natural world. As a matter of fact, the civilized world was taught for centuries, by religion, that the wilderness was the abode of the devil.

    The civilized world has come to believe, as taught by the three Abrahamic religions, that the physical world is “fallen” and consequently spiritually irrelevant, and that the only reason for living is to accumulate brownie points, in accordance with religious rules and religious leaders’ instructions, in order to graduate and deserve to be admitted to “heaven” after physical death.

    So the civilized person, when following religious dogma, rushes through a physical life she considers distasteful, sinful and animalistic, doing everything she can to merit admission to a future heaven that is thought to be totally separate from the earth. When not religious and more inclined to follow scientific dogma, he rushes through a physical life that he considers accidental and equally spiritually empty, as well as meaningless,
    cruel and absurd.

    What is missing here? Nature’s best kept secret: the natural world is alive, spiritually as well as physically. Nature is composed of living elements. It is forever renewed, regenerated, and forever unique, different, and in motion. When you take some time to actually be in nature, you see that not a single day is the same as another, unlike days spent at the office or on your couch in front of a television, or computer. The wind, the clouds and weather, the scents, the light, all are always forever different, surprising, and often awe-inspiring.

    What does nature do for you, when you allow it? It cleanses your being of all of its stagnant energies, which you accumulate when living in a physical and mental box. The sun cleanses you…the wind cleanses you…the rain cleanses you…walking barefoot on the earth cleanses you…they clean your aura, they clean your mind, your heart, they reconnect you with your natural spirit.

    You may have heard of prana, of negative ions, of grounding. Nature is full of spiritual energies, which, in order to access, all you need is being there, spiritually speaking. You need to be there and drink it all, from every pore of your skin and into every cell of your body, absorbing all of these unknown energies, not for an hour, not for a day, but for weeks, for months, day and night. You need to be with the earth, in heart, mind, body and spirit, if you want to know and understand life, and to let go of all your concepts, your cumbersome ideas, of all the known, in order to open to the unknown spiritual dimensions of earthly life.

    This is the ancient Native American way, the way of the merging of flesh and spirit, of the above and the below, of the inner and the outer, of the individual and the universal, of heart, mind, body and spirit, to return to the center of all that is, which is everywhere in the natural creation, which includes you.

    • Awareness

      Walking and being present in nature is highly recommended 🙂 I enjoy going outdoors every single day 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

    • AKA Patrick

      Being one-eighth Cherokee, I KNOW exactly what you mean.

  • The simplest answer I can give to something that can be very complex is this. I’ve said it many times so I will be brief.

    Our thoughts & actions create our experience both individual & collective.

    Create the peace & joy within ourselves & let that overspill into the world. Live in the solution not the problem. Embrace our challenges with a positive wonder & excitement at their resolution. We don’t airbrush over these problems but see them as unconscious creations that can be seen as a contextual field for us to express our highest grandest selves in resolving these issues, challenges & problems.

    • Also: What do you think?

      The gargantuan problems we face in the world may be unconscious creations by
      a still very young primitive species. However, these tremendous problems that face us, sometimes quite overwhelmingly, can be seen as the contextual fields to which our grandest selves are expressed. Our greatness is seen in how we overcome our challenges. It’s how our full potential as humans is seen & expressed. That is the purpose & reason for our current world situations.

      • Awareness

        I found the following from “Conversations with God” and “The Vortex” books interesting 🙂

        Now here is a great secret: It is not necessary for an opposite condition to exist right next to you in order to provide a contextual field within which the reality that you choose may be experienced.

        The distance between contrasts is irrelevant. The entire universe provides the contextual field within which all contrasting elements exist, and all experiences are thus made possible. That is the purpose of the universe. That is its function.”

        “You have experienced “cold.” You have experienced all of it. If not in this lifetime, then in the last. Or the one before that. Or one of the many others. You have experienced “cold.” And “big” and “small” and “up” and “down” and “here” and “there” and every contrasting element that there is. And these are burned into your memory.

        You do not have to experience them again if you don’t want to. You need merely remember them—know that they exist—in order to invoke the universal law of relativity.

        All of you. All of you have experienced everything. That goes for all beings in the universe, not only humans.

        You have all not only experienced everything, you are everything. You are ALL OF IT.” – “Conversations with God” book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

        “We want you to understand that at any point when you make the decision to be consciously aware of the relationship between your Vibrational vantage points (which means, anytime you decide that how you feel is of utmost importance to you), you can come into alignment, you can access the Energy that creates worlds, you can fulfil your reason for being—and you can live happily ever after.” – Abraham (SOURCE ENERGY!) in “The Vortex” by Esther and Jerry Hicks 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

        • Yes I love that concept from book 3 and use it in my daily life. ET’s have to travel so many light years to find earth as their contextual field & one day, earth people will have to travel light years to find it as well. In the mean time, we have a lot of evolving too do.

          • Awareness

            I observe in a sense that there is an “evolution” in consciousness towards sustainability 🙂 The strong response by the public to the “Model 3” 100% Electric car by Tesla Motors indicates consciousness is moving away from unsustainable fossil fuel based transport 🙂 According to the website fortune(dot)com “Elon Musk Confirms Tesla’s Model 3 Has Nearly 400,000 Orders” (an article by by Tom Huddleston, Jr.). This is a massive show of interest and the Energy behind it is huge 🙂 The number of people that have shown interest is much higher than the square root of 1% of the entire Earth population which is over 7 billion (refer to Gregg Braden). If the Superchargers that recharge these Electric Vehicles become fully dependent on Solar Energy, then that would be 100% renewable and sustainable 🙂 Good for the Earth and Good for LIFE 🙂 A sustainable evolution serving LIFE 🙂

            “”This Awareness indicates that basically however, the use of SOLAR ENERGY as that which is FAR SUPERIOR and developing very rapidly so that it can become the major form of energy within the next thirty years, surpassing anything available from nuclear power. This Awareness indicates that also the use of wave generators in the oceans and wind generators in mountain passes can add much more energy than the nuclear plants will give.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • I concur & agree. I hold the vision that solar is the norm of energy. Even while corporations & fossil fuel giants try to suppress & even go as far as to add fees & fines on solar, I hold the vision that solar can be a major source of free energy or very inexpensive energy.

  • Andres

    Hi Neale. It is both heartening and disconcerting to read your post. Heartening because I identify completely with your words, the prevailing sense of overwhelm regarding the experience of being here upon this earth. Disconcerting because I’ve always found your writing so uplifting and it seems like this time the uplift must wait for sometime in the near (I hope!) future. All I can say is that hopefully we are undergoing some sort of collective evolution as a species, which requires for us to somehow deal with all the density we’ve accumulated as we developed our current cultural story. And it seems like the only way to do that is to love ourselves through the experience, no matter what. So thank you Neale for all your insights. I owe you so much.

  • Jim Thompson

    Neale is there any consideration that we are living in “hell” and we are doing this over and over again in the attempt to gain access by evolving to the advanced societies that you mention in your books?