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In Part III of this series I said that in Part IV we would explore the civilizations of Highly Evolved Beings, and the model we can use on Earth, should we choose to change humanity’s current trajectory from self-destruction to self-recreation and self-realization.

I have turned to the third book in the Conversations with God series for my information about this. In its description of Highly Evolved Beings (there are many such species, we are told, living on other planets in our vast Universe) we see that there are major differences between how “HEBs” (as they are called in the dialogue) organize and live their lives, and how humans do.

As one example: In highly evolved cultures, children don’t raise children. Offspring are given to Elders to raise.

This doesn’t mean that new offspring are torn from those who gave them life, taken from their arms and given to virtual strangers to raise. It is nothing like that. In these cultures, Elders live closely with the young ones. They are not shuffled off to live by themselves. They are not ignored, and left to work out their own final destinies. They are paid homage and held close, as part of a loving, caring, vibrant community.

When a new offspring arrives, they are not expected to learn about the basics of life from beings who are still learning about the basics of life themselves. In HEB societies, offspring always know who their “parents” are (the closest term in their language would be “Life Givers”) — and they love, honor, and revere their Life Givers — but it is the Elders who organize and supervise the learning process, as well as housing, feeding, and caring for the children. Offspring are raised in an environment of wisdom and love, great, great patience, and deep understanding.

The Young Procreators within the species are usually off somewhere, meeting the challenges and experiencing the joys of their own just-beginning adult lives. They may spend as much time with their offspring as they choose. They may even live in the dwelling of the Elders with the children. But it is the Elders who do the raising, who take the responsibility for the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual development of the progeny.

It is all a very unified, integrated experience. And it is an honor for the Elders, for upon them is placed the responsibility for the future of the entire species. In HEB societies it is recognized that this is more than should be asked of Young Procreators.

And this is just one of the differences between the societies and cultures of Highly Evolved Beings and of Human Beings. Here’s another: Highly Evolved Beings don’t compete. They realize that when one loses, everyone loses.

Highly Evolved Beings, therefore, do not create sports and games that teach children (and perpetuate in adults) the extraordinary thought that someone “winning” while another is “losing” is entertainment.

Highly Evolved Beings also share everything. When another is in need, they would never dream of keeping or hoarding something they had, simply because it was in scarce supply. On the contrary, that would be their very reason for sharing it. In Human society, the price goes up for that which is rare, if humans share it at all. In this way humans ensure that, if they are going to share something they “possess,” at least they’ll be enriched by doing it.

Highly Evolved Beings are also enriched by sharing rare things. The only thing that is different between HEBs and Humans is how HEBs define “being enriched.” A HEB feels “enriched” by sharing everything freely, without needing to “profit” beyond the feeling and the full experiencing of their True Identity.

Not all human beings feel they need to profit from sharing, of course. Still, as a global culture, this is the predominant behavior.

It is for precisely this reason that over 650 children die every hour — every hour — of starvation on a planet where there is more than enough food for everyone. It is for precisely this reason that 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day, and that billions have no access to health care. (Some 19,000 children die each day from preventable health issues, such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia.)

It is for precisely this reason that 1.7 billion people lack clean water, that 2.6 billion live without basic sanitation, and that 1.6 billion people have no electricity.

It was in 1752 that Benjamin Franklin conducted his experiments on electricity. The English scientist William Gilbert was working on better understanding and describing the phenomenon in 1600. And today, 400 years later, a quarter of humanity still has not experienced the benefits of it.

There is a way to change all this, and that is for us to change our thinking. About just about everything. About Who we are and Where we are and Why we are where we are, and finally, about What we are invited to do about that.

Just exactly what is the experience we’re having on Earth right now? It is what I have called the overhaul of humanity. It is what I have called The Storm Before the Calm. An entire book has been produced about this, and it is printed in its entirety right here on this website. Have you read it? It offers solutions to the challenges and problems facing our species right now. And it doesn’t even cost anything to read it. It’s offered right here, for free.

The series of commentaries of which this is the final entry was meant to open up a larger exploration, a larger discussion; to ignite a deeper desire; to stimulate an immediate determination not to solve the world’s problems, but to solve our own. Not to meet the world’s challenges, but to meet our own. Not to overcome the world’s obstacles, but to overcome our own.

For until more of us overcome our individual obstacles, whatever they are, to embracing, expressing, and experiencing our True Identity; until more of us understand our Real Nature and commit to demonstrating and exemplifying it; until more of us on this planet become clear that the most important objective in every moment is not survival, but REvival of our Forgotten Selves and our Only Reason for being, we will change nothing in our collective experience, but only repeat it.

Our evolutionary invitation is to advance from residing in and functioning from our reptilian brain to our mammalian brain to our human brain to our supernal brain. Our evolutionary opportunity is to graduate from a tribal culture to a global culture to a universal culture. Our evolution process is to raise the vibratory frequency of our love from philia to eros to agape.

There are ways to do this, and it starts in the human heart, in the human mind, in the human soul. And in the individual human heart, mind, and soul.

In other words, it starts with you.

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