Questions we might often explore:

It seems that these days, perhaps more than ever before, the tide of events in human lives — both globally and individually — is turning against us. War and unspeakable violence plagues the planet. Fires rage across the landscape, ravaging hundreds of miles and displacing thousands. Verbal bullies and insulting demagogues run for office and find the support of cheering millions, leading others to wonder: Is this what we’ve come to?

Are we really nothing more than a species of sentient beings run amok, blowing up H-bombs under the ground to prove our invincibility, ending people’s lives by injection to demonstrate our righteousness, allowing hundreds of children to die of starvation every hour as we defend a global economy that benefits one-tenth of the planet’s population?

Have we so lost our collective mind as to think that the way to stop gun violence is for everybody in the world to carry a gun? Have we so lost our collective will as to find no way to stop the aggression that creates refugee crises rendering millions homeless? Have we so lost our collective morals as to find it actually preferable for divisiveness, rudeness, insults and tasteless verbal bullying to become the hallmark of political leadership?

Is this, really and truly, what we have come to? Gun-toting, fist-pumping, verbal-bashing, jaw-jutting, loud-mouthed intimidators and strong-armed tyrants daring anyone to stand up for what is gentle, peaceful, and loving?

Those who have read Conversations with God know what God has said in that dialogue: “The good news is, you don’t have to go through hell to get to Heaven.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, you can’t prove it by me,” some of us may be tempted to say. But it’s true. And there are those among us who have proven it.

We can be among those. That is the promise of The Divine.

Those are the words I used to end Part II of this extended series of commentaries. Now I would like to explore this: If there really are those among us who have proven that life does not have to be a hellish experience, how are they doing it? What is their secret?

Of equal urgency, is there any way to apply their secret to the affairs of the world at large, so to change the seemingly impossible-to-end collective experience of violent conflict between humans and utter disregard for the caring of humanity’s home planet?

The answer to the second question is yes, but what it will take is a shift in global consciousness. That’s so obvious that I’m almost tired of hearing myself say it. It seems so trite that it’s almost embarrassing to speak it. It sounds, even to my ears, utterly simplistic. Yet it remains immutably and undeniably true.

But how to achieve this? That’s the question. Or perhaps more to the point: Is it even achievable — soon enough to do the world any good?

Do we have to destroy our entire way of life, and hope that the few who survive our human-made global calamites will see, finally, at long last, what we have done to ourselves, admit that we have done it by our abject stubbornness in refusing to accept our role in it all, and raise our collective awareness sufficiently to determine that it is our individual and collective consciousness that must be changed before our collectively created outcomes can be?

Evolution may take care of things in the long run, but do we have to wait another 5,000 years before we “get” what we need to “get” in order to create what we say we want to create as a way of life on this planet? The question is urgent, because, of course, there are scientists and sociologists who tell us we may not have as much as 50 more years, much less 5,000, before our present way of living brings an end to our present way of living — if not to living at all — on this earth.

So what is the trick here? What do those who have found a way to take the hell out of their lives know that we do not know; what do they do that we do not do?

The answer: They know how to live as Highly Evolved Beings. They no longer choose to live as children. They have spiritually matured.

Spiritual maturation is not a process that requires time. It requires commitment. It can occur instantaneously with a deep commitment to Remembering. A Highly Evolved Being simply remembers what is already known, but has been forgotten.

The tree outside the window has had to learn nothing to become a mighty oak. All that it needs was encoded in the seed from which it emerged. And if God so loved the world as to encode in this way the seed of a tree, would God not all the more encode you?

Indeed. In this way, and even more. For what God encoded in all sentient beings is Consciousness. That is, the ability to know — and to know that they know, through remembering — all that is encoded in the seed itself. Thus are sentient beings able to experience their Totally Remembered Identity instantly, through the process of Spontaneous Demonstration.

Children spontaneously demonstrate their knowledge of who they are — until they’re talked out of it. The challenge before the adults of our species is to talk themselves back into what they knew at the beginning, before they were persuaded to deny, sublimate, or simply forget it.

Remembering what they knew at the beginning, and demonstrating it, was the process and the product of Lao Tzu. It was the process and the product of Buddha. It was the process and the product of Moses. This was the process and the product of Mother Mary. This was the process and the product of Jesus. (Remember how, at the age of 12, he taught the Pharisees at the Temple, who asked, marveling: “How does this child come to know these things?”)

This was the process and the product of Beatrice of Nazareth. This was the process and the product of Catherine of Genoa. This was the process and the product of Muhammed. This was the process and the product of Hildegard of Bingen This was the process and the product of Bahá’u’lláh.

This was the process and the product of all the Great Masters, male or female, ancient or contemporary, who moved through the world, and who do so today, in such a way as to make it unnecessary for them to “go through hell” in order to experience Heaven within.

When whole groups of people do this at once, they create an entire society of Highly Evolved Beings. We are told in Conversations with God that such civilizations exist in our Universe, and our species on this planet can turn itself into such a cosmic society also.

Having said all of that, the key question has still not been answered. What could cause, what will it take to create, a shift in global consciousness? The answer is: Observation. Individual, and group, observation. That is the commitment for which we must push.

We must push each member of our species to commit to engaging in continuous, quiet, fully attentive Observation. Some spiritual traditions call this “Presence” or “Mindfulness” or “Awareness.” CWG uses a new word in this context — observation — to bring freshness to its description of this way of being.

The differences between human cultures and highly evolved cultures, CWG says, is that Highly Evolved Beings:

1 Observe fully
2 Communicate truthfully

When you observe fully, you see things plainly. When you communicate truthfully, you say things plainly. You see and say things like this:

If your objective is to live a life of peace, joy, and love, it is observable that violence does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to live a life of good health and great longevity, it is observable that consuming dead flesh, smoking known carcinogens, and drinking volumes of nerve-deadening, brain-frying liquids does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to raise offspring free of violence and rage, it is observable that putting them directly in front of vivid depictions of violence and rage for years does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to care for Earth, and wisely husband her resources, it is observable that acting as if those resources are limitless does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to discover and cultivate a relationship with a loving God, so that religion can make a difference in the affairs of humans, it is observable that teaching of a god of punishment and terrible retribution does not work. This, too, has already been demonstrated.

All you have to do is be keen in what you observe, and then tell the truth about it. Observation is First Cause in changing Consciousness, and Observation is First Cause in changing Behavior. Observation is what changes both.

There are these who say that Behavior is changed as a result of changes in Consciousness. Others suggest that Consciousness is changed as a result of changes in Behavior. This produces a variation of the age-old inquiry: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

If Behavior is changed as a result of changes in Consciousness, what caused the changes in Consciousness? Conversely, if Consciousness is changed as a result of changes in Behavior, what caused those changes in Behavior?

Startlingly, the answer is the same for both questions: Observation.
Yet what causes Observation? What makes us observe one thing and not the other? The answer is, desire. We desire to look at what we need to see in order to do what we are trying to do.

If what you are trying to do is get across a busy interaction unscathed, you only need to look at what is coming your way from all sides, front, and back. You needn’t look at what birds are in the sky or how many buildings are nearby. You’ve quickly learned to know what to look for when you know what you are seeking to do. And if what you are seeking to do is “survive,” your observational skills can be quite acute.

Yet what if Survival is not your main objective? What if survival is not even being considered, but only what brings you pleasure, only what gets you what you want, only what serves your momentary needs? Well then, you’ve got a mess, because you’ve done no long-term thinking about the outcomes of your short-term actions.

Yet only children do that. Or a very, very young species that cannot see — or simply refuses to look — beyond the end of its nose.

That’s us right now on the Earth. Yet long-term thinking about the long-range impact of short-term choices is not the only way to reverse this headlong dive into the abyss. A complete and total change in thinking — that is, a new way of thinking, a different kind of thinking — could also produce a global transformation and stop the young species on this marvelous planet from obliterating itself.

What if you believe that your survival is guaranteed, that you will and can never “die,” and that what you are seeking to do has nothing to do with survival at all, but everything to do with knowing, through demonstration, your True Identity and your Actual Self?

What if you’ve discovered that the “basic instinct” is not “survival” after all, but rather, the impulse to embody, express, and experience Divinity? Could it be that this is the reason why are here? Could it be that this is the purpose of all of life, everywhere present, in whatever form it manifests?

If this is your deep inner knowing, if this is your awareness, what you observe will change. And as what you observe changes, your Consciousness and your Behavior will change — and not necessarily in that order. If fact, they may both change simultaneously. Spontaneously.

This is what I call Spiritual Maturation Acceleration. It is when you remember instantaneously what you’ve always known, what you were encoded to understand, what you’re capable of doing and demonstrating when operating at maximum capacity.

An example of this on a physical level is the person who does not know how to swim, but who instantly “remembers” how when spontaneously jumping out of a boat to save the baby who’s fallen into the water. Or the child who has never had a piano lesson and sits down to play a piano concerto — perfectly. Such instantaneous remembering can occur spiritually as well — and does for many people.

The question is, what can cause us to remain in that State of Remembering? And the answer is, remaining in the State of Knowing what we are actually trying to do here during our life on Earth. Then, remaining in the State of Observation that is sponsored by that knowing.

Everything arises out of what you are trying to do; what you understand your species to be trying to accomplish. Motive is everything. Objectives determine outcomes. Life proceeds out of your intention. Your true intention is revealed in your actions, and your actions are determined by your true intention. As with everything in life (and life itself), it is a circle.

Highly Evolved Beings see the circle. Humans do not. Highly Evolved Beings respond to what is so; humans ignore it. Highly Evolved Beings tell the truth, always. Humans too often lie, to themselves as well as others. Highly Evolved Beings say one thing, and do what they say. Humans say one thing and do another.

This is what the members of a society created by Highly Evolved Beings do. In Part IV of this series we will look deeply at Highly Evolved Beings, how they live and how they love, how they function and how they fulfill their greatest desire — and how we can do the same. We will explore the civilizations of Highly Evolved Beings, and the model we can use on Earth, should we choose to change humanity’s current trajectory from self-destruction to self-recreation and self-realization.

For now, consider what I call the Burning Building Moment. Imagine that a man is walking down the street and sees a burning building, flames shooting out of the upper windows and through the roof. And imagine that in one of the lower windows he suddenly notices a woman holding an infant and crying out, “Please, please, help us!” The man immediately rushes into the building, races up two flights of stairs, finds the woman and child and leads them back down and out before the flames reach them.

By now the fire trucks are on the scene, along with the news media. They are calling the man a hero, but as the TV stations interview him, he denies it. “No,” he says, “I did what anyone would do.” And he’s right. Ninety per cent of the people would do exactly what he did. They wouldn’t even stop to think of their own survival, because their first instinct is not survival, but the impulse of Divine Love, which thinks not of itself at all. Humanity’s fundamental urge is to demonstrate Divinity, and all we have to do to change the world overnight is to think of every moment as a Burning Building Moment.

This is, in a sense, how Highly Evolved Beings think. They think not of themselves first, but of the Other. Always, of the Other, and of the Collective. In this, they are thinking of themselves first. They simply have a much larger definition of Self.

All of this is described in wonderfully illuminating detail in the final four chapters (18 through 21) of Conversations with God – Book 3, in case you want to peek at what’s ahead in the coming installment of this series.

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  • “The good news is, you don’t have to go through hell to get to Heaven.”

    That is one of my life mantras. That we no longer have to experience pain & suffering in order to grow & evolve. That we live in original blessing. Yet this is currently a minority viewpoint. I would love to see it change & I do this with my own website, Facebook pages etc.

    I was listening to a radio interview with ET experiencer & author Lisette Larkins yesterday. She says what the Extraterrestrials tell her is that earth is one of the if not the most challenging planets in the universe. That it holds unbelievable opportunities for spiritual growth as a result of all the overwhelming problems that continuously confront us. She further said that its a bootcamp or the fast track to growth as a result.

    She will tell you that the ET’s she has encountered are all enlightened & very advanced spiritually & technologically. They like CwG’s HEB’s, live in chronic well beingness & live thousands of years in the same body, though they can shape shift to any form they want as masters of physical reality.

    I am fascinated by these ideas & I find Neale’s concept of HEB’s thrilling. So all of this excites me to no end.

    I work & play toward being an HEB. I do so imperfectly & I guess I can’t go beyond my own current understanding, unless I do. I have managed to think positively a majority of the time & have done so since 2012. I’ve programmed my self talk quite well. But I’m far from being an HEB! I’m simply working & playing to be peace, joy, enthusiasm etc.

    I look forward to Neale’s next installment & have read the HEB chapters many times. There is a striking parallel between HEB’s & what we call primitive cultures.

    My question to Neale would be that while we can work on ourselves & advance as much as we can, how can we move toward helping the collective? Now, would he consider creating a group of us who consciously works & plays toward this end? Even if imperfectly? Is that a viable idea, or just silly?

    And what about critical mass? I came across this concept I think in the early or mid 90’s and wonder when?

    • AKA Patrick

      Sadly, my only experience with HEB’s was a one-time shot at seeing a vehicle drawing power from a highway power pole. Maybe I don’t need to see or interact with them, though, as I have been working on fully understanding myself, especially spiritually. I may have been making sufficiently good enough progress to warrant being left to myself.

    • Awareness

      Greetings Marko 🙂 We can help the “collective” by starting with the SELF 🙂 Change the world by changing the SELF 🙂

      Marko’s question to Neale Donald Walsch: “Now, would he consider creating a group of us who consciously works & plays toward this end?” 🙂

      I think the facebook group (if you haven’t joined already) titled Evolution Revolution “I’m in.” answers the question above 🙂 Check it out on facebook and also the website evolutionrevolution(dot)net 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

    • Stephen mills

      H i Marko i also have read Lisette Larkins books Talking to Extraterrestrials very interesting and so positive .You get so much information that ET’s are here for malevolent purposes. But reading from Neale ‘s chapters in book 3 again there is so much wonderful stuff here to create a world that actually works for everyone and the Earth herself .
      As for critical mass Marko is it not 3-5 percent that can start the ripple effect. intentionally working towards a collective raising of consciousness . How far we are away from this i do not know but all events that are going on must get people asking that there has to be another way .

  • Victor

    One big trouble for observation: Media.

  • AKA Patrick

    The comic Richard Pryor said it eloquently: “What you see is what you get”.

  • mewabe

    “They think not of themselves first, but of the Other. Always, of the Other, and of the
    Collective. In this, they are thinking of themselves first. They simply have a much larger definition of Self.”

    Absolutely true. I personally do not call such people “highly evolved beings” but real human beings, individuals who manifest their true humanity, since we are presently part of the earth and our being is human.

    Some have done this, thinking of the other first, throughout the ages, but always within a limited group: a tribe, a clan, a religion, a race, an economic class or social movement, a culture, a nation, etc…with a sense of brotherhood, loyalty and solidarity within the group, but while defining and perpetrating specific conflicts with outsiders. They have done it on the battlefield in war, through humanitarian actions in peace, when working towards a better future for a specific class of people, and when attempting to protect the natural environment.

    As a matter of fact. many groups have their origin in uniting people against another group. Without these conflicts these people would have no motivation or interest in being united, because they have no understanding of actual kinship.

    This is where most of humanity needs to grow to include all humans, all living creatures, and all life within its sense of an expended “self” or being identity. It shouldn’t be that difficult, if people can imagine the possibility of living without adversaries. Can they, can we? Can we live with rather than against? Can we cooperate rather than compete? Can we live without fear?

    A good example of this widespread human difficulty in including the other is seen in the long lasting Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has degenerated in apartheid. Others in America also think building walls is the way of the future.

    Fear makes people shrink in all kinds of manner…they become small in heart and mind, and then work towards also limiting the freedom and identity of others…and our world becomes smaller and more oppressive by the day, everywhere immobilized by ever stricter rules and more barriers and fences of separation.

    The earth was created without fences, and all of its creatures are born free, in spite of what your society might tell you. You were not born under anything but the clear sky. Only in this original freedom can you think of the other first, because only in this freedom are there no separations, no barriers, no limitations. Reclaim your freedom first from all mental, social and physical bondage. Only then will you be able to let go of fear and see your brother/sister as yourself.

    • AKA Patrick

      Everything in the Universe is for use (a bit of Hermetic Wisdom from over 35,000 years ago). Even consciousness is for use. Simple example–a hammer can be used to build (good); or it can be used to kill (bad). There are no exceptions.

      • mewabe

        You have been given the free will to believe that everything in the universe is for use, without exceptions, and to live accordingly. Others have also been given the free will to choose different perceptions. As long as lifestyles do not intrude upon one another, there is room for much freedom and diversity.

        Problems always arise from authority and coercion, which are rooted in a fear of differences, in a neurotic desire to homogenize the world, because most of humanity confuses unity with uniformity.

    • AKA Patrick

      And as to “What is the meaning of life?” We, being co-creators with God, are given the free will to decide what WE want it to mean!

    • Awareness

      Yes we can choose to live without fear 🙂 We can choose to live with Love instead 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

      • mewabe

        Yes, people have always lived with love…love has always been there. But can this love expend and become universal? Can humanity love all and let go of the polarized love/hate, like/dislike, friend/enemy, etc?
        In theory, perhaps it should according to Christian doctrine (love your brother as yourself). Practically, I am not so sure that it is necessary.

        In order to live in peace throughout the world, we do not actually need universal love…all we need is to respect differences, to accept multiplicity and diversity, to actually understand the meaning of freedom, which is to grant all others the same rights as we ourselves aspire to enjoy.

        We do not have to like or love everyone. which would actually be the same as loving no one. All we need is for all of us to let others be themselves, no matter how different.

        Actual freedom actually frightens most people, which is why we think we need social, religious or spiritual rules and codes of conducts in order to get along.

        • Awareness

          Basically live and let live 🙂 I enjoyed the following from ALAJE the Pleiadian excerpted from the youtube video titled “Part 16 – Pleiadian Alaje – English Sub” 🙂

          “Your thoughts and Emotions are creating your future. Universal Love, is the Solution for everything. Because it is the energy of the Source, the Cosmic Central Consciousness, the source of all sources. We can overcome every difficulty, every obstacle, if we use the power of Cosmic Love. Even for big worldwide problems we can find solutions, if we unfold the power of Cosmic Love.” “The meaning of life is to have Love in your heart and become spiritual.” “Seek the contact with friendly, loving, spiritual people. Positive People are giving you Love, light, power, health, knowledge and wisdom. Spiritual people have NOTHING to do with any organization or belief system on Earth. Spiritual people are never attacking others, because their heart is developed. Spiritual people have no ego, jealousy or hate. Spiritual people are creating positive energies for the benefit of all. KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON LOVE AND FRIENDLINESS. Don’t allow others to drag you into negativity.” “Train yourself to become a positive human, using Cosmic Love and friendliness.”

          Using Love does not mean to be weak. It means to keep your heart free from hate energy and using the higher self. Keep your body and Spirit healthy with SELF Love.”

          “Heal and detoxify yourself with SELF-LOVE and natural herbs, in order to find the light and become spiritual. Go often to the nature, to clean your energy and charge it with new clear energy. Be free of Earth superstition and Earth belief systems. Don’t be addicted to cults like religions and other control organizations on Earth. They distort your natural, spiritual view on life and are only interested in your money and your submission. All you need is within, in your HEART.–It is called LOVE.” by ALAJE the Pleiadian 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

  • AKA Patrick

    That larger Self is expressed in the statement “All Is One”. The Course in Miracles also testifies to this.

  • Patrick Gannon

    Neil doesn’t propose anything new. He’s proposing what practically all religions propose: belief. Belief and faith (pretending to know things you don’t know) are what it’s all about. My belief is always superior to yours. And so it goes. In this case we’re being told at a minimum, that we should believe in Neil’s god – consciousness as something that is not a manifestation of the brain, and HEBs; and we have no objective, empirical evidence for these things, do we?

    He mentions evolution, correctly noting that 5000 years from now, we won’t be exactly the same as we are now, but then he speaks of “encoding” that some imaginary invisible being that lives in the sky developed. I am unaware of any evidence to indicate that anything other than natural selection “encoded” us. This is Francis Collins’ viewpoint – he’s one of the first to decode the human genome, and a firm debunker of creationism and intelligent design – but he insists that his god developed DNA as the language of life. He abandoned his scientific principles to suggest this. Given that the problem is still hard, he takes the lazy route and assigns it to his Christian god. It’s a scientific cop out. We don’t know how replication started yet, but we’ll figure it out, and then all this conjecture about “encoding” will be validated or put to bed. There are a number of theories, and we’ll figure it out.

    He speaks of altruism – coming to the aid of others even when it doesn’t affect our own survival. It does affect survival – the survival of the human genome; and it’s something that evolved – there’s a fair amount of evidence to support altruism as an evolved trait. In order to increase complexity, cooperation is required. That’s the chicken and egg. Species that cooperate seem to evolve at faster rates than those which don’t. Perhaps when we speak of “we” or “us” or “I” what we’re really referring to is the human genome, and we are just temporary carriers for it.

    He talks about observation, and that’s a good idea. Observe how the most religious societies – the ones with the strongest beliefs – tend to be the most disturbed. Yes, CwGs beliefs are nicer, kinder, more gentle and feminine – but they are still beliefs, and there are some pretty tough ones to hold to – like the idea that we choose horrific things to happen to us before we get here. There’s no objective evidence for that. What are the mental ramifications of telling someone that they chose their own torture? How are we to know that such beliefs don’t cause psychological harm? To some extent it reminds me of the Christian charge that their god doesn’t send anyone to Hell – rather people “choose” to go to Hell. (Of course that’s just extortion – give me your money or I’ll blow out your kneecaps. If you don’t give me your money, you are “choosing” to have your kneecaps blown out.)

    Like other religions, CwG is meant to provide hope for an afterlife where all is rosy – but is that really such a good idea? Does that prevent us from doing the best we can here, because we believe we get a second shot, or third, of 500? Is it easier to say, ‘screw it, I’ll get it right next time,’ and fail to live as purposely as we could with what may be all we get right here, right now? Would we apologize to people we hurt here and now, because we may not get a chance to do so later, or will we fail to apologize now because when we’re dead, it just won’t matter? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I think we should start by being honest with ourselves and admitting first and foremost that we don’t know if the things Neil tells us to believe are any more realistic than the things other religions tell us to believe.

    All we know for sure now, is that we don’t know – but Neil, like other religionists tells us to believe in things for which we have no objective, empirical evidence. I call that lying to ourselves, and I don’t think it’s healthy. In fact, all the troubles he outlines could well be caused by the cognitive conflicts built up in so many individuals and societies as a result of telling ourselves we believe things that our brains know they have no evidence for, and that, it seems logical to conclude, creates an internal discomfort that pushes us to hostility and stupid behavior. If we’re to have a real change – I propose that it must come not by once again changing beliefs, but by questioning the very concept of belief itself. Belief also evolved as a human trait, but we are at a point where we can begin to manage our own evolutionary path, and belief is one of those things that appears to have outlived its usefulness.

  • “Self condemnation is the slowest way to self improvement.”
    -Neale Donald Walsch.

  • mewabe

    “It seems that these days, perhaps more than ever before, the tide of events in human lives — both globally and individually — is turning against us. War and unspeakable violence plagues the planet. Fires rage across the landscape, ravaging hundreds of miles and displacing thousands. Verbal bullies and insulting demagogues run for office and find the support of cheering millions, leading others to wonder: Is this what we’ve come to?”

    Here is a thought: has anyone here ever read about past historical events, particularly up to the 19th century, not from the perspective of shallow history books but from the personal letters, newspaper commentaries, recorded verbal remarks made by those (ordinary people, writers, social commentators, caricaturists and artists, intellectuals, etc) who lived through these events?

    When you do, you realize one simple but surprising thing: nothing has changed at all. Every new generation, ignorant of the past and somewhat deluded by thoughts of self-importance, thinks that its experiences are unique…but humanity is actually having the same day, repeated over and over.

    It is not just that the events do not change, but much more importantly and accurately, it is the way humanity responds to these events which is absolutely identical: judgment, condemnation, blame, mutual accusations, grandstanding, inflammatory or exaggerated statements, hopelessness, denial, suppression and repression, depression, and eventually escape into conceptual utopia. In the 19th century such utopia was the industrial revolution…today it is the technological revolution, each providing a false hope of “progress” and of a brighter future.

    I would advise anyone who wants to learn a new way of life to turn away from the world and choose a less treated path. As a matter of fact I would go further: wherever the multitudes go, choose the opposite direction. You then might be able to get off the merry go round of endlessly repeated human activities, perceptions and reactions, and free yourself, discovering a new way of being that has nothing to do with anything that has been experienced before. Above all, never follow anyone’s footprints! You can admire such footprints, but you have to make your own…diving into the unknown, which is actually your most intimate friend, as the unknown is you.

    • The environmental groups, the slow food groups, the organic gardens (especially) urban organic growers, the spiritual groups, the animal rights groups, the meditators for a new world etc., all contribute to the emerging new wave of living.

      We eventually outgrow war, condemnation suppression, repression etc. We do this now individually, and with smaller groups, & later the collective. Maybe it’s critical mass, maybe it’s something else.

      It’s certainly evolution & it’s slow or certainly appears slow & repetitive, but once we outgrow it & mature more into spiritual beings & eventually HEB’s, this will be the eventual new wave of humanity.

      It’s started, the seeds are growing, the trees are still small & more orchards are needed for planting. Yet it seems, all societies go through this, all over the universe. They evolve & outgrow the bad, and that’s when they leave childhood behind and embrace a new humanity that reveres nature, people, spirituality first, technology & business second.

      I could be wrong about this, but it’s how I currently see things.

      Let us create the world we desire, & let the rest catch up. We don’t ignore the grand problems before us or airbrush over them, we embrace them as best as our current understanding allows us to, & visualize the solutions. We let that energy join with other like minded energy. Let that grow & snowball into a better world.

      • mewabe

        “Let us create the world we desire, & let the rest catch up.”

        I hope that this is possible, and that when the rest of the world catches up, they do not do so with more guns and more laws that would be meant to keep us in line and pinned down. The multitudes merely fear change, but those who are in charge accurately perceive change as a threat to their position, power and status and do not tolerate such threats.

        The elite is not dying down, is not moved by spiritual insights, and it has very effective technological and psychological tools at its disposal for surveillance, mind programming and physical control. This sounds a little spooky, but it is not a conspiracy theory: history demonstrates that those who have power and control rarely surrender them willingly.

        We seem to be at a time when humanity, fearful, is seeking “strongmen” to lead it back to order. (Trump, etc) well as rigid religious dogmas and rigid political ideologies. These are signs of fear and desperation, and will likely lead to more massively self-destructive choices.

        When the smoke clears, perhaps then humanity will be ready for alternative ideas, if the world is still standing.

        • I agree the elite will not go without a fight & use every fear mongering power controlling tactic they have. I have no idea how it will eventually play out. I will do my part to visualize a better world & let that decide my next action steps. I see NDW has put up a new post/blog. See you there! 🙂