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Many of the mornings on many of the days in the lives of many of the people on this planet, it’s not very easy to find a very good reason to throw back the covers and get out of bed.

Life feels like a struggle mentally, physically, and emotionally from morning to night, with no letup in sight, no relief on the way, no abatement on the horizon. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another…and the challenges don’t seem to be getting smaller, but just the opposite.

What’s the point of it all?, we ask…and it’s a fair question. It all ends in death? That’s it? We’ve gone through all of this for nothing?

We might as well make the best of it while we’re here, because there’s nothing more to it than that? The entirety of our Journey is the experience we’re having right here, right now — added to the experience we’ve had from our birth to this point, and that we’re going to have from this point until our death?

None of it has any implication or reason, purpose or function, consequence or ramification beyond that, and none of it has any significance or meaning except that which we, ourselves, invent (or what we allow our culture to convince us is “true”)?


I mean, really…?

Well, let’s see here. We’re told by many, many people that this is not the way it is. Our lives are more than meaningless meanderings through days and nights of aimless moments and purposeless existence, they say. There is a reason we are here, there is a point to it all, and that is what gives us the motivation to throw back the covers in the morning and lumber out of slumber to venture into The Adventure once more.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

I love Shakespeare, because he was more than one of the world’s most prolific, powerful, and poetic writers. He was a metaphysician of the first rank. He deeply understood the deeper aspects or the deepest reality we call Life. So I quote Shakespeare often, and sometimes, with a fond knowing that I have his total blessing, I may paraphrase or even ever so slightly alter his words to reflect my application of their present-day meaning.

Shakespeare wrote those words in Henry V, Act III, Scene I. The king was encouraging his soldiers before attacking an enemy. And while these are words before going to war, I know that Shakespeare meant them as more. As with all of his writing, they were replete with multiple meaning. Thus, this passage has been quoted for centuries as it may apply to each of our own “inner wars” — the internal struggle in which every human being engages as we rise up with courage each morn to face whatever onslaught the day may bring.

And so here is my own offering, with some abbreviation and tiny modification, when I quote this passage in the context of our daily battle with the human mind’s greatest enemy: a misunderstanding of what is occurring, why it is occurring, and what this entire life is really about:

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…
…in peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
as modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of life’s struggles blows in our ears,
then imitate the action of the tiger. . .
…now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide,
hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit
to its full height. On, on, you Noblest One…!
…Show us here the mettle of your pasture; let us swear
that you are worth your breeding;
for there is none of you so mean and base,
that hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
straining upon the start. The game’s afoot;
follow your spirit…!

Ah, yes, my lovelies…the game’s afoot. But what, exactly, is the game? That becomes the question of the day.

It has been the question from Day One. And now comes the answer, yet one more time, from one more source, in terms so clear, and words so simple and direct, that it cannot be misunderstood anymore.

We have heard the answer before, for sure. But from so many places and in so many ways, we no longer know what to believe.

Our more traditional religions tell us that the “game” is getting back to Heaven; returning to God; finding our way to Paradise; obtaining our Eternal Reward.

Some philosophies tell us it has nothing to do with “eternal” anything, and that our life is about exactly what we are experiencing here and now, making the most of it by giving the most to it, and being satisfied with that — which can be more than enough in a life well lived.

Some spiritual movements say it need not be an Either/Or proposition, but can be Both/And…plus, possibly, a great deal more.

In the first view — that of most of the more traditional religions — we are spiritual entities having a body and a mind, and there are rules we have to follow, things we have to do, things we have to make sure we do not do, and particular and specific ways we must accomplish all of this, in order to get back to God’s Spiritual Kingdom, from which we are told we have emerged. We are told, as well, that if we do not follow these rules, do not do these things, do not avoid these other things, and do not accomplish all of this in a certain and particular way, we will not get to God’s Spiritual Kingdom, but will be sent to the everlasting fires of hell, there to languish forever and ever in unremitting pain and unfathomable suffering as payment for our earthly transgressions — one of the most serious of which may be to have simply belonged to the wrong religion.

In the second view — that of the non-religious philosophers — we are simply (while admittedly highly sophisticated and complex) physical life forms, moving through the biological process of the Cosmos in which we are born, we live, and we die, ceasing to exist in any conscious form whatsoever thereafter, but having the ability while we are alive to affect not only the lives around us, but of those members of our species who follow us, in ways that cause us to be long remembered — and thus to give our lives meaning beyond our here-and-now existence.

In the third view, an amalgam of the first two, we are more than our biological sum and substance — and more, as well, than spiritual entities who live as obey-me-or-else subjects of a cosmic monarch laying down the requirements for us to get back to a kingdom we can’t understand why we left in the first place.

The text we have been given in the 3,000+ pages of the Conversations with God dialogue addresses that word “more.”

If we are spiritual entities who never wanted to leave the Kingdom of God in the first place, then why did we leave? Is it possible that our Souls left that celestial location on purpose? Could we have done so not only willingly, but excitedly and joyfully?

CWG answers these questions and more, joining a long list of other sources, both ancient and contemporary, in telling us that there is a very special reason we are here, that our having been birthed was not a mere happenstance within a cosmic-wide biological process, that our lives have a purpose that stretches far beyond the end of our present-form physical/chemical expression, and that the very essence and energy of which we are comprised is identical to, and an extension of, the Essential Essence and Purest Energy of the Universe Itself, parts both seen and unseen — or what some of us have called God.

The purpose of this massive and endless process that we have chosen to call “life” is for that Essential Essence and Purest Energy to express Itself in such a way that it would know Itself in its own experience, at the same time expanding the awareness of the knowing of Its individual aspects, elements, and individuations.

Put in somewhat simpler terms, every expression of life is an expression of its Source, experiencing, displaying, and demonstrating aspects of that Source in singular and individuated form.

This means that all that lives (and if we define “lives” as that which is in motion, this would include everything) is an expression of the Divine, and the goal of all sentient beings is to become aware at higher and higher levels of the unlimited aspects of Who They Are, so that Adonai, Allah, Brahma, Elohim, God, Jehovah, Krishna, Rama, Vishnu, Yahweh, or by whatever other name our various global cultures have used to refer to that Ineffable Essence we understand to be The Divine, may experience Itself in, as, and through those beings.

That is our reason for throwing back the covers and getting up in the morning.

Is the reason enough? Is God experiencing God reason enough for some of us to experience hell? (Or what we have called “hell”?) That depends on how we are engaging with the events and circumstances of our moment-to-moment encounters. Conversations with God tells us that “the good news is, you don’t have to go through hell to get to Heaven.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, you can’t prove it by me,” some of us may be tempted to say. But it’s true. And there are those among us who have proven it.

We can be among those. That is the promise of The Divine.

And we’ll look at this in Part III of this series.

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  • mewabe

    Is an animal or a very young child, who does not conceive of a Divine presence or source as some human adults do, not in terms of ideas, expressing less divinity than we do? Is a tree expressing less divinity than an ant? Is there a hierarchy within a scale of divine expression?

    Not from my understanding. Human ideas and concepts are very valuable, but they do not necessarily guarantee greater understanding or truer or higher expression. Krishnamurti spoke of the mind getting lost in concepts, in the known, and needing to open itself to what is, without naming it and forming a concept about it. This is the purest form of experience, and one which the animals have most likely mastered, as has all of nature. This is also what Zen teaches.

    It is not life itself which causes people to feel burdened and tired by the accumulation of years and experience, but a mind that is filled with so many ideas and concepts, expectations and prejudices, limitations and judgements, memories and disappointments, knowledge and failures, resentment, guilt, fear and shame, that it is no longer open to what is, here and now, as is that of a new born.

    The idea then is the return to the state of the untaught child, with a clear mind and a new heart. It is the simplest of paths yet the most difficult for most human beings, because most are lost in their old minds and habitual thoughts.

    • AKA Patrick

      Jesus said something about “Be ye again as a small child”. Point being, small children have not yet had all their true being drummed out of them or covered by all the distractions of the world. The truly worthwhile values seem to disappear as they move closer to adulthood. It’s know in psychological terms as “the socialization process”. And it works the same way in all cultures of the world.

      • mewabe

        I agree…the “socialization process” suppresses the inner being, the soul, to the point that most no longer remember who they are.

        • AKA Patrick

          Which is actually what those who like to control us want!

          • Tamara Farinelli

            It could ALL be so simple…

  • Stephen mills

    I read in CWG 1 that it’s in the surrender that the victory is Won !

    Eagerly anticipating part 3. Also to return to the innocence of children but with the understanding of a wise sage .Pure of heart but with a deep knowing (conscienti ) “those that know “.

  • Leon Jackson

    Great Article Bro. Neale. Can’t wait to read Part 3.

  • mewabe

    “We are a natural part of the earth. We are an extension of the
    earth; we are not separate from it. We are part of it. The earth is our mother.
    The earth is a spirit, and we are an extension of that spirit. We are spirit. We
    are power. They want us to believe that we have to believe in them, that we
    have to assume these consumer identities and these political identities, these
    religious identities and these racial identities. They want to separate us from
    our power. They want to separate us from who we are. They tried to take and suppress our natural identity, our natural spiritual connection to the earth.

    We must move to the time when we truly understand our connection to real
    power because these people who deal with illusions and imitations, these men
    who have attempted to “improve upon” nature, they want to keep us
    confused. They want to keep us confused with sexism and agism, racism and
    class. They want to keep us in confusion so that we will continue to believe in
    one lie after another as they program them into our minds and into our society.

    There is no hope for the American political system. The ruling class, the
    exploitative one percent who control world economics today, are not going to
    change under the existing political rules. They are going to lie to us and they
    are going to create the illusion of “change,” and they are going to push one
    face after another in front of us, making promises. We have to understand our
    role as a natural power. We have to understand that when our oppressor treats
    us this way and do these things to us, we allow him to do it so long as we accept
    his lies. As long as we make excuses for his lies, as long as we tolerate his
    brutality, then we allow him to mistreat us. We have been allowing it too long.”

    John Trudell
    Santee Dakota

    • Stephen mills

      Loving the John Trudell passage what a human being .Thanks for that.

      Nature will force us to change our ways .An example is in Alberta Canada .Once the trees are gone from the huge fires ,there will be further Carbon released into the atmosphere . So much forest has been burned down in the last few years which has been a sink for carbon .Nature has been a bank for our Fossil fuel based society but the bank is almost run dry How ironic it is in the Tar Sands area . So sad for the folks that live there though .

      Your right about our leaders though blind to whats really going on apart from feathering there own nests and divide and rule .Our hope is with the young who hopefully will challenge the cultural norm and put life friendly systems into place that revere the Natural environment and the Earth .

      Capitalism with a conscious that seeks to do no harm to the environment and produce sustainable products to enhance life and make it thrive . Why is this not possible .


  • Jim Thompson

    Has the CWG community ever considered that the earth is “hell” and we come back here over and over in order to “get it right”(evolve) so that we move into the advanced societies described in the books?

    • mewabe

      Humans create hell on earth. The earth itself in its original state is as all of nature everywhere in any galaxy: a direct, pristine, perfect and complete divine expression.
      The human world does come close to looking like “hell”. The natural world does not. If we followed nature’s example and guidance, we would live in balance and harmony with all life, here and now, not in some distant future and otherworldly dimension.

      • Jim Thompson

        Thanks for your reply. I certainly agree the earth itself is not “hell” According to the CWG books hell does not even exist(thus the quotation marks). I was speaking of human souls reincarnating over and over in order to evolve and eventually know who we really are. I also agree that if we follow nature’s example we would live in balance and harmony but we are no where close to that realm.
        According to the CWG books there is no distant future or otherworldly dimensions. There is no such thing as time. My comment was meant to add a view as to why life on earth looks as it does. I believe the earth is not the center(main aspect) of the universe. There is so much more and we can not even imagine the composition.
        Thanks again. Just attempting to add an angle to the books.

        • Patrick Gannon

          Hell doesn’t exist, Jim – not because CWG says so, but because it was an invention of the Catholic Church which translated four words (Sheol, Gehenna, Hades and Tartarus) to the pagan word “Hell.” Our vision or concepts of Hell today are mostly rooted in Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and Dante’s “Inferno” which of course are not biblical, but which provided very useful tools for the church to control the sheeple with fear.

          Sheol was mostly referred to in the OT, and it means “dead,” “grave,” or permanent unconsciousness; and it was not a place of punishment. It was a parking place until Judgement Day when all would be wakened, judged, and rewarded or destroyed – no punishment.

          For punishment we had to wait for the “good news” of Jesus. He spoke of Gehenna 11 times, a real place – the Jerusalem town dump. To be thrown in the dump at death instead of being given a decent burial, was the ultimate insult for a Jew of that time. Jesus was clearly speaking allegorically, but the Church, interpreted it literally thus making Jesus the biggest monster of all time.

          Hades is interesting, since it’s entirely based on Greek paganism. Hades was the brother of Zeus and Poseidon – what is that pagan stuff doing in the bible? The answer is that it was also taken allegorically by people at that time as the ‘word’ moved west, where it was more familiar than Sheol.

          Tartarus is the lowest layer of Hades, reserved, it seems, for Satan and his demons.

          The real “good news” is that it’s all an invention of the Church and you don’t need to “believe” CWG has the inside scoop – you just have to “know” that it was a man-made concept designed to control people, and has no basis in fact. Another interesting tidbit is that the word in the bible ‘aionion,’ which the Church translated to “eternal” really means “of an age” implying that if there is punishment, it has an end. The Church had no use for justice, fairness and mercy, so aionion became “eternal” when it was translated to English.

          Note as well that Hell is a place for sinners – and sin came to us through one man (Adam) – except that it didn’t. Evolution, cosmology, archaeology, geology and other science disciplines have done away with the talking snake, the tree of temptation, the creation of two individuals made of dirt and ribs. We know humans evolved over millions of years, becoming modern some 100,000 years ago. We also know from DNA evidence that there was no 2-person ‘bottleneck’ else that would show up in the genome. Instead we are derived from about 1000 parents who interbred and eventually produced us.

          This is all good news, even though believers strive as hard as possible to deny it. They want their sin, and they want their Hell because they believe it refers to others, and not themselves and unfortunately these mentally ill individuals relish in the thought of harm to their fellow man – probably as a result of the cognitive conflict set in motion by unsupported beliefs – which unfortunately applies to CwG as well!

          • mewabe

            All of this is true about believers, but only in America and other culturally backward nations. Europeans are not so brainwashed by religious dogma. America is a cocoon, culturally isolated from other western nations, and is starting to show the devastating psychological and mental outcomes of cultural “solitary confinement” so to speak.

            You might find this article interesting:

            “Compared to Rest of World Americans Are Delusional, Prudish, Selfish Religious Nuts: Study”

            “We have some fairly odd opinions.”

            By Kali Holloway
            / AlterNet

            May 9, 2016

          • Patrick Gannon

            Thanks for the article, Mewabe. I posted it on my FB page. Yes, we have some fairly odd opinions. The good news is that there’s an active campaign to address our problematic beliefs, thanks in large part to the efforts of the “New Atheists” who made it acceptable to criticize these beliefs. Better news is that the growth of the “nones” is accelerating as the next generation discards the religions of “hostility to the other” that typify the Abrahamic religions. The bad news is that the fundies are doubling down – but hey – they lost. They didn’t get Santorum, or Huckabuck, or Rubio or Carson or especially Cruz, whose father believes his son was meant to usher in the return of Jesus (through war in the mid-east – can you say “carpet bomb”!?). They went with the anger, but dropped religion, in choosing Trump, and he’s a lot more liberal than most Republicans. It could be a step in the right direction, regardless of how things turn out. Sometimes you have to break it before you can fix it.

            I wrestle with the place for this New Age nonsense that has no more basis in fact and evidence than any other religion. I think it’s unhealthy to believe in things we know we have no objective evidence for – it’s lying to ourselves and I just don’t see how that can be good for us. However the New Age movement is definitely less aggressive, more feminine, more welcoming, and less hostile to the other than the Abrahamic religions – but it still masquerades as a religion based on beliefs. For me it was a stepping stone from the Abrahamic gods to agnosticism, and if it can help provide that transition from embracing belief to seeking objective knowledge, then it may have a place – but I’m doubtful, as it shares the same goal as any other religion – MONEY for the clergy, even if we call them gurus or spiritual advisers, etc. It’s a business – and a very large one. One piece of good news is that after being called to the carpet and embarrassed for having no understanding of quantum mechanics, Deepak Chopra seems to have eased off of that particular strain of pseudoscience, and I don’t see as much of that nonsense in the rest of the new age articles as I used to.

          • mewabe

            As fears and insecurity increase throughout the world, people tend to need to grab on to something that looks solid. That includes religious fundamentalism (going back to the dark ages), authoritarian ideologies and “strong men” like Trump.

            If people instead looked at their own fears, they wouldn’t not have to rely on control, dominant power and authority to feel safe.

            But most people refuse to acknowledge and confront their own feelings, especially those that make them uncomfortable such as fear. They lack the courage to do this. They would rather forcefully impose Sharia law or Christian fundamentalism on all nations.

        • mewabe

          Indeed there is no hell or devil, or demons, or any of these things, which only exist as metaphors for unwanted and misunderstood aspects of the unconscious.

          People get lost in ancient symbols, in mythologies.

          I do not understand why most people have difficulty following nature’s example and guidance. I am not sure what it is that they do not see, hear, feel and understand about the balance and harmony of nature, thinking that nature represents chaos…and how they can possibly believe that they are not a part of nature, that they are separate from the earth. These perspectives are foreign to me…I am an earthling!

  • Patrick Gannon

    The “second view” is the only one for which there is any objective evidence. The others are based entirely on belief. There are experiments that indicate that the brain makes decisions before the conscious self is aware of having made those decisions. The brain appears to inform us ‘after the fact.’ We know as well that damage to the brain in certain areas destroys that self-conscious awareness.

    While the evidence is still slim and we have much more to learn, as the evidence mounts, it mounts in favor of consciousness and free will being illusions. We appear to be brains talking to each other and self aware consciousness seems to be a tool of the brain, like our fingers for writing and our mouths for talking.

    The first and second views both involve telling ourselves we believe something without evidence, when our brains know that there is no evidence (objective and empirical), thus setting up, what must be cognitive conflicts in our brains.

    Neale writes: ““Oh, yeah? Well, you can’t prove it by me,” some of us may be tempted to say. But it’s true. And there are those among us who have proven it.” Where is that evidence? What kind of evidence is it? Prove it with objective, empirical evidence and you’ll have my attention, not to mention that of the entire scientific community.

    It’s OK to “hope” for stuff like this, but try to avoid faith which is pretending to know things you don’t know or understand.

    • AKA Patrick

      Enter “Quantum Physics”…many, too many believe that objective reality is all there is. However, consider this—Can you see electricity? (A principle through which the Universe works). Can you see gravity? (Another principle…)Can you see God?….
      You get the idea, I’m sure. Whoever or whatever created this…did not create NONSENSE. What’s here works, and it works very well when we learn HOW to use it. Everything in the Universe is for use. Everything is also a neutral stimulus object. The problems begin to arise when we MISuse what’s been put here for our DOMINION or STEWARDSHIP, NOT domination.

      • Patrick Gannon

        We need to exercise patience. Once upon a time electricity was invisible and not understood. It was attributed to gods that lived in the sky. When we don’t understand something, we attribute it to gods. Gravity waves have now been measured. They were invisible and thus attributed to God, even by Newton, until just a couple months ago. Quantum mechanics was jumped on by the New Age movement with all the enthusiasm of fundamentalists jumping on a literal reading of the bible. People like Deepak Chopra found themselves being embarrassed by real physicists at public events, and began to ease off the subject – given that their limited understanding was inaccurate. Nobody understands all of the ramifications yet. Observation means “measurement.” How the measurement is taken may be the result of the “observation effect.” We’re not sure yet. I read about an experiment where psychics tried to influence the outcome of the double slit experiment, and the results were not clear enough to be useful – but there’s more to learn.

        Just because we don’t understand it, in the same way we didn’t understand electricity, doesn’t mean that we won’t fully understand it in the future. Look at what we’ve learned in just the last couple centuries, and try to project that forward in time to what we have yet to learn. Don’t “believe” in gods. Hope for them, if you must; but to believe is to lie to one’s self, and that can’t be good for us.